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              //==))  @=====  ===  |           @==))  @====@ Y     Y ===T===
             //    )) |            |           |   )) |    | |     |    |
            /@====))  @===   |=====| |           |===   |    | |     |    |
           //  \\     |      |     | |           |   )) |    |          |
          //    \\    @===== |     | @=====      @===  @====@  ===     I

          |======    |====))     |=====      ====    /_\    /=====\    ||
          |          |     ))    |          ((         _     |     |    ||
          |=====|    |====))     |===      ((         | |    |=====|    ||
                |    |           |          ((        | |    |     |    ||
          ======|    |           |=====      ====    |_|    |     |    \======

               D   O   M   I   N   A   T   E   D          M   I   N   D

                     REAL BOUT SPECIAL : DOMINATED MIND - FAQ v0.5
                        by Senio "Akuma" Rotondi <akumasama@tin.it>

  Last Updated : 31 July 2000

  Unpublished work Copyright 1999-2000 Senio "Akuma" Rotondi

  I made this FAQ only for private and personal use.  It can only be reproduced electronically,
  you may also want to put it on a web site but you have to respect 2 conditions:
  1) You must ask for my permission
  2) You have to publish in its integrity, without ANY type of cuts or similar.
  This FAQ wasn't made to be used for profitable and or promotional purposes, so it CAN'T be
  published on magazines, guides books or similar.
  I created this FAQ and so any right goes to me SENIO "AKUMA" ROTONDI.


 1) Introduction

 2) Revison History

 3) The Story

 4) How To Play
    4.1) Legend
    4.2) Game Basics

 5) Characters Move List
    5.1) Alfred
    5.2) Andy Bogard
    5.3) Billy Kane
    5.4) Blue Mary
    5.5) Bob Wilson
    5.6) Cheng Sin Zan
    5.7) Duck King
    5.8) Franco Bash
    5.9) Geese Howard
    5.a) Hon-Fu
    5.b) Jin Chonrei
    5.c) Jin Chonshu
    5.d) Joe Higashi
    5.e) Kim Kaphwan
    5.f) Laurence Blood
    5.g) Mai Shiranui
    5.h) Ryuji Yamazaki
    5.i) Sokaku Mochizuki
    5.j) Terry Bogard
    5.k) Tung Fu Rue
    5.l) White
    5.m) Wolfgang Krauser

 6) Secrets

 7) Miscellaneous
    7.1) Character Information
    7.2) Moves Translation
    7.3) Character Quotes
    7.4) Game Shark / Pro Action Replay Codes

 8) Menu Translation
    8.1) Main Menu
    8.2) Option Menu
    8.3) Moves Configuration Menu
    8.4) Pause Menu
    8.5) Training Mode Pause Menu

 9) What this FAQ needs

10) Credits


Hi again!! And welcome to my fourth FAQ, yes!! The 4th!! Ok i know this is an old game, infact
a lot of time passed since i own the game; so i guess the most of you are thinking "why doing
a faq of an old game???", well, even if it's a lot of time since the game went out on shops
i still play with it, and i still can't find a good faq for it, there is a great faq for
FINAL IMPACTs but not a faq for the game, only that THING called "faq" from Mr. Grandchester
Resurrection... His "faq" needs a lot of moves, and even a lot of basic moves!!! Most than all
he didn't put in any GS codes or White's moves, and he talked about UNCORFIRMED things...
Ok let's come to us now, let's talk about this game.
Even if appearentely the game is just the PSX version of the NEOGEO game REAL BOUT SPECIAL
FATAL FURY (went out also for Saturn) it's in reality some sort of sequel... So it should be
At SNK instead of doing a bad conversion (because of PSX's video memory lack) they tryed to
make some sort of new game. I think they did it pretty well!!!
Wolfgang Krauser is no more the last boss, as the last one is some mad dude called "White" (he
seems to have came out from that Stanley Kubrick's film... I think its name was MECHANICAL
ORANGE, if i remember correctly... ^_^;;;) and there is a new character, Alfred, who will
appear again as a secret one in REAL BOUT 2.
The backgrounds are the same of REAL BOUT SPECIAL FATAL FURY but with some changes.
There is no more planeshifting, and the destroyable things in the backgrounds have been removed
from the SNK programmers. But they added some more things in the backgrounds, for example in
Tung Fu Rue's background there are a few more boats.
Ah yes, "time" still passes between a round and another, so for example you could find
yourself fighting in the daylight on the first round while instead at dusk on the 2nd or at
night on the 3rd.
The EX version of the characters that were available for some chars in REAL BOUT SPECIAL are no
more there, but there is no much need for them, why??? Well Andy Bogard  in RBS Dominated Mind
has pratically all the moves of both Andy Bogard and EX Andy Bogard in RBS FATAL FURY and even
some more!
Yes sometimes characters has new moves, more than all in this game there are 2 new thing to the
Fatal Fury World. They are FINAL IMPACT (it's some sort of cancel combo from a special move to
a super) and QUICK APPROACH (some sort of thing similar to the ADVANCING GUARD of the vs series
from CAPCOM).
Ah yes, the game has some coooool Animation Movies made by SUNRISE (the ANIME house famous for
its Robot Series like GUNDAM and ZAMBOT 3).
Another good thing in this game is the SOOOO GOOOD utilization of the shoulder buttons, wich
can be COMPLETELY reconfigured in the way you like most, putting the move you want in the
button you want.
Ah yes, about the frame rate, obviously there are some cuts, i think you can notice them if you
played a lot the ARCADE / NEGOGEO version, but you shouldn't notice that much if you put it in
comparison with the Saturn version.
Ah another thing, you should already know it but i write it down just to don't let doubts
arise in your minds ("Dominated" mind perhaps??? ^__-).
I intend to make a very good faq for this game, but i'm only human and so without your help
I think i wouldn't do nothing... So if you have ANY KIND of contribution, or you just want to
tell me or ask me something just email me!!!!  =====> akumasama@tin.it


Version 0.5

 - Updated the way on how to unlock secret moves
 - Wiped out section 7.1) "Combos and Final Impacts"
 - Some minor corrections

Version 0.4

 - Added section 8.3) "Moves Configuration Menu"
 - Some minor corrections

Version 0.3

 - Some minor corrections

Version 0.2

 - Modified and updated section "4.1) Legend"
 - Updated section "4.2) Game Basics"
 - Very BIG news in section "5) Characters Move List"!!!!!
 - Updated section "6) Secrets", many news !!!!!
 - Started section "7.2) Character Information"
 - Some minor corrections

Version 0.1
 I've just come along with this FAQ, so i think a lot more has to be written down... Watch out
 for coming version!!!


Oh well to be truth i don't know much about the story of this game, i don't read japanese and
so i couldn't tell what was written in the manual... Anyone could help??? Or perhaps you would
like to see in this section the translation of the personal info for every character found in
the apposite section in the option menu of the game??? Ah... if anyone can help i would gladly
publish it here. Obviously you'll get full credit.
Now let's come to us; even if it could seem that the game has the same plot as RBS FATAL FURY
it's not like that. Apparentely the events that happens in this game are placed after the ones
of RBS FATAL FURY and before the ones of RB2 FATAL FURY.
The big boss of this game is called White and it's EVIDENT that SNK designers have got SOOOO
inspired to the film MECHANICAL ORANGE from the great director STANLEY KUBRICK.
He's the classic MAD boss, with POOOOWERFUL moves and all the rest, he acts like he is a doll
and his stage (a newer one) is full of dolls and toys, broken and not.
Perhaps it's all a metaphore, infact White is able to "ipnotize" people and to use his like
marionettes... Heheh!!! This time SNK get phylosofic!!!
Ok, White ipnotizes Billy Kane and uses him like his servant... Nooo!! Poor Billy!! Obbligated
to fight Vs his real master Geese Howard!!! Ok, it's his problem... AHAHAH i'm really bad
Anyway White is a really strong boss, perhaps the strongest i've ever seen!!! To be truth his
AI it's not programmed so well, but using it i've seen all of his potential, and i can freely
say that perhaps he's the strongest boss ever!!!
Hmm, the new character, ALFRED seems to have something personal to settle down with White, but
thanks to my japanese un-knowledge i don't know other. ^_^;;
I hope more info will come soon. (Got it??? YES!! I'm waiting for your contributions!!!)



f ----> Forward
d ----> Down
b ----> Backward
u ----> Up
df ---> DownForward
db ---> DownBackward
uf ---> UpForward
ub ---> UpBackward

qcf --> Quarter Circle Forward ---> d,df,f
qcb --> Quarter Circle Backward --> d,db,b
hcf --> Half Circle Forward ------> b,db,d,df,f
hcb --> Half Circle Backward -----> f,df,d,db,b
360 --> Fully rotate the directional buttons counter clockwise one time

BOLD -> when you see a direction in bold it means you have to hold it a few seconds

