Game Script by Odin

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Tales of Destiny II Game Script
System - PlayStation
Version 1.0 - September 10, 2002
By Odin
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This Tales of Destiny II game script can be distributed freely as long as it
remains 100% unchanged and isn't used for any money or profit gaining purposes
whatsoever. Also, don't even dare claim this as your own. Tales of Destiny II
is a copyright of Namco, but this copy of the game script belongs to me.

Version 1.0:
First version. Have the first disc finished. There is a few lines I missed
along the way. Only a few though.. during those times when they say something
with no pause inbetween...


Old Man: You're up early.

Girl: I couldn't sleep very well.

Old Man: Have you packed?

Old Man: Are you ready for your voyage?

Girl: I'm packed and ready to go.

Old Man: Please be careful.

Girl: I will... but I must succeed.

Old Man: I understand... Good luck.

Girl: Thank you! It's time for me to go.

[Girl gets in object and it takes off.]

Old Man: Ah...

Old Man: We are in grave trouble...

Old Man: Please be safe...

[Shows the object taking off and soaring through the sky. Then it switches to a
scene of somebody walking.]

Reid: Hmm?

[Reid continues walking and comes to a wooden watch tower where somebody is.]

Reid: Huh? Is that...

Farah: Reid!!!

Reid: ...Farah?

[Reid climbs up the tower.]

Farah: Hey! Long time no see! How's it going? Did your hunt go well?

Reid: I just took what I need for today. Nothing hard about that.

Farah: Wow! I have to admit it. You sure are handy with your sword.

Reid: Farah, it sure is a surprise to see you here.

Farah: Yeah. Lately I've been busy in the fields. Reid, do you still come here
every day?

Reid: Yeah.

Farah: You've liked this place, ever since we were small.

Reid: ...So what's up today? Playing hooky?

Farah: Of course not! There's something different about the sky, so I came to
take a look.

Reid: The sky?

[They both start looking at the sky.]

Farah: Don't the colors look different?

Reid: ...Do they? Can't say I've noticed.

Farah: It's definitely weird!! I think something's going to happen...

Reid: Yeah, like what?

Farah: I don't know...! Maybe something is about to come falling from

Reid: Don't sound so thrilled. Anything coming from there is bound to be bad

Farah: How would you know? There hasn't been contact between our worlds for
2000 years.

Reid: ANYWAY! Life is meant to be simple. When things stay the way they are,
THAT'S true happiness.

Farah: Here we go again! Reid's philosophy! You never change.

Reid: Oh yeah? Well maybe I'm just that way cause of all the trouble that a
certain somebody caused!

Reid: ...Farah?

Farah: Hey, over there!

Farah: What's that?!

Reid: Uh-oh!

Reid: Farah run!

Farah: Reid!

[Something crashes into the area the two were conversing in.]

Reid: ...Whew! Farah, you okay?

Farah: Yeah, I'm okay! But something came down, didn't it? I'm gonna have a

[Farah walks off.]

Reid: Hey, Farah! Wait! It's too dangerous!!

Reid: ...Argh! She's always like this!

[Reid comes upon a strange creature.]

Creature: Kuweeekeee!!

Reid: Huh? What are you? You're a peculiar looking thing...

Creature: Kwekee!

Reid: You want me to follow, is that it?

[Creature runs off.]

[Reid comes upon Farah who is kneeling by a girl and the strange creature.]

Reid: Farah!

Farah: Reid? Over here!

[Reid walks over to them.]

Reid: What... is this?

Reid: Who's... that?

[Girl starts to speak in some foreign language.]

Reid: ...What?

Farah: I can't understand a single word. What do we do?

[Girl stands up and starts talking again.]

Farah: Um... I... er... aah...

[Object near by starts to fizzle and make strange noises.]

Reid: A... anyway, it's dangerous here. Let's get her out of here.

Farah: Why?

Reid: Because!

[They all run off and the thing explodes.]

Reid: Ouuccch. Farah, you okay?

Farah: Yeah, I'm fine. What about her?

[Girl sits up and something glows between her and Reid.]

Reid: What is this? This... rainbow light?

Girl: Feeebreee!!

[Girl pushes herself right close to Reid and it glows again.]

Creature: Ku... ku... kwee... kwekeee!

Reid: Ow! Ow!!

[Girl starts to speak in some strange language again.]

Reid: I... I got it, I got it. Can you let go of me now?

[Girl lets go of Reid.]

Farah: Hmmm... We don't know who she is, but one thing's for sure.

Reid: And what would that be?

Farah: She likes you.

Reid: D... don't be stupid. That's silly! She wants help... from BOTH OF US!

[Girl speaks in strange language. Farah looks the girl over.]

Farah: Help? Oh, I see! We can't understand her, but we sure can help!!!

Reid: How?

Farah: Hmmm, I wonder...

Far Away Village, Rasheans

**Elder's House**

Farah: And so that's what happened. We wanted to ask for you advice...

Khamran: ...We'll search the site of the explosion immediately. It might still
be dangerous.

Farah: Right! And umm... What about her...?

Khamran: She must be cast out.

Khamran: It might seem cruel, but it is my duty to protect this village.

Farah: That's no excuse! You're saying we just turn our backs on a girl in

Reid: Farah!

Khamran: Look at the color of her skin. Strange clothes, unintelligible
speech... She could be the seed of disaster!

[Reid and Farah turn around and look at the girl.]

Creature: Kuwekee!!!

[The creature walks a few steps and stars looking at the wall.]

Reid: Huh? ...What's wrong?

[They all walk over to where the creature is standing and somebody breaks
through the wall.]

Khamran: Wh... what's going on?!

[The girl and the person who busted through the wall, start conversing in some
strange language. He then knocks the girl down.]

Farah: Aaah!

Reid: Stop!

[The person says something in the strange language and a battle ensues. After
the battle, the person says something again and runs off.]

Reid: What was that?

Farah: Are you okay?!

[Girl says something in the strange language.]

Farah: That man... Was he after her?

Reid: It didn't look like a father greeting his lost child, that's for sure.

Khamran: Ugh...

Farah: Ah... Elder! Are you all right?

[Everybody walks over to where Khamran is.]

Farah: ...Are you all right?

Khamran: You two... again?

Khamran: Are you two bringing disaster upon us...?! ...Just like before?!

Farah: You're wrong!

Reid: Elder! This has nothing to do with back then!

Khamran: Cast the girl out! Banish her!

Farah: ...I understand. We'll do as you order.

Farah: However...!

Farah: I'm going with her as well.

Khamran: ...Do as you wish.

Farah: Goodbye!

[Farah, the girl and the strange creature walk out the door.]

Reid: H...hey!

**Farah's House**

Farah: Thanks for waiting. Tada!

[Girl walks in from other room and says something in the strange language.]

Farah: She's wearing my old clothes. Whaddya think? Now when we leave the
village, we won't attract attention.

[The girl runs over to Reid and says something. Farah walks off into the other

Reid: Do you really plan to leave the village?

Farah: Yeah! I've decided! First, I need to find someone who can understand

Reid: ...Any ideas?

Farah: Ummm... Ah, got one! How about Keele?

Reid: Keele? By Keele, you mean that crybaby good-for-nothing Keele Zeibel?

Farah: That was when he was small! He's become a student at Mintche University!

Farah: Aren't the students there well respected? He might be able to understand

Reid: But it's Keele we're talking about. I wonder...

[Farah runs in from the other room.]

Farah: No problem! It's decided! Our destination is the Town of Academia,

Farah: Well, let's go! My little lost bird.

[The girl runs over to Reid and something starts glowing again. She says
something as well.]

Farah: Umm... We need to leave now.

Farah: We... leave... this village. But he stays here... Understand?

Girl: Feebureel! Feebureel!

[The girl grabs onto Reid and something glows again.]

Reid: Ow ow ow!

Reid: ...My name isn't Feebureel.

Farah: Hmmm... what now?

Farah: Reid, what do we do? It looks like she wants to stay with you.

Reid: What do you mean, what do we do?

Farah: Well, she needs to leave the village, but she doesn't want to be
seperated from you... That's all I'm saying!

Reid: ...Just as I thought.

Reid: I knew this would happen. I had a bad feeling all along.

Farah: Here we go again.

Farah: It isn't that bad being needed by such a cute girl, is it?

Reid: ...Whatever. Don't forget that it's dangerous out there. We'll need to be
well prepared.

Farah: Right!

**Village exit**

Farah: It's finally here... ...the day we leave the village.

Reid: Don't sound so happy about it. Mintche is far to the south. We've got
some distance to cover.

Farah: No problem! Especially with your help... Right?

Reid: Whatever...

Farah: Let's go!!

World Map - Bridge

Farah: Hey, you know... We haven't introduced ourselves yet.

Reid: It's too bad we can't communicate.

Farah: My name is Farah. Understand? Farah... Farah.

Girl: [says something in a strange language] Farah?

Farah: yes, Farah! And this is Reid. Reid... Reid.

[Girl says something in a strange language.]

Reid: It's Reid... Reid!

Girl: Reid!

Farah: Yeah! She said it! She said it!!

Girl: Meredy, Meredy, Meredy!

Farah: Meredy?

[Girl says something in a strange language.]

Meredy: Kuweeeky... kuweeeky... Kuweeeky!

Reid: I guess its name is Quickie, huh.

Quickie: Kuweeekeee!

Reid: Well, that's an easy name.

Farah: Hey! This is working fine!!

Farah: Understanding Meredy might be a lot easier than I thought. Maybe we
won't have to go to Mintche!

[Meredy says something in a strange language.]

Farah: ...Guess we'd better go see Keele after all.

Reid: Good idea.

Rasheans River Pier

[Farah approaches a bunch of people moving rocks and hammering away.]

Farah: Excuse me. Could you tell us how to get to Mintche?

Worker: You have to take this road to get to Mintche, but as you can see,
there's been a landslide...

[Reid, Meredy and Quickie walk in.]

Reid: There isn't much we can do, Farah. Let's just rest here for today.

[Meredy says something in a strange language.]

Farah: Even if the path is a little rough, it's not impossible to travel
across, is it? We'll give it a try!

Worker: B... but...

Farah: Let's go!

Reid: Hey, Farah! Hang on a second!!

Farah: No problem!

Farah: It might be a bit rugged, but we can do it!

[A landslide happens. Meredy says something that isn't understandable.]

Worker: There it goes again...

Worker: I wonder what's happening to the Orbus Barrier...?

Farah: Ummm... Maybe this is... ...a little dangerous...

Reid: What did I tell you?!

Worker: If you're in a hurry, why don't you try our Dojo? The Master might know
a different way to get to Mintche.

Farah: Really?!

Worker: Yes. The Dojo is only a little ways back from here.

Farah: Regulus Dojo? I know where it is. I used to be a student there.

Worker: Oh, is that right?! Well, take care...

Farah: Thanks for helping us! Okay, let's go!

[The party walks off.]

Worker: A cute girl like her... ...a martial artist?

Worker: I wonder if she's strong?

Paollo: Sh... she's really strong! She's an amazing girl...

[The group is walking then stops and starts to converse.]

Farah: This girl... Who exactly is she?

Reid: Strange-colored hair. Clothes I've never seen. And a weird stone on her

Reid: ...Maybe a traveling performer?

[Meredy earns the title of 'Traveling Performer?']

Farah: Ummm, ahhh... Meredy, where did you come from? Why did you come here?

[Meredy says something that they can't understand.]

Farah: Well... If we can't understand her, we'll never get anywhere.

Meredy: Reid...

[Meredy grabs onto Reid and something glows.]

Meredy: Feebureel... feebureel!

Reid: Ow ow ow!

Reid: What's this light? What's a feebureel?

Farah: I don't know, but it's obvious she wants your help.

Reid: Is she afraid that the one who attacked us will return?

Farah: Maybe...

Reid: Well... No point in worrying. We'll let Keele figure it out.

Farah: I guess so. It's been so long since we saw Keele! I bet he's bcome a
great scholar!

Reid: I wonder...

Regulus Dojo

Farah: This place hasn't changed at all.

Reid: Weren't you a student here not long ago? Of course it hasn't changed.

Reid: So this is the Great Dojo.

Farah: Let's go in.

Quickie: Kwekeee, kwek kwek, kwekeee!!!

[Meredy says something that isn't understandable.]

Farah: Wh... what's wrong?

Reid: Maybe it's hungry.

Farah: We'll eat after we see my teacher, okay?

[The group enters the Dojo.]

Reid: Excuse me. Anybody...

[Eight people jump down and surround Reid.]

Reid: Whoa!

Farah: Reid!

People surrounding Reid: Surrender!!

[Battle takes place. After the battle Franco comes in the room.]

Franco: Ho ho ho... enough! That was quite impressive!

[The people that attacked Reid get up and leave.]

Reid: What... what?

Franco: You have great skills for one so young. The decision has been made.
Welcome to our dojo!

Reid: J... just wait a second. I don't want to join any dojo.

Franco: Then why did you fight?

Reid: I was just defending myself!

