Yashiro by SIrawan

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The King of Fighters 98...

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Yashiro Nanakase Guide FAQ Ver 1.25 (May 3rd 1999)
Written By Stevie Irawan

Author's Note

All inside this FAQ is free, so use it to your liking, but no commercial use 
is allowed. This FAQ may only be distributed electronically, otherwise...blah 
blah blah... Yashiro Nanakase, The King of Fighters '98 and other related 
stuff is copyright of SNK.

All explanations inside this FAQ is assuming that Yashiro is facing right.
Just do the opposite way if you're facing left.


1.0  FAQ Introductions
  1.1 Changes in KOF98
  1.2 Character Profile
  1.3 Costume Colors
  1.4 Introduction
  1.5 Taunt
  1.6 Win Poses
  1.7 Win Quote
  1.8 Losses
2.0  Moves
  2.1 Normal Moves
  2.2 Other Moves (Throws and Command Attacks)
  2.3 Special Moves
  2.4 Desperation Moves
3.0 Combos
  3.1 Chain Combos
  3.2 General Combos
4.0 Strategy
  4.1 "You just don't know where to block, do you ?"
  4.2 "Watch the pressure... it'll explode !"
  4.3 "Get'em in corner and make'em stay there !" (AKA corner traps)
  4.4 "Range, Zoning, Keep away, You name it dude !!!"
5.0 Closing Acknowledgement
  5.1 Credits
  5.2 Revision History
  5.3 More to Come
  5.4 Saying Goodbye


Well, not much to say here but KOF98 really rocks at the Arcades, many things 
changed for Yashiro this year, but nothing to fear ! He's still as cool as he 
was in KOF97 and still as strong as he used to be.
It's my second attempt on writing a guide FAQ so it will be a little far from 
perfection so please give me sugestions, comments, and corrections.
I wrote this FAQ based on my experience playing Yashiro in KOF97 and my 
attempt to master him in KOF98.

1.1 Changes in KOF98

In KOF97 he is considered as a very hard character to play, and this year 
isn't easy at all either. The Overhead property in his Close Standing D has  
been removed, making it a lot harder playing his high - low game. I remember 
a SCRUB was calling the owner of the Arcade, claiming that the joystick was 
damaged, why ? simple, coz he blocked this kick while crouching. I also 
remember a player EAT 4 of my sweep in a row, killing him, coz he just had 
fear the experience of taking a damaging combo starting with a wrong crouch
block againts this move. (i.e. GOD, I miss this move...). Far Standing A no 
longer hits in mid section, but hits a little higher now.

But the good seems to balance the bad. Sledgehammer now will no longer 
overlaps with Mighty Missile Bash, they change the motion into QCB + K. Jet 
Counter has a follow up this time making it more useful in combos and 
pressure. The Final Impact DM can be used as a combo now ! (i.e. No hold on 

Finally they make Yashiro's Fw + B bufferable now, chained or not chained 
after a buff-erable normal attack. They put another command attack (Fw + A) 
which is an overhead powerful hammer punch called Light Sledgehammer. This 
movee is very useful in high - low game, making your combo longer and do more 

He needs a command throw damn it! At least give him a type of Ryo's fist 
dance to replace his "removed overhead property" Close Standing D.

Well, I can continue on telling you this but that'll cost a whole FAQ itself, 
so let's just go on to the other sections.

1.2 Character Profile

NATIONALITY    : Japanese
BIRTH DATE     : 12/31/73
AGE            : 24
HEIGHT         : 190 cm
WEIGHT         : 99 kg
BLOOD TYPE     : O + Orochi
HOBBIES        : Band, Traveling
HATES THE MOST : Eggplants, narrow places -> Yash got claustrophobia ?, 
FIGHTING STYLE : No particular style, mainly power-based attacks

These are his data from Kao Megura's FAQ for KOF97 (Except for the age).
If anything changed let me know.

1.3 Costume Colors

A - Red shirt       , White trousers -> standard Yashiro

B - Dark Blue shirt , White trousers -> used to be my one and only choice, 
                      'till get bored

C - Light Blue shirt, White trousers -> very good, reveals his sharp blue 

D - Green shirt     , White trousers -> some guy from Green Peace...

