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Digimon: Digital Monsters Rumble Arena
FAQ/Move List/Secrets List
Version 1.0 (written 03-22-02)
Written by - The S the_s_is_king@hotmail.com

This FAQ (C) 2002 The S
All other names and etc. (C) Bandai

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This is my first FAQ, so bear with me, please.

1. How The Heck Do You Play This?
  A. Controls
  B. Special Controls
  C. The Screen
  D. Special Finishing Technique

2. Menyuu O Misete Kudasai: The Menus
  A. Main Menu
  B. Options Screen
  C. Password
  D. Select Your Digimon
  E. Bonus Games

3. Ready? Rumble!
  A. Agumon
  B. WarGreymon
  C. Gabumon
  D. MetalGarurumon
  E. Patamon
  F. Seraphimon
  G. Gatomon
  H. Magnadramon
  I. Veemon
  J. Imperialdramon (Fighter Mode)
  K. Wormmon
  L. Stingmon
  M. Guilmon
  N. Gallantmon
  O. Terriermon
  P. MegaGargomon
  Q. Renamon
  R. Sakuyamon
  S. Impmon
  T. Beelzemon (Blast Mode)
  U. BlackWarGreymon
  V. Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
  W. Omnimon
  X. Reapermon

4. Stage Selection: Select Your Stage!
  A. Selecting a Stage
  B. The Stages
  C. Items

5. Psst! It's A Secret!
  A. Obtaining Secret Characters
  B. Selecting The Same Digimon
  C. Soft Reset
  D. Alternate Digi-Destineds
  E. Fight BlackWarGreymon in 1P Mode
  F. Reapermon

6. Miscellaneous Shiznit
  A. Revisions
  B. Special Thanks To
  C. Copyright Info

1. How The Heck Do You Play This?
Okay, here's the specifics on how to play the game. Some of you might say "But
the instructions tell me how to do this!" Well, this section is primarily for
those who purchased the game without of lost their instruction booklet.
Besides, you might find a few things you didn't know :).

A. Controls
Selection: These are the controls that you use when not in the middle of
whooping your fellow Digimon's butts.

Directional Pad (A.K.A. D-pad) - Highlight a selection
Triangle Button (^) - Cancel a selection
Ex Button (X) - Confirm a selection
Either Analog Stick - See D-pad
Start Buttion (START) - Start the Game

Battle: Once you're ready to dole out a few factories of whoopass, you can use
this setup to help.

D-pad - Move your Digimon
Start Button (START) - Bring up the pause menu
Either Analog Stick - See D-pad (Note: The instructions say that the Right
Stick has no function, but it does the same as the left one)
Square Button ([]) - Normal Attack
Ex Button (X) - Jump
Circle Button (O) - Finishing Technique 1
Triangle Button (^) - Finishing Technique 2
R1 Button - Digivolve (Rookies & Gatomon), Special Finishing Technique (Megas,
L1 Button - Block

B. Special Controls
These are the other things you can do during battle.

Press the D-pad or Analog Stick in any direction twice to Dash.
If you press X twice, you can do a Double Jump.
To duck down, press and hold Down on the D-pad or Analog Stick.
To execute a combo, press [] repeatedly.
For a high attack, press Up on the D-pad or Analog Stick and press [].
For a low attack, press Down on the D-pad or Analog Stick and press [].
Pressing [] while dashing executes a special Dash Attack.
Stand in close to your opponent and press the direction on your D-pad or Analog
Stick toward the other Digimon and press [] to Throw.

If you are a Rookie or Gatomon, you can Digivolve to your Mega (or in Wormmon's
case, Champion) form by pressing R1 when your Digivolution Meter is full.

If you are a Mega or Stingmon, you can use your Special Finish Technique. More
on this later.

C. The Screen
At the bottom of the screen are your Digimon's pictures. The Red meters next to
them are your health; if it is completely depleted, you lose the match. Above
that is your Digivolution/Special Finish Meter. More on this in the previous
and next sections. Between the two Digimon's meters is the Timer. This can be
turned off on the Options screen, but if it is on, and has reached 00, the
match is over, and the Digimon with the highest Health Meter wins. Above the
Digivolution Meter is the score (how many points you have) and Wins (how many
times you have beaten your opponent. Best 2 of 3 wins). Up in the top left hand
or right hand corner is the Combo Counter. It tells you how many hits your
combos have racked up.

D. Special Finishing Techniques
Special Finishing Techniques are equal to that of the Super Moves in popular
Capcom and SNK games. Only Megas and Stingmon are able to use them. If you have
selected a Rookie Digimon (or Gatomon) and Digivolved, using this one-shot
attack will cause your Digimon to De-Digivolve back to their original form.
However, if you have selected a Mega (or Stingmon) from the start, you must
fill up your Special Finish Meter to maximum to use the attack, which empties
that meter. To learn each Digimon's individual Special Finish Meter, read them
in the Ready? Rumble! section.

2. Menyuu O Misete Kudasai: The Menus
If you're Fresh to fighting games, or just video games in general, you'll need
to read this section.

A. Main Menu
1 Player Mode (A.K.A. Arcade Mode): Fight your way through a plethora of
computer opponents in order to fight and defeat the extremely evil and
extremely hard Reapermon.

