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All FAQ Readers, 
	Sorry about the lack of the updates, and the page problems, here is the 
newest FAQ with all the Fatals for the game as I promised a while back to a
few of you that emailed me. So here it is, and the next update will
probably be
when the NEW War Gods Info Center gets up, with a whole new design, before
the home versions release. If my page is still down when I get new home
version info I'll try to remember to send it through the mail list here, so
you all know.


Patrick McCarron

                      The War Gods Information Center's
                      .    .    .               
                      $  `"$      F`   7$       ?$``"Rc
                      "$   "N    @     R"$      '$    $
                       #N  d#W  W     $  #B     '$..z#
                        #k:" RkX"    dL...Bk    '$ '#N
                         $F   $F   .x"     $k.  :$    #c

                  .>~``~+     _:-``~=u     ~e~``~-L      *""c
                 $       `   z        "i   'E      #L   #k  `
                9E           B    @    $   'E      '$    `#W.
                `$     ``!   #L       _F   'E      W"   .   $
                  "=:...=~    '"+:..:~     :*:::-~`     "x.x"

                              WAR GODS TEXT FAQ
                                Version: 1.35

                       FOR WG VERSION 1.0 and BETA B.5

                            Last Updated: 1/13/1996
                      by Patrick McCarron (pat@rat.org)

                             ==[ WHAT'S NEW? ]==

- 1-13-1997 | Added CY-5 and Maximus's Fatals
- 12-19-1996 | Added Vallah Fatal
- 12-17-1996 | Fixed Web Info, and resent out FAQ becuase the server is back
                up. Enjoy the few new things that should be coming soon on
                the site.
- 10-30-1996 | Added:
                        Kabuki Jo's Fatality
                        Pagan's Fatality
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                                ==[ FAQ KEY ]==

Move Key:

  Move Example:
         [X],Y,Z,A+B = Hold X, hit Y, hit Z, and then hit A+B together
                B - Back                   HP - High Punch
               DB - Down-Back              LP - Low Punch
                D - Down                   BL - Block
               DF - Down-Forward           HK - High Kick
                F - Forward                LK - Low Kick 
               UF - Up-Forward             3D - 3D Button
                U - Up                    [ ] - Hold Button(s)
               UB - Up-Back               ] [ - Release Button(s)
                , - Then                    + - And (hit at same time)

  Move Requirement Example:
         {xy}  x = distance y = situation
           Distances:                 Situations:
                * - Anywhere                * - Anywhere
                F - Full Screen             A - In Air (Jumping)
                C - Close                   G - Ground
                J - Jump Distance           B - Behind (Ground) 
                P - Anywhere Past Jump
                S - Edge of Sweep Range
                R - Full Ring Distance Apart
                A - Anywhere Past Sweep

Standard Attacks:
      Uppercut:                   {*G}  D+HP 
      Leg Sweep:                  {*G}  B+LK
      Fierce Kick: (Roundhouse)   {*G}  B+HK
      Throw:                      {CG}  F+LP
      Shove:                      {CG}  BL, BL
      Evasive Get Up:             {*G}  B+BL  (While down on ground)
      Get Up Attack:              {*G}  F+HP+LP
                                           (While getting up from ground)
      Run:                        {*G}  F, F
      Unblockable Pounce Attack   {*G}  U+HP  (While opponent is on ground)
      3D Jump:                    {*G}  [3D+BL], UP or DOWN
      3D Walk:                    {*G}  [3D], UP or DOWN 
      3D Slide:                   {*G}  [3D], UP, UP or DOWN, DOWN
      Uppercut Ring Special       {CG}  D + HP after Prove Your Self
      Roundhouse Ring Special     {CG}  [3D] B + HK after Prove Your Self
      Slow Mo Auto Combo          {CG}  [3D] B, F, (Combo Starter)
                                        Hold BL and 3D for a different camera

                            /.] Tips and Tricks [.\

      This area is where I'll be putting in great game tips and tricks. 

   Blocking Throws:
     To Block a Throw hold Back or Down Back, Block doesn't Block a throw.
     So if ya playing some1 who keeps on throwing, hold DB+BL and then
     counter him

   Jump Into Combo:
     You can jumpkick or punch into combos now much more easier, I'll be
     adding the %ages that is produced with the extra hit, but the extra
     damage is usually about 10-15% more, so it's a GREAT tactic to use.

