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* Hidden and Dangerous(DC Version) FAQ/WalkThru v3.0 *
*  by Professer Revolution                           *
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v3.0--Updated E-Mail address

v2.0--Campaigns 3-6 added to WalkThru
     -More Basic Tips put in

v1.0--Introduction in
     -Controls in
     -Basic Weapon/Item descriptions in
     -Some Basic Tips in
     -In Depth Descriptions in
     -First two Campaign's added to WalkThru


1.                        INTRODUCTION

  Welcome to my FAQ/WalkThru for the DC version of the game Hidden and
Dangerous. This game is also available for the PC, but this guide was
made using the DC version. I don't know if there are any big differences
in the two, except maybe performance. 

  H&D is a fun little sqaud shooter with a nice mix of action and 
strategy. What I like about the game is that you can choose how much
control you want to have over all the little details. If you want to 
pick every single item you're going to bring into a certain mission you
can, but can also let the computer run an auto setup if you're not into
the whole micro-management thing(I'm not^_^). If you're like me you'll
let the computer set everything up then just tweak it based on your
needs for a certain mission.

  The game itself is divided into 6 Campaigns, and each campaign has
anywhere from 1 to 6 Missions. You'll definitely get your money's worth
in this game, in terms of gametime/dollars anyway. While I enjoy the
game there are several issues that arise when playing. First, the 
overall performance of the game is stuttery, thanks to the use of the
Windows OS. If there's 1 or more explosions going off at any given time
the game will slow to a crawl, likewise if there's a large firefight
taking place on one of the larger maps. Luckily these problems don't
show up all that often, you really don't want to get into a large 
firefight with the enemy(you ARE supposed to be Hidden and Dangerous
remember?^_~). Most of the time the game runs well enough. Also, the
controls can be a little cumbersome with the DC Controller at first,
but you get used to it in time. The game does have an option to use the
DC Keyboard, but I usually stick to the gamepad. Anyway, minor issues
aside you should get plenty of tactical fun out of this game, even if
you only rent it a couple times. 

  About this guide, everything in here is my opinion. This mainly has to
do with the Mission Guides. There are countless ways you can go about
beating the Missions, based on how you like to play. Personally I like
to get through with as little mess as possible, so i use Snipers alot.
Keep in mind that how I go about beating a certain mission isn't the 
only way, it's just the way /I/ do it. But if you're reading this then
you probably need help on certain missions, and my way of solving them
might help you. Actually I'm just writing this part so I don't receive
tons of "Why do you put this soldier over here? I do it this way!"
E-Mails :) I'm not saying that I don't like contributions, but if it's
something minor like how you reach a certain point in a map( "I go NE to
the hill, not SW to the house!") then it might not exactly be essential
information :) If you DO have a totally different way of completing a 
certain mission and it seems much easier than my way, do send it in and
I'll try it.

  Also note that this guide was written playing the game on the Medium
difficulty, because I just started playing with that as the default and
didn't feel like starting over once I was halfway through to play it
on Hard :) I;ve generally played through the whole game 5 or 6 times
already, not counting how many times I;ve played individual missions
just to figure some little detail out. So I'd like to think that I have
a pretty good idea of what can happen in any mission regarding how you
go about completing it. 

With all that out of the way, let's get on to the fun!

2.                           CONTROLS

DC Controller


Analog Stick: Freelook(aim)
DPad Up/Down: Change Stance(Stand, Kneel, Prone)
DPad <- / ->: Change Camera View(3rd Person, 3rd Far, First Person) 
Y Button:     Move Forward
A Button:     Move Backward
B Button:     Strafe Right
X Button:     Strafe Left
R Trigger:    Prepare/Fire Weapon
L Trigger:    Special(see advanced controls)
START:        Pause Menu


L Trigger+START:      Run/Walk Mode
L Trigger+Analog:     Fast Freelook
L Trigger+DPad <-/->: Toggle Between Soldiers
L Trigger+DPad Up:    Real Time Command Menu
L Trigger+DPad Dn:    Show Remaining Objectives
L Trigger+Y Button:   Jump
L Trigger+X Button:   Clear Command
L Trigger+A Button:   Use(Inventory Item,interact with environment, etc)
L Trigger+B Button:   Inventory(A Button to select item)
L Trigger+R Trigger:  Reload


L Trigger+Analog Up: Sniper Rifle/Binoculars Zoom In(when in 1st Person)
L Trigger+Analog Dn: Sniper Rifle/Binoculars Zoom Out(1st Person)
DPad Up/Dn:          Explosive Timer Up or Dn(after setting explosive)
A Button:            Drop Item(Hold 3 seconds)


Analog Stick: Aim Vehicle's Main Weapon
X Button:     Turn Left(Driver/Gunner)
B Button:     Turn Right(Driver/Gunner)
Y Button:     Forward(Driver/Gunner)
A Button:     Backward(Driver/Gunner)
R Trigger:    Fire Main Weapon

Dreamcast Keyboard


Enter:      Accept Highlighted Option
Escape:     Return to Previous Menu
Arrow Keys: Navigate Menu


TAB, Shift+TAB: Toggle Between Soldiers
1,2,3,4:        Direct Soldier Select
Left Arrow:     Strafe Left
Right Arrow:    Strafe Right
Up Arrow:       Move Forward
Dn Arrow:       Move Backward
Alt+Up Arrow:   Silent Move
Ctrl:           Prepare/Fire Weapon
Shift+Ctrl:     Low Grenade Throw
R Button:       Reload
X Button:       Jump
A Button:       Turn Left
D Button:       Turn Right
W,S Buttons:    Change Soldier Stance(Stand, Kneel, Prone)
U Button:       Use(Inventory item, interact with environment,etc)
SPACE:          Map Mode
Shift:          Walk/Run Mode


Home:    Follow Me!
End:     Stop!
Page Up: Move!
Insert:  Hey!(move out of the way, or call over)
Page Dn: Hold Fire!
Delete:  Clear Command


' Button: Select Item
Enter:    Use Item
Enter:    Drop Item(hold for 3 seconds)
F5:       Select Firearm
F6:       Select Grenade
F7:       Select Anti-Tank Weapon
F8:       Select Binoculars


Up, Dn Arrows: Set Explosive Timer(after setting explosive)
Enter:         Accept Time Setting
Escape:        Cancel Time Setting


Up Arrow:    Accelerate
Dn Arrow:    Decelerate
Left Arrow:  Turn Left
Right Arrow: Turn Right

3.                   WEAPON AND ITEM DESCRIPTION


 Hopefully you'll never get stuck only using the knife, if so you're
pretty much dead.

COLT 1911

 Basic handgun, only use if you happen to run out of ammo for your main

-Machine Guns-
  Machine guns are large and can only be used in the prone position, 
they also eat up alot of ammo. They're good for concentrating fire in
a certain area(preferrably where there's alot of enemies^_^). It's a
good idea to have a second solder watching the gunner's back. Except in
certain situations it's good to have at least one soldier with a machine
gun for each Mission. I don't have individual descriptions for the MG's
yet since they're all basically the same. I've only put the useful info
from the manual in since it's not really necessary to know the weight
of each gun and stuff like that.

(Effective Range: 600m)

(Effective Range: 1500m)

MG 34
(Effective Range: 600m)

ZB 26
(Effective Range: 600m)

-Sub Machine Guns-
  SMG's are the basic, all around weapons. Simply put, each member of 
your squad should have an SMG in every mission just in case. They can go 
through the ammo as well, but not as fast as regular MG's. They're 
useful anytime, especially when you assign someone to backup a soldier 
using a regular Machine Gun or Sniper Rifle. 

(Effective Range: 160m)

MP 40
(Effective Range: 150m)

MP 44
(Effective Range: 700m)


  The rifle is a medium range weapon, that I honestly don;t use all that
much so I don;t have much to say about it. Basically any time you can 
use a rifle, a sniper rifle would be better.

(Effective Range: 400m)

-Sniper Rifles-

  Hooray for Sniper Rifles! The Sniper Rifle is probably the most 
important weapon in H&D. You can take out enemies from a distance, 
usually before they can even see you. This is helpful since you're 
usually outgunned in every mission and wouldn't be able to survive an 
all out firefight. The sniper rifles let you take out enemies one by 
one and without alot of noise. Learn to use them well!

(Effective Range: 800m)

  This is the rifle you start out with

K 98
(Effective Range: 1500m)

  Pick the K98 up from enemy snipers


  Bazookas are fun^_^ While not useful in most of the sneaking missions, 
they come in very handy when your Objectives call for you to blow
something up(Note: Most of the time you'll have to use Timed Explosives
to take out any Stationary Structures, but there are times when you can
use Bazookas as well.). Anyone carrying a bazooka will be limited in
what else they can carry however. A good combo is a Bazooka and SMG, 
with the SMG being the main weapon. Much like the Machine Guns, the
first time you hit Fire you'll prepare the weapon, then hit Fire again
to shoot.




  Grenades are useful for taking out a group of enemies, clearing out
rooms and buildings, and blowing up the scenery^_^ When throwing a 
grenade, hold down Fire to determine the strength with which you'll
lob the 'nade: 10-100%



  Mines are great for ambushing enemy troops and vehicles.


  A more concentrated explosion for damaging armoured vehicles

  A more dispersed explosion for damaging as many enemies as possible


  You'll be using Timed Explosives ALOT in this game. Whenever an 
Objective calls for the destruction of an enemy installment, you can
be sure that the Timed Explosive is what you'll have to use. To set an
Explosive, bring up the Inventory, then highlight the explosive, then
select it and your soldier will set the Explosive in front of him. You
can change the timer now using the DPad. Once the Explosive is set hit
A or Fire again and the timer will start counting down, now's the time
to RUN! Make sure your soldiers are a safe distance from the blast.
Once the timer reaches zero, blammo! Sometimes one explosion can 
trigger others to go off, so be absolutely sure you're in a safe area
by time the Explosive goes off.


  Use keys to open up locked doors. Usually you get them off of dead
soldiers. Sometimes getting a key is vital to a Mission, and sometimes
they just open up an easier route through the Mission. 


  Shoot the flare gun to light up the environment a bit if it's too 
dark. This will probably give away your position as well though, so
use carefully(if ever).


  Binoculars let you look into the distance. I never use them since a
Sniper Rifle lets you do the same thing, plus you can kill the enemies
you see :)


  You'll have to take pictures of certain items during a couple
Missions, you use the camera to do so.


  You'll only use them in Campaign 4, Mission 1. You set them in certain
spots on the map to let your allied ships bomb the area.


  These, too, are only used in one Mission. 


  Basic army uniform. Whoopee!


  Basic British army uniform, I say, whoopee!


  Regular clothes you can use to slip by enemy troops

  German soldier uniform, use it to get into enemy bases and such


  These are the vehicles you'll find in the game, to be honest I never
really use them unless it's absolutely necessary to complete the Mission
or something like that. When you're in a vehicle the game slows WAAAY
down, and seeing as how it wasn;t blazing fast to begin with...It's 
just not worth it in my oh so humble opinion. :) They're not even worth
individual descriptions, hah!


4.                    BASIC GAMEPLAY TIPS

*Watch the Briefing! Before each Mission you have the chance to view a
very useful Briefing clip. ALWAYS watch the Briefing, ALWAYS! It gives
you a good idea of the layout of the map, where some enemies are, where
your objectives are and what they look like, etc etc. You must view the
Briefing for each Mission at least ONCE! 

*Use the Map! Use the map, and use it often. The In Game Map lets you
keep tabs on your position, your direction, and it lets you tell your
Soldiers to perform complex tactics. Use the map, alot!

*Make sure the enemy is dead! When you kill an enemy he'll disappear and
his backpack will be left. Make sure you've killed enemies before 
advancing or they may pop back up and shoot you.

*Bring lots of ammo! When your squadmates are computer controlled, 
they'll go through ALOT of ammo so it's best to stock up on it before
each Campaign and in each Mission.

*Take the enemy's stuff! While this isn't always important it can help
in some of the longer Campaigns, like 2 and 3, when you're running low
on ammo and such. If the coast is clear, take the time to check out
what's in an enemy bag.

5.                    IN DEPTH DESCRIPTIONS

Campaign and Mission Selection
  The first screens you'll see when starting a game will be the Campaign
and Mission selection screens, they're simple enough but just in case 
you need some pointers check this section out^_^


  The very first screen you see when starting the game. The 6 Campaigns
are represented by small screenshots in a vertical row on the left side
of the screen. At first only the 1st Campaign will be available, 
complete it to open up the second and so on and so on. After you've
selected the Campaign you'll be able to view an Intro Movie for it, if
you're into that sorta thing. You sick, sick puppy.

  The little tabs on the bottom of the screen from left to right are:

(Back) (Intro) (Forward)

  Select Forard to proceed to the Mission selection screen.


