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How can i beat the 1st boss on secret lab ?

I can beat that thing help please

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Distant_Rainbow answered:

Do you mean the Nightmare King, the first boss of Gate's secret lab?

Well, he has a variety of attacks, like spewing fireballs all over/setting the floor on fire/releasing electric orbs that sporadically shoot electricity and such; memorize these patterns to avoid them. Also, there is the moving cubes as well; follow them as fast as you can, and make use of dash-jumps/mid-air dashes to avoid touching the cubes.

The boss's weak spot is the mechanical 'eyes' inside both of the cubes, so hit them with all you've got whenever the cubes stop and the eyes protrude to begin their attack. Their weakness is Metal Anchor/Rakukojin.

Each has their own lifebar(therefore half of the total lifebar, of course) and the cubes' movement becomes noticeably faster when you destroy one of the eyes, so pay close attention. Don't hesitate to use Sub-Tanks and the Life Recover Part when you're in danger of dying.

Most importantly, practice, practice and practice. You'll need it; this boss is quite difficult.
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