   If You Slide, You Will Win:
     The 3D Slide is your key to victory against all players, esp. the
     newbies that haven't even touched the 3D Button yet.

   Evasive Get Up and Attacks:
     Use the Evasive Get Up and Get Up Attack alot to surprise your
     opponents. Use the Evasive Get Up Attack when some1 is doing the
     Unblockable Pounce Attack on you, and then Run up and combo them really
     quick, or if they are running or walking towards you use the getup
     attack to knock them down and score some damage.

   The Shove is Useful:
     Whenever your opponent is just sitting around blocking run up and shove
     them, and then start a combo or do a special move. Since the Shove is
     unblockable, they are left invulrable and then you can start your
     combo which will also be UNBLOCKABLE if you time it right.

                           --====] AHAU KIN [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
        In a vision, AHAU KIN, an evil high priest, learned that
untold power lay at the bottom of his tribe's sacrificial well.
        One by one, he sent his slaves to their death diving to
reach The Ore.
        Finally, overwhelmed with desire, he plunged to the well's
depths and retrieved The Ore.

[.\ MOVES /.]
 Clothesline:           {*G}  F, F, HK+LK
 Sunburst:              {*G}  B, F, LP
 Teleport Gate:         {**}  D, U, LK
 Sword Swipe:           {*G}  F, DF, D, DB, B, HP  (F+HP for extra swipe)
 Dagger Stab:           {*G}  B, DB, D, DF, F, LP
 Blow Dart:             {*G}  B, F, HP
 2 Blow Darts:          {*G}  B, B, F, HP
 3 Blow Darts:          {*G}  B, B, B, F, HP

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   10 Hit CC - 30%: B, F, HK, LK, HK, LP, LP, HP, HP, HP, HK
 Other Combos
   10 Hit CC - 39%: Jump Kick, 10 Hit CC  
   10 Hit CC - 39%: HK, CC  
    4 Hit Chained - 18%: Deep Jump Kick, Spark, HK, Clothesline
    4 Hit Juggle - 21%: (In Corner) Jump Kick, HP, HP, Clothesline

[.\ FATALS ./]
 3D SlowMo AutoCombo:      {CG}  [3D], B, F, HK
 Fatality:     {CG}  [BL] U, D, U, ]BL[, BL, 3D, HK
  Description: Ahau Kin raises an altar behind his opponent, he then
        pushes his opponent onto the altar. Ahau then jumps on top
        of the altar and reaches down while his opponent struggles
        to get up and he pushes into his opponents chest and pulls
        out a still beating heart. He raises the heart high and then
        holds it in both hands and takes a HUGE bite out of it.
        Also there is a wound on his victim that leaks blood during
        the fatal.(Tak has a gray heart, no blood.  CY-5 has a green
        heart, electricity)

                            --====] ANUBIS [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
        While searching for lost treasure in the Valley of the
Kings, a grave robber uncovered a hidden burial chamber.
        The thief tried to steal it's treasures, anaware that
The Ore had been placed in the chamber to destroy anyone who
        His body was destoyed by The Ore, but his soul is cursed
to return as ANUBIS.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Staff Chop:            {*G}  D, DF, F, HK
 Staff Sweep:           {*G}  F, DF, D, DB, B, LK
 Double Staff Chop:     {*G}  F, F during Staff Sweep
 Telestaff:             {*G}  B, F, LK
 Pyramid Trap:          {**}  D, DB, B, LP
 Staff Bolt:            {*G}  D, DF, F, HP
 Horn Charge:           {*G}  F, DF, D, DB, B, HK+LK

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   10 Hit CC - 32%: B, F, HP, HK, HP, LP, BL, F, F, B, F, HK+LK
 Other Combos:
    4 Hit Juggle - 32%: While opponent is jumping in:
                   Jumping Kick, Trap in Air, HP, Telestaff  
    4 Hit Juggle - 23%: While opponent is jumping in:
                   HP, Trap, HP, Staff Sweep, Double Staff Chop  
    3 Hit Juggle - 31%: Trap, Telestaff, Horn Charge (only works on computer)
    3 Hit Juggle - 16%: While opponent is jumping in: HP, HP, Telestaff
    3 Hit Juggle - 15%: While opponent is jumping in:     
                   Trap, HP, Telestaff, Horn Charge  (only works on computer)
    3 Hit Chained - 12%: Trap, Staff Sweep, Double Staff Chop 
    2 Hit Juggle: While opponent is jumping in: Jumping Punch, Horn Charge 
    2 Hit Chained: Deep Jump Kick, Horn Charge 

