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     /%/__/  / / //    /%/     /%/   /%/     /%/__
    /%/  \  / /%//    /%/     /%/   /%/___  /%/___
   /%/___/ /_/ //    /%/     /%/   /_____/ /_____/
                 __   __   __ __  __   _   _____   _____   ____
                /%/  /%/  /%//%/ /%%| //  /_  _/  / ___/  /%%%/
               /%/__/%/  /%//%/ /%/||//    /%/   /%/__   /%_%/
              /%/__ %/  /%//%/ /%/ | /    /%/   /%/___  /%/ \\
             /_/  /_/  /____/ /_/  |/    /%/   /_____/ /_/   \\

                       For Sony Playstation
                           Version Final
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                   E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
		     Website: www.z-wad.com
                         Created: 06/06/04
                       Last Update: 03/10/11
                    Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada 

Author's Note
Strategy RPG games have always been an enjoyable type of game to play. Unlike 
RPGs which tend to focus more on an advanced story or plot, these games focus 
on tactics, battle strategies, and statistical ways of defeating opponents. 
Games such as Final Fantasy Tactics, and Tactics Ogre bring out the best in 
players. Battle Hunter is another prime example of a strategy RPG that gives 
players a different kind of taste. Not only that, but with a cheap price tag, 
I'm fairly surprised this game hasn't caught on as a popular addition to 
collections. This FAQ/Walkthrough will cover certain key elements of the game, 
along with providing basic tips, and a step-by-step procedure on completing 
the game. Seek out treasures in the depths below, but make sure to preserve 
your own existence in the long run!

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have 
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than 
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If 
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask. 
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me 
with what you want to know!

=03/10/11= vFinal
Final update.

=06/17/04= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. Took a lot longer than I expected, but that's thanks to a 
full-time job. I'm just hoping to be able to produce my guides a tad quicker 
over the coming days.

=06/06/04= v1.0
Started the FAQ. Expecting to finish this one as soon as possible.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
             > Character Management
             > Battle System
          3) Walkthrough
             > 15 Story Mode Missions
          4) Strategies/Tips
             > Player Types
             > Techniques
          5) Codes
          6) Common Questions
          7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
          8) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
For the most part, strategy RPG games have always seemed to kick off in the 
right direction. These interesting games combine statistical elements often 
seen in games like AD&D, however, they add an RPG twist to provide that 
thrilling sensation to satisfy a gamer's mind. In a sense, they are almost 
like a hybrid gaming title, satisfying two genres in one. Battle Hunter is a 
strategy RPG game developed by A1 Games, in an attempt to add spicyness to the 
Roleplaying market. Titles such as Ogre Battle, and Final Fantasy Tactics have 
both proven to be huge hits. Players are able to command troops via grid maps, 
and attack opponents with %'s of accuracy, the possible damage amount, and 
other events to take into consideration (item bonuses, magic status, etc...). 
While Battle Hunter is nothing like a top-notch title, it does possess 
qualities that gamers can look forward to.

The storyline is fairly simple. Earth ends up going through a mass nuclear 
world war, with everything being destroyed to ruin. Years later, civilization 
is being rebuilt from scratch, without the great technologies we once 
possessed. Because of the nuclear war, great societies and cities are buried 
underneath rubble, along with all of the inventions from the pasttime. People 
call these places "dungeons", because they are infested with deformed 
creatures, and hostilities that can prove troublesome. An elite group of 
warriors called Hunters are hired by outside companies to seek out treasures 
below, and are paid much like a traditional mercenary. Thus, during the game, 
you will take the role of a Hunter on his/her quest to earn a living, while 
uncovering a hideous plot along the way.

Here's a brief excerpt from the instruction manual (credit to A1 Games):

Battle Hunter is a simulation RPG where up to four players can compete 
simultaneously. Each player takes on the role of a treasure hunter and seeks 
out that which their client desires. Sometimes the client will also request 
that a missing person be found and rescued. Once the missions begins, the 
player's goal is to find the treasure and make it to the EXIT before their 
rivals do. In each mission, the player is faced with three rivals. If a rival 
discovers the treasure before the player's character, they must be tracked 
down and deprived of the treasure before they can make it to the EXIT. Eight 
item boxes exist on each of the mission stages and these must be discovered in 
order to acquire the treasure.


By the year 2089, mankind had made its way back from near self-extinction. 50 
years earlier, the avarice and greed that had become the mantra of the giant 
corporations lead to the unleashing of biological, nuclear, and chemical 
weapons of mass destruction. The resulting cataclysm, known as "The Great 
Destruction," wiped out 75% of humanity and buried many of the greatest 
scientific achievements created by man under several feet of ash and clay 

Somehow, mankind survived.

The war came at a time when science had reached its pinnacle of development. 
Many of the inventions remain dormant in the ruins of the old high-tech cities 
now called "Dungeons" by the surviving humans. No sane person would enter a 
dungeon - the dangers are far too great.

The surviving surface dwellers have built a new nation above the ruins of the 
past, yet there is much information and technology from the previous age that 
would assist them in completing their return from desolation. Scientists 
called "Requestors" hire specialist mercenaries to delve into the dungeons 
seeking powerful relics to further this goal. Merc's have only two 
requirements - cash up front and plenty of action! Considering the dungeons 
are crawling with mutated animals and renegade robots, the action part is 
always there. Once the Merc returns with a relic, they get a sizeable bonus 
and are always contacted for the next missions.

By the way, these special mercenaries are known as "Hunters" and they are 
extremely gifted in the art of combat.