  The Mission Selection screen is just like the Campaign Selection 
screen. The Missions are listed on the left side, and at first only the
first Mission will be available. Complete Missions to open up the next
one, complete all the Missions to move onto the next Campaign. For the
first mission in each Campaign you'll have to select your team of
soldiers and what equipment they will carry, see the sections below for
information on those. As you complete Missions you'll be able to check
your status with the little "Mission Status" tab on the bottom of the

  The Status screen shows how many soldiers you have left as well as 
how much equipment. The info on the Status screens is what you have
AFTER COMPLETING a Mission. For example, in Campaign 1 highlight 
Mission 3 then move down to the Status tab. You'll see what soldiers/
equipment you have left after completing Mission 3. 

Selecting Team

  When you play the first Mission in each campaign you'll have to select
your team of soldiers to bring into the campaign. You can only have 8
soldiers in each campaign, and only 4 in each Mission. There are 40 
total soldiers to choose from, each one rated in four key categories:

SHOOTING:  Soldier's accuracy
REACTION:  Speed of soldier's reaction to enemies and enemy fire
STEALTH:   Soldier's ability to move undetected by the enemy
STRENGTH:  How much equipment a soldier can carry
ENDURANCE: How much damage a soldier than take

  Keep these skills in mind when you are arming your team for a Mission.
Give the best Shooter a sniper rifle, the strongest the heavier weapons
liek Bazookas, the best Endurance a Machine Gun and so on. 

  Highlight a soldier and press A to select him for the Campaign, his
image will move to the row on the top of the screen. To remove someone
highlight their image in the top row and hit A. Usually you can use
the Auto Setup tab on the bottom of the screen and the computer will do
a good job of selecting a team for you. If you're going to choose your
own, remember to keep it balanced. As a general rule you'll need 2 good
shooters and 2 with good endurance, the rest can be whatever you like,
though it;s always good to bring someone with decent to high ratings in
all the categories.

  Once you've selected your team you'll have to equip them

Selecting Equipment

  Honestly, I usually just use Auto Setup instead of picking every 
little thing myself. It's much easier to use Auto Setup and add a 
couple things here and there than it is going through and adding them 
all yourself. The Auto Setup tab is on the bottom of the right side of 
the screen, to the left of the Forward tab.

  The large window in the center of the screen is all the equipment you
are bringing into the campaign. This is all the equipment you'll have 
for ALL the Missions in this campaign so be sure to bring along 
everything you need, and a little exta as well.

  To add an item, highlight it in the scroll window on the left side of
the screen and hit A. For guns, hitting A will add another gun while
hitting X will only add ammo for the gun. To remove an item, highlight
it in the large center window and hit A. The large percentage bar at 
the top of the screen shows how full your Campaign load is, once it
reaches 100% you can't add anything. 

  Now that you've got your soldiers and equipment selected you can
proceed to the Team Setup screen.

Team Setup

  Before each Mission you'll come to the Team Setup screen. Here you'll
select which 4 soldiers will enter the next Mission and what they'll
carry. Again, using Auto Setup and tweaking it is the best option. To 
select each soldier individually, highlight his image on the top row
and hit A, he'll be added to the 4 spaces on the left. The Auto Setup,
and subsequently I, use this basic setup when selecting soldiers:

1st Soldier: All around, carries any Mission specific items(Explosives,etc)
2nd Soldier: Strong soldier, carries any heavy weapons
3rd Soldier: Best Shooter, always carries Sniper Rifle
4th Soldier: Highest Endurance, always carries Machine Guns

  Also, it's best to always equip every soldier with an SMG like the 
Sten just in case. This setup is important because in most of the 
Mission WalkThru's I'll use lines like "Have your 1st Soldier Follow
the 2nd" and so on, so keep these positions in mind. It becomes second
nature after a few Missions anyway, so don't worry about it.

  Once you've selected the 4 soldiers you must equip them. If you use
Auto Setup(and you should!^_^) then they'll be equiped with basic
gear already and you'll just have to add some things. To give weapons
and items to a soldier, highlight his image on the left side of the
screen then move the cursor into the center area. The center area shows
all the equipment you have available, the smaller window on the right 
side of the screen shows what the current soldier is already carrying.
Highlight a weapon/item in the center window to give it to the current
soldier, again for guns, hitting A adds another gun and hitting X only
adds ammo for that gun(naturally the soldier needs to already be 
holding the kind of gun you want to add ammo to^_~). Remember to always
give each soldier an SMG( I can't say that enough!), usually the 1st
and 2nd will already have them so you'll just need to give them to the
3rd and 4th soldiers. The Mission guides list all the equipment you
should take along, so check them out for in depth info.

 Also, another MUST DO before each mission is to watch the Briefing.
I can't stress this enough, WATCH THE BREIFING! WATCH IT! Watching the
briefing will give you a good overview of the map, where your objectives
are, where some enemies are and on and on. My Mission guides assume
you've watched the Breifing and know what "The building with the 
hostages" is, for example. So watch it buck-o!

The tabs on the Team Setup screen are as follows:

(Back) (Briefing) (Start Mission)

  Once you've got everything set up to your liking, hit the Start tab
and the Mission will begin(after some loading, heh =P)

Real Time Commands

  During the Missions you'll only be able to control one soldier at a 
time, however you can instruct the others to do some basic things with
the Real Time Commands. While you can program them to do much more
complicated manuvers with the In Game Map(see section below), the Real
Time Commands are quick and easy for when you just need them to do 
something simple. When using the DC Controller to play the game, hit
the L Trigger+Up on the Dpad to bring up the Real Time Commands,
then hit the appropriate button for the command you want to shout. The
commands are as follows:


  The other soldiers will follow you in the direction you're moving 
while covering you and each other. They also change position according
to how you are, i.e. you stand they stand, you lie they lie.


  The others will stop moving, and following if you have them following
you, and survey the area. If you have the other 3 soldiers following
you and you're controlling the Sniper(and if you use my tactics you will
be, alot^_^), it's a good idea to have the other 3 Stop behind you a 
little when you want to sneak up on an enemy position. This way they
won't give you away by firing at the enemy first. Also, the AI 
controlled soldiers have a way of getting right in front of you or
running off somewhere for no apparent reason when you have them
Following you and you stop without telling them to. Telling them to
stop can usually remedy this.


  The other soldiers will move ahead of you..I hardly ever use the 
command since computer controlled soldiers can do some dumb things.


  This has a couple uses. You can get a straggling soldier's attention
with it, and you can also tell someone to get out of your line of fire
(which WILL happen).


  Using this Command is supposed to keep the other soldiers from firing
before you do, but it hardly ever works in my experience. If you want
to sneak up on an enemy, it's best to just tell the others to Stop then
move on ahead of them.

Using the Map

Use the Map frequently to keep tabs on where you are and your relative
position to important buildings, areas, etc. You can also command your
sqaud to perform some basic tasks using the map, but I never do more
than tell them to Move to certain places since the AI leaves much to
be desired :)


Analog--  Move pointer
A Button--Select
B Button--Cancel
X Button--Delete Order

L Trigger+Analog--  Move map
L Trigger+A Button--Rotate/Zoom map


Space--Open/Close Map
Esc--  Cancel
Del--  Delete Order

  Position the pointer over and icon and hit A to activate it's use.

Checkmark:   Quits Map mode and goes back to game
Round Arrow: Rotates map
+/-:         Zooms map in/out
Up and Dn:   Switch the current level view(for multi-story buildings)


  You can use the In Game Map to program your soldiers to perform some
tasks, while this may seem useful you rarely have to tell them to do
anything but Move or Follow someone. I'm sure there's plenty of uses
for the in-depth programming you can do, but it's never really needed
to get through the game. You program the soldiers by clicking on the
Map Command Icons that are displayed vertically on the left side of
the map screen:

Move: Tell soldier to move somewhere on the Map. Click it then click 
      the part of the map you want the soldier to move to

Follow: Have soldier follow another. Click then click on appropriate
        soldier symbol in the map.

Use: Have the soldier use something on the map, like a machine gun.

Use Inventory: Tell soldier to use item in his inventory.

Attack: If you can see enemies, this will order soldiers to attack them.

Guard: Soldier will hold position and guard the area around him

Wait:  Tell soldier to wait, interupts moving, guarding, etc

Stand: Stand up

Kneel: Kneel down

Prone: Soldier will lie in prone position

In Game Screen Info

The compass is on the top right of the screen, use it to get your 
bearings and move int he right directions:



NE=North East
NW=North West
SE=South East
SW=South West

  Your soldiers' icons are displayed across the bottom of the screen.
This shows they're health and current status. The icons are the same
as int he In game map except there's a couple more. A thumbs up icon
means they're ready for orders(this is the usuall status) and an eye
icon means they're looking around because the heard gun shots or 
something. A skull means that soldier is dead.

  There's 2 different views and 3 camera angles in all. The First 
Person view and the 3rd person near, 3rd Person Far. TO use the Sniper
Rifle's scope you must be in 1st Person. The sniper rifle's scope is the
only view that doesn't use Target Boxes to mark the location of enemies.
A target box is an orange-ish box with a cross hair in it that shows you
where enemies are in the surrounding area. The enemies have to be within
range your current gun to have a target box show their position. Target
boxes are VERY USEFUL :)

6.                         GAME WALKTHRU

  First let me say that you should ALWAYS use Robin "Hood" Smedley as 
your 3rd Soldier. He has 100% in Shooting and isn't too bad in the other
attributes as well. So if I say a Campaign setup should be Auto, just
remember to always add Robin and take out one of the worst shooting
soldiers in the pack going into the Campaign. You'll be VERY glad you 
did :) There's a couple other 95%-100% Shooters as well that you can use
in case Robin dies and you don't feel like re-doing the mission to get
him back :)

                              CAMPAIGN 1

  In this Campaign your goal is to rescue some pilots that have been
captured after their aircraft got shot down. There's 4 Missions in all,
and they range from too easy to pretty difficult. Your sniper will get 
alot of use in this campaign(well, my snipers ALWAYS get alot of use^_^)
Auto Setup does a good job of equipping you with what you need for this
mission so you can use that with no worries. If you want to setup 
everything yourself be sure to use mostly lower end soldiers and also
make sure to take along plenty of Timed Explosives.

SETUP: Auto Setup + 6 or so Bazooka rounds

Setup: Auto Setup

Objectives: 1. Get to Quarry on opposite side of the river

  Use this first Mission to get familiar with the game controls and
basic gameplay. This one is pretty easy, but you can get killed if you
get careless nontheless. So always be on your toes, and don't get too
close to the water or it's instant death(don't soldiers know how to
swim? =P)

  Control the 3rd Soldier and have the others Follow, move East towards
the bridge until you come to a rock with a cabin just beyond it to the
left. Have the others stop and Hold Fire, then take cover near the rock
but with a clear view of the area near the bridge in front of you. A
guard walks a simple route from the left to the beginning of the bridge
and back again. Take him out when you have a clear shot then quickly
turn your attention to the cabin on to your left, another soldier will
come out when you shoot. Take him down as well then get the squad and 
have them Follow you again. Move towards the bridge(grab the enemy
sniper's gun if you want), and slowly move along the left walkway. 
Another soldier patrols this path so keep your scope on and inch forward
until he comes into view. Shoot him and continue on over the bridge 
until you get near the end. Have the others Stop a bit from the end, 
make sure they're off the track in case the train comes by. 

 Now, move up close to the left stone column at the end of the bridge.
There's a sniper behind a rock that's just to the left of the bridge
exit, and he's waiting for you. In 1st person mode, Kneel and slowly
move forward until you see him. Shoot him quickly so he doesn't hurt
you. When he's dead there's one last soldier to take care of, you should
barely be able to make out his silhouette from your position at the end
of the bridge. He's behind some logs on the right side of the tracks.
Again, if you don't see him right away slowly inch forward until you can
make him out. When you've got him, drop him then go back and get your 

 Have them follow you as you exit the bridge, then move West along the
riverbank to the truck in the quarry. When all of the squad gets there
the Mission will end

   They won't all be this easy :)

Setup: Auto Setup

Objectives: 1. Free Allied Pilots
            2. Blow Up Remaining Fuel Tanks
            3. Exit at Escape Point

  This Mission can be a real "learning experience." The difficulty is a
bit higher in this Mission than the first, and there's more enemies 
around, so keep your head up. 

  Control the Sniper and have the others Follow. Move through the tunnel
to the first ladder and climb up it. At the top of the ladder make a
180 and take cover near the fuel tanks and wait for your squad to catch
up with you. When they arrive have them Stop.

  Kneel and move near the right side of the tank(East), staying close to
the tank as you do. There's a sniper in a tower across the way from you
on the other side of the path. Take him out then train your sights on 
the pathway below and wait for the patroling guard to come from the
left. Shoot him when he appears.

