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              Final Fantasy 5 Enemy List + Tips
                          ver. 1.0

Written by Mardy (
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Open with a scrollable viewer, since the database is a little large :-)
See notes (and how to beat Omega and Shinryuu) at the end.
Names of enemy and items are taken from the complete english translation you can download at (don't ask me for it)

Enemy          Level HP    MP    Steal1         Steal2         Drop          Control                      Catch        Weakness     Status

????                             Potion
Abductor                         Hi-Potion                     Ether
Achelone       52    3200  0     TurtleShell    FlameTongue    Elixir        Demon's Eye, PoisnBr., Vamp. SnowStorm    Water
Acrophese                        Potion
AdamaGolem                       Potion                                      Fight, Fight, Fight
Aegil                            Potion
Alcumia        47    4500        Maiden's Kiss                 Elixir        Toad                         Kurururu!    --
Alte Roite                       Potion                                      --
Ammona         48    2780        Hi-Potion      Potion         Revivify      Spore, Sonic Wave            QuickSand    --
Andagranda                       --                            ProtectDrink  Quake
Anemone                          --                            ThunderScroll                              Spore
Anku Heggu     48    2780  100   Potion         Hi-potion      Hi-Potion     QuickSand                    Quake        Cold
Apanda                           Soot                          Soot
Apocalypse                       Elixir         GIANT'S GLOVE  DarkHood      --
Aquathone                        Potion
Arage                            Potion         Hi-Potion                    White Wind, Medicine, Life 2
Archaesaur                                                     DragonFang
Armon          25    1500  300   Antidote       Hi-Potion      Hi-Potion     GoblinPunch                  WindSlash    Thunder
Aspis          35    1280        Antidote                      Antidote                                   --           Cold
Atmos                            Ether                         DarkMatter
AvisDragon     49    7000  1000  Trident        ARTEMIS BOW    DragonFang    Breath Wing, Thunder, Blaze  Breath Wing  Water
Bandelkuar     63    10000       Soft                                        --                           --           Flame
Bardandels     48    3000  100   TurtleShell    Angel Ring     RUNE BELL     Aero3, Bio                   Aero 3       --
Barette                          Potion
Barrier                          Hi-Potion      Wall Ring
Belfegor       55    6000  500   FullMoon       Rising Sun     Ice Shield    Hurricane                    Hurricane    --
Bella Donna    49    3900        RainbowSuit    CORAL RING     Wall Ring     Spore, Flash, Medicine       WhiteWind    --
Berserker                        SpeedDrink
BioSoldier                       BattleAxe
BlandLamia     40    2100        Maiden's Kiss                 Tiara                                      Allure       Cold
BlindWolf                        EyeDrop                       EyeDrop
Blizzard       45    2300        Hi-Potion(*)                  Hi-Potion                                  SnowStorm    Flame
Blocks         12    50    0     Glasses                                     Specialty, Flash             Flash        Thunder
BloodSlime                       Revivify                                    Vampire
BodyGuard      52    3960  0     Cabin          TEMPEST SWORD                Specialty                    Reaper's Swd --
Bold Mani                                                      Revivify      Vampire
Bomb                             Potion
BoneDragon     32    2590        Soft                          Ether         Bone                         Bone         Flame
Carbunkle                        Wall Ring
Catastroph                       Cabin          Elixir         Soft          --
Chamcubia      49    3800        WALL RING      RIBBON         Running Shoes Allure, BlowFish, FrogSong   Allure       --
Cherie         49    4000        Red Shoes      Elf Cape       Lamia's Harp  Aero 3, TinySong, TimeSlip   Fight        --
ChimeraBrain                     DragonFang                    PhenixDown
Cockatrice     12    100   0     Soft                                        Beak                         Beak         --
Conago         31    1000        Potion                        Eyedrop       FrogSong                                  Cold
Coral          46    2150        Potion                                      Spore                        Spore        Thunder
Corvette       29    2800        Trident                       Hi-Potion     TailScrew                    TailScrew    Thunder
CrayClaw                         CoralSword
Crescent                         SilverBow
CrewDust                         Potion
Crystal Dragon 62    17500 10000 Elixir         DRAGOON SPEAR  CrystalMail   --                           Explosion    --           Floating
CureBeast                                                      Elixir        Cure 3, Heal, Dispel
CursedOne      44    1980        Revivify(*)                   Revivify      Guard Off, Condemn           Condemn      --
D.Chimera      23    1000  112   Trident(*)                                  AquaRake                     AquaRake     --
DarkWizard                       Venom Rod
DeathClaw      51    4000  200   HeroDrink      THOR'S HAMMER                --                           --           Water
Dilure                           Potion
Dim Master                       Potion
DoomDealer     63    3000  100   Revivify       MagusHat       PhenixDown    Life 2, Stop                 Condemn      --
Drippy         32    900         MithrilHammer                               MgcHammer, Reset                          Poison
Druid          44    2200        Potion         ANGEL RING     PhenixDown    Circle, DarkShock            Circle       --
Elm Gigas      39    4170  5000  GiantDrink(*)                 GiantDrink    Hurricane, Aero 3            Hurricane    --           Floating, Sleeping
Enkidou                          GreenBeret
ExdeathSoul                      --                            DarkMatter                                 --
FaerieOrc                        Revivify
