General Locke's Guide to.

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What's New?
Important Items (or Items worth having but not needed in beating the 
Thank-Yous, Sources of Info, Etc.

What's New?
Version 1.0: Everything on the walkthrough is new. Check it out!
Version 1.5: Cleared out the page. Added boss guide!

Welcome to my guide to Final Fantasy III! Please note that I'm not 
copying any of the information from an FAQ. Some of the information IS 
from The Mynock's Guide to Final Fantasy III, though. He is my biggest 
thank-you (besides Nintendo and Squaresoft of course!) Oh yes, before 
the walkthrough, please note that you can save your game ANYWHERE on 
the World Map. I advise you to do so every time after you completed 
something big.

1. Narshe
After an interesting scene explaining the War of the Magi and the 
Empire, you find yourself in the town with two other Imperial Soldiers. 
You fight your way through the town, going straight up. Once you get to 
the mine, you get your first random enemies. Save your game at the save 
point (to the left of the path up) and continue up. Once you get to the 
top Narshe guards send their monster after you. YES! A BOSS! You fight 
the Whelk. Details on beating him are later in the Guide. After beating 
him up, you run into the esper Tritoch. You go into a fight (sort of) 
and the soldiers ????? is with (named Vicks and Wedge) disappear. ????? 
(Terra) does SOMETHING with the esper and also disappears.
2. The Mines Of Narshe
You wake up in a house. An old man (named Arvis) tells ????? (Terra) 
about the slave crown and the Empire. You name Terra and Guards of 
Narshe come to the door. Terra escapes through the Mines of Narshe. 
When you get to the top the guards kick Terra down some loose ground. 
She has a flashback of Kefka and the empire and falls unconscious. Now 
Locke comes to Arvis's house. Arvis calls Locke a thief. Here you name 
Locke. Locke tells Arvis he is a TREASURE HUNTER and goes to rescue 
Terra. When he gets to her (automatic) a guard comes with monsters. 
Locke comments about there being a bunch of them and Moogles come. They 
join Locke in three groups. You can switch between them by pressing the 
Y button. Once you fight all the monsters you fight the guard with two 
henchmen. Beat him and you automatically go to the front of Narshe. Go 
into the classroom (the only building you can go into) and save, get 
the chests and some information, and heal yourself. Leave and go to the 
south to Figaro Castle.
3. Figaro Castle
Here you go STRAIGHT up. Once you're all the way to the top talk to the 
king. When you talk to him Terra and he will talk a bit and you get to 
name him (Edgar is his name in the game) He tells you to explore the 
castle. Do that! You can get a bit of treasure. After getting all the 
treasure you can go to the southwest of the Throne Room. Then go down 
the stairs and to the left to go to another section of the castle. Talk 
to the matron and you see a flashback. Name Sabin (he doesn't join you 
yet) and go back to the Throne Room. Heeeere's Kefka! No you get to 
CONTROL EDGAR. but just for a second. Talk to Kefka and he talks to 
you. After that talk to Locke. You talk a bit. Then follow Locke (in 
other words do the same as you did before only on the other side). Talk 
to Locke again and you get Edgar again. Now talk to the guard of the 
castle. Watch the scene and fight the Magitek Armor. Use Auto Crossbow 
(Edgar has it) and have Terra use Fire Magic (Locke and Edgar do a 
short scene if you use magic!). Have Locke steal a potion from both of 
them. After that you get your first ride on the Chocobo! Have fun! Now 
go to Figaro Cave.
4. Figaro Cave
 Go through it (no problems here) and head toward South Figaro.
5. South Figaro
 Buy some junk there and head toward Mt. Kolts. 
6. Mt. Kolts
Fight your way through and get to Vargas There's some good treasure 
here so get it! Once you get to him he talks and you fight him. Beat 
him up and Sabin comes. Have him use Pummel and you win. Then leave Mt. 
Kolts and head to the Returner Hideout.
7. Returner Hideout
Buy items here. If you missed it in South Figaro, buy the Sprint Shoes! 
You can run faster in towns, caves, etc! Then talk to Banon. You wake 
up with Terra in your party alone. Talk to all the other characters and 
get the treasure. Up in the northwest corner keep walking into the wall 
on the right and you find a path to the White Cape! It prevents some 
bad magic from doing anything to you and ups your defense! After all 
that talk to Banon. Say NO when he asks you if you want to help them. 
Now talk to the man in the northwest corner again. He gives you a Gengi 
Glove! Equip it with somebody who has lots of defense- you can't equip 
a shield but you can use two weapons! Now talk to Banon again and say 
YES. Watch the scene and you're on the Lete River! (BTW, Locke goes to 
South Figaro to hold the Imperial Soldiers off.)
8. Lete River
You're on a raft here. When the game asks you which way go straight 
then right. Save at the second spot on the river and keep going. You 
fight Ultros. Beat him up and keep going (without Sabin! Awwww!)
