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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find (Download Digivolve Card)?

I wanna have that card because that card really cool ^^

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Download Digivolve is given by Rosemon,though,yet I don't know if it's a requirement to get the second ending,
you must fight Rosemon in Beginner's City Battle Cafe over and over beating her,without leaving,she'll eventually give you one AND ONLY ONE! Download Digivolve.Most of people say that the average number of beat-in-a-row to get the card is 10,thoguh i didn't got it after 20 in a row,you just have to keep triying,as it's pretty exhausting...

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Beat her 10 games in a row without leaving cafe will give you the card. And it worked for me always

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Nothing is right.

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I meant NoThlnG

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You need to beat rosemon 1 time for rosemons lure and 10 or 11 times without leaving cafe for download digivolve.

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