[Farah hits Reid.]

Farah: It's been so long, Master Franco!

Franco: Ahhh, Farah!

Franco: What brings you here? Do you wish to train with us again?

Farah: Well... no. Actually, we wish to go to Mintche as soon as possible.

Farah: But the path has been blocked by a rockslide, so...

Franco: So that is your reason...

Farah: Yes... one of many.

Franco: ...Very well. Let us talk in my room.

Franco: And you young man, what is your name?

Reid: Me? ...Reid Hershel.

Franco: Ahem... Reid. Perhaps you wish to join my dojo?

Reid: Well, actually, I...

Franco: No need to hurry. Join us after your business is settled.

Reid: Well, I'm really not interested.

Franco: I see...

Franco: Ahem... right.

[Franco exits the room.]

Franco: Let us talk in my room.

**Franco's Room**

Farah: Ah, she is... Umm...

Franco: Hmm. I know you not, but your eyes do not lie. Follow your heart's
path. That is best.

Farah: ...Yes!

Franco: Hmm. And Reid...

Franco: Your swordplay is quite impressive. Where did you learn it?

Reid: Where? Well, I just go out and hunt every day for food, that's all...

[Paollo comes barging in.]

Paollo: E... excuse me!

Franco: Ah, Paollo. I'd like you to use your Craymel Artes to help them get to

Franco: After all, you're the only one in this dojo who knows the Water Craymel

Paollo: G... gladly!

Franco: Then I'll leave the rest to you. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for

Franco: If you want to learn more about fighting or wish to learn higher level
skills, go next door.

Farah: Thank you for everything.

Franco: Hmm... and Reid. Are you sure you don't want to join my dojo?

Franco: Uh... forget I mentioned it.

[Franco exits the room.]

Reid: So, what do we do now?

Paollo: W... w... w... well...

Paollo: W... will you come with me to the Craymel Artes training room? I need
to make preparations.

**Craymel Artes Training Room**

Paollo: The Rasheans River is a shortcut to Mintche.

Farah: But... isn't that river pretty rough?

Paollo: No problem. We can borrow the strengths of the Water Craymels.

Reid: Cray... mel?

Farah: Reid, don't tell me you don't know what a Craymel is?

Reid: I don't have interest in anything that doesn't fill my stomach.

Paollo: Craymels are not material beings. Fire, wind, water, light... They
reside within all things and have many manifestations.

Farah: And like Paollo, those who have the ability to control Craymels and
their phenomena are call Craymel Mages. Right?

Paollo: Uh, well... With a little training, anybody with a Craymel Cage can

Reid: Is that thing in your hand a Craymel Cage?

Paollo: Ye... yes. That's right.

Paollo: By sealing Craymels within this Craymel Crystal, you can perform
various Craymel Artes.

Reid: Ahh... I see. Just stick the Craymels in there...

Farah: ...Many ages ago, it is said there were many Craymel Cages and many knew
how to use Craymel Artes.

Reid: Wow...

Paollo: W... well then. I'll be waiting for you at Rasheans River Pier.

Paollo: Please come when you're ready.

Rasheans River Pier

Paollo: Are you ready?

Paollo: I will call on the Craymels to calm the waters of Rasheans River.

Paollo: While it's calm, take the raft down the river.

[Paollo says something that isn't understandable.]

Reid: Wow!

[Meredy says something that isn't understandable.]

Paollo: Y... y... yes?

Reid: P... please! Don't mind her.

Paollo: May Seyfert protect you along the way...

Farah: Thank you, Paollo. Good luck to you, too!

Paollo: Um... uh... thanks.

Farah: Paollo and I studied together at the dojo.

Paollo: You... remember me...!

[Paollo walks off.]

Farah: Well, let's go.

Town of Academia, Mintche

Farah: Mintche sure is a lively place!

[Meredy says something that isn't understandable.]

Reid: They all look the same to me...

Reid: How are we ever going to find Keele?

Farah: He's our childhood friend! We'll recognize him in an instant!

Farah: Hopefully...

Farah: Well, first...

Farah: ...Let's try Mintche University!

**Mintche University Entrance**

Reciptionist: Can I help you?

Reid: Um... ah...

Farah: Could you tell us where Keele Zeibel is, please? He should be a student

Reciptionist: Pardon me, but what is your relationship with the student?

Reid: We're childhood fr...

Farah: We're his family!! Our father is sick, and we have to get in touch with
him right away...!

Reciptionist: Just a moment, please.

Reciptionist: ID Number 34604, Keele Zeibel. Light Craymel Department.

Farah: Light Craymel Department... Where is that?

[Meredy jumps on the counter and starts dancing.]

Reciptionist: Eeek!

Reid: Uh-oh!

Reciptionist: What do you think you're doing?!

Farah: Th... Thanks for everything!

[The group runs off.]

Farah: So this must be the Light Craymel Laboratory.

Farah: Wait, okay? We'll be right back.

[Meredy says something and dances.]

Farah: Let's go in.

[Reid and Farah enter the room.]


Reid: They look quite busy...

Farah: Let's look for someone who's willing to talk to us.

Farah: Um, excuse me. Do you know Keele Zeibel?

Student: Keele? Are you friends of his?

Farah: Yes! So you must know Keele!

Zank: My name is Zank. I'm a research assistant, just as he was.

Reid: And where is Keele now?

Zank: Well...

[Meredy comes in and stuff in the room starts to fizzle and whatnot.]

Reid: What's happening?

Farah: Meredy!

Quickie: Kweke, kwekeee!

[A big explosion happens.]

Farah: Meredy, did you do that?

[Meredy says something. Then the Dean comes running in.]

Zank: Oh, Dean Carlyle...

Carlyle: Are you responsible for this?!

Reid: Well, not exactly... You could say it was our fault, but, then again...

Carlyle: I don't want to hear any excuses! What are you going to do about this

Farah: Well, we... I don't know...

Carlyle: Zank! Show these outsiders to the exit! Kick them out of school

Zank: Y... yes, sir.

[Zank and the group walk off.]

Zank: Don't worry about what the dean says. Carlyle has a short temper, but
he'll forget all about it soon...

Farah: I'm sorry.

Zank: Can I ask you a question? Was that the Melnics language she spoke?

[Meredy says something.]

Farah: The Melnics language?!

Zank: I'm sure of it! All of the Craymel Mage spells are in the same ancient
language she was using! I'm studying about it in school now.

Reid: Does that mean you can understand what Meredy says?

Zank: I'm afraid I can't...

Zank: Your average Craymel Mages shouldn't be able to speak such pure Melnics

Zank: I... is she a...?!

Zank: Excuse me... I hope my question isn't rude, but might you be an Imperial
Craymel Mage?

Reid: An Imperial Craymel Mage? Her...?

Zank: But why would an Imperial Craymel Mage come here? Does she have some
connection with Keele?

Reid: Well, you see...

[Meredy gets excited and says something.]

Farah: Oh no! The Imperial Craymel Mage has divine messages for us!

Zank: Huh? What? Divine messages...?

Farah: We must find Keele now! Where do you suppose he is?

Zank: He's at the Mt. Mintche Observatory.

Farah: Mt. Mintche is the mountain southwest of Mintche, isn't it? Thank you!

[The group starts to walk off.]

Farah: Oops! I almost forgot...

[Farah runs up to Zank.]

Farah: Why isn't Keele at the university?

Zank: Oh, that's because he's been suspended from school...

Zank: He started shouting about the theory of World Chain Destruction, and
turned Carlyle and everyone else in the school against him.

Farah: World destruction...? Why would Keele think of such a thing?

Zank: Even if you do go find him, he might refuse to see you. He's even turned
me away a few times.

Farah: Anyway, we've got to meet him in person! Thanks for all your help.

[Farah walks back to the group.]

Farah: Thanks for waiting.

[Meredy says something.]

Reid: Her... an Imperial Craymel Mage? I can't imagine...

[Meredy earns the title of 'Craymel Mage?']

Farah: Well, it's certainly a big step forward for us to learn that she speaks
Melnics! No problem!

Farah: What we have to do now is head for Mt. Mintche Observatory to the
southwest from here!

Mt. Mintche Observatory

Reid: It looks like nobody is here.

Farah: HELLO!!

Farah: Keele!!

[Keele walks in.]

Keele: It's useless I tell you!!

Farah: Aaah!

Keele: Craymel movements are causing a buildup in the Grobule distortion field.

Keele: And if you're saying that the Orbus Wave has no relationship to the
Doctark Effect, you need to rethink the basics of Craymelology.

Farah: ...Keele?

Keele: Huh? You're not from Mintche University?

Farah: It's me, Farah Oersted! Farah, your childhood friend! It's been a long
time. How are you?

Keele: Farah...?

Farah: You've really grown! For a minute, I didn't recognize you.

Reid: Well, it's been 10 years. Of course he's changed.

Keele: Is that you, Reid?

Reid: Hey there.

Farah: Yippee! The old gang is back together again!!

[Meredy goes up to Keele and says something.]

Keele: Who's this?!

Farah: Her name is Meredy. We came to see you because we want to help her.

Reid: She only speaks Melnics. Can you help?

Keele: Melnics language? Who is she anyway?!

Reid: We don't know. That's why we're here.

Keele: Melnics language, huh... Okay!

[Keele leads Meredy to the next room.]

Farah: Keele has really made something of himself. I'm so proud of him...

Farah: Don't you think so too, Reid?

Reid: Let's catch up to them.

Farah: Umm, okay.

[In the next room, Keele is looking through a book and trying to communicate
with Meredy.]

Keele: <<My name... Keele Zeibel.>>

Keele: <<You... who?>>

[Meredy says something.]

Keele: Ah, ahem!

Keele: <<You... Who? Where?>>

[Meredy says something again.]

Keele: <<Come... from... Come from?>>

Reid: Hey, hey. Are you getting anywhere?

Keele: No... You can't be!!

Farah: You understood?! I knew you could do it!

Reid: What is it, Keele?

Keele: She said... She's from Celestia...

Farah: Celestia?!

Reid: Celestia?!

Farah: You mean she's from that world hanging in the sky upside down?!

Reid: Oh, come on, now! Meredy is a little weird, but she's obviously a regular

Farah: That's right! Celestians are supposed to be...

Keele: Volume 2, Chapter 2 of the Leonoa Encyclopedia says that Celestians are
a ferocious, man-eating race...

Farah: She couldn't possibly...

Keele: Well, true or not, that's what she said.

[Meredy looks at them and says something.]

Keele: What's that thing on her head? It looks like... a stone.

[Meredy says something and knocks Keele down.]

Keele: Ow!!

Farah: Keele!

Reid: I think I know what she just said. She just called you a pervert.

Quickie: Kwek... kwek!

Keele: Anyway... We have to find out what she wants.

Keele: Hmm... Oh, here it is.

Keele: <<Why Meredy come?>>

Keele: <<Why... come?>>

[Meredy says something.]

Keele: Um...

Reid: He's lost...

Farah: It's an ancient language. Even Keele can't get it all at once...

Keele: I... I can do it! This is no different than all the research that I've

[Meredy says something and runs off into the next room. She looks at a map on
the wall.]

Keele: Yes, that's right! On the bottom is Inferia, and on the top is Celestia.
In the middle is the Orbus Barrier.

Keele: All of this collectively is called Eternia. This is the world we live

Meredy: In-fe-ri-a!

Meredy: Ce-les-ti-a!

Meredy: Boom!!

Farah: An explosion?

Reid: ...No way.

Meredy: In-fe-ri-a!

Meredy: Ce-les-ti-a!

Meredy: Boom!!

Reid: Hey, Keele. Explain for us.

Keele: Come over here.

[They all walk over to the telescope.]

Keele: Look through here.

Reid: What does this have to do with anything?

Keele: Just look!

[Reid looks into it.]

Keele: Can you see the Orbus Barrier?

Reid: ...Yeah. So?

Keele: I'll enlarge it. Wait.

Reid: What's this?

Keele: The dark matter... It seems to be growing bigger by the day.

Farah: ...And that must be why the color of the sky is different.

Reid: So, what's that dark matter...?

Keele: A sign of world destruction.

Keele: It's possible that Meredy is here to warn us of the danger. We should
look into this further.

Reid: Look into it? How?

Keele: We've got to go see Professor Mazet.

Keele: He's an authority on the Melnics language. He left Mintche University,
and he's currently living in Morle Village.

Reid: You're kidding, right...?

Reid: Morle is on a whole different continent! This is getting ridiculous!

Farah: I'm going with Keele! I can't just ignore Meredy.

Meredy: Reid, [says something in Melnics.]

Keele: We're leaving! Are you ready?

Reid: Keele, you're not much of a traveler. Are you sure you're going to be

Keele: That was when I was a little kid! I... I'm fine, now!

Reid: We'll see...

Farah: Well, let's go!

Keele: Hmph!

Reid: This is going to be one long trip...

Farah: Don't worry! It'll work out somehow. No problem!

[Farah and Meredy walk out the door.]