##### GAME INFO #####
Players: 1-4 (multitap needed)
Developer: A1 Games
Released: 2001
Rarity: fairly uncommon
Special Features: multitap compatible
ESRB: Everyone
Cover Art on box: 
- Shows eight Hunters in battle poses


- 2) Game Basics           -
The Playstation controller has always been a versatile accessory when it comes 
to most games. Its symmetric design allows players to control ships during 
shooting games, action games, or simple RPGs. As a matter of fact, there are 
TOO many buttons on the controller than actually needed when playing Battle 

/Game Controls/
     Directional buttons - moves cursor in specified direction
                   START - decides lead controller in two or more player game
                  SELECT - changes cursor's color on network screen
                  CIRCLE - cancels selection
                       X - confirms selection, avoids trap
                TRIANGLE - switches window view

- Most of the actions that occur in Battle Hunter will be simple confirmation 
messages, and menu navigation throughout the game. There is no tedious tile 
movement, or random battles to worry about. Your actions are taken from a menu 
up top, which usually consists of Moving, Attacking, Resting, or Checking on 
your status. Start and Select come into primary use during multiplayer games, 
so you'll hardly be worrying about them. If you step on a trap, and the two 
exclamation marks appear over your head, you can attempt to tap X quickly. If 
you tap it quick enough, this will increase your chance of avoiding that trap.

/Character Management/
Before you can leap into the action, it's essential to understand how to 
manage a character or Hunter through the game. Your character's starting 
status, along with side item abilities will decide how powerful he/she may be 
throughout the game. Creating a well-balanced category, while specializing in 
one stat will help in the long run. This section will describe how to start 
out in the game, along with tips for managing a character.

   #__: STARTING OUT :__#

- Before you can start seeking out lost treasures in the dungeons, it's 
necessary to create your own character. Select the "Registration" icon, and 
type out his/her name. You will then be given the choice to assign how your 
character will appear. There are 8 different sprites (four men, four woman), 
along with 8 different color schemes for each sprite. That gives a total of 64 
possible different combinations. Once that's done, you'll then be brought to 
the skill selection screen. There are four primary stats that your characters 
will have, and points must be balanced efficiently for the best possible 
 | MV >> Moving - Every 3 points added gives +1 to movement   |
 | AT >> Attack - Every 1 point increase gives +1 to attack   |
 | DF >> Defense - Every 2 point increase gives +1 to defense |
 | HP >> Hit Points - Every 1 point increase gives +3 to HP   |

* - 11 Skill points are always available when starting a new character.

^ Thus, you have to balance out the 11 available points to give your character 
some shape or mold. I'd like to give credit to Ayalla for this excellent setup 
which gives you the most profitable character early on:

    MV +1    <-- This setup gives you a character capable of moving at an
    AT +5        average rate, attacking with power, defending at an average
    DF +2        rate, and average HP. I highly recommend getting attack points
    HP 16        in this game because it will be necessary to attack certain
                 people just to advance through certain missions.

Once you have created a character, a small window should appear in the lower 
left corner. This is your status window, and it can be changed by pressing the 
Triangle button. You may see how many Credits you have, your current items 
held, level, and so on. The Save Icon will permit you to save your progress to 
a Memory Card. The Load Icon let's you load a saved file. The Status icon 
let's you view all details of your character in a new window. The Erase Icon 
(INN) will let you remove characters that are loaded.

   #__: MISSIONS :__#

- After a character has been created, loaded, or saved, you may then start to 
accept missions. Missions usually have objectives, which depend on the mode of 
play. During story mode, you'll most likely have to seek out specific items, 
prevent the escape of NPCs, or find a specific person. On normal mode, a 
certain "target" item will be designated, and you must find it, while escaping 
with it in your possession for the true win. To get organized with missions, 
go to the main menu, and click on the CLIENT button.

      "Let's you select the next available mission for your character. The man
       with the Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses will give you a short briefing on
       your goal during the mission. Each time you upgrade your character's
       level, a new story mode mission will be available. Otherwise, you'll
       keep competing in normal missions to seek out new treasures."

   >> ITEM ICON:
      "This allows you to sell any items in your inventory to the man for
       credit units. When selling items, they can be identified or
       unidentified. Identified items yield more value, but you're paying to
       identify them in the long run, which cuts down on your profit. Just
       sell cheap items like soda pop and books without identification
       because of their low value. You may also propose to RAISE the sales
       cost, however, sometimes your offer will be rejected, and you will be
       forced to take half the initial price."

      "For a certain fee, the man will identify items in your inventory, which
       reveals their hidden effects. This will also increase their sales value,
       along with the addition of their information to the item database."

   #__: HOSPITAL :__#

- After a long day of kicking butt in mysterious dungeons, and collecting 
random artifacts, you're eventually going to get a patch or two at the 
hospital. In Battle Hunter, the Hospital is the primary way of upgrading your 
character per say. 

   >> HEAL ICON:
      "During a battle, if you are fatally wounded (below 0 HP), then the
       hospital is the next place you will need to go after the mission. Upon
       death, your maximum HP is cut in half, and can only be repaired using
       this icon. It's essential because your maximum HP will stay down until
       you've repaired it using this option. Expect to pay credits for each HP

      "Once you have enough credits, you may upgrade your character by one
       level for a hefty price. The great thing about leveling up is that it
       increases your HP by one unit, and also gives you one unit to spare. So
       you could combine that with the +1 HP for a +4 total gain in HP, or just
       add to your attack/defense rating. Leveling up allows you to progress in
       storyline mode, and receive more missions, so don't feel afraid to
       upgrade quite often."

/Battle System/
When it comes to strategy combat games, the battle system decides it all. 
Without a concrete organized layout, battles will seem drab, and hardly draw 
the player into the action. Battle Hunter's combat system is similar to Ogre 
Battle, albeit less advanced. Basically, you can attack or move around a grid-
based arena (from an isometric view) in an attempt to search for treasures in 
crates or chests. Whenever you perform an action (such as attacking, moving, 
or defending), battle cards are drawn to determine who gets the advantage. 
They're similar to rolling dice, as the #'s are completely random, and range 
from 1-6. If the computer draws a 2 and a 3, and you get a 4 and a 1, you 
would technically deal 2 damage as your 4 beats his 2, but your 1 does not 
beat your 3. Basically, all of the actions are determined by the random 
rolling or drawing of basic numbered cards.

- Here's where it starts to get tricky. There are special cards in the game 
that are used for increasing skills, laying down traps, avoiding traps, or 
movement bonuses. Each character in the game can hold up to 5 at a time, and 
each person starts out with 5. There are a total of 80 new cards which can be 
drawn from the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Each time you use these 
special cards, one will be drawn from the deck of 80. Once the 80 cards run 
out, a powerful monster named Gon will spawn, and attempt to kill everyone on 
the map. You're sort of under pressure to complete your mission before Gon 
appears since he can kill characters permanently. The following section will 
describe the battles, and how they work to the fullest degree.


