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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find Black Magician of Chaos?

I want info of the card: if it's possible to get the ritual (or the card itself, but I don't think that's possible), which cards are needed for the ritual and if it's possible to get them.

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all your answers are on the Faqs if you bother cannot win the card itself but you can get the ritual wich you will not need if your deck kicks ass(like mine)

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You can have this card with two way:
1.Using code:30208479
2.Using ritual:- 007 Winged Dragon #1
- 035 Dark Magician
- 417 Blast Juggler

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It's not obtainable in the game via defeating duelists or fusion. I think the only way it can be obtained is with use of Gameshark which is undeniably stupid given that it is the cover card for the game.

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