2 Player Mode: Battle against a friend/enemy/sibling/hobo.

Vs. Computer Mode: Same as 2 Player Mode, but you battle against the computer.

??? (Later becomes 1P Bonus Game): After unlocking one or more Bonus Games, you
may play them against the computer.

??? (Later becomes 2P Bonus Game): After unlocking one or more Bonus Games, you
may play them against the aforementioned friend/enemy/sibling/hobo.

Options: Enter the Options Menu. If you haven't played a game since the wee
days of the NES, you may be unfamiliar with this.

B. Options
Here you can modify your game to be easier or more challenging.

Game Level: Easy, Normal, Hard. It's how tough the computer opponents are.
Sound: Change it from Stereo to Mono and back. I never even bother with this.
Play Time: If you want to switch it from 99 to Infinite, you can.
Auto-Save: Want the Save Menu to pop up after beating the game? Turn it on.
Save: Save all Options and secrets unlocked at current time.
Load: Load the data from your Memory Card.
Controller: Change the control functions
Screen Setup: Use the D-pad or Analog Stick to adjust your screen.
Input Password: Use this to unlock Secret Digimon.

C. Password
Here, you can enter passwords to unlock secret Digimon. If you want some of
those passwords, check out the Psst! It's A Secret! section.

D. Select Your Digimon
When your game mode has been selected, the Digimon Selection Screen will pop
up. You can use X to select your Digimon. You being with 9 Digimon, but playing
the 1 Player Mode will unlock lots more (Note: Digimon on the bottom row cannot
be used in 1 Player Mode). If a Digimon picture box is covered with a Blue Card
Symbol (where it looks like a dinosaur is in the letter "D"), that Digimon has
not been unlocked yet. In 2 Player Mode and Vs. Computer Mode, you can set the
Handicap by pressing left or right on your D-pad or Analog Stick. The lower the
number of squares, the less Health that Digimon has.

E. Bonus Games
Bonus Games can be unlocked by finding them in 1 Player Mode. Simply play them
to unlock them. Here are specifics on the various games:

--Target Games--
Use the D-pad or Analog stick to move around. To shoot the ball, hold [] to
pump up the gauge below and make the ball bigger. Use the ball to collect gems,
which are listed below:
Crystals (Take The Red Ones): 100 points
Diamonds (Uh... They're Green!): 200 points
Stars (Kin no): Woo hoo! 500 points!
Whoever gets the most points when the time runs out wins!

--Digivolve Race--
Press the [] button repeatedly to fill up your gauge. If you can fill it up
faster than your opponent, you win! And, if you are a Rookie or Gatomon, you'll
Digivolve! You can cheat in this game if you have Auto-Fire or Turbo on your

--Basketball Game--
Ease your Basketball Jones by sinking some ABA balls into the hoop. Hold [] to
pump up the gauge and release to toss the ball. This is kinda tough, because
Calumon flies around with the hoop. If you make 10 of them before the opposing
Digimon, you take the gold.

3. Ready? Rumble!
AGUMON Japanese Name: Agumon Level: Rookie Partner: Tai Digivolves to:
From: Season 1

Agumon is a small orangish lizard Digimon. He is one of the first Digimon to
become a Rookie (from Koromon), and in the first movie (first part of the movie
for Americans), he was introduced as BigAgumon. Not a guy you want to tangle

O: Pepper Breath. Agumon spits out a ball of flame that flies toward the
^: Claw Attack. He slashes the opponent twice, then hops foward and slashes
them again.
[]: Punch/Rapid Punch
[] (in air): Punch/Kick
Throw: Table Turn Slam
Dash Attack: Screw Turn Kick

Digi Know?: Agumon is the most balanced Digimon in the game, making him sort of
the "Ryu" of Digimon.

WARGREYMON Japanese Name: War Greymon Level: Mega Partner: Tai Digivolves from:
From: Season 1

WarGreymon is the awesome Mega level of Agumon. His Great Tornado can be
pointed in any direction, including diagonally, making it a deadly force to be
reckoned with. Nature Digimon better beware!

O: Mega Claw. WarGreymon slashes down, then up with his metallic claws,
creating a large wall of power and flame. Sort of a mini-projectile.
^: Great Tornado. One of the most evil attacks in the game. WarGreymon drills
himself in a direction, not unlike Raphael in the Ninja Turtles Tournament
Fighters games. Unlike Raph, though, you can direct WarGreymon to attack in ANY
freaking direction, even in the air, AND you can do it twice in a row as a
R1: Terra Force. If you've seen the show, you undoubtedly know what this is.
Leaping into the air, WarGreymon gathers a buttload of energy and tosses the
energy ball down at a 45-degree angle. Unblockable, and hard to dodge, unless
you go underneath him.
[]: Claw/Rapid Claw
[] (in air): Punch, Kick
Throw: Slam Down
Dash Attack: Screw Turn Punch

Digi Know?: The computer is nearly always a sucker for the Mega Claw. Just
don't do it while a projectile is flying your way, or against Reapermon.

GABUMON Japanese Name: Gabumon Level: Rookie Partner: Matt Digivolves to:
From: Season 1

Gabumon is a pretty good Digimon for taking on the multi-level stages, where
you can sneak on your opponents and attack from below. Other than that, he's
pretty darned useless.

