Arc the Lad II Game Script

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Last Update: May 12, 2006.
     What's New: Script complete through the events at White House
     Hunter's Guild jobs #10-13
     Next Update: Script through Clenia Isle

     Wanted: Any dialogue or dialogue variations that I may have missed.
     Any corrections for dialogue, spelling, grammar, etc.

I. Table of Contents
     I. Table of Contents
    II. Q & A
   III. Game Script
    IV. Hunter's Guild Job Scripts
     V. Miscellaneous

II. Q & A
Nothing yet!

[as the game opens, the camera pans past a scene of carnageľ-people are 
dead/dying and being shot and everything is seen through a fiery haze]
[in front of the statue of the Fire Guardian, a group of men are being 
confronted by a group of soldiers]

Old Man: By what authority are you doing this?
Officer: If I were staring down the barrel of a gun, I would be less 
Man: We will never allow the Fire Guardian to be taken!
Officer: Hrmph.  Is your Guardian so valuable to you...
...that you would sacrifice yourselves to stop us?  Fine.  We shall give 
you the martyrdom you desire.

[at this point a young boy runs in between the men and the soldiers]

Elc: Wait!  Stop!
Elc's dad: Elc--!
Officer: FIRE!!

[the soldiers open fire on the men, killing all but Elc]

Elc: Grandpa!  DAD!! ...Why?  Why did you do that?!  They did nothing wrong!
Officer: They were in the way, boy...and so are you.  Prepare to join your 
father in the afterworld!
Elc: NO!!  You won't hurt anyone else!  You'll suffer for what you've done!

[Elc summons the power of fire and uses it to kill the soldiers]

Elc: Now it's your turn!

[Elc begins to use his powers, but collapses instead]

Officer: Hrmph.  He appears to have exhausted himself.  That was quite an 
impressive display, don't you agree?  The boy seems to channel the power of the
Fire Guardian!
Scientist: When the child's anger boiled over...
...he unleashed Fire energy upon your soldiers.  It was absolutely 

[more soldiers arrive]

Officer: Let us complete our task and leave this stinking hovel.  Fasten the 
chains, men!  Double-time!  [the soldiers leave] Signal the Silver Noah, 
Soldier: Yes, sir! [gives the signal]

{FMV: The Silver Noah moves into place to begin lifting the Fire Guardian 
[another group of soldiers arrives]

Soldier: The cargo is secured and ready for transport, sir!

[shot of the Fire Guardian being lifted away on chains]

Officer: Excellent job.  Return to the ship!

[the soldiers leave]

Officer: Shall we take the child to the facility?
Scientist: Certainly.

[the scientist walks over to Elc, grabs him, and begins to drag him away]


[the screen fades to black]

Elc: Let me go...  Leave me ALONE!!

[fade in; Elc wakes up in his bed in his apartment]

Elc: ...
Elc: I had that dream again...
...I wish I could erase the memories so I could get a decent night's sleep.

[Elc climbs out of bed]
[to progress, go to the door and attempt to leave; a man named Lynx will enter 
Elc's apartment]

Lynx: Elc, I'm glad you're still up.  You've got to come to the Guild...right 
Elc: Lynx, do you know what time it is?
Lynx: Yeah.  It's time to go to work.  I've got a job for you!  Besides, you're
a Hunter, remember?  Saving the world from darkness at any hour!  You're not 
supposed to care WHEN the jobs come to you, just how much they pay...
Elc: Speaking of which, how much are we talking, here?
Lynx: You'll do it then?  Great.  We'll talk money at the Guild.  Get ready!

[speak to Lynx again for a dialogue prompt]

Lynx: Are you ready to leave?
Elc: >Of course!
     No, wait.
        >No, wait.
         Lynx: Will you light a fire under it?  The job won't wait all night!
        >Of course!
         Lynx: Great!  Let's go.

[Lynx leaves and Elc is free to exit; the scene goes directly to the Prodias 
Hunters' Guild]
[[Hunter's Guild]]

Lynx: The dispatcher at the counter has the job.  Time to go to work.

[NPC dialogue]

Lynx: This is not the time for games, Elc.  Get the job from the dispatcher at 
the counter!

Hunter: Hunters' Guilds are the same all over, and this one's no different.  
'Cept maybe the people here in Prodias are gentler, so there's less work.
Elc: I don't know about that.  I stay pretty busy...
Hunter: I heard around that you keep pretty busy chasin' bounties.  What's the 
secret?  I'm not makin' squat.

