Question from Neil_4321

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find (veemon to get d kicking boots)?

can anyone tell me I tried 2 luk 4 him but I just can't find him in d kicking 4est

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From: lKodelka 6 years ago

first you have to talk with the kid that tells you about the kicking boots. Go to west of central park and you'll meet him, he want a gabumon card first, then go to the inn and search near the girl for the card, give it to the kid, he'll tell you about veemon, them you have to go to the lamb shop and talk with the first guy in there, he'll tell you abour veemon. After that you have to go to wind praire and talk to veemon, he'll enter in the florest and you have to find him. I find him a little down from where you start, I dont know if him chances his location, but you cant see him, his behind a tree.

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when you first approach kicking forest you'll have a scene with veemon, after the scene just simply enter the forest to start the test. Once inside head toward the south batch of trees closest to the entrance and spam [x] or you action button, until he appears. Good luck with digimon 3.

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