1.4 Introduction

Up First or Normal Intro.
Yashiro stands tall then goes into a handstand position, then perform two 
consecutive push ups while he's still in handstand position with a single 
hand. He puts his other hand behind his back. After he do this he goes back 
in his standing stance by doing a gymnastic type salto move. DON'T TRY THIS 

VS Chris
Chris raises one arm in greeting and yells delightedly "Ya-shiro!"
Yashiro gives a quick "Yo!" in return (gave his regards with two fingers).

VS Shermie
Shermie says "Hi!" and Yashiro did the same thing like in the intro with 
Chris, but his words are different. ""Tanoshiimou ze", means "Let's have some 
fun!" -> YEAH, have fun...

VS Iori Yagami
Yashiro stands facing the opposite side from Iori, turns to Iori while 
holding one of his wrist and say's something " 'Yadanaaa... Tsuyosou.' tte 
ka!" means "Oh no, he looks strong...just kidding !" Looks very cool, 
especially how the way Yashiro open his eyes and closing his palm slowly. At 

1.5 Taunt

Yashiro does a slice movement with one of his hand at waist height level 
toward his opponent and smiling arrogantly. (Other hand in pocket). "Muki ni 
naruna yo !" which means don't take it too seriously. He say it very quickly 
making it hard to hear what he's saying  :)
A Useless fact : Orochi Yashiro's taunt has the same animation but not the 
words he said.

1.6 Win Poses

Aaaahh, this is what you get after beating your pitiful opponent.   ;)
Just press and hold one of these buttons.

A - Raises his left arm then pass his right arm in front of his face and says 
"Kenka ga tsuyoi ue ni otokomae" which means "A powerful fighter and a good 
looking guy on top of that". A pose from KOF97.

B - Yashiro stands with his back facing screen, waves his hand toward his 
opponent. Puts his left hand on his waist. "Bye bye!" -> that's what I heard. 
His waving movement seems like that he was asking for an applause from the 

C - Another pose from KOF97, leans at his heel, looks at you (yeah he really 
looks at you!), points at you, smile, and says "Tanoshinderu ?" which means 
"Wasn't it fun ?"  (beating your opponent). Other hand in pocket.

D - Yashiro takes a bottle of water out (from his pocket),  open it's cap, 
pouring the water at his head, watch how his clothes get wet. Then he wiggle 
his head, water splashing everywhere.

1.7 Win Quote

You're not too bad.
That is, you're second.

1.8 Losses

Can't remember it...he still look good on the ground   :)

By Time Out
Yashiro puts his both arm together and face the other way while his face 
showing an angry expression


2.1 Normal Moves

Knockdown Move

CD - Yashiro sends a shoulder rush while moving forward a little bit. He 
pauses a little while doing this move, but the rest of it is very fast. Seems 
to beat a lot of standing attacks. Buffer it into A version of Jet Counter or 
a Sledgehammer. You can use it early as an air defense.
     The weakness only lies on it's delay at start up. Use it carefuly.
     - Bufferable
     - Rating : ****-

Far Standing

A - Remember his Far Standing A in KOF97 ? It's not the same move as it use 
to be, now the range are well reduced and the downward angle is reduced too, 
making it hits a little higher now. Don't bother using this move oftenly in 
KOF98. Face Ralf, and you will get the idea. Also because it overlaps with 
Yashiro new command attack if you do it while moving forward.
    - Bufferable
    - Rating : ***--

B - Spinning kick at about your enemy's mid section. Pretty fast at startup, 
pretty slow lag at the end. The range is BIG and good for stopping opponent 
at the beginning of  their jump. Use it occasionally to poke your opponent.
    - Not Bufferable
    - Rating : ***--

C - A wild hook punch at mid level. Medium range and slow to come out, but 
the punch surprisingly bufferable. Mighty Missile Bash and Jet Counter will 
combo from this move, but it'll be easier if you buffer it into Fw + A. 
Startup lag a little bit slow. 
    Timing to buffer this move is rather annoying.
    - Bufferable
    - Rating : ***--

D - Another wild move, a 360 degrees spin kick starting towards opponent 
direction. Good for punishing opponent's mistakes (miss command throw, 
special move with small end lag, etc.). Very long end lag makes it punishable 
if whiffed or blocked, at least for  sweeps. Will whiff over crouching or 
small enemy.
    - Not Bufferable
    - Rating : ***--