9. Three Groups
Mog appears here (kupo!) and he asks you to pick a group. Pick one 
(Locke, Sabin or Terra) and you're off with them! (the order will be 
Locke's scenario, Sabin's Scenario and Terra's Scenario)
5. South Figaro
First go to the item shop. Fight the merchant and use the STEAL 
command. You steal a plumed hat and his clothes! Now he runs and you 
have a plumed hat and the merchant's clothes. Re-equip Locke and go to 
the house. The boy will let you through the passage if you're wearing 
the merchant's clothes. Go to the caf‚. Fight another merchant in the 
basement and you get his cider. Now go back to the boy's house. Talk to 
the old man on the first floor and go back down. Tell the boy the 
password is COURAGE and go through the secret passage. Go to the top 
floor and go through the first door. Walk behind the bookshelf and save 
your game. FINALLY! After here, go to the first door (that was in the 
second door). Name the former Empire General (who is named Celes) and 
go in. Talk to her and remove her chains. Watch them talk and take the 
soldier's key. Use it in the third door (by winding the clock!). Leave 
the maze (getting the treasure) and go to Figaro Cave.
4. Figaro Cave
Go through healing yourself at the recovery spring. Go to the exit and 
fight Tunnel Armor. Beat it and you're done with the scenario! Pick 
another group and you're on your way!
10. House on the Veldt
Here talk to Shadow (who you might have named at South Figaro). If you 
haven't named him yet, do it now. Hire him and you have a group of two 
(Sabin and Shadow)! Now go to the Imperial Base (which I call from here 
on Doma Castle).
11. Doma Castle
Go as far as you can go down, watching the scenes on the way. Then you 
go to the real Doma Castle. You now name the retainer to the king 
(Cyan). You fight with him alone against the commander of the soldiers. 
Beat him and it's back to the imperial base. Keep walking, fighting 
Kefka along the way. After going all the way to the left fight the 
soldiers. Watch the scenes and fight the soldiers with Cyan. Keep going 
and you get to control Magitek Armor for the first time since the 
beginning of the game! All right! Fight the enemies and get outta 
there! Now keep walking down until you get to the forest.
12. Phantom Forest/Train
Fight through the forest. Once you get to the train, though, be more 
careful! Go way to the left, grabbing treasures along the way. Get way 
to the left (after saving of course!)  and push the first and third 
pressure valves in the engine. Press the switch in the outside of the 
train and you fight it. Beat it up and you leave. Watch the scene and 
go to Baron Falls!
13. Baron Falls
Shadow will leave you if he already hasn't. Go down the waterfall, 
fighting monsters along the way (automatic except for the fights). At 
the end you fight Rizopas (or something like that). Beat him and you're 
on the Veldt!
14. The Veldt
You meet another character here. Name him (Gau) and go to Mobliz.
15. Mobliz
Buy dried meat here. Nothing else. yet!
14. The Veldt
Fight until you meet Gau again. DO NOT FIGHT HIM. Instead give him the 
dried meat. He will talk and join you. Now go to the south and Crescent 
16. Crescent Mountain
Walk around and you run into Gau's "Treasure." Jump into the Serpent 
Trench and off you go!
17. Serpent Trench
Pick paths (the best is right-right <you get treasure walking through 
the caves> ). You end up at Nikeah.
18. Nikeah
Buy junk and go on the ship. FINALLY it's the end of Sabin's Scenario! 
Pick the one scenario left and go for it!
1. Narshe
Go through the secret entrance Locke showed you earlier. Walk through 
the path and you're done! Simplest part of the game- not even a boss!
1. Narshe
The group is together again. Now watch the scene and form three groups 
of the characters you have (Terra, Locke, Edgar, Sabin, Celes, Cyan and 
Gau). Fight Kefka's men and get to Kefka with the best group. (IMHO 
Edgar, Sabin and Cyan) Watch the cinema scene where Terra disappears, 
form a group and off you go: the Search for Terra!
3. Figaro Castle
Go to the place where there is an old man and a stairway leading down. 
Talk to the man and you go to the town of Kohligen.
19. Kohligen
Do not buy your junk here! If you want to, though, sign Shadow up (for 
3000 GP). Go north (the very top of the continent) and grab a Chocobo. 
Ride to the south, toward Jidoor.
20. Jidoor
Buy your junk here instead. If you don't find what you are looking for, 
go back to Kohligen and buy it there. Now head north from Jidoor, 
toward Zozo.
21. Zozo
Go to the building with the "Inn" sign on it. Set the time here (check 
the SECRETS section for the time).  Now go to the tallest building in 
the town. Go up and up and up. After a while, jump between building to 
building. Once you get back to the main building, continue going up. At 
the top you run into Dalduma. Beat him up and keep going to the top 
room. Talk to Terra and Ramuh (an esper!) comes. He tells you about the 
empire, espers, magic and Terra. Watch the scene and form a group with 
Locke and Celes. Now go back to Jidoor. Oh yeah, equip the espers you 
get (Ramuh, Kirin, Siren and Stray) because they give you MAGIC!
20. Jidoor
Go to the biggest house in the town. Talk to the man there and read his 
letter. Now you name the wandering gambler (Setzer). Now go down to the 
Opera house (without Shadow or you will be stuck with three 
22. The Opera House
Talk to the man again (who I shall call the Director of Music). Watch 
the scene and you control Locke alone. Walk to the room Celes went 
into. Now you control Celes. She is pretending to be Maria, the lead 
opera singer, for Setzer is going to capture her. Since Setzer is the 
owner of the world's only airship (which they need to get to the 
empire), they will have Celes (who gets captured by Setzer) lead them 
straight to the airship. OK, enough about Setzer, let's get back to the 
game. The lyrics for the opera are "Oh My Hero", "I'm The Darkness", 
and "Must I". Then Celes dances with Prince Ralse and goes on the 
balcony. She throws a flower and you get back to controlling Locke. Now 
read the letter from Ultros. Watch the scene (long!) and RUN! Go to the 
room on the right, push the far right switch and go to the room on the 
left. Avoid the enemies and just get to Ultros. Watch the scene and 
fight Ultros. Beat him up and Setzer comes. You get took to his 
airship. Watch the scene, talk to Setzer and he drops you near Albrook.
