|              |
|              |         _____                                  ____
|              |        \     |                                /    |
|              |         \    |                               |    /
|              |          |   |                               |   |
|   /|    |\   |          |   |                               |   |
|  | |    | |  | _______  |   | _______  _______      ____    |   |
| /  |    |  \ ||       \ |   |/       |/       |    /    \  /     \
| |  |    |  | ||        ||   ||   __  ||   _   |   |  __  ||       |
|/   |    |   \||  /|    ||   ||   ||  ||  | \  |   |  ||  | \     /
     |    |     | / |    ||   ||   ||  ||  |  \ |   |  ||  |  |   |
     |    |     |/__|    ||   ||   ||  ||  |___\|   |  ||  |  |   |
     |    |     |   __   ||   ||   --  ||       |   |  ||  |  |   |
     |    |     |   ||   ||   ||       ||____   |   |  ||  |  |   |
     |    |     |   ||   ||   ||   ____||\   |  |   |  ||  |  |   |
     |    |     |   ||   ||   ||   |  /|| \  |  |   |  ||  |  |   |
    /      \    |   --   ||   ||   |/  ||  \ |  |   |  ||  |  |   |
   /        \    \       ||    \\      ||   \|  |   |  --  | /     \
  /__________\    \____  ||_____\\_____||______/     \____/ /_______\
                       \ |
  _____________         \|
 \             |
  \            |   ___
   |           |  |   |                               ____
   |    |\     |  |   |                              /    \
   |    | |    |  |   |                             |      |
   |    |  \   |  |   |                             |      |
   |    |  |   |  |   |                              \____/
   |    |   \  | /     \  _______ ________  _______  _____  ________
   |     \   | ||       |/       |\       \\       \\     ||        |
   |      |   \| \     / |   __  | \       \\   __  |\    ||        |
   |     /    /|  |   |  |   ||  |  |   |\  ||  ||  | |   ||  /|    |
   |    |    | |  |   |  |   ||  |  |   | \ ||  ||  | |   || / |    |
   |    |   /  |  |   |  |   ||  |  |   |  \||  ||  | |   ||/__|    |
   |    |  |   |  |   |  |   --  |  |   |    |  ||  | |   ||   __   |
   |    |  /   |  |   |  |       |  |   |    |  ||  | |   ||   ||   |
   |    | |    |  |   |  |   ____|  |   |    |  ||  | |   ||   ||   |
   |    |/     |  |   |  |   |  /|  |   |    |  ||  | |   ||   ||   |
   |           |  |   |  |   |/  |  |   |    |  ||  | |   ||   --   |
  /            |  |    \  \      | /     \  /   ||  | /    \\       |
 /_____________|   \____\  \_____|/_______\/____||  //______\\____  |
                                                 | /              \ |
                                                 |/                \|

Tales of Eternia FAQ/Walkthrough version 0.01 by Rakashazi.

This document is for personal use ONLY and may NOT be 
distributed or modified without my prior consent.

Last Updated: December 7th, 2000

Table of Contents
 -I. Walkthrough: Disc 1
 -II. Items Lists
 -III. Cooking
 -IV. Song Lyrics
 -V. Version History

This FAQ is in no way complete and is missing many things. If you 
find any errors/omissions in this FAQ or have questions/comments 
about it, feel free to email me at broglia@wam.umd.edu.

This FAQ requires a JIS capable text viewer to display 
Japanese characters. Internet Explorer users can download Japanese 
Language support from Windows Update. Also, if you aren't using 
Internet Explorer, you can download an external program to decode
the Japanese text. One such program is available from 
Once you have NJSTAR program set up, open this file in a text editor
such as Notepad. Internet Explorer doesn't seem to work correctly
with NJSTAR so it's better to use it's internal decoding. If you
don't use any sort of decoder, all the Japanese text in
this file will appear as gibberish.

For optimal results, view this FAQ with a fixed-width font.

Special Thanks:
Jhereg for the kanji translations.
BobTheShrimp (bob@wam.umd.edu) for general stuff and the ASCII art.

