Question from Aziriz

Asked: 5 years ago

How to get Apokarimon card?

How to get apokarimon card?i already defeat him once in infinity tower.but, i didn't see him again.

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After you defeat apokarimon in infinity tower, he moves around the maps to random locations.
Defeat him several times and he will give you his card.

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Find and defeat him about 5 to 10 NON-STOP then he will give you Apokarimon card.

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It's a bit strange because I only had to beat apokarimon twice to recieve his card and people says that is 5-10 times.The second time was in infinity tower and i noticed that the field we were playing was in the beginner's city field not in the infinity towers field.I dont know if its normal so can anyone tell me if it is?
Sorry for my english,im portuguese.

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