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How do I get Zero?

I tried looking through a couple guides, but couldn't really find any straight up How To guide or anything. Thanks.

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Jug_and_Arch answered:

Well first, you can go to any stage level besides secret lab, and ??? place to fight Zero. During the level, it might be hard to find a portal that leads to fighting Zero, but if u wanna do it the easy way, Go over to Weapon Center. when u beat Illuma (big robot) a portal will appear right next to you. go through it and BOOM! your their.
go through some of the stage after going through a portal, see doors, go through, theres Zero. (hes kinda hard without Ultiamte Armor) O.o o.O
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RamzaSilverburg answered:

There are some stages with a hidden route that will take you to a different boss. Just look for a different route and follow it, you'll fight Black Zero as a boss and unlock Zero after winning.
The stages are Inami Temple, Laser Institute, Weapon Center.
Central Museum also has an alternative route, but it's randomly chosen by the game...
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Kensuke_Yoshida answered:

Fight Zero in the Laser Institute is Easy. If you continue walking the stage in front line, you'll see the boss (Shield Sheldon), but if you acess a hole that exist in the room with many laser reflectors, you will reach a area with more reflectors and leads to a outside area under this room, by this way, you can reach Zero's room. Defeat Zero to play with him. Thats only the way in Shield Sheldon Stage, but theres more stages like RamzaSilverburg said.
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SuperArchie answered:

I suggest either Kensuke_Yoshida idea or Jug_and_Arch idea (hey jug_and_arch isnt that from
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