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Final Fantasy Anthology: Final Fantasy 5
By James Dziezynski
Dzzy Strategies #5
F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   V
    #####  ===========================================
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    #####            \5555\          /5555/
     |||              \5555\        /5555/
     |||               \5555\      /5555/
  =========             \5555\    /5555/
     $||                 \5555\  /5555/
     $||                  \5555\/5555/
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      $|                Bruplex@aol.com
      $|                James Dziezynski
       |                3/20/00 Version 1.0

VERSION 1.0- I still have to add the lists of items and job functions, but the
Walkthrough is complete.
VERSION 1.1-Fixed a few minor errors; such as the US/Japanese releases. Also
placed the Gilgame’s Cave section in World 2 where it belongs. Started (but did
NOT finish) Jobs section.
VERSION 1.2- Added Marcel Laverdet’s suggestions for Beating the last guy.


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MARC DZIEZYNSKI: For his inherited love of gaming.
DINGOJELLYBEAN: For his fine ASCII ART, already magnificent guide, and gaming
DALLAS: For allowing me to use his monster list.
BRADYGAMES: For pieces of info here and there from their Strategy guide.
JODY PRATT: For buying me Final Fantasy for Christmas 1999.
JEFF VEASY: For hosting this FAQ.

	*It’s MR. BUTZ to you!*
	*Where it falls in American/Japanese releases*
	*Walkthrough for FINAL FANTASY 5*
	*This is a neat section; check it out!*


	There are a few inspirations that led me to decide to write a guide for FFV.
The first and most obvious reason is the fact no purely US version FAQ is
readily available; there are a few that relate to the Japanese translated ROM
but none for US PLAYSTATION RELEASE alone. Dingo Jellybean has a great
translated version but it uses the Japanese names and storyline from the SNES
version your hero, the guy who is to save the world, the one whose name will be
remembered for ages to come is named BUTZ. I hope this was just a terrible
translation. For crying out loud they named him after a pair of buttocks!! In
the American version they changed his name to BARTZ, which is not too much
better. It sounds like a type of imported European Beer. My suggestion is to
change his name immediately! No wonder your hero’s only friend is a Chocobo!!
The taunts of “Bartz Fartz” must have made him a social outcast.
      In any case, I wanted to write an FAQ that applied solely to the American
version without confusing the Japanese names and characters. This guide covers
only the US Playstation released on disk one of Final Fantasy Anthology.




* Where does FFV fall in relation to the American games?*
	Those lucky Japanese always get more games then we in America do and Final
Fantasy is no exception. When Final Fantasy 7 was released for the Playstation,
US gamers had to scratch their heads as to what happened to Final Fantasies
4-6. In the US, we had Final Fantasy for the NES, Final Fantasy 2 for the SNES,
Final Fantasy 3 for the SNES, then Final Fantasy 7 for the PS. Here’s how it
worked out in US to Japanese conversions:

Final Fantasy=Released for BOTH on the NES
Final Fantasy 2(jap only)=No US release
Final Fantasy 3 (jap) = No US release
Final Fantasy 4 (jap)=Final Fantasy 2 US
Final Fantasy 5 (jap)=Final Fantasy 5 on the FF Anthology for the US
Final Fantasy 6 (jap)=Final Fantasy 3 US on the SNES and also Final Fantasy 6
for the FF Anthology
Final Fantasy 7=Released for BOTH on PS
Final Fantasy 8=Released for BOTH for PS

	Why the two FF’s released in Japan only is unknown. Perhaps at the time,
American gamers had not yet embraced the RPG to the point where it would have
profitable for Square. In any case that’s the skinny on Final Fantasy Japanese
to US conversion charts.

      The game opens at an enormous castle with a dragon perched on a ledge.
Suddenly the King of Tycoon ( yup, another silly name) emerges. He is a man on
a mission! Instinct has told him he must go off to check on the Wind Crystal,
of which he is a Guardian. He warns his young daughter (who has also felt the
disturbance in the force) not to follow him and flies off to the Wind Crystal.
The scene then cuts to our hero, who is camped out in a field with his faithful
Chocobo named Boko. As he awakes from a night of sleeping face down on the
ground, a huge crashing noise can be heard. A giant meteor has plummeted from
the sky above and scarred the land with its presence. When our hero goes to
investigate he finds two people unconscious in front of the space faring
boulder. One is a girl and one is an old man. Fighting off a few weak goblins,
he and Boko bring the two to safety. Upon their awakening, you get to name your
hero (we’ll call him Bartz for ease of keeping track) and discover the girl was
following her father to the palace of the Wind Crystal. The old man remember
nothing other than his name and that he had to get to the Wind crystal for some
      After exchanging pleasantries for a while, the girl and old man decide to
journey on to the palace and Bartz and Boko continue on their way. But wouldn’t
you know it, the old man and the girl get in trouble again and Bartz has to
save them. This time Bartz decides to travel to the Wind Crystal because he has
felt the same draw as the others--and he has the hots for the girl! So off they
	Unlike other Final Fantasy games, there are no pre-set duties for your
characters. The intricate “Job system” (more below) enables any character to
become any profession at any time. The result is you can have your females be
strong fighters, your hero be a puny magic user, or your old man a mighty monk.
The choice is yours! Change professions many times to create a band of balanced
warriors! Each character has some connection to the Crystals. (don’t ask me
what happened to the ORBS OF LIGHT because I have no idea! No one ever said the
FF games had much to do with one another!)

BARTZ- This poorly named fellow survived being the “Butz” of many jokes by
having his named  mercifully changed  in the US version. While traveling the
land ( one of his dead father’s wishes) he comes across the meteor that
triggered the destruction of the Wind Crystal. Essentially you are Bartz and I
highly suggest you change his name.
COMES EQUIPPED WITH: Broadsword--Leather Armor--Memento
STARTING STATS: Vigor 28 (highest of group), Speed 25, Stamina 27, Mag. Power
25, Bat. Power 3.

REINA-FF likes to have a lot of “R” named women, huh? Rinoa, Relm, Rydia etc.
Reina is one of the daughters of the King of Tycoon. She disobeys her father’s
orders to stay behind and pursues him to the Wind Shrine. A meteor almost
squishes her, BARTZ saves her and we have a game in progress! Out of reflex I
made her my strong White Magic and Summon user.
COMES EQUIPPED WITH: Knife--Leather Armor--Pendant
STARTING STATS: Vigor 25, Speed 26, Stamina 25, Mag. Power 28 (highest of
group), Bat. Power 3.

GALUF-Filling the void of “feisty old man” we have Galuf. He is the bridge
between the older Final Fantasy games and this one. He gets knocked silly by
the meteor but quickly recalls his name and his purpose. Instinct makes you
want to create Galuf as your black mage, but he serves well in any role.
STARTING STATS: Vigor 27, Speed 24, Stamina 28 ( highest of group), Mag. Power
24, Bat. Power 3.

FARIS-A foul mouthed cross dressing pirate, Faris is Reina’s long lost sister.
How she can fool a whole group of pirates into thinking she is a man is beyond
me but she does! When the wind crystal is destroyed and the wind stops, her
ship is able to travel with the aid of her pet sea monster HYDRA. Essentially
she is Peppermint Patty meets Boyz in da Hood.
COMES EQUIPPED WITH: Dirk--Leather Shield-- Leather Armor
STARTING STATS: Vigor 27, Speed 27 (highest in group), Stamina 26, Mag. Power
26, Bat. Power 3.

KRILE-Joins your party later in the game. She is Galuf’s Granddaughter and has
a lot of animal friends, including Moogles and Dragons. Her stats will depends
on certain events...

      So there is your Motley Crew. The job system will determine what armor
and weapons your characters can use, so that will be next.

III-JOBS AND MAKING SENSE OF THEM (Incomplete -- will be done soon!)

	The one thing that really makes Final Fantasy 5 different from any others in
the series is the job system. Unlike previous (or anteceding) games, you can
assume the role of any job at any time (except in battle). Even though this
means you can make any character any role, each character has a certain amount
of base attributes that can help determine what job they will be best at:

Bartz: Strong Vigor and Stamina (fighter types or sword fighters)
Reina: Strong Magic Power and Speed (Magic spell caster or dragoon type)
Galuf(Krile): Strong Stamina and vigor (Ninja, Samurai, or first attack)
Faris: Balanced for any job, but I made her Samurai or Summoner most of the

	A brief explanation of Attack Battle Points (ABP). When you have a certain
job, you can master a skill of a certain class so that you can use that ability
without having that job. You do this by getting ABP’s in each battle. For
example, a THIEF learns flee at level 2 (20 ABP’s). Once it is learned you can
have a KNIGHT with the FLEE ability, since it is a mastered skill. The more
abilities your characters learn, the more versatile they become. For example,
you can make a LANCER with strong WHITE MAGIC ability. Also note: you can
change jobs and abilites before any major boss battle. This will open up a
world of strategy. One example is making 4 black mages to battle a boss weak
against black spells. When you have a job, in most cases you will have all the
abilities of that class. Exceptions are noted below.*

*when listing the ABP’s go up a level, keep in mind the counter resets to 0
after reaching a level. For example, it takes 10 ABP for a knight to get his
level one ability, then an additional 30 to earn his next ability.


	The main reason for making a Knight is to make a character able to equip
strong weapons and armor. I used BARTZ as my Knight. When I made him into a
CHEMIST later in the game, I used EQSWORD to make him a formidable fighting
machine! When you are the KNIGHT class, you can equip any sword, shield, or

Level 1: Cover
10 ABP
You will jump in front of an injured ally if the enemy is targeting them for a
death blow.

Level 2: !GUARD
30 ABP
A defensive skill to thwart off physical attacks; while the KNIGHT’s default
ability this gives you the capacity to use it with other jobs.

Level 3: 2-Handed
50 ABP
Allows you to hold a normal weapons with both hands for more damage (not to be
confused with the NINJA’s two swords, which allows you to equip and attack with
2 weapons.)

Level 4: EqShield
100 ABP
Simply put, allows you to Equip all shields when using this as your ability.

Level 5: EqArmor
150 ABP
Can equip any ARMOR.

Level 6: EqSword
350 ABP
The best of any of the KNIGHT’s abilities, allows any character to hold any
sword when used as an ability.


Items to find: Phoenix Down

	The game opens with you (BARTZ) waking up at a small campsite. As you and your
Chocobo groggily awake, a large disturbance can be heard nearby. It turns out a
huge meteor has plummeted from the sky and smashed into the land. Of course,
you must investigate. Hop on Boko the Chocobo and walk onto the meteor. Once
you arrive you find a girl near the meteor. Time to be chivalrous!! Easily
defeat the two goblins that you encounter and talk to the girl. Turns out this
little lass is named Reina and she was following her father to the WIND SHRINE,
where something bad has happened. As Reina brings you up to speed on the story
you hear the moaning of someone in the distance. Nope, it is not the
BLAIRWITCH,  rather an old man who apparently has amnesia. It turns out his
love affair with Veronica has gone all wrong and while Blake was trying to get
with Melissa, Rebecca had his baby--on no wait, that’s the plot line for DAYS
OF OUR LIVES. In FFV, this old man eventually remembers his name and his
purpose. He is Galuf and was heading to the Wind Shrine, but that is all he can
remember. After getting acquainted, you decline Reina and Galuf’s offer to
accompany them to the Wind Shrine and return to your Chocobo. Before doing
this, make sure to check the bottom right hand of the meteor screen. You’ll see
a treasure chest containing a PHOENIX DOWN. Wiggle your way through the
darkened section to come to the treasure. Claim it and return to Boko.
	The only place you can ride old Boko is to the Northwest. As you enter the
path,  you are comedically thrown from your giant chicken as Boko skids to an
abrupt halt. Turns out Boko used to work for the Psychic Network--and wouldn’t
you know it, mere seconds after sensing “something wrong” an Earthquake rocks
the land. As you run through the canyon, you rescue Reina and Galuf  once
again, battle a few goblins and find the way to the Shrine cut off. After a fun
night of camp songs and roasted marshmallows, you decide to finally join the
two on their quest to reach the Wind Shrine. The only way out is a mysterious
cave that opened up after the Earthquake. Save your game, say farewell to Boko,
and enter the cave.

Items to find: Leather Hat, Healing Spring
Enemies: Stoper

     Shortly after entering the cave you find the true source of Poland Spring
natural spring water. Even though it is no where near Maine, it will still
replenish your health. After you heal yourselves, you’ll come across a lone
pirate in the cave. He hits a secret switch that opens a secret passage; of
course you have to follow him in! You are greeted by the Jolly Roger flag as
you enter, a dead give away this is a secret PIRATE COVE. After sneaking about
and claiming a leather cap, your group discusses the possibility of heisting a
ship to reach the WIND SHRINE. Against the odds, your group sneaks aboard the
Pirate ship. After snooping around a little, go to the steering wheel at the
back of the vessel. There, you will encounter Faris, the Captain of the ship
and a mighty salty dog. He is ready to make you landlubbers walk the plank when
he sees Reina’s sparkling amulet and decides to have mercy. He throws the three
of you under the deck, where you have a strange argument while bound in ropes.
A little later, Faris frees the group much to their amazement. Furthermore, he
agrees to help getting to the WIND SHRINE. Although the Wind has died, Faris
has an ace in the hole: his pet Sea Dragon HYDRA!! The mighty beast pulls the
ship wherever it needs to go. As it turns out, a good place to go next is Tule
Village to the Northwest. Save your game and enter the town.

Items to find: Ether, Phoenix Down x2, Tonic x2, 100 GP, Tent x2, 150 GP,
Leather Shoes x2

      Tule is a quaint village surrounded by pine trees. If you are unsure
about the basics of the game, the House of Learning can get you up to speed in
no time. The crates and barrels in the middle of town can be searched to find a
tonic and a tent. The barrel to the far right contains 150 gp. A bush near the
top of the screen reveals a PHOENIX DOWN and a path to the LEATHER SHOES. Check
the buildings for the rest of the items, none of which are hidden too well.
Also try your hand at the piano in the pub. You’ll hear a little metronome and
you’ll clunk out a few notes; it is a good idea to play the piano whenever you
find one. One day you’ll grow up to be Yanni. Anyhow, learn of Zok, a friend of
the KING OF TYCOON. You know the drill: talk to everyone, get a bunch of info
and stock up. Once you again save, head to the WIND SHRINE, located to the far

Items to find: Tonic (5), Tent, Leather Cap, Broadsword, Staff

	Finally, you have the means to get to the Wind Shrine! Since there are not too
many places to explore, it should not be too hard to find (it is up North and
to the east in the midst of a ring of dense forest, for those navigationally
challenged.) Upon entering you see a bunch of young blond men fretting
nervously about. No, they are not worried about the cancellation of the Young
Republicans meeting; it seems the King of Tycoon went to see what was shakin’
on the higher floors and has not yet returned. Before rushing off to the
rescue, drink form the Urn at the bottom left to restore your HP/MP and recover
any status ailments you may have. Speaking to the guards will also result in
gaining five tonics for your fine social skills. Once you are feeling fit, head
up to find out what in blazes is going on! There is a tent to be found on the
second floor as well as a save spot, which will help replenish your team if the
battles are weakening them. The third floor holds a sporty leather cap but more
importantly a broadsword. It can be found on the far left door after spiraling
around the perimeter of the level. There is also a very well hidden staff in
the vine covered room. It is easy to miss, but who cares? It’s just a stupid
staff, right? Is this thing on?
	Keep plugging your way upstairs until you encounter the WINGRAPTOR on the
fourth floor, your very first FFV boss (awwwwww!)

*Lv. 1
*250 HP
	Wingraptor is not too hard to defeat. Since you don’t really have any other
options available, pound him with your weapons. I suppose you can taunt your TV
too. The broadsword is a superb weapon for eliminating his Hit points.
Wingraptor has two main attacks: when his wings are open, he’ll fire AIRWING at
you. While it hits your whole party, it doesn’t inflict a great amount of
damage. If his wings are closed and you attack him, he may counter with IRON
NAIL, which is stronger than AIR WING but not brutally punishing. After 250
points of damage, Wingraptor goes to that big aviary in the sky and more of the
story unfolds.
	Reina finds out her Father has gone to some ethereal state between the living
and....well SOMETHING. After he ominously dissolves into thin air, you get your
first chance to harvest shards of a shattered crystal. With each crystal you
get, you will master a new profession. Just think of the costs we could save if
such crystals existed in real life?!! No college for me, I’m buying a crystal
at Wal-Mart for 5 bucks!! At this point, you learn KNIGHT, MONK, BLUE MAGE,
THIEF, BLACK MAGE, and WHITE MAGE. Since you have the know-how, try each of
them out. Unlike other Final Fantasies, magic plays more than a supporting roll
in FFV. Have a thief is a great asset to the impatient gamers of the world, for
the “O” button allows you to DASH about through towns and dungeons. Check out
the JOBS section for details on professions and abilities.

Items: same as before!

	I guess with a name like “Zok”you have to either be a wise old man or a sock
puppet. While regaining your strength in Tule, make sure to pick up level 1
magic. Now that you have potential magic users, all six of these spells are
going to be useful. As always, chat with the locals. Don’t forget to play your
best chops on the piano--your hero’s enthusiasm is pretty funny! Also, if  jobs
are befuddling you at this point visit the House of Learning to get a better
understanding of what you can and cannot do. After socializing visit the magic
Zok ( real name: Herman.) It seems he is the keeper of the canal but has “lost”
the key. Despite his absentmindedness, he offers you a place to stay for the
night. During the stay, BARTZ has a case of insomnia. As he paces about the
house he runs into Zok and they have a little heart to heart talk. It turns out
that filthy liar Zok had the CANAL KEY the whole time, but didn’t want to
endanger REINA. He gives the key and then you knock him out and steal his
wallet for being a liar. Well not really, but at least you have the key to the
Canal. This means it is time to ship out of town!


	Torna Canal leads to the city of Walz, where the water crystal resides. It can
be found south and a little east of the Wind Shrine. Since you have the key
that filthy liar dirtbag Zok gave you, unlock the gate and enter the canal.
Weeeee this is fun!! For about four seconds!! Out of nowhere, a whirlpool sucks
your ship into a boss fight. You also temporarily lose touch with Hydra, the
friendly sea monster who has been pulling your ship through the ocean. While
this is quite tragic, you have a boss to worry about.

*Lv. 5
*HP: 650

	Hopefully the funny looking Black Mage was an appealing job for you to take on
because his magic is very useful in this battle. Casting BOLT will knock Karl’s
HP down quickly. It is good to have a MONK as well because they can attack
twice each round. If all goes well, you will defeat Karl Boss before he can
unleash the dirtiest sounding attack in any video game, the dreaded TAIL SCREW.
That’s one thing you don’t want your Mom to hear you talking on the phone
about! “Yeah, then Karl got me with the TAIL SCREW twice!! MAN did that HURT!” 
And what kind of name is KARL BOSS? What’s next? Robert the Demon? Andrew the
Prince of Darkness? Gregg the Grim Reaper? In any case, sink this seaborn
sucker and cruise onto the next section

Items: Flail, Tent, 990 gp, Phoenix Down x 2, World Map, Antidote x 2, Tonic
(In case you were wondering, I’m currently listening to “AIR CONDITIONED
NIGHTMARE” by MR. BUNGLE as I type this)

	With Hydra sucked into the churning waters, your ship has essentially lost its
engine. You are lost at sea, adrift on an indifferent ocean. Much like that sea
born idiot Gilligan, your three hour tour has become an epic adventure.
Eventually you wind up where all good sea farin’ vessels go: THE SHIP
GRAVEYARD. While it seems very confusing, it is actually easy to navigate your
way through the wreckage. There is a lot of good booty to claim, so keep an eye
for treasure chests. Make a point to pick up the world map which allows you to
pinpoint your place in the world by pressing the SQUARE key. It is plastered on
the wall of a ship.  No magic brooms or HSUP B TCELES!!* As you hope from
shipwreck to shipwreck, keep an eye out for Leonardo DiCaprio! Eventually you
have to swim through the water, getting you soaked! There is then an awkward
scene where Faris refuses to get out of his wet clothes in front of the others.
Well, like most of the shipwrecked vessels, Faris doesn’t have a dinghy**! And
he is actually he is a she! How about that? A cross-dressing pirate! After
camping out on deck, keep making your way to the shore. Along the way, you will
have to raise half of a sunken ship to reach the land. Once you get there, a
foxxy but deadly surprise awaits you...

*HSUP B TCELES=Read backwards for a spell from Final Fantasy 1.
**Dinghy-Etymology: Bengali dingi & Hindi dingI
Date: 1810
1 : an East Indian
rowboat or sailboat
2 a : a small boat carried on or towed behind a larger boat
as a tender or a lifeboat b : a small sailboat
3 : a rubber life raft
What were you thinking? ^_^
*Lv. 2
*HP: 900
*WEAKNESS: Normal form=None// Zombie form=Cure

	In legend, Sirens were the mythological women (or mermaids) of the sea who
sang to Odysseus and his crew in the epic poem, “The Odyssey.” The men were
forced to plug up their ears with wax to avoid the tempting song of Siren! In
FFV, Siren serves as a temptress of the mind rather than the body. She gains
control of the minds of BARTZ, REINA, and FARIS with illusions of their loved
ones. When Siren sends a little girl to “seduce” Galuf’s mind, he has no idea
who she is and is thus not affected! He slaps the others back to their senses
and together they battle Siren. When she is wearing the Blue Dress, attack with
black magic and physical attacks. Again, the MONK is a great asset in this
battle. When Siren turns brownish it means she has assumed the properties of
the undead. Hopefully you have a WHITE MAGE or some level of the !WHITE
ability; casting CURE on undead creatures will actually hurt them! After the
bru-ha-ha, you discuss your memories a little bit and you are clued into the
fact Reina and Faris have the same father. Say, wouldn’t that make Faris a

TOWN OF KERWIN: NAMED AFTER LANCE KERWIN ( a child actor from the 70’s and
http://us.imdb.com/Bio?Kerwin,+Lance (this one is weird!)
Items to find: Antidote, Ice Rod, 1000 gp

	You thought you would be in Walz after all this, didn’t you? Nope! The nearest
town to the Ship Graveyard is Kerwin, a very nice little town. Besides having
some ducky armor and weapons for sale in the shops, there is a lot of gossip to
pick up. There is talk of a Dragon to the North, which Reina assumes is her
father’s ( the Blue one from the FMV intro) and feels it would be wise to
investigate. Apparently, some miracle dragon-healing grass grows at the top of
a nearby mountain, but it is also overgrown with poison plants. For the sake of
argument, we’ll call it poison ivy. Before leaving, snag the ICE ROD. It can be
found by using the Thief’s SECRET ability to locate the hidden passages that
lead to this frosty treasure!  Now, onto North Mountain!

Items: Soft, Phoenix Down

	North Mountain is located to the NORTH of Kerwin! Wow!  It used to be called
North Face mountain until they pulled their sponsorship. The rumor of a dragon
at the top leads you up the parallax scrolling lofty 16-bit cliffs. Once you
get up high enough, there will be patched of purple grass which poisons you
with a single touch. So, unless you are into poison coursing through your
veins, stay away! When you reach the save point, pitch a tent and recover your
health. You’ll need them HP’s cause you got a boss fight a comin’ round the

*Both Lv. 8
*HP: Magissa=650, Falzer=850
*Weakness=None (all black magic works against them)

	This battle reminds me of highschool: an ultra foxxy girl with an unbearable
meathead for a boyfriend. Apparently Falzer is Magissa’s slave boy, and his
presence makes this battle a little tougher than any you have faced before.
Black magic and physical attacks are the way to get it done! Monks are key.
Unleash on Magissa first. After a few rounds, she will summon Falzer who is
quite a bit stronger than she is. He may also be nude, which is disturbing.
After defeating them, you may wonder what they were doing on the mountain in
the first place. I was thinking of having BARTZ ask MAGISSA to the PROM; too
bad she is pure evil.
	When you reach the top, you see Reina’s father’s dragon lying injured amongst
the flowers. Reina risks poison to get the healing DRAGON GRASS. After feeding
the Dragon, she lies down for a while and the DRAGON is healed. Then the DRAGON
heals Reina, everyone is happy, and you can finally fly to Walz (about time!)
NOTE: I wonder what BOKO the Chocobo is doing at this point?