[.\ FATALS ./]
 3D SlowMo Auto Combo:     {CG}  [3D], B, F, HP
 Fatality:     {SG}  F, D, U, D, HP+LK+3D
    Easier Ways to do it:
               [BL] F, D, U, D, HP+LK+3D or [BL+3D] F, D, U, D, HP+LK
  Description: Anubis raises his hands and a large Egyptian mummy case
        drops down on top of his opponent. Then a LARGE puddle of blood
        starts to form under the mummy case. Finally the case opens to
        reveal Anubis's opponent all wrapped up and mummified.

                             --====] CY-5 [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
        The power of The Ore is timeless.
        In the year 2096, scientists will implant The Ore into
CY-5, an advanced cyborg, unaware that The Ore has life-giving
        CY-5 will kill the scientists.
        It will conclude that more Ore is needed for greater
human consciousness.
CY-5 will fight in a ruthless systematic manner to achive its goal.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 The Blender:           {*G}  F, DF, D, DB, B, HP
 Ground Laser:          {**}  B, DB, D, DF, F, LP
 Overhead Laser:        {*G}  [3D] B, U, F, HP
 Teleport:              {*G}  D, DB, B, LK
 Gain Orbital:          {*G}  B, B, LP  (Can Gain Up To 4)
 Fire Orbital:          {*G}  HP+LP

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
    5 Hits - 23% - CC: B, F, HP, HP, LP, HP, LP  
   13 Hits - 39% - CC: B, F, HK, F, DF, D, DB, B, HP, HP, LP, LP
Other Combos:
   2 Hits Chained 50%: Deep Jump Kick, The Blender  

[.\ FATALS ./]
 3D SlowMo Auto Combo:        {CG}  [3D], B, F, HP
 3D SlowMo Auto Combo #2:     {CG}  [3D], B, F, HK
 Fatality:     {JG}  F, F, B, D, D, U, 3D+BL+LK, HP, HP
  Description: CY-5 taps some buttons on his arm and a UFO arrives
        over his opponent. A laser strikes his opponent melting him/her
        into a puddle form of his opponent, you can see who it was. Then
        CY-5 taps some buttons again as he is teleported into the ship and
        then the ship flies off.

                             --====] EXOR [====--
[.\ TIPS /.]
1.) Don't jump forward or back, he'll then EASILY get you with his lasers
    and his trap.
2.) If you sit there blocking he'll use his telekinetic pickup on ya.
3.) Use small combos, large ones are useless.
4.) He has weaknesses to some moves, find them and use them often.
5.) Traps are useless to him, wont work.
6.) 3D Slide and fire a projectile to hit him SLIGHTLY easy.
7.) Wait for his Air Laser, run up and uppercut. This will work good if you
    time it right so he doesn't get you when you are close.
8.) Use Cy-5 and gain an Orbital and then Exor will teleport behind you and
    you can QUICKLY uppercut him. Repeat this over and over for an easy
9.) 3D Slide and then fire a projectile to hit him SLIGHTLY easy.
10.) First duck when the fight starts.  If he does the air laser run in
     and uppercut.  If he teleports do a ducking LP (timing must be perfect)
     then uppercut.  Stay about 4-5 inches away at all times (just far
     enough away from the shield move). With practice you can beat him

                             --====] GROX [====--
[.\ TIPS /.]
1.) When you are close to Grox quickly do: a combo which he'll stop
    blocking after 2-4 hits and rest will make contact or do jumping
    punches over and over these keep him busy, but he usually blocks them
    and if time runs out you loose no matter what.
2.) When he jumps 3D Slide or walk back (if near center) and counter with
    a trap or projectile.
3.) Jumping in isn't a good idea, he will either jump (you can't hit him
    when he does this) or he'll do his two handed uppercut on ya.
4.) Don't stand around, he'll kick your ass quicker.
5.) Sometimes Grox takes block damage from some attacks, so find those
    and use them to your advantage.
6.) Again, as in #1 if time runs out you loose.
7.) When he jumps at you Uppercut him when he is above you.
8.) If you play as Warhead or Cy-5, you can up-forward jump kick him
    infinitely, if your if you're anybody else you can do it all the way to
    the edge, then you must jump back and repeat.
9.) When the round starts jump back, get into ducking block and when Grox
    walks over he will start swinging his arms (if he belly flops at this
    time, just uppercut when you are getting up and resume ducking block)
    Grox will start swinging at you, none of the hits will connect. Wait for
    him to do an uppercut... Do four jumpkicks to his head in a row (you can
    get more, but this is the safest amount.) Resume Ducking Block and
    start over again.
10.) Here is a variation on tip #9: Start with 4-5 hop kicks at the
     beginning then go to the opposite  corner.  He usually stays still.
     Use a trap and do some more hop kicks. If he starts to walk at you
     from the corner duck and wait until he is close and start hop kicking.
11.) Hop kick by holding up towards to him, and hitting hk, when you reach 
     the corner, combo him the last hits will damage him or hit him then jump
     back and repeat.

