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                       TALES OF DESTINY II TITLE FAQ 1.0
                       by Vilurum (VilurumX@hotmail.com)

Table of Contents

Section 0: Disclaimer and Introduction
Section 1: Titles and Requirements
Section 2: Unavailable Titles
Section 3: Hint List
Section 4: General Comments
Section 5: Appendix/Lists
Section 6: Title-related GameShark Codes
Section 7: Requests
Section 8: Credits

Section 0: Disclaimer and Introduction

This document is copyright 2002 Cyrus Rodgers. It may not be reproduced for any
profitable purpose. It may be placed *in its entirety* on any website provided
it remains unchanged and credit for writing it is given to the author (that is,
me). Responsibility for keeping those copies updated falls upon the respective
site maintainers. The newest version of this guide can be found at GameFAQs, at
www.gamefaqs.com. If you wish to put this guide on your site, you do not need
to ask me, or notify me. If you ask me and I do not reply, it's because I have
assumed you read this paragraph and therefore already know your answer.


I created this FAQ basically because I arbitrarily took an interest in ToD2's
titles, but couldn't find any compilation of where or how to get them. Some in
one guide, some in another, some differing on the requirements to learn them...
and some, such as Keele's "Sleepy Head", not mentioned whatsoever. So I decided
I'd compile all the title info into one definitive guide, to be kept up-to-date
on any updated title info, rather than have such a contribution (to a more all-
encompassing guide) fall under the category of "ok, that's neat, but not very
useful to gameplay." So, for your benefit and enjoyment, here is a guide cover-
ing our favorite useless titles. :)

Section 1: Titles and Requirements

Here is the meat of the guide, consisting of every title for each character and
the requirements for each. In the column to the left is either (A), (R) or (?).

(A) indicates the title is automatic - you get no notice when you get it.
(R) indicates the title is received - you get a little message and victory
music when you get it.
(?) is when I don't know which of the above it is, and applies only to the
three unavailable Etapoke-based titles. See section 2 for more on that.



(A) Hunter - Reid has this by default.
(A) Squire - Get Reid to level 10.
(A) Master Swordsman - Get Reid to level 30.
(A) Knight - Get Reid to level 60.
(A) Legendary Knight - Get Reid to level 99.
(A) Supreme Patriot - Have Reid learn all his skills. See section 5.
(A) Aurora Master - Learn the three Aurora Arte skills. (Basically automatic.)
(A) Gourmet Master - Master all 35 dishes (except Dark Pot). See section 5.
(R) Explorer - Find all seven treasures of Celestia. See section 5.
(R) Lens Hunter - Find all 60 Lenses, then talk to Irene in Chambard/Tinnsia.
(R) Namco Teacher - Answer all 30 beginner questions correctly at Mintche.
(R) Namco Professor - Answer all 30 intermediate questions correctly at
(R) Namco Otaku - Answer all 30 advanced questions correctly at Mintche.
(R) Gladiator - Beat Cress in the arena in Inferia City.
(A) Fastest Man - See the conversation at the entrance of Shizel Castle within
    20.0 hours of gameplay.
(A) Sonic Warrior - Win any battle within 1 second. Easiest in Rasheans Forest.
(A) Speedster - See the conversation at the entrance of Shizel Castle with an
    average battle time at or under 15.0 seconds.
(?) Albain Knight - Unavailable. See section 2.
(R) Master Coxswain - Get a time of under 1'06 on the river rafting mini-game.
(R) Master Roller - Play and win Craymel Ball in Mintche on discs 2-3.
(R) Trolley Bomber - Get 20,000+ points on the Craymel Express mini-game
    between Luishka and the Mine of Gnome.
(R) King of Balloons - Beat all 5 rounds of Chamballoon in Chambard.
(R) WHIS Master - Play WHIS at the Jini Casino and win, with over 1000 points
    for Reid.
(R) Hustler - Play WHIS at the Jini Casino and win.
(R) King of Hunger - Play Carousel Sushi in Tinnsia and win.
(R) Kaiser - Add an arcade to Van Eltia in Inferia Port, then play the combat
    sim mini-game in Van Eltia and score 10,000+ points.
(A) Millionaire - Have 10,000,000+ Gald (you keep the title even if you then go
    on to spend it).
(A) Berserker - Win a total of 256 battles in Hard/Hardcore modes. These can be
    256+ Hard, or 256+ Hardcore, or some combination of both which totals 256+.
(A) Combo Master - Have the maximum combo you've performed be 100 or more. 99
    is NOT enough.
(A) Survivor - Get killed, and choose Retry, 100 times or more.
(R) Pro Roller - Play and win Craymel Ball in Mintche on disc 1.
(R) Star Dancer - Score at least 8.00 pts playing the 2-player dance mini-game
    in Jini.
(R) Mathematician - Win the 3 rock pile mini-game in Barole.
(R) Nouveau Rich - Earn 100,000+ jini at the Jini auction house.