Hunter 2: A Hunter's life ain't all glitz and glamor.  It's puttin' yourself in
...workin' in toilet-bowl conditions...interrogatin' scumbags with bad teeth 
and worse breath.  But some people get into the business without realizin' 
that.  If your parents found out what you do, they'd be cryin'.
Elc: Parents...yeah, they might have.  If they were still alive.

Elc: Good to see you!  It's been a while.
Hunter 3: Elc!!  I didn't know you were back in town!  Off to collect another 
bounty, eh?
Elc: Duty calls...
Hunter 3: You're definitely the man to beat in the Guild.  If there's a 
problem, you're the solution.
Elc: Come on now, Focks!  You're definitely stretching the truth there...

Hunter 4: Well, well.  I see that you're still too dumb to get out of this 
rat-infested business, Elc!
Elc: Cooger?  Is that you?
Hunter 4: Yeah, it's me, you walking waste of the Fire Guardian's power!
Elc: Heh!  Don't sugarcoat your feelings for me, buddy.
Hunter 4: You've been a stranger, lately.  What've ya been up to?
Elc: You know...just business.

Hunter 5: Hey, if you need a few tips to perfect your craft, I can help.  And, 
each tutorial is only 100 G. ...Oh, it's just you, Elc.  I didn't recognize 
you.  Did you do something with your hair?
Elc: Knock it off, Denim.  I didn't change my hair, and you knew it was me.  
What kind of ridiculous business did you start THIS time?  You're trying to 
find stupid Hunters to train?
Hunter 5: A guy's gotta make a living.  But, hey!  I've got good stuff.  Check 
it out!
   Arc the Lad 2 Basic Course
     >Battle Attacks
     Battle Items
        >Battle Attacks
         Hunter 5: When you attack, move next to the enemy, and turn towards 
         it.  Then press (X).  With some distance weapons, you can attack 
         without being adjacent to the enemy.
         Elc: Yeah, like my spear.
        >Battle Items
         Hunter 5: To use an item, press([]) to open the inventory window.  
         Once the window is open, choose the desired item and press (X).  Use 
         [L1] or [R1] to change the window type.  The most important general 
         items to carry are herbs.  They recover HP.
         Hunter 5: After attacking an enemy, it may counterattack you.  If the 
         enemy is strong, the counterattack can exceed the damage you inflict. 
         If the counter is especially strong, you could die unexpectedly.  To 
         avoid enemy counters, use distance attacks, or attack enemies from 
         behind.  However, even rear attacks aren't completely safe.  Some 
         enemies can counter rear attacks.
         Hunter 5: See?  I got the info goods!  You'd pay 100 G for it, 
         wouldn't you?
         Elc: Well...

[if you approach the door to the back room]

Dispatcher: You there!  Get away from that door!  Only Hunters with 250 Merits 
or more are allowed through it.

Dispatcher: Well, it's comforting to see that some things never change.  You're
late, Elc.  As usual.  This is a hot one, kid.  You're lucky I didn't give this
to someone else.  The location of the operation is Aldia Skyport.  Some radical
freak is causing trouble.  He's giving the Skyport cops fits, but I guess 
that's no surprise, eh?  The job pays 2000 G, and I gave it to Lynx in advance 
to hold for you.  Wrap this one up quickly, okay?  And, I don't want a mess 
this time, or I'm charging you for the cleanup!
Elc: No problem, but why'd you give the dough to Lynx?!
Dispatcher: Look, kid.  I paid in advance for your services this time.  I'm 
counting on success.  Nothing less.
Elc: Hey, don't worry, bean counter.  You bought the best.

[to progress, walk over and speak with Lynx again]

Lynx: So, did you get the assignment?
Elc: Yes.  Funny thing.  The dispatcher says you've got the bounty for this job
Lynx: Uh...yeah.  I didn't want him to rip us off.
Elc: I'm more concerned about getting taken closer to home.  I'd better get the
lion's share of the bounty when this is done.
Lynx: Yeah, yeah.  You should know to trust me by now.  I'll take care of you!
By the way, did you sign in on the journal at the counter?
Elc: >Of course!
     Huh?  What's that?
        >Huh?  What's that?
         Lynx: Press (X) in front of the white book on the counter.  The 
         journal automatically records your progress and current status.
        >Of course!
Lynx: Are you ready?
Elc: >Yes, I am!
     No, I'm not!
        >No, I'm not!
         Lynx: What?  You still haven't signed the journal?!  Press (X) in 
         front of the white book on the counter.  The journal automatically 
         records your progress and current status.
        >Yes, I am!
Lynx: Great! One Skyport coming up, one terrorist going down!