                           --====] KABUKI JO [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
        A feared medieval samurai discovered The Ore on the eve
of a great battle.
        Overwhelmed by its power, he slaughtered his men in a rage
of fire and fury.
        Shamed by the destruction he had caused, he became KABUKI
JO, an outcast determined to master the power that consumes him.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Dragon Breath:         {*G}  B, F, LP
 2X Dragon Breath:      {*G}  B, B, F, LP
 3X Dragon Breath:      {*G}  B, B, B, F, LP
 Fire Trap:             {*G}  B, DB, D, DF, F, LK
 Dragon Staff:          {*G}  F, DF, D, DB, B, HP, LP, LK (3 Hits - 18%)
 Dragon Star:           {*G}  D, DF, F, HP
 3D Star Spread #1:     {*G}  [3D], D, DF, F, HP
 3D Star Spread #2:     {*G}  [3D], D, DF, F, LP
 3D Star Spread #3:     {*G}  [3D], D, DF, F, HP+LP
 Sword Flurry:          {*G}  F, F, HP+LP
                                (Keep Taping F+HP+LP to keep attacking)

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   10 Hit CC - 36%: B, F, HP, HK, LP, LP, HK+LK, D, F, HK+LK
 Other Combos:
   11 Hit CC - 44%: HK, 10 Hit CC
   12 Hit CC - 44%: Deep Jump Kick, Fire Trap, 10 Hit CC
    4 Hit Air Juggle - 24%: While opponent is jumping in:
                            HK, 3 Hit Dragon Staff Combo (UNCONFIRMED)

[.\ FATALS ./]
 3D SlowMo Auto Combo:     {CG}  [3D], B, F, HP
 Fatality:     {SG}  [3D] B, F, B, F, 3D+LK, HK, HK
  Description:  Kabuki takes out his staff and shoves it through his
        opponent. Then lifts the staff with the body on it and sticks it
        into the ground and the victim's body slides down the staff and
        the body drips blood from the wound. (Tak doesn't slide, he just
        STICKS in the staff.)

                            --====] MAXIMUS [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
        MAXIMUS, a mighty gladiator, fought for the entertainment
of his masters. During a great festival that celebrated The Ore,
he battled to determine which master would possess it.
        He killed his opponent, but slaughtered his masters as
well. He took The Ore and escaped.
        Consumed by it's power, he fights for all who have been enslaved.

General Pattern #1 - Hit with Hammer, Run, Deep Jumpkick, Hammer,
                     Ground Slam, Repeat
Anubis Pattern - Wait for him to teleport, Hammer, Complete Combo
Grox Pattern - Wait for him to jump, Hammer, Ground Slam, Deep Jumpkick,
               Hopkick 2 or 3 times, Get Away, Repeat.
Exor Pattern - Keep a Sweep to Jump distance, Wait for him to shoot Air
               Laser(s), Run under laser(s) to avoid it (don't run in too
               close), Hammer, Ground Slam, Repeat. (* KEEP SPACING AT SWEEP
               TO JUMP *) And when/if he teleports Uppercut or Hammer, and
               Ground Slam.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 The Hammer:            {*G}  D, DF, F, LP
 Ground Slam:           {*G}  [3D] U, D, LP
 Hammer Throw:          {*G}  F, DF, D, DB, B, HP
 Noogie:                {CG}  F, F, HP (Hit HP for more hits)
 Net:                   {*G}  B, F, HP+LP
 Head But:              {CG}  B, F, LP
 Reversal Throw:        {CG}  F, B, HP (When opponent is attacking you)