Keele: Farah. To get to Morle, you have to go through Nostos Cave located to
the east of here.

[Keele exits.]

Reid: I dunno about this...

Mt. Mintche

Keele: W... wait...

Reid: What? Out of breath? Heh... as weak as ever.

Keele: Gimme a break! I've had insufficent sleep lately.

Farah: Why don't we camp here? We still have long ways to go...

[The group camps out. Meredy goes up to Keele and says something.]

Keele: Don't touch me!

Farah: Keele, you don't need to speak like that!

Keele: You can't be too careful around people you don't know.

Keele: But she could be useful. At the very least, I hope to build a solid
bridge of communication.

Reid: Useful?

Keele: Once I gather enough evidence about the dangers of dark matter, I can
return to Mintch University.

Keele: Better yet, I might even be invited to join the Royal Observatory of

Reid: So the only reason why you're so cooperative is for you own benefit...
You've become quite the opportunist.

Keele: You've wrong! I'm simply searching for the truth. And for that, I need
the best environment possible!

[Meredy goes up to Keele and says something.]

Keele: Don't touch me!

[Keele shoves Meredy away.]

Reid: Is that a Craymel Cage? You have one, too?

Keele: D... don't be stupid! I'm not like those rogue Craymel students! Unlike
them, I've actually studied the Light Craymels.

Keele: Grobule distortion and Kaloric flow fundamentals suggest a practical
scientific application.

Keele: For instance...

Reid: I got it, I got it. You're something else!

Keele: Hmph.

Farah: No problem...?

Nostos Cave


[Person comes walking out of the cave holding 2 eggs.]

Reid: Wow! Those eggs look good...

Person holding eggs: I won't sell these even for ten thousand Gald! Yes, even
that! They came at the cost of my partner's life...

Farah: What kind of eggs are those?

Person holding eggs: Egg Bear's. Egg Bear eggs fetch a high price as miracle

Person holding eggs: I got them from the mountain, but we were spotted by the
Egg Bear parents...

Reid: You weren't very lucky.

Person holding eggs: But my merchant spirit won't die here. For my partner, I
will earn, earn, and earn some more!

Merchant: ...Are you interested in anything besides Egg Bear eggs?

**Part way through the cave**

Keele: It seems that the tidal movement here is affected by time.

Farah: Hey, Keele. Are you okay? Should we camp?

Keele: N... no... I'll be fine...

Farah: Hee hee hee.

Farah: We've grown and learned to say complicated stuff. But when you get right
down to it, we never really change, do we?

Reid: You can say that again. Nothing at all.

[Switches to a flashback when Reid, Farah and Keele were little. Shows an Egg
Bear attacking the group.]

Keele: Waaahhh!

Farah: I'll fight you!

[The Egg Bear gets scared off.]

Farah: It's all right now, Keele.

Keele: Waaaahhh...

Farah: I said it's all right... Um, ah, waaaahhhh!

[Switches back to the cave.]

Farah: Well, at least it looks like he doesn't cry anymore.

[Keele starts to walk and trips.]

Farah: Keele! Are you all right?

Keele: Of... of course!

[Keele stands up.]

Reid: But his adolescent charm sure is gone...

**When the Egg Bear attacks**

Keele: An Egg Bear!!

Farah: Aaah!

Reid: Leave it to me! An Egg Bear should be an easy kill!!

**After the Egg Bear is defeated**

Keele: Huff... ha... hah. An... easy fight.

Reid: Then why do you look so tired?

Farah: Why don't we camp here?

Reid: ...Yeah. I'm starved!

Keele: What are you doing?

Reid: Huh? I'm making jerky. If you dry Egg Bear meat, it makes good emergency

Keele: I'm afraid I can't agree. Over time, Eggbear meat undergoes a chemical
transformation and loses much of its nutrients.

Reid: What're you talking about, Keele? You've never even eaten it!

Keele: I don't need to eat it to know. It's explained in the detail in Volume
3, Chapter 21 of the Leonoa Encyclopedia.

Reid: Humph! I don't care what it says. I eat it all the time and I know I'm

Farah: Boys! Calm down. Does it matter either way?

Reid: Keele, don't even think I'm sharing this with you!

Keele: Fine. I could care less.

Farah: ...Boys will be boys.

Treetop Village, Morle

Keele: This is certain to be it. The domicile of Professor Mazet.

Reid: ...How long has it been since you've seen this professor of yours?

Keele: About three years.

Reid: Why does he have to live way out here like this?

Keele: I'm not certain. But if I know the Professor, I'll bet he's got some
sort of good reason.

**Mazet's House**

Keele: Professor Mazet!

Mazet: Why, if it isn't Keele!

Keele: How have you been? I've come with a favor to ask of you!

Mazet: Calm down, now...!

Mazet: You haven't changed at all, Keele! Whenever you discovered something
new, you never could contain your excitement.

Reid: Heh, heh. He knows you pretty well.

Farah: Leave it to the professor!

Keele: I... I apologize for my rudeness. Ummm... have you been well?

Mazet: Ha ha ha! That's quite all right. So tell me what brings you here.

Keele: Thank you! Well, the reason why...

[Meredy says something in Melnics.]

Mazet: I see... So she says she's a Celestian?

Keele: Of course, I don't believe everything she says...

Keele: But I would like your advice on how we may be able to communicate with

[Mazet grabs something from a drawer.]

Mazet: I would like all of you to have one of these.

[Mazet gives each person in the group one of the earrings.]

Farah: They're pretty!

Mazet: It is called an Orz Earring.

Keele: Orz Earring...

Reid: Have you heard of it?

Keele: All high-level Craymel Mages wear it. They say that putting it on your
ears allows you to communicate with Craymels.

Farah: Communicate? With... Craymels?!

Reid: Okay... But what does the Orz Earring have to do with Meredy?

Keele: I get it! Craymels speak the Melnics language, too!!

Mazet: Correct. The concept might be applicable to this instance as well.

Reid: But we aren't Craymel Mages...

Mazet: Try putting them on. Then listen carefully to what Meredy says.

Farah: It sounds easy! Let's try it!

[They all put the earring on.]

Farah: Okay, I'm ready!

Farah: Meredy, can you understand me? Answer me if you do!

[Meredy says something in Melnics.]

Farah: Reid! Keele! Did you understand what she said?

Reid: Not a thing. It's not working at all.

Farah: Meredy, say something again. Tell me if you understand me!

[Meredy says something in Melnics.]

Mazet: It may take some time. The Orz Earring will not work unless you are all
on the same psychic wave...

Farah: Psychic... wave?

Reid: Doesn't sound easy...

[Meredy gets up and starts running around the room.]

Reid: Did you eat something bad?

Farah: What's the matter? Calm down...

[Meredy says something in Melnics, then runs out the door.]

Reid: Hey, what do we do?

Farah: We can't let her go off by herself!

[Farah runs out the door.]

Reid: I guess not.

[Reid walks outside.]

Keele: I don't understand! What's the matter with her?

Mazet: Keele.

Mazet: Listen... She's human, just like you. Remember... Okay?

Keele: Y... yes. I understand.

Reid: Where could Meredy have gone?


Farah: Look, over there!

Reid: Meredy!

[There's a big plant thing cornering Quickie.]

Quickie: Kweekeeeeee!!

[Meredy runs over in front of Quickie and says something.]

Farah: There's Quickie! Meredy's trying to save Quickie!

Reid: She was looking for Quickie...

Farah: We've got to save them!

[After the fight.]

Farah: Meredy! Everything's fine now.

Farah: Meredy, I'm sorry. I didn't realize Quickie was gone.

[Keele walks over to Meredy.]

Keele: Hey, do you understand?! Monsters are vicious and dangerous! You put us
in danger, too!

Keele: As part of the group, you don't go off alone like that! Got it?!

Farah: C'mon that's enough! After all, we're all fine.

Meredy: ...Sorry.

Keele: Hmph. Anyways, next time...

Meredy: Okay!

Meredy: You saved Meredy and Quickie. Thank you!

Reid: No need to thank us. Let's get back to Professor Mazet's house.

Meredy: You bet!

Farah: Reid?

Reid: What?

Keele: The earrings? Are you wearing them?

Reid: Yeah.

[Meredy walks over to Reid.]

Meredy: Pretty!

Reid: Hey, stop that! Th... that tickles!

Meredy: Same as Meredy!

Reid: Well, yeah. We put these on so that we can communicate.

Farah: ...Reid?

Keele: Not a very sharp one.

Reid: Huh?

Reid: I... I'm talking to Meredy???

Meredy: Hwee!! Yes you are talking! It's Meredy. Reid, not too sharp.

[Meredy grabs Reid.]

Reid: Ow ow ow!

Keele: Tell me! Have you really come from Celesita?

Meredy: You bet.

Keele: Let me see some evidence.

Meredy: What's eveedensh?

Keele: Then, is it true the world is in danger?

Keele: What kind of technology does Celestia possess?

Keele: What exactly is that stone attached to your forehead? Do all Celestians
wear such a ston?!

Keele: C'mon, tell me!

[Meredy hits Keele.]

Meredy: Keele, ruuuuude!

Keele: Wh...who's the rude one?!

Farah: Come on, cool down.

Farah: Say Meredy. Can you tell us the reason you came to Inferia?

Meredy: You bet!

Meredy: Ummm... Meredy... wanna stop the Grand Fall. Need help...

Keele: Grand Fall? ...That's something not found even in the Leonoa

Meredy: The Grand Fall is when Celestia and Inferia come closer together... and

Meredy: BOOOM!

Keele: Inferia and Celestia, colliding?!

Meredy: You bet. Going to collide. Collide is very bad.

Farah: Th... that can't be...

Reid: Th... there and here, colliding?! Are you serious? What's gonna happen?
Are we all gonna be flattened?!

Keele: Why had the balance collapsed? Was it a side effect of the raised
Craymel pressure caused by Grobule distortion?

Keele: Or is it that the localized stress from the Craymel Zone has caused a
Doctark Effect in the Orbus Barrier?

Farah: Meredy, are you here because you know how to prevent the Grand Fall?

Meredy: You bet! Gather the Greater Craymels in Inferia. If we do that, the
collisio. will stop.

Keele: From a pact with the Greater Craymels? What nonsense! It's impossible!

Keele: Craymels and people live in different worlds. That's especially true for
Greater Craymels. Making contact is hard enough. A pact? Forget it!

Meredy: No problem!

Meredy: Celestian Craymel Cage! Greater Craymels enter from here.

Keele: Are you suggesting that Greater Craymels can be captured in a
Celestia-made Craymel Cage?

Meredy: No, no! Craymel Cages work the same way as Inferian ones do.

Meredy: But Parasol is different! With this, Greater Craymels can enter the
Craymel Cage!

Keele: So... if I use this, even my Craymel Cage will work?

Meredy: You bet! Greater Craymel can enter.

Farah: In other words... We can save the world!

Meredy: You bet!

Farah: Maybe we can become heroes! Yeah, no problem!

Reid: Keele, can you bring them back to reality?

Keele: We'll ask Professor Mazet the whereabouts of the Greater Craymels.

Reid: Hey, you can't be serious... Go seek the Greater Craymels?

Keele: If we can meet the Greater Craymels, the truth about the Grand Fall may
come to light.

Keele: After all, the Greater Craymels do not lie.

Meredy: Keele! Help Meredy. Will you help? Please, please?!

Keele: Let me make this clear that this does not mean I believe all that stuff
you've said!

Keele: I only do this to discover the truth!!

Farah: How stubborn can you get?

Farah: Come on, let's go!

**Mazet's House**

Keele: As far as I know, this thing she calls a Parasol...

Keele: ...doesn't have any special features or functions that enable its use
with the Greater Craymels.

Keele: What do you think, Professor?

Mazet: You must meet the Greater Craymels. There is nothing more I can tell

Keele: I understand...

[Mazet gets up and walks over to Meredy.]

Mazet: Take the Parasol.

Farah: Professor... Can you tell us where we can find the Greater Craymels?

Mazet: ...I know of one place where you might...

Mazet: Go out of Morle and go northest for a little way and you'll see Undine

Farah: Undine... Stream...

Mazet: If it's true that disaster is upon us and that Meredy is the key to
saving the world, I'm sure the Greater Craymels will appear before you.

Farah: Then... They must know much more than we do...

Mazet: Have you decided?

Keele: Of course! We'll fine them!

Meredy: You bet!

Mazet: Take this map. I'm sure you'll find it quite useful!

[The group receives the Inferia Map.]

Farah: Thank you, Professor Mazet!

Mazet: Farah, I sense that you have the innate power to heal...

Mazet: I will teach you a new skill.

Farah: I don't know how to thank you...

[Farah learns Detoxify.]

[Reid, Farah and Meredy walk outside.]

Mazet: Keele.

Mazet: It seems you've learned to communicate with Meredy quite quickly...

Keele: Huh? Oh, yes. We had help from a little incident...

Mazet: Remember those feelings. And pursue the unknowable. That... is true

Keele: The unknowable?