I. Walkthrough: Disc 1

This Walkthrough only explains the correct routes you will need
to take to complete any given area. It will not guide you to any
treasures unless they are very obscure and would be easily missed

Racheans Forest (ラシュアンの森)
Items: Wood Shield, Spectacles (x2), Apple Gummy

When you get control of Rid, head south and then east. You will see a 
small creature and talk for a bit. Follow it North.

Racheans Town (最果ての村ラシュアン村)
Items: Lens (Found in the basement of Rid's house), Lens (Found on 
the screen where the south town exit is. It is next to the mossy 
door of the bottom leftmost building), Apple Gummy (x4), Collector 

Boss 1: ????
HP 1000
Experience Gained: 300
Gald: 800
Drop Items: Life Bottle, Orange Gummy
Resistances: Electricity
Weaknesses: None

When you get control of Rid, head south for a while and exit the 
town. Head to Racheans Pier. It looks like a big rock next to the 

Racheans Pier (ラシュアン河の桟橋)
Head left until you reach a story sequence. When it's finished, Exit 
the area and head to the Regulus Gym. It is the closest location on 
your map from Racheans Pier and looks like a walled town with two small
houses and a large gym.

Regulus Gym (レグルス道場)
Items: Lens (Found in the gym. From the entrance room head 
up-right into any of the three doors. In the next area, head into 
the 3rd door from the top and search the small box next to the 
larger shelf on the north side of the room), Orange Gummy

Head up from the entrance and continue into the gym. 
Fight the enemies that attack. Concentrate on one side at a time. When 
you get control of Rid. Exit the room. In the area with four doors on 
the right, head into the bottom door. After talking, exit Regulus and 
go back to the Racheans Pier. Optionally, there is a hidden area in 
the plains south of Regulus. Just start walking from the side of 
Regulus closer to the mountains, head south until you hit the mountains 
near the coast. When you're in the right spot, the screen should fade 
and you will find yourself in a field with an old man standing there. 
Talk to him and he will give you something. As of yet, I have no 
idea what this does.

Racheans Pier (ラシュアン河の桟橋)
In the first area, head to the dock and talk to Paolo. Play 
the raft minigame. Push circle to accelerate and use the 
d-pad/analog stick to move (analog gives you better control of the 
raft). When you are back on the world map, head north to Mintche. It 
is the town on the coast that has a pier coming out of it.

Mintche (学問の町ミンツ)
Items: Lens (Found in the area behind the library where the Coolmel Ball
minigame is played. It is near the tree right at the top of 
the steps.)

Head left to the university. Once inside keep heading left into a 
room with three doors on the right side. Go in the middle door. Once 
you finish talking, head out of the town and go to Mount Mintche. It 
is south of Mintche and has an observatory on it. Optionally, you can 
play two minigames in Minche. The first is a quiz game on the 3rd floor
of the university. Winning will award you a Mix Gummy and the Title of
Tales Sensei. The second is Coolmel Ball which is played behind the
library. More details on the minigames will be provided in upcoming
versions of this FAQ.

Mount Mintche (ミンツの岩山)
Items: Orange Gummy, Saber, Apple Gummy, Pole Axe

Head up the mountain pass and push the solid stones you see into the 
transparent stones (to drag the stones walk up to them from any 
angle, hold circle and move in any direction). This will cause the 
stones to fall off the ledges and block the monsters from coming out 
of the caves. Once you reach the exit, you will find yourself on the 
world map right next to the observatory. Head into it.

Mountain Observatory (岩山の観測所)
Items: Lens (Found in the lower left corner near the chest with the 
Holy Bottle), Holy Bottle

After the story sequence, you will find yourself back out on the 
World map and Keel will have joined your party. Go back into the 
observatory. All the chests except for the rightmost one are empty, 
Take the chest in the corner and then examine the area around it for 
another lens. Exit and go back through the Mountain pass. Once past 
the mountain head to the Cave of Memories. It is to the far east of 
the peninsula.

