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Harry Potter And the Sorcerer's Stone
FAQ and Walkthrough

By Subhash Gopal Dawda.

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              #####   ###                  ##     ##
                     #####                  #######
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           ###   ###   .##.  ###### ##            .#
           ###   ###  ##  ##  ### ###### .#""#.  ###,###
           ###  .### ###  ### ###  ###  ###   ## ###  ###
            ###,##   ###  ### ##;  ###  ###;;;## ###   #
           ### "'    ###  ### ##;  ###  ###      ###
            ##        ##  ##  ##;  ###  ##;   ## ###
           ###         "##"   ##;  ###   "##.##  ###
            ##                 ###  ### .  "#"  ###;
             #                       ###         "##.

5)-Author's Notes
6)-Ending Epilogue

Harry Potter (HP) is a cracking game which could have been made better! The 
story is taken of track very much indeed! Parts that never were in the movie 
nor in the book are popping up. HP's graphics for PS1  are not up to 
expectations, though their best is put into it. It's a bit too short, 
considering the movie that was soooooooooo long, and things just keep coming 
getting harder but if you have practice the tasks seem extremely easy. 
Quidditch is made pathetic; even though the flying is fun the Nimbus 2000 is 
not faster then any other broom! And Quidditch is rather strange, not much 
fun if you ask me! Though HP is a very entertaining game full of fun; 
definitely worth finishing!


***************Harry Potter**************
The main character of which you assume the role of , An apprentice wizard 
who lost his parents thanks to Voldemort-the most powerful dark wizard ever, 
Harry Is helped by friends, blocked by adversaries and it's your job to make 
sure Harry Potter gets his job done...

**************Hermione Granger**************
Hermione Granger-in spite of being  a Muggle (Non-magic people) is the 
smartest witch in Harry's year; a bossy and smart character-She helps you 
finish the game in many ways!

***************Ronald Weasley***************

Preferably known commonly as Ron, Ron is a poor yet strong character-with a 
family of 9 people! Ron is Harry's best friend and he too helps you out with 
the game...

*************Albus Dumbledore**************
The Hogwarts Headmaster-whom Harry has great faith and respect in-You will 
only see him in Gameplay mode in the start of the game-though he appears 
thrice in Storybook mode.

*************Lord Voldemort*****************
The most feared Dark wizard ever, of whom people are yet afraid to speak his 
name-They have made names such a You-Know-Who and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named- 
The half dead Voldemort is the sole person for killing James and Lily Potter 
(Harry's Parents) You do not actually fight him in the game...

***************Professor Flitwick************
The Charms teacher and the Head of the Ravenclaw house- he's a very short 
man-he teaches you Wingardium Leviosa.

***************Professor McGonagall*********
The Head of the Gryffindor house, and Transfiguration teacher and Deputy 
Headmistress, she is responsible to get you into the Seeker position on the 
Gryffindor team, she teaches you the Avifors spell.

**************Professor Snape****************
The head of the Slytherin House and your Potions Master, he is a royal pain, 
and strongly displays hatred to Gryffindor and Harry, he teaches you house 
to blend Potions.

**************Professor Sprout***************
Head of Hufflepuff house and Herbology teacher, a much not peculiar woman, 
she teaches you the Incendio spell.

**************Professor Quirrell**************
A very feeble man who teaches Defense against Dark Arts at Hogwarts, though 
you will soon discover his very Dark secret! He teaches you the Verdimillius 

**************Rubeus Hagrid****************
A well-wisher and very good friend to Harry, Hagrid is the Hogwarts Game 
Keeper, he gives you Quidditch Through The Ages, and a very useful Flute!

**************Peeves The Poltergeist**********
The Hogwarts headache, Peeves troubles the entire school to its max, you 
only encounter him once-but...

*************Nearly Headless Nick************
The Gryffindor ghost and a very good mentor for the game, he gives you 
numerous tasks and rewards you with Wizard Cards, He also teaches you how to 
Use Flipendo in the Library.

*************Fred and George Weasley*********
The biggest joke makers Hogwarts ever had, They give you Passwords to 
Portraits that hold high rewards in exchange of particular Beans...

*************Argus Filch*******************
The Hogwarts Caretaker-who wages a constant war against the students and 
Peeves. He patrols the Forbidden corridor-you better watch out for him!

*************Mrs. Norris*******************
Filch's cat-a very good alarm, she along with Filch Patrols, she may alarm 
Filch so you better watch out for this feline!

*************Neville Longbottom*************
A forgetful and weak Gryffindor, who you encounter only twice, though he 
just is useful once!

****************Madam Hooch***************
Madam Hooch-is the Hogwarts flying teacher and a referee for Quidditch-she 
awards you more points then any other teacher does! She teaches you how to 
fly and how to play Quidditch.

***************Lee Jordan*******************
The Quidditch commentator and a great pal to Fred and George, you really 
don't meet him anywhere-but when ever you win a match-they'll show where all 
the teachers sit, there a black boy on the most frontal row-exulting is him.

*************Madam Pomfrey****************
The character you never get to see in the gameplay mode or storybook 
mode-there'll be only a picture of her telling Harry something when his 
stamina finishes.

Hedwig is Harry's snowy owl-which was given to him by Hagrid as a birthday 
gift, Hedwig brings you many useful things such as broomsticks and letters.

***************Draco Malfoy****************
Known as Malfoy throughout-Harry's big time rival-he troubles you twice in 
the game-though he's an easy little twit from the Slytherin house.