Mazet: Heh heh heh. Maybe someday, you too will understand why I left the

Reid: After Morle is Undine Stream... I never meant to come this far.

Farah: Well... We've come this far. We can't go back to Rasheans now!

Meredy: Meredy sorry. It is Meredy's fault...

Meredy: Farah and Reid thrown out of the village because Hyades attacked.

Reid: Hyades, is he the one that smashed the Elder's house?

Farah: So, he was after you?

Reid: But why...?

[Keele walks outside to where the rest of the group is.]

Keele: Huh? What's wrong?

Farah: It's nothing. C'mon let's get going!

Farah: The Undine Stream is northeast of Morle.

Undine Stream

Voice: You have done well.

Voice: You have done well to come this far.

Reid: This is...

Farah: Could it be...?

Voice: It has been a long time since I last saw a human.

Keele: T... the Greater Craymel! Undine?!

Farah: Whew... It's the real thing?

Keele: Greater Craymel Undine, keeper of the Holy Waters. Forgive us for
treading upon this land.

Keele: Oh Greater Craymel Undine, please tell us!

Keele: Is it true that the Grand Fall will come to this world?

Undine: Do you think a Greater Craymel such as I would deign to converse with
humans without reason?

Keele: Th... Then, it is true...

Meredy: Hwee!!

Undine: Let me ask you then. What are your desires?

Meredy: I want you to go in here.

Farah: To save the world... We need the Greater Craymels' power. Won't you...
help us?

Keele: I understand how rude this request must seem. But there is no other way!

Undine: ...In that case, I shall see if your actions speak as loud as your

Undine: This is where the Craymels sleep. If you are prepared, venture further

Reid: If you are prepared? Keele, what does she mean?

Keele: ...She wants us to fight her.

Reid: Fight?! She's a Greater Craymel! We can't win...

Keele: Undine... She's testing our power. We've go to give it our all.

Farah: Yeah! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! No problem!

Undine: I assume you are here because you are ready to fight me. There is no
turning back...

Farah: We're ready!

Meredy: Ready!

Reid: How about you, Keele?

Keele: I'm... I'm ready!

Undine: Very well. Let us begin!

[After the battle...]

Undine: You work together well. ...I will help you.

Keele: Thank you!!

Undine: However...

Undine: ...I am merely one of the Primary Craymels of Inferia.

Undine: In order to achieve your goal, you need all of the Greater Craymels.

Farah: All of the Greater Craymels...

Keele: Where are the other Greater Craymels?

Undine: I will now enter the Craymel Cage...

Keele: Please wait! Tell us where to find the other Greater Craymels!

Meredy: Undine... the Craymel Cage.

Keele: Let me see, Meredy.

Meredy: You bet!

Meredy: Each Greater Craymel has basic Craymel Artes, so if you select the
Fringe command, you can learn it!

Meredy: Have you tried the Craymel command?

Keele: What does the Vitality gauge mean?

Meredy: It shows how much energy the Greater Craymel has.

Meredy: Undine is the Greater Craymel of Water, so if you use Water Artes, her
Vitality goes up.

Farah: What happens when the gauge is full?

Meredy: You can Summon the Greater Craymel, itself!

Reid: Wow! That's incredible! I can't wait to see!

Keele: This place looks safe, and the air seems really nice.

Reid: Yeah? What about it?

Farah: Why don't we take a little break here?

Keele: That doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Reid: Hey, Keele? How many Greater Craymels are there?

Keele: I'm not quite sure. But it's said there are generally four main types.

Keele: Water, Fire, and Wind... the three basic Craymels, ...and the Light
Craymel, which unifies them all.

Reid: Hmmm... And, where are the other Greater Craymels besides Undine?

Farah: Undine didn't tell us.

Keele: The planes of existance for humans and Craymels differ. Just for them to
appear in front of humans is an extraordinary event.

Farah: Wow... really?

Reid: Hey! For our next destination... Why don't we head for Inferia?

Farah: Inferia...? You mean the King's castle?

Reid: Yeah. Gathering all the Craymels is way beyond our abilities.

Reid: There isn't much more we can do, other than inform the King about the
Grand Fall. Am I wrong?

Farah: But... we established a pact with Undine all on our own.

Reid: That was just plain luck. We can't afford any mistakes. We've gotta know
our limits!

Keele: That's true... we do have an obligation to report this to the King.

Farah: Keele!

Keele: Imagine the consequences of seeking the Greater Craymels without the
King's permission.

Keele: We might attract needless suspicion.

Farah: ...I see your point.

Reid: It's decided, then. Our next destination is Inferia City.

Meredy: What about the Greater Craymels?

Reid: Don't worry. Once the King learns of the Grand Fall, he'll mobilize the
army and find all the Greater Craymels.

Farah: Meredy, have faith in our King. Okay?

Keele: You have to go through the Forest of Temptation to get to Inferia City.

Keele: Go southeast along the river. It's across the bridge.

Forest of Temptation


Reid: Whew... This place is kinda creepy.

Keele: The only way to get to Inferia City is by going through this Forest...

Keele: ...since commoners aren't allowed to board the royal ship.

**After the deity puzzle is solved**

Quickie: Kwekeee!!

Meredy: Quickie! Come back!

Quickie: Kwekeee!!

Meredy: We can go further from here.

Farah: The air here is so pure.

Reid: It looks like a rest area.

Keele: L... let's say we rest here. The place looks to be safe.

Farah: Say, Meredy. If we somehow gather all the Greater Craymels... What do we
do then?

[Meredy says something in Melnics.]

Meredy: Return to Celestia.

Farah: To Celestia...? How?

Meredy: I do not know!

Reid: It sounds as though that may be a bigger hurdle than gathering all the
Greater Craymels.

Keele: ...If that's true, how did you come to Inferia? The two worlds have been
out of contact for 2000 years.

Meredy: I came on a Craymel Craft. It can fly in the skies.

Keele: That's nonsense! That kind of technology is impossible.

Reid: Maybe you've never heard of it, but we saw it with our own eyes.

Farah: It was flying, but then it crashed.

Meredy: It is true!

Keele: ...Then take me to the crash site. I can't believe it unless I see it

Reid: Well, Keele I really wanna show it to you but...


Farah: Keele, ummm... I don't want to disappoint you, but...

Keele: Well, let me first see the craft. After I measure the Craymel density in
the area, I should be able to derive a hypothesis.

Keele: Well, where's it at?

Meredy: Impossible. Craymel Craft explode into many, many pieces.

Keele: ...No.

Farah: It's true. Reid and I were there.

Reid: It was pretty scary.

Keele: It can't be destroyed! A flying machine... A revolutionary technology...

Farah: Well, I'm sure we'll find something to get us to Celestia. Yeah! No

Quickie: Kwekeee... kukuku.

Meredy: The air, feels unsafe...

Keele: This forest is where all the lost souls gather.

Keele: If you're not careful, spirits hungry for a body could drain your life

Reid: D... don't scare us like that.

Farah: No problem! Monster, pirate, whatever... I'll take 'em all on!!

Inferia City


Reid: Whoa! This place is huge!

Farah: I thought Mintche was big, but this place is bigger yet!

Keele: Of course. It's the capital of the Inferia Empire.

Meredy: Hwee!!

Meredy: There are so many people! They are all... umm... ...Inferians?!

Keele: Meredy, from here on, you can't dance, scream, or do anything out of the

Keele: The city is congested with people. Even the slightest akwardness might
cause people to suspect that you're a Celestian.

Meredy: Is being Celestian bad? They cannot suspect?

Keele: NO!

Keele: Historically, Celestians have visted numerous disasters upon us. I'm
quite certain that there are many who hold hatred for Celestians.

Meredy: Baiba! Celestians not responsible for causing disasters!

Keele: You need our help, right?

Farah: Meredy. It's unfortunate, but there's no question that there are a lot
of people who dislike Celestians. Let's be careful, okay?

Meredy: You bet.

Keele: Don't forget.

Reid: All right... all right. Let's go and meet the King.

**Inferia Castle Entrance**

Guard 1: What do ya want?

Farah: Er... We would like to see the King.

Guard 2: The King?!

Keele: This is a matter of grave concern for Inferia.

Keele: The details are written in these papers. It's imperative that we see the
King at once.

Guard 1: Hahaha-ha! You can't be serious?!

Guard 2: Insolent fools! You want a trip to the dungeon? Or perhaps a beating
right here?

Keele: Whoa!

Reid: We're leavin'!

Farah: Goodbye!

**City Square**

Keele: That's how guards are... They're all muscle and no brains. To think that
our illustrious King is protected by those dingbats.

Meredy: Illustrious? Does that mean great?

Farah: Yeah. After all, he is the King!

Meredy: Why is he great?

Keele: I guess a Celestian wouldn't understand.

Meredy: What?!

Keele: The King is a sacred, noble presence. He's fundamentally different from
people like us!

Farah: Meredy, doesn't Celestia have a King?

Meredy: No! We are all equal. No special people!

Farah: I see...

Keele: Perhaps the reason Celestia is so barbarous is because they've never
known the rule of a King.

Meredy: Celestians not barbarians!

Reid: C'mon, stop the fruitless debate. We should be figuring out what to do

Keele: Let's go to the Royal Observatory of Astronomy.

Farah: You mean the tall building over here?

Keele: That's right. It boasts the world's most precise telescope.

Keele: Should they allow us to use it, we may be able to objectively determine
if the Grand Fall is actually true or not.

Reid: How do you know we won't get kicked out again?

Keele: Top scientists from all over are gathered in the Observatory. They're
not musclebound guards.

Farah: Then we should have no problem getting in. Let's go!

**Royal Observatory of Astronomy**

Reid: Should we be in here?

Farah: If it isn't okay, someone'll tell us, right?

Reid: Hey, Keele. It's off-limits to visitors!

Keele: We're not visitors. We have a purpose.

Voice: Stop right there!

[Person comes running out.]

Person: No unauthorized persons are allowed inside.

Keele: Let us go to the Observation Room! We absolutely must use the telescope!

Person: ...What are you going to do?

Keele: I want to measure the change in distance between Inferia and Celestia!

Person: The change? The distance between Inferia and Celestia never changes!
Taking the measurements is pointless!

Keele: How can you be so sure? Do you take periodic measurements?

Person: Well... no, but we did take one about two years ago...

Reid: Aren't those measurements a little outdated?

Person: Watch who you criticize! All measurements are carried out
systematically under Chancellor Zosimos' orders!

Person: If you come anwhere near the Observation Room, I'll call the guards!

Keele: Please at least read my thesis! Anybody familiar with the Light Craymel
theory would understand its significance immediately!

Person: Stay back! What is your problem?!

Keele: Let's go. We'll be in serious trouble if he calls the guards.

Farah: Keele!

Keele: There's still a way!

[The group leaves. Somebody else comes in where the Person that they were
speaking to is.]

Person who just walked in: What was all that ruckus?

Person: I'm... I'm very sorry! I'll clean up right away!

**Outside of Observatory**

Keele: ..Argh! It's appalling to think that an idiot like him is a researcher
at one of the finest institutions...

Reid: Keele, before you blame others, maybe you ought to admit your failures.
You haven't been correct with any of your predictions up to this point!

[Farah hits Reid.]

Farah: Hey, watch what you say! Keele is trying as hard as he can to help
Meredy and save the world!

Farah: Right?

Keele: Er... right.

Reid: So what should we do? Are there any other ways we can meet the King?

Keele: There is. The Seyfert Sanctuary.

Reid: So we pray for Seyfert's help?

Keele: The church worships the Seyfert Ring as a symbol of their faith. Surely,
they must have noticed the unusual appearance of the Seyfert Ring.

Keele: We'll be fine this time.

Farah: Okay, no problem! Let's do it!

Keele: Let's head for Seyfert Sanctuary on the east edge of the town.

**Seyfert Sanctuary**

Meredy: The glass... It is so pretty!

Keele: It's stained glass despicting the god of creation, Seyfert.

Meredy: Sey... fert...

Quickie: Kwekuuuu... kwe!

Keele: Sorry to bother you, but... I'd like to speak to the archbishop.

Galvani: I am Archbishop Galvani.

Keele: Archbishop! My apologies! How rude of me!

Galvani: That's all right. So, waht would you like to talk about?

Keele: I would like to speak to you about the pecullar change in the Seyfert

Galvani: Ah...

Keele: Do you know about the dark matter in the Seyfert Ring? It seems to be
expanding at the rate of 300 langes a year.

Galvani: Yes, of course. The Sanctuary is aware of the change. And...?

Keele: I believe the Grand Fall will occur because of the change in the dark

Keele: Inferia and Celestia are coming closer to each other. Collision appears
to be inevitable.

Keele: Please... could you report this matter to the King and...?

Galvani: What idiotic nonsense!!

Galvani: How dare you associate the dark matter, the sign of the second coming
of Seyfert, with such disaster!

Reid: Wha...?! The dark matter is a blessing?

Keele: ...So that's why my theory was rejected at the university...

Galvani: Seize them! Hand them over to the guards!!

