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"What a combo system!!!"

Hey everyone what's up! I bought this game on christmas at best buy for about 35$ and let me tell you it's awesome!

Well in my opinion, the game lacked a bit in the graphics department. Sometimes due to some graphics glitches, you get stuck in places you cannot get out of and it really ticks you off because the level won't end until you restart the game again. It's very frustrating for career mode. But if you look, you can see all the characters faces drawn perfectly and they look awesome especially for PSX. That's why I gave it an 8.

Well, the control was ample but sometimes when I try to do a move like a nosebluntslide, it does a regular BS Boardslide. I wonder what happened to the great controls from THPS 1 and 2?!?!

I have to say ''WOW!'' This is the only THPS that I have actually been good at and what makes it so good is all the stuff that it puts together. I don't care really about creating skaters or skateparks, I just like to play the game for the sake of the game. Things like the all new revert and manuals make combos easier to accomplish than ever before. I used to do about 30,000 per trick in THPS2 but in this one I can do 200,000 per trick easily. Yes, career mode may be hard sometimes and it does tend to get a little tedious but that's the fun part about it! You keep trying and trying until you finally get what you want and also, you learn some cool crap along the way. That's the way I learned how to play the game.
The game doesn't use the money system though. You must 100% every level, meaning that you must complete all goals and get the stat points and decks in the levels to open up new tricks and levels. New players like me may find it hard but it becomes an adaptation process for most.

You'll want to play this game everyday! If you want to beat your highest score or just play against your little brother because you know you'll win. It's so addictive. It sort of reminds me of giga pets. (Remember those little robotic pets you had to take care of?) Anyways, I just love it when friends come over and we have such a fun time!

I gave this an 8 because it's hard for beginners like me and had quite a few glitches in the GFX department. Other than that I say go out and spend your 40$ on this or any other THPS game because you won't regret.

We know that THPS always aims to please!

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 02/22/02, Updated 02/22/02

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