O: Blue Blaster. Oooh look! A projectile attack! Gabumon spits a wave of ice
from his mouth.
^: Horn Attack. Gabumon jumps up with lightning-speed and uppercuts the
opponent with his horn, Shoryuken-style.
[]: Punch/Rapid Punch
[] (in air): Rap/Punch/Head Slam
Throw: Thunder Throw
Dash Attack: Dash Punch

Digi Know?:

METALGARURUMON Japanese Name: Metal Garurumon Level: Mega Partner: Matt
Digivolves from: Gabumon From: Season 1

From the somewhat weak Gabumon comes the hecka awesome MetalGarurumon. He's a
good long-range fighter, since all of his specials are projectiles, and kicks
major anus against Reapermon.

O: Metal Wolf Claw. Despite the fact that it's ice, it's called Metal. In fact,
it's called both Metal and Ice Wolf Claw in the dub. Whatever. Anyway,
MetalGarurumon shoots a long, powerful ice beam from his mouth that travels
nearly the entire screen. After using, though, it takes a second to recharge.
^: Garuru Tomahawk. Known as Metal Wolf Claw in the dub (I think). The dub
attacks for this dude are so screwed up. Getting back to things, MetalGarurumon
does a slow somerault back and fires a large missile from his chest. Pretty
slow compared to the Metal Wolf Claw, but it doesn't have any recharge time.
R1: G Cross Freezer. Dumb name for this attack. He shoots many, many homing
missiles, along with a Mini-me Garuru Tomahawk. Best used when your opponent is
stunned, but do not use it directly in close if they aren't.
[]: Claw/Rapid Claw.
[] (in air): Turn Kick.
Throw: Snap Slam.
Dash Attack: Bum Rush.

Digi Know?:

PATAMON Japanese Name: Patamon Level: Rookie Partner: T.K. Digivolves to:
From: Season 1

The original cute Digimon. He can fly with his ears in the anime, but he just
gets good air time with his jumps here. Don't forget to pound 'em with a Boom
Bubble before going in close!

O: Boom Bubble. Patamon shoots a large bubble from his mouth. It's sort of hard
to see, because it has no real shape. It's just sphere that kinda warps the
background. Kinda slow, and, unlike the anime, it doesn't go diagonally if you
shoot while airborne.
^: Slamming Attack. Patamon takes a short hop forward, and if it connects, he
will combo the opponent upwards with his ears. If your press a direction
pressing ^, he'll take a bigger hop and has a better chance of missing, but
it's excellent for running from Reapermon.
[]: Ear Attack/Rapid Ear
[] (in air): Wing Attack/Headbutt
Throw: Rap Attack
Dash Attack: Head Slam

Digi Know?: Patamon plays a lot like Pikachu on Super Smash Bros. Coincedence?
Maybe, but when he Digivolves to Seraphimon, he plays like a quicker, more
agile Mewtwo. Looks like Bandai's got a few Nintendo systems lying around!

SERAPHIMON Japanese Name: Seraphimon Level: Mega Partner: T.K. Digivolves from:
From: Movie 3

From the little cute creature Patamon comes the majestic Seraphimon. Who would
have thought a small fry like him could become one of God's personal servants?
Anyway, the ten-winged archangel is a fabulous fire, with two projectile
attacks, and a highly-damaging (although hard to perfom) Special Finish.

O: Hallowed Knuckle. Seraphimon punches forward, releasing a ball of Holy
Energy. Moderately fast and good for knocking opponents off of platforms.
^: Seven Heavens. Seraphimon shoots seven holy orbs in a circle up at a
45-degree angle, like most of the super fireballs on Dragonball Z: Hyper
Dimension. If done in the air, it will travel at a downward angle.
R1: Hallowed Ascension. Leaping into the air, Seraphimon calls upon the power
of Heaven to strike thunderbolts repeatedly on the opponent. Very powerful, but
if you aren't darn near literally hugging the opponent, all he does is a
useless kick. If you do the kick, it takes a tiny bit of your Digivolution
Meter. Do only when your opponent is stunned.
[]: Kick/Rapid Kick
[] (in air): Kick
Throw: Slam Down
Dash Attack: Knee Kick

Digi Know?: Seraphimon's Hallowed Knuckle is a dead ringer for Mewtwo's Shadow
Ball in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Hmmm...

GATOMON Japanese Name: Tailmon Level: Champion Partner: Kari Digivolves to:
From: Series 1

She once started as one of the evil Myotismon's underlings, but became Kari's
partner later on. She stays in Champion form most of the time because she
naturally Digivolved, and in Season 2, she loses her tail ring, making her weak
as a Rookie. Which is how she plays here, even though her tail ring is present.

O: Cat's Eye Hypnotism. Pink spirals shoot out of Gatomon's eyes. They are like
any other projectiles, except the opponent has a longer recovery time than with
any other standard projectile when hit by this one.
^: Lightning Paw. Lightning Claw, Lightning Paw. Can't anybody make up their
mind on this? Gatomon will rush forward, and if you connect, she does a quick
scratch combo. Try it after Cat's Eye Hypnotism for a great combonation.
[]: Punch/Rapid Punch
[] (in air): Punch/Head Slam/Kick
Throw: Rumble Ram
Dash Attack: Dash Punch

Digi Know?: Gatomon doesn't sound anything like she does on the show, except
for when she's been beaten. Weird...

