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How i get all digi-eggs?

The 2o of the armadilomon,2oof the gatomon and 3o of the veemon


ectospammer answered:

In order to get the digi-egg cards and partners for the partner digimon that you didn't choose, you have to fight their respective digidestined several times, until you have used the decks for each digi-egg digimon.
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IceFire_13 answered:

Assuming armadilomon is your 1st partner, Gatomon your 2nd, and Veemon your third..

You get armadilomon's 2nd digi-egg from Wormon after defeating the Battle Arena and the Digimon-Emperor in Dark city.

You get Gatomon's 2nd digi-egg from Tai, after defeating A and going through all the new arenas in every city again, then returning to Beginner City, defeating Tai, and then talking with him.

Veemon's 3rd digi-egg comes after defeating Blackwargreymon and then talking to him.

If Armadillomon is actually your 3rd partner (possible based on the order of the question) his 2nd digi-egg is obtained by talking to Omnimon once he appears at wiseman tower after you progress through most of the game.
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