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Asked: 4 years ago

How do you get good thunder and trap cards?

Need help for Twin Headed Thunder Dragon

Additional details - 4 years ago

I just did a D Pow on Pegasus and I won Acid traphole. WHAT THE HECK!

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you can buy a normal thunder dragon for 200 starchips, duel rex raptor/mai/isis for other thunder cards by S/A POW.
You can get good trap cards like widespread ruin/acid traphole by STECing pegasus, you get the best traps and magics by STECing.
Or you could even get THTD itself by dueling either heishins and even sometimes isis or high mountain mage

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here is what is needed for the twin headed thunder dragon:
A Dragon
any Card type except fire
and a thunder
in that order.
that is the card i use all the time, over 10 copies in one duel

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Duel Master K gives you many of trap cards. You can combine Twin Headed Thunder Dragon in many ways. Dragon cards with atk 1600 or more combine with Thunder cards, or Thunder cards with atk 1600 or more combine with Dragon card. ^^

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