23. Albrook
Do nothing here. Just go to Maranda and Tzen (west and north of 
24. Maranda
Buy some junk here.
25. Tzen
Ditto as above.
26. Vector
This is north of Albrook. Go to the house (its long) to the left of the 
entrance. Say you will not pledge your allegiance to the Empire and 
fight the guards. Beat them up (not bosses) and you get your HP and MP 
refilled! Now talk to the old man and do what he says. Go into the 
Magitek Factory and here we go!
27. Magitek Factory
DO NOT MISS the treasure here. After getting it all go to the room with 
Magitek Armor being hauled to the other room. Jump on the machine and 
watch Kefka talk. Go down where the espers Ifrit and Shiva went. Go 
into the door and save your game. After that talk to Ifrit. You now 
fight Ifrit and Shiva. Defeat them and you get them. You can learn new 
magic! Head in the other door now. Go as far as you can and fight 
Machine #24. Beat him and keep going. When you get to the room full of 
espers watch the scene where Celes disappears. You have 6 NEW ESPERS! 
ALL RIGHT! Now save your game. Talk to Cid and go on the train. Ride 
fighting the enemies. Then Machine #128 fights you. Beat him up and you 
go back to Vector. Save your game and run down. After a while Setzer 
comes running. Watch the scene and fight the cranes. Now you go back to 
21. Zozo
You immediately go to Terra. You watch a flashback (controlling an 
esper!) and when it's done you get Terra back in your group. Now what 
happens? You control the airship! Go back to Narshe now.
25. Tzen
Talk to the guy in the far upper-right corner. He will sell you the 
Sraphim esper. for 3000 GP! Buy it, it's very useful.
1. Narshe
Go straight up. After a little while a guard will talk to you. Watch 
the long scene and buy new junk. After that go back to the airship and 
fly to the Imperial Base to the right of Albrook (not the one way back 
by Doma).
28. Sealed Gate
If you have Terra in your party, you can pass right through the Base. 
If you don't, go back and get her. Now you go into the cave to the 
Sealed Gate. Get the treasures here. DO NOT MISS THE ATMA WEAPON! I'll 
tell you how and why to get it later. After getting to the end you 
watch a scene. then Kefka appears. Fight him (sort of) and after a 
while you watch another scene. In this one, the espers fly out of the 
gate. They head toward Vector. Leave the cave through a new exit and go 
back to the airship. The rest of your group appear and talk. Watch the 
scene and you crash-land near Maranda. 
26. Vector
Go to the Imperial Castle. Talk to the Emperor and talk to as many 
soldiers as you can. After your four minutes are up, you go into a 
banquet scene. I will talk about that later. In it, the Emperor states 
that he stopped the war. He wants you to go find the espers. They 
traveled to Crescent Island. General Leo goes with you. Now go to 
23. Albrook
Talk to General Leo on the boat. He tells you that General Celes will 
go with him and Shadow will go with Terra and Locke. Now you stay the 
night at the Inn. Watch the short scene and go back to the boat. Talk 
to everybody. Watch the scenes and you stop at Crescent Island. Here, 
go to Thamasa.
29. Thamasa
Here talk to everybody. You will see clues that this village isn't 
exactly your everyday town. Now go to the house almost on the edge. 
Talk to the old man inside it. Now name him (Strago). Talk to him a bit 
and his granddaughter comes in. You also name her (Relm). Talk a bit 
more and stay a night at the Inn. At night Strago comes in saying that 
Relm is in a burning house. Watch the scene where the villagers cast 
"Ice" on the house and go in it with Strago. Grab the Ice Rod in the 
chest and equip it on Strago. Go to the end of the house and you find a 
monster. Destroy it and watch the scene where Shadow comes and saves 
Interceptor (his dog) who went to save Relm. After that go to the cave 
to the west of Thamasa.
30. Esper's Gathering Place
Fight through here. At the room with the statues keep going and save 
your game at the save point. Go back and near the statues. Go in and 
watch the scene where Strago talks about Espers and the statues. Leave 
and you run into (guess who?) ULTROS! The squidball strikes again! 
Fight him and after you beat him Relm comes. (actually, she destroys 
him but.) After that go back to the room with the save point. Hop down 
the weak ground and watch the very LONG scene! After that. it's Kefka! 
Leo fights Kefka alone. Beat him and watch another scene. Leave and the 
airship's waiting for you. Edgar says that Emperor Gestahl is after the 
sealed gate, looking for some statues or something (if you read them 
earlier, you know that the statues are actually the goddess's of 
magic). Watch the island float into the sky and GET THEM!
31. The Floating Continent
First the Imperial Air Force (IAF) attacks you on the airship. Beat the 
enemies and a strange thing comes. Out of it comes. yes, the squidball 
has returned. ULTROS! Beat him and the strange thing (named Chupon) and 
you get sneezed off the airship. On the way you beat the Air Force. 