MAGNADRAMON Japanese Name: Holy Dramon Level: Mega Partner: Kari Digivolves
from: Gatomon
From: Movie 3

From dog to cat to angel to... dragon? What the? These Digivolution charts get
weirder all the time. The sacred dragon is pretty good, except against
Reapermon. Her two projectiles and awesome Special Finish make her a good

O: Fire Tornado. A large, blue spiral is shot out, travelling pretty far, and
darn near unstoppable by attacks.
^: Hermit Fog. Makes no sense. A bit of fog protrudes from her mouth. A close
range projectile.
R1: Apocalypse. If the opponent enters the area near Magnadramon, she does a
somersault and a bunch of lightning javelins strike the opponent. Apparently,
it even works when the opponent has been knocked down, which is a prime time to
use it.
[]: Head Slam/Rapid Slam
[] (in air) Head Slam
Throw: Head Slam
Dash Attack: Rotating Head Slam

Digi Know?:

VEEMON Japanese Name: V-Mon Level: Rookie Partner: Davis Digivolves to:
Imperialdramon (Fighter Mode) From: Season 2

The quick and agile Veemon is a favorite among many a Digi-fan, but he isn't
worth it here. He has no projectile, and his Vee Punch sucks; it's nothing like
it is on the show. Only merit is his Digivolution.

O: Vee Headbutt. Veemon rushes forward with a quick headbutt. If done while
airborne, he comes down at a 45-degree angle.
^: Vee Punch. Veemon moves forward while spinning his arms, like Gotenks from
Dragonball Z. Unlike Gotenks, though, this move sucks monumental booty.
[]: Punch/Rapid Punch
[] (in air): Head Slam/Kick
Throw: Wind Up Punch
Dash Attack: Veemon Head Spear

Digi Know?:

IMPERIALDRAMON (FIGHTER MODE) Japanese Name: Imperial Dramon Fighter Mode
Level: Mega Partner: Davis Digivolves from: Veemon From: Season 2

A DNA Digivolution of ExVeemon and Stingmon, plus another Digivolution and a
Mode Change have brought Imperialdramon Fighter Mode to life. Strange, though,
as he is considered Veemon's Mega while Wormmon gets stuck with his Champion.
Oh well.

O: Positron Laser. Imperialdramon shoots a powerful laser not unlike
MetalGarurumon's Metal Wolf Claw.
^: Splendor Blade. Imperialdramon kicks the opponent into the air, then slashes
them with his powerful claws.
R1: Mega Crusher: Does a quick combo that knocks the opponent into the air,
continues beating on them, knocking them down, then shoots a huge version of
the Positron Laser. Not bad, but must be in close.
[]: Punch/Rapid Attack
[] (in air): Kick/Rapid Attack
Throw: Front Kick
Dash Attack: Rap Attack

Digi Know?: Although Ken isn't present as his Digi-Destined, both ExVeemon and
Stingmon's voices are together as Imperialdramon's.

WORMMON Japanese Name: Wormmon Level: Rookie Partner: Ken Digivolves to:
From: Season 2

He loyally served Ken while he was the Digimon Emperor, but when he died, Ken
reformed. After being reborn in the Primary Village, he worked with Ken on the
side of good. Wormmon's Digivolution Meter seems to fill up quicker than
others, probably because he goes to Champion instead of Mega.

O: Sticky Net. Wormmon shoots a spiral of silk at the opponent. It's slow and
has bad range, but if it connects, the opponent will be temporarily trapped in
the net.
^: Silk Thread. Wormmon does a frontflip, slashing with his antennae. Very good
[]: Head Slam/Rapid Head
[] (in air): Rotating Head Slam
Throw: Body Slam
Dash Attack: Rotating Tail Attack

Digi Know?: Even though Ken and Veemon are voiced by the same actor, they never
really sounded to much alike in the dub. Here, they sound too much alike...

STINGMON Japanese Name: Stingmon Level: Champion Partner: Ken Digivolves from:
Wormmon From: Season 2

From the normally peaceloving Wormmon comes the deadly and
nearly-as-violent-as-Cyberdramon Stingmon. On the anime, he is criticized for
killing Digimon (which made no sense, because they did it all the time in the
first season). Master of the 45-degree angle air attacks.

O: Moon Shooter. Stingmon fires an impact webbing like Spiderman does on the
games. If done in the air, it'll come down at a 45-degree angle.
^: Spiking Strike. Stingmon dashes forward with his spike extended, ready to
skewer the enemy. If done while airborne, he'll strike at a 45-degree angle.
R1: Evil Antenna. Stingmon flings his antenna forward, creating a supersonic
sphere. If the opponent becomes caught in that sphere, their Health is drained
into Stingmon's.
[]: Kick/Rapid Attack
[] (in air): Kick
Throw: Summersault (sic) Kick
Dash Attack: Roundhouse Kick

Digi Know?:

GUILMON Japanese Name: Guilmon Level: Rookie Partner: Takato Digivolves to:
Gallantmon From: Season 3/Tamers

A fun-loving and bread obsessed Digimon, not to mention one of my personal
favorites. He is normally kind, caring, and funny, but he really gets into the
spirit of battle. Not a Digimon you'd want to mess with if you valued your

O: Pyro Sphere. Guilmon spits out a ball of flame. Like Agumon's Pepper Breath,
but bigger.
^: Rock Breaker. Guilmon spins in the air, moving toward his opponent while
beating them with fire. A good air move.
[]: Claw/Rapid Claw
[] (in air): Claw Attack, Kick
Throw: Slam Attack
Dash Attack: Head Slam

Digi Know?: Takato sounds nothing here like he does on the dub.