Four people standing on each side of Galvani: Yes, sir!

Reid: Uh-oh! Let's get out of here!!

Galvani: Seize them! Don't let them escape!

**Outside of the Seyfert Sanctuary**

Roen: There they are! Grab them!

Farah: You're joking?!

Keele: Damn!

Meredy: No, no! I'm scared!

Farah: Reid, what now?

Reid: Good question...

Roen: I'm captain Roen Lamoa of the Imperial Guards!!

Roen: Surrender. Resistance is futile and will only hasten your deaths.

Reid: What are you going to do with us?

Roen: Spreading lies all over town about the destruction of the world... Kneel
before the King! And accept your death sentence!

Farah: Death sentence? Y... you mean...?

Reid: What do we do? Shall we take a chance and rumble?

Keele: Let's surrender quietly.

Keele: Think about it. It's a chance to gain the ear of the King.

Reid: Yeah, and receive the death sentence.

Keele: It's a one-shot chance to turn the tables...

Farah: ...I got you. I hope this works.

Meredy: ...I hope too.

Keele: I... I promise it'll work.

Reid: ...We surrender.

**After the group is taken prisoner**

Reid: Hey, Keele. When's it going to happen?

Reid: When are we going to get our chance to turn the tables?

Meredy: What will happen to us?

Farah: We're going to be all right... Right?

Keele: Damn it! I can't believe we got thrown in here like this!

Farah: Shh! I can hear voices about us!

King: I shall pass sentence. You have deceived us in an attempt to throw our
country into turmoil...

King: The spreading of sedition is a crime of the highest order. You are hereby
sentenced... to death!

Meredy: What does death sentence mean? Are we in trouble?

Reid: DEATH sentence?!

Keele: P... please! Listen to what I have to say!

Keele: If you would investigate, you'll see what's really causing the Grand

Arende: ...They seem to be shouting something.

Roen: Nothing but the blather of foolish criminals. It is not for you to hear,
Princess Arende.

Arende: What are they saying? Father, what are they saying?

King: Hmm...

Queen: Arende! You should pay no heed to the talk of commoners. Your beautiful
heart will be sullied!

Queen: They are rude and violent ruffians who live in a different world from

Queen: Roen! Quit your dawdling! Silence the criminals at once!

Roen: Yes, M'lady!

Roen: Prepare to flood the tank!

Arende: I'm feeling faint...

Queen: Roen!!

Roen: Begin flooding!

Meredy: Baiba!

Keele: Urk! Let go of me!

Keele: Damn it! Let us out of here!

Keele: Undine, help us! Help! We're going to drown!

Keele: I guess we can't call on the Greater Craymels as if they're servants.

Farah: I've found it!

Reid: What?

Keele: Let's stop struggling. We can't escape our fate. Me might as well face
our deaths with peace and tranquility.

Farah: Keele!

Farah: Don't give up now! I'm not going to die in a dark and gloomy place like

Farah: Look! Down here! There's a valve!

Keele: A valve? To drain the water?

Farah: Maybe... Let's dive under and see!

Reid: Hey! Wait! It's dangerous!

Farah: Yeah, but somebody's go to do it.

Reid: Okay... I'll do it!

Farah: Thanks, Reid!

[Reid dives under and comes back up.]

Reid: *Gasp*...!

Reid: It won't open!

Reid: Huh? Where's Keele and Meredy?

Farah: Oh... They left before us...

Reid: Left?! You mean they're...

Farah: A rope dropped down from above. See?!

Reid: Huh? You mean... effort was for nothing?

Farah: Uh... Well... thanks for trying.

Farah: Hey! Reid!!

King: Be grateful! Your sentence has been commuted, thanks to Chancellor
Zosmimos of the Royal Observatory of Astonomy.

Keele: You are... Chancellor Zosimos?

Zosimos: Are you the one responsible for writing this treatise?

Keele: Yes, sir. You've read my paper, sir?

Zosimos: We measured the distance between the worlds and discovered the worlds
to be 2000 langes closer than before...

Keele: Just as I thought!

Zosimos: So long as we fail to understand the cause of this phenomenon, we
cannot pass final judgement. As such, it would be regretful to let the death
sentence stand.

Keele: Th... thank you!

Arende: That's wonderful!

Meredy: That is wonderful!

Arende: Heehee...

Queen: Arende! Don't interrupt!

Zosimos: Your Majesty, I shall now assume full responsibility for these

King: ...Very well. Take care to remain vigilant.

Zosimos: Yes, Sire!

Zosimos: There is still much that needs to be investigated. Will you cooperate
with me?

Keele: Yes, of course! Gladly!

King: You may all remain within the castle for the time being.

Farah: Yes, Sire!

Roen: The guest room is on the second floor of the west tower. Go when you
wish. I will follow later.

**Guest Room**

Meredy: It's fluffy and soft!

Reid: There are only two beds?

Roen: Of course not. This isn't a peasant house.

Meredy, Farah and Reid: Whoa...

Meredy: This is nice and soft, too!

Roen: Listen up, commoners!

Roen: Henceforth, discussion contrary to Inferia Empire doctrine will not be

Roen: If you disobey me... You shall be sentenced to death immediately! Is that

Farah: Crystal clear.

Reid: Okay, okay.

Meredy: The death penalty is scary...

Roen: Hmph! I want you out of here as soon as possible. It's starting to stink
like peasants!

[Roen exits the room.]

Reid: Whew. We're finally done!

Meredy: Huh? Done?

Reid: There's nothing to worry about anymore. Keele and Zosimos are going to
figure out what's behind the Grand Fall.

Reid: And when they do, the King will do something about it.

Person: I'm finished with the adjustments!

Zosimos: Good job.

Zosimos: What's your name?

Keele: Keele Zeibel!

Zosimos: If the distance between the two worlds is changing, we'll have to
recalculate a large variety of measurements...

Zosimos: Keele, will you help us?

Keele: Me? Of course!!

Reid: And so, we've accomplished our role. Our long journey is over! Now we can
sit back and relax!

Meredy: It is not over! Meredy must return to Celestia with the Greater

Meredy: Return to Celestia. Reid not over yet!

[Meredy jumps on the bed Reid is lying on.]

Reid: Urk...! Can't... breathe!

Farah: That's right.... There's still work for us to do.

Farah: We shouldn't be relying on the King for everything.

Farah: We have to at least find out how to get Meredy home to Celestia.

Reid: That's easier said than done.

Farah: No problem! We can do it if we work together! Right, Meredy?

Meredy: No problem! Thank you, Farah!

Farah: Meredy, let's go sleep in the other room.

Meredy: No! Meredy want to be with Reid! We all sleep together!

Farah: N... NO!

Meredy: Why?

Farah: No is no!

Meredy: ...Why not?

Reid: G'night!

Farah: See? Reid says he's going to sleep.

Meredy: ...Okay.

Reid: Now I'm wide awake...

Zosimos: I'm a little tired. Keele, take over for me.

Keele: Y... yes, sir!

Zosimos: Do you know how to operate it?

Keele: Yes, I learned how at the university.

[Keele looks into the telescope.]

Keele: In... incredible!!

Keele: So this is... Celestia...

Zosimos: Keele.

Zosimos: Keele...

Keele: Oh... My apologies! I got a little carried away...

Keele: Can... can I help you?

Zosimos: Yes, I've been wondering... What lead you to predict the Grand Fall in
the first place?

Keele: Well, it was Meredy...

Keele: Um, no, I mean... It just hit me all of a sudden.

Zosimos: I see. Well, you'll have to tell me all about it some time. But first
we have to finish our work.

Reid: I guess Keele stayed up all night.

Farah: He's probably caught up in his research. I'm sure Keele can...

[Keele enters the room.]

Meredy: Keele!

Reid: Did you figure out what's causing the Grand Fall?

Keele: Not yet... But we're getting there.

Farah: I knew you'd be giving it you're all! You must be tired. You should

Reid: ...Shh! Someone's coming!

Voice from outside the room: Please... If the Queen should see you here...

Voice from outside the room: I beg of you! I want to speak with the commoners
just this once.

[Roen and Arende enter the room.]

Roen: ...! You are all awake.

Reid: What an honor... To have the princess come along to awaken us.

Roen: The... the reason why...

Arende: I asked him to let me come along. I was... worried about all of you.

Farah: Thank you for your concern. Thanks to you, we've been able to get plenty
of rest.

Meredy: You are pretty. More pretty than the stained glass in the sanctuary.

Roen: Why, you... You imprerinent little dog!

Arende: ...Thank you. I am Arende, the Princess of Inferia.

Meredy: A... Arende? Me Meredy!

Arende and Meredy: Heehee!

Roen: The King is about to make an important announcement in the Audience

Roen: Usually, only nobles and royalty are invited, but Chancellor Zosimos has
seen to it that you can attend. If you have no objections, come now!

**Outside Inferia Castle**

Arende: I would like to speak to them a little more.

Roen: You mustn't, my lady.

Roen: The commoners were allowed within the castles walls because we have a
crisis. By no means is this a standard practice.

Arende: Crisis? We have a crisis?

Roen: Er... well...

Arende: When will he return? If he were here, we wouldn't have anything to
worry about...

Arende: *Sigh* Oh, how I want to see him again.

Roen: He is surely a great Senior Knight.

Roen: However, I'm confident that my swordsmanship, lineage, and loyalty are
just as impressive.

Roen: I, Roen Lamoa, am ready to travel to the ends of Orbus for the Princess.

Arende: I must be on my way now. I wouldn't want to be late and upset Mother.

Farah: I wonder what the King has to say.

Keele: He'll likely reveal the plan for dealing with the Grand Fall...

Meredy: We need Greater Craymels!

Keele: I've discussed it with Chancellor Zosimos, but I don't know if he
managed to gather sufficent objective evidence...

**Audience Chamber**

Soldier: Long live the King of Inferia! Long live the Inferia Empire!

Soldier: Long live the King of Inferia! Long live the Inferia Empire!

King: Listen to me well, all of you. Inferia is facing a terrible danger.

King: The Royal Observatory of Astronomy has conducted an investigation of the
situation. A plan has been decided as of this morning.

King: You shall now be given an explanation. Chancellor Zosimos, come forward!

Zosimos: Yes, your majesty.

Zosimos: The two worlds, Celestia and Inferia, are shifting closer and closer
together even as we speak.

Zosimos: Based on the measurements taken at the observatory, we can expect
impact some 100 sohme from now.

Zosimos: We believe that a malevolent Celestian plot is at the root of this

Zosimos: Not satisfied with the numerous disasters they have previously visited
upon us, they plan to annihilate the entire world!

King: We pledge to thoroughly resist this Celestian campaign of the destruction
with all of our might. My good Inferians... Prepare for battle!

Zosimos: According to the ancient sculptures, there exists what is called the
Bridge of Light... It is the only known means of crossing over to Celestia.

Zosimos: If the Bridge of Light can be discovered, we can send a contingent of
our elite troops to Celestia and prevent the Grand Fall.

King: I expect your unwavering support during this time of crisis.

King: We shall show the Celestian barbarians the true might of the Inferia

Soldier: Long live the King of Inferia! Long live the Inferia Empire!

Soldier: Long live the King of Inferia! Long live the Inferia Empire!

King: This meeting is adjourned.

Meredy: Baiba! No... no... no! That is not right!

Reid: Hey, Keele! What does this mean?!

Keele: ...I don't believe this.

Keele: Chancellor Zosimos! What is going on?!

Keele: Just yesterday, didn't you say that it's impossible for anybody to cause
the Grand Fall on purpose?!

Zosimos: Keele, you could become a magnificant scholar some day...

Zosimos: ...But first, realize that academia must also obey the King's will.

Farah: What is the Bridge of Light? Where is it?

Zosimos: It's a bridge to Celestia that was discovered some 30 years ago by a
Craymel Mage named Balir. We don't know its location or method of operation as
of yet.

Farah: So this person crossed over into Celestia using the Bridge of Light?
That's amazing! I never heard this story!

Zosimos: It's no surprise that you do not know. He never returned.

Roen: Haven't you already overstayed your welcome?!

Roen: You have served your purpose. Leave the castle immediately.

**Inferia Castle Entrance**

Roen: Hmph! Take this and get out of my sight!

Reid: Is this... a boarding pass?

Roen: With this, you can board any of our Inferia ships.

Roen: A precious item like this isn't something normally bestowed upon a
commoner. You should be grateful.

[The group receives the Boarding Pass.]

Farah: So... do you really believe that the Celestians are causing the Grand

Roen: Of course. That's what the King said.

Farah: Don't you think it's strange that the barbarous Celestians are capable
of doing something that Inferians can't do?

Roen: Are you saying that the King is wrong?

Farah: N... no! Of course, not!

Farah: I'll be on my way now. Goodbye!

Roen: Hey, you! Wait.

**Town Square**

Farah: Since the King isn't going to help us, I guess we have no choice but to
do it ourselves.

Reid: Are you serious?!

Meredy: Let's collect Greater Craymels. Then we go to Celestia!