****************Gregory Goyle***************
One of Malfoy's goons- you'll only encounter him once-while dueling Malfoy.

***************Vincent Crabbe***************
One of Malfoy's goons-you'll only encounter him once while dueling Malfoy.

Let's get started!
The Entrance Hall

After listening to Dumbledore, head up and left to find The Gryffindor 
tower. Inside you'll find Fred And George who want earwax (yellow) beans, 
they'll give you a glimpse at them so don't worry! If you need them they'll 
be behind the Fat Lady (Just near them) After talking observe the bookshelf 
near them go there and press Square, after which you'll find a secret room 
that holds card number one Merlin! After getting the card explore the entire 
tower, just don't go in the door-less entrance before full exploration. Then 
enter the Charms corridor which is the door-less entrance. After which 
you'll see a room with floating candles, ignore and head ahead to find Ron, 
he'll tell you that your owl Hedwig was been stolen by Malfoy and he'll take 
you into the Library. Now the library is very important for newcomers it 
teaches you how to jump, climb walls, aim at moving targets, and the 
Flipendo Jinxes. Lots of house points here. After you've rescued Neville 
from the Flapping Books and Hedwig from the cage. Ron will lead you out 
where Hedwig will come soaring and give you a Shooting Star (broomstick) 
then Ron will lead to the Flying lesson, Fly through all the rings in the 
first task to win ten house points, the other two tasks seem impossible to 
get through all the rings but you just have to go thru half the number of 
the rings required. After Flying you'll meet the know-it-all Hermione 
Granger, she'll inform the Charms Class is to start, she'll run off showing 
the place where you're supposed to go. Pick of the beans here, and enter the 
place where Hermione went you find here that your Library teachings come 
into practice here, here's the correct route to get to the Class.

First room of tables
Just keep going front getting more beans

Second room of tables
A bit harder, these are the instructions

After you've reached Land; Flitwick will greet you, if you're late he won't 
deduct house points because it's your first class. Here you'll learn 
Wingardium Leviosa, the levitating charm. After going along with Flitwick in 
his commands he'll lead you to another room where you'll learn how to use 
Wingardium Leviosa, it's extremely easy so I don't need to get you the 
After getting out of the Class, go right ahead to the Great Foyer, again 
there are two ways to get in:
1)-Through the Gryffindor tower, the door is parallel to the locked Upper 
Castle-Shorter route
2)-Go back to the Entrance hall, ignore Malfoy for now, Go to the door 
parallel to the Gryffindor tower door-Longer route
Now that you're in the Great Foyer it's a great place to get beans, You'll 
notice here that there are rooms full of Knights try and avoiding them coz 
they hurt, After collecting all the beans and living from the Knights check 
all the bookshelves with pressing Square, two of them is are secret doors, 
where a student is in need with your Flipendo,  this is like a game of 
shooting Cauldrons, Chocolate Frogs and Pumpkins with the Triangle button 
view, be quick with after finishing this task the student will give you a 
card! Another secret door holds a card and beans! Get it and head to the 
Entrance Hall. Evil Malfoy is waiting you; listen to his jabbering and  then 
time to teach him a lesson- levitate the Hourglasses on to the two 
pedestals, it's five points each! After which the door will slam open and 
kick Malfoy's butt. Then of course he's gonna get real angry and challenge 
you to the wonderful game of WIZARD CRACKERS!
Wizard Crackers Spotlight:
Wizard Crackers is a game where Malfoy will throw crackers at you, If they 
fall on you directly you get hurt but if they fall on the ground you have to 
get them and throw them at him, after shooting directly at him 3 times he'll 
call upon Crabbe and then the game becomes SUPER WIZARD CRACKERS. It's 
pretty much the same but Malfoy's crackers get bigger and more powerful, 
plus you can't pick them up, But you sure have to get Crabbe's crackers, 
three more hits on Malfoy and Goyle enters, you can even pick up his 
crackers, don't worry if you get hurt the Crackers are going to give you 
millions of Chocolate Frogs (Phew!) After foiling Malfoy's plans You've got 
to Explore all the rooms in the Entrance hall, you'll get Millions of beans 
and Remember the Portrait room here, after finishing your collection of 
fifty beans go back to the Gryffindor tower and through the Fat Lady, there 
you'll find Fred and George. They'll give you the password to that Portrait 
room in the Entrance Hall (remember?). The password is Fizzy Pop, now go 
back to the Entrance hall, and give the password to the Old Posh Baron; 
he'll let you in and Behold ! It's the Nimbus 2000; though it's nothing 
better then a Shooting Star, which I prefer over the Nimbus 2000, I won all 
the Quidditch matches with a Shooting Star, I never took the Nimbus 2000. 
Trust me, Shooting Star's much better, but once you've taken the Nimbus 2000 
you'll have to use it all the time, though I tell you again the Nimbus is 
very useful when you're chasing Malfoy in the Remembrall Race. After all 
this just scan the entire place for things you might've left back, after 
you're totally sure that the place is finished, go through the door where 
Malfoy once stood, and Behold! It's the Grounds!

The Grounds
As you enter The Grounds, Hagrid'll greet you, he'll tell you to get to your 
Herbology class (sucker!) Then you'll be led to a place where the similar 
hourglasses you saw while going on the tables to get to Charms, once you 
pass them the time starts, use the Flipendo on the pillars, once they're all 
parallel to each other climb the first and keep going until you reached 
Land, where Mrs. Sprout will greet you by deducting house points if you're 
late and inviting you in the class with no deduction if  you're on time. You 
can always try again to regain house points you lost.
Now here in the Herbology class you learn the Incendio spell, which is used 
to wither violent plants, the Incendio is a bit complicated, so I've decided 
to teach you Incendio!

This is how your Incendio working will be done, the outermost shell is 
called the Spellmaker, the two smaller shells are called The Spells, and the 
biggest shell revolving on the Spellmaker is called the Maker, the five 
smallest circles in the Spellmaker are the called the Consequence Spell 
Powers.  The Spells have one of the symbols from your controller it could be