GALLANTMON Japanese Name: Dukemon Level: Mega Partner: Takato Digivolves from:
Gallantmon From: Season 3/Tamers

After Digivolving to the evil and rough Megidramon and getting his butt handed
to him on a plate by Beelzemon, Guilmon BioMerged (that is, became one with)
his Tamer, Takato. Together, they're one mad motha... uh... he just kicks butt.

O: Royal Joust. Gallantmon runs forward with his shield out, then slashes with
his lance. Pretty weak.
^: Spiral Saver. Known as Lightning Joust in the dub. He fires a spiral blast
upwards from his lance. A better upwards attack than Gabumon's Horn Attack.
R1: Elysion (sic) Blaster. The dub calls it Shield of the Just. A huge,
powerful beam is emitted from his shield, which looks like a Kamehameha.
[]: Spear & Rapid Attack
[] (in air): Kick/Slash/Bum Rush
Throw: Shish Kebab
Dash Attack: Shield Bum Rush

Digi Know?: Even though Gallantmon is both Guilmon and Takato, the Tamer's
voice is not present in Gallantmon's in the game (thank Athena it isn't,
though. His voice in Rumble Arena is horrible!). Same goes for the other
BioMerged Digimon; only the Digimon's voices are there.

TERRIERMON Japanese Name: Terriermon Level: Rookie Partner: Henry Digivolves
to: MegaGargomon From: Movie 3, Season 3/Tamers

Although Terriermon originally showed up in the thrird movie (uhh... the one
based off of Season 2 for the American viewers) as Willis's partner, there's a
Terriermon in Tamers, and he belongs to Henry. I've nicknamed him the Cute

O: Bunny Blaster. Called Bunny Blaster although Terriermon is CLEARLY A DOG!
Terriermon shoots a quick blast of green fire from his mouth. Great for using
in the air.
^: Terrier Torpedo: So what is he, a dog, or a rabbit? Make up you mind, guys!
The Cute Jerk spins with his floppy ears outstretched, moving up at a 45-degree
angle. Seems to catch everyone offguard.
[]: Ear Attack/Rapid Ear
[] (in air): Turn Ear Attack/Head Slam
Throw: Knockdown
Dash Attack: Head Slam

Digi Know?: Although I can't prove they're done by the same actor, Henry and
Older T.K.'s voices are identical, yet the game credits them as two different
people. If they are, now THAT's talent!

MEGAGARGOMON Japanese Name: Saint Galgomon Level: Mega Partner: Henry
Digivolves from: Terriermon From: Season 3/Tamers

While fighting the Sovereign known as Zhuqiaomon, Henry and Terriermon
BioMerged to become the living tank MegaGargomon!

O: Gargo Missile. MegaGargomon shoots his two smiley-face missiles, that home
in on your opponent. After a while, they lose their tracking.
^: Mega Twister. MegaGargomon chops the opponent onto the ground, then spins
them around and tosses them, sometimes clear to the other side of the stage. It
either takes luck or skill to do it.
R1: Mega Barrage. MegaGargomon unleashes every little missile in his arsenal,
which are semi-homing.
[]: Punch/Rapid Punch
[] (in air): Spin/Bum Rush
Throw: Knuckle Knockdown
Dash Attack: Bum Rush

Digi Know?:

RENAMON Japanese Name: Renamon Level: Rookie Partner: Rika Digivolves to:
From: Season 3/Tamers

A pretty good fighter if you know how to use her. The best strategy is to use
Kohenkyo, then, while the opponent is confused, let loose a Diamond Storm. If
they start to catch on, mix it up a bit.

O: Diamond Storm. A very good projectile, but dangerous to use. Renamon calls
forward on dozens of little diamonds to pummel the enemy. It takes a few
seconds to start, but once it hits the enemy, it's gonna hurt.
^: Kohenkyo. Literally translated, it mean Fox Change Void. Some leaves fly
around Renamon, then she and the opponent switch places. Another good way to
use it is if a Element Projectile is coming toward you. Instantly Kohenkyo, and
the projectile will hit the enemy before they know what's what.
[]: Kick/Rapid Kick
[] (in air): Kick
Throw: Kick
Dash Attack: Flying Kick

Digi Know?: Renamon sounds nothing like her dub self when she does her attacks,
but exactly the same any other time.

SAKUYAMON Japanese Name: Sakuyamon Level: Mega Partner: Rika Digivolves from:
From: Season 3/Tamers

I don't know too much about her, since I haven't seen the episode in which she
first appears, but I do know she's another BioMerged Digimon, and she kicks

O: Dragon Helix. Sakuyamon summons four dragon spirits to attack the enemy.
They can be moved with the D-pad or Analog Sticks. The spirits disappear if
attacked, a certain amount of time has elapsed, or the X button is pressed.
^: Fox Drive. Shooting an ENORMOUS sphere of rotating flames, Sakuyamon puts
the enemy in a world of hurt. Is shot downward if done in the air.
R1: Talisman Sphere. Sakuyamon hops up and slams her scepter into the ground,
creating a mandala. Any enemy who ventures too close to the mandala is
instantly frozen in place. After a few seconds, a large sphere will appear
around Sakuyamon, damaging any opponent in the vicinity, frozen or not.
[]: Scepter/Rapid Scepter
[] (in air): Kick, Scepter
Throw: Scepter
Dash Attack: Scepter Sash

Digi Know?:

IMPMON Japanese Name: Impmon Level: Rookie Partner: None Digivolves to:
(Blast Mode) From: Season 3/Tamers

A very mischevious Digimon who causes trouble for the Tamers, after seeing the
light, he manages to help them fight the dreaded D-Reaper.