  Now move forward towards the tower, but stay close to the tanks. 
Another guard is standing to the extreme NW of you. Inch out into the
open(towards the path) until you can see him then drop him. Now,
Kneel/Run your way West to just past the intersection of the pathways,
again keeping close to the tanks as you go. There's another sniper in 
a tower up ahead, right by the train on the right side of the path.
Inch forward until you can get a good shot at him and take him out.
Now move South along the path that leads between the two center sets
of fuel tanks, get next to the truck and look West to the building
with the pilots. There's one more tower with a sniper in it right in
front of the building and next to the wall on the left. Shoot the
sniper then go and get your team and have them follow you.

  Move West behind all the fuel tanks towards the building, when you
get near the last set of fuel tanks leave your 1st Soldier by them 
since he has the Explosives. Take the others and move to the right
side of the building and Stop. Now take control of the 2nd Soldier
because he has a useful SMG. An enemy soldier is waiting on the 
other side of the building, near the entrance. Go into 1st Person
view and strafe right until you can see him and kill him. Now take
control of the sniper again and move close to the building's
entrance. There's a sniper waiting inside high up along the
building's right side. With your sniper, Lie down and crawl near
the left side of the entrance so you have a good view of the
right wall. The sniper is way up there. He's usually right above
the train car's ladder(from your perspective. I mean he's not
floating above the ladder :p) Shoot him then control the 2nd Soldier
again and enter the building. Make your way up to the right to the
small room. Face the opening and strafe across it in 1st person to
get the soldier inside, he's standing right across from the 
opening. When he's dead walk up to the civilian to complete Objective

  Now exit the building and get the 3rd and 4th Soldiers to Follow you.
Use the Map to make the 2nd Soldier Move to the field area behind the
middle sets of fuel tanks, where all the craters are. As they are doing
this, take control of the 1st Soldier and get ready to set some

  When the others are a safe distance from the set of tanks you're by(
you should be near the Western most set if you're using my tactics),
move close to the center tank and select the Timed Explosive from your
Inventory, set it(the time doesn't matter) then run to the Eastern most
set of tanks. They're the ones right by the tunnel entrance you came 
from earlier. Again, move close to the center and set an Explosive, then
run over to where your squad is. When all the fireworks are done have
them Follow you and go back down into the tunnel in the same place you
left it, head back towards the starting point. When everyone gets there
the Mission will end.

    Things start getting interesting now!

Setup: Auto Setup

Objectives:  1. Free the Pilots(ha!)
             2. Blow up the transformer that powers the AA lights
             3. Blow up the train fuel tank
             4. Exit the map

  First, control your Sniper and have the others follow. Move to the
train on the right and have them Kneel and Stop behind it. Have your
Sniper Lie and crawl out to the right of the train. There's two bunkers
up ahead, on the North, with a soldier in each one. Take out the soldier
in the AA Gun first, then aim at the bunker on the other side of the AA
light. You'll need to strafe right until the trees aren;t blocking your
shot, when you have a clear shot take out the enemy.

  Now, gather your troops and have them follow you. Move towards the
bunkers then head East when you can cross the tracks. Head East and
cross ALL of the tracks until you can't go East anymore, then turn and
head North hugging the wall on your right. When you come to the area
with benches covered by an overhang, be on the lookout for a patroling
guard. He stays close to the building and should be coming from the
North, take him out with your Sniper so you don't attract any unwanted
attention then continue North towards the building with the pilots. 
When the next AA Light comes into full view on the left, there'll be a 
couple more guards to take care of. The first is in a bunker just to the 
left of the AA Light. Use your regular view so the Orange box comes up, 
then inch forward with the Sniper until you can see him in your scope. 
Shoot him then move forward until another AA Light comes into view to 
the right of the first one. The next guard is just beyond the rightside 
AA Light, again use the 3rd Person view so you can target his general 
area then inch toward it until he comes into view. Shoot him and you 
should now be close to the building that's supposed to have the pilots.

  If your troops aren't following you, get them and move up along side
the building. Have everyone Stop before you get to the entrance, then
switch to someone with a SMG. Using the SMG guy move up to the entrance
and get ready to strafe across it and fire. There's a soldier inside
the building right across from the entrance. Be careful not to hit the
civilian in there, he's to the left of the guard. Go into 1st Person
view and strafe across the entrance, shoot when you see the guard then
go inside and get near the civilian to complete the 1st Objective.

  Get back outside and rejoin your sqaud, take control of the Sniper
again and Kneel/Run along the building side to the North until you can
see the tower with the Heavy Machine Gun. Hug the side of the building
while you inch forward until you have a shot at the soldier using the
Heavy MG. Shoot him then slowly move towards the tower, there's one
more guard who walks around the transformer you have to blow up. If you
feel safer with some backup you can go get your squad and have them 
follow you, more than likely they'll take out the guard. Once he's out
of the way take control of someone with Explosives, and have the others
follow you. Walk up to the transformer and bring up the Inventory, 
choose the Timed Explosive and set it. Set the time to about 45 seconds,
this will give you more time to run away and also set an explosive on
the gas car coming up. Once the timer starts run back South near the
building until the train on your right ends(the one closest to the
building). Just after it is the Gas Car you have to set an explosive
on as well. If you can't find it use the Map. Run up to it and set
the Explosive, you should still have 15 seconds or so left on the
other explosive, so try and match that if you can(not really important
but fun!^_^). Once that's going hightail it back the way you came South,
keep to the East side of the map since you cleared it out as you came
the first time. When you get back to where you crossed the tracks 
before, cross them again back to the West side and head back to the
Starting Point. As you run you'll hear the warning sirens blaring and
the planes starting to come. Once everyone has reached the Starting
Point again the Mission is over.


Setup: Auto Setup + All the Bazooka ammo to 2nd Solider
                    + SMG's to the 3rd and 4th Soldiers

Objectives: 1. Blow up the 3 armored wagons
            2. Kill all the enemies

  In this Mission you'll encounter the greatest number of enemies so
far, and you'll also have to use split tactics for the first real
time as well.

  First, control the sniper and move NE up the mountain on the left, the
one right next to the road. Leave the others for now. Move up the 
mountain until it starts to get snowy then look over at the mountain
across from you to the East. A german sniper in near the top of it, take
him down then continue moving up the mountain while keeping your sights
on the other mountain. Another enemy is on that opposite mountain, he's
a little lower from the first enemy's position. When you can see him, 
take him out then turn your attention back to the mountain you're on.

  Have the 2nd Soldier(with the Bazooka) Move up to just behind your 
position and Stop. Using the sniper Kneel and move towards the top of
the mountain(moving East) until you can see the enemy sniper ahead.
Usually you can get a clean shot at him before he even sees you.
have the 2nd Soldier follow you and Kneel as you make your way close
to where the enemy sniper was. Turn to your right, Lie down, and have
the 2nd Soldier Stop. Slowly crawl forward to the ledge and look down
at the farm below. There's 3 enemy soldiers patroling the area that
you'll need to take care of. If they get close to you pull back to 
where the 2nd Soldier is so he can cover you.

  The first soldier walks along the outer fences of the farm, the 
second walks around and inside the large blown up building directly
in front of(and below) you, and the 3rd is farthest away. He stays
between the large blown up building and the smaller one on it's left.
Try to pick them off when they're far away from each other, so 
hopefully you won't draw the others' attention when you're taking
out one. Once they're dead get the 2nd Soldier and have him follow you
down into the farm area. Get behind the large blown up building and 
move to the right edge. You should be facing mostly East, then strafe
out slowly in Scope view, there'll be an enemy practically directly in
front of you but a short distance away. He's between the two buildings
on the right. Shoot him then Kneel/Run your way up to the 1st building
on the right(the ones with the large wooden planks on it) Creep around
to the left edge and slowly move around the edge while looking towards
the road. The last enemy sniper is here, shoot him.

  When everyone is dead bring up the Map and have the 4th Soldier Follow
the 1st, then have the 1st move East along the road up to where the
blown up bridge is. They'll encounter a couple enemies here but they
can easily handle them. Now all the enemies will be dead except for the
ones in the Armoured Wagons, heheh.

  When the 1st and 4th Soldiers are in place, take control of the 2nd
Soldier and move up to the last building before the train. Position the
sniper behind the building so he doesn't end trying to shoot the Armored
Wagons when you're not looking. With then 2nd Soldier equip him with the
Bazooka and enter the building, make your way up to the front of the
building, near the opening that's right by the first Armored Wagon. 
DON'T stand in the opening long or you WILL get shot by the Machine Guns 
in the wagon. Get next to the opening and face it, then back up a 
little. Go into 1st Person view and strafe right until you have a good 
shot at the wagon. Remember that the first time you hit Fire will only
get the Bazooka ready, so hit it a couple times really fast to fire off
a shot and blow up the Armored Wagon. 

  Once the first one is down you can creep through the opening, or
exit the building through the way you came in and move around either
side of it to get shots at the remaining Armoured Wagons. Whatever you
do, DON'T hit the car between the remaining wagons, that's where the
pilots are. If you run out of Bazooka ammo you can always use the 
1st Soldier to run up from the other side of the train and place
Explosives near the wagons. If you do this, you HAVE to stay right
next to the train or the MG's will rip you to shreds.

 When all the wagons are blown up the Mission, and Campaign 1 are over!

                                  CAMPAIGN 2

  In this campaign your goal is to disrupt the German's shipping on the
Danube river. Things get a little more hectic in this Campaign, and the
Objectives cary more than in the first. While it can be frustrating, 
this campaign is also one of the most fun in the game, IMO anyway.^_^

SETUP: Auto Setup plus Bazooka, 2 Sniper Rifles, 2 MK40's, 2 Stens and
       another BREN. More ammo for everything as well

Setup: Auto + SMG to 3rd and 4th soldiers
            + Bazooka to 2nd Soldier
            + Pistol to 1st Soldier

Objective: Gather your troops and make it to the Escape Point

  All the Briefing and stuff for this mission doesn't help because you
never make it to the landing point. Your plane is shot down in a mini
intro movie before the Mission begins(which doesn't have any sound, 
oddly). So land scattered about a map that's mostly wooded area with
a couple large roads running through it. These roads can be dangerous
so it's best to keep to the wooded areas and only engage the enemy 
when it's absolutely necessary. Enemy troops patrol the road in 
groups of two, but sometimes they intersect each other so they'll
be four in one area, which isn;t good if you're all alone and trying
to shoot them. 

  When you first get control of your troops, have them all Lie down so
the patrols won't see them as easily. Next, have your 1st Soldier(who
you began with) Move South towards the 2nd Soldier. As this is happening
take control of your Sniper and start scouting the road. If you do see 
enemies make sure there aren;t any other patrols coming that will flank
you and kill you. 

  Once the 1st Soldier has reached the 2nd you'll want to take out a
couple enemies with your Sniper since you'll have backup on the way.
One patrol starts from the South, but they probably are long gone by 
now, you'll most likely catch the one coming from the East. Have the
2nd Soldier Follow the 1st, and have the 1st Move to your position.
Take out any patroling enemies so they don't get your sqaudmates. Once
the others have reached you it's time to move onto the 4th Soldier.

  The 4th soldier is to the East. Have the 1st and 2nd Soldiers Follow
the Sniper, then have the Sniper move about halfway to the 4th Soldiers
position while staying in the darkerm wooded areas of the map. There;s
a cabin that you've probably noticed close to the 3rd Soldier's landing
spot. You stop halfway to scope it and see if any enemies are around,
sometimes they're drawn out by your fire but usually you can move by
unnoticed. If all is well, continue to the East towards the 4th Soldier
staying near the mountians on the right. Once you;ve reached him, tell
everyone to Follow you again and keep going East until you get kinda
close to the road ahead. There;s a few more enemies to take care of 
before you can make it to the Escape Point. They're in the cabin that's
right at the intersection of the two roads.

  Tell your sqaudmates to Stop in a covered area and have the Sniper 
Lie down and crawl forward towards the Cabin. The first guard is right
out in front of the cabin, facing the intersection. You can either
crawl up the hill to get higher ground on him or crawl along the road
to try and sneak up to him. I usually take the hill since you'll have 
a better shot at the next couple of soldiers who come out. Shoot the
first guy and pull your Scope back a little so you can see when the
next pair comes out. Once they're in view quickly take care of them,
if they start shooting at you you can always retreat back to your squad
and have them blast the guys as they come looking for you. This puts
your teammates in danger though so it's safer to take them out yourself.

  When all the guards are dead you can hoof it over to the Escape Point
on the NE, near the bridge. When everyone is there the Mission is over.