Now when one of the Spells reaches the Maker, you have to press the 
corresponding symbol, when you have correctly pressed the corresponding 
symbol five times your Consequence Spell Powers will be full, and your 
Incendio spell is successfully performed!
If you take more time your Consequence Spell Powers get deducted real fast 
so better be fast. The place where you have to perform the Incendio in front 
of Sprout holds millions of Chocolate Frogs; use them if the Bouncing bulb 
(the subject for your Incendio) hurt you or some past damage from WIZARD 
CRACKERS. After finishing Herbology you'll get a chance to explore the 
grounds, here you'll meet Fred And George who want Blue Beans now, the 
Portrait they'll give the password to is a bit ahead, it holds another 
Wizard Card. A secret about the Grounds is that you can get a lot of Blue 
beans and Wizard Cards here; the trick simply is to go to a discolored wall 
and press Square, in some hidden rooms you'll find Nearly Headless Nicholas 
(Nick) and he'll give you a Card, while in some you may find Treasures of 
Blue Beans. Just beside the stairs of Hogwarts you'll find a door, that's 
Quidditch practice, where again Madam Hooch teaches you basics of Seeker 
play. There are three tasks here and house points up for grabs. It's 
optional but I think you should visit it and get used to your Nimbus 2000 
(if you took it) and it also help a lot because it teaches you all the 
things you need to do while playing a Quidditch match, and the first 
Quidditch match is not long from now! After finishing the entire Grounds, 
scan it once again for things you might've missed. Then go to the path where 
you met Fred And George, keep going sonny boy, then you'll find a boy called 
Raymond (He's a Ravenclaw) and his kitten has fallen down the well he's next 
to, don't worry you don't have to save the kitty now! Keep going and ,and 
keep going and then Ron pops up showing you what a Puffskein is, this 
Puffskein has got a very special cause, you've gotta get it to eat the 
nearby bushes and then wait and watch then magic , keep moving until you see 
Hagrid and his Hut. After talking to him, you'll know that he wants Fire 
Seeds from a rare plant. Keep going along the way, here you'll find that 
shooting the Bouncing Pears will cause them to become Blue Beans, Use 
Flipendo on them. Keep going, and then you'll find Gargoyle Gate, remember 
the guy dressed in black while you were learning Flipendo in the Library, 
he's Quirrell/ Voldemort and now he'll make one of the Gargoyles alive! It 
looks like a Warthog with wings, then keep a charged Flipendo ready and when 
it comes near enough that it won't hurt you and that you don't miss your 
shot-shoot! after three Charged Flipendoes the Gargoyle will fall then use 
Wingardium Leviosa to levitate the guy where he was, observe that when you 
levitate it, it's life slowly increases so if you drop it it'll have power 
to take another Charged Flipendo, so beware! Keep going    until you see a 
video which shows you a Puffskein habitat, you'll see this video when You've 
successfully reached a place where there are two shafts out of which bubbles 
are ascending. There'll be one shaft that looks like a tree-trunk which is 
called Trunk Shaft and the one on the Ground is called Shaft! Now continue 
towards the Puffskein Habitat where a Puffskein is sleeping, wake it up by 
using Flipendo (it doesn't hurt them!) or by just running into it, lead it 
into the Shaft where you were and Voila! The Trunk Shaft bubbles more 
powerfully which means you can go up, keep continuing until you see another 
Shaft. Ignore for the moment and continue where there'll be one more Shaft, 
two Trunk Shafts and one more Puffskein, lure the Puffskein into the Shaft 
which I told you to ignore, after fixing the Puffskein into the Shaft go 
back where you found this one, and you'll find the First Trunk Shaft is 
bubbling more, go up and pull the lever. Then you'll see there's another 
Puffskein where the previous one was, this one has a special trick related 
to it, observe that when you lure it into the Shaft in the area it won't get 
trapped, well the trick simply is to get it fatter! If you remember reading 
the sign that was near the Puffskein Ron showed, Hagrid wrote, that:
'Puffskeins, friendly fellows with large appetites,

Notice the underlined text they've got Large Appetites, well this is the 
clue; get the Puffskein to eat the two nearby bushes which will fatten it! 
Crafty trick huh?  After which you should lure it into the Shaft and 
continue up where the door will be, use Flipendo on the chest to get Blue 
Beans. Now go in the door and there was, is and always will be a Save Option 
(do it!) Then you see a whole lot of floating Rocks, keep going on them 
until you reached a non-sinking Rock which has a potion on it (don't touch 
it unless one more hit would kill you!)  Just go on another sinking rock 
until you've reached Land where of course you'll see the Fire Seed Plant, 
remember I told you Incendio is used on Plants, well this is the first time 
you'll use Incendio. If you're not sure refer to the Incendio technique I 
wrote up there!
Here like every time there will be five Consequence Spell Powers, this is 
the way the Spells will come.

First Revolution (Revolving of Spells on outermost shell)-Press

Second Revolution- Press

Third Revolution-Press

Fourth Revolution- Press

Last Revolution- Press

After successfully performing the spell the Plant will open and you'll have 
to go and get the Fire Seeds. Now drink the Potion I told you not to , and 
go all the way back to Hagrid's hut where you'll witness Norbert the 
Norwegian Ridgeback being hatched from an egg. In gratitude of getting the 
Fire Seeds Hagrid'll give you 'Quidditch Through The Ages', which is a 
useless piece of junk, but in one way does have a cause. Now a video will 
show up showing you a gate besides the hut which was previously locked, be 
sure that your health is full, and then enter where you'll see Ron who guide 
through a short passage to the QUIDDITCH PITCH! You can't enter though, it's 
beautiful! Then Neville comes up crying, that Malfoy has stolen his 
Remembrall, now the Nimbus 2000 comes into the act, perfect for this race, 
You have to chase Malfoy on broomsticks and when he gets close enough press 
Square to bash him, he'll give up when his life will finish and return the 
Remembrall But he does shoot Bludgers at you, dodge them. Professor 
McGonagall saw how well you flew (even if you flew pathetically and some how 
managed to win the race!) and she gives you the Seeker position on the 
Gryffindor team. Immediately after which the Gryffindor Vs Hufflepuff match 

