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What level where you at for the final battle with neo-xdeath
and what jobs mastered?

AEA10 provided additional details:

Thanks it was a big help. I also appreciate you taking the time to type all of this it has really helped.

If you need anything thais is my yahoo adress

Accepted Answer

goku_vegeta answered:

I was at lvl 44.

Bartz (main guy) Jobs Mastered- Knight, lancer, ninja, samurai, ranger, all mages

Reina Jobs Mastered- Monk, all mages, mimic

Galuf Jobs Mastered- Knight, samurai, ranger, all mages, mimic

Faris Jobs mastered- Knight, Lancer, Ninja, Ranger, all mages

That is how my people were set up some of the jobs I didn't use too much but they are all really helpful if you can figure out their specialties. I only mastered the mages because my physical strength was good but I needed something that could do a lot of damage no matter what I was fighting. I really hope this has helped you!
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