O: Baddaboom. Impmon tosses the quickest and smallest projectile in the game,
his patented fireball.
^: Summon. On the anime, it summons fire, on the card pic, it's fire and ice,
and here, it's just ice. A portal opens up a ways from Impmon, then three
shards of ice come out and fly nearly as fast as his Baddaboom. If the ^ button
is held, you can make the move more powerful.
[]: Punch/Rapid Punch
[] (in air): Punch/Kick/Hip Attack
Throw: Destroyer
Dash Attack: Hip Attack

Digi Know?: Impmon has the most interesting "Throw" in the game. He does a
little hypnosis thing, sort of like Gatomon's Cat's Eye Hypnotism, then he hits
them. It was pretty useful for when Reapermon got too close.

BEELZEMON (BLAST MODE) Japanese Name: Beelzebumon Blast Mode Level: Mega
Partner: None Digivolves from: Impmon From: Season 3/Tamers

A very evil dude. After Impmon made a deal with the Deva Caturamon, he was Warp
Digivolved to Beelzemon, who beat the snot out of the Tamers. If you don't
think he's bad, you don't know anything. HE KILLED LEOMON FOR ATHENA'S SAKES!
Now, in his Blast Mode, he's even badder, and will stop at nothing for supreme

O: Dark Ringer. Beelzemon shoots off a projectile from his gun. Not as good as
if he had been in his normal mode and used Double Impact, but it does the
^: Darkness Claw. A leftover from his normal mode, but very good. He does an
uppercut with his evil, evil claws, sending the opponent soaring, and I mean
SOARING into the air. I've seen him knock Imperialdramon Paladin Mode from the
bottom of the Sanctuary stage to the top in one swipe. Oh yeah, and it can be
R1: Chaos Flare. Beelzemon fires a large flare across the ground that reaches
up to the top of the screen, then tosses a large fireball.
[]: Kick/Rapid Attack
[] (in air): Punch/Kick
Throw: Destroyer (From Behind)
Dash Attack: Dash Punch

Digi Know?: Although it bears the same name as Impmon's, Beelzemon's throw is
nothing like it.

BLACKWARGREYMON Japanese Name: Black War Greymon Level: Mega Partner: None
Digivolves from: None From: Season 2

My personal favorite Digimon. Arukenimon created him from one-hundred control
spires. He was one of the worst enemies in the series. In the end, he ended up
sacrificing himself to close the gate to the Digital World. Still, he was a
real badarse. In the game, he isn't too different from WarGreymon, but he's

O: Dragon Crusher. BlackWarGreymon slashes down, then up with his metallic
claws, creating a large wall of power and flame. Sort of a mini-projectile.
^: Black Tornado. One of the most evil attacks in the game. BlackWarGreymon
drills himself in a direction, not unlike Raphael in the Ninja Turtles
Tournament Fighters games. Unlike Raph, though, you can direct BlackWarGreymon
to attack in ANY freaking direction, even in the air, AND you can do it twice
in a row as a combo.
R1: Terra Destroyer. Like WarGreymon's, but better. He doesn't jump while doing
it, which downsizes the range by a bit, but is less likely to be knocked out of
the attack. Still kicks anus.
[]: Claw/Rapid Claw
[] (in air): Punch, Kick
Throw: Slam Down
Dash Attack: Screw Turn Punch

Digi Know?: Even though it doesn't sound like it, the same dude that did
BlackWarGreymon's (and Reapermon's for that matter) voice is the same one that
does Guilmon/Gallantmon. Wow!

IMPERIALDRAMON PALADIN MODE Japanese Name: Imperial Dramon Paladin Mode Level:
Mega Partners: Davis & Ken Digivolves from: None From: Movie 4

In the fourth Digimon Movie, Diaboromon Strikes Back, Omnimon fused with
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode in order to defeat Diaboromon and his alternate
Mega form, Armageddemon. Which brings up an interesting point: why are just
Davis & Ken his partners? Why not Tai and Matt, too? They could have just had
Tai & Davis if they could only have two, but nooooo!

O: Positron Laser. Imperialdramon shoots a powerful laser not unlike
MetalGarurumon's Metal Wolf Claw.
^: Splendor Blade. Imperialdramon kicks the opponent into the air, then slashes
them with their powerful claws.
R1: Omni Sword. It starts out like Fighter Mode's, with the whole super-long
combo, but instead of a blast, it ends with the Omnimon sword being struck
against the opponent.
[]: Punch/Rapid Attack
[] (in air): Kick/Rapid Attack
Throw: Front Kick
Dash Attack: Rap Attack

Digi Know?: Although it is Omnimon AND Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, it only has
Fighter Mode's voices. Makes me wonder what the movie dub's voices will be

OMNIMON Japanese Name: Omegamon Level: Mega Partners: Tai & Matt Digivolves
from: None
From: Movie 2

In the second Digimon Movie (known as the second part to the American
Digi-fans), in order to put the hurt on Diaboromon, WarGreymon and
MetalGarurumon fuse to become the almighty Omnimon! This is one of the best
fighters in the game; I got Perfects on five characters with them in 1P Mode,
including BlackWarGreymon and Reapermon!