Setup: 1 Soldier w/ nothing(highest Stealth rating)

Objectives: 1. Get Civilian Clothes
            2. Steal the Boat at the Dock

  I don't know why the Auto Setup doesn't pick just 1 soldier for you
for this Mission as it's really the only way to do it. Trust me, I've
tired everything and this is the easiest way. It was suggested to me
by my pal who played H&D on the computer alot, so thanks man! This 
Mission is weird because, well, you don't want to kill any enemy 
soldiers. I guess the developers threw this in for a change of pace :)

  You start by a car at the end of a bridge, go past it and make a left
(East) onto the road. Get near the buildings on the right side of the
street. Just after the second car you see there'll be an opening on the
right, enter it.

  Make a left when you get into the small area, there's another opening
ahead(you should be facing East again). Get to the edge of the opening
and look to the left a bit, there's a soldier at the corner. Don't try
to kill him, instead you must sneak by him. When he's looking the other
way run straight across the road into the arch on the other side. Keep
heading East until you come to a clothesline, get near it and Use it to
put on the civilian clothes.

  Once you're in the common duds, turn and go down the small stairs on
the right and through the opening to get back on to the main road. Once
you're back on the main road, turn right and head East again and run 
down the long road until you get to the bridge on the left(North). Run
down the bridge to the dock and make another left at the big building
and go to the pier. Run up to the boat and get near the control cabin,
Use it to take control of the boat. Now just hold Y until it starts and
beings to move(and your FPS goes to shit). After travelling straight 
for a minute or so the Objective will be complete and the Mission will
end. Hooray for stealth!

Setup: Auto + BREN and ammo to 3rd
            + Sniper ammo to 3rd(alot!)
            + Ammo to all

Objectives: 1. Destroy the Lockgate
            2. Get to Escape Point

  This is definitely one of the best Missions in the game, it's fun, it
requires some keen sniping, and it can be tough as hell if you mess up.
First of all, disregard what the Briefing says. I know I preach and
preach about the Briefing but the one for this Mission is only good for
enemy info and that's it. If you try to bring the boat anywhere near 
the facility you'll be dead before you even get off it. 

  Start by immediately docking the ship on the left(South) bank and have
everyone get off("Use" them to get them off their positions in the ship)
carefully. Move the 2nd and 4th Soldier to the road and face the 
mountains on the South edge of the map. Equip the 4th Soldier with the
BREN if he already isn't. Now move the 1st and 3rd Soldiers away from 
the boat a bit, but staying close to the water, and have them Lie and
face the opposite side of the river(North). Equip the 3rd Soldier with 
the BREN.

  Stay in this position for a few minutes until you hear the music. 3
germans appear on each side of the river near the mountains(they
literally just "pop up"). You should have the drop on them from your
position so mow them down. You'll need to control the 3rd Soldier and
shoot the enemies across the river, or they'll end up messing up the
whole plan for this level by constantly interfering. Blast'em good and
make sure the others are taking care of the enemies on your side of the

  When they're all dead have the other follow the 3rd Soldier and move
to the small incline next to the mountains slightly SW of your position.
Change to the Sniper Rifle with the 3rd Soldier. Your squad may start
shooting at enemies who are walking patrols inside the facility, that's
fine, In my experience they usually kill a couple, which is always a 
plus. Have them Stop near the bottom of the little hill and move the
sniper up to the top of it, it's sniping time!

  When you're at the top of the hill look to the NW at the water tower,
there's a couple snipers up there, but you can only hit 1 from this
vantage point. Kill him(they're laying down). Now look down at the
building to the left of the tower, there's another enemy down there to
take out. If your men haven't taken them down yet there'll be a couple
more Germans walking around the building to the right of the tower(near
the entrance to the facility). When they're dead shift your attention
to the foot of the bridge and kill the guy standing by the little toll
booth thing. There's a few guys on the bridge you can try and snipe from
here, but I usually wait for a better, closer shot.

  Leaving the troops where they are, hug the mountains as you move West
towards the bridge. When you're almost parallel with the entrance to the
facility you should be able to see the 2nd Sniper in the tower. You'll
probably only be able to see his head and shoulders, but that should be
all you need for the kill. Now you should take out the 2 visible 
soldiers on the bridge as well, if you haven't already. One is to the
left of the tank and 2 to the right, when they're down carefully move
close to the foot of the bridge. 

  When you get to the last building before the bridge, face it and
strafe to the left until you see an enemy next to the bridge, shoot him
then bring up the Map, have your men Move up to where you are.

  Wait for them to get there, then take control of someone with an SMG
for this next part. Kneel/Run up the bridge till you get close to the
top, then Lie down and Crawl forward till you see the last German 
standing on the bridge. He's to the left of the tank and has a pistol.
Take him out then move to the left side of the tank, face it, and Use it
to climb inside the turret. Aim at the middle of the gate and shoot it
a couple times to destroy the lock.

  Now just exit the tank and regroup with your troop, have them Follow
you and move along the road to the West to the Escape Point. When 
they're all there the Mission is over.

Setup: Auto + Ammo to all

  Now it's time for some trench warfare! BTW don't bother trying to just
run around the outer edges of the map to the Escape Point, it's all 
mined. So you'll just have to get down n dirty(oh darn!^_^).

  You'll start out shooting, no matter what. A patroling soldier starts
to the left of the bridge and your team mates immediately unload on him,
even if you tell them to Hold Fire. Your best bet is to take control of
the 3rd Soldier as quickly as possible and bring up the scope so you can
take him out quickly. When he's dead leave the others where they are and
move to the right of the bridge where the land juts out a little. You
want to line up just South of the first Machine Gun enplacement, check
the map to be sure. The MG's look like small indentations in the ground
like this: []-

  You'll be able to see most of the German soldier's head who's in the
first MG, shoot him then go get the others have them follow across the
bridge. When you're across, move to the right of it a little and look to
the NNE and you'll barely be able to make an enemy sniper through the
trees. He;s in the trench between the small bunker opening and some
sandbags. Shoot him then move slowly towards the MG enplacment where the
guy you killed was. There's an enemy to the North between two sets of
sandbags, shoot him then move along the right edge of the hill on the
outside of the trench. Move East and there'll be two more enemies in 
the trench to deal with. One up ahead to the East and another back to 
the North. You should see the one on the East first, so take him out
then look North and kill the other one. He's right by where the first
Sniper you killed was.

  Now get into the trench and cautiously move East with the others still
following you. There's a soldier at the East "corner" of the trench
behind a tall stack of sandbags. Have the others Stop(so they don't
shoot you in the back of the head), then slowly move forward until you
see enough of him to shoot. Take him down and get the others to Follow
again. Move to the little corner and Stand, two Germans will come
running from the North and a 3rd will be standing near the 2nd bunker
entrance abit to your right. Your men SHOULD be able to take out the
advancing Germans, provided they're not running into each and stuff(
which HAS happened to me, many...many times, sigh), so shoot the Sniper
first then see if you need to help your squad with the other enemies.

  Have the others Stop again, then advance through the trench to the
North and stop right before the intersecting paths. Look to the East and
you'll see a German inside the bunker, shoot him then turn around and 
look into the West bunker entrance right by you. Strafe across the
opening till you see the enemy inside on the right, shoot him as well.

  Now, take the trench leading East towards the 3 room bunker. After the
sandbags, look to the North and there'll be another enemy in the trench
to take down, do it then move into the small bunker room. 

  Stay there then manually bring the other 3 Soldiers into the room as
well. If you tell them to Move on the Map, they just get all confused
for some reason and try jump out of the bunker...Hooray for AI! When
you're all in the same room, control the sniper again and move to the
North exit(not the one you came in, and not the one to the other rooms
inside the bunker). There may or may not be a patroling enemy around 
here, if there is he'll be to the West. Take him out then move all your
men to the small bunker at the end of the path(East). When they all
arrive, Mission over.

Setup: 1st Soldier- BREN w/ lotta ammo
       2nd Soldier- SMG w/ ammo
       3rd Soldier- Sniper Rifle w/lotta ammo 
       4th Soldier- BREN w/lotta ammo

Objectives: 1.Hold off the enemy until the plane arrives
            2.Board the plane

  When you're setting up for this Mission go all out on the ammo, except
for the 2nd Soldier. The 1st and 4th Soldier's should split the 
remaining BREN ammo and the 3rd should get ALL the Sniper ammo he can 
carry(get rid of the useless stuff like Grenades and Knives, etc). The
2nd Soldier will get his MG in the Mission, so don't worry. 

  Watching the Briefing, you'll know where the enemy is coming from.
Basically you can place you men anywhere on the East side of the runway
but it's best to keep them close together. Of the positions I've tried
these seem to work the best: 1st and 4th Soldiers on either side of
the building on the East side of the runway, 3rd Soldier(with you in 
control) right in front of the building's opening and 2nd Soldier just
outside the rear entrance of the second building. You can use the map to
order the men to move to these positions, then take control of the 
2nd Soldier and run into the building, go up to one of the crates and
"use" it to get another Machine Gun. Once you've got it, position him
at the rear entrance of the building because 3 or 4 soldiers will try
and sneak from behind there as you fight. Manually position the 1st and
4th soldiers so they're facing slightly NW.

  When everyone is in position, change to the Sniper and look WNW for an
advancing German motorcycle with a gunner sidecar. Take it out as 
quickly as possible because it can kill you all too fast if it gets
close. Once the cycle is no threat, just scan the fences that reach from
the West to the North for enemies coming at you. You should have plenty
of time to snipe anyone you see. Once the 2nd Soldier has killed the
enemies from behind(check the map for the "dead rings"), bring him up
next to the sniper for added protection. Just keep killing all the 
Germans you see until the Objective Complete sign pops up and the music
starts to play.

  When that happens, use the Map to move the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Soldiers
over to the South area of the map where the plane will land. Be sure
to keep them AWAY from the runway or they'll get killed by the plane,
remember too that it has to turn around after it lands. 

  Once you see the plane go by in your scope, head over to the South
area yourself and go to the left side of the plane(after it's turned
around and idling). The left side is facing AWAY from the building
you were just near. Go up to the small opening near the rear of the
plane and Use it to climb aboard. Repeat for the others and you're
home free. Don't worry if the enemies keep shooting when you're in the
plane, they can't do any damage.

Mission over, Campaign over! Woohoo!

                                Campaign 3

  Campaign 3 is the longest in the game, and it also happens to be the
most difficult IMO. I've played this one WAY too much, in fact I think
I played and replayed various Missions in this Campaign more than any
other in the game..,so many little things can go wrong(usually due to
the stupidity of the computer controlled soldiers) that you'll end up
Restarting even though everything was going fine. Hopefully my pain
and experience will keep you from suffering through the same things.

SETUP: Auto is fine

Setup: Auto

Objectives: 1. Destroy the Archives
            2. Free the captured allies
            3. Reach Escape Point

  First, for some reason(lousy programming and a quick port job) you
can't use the In Game map for this Mission. Luckily you can get through
the Mission without it easily, but it's still a minor problem.

  At the start of the Mission take control of the sniper and have the 
others Follow. Move along the path in front of you until you reach
the path that connects to the left. Turn and follow this path as it 
twists and turns until you come to a small square area with flowers or
something in the middle. Turn left again and move East through the

  Follow this path until the first left you see, turn and run down this
path until you get near the opening with the lamps by it. Strafe left out
into the opening, facing South, and look for the Sniper up on the balcony
of the house. Shoot him then run up along side the right side of the house
until you get near the corner with the bushes in front of it. Switch over 
to the 1st Soldier and get near the corner, face East, and while in First
Person view strafe right away from the house. There's 4 guards here that
you'll need to shoot. Usually you can mow them all down before they even 
see you. Two are on the left near the doors, and the other 2 are 
patrolling. If you only kill 3 guards(you only see 3 bags lying there), 
then the 4th hasn't made it to this position yet. Regardless, control the
Sniper again and up by the 1st Soldier. Wait for the 4th guard if you
haven't kill him yet, when he's dead get near the end of the bushes and
strafe right away from them. Face towards the small open area with the
car, there's an enemy to kill there. When all of the enemies are gone 
outside, have the others follow you again and move near the front doors
of the house. 

  Have the others stop just before the doors, then walk up to them and 
enter First Person mode. Open the door and shoot the enemy on the 
stairs in front of you. Go back and have the others Follow again and
move into the "lobby" of the building. Control the 2nd Soldier(with the
Explosives) and have the others Stop. Now I do all this next part in 
First Person mode, but you can use whatever view you like the most.

  Move to the hallway on the right side of the room. A german from 
upstairs will see you can shout, don't worry about him though. Your
men will shoot him when he comes down after you. Move to the end of the
hallway and look left(West), there's a "hidden" passage here that you
can open. If the German saw you before, wait by this door until the a
guard opens it from the other side and kill him. If no one saw you as
you walked down the hall, then go ahead and open it. You'll just have
to watch for the guard on the stairs as you go up. Go up to the very
top of the stairs(don't open the door yo usee halfway up), and face
the door there. Open it and back up quickly. There's a guard in the 
hall to the right. If you don't hear him shout then he hasn't seen you
yet. If he did shout, wait for him to run to the doors and shoot him
then. If he didn;t see you, get near the door and face South, then 
strafe left into the hall and firing as you do. When the soldier is 
dead you can start blowing up the archives.