(A) Farmer - Farah has this by default.
(A) Fighter - Get Farah to level 10.
(A) Kung Fu Master - Get Farah to level 30.
(A) Silent Assassin - Get Farah to level 60.
(A) Iron Fist - Get Farah to level 99.
(A) Ultimate Beauty - Have Farah learn all her skills. See section 5.
(A) Kitchen Specialist - Master all 35 dishes (except Dark Pot). See section 5.
(R) Reckless - Gained automatically in Barole.
(A) Story Teller - Unavailable. See section 2 and section 3.
(R) 3-Star Chef - Win the first round of the Chambard cooking contest.
(R) Kitchen Star - Win the second round of the Chambard cooking contest.
(R) Warrior Chef - Win the third round of the Chambard cooking contest.
(R) Cupid - See all six Katrine events on disc 1, then meet Katrine and Pierre
    at the royal observatory in Inferia City on disc 3. See section 5.
(?) <blank> - Unavailable. See section 2.



(A) Student - Keele has this by default.
(A) Graduate Student - Get Keele to level 10.
(A) Ph.D. Student - Get Keele to level 30.
(A) Professor - Get Keele to level 60.
(A) Chancellor - Get Keele to level 99.
(R) Craymel Master - Obtain all ten Greater Craymels. See section 5.
(A) Grand Chef - Master all 35 dishes (except Dark Pot). See section 5.
(A) Curator - Have every item listed in the Collector's Book.
(A) King of Monsters - Have every monster listed - does not need to have
    complete data - in the Monster Collection.
(R) Sleepy Head - After Keele's all-nighter in Imen's laboratory, put him in
    the front of the party (so he's the character you see on the field screen),
    and talk to Bonz in Imen.
(R) Dr. Mintche - Go to Light Craymel Laboratory in Mintche on discs 2-3. See
    note in section 2.



(A) Foreigner? - Meredy has this by default.
(A) Breeder - Get Meredy to level 30.
(A) Trainer - Get Meredy to level 60.
(A) Appraiser - Get Meredy to level 99.
(A) Fringe Master - Create every spell by fringing. See section 5.
(A) Charismatic Cook - Master all 35 dishes (except Dark Pot). See section 5.
(R) Performer? - Gained automatically at Rasheans River Pier.
(R) Craymel Mage? - Gained automatically at Mintche University.
(R) Craymel Engineer - Gained automatically in Imen when returning for fuel.
(?) Flying Dancer - Unavailable. See section 2.
(R) Choo-choo Girl - Successfully deliver at least 3 letters to each of the
    people along the route of the Craymel Express mini-game between Imen and
(R) Dance Queen - Score at least 8.00 pts playing the 1-player dance mini-game
    in Jini.



(A) Traveling Salesman - Ras has this by default.
(A) Mr. Incorrigible - Get Ras to level 30.



(A) Captain - Chat has this by default.
(A) Voyager - Get Chat to level 20.
(A) Pirate - Get Chat to level 40.
(A) Viking - Get Chat to level 60.
(A) Sea King - Get Chat to level 99.
(A) Gadget Master - Have Chat learn all her skills. See section 5.
(A) Kitchen King - Master all 35 dishes (except Dark Pot). See section 5.
(R) First Officer - Win the "Around the Celestia" mini-game in under 2'32.
(R) Sea Lover - Get the Van Eltia's final (Aibird) conversion.
(R) Interior Decorator - Add something to all four of Van Eltia's cabins.



