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Digimon World 2003 PAL version FAQ
By Mykas0
Mykas0 [at] hotmail.com
version 0.5

I decided to write this FAQ since there is much info about the PAL 
version of the game "Digimon World 3", which was called "Digimon World 
2003" since one of the Digimon games never reached here (Digimon World 
2). In this FAQ will cover some facts I consider important about playing 
this version of the game, but most of what I write here may  be applied 
to other versions worldwide. Please notice that I will also write about 
things that players care, so I won't make a a list of every digimon you 
can see/control in this game or even a list of techs. Mainly, I just say 
what you should use and how to get it.

I must warn you that this FAQ is full of spoilers, so if you really 
wanna have some fun playing this game, don't read this faq unless you 
really need to.
have any questions about a walktrough, storyline, getting a specific 
item or "where do you should go next", don't e-mail me, since I won't 
be the right person to answer those.  THANKS!

HUM... This faq may only be published at GAMEFAQS ( www.gamefaqs.com ) 
and at my website ( www.geocities.com/Mykas0 ). If you want to use it 
just ask me, I will surely give you permission. And you may print
this faq but only for home use, and you may NEVER (NEVER, I SAID!!!)
charge any money for it!

FIRST OF ALL, how do you know if you have the pal version? Easy, just
read the main title screen. If it says "Digimon World 2003", it's
because you have the pal version. If it says "Digimon World 3" or
anything else it's because you have any version other than pal. Don't
mail me more asking about this, people! -__-''''

1. Levelling up
2. Beating Knightmon
3. DRI Agents
	3.1 Agumon
	3.2 Guilmon
	3.3 Kotemon
	3.4 Kumamon
	3.5 Monmon
	3.6 Patamon
	3.7 Renamon
	3.8 Veemon
4. Useful DNA Evolutions
5. Useful Digimon
6. Beating Gallacticmon
7. After beating Gallacticmon
8. Card game
9. Funny things
10. About Impmon, Lopmon and many others
11. Contacts

Special Thanks to:
Moderatelymythic@aol.com for info about card game ;
Med Jai and everyon on the DW3 gamefaqs' board .


1.~ Levelling up

First, you must know that in this game there isn't any way to check how 
much experience you will need up to next LEVEL UP. It is different from 
digimon to digimon, so I believe that Agumon is one of the most 
difficult to level up, but I heard the same goes for Veemon.
So, the places which are better to level up are:

-- Asuka and Amaterasu's Jungle Shrine (near Ether Jungle), those 
Numemon's inside are hard to defeat but they give you lots of money and 
experience. Also, you can find Zambamon (or, if in the Amataresu Server, 
a digi-evoltution of Patamon, I don't recall its name) there, but he is 
hard to defeat.

-- North Sector in both servers, the digimon you find there are 
quite strong and they give much experience.

If you need to level up the digi-evolutions, you can also do it on those 
places, most of the times 200 EXP is enough to level up. When it gets 
between level 90 and 95 it will be most difficult to level up, so I 
think it is better to continue playing and try to get to level 99 

2.~ Beating Knightmon

Nope, you can't beat them. No no no! What, you leveled up your Agumon
until level 99, he can digievolve to Imperialdramon PM and you can have
him DNA DV with another digimon in order to use Ancient Greymon? Nope, 
you still can't beat him. What? For some reason I don't understand, you
hacked the game and you have infinite HP? ... I don't help people who 
cheat like that! =/

3.~ DRI Agents

In order to get new digimon partners you need to find his DRI Agent, get 
the DDNA for the Digimon he requested (which will include finding that 
digimon and defeat him in a fight) and return that DDNA to the DRI Agent 
so that he will give you that digimon. There are also other conditions 
that must be fulfilled, which will be referred now. You can only get 
those quests when you have them fulfilled, but you can give the DDNA 
back whenever you want, I just think it is a good idea to get them 
before heading to Asuka's North Sector.

	3.1 Agumon

You need to go to Tyranno Valley after winning the first badge (Seiryu 
Badge) and the combined level of the digimon on your team must be 
between 30 and 59. He will ask you for MetalGreymon's DDNA, and you must 
go to Bulk Swamp (in South Sector) and defeat him.