P ----> Punch --> X button by default
K ----> Kick ---> Circle button by default
S ----> Strong -> Square button by defaut
T ----> Taunt --> Triangle button by default

() ---> when you see a button listed inside these 2 symbols it means you can hold that
        button to delay or power up the move
<> ---> when you see a movement listed inside these 2 symbols it means that is' a FAINT
        for the move above
tap --> it means that you have to press repeately the button that follows the word "tap"

SP ---> CHOU HISSATSU WAZA Attack --> S. Power
PP ---> POTENTIAL POWER Attack -----> P. Power
TRW --> This move must be done at throw distance, so do it near your opponent. This
        doesn't mean that the move is a throw, it could be, for example, just a combo
CTR --> Do this move as soon as your character blocks your opponent's attack
AIR --> Do this move while in air
REV --> Use this move when you are falling to the floor, BEFORE touching it
DWN --> Use this move while your opponent is lying on the floor
OTF --> Do this move while YOUR character is on the floor
SCR --> This move is the Secret Move of that character, see section "6) Secrets" for
        how to unlock them


As you could easily imagine the winner of this game is whom remains with most energy when the
time runs out or the one who completely wipes out the enemy's energy bar.
The Game is played in rounds, the one who wins 2 rounds on 3 passes to the next match, the
energy bar is double; i mean, as your yellow energy bar gradually runs out you'll see that a
red bar is underneath the yellow one.
You'll notice that there is another energy bar in the lower part of the screen; that is the
Power Bar and its value will go up as you hit your opponent. It will go up faster if you use
Special Moves instead of normal attacks. The Power Bar go up a little even if you've been
hitten by your enemy.
Special Moves and normal attacks can be executed, quite obviously, anytime in the match; but
there are particular moves (i list them in section "5) Character Move List") that can be
done only on certain situations, for example a full Power Bar, or a flashing red Energy Bar
or both...
I've made a little scheme just to make things more clear:


less than half    yellow      nothing     nothing
less than half    red         nothing     CHOU HISSATSU WAZA
more than half    yellow      H. Power    BREAKSHOT
more than half    red         H. Power    BREAKSHOT, CHOU HISSATSU WAZA
full              yellow      S. Power    BREAKSHOT, CHOU HISSATSU WAZA
full              red         P. Power    BREAKSHOT, CHOU HISSATSU WAZA, POTENTIAL POWER

With a red energy bar you can do as many times as you want the CHOU HISSATSU WAZA Attack of
your character. While if you make it with yellow Energy Bar and full Power Bar it will
empty out the power bar. The Power Bar will return to zero even if you use a POTENTIAL
POWER Attack. Using a BREAKSHOT istead will simply make your bar go down a little.

Now i'll list a few basic commands, common to all the characters:

 - FORWARD STEP ======> f,f

   Just press quickly f,f on your directional pad to make your character do a quick step
   forward. Very useful when you have to approach your enemy.

 - BACK STEP =========> b,b

   As above, just press quickly b,b on your directional pad to make your character do a
   quick step backward. It is very useful when you have to get away from your enemy.
   Note also that for a short amount of time your character will be like invincible, so if
   this move is done at the correct moment the BACK STEP could make you evade quite every
   move, SP and PP included!!!

 - STANDARD THROW ====> f + S

   Simply do the movement above while your character and the enemy are attached the one to the
   other. You will do the standard throw of that character.

 - AIR RECOVER =======> b,db,d + T

   When you are in air, falling to ground 'cause you have been hitten by your enemy simply do
   the move listed above just one moment before touching the ground; in that way you will fall
   on your feet. Sometimes (for example when you have been knocked out by a Power Super Move
   you will not be able to do the AIR RECOVER.

 - QUICK APPROACH =====> f + T

   You can avoid you enemy's attacks with a simple move called "QUICK APPROACH", simply do the
   movement above while your enemy is making an attack, a special move, a CHOU HISSATSU WAZA
   Attack or even a POTENTIAL POWER Attack. Your character will make a little step forward
   followed by blue shadows, and you will not be hitted by your enemy's move. You can cancel a
   QUICK APPROACH with another QUICK APPROACH (only if your enemy continues attacking), a
   Note that you can do the "QUICK APPROACH" even while blocking.

 - SWAY ATTACK =====> f + P

   Do it while blocking. It's some sort of "Universal Breakshot" if you know what i mean.
   I'll try to explain it better: obviously it doesn't use energy from the Power Bar, and it
   looks like a standard attack but it is utilized to "break" a combo or counterattack your
   enemy. You must do it while blocking,even if you don't need to block near the real attack...
   Obviously if you do it while not near you won't hit your opponent, and so it losts its
   usefulness. I must really thank, as usual, Kao Megura for the accurate infos on this move.

 - AIR DIR CHANGE =====> press T while in air

   To change the direction yor character is facing in air it's really simple,just press T while
   in air; your character will change the direction he's facing WHILE in air.
   Not a move that useful but, though, it could come in handy sometime.


  5.1) ALFRED

       Mayday! Mayday!             qcb + K,K,K,K,K           AIR
       Augmenter Wing              qcf + P
       Divergence                  qcf + S
       Critical Wing               qcb + P or S
                                   <d + P+K>
       S. TOL                      f,uf,u + K
                                   <b + P+K>

       SHOCK STALL                 qcb + K+S                 SP, AIR
       WAVE RIDER                  qcb,qcb + S               PP
       HEXADRIVE                   qcf,qcf + S               PP, AIR, SCR

       Breakshot ---> Augmenter Wing, Critical Wing, Divergence
       Initiates ---> Mayday Mayday, Critical Wing, Divergence
       Finishers ---> Shock Stall, Wave Rider, Hexadrive


       Hishoken                    qcb + P
                                   <d + P+K>
       Geki Hishoken               qcb + S
       Shoryudan                   f,d,df + S
       Kuhadan                     db,qcf + K
       Shiranui Chichu Karami      d,d + S                   AIR, TRW
       Zaneiken                    db,f + P
                                   <f + P+K>
       Chou Zaneiken               db,f + S
                                   <f + P+K>
        Bakueiken                  b,f + S                   after Chou Zaneiken
         Teneiken                  d,u + S                   after Bakueiken
       Kunai Dan                   d + S                     DWN
       Yami Abise Geri             b,d,db + K

       CHOUREPPADAN                D,df,f + K+S              SP
       ZANEIREPPA                  db,d,df,f + S             PP
       SHORYUREPPADAN              qcb,qcb + S               PP, SCR

       Breakshot ---> Hishoken, Kuhadan, Yami Abise Geri
       Initiates ---> Hishoken, Zaneiken, Yami Abise Geri
       Finishers ---> Zaneireppa, Shoryureppadan


       Sansetsukon Chudan Uchi     B,f + P
        Kaen S.S.K. Chudan Tsuki   b,f + S                   after Sansetsukon
       Suzume Otoshi               qcb + P
       Karyu Tsuigeki Kon          qcb + K
       Kyoshu Hisho Kon            db,qcf + K
       Senpu Kon                   tap P
       Zugatsu Gegata Geki         d + S                     DWN
       Shuutenrenha Kon            qcf + S                   do this after a P,K combo
       Shuutenrenha Kon Combo      P,K, qcf + S              TRW

       CHOU KAEN SENPU KON         qcf,qcf + K+S             SP
       GUREN SAKKON                qcf,qcf + S               PP
       GUREN SAKKON KAI            qcb,qcb + S               PP, SCR

       Breakshot ---> Suzume Otoshi, S.S.K. Chudan Uchi, Karyu Tsuigeki Kon
       Initiates ---> S.S.K Chudan Uchi, Kaen S.S.K. Chudan Tsuki, Karyu Tsuigeki Kon
       Finishers ---> Chou Kaen Senpu Kon

    The "Shuutenrenha Kon" can be don ONLY after a combo that has P,K as enders. Just
    to make you some examples : u can do it after combos like  P,K or jumping P,P,K or
    jumping K,P,K. Got it???