Gryffindor Vs Hufflepuff Spotlight
This match should be a pushover if you got hold of Seeking while Practicing 
with Madam Hooch, The Beaters are simply imbeciles and hardly manage a shot, 
their problem is that they focus more on damaging the Chasers, their Chasers 
are fairly well-doers, Keeper sucks, but Just a bit of problem should be the 
Seeker who is on a Comet Two-Sixty, Same thing Malfoy used, so if you 
managed to outwit him you'll do the same with this one.
Tips on the Match.
Keep banging into the Seeker if you've got Nimbus 2000, the Shooting Star 
would be a nice turner and at speed to but if you have it don't try Banging!
The Hufflepuff seeker won't be noticing the Snitch until a few seconds after 
Kick-Off. Since you've already gotten you eye on the Snitch quickly follow 
it, keep the Quidditch practice in mind and you'll be swooning with success. 
But always remember-YOU CAN NEVER LOSE A MATCH! After the match Snape comes 
and confiscates 'Quidditch Through The Ages' and cancels Potions class (the 
best and most useful class!) But he'll give you the Classes when you've 
gotten a missing Sloth Brain from...
Now starts the Sloth Brain Saga, Ron will come along and help you with the 
counter-charm Alohomora. As soon as you get into this new Environment keep 
going until you've seen some forest, go into it to find a Venomous 
Tentacula, first it'll start shooting thousands of spiky balls that Flipendo 
will take care of, the use Incendio on this guy, a clue!
The Spells start with triangle and end with Triangle, the middle three 
Spells are the other three symbols on the controller each one comes once. 
After destroying the plant go around and explore to find a lever, pull it!  
Then you'll see that the lever opened a door, go that door where Ron'll tell 
you about Puffapods, these are utility weapons against Trolls you'll 
encounter later in the game,
Then open the newly opened door, and you'll find lots of queer looking 
plants (no Incendio!) they're Horklumps, use Wingardium Leviosa on them, 
take them as far as you can! Then gather the Blue beans. After finishing 
your Blue Bean collection go forward to find the Sloth Brain. Go back to 
Ron, and then you'll be led back to the Entrance hall, since you've finished 
your Blue beans, go back in the Grounds and find The Weasley Twins (FG) , 
they'll give you the password to the Portrait in Hagrid's area. Find the 
Portrait and get Albus Dumbledore's card from the Portrait. Go back to the 
Entrance hall and into the Dungeons which is one of the 4 rooms in the 
Entrance hall...

The Dungeons
Now keep going where you'll meet Ron, he'll go off and then you'll meet 
Snape who'll shower more sarcasm. Keep going and then you'll find a room 
with a door, first go in the bookcase and then into the door that says 
Portrait room. Now FG want Green Troll Bogie flavor beans, Continue into the 
adjoining room , Behold! It's the main Dungeons, go to the left staircase 
and then find Hermione, then go into the door to learn Potions, it's very 
easy! Just push the three symbol buttons that come, and in some time the 
Potion will be ready; you can make a Potion whenever you find a cauldron. 
Now Snape wants Fireflies, then you'll be led into a room with Trolls and 
'Puffapods' now get it! These Trolls are immune to Flipendo, so pick the 
nearest Puffapod keep an aim at the Troll and when it comes on the grate, 
shoot! Pick the same Puffapod after you've disposed the first troll, do the 
same to the other one, and continue where you'll be under the WELL! Raymond 
will tell that he can hear the kitten, go into the doorless space keep going 
and blasting boxes! Beware of rats, use a Charged Flipendo on them, in one 
of the boxes you'll find the kitten, it'll follow you, don't go to fast or 
it'll lose you, lure it to the well and use Wingardium Leviosa and give it 
to Raymond, the reward is a Card.
Now go into the room in front of you, here there'll be lots of hovering 
blocks (forget for the moment!) Pull the lever, and then go into the 
Cauldron room (which is the door nearest to the lever!) Here you'll see 
floating and bobbling Cauldrons, use the R1 button on them and shoot! Jump 
on each of them and when you've reached the end pull the lever and eat the 
Frogs (since you must've fallen millions of times!) then take a breath of 
sigh! Observe the ledge near the platform, climb it and keep going and 
collect the beans, then go back into the Room with the hovering blocks, 
don't yet climb them, go into the other room, that's the Troll bedroom, here 
you'll see a Troll snoozing nicely, pull the lever besides you, and then 
collect the beans and Frog, then observe a cage, inside there is a key, you 
need it! Use Wingardium Leviosa on it and don't levitate it too much, 99% of 
the time it'll drop and make noise so the Troll wakes up! You have enough 
time to grab the key and run, so don't worry, the Troll wakes up for three 
1)-You use a Flipendo in the room
2)-Go too near the Troll
3)-Drop the cage
After getting the key go to the blocks and climb them the second last jump 
seems impossible but it is very possible! Go into the room, two more 
Puffapod Trolls, get rid of them using the Puffapods and then go into the 
next room where you'll find Snape's Fireflies, then go and give it to him, 
then you'll be back into the main Dungeons, here take the second Staircase 
for the Defense Against Dark arts class here you have jump over some 
Flapping books and also getting all the greens beans, it's very hard, after 
which you'll learn The Verdimillius Spell, the easiest spell. After which 
you'll be back in the main Dungeons, go to the Doorless entrance which is 
the in the middle of the Dungeons, here you'll have to use Verdimillius and 
then climb the blocks onto the left door first! Here there's a chance to get 
3 wizard cards, just go into the bookcases and finish a simple task for 
Nick, Then go back into the previous chamber and use Verdimillius again and 
this time go onto the frontal door, here you'll find Nick who'll tell you 
about Four Curses guarding the door, he says you have to get rid of the 
original curses which are just the enlarged versions of Eye-Type curses on 
the door. Go to the door to the left here you'll meet Peeves the 
Poltergeist, he'll sing the funniest song you've heard! Now Explore the 
entire place, every damn place you see, then try killing the Knights (4 of 
'em!) they'll get you 20 house points, then find the Curses and use Charged 
Flipendo on 'em! Then return to Nick when you've dispelled the Curses now 
you MUST'VE definitely got all the green beans now when you enter the new 
door there'll be a fork-go to the Portrait room get the password from FG and 
go into the Portrait where you'll get the Quidditch Body Armor which'll get 
you immune to four hits from Bludgers.

The Upper Castle

Now go back into the Castle, from the Gryffindor Tower to the Upper Castle, 
now you'll meet FG who want Chili beans, there seems no way to get anywhere 
else rather then the Transfiguration class. Go in here, and beware the Third 
jump, keep going(collect all the beans, their gift if the best!) Then get to 
the Class where you'll learn the Avifors spell, it's easy but since I'm 
writing the Walkthrough I have to explain you!