  There's 3 rooms of Archives you'll need to blow up. The first is a
very large room with a couple guards in it. Go to the end of this 
hall(South) and face the "hidden" passage on the right. Aim so that
you're looking at the right edge of the door then open it. There's
2 Germans walking along the right side of the room, if they're not
close to the door take a couple steps into the room and strafe right
into their path. Shoot as you strafe and you'll take them down. When
they're dead you can blow this room up. To do so you need to place a
Timed Explosive right by the middle post of the 2nd three post
structure from the door. There's four of them in the room, they look
like wooden logs. You only need to put the explosive by the middle
leg of the 2nd one though. Do so and run out of the room.

  When the Explosive goes off(and your frames DROP) wait a couple
seconds and listen for a few more explosions after it. If you hear
them and the whole large room is now on fire then you put the
Explosive in the right place. Now go to the door on the right side
of the North end of the hall and open it. IN that room go to the
door on the right, open it, and go into the 2nd room. In this 2nd
room place an explosive right in the middle of the room, then run
back to the 1st room and do the same. Then run like hell back down
a few flights of stairs. After these two Explosives go off you should
get the Objective 1 COMPLETE signal. If not, run up and try again.
Rememer to place the Explosives in the middle of the small rooms.

  Once the first Objective is Complete, go all the way back down the
stairs. Follow the stairs down to the basement(go right when you get to
the opening you came though). When you're at the end of the stairs turn
to the right and strafe out into the basment, shoot the soldier walking
along this first hall, then do the same to kill the soldier walking in
the hallway to the right. When they're both dead, go up to one of their
packs and "Use" it to look inside, get the key. With the key you can
just walk up and open the doors to the cells that are holding the 

  Tell each one to Follow when you open they're door then go back to the
stairs. Make sure all 3 are with you then go back up the stairs to the
opening you came through. Make your way back to the "lobby" where your 
squad is and tell them to Follow you as well. Go outside and head South,
but stay away from the black car or a weird bug might kill one of your
POW's if they get too close to it(happened to me twice). Keep running
South to the truck near the gate, when everyone gets there the Mission
is over.

Setup: Auto

Objectives: 1. Kill all the guards
            2. Capture Steiner alive

  Quickly control the sniper and head South up the hill. When you get
just over the crest of the hill look to the left a bit(SE), to where 
the outer fence gets kinda zig-zagged. There's a patrolling guard
walking along here, you can try to shoot him through the fences but
you're better off waiting until you have an unobstructed shot. Track
him and kill him when you get the chance, then look towards the 
spotlight. Move slowly forward until you can see the guy controlling
the light on the balcony, usually he's to the right of it, but some-
times he'll be directly behind it. Snipe him then look to the left,
staying trained on the balcony, until you see the German sniper up 
there. If trees are getting in your way strafe right until you can
get a clear shot at him. Drop him then pull your view back and scan
the paths that surround the house, there's a guardsmen who walks
along these paths around the house. Wait for him to show up and snipe

  When these 4 soldiers are dead, get the others and have them follow
you to the small gate at the right edge of the fence that you can open.
The gates are smaller sections than the rest of the fence. Go through 
the gate and move up close to the right side of the house, have the 
others stop near the back of the house and continue forward while 
staying close to the side of the building. There's two guards walking
near the guardhouse in front of the house, just in front of the outer
fence. Slowly inch near the corner until you can get a good shot at them
and shoot. You'll need to be pretty quick on the trigger here, 
especially if you don't score a headshot on your first shot. If you feel
overwhelmed, retreat back to where your sqaud is waiting and have them
back you up when the guards come running. When they're dead, that's
everyone on the outside you have to worry about.

  Now go back to the rear of the house, have the others follow, and walk
up the stairs to the balcony with the spotlight. Go to the pack of the
man who was controlling the light and grab the key inside of it. Next,
go to the door that's right by the light to enter the house, DON'T shoot
the guy inside this room. It's Steiner, the guy you need alive.

  You'll now need to split your team into two groups of two, the 1st and
3rd will be together and the 2nd and 4th will pair off. First, move the
1st and 3rd Soldiers to the room South of the one you're in and point
them towards the closed door in that room. Next, control the 2nd Soldier
and have him open the West door in the room with Steiner. There's an 
enemy in the next room so face North and strafe into the room, blast
the guy when you see him next to the bed. Do the same exact thing for 
the next door to the West, when the soldier in that little room is dead
you'll be next to an opening that leads to a hallway. Now turn and face
North, then strafe into the hall and shoot the guard in there. Once he's
dead manually position the 2nd and 4th soldiers at the North end of the
hall, facing to the South(so that the 3 close doorways are to your
right). Make sure they're ready to fire when needed, reload and position
the 4th soldier so he's lying. You'll need their firepower in a bit.

  With the 2nd and 4th Soldier in position, shift control to the 1st
Soldier. Make sure the 3rd soldier is aiming at the closed door to the
West, then walk up to it and open it. You'll be spotted by a guard
downstairs in the next room, so back up and stay in the small room
you're in until he comes charging in. Shoot him, then walk out onto
the red carpeted ledge. Move South on the ledge while you face North
until you can move left, slowly do so until you spot the other guard in
this room. He's in the bottom right corner, fill him full of lead. Now
comes the fun part!

  Still controling the 1st Soldier, approach the door next to the stairs
and open it, then quickly fire as you back up. Opening the door will
cause a bunch of enemy soldiers to come busting out of their rooms.
Unfortunately for them, their rooms are in the hall where the 2nd and
4th Soldiers are positioned, heheh. With all 3 of you firing at them
the onslaght of Germans will fall quickly, and none of your men should
take any damage whatsoever. Now you have to do some recon on the rooms
where the soldiers came from. Usually you'll find a soldier in the 2nd
one from the left, and in the last one right by your 2nd and 4th 
Soldiers. Be careful as you check the rooms. When you're sure everyone
is dead around here it's time to head downstairs and take out the
few remaining enemies. 

  Stick with the 1st Soldier, unless he's low on ammo or health(though
you can grab plenty of ammo from the numerous packs laying around^_^).
If so, take the 2nd. You want a soldier with an SMG for this last part.

  Take your Soldier and head down the stairs(the ones in the red 
carpeted room), when you reach the bottom face North and strafe out into
the room, keep your sight trained on the double doors on the North wall.
A German will shout from behind the doors and try to shoot you, don't
shoot until he opens them. When he's down turn to the right(East) and
go through the single door on this wall. You'll be in a small room with
another door in front of you, there's an enemy beyond this door so open
it with caution. Standing just to the left of it and aiming to the right
will help you shoot the soldier in the next room before he can hit you.
Shoot the soldier and move into the small barracks room, face the door
on the left wall and aim right at the center of it. Open it and shoot
the enemy in the next room, a radio room. When he's dead go back the 
way you came to the red carpeted room.

  Go through the double doors between the clock and the single door
you just came out of(on the East wall). You'll be in a small hallway.
Make the first left, then when you get near the opening to the right,
face East and strafe across it. Shoot the last guard who's standing at
the end of this small hallway. When he's dead the message should pop up
that Objective 1 is COMPLETE. 

  Now just switch back to the 3rd Soldier and go over to the room with
Steiner and walk up to him. This will complete Objective 2 and the 

Setup: 1st Soldier w/SMG + Ammo
       2nd Soldier w/SMG + Ammo

Objectives: 1. Damage the facility
            2. Reach the Escape Point

  This Mission is just plain weird. Sometimes when I play it I'll get
through it in about a minute with no trouble at all, other times I'll
end up Restarting because of a stupid death about 10 times. This is
just one of those "Hope everything rolls my way" type levels. You only
want to bring two soldiers because if you have more they tend to wander
off and get killed. With 2 you have enough firepower and can keep close

  As the mission starts, control the 2nd Soldier and go to the desk.
Pick up the Machine Gun and ammo there. You can shoot Steiner as he
runs out of the room if you want, but you can't search the pack he
leaves behind for some reason. If you don't shoot him he ends up 
getting killed by his own people anyway, LoL. Once he's dead and
you have the MG, have the 1st Soldier Follow you into the next
small room. Wait here for an enemy to come rushing in and shoot him,
there should be a second one not too far behind him. You may have to
strafe near the opening to bait the second guy into coming though.

  When those two are dead, face South and strafe out into the large
area and shoot the patroling guard slightly to your right. Then run
back into the small room until all the explosions are done. When they
are, scan the area for any enemies(the orange box will pop up). If it's
clear, run out into the open area and directly South until you're next
to the train tracks. As you're running you may be attacked from the 
East by a soldier so keep a lookout for him. 

  Now you want to move East towards the Escape Point. Stay close to the
tracks as you move, don't worry about the large rocks you run into near
the train, you can move under those. You want to move cautiously but
quickly, taking cover behind what you can then running to the next
bit of cover, and on and on. There's 3 more guards you'll have to 
worry about before you can reach the Escape Point.

  The first 2 guards are stationed about halfway to the Escape Point,
near some boxes to your right and left. The last 2 are right by the
Escape Point itself(which is a tunnel). One is actually in the tunnel
and the other is by a post near the train tracks. These are only the
positions these last four guards start out in, they may come running
at you when they see you so be prepared at all times. There's nothing
more frustrating than getting killed by an enemy you didn't see right
as you reach the tunnel.

  When you've downed these 4 guards, make your break for the tunnel
and keep running through it until the Objective 2 COMPLETE sign comes
up. Phew! That was a toughy, or maybe it wasn't...you never know with
this goofy Mission.

Setup: Auto

Objectives: 1. Get to Escape Point in Armored Vehicle

  Take control of the 3rd Soldier and have the others follow. Move along
the dirt road until you get near the end of the first building on your
right. Strafe to the very left side of the road and look directly South
with your scope. There's a guard near the fence, around the bend of the
path. A bush blocks your view slightly but you should still be able to
make him out. Shoot him then move near the turn of the road slowly. Look
up and to the SE where there's a guard tower just to the right of the 
larger water tower. Shoot the guard in it, then move around the bend and
South along the road.

  When you get near the pathway to the right, have the others stop by 
buidings. Go near the opening in the fence for the pathway, but stay 
behind the cover of the buildings. Face West then slowly strafe left
towards the opening. Keep your sight close to the roof on the building
in front of you, when you can see the tower beyond it, zoom in all the
way and take out the guard inside when you see him. You should be able
to nail him before exposing yourself to any fire from him. When he's 
gone move down the West path until you get close to the tower, there's
another one to the SSW of you, above the fence. Keep your sight on it
and strafe towards the tower you're near until you can get a good shot
at the guard in this other tower, you can hit him through the fences,
it may take a couple tries though. Once this other guard is dead, move
directly under the tower on the path, turn left(South) with the path
and inch forward until you can barely see the outline of another tower
in front of you. Aim up at the soldier inside and keep inching until 
you can get him. Only one more tower guard to kill now. Follow the
pathway South and go under this next tower, face East with the path
and move forward until you can see another tower in front of you with
the last guard inside. Take him out then switch to the 1st soldier
who you left back at the start of the path. 

  Have the 1st Soldier move up to the 3rd's position following the same
path. When he reaches the 3rd Soldier, switch control to the 2nd Soldier
still back at the start of the path. Have the 2nd Soldier tell the 4th
to follow him, then instead of going down the same path as the others,
go up to the double gates to the South. "Use" them to open them up and
go through, turn left(East) and move to the next set of gates. Open them
up and go through a little bit. Look to your right and you'll see the 
last tower(where you just shot the guy) and the opening to the parking
lot under it. Position your 2nd Soldier so he's kneeling and facing the
entrance, then position your 4th Soldier lying down next to him but have
him face East towards the main road. When they're positioned switch back 
to the 1st Soldier

  Have the 3rd Soldier follow you and move East under the tower and turn 
right to go through the parking lot entrance. You will be attacked by 2
waves of enemies. One coming from the East from behind the L-shaped 
building and the trucks right by you, and the second from the North. 
Your 2nd and 4th Soldiers will be able to handle the North wave easily,
but you'll have to deal with the East wave. It only consists of 3 or 4
men though. When the music starts to play as you go through the lot
entrance, quickly get near the L shaped building and face East, then
strafe right, into the gap between the building and trucks. The closest
enemy will be slightly to the right, kill him first then center your
sight again to deal with the others. Keep a constant spray of fire and
use the targeting box as a guide. If you have to reload it shouldn't 
matter since the rest of the enemies start pretty far away from you.
Keep shooting until the music stops, then turn around and head West to
the Armored Vehicle. It's the big one with the gun mounted on top^_^
Position your soldier on the left side of the vehicle's cab and face it,
then "Use" it to climb inside. The 3rd Soldier should automatically get
in as well. If not, manually make him get in by going to the right side
of the vehicle's cab and "using" it.