- It's essential to understand what certain symbols represent during the game, 
and on the Dungeon screen. The first few described actions will be the 
selectable icons you may choose from in the upper left-hand portion of the 

   >> BOOT ICON - *Move* - this permits you to move your character "x" amount
                           of spaces across the dungeon. Determined by the
                           random die rolled, and if any bonus cards are used
                           to strengthen the amount of blocks you may move.
      ^ USED WITH: BLUE (movement bonuses), YELLOW (avoid traps bonuses), or
                   GREEN (lay down a trap on the current square where you are)

   >> ATTACK ICON - *Attack* - this permits you to attack an opponent or
                               monster directly on an ADJACENT square to you.
                               Your character will then be warped to a Battle
                               Screen which is described later on.
      ^ USED WITH: n/a

   >> COFFEE ICON - *Rest* - this permits you to rest on the map if you have
                             been damaged or need cards. Resting will restore
                             a small amount of HP, and also regenerate any
                             missing cards instantly. If you have 0 cards, you
                             may regenerate 3 at a time, or 2 normally.
      ^ USED WITH: n/a

- MONSTER - During the battles, random monsters will appear to lay down 
delightful greetings. Their entry to the battlefield is completely random, and 
they will usually chase the target closest to them (or who engages them). 
Monsters cannot hit traps, and are represented by a green triangle with a 
sphere on top. They're capable of hitting you, and may cause confusion (which 
can be a pain in the butt). They're not capable of using special cards during 

- DEATH - When you die or reach 0 HP, your character will lose one of their 
items (selected by the enemy), and be warped to a random destination on the 
map. Also, your maximum HP will be reduce to half of what it was, and the 
following turn, you will be healed up to that point. If you die, expect to 
visit the Hospital afterwards to repair the missing maximum HP.

- SCROLLING - When it's your turn, you may check out the rest of the map by 
holding down the CIRCLE button, and using the directional buttons. Scrolling 
allows you to scout out the locations of the other treasure chests, your 
opponents, or main objectives. This is very useful as you will not be rambling 
off in a random direction.

- STATUS VIEW - If you're confused on who or what has a special item, just 
press the TRIANGLE button to shift the status windows at the bottom of the 
screen. There are several different views for these windows, one of which 
includes items being held by each character. You may also view other specific 

- EXITING - There's a random designated tile on each map that is the exit 
point. After you have taken the object item, or completed the objective, you 
must reach this point to leave the level. It's represented by a green tornado 
warp icon.

   #__: CARDS :__#

- As stated before, cards are drawn from a set deck of 80 during the progress 
of a dungeon mission. They hold special abilities, and may be used in certain 
instances. The following section will describe their uses:

   >> BLUE CARD - While moving...
                                 Number on the card is added to the player's
                                 movement range, and successfully gives them
                                 a boost in range. These cards range from
                                 [1-3]. There's also an EXIT card which
                                 instantly places the player on the exit tile.

                  During battle...
                                  Number on the card is added to your chance
                                  of successfully escaping the battle. EXIT
                                  card yields in 100% escape.

   >> RED CARD - During battle...
                                 This card adds a % of attack power to your
                                 intial rating. It may range anywhere from
                                 [3-9]. So a red 3 would add 30% to your
                                 attack power. An [S] doubles your attack
                                 power, while a [C] adds the attack rating of
                                 the opponent.

   >> YELLOW CARD - While moving...
                                   The number on the card is added to the
                                   player's chance of successfully avoiding
                                   any traps during the upcoming movement.
                                   For example, a 4 would add a 40% chance of
                                   evasion of traps. Numbers range from [3-9].
                                   A [D] or [A] will yield in 100% evasion of

                    During battle...
                                    Number on the card is added to the player's
                                    defense ability, as a percentage. A +8
                                    would add 8 defense points to your rating.
                                    A [D] doubles your defense rating, and an
                                    [A] will not take any damage at all.

   >> GREEN CARD - While moving...
                                  This basically adds a trap to the block
                                  where the character is standing, before
                                  attemting to move ahead. There are four
                                  different types of traps in the game:

                                  1) [D] - Damage - results in HP loss
                                  2) [E] - Empty - takes all cards from hand
                                  3) [L] - Leg Damage - destroys movement bonus
                                  4) [S] - Stun - lose a turn

   #__: BATTLE SCREEN :__#

- After you have been attacked, or you attack someone else, the game will warp 
to the battle screen. Battles are similar to Ogre Battle as you select actions 
for your characters, and they do them. Depending on who attacks first, the 
order of battle is different. Battles only last briefly for one turn (as each 
side selects an action). They are not continuous till death do us part.

   >> COUNTERATTACK ICON - this allows you to counter-attack against opponents
                           who strike first. You may use red or yellow cards
                           with this action to boost attack or defense ratings.
                           This is designed for characters who excel at
                           attacking, and do not fear taking much damage from
                           their enemy.

   >> SHIELD ICON - this allows you to guard against attacks without
                    repricussion. This will instantly double your defense, and
                    is great when you're exposed. However, you will deal no
                    damage to the enemy.

   >> ESCAPE ICON - this allows you to escape during a battle if attacked by
                    another. If your attempt fails, your defense rating will be
                    dropped to zero.

   >> SURRENDER ICON - this allows you to escape a battle via bribery. You will
                       take no damage, but must also select one item in your
                       inventory to hand over to the enemy. You will then be
                       warped to a random destination on the map.

- Defeating an opponent (down to zero HP) let's you select one item from their 

   >> FLAGS - these are special colored flags spread throughout the map. They
              come in colors similar to the special cards (red, yellow, blue,
              or green). They'll either give you multiplication bonuses, or
              have traps hidden underneath.