(A) Boss - Max has this by default.
(A) Ruler - Get Max to level 30.
(A) Almighty - Get Max to level 60.
(A) Immortal - Get Max to level 99.
(A) Craymel Shooter - Have Max learn all his skills. See section 5.
(A) Head Chef - Master all 35 dishes (except Dark Pot). See section 5.
(R) Mr. Carefree - Obtained automatically at Ruins of Volt.

Section 2: Unavailable Titles

Reid's "Albain Knight"

This is the title from the Etapoke1 mini-game, which can't be played in the US
version. Etapoke1 was originally obtained through the Grip Sword sidequest in
Inferia City.


Farah's "Story Teller"

This title is gained by triggering every hint through the course of the game.
Although the game does cheerfully hand out this title if you use a cheat device
to tell it you've triggered more hints than you have, some hints are simply
unavailable for a variety of reasons, and even if you trigger every legitimate
hint, it apparently is not enough. See section 3 for a detailed hint list.


Farah's blank title

This is the title from the Etapoke4 mini-game. Etapoke4 was originally obtained
through the Banrea sidequest in Rasheans etc. However, since this title is
blank regardless, missing out on it is not a significant loss.


Keele's "Dr. Mintche"

This was originally the title from the Etapoke3 mini-game, but for some reason
you can get it anyway as if you'd already completed the mini-game. Etapoke3 was
originally obtained through the Ticket Puncher sidequest in Imen and Luishka.
Completing that may, perhaps, be an additional prerequisite to the title.


Meredy's "Flying Dancer"

This is the title from - you guessed it - the Etapoke2 mini-game. Etapoke2 was
originally obtained from the conversation with Lotte and Bonz when Meredy shows
you around Imen.

Section 3: Hint List

Note that spoilers abound, both in the hints themselves and my comments for
them. To listen to these, go to the sound test, go to Talk (only available in
a starred game, like Hardcore mode and Nereid's Labyrinth), and put in 264 plus
the appropriate hint number for the hints (which are 265-343). All other values
seem to be blank ...

Quick list of inaccessible hints: #08, #20, #26, #29, #35, #38, #49, #50, #55,
#60, #70, #73, #76, #77, #79.

This brings the total number of hints you can legitimately see to 64 out of 79,
01-75 of which are plot related, 76-79 are generic. Whatever the cutoff for
Farah's "Story Teller" is, it's higher than that.



#01: Farah: You'll find Mintche at the lower reaches of Big River Rasheans. No

Trigger after leaving Rasheans.

#02: Farah: Let's go to Regulus Dojo. I haven't been there in ages!

Trigger after events at Rasheans River Pier.

#03: Farah: I should go visit my teacher. Let's go to the dojo.

Trigger after entering Regulus Dojo and having the talk at base of steps.

#04: Farah: Let's go to Rasheans River Pier. We shouldn't keep Paollo waiting.

Trigger after events in Regulus Dojo.

#05: Farah: Mintche is a port city full of university students. It's near the

Trigger after rafting down the river.

#06: Farah: Do you know where Keele lives? Let's go to Mintche University and
    find out.

Trigger after entering Mintche and seeing initial talk.

#07: Farah: Mountain climbing is no easy task. Let's go prepared.

Trigger after learning Keele's whereabouts from Zank in Mintche.

#08: Farah: We should find Keele at the top of this mountain. I can't wait to
     see him!

*** Cannot trigger. Presumably some event/talk in Mt. Mintche would allow this,
but there is no such event.

#09: Keele: We'll need to travel through Nostos Cave to get to Morle.

Trigger after recruiting Keele in Mt. Mintche Observatory.

#10: Keele: Morle is a village built atop a tree.

Trigger after camp scene in Nostos Cave.

#11: Keele: What are you doing!? Do you expect to accomplish anything without
     visiting Professor Mazet first?

Trigger after seeing conversation in front of Mazet's house (do not enter it).

#12: Keele: Where is Undine Stream? Before you ask, why don't you try to find
     it yourself? That's what a map is for.

Trigger after leaving Morle.

#13: Keele: Let's hurry up and go to the river source. Finally, a chance to
     meet the Water Craymel in person!

Trigger after conversation with Undine halfway through Undine Stream.

#14: Reid: According to the map, to reach Inferia City, I think we've gotta go
     through the Forest of Temptation.

Trigger after finishing events in Undine Stream.