Beat him up and you fall onto the floating continent! Grab Shadow there 
and SAVE IMMIDIATLY. Get through this looooong maze grabbing treasure 
chests (that look like blue orbs) along the way. Get to the save point 
and save. Go to the place where you are asked if you want to go back to 
the airship and choose no. Then go to the left and fight the Atma 
Weapon. Destroy him and go up. Watch the long scene and Celes comes. In 
the scene Kefka moves the statues out of balance. Now the world is 
being destroyed. After the scene you don't have Shadow with you anymore 
but you do have Celes. Now GET OUT OF HERE FAST! If you don't run FAST, 
you might not make it. After a while of running (almost to the end) you 
fight the enemy Nerapa. Beat him (her?) and keep going. Once you get to 
the end choose "Wait" twice. When there is only 5 seconds left Shadow 
comes and jumps off the continent with you. You land in the airship. 
Watch the long scene. After it you are in the World of Ruin.

The World of Ruin
1. The Solitary Island
You are alone on the island with Celes. Watch the scene and you now 
have two choices. You can either save Cid or don't save Cid. I will 
tell you how later. After that, you go downstairs and get on the raft. 
It takes you to Albrook.
2. Albrook
Talk to everybody. Buy new equipment. Take a look at the "Tower" 
everybody's talking about. Nothing else important.
3. Tzen
Immediately after entering, the "Light of Judgement" as people call it 
burns a building. Go up to the building and you find Sabin. Talk a bit 
and go in. Find the kid downstairs without getting any chests and LEAVE 
NOW! Now Sabin joins you. New information about Mobliz, to the east, 
makes you think "Should I go there?" The answer is "Yes."
4. Mobliz
Note: I don't know whether you have to do this or if it is optional. 
Anyway, go into the house that the boy comes out of. In it you see a 
scene. with Terra in it! Watch it and go outside. Now the monster known 
as "Phunbaba" comes. Terra tries to fight it but fails. Now Sabin and 
Celes fight him. Beat him up and leave. You get a new esper (Fenrir or 
something like that). Now leave and head north, toward Nikeah.
5. The Fanatic's Tower
Mountains are surrounding it! Return with the airship later.
6. Nikeah
Talk to the thieves in the caf‚. Now a man who has a striking 
resemblance to Edgar is by the shops. (<G>) Talk to him as many times 
as you can and follow him. He leads you onto the ship to South Figaro.
7. South Figaro
Do the same as Nikeah. Now go to Figaro Cave.
8. Figaro Cave
Here follow the man who resembles Edgar (who claims to be Gerad). When 
you get to the part where they jump on the turtle do the same. Soon you 
get to Figaro Castle.
9. Figaro Castle
Go as far as you can into the basement. Get the treasure and you run 
into the monsters "Tentacles." Fight them now (with Gerad, who now 
tells you he is Edgar!). Beat them and talk to Edgar. Now get out of 
the basement. Watch the scene and go to Kohligen.
10. Kohligen
Go to the Caf‚ and talk to Setzer. He tells you to visit Daryl's Tomb 
to get an airship. Go there (it's to the west) and grab supplies before 
11. Daryl's Tomb
Fight through here. There's an experience egg here somewhere, but look 
for the secrets section for info on that. So go through and get to the 
end. Fight the Monster-In-A-Box and save. Now go to the real Tomb. 
Fight the boss and keep going. Watch the LONG scene and you have an 
airship! (BTW, it's called the Falcon. Jeez, how many times have we 
seen that name for a spaceship/airship?) NOTE: The rest of this is 
COMPLETELY optional. If you want to skip straight to bonking Kefka on 
the head, go to the end of the walkthrough. This is MY preferred order 
of what to do. You can do it in any order, but you don't have to.
12. Duncan's House
Come here with Sabin in your group. Duncan comes out and talks to you. 
Watch the scene and Sabin knows his most powerful blitz attack! It is 
called the "Bum Rush." To find out how to perform it, go to 
13. The Veldt
Fight with three characters in your group. To do this, go to the 
Phoenix Cave and leave immediately. Now talk to somebody and choose a 
group of three. After a while Gau will appear. He will be happy that 
the rest survived and he will join you.
5. Mobliz
Go into the house to the way left. Go behind the bookshelf. Watch the 
scene and fight Phunbaba again. Beat him and Terra joins you.
14. Gau's Father's House
Go here with Gau and Sabin. It doesn't get you anything, but it's 
15. Maranda
Talk to Lola. She is in the house on the far right. Tell her "Yes" and 
do that. Now follow that bird! (It goes to Zozo)
16. Zozo
Buy the Rust Rid here. Go into the door with the "Caf‚" sign on it and 
go into Mt. Zozo.
17. Mt. Zozo
DO NOT MISS THE TREASURES! They hold good stuff like the elemental 
shields and the third best shield in the game! Go straight through 
(it's not a maze). Now watch the scene. YES! CYAN IS BACK! Now hurry 
and push that weird switch. Out of the treasure chest comes. a dragon?! 
FIGHT IT! There is a good reason. Beat him up and leave.
18. Doma Castle
Come with Cyan and 3 others. Sleep in the bed. Watch the scene and you 
wake up. with one person! Go through the doors to find 2 others, but no 
Cyan. Go to the last door (looks the same on both sides). Now you fight 
three bad guys (named Curly, Larry and Moe. Funny!). Beat them and go 
through the door. Go straight through. Now you are in MAGITEK ARMOR! Oh 
yeah, bring Terra here- she can use 4 extra Magitek powers! Go through. 