	3.2 Guilmon

You can find his DRI Agent at Seiryu City, after getting the first badge 
and having a combined level between 30 and 59. He will ask you to get 
Guilmon's DDNA from WarGrowlmon, and you can find this digimon  at Ether 
Jungle, be careful since he is quite hidden.

	3.3 Kotemon

You'll see this DRI Agent in the confusing Mobius Desert, if you have a 
combined level between 60 and 89 he will ask you to get Kotemon's DDNA 
from Kyukimon, who you can find at Suzaku City's Underground Lake.

	3.4 Kumamon

His DRI Agent will be found in the Mobius Desert, and he will ask you to 
get Kumamon's DDNA from Grapleomon, who you can find in the Ether 
Jungle, be careful since you can only go to that section of Ether Jungle 
by taking the left path on Phoenix Bay's dock.

	3.5 Monmon

If you care to get this digimon (I don't like him it all...), you can 
find his DRI Agent in Mobius Desert and he will ask you to get Monmon's 
DDNA from Armormon, who you will find in the "secret" Duel Island, which 
you can access by going underwater in Divermon's Lake. You combined 
level must be between 60 and 89.

	3.6 Patamon

It is quite easy to find his DRI Agent, he will appear in Asuka's 
Central Park when you have 2 badges (Seiryu and Suzaku badge) and the 
combined level of the digimon on your team must be between 45 and 74. 
You will be asked to go get Patamon's DDNA from MangaAngemon, which you 
can find in South Badland, on West Sector.

	3.7 Renamon

Her DRI Agent can be found on top of Leomon's Gym, in Asuka's Central 
Park, but only after you have 2 badges and a combined level between 45 
and 74. You will be prompted to get Renamon's DDNA from Taomon, who you 
can find in North Badland W, West Sector.

	3.8 Veemon

This one his the hardest to get... You must have 3 badges (Seiryu, 
Suzaku and Byakko), have ONLY one digimon on your team, and his level 
must be between 1 and 29. Then, go to Protocol Ruins and find his DRI 
Agent, who will ask you to get Veemon's DDNA from Paildramon, which you 
can find at Bulk Bridge.

4.~ Useful DNA Evolutions

Please notice there are much more DNA Evolutions than those I refer, but 
these are the ones I find useful.

X-Veemon + Stingmon = Paildramon
This is a quite useful DNA Evolution, since you can get it early in the 
game and it is quite powerful.

Wargrowlmon + Digitamamon = Megagargomon
Another powerful DNA Evolution, good even when you arrive at Amaterasu 

Taomon + MagnaAngemon = Phoenixmon
YOU MUST GET THIS ONE, every time you use it, increases the defensive 
power of every digimon on your team (for a short time) and revives and 
COMPLETELY HEALS every digimon on your party. Really good!

5.~ Useful Digimon

Like for the DNA Evolutions, I'll just list the ones I find useful.

*** Agumon
Yep, this one is quite good since with him you'll be able to learn lots
of powerful evolutions, and most of them are in this list.

*** Kabuterimon
He has a good poison tech, so he is kinda useful even at the end of the 

*** MagnaAngemon
His Healing skills can be really useful if you don't want to be buying 
healing items all the time.

*** Wargrowlmon
His Finisher is quite good early in the game, plus you need him if you 
want to get Gallantmon, who also rocks.

*** BlackWargreymon
He has a very useful black tech, which strikes 3 times, plus a great 

*** Gallantmon
The only good thing about this one is that he has a Finisher which 
counters the opponent attack and increases its damage, so it may be 
kinda useful in the fight against Gallacticmon's tail.

*** Imperialdramon
He learns a healing skill at level 5, making it a great help, apart from
all the other moves.

*** Omnimon
He is quite good... high defense and attack, good attack and many other 
things... as you may have imagined, from the anime. Also, he is required 
to get Imperialdramon Paladin Mode.