- 3) Walkthrough           -
Most RPGs have strenuous storylines that drag the player through a plethora of 
engaging events, terrible tragedies, and glorifying outbreaks. Walkthroughs 
for these types of games tend to be long and tedious. Thankfully, the 
developers of Battle Hunter decided to make the game a tad non-linear, 
throwing in random generated maps, opposing hunters, and in-between missions. 
Because of this, there are truly only a select few elements which can be 
predicted thoroughly throughout the game. This section will give you tips on 
how to complete each of the story mode missions, along with their main 
objectives, and plot twists. Expect spoilers ahead.

/Mission #1/
]]]: Relics Level 1
]]]: Difficulty -> EASY
]]]: Target -> Silver Metal Chunk

   *When you first meet your employer, better known as the Broker, he'll inform
    you that it's best to get use to the dungeons. This first mission is
    basically an introduction to the creatures, and dangers that lie ahead. Use
    yours wits, discover the key item, and return to the exit tile to complete
    your mission.*

This level is very easy for the simple fact that the silver chunk always 
spawns in a chest nearby to you. Quickly walk over to the nearer chests, and 
check them out. Once you have it, you can explore a bit more, or simply leave 
the level. Not many rewards on this level.

/Mission #2/
]]]: Relics Level 2
]]]: Difficulty -> INTERMEDIATE
]]]: Target -> Find missing hospital patient

   *You'll be introduced to the nearby Hospital nurse who treats most of the
    patients from severe battle wounds. Apparently, a patient has gone missing
    from the Hospital grounds, and she wants you to go find him in the dungeons

The only reason this mission can be challenging is because of the random 
placement of the victim. Your ultimate goal is to find a white-coated red 
haired man who appears to be crouching on the ground during the level. He 
should not move once. Try locating him by holding down the Circle button, and 
using the directional buttons to scroll across. Once you find him, set your 
ultimate goal to reaching him first. All you have to do is walk over the man's 
tile, and you'll complete the mission. You're going to be dealing with (3) B 
PHS agents, which is sort of like an uber-secret organization of government 
lackies. Don't let them reach him first, otherwise, it's a game over.

   *After the mission ends, the nurse will ask the patient why he ran away from
    the hospital. You'll get no response...yet.*

/Mission #3/
]]]: Relics Level 3
]]]: Difficulty -> INTERMEDIATE
]]]: Target -> Blue Floppy Disc currently carried by a thief

   *A new job opportunity has arose. A Mr. Sakimru wants you to locate a HAV
    data disc for a special robot that his company has been working on for the
    past few months. Apparently the backup data disc to the entire project has
    been stolen, and they want you to recover the data from a thief.*

Start off by locating the lone B PHS agent on this map. He's the thief who is 
carrying the disc you need. Once you've located him, focus your efforts on 
flanking him BEFORE he can reach the exit tile. Sometimes he'll spawn close to 
it, however, most of the time he'll be on the opposite end of the exit 
location. You'll have two other hunters that will be seeking him down as well, 
so keep your wits open. Note that the B PHS agent is fairly powerful, and also 
will surrender the disc to the other CPU hunters if his health is low. Try to 
get in, nail that disc, then reach the exit tile.

   *After completing the mission, your employer tells you the truth. The disc
    was not for a robot, but rather it was confidential employee records which
    were needed for another purpose. However, you're just a hunter/mercenary
    being paid to do a job, and it is none of your business.*

/Mission #4/
]]]: Relics Level 4
]]]: Difficulty -> INTERMEDIATE
]]]: Target -> Red Floppy Disc

   *As usual, tasks need to be accomplished. A man named Jacobson needs your
    help to recover a red floppy disc in the dungeons below. One of his rival
    companies, Counterforce, has hired a special hunter to also look for the
    device. Find the disc before the other hunters do, and return it to
    Jacobson for a handsome reward.*

You will finally get a chance to meet one of the first "secret" characters 
throughout the game, better known as Vikeif. His attack power is high, along 
with decent movement, HP, and fairly low defense. Almost a prototypical 
character that any player would love to be. Plus, he has a unique sprite that 
exhibits his traits quite fluently. The red floppy is spread throughout the 
map somewhere, so try your best to find it. Thankfully, you do not have to 
nail it off of any other NPCs, unless a Hunter gets a hold of it before you 
can. Watch out for Shuichi (the other secret Hunter) as he has extended 
movement range over all other characters. Return to the exit tile after 
discovering the item.

   *After finishing the task, Jacobson thanks you, and follows up on his
    bidding. Vikeif then enters the scene, and tells you to stay out of his
    client's business.*

/Mission #5/
]]]: Relics Level 5
]]]: Difficulty -> INTERMEDIATE
]]]: Target -> Yellow Floppy Disc

   *Remember the hospital patient from before? Well, apparently he wasn't so
    innocent after all. The reason he went down to the dungeons before was to
    hide some critical data, and he's now going to hire you to retrieve it.*

I found this level to be fairly challenging because there are a TON of high 
move Hunters on this map. It was designed this way so that one of the high 
movers would most likely discover the disc first, and it would become a 
frantic chase to prevent him/her from reaching an exit. I found this mission 
easiest to complete when you get a good random location that puts you close by 
to the disc. Most of the hunters are fairly weak, so you shouldn't have any 
trouble combat wise.

   *After completing the task, your broker tells you to go visit the Hospital
    to see the man. Once there, the nurse informs you that he was killed the
    other day. Your broker freaks out because only a small deposit was made
    for the mission, and the rest of the money was never paid off. Of course,
    this also puts a big gap in the storyline/plot. Why was the man killed?
    For the sacred data? Your broker keeps the important floppy disc, and gives
    you the rest of the money.*

/Mission #6/
]]]: Relics Level 6
]]]: Difficulty -> HARD
]]]: Target -> Yellow Floppy Disc held by B PHS agent

   *Since there are no real hot jobs on the market, the Broker wants you to
    recover a yellow floppy disc from a thief in the dungeons. This disc has
    some important information that might help for financial profit.*

This mission is fairly hard because you'll have two main conflicts. The first 
conflict is that Shuichi and Vikeif will be the other two hunters on this map 
besides B PHS. Thus, watch out for Vikeif, and try to stay out of his way (due 
to his powerful attacks). Secondly, the B PHS agent has two items, one being 
the floppy, and a random second item. If you get his life low enough, he'll 
usually surrender the second item just to get retransported. Most of the time, 
it will place him closer to the exit tile. So if you can, try to attack him, 
and be sure you can do 10-15 damage to knock him down for the count.