{FMV: pan over the exterior of the Skyport}
[[Aldia Skyport]]

[inside, a green-haired man is holding a woman hostage; they are surrounded by 
several cops]

Woman: Please help me!

[the green-haired man (hereafter Alfred) unleashes several bolts of lightning 
and the cops back away]

Alfred: Get BACK, you idiots!
Woman: Why are you all standing there?!  HELP ME!!
Cop: Please remain calm, miss.  We want you to walk away from this unharmed.  
Now then, sir, tell us again what you want.
Woman: Didn't you hear him the first time?!  He wants you to close down the 
Cop: Please remain CALM, miss!!

[screen pans over to two middle-aged men]

Man: Did you hear that?  If the Skyport is shut down, the Saint Diana cannot 
Man 2: And all the major guests of the Ceremony are on board.
Man: Of I understand this thug's motives!  Without those guests, 
the Ceremony cannot take place!

[screen pans back]

Cop: Close the Skyport?  That's impossible!
Alfred: Then kiss this pretty little girl goodbye.
Woman: Why don't you stop asking questions and do what he WANTS?!
Cop: I don't have authoriza...
Alfred: I SAID, shut up and DO it! NO EXCUSES!

[Alfred unleashes more lightning; screen pans back to the middle-aged men]

Man: Those idiotic rent-a-cops are going to get ALL of us killed!  If they 
can't handle this criminal, what are we going to do?!
Man 2: I called in a Hunter.
Man: Hunter?  What's a Hunter?
Man 2: They're mercenaries that take on tasks for money.  I don't know how 
they started, but I hear they get the job done.

{FMV: a small airship flies close to the Skyport tower and a figure jumps off 
of it and crashes through a window}
[Elc, standing among the broken glass from the window, takes a moment to look 

Elc: Looks like I landed in the middle of the party.
Alfred: Huh?!

[the woman takes advantage of Alfred's confusion and runs away]

Alfred: Damn it!  What the hell do you think you're doing?!
Elc: Taking out the trash.  Nothing personal.  I've got a job to do, and 
today, you're it.
Alfred: What about the garbage coming out of your mouth, punk?!  Now stop 
talking and start bleeding!

[battle begins; after Alfred's HP is depleted...]

Alfred: Damn.  You ARE strong.  But I'm smart...

[Alfred teleports to the exit]

Alfred: He who fights and runs away, will live to fight another day.  We WILL 
meet again, and next time, I won't be so nice.

[Alfred runs out onto the walkway and onto the airship]

Elc: (He ran into the ship!)

[NPC dialogue]

Cop: I appreciate the offer to join you, but I must remain here.  After all, 
the terrorist could very well return to this lobby.
Cop 2: Why are you still here?!  Go after that maniac!  He went through the 
door over there and ran to the airship!
Cop 3: We're placing you in charge of the situation.  We were trained to handle
HUMAN criminals...and that guy isn't human.  Good luck.  You'll need it.
Cop 4: Why are you talking to me?!  Go and get that freak!  That's what you're 
paid to do, isn't it, Hunter?
Cop 5: I'm so glad that the hostage is alright.
Cop 6: I'm amazed that monster didn't rip the girl apart.  Yes, he's a monster.
No human has such freakish powers.

Woman: Thank you so very much for distracting that lunatic.  Oh...  There's a 
cut on your forehead.  You're bleeding!
Elc: It's nothing.
Woman: No, no.  Let me see.  Here.  Tie this around the cut. [Gale Bandanna 
received!] Please be careful.  That man won't hesitate to kill you...

Cop 7: I've been ordered not to allow anyone through here.  I know who you are,
but I have my orders.  Sorry.
Cop 8: The area is secured.  We've done our you do yours.
Cop 9: If you hadn't arrived when you did, that girl would be dead.  Perhaps 
you could parlay her life debt into a...special favor.
Man: Don't stand there, Hunter!  Stop the madman!
Man 2: I'm billing the Guild for the cost of the window!

[[Romalia Airship]]
[Elc walks through a hall, and as he passes a door...]

Elc: (Someone's in there...  I can smell it!) 

