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What cheat gets infinite starchips?

Like 99999 starchips.

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unlovedboi1 answered:

U have 2 have a gameshark
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dark_auron_8 answered:

U need 3 memory cards: memory card A is you record .B a transference memory card.C a duplicate of A. First u need 999999 starchips in A and a card in C give it to B and B to A. Then save A with 999999 starchips and the card u bought in C.REady 99999 starchips in A and C again
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JOSGABRIEL answered:

You need a GS(Gameshark) at first.

Some GS's don't include this game, so search for it and add it if it's not there.
Then Set code's name.
Input this code:

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