Close Standing

A - Backhand slap to the head, too high. Don't bother. I only use this move 
to slap my opponent away if they do a fake jump attack. (i.e. Do a command 
throw straight from their jump). The both version of Upper Duel will combo 
from this move.
    Uhmmm, have to check it again 'bout it's uses.
    - Bufferable
    - Rating : **---

B - Knee strike to the stomach. Not as fast as the Close Standing A, maybe it 
does more damage.
    - Bufferable
    - Rating : **---

C - A diagonally upward punch with his left arm, aiming for the chin section 
I presume. Quick start up and minimal recovery at the end, but you'll want to 
chain this with Fw + A or Fw + B to make your combo longer and do more 
damage. Use it most of the time in your combo, coz if you're doin'it outside 
of it's range... the Far Standing C will come out (and it still bufferable to 
Fw + A or Fw + B).
    Maybe it'll whiff on crouching Choi, have to check this out too  :)
    - Bufferable
    - Rating : ****-

D - His old Close Standing D from KOF97, a kick to the shins but lost it's 
overhead property, making it less useful. The range to make this kick appear 
is too damn close, wrong range and the Far Standing D will come out instead. 
Use it only if you are sure with the range and if your opponent is making a 
big mistake. Don't take any risk, use this to punish short characters' 
mistakes, or an opponent with a ducked end lag which cannot be punished with 
Close Standing C (e.g. Mai's DP + K).
    Oh yeah, my opponent still blocked high (standing) on this move -> I 
guess they still suffer the traumatic experience against this move back in 
KOF97, until they knew...
    Against Choi, always use this.
    - Bufferable
    - Rating : ****-


A - Still the same as in KOF97, great range and speed for a crouching light 
punch. Good for defending against roll-in attempts, very annoying if you do 
this a lot. Try to vary between low A itself and buffering low A into any of 
Yashiro's command attack (of course follow with a special move -> go to 
command attack section). It'll not count as a combo, but will put a ton of 
pressure to your opponent (have I told u that this FAQ is for fighting human 
opponent ? not the dreadful AI of a CPU ?).
    Million Bash Stream and Final Impact will combo off from this move. Keep 
your opponent  away with this.
    - Bufferable
    - Rating : ****-

B - This time Yashiro leans backward and delivers a fast floored kick to the 
ankle. Can be chained into low A. Range is pretty good, but the priority 
really sucks. It can still be used as a poke. Shorter than low  A.
    - Not Bufferable
    - Rating : *----

C - I LOVE this move !!! A vertically upward punch that look good, nice 
horizontal range, tremendous reach upward with king-size priority. In other 
way saying it, USE IT. Do it a little bit early as air defense, buffer it 
into Fw + A or Fw + B as a combo.
    Really quick to come out and does decent damage. I'll tell u how to use 
it later in the strategy section. Slow end lag, so always buffer it into 
another move.
    It's a little hard to follow this move with Jet Counter due to the HCF 
command, and your joystick is in down position. It is adviseable to buffer 
the Fw + A first.
    Low C has a lot of horizontal range ONLY on it's startup and great 
vertical reach after it.
    It means that you can only hit your opponent if they're right above you. 
Remember it or you will whiff and badly damaged on it's end lag.
    - Bufferable
    - Rating : *****

D - Huge double saddlehorse kick, a breakdance typo move. First kick comes 
out quickly, then followed with another kick. Giant range makes it easy to 
punish small mistake with this move. Hoppers can avoid the first kick, but 
sometimes the second kick hits them at the end. Don't rely on that luck, 
always cancel this move with a command attack or with the Sledgehammer for a 
high-low game or just use it occasionally.
    Sometimes do it after a blocked special move with small end lag (Jet 
Counter, Jet Counter Steel, Sledgehammer), you will surprise how it catch a 
lot of the time...
    - Bufferable (only for the first kick)
    - Rating : ****-

Jumping (horizontals and verticals are the same for Yashiro)

A - Downward punch with his right hand. Look very good with an excellent 
angle to do a jump in attacks, just don't  forget that this is only a light 
attack. Don't know how to use it, maybe as an air to air protection coz it 
comes out quickly.
    - Rating : **---

