• Misc. Cheats

    Enter the following in the Player Name field:

    5x Multiplier (GTAL 69)SIDEBURN
    99 Lives (GTA)SATANLIVES
    99 Lives (GTAL 69)MCVICAR
    999,999,990 points (GTA)WEYHEY
    999,999,990 points (GTAL 69)BIGBEN
    All Cheats (GTA)T-H-E-S-H-I-T
    All Levels, Weapons, Ammo, No Cops, Armor, Coordinates 9,999,990 points and 99 livesHAROLDHAND
    All Weapons and a Jail Card (GTAL 69)DONTMESS
    All Weapons in the Current LevelMADEMAN
    All Weapons In the GameGROOVY
    Maximum Wanted Level (GTAL 69)OLDBILL
    No Cops (GTAL 69)GRASS
    Show Coordinates (GTAL 69)SWEENEY

    Contributed By: NES4EVER and SethS.

  • Player Name Code.

    Enter the following player names to enable the corresponding cheat features.

    Note: You can use multiple names in one game. Enter and accept a code, then go to "Rename" and enter another code. Do this as many times as you want to.

    5x multiplier.EXCREMENT
    Display coordinates.WUGGLES or BLOWME
    Level select.SKYBABIES
    Set the wanted level to four.EATTHIS
    Unlock all citys.TURF or INGLORIOUS or CAPRICE
    Unlocks all cities (1 and 2), except Vice City (1 only).URGE
    Unlocks Liberty City (1 and 2) and San Andreas City levels.TVTAN
    Unlocks Liberty City (1 and 2).FECK

    Contributed By: Hydra_Kirby.

Grand Theft Auto Cheats


  • Misc. Cheats

    Enter the following codes at the Name Entry screen:

    9,999,990 pointsWEYHEY
    99 livesSATANLIVES
    Access San Andreas parts 1 and 2TVMAN
    All CheatsT H E S H I T
    All CitiesCaprice
    All CitiesTURF
    All Cities parts 1 and 2 except Vice City.URGE
    All cities, infinite weapons and 99 livesBSTARD
    All WeaponsGroovy
    All WeaponsMADEMAN
    All Weapons, Armor and a Jail CardPECKINPAH
    Enable CoordinatesBLOWME
    Five Times MultiplierEXCREMENT
    God CheatHANGTHEDJ
    Level SelectSKYBABIES
    Level Select with Extra OptionsINGLORIOUS
    Liberty City parts 1 and 2FECK
    No PoliceCHUFF
    Wanted Level Max ($)EATTHIS

Grand Theft Auto Mission Pack #1: London 1969 Cheats


  • Misc. Cheats

    Enter the following at the Name Entry screen:

    5x MultiplierSIDEBURN
    9,999,990 PointsBIGBEN
    99 LivesMCVICAR
    All CheatsHAROLDHAND
    All LevelsRazzle
    All LevelsREADERWIFE
    All levels, all weapons, infinite ammunition, Get Out Of Jail Free card, armor, 5X multiplierFREEMANS
    All levels, all weapons, infinite ammunition, Get out of jail free card, armor, 99 lives, 5X multiplier, maximum wanted level, display co-ordinatesGETCARTER
    All levels, and all weapons and unlimited ammunitionSORTED
    All Weapons and a Jail CardDONTMESS
    Infinite Weapons, Armor and a Get Out of Jail Free card.TOOLEDUP
    London levels 1-2MAYFAIR
    London levels 1-3PENTHOUSE
    Maximum Wanted LevelOLDBILL
    No CopsGRASS
    Show CoordinatesSWEENEY

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