#15: Keele: Is everyone okay? In the Forest of Temptation, watch out for lost
     souls hunting for a body to snatch.

Trigger after initial conversation upon entering Forest of Temptation.

#16: Reid: Brrrr! That forest is so eerie! Let's hurry up and go to Inferia
     City, where it's more pleasant.

Trigger after getting through Forest of Temptation.

#17: Farah: And where do you think you're going? We need to go see the king!

Trigger after initial conversation in Inferia City.

#18: Farah: Now that we have a boarding pass, we can travel on a ship. Let's
     go to the Port of Inferia!

Trigger after events in Inferia City.

#19: Meredy: Board the ship from the port! Hurry, hurry! Go find Greater

Trigger after initial conversation/presentation of boarding pass in port.

#20: Farah: Barole! A city surrounded by such a magnificent scent! Let's go, I
     can't wait to see!

*** Cannot trigger. You should get it after the ship ride, but instead get #78.

#21: Farah: We're just going to get tired if we keep walking around in circles.
     Let's talk to the townspeople.

Trigger after initial conversation in Barole.

#22: Ras: Sylph Cavern is to the west of Barole. But, are you really going

Trigger after recruiting Ras in Barole.

#23: Farah: The winds in the cavern are vicious, but we've got to do our best
     to meet the Greater Craymel.

Trigger after Ras convinces the Sylph Cavern guards to let you through.

#24: Keele: Let's make sure we comb all of the hot spots.

Trigger after Keele rejoins after completing Sylph Cavern.

#25: Farah: To meet the Fire Craymel, it looks like we have no other choice but
     to endure the boiling gorge.

Trigger after initial conversation in Efreet Gorge when Undine cools it down.

#26: Meredy: Where is the Bridge of Light? Hmm?

*** Cannot trigger. Presumably the time interval would be between getting
Efreet, and hearing the bridge's location from Keele on the way out, but it's
obviously not possible to return to the map in that period.

#27: Keele: Mount Farlos is the highest mountain in Inferia.

Trigger after finishing events in Efreet Gorge.

#28: Farah: Mount Farlos looks dangerous. Let's go well-prepared.

Trigger after initial conversation in Farlos Sanctuary.

#29: Reid: Dammit! I hope Farah is safe. Let's worry about it once we reach the

*** Cannot trigger. Presumably the time interval is between when Farah is
separated from the party and when she rejoins at the summit, but you can't
leave until she's rejoined. (If you leave after she rejoins, you get #78.)



#30: Meredy: Imen east of Cape Fortress. Very close. Let's go!

Trigger after events in Cape Fortress at start of disc 2.

#31: Meredy: First we go over Dragon Rock Mountain. Ride on Craymel Express.

Trigger after events in Imen.

#32: Meredy: Luishka near the station! I want to see Galenos soon!

Trigger after arriving at Luishka Station.

#33: Meredy: Meet Galenos. Talk later.

Trigger after initial conversation in Luishka.

#34: Keele: How do we get to Peruti? Don't tell me, not that thing again!

Trigger after events in Luishka.

#35: Keele: It's not every day that you get to meet the Greater Craymel of
     Celestia. Let's move further along.

*** Cannot trigger. You should get this once you arrive at Mine of Gnome, but
if you go back to the world map (be it after arriving, after making it to 2F,
even after recruiting Gnome but not going out the exit), you get #78.

#36: Farah: There's nothing we can do unless we cross the ocean. Maybe we'll
     find something at that hut.

Trigger after seeing the scene upon exiting Mine of Gnome.

#37: Keele: This is ridiculous! But, we need this ship. Let's be her deck

Trigger after hearing the offer from Chat.

#38: Meredy: Peruti! A cold town. Very nippy air.

*** Cannot trigger. You should get this some time between agreeing to Chat's
offer and hearing about Celsius in Peruti's inn, but there's no world map
opportunity that whole time.

#39: Reid: Uh! It's so cold! We're gonna freeze! Let's wear something a little

Trigger after hearing about Celsius, but before getting clothes at the shop.

#40: Farah: They say Mount Celsius is to the north of Peruti.

Trigger after getting clothes from the shop in Peruti.

#41: Farah: We have to hurry and ease the Ice Craymel's anger, to save the
     people of Peruti!