B - Comes out instantly, good priority against air attacks. An upward 45 
degrees angle kick, Yashiro leans backward while doing this.
    - Rating : **---

C - Yashiro hammers down with his left arm, he does this quickly now not like 
the KOF97 Jump C which is very slow. The hit sprite on this move is pretty 
big. Always use this move when you do a jump in attacks. The form of this 
move makes it easy to do a deep jump attack which is necessary for combo 
attempts. Damage is good, priority is high enough to trade with several air 
    - Rating : ****-

D - A swing kick with tremendous horizontal range, probably the largest of 
the whole air attacks in the game. The bad is that you has to do it early, I 
mean very EARLY if you want to stuff your opponent with this. The horizontal 
range makes Yashiro's body become protected, that is if you jump higher than 
the other guy. Once again USE IT EARLY. If you want to use it as a jump in 
attack, learn it's timing and range.
    - Rating : ****-

CD - Yashiro does an upward angled kick while his body lies below it. 
Absolutely great air to air attack if done early (Jump and immediately press 
CD). Will beat any air attacks if Yashiro is at the same level of height or 
below his opponent. It's useless if you use it for an air to ground attack 
though... due to the angle.
     Rating : ***--

2.2 Other Moves (Throws and Command Attacks)

Lever Blow
When in close Bk/Fw + C
Yashiro grabs his opponent then do a powerful body blow, sending the opponent 
Can be recovery rolled.
Rating : **---

Hachet Throw
When in close Bk/Fw + D
Yashiro grabs his opponent, puts them high in the air with one arm, then 
slams them into
the opposite direction. No recovery roll allowed.
Rating : ***--

Regret Bash
Fw + A
Do you know his Sledgehammer ? This is the same move, unless Yashiro doing it 
without the jump. He just move forward a little bit and hammers his left arm 
to his opponent. Kinda quick for an overhead command attack (when done 
alone), can trick a lot of opponent with this move. Mix it up with low D for 
high-low game. Can be chained from a bufferable normal attacks. Tha normal 
attacks must be a strong one if you want to combo it though. The good news 
that it's become bufferable if chained and it moves Yashiro forward a bit, 
making it easier to perform a special move from it. Some sweeps or long range 
attack can punish Yashiro if blocked (done alone or buffered), so always do a 
safe special move after it.
- Bufferable when chained
- Rating : ****-

Step Side Kick
Fw + B
Yashiro takes a small step forward and then do a side kick with his left 
feet. SNK makes this move bufferable this time, chained or not. Making it 
more useful in combos or for punishing mistakes. Decent speed, range is good.
Good use in combo, but I'll use the Fw + A instead.
- Bufferable
- Rating : ***--

2.3 Special Moves

I'll write this with the common notations used inside most of the FAQs.

Jet Counter         : (HCF + P)

A very quick rush punch to the mid section of the enemy. Yashiro kinda 
teleport himself towards his foe before releasing it. SNK redrawed the blur 
thingy which makes it very good looking move now.

This move is a 90% safe when blocked if done alone or from a normal move, 
that is if you do it correctly (i.e. DO NOT WHIFF!).
It has a little bit invicibility at the blur section to my experience, but 
the gap is very short. Can be countered while Yashiro in the rush-in move, 
but it'll be hard for them to counter if u're not abuse it.

- A version : 
  Yashiro does at about half screen rush then deliver a punch in the stomach 
with his left hand. Same drawings as in KOF97. Use it from low A, stand A, or 
low D for a very annoying game. Comboable from a strong normal move.
  Safety  : ****- (if done alone)

- C version :
  Yashiro teleports himself at 3/4 screen range and sends a downward swing 
punch with his inner left arm. Actually, the drawings only tells his end lag 
that shows his last position -> don't know what he's doing. 
  Pretty fast, but non-comboable at any circumstances. Best used in surprise 
attacks or punishing mistakes from distance.
  Safety : ***-- (if done alone)

Both versions doesn't knocked down anymore.

Rating : ****-

Jet Counter Steel   : (QCF + P from Jet Counter)

This is a follow up for the Jet Counter. Yashiro's move depends on what 
button you push and the version of Jet Counter you follow.