  5.4) BLUE MARY

       Mary Spider                 qcf + S
       Straight Slicer             B,f + K
        Crab Clutch                hcf + K                   after Straight Slice
       Vertical Arrow              f,d,df + K
        Mary Snatcher              f,d,df + K                after Vertical Arrow
         Facelock                  db,f + S                  after Mary Snatcher
       Achilles Hold               f,df,d + S                after the standard throw
       Quick Sway                  P + K
        Backdrop Real              df,df + S                 after Quick Sway
       Leg Press                   d + K                     DWN

       MARY TYPHOON                qcf,qcf + K+S             SP, TRW
       MARY SPLASH ROSE            f,hcf + K+S               SS, SCR
       MARY DYNAMITE SWING         qcf,qcf + S               PP

       Breakshot ---> Mary Spider, Straight Slicer, Vertical Arrow
       Initiates ---> Facelock
       Finishers ---> Mary Dynamite Swing


       Rolling Turtle              qcb + K
       Frontal Bison Horn          D,u + K
        Eagle Step 1               K                         after Frontal Bison Horn
       Rear Bison Horn             D,u + S
        Eagle Step 2               S                         after Rear Bison Horn
       Wild Wolf                   B,f + K
                                   <d + P+K>
       Hornet Attack               df,df + S                 after the standard throw
        Frog Hunting               b,f,f + K+S               after Hornet Attack
        Hornet Finish              any button                after Hornet Attack
       Jaguar Combo                b,df + P+S                after the standard throw
        Short Horn                 f + K                     IMMEDEATELY after Kick Combo
        Soku Barai                 d + K                     IMMEDEATELY after Kick Combo
        Joudan Mawashi Geri        u + K                     IMMEDEATELY after Kick Combo
         Headbutt                  b,f,f + K+S               after S. Barai or J. Mawashi Geri
       Sidewinder                  qcb + S                   CTR
       Monkey Dance                f,d,df + K                CTR
       Hunting Hedgehog            qcb + P
       Lynx Fang                   u + S                     DWN

       DANGEROUS WOLF              qcb,qcb + K+S             SP
       MAD SPIN WOLF               qcb,qcb + S               PP
        WOLF FANG                  tap S                     after MAD SPIN WOLF

       Breakshot ---> Monkey Dance, Sidewinder, Mad Spin Wolf
       Initiates ---> Bison Horn, Hunting Hedgehog, Rolling Turtle
       Finishers ---> Mad Spin Wolf


       Ki Rai Hou (straight)       qcf + P
       Ki Rai Hou (above)          f,d,df + P
                                   <d + P+K>
       Chou Taiko-bara Uchi        D,u + P, F or B
        Heaven Drop                tap P, F or B             after Chou Taiko-bara Uchi
       Hagan Geki                  B,f + K or S
                                   <f + P+K>
       Chou Handou Manpuku Hougan  hcb + K
       Hakkei Ura Ken              P+K

       BAKURAI HOU                 DB,d,f + K+S              SP
       TAIOH SHO                   qcb,qcb + K+S             SP, SCR
       TENCHI HOURAKU MUJIN HOU    qcf,qcf + S,F or B        PP

       Breakshot ---> Hagan Geki, Chou Handou Manpuku Hougan, Kirai Ho, Bakurai Ho
       Initiates ---> Kirai Ho, Bakurai Ho
       Finishers ---> Bakurai Ho, Tenchi Houraku Mujin Ho, Taioh Sho

  5.7) DUCK KING

       Head Spin Attack            qcf + P
       Rising Head Spin Attack     qcf + S
        Overhead Kick              tap S                     after Rising Head Spin Attack
       Flying Spin Attack          qcb + P                   AIR
       Dancing Dive                qcb + K
       Neo Break Storm             f,d,df + K
       Duck Feint                  d,d                       AIR
        Flying Head Attack         qcb + P                   after Duck Feint
       Beat Rush                   f,b,f + S
       Duck Slide                  f,f,df + S
       Shocking Ball               d + S                     DWN

       BREAK SPIRAL                hcf,uf,d + K+S            SP, TRW
       DUCK DANCE                  d,d + P+K+S               PP
                                   <d + K+S>
        ROLLING BANISHER           B,f,b,f + K+S             after DUCK DANCE
        DIVING BANISHER            f,df,d + K+S              AIR, after DUCK DANCE
        DANCING CALIBER            qcb,qcb + K+S             after DUCK DANCE
        BREAK HURRICANE            qcf,qcf + K+S             after DUCK DANCE

       Breakshot ---> Beat Rush, Head Spin Attack, Rising Head Spin Attack, Neo Break Storm,
                      Duck Dance
       Initiates ---> Headspin Attack,Rising Headsping Attack,Flying Spin Attack,Dancing Dive,
                      Neo Break Storm
       Finishers ---> Rolling Banisher, Dancing Caliber, Break Hurricane

    "DUCK DANCE" is some sort of power up that will unlock four moves (listed above) that can
    be done freely until the Power Bar is empty.


       Barom Punch                 P+K
       Zapper                      qcf + P
                                   <d + P+K>
       Double Kong                 qcb + P
       Golden Bomber               hcb + S
       Guts Dunk                   qcf,uf + K
       Smash                       tap S                     OTF

       FINAL OMEGA SHOT            qcb,qcb + K+S             SP
       ARMAGEDDON BUSTER           qcb,qcb + S               PP
       G-G-G-GUTS DUNK!!           qcf,qcf + S               PP, SCR

       Breakshot ---> Guts Dunk, Double Kong, Zapper, Final Omega Shot
       Initiates ---> Double Kong, Zapper
       Finishers ---> Armageddon Buster, G-G-G-Guts Dunk!!

    After "ARMAGEDDON BUSTER" you have a few seconds (pratically while your enemy is falling
    down) to input some commands. You can input normal attacks (so a direction on the pad and X
    or O or S) and or super moves. Try to create patterns in PRATICE MODE. You can easily
    understand that "ARMAGEDDON BUSTER" can be the more damaging move of the entire game.


       Reppu Ken                   qcb + P
                                   <d + P+K>
       Double Reppu Ken            qcb + S
       Shippu Ken                  qcb + P                   AIR
        Second Shippu Ken          P, F                      after Shippu Ken
       Double Shippu Ken           qcb + S                   AIR
        Quadruple Shippu Ken       qcb + S                   after Double Shippu Ken
        Flying Kick                any button                after Double Shippu Ken
       Jaeiken                     b,f + K
       Jaeidan                     b,f + S
       Joudan Ateminage            hcf + K
       Ura Kumo Gakushi            hcf + S

       RISING STORM                db,hcb,df + K+S           SP
       DEADLY RAVE                 qcb,f + P                 PP
        DEADLY COMBO               P,P,K,K,K,S,S,S           after DEADLY RAY
         FINAL RAY                 qcb + S                   after DEADLY COMBO
       ASHURA SHIPPU KEN           qcf,qcf + S               PP, SCR

       Breakshot ---> Reppu Ken, Double Reppu Ken, Jaeiken, Jaeidan, Joudan Ateminage, Ura Kumo
                      Gakushi, Rising Storm
       Initiates ---> Reppu Ken, Double Reppu Ken
       Finishers ---> Rising Storm, Deadly Rave

  5.a) HON-FU

       Kulong no Yomi              hcf + S
       Seikou Rekka Kon            f,d,df + P or S
                                   <d + K+S>
       Denkousekka no Chi          DB,f + tap K
       Denkousekka no Ten          qcb + K
       Honou no Taneuma            qcb + P, tap P
       Keiraku Randa               d,d + S                   AIR, TRW
       Kashira Tsuki               b,f + S                   SCR

       BAKURETSU GORO              qcb,qcb + K+S             SP
       CADENZA NO ARASHI           qcb,qcb + S               PP

       Breakshot ---> Seikou Rekka Kon, Honou no Taneuma
       Initiates ---> Seikou Rekka Kon, Denkousekka no Chi, Honou no Taneuma
       Finishers ---> Cadenza no Arashi


       Teiou Jinsoku Ken           f,f + P
       Shin Jinsoku Ken            f,f,f + P
       Teiou Tengen Ken            qcf + P or S
       Teiou Tenji Ken             f,d,df + P or S
       Teiou Rojin Ken             qcb,f + S
       Teiou Tashin Ken            qcb + K
       Ryu Tenshin                 qcf + (K)

       TEIOU SHUKUMYOU KEN         qcf,qcf + (K+S)           SP
       TEIOU RYUSEI KEN            qcf,qcf + S               PP
       TEIOU GYAKURIN KEN          qcb,qcb + S               PP, SCR

       Breakshot ---> Teiou Rojin Ken, Ryu Tenshin, Teiou Tenji Ken, Teiou Jinsoku Ken
       Initiates ---> Teiou Tengen Ken, Teiou Tenji Ken, Teiou Jinsoku Ken, Shin Jinsoku Ken
       Finishers ---> Teiou Shukumyou Ken

    "TEIOU SHUKUMYOU KEN" is unblockable


       Teiou Jinsoku Ken           f,f + P
       Kourin Jinsoku Ken          f,f,f + P
       Teiou Tengen Ken            qcf + P or S
       Teiou Tenji Ken             f,d,df + P or S
       Teiou Shingan Ken 1         hcb + P
       Teiou Shingan Ken 2         hcb + K
        Teiou Shinten Ken          any dir + any button     after Teiou Jingan Ken 2
       Teiou Shingan Ken 3         hcb + S
       Teiou Tenma Shingan Ken 1   f,df,d + K               AIR
       Teiou Tenma Shingan Ken 2   b,db,d + K               AIR

       TEIOU ROJIN KEN             qcf,qcf + K+S            SP
                                   <d + K+S>
       TEIOU KUUSATSU ROJIN KEN    qcb,f + K+S              SP, AIR
       TEIOU SHUKUMYOU KEN         qcf,qcf + S              PP
       TEIOU RYUSOU KEN            qcb,qcb + S              PP, SCR

