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How do i train the machine atribute?

i've been to leomon's GYM and gurdromon's GYM and i cant train the machine atribute at either (there is a big cross) so how do i train it up?

kokanagy provided additional details:

Do you need the digi-egg of knowlage to get the ticket in the kicking forest and where can i find BK wargreymon?

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JDavidC answered:

To get the gold ticket, you will require the Digi-egg of knowledge, as you need Digmon to get to where it is. BK Wargreymon can only be found near the end of the game in Amaterasu City Sewers. Trying to get into AM City before the plot calls for it is suicidal. You should also look into the Legendary Gym in North Sector on both servers, it has the best training possible (especially the one on the AM server, the Platinum Ticket upgrades all gyms to operate like it).
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ChaosBeelzemon answered:

You can train it in Togemon's Gym in North Badlands E (West Sector). Once you find the Gold/Platinum Tickets you can train all stats everywhere. The Gold Ticket is found on the cliff in AM Kicking Forest and the Platinum Ticket is obtained from BK WarGreymon.
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