   *After the task is complete, your Broker will give you a reward for
    recovering the lost data. However, he also admits that he hired several
    other Hunters too, both being Shuichi and Vikeif. Vikeif is angered by the
    double-crossing client, and says he has no problems with you since you were
    only doing your job.*

/Mission #7/
]]]: Relics Level 7
]]]: Difficulty -> EASY
]]]: Target -> Battery Junk Part

   *Your broker tells you that he has no available jobs. However, Shuichi says
    that he has a mission for you. Apparently, he and Vikeif have been hired by
    a new client, and Shuichi needs you to find a part for him, as part of his
    previous contract. Recover the item, and you'll be paid handsomely by Mr.

This is basically just another search n' get the hell out of there mission. 
The battery part is spread somewhere throughout the crates, and most of your 
opposing hunters will be typical random characters. Some of them might have 
higher movement ranges, but for the most part, are fairly weak. Once you've 
found it, return to the exit tile for a mission complete.

   *Sakimru pays after you have completed the task, and your broker asks for
    the item so that he may send it to him.*

/Mission #8/
]]]: Relics Level 8
]]]: Difficulty -> INTERMEDIATE
]]]: Target -> Green Floppy Disc

   *The broker starts telling you about the B PHS agents you have encountered
    during the game. Apparently, B PHS is a crazy organization living in middle
    Arkland. Their beliefs say that society is overcrowded, and anyone who
    does not follow their rules should be executed. Since there are no jobs
    available, he wants you to seek out a green floppy disc, and return it to
    him for a hefty price.*

You'll start off by noticing that there are 3 B PHS agents in the vicinity. 
Apparently, they really want this disc as well. The green floppy is spread in 
one of the eight random crates across the map. Try to look nearby since the 
game usually hints it closer to you. The agents are fairly powerful, and will 
excel in attack power. The agents will not act as a team, however, they will 
tend to set lots of traps near the exits once you have the item. Their AI is 
much smarter as well. Once you have that disk, get the heck out of there.

   *When the mission ends, a man dressed in a black suit will arrive to your
    Client center. He's willing to pay any amount to get his hands on the
    green disc you just gathered. Your broker delightfully sells the disc for
    money, and we move on our way.*

/Mission #9/
]]]: Relics Level 9
]]]: Difficulty -> INTERMEDIATE
]]]: Target -> Black Floppy Disc

   *Some interesting news has arose. Your daily broker has met with one of his
    men on the inside known as "Roast-beaf." Apparently, B PHS is hot on your
    trail like a fart caught in the wind. They're after you, but it has nothing
    to do with money. Since there are no available jobs, your broker wants you
    to retrieve a black floppy disc in the dungeons below.*

You better start getting use to the scenario of 3 fully armed B PHS agents, 
because this mission is the same exact way. Start off by being more cautious 
in your approach. These guys have really high attack/low defense, or lots of 
movement bonuses to compensate. Either way, it's going to be both a tough 
mobile and combat battle. The disc is spread out in one of the crates, so most 
of this mission will rely upon luck. You can probably take down one of the 
agents if you focus your attacks because they're not teamed up. Plus, monsters 
will prove to be a great distraction.

   *Since B PHS agents were at your last mission, you let your broker know of
    the dangers. Mr. Jacobson makes another appearance as usual, and offers to
    purchase the disc off of your boss. Your boss sells it delightfully, giving
    you a cut. You curse at him angrily because of PHS's recent suspicions.
    However, he says that he made a copy of the disc, and plans to have
    Roast-beaf analyze it during the break.*

/Mission #10/
]]]: Relics Level 10
]]]: Difficulty -> HARD
]]]: Target -> Blue Sensor Disc

   *Since the last mission, Roast-beaf has analyzed the disc given to him. 
    After a thorough search, it has been discovered that B PHS's plans all
    along are to create a chemical weapon. There's lots of data about
    a mass chemical weapon which could cause mass genocide if released
    upon a large grouping of people. Since their plans involve exterminating
    anyone who is against them, this could be their one strike they have been
    planning all along. Your boss says to keep a look out for more B PHS
    agents, and to keep that background information in the back of your mind.*

Same scenario from before. You'll have three B PHS agents spread across the 
map, along with the blue sensor disc in one of the crates. The reason this 
mission is a lot harder is because of your placement. It seems as if the 
actual item location IS random, meaning it won't be close or nearby to you 70% 
of the time. Your best bet is to hope that the men get distracted by random 
monsters, then try to uncover as many crates as you can in the meantime. The 
hunters themselves are too powerful to battle all together, and they will seal 
the way to exits with lots of traps. This is a very dangerous mission, and you 
will probably replay it a few times.

   *The same routine seems to be going over and over. Your broker asks you if
    you saw more B PHS agents, and you reply with a yes. Because of this, he
    expects Jacobson to arrive soon. Unlike last time, the broker says he
    wants 10 times as much as what he paid last time. Jacobson believes this
    to be absurd, and warns them not to be his enemy. Your broker never sells
    the item to him. Your boss says he did it out of the kindness of his heart
    because he knows what they would use the disc for. Vikeif interrupts
    claiming that he would only reject a sale if he had a better offer. Sakimru
    probably made a much higher offer for the item, but your boss says that
    it's none of your business to know.*

/Mission #11/
]]]: Relics Level 11
]]]: Difficulty -> INTERMEDIATE
]]]: Target -> Red Sensor Disc

   *Your new mission this time involves a high-priced client, better known as
    Mr. Sakimru. He has discovered the location of a disc containing weapons
    critical data, and wants you to get it before the B PHS agents do. Sounds
    simple, eh?*

As usual, you will have 3 B PHS agents to deal with. The great thing is that 
you "usually" start off near the item, so check the nearby crates. Most of the 
opposing agents will start about midway, or opposite of you, so this level is 
similar to a fort being sieged. Once you get the item, try to avoid the agents 
at all costs. Some may plant traps near the exit, while others will intercept 