The Avifors spell is a lot like Incendio yet easier; the outermost shell 
will yet be called Spellmaker, the biggest circle on the Spellmaker is 
called the Maker and the other circle is naturally called the Spell, always 
is the Cross Button, so when the Spell reaches the Maker press the Cross 
button, you'll notice that after every successful Spell the Griffin-Statue 
gets smaller and smaller until it finally becomes a bird and flies away, 
jump on the table and go back to the Main Upper Castle, then use Avifors on 
the Statue in the middle, and go up, to the Forbidden Corridor (the upper 
one!) But it'll be locked, and then Hedwig'll get you a parcel (secret!) and 
then rotten Peeves will swoon up and grab the parcel now use Avifors on the 
Nearby Statue and then climb up to the Attic, here Peeves will tell you 
about his rotten race...

Peeves' Attic Race Spotlight
Here Peeves will show you a disturbed line, once you have crossed it the 
Race begins, you have to reach the end before Peeves does, while facing the 
following obstacles:
1)-Slippery Floor (main nuisance)
2)-Knights (installed at many tough places)
3)-A web (use Flipendo)
4)-Twists and Turns ( Oh NO!)

The good thing is that Peeves will always wait for you, so whenever he does 
take the opportunity and run for it, in all this you have to collect Beans 
and Choc Frogs. If you lose you'll have to do the damned race again! But if 
you win (Yay!) You get the Parcel which is the Invisibility Cloak! Though 
the rotten thing requires Tokens (they look like rotating ghosts and are 
found in Diagon Alley and the Forbidden Corridor only) . Plus the Tokens 
last for only 15 seconds! And some of them do come back after you've taken 
one but some don't! Now go to the unlocked Forbidden Corridor (just don't 
forget to go into the Bookcases to find Nick with another puzzle!) Here 
Filch says you not allowed and then goes off with his rotten cat Mrs. Norris 
(Norris), then enter the door he went, stay calm, and when he goes past the 
Bookcase with the Token, run and climb it and Grab the token then go down 
find a bookcase with some climbing books-climb it- then jump onto the 
Bookcase with the Key and make a run for the door! After this Keep going and 
grab the Token, after which Snape and Filch will fall into a very 
interesting  Pep talk, then go into the bookcase and then jump onto the 
nearest bookcase, Norris is on the beam with the Token on it, when she turns 
around to go towards the Token, jump onto the beam and then Slowly but 
swiftly go after her and grab the Token, then look at the adjacent Bookcase 
with the key, jump and grab the key then run for the door, then another 
room, here have a good look down, Norris and a  key will be there when 
Norris is going the opposite side grab the key and return where you were 
standing then go for the big jump onto the Ledge with the Token on it, now 
can see Filch? Jump on his place and into the door, and then keep going into 
the last room (your token will be left definitely!) Climb on the Bookcase 
with the Token, as soon as the previous one is over grab it and then grab 
the key which is on the nearby bookcase. Then run for the door (Phew!) Now 
go into the door which not locked here you'll find the Mirror of Erised, and 
then more Storybook stuff will come, and then as you go out Ron will come 
panting worse then a dog, and you now have to go screw up a troll whoz 
posing danger to Hermione, to finish the Troll you have to finish two very 
difficult tasks...
The Mountain Troll Race Spotlight

TASK ONE-Task one is a race, it's hard because You have to keep running 
while grabbing all the Red Beans, the Troll; is very fast (Maybe he was 
related to Maurice Green!) And if you're even stopping for two! Yes two damn 
seconds you, are a goner, the Troll will come and squeeze your lime, Be 
quick while grabbing the beans-if you miss out about ten beans don't worry 
but! Not a single more bean!

TASK TWO- Task two is a lot harder if you're bad at shooting! If you 
finished the task that was behind the bookcase in the Great Foyer, then 
it'll be a bit easier! Though the problem here is... The troll enters the 
Girls' bathroom and then you and Ron  have to fight the Troll; how you ask? 
Well You shoot the Toilets, Pipes, etc that the Troll hurls at you and Ron! 
And Ron gets the easy job, all he's gotta do is charm the Troll's club so it 
bashes him on the head-he's tooooooooooooooooo slow, and plus the Troll also 
hurls those toilets at Ron-and you've gotta save him too, if he gets hit too 
many time the club goes back! So you've gotta shoot all the stuff with 
Flipendo! After finishing- you'll be lead back to the main Upper Castle, and 
Hedwig'll bring you a letter from Prof. McGonagall, your Second match of the 
year is to commence! It's versus Ravenclaw so it's not much of a 
problem-this match'll be like any other so no explanation required!
After finishing a rather easy match, Hagrid'll now come at the entrance of 
the Pitch, and he'll tell that his rotten dragon Norbert is sick so we've 
gotta go to damned Diagon Alley and fix up a Dragon Tonic for Norbert while 
that oaf Hagrid enjoys Butterbeers at the Leaky Cauldron!

