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Saved game?

Is there a possibility of getting a saved game for Harry Potter where he would have all the coins and WIzard Cards for the Gringotts section, including all of the other 13 cards up to that point. The Gringotts part is giving me a headache.


rachelchunter answered:

I don't think that's possible. The only thing I know is that if you collect all the coloured gems from each mine, you get a wizard card.
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DKCGamerGirl answered:

Yeah, the Gringotts part is deathly anoying. You have to get every single Gem to get the card for each vault. And to do that, you have to get mostly every coin in the level. I have a saved game with 100% and all cards and gems and all possible House Points, but I ended up using an emulator on my PC and using state saves to do it cause I got to anoied trying to do it on the PS1 all in one shot.

I'd give you that save, but the game is already completed and all you can access at the end is the Wizard Card book. Really, all you get for all the cards is an extended ending showing Ron giving Harry the Harry Potter card. Then it takes you to the book and you can't do anything else. There's no Endless Day feature like in the other Harry Potter games.

So, I would recomend getting a PS1 emulator and just using state saves to get past that part, cause it's not worth the headache on the PS1. Plus, you don't even need a ROM, as you can put your PS1 disc into the computer and play it through the emulator that way. Good luck! ;)
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LeitorDS answered:

Practice, I was stuck at this stage, and after a week playing 1 hour per day, I finally completed this part. My suggestion: Remember at which side are the coins and which set of coins has gems.
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