   *Sakimru congratulates you on finding the item, and wonders if it has
    chemical weapons data on it. It's important that the item was retrieved
    before B PHS could get their hands on it. He also let's you know that his
    keen interest in the discs is purely mutual. His reasoning is that he wants
    the disc to prevent B PHS from building a weapon which could be used 
    against him. Most of the B PHS agents are ex-employees of Sakimru's
    corporation, so it would only make sense that he's a part of the mess as

/Mission #12/
]]]: Relics Level 12
]]]: Difficulty -> HARD
]]]: Target -> Orange Sensor Disc

   *Following the same lines, we have another job offer from Mr. Sakimru. This
    mission is the same type as before, and he wants you to go and retrieve
    a disc from the depths below. Your broker begins to ponder how many of
    these items actually exist?*

Lined up like the usual format, you will have 3 B PHS agents to fend off, 
along with a plethora of crazy traps to avoid. The enemies on this level are 
fairly more balanced off (attack and defense wise), but the natural 
environment is more of a hassle. There seems to be an excessive amount of 
traps, and you'll usually start off at a disadvantage. Find the disc in one of 
the crates, or allow one of the weaker hunters to capture it for you. Just 
make sure you get back to the exit tile in one piece.

   *Jacobson finds you next to Sakimru's HQ to let him know of the good news
    about your completion of the job. Jacobson discovers you and intervenes.
    He states that you were probably hired by Sakimru, and that he wants the
    disc from you. Give the disc and you will be able to live for a little
    longer, or refuse to die quickly. Suddenly, Vikeif interferes and blasts
    him away with the HAV Cannon. Shuichi and him save you. They bring you
    back to your broker, who tells you to be more careful.*

/Mission #13/
]]]: Relics Level 13
]]]: Difficulty -> INTERMEDIATE
]]]: Target -> Green Sensor Disc

   *As usual, our long-time journey continues with the mission of finding
    another disc. Roast Beaf has found the chemical weapons facility that B PHS
    apparently owns. He says you'll probably find another disc in the following
    area. Retrieve it for a handsome reward from Mr. Sakimru.*

Thankfully, the developers made this mission a tad more varied. Rather than 
facing three B PHS agents, you'll actually face three random generated 
hunters. This makes the battle easier in my opinion since some of them are 
fairly weak, spread out thin, and not overmassful in one category of power. 
The item is usually stationed in a nearby crate to YOUR position, so check the 
surrounding area. Most of them will become VERY aggressive after you get the 
item, so try to hitch it, and sprint away. They don't get distracted as easily 
as the B PHS guys do.

   *Jacobson finds you outside Sakimru's HQ and freaks out. He says he wants
    the discs so he can use the chemical weapon on "selected" and
    "non-selected" people. The selected people will be the ones that B PHS
    wants to clear from society, rather than just everyone. They will decide
    who lives and dies.*

/Mission #14/
]]]: Relics Level 14
]]]: Difficulty -> HARD
]]]: Target -> Black Sensor Disc

   *Sakimru has offered you yet another job. However, your broker wonders how
    his business thrives without him ever in his office. Sakimru enters and
    says that he has hired the most elite staff to man and control his
    business while he's away. There's nothing to worry about. In consistentcy,
    he requires you to grab another disc out in the wilderness.*

This time you will be back to your typical format. Three B PHS agents are 
opposing you, and searching for the item as well. This mission is especially 
hard because it seems as if all of the B PHS guys get grouped together, and 
you're tossed off on the other side. Your best bet is to keep restarting till 
you get a lucky layout, and even better, the item first. Remember though, the 
B PHS agents do NOT team up, so make use of their inaccuracies when chasing 
another person with the item, or using them to attack one another.

   *You hand the disc over to Sakimru. He spills his beans about what is going
    on. The difference between the selected and non-selected, that the B PHS
    were babbling about, is actually mutants. After two-thirds of the
    world's population was destroyed from the Great War, a virus spread rampant
    throughout the urban settings. Some of the survivors were affected by this
    virus which actually mutates human genomes and physical appearances.
    Certain people had altered abilities, and were not 100% human. Jacobson
    then arrives on the scene and says that they want to exterminate the 
    mutants, in order to make the world pure again. That way, life could thrive
    naturally again. The chemical weapon is so advanced that it could target
    ONLY the mutated beings, and leave the humans alone. Sakimru objects
    claiming the theory to be crazy, and Jacobson says Sakimru is a mutant as
    well. However, Sakimru now has most of the data that Jacobson needs to
    utilize the weapon. Frankly though, you and your broker don't care.*

/Mission #15/
]]]: Relics Level 15
]]]: Difficulty -> HARD
]]]: Target -> Sky Blue CD

   *Your broker tells Sakimru that you're back. He has some bad news for you.
    B PHS now has the sacred data that allows them to use the chemical weapon.
    There was an apparent spy in Sakimru's corporation who stole the data
    before Sakimru could catch him. All they need is one disc to complete and
    use the weapon at will. It's in their facility, and they are retrieving it
    as we speak. Retrieve the disc, and get it back to Sakimru before the B PHS
    do. This is your final and most important mission. Lives are at stake.*

For the most part, you will start off grouped together on this map. There are 
a few rare instances where everyone will be spaced apart, but expect to be 
relatively close to your enemies on this one. The CD is located in one of the 
crates, and it's usually near the borderline or center, depending on the map 
layout. Three B PHS agents will be opposing you, most of which are balanced to 
be effective warriors. This mission is much easier if you have high movement. 
Make it to the exit once you have the item, and prepare for the ending.

   *Jacobson confronts you. He curses you for intercepting him the entire time,
    and says to hand the disc over. He then commands his troops to kill you
    and take it from your body. However, he looks over his shoulder to discover
    that his men are losing. Right before he attacks you, Vikeif blasts him
    away. Shuichi then shows up and says he used the HAV Cannon to destroy the
    chemical weapons facility. Sakimru wants you to tell no one of B PHS's
    plans, or about the mutants. He fears that discrimination would run rampant
    if society knew the truth of what happened. You have saved millions of
    lives this day. You're proud to be a Battle Hunter.*

                         <==> GAME CREDITS are now shown <==>

              **THE END. You have completed all 15 Story Mode missions
                for Battle Hunter. However, you can still play with
                your character under a few basic restrictions.**

- You can still play normal random generated missions.
- A special background is unlocked showing a Human Armored Vehicle.
- However, you CANNOT level any higher than 15.