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   10 Hits CC - 39%: B, F, HP, HP, LP, F, F, LK, LP, HP, HP, LP, B, D, F
 Other Combos:
   10 Hits CC - 45%: Deep Jump Kick, Net, 10 Hit CC 
    5 Hits Chained - 54%: In Corner:
      Deep Jump Kick, Net, Deep Jump Kick, HK, Hammer

[.\ FATALS ./]
 3D SlowMo Auto Combo:     {CG}  [3D], B, F, HP
 Fatality:     {CG}  [BL], D, D, U, D, D, HP+LP+HK+LK
  Description:  Maximus makes two pillars appear behind his opponent
        and the opponent is chained to the pillars automatically.
        Then Maximus takes out a knife, his opponent screams and struggles
        to get out, and then Maximus slices his opponent's body in half.
        The lower half of the body falls to the ground but the top stays up
        cause it is chained two the pillars. You can see blood everywhere
        and there is the spine and some muscles hanging from the above
        body and blood dripping from it. It's really cool looking.

                             --====] PAGAN [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
        Ancient manuscripts revealed the locationd of The Ore
to PAGAN, a mistress of the black arts.
        She arrived at the ruins of a cathedral where The Ore
was once worshipped. Pagan summoned forth the hidden Ore by
reciting the manuscript's incantations.
        The Ore increased her hunger for power and destruction.
She will destroy anyone who stands in her way.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Skeleton Trap:         {*G}  B, D, F, LP
 Smoke Teleport:        {*G}  D, D, LK
 Electric Shock:        {*G}  D, DB, B, HP
 Heli Kick:             {*G}  B, DB, D, DF, F, HK+LK
     (Tap HK+LK to continue spinning and B and F to move her side to side)
 Leg Throw:             {*G}  F, F, HK

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   10 Hit CC - 31%: B, F, HP, HK, HP, HK, HK, HK, LK, LK, HP
 Other Combos:
   10 Hit CC - 39%: HK, 10 Hit CC
   10 Hit CC - 36%: Deep Jump kick, Skeleton Trap, 10 Hit CC
    5 Hits Juggle:
      Deep Jump Kick, Skeleton Trap, Deep Jump Kick, HK, Leg Throw
    4 Hit Chained:
      Skeleton Trap, HP, HP, HK, Leg Throw  (only against computer)
    3 Hit Chained:
      Skeleton Trap, HP, HP, Leg Throw  (only against computer)
    3 Hit Chained:
      Skeleton Trap, HP, HK, Leg Throw  (only against computer)
    3 Hit Air Juggle: While opponent is jumping in: HK, HP, Leg Throw
    2 Hit Chained: Deep Jump kick, Flying Leg Throw

[.\ FATALS ./]
 3D SlowMo Auto Combo:     {CG}  [3D], B, F, HP
 Fatality:     {JG}  [3D+BL], U, U, D, U, D, LP, LP
  Description:  Pagan takes out a medussa head which grows to a large size.
        Her opponent is then turned into a stone form of themselves. Then
        the Medussa head shoots to lasers from it's snake heads which makes
        Pagan's victim bust into pieces. (If you do this to Tak he waves his
        hand at the Medussa head while saing Na Na NaNa Na, and THEN gets

                              --====] TAK [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
        Thousands of years ago, a kingdom worshipped The Ore
as a god.
        A rival kingdom declared war to capture The Ore. In
the face of defeat, the king hid The Ore in a stone idol.
        The idol came to life as TAK, avenger of a lost civilization.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Rock Crush:            {*G}  D, DB, B, HP
 Boulder:               {*G}  B, DB, D, DF, F, LP
 Earthquake Stomp:      {*G}  [3D], B, UB, U, UF, F, LK
 Overhead Throw:        {CG}  F, B, LP
 Overhead Backbreaker:  {CG}  U, U, D  (During Overhead Throw)
 Suplex:                {CG}  F, B, HP

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   10 Hits CC - 33%: B, F, HP, LP, LP, LK, LK, HP, HP, HP, HK
 Other Combos:
   11 Hits - 39%: HK, CC 
   11 Hits - 42%: Earthquake, HK, CC
   12 Hit - 39%: Earthquake Stomp, Boulder, 10 Hit CC, Jump Kick
      (Or Uppercut if In Corner, add about 10-15%, but it won't count)

[.\ FATALS ./]
 3D SlowMo Auto Combo:     {CG}  [3D], B, F, HP
 Fatality:     {CG}  B, D, B, F, F, 3D+LP+HK
  Description:  Tak hits you on the head 3 times really quick and then
        you are stuck into the ground like Sheeva's Fatal in MK3.
        Then he kicks the head off toward the screen, which the camera
        slightly follows as the head travels in the direction of the screen.