Items to find: Silverglasses

	I like to pronounce this town WHALES instead of the conventional WALLS. After
long last, Walz is not that exciting. Stock up on weapons, you’ll need ‘em!
There is also a magic shop selling spells you cannot use yet. If you have the
money, pick them up--you’ll have the ability soon enough. After talking to the
people, you discover the King of Walz is harvesting the power of the crystal to
keep water flowing through the town. He got into the same kind of trouble when
he was the king of FLOORZ!! haha get it? WALZ? FLOORZ?! hehe! You know the
drill by now. Talk to the people, including the girl training a beast named
GARULA in the pen on the Eastern side of town. Garula is merely a descendent of

Items to find: Tent, 490 gp, Phoenix Down
Items in Harpy’s Lair: Elf Cloak, 1000gp x 2, “Learned Speed”

	There is much to do in this castle, including talking to everyone and getting
your butt kicked. First and foremost have an audience with the King of Walz. As
he explains why he must use the crystal for power, a second meteor crashes near
Walz Tower. Seconds later a guard reports that all hell is breaking loose at
the tower and the King rushes to see what is going on. Now, just to confuse you
there is a WALZ TOWER and a WALZ WATER TOWER. The WALZ TOWER is not in the
castle; it is located to the north right near where the meteor falls. The WALZ
WATER TOWER is actually in the castle walls. But first things first--Before
rushing off to save the silly crystal, I’m sure you want to explore the castle,
right? Good!
	Very often in video games, townspeople give you shady information. Sure you
hear it, but you ever really LISTEN?! Nope, probably not. So when a certain
fellow mentions HARPY is a very tough enemy you probably think this guy is a
pansy and HARPY is most likely a pushover. Well, go ahead, go through the
basement until you see four very tempting treasure chests. Easy enough, right,
just mosey up and grab them, right? WRONG!! It turns out the basement is
guarded by HARPY, a scrawny enemy whose specialty is waxing your sorry behind.
If you are really driven to get the items, create a Thief with the FLEE command
ready to go. If you encounter Harpy, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!! The trick here is that
Harpy is weak against water--but none of the spells you possess right now are
water based! So it’s the old DASH AND FLEE routine for now. If you get lucky
and save a lot, you CAN get the chests at this level but it takes a great deal
of luck. Even if you get all the items now, be sure to come back and kill HARPY
just out of spite for making you look like a fool!

Items to find: SHIVA SUMMON

	This is another area of the game you are better off to revisit when you are a
little stronger. That isn’t to say you should avoid it all together. Though
short, this section pits you against your first SUMMON BASED enemy, SHIVA. For
now don’t challenge her; you could win but it’s not worth it. A goal for here
is to use your BLUE MAGE to learn the Elf Toad’s TOAD SONG. If you have
!LEARNING equipped as your ability, you will learn this spell if it hits you.
Notice that ELF TOAD will only cast the spell when there is only one of him
present. He has to also hit the individual with !LEARNING, so if he hits other
party members you will not add the spell to your !BLUE list. You can also steal
a Mythril Sword from the Ice Solider if you are lucky. After fulfilling these
goals, head back to Walz and heal up for the trip to WALZ Tower.
*Lv. 11
*HP 1500

	It is best to fight Shiva once you have visited Karnak and armed your Black
and Red Mages with FIR2. Between her ICE2 attack and ICE COMMANDER guards, you
will have a barrage of hard hits slamming into your team. If you get even
further in the game before coming back, a NINJA with FIRE SKILL will help your
cause. Hammer the group of enemies with FIR2 and straight attacks. Once the
guards are disposed of, FIR2 will take close to 700 points of damage on Shiva
when directed at her as a single attack. When you defeat her, you earn the
right to call her as a powerful ICE BASED summon attack.


Items to find: Silk Robe, Maiden’s Kiss, Ether, Silver Arm Band

	After you have had fun in WALZ TOWN and CASTLE fly your Blue Dragon North to
Walz Tower. An interesting thing happens if you land right of the meteor. You
may encounter GARULA in battle in the overworld. He’s easy to beat and over
gives you one ABP and no EXP or gp. Odd indeed...Go inside the tower and talk
to the face down guards. They inform you that the King is up ahead trying to
stop the very Garula you possibly just fought. When you reach the King, he is
in the middle of a major faceplant. He mumbles something about Garula and the
Crystal. After talking with him go into the pool of water to the left and climb
up the vine to claim a fine silk robe for yourself. Go up a floor to the save
point and save your game. After gathering the treasure chests on the next few
floors, save one more time and go to the top to battle Garula.
*Lv. 3
*HP: 1200

	When you actually face Garula, he no longer looks like a plump lovable ball of
fun. Now he looks like a Woolly Mammoth shaved like a POODLE. I really hope you
listened to me and learned TOAD SONG, otherwise Garula is going to knock you
around like a shuttlecock in a badminton game. His CHARGE attack can wipe you
out in a matter of seconds, so if you didn’t get toad song hit him with all you
have and heal with White Magic. If you were wise and got TOAD SONG ( I didn’t
write about it for nothing!) have Faris cast it being that she is fastest of
your characters and can normally cast it before Garula can attack. Once you
turn him into a toad, it’s hammer time! A slash here, a slice there and you
will be eating frog’s legs in no time! If Garula turns back, simply cast TOAD
SONG again.
	After whooping Garula, you get to see another crystal shatter. Late again!
This time you earn the following jobs: BERSERKER (any one ever seen CLERKS? ^_^
my love is like a truck...), SORCERER, TIME MAGE, SUMMONER, and RED MAGE. Don’t
worry about the crystal that is out of reach. Of these, it’s a good idea to
build up your RED MAGE. He/she is a strong fighter and can learn both WHITE and
BLACK magic. Not too shabby and a good resource early in the game.



	After you defeat the Woolly nightmare, Hydra swims on by and saves your bacon.
As the tower sinks, Hydra picks you up in his mouth (ewww hope you used
mouthwash!) and drops you off on a nearby shoreline. Even though he looks
healthy to me, Hydra passes on to the place where all good serpents go. This is
an emotional moment for Faris who has to be held back from diving into the
ocean after him. Dang, these games are tearjerkers, huh?


	Fly back to Walz for one last meeting with the King. He tells you the FIRE
CRYSTAL can be found in KARNAK. You might as well try to go there and watch it
shatter like the first two. Fun huh? Before going to Karnak, there are a few
things you should attend to first.

Items to find: Ether x 2, Potion, Phoenix Down,  Elixir x 2, Maiden’s Kiss,
Healing Staff, Shuriken, Katana, Monster Bell, Cottage

	Wait a minute I was thinking of the WILFORD BRIMLEY BOX OFFICE SMASH “COCOON”
there! Eat your oatmeal, kids! TYCOON is where the whole game started! There
are a ton of goodies to find here, most of which are easy to find. A good deal
of “mini-plot” happens in Tycoon, including an important scene with REINA and
FARIS. After talking to everyone and gathering up the items and use a thief
with the SECRET ability to find the chancellor; for some reason he is lurking
in the hidden passages of Tycoon with a healing staff, which he will gladly
give you if you can find him. Reminisce for a while then it’s off to Karnak to
investigate the FIRE CRYSTAL!!
(Now currently listening to GODFLESH’S SLAVESTATE)

Items to find: FIRE ROD

	To find Karnak, loop North around the mountain and then head southwest. It’s a
bit of a hoof, but you’ll make it there eventually. First off, Karnak has a ton
of cool stuff for sale. The problem is, since you warped here via the meteor
people think you are some kind of freak from the dark side. Just because you
popped out of a meteor from outer space! Hmph! What snobs! You will be able to
hear a little gossip with the townsfolk before their distrust gets the better
of them. You learn about Cid the engineer who created the crystal amplifier.
You also hear about the great deals on weapons, so naturally you will want to
check them out. When you enter any kind of shop, a security guard will accuse
you of being an enemy and you will be tossed in jail. After what seems to be an
eternity, you’ll see a guy stirring about in the cell next to yours. Without
warning he blows a hole in the wall between your cells. Much to his chagrin all
he finds on the other side are a bunch of scalawags! After a little
lighthearted mockery, your group and Cid bond as he finds out you are on a
mission to save the remaining crystals. As you banter, the Chancellor of Karnak
comes rushing in. It turns out the Queen has been a little hasty in her
judgment to imprison Cid. The fire crystal is indeed cracking and the
chancellor knows Cid is the only man who would know how to prevent it from
being totally destroyed. Since the crystal amplifier is on the fire ship, it
seems the logical place to go.
	As you leave the prison, you are no longer in Karnak but Karnak Castle. With
the Fire Crystal growing increasingly more unstable, flames are popping up all
around. And, as (bad) luck would have it. they all block treasure chests. Not
to worry l’il partner, you’ll be able to pillage later; for now just work on
getting to the fire ship. Stop back at Karnak Town and stock up on weapons,
armor, and magic. For the battles ahead, ICE2 and the ICE ROD will be useful.
What’s that you say? Fire Rod? Oh yeah, there IS a fire rod in Karnak, but you
can’t get it until the flames die down.

Items to find: Elixir x 2, Moonring, Thief’s Glove, Green Beret, Cottage,
Phoenix Down, Mythril Glove.

	After talking to CID about a great many things., it is time to head to the
bowels of the ship to check in on the crystal. The first part of the maze is
enemy free; it is not until you get to the metal/mechanical part that the
enemies start appearing. There are some tough enemies down here and the maze is
somewhat confusing. If you have a BLUE MAGE or the !LEARNING ability you can
pick up FLASH and EXPLODER from the enemies here. There are elevators, steam
shafts, ladders, and moving conveyor belts. There are some great items to get
but they require a good deal of patience and a good memory. Even with maps this
section is confusing. Now you can’t say you haven’t been warned! After
exploring, you will come across a save point (I would give maps, but in the
text format they are usually more confusing! If you are utterly stuck, send me
an email) The easiest way to reach the boss is to go up the ladder to the left
at the beginning  then hook around and descend the stairway at the bottom right
of the upper level. from there go to the “down door”  then to the left. Follow
this until you get to a room with four shoots heading down--take the one second
from the left (far right leads to green beret, 2nd from right leads to the
Thief’s Glove). After dropping down, go to the door to the left to reach the
save point. For the upcoming boss battle it is a good idea to have at least two
black mages in your party (or at least characters with level 3 !Black ability).
 A Monk with the !WHITE  and a Knight or Red Mage round out a good party for
the upcoming battle.

*Lv: 19
*HP: 3000
*Weak Against: ICE

	Liquid Flame has two distinct forms: a Man and a hand. When he is in the man
form, you can hammer him with ICE2 and your ICE ROD. When he morphs into the
hand, magic will not hurt him and he will counter spells with a powerful fire
attack. When he is in the hand form, limit your attacks to physical non-magical
assaults ( fists, swords and the like.) It’s a good idea to be around level
12-13 when you fight this flaming idiot ( ha-ha!). He can whip BLAZE and FIR2
at your party so make sure to heal quickly when you take damage. Put your black
mages in the back row for a little added defense.


Items to find: 2000 gp x 2, Elixir x 3, Shuriken, Ribbon, Esna, Lightning
Skill, Elf Cloak, Hunting Knife, Monsters

	Race for your life Charlie Brown!! Get out of the castle before it burns to
the ground!! (woah that rhymed!) There are a ton of high quality goods to pick
up along the way. As a sidenote, don’t get all nervous because of the countdown
TO UN-NATURAL LEVELS!! A good idea is to have a thief with the flee ability so
you can escape unnecessary battles. This gives you more time to gather the
booty. Make sure to battle the monsters in the treasure chests!! ( hint, hint)
Almost all the chests are easy to find; good finds include the shuriken and the
ribbon in the library, the elixirs, and the elf cloak in the orange room (to
the upper right). You have plenty of time to do this all, make sure you grab as
much as you can. When you get to the gates, you will encounter a sergeant. Some
claim he turns into IRON CLAW, but I have not personally experienced this. I
simply defeated him without even considering him a boss; if you are fast you
can do away with this guy lickety-split!


	After you leave the castle it burns to the ground. Three shards of the fire
crystal can be recovered; the jobs of TRAINER, GEOMANCER, and NINJA. Of these,
NINJA is the most useful in my opinion. The other two are more situational
occupations. After gathering them, talk to CID on the nearby Fire Ship. It
seems he blamed himself for destroying the castle and is very depressed.
Eventually you will want to meet up with him in the town of Karnak. Before
hunting him out, grab the FIRE STAFF on top of the city walls in Karnak. You’ll
also find things are much more expensive than before; things were cheaper in
the ol’ Fire Crystal days. Stock up, rest, and all that fun stuff--
	Cid will be on the second floor of the pub. He is drinking himself into a
stupor, riddled with guilt for destroying the castle (which he TECHNICALLY kind
of is). But now is not the time to play the BLAME GAME, its time to play:
(answers at the bottom of the FAQ)

1-What is the capital of Montana?
2-What color is a Polar Bear’s fur?
3-Who composed the music for FFV?
4-What weighs more? A pound of feathers or a pound of gold?
5-On what day did the TITANIC hit the ICEBERG?

(Currently listening to: I Love My Computer by BAD RELIGION)

	When the castle burnt to the ground, it effectively destroyed the barrier to
the west of Karnak. After speaking to the Queen on the second floor of the Inn
at Karnak, head to the desert with one mission: Learn the Aquarake spell from
the Quadraharpy with your blue mage. You must have the !LEARNING ability
equipped if you are not a blue mage (and a high enough !BLUE level to cast the
spells). To face Quadraharpy, wander in the desert for a while; trust me, it
won’t take long. Be prepared: this is one tough foe but learning Aquarake is
VERY IMPORTANT because at this point in the game, you do not have any
water-based magic (Ice doesn’t count.) Once you learn AQUARAKE, return to
Karnak and rest. Quadraharpy has 1000 hp by the way (that last message was
sponsored by the American Beef Council: BEEF it’s what’s for dinner!)

LIBRARY OF ANCIENTS: Ou est la Bibliotheque?
Items to find: Ether, Ninja Suit, Phoenix Down

	The Library of Ancients can be reached by staying on the right perimeter of
the desert then following it to the southwest. When you come to a light green
field, the Library is to the south in a patch of forest. Make sure you know the
ICE2 spell!! Upon entering the library, you will find it over run with
scholars! OH NO!!! Luckily they do not bite so talk to them and get the story.
It turns out that some of the books are possessed, monsters are running amok on
the lower levels, and MID ( Cid’s grandson) is missing somewhere. Before
getting into the thick of it, hit the urn on the second floor. For some reason
a urination joke seems appropriate here but I can’t think of one. Anyway, said
Urn will heal your HP/MP and status! For ha-ha’s, head up to the roof where a
few scholars are burning books. There are three books you can look at; the
first two have interesting entries, one perhaps regarding the Healing Staff.
The third has a monster in it. After a little light reading, head down into the
main part of the library. It is not hard to get through the mazes as long as
you know one little tip: you can manipulate the way the shelves are arranged by
going up to random areas on the book shelves and pressing the X button. The
only enemies you will fight in this area are the “pages” of enemies: 32, 64,
128, and 256. These guys are not too hard to defeat, but they tend to come at
you in waves. When you make it to the room with a single book, prepare your ICE
magic and get ready for a battle!

*Lv: 22
*HP: 3000
*WEAKNESS: Ice, Shiva

Ifrit has some strong FIRE attacks. The best way to finish off the Arabic Jinni
is to hammer him with ICE2 and use the SHIVA summon. As far as bosses go, this
is a pretty cut and dry battle. Heal when you are getting hurt with CURE2 and
keep up your offensive attacks. After defeating Ifrit, you will earn his powers
as a summon magic!


	After you defeat Ifrit, keep pushing bookshelves and climbing ladders to open
secret passages. Eventually you will move a book that leads to a battle; after
winning it advance to the save point. I STILL can’t believe they named a hero
BUTZ!!! Just mentioning that-- Anyhow do the save thing and get ready for yet
another boss battle. Also get Black Mages ready with FIR2 and make a SUMMONER,
if only to summon IFRIT in battle. When you enter the room with a man browsing
through some texts, get ready! The man is MID; before you can talk to him you
have to battle Biblos, the meanest librarian to enforce a late fee.

*Lv: 24
*HP: 3600

	Biblos was fired form his job at the Academy of Learning and Research when he
ate several renowned authors. Much like the books he inhabits, FIRE is his
worst enemy. FIR2 and the newly gained Ifrit summon will help burn the bullish
Biblos. Other magics won’t faze him so don’t bother trying. Physical attacks
are still effective. The FIRE ROD you got in Karnak is a good choice in this
battle as well.



	After defeating Biblos, talk to MID who was so immersed in reading a book on
new technology that he didn’t even hear the battle behind him. Imagine that!!
How these people manage to get into such monster infested areas is beyond me.
You have a little chit-chat with Mid and he explains that he has found a book
that will help power the Fire Ship without the crystal. He leads you out of the
library via a secret passage. Chat with the scholars and then head back to
Karnak Town-remember to stay out of the desert.


	After defeating Biblos and “freeing” Mid, return to the pub and talk with Cid
who is still getting sauced on the second floor. He will have a little spat
with Mid which turns into an odd inspirational type speech. In short, Mid
convinces Cid to repair the Fire Ship. They get psyched about making the
repairs and dash off to the Fire Ship. Once you meet up with them, you will
again have a vessel to sail the seas with. With Faris as your salty captain,
head out and explore the great seas of...whatever the name of this world is!


	It is very easy to miss Jachol Village if you are not looking for it; it is
also hard to miss if you ARE looking for it. It can be found on the western
continent. While it is the southern most blip on your map, it is a bit tricky
to reach. Dock your boat above the flashing dot to the east and go down a
corridor of mountains. You know you are on track if you see a cave right before
the corridor winds south. Continue down until you reach the town itself. Once
there, you have a few tasks to take care of. First of all, there are some great
weapons to pick up including the CORAL SWORD and the KATANA. There is also a
WHITE magic store in case you missed out on any level 1, 2, or 3 spells. This
includes CURE2 and RAISE, two essential spells. Make sure to rock out on the
piano ( this should be your fourth so far). The reason you are playing the
pianos is to earn skills towards a certain Bard’s song.
	Talk to the local yokels. They will tell you about all kinds of snazzy
treasure in a cave to the north; they will also mention there are some pretty
“tough” monsters. This is another gross understatement! At your level (
probably around 14-16) you will get beaten hard by...umm..squirrels. Yes, big
mean squirrels...*sigh*...but you can give it a try if you want. Stock up,
rest, and head to the cave if you dare.

Items to find: Shuriken, Tent, Gold

	Jachol Cave will make you feel stupid if you try to get the goodies on a low
level. Unless you are really tough and super lucky, you will get mauled by
nut-bearing rodents. The ironic thing is there is not too much to get in the
cave anyway. There are some extra treasure chests you can get if you left
PICKPOCKET the WAREWOLF in jail. Try it if you want; if you are a purist I’d
suggest coming back here later in the game. *Note-- the other item you get if
you leave WAREWOLF in prison is the shockwhip.

Items to find: None

	Crescent town is named after the fact it is shaped like a finger nail
clipping; or a crescent shaped moon whatever appeals to you more. It is located
on the Mac-Tonight shaped island to the extreme southeast on the map. The
enemies here are tough and annoying to fight, though you can steal some good
junk from them. The weapon shop has some great archery bows for your HUNTER and
the black magic shop offers spells for levels 1,2 and 3. There is yet another
piano to play in this town. If you speak to the BARD after playing it, he will
reward you with the STRENGTH SONG. You’ll be on the Pop charts in no time! As
long as you change your name from BUTZ to something hipper! Wander around and
be social, you know the drill.
	There is a particularly funny townsperson who makes fun of you--why? Because
your precious Fire Ship has been sucked underwater by the currents in the
little inlet (DOH!!). Your characters are surprisingly calm about this. You
would think their first response would be to give the old man a beat down and
steal his wallet, but I guess our heroes are pillars of virtue. Ah Well. As
luck would have it, a patch of forest to the south just happens to contain a
legendary BLACK CHOCOBO, which ironically is PURPLE. If you have a thief in
your party it will be very easy to catch the Chocobo using the added speed of
your DASH ability. The plus to the Black Chocobo is you can ride him through
the air, though he is not strong enough to fly over snow-capped mountains. When
he first tries to take to the air, he flaps as hard as can but barely gets off
the ground. After he crashes to Earth, he spews forth the very items that were
holding him down: Crystal Shards! The regurgitated crystals award you with the
BARD and HUNTER jobs.

Items: None, but a lot of cool back story

	First let me put on my serious face here o_o. Rikks Village features some of
the best nostalgic music I have ever heard, game or otherwise. The melancholy,
nostalgic mood music really captures the feel of the storyline. Sorry, I’m not
going to give it all away! Amongst the things you will want to invest in from
Rikks are the Ninja Skills, which are very powerful attacks at this stage in
the game. Buy about 5 or 6 of each if you can afford it. If you go into your
old house, touch the pink music box near the window. An interesting flashback
sequence will trigger. After that, talk to the Bard for the TEMPTATION SONG,
another one of the BARD’s tunes; it serves to confuse enemies, similar to
MUDDLE. As a footnote, you can stay at the INN for free.

Items to find: TOAD SPELL

	Located at the far Northwestern part of your map, Easterly Village must have
been named after the town’s fervent love for the Easter bunny rather than it’s
location. In any case, Easterly Village has a few tricks up its proverbial
sleeve. First off there are some interesting shops. Besides a useful TIME MAGIC
shop, there is also a RELIC dealer who charges an arm and a leg for some nifty
rings (Two months salary my butt!). One old man mentions a “sleepy toad” who
can be found in the flower in the northwest corner of the town. Examine the
bottom right patch and the toad will pop out and leave the relatively useless
TOAD spell. Pick it up anyhow just in case one of your team gets amphibionized
(is that a word?)
	Another secret in town involves playing with the sheep (Clean your dirty minds
RIGHT NOW!!) Up at the top of town, you’ll find a pen with rather passive sheep
wandering about. Go to the one in the left corner and TAP TAP on its butt. It
will respond by punting you over the fence. Once there, you can find a BARD who
babbles something about love and teaches you the LOVE SONG, a skill you will
probably never use. One last thing: in the woods to the east (over the little
bridge) you will encounter RAMUH, a very useful BOLT throwing summon monster.
If you listened to me and bought the WATER SKILLS in Rikks Village, use them to
hurt the old man. Shiva also works well.

*Level: 21
*HP: 4000
*WEAKNESS: Water, Summon Spells

	Use those WATER SKILLS and SUMMONS on Ramuh and he will be a push over! This
is not a very difficult battle and you are rewarded with the Ramuh summon when
all is said and done. A relatively easy encounter.

(currently listening to MST3k “A Patrick Swayze Christmas)


	Your only real mission on your return trip to the library is to talk to Cid
and Mid. Rumor has it there are ruins to the south past the dessert that hold a
clue to your quest. After talking to them, heal up at the library urn and head
into the desert. When you get there, you will find that the sand is flowing
like water (why your characters don’t just use FLOAT to get by situations like
these is beyond me.) Apparently this is caused by a giant sandworm. I’m not
sure how, but if RETURN OF THE JEDI has taught me anything, its that sandworms
are big nasty evil things.

*Level: 18
*HP: 3000
*Weakness: Water
	Remember when I told you to get AQUARAKE way back on page 7 or something like
that? Well now is when you need it! Sandworm is extremely weak against water so
you only have to unleash AQUARAKE on him once to send him to the place all bad
worms go. If you have to engage him in battle because you WERE TOO LAZY TO READ
THE FAQ and didn’t get AQUARAKE from QUADRAHARPY, use your NINJA to throw
Waterskill at him. Sandworm has some nasty attacks, such as DEMI. Add to that
you have to play WHACK-A-MOLE with him, as he may appear in any of the three
holes in the ground. QUICKSAND hits hard too-- so use water attacks, ok?


