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My game completion struck at 98.1%,any other ways to achieve 100%?

I already beat black wargreymon, obtained all digi eggs for my 3 partners, obtained all seven's card include download digivolve..but my game completion still struck at 98.1%,how?


BerryBob answered:

One of the things you need to do is to get all the cards in the game. But not only that! For cards types that you can get more than 1, you need to get 6 cards for that type of card.

If you get the maximum number of cards for that type of card, you can see a star at the left. But you can't see these stars if you are in the card fusion shop.

And one more thing... If you get a star, even if you trade/fuse cards to lower your number of cards, the star is still at the left of the card.

But i can't tell if you need to have the maximum amount of cards or if you need to get stars for all cards... but it's more possible to get 100% if you get the maximum amount of cards.
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andri1990 answered:

Try find and beat Nanimon if u meet him.
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