[Elc enters the room]

Elc: (He's close...)

[a growling noise is heard and an animal's glowing red eyes can be seen]

Elc: There!  [he walks forward]
???: Paundit!  Come here!

[the animal retreats and the room lights up to reveal a girl (Lieza) is also 

Lieza: Please don't be angry at Paundit.  He's just protective of me.
Elc: Uh, how can a monster be your guardian?!
Lieza: Paundit is NOT a monster!
Elc: Then your definition is quite different from mine.  But, why isn't your 
mutt attacking me?
Lieza: ...
Elc: You've tamed the creature!  Amazing!  I would love to hear an 
...but I have a more pressing question for you.  Did you see a strange man run 
past the door?  He's a dangerous fugitive.  I've come to capture him.
Lieza: ...
Elc: I shall take your silence as a "No".

[Elc turns to leave the room]

Lieza: You...

[Elc turns back to Lieza]

Elc: Excuse me?
Lieza: You might be looking for ME.
Elc: What do you mean?
Lieza: ...
Elc: I said, WHAT do you MEAN?!
Lieza: ...Please let me escape.
Elc: Escape?

[Lieza begins to speak, but is cut off by a scream from outside]

???: HELP!!
Elc: Damn it!  I'll be back for that explanation!

[Elc runs out of the room]
[if you re-enter...]

Lieza: I heard a scream from the corridor.
Paundit: Grrrrrr.

[out in the corridor, Elc finds a body]

Man: Over...there... [screen pans right to another door] He's headed...for 

[Elc goes through the door and arrives on the airship's deck; Alfred is already

Elc: Are you gonna keep running?  Or will you wise up and surrender?
Alfred: I choose...neither.  The chase is over, Hunter...
...and so is your short career.  I will enjoy watching the life run from your 

[Alfred summons four bats]

Alfred: Aren't they beautiful?
Elc: How did you...DO that?!
Alfred: Drink deeply, my pets!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

[suddenly, Elc is healed by a magic spell]

Elc: A healing spell?!
???: Do you feel better now?
Elc: You--?

[screen pans over to reveal Lieza and Paundit standing behind Elc]

Elc: You healed me.
Lieza: Is that all right?
Elc: No complaints here!  I think you just won this battle for me!

[the battle begins; after Alfred has retreated a ways...]

Alfred: I can't let these creatures frighten me.  I need to stay calm...!

[the battle resumes; after Alfred's HP have been depleted...]

Alfred: Please... help me.
Elc: I'm not qualified to counsel nutcases.  Perhaps you can consult a prison 
Alfred: No! don't understand!  They'll never forgive my failure!  
They'll...kill me!
Elc: Who are "they"?
Lieza: ...
Alfred: The Cabal!  They're everywh... [a shot is fired] GWAAA!!! [he dies]
Elc: ?!
???: He never could close his trap.

[screen pans left to reveal several men in dark suits]

Elc: Who are you?
Lieza: Oh, no...!
Boss: Gimme the girl.  Now.
Elc: Do you know these men?
Lieza: They...
Boss: Shut up!  You should keep your nose outta our business...
...before it gets cut off.
Elc: WHAT did you say?!

[the men with the boss pull out their guns]

Elc: Time to go!!

[Elc, Lieza, and Paundit run off screen to the right]

Boss: Where you gonna run, huh?

[screen pans forward to where the party has been forced to stop]

Elc: Damn!

[the boss and his men walk up behind them]

Elc: Whoa!
Boss: Watch your step, kid.
Lieza: All right!  I'll...go with you. [she begins to walk forward]
Elc: No!!
Lieza: But I have to.  Don't you see?  If I don't they'll kill us both.

[the screen fades out and then fades into a sepia-toned flashback in a forest]

???: [off screen] Where are those two children?!  We have to find them!  NOW!!

[two young children run onto the screen; a boy (obviously Elc) and a blonde 

???: They went that way!  Catch them!  HURRY!!

[the two continue running, but the girl soon trips and falls]

Girl: Ouch...
Elc: Mariel!! [he runs to her] Get up!  Come on!
Mariel: I...can't.
Elc: Yes, you can!
???: They're just children.  They couldn't have gone far!  Find them!
Mariel: Please, Elc.  Go without me.
Elc: No...
Mariel: But if you stay, they'll find us both...