Cave of Memories (望郷の洞窟)
Items: Lens (From the north exit, head east past the wall with blood 
stains on it. Continue north until you are in a room with a pile of 
wood. Search the wood), Panacea Bottle, Protector, Buckler, Orange 
Gummy (x2), Battle Axe, Life Bottle, Circlet, Rapier

You can buy items from the person you meet at the entrance. Once 
inside, head east and north until you reach a camp area. You will 
then have to fight a monster with only Rid and Keel. He isn't to hard 
as long as you have enough Apple Gummies to heal yourself with. 
After beating it, continue north and head east when you see a wall 
with blood on it. Head north past the waterfall and search the pile 
of wood in the northernmost room. By entering the waterfall room,
the earlier areas will eventually be filled with water allowing you
to take the previously inaccessible treasure (A one line text message
will appear when the water level rises which usually takes about a
minute). When you first receive this message head back to the screen
past the camp site and take the treasure there. Now, keep walking
back until you reach the screen in which you started this dungeon in.
You should notice another waterfall towards the top of this area.
Viewing it will allow the water level to rise once again after about
a minute so you will have access to the last of the treasure. Now
head to the north exit of the cave. Once outside head east until you
reach Moruru Village (Looks like a large tree surrounded with 
water). Before you enter the town, you can optionally go to a hidden
area in the forest north-west of Moruru. Starting from the town,
head north-west until you reach the coast, then head west to the
point where the forest meets the mountains. In this area you will 
see the same old man from the secret area near Regulus. Again, I
have no idea what he gives you or what it affects.

Moruru Village (木陰の村モルル)
Items: Lens (Found in the fireplace of Mazzet's house)

Head up and right until you see a ladder. Climb it and keep 
heading up until you reach the topmost area. Go into the building on 
the far left (the food store). After the story scene, go back down 
all the ladders and head right. Keep following the path until you 
reach a large house. Head into it for another story scene. Once you 
regain control of Rid, head back along the path, but this time 
follow the path with the sign next to it to enter a new area. 

Items: Knight's Saber, Piyo Piyo Whistle, Iron Sallet
Just keep following Meredy and eventually you will reach a boss. 

Boss 2: インセクトプラント (Insect Plant)
HP 8800
Experience Gained: 115
Gald Gained: 500
Attack Power: 70
Defense Power: 10
Magic Power: 0
Drop Items: Kiruma Fruit
Resistances: Water (50%), Earth (25%)
Weaknesses: Fire (50%)
Notes: Beating it is fairly straightforward, just use your best 
skills and you should have no problem. Make sure to use Fireball as 
it is weak against fire.

After you beat it, head back to Mazzet's house. You will be shown a
location on the map which is your next destination. Exit the town
and head north-east until you reach the River of Crystal Spirit. It
looks like a small lake with rocks around it. However, before you
enter, keep heading north until you see a mountainous area. There is
a small path that allows you to reach a clearing in the center of
the mountains. There is a secret area on the north side of the
clearing. Just keep walking around the clearing until the screen
changes to a field area.  Take the treasure (a Poison Check) and
head back to the River of Crystal Spirit.

River of Crystal Spirit (水晶霊の河)
Items: Poison Check (x2), Phaser Robe, Silk Cloak, Lens (Found on 
the first screen. Right before you cross the shallow water to get to 
the right edge of the area, move under the cover of the tree to the 
left of the shallows and search it), Mace, Iron Wrist, Mix Gummy 
(x2), Cincuedia, Apple Cedar

This area is fairly straightforward, just make sure you explore 
each screen carefully to get all the treasures. Eventually you will 
reach a cave behind a waterfall. After going inside, you will go 
through a story sequence. Now you will be able to take the right 
path when you exit the cave. In this next area, there is a hidden 
treasure chest to the far right just as you enter under the 
cover of the trees. Proceed north and you will eventually have 
to battle Undine.

Boss 3: ウンディーネ (Undine)
HP 6800
Exp. Gained: 1360
Gald Gained: 0
Attack Power: 100
Defense Power: 268
Magic Power: 50
Drop Items: Talisman, Mental Bangle
Resistances: Water (100%), Wind (25%), Earth (25%), Fire (25%),
             Ice (25%)
Weaknesses: Electricity (25%)
Notes: This battle is fairly difficult if you do not prepare 
correctly. Do not equip Rid with the Cincuedia, as it does very 
little damage to Undine because it is water elemental. You should 
use your best slashing weapon which should be the Battle Axe by now. 
You should also set your control to manual so you can jump over many 
of Undine's ranged attacks if you time the jumps correctly (You can
also try having your entire party jump by pushing L1 and Up). Heal 
yourself often because Undine can quickly do large amounts of damage
to multiple characters, and if you wait too long you won't have enough 
time to heal everyone before Undine kills one of them. Undine is 
resistant to all of Keel's spells so he won't be too useful (Make 
sure you turn off his Aqua Edge spell as Undine has very high Water 
resistance). Also, use Meredy's Lightning spell a lot (you should 
shortcut it to one of the shoulder buttons).

