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How to unlock dark tolerence?

To let agumon digivolve to skullgreymon

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Kimjoy_star answered:

Dark tolerance training is in the gym located at South cape by the western end of Ether jungle. Ether jungle is west from Suzaku city at Phoenix bay, crossing Jungle grave. All these places are in Asuka server's south sector.
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julius2500 answered:

In earlier gyms, dark tolerance and machine tolerance are not available yet but as you go along the game, these tolerances will be unlocked.
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julius2500 answered:

Additional info to my previous answer, to let agumon digivolve to skullgreymon, just improve his dark tolerance 150+ which is already at your reach without any dark tolerance training.
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PK_Beam answered:

but you can buy Devil Chips in Amaterasu Junk Shop.
For my Renamon I need 250 dark to digivolve greymon into Skull Greymon
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