[the flashback ends and the screen fades back to the present]

Thug: Whassa matter, girlie?  Get OVER here!
Lieza: ... [she begins walking]
Thug 2: Ain't you gonna t'ank her, kiddo?  She just saved your life.
Elc: Thank you...
Thug 2: There ya go.
Elc: ...for dropping your guard

[Elc runs forward and attacks the thug near him]

Lieza: Wha?
Thug: You doity little rat!
Lieza: *gasp*  Paundit!!

[Paundit runs forward and attacks the thug near Lieza]

Elc: This way!

[Elc and Lieza move to a cable on the airship]

Lieza: ...Why are you helping me?
Elc: We'll trade explanations later.  HANG ON!!

[Elc grabs Lieza and hooks on to the cable and the two slide down to a 
platform; Paundit jumps down after them]

Thug 2: You ain't going nowhere, kid!

[the thug opens fire and Lieza is hit]

Elc: NOOO!!
Boss: Stop shooting, ya dumb basdit!  She ain't worth nuttin' cold!
Thug 2: Sorry, boss.
Boss: Bogart.
Bogart: Yeah, boss?
Boss: Go to Gallarno and tell him what happened.
Bogart: Will do, boss. [he leaves]
Boss: Dat punk's gonna regret dis...

[fade in to Elc and Lieza in Prodias; Lieza is half leaning on and half being 
dragged by Elc]

Elc: We're safe now.  How badly are you hurt?
Lieza: It's breathe.
Elc: I'm taking you to Indigos.  We can find someone there who can heal your 
wounds.  Just hold on...

[fade into Gallarno's office; Gallarno is on the phone, presumably with Bogart]

Gallarno: You didn't shut down the Skyport?  Why not?  A Hunter...with the 
power of Flame?  He beat Alfred...and he took Lieza?  Find him...or suffer the 
consequences. [he hangs up the phone] I knew it was too early to send Alfred on
a job...  But I never imagined that kid would become a Hunter.  And a Flame 
Master, as well!  This is starting to get interesting...

[fade out to the world map, where Elc proceeds automatically to Indigos]

Elc: We made it!
Lieza: Is this...Indigos?
Elc: Yes.  I have a friend who lives here.

[the two move forward and the scene fades in to Shu's apartment; Shu is 
currently standing by the window looking out of it]

Radio: And in other news...  Police continue to investigate the bizarre crime 
scene at Aldia Skyport.  The terrorist who attempted to shut down the Skyport 
remains missing...
...along with the Hunter who was called in to subdue the criminal.  The 
authorities have asked for the public's help in finding both men...
...while they continue to investigate possible links between them.  We'll keep 
you updated on the situation as it develops.

[the sound of someone trying to open a door is heard]

Elc: Shu!  It's me!  Elc!
Shu: ...It's open.

[Elc and Lieza enter the apartment]

Elc: Shu, I need to stay here for a while...
...and so does she.
Shu: Who's the girl?  What's wrong with her?
Elc: A long and strange story.  I don't even know her name.  But I do know 
she's in big trouble...
Shu: ...You want to put her on the bed?
Elc: I thought you'd never ask.

[Elc walks over to the bed and lays Lieza down]

Shu: You came here from the Skyport?
Elc: I'm afraid to ask how you knew that.  I encountered this girl while I was 
there.  She has the  ability to tame monsters...
...and she was being pursued because of it.
Shu: By whom?
Elc: Men with strange hats and large guns... of which shot her as we escaped.  She needs medical attention, but...
Shu: ...what if her pursuers find her again?  And now the police are pursuing 
Elc: Any ideas?
Shu: Talk to Lado.
Elc: Oh?  And how can he help?
Shu: Doctor for hire.  All the Hunters around here use him.  I have business 
to take care of.  You can stay here while I'm gone.  I suggest you get some 
rest, too.  You look like crap.

[Shu walks over to the door]

Shu: You need to be more careful, Elc.
Elc: I know.  Thanks again.
Shu: Any time.  [he leaves]
Elc: (I need to find Lado right away...)

