Question from Larynna

Asked: 6 years ago

What do Marvel Shoes do?

The tooltip for the relic Marvel Shoes says "Creates various effects". Is there a set list, are they all beneficial, or would I be better off relying on Pod Bracelet to survive the Magimaster's final Ultima?

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From: Bokothechoco2 5 years ago

They give the character wearing them haste, regen, safe, and shell. In any case, do what the guy above said and use Life 3 for Magimaster. Or use wall rings and walk away for 10 minutes while he runs himself out of MP to cast it with.

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I'm not sure if there is a setlist of effects, I believe all of them are random and not always beneficial.

I use Life 3 on all my members when fighting Magimaster.

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Easiest: Berserk Magimaster, and Rasp him until he's got nothing left.

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