  When they're both inside, switch to the 2nd Soldier. Move South to 
the parking lot, but before you enter the vehicle go to the double 
gates that are right next to the entrance and open them. Then move
to the rear of the Armored Vehicle and "use" it to board. 

  Once all 4 Soldiers are in the vehicle, switch to the driver(should be
the 1st but it doesn't matter if yours is different) and drive through
the open gates. Turn right onto the main road when you can and stay on
the right side of it to avoid the roadblock at the base's exit. Once
you've cleared the base, just stay on the road till it comes to the
bridge. Cross it and go right by the tank(it won't shoot you) and keep
following the road until the Objective COMPLETE message comes up.

  This, in my opinion, is probably THE most frustrating Mission in the
entire game. First, the framerates drops to below "ultracrap" on 
several occasions, the enemies start shooting at you before you can
even see them through the "horizon fog" most of the time, and the
vehicle you're in will slow to a crawl several times making an already
long Mission take even longer. I have undoubtedly played this Mission
more than any other in the game, probably 20+ times, and these are the
best tacitcs I could come up with. While not perfect, I;ve had the most
success with them, hopefully you will, too.

Setup: 3rd Soldier- Sniper Rifle w/70 rounds
                    2 Anti-Tank Mines

Objectives: 1. Reach Escape Point

  At the start of the Mission, immediately turn West and run away from the
vehicle for a few steps. Get on the right side of the road, on the right
most tire track and lie down. Place an Anti-Tank Mine here on the track, 
then roll to the left twice and place another on the track next to it. 
Now go back to the vehicle and get in. You have to go to the left side of
the vehicle.

  Once inside, hold Y until you start moving and drive around the sharp
curve to the right. When the land rises and provides cover from your 
starting point, stop and get out and make sure the tank that's chasing
you gets blown up by your mines. If the tank continues to come at you,
restart the Mission and place the mines more accurately.

  When the tank is blown up, get back in the vehicle and drive around the
sharp left curve, under the fallen tree, but stop before the next turn(
you'll be facing East and the road curves to the North). Get out of the
vehicle and equip your Sniper Rifle, then head around the curve on foot
and get on the small hill on the left side of the road. There's two 
soldiers kneeling by the road ahead to the North. Don't go past the top
of the small hill or they'll spot you, then zoom in and take out the one
on the left first. He has the bazooka, then deal with the other. When 
you've killed them, move NE to the right side of the road where the land
levels out and a wooded area begins. You'll see a large white sign fade
in, when you do stop and use the targeting box as a guide to find the 
next enemy. He's kneeling between the sign and the first tree to it's
right, and he has a bazooka as well. Kill him then wait a few seconds 
for the soldiers to come running from the right

  Use the targeting box to track the soldiers' movements, when they're
done moving there will be two more in the road to deal with, then two
more beyond them to the left of it. To kill the first two, slowly move
toward the white sign while staying in the wooded area, using the 
trees as cover when they start firing at you(and you can't see them yet).
Stay in first person view and move slowly ahead until you can see the
enemies(one at a time), and shoot them. Once they're dead you'll be near
the white sign, strafe across the left side of the road and slowly move
ahead, over the small hill, until you can see the next two enemies. 
Shoot them(one has a bazooka buts rarely gets anywhere near you with it)
then turn left(North) and move to the grey(rocky?) area of land next to
the murky water. Turn back East and move while staying close to the 
water on this grey land until the big enemy base comes into view.

  Using the large telephone tower as a guide to center your sight, move
slowly forward until you can see the enemy in front of it. He's 
kneeling and also has a bazooka. Kill him. You're killing these guys
because their bazookas will blow up your vehicle if you try to just
drive on by. When he's dead, make your way all the way back to your
vehicle and get in(remember to stay on the grey area when you're still
by the tanks)

Once you're back inside the armoured vehicle, follow the road until you
get to the large white sign again, then bank left(North) and get on the
same grey land you were just running on before. Follow it until you come
to the enemy base, then cut left so you're going North, go around the 
closest tower, then turn back to the right(East) and onto the brick
road. You want all the enemy buildings to your right and nothing but
mountains to your left, keep heading East until the main road cuts
across your path, turn left onto it.

  Just after the black spot you'll begin climbing a hill and the
vehicle will start to chug, just keep holding Y down and wait till 
you get to the top. When you do you'll pick up speed and go under
another sign that's facing away from you, then you'll start going down
a hill that curves to the right. As the hill ends it turns into a 
straight away that leads to a U-turn and a guardhouse. To avoid the
guardhouse(and soldier near it), cut across the middle area right 
where the land levels out after the hill. The soldier doesn't have a
bazooka, so it doesn't matter if he sees you or not. Cut across the
middle section and turn left back onto the road. You'll now be facing
NW and should notice a couple large mountains coming into view in the

  As you get closer there's a soldier to the right, but he doesn't have
a bazooka. When the road makes a sharp right turn, don't follow it. 
Instead head directly West to the small gap between the mountains. Again
the vehicle will slow to a crawl, but you'll make it. Get on the small,
one lane road between the mountains and follow it as it twist around.
You start going REALLY slow as you get near the top of it, just keep
holding down Y and wait it out. Once you reach the top, cross the stone
bridge and start down the road on the other side. Now you get to speed
down the mountain road :) When you see the exit of the road, it leads
out into a large grassy area, stop before it and get out. Equip the
Snioer Rifle and edge up near the exit. There's an enemy with a 
bazooka to the South, face South and strafe right until you can see him
in your scope, then kill him and get back in the armoured vehicle.

  Drive down, through the grass and onto the road, head East through the
houses until you come to the last one on the right(the only one without 
a fence around it). Stop the vehicle just after it and get out, put on
the rifle then slowly move along the road until you can see the bazooka
to the ESE just after the small decline in the road. Shoot him and jump
back into the vehicle.

  Now follow the road until it curves to the South and becomes 
completely black. You'll be on the opposite side of the water you were
near at the beginning of the mission, and there'll be some stragglers
firing at you. Don't stay on the road here because it's mined( I found
that out the hard way@_o), instead keep as much to the right of it as
the game will let you. After a short distance this right side will open
up a bit more, you don't have to stay next to the mountains, but keep a
good distance away from the road. Keep driving until you see the bridge
up ahead. There's a soldier on it with a bazooka, but it's too dangerous
to try and get out of the vehicle to kill him. Instead we have to make
him waste it. To do this, drive until you're near the last tree before
the bridge, then cut left so that you drive across the foot of the 
bridge but not onto it. This will make the soldier fire his bazooka, and
99% if the time he'll be way off. Once you've heard the explosion of the
bazooka, circle around and drive over the bridge(try to make a tight turn
when you're circling around, to avoid any mines). Follow the black road
past the large building until the Mission COMPLETE message shows up.

Congratulations! It's all downhill from here :)

Setup: 1st Soldier- Nothing (0%)
       2nd Soldier- Nothing (0%)
       3rd Soldier- BREN gun w/ half of all the ammo
       4th Soldier- BREN gun w/ the other half of the ammo

Objectives: 1. Hold off the enemy
            2. Board plane

  This is one of those Missions that can go really well, or turn to
shit in seconds. Usually you can fly through it with these tactics
though, you just need to be able to be semi-accurate with a bazooka.

  First, as soon as the Mission starts bring up the Map. Have the 1st
Soldier Move all the way to the pier right next to the escape plane,
have the 2nd Soldier move to the entrance of the building just after
the small bridge(to the right of it), have the 3rd move in front of
the same building, and have the 4th move to the end of the small
bridge(the end further away from your starting point). When you exit
the map, switch to the 2nd Soldier. When he gets close to the 
building have him go inside and get near the machine gun. Use it to
take control. Now switch to the 3rd Soldier and have him face West
and lie down, he should be near the machine gun the 2nd Soldier is
stationed at. Next switch to the 4th and have him face West as well
and lie down, he should be near the end of the small bridge but
almost parallel with the 3rd soldier. 

  When they're all in position, switch to the 1st Soldier. There's
a couple crates and some guns on the pier by the plane. Grab one
of the Bazookas and run back to where your squad is. Kneel in the
area between your 3rd and 4th Soldiers and wait for the rush. 

  There's 3 tanks to kill in all, but the first always hits a mine or
something and blow itself up. The second one comes from the left, near
the water. You have to blow this one up the bazooka. Aim slightly in
front of it, and remember you have to hit R twice. When that one is
gone, the 3rd and last one will come right down the middle towards
the small bridge. Again, blow it up with the bazooka. When the tanks
are gone the rush of infantry begins, but your men are capable of 
handling it easily. As the 1st soldier, run back to the escape plane
and wait. Once the Objective 1 COMPLETE message pops up, bring up the
Map and have the others Move back next to the plane as well. When
everyone is there, tell them to follow you then drop into the water
and go under the canopy to the small glass bubble in the side of the
plane. "Use" it to get inside the plane. When everyone is inside, the
Mission is over!

Hooray! You've beaten Campaign 3! The longest, and hardest in the game!

                              CAMPAIGN 4

  After Campaign 3, this one seems like a breeze. It's not easy like the
1st Campaign or anything, but it's definitely not as hard as the 3rd. In
this Campaign you need to disable the Germans' ability to create Atomic
Bombs, you do this by destroying various production facilities and labs.
This Campaign is fun compared to the last one :)

Setup: Auto

Setup: Auto + ammo to 3rd

Objectives: 1. Place 2 radio transmitters in correct locations
            2. Reach Escape Point

  I know I've said it a million times in this WalkThru already, but be
sure to watch the Briefing so you're absolutely sure where to place the
radio transmitters. Watch it a couple times if you have to, just remember
where you have to place them. You'll be doing a truckload of sniping in
this Mission, so be sure to add some ammo to the 3rd soldier.

  First, take control of the 3rd Soldier and have the others Follow you,
move South to the left side of the nearby building. Still facing South
strafe left until you can see the tower up ahead, luckily the soldier 
inside is facing the other way. Kill him then keep strafing left until
you're between the outer fence and the worn "path" in the snow. Slowly
move South keeping your view locked between the little guardhouse and
the guardrail, a soldier will move into this area from the right. Wait
for him and snipe him quickly, if he starts shooting at you he'll alert
a couple other soldiers that will come from the buildings to the SW. If
he does get a couple shots off at you, kill him then turn and look to 
the SW and see if anyone comes running from the buildings there. If so
kill them, your squad should help out too, then continue on.

  Now keep going South until you're near the little guardhouse, there's
another tower directly in front of you. Shoot the soldier in it then
keep going South, across the many train tracks. When you get close to
this tower, strafe to the right so you'll have a better shot at the guy
in the next, 3rd tower. The 3rd tower is to the South as well, inch 
forward until you see it. Watch for the 2 man patrol that walks along
the path by the tower(it turns West at the tower), if they're nearby wait
until they head back to the West and are out of sight, then kill the guy
in the tower.

  When he's dead follow the pathway as it turns West, try to run along it
and catch up to the 2 man patrol(even if you didn't see them by the tower
they're still walking around here), catch up so that you can just see them
in your scope and kill them. This will save you some trouble later, as 
they won't be around to screw things up near the factory. When you've 
killed them, check your position on the map. Use the 3 sets of buildings
to your right as a guide for this next part.

  Move West so you're between the 2nd and 3rd sets of buildings, you'll 
see another tower in front of you to the West. Shoot the soldier in it
then slowly strafe left towards the outer fence until part of the tower
by the INNER fence(surrounding the factory) comes into view to the NNW.
It's just beyond the 3rd set of buildings. Check and see if there's a
soldier in it, if there is drop him, if not then don't worry about it.
Now keep strafing left, but turn slowly North as you do. There's two 
guards by a break in the inner fence to your NNW. Carefully inch left
until you can see the first enemy, shoot him then continue inching left
until you see the 2nd one, you'll end up facing almost directly North.

  When those two are dead you have to take care of a 3 man patrol group
that walks around the factory, just on the other side of the inner 
fence. They come from the left side of the factory, just past the 3 snow
mounds on the outside of the fence. Zoom in between the first and second
snow mound until you see them come into view. Just keep shooting until
they're all dead, they'll practically all line up in the same position
so it's not that hard to take them out. Don't worry if you take a stray
shot from this encounter, as long as it's not fatal you'll be fine. When
the 3 patrolling guards are dead, move towards the factory by going under
the tower. Get next to the smaller left building of the factory and face
NNE. There's a tower here, shoot the soldier inside then turn and face
West. Strafe right and cross the train tracks so that they end up on 
your left.  Slowly move West keeping your view between the factory on 
the right and the train on the left. Stop to check your scope every few
steps until you can see the soldier far ahead by another break in the
fence. Kill him then move by the little notch in the wall if you're not
already near it. Take control of the 2nd soldier and move into the notch
and bring up your inventory, set a transmitter here and the Objective 1:
COMPLETE message will show up. Now switch back to the 3rd Soldier and
tell everyone to Follow you again.