Trigger after initial scene in Mount Celsius, when Efreet stops the snow.

#42: Reid: I bet spring arrived in the town of Peruti too. Let's get going!

Trigger after finishing events in Mount Celsius.

#43: Meredy: Imen in danger! Hurry!

Trigger after events upon returning to Peruti.

#44: Meredy: Lots of stops we made. This time, let's go to Tinnsia!

Trigger after destroyed Imen.

#45: Keele: First, we'll find Shileska's hideout. Let's look all over Tinnsia.

Trigger after initial conversation in Tinnsia.

#46: Max: Yeah! Ruins of Volt is inside the forest!

Trigger after meeting Shileska and recruiting Max.

#47: Meredy: Meet the Greater Craymel of lightning! Make Craymel Cannon and
     beat Balir!

Trigger after Max opens the door in Ruins of Volt.

#48: Max: Yeah! Once we're finished here, we'll return to Tinnsia.

Trigger after finishing up Ruins of Volt.

#49: Reid: The final battle is near. Have you rested well?

*** Cannot trigger. If you try after Max leaves, you get #78, and you can't
leave town after Keele rejoins.

#50: Chat: Set course for Balir Castle! Right?

*** Cannot trigger. Presumably between the hotel stay and finishing the naval
battle/arriving at Balir Castle, but you can't get to the world map in that

#51: Meredy: I'll find Balir! I will!

Trigger after arriving at Balir Castle.

#52: Reid: Let's head off to Luishka to see Galenos. We won't know anything
     till then.

Trigger after being soundly beaten and receiving the Seyfert Key.

#53: Meredy: Galenos and Shileska together are unbeatable! Let's hurry to

Trigger after meeting with Galenos in Luishka.

#54: Keele: Let's follow the Seyfert Key's lead. It's the shortest path to the

Trigger after dropping off Galenos in Luishka. Can also trigger after arriving
in Inferia via the Bridge of Expedition.

#55: Reid: It's the same trial Ras faced, right? I... I can do it too!

*** Cannot trigger. Presumably the interval is between opening up the Seyfert
Shrine's door and entering the trial, but that whole thing is automated, and
you can't leave the trial.

#56: Chat: Let's return to my mansion. Not to worry. We will find the bridge.

Trigger after getting Aurora Wall at the Seyfert Shrine.

#57: Chat: GPS is a gadget that indicates the longitude and latitude. Do you
     know how to use it?

Trigger after conversation at Chat's Hut.

#58: Chat: Can you solve the great pirate Aifread's traps?

Trigger after initial conversation in Aifread's Cavern.

#59: Farah: I've never heard of a bridge that exists in the ocean.

Trigger after gaining control of remodeled Van Eltia.

#60: Reid: It's Aifread we're talking about. I bet this place is full of traps

*** Cannot trigger. Like #08, it's as if there's an initial conversation event
in Aifread's Platform or something, but there isn't one. You get #59 until the
platform is activated, then you get #61.

#61: Keele: Now that the Bridge of Expedition is activated, let's get going to

Trigger after - surprise surprise - activating the Bridge of Expedition. Note
that after crossing to Inferia, you get #54.

#62: Reid: The second trial. I can do it.

Trigger after initial conversation in Seyfert Garden.

#63: Chat: My ship! Is Van Eltia safe? I must know!

Trigger after getting out of Inferia's dungeons.

#64: Farah: Cross the Bridge of Expedition. We've got to return to Aifread's

Trigger after reclaiming the Van Eltia at the port.

#65: Reid: Finally! The last trial! No trial is gonna stop me.

Trigger after leaving Inferia to go to Seyfert Observatory.

#66: Farah: Shizel is inside the Seyfert Ring! Finally, the last battle.

Trigger after breaking the Seyfert Ring in Seyfert Observatory.



#67: Keele: Is Ayla safe!? Let's hurry to Balir Castle!

Trigger after events in Tinnsia at start of disc 3.

#68: Farah: The stone I saw is probably the Ribavius Ore. Let's go to Inferia!

Trigger after hearing about Ribavius Ore.

#69: Farah: Don't you remember? Regulus Knoll is not far from Rasheans!

Trigger after arriving in Inferia and hearing where the ore is.