	To make it down through the shifting sands...umm, just try to get on the ones
that are headed DOWNWARD. If you follow where the conveyor-like belts are
shifting this isn’t too hard. Your goal is to get to the bottom of the screen.
As a note, you CAN be attacked by monsters on your way down.

Items to find: None

	The town of ruins actually has a name: GORN. There isn’t much to see here. No
shops, no inns, no nothing (what did you expect, the town is in RUINS!?) As you
search around town, you begin to see the good ol’ King of Tycoon appearing here
and there. You can try to catch him but the rat fink will only disappear when
you get close to him. Chase him around until he gets up towards the top. As you
go to talk to him, your group will plummet through the ground (again, why not
use FLOAT?!) You land in a rather charming location...

Items to find: Shuriken X 2, Mini Spell

	When you get here, make sure you head south instead of north. First and
foremost, you will see four neatly made beds waiting for your characters to nap
in. You may also see some treasure chests to the bottom of the screen. Time to
get some booty! But it’s not that easy. Go to the left hand room and press the
switch you assume would open the way. It tells you that you have to check the
middle room, where you find a piece of paper. Instructions tell you to
investigate the right room. Read the notes on the table that say to go back to
the LEFT room again (DOH!). Check out the URN and an adorable little frog will
pop out and open the way to the treasure chests. Yeahhh about time! You will
find a shiny pair of Shuriken and the Mini Spell.
	After getting all that jazz done, head North. Cid and Mid just “happen” to
fall through the floor. It seems they went to Crescent Island to recover the
Fire Ship and ended up here. Cast MINI on them and squash them like the BUGS
THEY ARE BWAA HAA HAA--no wait--they are your friends! Let them fix up the
Airship and prepare to take off!! But before you do, it appears there is
something stuck to the hull...Just be glad it isn’t a giant jellyfish!!

*Level: 43
*HP: 2000
*Weakness: BOLT

	Any BOLT based magic works well against this fiend, who has attached himself
to the bow of your airship. The Ramuh summon and throwing Shurikens with your
Ninja will put the beat down on Clay Claw. He only has 2000 HP, so this battle
will be easier than some of your previous boss encounters.


	After beating this boss your next stop is back at the Town of Ruin. Also note
since you have the Airship, feel free to cruise around and check out the world.
Revisting RIKKS Village is a good idea because of the free inn and the merchant
who sells NINJA SKILLS. When you near the town of Ruins, a huge
transformer-like thing will pop out of the desert. In the immortal words of
Homer J Simpson, “OH CRAP!” Though it will probably only take you two minutes
to figure this out, Cid and Mid are the folks to report this news to, as they
are your tech team. They will explain that the final Crystal  is in that big
flying contraption and YOU have to get it. Unfortunately, your little airship
doesn’t have the power to fly high enough to engage the flying fortress...that
is without the help of a crazy little metal called Adamantite. Oddly enough,
Galuf remembers there was adamantite on the meteor he cruised into town on.
I’ll save your memory the trouble and say it is the meteor near Tycoon where
the whole fiasco started. Tycoon is on the right continent...

Items to find: Adamantaim
	Your job is simple: go inside and snag the Adamantain. It is plastered on the
back wall of the cave. On your way out, you will encounter a rather grumpy

*Level: 20
HP: 2000
*Weakness: Ice

	Hmmmm... I’m not sure if Adamantaim comes from this guy’s shell, but this is
one ticked off turtle! Shurikens are a good idea to weaken Mr. Halfshelf, as
are strong ICE spells. The SHIVA summon is another way to drain points off this
wily reptile. Again, he shouldn’t be a major obstacle and you should be done
with him fairly quickly.


	Return to the AIRSHIP PORTAL near CRESCENT TOWN and visit Cid and Mid--they
will equip your ship with the recently won Adamantaim. Now, no matter where you
are on the map press X and choose to go higher instead of landing. This will
bring you to the flying fortress which sort of looks like something out of the
NES classic 1943. There’s a bunch of stuff to do before taking on this massive
flying machine! First off travel to RIKKS VILLAGE and beef up your stock of
LIGHTNING SKILLS. It is not a bad idea to have two Ninjas in your party for the
upcoming battle. All healed? Ready to go? Ok, let’s do it!!

*Level: 20
*Hp: 2,200
*Weakness: Bolt

	As you approach the flying fortress, it will shoot blasts of energy at you! To
get into the thing, you have to take out the guns on either side. There are two
guns per side, meaning you will have to fight a total of four separate battles.
Luckily the guns are very weak against BOLT based magic. Lightning Skill is
particularly  effective against them, as is the RAMUH summon. Two ninja’s using
lightning skills in succession will batter the guns with ease. After defeating
the four guns, head back to the ground and heal your members. Another boss
approaches (NOTE: Now is a great time to land and save your game!)

*BOSS BATTLE: Soul Gun/Launcher
*Level: Soul Gun=36, Launcher=50
*HP: Soul Gun=22,500, Launcher=10,800
*Weakness: BOLT

	After defeating the side cannons, go to the front of the flying fortress. Here
you will face a whopper of a boss! While previous bosses had relatively medium
hit points, the two sections of the gun you face are massive metal machines;
the main section boasts a hardy 22,500 HP!! The battle starts off with the gun
equipped with a safety lock; this means it will not pull out its full attacks
for a while. Take advantage of this. Hammer the two parts with Lightning Skill
and Bolt 2; Ramuh  is also a good idea if you have a SUMMONER. My suggestion
is: Two ninja’s , a Knight with !Black, and either a SUMMONER or NINJA with
!White. Speed is of the essence, so don’t dawdle! Using Ninja Skills and BOLT 2
on both of the parts, you’ll kill the launcher first. Do not let up on your
LIGHTNING SKILLS or BOLT 2.!! Once the safety is off, the soul gun is gonna
HAMMER you! This is why it is good to have Ninja’s; they can high vigor and
speed. You may get killed once or twice on this battle, but if you act quickly
you can SURVIVE!! Aiming on both targets is a good idea. Beat the Soul
Gun/Launcher combo and park your ship in the opening.


Items to find: Gold Armor, Elixir, Phoenix Down, Gold Shield, Potion, 5000 gp,
Ancient Sword, Shuriken, Moonring, Power Wrist, Cottage, Ether

	There is much to see and do in the flying fortress. While it looks imposing,
this area is pretty easy to get through thanks to a well placed save point. If
someone has the SECRET ability here is the place to use it! As you first enter,
a fine suit of GOLD ARMOR awaits you. From here you will pop out onto the
second floor. Go down and left and to the FAR left, then up the furthest left
section. If you are a treasure hunter, you can go down to get the chest which
contains an ELIXIR, a nice item but not a necessity. Loop around back to the
right and gather the Phoenix Down in the treasure chest. If you need healing,
hit the room in the center and use the save point. I hate to be vague here, but
from the save point explore to find other items. It’s not hard, but since the
fortress goes away after you beat it, I was not able to make maps after
defeating it. DOH! I’ll update it in the future if needed. All I have in my
item list and make sure to find all the major ones before confronting the final

*Level: 19
 *HP: 6400
*Second Form: 2500
*WEAKNESS: Variable

	Archeovais is one of the classic Final Fantasy monsters that has the ability
to vary the type of magic that hurts him. If you are insistent with using
magic, cast the white spell SCAN to determine what his current weakness is. A
more universal approach is to attack him with strong fighters, especially monks
and knights. A NINJA with THROW and a few Shurikens also makes this battle a
lot easier. After defeating the first form, he will resurrect himself. His
second form has about half as many hit points as the first; you can usually
knock him out with a single Ninja THROW!


	Once defeating Archeovais, you finally end up catching up with the King of
Tycoon  (remember, the guy in the beginning of the game?) who is apparently
possessed. When all looks grim, Krile (Galuf’s Grand daughter) appears and
knocks him down with a spell. This breaks the spell on the King of Tycoon. In a
touching scene ruined by the fact one of the characters is named “Salsa”, the
King and his daughters are reunited, until 2 seconds later when X-Death shows
up and destroys the crystals . Because of his contract with Square was up, the
King of Tycoon had to be written out of the script so out he goes in a blaze of
glory. On his way out, he banishes X-Death’s lock on the crystals. As a result
of all this drama, you earn four more jobs. Samurai and Chemist are both skills
you will find immediately useful while Dancer and Lancer sounds like a pair of
Santa’s lost reindeer.


	At this point in the game, a good rule is, “If you do not know where to go,
visit CID and MID.” Flying back to the airship platform just to the west of
Crescent Town yields a few clues as to the whereabouts of the two wacky
mechanics. As it turns out, they have gone to return the Adamantite used to
power up your ship back to the meteors. This means you have to follow them to
each meteor; it doesn’t matter what order you go in, but you must get all four.
After replacing the Adamantite (called by friend Jody “Adam Ant’s Tights”
http://www.adam-ant.net/), you will have the ability to warp to Galuf’s world
to pursue X-Death and prevent him from destroying another world.

METEOR 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 maybe some Chicken and PORK FRIED RICE?

	Ok there are only four meteors, but I wanted to sing along with Mambo (combo?)
number 5. The first one to head to is the one close to Tycoon castle, where all
the craziness began. Upon entering you will discuss with Cid and Mid the idea
of traveling to Galuf’s world. This whole process goes rather smoothly. Unlike
the next meteor you visit...

METEOR 2: METEOR NEAR WALZ-Right after the brain boys out the Adamantite into
place, you are treated to a boss battle. You must fight a tribe of hard to
pronounce Byurobolos (or would it be Byurobolui?)
*Level: 22
*HP: 2200
*Weakness: none

	Buy Your Own Balloons are a group of floating bombs. Not to sound like a
skipping record, but NINJA’s lightning and water skills are a great attack as
is the Samurai’s $TOSS. Chances are one of your characters will have the MAGE
SWORD, which occasionally casts MUTE on the enemies. This is a good idea
against Buy Your Own Balloons because they cast ARISE on their fallen brothers.
Casting MUTE on them is also a good idea. As far as attacks go, they don’t hit
too hard except for the kamikaze EXPLODER attack!



	Despite being technical geniuses, Cid and Mid have the fighting prowess of WET
COTTONBALLS. Again its’s up to you to save their bacon. Walk onto the little
magic tile to battle Terry “Titan” Hogan.

*Level: 1
*HP: 2500
*Weakness: None

	Titan appears to be middle aged, evident in the fact his HAIR LINE is making a
BEELINE for his BEHIND! Make sure to simply hammer away at him with weapons and
the occasional magic spell. After weakening him, start to heal your characters
with CURE 2. When you finally deal the death blow, Titan will cast EARTH
SHAKER, which has the capacity to take off 500 HP of each member of your party.
As long as one of you is still standing, you will defeat Titan, secure the
Adamantite into the meteor and best of all learn the TITAN summon!



	The fourth and final meteor is south if the desert near the location of the
abandoned town where you played tiddlywinks with the King of Tycoon. As Cid and
Mid go in to secure the final piece of Adamantite, you wait outside. I guess
your group of adventurers has not picked up on the pattern here. After a while,
you have to go into the cave and fight one more battle before big things go
down. Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

*Level: 19
*HP: 3300
*Weakness: none

	By now, you know the story with these bosses. Use the $TOSS ability with the
Samurai and SHURIKENS with your Ninja. I know its the same old story, but it
works! It’s not my fault! Kimabrain has a few tough spells including AQUARAKE
and BLAZE, both of which can hit the entire party for up to 250 HP. The fact
you only have three warriors at this point makes the battle a little harder,
but nothing you can’t handle. Oddly enough, Kimabrain does not resemble a KIMA
nor a BRAIN. It’s a goat lion kind of monster.




	Yes sir, it has been a mighty fine adventure so far. As you warp off to
Galuf’s World (which lacks a formal name) you have a renewed sense of hope. The
great thing about the touching WARP scene is that BARTZ mentions the long
forgotten BOKO, who has left to dedicate himself to making BOKU fruit juice.
That eased my heart, as I figured poor BOKO would be standing in front of the
cave where you left him like a poor sap. Well, maybe he is still is but at
least you thought of him. As you shoot off into a strange new world remember
this: French Poodles are the ugliest animals on earth.




	I’m not quite sure what to call this other world, so I’ll call it GALUF’s
WORLD (because that’s what they call it in the game.) So off you shoot through
the sky ala Y’s for TG-16 or Wild Arms for the PSX. You end up on an island in
Galuf’s world; if you remember Galuf ran after X-death when Mr. Death
threatened to destroy his world. This leaves you with two babes, which in my
opinion could be the end of the game right there! Unfortunately, you have the
little task of saving not one but two worlds, thus preventing you from living
the ultimate male fantasy: being trapped on a remote ocean island with a couple
of babes! Ok, I’ll end my sexist comments now, on to the game!

(currently watching THE LEECH WOMAN on MST3k)

	After all the fanfare of shooting through time and space, you find yourself on
a small island (very similar to the one CELES finds herself on Final Fantasy
3/6.) After regaining your senses, you’ll have a few petty conversations. There
is only one enemy on this island, the lowly PAO; battling him will eventually
yield unto you a tent. Since there is no where else to go on the island, pitch
the tent to trigger the next sequence of events. In the middle of the night, a
monster tries to run off with Faris and Reina. Fight the beast (known as
ABDUCTOR) with Bartz. I’m not sure if it is possible to lose this battle, but
in any case this fight ends up with all three of you being captured and thrown
in a jail cell in X-Death’s castle. While you are held up there, you get to
meet GILGAMESH, one of X-Death’s high ranking henchman. He is given the task of
guarding your cell while X-Death goes off and uses a magic mirror to coerce
Galuf to come into the castle and rescue his friends. At this point, you switch
over to playing as just Galuf.


	Using Krile’s Dragon, Galuf makes it into the castle and picks up the crystal
shards, thus preserving all of your hard earned jobs! Once in the main castle,
head to the save room and recovery fountain to the upper left. Heal up, save
your game, and head down into the dungeons. This section is pretty easy to get
through and there are no items to pick up. Before freeing your friends, you
have to battle GILGAMESH, the first of many encounters with this crusty
curmudgeon. (From Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary: 2: A crusty, ill-tempered, and
usually old man.) GILGAMESH is just going to run away after you punch and kick
him for a while, so it might not be a bad idea to make Galuf a monk. When
GILGAMESH makes a run for the border, you will end up being reunited with your
friends. The escape from X-Death’s castle is surprisingly easy. All you have to
do is walk out the front door!
	Exiting the castle brings you into a green field with some odd looking towers.
You can’t enter them just yet, so use a tent and save your game. Keep walking
west until you come to a long bridge connecting X-Death’s Castle with the main
land. As you enter the bridge, you are treated to some REALLY cool music!
Assorted groups of enemies will pop out and attack you but they are not too
hard to finish off. Keep walking up the bridge until you reach the second area
with lookout towers. All too soon, you will find yourself fighting GILGAMESH.
	This time around GILGAMESH is a little tougher, but in the end he runs away
again. Casting MUTE at the beginning of the battle is a great idea because it
keeps GILGAMESH from casting protective magic on himself. Casting SLOW as a
TIME MAGE will also allow you to get more shots in on him while reducing his
offense to one hit per round. You will also need some healing magic as
GILGAMESH is much more aggressive than when you fought him with Galuf. For
whatever reason, he runs off again and you can continue to the end of the
bridge. When you near the very end you are a frisbee’s throw distance from
Krile. She is holding an invisible door open for you (or something like that)
but right as you reach her X-Death turns on a HUGE magical barrier. Similar to
that scene from TOM CRUISE in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE (on the train?) you get blown
halfway across the world from the ignition of the barrier. Luckily you don’t
land in the middle of the ocean, you land near...

Items to find: None

	Ahhh beautiful LUGOR! Lex Lugor?! No, LUGOR BORDERTOWN! This quaint little
outpost can be found east of where you end up after the barrier explosion.
There are a few things to take care of here in Lugor besides the normal
conversations. First off the magic shops offer some good spells, especially BIO
which wins the coveted,”BRUPLEX COOL SOUND EFFECT AWARD.” The weapon shop has
some good upgrades and the armor shop has the full line of GOLD armor and few
other goodies. You can stay at the Inn for free and when you visit the PUB you
can dance on the stage for 100 gp. Woo pee! Don’t forget to play the piano
(this should be the 6th one you’ve played it.) The word on the street is there
are MOOGLES to be found ‘round these parts, so that’s exactly what your next
order of business will be. Before you leave town make sure you have at least
one extra PHOENIX DOWN.

Items to find: Phoenix Down, 4400 gp

	The Moogle Forest can be found to the southeast of Lugor in a distinct patch
of forest in between some white rock bands (no, not like POISON and BON JOVI,
actual rocks!) It might not be a bad idea to take along a cottage for the trek
down as the actual forest is quite far from Lugor. When you reach the prominent
patch of forest, you will cut to a close up scene. When you go over to the
moogle and talk to him, he freaks out and falls into a hole in the ground.
	When you follow him underground, you will come to an aquifer of sorts. This
waterway does contain some enemies, so be ready for battle. There are two
treasures to get, neither of which are necessary for battle but quite nice to
have. In fact you want to make sure you have at least one Phoenix down when you
face the boss, so if you forgot to get one in town now is a good chance to grab
one. As you get through the underground cavern, you will come upon the Moogle
bouncing off a skeleton. It appears these two are facing off in MORTAL
COMBAT--so of course it is your virtue to step in an defend the Moogle’s honor.

*BOSS BATTLE: Tyrannosaurus
*Level: 29
*HP: 5000
*Weakness: Cure, Phoenix Down

	Tyrannosaurus is a tough battle; OR it is the easiest boss fight in the
history of RPG’s. Simply use a Phoenix Down and he’s gone! That’s it, POOF he’s
dead! You could go through the trouble of whacking him with swords and casting
CURE magic, but why? Make this toothsome tyrannosaurus terminated with a simple


Items to find: Elf’s Cloak, Ether, Phoenix Down, 10000 gp, 1 gp, Dancing Dirk,

	Once you have defeated Tyrannosaurus, the grateful Moogle will lead you to his
village. Watch very carefully the path he takes and DO NOT STEP ON THE DESERT!
This will almost always promote a difficult fight with a SANDCRAWLER, which is
not all that fun. If you do stumble across him, you’d better have a Blue Mage
or !BLUE ability with AQUARAKE or else you are gonna get HAMMERED!
(http://www.mchammer.com). If you follow the Moogle and retrace his steps, you
will not encounter enemies so PAY ATTENTION!! Once you reach the Moogle
Village, get ready to search. Wearing a MOOGLE COSTUME will allow you to get
the main group of treasures, so make sure you put it on before talking to the
Moogle on the roof. The suit is in the middle hut. Put it on and ROB THEM
MOOGLES BLIN--- er, I mean accept their donated treasures.
	Anyhow, when you talk to that particular roofbound-Moogle, it will prompt a
scene with Krile back at Val Castle. Apparently Moogles are telepathic and it
just so happens that Krile shares a room with a Moogle! After a little mental
telepathy, Krile takes off on her dragon (named: DRAGON, pretty original huh?)
to come rescue you guys. It is after this little scene that you find out Galuf
is in fact a KING. This is about as much of a plot twist as the Chicago Cubs
losing baseball games, but act surprised. It’ll make your Playstation feel

Items to find: Hero Drink, Regal Cutlass, Lamia’s Harp, Telepo, Angel Robe

	Your initial goal is to rest and then speak with everyone you can find. Val
Castle is fairly huge, so you will have to spend some time to locate all the
goodies in the castle. Use your thief (or the secret ability) to find some of
the more hard to reach treasures. The stores are integrated into the castle and
essentially offer the same goods as Lugor. A few items, like the gauntlet, are
new but its pretty much the same stuff for armor, weapons, items and magic.
Finding the Regal Cutlass can be a little tricky; go to the water pool to the
west side of the castle and follow it to the outer rim of the moat. Walk all
the way to the end on the other side and press the action button (when you
can’t go any further.) You will magically acquire the REGAL CUTLASS, a very
strong weapon for your Knight or anyone with the !SWORD ability. Retrace your
steps and hit the switch at the far end of the moat to get back in.
	Once there, you can find more items by going to the room behind the merchant
via a staircase. If you search the wall next to the treasure chest, you will
find a hidden button that will grant you access to the Merchant’s Shop. The
shop keep will give you the Lamia’s harp to get you out of his shop. Sometimes
it pays to be annoying!!
	Now, before you can go on your little quest a little problem has come up. It
seems that DRAGON has fallen ill from eating at WHITE CASTLE too many times.
Since TUMS have not been invented yet, the only cure for this big guy’s
gurgling tunny tantrums is to retrieve a very rare and remote type of weed that
will not only calm his stomach but prevent future bouts of ACID REFLUX. With
word from the recently revealed KING Galuf, your party stocks up and heads
north to find the grass in the valley of the dragons.

Items to find: Kurango’s Gourd

	Before getting up into the Valley of the Dragons, you must first go through
the gateway town of KELB. Kelb is in habited with friendly werewolf types, not
unlike the pickpocket you may have freed from Prison in the “Old World”. There
is much to do in this town. Your first goal is to talk to Kelga, who challenges
you to a battle. A great deal of the story is revealed at this point, but all
I’m gonna say is that Kelga is one of the Dawn Warriors and he knew Bartz’s
father. Once you butter up Kelga and get on his good side, you will have
permission to head up into the mountains to get the dragon grass.
	First and foremost, learn the REQUIEM song from the little werewolves to the
northeast side of town. There are a plethora of UNDEAD enemies ahead and the
REQUIEM song is perfect for sending them BACK TO THE GRAVE!! Besides
maintaining/upgrading your weapons, this town offers the chance to earn a very
odd item: The Korango Gourd. This item greatly increases your chances of
catching a creature while you are a TRAINER. Here’s the sequence to getting it:
--Check out the well in the southwest portion of town. When you investigate, a
wizard guy will pop out and ask you for a frog. Unlike the little frogs that
sometimes appear in town, you have to actually capture a giant frog to appease
the old man. Luckily, such frogs exist just north of town.
--Get into a battle with a KORANGO Frog and simply put, capture him with a
trainer. Easier said than done, but when you finally do...
--Return to the village and give the man the Frog. In exchange, he will give
you the Korango’s Gourd.
--Doesn’t the KORANGO Gourd sound like those weird husks of fruit African
Tribesman put over their weiners?

Items to find: Cottage, 7000 gp, Coronet, Wind Storm, Phoenix Down, 5000
gp--special item: BONEMAIL

	There are some neato items to acquire in the Valley of the Dragons. It seems
pretty easy at first because you don’t get into any battles. But all good
things must come to an end.
	Now where were we? Oh yes, the whole Dragon Valley thing! After crossing the
bridge, you will begin to have encounters. Since some of these creatures are
Undead, Cure and the REQUIEM song work well against them. As you come across
this bridge, prepare for an encounter with GOLEM. It is very important that you
do NOT attack him during your first encounter (this means if you have any
BERSERKERS in your party, change them before the bridge!) When you first see
him, he will attack you once and run away. Make sure you do not attack him.
Walk around for a while after this encounter and you will again run into GOLEM;
this time he is being attacked by a SKELESAUR and DRAGON ZOMBIE. The key here
is too attack the enemies without hurting GOLEM. If you do so, you will earn
GOLEM as a summon spell. The easiest way to do this is to have your BARD sing
REQUIEM and simply concentrate your attacks on the individual enemies. When you
defeat the baddies, you will have won the power of GOLEM!
	Another curiosity here on the mountain is the Bonemail. It can be found by
searching the pile of bones to the right of a small path in the green area.
While it offers incredible protection, you cannot cast CURE spells on the
person wearing it or else you will seriously hurt them. Likewise, some enemy
attacks will heal you when wearing this boney shell. If used wisely, the
bonemail is a worthy piece of protection to acquire.
	After all that fun, you will reach the top of the peak, where the sacred
DRAGONGRASS is. This is the SECOND time you have to save a Dragon, so maybe you
should have pocketed the Dragongrass from the last time. Before getting it of
course, you have to fight--

*Level: 29
*HP: 12,000
*Weakness: None, resistant to FIRE SPELLS
	Start off this melee by casting GOLEM’s EARTH WALL. This summon magic will
keep the Pollen from poisoning you. Your best bet is to concentrate your
attacks on the main piece of grass, since the attacks your enemy will throw
forth are pretty weak. Gather the DRAGONGRASS and the BONUS ELIXIR and prepare
to head back to Val Castle to heal KRILE’s dragon.