Fall Guard     47    4000        Bandana        HeroDrink      Kaiser Glove  Fight, Specialty, Rockt Pnch Rocket Punch --
Farfarerro     48    2580  484   SpeedDrink     LILLITH ROD                  Psych, Drain, Antdt          Psych        Poison
Flame Sun                        Potion
FlyingKiller                     --                            Antidote
Fury           50    5000  1000  Wall Ring      CURSED RING                  Flare, Holy, Quarter         Flare        Water
GabbleDeck                       Potion                                      Mustard Bomb
GajraGajri                       EyeDrop                       Ether         Rainbow Wind, Aero 2
Gala Cat       12    100   20    Potion                                      Specialty, Float             Float        --
Gargoyle                         Potion                        Hi-Potion
Gel Water      46    3300        Potion         Hi-Potion                    AquaRake, Hug                Aqua Rake    Thunder
GiantBird      29    9000  500   Hi-Potion                                   Breath Wing, Beak            Breath Wing  --
GloomWidow     42    1820        Potion         Hi-Potion                    Thread, Escape               Thread       Water
Goblin                           Potion
Gorchimera     51    10000 1000  Hi-Potion      Aegis Shield   Circlet       Blaze, Flame, Thunder        TidalWave    Water
GrandMummy                       Hi-Potion                     Hi-Potion
Gravido                                                                      Demi, Quarter
Great Dragon   51    10000 1000  DragonFang                                  Spacialty, Flame             Fight        Water
Grenade        47    3000  500   Hi-Potion                     Hi-Potion     Exploder                     Exploder     --
Halicarnassos                    Light Staff                   Elf Cape
Hedgehog       37    1000  0     Soft                                        Needle, Blowfish             Blowfish     --
HiryuuFlower                                                   PhenixDown
HiryuuPlant                      --                            Elixir
Hydra          46    6000        ThunderScroll                               Quake                        Quake        --
Hyudora                          Ether                                       Float
Ice Soldier                      Mithril Sword  RegalCut
Ifrit                            PhenixDown
Imp                              Potion                                      Charm, Allure
Invisible                        Stealth Robe *
Ion                              GiantDrink
Iron Dress     44    2200        Potion                        Tent          Specialty                    Fight        Cold
Iron Giant     61    18000       IronHelmet     IronArmor      GiantDrink    --                           --           Water
Isteritos      45    2300        Antidote       STAFF OF JUDG. DragonFang                                 Atomic Ray
Ixecrator      42    2000        Ether(*)                      Diamond Ring  L.2 Old, L.3 Flare, L.4 Qrtr L.5 Doom     --
Jura Avis                        TurtleShell                   DragonFang    --
K.Behemot      82    18000 300   PhenixDown     Drain Sword    DblLance      ????                         GigaFlare    Water
Kuzar          63    10000       Hi-Potion                                   --                           --           --
Lamia                            Maiden's Kiss
Land Crawl     48    22000       Ancient Sword                 Elixir        Fight, Spcialty, Demon's Eye MaelStrom    --
Land Turtle                                                    TurtleShell
Launcher                         Elixir
LevelChecker   54    5000  500   Potion         Ether          Elixir        L.2 Old, L.4 Qrter, L.5 Doom L.3 Flare    --
Leviathan                        Elixir                        Wall Ring
Likaon         32    500         Hi-Potion                     Revivify      Specialty                    Fight        Flame
Lil' Chariot                     --                            Hi-Potion     MustardBomb
LiquiFlame     63    9000        LuckMallet                                  --                           --           Water, Cold
LonkaKnight                      Hi-Potion
Lunenta                          EyeDrop                                     ????, Sonic Wave
MachinHead                       Ether
Magic Pot                                                                    --
MagicDragon                      Potion                                      L.2 Old, Ice 3, Bio
Magnets                          --
MercuryBat     46    500         Potion                        Hi-Potion     Vampire                      Vampire      --
Metamorpha                       Hi-Potion      Staff                        Old, Ice 3, Shell
Mind Mage      53    4700  500   GreenBeret     Guardian       White Robe    MindBlast, Emission, Blaster MindBlast    --
MiniMage                         Tricorn                                     Reset, Old, Void
Mithril Dragon                   Potion
MooglEater                       Hi-Potion
MossFungus     48    5000  200   Hi-Potion      AirLancet      Antidote      RainbowWind, Spore           X-Zone       Water, Flame
MotorDrive                       Potion
Mover          52    10000       FlameScroll    WaterScroll    ThunderScroll Fusion                       Delta Attack Flame
Mukare         42    2000        Silk Robe      DoomAxe        Lumina                                     TimeSlip     --
Mummy                            Potion
Necromancer    54    6900  300   Revivify       BONE MAIL                    Blaster                      WhiteWind    Water
Necrophobia                      Elixir
Neon                             SpeedDrink                                  Flash
Nile           38    1200        --                            ProtectDrink                               Flash        Thunder
Ninja          52    5000  200   Shuriken       ForgedSword    PINWHEEL      Specialty, Image             Fight        --
NutEater       1     20    0     Potion                        Potion        Specialty                    Fight        --
Odin                             Guard Ring
Omega                            --                            OmegaMedl
Orcat          49    2100  0     DarkMatter     Soft           PhenixDown    Flash, Reset                 Demon's Eye  Water, Earth
