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What is the best digimons party?

There are 3 digimons with you i need to now what is the best and powerful digimons rookie to have them?

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Gunsandredroses answered:

For starters, Party A has excellent healing capabilities in Kotemon and Patamon. Kotemon makes up for the lack of Agumon quite quickly, and Renamon is a must, with her diverse digivolutions and powerful attacks. Patamon basically sucks, unless he's about 5 levels higher than the rest of your party...

Party B is really strong, with Renamon and Agumon, but Monmon's just sorta stuck in there. Agumon can be rather slow at first, but his strength and the fact that he can become Growlmon make up for this quickly.

Party C is a real dissappointment. Kumamon has such low MP, but learns Renamon type digivolution. This means he can only ever reach about 60% of his full potential. Guilmon's nice, what with MetalMamemon type digivolution and being able to load Double Guard, etc., but can be difficult to use in the beginning. And there's Patamon again...

I would recommend Party A to start, and here's why:
Most balanced between speed and strength, and you can get Agumon and Guilmon's DDNA fairly early on, so you can swap Patamon out. I personally beat the game the quickest with this strategy, although I also got pretty far with:
Monmon, Gulmon, Renamon
Agumon, Veemon, Renamon
Kotemon, Agumon, Veemon
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ChaosBeelzemon answered:

All of them are good. Just choose the three you like most.
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