               Jet Counter Steel
               A version           C version
Jet Counter |
A version   |     (*)                 (+)
C version   |     (*)                 (#)

(*) = Yashiro does a straight punch with his right hand. Opponent remains 
standing when connected.

(+) = Yashiro does an upward swing with right hand, sends opponent high in 
the air.
      Same frames used in his Million Bash Stream DM's last movement, except 
it's fast and a whole lot safer. Charge a Final Impact after it connects... 
then :
      - If they do a recovery roll, release the button.
      - If they're down and crouch still, hold the button and let it go on by 
it self (unblockable).
(#) = Yashiro does an upward punch, like the Close Standing C to me. Again it 
sends your foe upward.

The Jet Counter Steel does a very little damage, it takes only a few pixels 
away from the opponent's lifebar. But the damage done is for free if you 
connect a Jet Counter.

Note that the fact it takes a psy-effect to the other player. I always use 
the (*) version of this move since it's a very cool move and I find it safer 
to use lots of the time if not whiffed. And the fact that it won't knock the 
enemy down, you can tag a sweep to surprise the other guy, do a backward jump 
D (not recommended, cheezy move), or simply just stand (or crouch) still and 
wait for their move. You can also do a Final Impact after it and hold the 
button...if they move, release it.

The last option is a good follow up after you connected a few sweeps (option 
#1). Wait for their jump and do a low C to sit them back to ground.

Later on experiences I've had, the (+) version seem to have more range than 
the (*) version. So practice with their range and know which version to use 
at various attack range from the Jet Counter.

Rating : ****-

Upper Duel          : (DP + P)

Nooooooo, they change another great move. The new one really toned down a 
lot. The new Upper Duel lost it's long and huge autoguard sprite. It used to 
be huge due to his arm swing. BTW, do you know what the heck a sprite is ? 
Here's the explanation taken from EX Andy's Beginner's Reference FAQ :

Sprite: The technical term for the flat ("2-D") computer-generated 
representation of a character on the screen. Sprites' sizes are roughly 
indicated by the size of the character.

Still don't know it yet ? Let's continue on anyway. Now, the autoguard is 
short and has a very small sprite. The autoguard won't have any use, unless 
the attack is up close. Well, SNK won't change things without replacing them 
with a new purpose. This time the Upper Duel comes out at lightning speed. 
Yashiro does a one hit right hand blow, if a contact happened he will follow 
it with a two hits uppercut leap with left hand.

Be careful if you use this move. It'll be safe if whiffs at long or medium 
range, but you will be dead or damaged badly if the other guy blocked this 
(i.e. Yashiro will send the follow up uppercut move upon contact -> blocked 
or not).

Use it to counter your opponent who's trying to punish your mistake on bad 
timing, you might get lucky on the autoguard.

Will combo from a close strong normal move, but I'm still trying to figure 
out it's other purposes (air defense on reaction, maybe ?).

I managed to pummel Clark trying to sweep me while getting up with the A 
version. Perhaps it has uses as a good wake up move, even against sweep ?

Rating : ***-- (will be another * once I found it's other purposes)

Missile Might Bash  : (HCB + P)

A wild series of punches in the mid section. The move is a lot safer than the 
same move in KOF97 (which was absolutely easy to be punished if blocked). Now 
it's hard for the other guy to punish Yashiro at the end of this move when 

Yashiro does two punches in enemy's stomach (A version), while in the C 
version he does it with four punches (much less safer when blocked). You can 
do a pretty good tick damage by doing this a few times in various ways.

Will combo off from a single Fw + B... useless fact you say ? I'll explain it 

Rating : ***--

Sledgehammer        : (QCB + K)

Yashiro does a fast forward leaping downward swing. The hit will only occurs 
when Yashiro is on his way down, that is after he reaches the peak of his 
jump. Priority seems good, as my experience tells that once he's on his way 
down, Yashiro will get a clean hit or at least trade with huge priority 

SNK changed the button input, so no longer overlap with Missile Might Bash 
like in KOF97.

Use this move often. Buffer it from blocked low A, low D, or CD to confuse 
your enemy. It'll stuff opponent at the beginning of their jump, nail a 
crouching guy to the floor, you name it. You can do this by it's own, but I 
find it less safer due to startup.