	When you get back to Val Castle, not only is the Dragon still sick but Krile
isn’t feeling too well either. Apparently she made one too many runs to the
border and has SEVEN LAYERS twisting her stomach into a hardball! TACO BELL
will do that to a girl. She does inform you a sage named GILL has requested
your presence in his shrine, so that will be your next stop after feeding the
healing grass to the sick DRAGON. Head to the roof and allow him to munch on
the DRAGONGRASS, thus enabling him to fly you anywhere you need to go (except
over mountains.)

Items to find: None

	Flying Northeast of Kelb, you will find a small island with a lone cave on it.
This is Gill’s home and where you need to be to gather further information.
Unfortunately, the whole place collapses before you get a chance to accomplish
ANYTHING. Despite this unsettling ( ha-ha) set back, your intrepid group should
head to the unexplored castle to the West.

Items to find: 5000 gp, FLOAT spell

	Because of your company with Galuf, the soldiers of Surgate welcome you like
the old friend you are. You are given free reign to take anything in the
castle, which unfortunately is limited to three items: SONG OF SPEED, 5000 gp,
and the FLOAT SPELL. The SONG of SPEED can be found in the King’s room, on his
desk. The main thrust of your searching takes place in the library. Once you
get there, a man will ask you to help him put some books back on the shelf. The
solution is as follows: “Forbidden Book” goes on the center left shelf on the
top, “Register of Monsters” goes in the far right shelf in the middle, and
“Weird Ronka” goes center left shelf on the bottom. This prompts the librarian
to exit through a secret door; follow him to get the other two items.
	What do you suppose “Weird Ronka” is all about anyhow? What constitutes normal
Ronka? Ronka...hmmm...Anyway, the rest of your Surgate adventure involves
getting knowledge about Zeza, another one of the legendary Dawn Warriors. Your
next stop is to locate and talk to Zeza, who can be found East of X-death’s

Items to find: None

	Has anyone seen the EGGPLANT WIZARDS from KID ICARUS? For some reason, that’s
what I picture Zeza looking like. His ship is the largest in the fleet, so
large that you can land your Dragon on the deck. You get more of the backstory
here, and settle in for the night. While you are off dreaming about “Weird
Ronka”, a group of monsters attacks the ship!! You awake in your Scooby Doo
pajamas to fight off the menacing hoards, culminating in another battle with


*Levels: GILGAMESH (runs away)/ Enkidoh=29
*HP: Gilgamesh=Runs away/ Enkidoh=4000
*Weakness: none


	This fight starts off as another GILGAMESH confrontation but he is soon joined
by Enkidoh, who has the power to heal both himself and GILGAMESH. Your first
priority is to silence Enkidoh them hammer away at GILGAMESH. TOSS with your
Samurai is always effective if you have the gold to spare; Monks and TITAN also
put the hurt on this big scare-dy cat. Eventually you will be left with only
Enkidoh to deal with, whom you can easily dispose of. As a side note, anytime
you battle GILGAMESH is an opportunity to steal a GENJI GLOVE, a very good
relic that adds +12 defense and +1 magic defense, with a weight of 6. This is
not to be confused with the non-existent BENJI GLOVE, soft winter mittens
featuring the likeness of the lovable 70’s adventure pooch emblazoned on each


Items to find: Blood Sword, Hair Ornament, 9000 gp, 18,000 gp

	The more you talk with Zeza, the more of the battle plan becomes evident. A
sneak attack on the shield generator from underwater is the plan and you
volunteer your services to help Zeza shut it down for a chance to get X-Death.
Feel free to restock your goods and rest up before going down into the sub.
When you finally head into the secret tunnel, Zeza heads to the basement while
your group takes care of business on the upper floors. Before leaving he gives
you the “whisper grass” ( yup, this one is a long shot) that serves as a
communication radio. With Zeza tending to knocking out the power supply, it’s
up to you to destroy the antenna. Along the way are some tough fights hidden in
treasure chests; don’t be bashful when you battle these enemies. You should
have enough resources to survive the final boss fight, plus there will be a
save point before reaching the top of the tower. After saving, it’s time to
fight another burly boss, the fearsome ATOMOS!!!

*Level: 41
*HP: 19,997
*Weakness: None

	Atomos is a gollywhomper of an enemy. Not only does he boast an amazingly high
amount of hit points, he also knows the COMET spell and isn’t afraid to use it.
He will cast COMET anytime you cast a revival spell, so your goal is to finish
this guy off quickly! He can also suck downed members of your party into his
vortex, making them completely gone until the end of the battle! My best
strategy: 4  Samurais and the $TOSS ability. It may empty your gold reserves
but it is your strongest attack and it beats trying to out stratigize Atmomos.
If you are low on money, you can go with Knights and Monks as well. Make sure
someone has the !White ability to heal when Atomos attacks.



	After the power is shut off and Atomos defeated, the tower begins to collapse.
While you have the luxury of the Dragon to make a hasty retreat, poor Zeza is
trapped in the bowels of the tower with no way out. This is a particularly hard
time for Galuf, but he will eventually return to the cause. Give him a little
time to himself. When he rejoins your group, he suggests that you should visit
Gill the sage, whose cave collapsed on you when you tried to enter it. Luckily
for you, the location is the same and will be blinking on your map when you
check it out. On to the shrine!!

Items to find: None

	When you enter Gill’s “shrine”, you are confronted with a puzzle involving
some chests and a stone. I’ll give you the quick and easy solution: place the
stone from the CENTER chest and put it in the UPPER LEFT chest; this will open
up a passageway with a switch at the end of it. Flip the switch and return to
the main area. Next place it in the bottom left, and that will open the door to
need to meet Gill the Sage. Upon meeting him, you first notice something is a
little odd about him: he is a TURTLE! Despite this slightly unsettling
observation, Gill is a well of knowledge and more importantly he tells you
where to head next: the Magical Living Moore Forest! He gives you the ELDER’S
BRANCH, which serves as a means to enter the forest.
	You have a couple options of what to do next. One involves heading directly to
Moore Village/Forest and taking care of business OR you can figure out a way to
reach the secret cave where you can find another summon. How about we find that
summon first, eh?

Items to find: Shoat Summon

	Ok, pinpointing this little cave takes some savvy with the submarine. The
easiest way to find it is to locate the blinking dot on your map way north; it
will only appear when you are underwater. There will be some red “shrubs” right
before the entrance tunnel. Boogie on through and you will pop out in an area
surrounded by mountains. There are a few enemies here; walk around until you
encounter SHOAT, the fierce boar with a jewel in his head. You might also
encounter a certain female Chocobo who has the hots for BOKO...hehe!


*Level: 38
*Hp: 5000
*Weakness: None


	There are a few different ways to go about defeating Shoat. The quickest way
is to hammer him with the $TOSS ability with your Samurai. If you want to save
money, making a DANCER and equipping her with a RIBBON will help prevents
SHOAT’s most deadly attack: Evil Eye, which turns you to stone. If not, have
lots of SOFTS ready to fix up your marble-ized friends.  With the Samurai, it
only takes three TOSSES so a combination of TOSS and other attacks are your
most efficient way to win this little piggy as a summon magic.


Items to find: GP strewn about everywhere.

	GILGAME’S CAVE can be found in a white cave just west of where the big bridge
leading to X-Death’s castle is. Pressing X in the cave at random spots will
often yield unto you gold deposits, a great find indeed! While there is nothing
else of importance here, it is a good place to test your meddle and get some GP
in the process. Note this area goes away after you leave world 2.

Items to find: Hunting Knife

	Who was your favorite James Bond in the movies? Many like ROGER MOORE, who was
the original Bond and went on to have a small video game village named after
him. You need your yellow submarine to find your way to Moore Village, located
to the north on the western continent. Use your undersea map to pinpoint it
with a blinking dot. There’s a few thing to do while visiting this secluded
little villa. There is your seventh piano to play, a hunting knife to be found
in the barrel in the southwest part of town, and a lot of strong Diamond armor
to look into . You’ll also have the option to pick up some of your higher level
spells if you haven’t already.
	As always, stock up on cottages and rest up. The more you talk to the
villagers, the “Moore” clues you get (ha-ha!) about the forest. Moore forest is
pretty challenging section and you want to be ready for it. Don’t forget to

Items to find: 2500 gp, Ether, 4900 gp, Phoenix Down, 9500 gp, Cottage, Giant
Drink, Elixir, Mace, Aegis OR Flame Shield, Ash, Flame Saber

	Look at all of those items to get! Woo hoo! With your Elder’s Branch as your
key, enter the forest and navigate your way though the twisty paths. If you get
stuck look for the WOOD SPRITES in the tiny holes in some of the trees.
Locating them will open up paths needed to reach items and the next area. In
the first section, look to the upper right for the first wood sprite. The
second section has a wood sprite in the top-middle section. After that, there
will be an area with a save point; use a cottage and save.
	Continuing north, you eventually hook to the left. There you will see a
treasure chest; if you would like an AEGIS SHIELD, grab it now. If you haven’t
noticed, the forest has caught fire! While it looks like the end for our four
friends, a MOOGLE suddenly runs Kramer-style into the scene, caught in a frenzy
of panic. He drills a hole into the ground and your only option is to follow
him. Falling to the ground, you will find a recovery spring and your moogle
pals. Sit around for a while, absorb the ambiance, relax. In about a minute,
talk to the Moogles. They will grant you passage back into the charred forest,
where your party is immediately wiped out by a pissed off Smokey the Bear! Just
kidding! If you grab the treasure chest where the AEGIS SHIELD was you will get
a FLAME SHIELD instead. The AEGIS SHIELD randomly blocks Magic attacks, but the
FLAME SHIELD has stronger defense, magic defense, and evade percentage. I’d say
go with the FLAME SHIELD. Head to the left of the burnt forest, making sure to
grab the items along the way. When you are close to the ELDER TREE, the ELDER
TREE!! You have perhaps your hardest battle up to this point ahead of you.


*Level: 77
*HP: 7777
*Weakness: CHANGES

	The Seal Guardians stand to be your fiercest adversaries at this point, so get
ready! Each of the guardians has their own elemental weakness, so casting group
spells is rather ineffective. The easiest way to beat them is to create four
Samurais and use your $TOSS ability to knock them out in about 5 tosses. While
this is an expensive tactic, it can save you a lot of frustration.
	If you’d rather fight them head on  (or don’t have a lot of money to throw
away), keep this in mind: the properties the guardians have are Bolt, Fire,
Ice, and Earth. Casting FLOAT will help avoid the ground attacks of EARTH BOSS.
Once strategy is to summon TITAN three times in your first turn to knock off
three of the bosses, leaving only the EARTH boss. While this is good in idea,
it often doesn’t work as planned. Besides having some awesome attacks, when you
kill a guardian it will cast a powerful spell before it dies (in accordance to
its power.)  If you must knock them out one at a time, focus on whatever
weakness that boss may have and hammer it with High Level spells. Make sure you
aren’t wearing the BONE MAIL if you want to be able to heal your team because
CURE and resurrection spells won’t work with those wearing the BONE MAIL.



	Hurray you beat the SEAL GUARDIANS!! Now it’s time to relax and...fight
X-DEATH?!! Not to worry, this is one of those automatic battles so you don’t
have to worry about losing your game progress and waiting FOREVER for the
friggen game to re-load. The last remaining Dawn Warrior, Galuf, challenges
X-Death Head on by himself; this prompts Krile to fly in from VAL castle, due
to a gut feeling she has that something is wrong. In the fight, Galuf will be
reduced to 0 hp but continue to fight. You will get a taste of what X-Death is
capable of throwing at you as well, including high level FLARE spells and
	In the end, GALUF is able to hold off X-DEATH but sacrifices his life in the
process. Krile joins your party in his STEAD making your hero BARTZ a STUD
because he has 3 women in his party! Lucky dog!! Instead of taking advantage of
this scenario, you decide to run off and avenge Galuf’s death.

Items to find: Diamond Shield, Ether X 2, Ice Shield, Elixir X 2, Gale Bow,
Kotetsu, Blizzard, 9900 gp, 8000 gp, Double Lance, Partisan, MagiShuriken

	X-Death’s castle is a long and tricky maze to work through. The first thing
you should do is make sure you have a GEOMANCER readily available to your
group. Though this is one of the very few areas where he is useful, it will
save you a ton of trouble. With a GEOMANCER you will avoid trap doors and not
take damage from floors with poison or flames. With that in mind, get ready to
enter the castle. There are thirteen floors to scurry up, though initially it
seems like there are only three. The smooth-castle like interior of the maze is
a mere illusion, but the DIAMOND SHIELD and ETHER you can pick up are not!
There is a save point on the first floor which you should take advantage of. If
you get stuck, head back  up to the third floor. Krile will notice the illusion
if you enter the center door on the third floor. This will change the maze into
a more organic, fleshy looking type of structure. There are a lot of treasure
chests to get here. A Thief or someone with the SECRET ability will help you
find them all. Here is a summary of the puzzles you will face:

** On the fourth floor, make your way to the room to the left and hit the
switch; the door to the next level will be the one to the left

**On the fifth floor, the funky door will be your key to reaching the sixth
floor. There are hidden treasures on the sixth floor, so put your secret
ability to good use. If you like archers, the GALE BOW can be find well off the
beaten path to the far bottom right.	

** The seventh floor has a relatively easy skill game; press the X button and
stop the platform in the dead center so it is aligned with the door. Proceed to
the save point and use your cottage or tent.

**The eighth floor is straight forward; on the ninth floor head south to reach
the next floor.

**On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, ten lords a leapin’*.

**The tenth floor has a lot going on; it is imperative to have a GEOMANCER in
your party at this point. Pick up a DOUBLE LANCE to the far right and scoot
around to look at the Ghosts N’ Goblinsesque wall panel to the middle-far
right. This will pit you against yet another summon monster, CARBUNCLE.

*=Who wants ONE lord a leapin anyways? Why ten? What are you gonna do with em?


*BOSS BATTLE: CARBUNCLE (he’s not MY uncle!)
*Level: 44
*HP: 15,000
*Weakness: None

	Wall Rings or Reflect will help you withstand Carbuncle’s barrage of magic
attacks. Since he has a relatively high amount of HP’s, it will take some time
to knock him out. As always, the SAMURAI’s toss is a nice skill to have.
Luckily, Carbuncle doesn’t have any real tricky things up his sleeve, so your
normal heal/attack with reflect or wall rings works great. You can also steal a
WALL RING from Carbuncle. So the key to winning: putting up the WALL! We don’t
need no education! (famous guitar riff) We don’t need no false control! etc.


(currently listening to: She Thinks She’s Edith Head; They Might Be Giants)

	After defeating Carbuncle, save your game on the lower floors and return to
the tenth floor and take the stair case at the bottom of the screen. This will
lead to a save point, which you better use and then its off to face...take a
guess here...GILGAMESH!!

*Level: none
*HP: he runs away
	With decent WHITE magic and normal attacks, GILGAMESH will scurry off in no
time. You may want to use TOSS to expedite the process. Casting PROTES isn’t a
bad idea either, to boost your defensive position. After a GILGAMESH is sent
off to another place... it’s time to fight the man himself...X-DEATH!!!

*Level: 66
*HP: 32, 768
*Weakness: Holy

	Here he is, good Ol’ X-Death. The best way to knock out X-Death is using your
Ninja to toss SHURIKENS and the $TOSS ability with your Samurai. Casting GOLEM,
HASTE2, and PROTES are also some good ideas to withstand the brutal barrage of
X-Death’s attacks. White magic is vital so keep your party as healed as
possible and do not relent your attacks on X-Death. Most high level BLACK
spells, such as BOLT3, are effective. Its good to be around level 33 or so to
give your guys a fighting chance! Of course you don’t really KILL X-DEATH, but
once you defeat him it’s on to PART 3 of the game...




	Well Galuf is gone, Hydra is gone, the Dawn Warriors all dead... pretty
depressing. With your defeat of X-Death, something very curious has happened;
the two worlds have fused together into one single map! Your goals in this
Brave New World are not immediately obvious, that is until X-DEATH starts
sucking whole chunks of the world into the N-Zone. The whole thing starts off
with back at good ol Tycoon castle...and great news for you BOKO fans.....


Items to find: none

	When all is said and done, you will still control BARTZ. Head into TYCOON
castle and join the party there with REINA and FARIS. Talk to everyone,
including KRILE who joins up with you immediately. Also visit Jenica in the
basement; she will tell you tales of the young princesses and remind you of the
awful reality that FARIS was once named SALSA. That name is as bad as BUTZ. I’m
leaving the details for you, plus a VERY exciting event is about to take place
when you exit the castle and head to the west just a bit....


	Right where you left the little bugger is BOKO, who has married KOKO and
gotten himself a little slice of the action, IF you know what I mean. Despite
there being a BUN in KOKO’s OVEN, BOKO takes the route of the deadbeat Dad and
joins you on your quest to save the world from the N-Zone. Cruise around the
world with him, rejoice, celebrate, the fabled BOKO is still alive!! You and
Krile are happy for the old Bird, and decide to ride him NORTH OF TYCOON where
you promptly FALL IN A BIG HOLE. Way to go Boko. Loser.


	As you explore the rivers and forests, you will eventually fall into a big ol
sinkhole. Your main goal here is to engage in a creature called ANTOLYON,
cousin of JACKOLANTERN, Irish Ancestor of CONANOBRIAN. This is another battle
where the enemy simply runs away, so pound at him with physical attacks and Ant
O’Lyon will return to the crummy hole he climbed out of. After standing around
for a while, a rope will shoot down the beam of light: it’s FARIS and you are
again up to three members of your group! She rejoins you and it’s off to visit
Gill the turtle-sage.
	Journey on to the south west to find Gill’s Shrine. You learn a lot of the
plot here, including a nice visit from X-Death sponsored by the department of
PLOT AND BACKSTORY. X-Death’s goal is to suck the current world into the
N-Zone, where he will be the supreme ruler and darkness and chaos will rule
forever BWAA HAA HAA!! He also flips ol’ Gill upside down, which is always
amusing to witness. Well, its time to head to the LIBRARY AGAIN..*sigh* gotta
go get an edu-macation.

Items to find: Sealed Book

	Gill will ship your party over to the LIBRARY where a great many things are to
be learned. To summarize: There are these lithographs, ok? Four of em? You
gotta get them, bring them to the SEALED CASTLE, retrieve the 12 special
weapons, and save the world. The Scholars give you the SEALED BOOK and
information on TIME SHARE CONDOMINIUMS in BIMINI for listening to them. The
Sealed book lets you open some passages to get the lithographs.
	While in the library, return to the book burners ( see what I mean about
ARYANS??) on the roof and talk to one fellow to get another BARD song you will
From here its a long trek west, with a pit stop at the ELDER TREE. When you get
to the desert, your Pavlovian fear of SANDWORMS and QUADRAHARPIES is put to
rest: the desert is not as animated as it once was. This means you have clear
and easy passage to the Pyramid. Before you enter the Pyramid, please put aside
a good chunk of time because this section can a take a while to clear--

Items to find:
**Monsters/ Ice Shield
Hex Ring

**3rd Floor
Monsters/Flame Shield
Monsters/Dark Matter
Monsters/White Robe

**4rth Floor
Elixir X 2
Monsters/Black Robe

**5th Floor
Monsters/Dark Matter
Monsters/Black Costume

**6th Floor
Monsters/Dark matter
Monsters/Crystal Mail

**7th Floor (Housing goods, ladies Lingerie, and cook ware)
Monsters/Dark Matter X 4
9000 gp
8000 gp
10000 gp
Elixir X 2
Monsters/Earth Hammer
12000 gp

**8th Floor
Protect Ring
Hair Ornament

	Whew! Lots of stuff to gather! A ton of Dark Matter to pick up will later be
useful for your Chemist. Most of the good stuff is guarded by monsters, but
worth picking up. It is wise to bring a BARD with REQUIEM and a thief with the
secret ability. Requiem will waste most of the beasts you will encounter, since
it is a song to return the undead to the dead. Before entering the pyramid, you
have to battle the guardians of the Lithograph shrines, the GARGOYLES!


*Level: 32
*HP: about 10000 each
*Weakness: none


	The Gargoyles will rumble to life when you use the SEALED BOOK to enter the
Shrine. Since they don’t have any special abilities, a balanced attack with
magic and arms will work to wreck these stone foes. Bolt magic is effective;
make sure that you balance your attacks out between the two of them because of
you kill only one, chances are his buddy will revive him. Defeat them and enter
the Pyramid.


	The Pyramid is a long and tricky maze, filled with scores of undead enemies.
Most puzzles are a matter of trial and error, such as flipping switches to
clear a path through spikes. I’m sure that you shouldn’t have a problem with
most of the level puzzles; just check the ITEMS TO FIND guide to see what can
be found on each floor after opening the path to the next floor. There are a
few specialized enemies, such as mechaheads, who you must fight to gain access
to treasures and higher levels (don’t worry they are a pushover for bolt based
magic.) Also, the coffins contain many mummies, who are easily injured and
disposed with the REQUIEM song. The only real tricky part of the Pyramid is the
8th floor, where the shifting floors require you to pay close attention to what
and where the panels disappear (those of you who have played Megaman know the
drill.) Surprisingly, there is no boss guarding the lithograph at the top; grab
it and it is your key to opening the sealed castle and gaining access to three
weapons of your choice!

Items to Find: none

	Heal your wounds after the battles in the pyramid and head to the Elder’s
tree. There you will find Reina possessed by the foxxy and pretty much naked


*Level: 31
*HP: 20000
*Weakness: varies


	The foxxy Mellusion also has the trademark Final Fantasy changing weaknesses.
Scan her for her weakness, but watch out when she cast WALL CHANGE; that will
(surprise!) change what attacks will hurt her. Since there are three you, you
may want to TOSS or THROW at least once to eliminate about a quarter of her
health. Physical attacks are effective too, especially with your stronger
weapons. Destroy the pretty lady and heal Reina. She will rejoin your party.


	Your Airship will be waiting for you on the Eastern coast, so hop to it. While
your goal is to head to the sealed castle, you may want to fly around for a
while and see what there is to see. The Sealed Castle is northeast of Tule
village, but there are a lot of things to see now that the two worlds have
become one. Fly around and piece together where everything has fallen into
place. Basically, the two worlds are overlapped.

Items to find: Legendary Weapons

	Way back when WORLD 1 was still WORLD 1 ( Bartz’s world), you probably tried
to enter the SEALED CASTLE to no avail. Now that you have the Book and a
Lithograph, entering will not be a problem. Talk to all the nerdy scholars here
and make sure to hit the healing spring before entering the main hall. This
lithograph allows you three of the 12 weapons; there are as follows:
(note: you don’t have to guess which is which; you will have the option to
refuse a weapon you don’t want)

MASAMUNE: Allows first attack in battle ability
RUNE AXE: MP used for critical attacks.
HOLY LANCE: A lance strengthened with HOLY.
NINJA BLADE: Increases your evade rate.
EXCALIBUR: Another weapon fortified with the HOLY power.
EARTH BELL: It will randomly cast QUAKE.
APOLON HARP: Increases critical hit % when fighting Dragons.
MAGNUS ROD: Fortified with ALL elements, increases Magic power.
YOICHIS BOW: Increased Critical hit %.
FIRE BUTE: Hehe-- err, I mean will randomly cast FIRE3.
SAGE STAFF: Increases the power of HOLY.
ASSASSIN DAGGER: Can kill Random targets.