#70: Farah: Let's press forward. It should be somewhere further in.

*** Cannot trigger. You should get it after the initial conversation etc. at
Regulus Knoll, but you get #78 instead.

#71: Reid: Let's hurry back to Balir Castle. Without the Ribavius Ore, our
     efforts are meaningless!

Trigger after getting Galaxy Stone in Regulus Dojo.

#72: Keele: I wonder what Galenos expects to accomplish at Seyfert Observatory.

Trigger after dropping off the ore and picking up Galenos at Balir Castle.

#73: Farah: Are you sure we have absolutely everything we need? Let's make sure
     that we're fully stocked.

*** Cannot trigger. There's no opportunity between dropping Galenos off, and
seeing all those other events, and after that you get #74.

#74: Reid: Shizel is inside the Seyfert Ring. Let's go! Let's save Eternia!

Trigger after long events in Seyfert Observatory.

#75: Meredy: Shizel is not far. We must win!

Trigger after initial conversation in Shizel Castle.



#76: Reid: We can't enter the town during night time. Let's camp and wait till

*** Cannot trigger. Seems to be something generic. (And inapplicable at that,
as all towns can be entered at night, and with the exception of Jini they just
become day if you do.)

#77: Farah: There are many more monsters at night. Let's try to travel while
     there's still light.

*** Cannot trigger. Again, seems generic.

#78: Reid: Let's not forget to eat. A healthy diet is a must, right?

Cannot directly trigger, but you seem to get it all the time when you should
get something else instead. Easiest opportunity is after arriving at port of

#79: Meredy: North? South? East? West? Which way is correct?

*** Cannot directly trigger. Seems to be something generic, though it'd apply
best to Nereid's Labyrinth ...

Section 4: General Comments

To make Keele the party leader to learn "Sleepy Head", go to the menu, choose
Formation, go to Switch, and exchange Keele with whoever's in the 1P slot to
the furthest left (this tends to be Reid). Moving Keele to the front of the
formation using Setting will accomplish nothing except getting Keele smacked by
enemies more often. :)


Fastest Man is probably the trickiest one to pull off, as you have to proceed
through pretty much the entire game in 20 hours. If you plan to collect all the
titles, stick mainly to the plot (and necessary levelling up), and only go out
of your way for the following:

- Lens collecting
- "Pro Roller" title
- Katrine encounters
- Levelling Ras to 30
- "Sleepy Head" title
- Keeping your average battle time under 15 seconds (Rasheans Forest battles
plus a Dark Bottle work nicely) for "Speedster"

I'd also mention triggering hints, except even if you trigger all of them you
can't get "Story Teller" (see sections 2-3). And collecting items and meeting
monsters, but you can do much of that in a previous game and have it carry over
into your current one.

As far as I know (please, correct me if I'm wrong), everything else will either
happen automatically as you go, anyway, or can be put off until the end of disc


I've personally confirmed that for every title except the four I detailed in
section 2 - and before you point out that there are five there, please note Dr.
Mintche, thanks :) - you can legitimately obtain them without cheating (though
for certain mini-games, like the evil dance one, that may prove to be the only
human way to do well enough ...).

"Story Teller" can be obtained by cheating to tell the game you have triggered
more hints than you actually have. And every title can be obtained cheat-wise
by directly changing the game's bytes of memory where it keeps track of which
titles you've earned (which makes a certain amount of sense). For GameShark
codes to accomplish these things, if interested, see section 6.

Section 5: Appendix/Lists

Here, for your reading pleasure, are lists of various things which contribute
to learning titles. Most of these things should be very common knowledge, so
consider this merely as a reference so you don't have to go searching. You will
of course have to search through other guides if you actually want to know how
to get/learn these things. :)


Katrine encounters:

Mintche, by Craymel Ball players.
Morle, shop left of inn.
Barole, book store.
Ship ride (from/to anywhere), in the cafeteria.
Chambard, clothing store.
Regulus Dojo, training hall, AFTER Efreet Gorge.