                            --====] VALLAH [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]

        VALLAH, a warrior princess, became seperated from
battle during a great ice storm.
        Taking shelter in a nearby cave, she saw a glowing
green light trapped inside a translucent wall of ice.
        Hacking away at the ice, her sword finally made
contact with The Ore.
        Vallah was transformed into a Viking goddess, and
rules the realm of ice.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Gator Skull Trap:      {*G}  F, DF, D, DB, B, LP
 Shield Slice:          {*G}  D, DB, B, LP
 Axe Throw:             {*G}  B, DB, D, DF, F, LP
 Double 3D Axe:         {*G}  [3D], B, DB, D, DF, F, LP
 Axe Chop:              {*G}  B, B, HP
 Sword Slicer:          {*G}  B, F, HP+LP
 Shield Dash:           {*G}  B, F, LK+HK
 Double Sword Slice     {*G}  [LP] F, B, HP

[.\ COMBOS ./]
  (NOTE: Add big damage to Vallah's combos by doing the axe chop when you
  knock them down)

 Complete Combo:
   10 Hit CC - 34%:
      B, F, HP, HP, LK, LK, HP, LP, LP, HP, B, D, F, HP
 Other Combos:
   12? Hit - 45%: While opponent is jumping in: HK, HP, Gator Trap, 10 Hit CC
   11? Hit - 39%: While opponent is jumping in: HK, Gator Trap, 10 Hit CC
   11 Hit Complete 42%: HK, 10 Hit CC
    4 Hit Chained - 29%:
      Deep Jump Kick, Gator Trap, Deep Jump Kick, Shield Dash
    4 Hit Corner Juggle - 18%: Jump Kick, HP, HP, Shield Dash  

[.\ FATALS ./]
 3D SlowMo Auto Combo:     {CG}  [3D], B, F, HP
 Fatality:     {CG}  F, F, F, D, B, BL, 3D, LK 
  Description:  Vallah makes an altar appear behind her opponent.
        She pushes her opponent onto it and raises her hands as the victim
        gets engulfed in flames for a few seconds and then the flames die
        away.  After the flames die away there are ashes in the shape of
        your opponent ontop of the altar.

                            --====] VOODOO [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
        In a Caribbean village, a witch doctor enslaved
his people black magic and arcane spells.
        One night in desperation, the villagers captured
the witch doctor and burnt him to death. They threw his
body into a forbidden swamp, unaware that it hid a deposit
of The Ore.
        The ore's energy brought his corpse back to life as
VOODOO, god of the undead.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 High Skullwing:         {*G} D, DB, B, HP
 Low Skullwing:          {*G} D, DB, B, LP
 Snake Trap:             {*G} B, B, LP
 Funnel Teleport:        {*G} B, F, LK
 Spinning Claw:          {*G} B, DB, D, DF, F, HP+LP
                                (Tap HP+LP to keep Spinning)
 Nails From The Sky:     {*G} [3D], B, U, F, HP
 Grab and Slap:          {CG} B, F, LP (Tap LP for more Slaps)

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   12 Hit CC - 38%: B, F, HP, HK, HP, LK, LK, LK, LP, LP, LP, HK,  HP
 Other Combos:
   14? Hit CC - 42%:
      While opponent is jumping in: HK, HP, Snake Trap, 12 Hit CC
   14? Hit CC - 48%: Deep Jump Kick, HP, Arm Grab, 12 Hit CC 
   14? Hit CC - 49%: Deep Jump Kick, HK, Arm Grab, 12 Hit CC 
   14? Hit CC - 50%: Jump kick, Snake Grab, HK, 12 Hit CC
   13? Hit CC - 46%: While opponent is jumping in: HK, Snake Trap, 12 Hit CC
   13? Hit CC - 46%: Deep Jump Kick, Arm Grab, 12 Hit CC 
    4 Hit Chained - 38%: Deep Jump Kick, Snake Grab, F+HK, B+LP 

[.\ FATALS ./]
 3D SlowMo Auto Combo:     {CG}  [3D], B, F, HP
 Fatality:     {JG}  U, U, F, HK, BL, LP  (TAP IT REALLY FAST)
  Description:  Voodoo takes a small doll form of his opponent and slashes
        the doll across it's stomach. Then his victim's stomach opens
        up and you see the intestines start to uncoil and they hang
        out of the opening of the stomach. There is also a liver and
        TONS of blood that fall out of the stomach and onto the floor.