After defeating Undine, Meredy will gain it as a summon monster 
along with the water elemental spell "Spread". You cannot cast 
Undine immediately in any battle, you must first build up it's 
vitality meter by casting Spread. When the words "Vitality Max" 
appear during battle, you can cast Undine once and deplete it's 
vitality bar (The word "Max" also appears below Meredy's stats). You 
will have to fill the bar by casting more Spread spells if you want 
to cast Undine again. Also, the bar is retained between battles, so 
you can keep Undine charged up without using it until necessary. You 
will also gain the "C. Cage" menu option which you can use to manage 
Undine and future summon monsters you acquire (I'm assuming). When 
you first enter this screen, you will be able to check on Undine's 
current level and experience points, which are gained from battles 
just like your other characters. The first option lets you move 
Undine from the left crystal to the right crystal and vice versa. I 
am not sure what affect this has or if this option will gain more
functionality when you find more summon monsters. The second option 
lets you use an item on your summon monster (You can use the light 
blue fragment on Undine to increase it's experience points and 
vitality meter). The last option seems to combine the two crystals 
together but this seems to have no effect with just one summon monster. 

Once you are finished, head back to Moruru Village and go to 
Mazzet's house for another story sequence. Once you finish talking, 
talk to Mazzet again and he will give you the Monster Zukan. Now 
head northeast from Moruru and cross the bridge to reach the other 
side of the river. If you keep heading north, you will enter the 
Secret Forest of Izanai.

Secret Forest of Izanai (いざないの密林)
to be continued............

II. Items Lists

Tools (道具)

Medicine (薬)
アップルグミ : Apple Gummy - Heals 30% of HP (One character)
オレンジグミ : Orange Gummy - Heals 30% of TP (One character)
ミックスグミ : Mix Gummy - Heals 30% of HP and TP  (One character)
レモングミ : Lemon Gummy - Heals 60% of HP (One character)

Bottles (壷・瓶) 
ダークボトル : Dark Bottle - Increases the number of random 
パナシーアボトル : Panacea Bottle - Cures status ailments (One 
ホーリィボトル : Holy Bottle - Reduces the number of random 
ライフボトル : Life Bottle - Revives and a small amount of HP (One 

Misc. Items / Tools (道具)
きいろのかけら : Kiiro no Kakera (Yellow Fragment) - ?
しろのかけら : Shiro no Kakera (White Fragment) - ?
みずいろのかけら : Mizuiro no Kakera (Light Blue Fragment) - Boosts 
                   Undine's experience and vitality gauge.
みどりのかけら : Midori no Kakera (Green Fragment) - ?
むらさきのかけら : Murasaki no Kakera (Purple Fragment) - ?
スペクタクルズ : Spectacles - Gives you information on your enemy 
                              (One enemy)

Equipable Items

Key for Equipable items:
S = Slash
T = Thrust
Fi = Fist
Fo = Foot
At = Attack Power
M = Magic Power
Ac = Accuracy
L = Luck
El = Element
D = Defense
Ev = Evade

[Attribute 1:Modifier,Attribute 2:Modifier,etc...]

Note: The attributes that the item does not affect will not be 
listed next to it's name. For example: The Leather Helm only affects 
the defense attribute so it will be listed as [D:1] and not include
any other mention of the attributes listed above.