Owazoral       43    1900        Hi-Potion      MIRAGE VEST    Revivify      Charm, Berserk, Size         Rainbow Wind --
Page 128                         Ether
Page 256                         Hi-Potion
Page 32                          Potion
Page 64                          Potion
Pao                              Potion                        Tent
Phyton         39    1800        Antidote                                                                 Entangle     Cold
Poltergeist                      Hi-Potion
Puroboros                        EyeDrop
Pyra Layer     41    2200        PowerDrink                                                               AquaRake     Thunder
Radiator                                                       Potion        Mucus, Vampire
Red Dragon     44    7500        Hi-Potion                                   Atomic Ray, Flame, L.3 Flare              --
Ridicule                         Maiden's Kiss                 HeroDrink     Haste2, Slow2
Rocket                           Potion
RockGarter     11    120   0     Potion                                      Mucus                        Mucus        Flame
Sahagin                          Potion                        Potion        GoblinPunch                  Fight
Sand Bear      24    1000        Javelin                       Antidote                                   Fight        Water
Sand Killer    23    620         --                                                                       Quicksand    Water
Sand Porky     23    420         Potion                                                                                Water
Sea Avis                                                                     Beak                         Beak
Sea Devil      30    5000        Hi-Potion      Defender       TurtleShell   Specialty, Entangle          Fight        Thunder
SeaScorpio     26    500   0     Potion                        Potion        Escape                       Fight        Thunder
SekMet                           Hi-Potion
Shadow         40    1000        Hi-Potion(*)                                Vampire, DarkShock, GuardOff Vampire      --
ShadowDancer   43    4480        Power Ring     DANCING DAGGER LuckMallet    Rainbow Wind, Strange Dance  Fight        --
ShieldDragon                     MithrilShield                 GoldShield    Flame                        ALMAGEST
ShinRyuu       97    ?                                         DragonCrest
Shiva                            Potion                                      --
Shoat                                                          SHOAT
Silent bee                       --                            Soft
SkullEater     32    1     100   Tent                                        Specialty                                 --
Sleepy         36    1600  100   HEALING STAFF                               Sleep                        Sleep        --
Slownin        43    2400        Katana                        Kotetsu       ????                         Reaper's Swd --
Slug           42    1820  100   Potion         Hi-Potion                    Thread                       StomachAcid  Flame
Sol Cannon     61    10000       Ether          Guard Ring                   --                           --           Thunder
SolCannon                        Ether
Spizner        39    2300        Potion                        Potion                                     Wind Slash
Stalker                          DarkMatter
Statue         45    3300  20    Hi-Potion      DblLance       Soft          DeathClaw                    Break        Thunder
SteelBat                         Potion
StingEagle     32    100         Gale Bow                      Antidote      Beak, Venom, Float           Float        --
StingRay       93    30000       DarkMatter                                  TidalWave, BigGuard          TidalWave    --
SwordDancer    48    3000  0     MithrilHelmet  Enhancer       IceBrand      Fight, StrangeDance          Fight        --
Thing          52    3     500   Ether          Crystal Shield CrystalHelmet Armor, Shell, Float          BIG GUARD    --
Tirasaur                                                       Ether
Titan                            Potion
Tonberi        46    39393       PlumedHat                                   Specialty                    Doom         --
Torrent                          Hi-Potion                                   Berserk
ToteAvis       47    33090       AvisKiller Bow Ether                        Breath Wing, Beak            Beak         --
Traveler                         DreamHarp                     DreamHarp     TimeSlip
Treeman        37    2200        PowerDrink     ProtectDrink                 Berserk                      Fight        Flame
Tricker                          Potion                                      L.2 Old, L.5 Doom
TwinLizard                       --
TwinTania                        PhenixDown
Unknown(ball)  41    2500        Potion                        SpeedDrink    Mucus, Exploder              Mucus        Sacred power
Unknown(pink)  47    3500        Potion                                      Fusion                       Fight        Watr, Scrdpw
Unknown(skel)  47    6500        Potion                                      Condemn, Bone                Condemn      Sacred power
Unknown(snake) 46    2500        Potion                        PowerDrink    Stomach Acid, Entangle       Stomach Acid Sacred power
Wall Mage                                                                    Bolt 3, Wall, Slow 2
Wallkinght                       WarHammer                     WALL RING     Wall
WereSnake                        Potion                        Hi-Potion
Whirl Demon                      Potion
WhiteFlame     49    1600  100   EyeDrop        Elixir         Ether         WhteWnd, RnbwWnd, PetitBlaze White Wind   --
Wild Neck                        Potion
Wyrm                             Antidote
YellowDragon                     Thunder Rod                   CORAL RING    Thunder, Hurricane, Quake
ZephirZone     53    3780        Potion                        Elixir                                     X-Zone       --
Ziggurat       43    3000        PowerDrink                    GiantDrink    Fight, Fight, Fight          Aero 3       --
ZombieDragon   24    4590        DarkMatter                    DragonFang    PoisonBreath                 PoisonBreath Flame
Zuu                                                                          Breath Wing