The A version travels at about 1/3 o the screen while the C version travels 
1/2 screen range. Both version has little end lag, so don't afraid to use 
this move. Yashiro roars loudly while doing this move.

Learn it's range or you'll be damaged. You must have some experience with the 
range to figure out which version you'll use, or it'll be punishable (whiff 
just in front of your enemy, hit too deep on a blocking opponent). Experiment 
with it... like they always say, "NO PAIN, NO GAIN !"   ;)

Do a CD counter as your opponent attacks and then approach them as they're 
about to get up and do a Stand CD into Sledgehammer (non grappler opponent 
This will trigger them into "I'll get you for that CD Counter !" stuff to 
make them do a CD Counter to give it back to u (which they can't, the 
Sledghammer will perform as Iori Yagami's CD into DP + B).

Rating : ****- (see, I'm a generous guy !)

2.4 Desperation Moves

Million Bash Stream : (QCB-HCF + P, tap P buttons)

Yashiro does a lot of punches and he's doing it while moving forward, you 
gotta mash on the punch button to get the maximum hits out of it....tap tap. 
Damaging enough on it's own, not a wake up typo move meaning that there's no 
invcibility on the start.

This is a suicide move when blocked, huge end lag plus it has no trick punch 
the end anymore like it did in KOF97. If they block this please do mash on 
punch button so they'll get a lot of tick damage before punishing you. At 
SDM, Yashiro finish with the second part of Upper Duel (leaping uppercut).

Avoid being blocked by doing it only in combos. Stand C, Fw + A, MBS is easy 
to perform. DO NOT FORGET to tap on punch button as even at SDM level Yashiro 
will only do a few punches.

Rating : ***--

Final Impact        : (QCFx2 + P, hold button to power up)

Yashiro delivers a strong blow while moving forward at lightning speed. He 
look at the other way while doing it.

One blow DM and as you expect, it causes great deal of damage. Look on 
Yashiro expression while doing it. SNK makes it really fast this time if you 
don't charge it, making it good to punish small mistakes and comboable even 
from a low A.

Charge it if you want to be tricky and watch Yashiro as you charging it, he 
looks very strong not to mention being cool.  :)
Charge it and release it when you see enemy tries to do something, it's very 
fast and will knock anything even with high priority.

Combo it from Stand C, Fw + A with an easier method : Stand C, QCF + A, QCF + 
A/C. The DM will come out instantly after the Fw + A. Watch how many jaws 
drop after you succeed doing it.  ;) Or just do it the old fashion way -> 
must have fast hand.

Punishable if blocked, but not as badly as the Million Bash Stream DM. Do a 
DP + A motion, you might get lucky.

Oooops, almost forgot the fact that this move is unblockable if fully 
charged. The charge is a little bit shorter when MAX.

Rating : ****-

3.0 Combos

++ - uncombo-able chain combos or general combos (i.e can be cancelled but no 
RUSH hits)

3.1 Chain Combos (from Moonrun's Combo FAQ)

dwn A, dwn A
dwn B, dwn A
dwn A, dwn A, stand A
dwn B, dwn A, stand A
dwn A, dwn A, stand A, stand B
dwn B, dwn A, stand A, stand B
++ dwn A, dwn A, fw + A
++ dwn B, dwn A, fw + A
++ dwn A, dwn A, stand A, fw + A
++ dwn B, dwn A, stand A, fw + A
++ dwn A, dwn A, fw + B
++ dwn B, dwn A, fw + B
++ dwn A, dwn A, stand A, fw + B
++ dwn B, dwn A, stand A, fw + B
stand C, fw + A
dwn C, fw + A
stand D, fw + A
++ dwn D, fw + A
stand C, fw + B
dwn C, fw + B
stand D, fw + B
++ dwn D, fw + B

3.2 General Combos

All of this combos used the Fw + A command attack. The Fw + B will combo, but 
not as sure as the Fw + A. I'll do some experiment on this command attack.