When it's repeating go backwards. You are back in Doma Castle. Go to 
the throne room and you fight Wrexoul. Use X-Zone immediately! You beat 
him immediately! Now watch the scene. Cyan has a good sword and an 
14. Cave on the Veldt
Go through. Don't miss the Striker weapon! It is essential to getting 
Shadow back! Walk through. At the end you run into Shadow (or Relm if 
you didn't wait for Shadow on the Floating Continent). Then a Sr. 
Behemoth comes. Defeat him and you go to Thamasa.
19. Thamasa
Leave and return. A man says that Shadow went to the Colosseum.
20. The Colosseum
Bet the striker weapon. You fight Shadow. He's easy. Beat him and you 
get him to joint your group.
21. Jidoor
Go to Owser's House. Turn on the light and look at the painting in the 
far left corner. Beat it and go through. Get through and you run into a 
painting, Owser and Relm! Fight the painting and you get an esper 
(Starlet) and Relm joins you!
22. The Phoenix Cave
Split into two groups. Have them work together to get to the end. You 
run into another dragon! Beat him and keep going. You get to the end 
and Locke joins you with an esper! YES! Watch the scene and leave.
23. Narshe
Have Locke with you. He unlocks the locked doors. One of which has a 
sword/stone. I suggest getting the stone (an esper), as it teaches 
Ultima! Ultima is the best spell in the game! Another one has the 
Cursed Shield. Fight with it for 255 battles and it turns into the much 
better PALADIN SHIELD! Now go through the cave (remember the cave way 
back from the beginning?).  Go through and you end up getting MOG! 
Search behind him to get the Moogle Charm. VERY useful item. Only Mog 
can equip it but it protects you from ALL enemy attacks if he has it 
equipped! Put Mog in your group now. Go up to the hill where the 
Tritoch esper was and you fight it. Destroy it and it joins you as the 
esper Tritoch. Before that you should've fought the Ice Dragon. Now go 
to the top of the hill. Select "Yes." I STRONGLY advise you to have the 
Moogle Charm right now. Get to the end and you get an esper (Terrato) 
and Umaro comes out. Beat him (he is very easy) and Mog makes him join 
6. The Fanatic's Tower
Bring Relm here. She wakes Strago from his trance and he joins you. In 
one treasure room there is a dragon! Defeat it! Now go to the top of 
the tower. You get the Gem Box which lets you cast two spells in one 
turn! Leave and. something awful happens. NOTE: Will explain the boss 
in the secrets section.
24. Triangle Island
You fight the Zone-Eater here. Let him swallow all your members. You 
are in a maze now. Force yourself to get knocked off the platform once- 
it leads to lots of treasure! Now go through, getting the treasure. 
into the creature Gogo. He (she?) joins you after hearing your story.
25. The Opera House
Here go to the place where a long time ago you pushed the far right 
switch. Push all of them until you fall onto the stage. Now beat the 
dragon here.
21. Thamasa
Come here with Strago and Relm. Watch the scene and go to Ebot's Rock.
26. Ebot's Rock
Fight through. Do NOT give any of your coral to the treasure chest! 
Once you have about 30 pieces of Coral give it to the treasure chest. 
Now you fight Hidon, a beast that Strago hunted when he was young. Now 
beat him. He teaches the Grand Train, Strago's strongest Lore! Now you 
automatically travel back to Thamasa. Watch the scene and leave.
27. The Sky
Fly around for a little bit. Sooner or later you fight Doom Gaze. Cast 
"Vanish/Doom" on him and you beat him immediately! Now you get the 
esper BAHAMUT! NOTE: If you used vanish/x-zone you don't get Bahamut, 
10. Figaro Castle
Travel back to Figaro. In the middle, though, it stops. Select "Stop 
and Explore" and go to the jail cell. Go through the door and you go to 
the Ancient Castle! 
28. The Ancient Castle
Watch the many scenes and grab the esper "Odin." Now go five steps down 
from the queen's throne and push "A." A secret room opens in the 
library. Go into it and talk to the queen's statue. You have a new 
esper! (Well, actually, Odin was changed into a different one) Fight 
the dragon here. Then go to the Monster-In-A-Box. Beat it and you get 
the offering! It allows you to attack four times! Now you may leave.
20. The Colosseum
Here you can bet weapons and items. Usually you have to fight Chupon 
(he sneezes you away) but occasionally you can bet something else.
Finally! The last level awaits!
29. Kefka's Tower
Land on the roof of the tower. You fight in three groups. Have one have 
Mog and his Moogle Charm. Now here goes.
Group One: Go through the path, grabbing treasures along the way. Once 
you get to a dead-end switch to the next group.
Group Two: Go through doing the same as Group One. When you get to the 
place that looks like it's from the Imperial Castle, fight Atma. Beat 
him and you can save. Keep going until you get to the same room where 
Group One is. Step on the switch there and keep going. Fight the 
dragon. At the dead-end step on the switch and go to Group Three.
Group Three: Do the same here. At the middle fight Inferno. Beat him 
and keep going. Step on all the switches, for one of them lets Group 
One get farther in. Fight the dragon here. FINAL DRAGON! ALL RIGHT! Go 
to the end and step on the switch. The door is open!
Group One: Go straight through, getting the treasure. At the end pick a 
side: Left or Right. Pick left.
Group Two: Move the group outta the way. Go back to group one.
Group One: Push the weight on the switch. Go up and step on the switch.
Group Two: Do the same as Group One just did. Move Group Three out of 
the way. Now switch over to Group Three.
Group Three: Go up and step on the switch. Go backwards. Now Groups 1 
and 2 can go. Go straight up. Here you fight Guardian. Beat it and keep 
going. Now you fight Poltergeist (Statue One). Keep going and step on 
the switch.