7 treasures of Celestia:

Bush Baby
Colain's Pot
Deck Brush
Katz Village
Resume Ring
Van Eltia (Legacy of Aifread)


35 dishes that can be mastered (i.e. not Dark Pot):

Seafood Pasta
Fruit Juice
Garden Salad
Beef Stew
Fish Stew
Pot Pie
Cream Stew

Honey Ramen
Broiled Sandwich
Cold Noodles
Fruit Cocktail
Spicy Shrimp
Sweet Parfait
Hot Borsch
Bitter Tofu
Hot Pot
Chili Potato
Hot Curry
Sweet Rice

Fruit Sandwich
Nutrition Drink
Power Noodles
Seafood Stew
Potato Casserole
Mabo Curry
Spicy Soup
Tuna Paella


10 Greater Craymels:



Reid's skills:

Sonic Blade
Lightning Blade
Demon Hammer
Spiral Attack
Tempest Strike
Twin Sonic Blade
Super Lightning Blade
Neo Swarm
Demon Twist
Double Spiral Attack
Omega Tempest Strike
Demon Lightning Hammer
Neosonic Swarm
Megasonic Thrust
Sonic Chaos
Neo Tempest Swarm
Demon Spiral Hammer
Omega Demon Chaos
Rising Phoenix
Omega Seal
Aurora Wall
Aurora Sword
Aurora Wave


Farah's skills:

Palm Strike
Triple Blossom
Sonic Fist
Swallow Dance
Eagle Dive
Rising Dragon Strike
Twin Palm Strike
Death Blossom
Super Sonic Fist
Super Swallow Dance
Eagle Rage
Fatal Fury
Deadly Force


Keele's and Meredy's fringe spells:


Deep Mist
Acid Rain
Holy Bliss

Air Thrust
Flame Wall
Ground Dasher
Freeze Lancer
Thunder Blade
Holy Lance
Dark Force
Bloody Howl
Meteor Swarm
Shooting Star

+Mental Charge
+Medical Plus
+Life Up
+Mental Up
+Item Plus
+Life Rescue
+Mental Supply
+Poison Guard
+Stun Guard
+Freeze Guard
+Drain Guard


Chat's skills:

Pow Hammer
Toss Hammer
Ice Hammer
Rover Tool
Para Ball
Eternal Hammer


Max's skills:

Burning Force
Air Blade
Aqua Spiral
Rage Laser
Dark Laser
Elemental Master

Section 6: Title-related GameShark Codes

This is presently a pretty short section, containing only modifiers for titles
earned and for hints triggered.

If anyone would like to request a code for a specific effect, such as skill
learning or mastery, slash/thrust/punch/kick level, craymel level, and so on,
let me know, and I'll see what I can do.


Titles Earned: 3013534C through 30135357

Basically, these are spread out over several bytes, and are determined bitwise.
In other words, say, for byte 3013534D, the value of 01 would indicate you had
access to the title 'Gourmet Master', while 02 would be 'Explorer', and 03, as
1+2, would be Gourmet Master *and* Explorer. Simply add up the ones you want to
have (in hex), and put that in as your value for ??.

Code format: 301353xx 00??

xx = 4C

01: no apparent effect (so leave off)
02: Hunter
04: Squire
08: Master Swordsman
10: Knight
20: Legendary Knight
40: Supreme Patriot
80: Aurora Master

xx = 4D

01: Gourmet Master
02: Explorer
04: Lens Hunter
08: Namco Teacher
10: Namco Professor
20: Namco Otaku
40: Gladiator
80: Fastest Man

xx = 4E

01: Sonic Warrior
02: Speedster
04: Albain Knight
08: Master Coxswain
10: Master Roller
20: Trolley Bomber
40: King of Balloons
80: WHIS Master

xx = 4F

01: Hustler
02: King of Hunger
04: Kaiser
08: Millionaire
10: Berserker
20: Combo Master
40: Survivor
80: Pro Roller

xx = 50

01: Star Dancer
02: Mathematician
04: Nouveau Rich
08: Farmer
10: Fighter
20: Kung Fu Master
40: Silent Assassin
80: Iron Fist

xx = 51

01: Ultimate Beauty
02: Kitchen Specialist
04: Reckless
08: Story Teller
10: 3-Star Chef
20: Kitchen Star
40: Warrior Chef
80: Cupid

xx = 52

01: <Farah's blank Etapoke4 title>
02: Student
04: Graduate Student
08: Ph.D. Student
10: Professor
20: Chancellor
40: Craymel Master
80: Grand Chef