       Breakshot ---> Teiou Shingan Ken, Teiou Tengen Ken
       Initiates ---> Teiou Tengen Ken, Teiou Tenji Ken
       Finishers ---> Teiou Shukumyou Ken


       Tsuika Kougeki              d + S                     after the standard throw
       Slash Kick                  db,f + K or S
       Ougon no Kakato             qcb + K
       Tiger Kick                  f,d,df + K
                                   <b + P+K>
       Bakuretsu Ken               tap P
        Bakuretsu Hook             qcf + P                   after Bakuretsu Ken
       Hurricane Upper             hcf + P
                                   <d + P+K>
       Pressure Knee               f,d,df + S                BLK
        Ougon no Fukura Hagi       qcb + K                   after Pressure Kick
       Honou no Yubisaki           d + S                     DWN
       Bakuretsu Hurricane         hcf + S                   SCR

       SCREW UPPER                 qcf,qcf + K+S             SP
       SLIDE SCREW                 qcf,qcf + S               PP
       BAKURETSU H. TIGER KAKATO   qcb,qcb + S               PP, SCR

       Breakshot ---> Pressure Knee, Hurricane Upper
       Initiates ---> Tiger Kick, Bakuretsu Ken, Bakuretsu Hook, Pressure Knee, Ougon no Fukaba
                      Hagi, Hurricane Upper
       Finishers ---> Slide Screw


       Hienzan                     D,u + K
        Tenshouzan                 d + K                     after Hienzan
       Hangetsuzan                 qcb + K or S
       Kusajin                     f,d,df + P
       Hishokyaku                  d + K                     AIR
        Kaikyaku                   df + K                    after Hishokyaku

       HOUOUKYAKU                  qcf,qcf + K+S             SP
       HOUOUTENBUKYAKU             qcf + S                   PP, AIR

       Breakshot ---> Hangetsuzan, Kusajin
       Initiates ---> Hishou Kyaku, Kaikyaku
       Finishers ---> Hououtenbukyaku


       Ole!                        P + K
       Bloody Saber                qcf + P or S
       Bloody Spin                 B, f + K
       Bloody Axle Alpha           qcb + P                   SCR
       Bloody Axle Beta            qcb + K                   SCR
       Bloody Axle                 qcb + S
        Bloody Cutter              P                         after either Bloody Axle
        Bloody Shooter             K                         after either Bloody Axle
        Bloody Press               S                         TRW, after either Bloody Axle

       BLOODY FLASH                qcf,qcf + K+S             SP
                                   <d + K+S>
       FINAL DEATH BLOODY          qcf,qcf + S               PP

       Breakshot ---> Bloody Spin, Bloody Axle, Bloody Flash
       Initiates ---> Bloody Saber
       Finishers ---> Bloody Flash, Final Death Bloody


       Hane Geri                   tap C                     OTF
       Kachosen                    qcf + P or S
                                   <d + P+K>
       Ryuenbu                     qcb + P
       Hissatsu Shinobibachi       hcf + S
       Kagerou no Mai              D,u + S
       Musasabi no Mai             d + P+K                   AIR
       Midare Kachosen             qcb + P (repeat 4 times)  SCR

       CHOU HISSATSU SHINOBIBACHI  f,db,f + K+S              SP
       GEKKA MIDARE BOTAN          f,db,f + S                PP

       Breakshot ---> Hissatsu Shinobibachi, Kachosen, Ryuenbu, Midare Kachosen
       Initiates ---> Kachosen, Ryuenbu, Chou Hissatsu Shinobibachi
       Finishers ---> Gekka Midare Botan


       Hebi Tsukai                 qcf + (P or K or S)
        Hebi Damashi               T                         during Hebi Tsukai
       Daija                       qcb + (P or K or S)       hold button for 4 seconds
       Sadomazo                    hcf + K
       Sabaki no Aikuchi           f,db,f + P
       Bai Gaeshi                  qcf + S
       Dai Bai Gaeshi              qcf + (S)
       Bakudan Pachiki             f,b,d,u + S               TRW
       Jigoku Punch                f,d,df + P+K
       Hekomashi                   d + S                     DWN

       GUILLOTINE                  qcb,f + K+S               SP
       YONDAN DRILL                360 + S                   PP, TRW
        DRILL level 2              tap S 8 times             after YONDAN DRILL
        DRILL level 3              tap S 10 times            after YONDAN DRILL
        DRILL level 4              tap S 16 or more times    after YONDAN DRILL

       Breakshot ---> Sadomazo, Sabaki no Aikuchi, Jigoku Punch
       Initiates ---> Hebi Tsukai, Sabaki no Aikuchi
       Finishers ---> Yondan Drill


       Makibishi                   qcf + P
                                   <d + P+K>
       Hyoui Dan                   f,b,f + S
       Raijin Gu                   f,d,df + K
       Kimon Jin                   360 + S                   TRW
       Kaen Jin                    qcb + K
       Raigeki Kon                 d + S                     DWN

       IKAZUCHI                    qcf,qcf + K+S             SP
                                   <d + K+S>
       MUZAN DAN                   qcf,qcf + S               PP

       Breakshot ---> Kaen Jin
       Initiates ---> Makibishi, Raijin Gu
       Finishers ---> Muzan dan


       Power Wave                  qcf + P
       Burn Knuckle                qcb + P or S
                                   <f + P+K>
       Power Dunk                  f,d,df + K
       Crack Shoot                 qcb + K
       Rising Tackle               D, u + P
       Quick Burn                  f,d,df + P

       POWER GEYSER                qcf,qcf + K+S             SP
                                   <d + K+S>
       TRIPLE GEYSER               qcf,qcf + S               PP
       HIGH ANGLE GEYSER           qcb,qcb + S               PP, SCR

       Breakshot ---> Burn Knuckle, Quick Burn, Power Dunk, Power Wave
       Initiates ---> Power Wave, Quick Burn, Power Dunk, Rising Takle
       Finishers ---> Triple Geyser, High Angle Geyser

  5.k) TUNG FU RUE

       Shou Ha                     DB, f + P
       Dai Shou Ha                 DB, f + S
       Senshippo                   qcb + P or S
       Ressen Kyaku                f,d,df + K
       Dogan Hou                   qcf + P
                                   <d + P+K>

       SENPU GOUKEN                qcf,qcf + K+S             SP
       GEKIHOU                     qcf,qcf + S               PP
       SHOUTEN SENPUU SHOU         qcb,qcb + S

       Breakshot ---> Senshippo, Dogan Hou, Ressen Kyaku
       Initiates ---> Shou Ha, Dai Shou Ha, Dogan Hou, Ressen Kyaku
       Finishers ---> Gekihou

  5.l) WHITE

       Straight 2hit Rod           P
       Upper 2hit Rod              S
       Hell to Heaven Rod          K
       Right Slash  Rod            df + P
       Step Rod                    f + P
       Double Slash Rod            df + K
       Left Slash Rod              f + K
       Newborn Child Death Gas     qcf + P
       Doll Escape (forward)       qcf + T                   OTF
       Doll Escape (backward)      qcb + T                   OTF
       Bastard Slash Rod           qcf + K                   OTF
        Bastard Cancel             S                         during Bastard Slash Rod

       HYPNOTIZE ROD               qcb + S                   PP
       WORLD DESTRUPTION           qcf + S                   PP

    - White cannot block
    - White cannot jump
    - White cannot dash forward
    - White cannot dash backward
    - White cannot crouch
    - Obviously he doesn't have FINAL IMPACTs or BREAKSHOTs
    - "HYPNOTIZE ROD" is some sort of power up, White will become faster
    - Bastard Slash Rod will hit the enemy only when he tryes to approach you
    - When White is beaten for the second time istead of dying he will remain on the floor in a
      pose similar to the initial pose of "Bastard Slash Rod", then he will shot a fireball
      from his rod, if you hit your enemy he will INSTANTLY die, and you'll win the match
    - ALL of White's attacks have a great priority and they pass over quite all moves,
      fireballs and super moves included
    - "Newborn Child Death Gas" passes over quite all of the fireballs, even SP and PP ones
    - "Bastard Slash Rod" is some sort of "wait stance", if your enemy comes near you during
      this "wait" White will start hitting him several times with his rod. You can cancel the
      "wait stance" with "Bastard Cancel"; i.e. by pressing S while White is on the floor
    - Just if you're asking it: yes, it seems White has no SP


       Blitz Ball (high)           qcb + P
                                   <d + P+K>
       Blitz Ball (low)            qcb + S
       Leg Tomahawk                qcf + K
       Power Bomb F                hcf + S
       Lift Up Blow                hcb + K                   TRW
       Diving Elbow                D,u + P
       Death Hammer                f + K+S
       Machine Gun Upper           qcf,qcf + S
       Million Combo               S, qcf + S                do it near your opponent

       KAISER WAVE                 B,uf + K+S                SP
       GIGATECH CYCLONE            qcf,qcf + S               PP, TRW
       UNLIMITED DESIRE            hcb,f + P                 PP, SCR
        UNLIMITED COMBO            P,P,P,K,K,K,S,S           after UNLIMITED DESIRE
         UNLIMITED KICK            S                         after UNLIMITED COMBO
         UNLIMITED CYCLONE         qcb + S                   after UNLIMITED COMBO

       Breakshot ---> Blitz Ball
       Initiates ---> Blitz Ball
       Finishers ---> Kaiser Wave, Unlimited Desire


 - If you're searching for a cheat to control WHITE (the last boss) see section "7.4) Game
   Shark Codes"; infact there is no way to control WHITE normally. It's quite obvious, he's
   too much particular to be controlled: he has not normal moves and he cannot jump, dash, 
   block, crouch and he has no SM. Anyway the game doesn't crash even if you finish the game
   with him. More than all White has 2 colors... Strange for a character that is not supposed
   to be controlled, isn't it???

 - To activate the OMAKE menu you must finish the game one time,either Arcade Mode or Survival.

 - To activate the fist option in the OMAKE menu simply finish the game with any character.

 - To activate the second option in the OMAKE menu finish the game without using any continues.
   (i still have to confirm this)

 - To activate the third option in the OMAKE menu finish Surival Mode with a character of your

 - Here follows a table that explains how the result are assigned at the end of a round:

            |               POINTS EARNED IN THE ROUND
   SECONDS  | 9000  | 8000  | 7000  | 6000  | 5000  | 4000  | 3000  | 2999
   UTILIZED | or +  | or +  | or +  | or +  | or +  | or +  | or +  | or -
            |       |       |       |       |       |       |       |
    15 or - |  SSS  |  SSS  |   SS  |   SS  |    S  |    S  |    S  |  AAA
    20 or - |  SSS  |   SS  |   SS  |    S  |    S  |    S  |  AAA  |   AA
    25 or - |   SS  |   SS  |    S  |    S  |    S  |  AAA  |   AA  |   AA
    30 or - |   SS  |    S  |    S  |    S  |  AAA  |   AA  |   AA  |    A
    35 or - |    S  |    S  |    S  |  AAA  |   AA  |   AA  |    A  |    B
    40 or - |    S  |  AAA  |  AAA  |   AA  |   AA  |    A  |    B  |    C
    45 or - |  AAA  |   AA  |   AA  |    A  |    A  |    B  |    C  |    C
    50 or - |   AA  |    A  |    A  |    B  |    B  |    C  |    C  |    C
    55 or - |    A  |    B  |    B  |    C  |    C  |    C  |    C  |    C
    56 or + |    C  |    C  |    C  |    C  |    C  |    C  |    C  |    C

 - Here follows a table that explains the value in TECH POINTS of each vote you can get at the
   end of a round:

   VOTE  | SSS |  SS |   S | AAA |  AA |   A |   B |   C
   VALUE |  53 |  45 |  33 |  25 |  17 |  12 |   9 |   5

 - Here follows a table that explains how many TECH POINTS are needed for every title that you
   can get at the end of the game, after you've inputted your name:

   TITLE  | Holy    | Genius  | Master  | Ace     | Hope    | Average | Trainee | Beginner
   EARNED | Fighter | Fighter | Fighter | Fighter | Fighter | Fighter | Fighter | Fighter
   TECH   |   850   |   650   |   442   |   351   |   221   |   156   |   117   |   116
   POINTS |   or +  |   or +  |   or +  |   or +  |   or +  |   or +  |   or +  |   or -

 - To meet Geese Howard you have to gain 380 TECH POINTS before the 8th match(with Billy Kane).
   When you reach 380 points your opponent on the next match will be Geese Howard.

 - EHEH! Now let's talk about the most interesting secret on this game, perhaps... I'm sure if
   you've read at least a bit this FAQ u've heard here and there about SECRET MOVES. Yes, they
   do really exhist and i've discovered a REAL method to unlock them!!! You must follow some
   conditions, 'cause there is some sort of "bug" in the game; if you play Survival Game BEFORE
   havin' unlocked the Secret Moves you will not be able to unlock them.
   Here are the conditions, i don't know if all are REALLY needed, perhaps some are not, but
   doin' like i'm going to tell you u will be SURE to unlock them:

   1) Be sure that u've never played Survival Mode or anything else (it would be best to start
      a new game by deleting your saved game, if there is one)
   2) finish the normal game with every character
   3) never use a continue
   4) be sure to meet Geese Howard EVERY time u finish the game
   5) never lose a round

   As u may have already noticed the conditions this time are only 5, the condition that was
   the 4th on the previous version is this: 4) never get a result under "S". But i've proved
   that it's not necessary. To be true i know that THESE conditions are undoubtely NECESSARY,
   and they are 1),2) and 4). I'm not sure if conditions 3) and 5) are REALLY required, if u
   can tell please lemme know.*****

   After you've done this with ALL the characters the Secret Moves will be available,i mean that
   they become available ALL togheter when u've finished the game with ALL the characters, they
   don't appear one after another every time you finish the game with a character, got it???
   After u've unlocked the Secret Moves feel free to play and finish Survival Mode, the bug of
   the game won't ruin your plans this time... ^_-
   Thanks a lot to Kao Megura for havin' helped me in retrieving these info.

 - Someone knows the use of MONUIROU, JEF, GUNMA and MARINA in survival mode???

 - One time with Joe Higashi I kinda "blocked" White's last shot... I was jumping and his
   projectile should have hit me (and so killed me) in air... But i kinda "blocked" it and
   took a damage just as the one you would take by blocking Geese Howard's "RISING STORM" for
   example... Anyone knows more about this??? Maybe it's just a spare bug... ^_^;


7.1) Character Information

Again, my thanks goes to KAO MEGURA, without his help this section whould have not even be here
in this FAQ.


  Fighting Style:  Garyuu (Self-made fighting style)
  Nationality:     America
  Occupation:      Going on adventures
  Birthdate:       5 / 25 / 1980
  Age:             18 years old
  Height:          176 cm
  Weight:          65 kg
  Blood Type:      A
  Hobby:           Bird-watching
  Favorite Food:   Any kind of fruit, green tea
  Dislikes:        Ships and cars (he gets motion sickness)
  Most Important:  His airplane, which he loves
  Best Sport:      Sky diving
  Favorite Music:  Music by John Williams
  Special Skill:   Doing acrobatics with his airplane


  Fighting Style:  Koppou (basic understanding of Ninja arts)
  Nationality:     America
  Occupation:      Teaching Shiranui-style ninja techinques
  Birthdate:       8 / 16 / 1972
  Age:             25 years old
  Height:          171 cm
  Weight:          67 kg
  Blood Type:      A
  Hobby:           Travelling
  Favorite Food:   Natto spaghetti
  Dislikes:        Dogs
  Most Important:  Photograph of himself and his master, taken back in his training days
  Best Sport:      Short track
  Favorite Music:  Silence
  Special Skill:   Fasting


  Fighting Style:  Boujutsu (pole techniques)
  Nationality:     England
  Occupation:      Being by Geese's side (his bodyguard)
  Birthdate:       12 / 25 / 1966
  Age:             31 years old
  Height:          179 cm
  Weight:          77 kg
  Blood Type:      B
  Hobby:           Doing laundry
  Favorite Food:   Cooked eggs
  Dislikes:        Command
  Most Important:  His younger sister, Lily
  Best Sport:      Pole vault
  Favorite Music:  Punk
  Special Skill:   Playing guitar solos


  Fighting Style:  Command Sambo
  Nationality:     America
  Occupation:      Free agent
  Birthdate:       2 / 4 / 1973
  Age:             25 years old
  Height:          168 cm
  Weight:          49 kg
  Three Sizes:     b86 w54 h85
  Blood Type:      AB
  Hobby:           Bike touring
  Favorite Food:   Beef cup
  Dislikes:        Cats
  Most Important:  Leather jacket
  Best Sport:      Baseball
  Favorite Music:  Ballad
  Special Skill:   She's good at forgetting things


  Fighting Style:  Capoeira
  Nationality:     Brazil
  Occupation:      Manager of the Pao Pao Cafe 2
  Birthdate:       5 / 15 / 1974
  Age:             24 years old
  Height:          184 cm
  Weight:          84 kg
  Blood Type:      O
  Hobby:           Dance
  Favorite Food:   Fruit (especially apples and pineapples)
  Dislikes:        Insects
  Most Important:  His family
  Best Sport:      Basketball
  Favorite Music:  Acid Jazz
  Special Skill:   Watching other people work


  Fighting Style:  Tai Chi Ken (Grand Ultimate Fist)
  Nationality:     Taiwan
  Occupation:      Businessman
  Birthdate:       8 / 10 / 1952
  Age:             45 years old
  Height:          160 cm
  Weight:          130 kg
  Blood Type:      O
  Hobby:           Savings
  Favorite Food:   Ramen
  Dislikes:        Bimbos
  Most Important:  Money
  Best Sport:      Ping Pong
  Favorite Music:  Pops
  Special Skill:   Playing mah-jongg all night (record is 4 days straight)


  Fighting Style:  Martial Arts
  Nationality:     America
  Occupation:      Professional dancer
  Birthdate:       2 / 2 / 1967
  Age:             31 years old
  Height:          179 cm
  Weight:          62 kg
  Blood Type:      B
  Hobby:           Dance, dance, dance!
  Favorite Food:   Butter corn
  Dislikes:        Rising Tackle
  Most Important:  His little duck, P-chan (hiyoko)
  Best Sport:      Street Basketball
  Favorite Music:  Rap music
  Special Skill:   American jokes, although they don't make people laugh


  Fighting Style:  Kickboxing
  Nationality:     America
  Occupation:      Kickboxer
  Birthdate:       9 / 16 / 1963
  Age:             34 years old
  Height:          195 cm
  Weight:          115 kg
  Blood Type:      A
  Hobby:           Bodybuilding
  Favorite Food:   Curry rice
  Dislikes:        People who bully his son
  Most Important:  His son, Junior
  Best Sport:      Ice Hockey
  Favorite Music:  Jazz
  Special Skill:   Drinking beer


  Fighting Style:  Kobujutsu (Kobudo - Okinawa weapon fighting arts)
  Nationality:     America
  Occupation:      Leader of the Howard Connection
  Birthdate:       1 / 21 / 1953
  Age:             45 years old
  Height:          183 cm
  Weight:          Unknown
  Blood Type:      B
  Hobby:           Unspecified (gets tired easily)
  Favorite Food:   Steak (cooked rare)
  Dislikes:        People that get in his way
  Most Important:  Himself
  Best Sport:      None
  Favorite Music:  "Theme of Love" from the Godfather
  Special Skill:   Being overbearing so he can reach a settlement


  Fighting Style:  Kung-Fu
  Nationality:     Hong Kong
  Occupation:      Police detective
  Birthdate:       8 / 21 / 1966
  Age:             31 years old
  Height:          176 cm
  Weight:          78 kg
  Blood Type:      O
  Hobby:           Being the decoy in a search (then revealing himself to be a cop, just before
                   making a house arrest)
  Favorite Food:   Gyoza
  Dislikes:        Regulations
  Most Important:  His sweetheart
  Best Sport:      Bicycle contests
  Favorite Music:  All songs by female idols
  Special Skill:   Being unclear on certain things


  Fighting Style:  Teiou Ken (Emperor's Fist)
  Nationality:     Chinese
  Occupation:      Has none
  Birthdate:       6 / 6 / 1980
  Age:             18 years old
  Height:          170 cm
  Weight:          Unknown
  Blood Type:      Unknown
  Hobby:           Snowboarding
  Favorite Food:   Apricot tofu
  Dislikes:        Exertion
  Most Important:  His younger brother
  Best Sport:      All individual sports
  Favorite Music:  None
  Special Skill:   Being smartly-dressed


  Fighting Style:  Teiou Ken (Emperor's Fist)
  Nationality:     Chinese
  Occupation:      Has none
  Birthdate:       6 / 6 1980
  Age:             18 years old
  Height:          170 cm
  Weight:          Unknown
  Blood Type:      Unknown
  Hobby:           Travelling
  Favorite Food:   Anything spicy
  Dislikes:        Deep-sea fish (thinks their faces are frightening)
  Most Important:  His older twin brother
  Best Sport:      Likes anything that doesn't use a ball
  Favorite Music:  Anime theme songs
  Special Skill:   Sarcasm (although he means no ill will towards whom he's talking to)


  Fighting Style:  Muay Thai
  Nationality:     Japanese
  Occupation:      Muay Thai fighter
  Birthdate:       3 / 29 / 1972
  Age:             26 years old
  Height:          180 cm
  Weight:          71 kg
  Blood Type:      AB
  Hobby:           Kenka (drunken brawling / quarreling)
  Favorite Food:   Fried alligator
  Dislikes:        Getting dressed up
  Most Important:  Hachimaki (his headband)
  Best Sport:      Hand-to-hand fighting techniques
  Favorite Music:  Japanese ballads? (do-enka)
  Special Skill:   Being a flirt (he gets women to talk to him 99% of the time!)


  Fighting Style:  Taekwondo
  Nationality:     Korea
  Occupation:      Teaching taekwondo
  Birthdate:       12 / 21 / 1964
  Age:             33 years old
  Height:          176 cm
  Weight:          78 kg
  Blood Type:      A
  Hobby:           Karaoke
  Favorite Food:   Yakiniku (Korean barbeque)
  Dislikes:        Evil
  Most Important:  His two sons
  Best Sport:      Physical exercises
  Favorite Music:  Mood music
  Special Skill:   Nettou-furu de gaman surukoto


  Fighting Style:  Garyuu Matador Sappou  (Self Made Matador Deadly Arts)
  Nationality:     Spain
  Occupation:      Leader of the guards at Schtolheim Castle
  Birthdate:       9 / 4 / 1960
  Age:             37 years old
  Height:          195 cm
  Weight:          95 kg
  Blood Type:      B
  Hobby:           Flamenco dancing and playing his guitar
  Favorite Food:   Beef stew
  Dislikes:        Women, young children
  Most Important:  His honor
  Best Sport:      Fencing
  Favorite Music:  Flamenco
  Special Skill:   Looking down on others (overconfidence)


  Fighting Style:  Shiranui-style Ninja Arts
  Nationality:     Japan
  Occupation:      Inheritor of Shiranui-style Ninjutsu
  Birthdate:       1 / 1 / 1974
  Age:             24 years old
  Height:          165 cm
  Weight:          46 kg
  Three Sizes:     b87 w54 h90 
  Blood Type:      B
  Hobby:           Diet
  Favorite Food:   Ozouni (New Year's dishes)
  Dislikes:        Spiders
  Most Important:  Her grandmother's kanzashi (ornamental hairpin)
  Best Sport:      Badminton
  Favorite Music:  Heavy metal
  Special Skill:   Making harmonious decisions


  Fighting Style:  Garyuu Kenka Karate (Self Made Brawling Karate)
  Nationality:     Japan
  Occupation:      Dark Broker
  Birthdate:       8 / 8 / 1963
  Age:             34
  Height:          192 cm
  Weight:          96 kg
  Blood Type:      A
  Hobby:           Knife Collection
  Favorite Food:   Basashi (sliced horsemeat)
  Dislikes:        Labor
  Most Important:  Anything that is profitable to him
  Best Sport:      None
  Favorite Music:  None
  Special Skill:   Can go 3 days with no sleep


  Fighting Style:  Seiden Mutou-ryuu Bujutsu (Authentic Pathless Style Martial Arts)
  Nationality:     Japan
  Occupation:      Chief priest (of a Buddhist temple)
  Birthdate:       7 / 3 / 1946
  Age:             51 years old
  Height:          176 cm
  Weight:          86 kg
  Blood Type:      A
  Hobby:           Shogi (japanese chess)
  Favorite Food:   Sweed red-bean soup, anmitsu
  Dislikes:        Shiranui-style Ninjitsu
  Most Important:  His teacher's katana
  Best Sport:      Swimming for a short while
  Favorite Music:  The sound of the ocean waves
  Special Skill:   Pacifying the spirits of the dead?


