Chris Death Combo by Serpent_Wave

Updated: 04/04/99 | Printable Version

From: "Serpent Wave" <>
Subject: [KOF] 2 kinda continous Chris death combos(escapable)
Date: Sun, 04 Apr 1999 09:55:59 PDT

Chris Death Combo for KOF 98.

Here is combo that if done step by step, should cost around 90-100% 

Jump D, Stand C, df+B, dp+P(escapable),-part 1-
Stand C, f+A, teleport B(crosses up to ther side) -part 2-
Stand Far C(1st hit), f+A, qcf,qcf+P SDM(your comboing him from the 
other side of where u should be) -part 3-
If he's still alive and R.Rolls after, throw him.-optional part 4-

I suggest you don't do this often to make sure they don't remember.

if yer having trouble understanding, here's a graph:

C- chris
O- opponent
T- teleport
</>- the way u'r facing

C| O < - - C                (combo) |C
O| C > O                (after dp+p)|O
R| - - O - > C (combo into teleport)|R
N| O < - C     (SDM combo)          |N
E| OC  (throw)                      |E

once you get it, try this one:

Jump D, Stand C, df+B, dp+A(escapable) -part 1-
Stand C, f+B, teleport B, dp+A(escapable) -part 2-
Stand C, f+A, teleport B( now it crosses up)-part 3-
Stand far C(1 hit), f+A, SDM Chain Slide Touch(qcf,qcf+P)-part 4-

that outta kill 'em :)

C| O < - - C                (combo) |C
O| C > O                (after dp+p)|O
R| - - > C O        (after teleport)|R
N|       O<C            (after dp+p)|N
E|    O<--C                  (combo)|E
R|  C>O             (after teleport)|R
!|   C-->O                   (combo)|!