                            --====] WARHEAD [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
        Government officials were worried than an
experiment to merge nuclear weapons with The Ore was
in jeopardy. They sent their top operative to investigate.
        When he arrived at the research center, the
building exploded, covering his body with fragments
of The Ore
        The soldier was tranformed into WARHEAD,
a super-human fighter.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Straight Missiles:      {*G}  D, DB, B, LP
 3D Seeking Missiles:    {*G}  [3D], D, DB, B, LP
 Shock Wave:             {*G}  [3D], B, UB, U, UF, F, HP
 Cannonball:             {*G}  B, F, HK+LK
 Skull Crusher:          {CG}  F, B, HP

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   10 Hit CC - 36%: B, F, HP, HP, LP, LP, LK, LK, HK, HK, LP
 Other Combos:
   11 Hit CC - 44%: Shock Wave, 10 Hit CC
   11 Hit CC - 44%: HK, 10 Hit CC
   11 Hit CC - 49%: DEEP Jump kick, Shock Wave, HK, CC
    4 Hit Air Juggle - 18%: Shock Wave, HP, HP, (pause 1 sec) Cannonball  
    3 Hit Juggle - 16%: Shock Wave, HK, Cannonball

[.\ FATALS ./]
 3D SlowMo Auto Combo:     {CG}  [3D], B, F, HP
 Fatality:     {PG}  D, D, LP, LK, HK  (TAP IT REALLY FAST)
  Description:  Warhead kneels down and takes out a military walkie talkie
        and starts talking in military lingo and then you start seeing
        missiles coming from the sky and hitting his opponent. Then a
        big explosion occurs and a mushroom cloud rises and only a gray
        crater remains.

                           ==[ COMBO TECHNIQUES ]==

There are types of combos that are in War Gods:

1) Predefined combos are a lot like combos from KI and MK3 combined. You
 start them with B, F, HP or HK, this usually gets 2 auto chained hits. Then
 try combinations of HK/HP/LK/LP and assorted special moves and directions.
 These combos also require PRECISE timing, so watch your character for
 signs of when next button should be pressed. Some special moves count as
 Predefined now, so this may mean they can be used in combos. After you do
 the combo the game says: "COMBO!" and then it displays this: (Note: If you
 do all the character's hits it says COMPLETE under where COMBO is and plays
 a ringing sound that signifies it)

 8 Hit        <-- Number of hits
 Combo        <-- Signifies is a Predefined Combo
 21% Damage   <-- Shows damage %

2) Other Combos are all the other combos that are mostly juggles and special
 moves that hit many times or "chained" together, like jump kick then some
 quick dashing move.

 Chained Combo - This is a combo done on the ground which is usually moves,
                 and attacks "chained" together. These can get to be pretty
 Juggle Combo - These combos usually start with some1 jumping in at you and
                you then do a special move or an attack that "Juggles" the
                opponent in the air, sometimes a juggle combo will end with
                a "chained" or Predefined Combo.

 After you do these combos it shows this, and the game DOESN'T say

 3 Hit        <-- Number of hits
 13% Damage   <-- Shows damage %

                          ==[ GAME FEATURES/BUGS ]==

        This Area will contain Features (Bugs that are there on purpose, and
wont be removed) and Bugs that have been found. If you find a
big in the game please email me at pat@rat.org and tell me what it does
and when/how it happens. If you report them in time they might not be in the
next revision.

        Features are Bugs or weird effects that are put into the game on
purpose or accident, and wont be removed cause of how they look.

1.) Ring Special Effects:
        After you do the Uppercut Ring Special ( D+HP after 2 rounds
        won) or the Roundhouse Ring Special ( [3D] B+HK after 2 rounds won )
        you can move around and/or do special moves and attacks. If you do
        a teleport or move that brings you to opponent like Pagan's Leg Grab
        after the Roundhouse Ring Special and the person will goto the
        person that is slying off into the distance and be next to them,
        or where they were when you did the move.
2.) Ahau Winning Starburst Stay Feature:
        When you win the first round with Ahau Kin let him create the
        starburst above him and then hit Start to skip to the next Round
        and the Starburst will be in the Air for a short period of time
        during the fight.