xx = 53

01: Curator
02: King of Monsters
04: Sleepy Head
08: Dr. Mintche
10: Foreigner?
20: Breeder
40: Trainer
80: Appraiser

xx = 54

01: Fringe Master
02: Charismatic Cook
04: Performer?
08: Craymel Mage?
10: Craymel Engineer
20: Flying Dancer
40: Choo-choo Girl
80: Dance Queen

xx = 55

01: Traveling Salesman
02: Mr. Incorrigible
04: Captain
08: Voyager
10: Pirate
20: Viking
40: Sea King
80: Gadget Master

xx = 56

01: Kitchen King
02: First Officer
04: Sea Lover
08: Interior Decorator
10: Boss
20: Ruler
40: Almighty
80: Immortal

xx = 57

01: Craymel Shooter
02: Head Chef
04: Mr. Carefree
08: no apparent effect (so leave off)
10: no apparent effect (so leave off)
20: no apparent effect (so leave off)
40: no apparent effect (so leave off)
80: no apparent effect (so leave off)

Simplified version, to have all titles except Farah's weird blank one:

8013534C FFFE
8013534E FFFF
80135350 FFFF
80135352 FFFE
80135354 FFFF
80135356 07FF

And for all normally-obtainable titles:

8013534C FFFE
8013534E FFFB
80135350 F7FF
80135352 FFFE
80135354 FFDF
80135356 07FF


Hints triggered: 3013538D through 30135396

These work bitwise like the above code, but since it's basically 01 of byte one
gives hint 1, 02 of byte one gives hint 2, 04 of byte one gives hint 3 ... 80
gives hint 8, 01 of byte two gives hint 9, and so on, I'm not gonna detail it.
So here's just one for all 79 hints, legitimate or not, triggered. Farah will
promptly get Story Teller, btw.

3013538D 00FF (hints 1-8)
8013538E FFFF (hints 9-24)
80135390 FFFF (hints 25-40)
80135392 FFFF (hints 41-56)
80135394 FFFF (hints 57-72)
30135396 007F (hints 73-79)

Here's one which has all the untriggerable hints triggered, so if you get all
the legitimate ones, you'll end up with the same result. Use this at the very
beginning of the game before you've triggered any hints, then save and play
without the code on, because it will also, obviously, untrigger the rest too.

3013538D 0080 (hint 8)
8013538E 0800 (hint 20)
80135390 2412 (hints 26, 29, 35, 38)
80135392 4300 (hints 49, 50, 55)
80135394 2008 (hints 60, 70)
30135396 0059 (hints 73, 76, 77, 79)

Section 7: Requests

My biggest request to anyone reading this guide is, if I'm wrong, tell me. For
example, if you can get Speedster by entering Shizel Castle at any time - not
just for the first conversation - with a low average time (in case you had it
too high when you first got there), let me know. If there are ways to trigger
the hints I've labelled as "*** Cannot trigger.", let me know. Stuff like that.
But please, go on your own personal experiences, and not on hearsay (say,
'website X says ...' because website X could be wrong just as easily as I
could). If you can provide a DexDrive save as confirmation, so much the better.

Also, if anyone has more info on the Etapoke mini-games, such as their gameplay
or when exactly their titles are awarded - for example, do you go talk to some
NPC like you do for Dr. Mintche? - I'd be glad to add it.

Section 8: Credits

In no particular order:

- Kung Lee, for a thorough guide, applying to the Japanese version, from which
I nabbed all the Etapoke info.
- Budi Wong, for a mini-games FAQ without which I'd have had no idea about what
sort of scores I'd be looking for to get certain titles.
- Psycho Penguin and Sugiyanto Yusup, for overall walkthroughs and game data.
- Tan Yi Jiang, for a monster collection guide which enabled me to confirm the
"King of Monsters" title.
- Shelley/Corona, for a similar item collection guide, complete with details
about where to get the rarer items.
- CJayC, for www.gamefaqs.com, hosting all the above guides (and gazillions
more) for you and me to benefit from.
- Myst Erik Ery, for consultation/idea-bouncing and finding out where to go for
info on those mysterious "Albain Knight" and "Flying Dancer" titles I couldn't
figure out.
- Otaku-kun, for a VERY thorough website from which I got a lot of other info: