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Where can I find Canoe?

How to get the canoe?

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From: Melirune 5 years ago

Final Fantasy 1 - After strutting your stuff through the Earth Cave, make your way over to Crescent Lake. There you will find the Circle of Sages, and one of them will pull the Canoe from under his pointy little hat. You may now do a victory dance.

Final Fantasy 2 - The canoe is found quite early on. After you are done in Fynn (the city wherein you get Key Item "Ring"), make your way back to Altair. After a keyword conversation with Hilda, talk to Mindu. He will pull the Canoe out from under his hat. Victory dance.

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After finishing the Earth Cave/Terra Cavern, go to Crystal Lake and talk to the sages. One of them will give you the Canoe.

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Are you asking about FF1 or FF2?

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