        This is where I'll be adding the bugs that are found in the game,
and once they are fixed I'll remove them from here. I know of some, but
they are allready fixed, or I just forgot them. Please email me bugs you
know of.

1.) Stuck In Air:
        When fighting Grox with Cy-5 use the Air Laser on Grox's belly flop
        and you'll get stuck in the air for a while.
2.) Exor Timeout Freze:
        When fighting Exor in round 3 and if you let time expire the game
        will freeze up, and will have to be reset.
3.) 3D/BLOCK Not Working:
        If you hold 3D and BLOCK before the round starts sometimes either
        3D or BLOCK wont work until you release it and press it again. Also
        if you do a move that requires you to hold 3D and you had just done
        a 3D Jump or Slide release 3D, Hold it, do move, release 3D. That
        way you wont get stuck without being able to move in 3D if you
        wanted to after the 3D Move ya just did.
4.) Voodoo on Ice:
        If you finish the first round with Voodoo with a CC, then you do his
        snake grab while they are on the ground, he'll grab them, and pull
        himself into them, then he will do his winning stance, and slide all
        over the screen. This can also be done with the unblockable bounce
        after the CC.

                              ==[ OTHER STUFF ]==

Where can you find the newest version of this FAQ?
1.) Via WWW At:
 - The War Gods Info Center WWW Page: http://www.w3n.net/wargods/
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If you have anything new, come to the EfNet IRC channel #wargods
I usually use the nick McCarron. Or email me at this address: pat@rat.org
Also, corrections are welcome! Send those to same place as above.

                          ==[ THANKS AND CREDITS ]==

- Joe Linhoff War Gods Head programmer for all the info, etc that you
  gave me.
- Damian McKeever aka Dame2 on the irc for the first moves and new info,
  thanks a mega ton! Also for Getting Maximus's and CY-5's Fatals.
- Alex Gilliam (LEX) and Paulo Garcia (IRS), 2 of the War Gods testers
  for updated info in Beta B that I missed, and for added Grox and Exor
  tips from their FAQ. And telling us Voodoo's Fatality.
- Midway for making this incredible game, and giving Joe more time
  to make it better.
- Spudz (tempaxs@tempaccess.com) for all the rides and help with new
  combos and moves. And usually is with me.
- Rackboy all the rides and ideas on how to defeat the bosses, etc
- Dan Riley (driley@post.vale.com) for helping me find stuff in this game
- Mike Bullard for starting a FAQ Subscription List for me once AGAIN.
- Ted Calica (tcalic1@icarus.cc.uic.edu) for new combos and corrections
- Mortalmak3@aol.com (Aka: V0oDo0 on IRC) for all the new combos, and
  combo %ages, thanks alot.
- Andy aka Keeper of Death @ Time (vaultkpr@ix.netcom.com) for the 1st
  confirmation of Warhead's Fatal in 1.0 and more combo percentages.
- MidWesT MesTiZo (mestizo@rci.ripco.com) for a few fatal descriptions
- grinch for the new 3D SlowMo Auto Combo Finishers and
  other way to do Anubis' Fatal, Pagan and Kabuki's Fatals.
- GUSEMAN826@aol.com that gave me a few combos and other stuff that I missed
  when I was at Galaxy World
- Alex Diaz for Ahau Kin's Fatality, that was lucky f00l! :)
- Scott Abazorius (rommel@super.zippo.com) for the #10 Exor Tip
- Anthony Festino for Cy-5's Complete Combo
- 3DKiller on IRC for the part of Kabuki Jo's Fatal
- Jimi M Ishihara (ishihara@leahi.kcc.hawaii.edu) for all the combos,
- Paul (I think that was it) who beat Exor and Grox with the good patterns
  he found
- Scott Abazorius <rommel@super.zippo.com> for the new Exor Trick
- Steve JRF for bugging me and getting me some new stuff to test
- Jason5 on the irc for helping Dame2 Out
- Players at Galaxy World for assisting in finding combos and getting to

                              ==[ LEGAL STUFF ]==

 The Soul Chamber's War Gods Information Center Text Faq is
 Copyright (C) 1996 Patrick McCarron

 This document may not be sold, copied, or edited in any form or for
 any profit without giving PROPER credit to me the Author

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