Farah: Right. We know the Bridge of Light is  the passage to Celestia. All we
need to do now is to find the Greater Craymels!

Meredy: Keele, you are late! We are leaving now!

Keele: Uh... right...

Farah: Say, why don't we go to the Port of Inferia and put the Boarding Pass to
good use?

Port of Inferia


Guard: Only nobles and merchants with passes are allowed beyond this point.

Farah: We have a pass. See?

Guard: A pass issued by the King!

Guard: You... you can go ahead!


Sailor: This ship is bound for Barole. How about a ride?

Farah: Barole...

Sailor: It's north of Inferia. It's a bustling trade city.

Farah: Hmm. Sounds like a good spot to get more information about the Greater

Sailor: Will you take this ship to Barole Port?

Farah: Yes, please! We want to go!

Sailor: We'll be departing soon! Hurry on aboard!

Meredy: Keele?

Reid: Did you forget something?

Farah: What's the matter?

Keele: I... I can't go.

Farah: What? What do you mean?

Keele: Chancellor Zosimos is asking for my help... to find the Bridge of

Farah: You can't be serious!! You're going to help with the war effor? You
still trust them after what they did?

Meredy: Baiba!

Keele: It was my dream to work at the Royal Observatory of Astronomy.

Farah: ...Fine. Do what you want, Keele.

Keele: ...Goodbye.

Meredy: What?!

Reid: Are we just going to let him go, Farah?

Farah: What can we do? It's his life.

Farah: C'mon! We can do it on our own! No problem!

Sailor: Come on, now! It's time to depart. Getting on or staying off?

Farah: We're getting on!

Reid: Let's go, Meredy!

Meredy: You bet...

Inferia Ship

Farah: I wonder what Keele is doing?

Reid: His dreams came ture. He's probably havingn a great time.

Farah: Meredy, forgive him. Keele also has things he wants to do.

Meredy: Meredy already forgive him. But...

Meredy: Meredy is Celestian. And so maybe Keele will become my enemy?

Farah: N... not at all!

Meredy: Re... really? No?

Farah: Keele just wants to learn many things. He won't be your enemy. ...Trust

Reid: Trust...?

Farah: Hey, are you awake?

Reid: I'm thinking!

Meredy: About?

Reid: N... nothing.

Barole Port

Meredy: Baiba! What a pretty smell!

Reid: I'll say! Smells yummy! I wonder what it is?

Farah: Really, Reid! You're such a glutton! ...But it does smell good.

City of Trade, Barole


Meredy: Baiba! Lots of stores here!

Farah: Everything looks so attractive!

Reid: Don't go wandering off now.

Reid: This beautiful scent must be...

Farah: Reid, don't YOU go wandering off!

**Farah's nosiness**

Reid: It looks like trouble. We better not get involved... Farah?!

Meredy: Too late.

Merchant: What do you want?! Get out of my way now!

Farah: No! I'm not going anywhere. Don't you think it's pathetic for a grown-up
to bully a kid?!



[The merchant hits the kid.]

Farah: What are you DOING?!

[Farah beats the snot outta the merchant.]

Kid: Serves you right!

Farah: Huh? What...?

Merchant: You let him get AWAY! That brat's a habitual thief!!

Farah: HUH?!

Farah: But he's just a kid...

Merchant: Bad kids are bad! To think that we finally got him today... What's
your problem girl?!

Farah: Ah, er, well, it was like... I just didn't know...

Person 1: What kind of excuse is that?!

Person 2: That's right!!

Person 3: We want payback!!

Merchant: Come to think of it... We can use you...

Reid: We're sorry, really! We just came into port...

Merchant: That's a lame excuse!

Reid: That's true...

[A man with a blue hat comes walking onto the scene.]

Man with blue hat: Article 87 of Inferia Trading Law. Employment is only to
take effect when both parties are in accord...

Man with blue hat: In other words, you can't force her to work for you without
her consent.

Merchant: D... do you have a problem?!

Man with blue hat: It's the King's law.

Man with blue hat: Your crates are sticking out 1.5 Lange into the public
street. That's either 3 years in jail or a fine of 1,000 Gald.

Man with blue hat: On top of that, double pricing...? There are no defenses for
such violations...

Man with blue hat: Before you punish a child, maybe you should follow the law
yourself, don't you think?

Merchant: Okay, okay. Please! Forget this happened!

Farah: We're saved! ...I think.

Reid: Farah! Stickin' your nose in when you don't even know what's going on!

Farah: ...Sorry.

Meredy: Wait!!

Farah: Uh... um, thank you so much!

Farah: My name is Farah. Please let us repay you somehow.

Ras: I am... Ras. That was an amusing diversion. It is I who should thank you.

[Farah earns the title of Reckless.]


Farah: Umm... Thank you so much for helping me!

Meredy: Thank you!

Farah: When I thought the kid was getting bullied, I couldn't stand to just

Ras: Are you always so... single-minded?

Farah: ...Huh?

Reid: She's ben that way forever!

Ras: Well. I'm very sorry...

Ras: I feel sorry for those around you.

Reid: So you understand?! ...Understand the trouble I have to deal with?

Farah: When did I ever cause trouble for you?

Reid: It's not the first time something like this has happened!

Reid: When she heard a kid was drowning, she jumped right in and nearly drowned
herself! Do people who can barely swim normally do that?

Reid: And the time before that, she felt sorry for an Egg Bear caught in a trap

Farah: Are you finished? Why do you still remember all of this?

Reid: Because I have to clean up after you EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Ras: I enjoyed the meal.

Meredy: Meredy done too!

Farah: Ahem. You seem quite knowledgeable about the law. What is your
profession, if I may ask?

Reid: A pot?

Ras: It's a double metal pot, made as a decoration for the Royal Family in the
late Melnics Civilization period. Normally 10,000 Gald, it's now only 5,000!

Reid: Are you a merchant?

Ras: You could say that... It's a real bargain. This beauty was found while
exploring Sylph Cavern.

Farah: Sylph Cavern!

Ras: Ah. It's a cave west of Barole.

Ras: The characteristics of this pot are evident on the surface.

Farah: Take us there!

Ras: This pot...

Farah: I don't want it!

Farah: Will you show us the way to Sylph Cavern?

Ras: 50,000 Gald.

Ras: If you pay me 50,000 Gald, I'll show you the way to Sylph Cavern.

Farah: I can't pay that kind of money.

Ras: I see... In that case, I'll show you for free this time. I've been
thinking of going back to Sylph Cavern again, anyway.

Farah: Thank you!

Ras: When you are prepared and ready, meet me in front of the Inn. I'll be
there after I take care of some business.

Farah: Ras!

Farah: I've been wondering... What is that wonderful scent surrounding this

Ras: Oh, that? That's the fragrance of the Donies flowers.

Meredy: Is it the flower on Ras's hat?

Ras: Yes. It's my favorite flower.

Farah: Donies...

Ras: Well, I'll see you later.

Farah: We should get ready, too!

**Outside of Inn**

Meredy: Ras!

[Meredy hugs Ras.]

Meredy: Baiba!

Ras: Watch out!

[Something glows while Meredy is hugging Ras.]

Ras: ...What is this?

Farah: It's the same light as you, Reid.

Quickie: Kweeek, kweee, kweee, keee!

Meredy: Hwee!! Ras has Fibrill, too! Let's go together! For sure! Together!

Quickie: Kweeek, kweee, kweee, keee!

Ras: What in the world is that light...?

Farah: Hmm? I don't know.

Farah: Anyway! C'mon let's go!

Farah: Reid?

Reid: Ah... right.

Sylph Cavern


Reid: Hey, those are Inferia Guards.

Ras: Let me speak to them. Wait here for a moment.

Farah: I wonder if Ras can convince them to let us through...?

Reid: I don't know... Inferia Guards can be as stubborn as mules.

Ras: Sorry to keep you waiting. Let's enter, shall we?

Farah: How did you manage to reason with them? You're such a salesman! You must
be a great talker.

Ras: Is that supposed to be a compliment?

Meredy: You bet! Ras is really something!

Farah: Let's go, Reid.

Reid: Don't you find this strange? It shouldn't be this easy to enter land
annexed by the King...

Farah: It's his aura. The guards probably trust his aura.

Reid: Aura?

Farah: Come on, Reid! Hurry! First thing's first. Let's go find the Wind

**Windy Dilemna**

Ras: You can't cross here. The wind's too strong.

Reid: So what are we supposed to do?

Ras: Stand back.

[Ras tosses a rope across.]

Ras: Now if we hold onto the rope as we cross, we'll be fine.

Reid: Pretty handy item you've got there.

**Camp Scene**

Ras: Being exposed to wind for a long time can take a lot out of you. What do
you think? Maybe it's time to get some rest.

Reid: Huh? I'm still feeling great.

Ras: When you push too hard you wind up having accidents. Let's get some rest!

Meredy: You bet!

Ras: Reid... Your swordplay is impressive. You have a unique style. Where did
you learn it?

Reid: ...Self-taught. I'm a hunter.

Meredy: Hey, hey. Ras, what are you wearing? It's pretty...

Ras: Aaah. This is a Compass Key.

Meredy: Com... pass... key?

Ras: Yes. A Compass Key. It's a key with mysterious power that leads you to the
right path.

Farah: Hey, I've heard about those! So that's what they look like...

Reid: ...Ras. So where does your path lead you?

Ras: Earning money, of course. After all, I'm a merchant.

Ras: If I may ask... why do you all want to meet the Greater Craymels?

Farah: Huh? Is that strange? To want to meet them?

Ras: It doesn't seem to be mere curiosity. I feel that there's a... A sense of

Meredy: Ras knows much. With Greater Craymels, we will...

Reid: W... wait a minute Meredy!

Farah: Why not? Let me explain to Ras. I'm sure he will be able to help us.

Ras: You wish to form a pact with the Greater Craymels to save the world from
the Grand Fall?

Farah: Please believe us. I know this goes against all reasoning, but...

Ras: You seem joyful somehow.

Farah: ...I may have been waiting for a day like this to come for a long time.

Farah: It makes me happy to think that I just might save the lives of people
around the world. And...

Ras: Yes?

Farah: It makes me feel at ease.

Ras: Oh...?

Farah: Knowing that my efforts helped to bring happiness to others makes me
feel... comfortable. I've always felt this way.

Ras: I see. Those are deep wounds...

Ras: What is it that has made you so downhearted? From what do you run?

Farah: Run? Me? ...How rude!! Nothing would make me run!!

Ras: Really?

Farah: Well... dried-up slug carcassess aren't exactly my favorite... But
that's about it.

Ras: ...Heh. I understand. I will broach the subject no more.

Farah: But it's the truth!

Ras: I'm sorry, my dear. Thank you for the interesting chat. Let us sleep... we
have an early morning.

Farah: Yeah... Good night.

**Meeting Sylph**

Farah: Yoo-hoo! Where are you, Greater Craymel...?

Reid: Shhhh, not so loud!

Sylph: Hey there!

Meredy: The Greater Wind Craymel!!

Reid: This twerp?

Sylph: I am Sylph, the Greater Wind Craymel. I congratulate you for making it
this far.

Meredy: Sylph. We have request.

Sylph: I know. You want me to get into that cage, right?

Farah: Please. Undine is already inside.

Sylph: Hmm, what should I do? It's not as if I have nothing else to do.

Reid: If you like, we can show you our strength.

Sylph: Not wasting any time, are you? But what I want to see is your heart, not
your strength.

**After battling Sylph**

Sylph: Hey... you're pretty tough for a bunch of humans!

Meredy: Can you enter the Craymel Cage?

Sylph: Hmm... What should I do?

Reid: Damn it! We have no time to be fooling around!

Ras: Oh great Sylph. We humans are without power. In order to save the world,
we beg you to lend us your power.

Sylph: You're lost without me?

Ras: That is correct. You are our only hope.

Sylph: All right... Fine. I'll get into that thing.

Reid: ...Good griet! He's a real handful.

Sylph: By the way, the Greater Fire Craymel lives in a really hot place. He's
not mature like me, so good luck getting him to cooperate.

Reid: Whew... I'm exhausted.

Meredy: Now Undine and Sylph on our side!

Farah: The Greater Fire Craymel is the only Primary Craymel left. I wonder if
he really is more immature than Sylph?

Reid: At any rate, let's get out of here.

Farah: Good idea.


Quickie: Kueeekeee, kwwwkeee, kwwwkeee, keee...

Meredy: What is it, Quickie?

Reid: You hungry? I'm hungry, too.

Guard: Excuse me...

Ras: Huh? Oh... excuse me a minute.

Quickie: Kweeek, kweeekeee, keee, keee!

Farah: Are we in trouble? Do they know we have Sylph?

Ras: Huh? No, I don't think so.

Reid: What's going on? What did the Inferia Guards say?

Ras: I have a customer. There's someone who is interested in my pot... I am
sorry, but I must be going.

Farah: Huh? You're leaving us, Ras?

Meredy: Noooo! Do not go! Please help, Ras! Ras has lots of Fibrill!