Weapons (武器)

Axes (斧)
ハンドアッツス : Hand Axe - [S:75,T:60] Used by: Rid
バトルアクス : Battle Axe - [S:190,T:60,Ac:5] Used by: Rid
フランシスカ : Francisca - [S:110,T:70] Used by: Rid

Halberd Spears (矛槍)
ポールアクス : Pole Axe - [S:120,T:120,Ac:-15] Used by: Rid

Halberds (矛)
メイス : Mace - [At:110] Used by: Keel

Daggers (短剣)
ショートソード : Short Sword - [S:50,T:40,Ac:30] Used by: Rid
チンクエディア : Cincuedia - [S:160,T:170,Ac:30,El:Water] Used by: Rid

Swords (剣)
ロングソード : Long Sword - [S:70,T:70] Used by: Rid
サーベル : Saber - [S:105,T:85,Ac:5] Used by: Rid
ナイツサーベル : Knight's Saber - [S:150,T:130] Used by: Rid
レイピア : Rapier - [S:80,T:140,Ac:10] Used by: Rid

Spears (槍)
ショートスピア : Short Spear - [S:50,T:85] Used by: Rid
ロングスピア : Long Spear - [S:66,T:130] Used by: Rid

Knuckles (ナックル)
レザーアームズ : Leather Arms - [Fi:60,Fo:68,Ac:2] Used by: Farah
パワーアームズ : Power Arms - [Fi:67,Fo:75,Ac:3] Used by: Farah
チェインアームズ : Chain Arms - [Fi:90,Fo:92,Ac:5] Used by: Farah
ポイズンソーン : Poison Son - [Fi:118,Fo:125,Ac:7] Used by: Farah

Whistles (ホイッスル)
ホイッスル : Whistle - [At:35,Ac:-3] Used by: Meredy
ピヨピヨW : Piyo Piyo Whistle - [At:100,L:5,Ac:-5] Used by: Meredy

Canes (杖)
ロッド : Rod - [At:40] Used by: Keel

Armor (防具)

Basic Armor (鎧)
ソフトレザー : Soft Leather - [D:2,Ev:1] Used by: Rid
ハーダレザー : Hard Leather - [D:4] Used by: Rid
プロテクター : Protector - [D:7] Used by: Rid

Cloaks (クローク)
クローク : Cloak - [D:2,Ev:1] Used by: Farah, Meredy
シルククローク : Silk Cloak - [D:10,M:1,L:2] Used by: Farah, Meredy

Robes (ローブ)
ローブ : Robe - [D:12] Used by: Keel
フェザーローブ : Phaser Robe - [D:9,L:2,Ev:3] Used by: Keel

Shields (盾)
なべのふた : Nabenofuta (Pot lid) - [D:2,El:Fire] Used by: Rid
ウットシールド : Wood Shield - [D:3,Ev:1] Used by: Rid
バックラー : Buckler - [D:4,Ev:2] Used by: Rid
アップルシードル : Apple Cedar - [L:5,Ev:10] Used by: Rid

Bracelets (ブレスレット)
リストバンド : Wrist Band - [D:1] Used by: Farah, Meredy
アイアンリスト : Iron Wrist - [D:3] Used by: Farah, Meredy

Circlets (サークレット)
サークレット : Circlet - [D:1,M:4] Used by: Keel

Helmets (兜)
レザーヘルム : Leather Helm - [D:1] Used by: Rid
アイアンサレット : Iron Sallet - [D:3] Used by: Rid

Ribbons (リボン)
リボン : Ribbon - [D:2] Used by: Farah, Meredy

Equipment (装備)

Mantles (マント)
マント : Mantle - [D:1] Used by: All
シーブスマント : Sheep's Mantle - [D:5,Ev:5] Used by: All

Charms (お守り)
タリスマン - Talisman : Increases Defense by 5%
ポイズンチェック - Poison Check : Prevents Poison and Weaken
メンタルバングル - Mental Bangle : Restores 3% of TP after defeating 
                                   an enemy.

Dolls (人形)
リバースドール - Reverse Doll : When equipped, revives a character to 
                 full HP when they die in battle,
                 but the doll is destroyed.