Diagon Alley
Diagon Alleys is based on six tasks to complete, two of them are hard, two 
of them medium difficulty and two which are really easy!
First you've got to finish the first three tasks which are based in the 
Gringotts bank where you've got to collect Knuts, Sickles and Galleons. 
First of all you have to go to the door where a Goblin if standing, after 
talking to him you have to collect ten forms that are spread out like a 
line, watch out for the slippery floor which is a nuisance, collecting these 
ten forms is a joke-but collecting the Knuts isn't! After you've collected 
all ten forms the door to Vault number one will open, and you'll have go 
into it, and play a goddamnit hard RollerCoaster, which they call Mine Cart, 
you've got to steer it collecting Knuts and Gems, and watch our for Those 
obstacles-a trick behind dodging these woody sticks is that every time you 
are about to approach an obstacle a warning appears and points out a 
direction, just steer to the opposite direction and keep the Cross button 
pressed to lock the mine cart, If you're having problems with this task-we 
can't do anything! You have to keep practicing like hell, until you've got 
you money, after collecting your Knuts, go and get your Sickles, here you've 
again gotta collect forms-14 of 'em, collecting Sickles is piece-o-cake! 
Then go and collect 16 forms to try to get you Galleons, my advise here is 
to collect each Gem and Coin in the mines-and you'll be in for a big 
surprise! After you've your money-three tasks are finished, now you've gotta 
spend you money-You need one Eagle Owl Feather, Three Peacock Feathers and 
Three Toad warts. I suggest you try the easiest task which is getting the 
Eagle Owl Feather- go to Eeylops Owl Emporium to do that-it's very easy! All 
you've got to do is use you Wingardium Leviosa spell on the Peanuts and 
levitate them all the way to the gray Owl in the middle, but watch out the 
others might eat the food on it's way! After feeding it 4-5 peanuts it'll 
sleep and the Feather you want will fall use Wingardium Leviosa on the 
feather and levitate it on the ground you're on, now pick it up! Now go into 
the Magical Menagerie, and you have to Find a pinkish toad in the one of the 
silver boxes, after shooting the correct box with Flipendo use it again on 
the toad to stun it and then just go onto it and you've got you wart, the 
trick to find the toad is to find the box that croaks or shakes, if you 
shoot two times on a box that doesn't have the Toad, then your third shot 
should have the Toad, or you'll have to start again, remember there are two 
floors to find it, If you've finished all the boxes on floor go to the other 
one-you even have to change floors if the boxes on one floor don't shake . 
After filling you pockets with the Warts go to Ollivander's Wand Shop to get 
your Peacock Feathers. This task is very HARD! But the trick is very 
simple-all you've got to do is first of all spend time learning the 
Peacock's path (always follows the same path!) once you know the path, it's 
time for action; just keep running on the Peacock! Notice the rectangle box 
on the upper-left corner? It's where a feather will build up-it also 
decreases when you're not pouncing on the Peacock, shoot the silvery boxes 
to find Tokens, which are pretty useless, and don't you dare use Flipendo on 
the Peacock or you'll have to start right from the start and you'll also 
have to bare insults from Ollivander! A very good trick to get the feathers 
is when the Peacock on one place and not moving, this is the time you have 
to pounce on him, it'll take him almost one second to move, by time you'll 
have an advantage on the Peacock-stay on him-even while running on 
him-that's why you need to learn his Path. After finishing 3 full feathers 
your Diagon Alley task is finished now go to that oaf Hagrid, and you'll be 
led back to sweet ol' Hogwarts, Now Norbert'll be fine, after which more 
'Storybook' stuff will come, and then you have to go right into the 
Forbidden Forest and find wounded Unicorns. The forest is really easy! The 
path is straightforward so no problem to get lost, only problems you will 
face are:

1)-Trolls (fix 'em up with Puffapods)
2)-A Venomous Tentacula (read Sloth Brain Saga)
3)-5-6 Plants which require Incendio (Sob!)
4)-Flaming Turtles

Spotlight on Flaming Turtles
These pieces of vermin are the most annoying things in the Forest. They'll 
shoot fire tails that follow you! The trick to finish these idiots is simply 
to keep a Charged Flipendo ready, then when it raises its bottom-SHOOT! If 
your shot was successful the color of it's shell changes! Three charged 
Flipendoes and they're goners! Three of them patrol the forest.

Spotlight on Obstacles in the Forest

First when you see a moat, you find there's a tree and when you look down 
there'll be a boat sort of craft, you can either cross the moat by using a 
Charged Flipendo on the tree so it breaks and forms a bridge of sort or 
going on the raft.
Recommended- Use tree-trick
There are too many plants that need Incendio (bummer!)
Forks in the road are rare, only two of them! One is near the Venomous 
Tentacula; the fork in the front is the path to continue and the one on the 
left has a Cauldron so you can make a Potion! But who cares! There are going 
to be millions of Chocolate Frogs! Just use the Cauldron in  absolute 
The Second Fork is near the cliff, where three plants will fall to one 
Incendio! If you climb the cliff you'll find Voldemort/Quirrell drinking the 
Unicorn's blood, and Storybook stuff will come and then you'll be led back 
to Hagrid's hut. But if you take the right path you'll find a treasure of 
Red Beans and a Card! The Card is very craftily installed, when you have 
reached a place where you can't go any forward, you frown because you 
haven't found any card yet, and virtually it's not possible there could be a 
card right? Well, you'll have to find it yourself, but some words of advise 
that'll help!
"A shadow, without an opaque body"
"In the vast blue yonder"
"A shot, from the flashy rod"
"And down comes the your heart's desire"
Now this is a very good riddle huh? Well another clue-Observe the last line, 
and to get the Card use the third line. Okay for all those idiots who 
couldn't figure out this very simple problem, here's the answer-It's 
floating in the sky and use Flipendo on the card to get to it! Then come 
back to the cliff and continue; now you'll be led back into Hagrid's hut, 
here he'll give you a flute which makes some magical animals sleep, practice 
on the owl, the sequence for the Flute is simple-

Keep pressing the buttons in sequence until the animal has slept, look at 
the Sleep-o-Meter, under the screen to see how much have you succeeded in 
getting the animal asleep, after that You'll meet Ron and Hermione who'll 
tell you it's time to save the Philosopher's Stone. Then go back to the 
Upper Castle, go to the Portrait room and grab the Flipendo Knockback Duo, 
which is the powerful Sequel and Upgrade to the Flipendo Knockback Jinx. 
It's really useful so you better try and get it! Now go back to the main 
Upper Castle and into the Forbidden Corridor which is next to the locked 
Girls' Bathroom. Now starts the challenge, seven tasks, one boy, and many 

Now you'll face seven difficult tasks in your quest for the Philosopher's 
Stone.  There are two save options but in secret doors, you can't do 
anything but fight!


Remember Hagrid just gave you a flute? Well that's you saving grace here, go 
too near the Heads and start playing the tune rapidly, and once one head is 
gone go for the other ones, After playing the tune successfully Fluffy will 
eventually fall, and now task number two comes upon you!