Ras: I must follow the path to which I am called. I am sorry...

Farah: Come on, Meredy! Mustn't be selfish now.

Meredy: Baiba!

Farah: It's okay! We can manage by ourselves. That's right! No problem!

Meredy: You bet...

Farah: Ras, thanks a million for showing us the way. Good luck with your

Ras: ...Thanks. All of you... take care.

Meredy: Hween... So painful...

Farah: What do you mean to say is 'sad'... ...He was a good person. Though he
could be awfully rude...

Reid: ...And just when I thought I could leave the rest to him, he leaves.

Meredy: Nooo, nooo! You can't go away too, Reid!!

Reid: Do you need this weird, glowing thing? What the heck is it, anyway?

Meredy: Strong Fibrill!

Meredy: ...Sorry. Not know how to explain...

Farah: But, you know, Reid, don't you think it's a good thing to be needed?

Reid: I wonder...

[Quickie runs off.]

Meredy: Quickie!

Farah: Uh-oh! Come on, Reid! We better hurry, too!

Quickie: Kweekee, kweekee!

[Keele walks up to the group.]

Meredy: Keele!! What are you doing here?

Quickie: Kweeekeee!

Keele: I learned of your whereabouts in the town of Barole.

Keele: It's a long story...

Keele: By the way... I saw an unfamiliar face go by... Who was that?!

Meredy: That was Ras. A new member of our party. ...Was anyway.

Keele: A new member...? YOu didn't go and tell him everything, did you?

Meredy: You bet! We told everything.

Keele: Why did you do that for?! Are you crazy? Do you want to make us
criminals again?

Quickie: Kweekee keee...

Meredy: But Ras has strong Fibrill...

Keele: So what?! Explain it to me so I can actually understand!

Reid: Keele! Stop scaring Meredy.

Farah: Ras is just a merchant. He wouldn't report us to the King.

Reid: Hey, what I want to know is why ou're here. Why aren't you at the Royal

Reid: Did they send you packing already?

Reid: W... wait a minute. Are you serious...?

Farah: I'm so glad you came back to join us.

Farah: I mean, it was really hard without you, Keele.

Keele: Sorry...

Farah: No, no. You don't need to apologize. Everything is A-okay. Right?

Reid: So, what do we do next?

Farah: We have to find the Greater Fire Craymel, of course. ...In some really
hot place.

Sylph: Here! You can have the Aerialboard.

Sylph: It's one of the Craymel Artes.

Sylph: If you press [Square] at the Map screen, it's on the menu.

Sylph: It can travel over flat land, rivers and ocenas in any world where there
are Wind Craymels.

Sylph: Press [Square] if you want to walk again.

Keele: Are you suggesting we use the Aerialboard to find the Greater Fire
Craymel ourselves?

Sylph: You're a sharp one. I'll give this Arte to you. I wish you well. Bye

Keele: It's hard to believe we now have Sylph's cooperation, too.

Meredy: We have two Greater Craymels. Now we can Fringe!

Keele: Fringe?

Meredy: Make new Craymel Arte!

Meredy: Except, it is no good if Greater Craymels are all in one Craymel Cage.

Meredy: Seperate the Greater Craymels, then Fringe! Give it a try.

Keele: I get it... Depending on how you combine Greater Craymels, different
Craymel Artes are formed.

Keele: If we find more Greater Craymels, we should try out different

Farah: So if they aren't kept seperate, will the Craymel Artes that have
already formed become useless?

Meredy: You bet. Keep Greater Craymels divided. To be strong, that is the

Reid: Can you imagine how many different Craymel Artes can be formed by trying
different combinations?

Reid: Keele, you figure out the rest!

Keele: What's the Lv that appears when you view a Greater Craymel?

Meredy: Lv? ...Oh! You mean Level!

Meredy: If Greater Craymel gains experience and Level goes up, we can form many
more Craymel Artes.

Keele: That must mean... If we raise the Levels and then Fringe, we can form
more powerful Craymel Artes!

Meredy: You bet! Right, Reid?

Keele: It's no use asking Reid. All this stuff probably goes right over his

Reid: Oh, yeah?!

City of Scorched Sand, Chambard


Reid: Man, it's hot!

Keele: Chambard is famous for its exreme heat, but I never thought it'd be this

Farah: It seems silly to even be wearing clothes... Don't you think, Meredy?

Farah: Meredy, are you all right?!

Meredy: ...Meredy ...all right.

Farah: Is the climate in Celestia different from Inferia?

Meredy: It is a dark, cool world. Very cool.

Reid: I'm starting to wish I were there now.

Meredy: Celestia is nice place. You should visit.

Farah: Meredy! Don't faint on us!

Meredy: You bet...

Efreet Gorge


Reid: Whew! It's hot here! There's no way we can stand this heat. It's too

Farah: You always give up way too easily! We'll find a way!

Reid: How?

Farah: Well, um...

Keele: Undine!!

Undine: So, you have arrived at Efreet Gorge...

Keele: Yes. We're here to find the Greater Fire Craymel. Can you help us get

Undine: You cannot touch the fire?

Reid: We'd get burned.

Farah: Undine, aren't you hot?

Undine: Craymels can cross freely between the physical and spiritual worlds. We
do not feel heat.

Reid: Huh... How convenient.

Meredy: How lucky!

Keele: Undine, I thank you for helping us.

Meredy: Thank you!

Undine: I will use my power to protect you from the heat as long as I can.

Undine: But be careful. I can only suppress the heat. It may still be quite

Farah: Summoning Undine was a great idea, Keele!

Keele: Let's hurry. We don't know how long Undine's effects will last.

**Camp Scene**

Farah: Keele! Are you all right?

Keele: I... I'm fine.

Reid: Let's take a break.

Keele: Really! I'm fine!

Reid: I don't want to wind up carrying you.

Farah: I'm tired, too. We've been walking for ages. Let's rest!

Reid: Keele, are you weaker than you were back when we were kids?

Farah: Reid, I told you to quit it!

Farah: Keele has been busy with his studies, you know. It's natural for him to
get tired with all this sudden exertion.

Farah: Keele... are you really okay?

Keele: ...Heh. Boy, I'm pathetic. I've got Farah worrying about me again, like
I'm still a snot-nosed kid.

Farah: That's not true, Keel! I know you're not a kid anymore.

Meredy: You bet!

Meredy: Keele knows very many things! You are very, very wise but not perfect.
I can help. We are friends. Pals!

Farah: Right! Just like Meredy says! We all help each other. Nobody is good at

Keele: You've always been so nice, Farah. Always trying to help out strangers.
You weren't just a mean boss.

Farah: Really...? I don't know...

Farah: Hey, wait a minute Keele! Who was a mean boss?!

Keele: I... sorry, sorry!

Reid: As mighty as ever...

Keele: Strange. This door won't open.

Keele: There's something engraved on it...

Keele: Show the power of light, and the door will open.

Reid: The power... of light?

Undine: Even my powers are not enough to protect you from these flames.

Undine: Pass through quickly when the flames go out. Please be careful...

Reid: Oww! Sooo hot!

Farah: This heat is terrible!

Keele: Shh! The Greater Craymel should be around here somewhere...

[Efreet appears.]

Meredy: Eek!

Reid: Gasp!

Keele: Aaahhh!

Farah: Help!

Efreet: Reckless, foolish humans! Remember your place!

**After defeating Efreet**

Farah: Meredy! Be careful!

Efreet: Rahrr!! Come!!

Meredy: Baiba!!

Undine: Efreet, stop! How disgraceful...

Efreet: Undine... Have you become a slave to these humans?!

Undine: I entered the Craymel Cage of my own free will. Surely you must know
the situation...?

Efreet: I'm the Greater Fire Craymel! I can't simply leave and abandon my
duties here!

Undine: It is precisely because you are a Greater Craymel that we need you.

Undine: Raise the Craymel Cage!!

Efreet: Aaarghhh!!

Reid: Hey, wait a minute... Is it really okay to just force him in?!

Keele: Undine! Are you all right?

Reid: Wh... what? What's happening?

Farah: We're not getting punished, are we?

Meredy: Eek!!

[The Greater Light Craymel appears.]

Keele: You... you are... The Greater Light Craymel... Rem?!

Rem: That is correct.

Meredy: The greatest Greater Craymel?!

Keele: That's right. Rem is a Governing Craymel that unifies the three Primary
Craymels under her.

Farah: Rem, we have a favor to ask you! We would like you to stop the Grand

Rem: That, I cannot do.

Keele: NO...

Rem: You, the humans alone, have caused this problem. It is a problem that must
be solved by humans.

Keele: Are you saying the Grand Fall is caused by humans?

Rem: Here. Take this.

[Party receives the Sorcerer's Ring.]

Rem: It's a Sorcerer's Ring!

Rem: Use the ring to cross the Bridge of Light.

Farah: The Bridge of Light?!

Keele: Rem, wait!! We have many more questions to ask!

Sylph: Ha ha! What's the matter?!

Keele: Where did Rem go?

Efreet: Who knows?

Farah: Is Rem in the Craymel Cage?

Sylph: Of course not! Don't you know? Rem is a Governing Craymel.

Keele: Undine!

Undine: Rem is no longer here. You must trust in what she said and continue
your duties.

Reid: Continue your duties? But...

Undine: Take very good care of the Sorcerer's Ring.

Keele: There's got to be a way to open these doors...

Farah: Keele, why don't we try the Sorcerer's Ring we just received?

Reid: Sure.

Keele: I suppose it's worth a try...

Meredy: Keele...?

Keele: Meredy! Did you know? The Grand Fall is the work of humans! You knew it,
didn't you?

Meredy: ...It was Balir.

Keele: Balir? Who exactly is that?

Meredy: Celestia's [something in Melnics]

Meredy: He is like a King. It is Balir who is behind the Grand Fall.

Farah: So the Celestians do want to destroy Eternia?

Keele: The Celestians... It was the Celestians after all... They were the
masterminds behind the Grand Fall!

Meredy: Not true! Balir did it all alone! Inferians and Celestians both in

Keele: Oh yeah? So then why have you kept silent up til now?

Quickie: Kuweeekeee...

Meredy: ...I could not explain well. Was afraid... I am sorry! Please? Trust

Reid: Say... Do all Celestians have dark skin and glass beads on their heads
like you?

Meredy: You bet... All have Elara.

Reid: Even Balir?

Meredy: ...No. Balir has none. His forehead is light. Like yours.

Reid: Say... do you remember the name of the man who crossed over to Celestia?

Farah: Umm... wasn't it...

Keele: Balir...?

Reid: Do you think that's just a coincidence?

Keele: It can't be!! The mastermind behind the Grand Fall is... Balir...? An

Reid: I don't know... ...but I think it's too early to assume that the
Celestians are the bad guys.

Farah: Meredy... ...I believe in you. I trust you all the way.

Meredy: Thank you!

Reid: Well then, why don't we begin our search for the Bridge of Light?

Meredy: Reid...

Reid: No, all I meant was that we'll stick by you until we find the Bridge of
Light. I didn't mean anything serious...

Keele: ...Mt. Farlos.

Keele: The Bridge of Light is on Mt. Farlos.

Reid: How do you know, Keele?!

Keele: I heard it... at the Royal Observatory.

Reid: Good job!

Meredy: Keele... Thank you.

Keele: Let's just get going.

Keele: I dislike intuition and inferences. I need to confirm the cause of the
Grand Fall with my own eyes.

Farah: Okay! Let's head for Mt. Farlos. No problem!!

Meredy: I... I like you all... so much.

Quickie: Kuweekeee, kuweekeee!!

Farlos Sanctuary


Keele: So this is the famous Mt. Farlos sanctuary, the birthplace of the
Seyfert's Teachings.

Reid: That is one BIG stained-glass window!

Keele: I gather it's a picture of the god of creation, Seyfert, descending from
the heavens.

Farah: Wow... it's breathtaking.

Keele: Let's rest first. Mountain climbing and exhaustion don't exactly mix

Farah: Meredy...

Meredy: Hmm?

Farah: Celestia... What kind of place is it?

Meredy: It is very much darker than Inferia. Winds not blow, but very, very

Meredy: And... many many many machines!!

Keele: Machines? Are you telling me the technology is more advanced than
Inferia? That's impossible!

Meredy: It's true!

Keele: Well... we'll know when we get there. If we ever reach Celestia, we'll
know everything.

Reid: You all... are really planning on going to Celestia?

Farah: ...Reid, you're not... going?

Reid: Didn't you listen to Zosimos? That guy Balir... he crossed the Bridge of
Light and never came back!

Farah: But Meredy came to Inferia, so don't you think we can make it, too?

Reid: But even if we can make it to Celestia... It's a totally unknown world!
We don't know WHAT might happen!

Keele: That's exactly why I want to go.

Reid: Arrghh! Haven't you guys ever heard of better safe than sorry?

Meredy: Reid, let's go together. We need you.


Priest: Hold on there, young lady!

Farah: Who... me?

