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Tales of Eternia
Song Lyrics
Version 0.1
June 13, 2006

Created by: jygting
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Table of Contents

1. Lyrics
2. Version History
3. Credits

1. Lyrics
Here are the opening lyrics and the translated lyrics for the theme 
song Flying by Garnet Crow. This song was only available on the 
Japanese Version of the game.

by Garnet Crow

Kisetsu hazure no beach side
Yoru ni kakureta
Kimi no yokogao wa nani wo mitsumeteru no?

Hito wa dare mo ga minna
Nanika wo seotteru
Dakedo futo yogiru fuan
Keseya shinai yo

Bokura wa nani hitotsu
Shiru koto nai mirai no tame ni
Te ni iretari nagedashitari shite
Hakanaku sasou yukue mezashite

Flying gone
Yume miru you ni ochite yuku no
Kimi no naka e
Osorenaide kizutsuitara
Kitto setsunai yasashisa wo daiteru

Flying fall down
Habatakinagara ochite yuku no
Kimi no soba e
Nani mo nai asu ga kuru toki wa
Kimi ni deaeta kiseki mune ni daite

Kimi wo shinjiru hodo ni, nee
Kizu wa fukakute...
Watashi igai no mono subete
Keshisaritai yo

Kizuita toki niwa mou
Tada hashiri tsuzukeru koto ni
Yasuragi sae kanjite ita nante...
Imijiki asu wo tobikoete yuke

Flying fall down
Tabidatsu naraba
Asa mo hiru mo yoru mo nakute
Kimi no meguru rinne no hate e
Nidoto kaeranu kawa no hotori made
Tobidasu no

Flying gone
Motsurete yuku yo
Kimi no ai life subete motome
You & me
Mou betsu no hi wo tomosu
Kimi no inai asu nante iranakutemo...

Flying fall down
Habatakinagara ochite yuku no
Kimi no soba e
Nani mo nai asu ga kuru toki wa
Kimi ni deaeta kiseki mune no naka
Saigo ni watashi wo chikarazuyoku daite

Translated Lyrics

The beach side, which is out of season
Your face hidden in the dark
What are you looking at?

Is carrying something
But anxiety that suddenly crosses my mind
Won't be erased

We all, for the sake
Of a future we know nothing about
Obtain and cast off things
Aiming for someplace making fleeting invitations

Flying, gone
Falling as if I were dreaming
Into you
Without fear, if I get hurt
I'm sure a bitter gentleness will envelop me

Flying, fall down
Falling while flapping my wings
To your side
When the empty tomorrow comes
I'll hold to my heart the miracle of having met you
And lay myself to sleep...

You know, my wounds are deep...
As deep as my trust in you had been
I want to wipe out
Everything except for myself

By the time I realized it
I had even felt peace
Just by my continuing to run
I'll fly past the pressing morrow

Flying, fall down
If leaving on a journey
I'd fly off to
To near the River Styx of no return
Where your cycle of reincarnation ends
Where there's no morning, noon, or night

Flying, gone
Getting tangled up
I want your love, your life, your everything
You & me
Starting a new life
Even if I don't need a tomorrow where you're not there...

Flying, fall down
Falling while flapping my wings
To your side
When the empty tomorrow comes
With the miracle of having met you in my heart
Hold me tightly at my final moments
And lay me to sleep...

2. Version History 
Version 0.1 (June 13, 2006)
Started and finished making this Guide.

3. Credits
I wish to thank the following:

For making this game!!

<Ryuichi's J-Pop Music Station>
For providing lyrics so as the translated lyrics of this song!

For posting my guide.

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