The Devils Snare is a very easy task, though may seem as a challenge to 
some, the trick here is to simply use a Charged Flipendo on the tentacles 
that glow and then take on the Mother plant itself, to which you have to 
shoot Charged Flipendoes and then finish it up with Incendio! What you 
simply have to do is stay exactly where you were, not touch the plant 
barrier which blocks Hermione and Ron, After finishing the Tentacles, the 
Mother plant then emerges to which you have use Flipendo on. Stay on the 
vines of the Entire plant, if you go of the Vines the 	Mother goes back into 
the hole and replenishes some life. The sequence to the Glowing of the 
plants is:

The mother-plant always emerges from the 6-glower plant. After finishing the 
Devils Snare, prepare for one of the easiest tasks in the Challenge.


Now this is where your Quidditch skills come into practice (if you have 
any!) The Blue key acts like the Golden Snitch and the millions of Red keys 
act like Bludgers, though they hurt very less but they come in gigantic 
swarms, just make sure you catch the Key, and avoid the Red keys. Now 
prepare for the easiest task in the game!


There is a secret room in the way to this obstacle. You can find A save 
point and Chocolate Frogs there. The secret room is the wall that Is 
different from others. Use Square to enter. The next obstacle is a gigantic 
chess. You have to finish it by making the pieces kill each other.
There are 3 boards waiting for you. The main thing you should do is to make 
them to move to a certain square. And NOT like the chess move!
Don't try any chess strategies here as it won't work. Beware that you have 
no companion. All of the chess pieces are your opponents
       Try to give extra space around your-occupied space. It'll be very 
useful to be a run-space when the pieces move next to your pieces.

Yet, if you still can't defeat them, try one of these solutions!
(The first solution is always the shortest one)

For the first board :
1st Solution : Start on the white square, go right, up, and left.
2nd Solution : Start on the white square, go right, up-left, and down.
3rd Solution : Start on the black square, go up, left, left again, and down.

For the second board :
1st Solution : Start on the white square, go up, downright, and up.
2nd Solution : Start on the white square, go up, downright, and left.
3rd Solution : Start on the white square, go up, downright, and up-left.

For the third board :
1st Solution : Start on the white square, go up-left, up-left again,  left, 
right, and down.
2nd Solution : Start on the white square, go up-left, up-left, and  up-left 
again, downright, and down.
3rd Solution : Start on the white square, go up-left, up-left, and up-left 
again, downright, and downright again.

Once The chessboards are defeated, and you can go through. There is also a 
secret door in this next corridor. Recover yourself with the Chocolate Frog 
and save your game. Now prepare for more hard tricks, save your game in the 
square type design on the wall, like the one you saw before, now...


Here you'll find Hermione who'll tell you about the Troll, don't worry its 
still Groggy, and so take a breath of relief, all you've got to do is 
levitate the objects onto the right side, you have to DROP them but do it 
when the height of the object is very near to the ground, if you drop it at 
high elevation then it makes noise and the Troll wakes up, and you're a 
goner! It wakes up even if you're taking too much time and being an object 
in its sleeping-walking way. There are about 7 objects to levitate and too 
less time, after levitating the last object you can either stand besides 
Hermione whoz still busy trying to figure out the charm to finish the door 
off, or you can go past the big hole where the Chocolate Frog is, and wait 
and watch what happens to the goddamned Troll! You'll jump laughing! Now 
Hermione'll use Alohomora and the door props open, now comes task number 


Now Hermione will show you three Knights, then Harry'll jump and then 
gigantic bells will cover the three Knights, then it'll be like a game of 
Find-The-Nugget, keep your eyes on the bell which covered the Black Knight, 
when the bells stop shoot at the correct bell, or you'll have to fight one 
of those White Knights, but if you got the correct one, the Black Knights 
comes out, when ever he's exposing his chest, two shots of Charged Flipendo 
and he's down, then he give up an Ice Potion, drink the Ice Potion and then 
Hermione says there only one potion so you'll alone have to go, Two more 
things to finish the game!


Here Quirrell/Voldemort will reincarnate two Knights, take care of them with 
the Charged Flipendo, After which two more Knights will be reincarnated  one 
of them is a normal Knight and the other one is the same type of Knight 
which you fought for the Ice Potion. After taking down four minions, 
Quirrell/Voldemort will now make a gigantic knight; the trick behind this 
sucker is that he'll change into a Red-Wire frame type. To get him back to 
solid form stand close to him and then when he prepares to strike, turn away 
because when he pounds the ground a Red sort of circle forms, keep away from 
and and hit it! When it can only take about two shots from you, He'll grow 
violent and taken 2-3 pounds on the ground! Just take it easy and Grab the 
Frog, if you're too near to death! After screwing up the biggie, The Earth 
shatters and a bridge sort of rock forms, now the Secret unfolds, Harry gets 
to know its Quirrell who is the real bad-guy! Drink the Potion nearby, since 
you must've got slashed and chopped by the Knights. Now get ready for the 
Final Battle!


Now here's your chance to piss Voldemort. Or maybe get pissed by him? You 
definitely have full life, so no worries for the moment! To defeat 
Quirrell/Voldemort there are three phases, we always start from the first 


Phase one is basically based on hurting Voldie, till his half of life is 
removed, to do that you have to get Voldie under the pillars and use a 
Charged Flipendo on them so they'll collapse on him, beware of the Green 
gaseous Orb thingy he shoots at you, it hurts more then anything! After 
collapsing about 6-7 pillars half of his life will go, and now the pillars 
are gone (why? Why!) But remember don't go too near him or your scar hurts 
too much and you get a bit of hurt! Also whenever he says 'Die, Potter!' 
you'll be entangled with green ropes, keep pressing Square to get free. Now 
Phase 2 starts!


Since the pillars are gone, the Mirror of Erised is your only way to screw 
up Voldie! This phase focuses on giving him big blows that get him almost 
dead! Here there's a special trick, Voldemort will always stand at one 
place, from where you can't shoot him by the Mirror, he'll cast those 
gaseous things, and finish off with a massive green, thick beam type curse 
that kills you instantly! (Maybe it's Avada Kervada!) After that you'll have 
to move quickly in front of the Mirror, charge it with a Charged Flipendo 
and then use Charged Flipendo again to hurt Voldie, be very quick!  After 
four shots, the ending phase commences which is the easiest phase!


