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How can i play this digimon world 3 on my computer???

Well i have the psx emulator but it only works on iso/bin file. So can anyone kindly tell me or give me the link on where to get/download digimon world 3. Make sure it's complete. Thanks for anyone who help.

zackfans provided additional details:

ok thanks. But one more question please, i am not very good at this kind of stuff. And now i have a digimon world 3 on my computer but it is eboot.pbp file. Can i somehow convert or extract it into iso file? well i know there is a way, but i don't know how. THANKS A BUNCH for helping me...cuz i am a newbie. =(

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ChaosBeelzemon answered:

Downloading the game is illegal. You can play with your disc with epsxe. You can also make an ISO of your game on the computer and use that to play.
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ChaosBeelzemon answered:

I've no idea what you can do with that file. You should download a program called ISOProducer. It's free. When you have it, insert your game disc and use that program to make an .iso file. That's the only legit way to do this.
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jackripper36 answered:

chaosbeelzemon to correct you as long as he has a WORKING copy of the game he can legally download it but as soon as the copy he bought no longer works he can no longer have the downloaded copy legally
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