(*) Means that it is very difficult to get that item
* Invisible has unlimited stealth robe

Other notes and tips:
 - Things written in capitals are items you should try to get.
 - Steal2 means that you can rarely steal that item from the enemy; to succeed, if you are using an emulator, save/reload until you get it; otherwise cast reset.
 - Tonberi resets its status when he moves; therefore you can steal many Plumed Hats from him.
 - Bone Mail is the strongest mail in the game, but it turns your character into an undead, hence you cannot cure him in battle.
 - Mirage Vest has "image" cast on it; I don't know why, but it seems to me it doubles your power against Omega and ShinRyuu
Needed help:
 - You can steal Cursed Ring from Fury; how can you uncurse them?
 - Thing, when catched and released, will use BigGuard on your party, but it seems to me there is no way to learn it. (Apart from controlling StingRay, of course).

Beat ShinRyuu!!!
  You have to steal 8 (or almost 8) Dragoon Spears from Crystal dragon; to do this, save/reload just before stealing (if you are using an emulator, else use reset (Dimension magic)). All you characters must be equipped with the abilities "Jump" (Dragoon)and "Two handed" (Ninja). Equip everybody with two dragoon spears (every hit will be a critical one!), a mirage vest, a coral ring (to protect from "tidal wave"). When the battle begins, just jump as soon as you can. Shinryuu should be gone, leaving you the Ragnarok Sword and the "dragon crest" which says: "Your bravery praised for victory".

Beat Omega!!!
 Omega, in my humble opinion, is quite stronger than Shinryuu; here are my suggestions to beat him. Have a chemist mix a "maiden's kiss" with "revivify" on Omega (Kiss of blessing), which results in berserk + haste + image (this is the only way I found in order to berserk him); to evade his attacks:
  - Equip everybody with "Mirage vest" (this doubles your attack power, too);
  - have ability "Evade";
  - use golem (won't last long);
 Besides, you should:
  - have ability "preentive" (if all your party has it, it's better! :-));
  - have flame ring, to absorb some attacks;
 To attack him:
  - have a strong character equipped with two strong swords, such as Ragnarok and Excalibur;
  - have him (at least) equipped with "mirage vest";
  - use MagicSword Bolt3 on that character;
  - use X-Fight (archer); this is the way I destroyed it.
 Or, you might try to equip thunder rod, wall ring on everyone, and cast bolt3 on your party.
 Anyway, when you destroy it (I'm sure you will), you'll receive Omegamedal: "Your wisdom and bravery prevailed over the Ancients".

End of file.