  Fighting Style:  Martial Arts
  Nationality:     America
  Occupation:      Does part-time work to get by
  Birthdate:       3 / 15 / 1971
  Age:             27 years old
  Height:          182 cm
  Weight:          82 kg
  Blood Type:      O
  Hobby:           Video games
  Favorite Food:   Fast food
  Dislikes:        Worms
  Most Important:  His father's (Jeff's) gloves
  Best Sport:      Basketball
  Favorite Music:  Rock
  Special Skill:   Can guess a woman's three sizes (bust, waist, and hips)


  Fighting Style:  Hakkyou Seiken (Eight Extremities Righteous Fist)
  Nationality:     Chinese
  Occupation:      Teaches Hakkyou Seiken
  Birthdate:       4 / 14 / 1924
  Age:             74 years old
  Height:          163 cm
  Weight:          46 kg
  Blood Type:      A
  Hobby:           Meditation
  Favorite Food:   Egg tea
  Dislikes:        Extravagance
  Most Important:  The accomplishments of his pupils
  Best Sport:      Tai Chi
  Favorite Music:  Folk Songs
  Special Skill:   He can adapt the nature of other people


  Fighting Style:  Uses super abilities (specifically, mind control)
  Nationality:     England
  Occupation:      Arms and drugs merchant
  Birthdate:       Unknown
  Age:             Unknown
  Height:          178 cm
  Weight:          55 kg
  Blood Type:      A
  Hobby:           Card games, his doll collection
  Favorite Food:   Chocolate
  Dislikes:        Violent people
  Most Important:  His stick (the rod with the eyeball on it)
  Best Sport:      None (he hates sports)
  Favorite Music:  Music by Frantz Herald Schubert
  Special Skill:   Can guess the outcome of a coin toss 100% of the time


  Fighting Style:  Techniques drawn from other fighting styles
  Nationality:     German
  Occupation:      Leader of Schtolheim Castle
  Birthdate:       Unknown
  Age:             Unknown
  Height:          200 cm
  Weight:          145 kg
  Blood Type:      A
  Hobby:           Collecting curios from the Middle Ages
  Favorite Food:   Steak dripping with blood
  Dislikes:        Vanity, ficticious things
  Most Important:  The way of the knight (knightly spirit)
  Best Sport:      Not interested in sports
  Favorite Music:  Classical
  Special Skill:   Any kind of gambling (except petty games)

7.2) Moves Translation

All of my gratitude goes to my friend Kao Megura for this section.
Obviously i've put in only the Characters and the respective moves that REALLY
needed a translation. So don't expect to find translations for moves like
"Rising Tackle" o "Critical Wing"... ^_^;;;;


  Hishoken                       Flying Fist
  Geki Hishoken                  Violent Flying Fist
  Shouryudan                     Rising Dragon Bullet
  Kuhadan                        Sky Ripping Bullet
  Shiranui Chichu Karami         Shiranui Spider Catch
  Zaneiken                       Phantom Fist Slash
  Chou Zaneiken                  Super Phantom Fist Slash
  Bakueiken                      Exploding Phantom Fist
  Teneiken                       Heaven Phantom Fist
  Kunai Dan                      Kunai (type of knife) Bullet
  Yami Abise Geri                Bathing in Darkness Kick
  Kuhadan                        Sky Ripping Bullet

  CHOUREPPADAN                   Super Rending Bullet
  ZANEIREPPA                     Rending Phantom Slash
  SHORYUREPPADAN                 Rising Dragon Rending Bullet


  Sansetsukon Chuudan Uchi       3-Part Cane Middle Strike
  Kaen S.S.K. Chuudan Tsuki      Flaming 3-Part Cane Middle Thrust
  Suzume Otoshi                  Sparrow Dropper
  Karyuu Tsuigeki Kon            Fire Dragon Pursuit Cane
  Kyoushu Hisho Kon              Flying Assault Cane
  Senpu Kon                      Whirlwind Cane
  Zugatsu Gegata Geki            Head Splitting Lower Attack
  Shuutenrenha Kon               ???
  Shuutenrenha Kon Combo         ???

  CHOU KAEN SENPU KON            Super Flaming Whirlwind Cane
  GUREN SAKKON                   Red Lotus Killing Cane
  GUREN SAKKON KAI               Red Lotus Killing Cane Modified


  Soku Barai                     Sweeping Leg
  Joudan Mawashi Geri            Upper Spinning Kick


  Ki Rai Hou (straight)          Mental Thunder Cannon (straight)
  Ki Rai Hou (above)             Mental Thunder Cannon (above)
  Chou Taiko-bara Uchi           Super Drum Belly Thrust
  Rakugeki Souken                Falling Paired Fist Attack
  Hagan Geki                     Violent Stone Breaking
  Chou Handou Manpuku Hougan     Super Reactionary Glutton Cannonball
  Hakkei Ura Ken                 Mental Power Emission Reverse Fist

  BAKURAI HOU                    Depth Charge Cannon
  TAIOU SHO                      Life's Great Journey
  TENCHI HOURAKU MUJIN HOU       Collapse of Heaven and Earth Infinite Cannon


  Reppu Ken                      Gale Fist
  Double Reppu Ken               Double Gale Fist
  Shippu Ken                     Hurricane Fist
  Double Shippu Ken              Double Hurricane Fist
  Jaeiken                        Wicked Shadow Fist
  Jaeidan                        ???
  Joudan Atemi Nage              Upper Level Self Hit Throw
  Ura Kumo Gakushi               Hidden in Clouds Reversal

  ASHURA SHIPPU KEN              Ashura (demonic spirit) Hurricane Fist


  Kulong no Yomi                 Nine Dragon Foresight
  Seikou Rekka Kon               Mastery of Sky and Air
  Denkousekka no Chi             Lightning Speed of Earth
  Denkousekka no Ten             Lightning Speed of Heaven
  Honou no Taneuma               Blazing Stallion
  Keiraku Randa                  Passing Fall Riot Attack
  Kashira Tsuki                  Head Thrust

  BAKURETSU GORO                 Sound Eruption
  CADENZA NO ARASHI              Brilliant Flourish Storm


  Teiou Jinsoku Ken              Emperor's God Leg Fist
  Shin Jinsoku Ken               Heart God Leg Fist
  Teiou Tengen Ken               Emperor's Heavenly Eye Fist
  Teiou Tenji Ken                Emperor's Heavenly Ear Fist
  Teiou Rojin Ken                Emperor's Leak Out Fist
  Teiou Tashin Ken               Emperor's Ulterior Motive Fist
  Ryuu Tenshin                   Heavenly Dragon Body

  TEIOU SHUKUMYOU KEN            Emperor's Destiny Fist
  TEIOU RYUSEI KEN               Emperor's Dragon Voice Fist
  TEIOU GYAKURIN KEN             Emperor's Reverse Scale Fist


  Teiou Jinsoku Ken              Emperor's God Leg Fist
  Kourin Jinskoku Ken            ???
  Teiou Tengen Ken               Emperor's Heavenly Eye Fist
  Teiou Tenji Ken                Emperor's Heavenly Ear Fist
  Teiou Shingan Ken 1            Emperor's God Eye Fist 1
  Teiou Shingan Ken 2            Emperor's God Eye Fist 2
  Teiou Shinten Ken              ???
  Teiou Shingan Ken 3            Emperor's God Eye Fist 3
  Teiou Tenma Shingan Ken 1      ???
  Teiou Tenma Shingan Ken 2      ???

  TEIOU ROJIN KEN                Emperor's Leak Out Fist
  TEIOU KUUSATSU ROJIN KEN       Emperor's Sky Killing Leak Out Fist
  TEIOU SHUKUMYOU KEN            Emperor's Destiny Fist
  TEIOU RYUSOU KEN               Emperor's Paired Dragon Fist


  Tsuika Kougeki                 Additional Attack
  Ougon no Kakato                Golden Heel
  Bakuretsu Ken                  Exploding Fists
  Bakuretsu Hook                 Exploding Hook
  Ougon no Fukura Hagi           Expanding Golden Kick
  Honou no Yubisaki              Blazing Fingerpoint
  Bakuretsu Hurricane            Exploding Hurricane

  BAKURETSU H. TIGER KAKATO      Exploding Hurricane Tiger Heel


  Hienzan                        Flying Slash
  Tenshouzan                     Ascention Slash
  Hangetsuzan                    Half Moon Slash
  Kusajin                        Air Grit
  Hishokyaku                     Flying Kick
  Kaikyaku                       Destruction Kick

  HOUOUKYAKU                     Phoenix Kick
  HOUOUTENBUKYAKU                Phoenix Heavenly Kick Dance


  Hane Geri                      Piercing Kick
  Kachosen                       Flower Butterfly Fan
  Ryuenbu                        Dragon Blaze Dance (Waltz)
  Hissatsu Shinobibachi          Deadly Ninja Bees
  Kagerou no Mai                 Dance of the Heat Haze
  Musasabi no Mai                Dance of the Giant Flying Squirrel
  Midare Kachosen                Flower Butterfly Fan Riot

  CHOU HISSATSU SHINOBIBACHI     Super Deadly Ninja Bees
  GEKKA MIDARE BOTAN             Moonlight Riot Tree Peony


  Hebi Tsukai                    Snake Tamer
  Hebi Damashi                   Snake Trick
  Daija                          Great Serpent
  Sadomazo                       Sadism / Masochism
  Sabaki no Aikuchi              Dagger of Judgment
  Bai Gaeshi                     Double Return
  Dai Bai Gaeshi                 Great Double Return
  Bakudan Pachiki                Bomb Headbutt
  Jigoku Punch                   Hell Punch
  Hekomashi                      ???

