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Can I ask gameshark code for this game??

I like playing this game but the game is very difficult to me so I really need some code for Final Fantasy II Origins, I only need max gil code and hp,mp code for all character, so can I get help for the code??

barrylyndon55 asked for clarification:

I know this is old (no one will see it), but if you happen to have more codes i would be interested.

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jerrygamer2 answered:

Max Gil

800AF7C4 E0FF
800AF7C6 05F5

Firion Codes

Max HP 800AF5F4 270F
Max MP 800AF5F8 03E7

Gus Codes

Max HP 800AF6E0 270F
Max MP 800AF6E4 03E7

Leon Codes

Max HP 800AF756 270F
Max MP 800AF75A 03E7

Maria Codes

Max HP 800AF66A 270F
Max MP 800AF66E 03E7
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