Here you simply have to keep pressing Square and when then words "Hurt 
Quirrell" appear press X, Doing this about three-four times will finish off 
Quirrell! Congrats! You've finished the game, or have you?

After screwing Voldie, there are two endings! If you got all the cards and 
house points, then Ron visits you in the Hospital Wing and gives you a very 
special card, now you can directly play Slytherin, in the Quidditch Cup 
Final, win and you'll get the Quidditch Cup! But if you haven't got all the 
Cards and most house points, some more Storybook stuff comes and then The 
Credits roll, and then you'll have a chance to view you card collection.

Basic Information on Gameplay


To find all beans refer to this guide!

Type- Earwax flavor
Collect for- Nimbus 2000
Usage if item- a faster broom which is a bit better
Quantity required-50
1)-Charms Corridor
2)-Great Foyer
3)-Flying Lessons
4)-Great Hall
5)-Passage to Dungeons

Collect for-Wizard Card
Usage of item- Addition to Card collection
Quantity required- 70
2)-Under Horklumps
3)-Way to Fire seed plant
4)-Secret rooms behind Discolored walls
5)-From Puffskein (make it eat bushes!)

Type-Troll Bogie
Collect for- Quidditch Body Armor
Usage of item- Immunity to four Bludger hits
Quantity required-80
1)-On way to Defense against Dark Arts
2)-On way to find Raymond's kitten
3)-On way to find Fireflies
4)-Four Curses area

Type- Chili Flavor
Collect for- Flipendo Knockback duo
Usage of item-Upgrades previous jinx
Quantity required- 100
1)-Peeves' race in Attic
2)-Troll race
3)-Forbidden Forest
4)-Take right after on Cliff fork-road

Use this guide to complete you card collection

Inspect the Bookcase near Fat Lady, by pressing Square.

In Bookcase in the Great Foyer near the entrance to Gryffindor Tower.

Help a Ravenclaw in the Bookcase near the second room of Knights in Great 

Discolored wall near first Puffskein, help Nick

Discolored wall near Grounds Portrait

Discolored wall next to Gargoyle Gate Entrance

Discolored wall near Quidditch Pitch

Found in Grounds Portrait

Rescue Raymond's kitten in Dungeons

CARD NO 10, 11, and 12
In the Room to the left inside the big hall where you first use Verdimillius 

Bookshelf near Forbidden Corridor (upper)

CARD NO 14, 15 and 16
Gringotts, collect all the Knuts, Sickles and Galleons and gems in Mine 

Just right to cliff before finding Unicorn

Ron comes and gives it to you while you're in the Hospital Wing, only if you 
have collected all 17 Cards.

|    V. FAQs        |

Feel free to ask questions about the game, I'll help if I can. Send your 
question by e-mail to subash_dawda@hotmail.com

|   VI. GS CODES    |

Have All Blue Beans                - 800827f2000f
Have All Green Beans               - 800827f60100
Have All Red Beans                 - 800827fa0100
Have All Spells                        - 3008268500f0
Have All Yellow Beans           - 800827ee000f
Infinite Health                                   - 800829648000
Press L1 For Lots Of House Points  - d0078d0efbff
Stop Timers                                       - 8007b5380fa0

Author's Notes

Hi guys! , I'm Subhash Dawda and I live In the United, Arab Emirates, it's a 
great place to stay! Harry Potter The Walkthrough took me a mere 3 days to 
finish, I wrote and played all along! If you find any mistake or thing that 
you want to say to me, you can always mail me! This baby is something I'm 
very proud of! It's my very first and independent walkthrough! Can you 
believe it! You can always mail me tricks or tips you found out, I'll make a 
new FAQs Of Public Section in this Walkthrough, in which your tips and 
tricks will be displayed with your name and e-mail ID. I've seen so many 
Harry Potter Walkthroughs but none; none of them seemed sufficient enough to 
meet the demands of a perfect game walkthrough, a guide which would guide 
you so skillfully through the game that it would seem very easy, so I 
decided to write this walkthrough, if you notice the detailed diagrams I've 
put for Incendio and Avifors, The Chess game, and the Devils Snare? Just see 
all the Walkthroughs for Harry Potter and compare with me, you'll find the 
answer! Love you guys, and please don't cheat from my walkthrough or anyone 
else's, just write an independent, walkthrough that has not cheated parts 
and just feel the euphoria flushing your body! It's an amazing experience!
Remember-Plagiarism is a writer's biggest, most evil sin!

Both brooms-Shooting Star and Nimbus have the same speeds! It's the flyer's 
ability to handle the broom and the Speed Rings-which make you faster!

The Brooms Cupboard can be opened!
Mail for answer!

1)-While in the Library and learning Flipendo, there's a rat you have to 
shoot! In that area there a web, shoot it-and 5 points-you can even climb 
it, and go forward to get a Frog!

2)-Card no 18 is Harry Potter!

3)-Do you know even the Goblin helps in Gringotts!

4)-In the Forest, observe a light olive colored wall near you starting 
point, Use a charged Flipendo-and watch the fun!

5)-There are five cards in the Grounds !

6)-Filch is almost blind-he won't see in on various places! But Norris 

7)-Ollivander's Peacock always follows the same path!

8)-Rumors say that the Knockturn alley can be visited-only by a special 
golden randomly appearing Gem in Gringotts!

9)-It's impossible to lose a Quidditch match!

10)-The Final showdown in Quidditch is versus Slytherin!

Ending Epilogue

Thanks to:

EA GAMES- For making this game

J.K Rowling - For making Harry Potter

God- For giving me the will to write this walkthrough

All the hopeless game-guide makers- for spurring a will in myself to write a 
better walkthrough.

(c)Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone, names, characters and all the 
related indicia are Trademarks of Warner Bros.

(c)EA GAMES is a trademark corporation of Electronic Arts.

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Corporation Ltd.

(c) 2001 of Subhash Dawda

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Public FAQs Section

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Events History:

26/12/2001- Bought Game, Started Writing Walkthrough

29/12/2001-Finished Walkthrough and Game