	As you enter the area with the weapons, you may be confronted by a SHIELD
DRAGON, a strong foe of the undead variety. He has 19,999 HP and starts the
battle equipped with REFLECT. He is still vulnerable to REQUIEM and a trainer
can make the Dragon cast FLAME on itself. If you don’t kill him, he will still
there when you come back, so it’s a good idea to finish him off when you can.
Select whatever weapons will best suit your party. After choosing three, you
have an unexpected visitor on your way out...


*Level: ??
*HP: 22,00 or so--


	Another one of those battles where you have to fight your heart out only to
have the guy you are fighting run away. X-Death SOUL is pretty much the same
battle as X-Death; you do have the option of running away if things get too
hairy. When you are strong enough, you can actually defeat him and be rid of
his presence.


	At this point in the game, you have earned a quarter of the weapons from the
sealed castle, so you have a few options as to where to go next. Going to WALZ
to SLAUGHTER THE HARPY in the basement out of spite might be fun! There is also
a place called GILGAME’s CAVE that features a very good place to increase your
levels and gather gold, provided you are strong enough to do so. So let’s start

Items to find: Tent, 300 gp, Ether, HYDRA Summon

	Do you remember where the Pirate’s Hideout was? It was in the cave in the very
beginning of the game, North of where the Meteor Landed in Tycoon. Return there
via Airship and talk to Faris’s loyal crew. A few cheap items can be gathered
here, but the main reason you come back is to earn the powerful HYDRA summon
(the big dragon that pulled your ship in the beginning of the game, remember?)
Not too hard, but you probably wouldn’t think to come back here otherwise.

Items to Find: Odin SUMMON MAGIC

	Make sure that you save and heal yourself outside of Jachol Caves. Because of
the new world alignment, going through the once perilous Jachol Caves will lead
you to a very hard battle with Odin. The caves themselves won’t be hard at this
point, so move quickly through them hitting the switches to open new passages.
Soon you will come to Odin.


*Level: 2
*HP 17,000
*Weakness: BREAK


	When you encounter ODIN, he will challenge you to a battle. You are given a
mere minute to defeat him, so you better hit him fast and hard. While he is
occasionally susceptible to the BREAK spell, it will normally miss so rely on
your high level magic and your recently found HYDRA summon to hurt Odin. $TOSS
is extremely useful in this battle, if you haven’t already blown your money on
other stuff. Besides the Time limit, Odin hits hard so be sure to have a White
Mage or !WHITE on standby. It’s a good idea to wait until you are about level
38 to confront ODIN, otherwise you will have a frustrating time defeating him.
Once he is sent to Valhalla, you earn him as a new SUMMON MAGIC.


Items to find: Chicken or Brave Blade

	Though I didn’t use this sequence to get these items, most of the guides I
read have them around this time in the game, so I’ll go with it. If you
remember where Moore Village was (you could only get there via submarine
before, but now you can fly there). It is distinctly surrounded by mountains,
similar to how Rikks Village was. Anyhow, once there sneak through the woods
near the cottage to the bottom left. A mage at the end of the maze will ask you
to pick a box. If you are BRAVE, get the BRAVE BLADE, if not get the CHICKEN
	The strength of these weapons depends on how many times you’ve run from
battle. The BRAVE BLADE will be very strong if you have never run away, and the
CHICKEN BLADE gets stronger the more you run away. This includes future run
aways as well as past. Not a necessary item, but a fun little thing to have.

Items to find: POWER SONG

	I’m sure you can find CRESCENT to the east. Go into the Bard’s House to the
bottom right and learn the power song. ‘Nuff said!

Items to find: Thief’s Knife

	If you follow the tract of land SOUTH WEST of Crescent town, you will find
another one of those almost-square patches of forest below you. Explore it and
it will look like you are getting into a battle, but low and behold you will
end up in a small, mysterious town. Much like DAWN from the ULTIMA:EXODUS game
for the NES, this is a magic place with some happening weapons and items. There
are lots of hidden merchants to hunt out in town, so have your SECRET ability
ready. Also, check the barrel at the bottom behind the bar to score the thief’s
	Now, besides hunting out the Merchants, there are a few other nifty things to
uncover in MIRAGE. Your FINAL PIANO is waiting in the southern part of town.
Tickle the ivories one last time, then head to the Minstrel in Crescent. The
PIANIST!! Ewwwwww...and you get the LEVEL SONG, a Bard’s tune. I know, you
wanted more, but hey at least you were called a PIANIST. Butz the pianist.
	A second little quest that you can embark is the challenge of the man who
tells you to ride around the world on a yellow Chocobo. The way this works is
you get your reward when you get there with the Chocobo, you don’t have to
return to him once you’ve ridden around the world. Find the Yellow BOKO head on
your map and fly your airship there. Ride him all the way through rivers to an
area near Easterly Village (generally aim northwest). Search the WATERFALL
there to find the MAGIC LAMP; which will SUMMON random SUMMON monsters. A nice
but unpredictable prize.
	Also note, there is a BLACK CHOCOBO, which offers the only transportation to a
few areas in the game, so keep this in mind-- he’s not just there for

*watched GORGO in its entirety*

Items to find: 12000 gp, Razor Ring, 9000 gp, Elixir, Protect Ring, Crystal
Helmet, Ether, Beast Killer, Ether, Dragon Fang, Circlet, Dark Matter,

	The ISLAND SHRINE can be found to the northeast of VAL CASTLE, in the middle
of two very nice bridges connecting two seemingly useless pieces of land
together. You have the standard GARGOYLE BATTLE before you can enter. When you
get in, you will see two switches. Of the three possible patterns, only one
brings you to the right place-- here’s a summary:

BOTH UP: Regular Air duct; you’ll return to the room you were just at
BOTH DOWN: Brings you to a chest with 9000 gp, then back to where you started
RIGHT DOWN, LEFT UP: Brings you to an ELIXIR and back where you started.
LEFT DOWN, RIGHT UP: RAZOR RING, Save point, and the rest of the shrine.

	With that under your belt, the way is pretty straight forward. As a note,
using a GEOMANCER will help you find traps and the CAUTION ability will prevent
you from being surprised by some of the tougher enemies, like TOTE AVIS. You’ll
also need to scan for a few secret passages, so make sure you use SECRET from
time to time. When you get to the top of the whole thing, you will gather a
lithograph and have yet another BOSS BATTLE.


*Level: 7
*HP: 20000
Weakness: None


	Unlike the other bosses you have faced, if you want to use $TOSS against this
guy, know that he will counter attack with BLAZE four times if you use any
group spells or attacks against him. Only one image is real, so there are a few
options available to you. If you have them, equip FIRE SHIELDS and FIRE RINGS
to absorb Stoker’s fire based attacks. This makes him OK to hit with Group
Spells or $TOSS because his BLAZE SPELL will heal you. The PROTECT RING is
another item worthy to have equipped. Summoning GOLEM will boost your defensive
properties. If you do not have FIRE gear, you’ll have to take your chances
attacking the images until you hit the right one. When you know he is close to
dying, try a spell or $TOSS to finish him off!


	After getting another LITHOGRAPH, feel free to head back and pick up three
more weapons from the SEALED CASTLE. Heal up your party. You’ll notice that you
can now enter FORK TOWER, the place that holds your most powerful WHITE and
BLACK offensive spells (FLARE and HOLY.) It can be found west of CRESCENT TOWN,
so after you have re-stocked your group it’s off to earn some Enemy thumpin’

Items to find: Potion, Defender, Ether, Wonder wand

	Fork tower requires you to split up your groups into two groups: send your
magic users left, warriors go right. The tower itself is surprisingly easy to
work through and even though there are some battles here and there. The magic
group reaches it’s destination first, followed by the fighters. I suggest using
a LANCER with !WHITE and a KNIGHT with $TOSS for your fighters, BLACK MAGE and
SUMMONER for your mages. When you reach the top with the fighters, each group
will have a boss to fight; lets examine them, shall we?


*Level: 37
*HP: 19,850
*Weakness: none


	Despite his diminutive name, MINITAURS is a pretty big guy. The first thing
you have to know is that HOLY based weapons are useless against him, so UN
EQUIP EXALIBUR, HOLY LANCE, or any other weapons imbued with HOLY POWER. Now,
you can use the good ol $TOSS ability with your KNIGHT, while sending your
LANCER high into the air to knock him silly. A NINJA with the newly found RAZOR
RING packs a pretty decent punch as well. If you went the EASTERN MARTIAL ARTS
route, use a NINJA and SAMURAI with their respective Legendary weapons
(Masamune and Sasuke). Minitaurus only hits you with physical attacks, but they
can hit as hard as 700 hp, so make sure you have some way to heal yourself (
potions, since MAGIC is nullified in this battle.) With enough persistence,
this shouldn’t be a super-difficult battle. You win the HOLY spell for WHITE
MAGIC when you are victorious.


*Level: 53
*HP: 16,999

	While your fighters are off battling MINITAURUS, your magic group has to
square off against OMNISCIENT. If you have WALL Rings, use them-- if not,
SUMMON CARBUNCLE from time to time to guard against elemental magic attacks.
BOLT3 and HYDRA work well against Omniscient, just make sure you DO NOT USE THE
MAGIC LAMP!! While SUMMONS are the way to weaken him, using the lamp causes him
to cast RETURN and start the whole friggen battle all over again. So stay clean
and hit him with SUMMON SPELLS and the OCCASIONAL BOLT3. If you have AERO with
a BLUE MAGE, now is a great time to use it! If you went with a GEOMANCER’s
EARTH ability, you might get lucky and get WIND SLASH. You win the FLARE magic
for finishing off this bearded behemoth.



	Remember way back when I suggested that when you are stuck, simply find CID
AND MID to further your journey? Well once again, you are in that situation!
Fly over to Crescent, which is now a bit more DONUT shaped and land on the
AIRSHIP BASE. Once there, you will encounter CID getting ground up in the
gears; while this doesn’t seem to phase him, he does go on to modify your ship
so it can be a submarine, boat OR airship. How ‘bout that! Krile and MID also
have a flirty little conversation and it’s back under the sea for you

Items to find: Water Skill, Dragon Fang, Fire Ring, Phoenix Down, Ether,
Kaiserknuckle, Lithograph # 3

	To find the GREAT SEA TRENCH, go underwater and check out your map. It will be
a prominent BLIP to the east of Crescent and appears as a giant slash in the
sea floor. Descend into the hole and have your GEOMANCER ready to walk around
on LAVA FLOORS. The TRENCH is a rather non-linear place and even features a
DWARF VILLAGE deep in the Earth. The BARD’s REQUIEM song will make this realm a
breeze to get through, as almost all the enemies will get severely injured by
this Torturous Tune. There are a ton of switches to flick, though a majority of
them just lead to treasures. Because of an unusually high enemy encounter rate,
you may want to just take the straight forward paths and get to DWARF VILLAGE
to regain your energy and pick up things from there!
	After talking to the DWARF drilling his way under Mirage VILLAGE, you’ll come
to a treasure chest that, when you open it, knocks you down the stairs. To
access this center area, run down to the bottom and flick the three lower
switches then come back and open the Chest; it will open a door and lead you to
the third LITHOGRAPH. You also have a weird BOSS BATTLE with three very large
headed fiends.


*BOSS BATTLE: Nergade, Triton, Phobos
*Level:Nergrade=20, Triton=37, Phobos=39
*HP:  13,333 each


	This TRIO of bosses each has a different elemental Strength:
BLUE (Nergade)= Absorbs ICE
RED (Triton)= Absorbs FIRE

	Your best bet is to use BOLT3 and HYDRA SUMMON to inflict heavy group damage
on all of them. REQUIEM works decently and you always have the tried and true
method of $TOSS. By now you should have a few FIRE and ICE shields, so
equipping those will randomly heal whatever character is hit by the spell that
corresponds to the elemental attack. This is yet another battle where you have
to evenly spread the damage because the fiends will RESURRECT any fallen
comrades if you are not fast enough to finish them off. Use $TOSS when they are
all weakened to end it! As a reward to earn METEO, a TIME MAGES strongest
offensive spell; and speaking of TIME MAGES after you win, create one to TELEPO
your way out of there!



	Now you have your SUBMARINE CAPABILITY, fly to the upper continent on the
eastern side of your map. In a little inlet similar to HUDSON BAY, you can dive
to explore the SUNKEN WALZ TOWER. You’ll know you are close when the little
gray PHOENIX TOWER appears in a mountain locked desert just to the north. Land
your ship in the water and descend into the depths. Once you exit the SUB, your
characters, showing SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING type lung capacity, have 7 minutes to
fulfill your objective.
http://www.usasynchro.org/ -- Man what an odd sport...
	Anyhow, your objective is to gather that one shard you couldn’t reach when
WALZ TOWER broke apart so long ago. Remember? You stood at the bottom of the
stair-thing, hitting the X button like MAD WONDERING WHY YOUR STUPID CHARACTERS
retrieve it. When you enter, go into the one room you can go through and drop
through the hole in the floor. Rip your way down the tower, running from any
battles (Including a phantom HARPY) until you reach the bottom floor. Here you
will encounter GOGO, the wacky music themed MIME, who talks some trash. To win
this battle, sit there and DO NOTHING for like 3 minutes in real life time (yes
it takes a LONG GAME TIME). After a while GOGO will speak up and to make
matters short: you’ll earn the MIME ability. Just make sure to DO NOTHING
during the encounter with GOGO. TELEPO the heck out of there when you are
finished and you’ll have earned your FINAL JOB (see JOB SECTION for more info
on the MIME job.)


	After your undersea adventure, head back to MIRAGE VILLAGE and buy some
cottages. Heal yourself good and plenty and sneak around to the Black Chocobo’s
pen and hitch a ride. (The secret path to the left in the room with the
unopenable door).  Once you get him, fly north to where you just saw the TOWER
in the DESERT. Park your CHOCOBO in the forest to the EAST and head NORTHEAST
from there. You’ll recognize NORTHERN MOUNTAIN from your previous adventures
when you fought the FOXXY MAGISSA! Work your way up to the top and MAKE SURE
YOU ARE HEALED! It’s time to fight an old Final Fantasy Friend...BAHAMUT!!


*Level: 99
*HP: 40,000
*Weakness: None


	I’m not going to even offer any other strategies. Go in with at least 15,000
gp and FOUR SAMURAIS. $TOSS a total of eight times (two full rounds) and you
will defeat BAHAMUT. Anything else is going to be ludicrously hard at this
point because Bahamut can really hit you with some hard spells, including
MEGAFLARE which will instantly kill your party when he unleashes it--after
about 4 rounds. This is the ONLY BATTLE where I would not recommend doing
anything else. When you defeat the KING OF DRAGONS, you will earn him as a
super powerful SUMMON spell.



Items to find: Magic pots, Gold!, Phoenix Summon

	The foxxiest tower in FFV can be found in the same dessert where you parked
your Purple-- I mean BLACK-- Chocobo. It is down and to the far right. Phoenix
Tower is a bit of an odd adventure and a difficult one at that! Before you go
in, make sure you have about 15 Elixirs if possible. The reason being is that
there are Demons in some Magic Pots that will trade ELIXIR for 100 ABP!! The
problem is sometimes it only takes one Elixir, sometimes as many as four! In
any case, you’ll need some for your characters too. Also, a hearty supply of
ETHERS and POTIONS to heal your little bodies as you march up the 30 floors of
	Now a few things to know; first of all most of your enemies are going to be
SEXXY WOMEN who utterly MESS YOU UP ( kind of like in real life, eh?)
Serpentina regularly casts ROULETTE which is going to wipe out SOMEONE
randomly; either you or an enemy. ODIN works wonders as long as he attacks with
VENGEANCE SWORD and not JAVELIN. Now, how to go about getting to the top? When
you enter you will notice there are NO DOORS to be found. The way you have to
get up many levels is by examining the wall on either the left or right side.
This is on the bottom part of the square, where you might see a switch or
something like that. Each time you are confronted with the blank wall, you have
to choose left or right. Choose correctly and you will have safe passage to the
next level; choose wrong and you will have to fight an old boss like SOUL
CANNON or LIQUIDFLAME. Below I have given a summary of what sides to pick to
avoid those battles all the way up. Before that, there is also the issue of the
magic pots. As mentioned, if you give the demons an ELIXIR, you can get 100 ABP
when they escape. It’s pricey, but it sure saves a lot of time. Other
non-possessed pots will yield unto you greater amounts of gold. starting at
5000 gp and increasing by 5000 for each pot you find, up until 25,000. Got it?
Great! Now the summary:

1=check left
3=Left indent in the M shaped block
5=Magic pots on this floor; use the staircase
10=Magic pots on this floor, use the staircase
15=Magic Pots, take the stairs
20=Magic Pots, take the stairs
25=Last two magic pots; use the stairs
29=CENTER (I think this fight is unavoidable)

	When you reach the top, you will find Reina’s Dragon waiting for you. There
will be a little scene where the dragon turns red and flies towards the ground;
then you will see a cut scene involving Reina’s father and sick mother. You
will be asked if you want to CUT OUT THE DRAGON’S tongue to save your Mother;
say NO to receive the PHOENIX SUMMON. If you say YES, you will not get the
magic, so leave the damn tongue in his fool mouth. I wonder what Dragon Tongues
are made out of? Probably Fire-Proof asbestos and Teflon (tm).
	Of course this is much easier said than done; fly back to MIRAGE on your
Chocobo when you are done-- Don’t forget to save!!


	You have but one goal here: to fight a hard to find STINGRAY. Use your TRAINER
to cast CONTROL on it, then have it case GUARDIAN on your BLUE MAGE to learn it
as a BLUE MAGIC SPELL. It is a very helpful spell in the final areas and worth
learning if you have the patience to do so. So do it! As a note, the STING RAY
can appear anywhere in the sea below PHOENIX TOWER, which is self contained
like a small lake. YOU SHOULD TAKE THE TIME TO DO THIS!!!


	You’ve been through a LOT by now and the end is near; you are one lithograph
away from opening the gate to the N-ZONE. To reach the final lithograph, head
towards EASTERLY VILLAGE or at least where it USED to be. If you splash down in
the water south of the waterfalls and use your sub, you will see a bright
circle on the ocean floor. This will lead to an open field just east of
EASTERLY FALLS. Use a tent or cottage, heal up and get ready.


	A few notes before heading into Easterly Falls; it may not be a bad idea to
invest in a Coral Ring or two from Mirage before heading into the falls. If you
were lucky, you may have gotten one from a Yellow Dragon somewhere earlier in
the game. You can make it through the area fairly quickly, depending on your
thirst to collect treasure. The whole fiasco starts off with another battle
with the ol’ Gargoyles. By now, you should have these guys down. Despite the
complex looking series of waterfalls, this area is surprisingly straight
forward. On the first floor, work your way to the left which should not be too
hard if you follow the paths of the stairs ahead of time. There is an AIR
LANCET, ETHER, and TURTLE SHELL to be found on this floor if you feel like
searching them out.
	On the next floor, there is a hidden passage in the lower right that leads to
the RUNE EDGE, a decent sword but one you probably won’t need at this stage in
the game. There is also a GIANT DRINK near where you enter. After working your
way to the left, you’ll see the way out to the south. Before exiting, head to
the north to a switch on the wall. Make sure one of your characters is equipped
with the DASH skill; hit the button and DASH to the right. If you don’t you
will not be able to gather the valuable PROTECT RING inside! The next area is
easy to navigate through; a PHOENIX DOWN, ENCHANTER, and WALL RING are the
prizes to be gathered on this floor. The exit can be found by going left, down,
down right for those in a hurry. Down left leads to the WALL RING while going
up leads to the aforementioned PHOENIX DOWN. Go down to the next floor. If you
wish to pick up the ENCHANTER, use the door to the far upper right. Having a
GEOMANCER equipped for this section will help you avoid the pit fall (which is
two steps south of where the corridor heading up gets wide):
                                    |   |
	                              |   |
                                    |   |
                                    /   |
                                   /  P |

You can avoid it by sticking to the wall on the right before entering the
corridor. The middle door offers passage to the Artemis Bow while the lower
path leads to a 12,000 gp treasure chest. The secret to getting to the next
level is to purposely fall into the Pitfall. This will drop you into a rather
open area with a few treasure chests. With the ones to the upper left and upper
right, make sure you hit the switches on the nearby walls to reveal where
SPIKES will jolt up through the EARTH and injure you. An AEGIS SHIELD and
MAGICSHURIKEN await your treasure hunting prowess. In the small anti-chamber to
the south, hit the switch on the left of the wall to reveal a few pitfalls.
Grab the DOUBLE AXE and fall into one of the holes. This leads right to the
final Lithograph!! Haha what luck, eh? And when you grab it, no boss challenges
you! Whee, time to go to TGIF’s and get that big fried Onion thing they have!!!
Awesome Blossom!! Well, not quite. After snagging the lithograph head up
towards the base of EASTERLY falls. A voice says:
“Drop...That... Lithograph!” It is one of X-Death’s goons! Looks like you are
in for another battle. As he talks his trash, he doesn’t notice the HUGE SEA
DRAGON emerging from the water behind him. Leviathan kindly disposes of this
foe and challenges you to a battle, saying he will follow anyone who can defeat
him--well, you better defeat him then, eh?


*Level: 37
*HP: 40,000
*Weakness: BOLT


	Leviathan is all that stands between you and the N-Zone, but be warned this
sea beast is no pushover. Before you can make him an appetizer for LONG JOHN
SILVER’s, you need to take a few precautions. Equipping CORAL RINGS will
prevent his strongest attack, Tidal Wave, from hurting you. In fact it will
heal you quite a bit with the CORAL RING equipped. GUARDIAN and GOLEM will help
boost your defense. If you have a character with !TIME and !BLACK mastered (or
at least level 5), a good strategy is to cast QUICK then BOLT 3 Twice on him,
then use a MIME to mimic the BOLT 3 attack. I made my BLACK MASTER  MAGE into a
TIME MAGE for the battle just for that purpose. Two MIMES will help support the
attack, while a NINJA throwing Shuriken or MAGIC SHURIKEN or using the good ol’
!TOSS ability helps beat this guy up. If he’s weak enough, bring ODIN in to
finish off this SEA BISCUIT. Woo hoo-- on to X Death!! *Note: you should be
around level 37-38 by now.



	If you haven’t already, make sure you have the GUARDIAN SPELL learned with
your BLUE MAGE. This is a very important spell to learn and a must for the
meaty foes you’ll encounter in the X-Zone. Remember it is found in the small
sea beneath the PHOENIX tower on the right-upper continent. It takes a while,
but when you encounter the STINGRAY, Control him with a trainer and have him
cast GUARDIAN on your blue mage. Stock up on about 50 cottages and a lot of
PHOENIX DOWN and ETHERS. If you can afford them, ELIXIRS are nice but at 50,000
a pop there are better ways to regain your MP and HP. About 40 potions should
do the trick in that regards and make sure you have a healthy stock of SOFTS
and HOLY WATER ready to go, as many enemies can change your status with a
single hit. If you took the time to earn EQ RIBBON with your Dancer, you can
use that ability to avoid most ailments, or you can have a BARE character equip
the RIBBON. Max out your weapons, spells, and all that. This is the FINAL
BATTLE so head in prepared!
	Before entering the X-Zone, here are a few other tips you should know:	

*There is only one given SAVE POINT in the X-ZONE and two more save points you
can open up by defeating bosses. All three are crucial. Brings lots of cottages
so you can fight the enemies and raise your levels.

*Once you are in the N-Zone, it is always possible to come back out if you need
to power up or want to explore more of the world. You can not TELEPO out, but
backtracking through the N-Zone doesn’t take that much time. If you want to
come back out to get supplies or whatever, have a thief with the FLEE ability
to save yourself the trouble of escaping from fights. You can return to the
normal world even from the farthest area so there is no “point of no return.”