Group Two: Go through the new door. Here you fight Goddess (Statue 
Two). Beat it and keep going. Here step on the switch.
Group One: Repeat Group Two. After beating Doom (Statue Three) it talks 
a little about the goddess's, magic and Kefka. Now step on the final 
switch in the game (make sure to save before now!)! You are transported 
to another room.
Groups One, Two and Three: Watch the long scene. Now form an order of 
the twelve people. Now you fight Kefka and the three statues. (the 
goddess's of magic from the World of Balance, remember?) Beat the 
statues and fight Kefka. Knock some sense into this mad man! Destroy 
this clown! Bonk this idiot on the head! Do whatever with him, just do 
not lose. After this YOU'VE JUST BEAT THE GAME, CONGRATS! It now talks 
about How magic is disappearing from the world. That also means the 
espers (and Terra, the half-esper) no longer exist. But it turns out 
that she can remain on earth as a human being. Now watch the half hour 
long ending! Congratulations! You have just beat one of the best and 
toughest Role-Playing Games ever!

Terra: A mysterious young woman, controlled by the empire, and born 
with the gift of magic.
Unique Skill: Morph
After realizing that she is a half-esper Terra can turn to her Esper 
side which is more powerful.
Locke: Treasure Hunter and trail-worn traveler, searching the world 
over for relics of the past.
Unique Skill: Steal
Locke can steal items from enemies.
Edgar: The young king of Figaro Castle, ally of the Empire, and a 
master designer of Machinery.
Unique Skill: Tools
Edgar can use tools such as a chainsaw and drill to attack enemies. 
Bio Blaster
Noise Blaster
Chain Saw
Sabin: Edgar's twin brother, who traded the throne for his own freedom.
Unique Skill: Blitz
You learn blitz moves at level-ups. My favorites are.
Pummel: Left, Right, Left
Suplex: X, Y, Down, Up
Aura Bolt: Down, Down, Left
Fire Dance: Left, Left, Down, Down, Right
Bum Rush: Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left
Shadow: He owes allegiance to no one, and will do anything for money. 
He comes and goes like the wind.
Unique Skill: Throw
Shadow can throw weapons at enemies.
Celes: Product of Genetic engineering, battle-hardened Magitek knight, 
with a spirit as pure as snow.
Unique Skill: Runic
Celes can absorb some magic with her Runic blade.
Cyan: Faithful retainer to his family's liege, with the courage and 
strength of a hundred men.
Unique Skill: Sword Tech
Cyan has many attacks with his sword.
Gau: Draped in monster hides, eyes shining with intelligence, a youth 
surviving against all odds.
Unique Skill: Rage/Leap
Gau can learn the attacks of enemies when he leaps into them.
Setzer: A blackjack-playing, world-traveling, casino-dwelling free 
Unique Skill: Slot/GP Rain
Setzer can use these to attack the monsters. With GP rain, he throws 
your money at the enemy.
Strago: An elderly gentleman, pure of heart and learned in the ways of 
Unique Skill: Lore
Strago learns the attacks of enemies when they are casted on him.
Relm: In her pictures she captures everything: Forest, Water, Light. 
The very essence of life.
Unique Skill: Sketch/Control
Relm can draw monsters and have them attack themselves. With the fake 
mustache she can control the monsters.
Mog: A human-loving, fast-talking, street-smart, SLAM-dancing, moogle.
Unique Skill: Dance
Mog learns dances in areas of the world.
Dusk Requiem: Caves
Wind Song: Open Area
Desert Aria: Desert
Water Rondo: Under Water
Snowman Jazz: Snowy hills
Love Sonata: Towns (I.E. Zozo)
Forest Suite: Forest
Earth Blues: Mountains
Umaro: Admirer of bone-carvings, strong as a gigas, a Sasquatch pal 
with muscle!
Unique Skill: Rage/Storm
Umaro does anything. You cannot control him! This is one of the reasons 
I don't recommend taking him along. But with the Rage Ring he can throw 
other group members at the enemies and with the Blizzard Orb he can 
create a blizzard.
Gogo: Shrouded in odd clothing. is this a man.? A woman.? Or should we 
Unique Skill: Mimic
This is the only thing Gogo can do. However, if you check his status 
screen, you can choose three other commands, from Fight to Steal to 
Sword Tech! (No Morph, though)

Boss strategies (I'm NOT going to give HP, but wait and see if I give 
info on vanish/X-zone)
Whelk- Boss Vicks, Wedge and Terra fight in the Mines of Narshe. 
Strategies: Terra should use tek-missle. Vicks and Wedge can cast Fire 
Beam. Don't attack when it goes into the shell or it lets out a 
powerful scorch!
Marshal- Boss Locke with three moogles, four moogles or four other 
moogles fight. Strategies: You fight other monsters first. Locke and 
all moogles but Mog fight. Mog fights until he learns a dance early in 
the group of fights, then dances. Make sure you don't get hurt.
Magitek Armor- Boss Terra, Locke and Edgar fight. Strategies: Watch the 
scene if Terra uses magic. Locke steals, Edgar uses Auto Crossbow and 
Terra casts Fire.
Vargas- Boss Terra, Locke, Edgar and Sabin fight. Strategies: Terra 
casts Fire, Locke steals (if you're lucky you can steal a FIRE 
KNUCKLE!), and Edgar uses Auto Crossbow. When Sabin comes, use Pummel. 
