General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 07/15/07 A I e x Final 344K
FAQ (SNES) 05/16/98 john_tv 1.2 133K
FAQ/Walkthrough 05/29/02 Boko 1.0 388K
FAQ/Walkthrough 01/23/01 DJellybean Last 625K
FAQ/Walkthrough 07/16/02 Psycho Penguin Final 573K
FAQ/Walkthrough 06/24/08 Xenomic 574K
FAQ/Walkthrough (SNES) 11/22/06 ebmid2 5 553K
FAQ/Walkthrough (SNES) 02/01/02 Exdeath 2.0 331K
FAQ/Walkthrough (SNES) 08/01/99 JValjean 292K
FAQ/Walkthrough (SNES) 07/30/04 MMoogle Final 138K
FAQ/Walkthrough (SNES) (ZIP) 11/18/05 ChrisK2018 2.0 66K
FAQ/Walkthrough (US) 08/02/00 bruplex 1.2 236K
FAQ/Walkthrough (US) 07/13/00 CKohler 1.1 109K
FAQ/Walkthrough Part 1/3 (JIS) 11/18/05 ChrisK2018 2.0 66K
FAQ/Walkthrough Part 2/3 (JIS) 11/18/05 ChrisK2018 2.0 47K
FAQ/Walkthrough Part 3/3 (JIS) 11/18/05 ChrisK2018 2.0 52K
Walkthrough 06/05/01 MHobbs / Dragon Fogel 4.0 445K
FAQ/Walkthrough 08/01/99 Billslates 1.0 29K
FAQ (SNES) AChilds 1.0 31K

Maps and Charts

Barrier Tower Map (GIF) 08/13/07 StarFighters76 35K
Burning Karnak Castle Map (GIF) 08/08/07 StarFighters76 42K
Chain Tower/Mirage Forest Map (GIF) 08/27/07 StarFighters76 40K
Easterly Falls Map (GIF) 08/24/07 StarFighters76 67K
Fire Ship Map (GIF) 08/08/07 StarFighters76 67K
Fork Tower Map (GIF) 08/19/07 StarFighters76 38K
Great Sea Trench: Bsmt 1 - 4 Map (GIF) 08/24/07 StarFighters76 40K
Great Sea Trench: Bsmt 5 - 8 Map (GIF) 08/24/07 StarFighters76 54K
Island Shrine Map (GIF) 08/19/07 StarFighters76 44K
Jachol Cave Map (GIF) 08/27/07 StarFighters76 25K
Library Of Ancients Map (GIF) 08/10/07 StarFighters76 31K
Moore Forest Map (GIF) 08/16/07 StarFighters76 45K
Phoenix Tower Map (GIF) 08/27/07 StarFighters76 72K
Pyramid Area Map (GIF) 08/19/07 StarFighters76 55K
Ruins Of Ronka Map (GIF) 08/10/07 StarFighters76 52K
Ship Graveyard Map (GIF) 08/05/07 StarFighters76 47K
Valley Of Dragons Map (GIF) 08/13/07 StarFighters76 39K
Void Area Map (GIF) 08/27/07 StarFighters76 44K
Walz Tower Map (GIF) 08/05/07 StarFighters76 26K
Waterfalls/Castle: Castle Map (GIF) 08/27/07 StarFighters76 40K
Waterfalls/Castle: Waterfalls Map (GIF) 08/27/07 StarFighters76 27K
Wind Shrine Map (GIF) 08/05/07 StarFighters76 24K
World One Map (SNES) (PNG) 08/03/06 Not Dave 73K
World Three Map (SNES) (PNG) 08/04/06 Not Dave 42K
World Two Map (SNES) (PNG) 08/04/06 Not Dave 74K
X-Death's Castle: 6th - 13th Floor Map (GIF) 08/16/07 StarFighters76 45K
X-Death's Castle: Bsmt 3 - 5th Floor Map (GIF) 08/16/07 StarFighters76 39K

Foreign Language FAQs

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