6.~ Beating Gallacticmon
Since I don't believe that all your Digimon are at the same level, I
think that the best way to win is by having a digimon with high strenght
to attack Gallacticmon's tail (DON'T USE TECHS, since I believe that
Gallacticmon can learn those techs and then use them against you. Maybe
you can fight this by using weak techs against him, so that later on he
attacks you with weak techs, although I'm not sure of this) and have the
two other digimons DNA DV to Phoenixmon when the striking Digimon dies.
When you kill him it, it will strike with a strong laser and your digimon
will drop his HP to 1, so I belive you can use Phoenixmon again or just
heal him with items. Then, continue striking with the main digimon until
you kill Gallacticmon. Use Blast Evolution (even if you need to use a DV
Plug), and strike with the finisher from the new digimon that appears,
once it returns to the original digimon keep on striking with that 
digimon and using Phoenixmon when he dies. Eventually you will win, this
battle isn't MUCH hard at all.

7.~ After beating Gallacticmon
So, now, the section you all waited for... Exclusive for the PAL version 
(well, maybe you could do it in the japanese version, I don't know, 
never tried that... if you have this version, why should I bother 
playing the japanese one?), you are able to continue playing and get 
So, what do you have to do? Easy!
First, buy the original PAL version (yeah, this game is worth the money 
you spend on it) and play it up to the fight against Gallacticmon. Now, 
defeat him, see the ending movie (not very good... =(((( ) and wait 
until the Credits finish rolling. Now, you'll see the kid you played 
with (I don't remember his name) in Kusanagi Corner with his friends and 
they will go to play in Digimon World again. Kurt has now taken MAGAMI's 
place has "leader" of Digimon Online.
By now you can only access Amaterasu Central and East Sectors, you can 
also try to enter the tournament but you are told that you must get 4 
medals before being able to play on it. Now, go to Qing Long City and 
try fighting the leader, he will tell you that to fight him you need to 
find the 5 EPIC ITEMS.
Now, you can find the leaders to get the medals in this places:
- Qing Long City (where you fight the leader);
- Tyranno Valley (where Master Tyrannomon used to be);
- Protocol Ruins (where Pharaomon used to be);
- Protocol Ruins (where that city leader once was).
So, now you can try to fight them, but how can you do so? The easiest 
way to do so is by getting the 5 LV4 weapons BEFORE fighting 
Gallacticmon, since getting those weapons after beating him poses you 
much trouble. MORE INFO TO COME!

8.~ Card game
As you may have seen, you can now easily find Black Agumon and Nunemon in 
Circuit Board, you can also enter a new tournament, just go to the duel 
island and you'll find that a new tournament is happening there,
at the top you'll find a "weird character" (as referred in the game).
Actually, he is Keith... Here, you will find the toughest characters I've 
seen in card battling, so have your best decks prepared... At the end, you
just win a Trophy and a 15a booster. Please be prepared against Darkness 
Gale and all those strange cards, because they will surely appear in this

9.~ Funny things
- Persiamon is able to de-digievolve your digimon, so it may happen that
your digimon blasts to an amazing digimon and then he goes back to his
rookie form. Not very funny, but "interesting";
- If you search near the entrance to Qing Long City, on the left site 
(before entering the city) you'll find a giant Cactuar (yep, he really
looks like those monsters from the FF series) craved on the rocks.

10.~ About Impmon, Lopmon and many others
Due to the ammount of rumors I've been hearing about getting those 2 
digimons and many others, I posted an article made by myself on the 
boards, article which I re-wrote for here...
"Those digimons aren't in the game... And how can I prove this? Easy!
Based on my computer and rpg skills, I know that the number of digimons 
in this game is at least 255 ^ x (the number of possible combinations of 
2x hex characters), being x more or equal to 1. So, you just stick to 
the gameshark, get the codes for picking a certain digimon and input all 
the possible codes one by one, some of them must be just "testing things" 
(I mean, digimons that don't appear in the game and were only made for 
testing purposes) but at the end you will surely find that THEY AREN'T 
IN THE GAME! So, please help stopping those fake codes from spreading!"
Hope this concludes this discussion...

11.~ Contacts
You may contact me by my e-mail, Mykas0 [at] hotmail.com . Just WRITE 
"Digimon World 2003" AS A SUBJECT OR I WILL NEVER REPLY! Also, 
visit my website at www.geocities.com/Mykas0 . There's also a forum in 
my site, and if you post there maybe I will answer sooner, since most
of the times it always takes me a long time to answer e-mails...

THANKS and until a next version!