Priest: Yes. You have cured many with your healing powers, have you not...?

Farah: Well, I can't just leave them there.

Priest: Seyfert is ever watching your actions from above.

Priest: You will be granted a new divine skill.

Farah: Really? I'd better be thankful to Seyfert!

[Farah learns Life.]

Priest: May Seyfert's blessing be upon you...

Mt. Farlos


Farah: Even up close like this...

Reid: It's tall!

Reid: Keele, are you all right?

Keele: All right what?

Reid: It's pretty steep. Do you think you're tough enough to make it?

Keele: The legendary Bridge of Light is up there! I'm going, and that's all
there is to it!

Reid: Well... hang in there.

Farah: Okay, let's go!

Reid: ...Are we all okay?

Reid: Hey! Are you all right?

Reid: Do you hurt anywhere? Can you understand me?

Meredy: Meredy was so scared!

Keele: ...Where's Farah?

Reid: Farah!

Meredy: Quickie, do you smell Farah?

Quickie: Kwee...

Meredy: Doesn't look like she's here...

Reid: Farah! Farah!

Keele: Hey, that's enough! All you're doing is attracting monsters!

Reid: If we don't hurry up and find her, Farah could be attacked by monsters,

Keele: Well, then don't just run around like an idiot. Let's figure this out
logically, all right?

Reid: Yeah... okay.


Farah: Wait, wait!

Farah: Reid? Keele? Where are you? Come back!

?: Farah...

Farah: That voice... Ras?

?: Farah... Thank goodness...

Farah: Ras... Is it you, Ras?

Meredy: Reid?

Keele: What's the matter?

Reid: Huh? Oh, I dunno... I'm just getting a bad feeling...

Keele: Don't be stupid! I'm sure she's fine! It's Farah we're talking about
here, remember?

Reid: Yeah... I guess you're right.

Reid: Who knows? She might be waiting for us at the top already.

Meredy: Yeah, Meredy bet she is!

Keele: *Gasp!*

Reid: Do you see her?!

Keele: Look at this volcanic rock!

Keele: See how the Craymel Stone element in it is a swirl pattern? This is an
extremely rare form! It's the first time I've seen a speciman like this in

Reid: Hey! We're looking for Farah, remember?!

Reid: Yo, Keele!

Keele: It's Farah!

Keele & Meredy: Farah!!

Farah: Reid! Keele! Meredy!! You're all okay!!

Reid: Never mind us! What about you?

Farah: Look who saved me!

Keele: Isn't that the guy from Sylph Cavern...?

Reid: Yeah, it's that merchant, Ras.

Meredy: Ras! You're back?

Farah: We ran into each other coincidentally! Ras just happened to be on the

Keele: Coincidentally, huh...

Reid: How do we get over there?

Ras: It doesn't look like you can with this terrain condition!

Ras: Let's all head for the top! The paths should meet up there!

Reid: How can you be so sure?

Ras: I come up here all the time to dig up ancient treasures!

Farah: Don't worry about me! We'll meet you at the top!

Keele: Doesn't that guy seem awfully suspicious?

Reid: Anyway... We'd better head for the top...

Keele: Right.

Ras: Watch out!

Farah: Sorry! I tripped.

Ras: Your leg must still be hurting... Shall we take a break?

Farah: No, I'm fine. Really. The fate of the world depends on this little
adventure. I've go to keep going.

Ras: Farah, why are you so determined?

Ras: You're a talented martial artist. And I admire the unselfish way you're
devoting yourself to helping the world.

Ras: But... You are just a commoner.

Ras: Even if you're right about the Greater Craymels being able to stop the
Grand Fall, it's still the Empire's responsibility. You shouldn't get so

Farah: We went to the King first, but nobody believed us. So we decided that we
had to do something on our own!

Ras: So you don't mind if you end up as an enemy of the Empire and get killed?

Farah: Of course not! This is for the good of everyone! It's the right thing to

Farah: Am I... strange?

Ras: Uh... No. It's just that I never met anyone who thinks like you.

Farah: So I am weird then. Is that it?

Ras: Maybe a little. But that's also what makes you fascinating...

Farah: Don't look at me like I'm some kind of rare animal!

Ras: I'm sorry. I'm in no position to psychoanalyze you or anything. Don't take
it to heart, okay?

Reid: Whew! We've come a long way!

Meredy: Whew! Meredy is beat!

Reid: Guess we'll rest.

Keele: Okay.

Reid: Keele, why are you quiet?

Keele: Why should I speak without reason?

Reid: I'm just concerned. I thought you might be fatigued.

Keele: I don't need you worrying about me.

Keele: What about you? You've gotten quiet yourself since Farah disappeared.

Meredy: That is true. Reid is much more quiet.

Reid: That's got nothing to do with this!

Keele: That guy Ras, he's a handsome guy...

Reid: I guess so...

Keele: Very graceful gentleman... Almost a regal quality to him...

Keele: I suppose a hot-tempered girl like Farah needs an older, more
experienced man of the world.

Reid: Why are you looking at me like that?!

Meredy: Why is Reid so angry now?

Reid: I... I... I'm not angry! It's just that Keele is... He's... Aw! Forget



Meredy: ...Reid is angry.

Ras: When did you first meet your Celestian friend?

Farah: You mean Meredy?

Ras: Hmm? Yes, her.

Ras: Did you really run into Meredy purely by chance?

Farah: Yeah, completely by chance. I mean... literally... she just dropped
right out of the sky!

Farah: It was wild. Her flying ship blew up, and we couldn't even communicate
with her at first...

Ras: So you believed her right from the start, even though you couldn't
understand what she was saying? Why do you believe her?

Farah: I don't know why, exactly...

Farah: Do I have to have a reason to believe her?

Ras: If you believe everyone discriminately, you'll get hurt someday. But
ironically, you can't live without believing in someone.

Ras: That's the paradox of believing in others. Don't you think?

Farah: What about you, Ras? Do you believe in someone?

Ras: I believe in... my mother.

Farah: Your mother?

Ras: She died when I was little... but...

Farah: What was she like? Will you describe her to me?

Ras: She was a wonderful person...

Ras: *Cough* ...Excuse me. I'm talking nonsense. We should get going.

Keele: There are ropes here that somebody must have left.

Reid: Too bad we can't reach them.

Quickie: Kwee, kweeekeee!!

Meredy: Quickie! Will you go for us?

Quickie: Kweeekeee!

Meredy: If Meredy says There, check the area. If Meredy says Now, try to climb,

Quickie: Kweeekeee!!

Meredy: And jump when Meredy says Go. Okay, Quickie?

Quickie: Kwee kweeekeee!!

Reid: Does Quickie really understand? ...I guess we have no choice but to rely
on Quickie.

Quickie: Kweeekeee!!

Keele: There it is! I see the summit!!

Meredy: Is Farah there?

Reid: She'd better be!

Meredy: There she is! Farah!!

Meredy: We found you, Farah!

Farah: I'm sorry for making you worry!

Farah: We're back together again!

Keele: I'm glad you're okay.

Reid: We thought you were a goner!

Farah: Same goes here! I had Ras with me, so I had nothing to worry about.

Keele: So you're Ras? I'm Keele. I'm a student at Mintche University.

Keele: We're indebted to you for saving Farah.

Ras: No need to thank me.

Keele: Well, we must part with Ras now and continue forward. Shall we move on?

Meredy: Let Ras help us! Ras has amazing Fibrill!

Keele: What lies ahead is our problem. Ras isn't involved in this!

Farah: But Ras is involved now!

Ras: That's okay, Farah. Actually, I saw an interesting spot on the way up
here. Let us part now.

Ras: I'm sure we'll meet again someday, just like we did today.

Farah: ...I hope we do. Thank you for everything!

Ras: Well, if you will excuse me, I'll be on my way.

[Ras leaves.]

Meredy: We need the... Fibrill.

Keele: Huh? This door won't open...

**Stone Sanctum**

Reid: I don't see any bridge around here!

Meredy: Baiba! Meredy's Craymel Cage is glowing!!

Keele: Mine too. It seems to be resonating...

Keele: Meredy! Come over here!! ...Be careful though.

Meredy: You bet.

Farah: Both of you, be careful!

Keele: There! That's good. Now, on the cound of three, we place our hands on
the stone monument.

Keele: On the count of three, okay? You got it?

Meredy: Meredy got it! Meredy is not stupid!

Keele: ...Hmph! Well, here we go. One, two...

Meredy: Three!!

Farah: Keele! Meredy!

Reid: What's going on?!

Meredy: Aaah! Meredy melt in the light!

Keele: Don't... worry... If that journal is correct... ...there should be...

Reid: Rem?!

Rem: You must be prepared to cross over to the other world. There's no
returning from the Bridge of Light. Do you understand?

Farah: Of course! We've made up our minds!

Keele: Rem! Please allow us to cross the Bridge of Light!

Keele: This is it! This is the Bridge of Light!

Reid: It's really... just a light.

Keele: That's right. If we go into the light, the path to Celestia will reveal

Keele: That's what it said in the research journal that Balir left.

Meredy: The Bridge of Light! Yay! Meredy can go back to Celestia!!

Ras: Hold it! I can't allow you to go any further.

Farah: Ras?!

Meredy: What's... wrong?

Keele: What's the meaning of this?

Ras: As an Imperial Knight, I cannot allow Celestia to have such power.

Reid: Imperial Knight?

Ras: My name is Rassius. I am the Senior Knight of the Inferia Empire, Rassius

Farah: You're... not... serious...

Keele: I thought you seemed suspicious, but I never would have guessed you to
be that renowned Senior Knight!

Ras: You're just as famous as I am! The traitor, Keele Zeibel!

Reid: A traitor? Keele, just what did you do at the Observatory?

Ras: He burned Balir's research journal on the Bridge of Light. But the
information is all right there in his head.

Farah: Keele... Is that why you stayed behind at the Observatory?

Reid: So you've been tailing us all along, haven't you, Ras?!

Ras: That may be the way it turned out, but that's not exactly right.

Meredy: Compass Key?

Ras: I was simply being guided by this Seyfert Key, entrusted to me by the

Keele: I've read somewhere that since the founding of the Empire, a Compass Key
was kept at the castle as an Imperial treasure.

Ras: Exactly. This key, which has always remained silent, started to point to a
particular location a few months ago.

Ras: Under the King's orders, I've been investigating what the Seyfert Key was
trying to tell us.

Ras: And during my investigation, I ran into you again and again. Is this
merely a coincidence?

Keele: What are you trying to say?

Ras: What you are doing is a threat to the peace of the Empire. The Seyfert Key
has been tring to warn us of that.

Ras: That is the obvious conclusion.

Farah: But listen, Ras!

Farah: The reason we're going to Celestia is to stop the Grand Fall. This is
also to protect Inferia!

Farah: You've got to believe us!

Ras: I believe in the word of the King! No you commoners!

Farah: I'm sorry it has to be like this, Ras...

Farah: But, if you're not going to move out of our way, we'll MAKE you move!

Ras: Face me!

Ras: Urg...!

Keele: This is not good. His reinforcements are comnig this way!

Meredy: Everyone go! Hurry! Hurry!

Keele: Cross the Bridge of Light!

Reid: Are you serious? I... I'm not ready!

?: There they are! Get them!

Reid: Oh man!

Reid: Come on, Farah!

Farah: ...Okay! Let's go!!

Meredy: We're finally here!

Keele: This is... Celestia!

Meredy: Hwee!! Celestia. Meredy born here, grow up here.

Keele: And that's Inferia above. ...It makes me dizzy.

Meredy: From Celestia, it's Inferia that is the upside-down world.

Reid: Wow...

Keele: The colors of the sky and the sea are both different from Inferia.

Keele: The sun is dark... ...and there's no wind.

Keele: But the greatest difference is... the air! The air feels different from
that of Inferia!!

Meredy: Just like the Craymel scholar. You are correct!

Keele: ...That's it! The Craymels are different!! Are the Craymels that reside
in Inferia and Celestia different?!

Meredy: You bet! Correct!!

Keele: ...Meredy!

Keele: You really ARE a... ...a Celestian!

Meredy: Whaaat?! I've said that so many times! You did not believe?!

Keele: How could I believe it until I...

Keele: I stood on the very ground.

Reid: Hey...

Reid: Are we... going to spend the rest of our lives here?

Keele: Reid! I can't believe you! We've come all the way to Celestia and that's
all you can say?

Farah: Why did we come here? I...

Farah: Oh, it's nothing... it's just that... we've come so far...

Meredy: Tired bodies must rest. Let's go to the Town of Imen. All will be

Meredy: Imen, the place where Meredy grew up. A nice place.

Keele: Even if it's your hometown, we are Inferians. ...Will we be okay?

Meredy: Not matter. No worries!

Keele: Well... Staying put isn't going to help us any. Let's go.

Meredy: Hwee!!

Reid: Are you okay?

Farah: Huh?! What? I'm okay! This is only the beginning! It's no time to be

[This Tales of Destiny II Game Script is copyright 2002 S. Heighton]