  YONDAN DRILL                   4 Levels Drill


  Makibishi                      Diamond Sow (Caltrops)
  Hyoui Dan                      Dependance Bullet
  Raijin Gu                      Thunder God's Foolishness
  Kimon Jin                      Demon's Gate Formation
  Kaen Jin                       Flaming Whirlpool Formation
  Raigeki Kon                    Lightning Attack Cane

  IKAZUCHI                       Lightning Flash
  MUZAN DAN                      Cruelty Bullet


  Shou Ha                        Piercing Wave
  Dai Shou Ha                    Great Piercing Wave
  Senshippo                      Quick Arrow Walk
  Ressen Kyaku                   Thousand Violent Kicks
  Dogan Hou                      Angry Cannon

  SENPU GOUKEN                   Strong Whirlwind Fist
  GEKIHOU                        Attack Release
  SHOUTEN SENPUU SHOU            Ascention Whirlwind Palm

7.3) Character Quotes


7.4) Game Shark / Pro Action Replay Codes

I've tested these codes with my 3.2 PAR/GS, but they should work on older versions too.

  1) Inf. Energy P1 =====> 8019B5BC C000
  2) Half Energy P1 =====> 8019B5BC 6000
  3) Max Power Bar P1 ===> 8019B5EE 3C3C

  4) Inf. Energy P2 =====> 8019B6F4 C000
  5) Max Power Bar P2 ===> 8019B726 3C3C
  6) No Power Bar P2 ====> 8019B726 0000

  7) Infinite Time ======> 801A12E6 2A3B

  8) P1 as WHITE ========> D019AD30 0A00
                           801A1252 0016
                           D019AD30 0A00
                           801A1256 0016
                           D019AD3C 0A00
                           801A1254 0016
                           D019AD3C 0A00
                           801A1258 0016

    - Use code 2) and 3) togheter, this way you will always be able to do PM since your Power
      Bar will be full and your energy in Red. Though there is a problem here.
      While using code 1) if you're hitten by a move wich normally toggles MORE than half of
      your energy bar the game will glitch.
    - Use code 6), this way the CPU will never be able to do PM!!!!! This makes the game a
      little easier.
    - While using code 8), simply hold L2 AND R2 before choosing a character, as a result you
      will be controlling White!!!! (this works in Versus Mode and in Survival Mode too)


8.1) Main Menu

     Arcade Mode
     Vs Mode
     Survival Mode
     Training Mode
     Option Mode

8.2) Option Menu

        Difficulty (Beginner,Easy,Normal,Hard,Very Hard,Hyper Hard,Strong Hard,Expert)
        Time (45, 60, 90, Infinite)
        Sound (Stereo, Mono)
        Shoulder Button Moves PLAYER 1 (on, off)
                              PLAYER 2 (on, off)
        Autosave (Yes, No)
        Movie Theater
           Opening Movie
           Movie 1
           Movie 2
           Character Ending Movies
        Movie Sketches
           Opening Movie
           Movie 1
           Movie 2
           Character Ending Movies
        Moves Configuration

8.3) Move Configuration Menu

Some short notes for this very good option. First of all a little bug i've discovered.
The default configuration button for the special moves is:
L1 = SP1; L2 = SP2; R1 = SP3; R2 = SP4
Remember that even if you change the assignation of the buttons (via the key config menu) the
assignation "virtually" remain the same WHILE you are in the Menu Configuration Menu. Hmm it's
a bit complicated to explain so I'll try to make you understand it better. Let's say that u
have configured your buttons this way:
L1 = SP3; L2 = SP4; R1 = SP1; R2 = SP2
Ok??? Well, if you go in the MOVE CONFIGURATION MENU, select a character, then a move and then
you press L1 it will appear "SP1" near the move, while instead "SP3" should have appeared.
Instead in the real game the move will be associated to "R1", so "SP1" and so the button u
wanted to assignate it to. The only problem this bug causes is a little confusion while u're
re-configuring your moves. If you want my advice: leave the STANDARD Key Configuration while
re-configuring the SP moves assignation, THEN reconfigurate your buttons as you like most.

The SP for your char can be easily made by pressing "SP1 + SP2" at the same time, while "SP3 +
SP4" must be pressed to perform a PP.

Another little note, u'll have to hold a bit the starting movement for charging moves. For
example for doin' Terry Bogard's "RISING TACKLE" you'd have to hold D, then u+P. If you assign
the "RISING TACKLE" to (for example) SP1 it will not be enough to simply press the SP1 button,
u'll have to press it while holding D. That way all will work. For example to peform Wolfgang
Krauser's "KAISER WAVE" u'll have to press SP1+SP2 while holding B. Is it all clear???

After these few short notes now let's go with the real stuff,and always remember that this menu
can make your characters really powerful... Obviously the time u have to spend for performing a
move or to press a button are really different, and from here u can understand how fast and
strong u can become... U can put the move YOU want WHERE u want!!! Thanks to SNK for having
implemented this menu (even if there are a few bugs...)

Ah yes... quite obviously WHITE make no appearance in this menu... ^_^;;;


Burn Knuckle (weak)
Burn Knuckle (strong)
Power Dunk
Crack Shoot
Rising Tackle
Quick Burn
Power Wave
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Chou Zanei Ken
Yami Abise Geri
Geki Hishoken
Shiranui Chichu Karami
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Slash Kick (weak)
Slash Kick (strong)
Ougon no Kakato
Tiger Kick
Bakuretsu Ken
Pressure Knee
Hurricane Upper
Bakuretsu Hook
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Kachou Sen (weak)
Kagerou no Mai
Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi
Musasabi no Mai
Kachou Sen (strong)
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Reppu Ken
Double Reppu Ken
Joudan Ateminage
Ura Kumo Gakushi
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Hyoui Dan
Raijin Gu
Kimon Jin
Kaen Jin
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Rolling Turtle
Frong Hunting
Rear Bison Horn
Wild Wolf
Hornet Attack
Monkey Dance
Hunting Hedgehog
Frontal Bison Horn
Jaguar Combo
Short Horn
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Kulong no Yomi
Seikou Rekka Kon (weak)
Denkousekka no Chi
Denkousekka no Ten
Honou no Taneuma
Keiraku Randa
Seikou Rekka Kon (strong)
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Mary Spider
Straight Slicer
Crab Clutch
Nage Combo
Vertical Arrow
Backdrop Real
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Double Kong
Golden Bomber
Guts Dunk
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Hebi Tsukai (kick)
Hebi Tsukai (punch)
Bai Gaeshi
Sabaki no Aikuchi
Hebi Tsukai (strong)
Bakudan Pachiki
Jigoku Punch
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Teiou Jinsoku Ken
Teiou Tengan Ken (weak)
Teiou Tengan Ken (strong)
Teiou Tenji Ken (weak)
Teiou Shingan Ken 1
Teiou Shingan Ken 2
Teiou Shingan Ken 3
Teiou Tenma Shingan Ken 1 & 2
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Teiou Jinsoku Ken
Teiou Tengen Ken (weak)
Teiou Tengen Ken (strong)
Teiou Tenji Ken (weak)
Teiou Tenji Ken (strong)
Teiou Rojin Ken
Teiou Tashin Ken
Ryu Tenshin
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Rising Head Spin Attack
Flying Spin Attack
Dancing Dive
Neo Break Storm
Head Spin Attack
Beat Rush
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Hangetsuzan (weak)
Hangetsu Zan (strong)
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Sansetsukon Chudan Uchi
Kaen S.S.K. Chudan Tsuki
Suzume Otoshi
Senpu Kon
Kyoshu Hisho Kon
Karyuu Tsuigeki Kon
Shuutenrenha Kon
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Ki Rai Hou (straight)
Ki Rai Hou (above)
Chou Taiko-bara Uchi
Hagan Geki (weak)
Hagan Geki (strong)
Chou Handou Manpuku Hougan
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Dogan Hou
Dai Shou Ha
Senshippo (weak)
Senshippo (strong)
Ressen Kyaku
Shou Ha
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Bloody Saber (weak)
Bloody Spin
Bloody Axle
Bloody Saber (strong)
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Blitz Ball (high)
Blitz Ball (low)
Leg Tomahawk
Power Bomb F
Diving Elbow
Machine Gun Upper
Lift Up blow
Quick Approach
Air Recover


Critical Wing (weak)
Critical Wing (strong)
Augmenter Wing
Mayday! Mayday!
Quick Approach
Air Recover

8.4) Pause Menu

     Key Configuration
     Move List
     Return to Main Menu

8.5) Training Mode Pause Menu

        Action (Stand, Jump, Crouch, Special Move)
        Autoguard (on, off)
        Attack (on, off)



 - Character Information
 - Character Quotes
 - Anything you think it should be here

Please send contributions!!! You'll receive full credit!!!!!


  Hey, do i always have to put my master's name in this section??? Off course i have!!! Anyway
  his REAL BOUT SPECIAL faq for saturn helped me a lot. Thanks very much Megura-sensei!!!!!
  That's not all... He translated JUST FOR ME all the moves' names, the characters' personal
  information and many more!!! He also made me notice some moves i didn't saw before and
  corrected the movement for others i discovered by myself... He also confirmed me the
  existence of the SECRET MOVES!!! YEAH!!! And he lent me QUITE a hand in understanding how to
  unlock them!!!!!! Pratically AT LEAST half of this faq belongs to him!!! I think for bein'
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