*There are a bunch of optional BOSSES in the N-ZONE; they will be described in
the OPTIONAL BOSS section after the N-ZONE section; these include Alta Roit,
Shinryu, and Omega. Be careful not to engage these foes before their time, it
could mean the loss of a great deal of progress into the N-Zone.

*Curious how many battles you have fought? Check out the OLD MAN in the cave
just below KARNAK when in your SUBMARINE (Karnak is to the upper right of the
PYRAMID if you forgot). This “Psychic Friend” will report some interesting
stats if you ask him.

*Reasonable levels to defeat the final bad guy: 39-40. Having CRYSTAL ARMOR,
strong relics, and balanced jobs mastered is a plus. Mimes are essential, so if
you passed up GOGO in the SUNKEN TOWER of WALZ go back and get him!



	Remember where Tycoon used to be? Flying over the black hole there will most
likely scare the crap out of you if you don’t expect it because this will suck
you into the N-Zone! After some dramatic shaking, you’ll find your ship sitting
peacefully in the N-Zone; exit to the left.

Items to Find: None

	This short introduction to the N-Zone is easy to get through, simply ride the
sand-conveyor belts towards the right. There are a few tough enemies here
including QUADRAHARPY, but you should sail through this area with ease. Before
going through the door to the next area, some of X-Death’s goons talk trash to
you, but you won’t have a boss battle just yet.

Items to find: Ether, Dark Matter, Elixir x 2, Blood Sword

	This section is also easy to navigate through. Four of the five treasures are
found in the second room and are very easy to reach. The only mildly tricky
part is where you have to choose between three chains to ride up: the right
leads to the blood sword, the middle is a dead end and the left brings you to
the next section. Still no bosses yet! The enemies here are somewhat tough and
the LEVEL CHECKERS can cast Lv. 5 Doom on any character of a multiple of five
level, so give anyone level 35 or 40 a wall ring through this area.

Items to find: Healing Pot

	Remember that door in Mirage that flashed blue when you tried to open it? Well
lookie here, because that’s where you pop out! Unfortunately, everyone here is
frozen, even the pur--I mean BLACK-chocobo, the piano, and all the people.
Luckily the Hp/MP regain pot still works, so use that to max out your power and
exit the village after teasing the frozen people as if they were those British
beefeater guards.

Items to find: Dragon Fang, Power Rod, Enchanter, Ribbon

	This is only area that is a pain to get through, thanks to the limited circle
view you have. Your goal is to work towards the bottom right hand part of the
screen, which isn’t too bad because there aren’t many other paths to lead you
astray and those that do are short and lead to treasures. The annoying thing
here is the high encounter rate. When you get to the bottom right, you will see
a tree with a hole in it similar to the trees in MOORE FOREST. Examine it and a
tunnel will open up at the foot of the tree. Time for your first N-Zone boss


*Level: ??
*HP: Around 25,000


	Woodsprite comes equipped with REFLECT so don’t bother using elemental magic
on it. Instead, stick to physical attacks, SUMMONS, and $TOSS to knock out
WOODSPRITE. While she is not very aggressive, you’ll want to heal with your
!WHITE ability if you get hit hard. As far as N-ZONE bosses go, she is a push
over. FLARE is also effective against her. Defeat her to gain access to the
next area.


Items to find: Coral Ring, Angel Robe

	The waterfalls are another easy to get through area. In your first trip, hit
the cave to the north and grab the Coral Ring and the ANGEL ring in the far
right waterfall. When you head into the next section you’ll find the only free
SAVE POINT in the N-Zone; pitch a cottage and save your progress. On your way
out you will see a goofy looking ant-like robot. This is OMEGA and you will
want to avoid him at all costs!! He is extremely powerful and you do not have
to deal with him now as he doesn’t give you any useful items. Read the OPTIONAL
BOSS SECTION if you want to challenge him, but believe me you are better off
leaving him for later. He walks back and forth in the same pattern, so sneak to
the bottom of the screen and run by when he is walking up. Go through the door
and you’ll find yourself in a study room. Read the two books on the shelf for
some interesting information, then open the book on the desk for your next boss


*Level: ??
*HP: About 35,000

	Apprehender is another enemy that comes from a book, so that should be your
clue that he is weak to FIRE. Be careful though, because summoning IFRIT will
HEAL him, so stick to hitting him with FIR3 and Miming it with your other
characters. Its not a bad idea to cast GUARDIAN to help decrease the damage you
will take from Apprehender’s attacks. The ol’ no brainer: Use CURE 3 if you are
getting badly injured. You should take down APPREHENDER pretty easily if you
are level 38 or higher.


	When you go through the door you entered and the book is OPEN, it will lead
you to the next area, the N-ZONE CASTLE. If it is CLOSED it will lead you  back
to the waterfalls. If you are nervous about making it further without dying,
close the book and return to the nearby save point, avoiding OMEGA on your way
over there. Otherwise open the book and head to the next area.

Items to find: Winged Shoes, Red Shoes, Thor’s Hammer, Prism Dress, Man-Eater

	You’ll find yourself in a series of platforms with invisible bridges in
between them ala Indiana Jones after going through the door with the book open.
You can use a Thief’s secret ability if you don’t feel like dealing with
guessing, which will lead to a lot of annoying battle thanks to the high
encounter rate here. After a few sky high battles, you will come to the gates
of the N-ZONE castle. When you reach the atrium of the castle, head to the LEFT
AND RIGHT towers to gather the WINGED SHOES and THOR’S HAMMER. The Block in the
middle has stairways on the bottom and the top; since the bottom one is a dead
end go into the top door which will lead to the basement. Be careful not to
rush into anything here!! READ THIS!!! There are a flurry of green wizards
seemingly imprisoned in cells to the upper middle and lower right; avoid them
for now. Instead focus your energies on a battle to the lower left. Heal your
party, make one character a SORCERER, and get ready for another tough fight.


*Level: ??
*HP: Around 27,000
*Weakness: BIO


	When Azulmagia asks if you are the ones with the Crystal Shards, say YES! No
need to lie! AZULMAGIA has the somewhat rare weakness of BIO, so casting BIO
SWORD with your Sorcerer, BIO with your black mage, and strong physical attacks
are effective strategies. You can MIME the BIO attacks if you need to, but your
HOLY weapons are actually pretty strong against her. She has a little over
25,000 HP so you can always resort to $TOSS or THROWING MAGICSHURIKENS if need
be, this is a pretty important battle to win.


	After defeating AZULMAGIA, not only will you get a sense of pride and
accomplishment but another SAVE POINT! YES! Use a cottage and save immediately!
Now about those bouncy little wizards: they are an enemy called ALTE ROIT, a
tricky wizard who transforms into JURA AVIS after you’ve inflicted enough
damage. Check out the OPTIONAL BOSS section for more on this chump; each trio
of Wizards guards a treasure chest; the top one contains a pair of RED SHOES
while the lower chest has the PRISM DRESS. Neither of these are necessary items
so you can bypass them altogether if you want. For every chest, you will most
likely have to fight all three of the guys individually.
	You will, however, have to fight a giant eyeball if you want to get further in
the castle. In the upper right you will see a woman in prison; what you may not
see is the gray eyeball to the left of the door waiting for you. When you see
him, he will open the door and bully you to the end of the hallway. BEFORE


*Level: ??
*HP: Around 32,000
Weakness: none


	This guy can be your easiest N-ZONE boss if you go into the battle prepared.
For the easy win, use the following well known strategy. Cast FLOAT on all your
characters and equip ONLY one of them with a WALL RING before the battle. When
you get into the fight, Catastroph will try to ground your guys by casting
GRAVITY100. While this WILL ground three of your characters (and make a cool
sound!), it will reflect off the WALL RING. Catastoph will continue to cast
GRAVITY100 like a madman, so just pound on him with your weapons for an easy
win! Equip really weak ones if you want to insult him, it doesn’t matter. He’ll
just keep casting GRAVITY100 until you kill him! Such hangups can be fatal, eh?


	Save your game after the CATASTROPH battle, and head towards the stairs to the
upper right. A rather flirty woman will come over to you with the thoughts of
HEARTS IN HER HEAD. After a little SWEET TALK, she dashes upstairs. You look
like a pretty big sucker, so you might as well follow her. You come to a throne
room. There is a door to the left that seems like a logical choice, as the
other exit is a shortcut to the door you couldn’t open in the atrium. *NOTE: If
you go through the door from the throne room, it will lock behind you and
you’ll have to go back through the basement to get back to where you once
Now, if you try to get through the upper left door it will just bounce you
away. After a few attempts, the lady in the prison comes back and decides to
reveal her true colors. Time for another fight!


*Level: ??
*HP: Around 36,000
*Weakness: none


	Halycanos has the reverse power of your normal princess: her kiss turns your
party into a bunch of slimy frogs! Doh! Break out the MAIDEN’S KISS or ESNA
with your White Mage to get back in fighting shape. Cast GUARDIAN as soon as
you are back on you feet. Since HALYCANOS is a straight up powerful boss,
FLARE, HOLY, and BAHAMUT all do wonders against her. Haste isn’t a bad idea for
your characters in this bout. You can try to cast MUTE, but since it will
usually fail you are better off concentrating your powers to offensive magic. A
mime here or there to mimic FLARE or BAHAMUT and a LANCER TO LEAP THROUGH THE
AIR are both good ideas. Good old GOLEM provides another barrier of protection
against her (him?). When you defeat this harlequin, return to your save point,
use a cottage and save!


	There are a few things to consider before going on to your next boss. There is
an enemy called YOJIMBO that you will encounter on your way up; though it is an
extremely rare occurrence, there is a chance you can steal a STRATOS katana
from him, which is the strongest weapon in the game (Provided you haven’t
boosted the power of your chicken or brave blade). This takes FOREVER though,
as you first have to go through the trouble of encountering him, enduring his
attack, and normally all you get from him is a stinking cottage! But if you
really want the strongest blade in FFV, this is the place to do it (in the
courtyard.) Also you can scoot downstairs and snag the MAN EATER sword if you
want. Save after all these events. Hopefully, you will be about level 40 at
this point because you have your hardest battle so far ahead of you.


*Level: high!
*HP: over 50,000
*Weakness: HOLY, WATER

	Make sure you go into this battle prepared for an epic battle! This guy is
both fast and versatile, so prepare accordingly. If you have CORAL RINGS, equip
them: TWIN TANIA knows Tidal Wave and isn’t afraid to use it! Cast GUARDIAN as
soon as possible and the strongest level HASTE on your guys. Two MIMES, !BLUE,
!TIME, !WHITE, !SUMMON and Holy Lance and Excalibur will all help big time. If
you choose to summon, send LEVIATHAN after him and MIMIC it twice if possible.
EXCALIBUR and the HOLY LANCE hit hard, but TWIN TANIA has a lot of hit points.
If you have the !DRINK ability, it might not be a bad idea to have a GIANT
DRINK to double your HP for this battle because TWIN TANIA knows GIGAFLARE, a
devastating attack if you are not at MAX HP with GUARDIAN cast. Stay at him
with your HOLY and WATER attacks (but forget about AQUARAKE as it hardly hurts
him). Of course, the spell HOLY works well too! Keep you HP high and fight
	There is also a minuscule chance you can summon ODIN and kill TWIN TANIA in
one shot! This occurs only if you call ODIN while TWIN TANIA is gather power to
unleash GIGAFLARE on your party. If you want to try this tactic, make sure
you’ve cast SLOW2 on him first, otherwise your window of opportunity will be
almost impossible to time. And yes, its a little bit of a walk, but save your
game in the basement when you defeated this guy!


Items to find: Magicshuriken x 3, Elixir, DRAGON SEAL AND RAGNAROK*

	Oh man, you are so close you can smell X-Death’s socks! The final dungeon
features the following:

*Really hard enemies
*One save point
*The Rare MOVER enemies, the METAL SLIMES of FFV-- Defeat them for 100,000 gp
and 199 ABP!!
*and much much more! Order now and we’ll throw in some cool music!

	When you start off, you will see chest with an easy to get MAGICSHURIKEN down
and to the right a little. Snag it and continue downwards. Luckily the
encounter rate isn’t too high here, so you can cover big chunks of land without
interference. If you want to avoid conflict (like the DINOSAUR in TOY STORY),
have the FLEE ability in one of your slots. Go down the stairs to the left,
hook up and around to the warp point. Standing there, waiting like an old
friend is....


*Level: ??
*HP: Of course he runs away!


	You encounter GILGAMESH as he is in the middle of a SPAZZ ATTACK. Apparently,
he is trying to find a way out of the N-ZONE and has hit the proverbial PANIC
BUTTON. It’s still a good idea to cast GUARDIAN because GILGAMESH will get in a
few hits before recognizing you. Hit him hard before he starts his “It’s
you...” speech. Once he recognizes you, he’ll babble some random stuff about
getting out and disappear. This shouldn’t stop you from stealing a GENJI SHIELD
from him if you have a thief. So he runs away again....sigh....


	After GILGAMESH clears out, use the warp zone to zap to the next section. Go
up and to the right, then down the stairs. There will be a chest with a
MAGISHURIKEN on this level, so snag it and continue down and to the left. For
those of you who have read the OPTIONAL BOSS section, this is good place to
encounter the CRYSTAL DRAGON. Go under the bridge and work your way to the
right. There is a chest down the stairs to the far right with an ELIXIR in it.
It’s a great idea to get it! Hit the Warp zone. When you come out, go to the
left and up. After going up the stairs you will see a staircase and a gray
treasure chest at the bottom. DO NOT GET THIS CHEST NOW!!! This is where
Shinryu waits *SEE OPTIONAL BOSS SECTION** and the Ragnarok Sword resides.
While it is very powerful, you are better off leaving it for now. Continue
upwards; hook left if you want to get another MagicShuriken. Go right to the
Warp to the next-to-last area.
	Now that you are in this area, hook up and around until you see a glimmering
Green Glob. This is going to be your ticket to an awesome save point and your
last boss battle before X-Death!!


*Level: ??
*HP: 50,000
*Weakness: HOLY


	NECROPHOBE comes from the latin, FEAR OF THE DEAD. Apparently this guy wants
to live forever and thinks his body is immortal enough to do just that. He is
protected by four small but powerful barriers that all come equipped with WALL
RINGS or something like that because they all have REFLECT cast on them. When
the fight starts, each of these little barriers will cast FLARE on your party,
which can really put a big hurt on you. Your first priority is to heal the
wounded and cast GUARDIAN. Now you can use the venerable $TOSS and BAHAMUT
summon to hurt the barriers, as casting elemental magic will simply reflect off
them. Miming BAHAMUT is a great way to knock the barriers out. If you want some
added protection, call upon GOLEM. After you defeat the barriers and beat up
NECROPHOBE for a while, GILGAMESH returns! From this point on you don’t have to
fight, but you CAN try to steal from both enemies. GILGAMESH gives a
GIL-GA-MUSHY speech to each of your characters, then redeems himself for
casting the world into evil by finishing off NECROPHOBE with the suicidal
EXPLODER attack. This will kill both of them; guess GILGAMESH was kind of a
good guy after all.


	The most important aspect of this battle is it opens a VITAL SAVE POINT that
not only heals your party but serves as a safe haven while increasing your
levels if needed. Ok, are you ready? You are a staircase and a warp zone away
from the big guy himself! It goes without saying you should save and heal here.
It is suggested that you have some high levels here, so if you get beat up by
X-Death feel free to get stronger...


*Level: HIGH
*HP: A whole lot


	X-DEATH is an ass kickin’ tree. Of course, before the battle starts he gives a
speech on how much you suck. While this isn’t too big of a deal, he then starts
to suck your friends into the N-ZONE. Cid and Mid; no big deal. Val Castle, who
cares...but then that SON OF A SCREWBALL sucks your BELOVED BOKO INTO THE
N-ZONE, THE CREEP! NOW IT’S PERSONAL!! He also sucks Faris’s pirate crew into
the N-ZONE for those who care. Then he sucks YOU into the N-ZONE, and it takes
the power of the DAWN WARRIORS and THE KING OF TYCOON to get you out.
	Although it ruins some of the DRAMA, you have a chance to go back and save
your game after the whole X-DEATH speech. This will save you about 5 minutes of
cinema scenes if you lose to X-DEATH, which is very possible. So you might want
to run back and save, then face the meanest tree to ever grow a face!
*Taunting him with yo’ Mamma jokes.
*Using ORTHO BRAND weed killer.
*Subjecting him to listen to N’SYNC, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, and BACKSTREET BOYS
(man he’s tough).
*Tying his shoelaces together.


Having the right combination of warriors is vital to defeating this ugly log!
My suggested party is as follows:

JAYMZ...err I mean BARTZ: (I refuse to call him BUTZ)-
This allows Bartz to drink the GIANT DRINK and double his HP, MIX ether and
Phoenix Down together to cast the equivalent of ARISE (full mp/hp), Mimic the
strong attack spells, and $TOSS if the person before him cast a healing spell
or use an item.
Reina’s main purpose is her WHITE magic, which will be needed badly. Expect to
use ARISE often, as well as ESNA to cure MINI, POSION, and other such
ailements. The ITEM slot will save MP if you need to use SOFT to cure a stoned
character (stop that giggling!) If you get a chance to go on the offense, a
strong SUMMON such as BAHAMUT will be most useful, though hopefully you can
MIMIC another’s attack if possible. The ITEM slot also lets you use an ELIXIR
when you’re MP is low.

Krile is your main offensive weapon, firing off BAHAMUT, FLARE and GOLEM if
needed. A HAIR ORNAMENT will 1/2 the amount of magic she’ll use; either KRILE
or FARIS should get this worthy prize. She can MIMIC METEO from FARIS with the
MIME command, and ITEM will allow her to use a SOFT or PHOENIX DOWN if needed.

JOB:TIME MAGE (or if time is mastered, MIME)
X-DEATH. METEO is going to be your strongest attack against this form of
X-DEATH and its a good idea to MIMIC it to save MP. Cast GUARDIAN when revived
characters need to be brought back to life or is your protection is DISPELLED.
ITEM serves the same purpose as it does with Reina, with the ability to use

	With this party, you should be able to knock out the first form of X-Death
somewhat easily. X-DEATH’s twisted face resembles my HIGH SCHOOL ALGEBRA
TEACHER. The worst attack this form has is WHITE BALL, which will kill your
character and turn him to stone. He also knows METEO and FLARE, which can be a
pain. Your first turn should consist of attacking X-DEATH with FLARE with Krile
(she usually is fastest), then casting QUICK with FARIS; then using your two
spell option to cast GUARDIAN and METEO. If X-DEATH hasn’t WHITE BALLED anyone,
MIMIC METEO with REINA. FLARE and METEO are your strongest attacks against this
form of X-DEATH. Have BARTZ DRINK the GIANT DRINK to double his HP to up around
4000 HP or so. It is important to keep an eye on FARIS’S MP, even with a HAIR
ORNAMENT equipped. If you can, cast HASTE2 or HASTE on your characters at this
point.  Depending on what attacks X-DEATH unleashes on you, you’ll want to keep
everyone alive and max healed with CUR3. Then on offense, hit him with METEO
and MIMIC it as many times as possible. If FARIS is a MIME, you can save a ton
of MP by doing this. FLARE also works if the chain gets broken. BAHAMUT is
strong, but you don’t need to call him out yet as you are only attacking one
target. If your character dies, try having REINA cast ARISE or have BARTZ MIX
and ETHER AND PHOENIX DOWN to bring them back to 100% HP/MP. Hopefully you have
about 6 or more ELIXIRS for this battle; if not it can actually be a blessing
when a character dies and you are out of ELIXIR because the MIX TRICK and ARISE
will restore full MP and HP! Remember to re-cast GUARDIAN if needed, with a
HAIRORNAMENT it should only cost about 36 MP. When you Crush the ugly tree, get
ready for the final form of X-DEATH!!!


*LEVEL: 99
*HP: 50,000 x 5 body parts=250,000
*Weakness: Double Chocolate Fudge Cake with Chocolate Frosting (even though it
goes right to his thighs where-ever those may be!)

	HAHA--just a little humor to help you relax against this mess of Organic
Leftover parts. NEO-X-DEATH looks like an enemy from GRADIUS, so too bad you
REALLY getting into your personal space, NEO-X-DEATH shakes like a YUGO going
80 MPH (or a 8 year old after eating 10 packages of FUN-DIP!) First of all,
let’s look at NEO-X-DEATH’s nasty attacks. His worst spell is probably, GRAND
CROSS, which looks really pretty, like a bunch of colorful pinwheels spinning
through the air! Unfortunately, it causes a catastrophy of ailments on your
party, including MINI, TOAD, STONE, POSION, DEATH, and any other bad things you
can think of! ULTRA GUST can hit you for up to 2500 Hp PER PERSON, so MAKE SURE
YOU HAVE GUARDIAN and GOLEM cast for protection. METEO and MEGAFLARE will also
put the hurt on you and his normal attack can drain up to 2000 hp!! Ouch! Keep
in mind, he still has some of X-DEATH’s nasty attacks including DELTA ATTACK
	Your Priorities are as follows:
*Keep your HP high and keep BARTZ and REINA alive, as they are your healers.
*Bring the dead back to life.
*Keep your MP high to stay on the offensive.
*Keep GUARDIAN on all your characters.
*Attack NEO-X-DEATH with either BAHAMUT or $TOSS (METEO is STRONG but can hit
weakly or target already defeated body parts.)
*Mimic BAHAMUT or $TOSS.

	Since you drank the GIANT DRINK with BARTZ, he stand the best chance of
staying alive the longest, which is great because his MIX of ETHER and PHOENIX
DOWN is vital to winning. Keeping GUARDIAN up is vital to survive METEO and
other strong attacks, including the rare ICE3 and FIRE3 that NEO-X-DEATH will
cast at will. MIMIC BAHAMUT as much as possible but only if everyone’s HP is
high and no one is STONE. Chances are GRAND CROSS will really mess your guys
up, turning some to STONE and shrinking others. If you do get SHRUNK, don’t
worry about it because you can still use your magic and MIMIC and chances are
you won’t throw a single physical attack at NEO-X-DEATH anyway. In a pinch ,
you can have Bartz  $THROW and then MIMIC that if the other characters have had
to heal during their turns.
	NEO-X-DEATH has five main body parts, each of which has a whopping 50000 HP!
For this reason, you need to stick with BAHAMUT as much as possible. $TOSS is
the next best thing. There will be many times when you have only one
functioning character, but NEVER give up! I had REINA ONLY alive with 39 HP and
came back to defeat NEO-X-DEATH with all 4 characters alive!! You’ll know you
are getting close to killing him because some body parts will take 0 damage
when you cast spells or $TOSS. Make sure you have GUARDIAN up and use the
following strategy for victory!!! As a note, for every living character you
have at the end, you will see a little bonus scene for them-- not a huge deal,
but a nice incentive to keep everyone breathing!! If you start to feel weak,
just tap into the anger within your soul for being named BUTZ and you’ll be
sure to win!

Another idea: Strategy sent in by Marcel Laverdat:
Here’s another suggestion I was emailed for defeating the final bad boy:

ok I beat x-death with everyone lv37 (except Bartz who was lv38).
I also used no mimes whatsoever.
list of stuff to get
1. lots of ethers (i had 32 when i went in, but ran out at the end which
made it a lot harder. i suggest 50)
2. someone with !Time to lv6
3. someone with !Blue
4. blue magic guardian, and whitewind
5. someone with !White to lv6 (i used this maybe twice)
6. Magic lamp helps somtimes
7. A giant drink

ok this is my party
JOB: Black Mage

JOB: Black Mage
!Dustb (hey I ran away a lot, replace this with somthing cool(medicine would

Krile (The healer)
JOB: Chemist

JOB: Summoner (or time mage, just need lv6 magic with both)

ok, first x-death
1. Keep 4 people alive
2. Keep guardian, golem, and haste up
3. Remove status effects
4. Use Whitewind or potions to heal if needed
4. Blast X-Death with Meteo and Flare.
5. Bartz, Reina, and Krile restore MP (faris does more dmg than flare)
just follow the prioritys and you should be fine. watch out for white ball,
as thats what he cast the first 5 times. be sure to keep enough people
alive. Also be sure to drink the giant drink with krile. be sure to keep
faris MP high, as you need her A LOT in the next battle. i find x-death
first form a lot easier then some other bosses.

next neo x-death
Same as first
rember keep all characters alive. this is a must! golem will help out a lot.
When X-death attacks with the gust attack, counter with whitewind. When
X-Death was almost dead i ran out of magic, and ethers so i resorted to the
magic lamp. I got Bahamut, then Leviathan, then Odin. Odin wiped off one of
the pieces that was weak. i had to use asper a few times and then i just
busted out with flare. by the way you DO have time to use scan to see how
much hp he has left.

also i beat X-Death without beating that other boss for the save point. i
also beat him on the first try. this is the lazy strategy for those who dont
feel like leveling up for hours.