[Jump in combos]

-> Jump C/D, Stand C/D, Fw + A, then :
	- HCB + A/C
	- HCF + A, QCF + A/C  ---> your standard combo !!
	- DP + A/C
	- QCB-HCF + A/C, tap A/C
	- QCFx2 + A/C (no hold on button)

[Ground Combos]

-> Low C, Fw + A, then :
	- HCB + A/C
	- HCF + A, QCF + A/C
	- DP + A/C
	- QCB-HCF + A/C, tap A/C
	- QCFx2 + A/C (no hold on button)

-> Low A, QCB-HCF + A/C

-> Low A, QCFx2 + A/C (no hold on button)

-> HCF + C, QCF + A/C

[VCD Combo]

-> Jump C, Dn A x 3, QCFx2 + A/C

-> (Corner) Jump C, Stand A, Stand C, Fw + A, QCFx2 + A/C.

   What's this ?
   I sense a weird link in this combo, can it be done in mid screen ?

4.0 Strategy

4.1 You just don't know where to block, do you ?

Yashiro is at his best gameplay if used as an aggressive character, that is 
as an Advanced player. You gotta know his strong high-low game he had in 
KOF97, which was absolutely useful due to the high hitting Close Standing D. 
Now his high-low game seems to be toned down, but still has a lot of usage in 
his attacks.

His largest range on ground attack lies in the low D. Buffer this at the 
first hit into B-Sledgehammer to make your foe confuse. The B-Sledgehammer 
will come out real fast and will beat anything they try after blocking your 
sweep low. Even as they become aware and familiar with this tactic and block 
the Sledgehammer high, you will be at safe situation to any counter-attacks 
they send (unless you're in corner and your opponent has large command throw 

See what they did after a blocked Sledgehammer, and do the following to 
counter it at the same situation :

If they try to

- Run in command throw  : simply just do a backward jump D.
- Run in normal attack  : use the autoguard, do an Upper Duel with either A 
                          or C.
- Sweep                 : do an Upper Duel with A (rather risky).
- Nothing               : hop forward with jump C and a ccombo, sweep into 
                          Sledgehammer (yes, do it again), or keep your 
                          opponent away with a lot of low A.

Fw + A command attack is pretty slow, but this move has it's own profits. It 
will surprise a lot of people as the swing will come out fast after the 
startup lag (the moving forward frames really look suspicious). Mix it up 
between buffered Fw + A from low A and low A - pauses briefly then Fw + A 

Come near your grounded opponent ('bout 2 chars away), and be unpredictable 
by doing one of these options :

1. Hop jump attack with C or D, then do a combo.
2. Stand, then quickly low D into Sledgehammer.
3. Fw + A before they get up (YES, a moment B4 they get up !).
4. Do nothing if you expect a wake up move is on the way, then punish them 

4.2 Watch the pressure... it'll explode !

Aaah yes, my favorite way of play is being an aggressor, do many attacks and 
never forget to defend yourself once and a while. Put the pressure on the 
opponent side as long as you can. Yashiro can easily do this with his moves.

AFAICT, Yashiro's stand CD will beat a lot of sweep moves once it come out. 
His CD can be very annoying when used and combined correctly. Sledgehammer 
comes to my mind, then Jet Counter is a good follow up too.

Poke your opponent a lot with his poke tools; far A, far B, low A, low D. Do 
it alone or buffer it into another move.

My suggestion, don't be too shy to CD counter your enemy when they play more 
aggressive than yourself. Confuse opponent by buffering normals into Fw + A 
then a special move you like (a safe one if blocked). Then start with a 
different attacks afterwards. Playing high-low game, walk in throw, or jump 
in combo attempts will send your opponent in a world of misery and will be no 
longer has discipline in defending himself.

If you do the pressure correctly, most of them will do a jump attacks. Now 
this is the moment to use the full rating low C. Use it early to punish an 
unwell timed jump in or use Upper Duel on reaction. Jump CD is also 
recommended or jump before them and do a jump D.

Blocked but safe combo is a good way to start the pressure. Stand C, Fw + A, 
HCB + A, for an example. The combo took a long time to perform, take a couple 
pixels away from enemy's lifebar and do some psy-effect to an impatient 
player. Vary it with Fw + B into any moves to annoy them at mid range.

Careful for some people with crowbars waiting for you on your way home....

4.3 "Get'em in corner and make'em stay there !" (AKA corner traps)

Confused opponent will be more confuse if they trapped in corner (a confusing 
sentence eh ?). Zone your opponent in corner by using Jet Counter and it's 
follow up move.