O: Garuru Cannon. Known as Supreme Cannon in the movie dub. They shoot an ice
blast from the MetalGarurumon hand that travels as fast as Impmon's Badaboom
and is twice as powerful.
^: Transcendent Sword. A downward slash followed by an upward slash. Basically,
a super powered-up version of WarGreymon's Mega Claw.
R1: Double Shot. Omnimon punches the ground with their MetalGarurumon hand,
creating a wave of ice, followed by a strike to the ground with the WarGreymon
hand, creating a wave of fire.
[]: Slash/Super Slash
[] (in air): Punch
Throw: Cannon Grab Punch
Dash Attack: Dash Punch

Digi Know?: Even though Omnimon Digivolves to become Imperialdramon Paladin
Mode, Omnimon alone is a lot better than Paladin Mode.

REAPERMON Japanese Name: Gokumon Level: Mega Partner: None Digivolves from:
None From: Rumble Arena

Hoo man, this is one tough customer. According to the Japanese card, this dude
Digivolves from Armageddemon, the Digimon Imperialdramon Paladin Mode had a
tough time fighting. He's pretty good as a human, but the computer is just evil
playing him. His cheapness is second only to Karai from the Genesis version of
Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters. Not a good thing.

O: Bone Duster. Reapermon starts a fire directly in front of him, comboing and
knocking back any enemy. Not only is it evil on the ground, but also wreaks
havoc in the air. Also, the CPU seems to do it right after one or two Grim
Slashers, which sucks you life down.
^: Grim Slasher. Reapermon takes a few steps forward, slashing his blade the
entire time, then dashes forward, murdelizing the opponent. He usually does
several in a row when the computer plays him.
R1: Burning Tornado. Shiznit city. Reapermon sets himself aflame, spinning
around, creating a tornado of pure hellfire. Easy to get sucked in, and, if it
doesn't kill you, instantly dizzies you, sometimes even if you block it. The
computer almost always does it when it has already dizzied you from a previous
attack, which makes it even worse.
[]: Jab/Slash
[] (in air): Slash
Throw: Whack N' Dash
Dash Attack: Somersault Slash

Digi Know?:

Stage Selection: Select Your Stage!
A. Selecting A Stage
Each Digimon has a Specialty. Not only do attacks effect this, but also stage
Fire beats Nature, Nature beats Water, and Water beats Fire.

Fire: Agumon, Veemon, Guilmon, BlackWarGreymon (?), Omnimon (?), Reapermon (?),
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (?)
Water: Gabumon, Gatomon, Impmon, Omnimon (?)
Nature: Patamon, Wormmon, Terriermon, Renamon

After selecting your Digimon, you can select which stage you wish to fight in
by using Left and Right on the D-pad or Analog Stick and press X to select.
This cannot be used in 1P Mode.

B. The Stages
Sanctuary - Specialty: None
This stage is up above the clouds, which means you can undoubtedly fall to your
destruction if you get knocked off. At the top, there is a widescreen TV
monitor which shows every freaking thing that happens, including the Pause
Menu. When the screen goes dark, watch out! Lightning strikes more than once
from the altars, which is more than enough to sap your life.

Wilderness - Specialty: Nature
The Wilderness stage is not very dangerous in itself, unless you stand in the
middle. There are rocks of various sizes, of which can roll over you or your
opponent. The small ones can be hit with certain attacks, and the large ones
will knock you all the way down the waterfall and you'll pop back up on the

Garbage Recycling Center - Specialty: None
At the top of the stage, a crate drops blocks onto four conveyor belts. These
crates can damage Digimon. When the conveyor belts are full, they can either
tilt or start moving, but either way, the compactor opens and the crates drop

Revolution - Specialty: None
At random intervals, the stage will spin in a random direction and length.
There are also explosive boxes, which blow when you come in contact with them,
and can also drop when the stage spins. Be careful not to be starting an attack
when the stage is about to spin, especially a Special Finish, because your
efforts will ultimately be wasted!

Glacier - Specialty: Water
Icicles periodically drop from the bottoms of the floors, serving more of a
purpose to annoy you than to hurt you, and the sides of the middle platform can
fall off, dropping you into the frigid waters. Don't forget: the ice is very

Volcano - Specialty: Fire
This stage is full of platforms, and with good reason: the lava at the bottom
of the screen is deadly, and can be even more deadly when the volcano erupts!
When the giant rock face in the background gets that eerie glow, you know it's
gonna blow!

Deep Void - Specialty: None (?)
The background is constantly changing with destracting and often annoying
psychadelic colors, and the stage is longer than all other stages put together.

C. Items
Like in platform games, there are various items that can help (or hinder) your
game. Steer clear of the bad stuff and grab the goodies!