	When you finally get that last crucial hit, you’ll hear the famous I JUST BEAT
HIM PAUSE and NEO-X-DEATH will fade into nothingness!! YEAHH!!! As usual, you
save the world, talk to the dead, and end the game riding majestic....wait, you
have to get the ending yourself, you lazy bum!! I will say BOKO certainly
proves his STUDLINESS, all the towns return from the N-ZONE. Along with the
standard ending credits, you get a cool new FMV with great graphics depicting
certain parts of the game, though I’m not sure why BARTZ is dead-body gray with
white hair. You’ll also get to see each of your characters stats along with
their skills they learned and whatever job they had in the final battle. If you
wait while the THE END screen is up, you can see the FMV movie again, which is
worth watching twice (if only for the MOOGLES!)



	WHEW! I finished this walkthrough on JULY 4th, 2000 time to CELEBRATE!! I’ll
pretend the fireworks are in celebration of my accomplishment!!
Why this FAQ is a major accomplishment:
*Started March 20, 2000 then got erased completely on MAY 15 when my company
went out of business!! Luckily I still had a 28 page print out to re type from
which took many hours since it was 10 pt no spacing!

*I put a lot of time and heart into it and tried to stay funny even when bad
things happened in my life!

*It is twice as long as my college thesis paper!

	Anyway, now is a good time to get those OPTIONAL BOSSES and unlock any secrets
you may have left behind. Final Fantasy 5 is a great game and FF ANTHOLOGY is
just about the best deal you can get in gaming history! Again special thanks to

NEXT!!! (hehe yes it’s supposed to say that!)
Copyright 2000 James Dziezynski



1-Helena is the capital of MONTANA.
2-Polar Bear Fur is actually CLEAR!! Sun light reflecting off the fur causes
it’s yellowish or white appearance. Also, Polar Bear feet have little suckers
on the bottom. Neat, huh?
3-The Great Final Fantasy Music is composed by Nobuo Uematsu.
4-They weigh the same, sucker! hehe
5-The TITANIC hit the ICEBERG on April 14, 1912. April 14th was also the start
of the CIVIL WAR as ABRAHAM LINCOLN was assassinated on that same day; US also
bombed LIBYA in 1986-- but MOST IMPORTANTLY APRIL 14, 1976 is MY BIRTHDAY! So
now you have no excuse to forget! ^_^



Here’s a brief synapsis of the real life legends that spawned the SUMMON
creatures in FFV-I will update this more when I get time to conduct a little
more research: Version 1.1 will have the complete work I have done:

CHOCOBO- Made up by Square, obviously a CHICKEN in disguise!

SLYPHS: Irish myths have SYLPHS as a type of playful and provacative fairy.

REMORA: Simply a fish that has a sucker that clings to a sharks side, like a

SHIVA: Hinduism; She will dance her divine dance at the end of time. A goddess
in HINDU mythology.

RAMUH- HINDU, but I need to look into it a little more.

TITAN-Greek mythology. The name of a race of giants born from the mating of
Gaia and URANUS. 12 were born at first, then they  mated to make over a

GOLEM: Jewish; Giant old testament protectors made of mud or stone. Has “truth”
in Jewish inscribed on its hand. In order to kill one, you have to get it’s
creator to take off the last two letters on its hand so it spells DEATH instead

SHOAT: Greek in origin, need more info.

CARBUNCLE: Something to do with the jewel in it’s head...more research...

HYDRA: Greek mythology; Monster with huge dog like body and may serpentine
heads. The offspring of Echidna and Typhon. Killed bt Hercules as his second

ODIN: Norse GOD, son of BOR and BESLA; breathed life into man.

PHOENIX: Egyptian; It lives for 500 years then consumes itself in flames, only
to rise fom the ashes and live again.

BAHAMUT: Hindu. Need more research...

LEVIATHAN: Biblical; was the embodiment of chaos and a beast symbolizing the
end time.