That kills him.
Ultros- Boss Terra, Edgar, Banon and Sabin fight. Strategies: Sabin 
uses Fire Knuckle if you have it, Fire Dance if you have it, or Aura 
Bolt. Terra casts Fire. Banon heals. Edgar uses Auto Crossbow.
Tunnel Armor- Boss Locke and Celes fight. Strategies: Either use the 
Lightning Rod (or something) at the start, or Celes runic and Locke 
Leader- Boss Cyan fights. Strategies: Use Dispatch over and over.
Phantom Train- Boss Sabin, Shadow (optional), a ghost or 2 (optional) 
and Cyan fight. Strategies: Shadow uses Shriunken, Cyan uses Sword Tech 
1 or 4, Sabin use his best blitz and the ghost fight.
Rhizopas: Boss Sabin and Cyan fight. Strategies: Fire Dance or Aura 
Bolt and Sword Tech 1 or 4.
Kefka- Boss any people fight. Strategies: TILK. That means "Treat It 
Like Kefka." Look LATER for the "Kefka" I mean.
Daladuma (or something)- boss anybody fight. Strategies: TILK.
Ultros- Boss Locke and 2 others fight. Strategies: Locke attacks, Edgar 
uses Drill, Sabin uses Aura Bolt or Fire Dance, Cyan uses Sword Tech 1 
or 4, and Gau uses ???. If you have magic, have somebody use Ramuh and 
cast Bolt.
Ifrit and Shiva- Boss Locke, Celes and 2 others fight. Strategies: Use 
the last strategy, only Celes should use Ice on Ifrit and anybody 
should use Fire on Shiva.
#24- Boss Locke, Celes and 2 others fight. Strategies: Use the last few 
#128- Boss Locke and 2 others fight. Strategies: Ditto.
Cranes- Boss Locke, Setzer and 2 others fight. Strategies: Ditto, only 
Setzer uses an attack or slot.
Fire Eater- Boss Terra, Locke and Strago fight. Strategies: Cast your 
most powerful Ice magic. Strago should use Aqua Rake.
Ultros- Boss Terra, Locke and Strago fight. Strategies: Use your most 
powerful attacks, but don't use Strago's Aqua Rake. When Relm comes, 
use Sketch, which'll finish him.
Ultros and Chupon- Bosses any 3 people fight. Strategies: Fire on 
Ultros, Ice on Chupon.
Air Force- Boss any 3 people fight. Strategies: TILK.
Gigantos- Boss any 3 people and Shadow fight. Strategies: Hit hard. 
Have one person use Cure 2 every round.
Atma Weapon- Boss any 3 people and Shadow fight. Strategies: TILK.
Nerapa- Boss any 3 people and Celes fight. Strategies: TILK.
Phunbaba- Boss Celes or Celes and Sabin fight. Strategies: Celes 
attacks, bios or Runics and Sabin uses Suplex.
Tentacles- Boss Celes, Edgar and (optional) Sabin fight. Strategies: 
Celes casts ice on the bottom right and fire on the bottom left 
tentacles, Sabin uses Pummel or Fire Dance when Tentacle Lower Right's 
down and Edgar uses Auto Crossbow or Drill.
Dullahan- Boss Celes, Edgar, Setzer and (optional) Sabin fight. 
Strategies: Celes casts magic, Sabin casts magic or blitzes, Edgar uses 
drill and Setzer heals.
Phunbaba again- Boss anybody fights. Strategies- TILK
Storm Dragon- Boss anybody fights. Strategies- Lightning.

Sr. Behemoth- Boss anybody fights. Strategies- Fight for a while `til 
it changes. Then use a revivify or life potion and it dies immediately.
Painting (what's its real name, I forget)- Boss anybody fights. 
Strategies- Fight the demon face. TILK.
Ice Dragon- Boss anybody fights. Strategies- Fire.
Tritoch- Boss anybody fights. Strategies- Fire.
Umaro- Boss anybody fights. Strategies- Fire.
White Dragon- Boss anybody fights. Strategies- Fight hard. This guy is 
a wimp!
Magi Master- Boss anybody fights. Strategies-
1. Equip everybody with a wall ring. Somebody should cast Life 3 on 
somebody at the beginning so at least one character will survive. 
Now pile on the ultimas.
2.Cast Berserk on the Magi-Master. Now check his weakness with "Scan" 
and pile on that spell. As always cast Life 3 on somebody (only learned 
by Phoenix, the esper in the Phoenix Cave).
Hidon- Boss any two characters, Strago and Relm fight. Strategies: 
Dirt Dragon- Boss anybody fights. Strategies: Cast Float and hit hard 
with Ultima.
Katana Soul- Boss anybody fights. Strategies: TILK.
Blue Dragon- Boss anybody fights. Strategies- Use Fire or Lit magic.
Atma- Boss anybody fights. Strategies: TILK.
Inferno, Striker and Rough- Bosses anybody fight. Strategies: TILK.
Poltergiest- Boss anybody fights. Strategies: TILK.
Doom- Boss anybody fights. Strategies: TILK.
Goddess- Boss anybody fights. Strategies: TILK.
Final Fight 1- Boss anybody fights. Strategies: TILK.
Final Fight 2- Boss anybody fights. Strategies: TILK.
Final Fight 3- Boss anybody fights. Strategies: TILK.