Food (食材)
ブレッド : Bread
ライス : Rice
レタス : Lettuce
キャベツ : Cabbage
チーズ : Cheese
ベアのにく : Bear no Niku (Bear meat)
にんじん : Ninjin (Carrot)
たまねぎ : Tamanegi (Onion)
たまご : Tamago (Egg)
こんにゃく : Konnyaku (Pressed Vegetable)
トマト : Tomato
レモン : Lemon
きゅうり : Kyuuri (Cucumber)
いちご : Ichigo (Strawberry)
とうふ : Toufu (Tofu)
キルマフルーツ : Kiruma Fruit
パスタ : Pasta
ポテト : Potato
えび : Ebi (Lobster)

Valuables (貴重品)
コレクターずかん : Collector Zukan (Collector Picture Book) - When 
used, it will list all the items in the game you have encountered 
sorted by category. If an item name in the list is white or green, 
you are currently carrying the item. If the name is gray, you have 
seen that item, but you aren't carrying it. (Can be used an infinite 
number of times)
マニュアルのしょ : Manual no Shyo (Manual Document) - Allows you to 
select "Manual" combat mode. It will appear in the Waza section of 
the menu to the right of "Semi-Auto".
インフェリマップ : Inferimap - When used, it will show you a map of 
Inferia with your current location highlighted with a crosshair. The 
menu on the right will list all the towns in Inferia and highlighting 
them with the cursor will show you their location on the map. 
Selecting the town will give you a list of shops in that town. 
Selecting one of the shops will show you all the items that shop 
sells and how much they cost. Town names colored gray have not been 
explored by your characters yet and shop lists will not be available 
for those towns. (Can be used an infinite number of times)
オージェのピアス : Oje no Pierce (Pierce of Oje) - A story item you 
receive automatically which allows you to communicate with Meredy.
モンスターずかん : Monster Zukan (Monster Picture Book) - When used 
it will allow you to view a list of all the monsters you have 
previously encountered and their stats. Monsters you have used
spectacles on will have more information as well. (Can be used 
an infinite number of times)

III. Cooking (料理)

1. ハンバーガー : Hamburger - Small HP restoration (Found in 
   Mintche. Go to the cafe. The chef is the odd-looking flower on
   the far right)
2. サンドイッチ : Sandwich - Medium HP restoration (Found in 
   Racheans. In a house south of where you start the game. The 
   chef is the pig in the top right corner)
4. フルーツジュース : Fruit Juice - Small TP restoration (Found in 
   Moruru Village. The chef is the chest on the top floor of 
   Mazzet's house)
5. やさいサラダ : Yasai Salad  (Vegetable Salad) - Medium TP 
   restoration (Found in Moruru Village. Go up the ladders until 
   you reach the pub. The chef is in the rightmost corner)
9. にくなべ : Nikunabe (Pot 'o Meat) - Small HP restoration and 
   temporary attack power boost (Found in Regulus. Go to the 
   second room of the in. The chef is the kettle in the far 
   right corner)
11.オムライス : Omelet Rice - Removes all status aliments (Found 
   in Racheans. Go to the weapon shop. The chef is the armor 
   stand wearing a hardhat in the right corner)
36.やみなべ : Yaminabe (Dark Pot) - Causes a random positive or 
   negative effect (Starting Recipe)

IV. Song Lyrics

"flying" by GARNET CROW

Game Opening Version

季節はずれの beach side


flying gone
夢見る様に 堕ちてゆくの
きっと 切ない優しさを抱いてる

flying fall down
羽ばたきながら 堕ちてゆくの
何も ナイ 明日がくる時は

Game Opening Version (Romanized)

kisetsuha zure no beach side
yoruni kakureta
kimi no yokogao wa nani o mitsumeteruno?

bokura wa nani hitotsu
shiru koto nai mirai no tameni
teni ireta rinage dashitarishite
hakanaku sasou yukue mezashite

flying gone
yume miru youni ochite yuku no
kimi no naka e
osore nai de kizutsu itara
kitto setsunai yasashisa o daiteru

flying fall down
habataki nagara ochite yuku no
kimi no soba e
nanimo nai asu gakuru toki wa
kimini deaueta kiseki munani daite

Full Length Version

季節はずれの beach side

だけど ふとよぎる不安


flying gone
夢見る様に 堕ちてゆくの
きっと 切ない優しさを抱いてる

flying fall down
羽ばたきながら 堕ちてゆくの
何も ナイ 明日がくる時は

君を信じる程に ねぇ
私以外のもの すべて

気づいた時には もう
イミジキアスヲ 飛び越えてゆけ

flying fall down

flying gone
君の アイ life すべて求め

flying fall down
羽ばたきながら 堕ちてゆくの
何も ナイ 明日がくる時は

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