Thanks to DALLAS for typing up the list of enemies; all these foes are NON-
I. Legend:This is a legend (or key) to what each of the things mean in my
monster guide, this way you will know what each stands for:
*Note* - The Higher the Speed number, the faster the monster rotates through
its attack order.
Name: The Monster's name
HP: The amount of Hit Points the monster has
MP: The amount of Magic Points the monster has
Level: The Level of the Monster Attack:Strength of Attack the monster does on 1
Defense: Defense the monster has against your attacks
Speed: The speed that the monster rotates through its attack order
Evading: Percent of Chance that the monster will evade your attack
Money (Gil): How much Gil (Money) you receive when you beat the monster
EXP: Amount of Experience points you receive when you beat the monster
Steal: The Item you receive if you use the "Steal" command with the Thief
Dropped: The Item that is dropped by the enemy when you defeat it
Final Fantasy V Monster Guide=  All the monsters are in Alphabetical order from
A-Z: ************************************************************************
Name: A Rage
HP: 1,050
MP: 100 Level: 34 Attack: 49 Defense: 5 Speed: 30 Evading: 10% Money (Gil): 366
EXP: 750 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Phoenix Down
Name: Acrophis HP: 900 MP: 0 Level: 30 Attack: 36 Defense: 20 Speed: 25
Evading: 0% Money (Gil): 267 EXP: 410 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Nothing
Name: Adamngolem HP: 900 MP: 0 Level: 37 Attack: 62 Defense: 10 Speed: 35
Evading: 0% Money (Gil): 378 EXP: 1,100 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Potion
Name: Alcumia HP: 4,500 MP: 3,900 Level: 47 Attack: 70 Defense: 10 Speed: 35
Evading: 50% Money (Gil): 546 EXP: 1,000 Steal: Maiden'sKiss Dropped: Elixir
Name: Aquazone HP: 800 MP: 100 Level: 31 Attack: 39 Defense: 0 Speed: 30
Evading: 0% Money (Gil): 279 EXP: 490 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Antidote
Name: Aquagel HP: 3,300 MP: 100 Level: 46 Attack: 67 Defense: 20 Speed: 22
Evading: 0% Money (Gil): 540 EXP: 1,268 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Speed Drink
Name: Archeosaurus HP: 9,960 MP: 1,000 Level: 35 Attack: 67 Defense: 20 Speed:
33 Evading: 0% Money (Gil): 444 EXP: 1,800 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Dragon Fang
 Name: Archeotoad HP: 800 MP: 100 Level: 25 Attack: 34 Defense: 0 Speed: 25
Evading: 0% Money (Gil): 213 EXP: 390 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Nothing
 Name: Armon HP: 1,500 MP: 300 Level: 25 Attack: 90 Defense: 35 Speed: 25
Evading: 0% Money (Gil): 740 EXP: 0 Steal: Antidote Dropped: Potion
 Name: Auspices HP: 1,280 MP: 50 Level: 35 Attack: 57 Defense: 20 Speed: 42
Evading: 10% Money (Gil): 0 EXP: 800 Steal: Antidote Dropped: Antidote
************************************************************************ Name:
Bald Money HP: 1,300 MP: 0 Level: 35 Attack: 43 Defense: 0 Speed: 30 Evading:
10% Money (Gil): 339 EXP: 660 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Holy Water
Name: Baretta HP: 1,000 MP: 0 Level: 41 Attack: 61 Defense: 55 Speed: 21
Evading: 0% Money (Gil): 429 EXP: 1,050 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Potion
 Name: Behemo King HP: 18,000 MP: 300 Level: 82 Attack: 95 Defense: 15 Speed:
25 Evading: 0% Money (Gil): 1,000 EXP: 0 Steal: Phoenix Down Dropped: Double
Lance ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Name: Belfagel HP: 6,000 MP: 500 Level: 55 Attack: 73 Defense: 30 Speed: 40
Evading: 15% Money (Gil): 950 EXP: 0 Steal: Moonring Dropped: Ice Shield
Name: Berserker HP: 2,140 MP: 0 Level: 44 Attack: 77 Defense: 5 Speed: 20
Evading: 0% Money (Gil): 495 EXP: 1,000 Steal: Speed Drink Dropped: Death
Sickle ------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Name: Bewitchin HP: 2,000 MP: 200 Level: 42 Attack: 65 Defense: 10 Speed: 25
Evading: 0% Money (Gil): 459 EXP: 1,200 Steal: Silk Robe Dropped: LuminousRobe
Name: BigButrfly HP: 9000 MP: 500 Level: 29 Attack: 75 Defense: 20 Speed: 55
Evading: 5% Money (Gil): 5000 EXP: 0 Steal: Potion Dropped: Giant Drink
Name: Big Horn HP: 90 MP: 0 Level: 8 Attack: 10 Defense: 0 Speed: 20 Evading:
0% Money (Gil): 50 EXP: 40 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Tonic
Name: BioSoldier HP: 540 MP: 500 Level: 18 Attack: 30 Defense: 0 Speed: 15
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 168 EXP: 320 Steal: Battle Ax Dropped: Antidote
Name: BlackFlame HP: 220 MP: 100 Level: 22 Attack: 28 Defense: 0 Speed: 20
Evading: 50 Money (Gil): 174 EXP: 290 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Speed Drink
 Name: BlakGoblin HP: 20 MP: 0 Level: 7 Attack: 5 Defense: 0 Speed: 10 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 21 EXP: 20 Steal: Tonic Dropped: LeatherShoes
Name: BlakWarlok HP: 1999 MP: 500 Level: 36 Attack: 50 Defense: 10 Speed: 30
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 375 EXP: 950 Steal: Poison Rod Dropped: Power Staff
 Name: Blind Wolf HP: 900 MP: 0 Level: 33 Attack: 54 Defense: 5 Speed: 25
Evading: 20 Money (Gil): 363 EXP: 500 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Eye Drop
Name: Blizzard HP: 2300 MP: 0 Level: 45 Attack: 77 Defense: 10 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 510 EXP: 1200 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Potion
Name: Blockhead HP: 600 MP: 100 Level: 26 Attack: 37 Defense: 0 Speed: 30
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 228 EXP: 330 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Nothing
Name: BloodSlime HP: 600 MP: 100 Level: 29 Attack: 36 Defense: 39 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 264 EXP: 365 Steal: Holy Water Dropped: Holy Water
Name: BlueDragon HP: 6900 MP: 1000 Level: 38 Attack: 64 Defense: 10 Speed: 35
Evading: 20 Money (Gil): 500 EXP: 2500 Steal: Dragon Fang Dropped: Dragon Fang
Name: Bluegeoner HP: 6000 MP: 0 Level: 41 Attack: 70 Defense: 10 Speed: 43
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 10 EXP: 3 Steal: Potion Dropped: Crystalmail
Name: Bndrsnatch HP: 120 MP: 0 Level: 9 Attack: 14 Defense: 0 Speed: 15
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 100 EXP: 60 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Tonic
Name: Bomb HP: 440 MP: 50 Level: 21 Attack: 29 Defense: 0 Speed: 15 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 162 EXP: 230 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Tonic
 Name: BrandLamia HP: 2100 MP: 60 Level: 40 Attack: 54 Defense: 10 Speed: 27
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 435 EXP: 700 Steal: Maiden'sKiss Dropped: Lamia'sTiara
Name: Cactus HP: 1000 MP: 50 Level: 29 Attack: 37 Defense: 0 Speed: 25 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 255 EXP: 419 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Nothing
Name: Centipeelr HP: 2780 MP: 100 Level: 48 Attack: 75 Defense: 10 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 570 EXP: 1250 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Potion
Name: Cockataur HP: 100 MP: 0 Level: 12 Attack: 15 Defense: 0 Speed: 15
Evading: 30 Money (Gil): 75 EXP: 55 Steal: Soft Dropped: Nothing
Name: Cool Dust HP: 240 MP: 100 Level: 17 Attack: 21 Defense: 0 Speed: 15
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 120 EXP: 130 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Dark Matter
Name: Corbett HP: 2800 MP: 0 Level:29 Attack: 40 Defense: 0 Speed: 35 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 1000 EXP: 0 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Potion
 Name: Corral HP: 2150 MP: 100 Level: 46 Attack: 66 Defense: 20 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 534 EXP: 1268 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Nothing
Name: Cowpoke HP: 2200 MP: 100 Level: 37 Attack: 52 Defense: 5 Speed: 35
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 399 EXP: 825 Steal: Power Drink Dropped: Speed Drink
Name: Crescent HP: 580 MP: 0 Level: 22 Attack: 30 Defense: 0 Speed: 20 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 171 EXP: 300 Steal: Silver Bow Dropped: Death Sickle
Name: Crystelle HP: 3 MP: 500 Level: 52 Attack: 100 Defense: 50 Speed: 20
Evading: 50 Money (Gil): 800 EXP: 0 Steal: Ether Dropped: CrystalHelmt
Name: CrystlDrgn HP: 17,500 MP: 10,000 Level: 62 Attack: 128 Defense: 40 Speed:
50 Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 10,000 EXP: 0 Steal: Elixir Dropped: Crystalmail
Name: CrystSlugs HP: 75 MP: 50 Level: 10 Attack: 8 Defense: 0 Speed: 15
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 60 EXP: 38 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Elixir
Name: CureBeast HP: 1,000 MP: 100 Level: 34 Attack: 42 Defense: 0 Speed: 35
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 333 EXP: 620 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Elixir
 Name: Cybis HP: 25 MP: 100 Level: 19 Attack: 30 Defense: 10 Speed: 50 Evading:
90 Money (Gil): 100 EXP: 200 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Soft
Name: Cycloskull HP: 3000 MP: 100 Level: 48 Attack: 75 Defense: 10 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 564 EXP: 1380 Steal: Turtle Shell Dropped: Rune Chime
************************************************************************ Name:
Death Claw HP: 4000 MP: 200 Level: 51 Attack: 70 Defense: 29 Speed: 25 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 600 EXP: 1700 Steal: Hero Drink Dropped: Soft
Name: DeemMaster HP: 2600 MP: 1000 Level: 43 Attack: 82 Defense: 45 Speed: 20
Evading: 20 Money (Gil): 480 EXP: 900 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Potion
Name: Defeater HP: 260 MP: 100 Level: 18 Attack: 22 Defense: 0 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 129 EXP: 150 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Speed Drink
Name: Desertorpedo HP: 2150 MP: 0 Level: 40 Attack: 59 Defense: 10 Speed: 22
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 426 EXP: 900 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Dark Matter
Name: DethDealer HP: 3000 MP: 100 Level: 63 Attack: 75 Defense: 10 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 567 EXP: 1400 Steal: Holy Water Dropped: Phoenix Down
Name: Devourer HP: 1000 MP: 100 Level: 28 Attack: 37 Defense: 0 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 246 EXP: 385 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Nothing
Name: Diablo HP: 16 MP: 0 Level: 3 Attack: 4 Defense: 3 Speed: 7 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 20 EXP: 7 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Nothing
 Name: Dinglberry HP: 39,393 MP: 100 Level: 46 Attack: 119 Defense: 10 Speed:
49 Evading: 30 Money (Gil): 537 EXP: 1268 Steal: Plumed Hat Dropped: Mirage
Vest ------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Name: Disabler HP: 3800 MP: 300 Level: 49 Attack: 77 Defense: 30 Speed: 20
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 579 EXP: 1500 Steal: Wall Ring Dropped: Lamia'sHarp
Name: Doublizard HP: 700 MP: 0 Level: 21 Attack: 29 Defense: 20 Speed: 15
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 165 EXP: 260 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Tonic
Name: DrgnZombie HP: 4590 MP: 0 Level: 24 Attack: 46 Defense: 10 Speed: 29
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 500 EXP: 1650 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Dragon Fang
Name: DragonAvis HP: 7000 MP: 1000 Level: 49 Attack: 100 Defense: 15 Speed: 22
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 618 EXP: 2020 Steal: Trident Dropped: Dragon Fang
Name: Drippy HP: 900 MP: 100 Level: 32 Attack: 35 Defense: 5 Speed: 35 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 294 EXP: 540 Steal: MythrilHammr Dropped: Tent
Name: Drgn Great HP: 10,000 MP: 1000 Level: 51 Attack: 100 Defense: 20 Speed:
20 Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 615 EXP: 1900 Steal: Dragon Fang Dropped: Dragon
Fang ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Name: DualKnight HP: 2140 MP: 0 Level: 44 Attack: 78 Defense: 5 Speed: 1
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 489 EXP: 1100 Steal: Power Drink Dropped: Power Drink
 Name: Elf Toad HP: 160 MP: 50 Level: 13 Attack: 15 Defense: 0 Speed: 10
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 81 EXP: 65 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Tonic
Name: Executor HP: 2000 MP: 10,000 Level: 42 Attack: 52 Defense: 10 Speed: 35
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 462 EXP: 1300 Steal: Nothing Dropped: DimndArmBand
 Name: Fall Guard HP: 4000 MP: 100 Level: 47 Attack: 60 Defense: 30 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 543 EXP: 1335 Steal: RopeHeadband Dropped: KaisrKnuckle
Name: Fan Wizard HP: 1000 MP: 200 Level: 24 Attack: 35 Defense: 2 Speed: 30
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 207 EXP: 470 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Dark Bow
Name: Ferry Walk HP: 1000 MP: 1000 Level: 28 Attack: 36 Defense: 0 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 243 EXP: 385 Steal: Holy Water Dropped: Potion
Name: Fins HP: 550 MP: 10 Level: 20 Attack: 27 Defense: 0 Speed: 26 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 100 EXP: 180 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Tonic
Name: Fishite HP: 400 MP: 0 Level: 25 Attack: 40 Defense: 0 Speed: 25 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 200 EXP: 300 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Tonic
Name: Flare HP: 3000 MP: 1000 Level: 44 Attack: 89 Defense: 35 Speed: 21
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 486 EXP: 1100 Steal: Elixir Dropped: Poet Cap
Name: Freeziabat HP: 2300 MP: 200 Level: 32 Attack: 42 Defense: 30 Speed: 39
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 273 EXP: 888 Steal: Potion Dropped: Potion
Name: Fury HP: 5000 MP: 1000 Level: 50 Attack: 80 Defense: 20 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 630 EXP: 2250 Steal: Wall Ring Dropped: Black Robe
************************************************************************ Name:
Galacjelly HP: 75 MP: 100 Level: 34 Attack: 45 Defense: 20 Speed: 25 Evading:
50 Money (Gil): 348 EXP: 750 Steal: Eye Drop Dropped: Ehter
Name: Garula HP: 500 MP: 0 Level: 9 Attack: 12 Defense: 5 Speed: 10 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 0 EXP: 0 Steal: Maiden'sKiss Dropped: Nothing
 Name: Gatlings HP: 80 MP: 0 Level: 7 Attack: 9 Defense: 0 Speed: 20 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 42 EXP: 30 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Soft
Name: GhilaCat HP: 100 MP: 20 Level: 12 Attack: 12 Defense: 0 Speed: 15
Evading: 15 Money (Gil): 72 EXP: 55 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Nothing
 Name: Gigas HP: 760 MP: 35 Level: 19 Attack: 28 Defense: 0 Speed: 20 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 144 EXP: 350 Steal: Elixir Dropped: Giant Drink
Name: Glastos HP: 250 MP: 0 Level: 15 Attack: 20 Defense: 11 Speed: 10 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 100 EXP: 230 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Turtle Shell
Name: GloomWidow HP: 1820 MP: 0 Level: 42 Attack: 60 Defense: 10 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 456 EXP: 1100 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Nothing
Name: Goblin HP: 16 MP: 3 Level: 6 Attack: 5 Defense: 0 Speed: 10 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 20 EXP: 10 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Leather Cap
Name: GrandMummy HP: 6000 MP: 300 Level: 0 Attack: 55 Defense: 30 Speed: 34
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 0 EXP: 0 Steal: Potion Dropped: Potion
Name: Gravidead HP: 1800 MP: 200 Level: 34 Attack: 38 Defense: 20 Speed: 35
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 327 EXP: 720 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Earth Robe
Name: Grenade HP: 3000 MP: 500 Level: 47 Attack: 75 Defense: 10 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 558 EXP: 1100 Steal: Potion Dropped: Potion
Name: Grimalkin HP: 500 MP: 0 Level: 32 Attack: 36 Defense: 5 Speed: 30
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 200 EXP: 300 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Holy Water
Name: Groundpede HP: 1450 MP: 200 Level: 24 Attack: 42 Defense: 5 Speed: 30
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 291 EXP: 520 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Hard Body
 Name: Harpy HP: 666 MP: 5000 Level: 14 Attack: 50 Defense: 50 Speed: 35
Evading: 50 Money (Gil): 93 EXP: 100 Steal: Hard Body Dropped: Phoenix Down
Name: Hedgehog HP: 1000 MP: 0 Level: 37 Attack: 54 Defense: 25 Speed: 38
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 402 EXP: 850 Steal: Soft Dropped: Soft
Name: Hydra HP: 3000 MP: 1000 Level: 26 Attack: 42 Defense: 20 Speed: 50
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 219 EXP: 3108 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Phoenix Down
Name: Hypnot HP: 2600 MP: 100 Level: 37 Attack: 59 Defense: 5 Speed: 35
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 381 EXP: 1150 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Phoenix Down
Name: Hyudra HP: 2000 MP: 1000 Level: 25 Attack: 38 Defense: 10 Speed: 45
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 216 EXP: 1800 Steal: Ether Dropped: Dragon Fang
************************************************************************ Name:
Ice Soldier HP: 160 MP: 20 Level: 13 Attack: 17 Defense: 0 Speed: 15 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 84 EXP: 65 Steal: MythrilSword Dropped: Tonic
Name: Imp HP: 2000 MP: 200 Level: 36 Attack: 90 Defense: 5 Speed: 30 Evading:
30 Money (Gil): 354 EXP: 840 Steal: Tonic Dropped: DmndArmBand
Name: Invisible HP: 7000 MP: 1000 Level: 52 Attack: 90 Defense: 10 Speed: 47
Evading: 25 Money (Gil): 0 EXP: 0 Steal: Ninja Suit Dropped: Nothing
Name: Iron HP: 2140 MP: 0 Level: 44 Attack: 80 Defense: 25 Speed: 20 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 492 EXP: 1200 Steal: Giant Drink Dropped: Giant Drink
Name: Iron Dress HP: 2200 MP: 0 Level: 44 Attack: 70 Defense: 50 Speed: 30
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 504 EXP: 1300 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Tent
Name: Iron Giant HP: 18,000 MP: 10,000 Level: 61 Attack: 100 Defense: 50 Speed:
55 Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 597 EXP: 10,000 Steal: Iron Helmet Dropped: Giant
************************************************************************ Name:
Jestrex HP: 2580 MP: 485 Level: 48 Attack: 90 Defense: 15 Speed: 25 Evading: 20
Money (Gil): 606 EXP: 1390 Steal: Speed Drink Dropped: Eye Drop
************************************************************************ Name:
Karnak HP: 140 MP: 0 Level: 19 Attack: 20 Defense: 0 Speed: 10 Evading: 10
Money (Gil): 141 EXP: 140 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Nothing
Name: Kestrel HP: 19,000 MP: 10,000 Level: 27 Attack: 77 Defense: 40 Speed: 59
Evading: 40 Money (Gil): 10,000 EXP: 0 Steal: Maiden'sKiss Dropped: Angel Ring
Name: Killer Bee HP: 20 MP: 0 Level: 1 Attack: 5 Defense: 0 Speed: 10 Evading:
10 Money (Gil): 20 EXP: 15 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Nothing
Name: Kornago HP: 1000 MP: 300 Level: 31 Attack: 38 Defense: 0 Speed: 30
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 285 EXP: 512 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Eye Drop
Name: Kuzer HP: 5000 MP: 1000 Level: 28 Attack: 45 Defense: 10 Speed: 35
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 1000 EXP: 1000 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Elixir
 ************************************************************************ Name:
La Mage HP: 760 MP: 200 Level: 19 Attack: 25 Defense: 0 Speed: 25 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 198 EXP: 370 Steal: Poet Robe Dropped: Elixir
Name: Lamia HP: 900 MP: 100 Level: 24 Attack: 35 Defense: 0 Speed: 35 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 210 EXP: 490 Steal: Maiden'sKiss Dropped: Nothing
Name: Landcrawler HP: 22,000 MP: 500 Level: 48 Attack: 100 Defense: 20 Speed:
25 Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 567 EXP: 3270 Steal: AncientSword Dropped: Elixir
Name: Landsquid HP: 2780 MP: 500 Level: 48 Attack: 71 Defense: 10 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 576 EXP: 3270 Steal: Potion Dropped: Holy Water
Name: LandTurtle HP: 1300 MP: 0 Level: 34 Attack: 42 Defense: 30 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 336 EXP: 790 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Turtle Shell
Name: Landwort HP: 180 MP: 0 Level: 14 Attack: 19 Defense: 0 Speed: 15 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 99 EXP: 120 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Nothing
--- Name: LevelChekr HP: 5000 MP: 500 Level: 54 Attack: 90 Defense: 20 Speed:
20 Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 624 EXP: 1520 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Elixir
Name: LilChariot HP: 480 MP: 100 Level: 8 Attack: 40 Defense: 0 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 200 EXP: 300 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Potion
Name: LumbrBeast HP: 130 MP: 0 Level: 11 Attack: 10 Defense: 1 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 63 EXP: 46 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Elixir
 Name: MagicDragon HP: 2900 MP: 300 Level: 36 Attack: 58 Defense: 10 Speed: 27
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 372 EXP: 1200 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Elixir
Name: Magnities HP: 1200 MP: 100 Level: 33 Attack: 43 Defense: 10 Speed: 35
Evading: 40 Money (Gil): 315 EXP: 610 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Potion
Name: Mamon HP: 1700 MP: 100 Level: 35 Attack: 46 Defense: 5 Speed: 30 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 351 EXP: 700 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Potion
Name: Mandrake HP: 1000 MP: 100 Level: 28 Attack: 36 Defense: 0 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 249 EXP: 385 Steal: Eye Drop Dropped: Nothing
Name: Mauldwin HP: 20 MP: 5 Level: 1 Attack: 5 Defense: 0 Speed: 10 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 27 EXP: 20 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Elixir
Name: Maximus HP: 10,000 MP: 1000 Level: 51 Attack: 100 Defense: 15 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 900 EXP: 0 Steal: Potion Dropped: Circlet
Name: MechaHead HP: 7210 MP: 5000 Level: 37 Attack: 59 Defense: 28 Speed: 37
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 0 EXP: 0 Steal: Ether Dropped: Speed Drink
Name: Mercury Bat HP: 500 MP: 500 Level: 46 Attack: 65 Defense: 10 Speed: 20
Evading: 50 Money (Gil): 531 EXP: 1020 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Potion
Name: Metamorpha HP: 7000 MP: 10,000 Level: 43 Attack: 40 Defense: 10 Speed: 33
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 777 EXP: 20 Steal: Staff Dropped: Lumino-Staff
Name: Mind Flare HP: 4700 MP: 500 Level: 53 Attack: 90 Defense: 20 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 800 EXP: 0 Steal: Green Beret Dropped: White Robe
Name: MiniDragon HP: 1000 MP: 100 Level: 22 Attack: 30 Defense: 30 Speed: 20
Evading: 30 Money (Gil): 180 EXP: 900 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Nothing
Name: MiniMage HP: 1100 MP: 10 Level: 11 Attack: 30 Defense: 5 Speed: 30
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 345 EXP: 600 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Wizard Hat
Name: MithrlDrgn HP: 600 MP: 200 Level: 16 Attack: 28 Defense: 15 Speed: 15
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 114 EXP: 270 Steal: Tonic Dropped: MythrilGlove
Name: Mog Eater HP: 1000 MP: 50 Level: 23 Attack: 39 Defense: 5 Speed: 30
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 270 EXP: 665 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Nothing
Name: Money Mage HP: 20 MP: 7 Level: 5 Attack: 5 Defense: 0 Speed: 7 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 30 EXP: 20 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Rod
Name: MossFungus HP: 5000 MP: 200 Level: 48 Attack: 75 Defense: 15 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 591 EXP: 1520 Steal: Potion Dropped: Antidote
Name: MotorDrive HP: 3300 MP: 0 Level: 38 Attack: 63 Defense: 15 Speed: 32
Evading: 20 Money (Gil): 384 EXP: 1300 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Hero Drink
Name: Mottletrap HP: 240 MP: 100 Level: 17 Attack: 24 Defense: 10 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 126 EXP: 150 Steal: Ether Dropped: Nothing
Name: Mover HP: 10,000 MP: 500 Level: 52 Attack: 128 Defense: 40 Speed: 35
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 50,000 EXP: 0 Steal: Fire Skill Dropped: LgtningSkill
Name: Mummy HP: 2900 MP: 50 Level: 27 Attack: 48 Defense: 25 Speed: 50 Evading:
10 Money (Gil): 500 EXP: 0 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Holy Water
Name: Neo Garula HP: 980 MP: 1000 Level: 27 Attack: 40 Defense: 0 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 500 EXP: 300 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Water Skill
Name: Necromancer HP: 6900 MP: 300 Level: 54 Attack: 79 Defense: 15 Speed: 27
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 1000 EXP: 0 Steal: Holy Water Dropped: Holy Water
Name: Neogigas HP: 4170 MP: 5000 Level: 39 Attack: 62 Defense: 5 Speed: 37
Evading: 20 Money (Gil): 411 EXP: 810 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Giant Drink
Name: Neon HP: 700 MP: 100 Level: 33 Attack: 44 Defense: 5 Speed: 25 Evading:
20 Money (Gil): 312 EXP: 600 Steal: Speed Drink Dropped: Speed Drink
Name: Nile HP: 1200 MP: 10 Level: 38 Attack: 51 Defense: 35 Speed: 21 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 441 EXP: 480 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Giant Drink
Name: Ninja HP: 5000 MP: 200 Level: 52 Attack: 90 Defense: 15 Speed: 26
Evading: 70 Money (Gil): 612 EXP: 1800 Steal: Shuriken Dropped: Magishuriken
Name: Nut Eater HP: 20 MP: 0 Level: 1 Attack: 5 Defense: 0 Speed: 10 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 20 EXP: 10 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Tonic
************************************************************************ Name:
Octofist HP: 60 MP: 0 Level: 7 Attack: 8 Defense: 0 Speed: 20 Evading: 0 Money
(Gil): 45 EXP: 21 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Tonic
Name: Oculus HP: 2100 MP: 0 Level: 49 Attack: 75 Defense: 33 Speed: 22 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 594 EXP: 1350 Steal: Dark Matter Dropped: Phoenix Down
************************************************************************ Name:
Paddle Thru HP: 280 MP: 50 Level: 14 Attack: 19 Defense: 0 Speed: 15 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 93 EXP: 100 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Nothing
Name: Page 32 HP: 480 MP: 500 Level: 19 Attack: 27 Defense: 0 Speed: 30
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 147 EXP: 180 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Tonic
Name: Page 64 HP: 500 MP: 500 Level: 20 Attack: 27 Defense: 1 Speed: 35
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 150 EXP: 200 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Phoenix Down
Name: Page 128 HP: 700 MP: 500 Level: 20 Attack: 28 Defense: 0 Speed: 35
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 153 EXP: 190 Steal: Ether Dropped: Tonic
Name: Page 256 HP: 900 MP: 500 Level: 21 Attack: 29 Defense: 0 Speed: 35
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 156 EXP: 210 Steal: Potion Dropped: MythrlShield
Name: Pantera HP: 18,000 MP: 1000 Level: 42 Attack: 61 Defense: 5 Speed: 30
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 0 EXP: 0 Steal: Phoenix Down Dropped: Nothing
Name: Pao HP: 500 MP: 0 Level:27 Attack: 40 Defense: 0 Speed: 20 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 0 EXP: 0 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Tent
Name: PoisnEagle HP: 100 MP: 0 Level: 32 Attack: 37 Defense: 0 Speed: 35
Evading: 50 Money (Gil): 303 EXP: 500 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Antidote
Name: Poltrgeist HP: 240 MP: 100 Level: 17 Attack: 21 Defense: 0 Speed: 20
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 123 EXP: 135 Steal: Potion Dropped: Nothing
Name: Prototype HP: 5000 MP: 1000 Level: 23 Attack: 33 Defense: 100 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 0 EXP: 2000 Steal: Ether Dropped: Dark Matter
Name: PsychoHeds HP: 90 MP: 100 Level: 11 Attack: 9 Defense: 0 Speed: 10
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 66 EXP: 46 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Fire Skill
Name: Pyramidia HP: 2200 MP: 1000 Level: 41 Attack: 61 Defense: 10 Speed: 26
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 438 EXP: 800 Steal: Power Drink Dropped: Tonic
Name: Python HP: 1800 MP: 0 Level: 39 Attack: 49 Defense: 5 Speed: 24 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 405 EXP: 680 Steal: Antidote Dropped: Eye Drop
************************************************************************ Name:
Quadrharpy HP: 1000 MP: 150 Level: 23 Attack: 50 Defense: 20 Speed: 40 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 186 EXP: 1000 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Phoenix Down
************************************************************************ Name:
Radiator HP: 900 MP: 1000 Level: 40 Attack: 47 Defense: 30 Speed: 5 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 417 EXP: 800 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Tonic
Name: Red Dragon HP: 7500 MP: 1000 Level: 30 Attack: 65 Defense: 12 Speed: 34
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 500 EXP: 3000 Steal: Potion Dropped: Elixir
Name: Red Harpy HP: 1900 MP: 100 Level: 43 Attack: 60 Defense: 10 Speed: 24
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 465 EXP: 1250 Steal: Potion Dropped: Holy Water
Name: RflecKnigt HP: 1600 MP: 200 Level: 33 Attack: 47 Defense: 30 Speed: 30
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 318 EXP: 700 Steal: War Hammer Dropped: Wall Ring
Name: RflecMage HP: 1300 MP: 100 Level: 36AT Attack: 52 Defense: 5 Speed: 28
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 369 EXP: 900 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Ether
Name: RicardMage HP: 100 MP: 70 Level: 10 Attack: 17 Defense: 0 Speed: 15
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 87 EXP: 75 Steal: Rod Dropped: Fire Rod
Name: Ridicule HP: 1380 MP: 200 Level: 31 Attack: 41 Defense: 5 Speed: 35
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 288 EXP: 900 Steal: Maiden'sKiss Dropped: Hero Drink
 Name: RockStatue HP: 3300 MP: 20 Level: 45 Attack: 76 Defense: 20 Speed: 26
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 507 EXP: 100 Steal: Potion Dropped: Soft
Name: RockCutter HP: 120 MP: 0 Level: 11 Attack: 13 Defense: 0 Speed: 10
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 69 EXP: 46 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Nothing
Name: RonkaKnigt HP: 860 MP: 0 Level: 24 Attack: 36 Defense: 20 Speed: 25
Evading: 20 Money (Gil): 201 EXP: 380 Steal: Potion Dropped: MythrlShield
 Name: Sand Bear HP: 100 MP: 0 Level: 24 Attack: 36 Defense: 10 Speed: 35
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 195 EXP: 360 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Nothing
Name: Sandboil HP: 420 MP: 0 Level: 23 Attack: 33 Defense: 5 Speed: 20 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 189 EXP: 260 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Tonic
Name: Sandcrawlr HP: 15,000 MP: 1000 Level: 29 Attack: 45 Defense: 10 Speed: 35
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 1000 EXP: 1000 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Power Drink
Name: SandKiller HP: 620 MP: 0 Level: 23 Attack: 34 Defense: 0 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 192 EXP: 300 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Antidote
Name: Sea Devil HP: 5000 MP: 1000 Level: 30 Attack: 71 Defense: 15 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 3000 EXP: 0 Steal: Potion Dropped: Turtle Shell
Name: Sergeant HP: 400 MP: 100 Level: 0 Attack: 25 Defense: 0 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 132 EXP: 160 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Silver Plate
Name: Serpentia HP: 3900 MP: 300 Level: 49 Attack: 76 Defense: 30 Speed: 20
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 582 EXP: 1500 Steal: Prism Dress Dropped: HairOrnament
Name: ShadeDancr HP: 4480 MP: 100 Level: 43 Attack: 75 Defense: 10 Speed: 30
Evading: 20 Money (Gil): 468 EXP: 1550 Steal: Power Wrist Dropped: Cornucopia
Name: Shadow HP: 1000 MP: 0 Level: 40 Attack: 57 Defense: 25 Speed: 26 Evading:
30 Money (Gil): 408 EXP: 880 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Holy Water
Name: Shell Fish HP: 1000 MP: 0 Level: 28 Attack: 0 Defense: 0 Speed: 30
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 540 EXP: 0 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Potion
Name: Shell Bear HP: 380 MP: 0 Level: 27 Attack: 37 Defense: 0 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 334 EXP: 89 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Potion
Name: Sherry HP: 4000 MP: 300 Level: 49 Attack: 78 Defense: 30 Speed: 20
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 585 EXP: 1500 Steal: Red Shoes Dropped: Winged Shoes
Name: ShieldDrgn HP: 19,999 MP: 20,000 Level: 29 Attack: 40 Defense: 40 Speed:
40 Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 1000 EXP: 10,000 Steal: MythrlShield Dropped: Gold
Shield ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Name: Shoat HP: 5000 MP: 500 Level: 38 Attack: 55 Defense: 20 Speed: 45
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 0 EXP: 0 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Nothing
Name: Silent Bee HP: 220 MP: 50 Level: 16 Attack: 20 Defense: 0 Speed: 15
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 111 EXP: 120 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Soft
Name: Skelesaur HP: 2590 MP: 10,000 Level: 32 Attack: 39 Defense: 10 Speed: 28
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 300 EXP: 890 Steal: Soft Dropped: Ether
Name: Skeleton HP: 70 MP: 0 Level: 10 Attack: 8 Defense: 0 Speed: 15 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 57 EXP: 38 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Dirk
Name: Skull Eater HP: 1 MP: 100 Level: 32 Attack: 50 Defense: 90 Speed: 50
Evading: 90 Money (Gil): 100 EXP: 300 Steal: Tent Dropped: Elixir
Name: Sleepy HP: 1600 MP: 100 Level: 36 Attack: 50 Defense: 5 Speed: 30
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 396 EXP: 700 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Leather Cap
Name: Slownin HP: 2400 MP: 0 Level: 43 Attack: 81 Defense: 10 Speed: 35
Evading: 30 Money (Gil): 396 EXP: 700 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Leather Cap
Name: Slownin HP: 2400 MP: 0 Level: 43 Attack: 81 Defense: 10 Speed: 35
Evading: 30 Money (Gil): 474 EXP: 1400 Steal: Katana Dropped: Kotetsu
Name: Slug HP: 1820 MP: 100 Level: 42 Attack: 62 Defense: 10 Speed: 20 Evading:
10 Money (Gil): 453 EXP: 1100 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Nothing
Name: Soccer HP: 50 MP: 0 Level: 6 Attack: 7 Defense: 0 Speed: 20 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 40 EXP: 21 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Tonic
Name: Sorcerer HP: 350 MP: 500 Level: 18 Attack: 20 Defense: 0 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 138 EXP: 180 Steal: Mage Slasher Dropped: Ether
Name: Sizzoner HP: 2300 MP: 0 Level: 39 Attack: 71 Defense: 10 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 516 EXP: 1250 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Tonic
Name: Steel Bat HP: 20 MP: 10,000 Level: 2 Attack: 3 Defense: 0 Speed: 5
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 20 EXP: 9 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Nothing
Name: Stingray HP: 30,000 MP: 1000 Level: 93 Attack: 66 Defense: 60 Speed: 70
Evading: 40 Money (Gil): 0 EXP: 0 Steal: Dark Matter Dropped: Dragon Beard
Name: Stone HP: 50 MP: 0 Level: 12 Attack: 13 Defense: 8 Speed: 10 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 78 EXP: 55 Steal: SilvrGlasses Dropped: Nothing
Name: Stone Golem HP: 1000 MP: 0 Level: 22 Attack: 32 Defense: 20 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 177 EXP: 550 Steal: Soft Dropped: Potion
Name: Stoned Mask HP: 450 MP: 20 Level: 24 Attack: 34 Defense: 20 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 204 EXP: 320 Steal: Soft Dropped: Nothing
Name: Stray Cat HP: 20 MP: 0 Level: 2 Attack: 5 Defense: 0 Speed: 10 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 20 EXP: 15 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Nothing
Name: Stroper HP: 20 MP: 0 Level: 3 Attack: 4 Defense: 0 Speed: 7 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 20 EXP: 8 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Nothing
Name: Subterran HP: 1000 MP: 100 Level: 27 Attack: 36 Defense: 0 Speed: 30
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 237 EXP: 353 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Nothing
Name: Succubus HP: 2700 MP: 100 Level: 36 Attack: 55 Defense: 20 Speed: 35
Evading: 20 Money (Gil): 357 EXP: 2200 Steal: Antidote Dropped: Dragon Fang
Name: SwrdDancer HP: 3000 MP: 0 Level: 48 Attack: 75 Defense: 15 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 561 EXP: 2400 Steal: MythrilHelmt Dropped: Blizzard
Name: Sybaritic HP: 3200 MP: 0 Level: 52 Attack: 100 Defense: 70 Speed: 20
Evading: 70 Money (Gil): 642 EXP: 1480 Steal: Turtle Shell Dropped: Elixir
 ************************************************************************ Name:
Tarantula HP: 200 MP: 0 Level: 27 Attack: 35 Defense: 0 Speed: 20 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 231 EXP: 88 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Tonic
Name: Tattoo HP: 100 MP: 0 Level: 8 Attack: 11 Defense: 30 Speed: 20 Evading:
10 Money (Gil): 70 EXP: 50 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Tent
Name: The Damned HP: 1980 MP: 0 Level: 44 Attack: 65 Defense: 10 Speed: 20
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 471 EXP: 1200 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Holy Water
Name: Thunderpit HP: 600 MP: 100 Level: 21 Attack: 27 Defense: 0 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 100 EXP: 160 Steal: Tonic Dropped: LgtningSkill
Name: Tiny Mage HP: 1540 MP: 500 Level: 43 Attack: 80 Defense: 40 Speed: 20
Evading: 15 Money (Gil): 477 EXP: 780 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Tonic
Name: Tote Avis HP: 33,090 MP: 1000 Level: 47 Attack: 70 Defense: 10 Speed: 50
Evading: 20 Money (Gil): 0 EXP: 0 Steal: Ab Splitter Dropped: Ab Splitter
Name: Traveler HP: 1400 MP: 100 Level: 33 Attack: 40 Defense: 0 Speed: 35
Evading: 20 Money (Gil): 5 EXP: 321 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Dream Harp
Name: Trent HP: 700 MP: 50 Level: 26 Attack: 36 Defense: 0 Speed: 25 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 225 EXP: 330 Steal: Potion Dropped: Tonic
Name: Tripper HP: 1300 MP: 100 Level: 34 Attack: 41 Defense: 10 Speed: 30
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 324 EXP: 710 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Potion
Name: TwinLizard HP: 1500 MP: 0 Level: 33 Attack: 54 Defense: 10 Speed: 35
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 360 EXP: 720 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Tonic
Name: T-Wrecks HP: 2300 MP: 0 Level: 45 Attack: 85 Defense: 30 Speed: 25
Evading: 20 Money (Gil): 513 EXP: 2000 Steal: Antidote Dropped: Dragon Fang
 Name: Unknown (Green Slime) HP: 3500 MP: 500 Level: 47 Attack: 61 Defense: 40
Speed: 20 Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 519 EXP: 1080 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Giant
Drink ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Name: Unkown (Spore) HP: 2500 MP: 500 Level: 41 Attack: 60 Defense: 25 Speed:
20 Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 525 EXP: 1200 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Speed Drink
Name: Unknown (Skeleton) HP: 6500 MP: 500 Level: 47 Attack: 67 Defense: 35
Speed: 20 Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 528 EXP: 2000 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Hard Body
Name: Unknown (Worm) HP: 2500 MP: 500 Level: 46 Attack: 62 Defense: 30 Speed:
20 Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 522 EXP: 1350 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Power Drink
Name: Ultragigas HP: 2420 MP: 500 Level: 34 Attack: 49 Defense: 20 Speed: 31
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 330 EXP: 1200 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Giant Drink
 Name: Verminator HP: 1000 MP: 500 Level: 27 Attack: 35 Defense: 0 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 240 EXP: 353 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Ether
 Name: Water Bus HP: 600 MP: 50 Level: 26 Attack: 37 Defense: 0 Speed: 25
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 222 EXP: 330 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Nothing
Name: WaterScorp HP: 500 MP: 0 Level: 26 Attack: 59 Defense: 20 Speed: 35
Evading: 80 Money (Gil): 680 EXP: 0 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Tonic
Name: Weresnake HP: 900 MP: 20 Level: 31 Attack: 40 Defense: 0 Speed: 30
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 282 EXP: 490 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Potion
Name: WhiteFlame HP: 1600 MP: 100 Level: 49 Attack: 65 Defense: 50 Speed: 25
Evading: 33 Money (Gil): 588 EXP: 1430 Steal: Eye Drop Dropped: Ether
Name: White Snake HP: 25 MP: 0 Level: 4 Attack: 5 Defense: 0 Speed: 10 Evading:
0 Money (Gil): 24 EXP: 20 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Nothing
Name: Wild Dog HP: 95 MP: 100 Level: 15 Attack: 20 Defense: 0 Speed: 10
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 125 EXP: 70 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Nothing
Name: WingKiller HP: 300 MP: 0 Level: 26 Attack: 40 Defense: 0 Speed: 28
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 200 EXP: 300 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Antidote
 Name: X-DethSoul HP: 20,000 MP: 20,000 Level: 1 Attack: 77 Defense: 40 Speed:
40 Evading: 50 Money (Gil): 0 EXP: 0 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Dark Matter
Name: Y Burn HP: 200 MP: 0 Level: 14 Attack: 17 Defense: 0 Speed: 18 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 90 EXP: 160 Steal: MythrilKnife Dropped: Tonic
Name: YellowDrgn HP: 8500 MP: 1000 Level: 38 Attack: 65 Defense: 10 Speed: 35
Evading: 0 Money (Gil): 500 EXP: 2600 Steal: Lightning Rod Dropped: Coral Ring
Name: Yojimbo HP: 3690 MP: 0 Level: 52 Attack: 109 Defense: 5 Speed: 20
Evading: 10 Money (Gil): 645 EXP: 2000 Steal: Cottage Stratos Dropped: Power
Tasuki ------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Name: Zefa Zone HP: 3780 MP: 5000 Level: 53 Attack: 55 Defense: 25 Speed: 30
Evading: 30 Money (Gil): 500 EXP: 2000 Steal: Tonic Dropped: Elixir
Name: Zuu HP: 850 MP: 0 Level: 15 Attack: 22 Defense: 0 Speed: 15 Evading: 0
Money (Gil): 150 EXP: 360 Steal: Nothing Dropped: Elixir