  Move West towards the end of the factory buildings, when you get close
to it face SW and strafe slowly right until you can see the tower. If 
there's a soldier in it kill him, if not then forget about it. Turn and
face North and strafe left until you can see the tower on this side near
the large telephone towers. If there's a soldier inside kill him, if not
then forget about this one as well. Now take control of the 2nd Soldier
again and run around the side of the building(North, then East) to the
idling plow truck. Move to the corner of the building by the plow truck
and face it, then bring up the inventory and place the 2nd transmitter
here. Objective 2 COMPLETE should pop up. Run back to your squad and
switch to the 3rd soldier, and have the others follow again.

  Move South, under the tower and back onto the pathway you were on
earlier. Now face West and move forward until yet another tower fades 
into view ahead. Shoot the guard inside and keep going West until you
get close to the edge of the building on the right. Face North and strafe
left until another tower comes into view from behind a tree. Kill the
soldier in it then move West with the path until it turns North, turn
North with it and follow it until you can see the soldier walking on the
train tracks. Kill him or let him walk away, then keep moving North until
you can see the last tower, kill the guy in it then look down to it's 
right side and see if there's a patroling soldier walking nearby. If he's
there, kill him, if not then inch forward until he shows up. If doesn't 
after a few minutes then don't worry about him. All you have to do is run
through the opening in the outer fence to the left and move behind the
last tower(with the guardrail next to it). When all of your men reach 
this point the Mission will be over.

Setup: Auto -2 Explosives from 1st
            +2 Explosives to 4th
            + Ammo to 3rd

Objectives: 1. Destroy Archives
            2. Destroy Antenna
            3. Escape in Vehicle

  This is one of those missions that you can breeze through on your 
first try if everything goes well, or you could end up trying it
over and over if something goes wrong. It's really not that hard of
a mission though.

  Switch to the 3rd Soldier and have the others Follow. Move East along
the mountain path until you come to the "ramp" that descends into the
enemy base(Note that you don't want to take the forest route in the 
beginning because it's mined EVERYWHERE). Move onto the ramp a little
and look out to the East with your scope. There's two enemies that will
be coming from the left, they start at the Antenna and head towards you.
You can take them out from far, far away though^_^ When you spot them, 
kill them quickly then turn your attention back to the North towards the
base. Killing the guards will cause the base to go on alert, a couple
soldiers will fire flares, and more will come rushing out of the 
buildings to the north. Two soldiers will come running up the ramp to
your position. 

  The 1st will run up near the middle of the ramp, and the second will
follow in a few seconds in almost the same spot. Shoot them then you can
take out the remaining soldiers in peace^_^ Move to the right edge of
the ramp and look to the NE. There's 3 guards near the parking area
below. Take out the one standing alone, this will bring two more guards
out of the building near the praking lot. Shoot them, then turn your
attention to the last two standing near the vehicles and take them out.

  Now, still controlling the sniper, look West and move to the edge of
the ramp on that side. Look for the single patrolling enemy near the
archive building. If he's not near the building, scope the area out
around it and look for him. Snipe him then switch control to the 1st

  As the 1st Soldier, run North down the ramp into the base. When you get
to the bottom, turn around and move South to the archive building. Move
to the left side of the building, and position yourself slightly left of
the door(but so you can still see inside when you open it up). Get ready
for some close quarter action! There's 2 soldiers inside you'll have to
worry about as soon as you open the door. Depending on their positions,
they'll both see you, neither will see you, or only the closest one
will spot you. The closest soldier is on the same level as you, the 2nd
is further into the building and up some stairs. When you're ready, open
the door and kill the two soldiers. Move up the stairs, but don't open
the door in front of them. Instead, strafe right and kill the soldier
in the next hallway. Now move forward and turn left(South) into the 
darker hallway. Face the door on the left side with the sign above it.
There's 3 soldiers inside this next room to deal with.

  The first one is a bit to your left when open the door, shoot him then
back up slightly. Now strafe left and turn right so you can get a sweeping
view of the room(but don't go inside the room yet) until you see the 2nd
enemy and kill him. Finally, face South and strafe left into the room as
you shoot to kill the 3rd. When all 3 are gone place an Explosive by the
group of barrels on the South end of the room. A good place to set it is
by the small cluster of barrels behind where the 2nd enemy was standing.
Set it for about 45 seconds or so, then run out of the door on the East
side of the room, head straight down the hallway and leave the building
through the same door you came in. You can either leave the 1st Soldier
at the bottom of the ramp, or have him rejoin the squad. If you want to
leave him at the bottom of the ramp, have the 2nd Soldier come down as

  Now switch back to the 3rd Soldier and have the 4th follow you. Move 
East along the mountain path until it turns North. Using the scope, move
forward and watch for the antenna as it pops in and out of view
(quality programming!!). Move forward until you can see the lone soldier
in a small bunker next to the antenna. Snipe him, then move to where you
are above the parking lot. There's 4 more soldiers below that need to be
taken out, they're to the NW by the exit of the base. Snipe them all then
switch to the 4th Soldier and move to the antenna.

  Climb up the many sets of annoying stairs and get close to the antenna
with the ladder in the middle of it. Set 2 explosives side by side next
to it. Make the first for just over a minute, and sync the second with 
the first. Now run back down the annoying stairs and rejoin the 3rd
Solider. Have the 3rd and 4th Soldier move all the way back to where the
1st and 2nd Soldiers are. 

Control whichever of your squad you want and have the others Follow you
to the parking lot to the East. Enter the covered truck and wait for the
others to do the same. When they're all in, start it up and drive to the
North, through the open gate, until the Objective COMPLETE message pops

Setup: Auto

Objectives: 1. Destory Facility
            2. Escape in Vehicle

  Control the 1st Soldier and have the others follow. Move West towards
the small opening in the wall. Get next to it and face North, then
strafe left until you see the two enemies close to you. Sometimes you'll 
attract the attention of the patrolling guard as well, so mow him down 
if you get the chance. When they're dead, switch to the 3rd Soldier and 
move slightly into the facility and look West. There's two more enemies 
near the road here, kill them then move your view to the NW so that the 
train car is just in the right side of the scope. Wait for the patrolling 
German to come by(unless you killed him already) and shoot him, then 
switch back to the 1st Soldier and tell the others to Follow again.

  Move North into the facility, to the slightly open door under the 
light. Turn East and go inside the building, through the room with the 
large vats and open the doors on the other side. Go through the red-ish
tunnel until you come to the grey one. Face North and strafe into the
grey tunnel and take out the two soldiers in this tunnel. Shooting them
will cause a wave of three more Germans to come running into the tunnel.
Make sure you strafe into the tunnel enough to let your squad in to give
you some backup. Reload and shoot the Germans coming from the North end,
then move North through the tunnel. Be sure to pick up the German guns
that look like AK-47's, because they rock. 

  When you get near the end of the tunnel, turn West. Inside this little
room there's 3 soldiers to take care of. The first two are near the
middle of the room, and the 3rd is behind some boxes in the corner. 
Shoot the first two, then strafe back to safety. Turn and face East, and
strafe back out into the open to take care of the single soldier past
the small walls to the East. Then you can turn back around and take care
of the last soldier inside the small room.

  Now head East through the opening in the small walls. Face South but
continue stafing right(East) until you see the enemy behind the truck,
kill him then moveback close to the opening in the small wall. Now
slowly move close to the next opening to the South, face West and shoot
as you strafe left to kill the soldier in this small area. Continue
South until you see the soldier at the very far end of the room to the
left, shoot him then go to the barrels to your immediate left(just after
the South opening). Place two explosives by them for about a minute each
then run all the way back to the room with the large vats that leads
back outside.

  There's a guard that will spot you as soon as you step outside, he's
near the railcar. Shoot him then turn to the South and strafe right
until you get past the small snow hill, there's two more soldiers to
shoot here. When they're dead, go to the truck in the garage and get
in. When everyone's inside, drive out of the garage to complete the

Setup: Auto + Ammo to 3rd

Objective: 1. Turn off alarm
           2. Get to tunnel

  This is another one of those frustrating missions where one little
mishap can throw off everything else. The biggest variables are the
patroling guards on the inside of the base, if you don't wait for
them to come by they seem to pop up at the worst times. Following my
strategy should help though, it involves some waiting around but
you're better off being bored for a minute or so than dead :)

  Control the Sniper and have the others Follow. Move NNE until the
snow hill on your left starts to lower, make the others stop other-
wise they'll give you away, then face NNW and strafe right until you
can see the soldier walking a small patrol path. You can line him up
between the snow hill and tower for an easier shot without him 
spotting you. When he's down, get the others and move NW towards the
large building. When you get near the tiny snow pile by the large
building, turn to the NNE and continue. Jump up the snow hill that's
right against, then manually control your squad to do the same(or
else they'll run around like idiots and probably get killed). Position
the 4th Soldier so that he has a clear view of the area just to the
right of the covered fuel tank, you'll need him to take care of a couple
soldiers in a minute. Leave the 1st and 2nd Soldiers near the back of 
the snow hill, they'll just get in the way for now.

  Switch to the 3rd Soldier and move him up against the fuel tank(the 
small side closest to you). There's 3 enemies to snipe to the NE. The
first is the closest, he walks a path by the nearest dock edge. If he
gets too close the 4th Soldier will usually pick him off, but you can
shoot him much further away, obviously. The next two are further away,
and you may have to slink forward a few steps to get them in your 
sights, they're both almost directly ENE. When you snipe one of these
soldiers it causes two more to come running from the West, around the
building you're by. The 4th Soldier will take care of them, so don't
worry. Concentrate on killing the two far away enemies. You may have 
to wait for the very last guard for a minute or so, be sure to as he's
one of the nasty blue-suited guys that can nail you from a good 
distance. More on them below.

  When you've sniped the 3 enemies and the 4th Soldier has taken care
of the other 2, gather the troops and head NE. After a short distance
you'll be able to see another enemy standing guard by the base 
entrance. Snipe him and continue towards the base. Once you're near
the entrance, switch to the 1st Soldier and face the opening, then
strafe across it and shoot the soldier inside. Switch back to the
3rd Soldier and grab one of the AK-47 looking guns from an enemy's
backpack. Equip it and have the others wait outside the base for now.

  There's plenty of enemy soldiers to kill inside the base, but the
most dangerous are the pistol packing blue-suited ones. They're lethal,
especially in such close quarters, and they're the ones who walk around
on patrols so you're never really sure of their position. YAY!Stay in 
the spots that I tell you to though, and you'll have a much better 
chance of taking them out before they can get you. Here we go!

  Face South as you enter the base, strafe and turn until you're in
front of the hallway and facing West. There's a soldier that patrols
this hall, if you don't see him right away as you strafe, wait for him
to show up and kill him. You also might run into a blue guy in this
hall so be ready, usually he stays in the next area though. Now move
into the hallway and go around the small bend. You'll be facing South,
move ahead until the soldier comes into view at the far end of the hall
through the door. Shoot him then move close to the door, but don't go
through yet. Instead, wait for another soldier to come walking from the
left. It may take a few minutes of waiting, but it's worth it. Shoot him
when he shows up.

  After you've killed both patrolling guards, get ready to go through the
door. There's a soldier standing to the immediate right of it, so face 
West and strafe left through the doorway and shoot him. Now, bring up 
the map and have the others Move to your position. You don;t have to 
wait for them, instead start moving West up the hallway to the second
door on the left, it leads to the large center room on the map. Your men 
will be in a good position to take out any stray blue suits that are
wondering around so don;t worry about your back.

  In this large center room there's 4 guards to kill, including two blue
guys. Face the door directly and open it, 2 of the soldiers should be in
plain view so kill them. Then look to the left and kill the 1st blue guy,
this should be done fairly quickly. If you want you can back up a step
after taking out the first two soldiers and then step forward again to
shoot the 1st blue suit, but you run the risk of him changing his 
position if you do. The 2nd blue guy is in a corner on the right side
of the room, reload and face SW then strafe into the room to shoot him.
When all 4 enemies are dead, move to the next door on the West wall.
Open it and go into the small room, then face the door on the South 
wall and open it. Move into this next room with the guy in the suit. It
doesn;t matter if you kill him or not, just stay in the room until the
Objective 1: COMPLETE sign pops up.