Once they in corner, the advantage is at your side. Clear any jump attempts 
with far B or low C. Poke a lot of dn A if you're in close, then do a far D 
occasionally. You will see how desperate they are trying to get out from that 
corner, if they try to roll at you just throw them back again in the corner.

Be careful with your special move, as when done in corner some of them become 
punishable. Sledgehammer for example, it become less safer when done in 
corner. Yashiro won't pushed back far enough to avoid sweeps or command 
throws. Change your tactic in corner by buffering Jet Counter instead of the 
Sledgehammer. Once they block it, get on a defense stance to block whatever 
they send to you or simply mash on A button to annoy them to the limit.

You can play a nasty mind game once they cornered using the Final Impact, 
especially after they're going down and about to wake up. Here's some list 
you can do :

- After connecting a combo that make them fall, do a Final Impact as soon as   
 Yash can move. Hold the button and see... if they do a recovery roll ->  
 release button.
  But if they let it fall -> hold it and wait until they move to release it, 
  or just wait for the unblockable thing. (work nicely after a combo that 
  ends with HCF + A, QCF + C).

- Opponent about to wake up, do a Stand CD or low D into Final Impact. No 
  matter if they block it or not, hold button to see what they do. Release 
  when you see a move is coming.
  Simple, no ? Just watch out for that CD Counters

- Opponent about to wake up, do the Final Impact by itself. Hold button and 
  so on (see above).


For all options : if they AB ROLL, just wait until they're about at the end 
of their roll, then release button. This strategy will work if they get 
familiar with options above.

4.4 "Range, Zoning, Keep away, You name it dude !!!"

Range is one of Yashiro's advantage since KOF97. You still can be very 
annoying with his keep away strategy. Maintaining the distance is another key 
to victory.

His jump D is a good move to start a match with. Redraw back a little bit 
then do a super or hop jump and tap D button immediately will stuff almost 
anything. Hyper jump D is also good to hit Fireball thrower from far away. If 
hit, but you're at distance just tag a sweep into Sledgehammer or anything.

Stand CD is one of Yashiro's range asset. Use it a lot and you'll find that 
this move has huge priority. Use it against waking enemy and you'll see that 
it'll beat anything they try to do, even Ryo's DP.

Tag a few times with Jet Counter when you don't know what to do and try to 
get in close.

Against grapplers, keeping away from your enemy is important. What you do is 
try to use your range moves in the most effective ways. Always jump if you 
see them running at you and clear any jump attempts they do.

Do a D Sledgehammer if you at 3/4 full screen distance.

Punish small mistakes with uncharged Final Impact at half screen distance... 
learn it's range and the victory is near to your side.   :)

5.0 Closing Acknowledgement

5.1 Credits

- BIMA Arcade Center
  Once again surprise a lot of people with KOF98 game, which is expected to 
  be released in Surabaya at early 1999. It had the game at October 8th 1998 
  instead.  :)

- KOF-ML with great KOFers around the world. Supplying infos.

- Greg Kasavin, the author of the great KOF97 Yashiro FAQ. I used some infos 
  in his FAQ to compare this and that about Yash.

- Moonrun, for his Chain Combos.

- Sham Bun, for Yashiro's VCD Combo in .rm format.

- Kao Megura, for a lot of facts I used from his KOF97 and KOF98 FAQ. Some 
  move names and ASCII art title taken from there.

- Matt Hall, author of Chris Guide. Some info such as intro VS Chris, from 
  his FAQ.

- Kenneth "Slim-X" Miller, for some quotes on special intros. Made me realize 
  that normal Yash and the Orochi version has different taunt quotes.

5.2 Revision History

Ver. 0.0 (Preview)
Sent to kof@dhp.com to get comment at October 31st 1998 (YEAH, Halloween 

Ver. 1.0
Finished at November 9th 1998, added strategy & credits sections.

Ver. 1.1
November 27th 1998, added few things here and there.

Ver. 1.25
Put the other VCD Combo in combo section, added many things in special moves 
section, few things more in strategy section, add a list for corner trap 

5.3 More to Come

- More Strategy section.
- VS Strategy.

5.4 Saying Goodbye