Kefka- The End Boss anybody fights. Strategies: This is the TILK. TILK, 
if you didn't read earlier, stands for "Treat It Like Kefka." First, 
pile on the ultimas. If you don't have it, any killer magic will do. 
Also, if you run out of MP, have Terra fight, Locke fight (and steal at 
the beginning), Edgar use Drill, Sabin use Bum Rush, Celes fight, 
Shadow throw everything, Cyan use Sword Tech 7, Gau ???, Setzer fight, 
Mog dance or fight, Strago fight, Relm fight, Umaro do whatever and 
Gogo use Bum Rush.

How to beat Magi-Master
Magi-Master is the boss of the Fanatic's Tower. He casts Ultima at the 
end of the fight, so beware! The only ways to beat him are:
2. Equip everybody with a wall ring. Somebody should cast Life 3 on 
somebody at the beginning so at least one character will survive. 
Now pile on the ultimas.
3. Cast Berserk on the Magi-Master. Now check his weakness with "Scan" 
and pile on that spell. As always cast Life 3 on somebody (only 
learned by Phoenix, the esper in the Phoenix Cave).
How to get the esper Crusader
This is the reason why you must defeat all eight dragons. When you do 
you get the esper Crusader.
The Clock of Zozo
Set the clock to 6:10:50. When you go through the passageway you get 
the tool "Chainsaw."
How to get to level 99 in three days
First off, spend that hard-earned money on a turbo controller. Second 
go to the Lete River. Make sure you fight like this: Terra and Sabin 
fight, Banon use Health and Edgar use Auto-Crossbow. Now right after 
the first save point set your A-button to "Auto." Unplug the system 
from the TV but not from the plug-in. Leave it for 3 days and all your 
characters are at Level 99! There's only one problem: do not leave your 
game on for over 12 hours, for some time around there there's a lock up 
glitch stuck on the "Fanfare" music.
To answer the question that has been going on at RPGamer's Final 
Fantasy SNES Message Board for a while, you CANNOT get an Illumina and 
Atma Weapon from Doom and Goddess. I've never tried, but everybody has 
came to that decision.

Esper:                   Teaches:                                                 
Ramuh                  Bolt X10, Bolt 2 X2, Poison X5
Kirin                     Cure X5, Cure 2 X1, Regen X3, Antidote X4, 
Scan X5
Siren                     Sleep X9, Mute X8, Slow X7, Fire X6
Stray                     Muddle X7, Imp X5, Float X2
Shoat                    Bio X7, Break X5, Doom X2
Phantom               Berserk X5, Vanish X3, Demi X3
Maduin                 Fire 2 X3, Bolt 2 X3, Ice 2 X3 
Unicorn                Cure 2 X4, Remedy X3, Dispel X2, Safe X1, Shell 
Bismark                Fire X20, Ice X20, Bolt X20, Life X2
Carbunkl              Reflect X5, Haste X3, Shell X2, Safe X2, Warp X2
Ifrit                       Fire X10, Fire 2 X5, Drain X1
Shiva                    Ice X10, Ice 2 X5, Rasp X4, Osmose X4, Cure X3
Sraphim               Cure X20, Regen X10, Cure 2 X8, Life X5, Remedy 
Golem                  Safe X5, Stop X5, Cure 2 X5
Zoneseek             Rasp X20, Osmose X15, Shell X5
Palidor                 Haste X20, Slow X20, Haste 2 X2, Slow 2 X2, 
Float X5
Fenrir                   Warp X10, X-Zone X5, Stop X3
Tritoch                 Fire 3 X1, Ice 3 X1, Bolt 3 X1
Terrato                 Quake X3, Quartr X1, W Wind X1
Starlet                  Cure X25, Regen X20, Remedy X20, Cure 2 X15, 
Cure 3 X1
Alexandr              Pearl X2, Shell X10, Safe X10, Dispel X10, Remedy 
Phoenix                Life X10, Life 2 X2, Fire 3 X3, Cure 3 X2, Life 
3 X1
Odin                     Meteor X1
Bahamut              Flare X2
Ragnarok             Ultima X1
Crusader              Meteor X10, Merton X1
Raiden                 Quick X1

Important Items
Atma Weapon: Grab this in the Cave to the Sealed Gate. Click on all the 
switches and go into a cave to get it. If you think the Weapon stinks, 
you have to be over Level 25 to have it be worth your while. It gets 
more powerful with the level and HP of the user.
Ragarnock: Go to Narshe with Locke in your group. He opens the Weapon 
Shop for you. Talk to the man and get this instead of the esper. It 
isn't the better one, but it is a powerful weapon.
Illumina: Bet the Ragarnock at the Colisseum. You get the Illumina if 
you win. VERY powerful weapon.
Economizer: Bet the Gem Box at the Colloseum and you get this. You 
could also win it from a brachasour.
Cursed Shield: Do the same as the Ragarnock, only do it with the 
elder's house. He gives you the Cursed Shield. Fight 255 battles with 
it and you get the Paladin Shield. This is the best shield in the game!
First off, I'd like to thank Nintendo and Squaresoft for creating this 
wonderful game. Without them this would be an FAQ for Sonic the 
Hedgehog. Second off I'd like to thank The Mynock for his information 
on the game. That is how I first got through the game.
Sources of Info: Nintendo Power Volumes 65, 66 and 67
The Mynock's Guide to Final Fantasy III
Other: Please note that this is the very first FAQ I've written. I will 
update this FAQ about once every  month or so. Oh, by the way, send any 
comments to General Locke at Or check his