  Grab the key on the desk then move all the way back to where your
squad is waiting for you in the hallway. Have them follow and now 
you'll move to the East in this hall, go around the corner until
you're facing South. There's 2 more enemies to kill here, a patroling
enemy in the hall and one standing in the room on the right. Shoot 
the patroling soldier first, then the one in the room, UNLESS the
one in the room comes moving out fast. In which case you should
take care of him first, then the patroling soldier.

  Continue South until you get near the door leading to the tunnel.
There's one more soldier standing by it, so kill him then open it up,
enter the room, go down the stairs, and enter the tunnel. When all 4
of your men reach the end of the tunnel the Mission is COMPLETE!

Setup: Auto

Objectives: 1. Blow Up Sub
            2. Escape in Vehicle

 First, strafe left so you're against the wall as the 1st Soldier, then
walk forward out of the tunnel just a bit. Aim an inch or so above the
railing in front of you and switch to a German grenade. Throw the 
grenade at 80-90% power and then back yourself into the tunnel again.
You should lob the 'nade over the railing and onto the floor above 
causing a barrel to explode and a kill a Blue Suit guy. Now switch
control over to the 3rd Soldier, walk forward a little until you have a
clear view of the railing in front of and above you. Aim at the left
corner(West) and wait for the patroling soldier to walk by. Shoot him
then tell the others to Follow you.

  Walk up the steps to the right, stop on the 2nd platform to make sure
the room is clear. If it is, back your way up the last flight of stairs
keeping an eye on the door on the left side of the room. There's a 
patroling soldier in that next room as well as another Blue Suit and
a standing regular soldier.If you're quick you can shoot the patroling
soldier from the steps, otherwise wait at the top for him to show up
before attempting to kill the others. Once the patrolman is dead, 
strafe left until you can see the Blue Suit guy standing against the
wall in the next room, you'll be facing East. Shoot him then move up
close to the door and start strafing left and turning right until you
see the standing soldier. You'll end up facing SSE, drop him.

  When all 3 enemies in that room are dead it's time to split up your
squad. Have the 2nd and 4th Soldiers lie down on the West part of the
room and face the steps you just came up. Once you breach the next
area of the base a steady stream of 8 or 9 enemies will come up those
stairs, but your men will handle them with no problem. Now switch to
the 3rd Soldier with the 1st still following(or make him on the Map
screen if he isn;t), go to the small door on the North wall and open it,
then the next. In this large area there;s a single enemy to the NNE, 
shoot him then go East, then North to where he was standing.

  At the very end of the room here there;s a small passage to the next
large area with the sub in it. Leave the 3rd Soldier in this first 
large room, standing a bit to the right of the passage(but still able
to see down it). Switch to the 1st Soldier and run through the passage
and a couple steps into the next area. Quickly back up through the
passage when you attract the enemies' fire, then just wait for them
to come running after you. Position yourself out of the sniper's aim
and wait for the enemies to come, mow them down as they show up at the
other end of the passage. There's 4 to kill in all. Once all 4 have 
come to try and get you(it may take a couple more "baiting" movements
to get them all), switch back to the 3rd Soldier and move up to the
edge of the passageway. Look up at the crane to the South and you'll
barely see the feet of an enemy under it. Shoot at the feet until 
the German is dead, then position the 3rd Soldier inside the sub room
so that he has a clear view of the double doors on the opposite side
of the room(near the sub).

  Now switch back to the 1st Soldier and make your way around to the
sub, when you get near the double doors a rush of 5 soldiers will come
running out. Move to the left of the doors and mow them down when they
come out. The 3rd Soldier will help as well. When the rush has been 
beaten, move onto the sub via the little walkway then go right. Get
close to the torpedo hull without falling in and set the Timed 
Explosive. Make it for about a minute so you'll have plenty of time to
run away. Once the Explosive is set, run all the way back around to
the other side of the room, tell the sniper to follow you, then make
your way back to where the 2nd and 4th Soldiers are. Along the way
the explosion will go off and destroy the sub, prompting the 
Objective 1:COMPLETE sign to come on screen.

  Have them follow you to the room with the truck in it, before you jump 
in switch to the sniper and open the doors on the right side of the room.
Snipe the soldiers outside that running to get into position, they have 
bazookas so do it quickly. When both of them are dead, turn to the left
and snipe the remaining soldier, when all 3 are dead hop into the truck
and have the others do it as well. Drive out the doors and past where
the two bazooka weilding soldiers were, keep heading South-ish until
the Objective 2: COMPLETE message pops up. 


                              CAMPAIGN 5

Campaign 5 has only 1 Mission, and it's pretty easy. You really only
need to take one of the 100% shooting people into this mission along
with an MP44 and some ammo.

Setup: Spider or Vangaurd + MP44 w/ Ammo

Setup: Spider/Vanguard + MP44 w/ Ammo

Objectives: 1. Get deconding device
            2. Escape

  From the start head South and shoot the two soldiers on the upper 
decks. Use the target boxes as guides. Stay on the lower deck and go all
the way to the other side of the boat(South) until you get to a door by
some stairs and a large box. Enter the door and go down the stairs on
the left side of the room. Go all the way down to the bottom of the 

  When you reach the bottom there's 2 guards in the room right next to
you, face SE and strafe left to shoot them. When they're dead move South
to the next room with stairs. Take a couple steps in and then back out 
to attract the attention of the Germans above. Wait for them to come 
down the stairs and shoot them. Go through this room and wait by the
opening on the other end. There's 1 more guard to the right in this
final room, so face SW and strafe into the room to kill him, then turn
around and grab the decoder on the floor on the other side of the room.

  Now go back to the stairs you came down on and go all the way back up 
them. Go back out the same door you entered(East, now) and turn left. 
Run all the way back to the raft at the sinking end of the ship.


                              CAMPAIGN 6

Setup: Auto + 4 MP44's and more Ammo

Setup: Auto + 3-4 German Grenades to 3rd
            + MP44 w/ammo to 4th

Objective: 1. Get German scientist to Escape Point

  Position the 4th Soldier in front of the German scientist, he'll stay
here for now. Next, move the others far enough away so that the 4th 
won;t hear the commands. Control the 3rd Soldier and have the others

  Move East up the road until it narrows and you;re next to a small, 
enclosed grassy area. Move up to the small gap in the grassy area and
zoom in straight ahead. There;s a couple bunkered in enemies up ahead
that you need to kill. If you can't make them out right away, fire a
shot and watch for them to move to get an idea of where they are. Snipe
them then continue East until you're a little past the first road on 
the left, there's a sniper up in a blown out part of a building ahead.
He's between the streetlamp that's closest to the bunker and the gray
building on the right. Slowly advance, keeping your scope on the hole
in the blackened part of the building until you can see enough of the
sniper to shoot him, take him out.

  When the sniper is dead, keep moving East to the 2nd street on the 
left, have the others stop. Turn and face North and zoom in using the
target boxes as guides. There;s 3 more bunkered soldiers to take out
in this area. Be sure not to advance past the building on the right or 
the tank will start firing at you. When you've killed all 3 enemies in
this area, have the others follow you again and move East toward the
bunker of the 1st enemies you killed. Look through the debris behind
the bunker to see a soldier lying in wait on the other side. You have
to strafe around a little bit to see him, but he's back there. Shoot
him then turn left into the little alley and wait there.

  Switch back to the 4th Soldier(using an MP44 instead of larger MG),
and tell the scientist to follow you. Move up to the 1st street on 
the left, face North and strafe across it to kill the two soldiers
who moved there. When they're dead, move East up to where the rest of
the squad is.

  Control the 3rd Soldier again and go through to the other end of the
alley, look directly North and up by the rooftops to spot a sniper
lurking up there. Shoot him then face East and strafe out away from
the alley a couple steps. There's an enemy crouching behind a railing
up and to the East you need to kill, snipe him then aim at the logo
of the tank and switch to your German grenades. Toss one at 60% and 
strafe back into the alley, wait for it to explode then repeat the
process if needed until the tank is destoryed. When it is, strafe
left out into the square and keep your scope on the ledge where the
first enemy in this area was, there's another to the right of his
position to take out. Drop him then continue strafing left, but now
aim at the ledge BELOW where those two soldiers were. At the very
right end of this ledge is a kneeling soldier. Snipe him then move
just past the tank, near where the building "juts in." Scope the
hill to the right of the ledges and you'll barely be able to make
out the silhouette of an enemy, snipe him then strafe left as you move
your scope to the right, there's a closer enemy lying on the hill to
the SE. Shoot him quickly then strafe back to the right, next to the

  Next, look up and to the ENE, you'll see the cannon and a few more 
soldiers. One is behind the cannon, be SURE to kill him, and a couple
more are next to it. Snipe them, as you do another enemy may pop up 
on the hill to the right, if you see your Soldiers Status Icons
as "Looking" then check the hill for enemies before you get hit. Once
all 3 by the cannon are dead, advance past the building on the right
and turn South. After a few steps turn back to the NE and look up on 
the ledge closest to you, there's one more enemy to kill here. Shoot
him then turn back to the South, scanning the hill as you do for any 
more enemies that may have popped up. If it's clear follow the road
around to the end, then have your 4th Soldier do the same with the
scientist en tow. Once he reaches the end point the Mission is

Setup: Auto + MP44 w/ammo to 3rd
            + MP44 w/ammo to 4th(should already have one, but be sure)

Objective: 1. Get scientist aboard plane and escape

  You can go through this Mission very easily without even using a 
Sniper Rifle. I guess my way through might be a little cheap, but hey
after a few of the levels we've been through in this game we deserve to
screw it over a little, eh? :)

  Control the 4th Soldier and move West past all the blown up trucks,
then face SW and take out the soldiers in the AA installation. You
won't even see them, but the target boxes give them away so just aim
for those, your squad will help also. When all 3 are dead continue
West along the road until you get by the little white post on the right
side of the road. Turn and look up to the tower on the left and again
use the target boxes to kill any enemies up there, there's about 5 or
6 in all and they usually don't even shoot back. When no more boxes are
popping up advance to the base entrance on the left. If your men start 
shooting as you go through the entrance then there's a straggler or two
left on the tower, even if they don't it's a good idea to go up it and
check. Before you do that though get near the green tent on the left and
face East, strafe right and shoot the soldier waiting there. Now go to
the ladder on the tower(tell the others to Stop) and go up it, then go 
up the next 2 to get to the top. Shoot anyone up here, if there's no one 
left wait up there a couple minutes to make sure no reinforcements are
coming...or they;re already dead;) When you're sure no one is coming,
carefull go back down the ladders by facing away from them and "using"
them like you do to climb up. Go all the way back down and rejoin your
squad, have them Follow again.

  Stay on the North side of the base so that the fence is to your right
and everything else tis on your left, now head West. The next building
past the tower has a small opening, when you get near it face South
and strafe across it and shoot the lone soldier inside. Once he's dead
continue to the West.

  When you see the lookout tower and barracks getting drawn in to the
SW, start heading towards them. Position yourself next to the 1st 
barracks and look to the South. There;s a couple more enemies to take
out, again you'll only see thier target boxes but that's good enough :)
When they're down position your 1st, 2nd and 3rd Soldiers so that 
they're next to each other(but with some space between'em) and facing
South. Now, with the scientist still following you, move South past the
2nd barracks, and go right so that you're between the 2nd and 3rd.
A rush of about 4 or 5 germans will come running but your men will 
take care of them, just make sure the scientist is near you and out of
the crossfire. Wait for a minute to make sure they're all dead then go
and tell the others to follow you again. Go between the 2nd and 3rd 
barracks again, but now continue to the SW towards the 1st runwaym
cross it and you'll see the plane fly overhead. Continue to the 2nd 
runway to the South. Stay near the end until the plane lands and turns
around. Now run up to it and enter the small door on the left side, the
others should get in as well. To be safe and make sure the scientist
gets on, as the plane is landing and turning switch control to all the
others and move them a little so they'll stop following the 4th Soldier.
Then control the 4th and only the scientist will follow him, get on the
plane and the scientist should have an easier time getting on. Once
they;re both aboard switch back to someone else and tell the others to
Follow, then board the plane. Once the plane takes off the Mission will

ending and get on with your life! ;)
7.                          NEXT REVISION

 The only other additions I would make are better tactics in beating 
some of the missions if they are sent in or discovered by me, although 
I'm kinda sick of this game after playing through it so many times so I
doubt I"LL be the one finding anything new.^_^

  That or any huge grammatical errors will be the only other updates to
this guide.

8.                       ABOUT THE AUTHOR

  This is just one of a few FAQs I've written, all of which are 
available at GameFAQS. A few my FAQs are on various other websites
(usually with proper creditO_o) as well. I hope this or any of the other 
FAQs I've written help you in some way, or allow you to enjoy a game 
more than before, or maybe just get a good read out of it. 

  If you have any questions about this game, or any other I've 
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3. Don't mail asking for codes, I don't have a Gameshark or keep 
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  Other than that, I try to answer every single E-Mail I get and 
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