- 4) Strategies            -
Unlike action games or adventure games, strategy games require a tad more 
thinking to be successful in. Many times, retreating or attacking a certain 
target can interpret victory or defeat during a matchup. However, because of 
the genre's unique approach to gaming (involving stats, equipment, and 
placement), strategy games are much more fun to the gamer themself. This 
section will describe a few key strategies, character development tactics, and 
ways of enhancing your gameplay with Battle Hunter.

/Player Types/
Thankfully, with Battle Hunter's design, the player can develop their own 
character any way they desire. There are four primary categories points can be 
placed into: Movement, Attack, Defense, and HP. Each category also 
requires "x" amount of points before the counter will yield a bonus. For 
example, it takes 3 points to be put into Movement before you'll actually get 
a movement bonus of +1. This is why Battle Hunter can be cunning or sly at 
times. Making a wrong level-up move can affect your entire game. This section 
will describe a few different types of hunters you'll encounter throughout the 
game, plus recommended builds.

     ])> SCOUT <([
     |===========| Rating: ***
- The scout is someone who makes use of the exclusive movement bonus, and 
attempts to pump as many points into it. The idea is so that they can become 
one of the most mobile Hunters on the field, allowing them to reach treasures 
first, and be out of reach of their pursuers in a matter of seconds. The 
downfall to scouts is that their HP is usually average, and their defense & 
attack are very low. This is a horrible mix as they'll have no combat-like 
influence on the battlefield. Basically, you'll want to move around a lot, 
collect as many treasures as possible, then get the heck out of there. Traps 
will prove to be problems for these guys as a Leg-Damage trap makes them 
entirely worthless. Equip them with crutches if necessary, and they're usually 
better in multiplayer games where they won't have to go on missions where 
attacking first is required.

     ])> AGGRESSOR <([
     |===============| Rating: *****
- These are one of the most effective characters you'll use throughout the 
game. Aggressors are designed to have high attack, low defense, average HP, 
and average movement. The idea is to make them a fairly balanced attack threat 
which can kill characters within 2-3 moves, or force hunters into 
surrendering. Aggressors are the best way to go because they can fend off 
monster attacks, and still put up an able defense when the time comes ready. 
Their only true problem is that they can get overrun by opposing players, and 
their low defense will prove to be a downfall. However, high attack means 
quicker navigation across the board, and more fear placed into your opponents. 
This is my recommended role to you. You'd usually have a 2.5 to 1 ratio on 

     ])> FORTIFIERS <([
     |================| Rating: **
- The fortifier is the complete opposite of the aggressor. Their primary goal 
is to reach an item first, and basically hold onto it in a tough manner, while 
they walk back to the exit. Fortifiers have high defense, low attack, average 
HP, and above average movement. The idea is for them to reach a chest first, 
grab a hold of the item, and just guard out against all attacks on them. The 
high defense usually proves to reign through, however, they are WORTHLESS when 
it comes to attacking other people. If someone gets the quest item before you, 
you're practically screwed. This makes it horribly difficult just to advance 
through story mode with one of these characters. They're the conservatives of 
Battle Hunter. You'll usually find a 2:1 ratio of defense:attack, with 
leftovers placed on movement.

While you may understand the basics of Battle Hunter, there are a few more in-
depth strategies you have to learn. Such as when to surrender, guard, attack, 
or escape during a battle can decide ultimate victory, or a frustrating loss. 
Due to the randomness of the game, it can really get hectic unless you focus 
on your objective. This section will describe some in-depth strategies, and 
also basic pointers.

   ::0-> Setting Traps

- Based on your playing field, it is best to lay down traps on choke points, 
narrow passageways, or paths that lead to the exit tile. Chokepoints are 
usually an intersection where 3 or more routes combine together. By planting 
any sort of trap there, you're almost guaranteeing that the CPU will hit it 
along the way. Narrow passageways are one-tile wide routes that usually lead 
back to the center of the level, or a key location. By planting a trap on 
these areas, it is unavoidable by the enemy to hit them. So you're basically 
guaranteeing that someone will walk over it. Just make sure you don't plant it 
in a spot where YOU will be forced to walk through. Finally, any straight-on 
spots that lead to the exit tile should be layed down heavily with traps. 
Unless you have the objective item, most of the time, the CPU will quickly 
rush back that way upon retrieving it. Planting a leg trap or two is perfect 
for hampering their speedy progress.

   ::0-> Surrendering

- Surrendering is more of a strategic tactic that is highly effective when 
used correctly. Basically, when you surrender, you pick one item out of your 
inventory, and hand it to the opposing enemy. Afterwards, you will be randomly 
warped to a location on the board. The great quality about this skill is that 
YOU pick the item, rather than the enemy (who usually picks the objective 
item, or one of high value). If you happen to collect a worthless item during 
the level (aka non-important disc, or book), it's usually better to surrender 
to a HUMAN battle hunter, just so that you can get a random warp somewhere 
else. If you're lucky, you will wind up next to the exit tile or nearby. It's 
better than losing HP from several enemy attacks. Remember though that you 
cannot surrender to monsters. Always make sure you have an item of low value, 
otherwise you do not want to hand out an important one, or equipment that 
might be critical to your success.

   ::0-> Computer AI

- After the objective item has been retrieved, one hunter will keep on seeking 
treasures, while the other two USUALLY chase you. This is a proven fact, and 
happens on nearly every single game. If a monster attacks a CPU opponent, they 
will usually get distracted, and keep focusing their attacks until that 
monster is dead. The CPU will lay down a lot more traps after the objective 
item has been retrieved, than before. They will keep chasing you until you 
give them the item, exit the level, or lose the objective item. Sometimes if 
one of them has the item, they will move a tile less than the maximum length, 
to make it possible for a human player to catch up. If a CPU opponent gets an 
Exit card, they will almost always use it immediately. This works out well for 
someone who has the objective item, since it spells instant victory.

