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Asked: 4 years ago

How can you tell what monsters fuse with what monsters?

I just want to know. =)

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Check the faqs

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essentially I can give you a couple of good generic formulas:

Thunder Dragon/any card with Dragon in the name= Twin Headed Thunder Dragon

Pyro + Warrior+ Pyro = Vermillion Sparrow

Pyro + Warrior+ Warrior= Flame Swordsman ( I think)

Dragon + Plant = Black Dragon Jungle King

Zombie+ Plant + Plant = Pumpking, the King of Ghouls

Beast + Pyro = Flame Cerberus

Winged Beast + Pyro + Pyro = Crimson Sunbird

weak Winged Beast + Pyro = Mavelus

Insect + Warrior = Cockroach Knight

Rock + any female monster = Mystic Sand

Beast + any female monster = Nekogal # 2

Plant + Fairy = Queen of Autumn Leaves

Pyro + Zombie = Fire Reaper

Rock + Zombie = Stone Ghost

Rock + Dragon = Rock Dragon

Dragon + Zombie + Zombie + Dragon = Curse of Dragon

Dragon + some Fiends = Koumori Dragon

Arlownay + Fiend = Rose Spectre of Dunn

I'll probably make an FAQ about this since I'm thinking about it.

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If you play against the guy who uses the same deck as you (master K? - it's been a while since I played this). He will often use fusions, this way you can see what fusions your current deck is capable of.

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