Bread: Guilmon's favorite. Restores health.
Candy: Restores health.
Chocolate: Restores health.
Why couldn't they also had some CHU X2 juice?
Digi Plus: Increases Digivoluton Meter.
Digi Minus: Decreases Digivolution Meter.
Max Digivolve: Maxes out the Digivolution Meter.
Power Down: Decreases the Digimon's strength for a limited time.
Queen's Device: Increases the Digimon's strength for a limited time.
Evil Ring: Digimon becomes uncontrollable for a limited time.
Evil Spiral: Digimon becomes uncontrollable for a longer time than Evil Ring.
Bomb: Blows up after a limited time, or is touched. Hurts any Digimon in
Fire Attack: Elemental Projectile. Press O to toss a Fire attack.
Water Attack: Elemental Projectile. Press O to toss a Water attack.
Wind Attack: Elemental Projectile. Press O to toss a Nature attack.
Forced Digivolve: A Rookie Level Digimon (or Gatomon) whose Digivolution Meter
is full will automatically Digivolve.

5. Psst! It's A Secret!
A. Obtaining Secret Characters

To get the following characters, you must play in 1P Mode.

Impmon: Beat the game with Guilmon, Renamon, and Terriermon (in any order).
Beelzemon (Blast Mode): Beat the game with Impmon.
WarGreymon: Beat the game with Agumon.
MetalGarurumon: Beat the game with Gabumon.
Seraphimon: Beat the game with Patamon.
Magnadramon: Beat the game with Gatomon.
Imperialdramon (Fighter Mode): Beat the game with Veemon.
Stingmon: Beat the game with Wormmon.
Gallantmon: Beat the game with Guilmon.
MegaGargomon: Beat the game with Terriermon.
Sakuyamon: Beat the game with Renamon.
BlackWarGreymon: Beat the game with any character without losing a single
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode: Beat the game with Wormmon and Veemon (in any
Omnimon: Beat the game with Agumon and Gabumon (in any order).
Reapermon: Beat the game with any character.

Some characters can also be added to your roster through a password.
WarGreymon: QRIOUS
Imperialdramon (Fighter Mode): LINMON
Gallantmon: KIMJOY
MegaGargomon: MINNYN
Sakuyamon: KENSAN
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode: ROYBOY
Omnimon: SERIUS

B. Selecting the Same Digmon
If you want to play the same Digimon as your friend, the second player to
select must hold Select and press X. The second Digimon will be a different
color, which is more times than not cooler than the original colors.

C. Soft Reset
Using a technique that dates back to the early days of the NES and Gameboy, you
can Reset without pressing the Reset button. Just press
L1+L2+R1+R2+Select+Start at any time that it is not loading.

D. Alternate Digi-Destineds
When selecting your Digimon, hold L1 or R1 and press X. Sometimes it won't
register, so I hold both L1 and R1 to be safe. The code works on the following

Digimon		Digi-Destined		Change
-------		-------------		------
Agumon/WarGreymon      Tai			Young Tai
Gabumon/MetalGarurumon  Matt			Young Matt
Patamon/Seraphimon      T.K. 			Young T.K.
Gatomon/Magnadramon     Kari			Young Kari
Wormmon/Stingmon		Ken			Digimon Emperor
Omnimon		    Tai/Matt		Older Tai/Matt

E. Fight BlackWarGreymon in 1P Mode
In order to face off against BlackWarGreymon in the 1P Mode, you must get all
the way to the fight before Reapermon without losing a single match. Once you
get to this fight, everything will start out normally, but after the fight
starts, BlackWarGreymon will challenge you. If you proceed to beat him and then
BlackWarGreymon without losing a match, he will become playable (see Obtaining
Secret Characters).

F. Reapermon
There are two main methods for taking down Reapermon. The first, I call the
"Great Leap of Faith". The object is to bounce around, using your Digimon's
close range attacks and/or [] attacks to knock Reapermon down. The other one is
the "Dead Shot" method. Run like heck, then turn back when far enough away from
the freak to hammer him with projectiles. When he gets too close, Double Jump
over him and run the other way. You can also meld the two techniques together.
Note that these aren't surefire ways to beat him.

6. Miscellaneous Shiznit
A. Revisions
Version 1.0 03-22-02
Just started making this FAQ. Did all this in 1 day. How 'bout that? Still
gotta add more Passwords (if any), more Digi Know?, Gameshark codes, Speech
(like when they win, lose, etc.), and maybe Japanese attack names.

B. Special Thanks To
Watashi wa - For doing this. I thought the net needed a great Rumble Arena FAQ

My parents - For buying me the game, even though I'm in debt for a while.

Athena - For being my Guardian Goddess.

Megchan's Digimon Sekai - For a buttload of info. Too bad the Encyclopedia's

The Otaku - A bit of info. Basically, some stuff that I needed to get from
Megchan's that I couldn't because of the 'Cyclopedia shutdown. Also has a
kickanus DBZ section.

Bandai of America - For bringing the game over here. Even though I can find a
bit of nitpicking with the translation, it's still a great game.

You - For reading this.

Any possible future contributers - Because you may be able to help me finish
this freaking thing.

C. Copyright Info

This FAQ (C) 2002 The S (the_s_is_king@hotmail.com)
Digimon and all related crud (C) 2002 Bandai Co., Toei Animation, Akiyoshi
Hongo, and Saban Entertainment.

All worship Athena