   ::0-> Battle Tactics

- When it comes to the gritty twists-and-turns of battling, you'll have to 
make some crucial decisions out there. While surrendering is limited to 
specific situations, many of your basics abilities such as guarding, 
counterattacking, and escaping will be used frequently. It's best to escape 
when you always have a blue card in your deck, and your opponent does not. 
Make sure you use your blue card, as it increases the chances of escaping. 
Note that your defense is dropped to zero if you fail to escape. Guarding 
should only be used if you're facing an extremely high attack-powered 
opponent, and your own defense is 3 or more (otherwise it's useless). It 
doubles your current defensive power, so each character's ability to guard 
will affect differently. Again, this skill is used to conserve HP. You should 
try counterattacking with red cards, or a strong yellow card if you're 
confident the enemy has a powerful attack. That way, you can fend off the 
damage from your opponent with the yellow card, and counterattack with a 
vulnerable target waiting.

   ::0-> Confusion/Special Attacks

- Believe it or not, each character in the game has power-up attacks which can 
do heightened attacks when used upon opponents. Anytime you roll pairs of the 
same number, your character will be charged with an aura, and sometimes launch 
a special attack. Usually, if the attack does damage over the opponent's 
defense, it will also add a CONFUSION status on that enemy. Confusion lasts 
for one turn, and let's the CPU make the decisions for you. This can be risky, 
especially when you're low on HP, and it decides to attack the toughest 
opponent on the map. Aside from that, each monster in the game usually has a 
special attack which will empty and confuse you, or just do the one status 
effect. Certain characters have built-in special attacks that just activate at 
random moments, but have no relation to the dice rolled.

- 5) Codes                  -
As with every game out there, developers usually add tints of replay value 
better known as cheat codes, to expand a game's overall depth. In certain 
cases, the cheats are overwhelming that they extract from the game. On other 
instances, you'll find there simply aren't enough to even get an ounce of 
extra enjoyment you were anticipating. This section will provide you with 
cheat codes. I'd like to thank:


- for providing these codes.

  _(+) LEVEL SELECT (+)_
/ Press L1 + L2 then hold R1 + R2 at the start of the game. Wait for a sound,
| then release the buttons. Press Left, Right, L1, L2, Left, R1, R2, Right.
/ Enter Shuichi or Vikeif as hunter names when you create a new character.
| You will then get these secret characters and their sprites with pre-set
| stats as your hunters. Note that they cannot be upgraded manually.
/ Load two Hunters in. The first hunter should have an open item slot, with
| the second one having the item to be duplicated. Save the second hunter
| before going into battle. Enter battle, and have the first hunter attack
| the second hunter. Have the second hunter surrender the item to be
| duplicated to the first one. Finish the battle, and then reload the second
| hunter without saving him. Both hunters should now have the same item. It's
| best to duplicate costy items like Unit X, or some sort of rare artifact
| that's worth thousands of credits.


- 6) Common Questions     -

)) Gameplay ((

<< Where can I obtain Battle Hunter? >>

- To start off, the game can be fairly easy to find depending on where you 
search. The best place to look is at your large retail distributors, such as 
Sams' Club. Often, you'll find this game packaged new with another Playstation 
game for a very low price. Battle Hunter was developed to be a budget title. 
As a matter of fact, you can purchase it new off of A1Games website 
(http://www.a1games.com) for a measly $10. The best choice is eBay since you 
can get it very cheap, due to the high quantities produced. This game isn't 
overwhelmingly rare, it's just that its recent release of 2001 makes it 
somewhat harder to find than a Greatest Hits game.

<< Is this game really a superb strategic RPG? >>

- Yes and no. The biggest and foremost flaw in Battle Hunter's design is how 
everything plays out. Because of the constant random settings, in-between 
missions, and opponents, the difficulty fluctuates with the twisting of a 
knob. Some missions may be extremely easy because your target item happens to 
spawn next to you, while others can be a real pain in the arse. Simply put, 
sometimes the CPU gets the heightened advantage of an Exit card, or nearby 
Exit tile, while you may be placed on the opposite side of the map. There's 
really nothing you can do about it either. It is just the way the entire game 
was designed, which proves to be frustrating, or addicting depending on the 
player's toleration.

<< What character did you use to complete the game? >>

- I basically customized my "own" hunter per say. He was fairly powerful 
throughout the game, but had some close calls based on low defense:

     Name: GUSTAV
   Sprite: Black w/ Helmet Visor Armored Guy
   Weapon: Shotgun
       MV: +3
       AT: 11 
       DF:  4 
       HP: 42 
Inventory: Helmet (+2 DF)
           War Gloves (+2 AT)

<< What was your character's rank upon completing the game? >>

- I believe it was an "A". I had a 40% 1st place rating, 44% 2nd place rating, 
and the rest in 3rd place. I don't believe I've ever gotten last place during 
a mission. To improve your rank, try getting as many bonuses before a 
character leaves a map. For example, if the CPU snatches an item close to the 
exit tile, try to get as many crates and flags before they warp off. If you 
know you have no chance of stopping them, do actions that will boost your own 
credits score at the end mission screen.


- 7) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted 
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO 
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your 
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website, 
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on 
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as 
its in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that, 
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling 
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time 
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

This is a list of the current known sites that host my FAQs:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com/
- http://www.ign.com/
- http://www.neoseeker.com/
- http://www.cheatcc.com/ 
- http://www.cheatplanet.com/


- 8) Proper Credit        -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ 

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life 
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) Gamewinners (( for providing some basic codes to assist in expanding the 
Battle Hunter gameplay experience. Unfortunately, some of them were extremely 
hard to get working, so it was even more of a challenge.

)) A1Games (( for producing an entertaining, and cheap strategy RPG that just 
about anyone could afford. While it's not exactly the most quality-based game 
out there, it held over for a solid 2 weeks in gameplay time.

)) Ayalla (( for coming up with an extremely good setup to starting off a 
character in Battle Hunter. This makes it a lot easier than having a new 
player trying to create their own hunter, to only see him/her get wasted in 
the dungeons.

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
  "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)