[NPC dialogue]

Man: Are you a Hunter?  If so, you'll find plenty of jobs at the Guild.
Child: You're creepy.
Woman: Yes, I know Lado...
...but I'm not sure where to find him.
Man 2: Why, yes, I know Lado...
...but I haven't spoken with him in a while.  I've noticed that many of his 
closest friends are Hunters.
Child 2: Hi!  Who are you?
Woman 2: What happened to Shante's brother is so sad...
Old Man: This town is controlled by the Cabal.
Old Woman: A singer named Shante performs at the tavern.  She's an adorable 
young woman.  I admire her!
Man 3: This is the most dangerous town in Aldia.  Be careful.
Girl: A huge bounty was placed on the head of a criminal named Arc.  It would 
take me a lifetime to spend that much Goz!
Girl 2: Our town is home to a wonderful Hunter.  He's strong, silent, and 
Old Woman 2: Did you hear the news?  A lone terrorist attacked the Aldia 
Skyport!  Our world becomes more violent by the day...
Old Man 2: This is Indigos, the loveliest town in Aldia.

Boy: Hi!  Are you a Hunter?
Elc: >Yes
         Boy: Yeah?  You're cool!  But I'll be the coolest Hunter of them all!
         Boy: Nah?  You're uncool!

Boy 2: Hey!  Do you hear those weird noises?

[in the tavern]

Woman: Hello, and welcome to our tavern!

Lado: Aaaaeeee...barkeep!  Top this off, will ya?
Bartender: Doc, I think you've had enough.
Lado: Haay!  When did I ask your o-opinion?
Elc: He's had a bit too much, I suspect.
Lado: Um?  What are you looking at, boy?  Go away!

Man: This town is boring.  Why doesn't anything interesting happen?
Man 2: Something very interesting went down at the Aldia Skyport...

Man 2: The Hunter vanished after the incident at the Aldia Skyport.  Perhaps 
he was working with the monster the entire time.
Elc: (Everyone knows about the Skyport!)

Man 3: This is a good place to relax.  That's why I come here even during the 
Bartender: You don't look familiar.
Man 4: What's wrong with drinking during the day?  It helps me to wake up!
Man 5: Indigos is completely controlled by the Cabal.  If you don't want to 
die, don't mess with the big C.
Woman 2: I'm not in the mood to be picked up.

[in the jewelry store]

Man: Jewelry is so dull.  I wonder why women love this shiny crap.  I shouldn't
have let my girlfriend drag me in here.
Man 2: I'm thinking of opening a jewelry store in Prodias.  I'm investigating 
this store to steal...uh, borrow ideas.
Old Woman: This jewelry is famous because it's cheap.  Unfortunately, I still 
can't afford it.
Jeweler: Hello!  How are you doing?  This is the Indigos Jewelry Store!  Please
take a look around!
Old Man: I'm thinking of buying something for my wife.  Something nice and 
sparkly, before I kick the bucket.  You ease the pain.
Girl: The gem in that case is called the "Witch's Tear".  My daddy promised to 
buy it for me real soon!

[in item shop]

Man: If your weapons get damaged, you can have them fixed.  No sense in 
throwing away a good weapon!
Shopkeeper: Welcome!

[in the Hunters' Guild]
[if you examine the wanted posters]

Elc: (These are pictures of wanted monsters...
...but this isn't the time to take on a job.)

Hunter: What do YOU want, boy?

Dispatcher: Are you hear for an assignment, Hunter?
Elc: No.  I am in search of someone.  His name is Lado.  Heard of him?
Dispatcher: A Hunter who hunts within the walls of the Guild?!  Give me a 
moment to savor the sweet irony!
Elc: I was told that Lado was known amongst the Hunters.
Dispatcher: Do I look like a Hunter to you?  I thought not.  So why don't you 
go and find one?

Elc: Do you know a man named Lado?
Hunter: Yes, I do.  He is a skilled surgeon and an infamous lush.  Lado can be 
found destroying his liver at the tavern.

[back at the tavern]
[after Elc enters, Lado moves unsteadily for the door]

Lado: Get out of my way, child!

[Elc moves aside and Lado leaves]

Elc: He's certainly not a happy drunk.

Elc: Do you know a man named Lado?
Bartender: Yep.  He just walked out the door...
...mumbling something about the Ruin Town.

[at Ruin Town]

Lado: (He was supposed to meet me here...)
Monster: There you are.
Lado: ?!
Monster: Don't you recognize me?  I didn't think you would.  Do you remember a 
thief who was shot in Indigos last week?  A man you walked past instead of 
trying to help?
Lado: I wanted to help him, but I couldn't.  He was surrounded by police 
Monster: Well, that thief's life was saved after all...
...and he was give the amazing gift of a new body.  This body!  And now, it's 
time for you to pay for what you failed to do!
???: [off screen] Wait! [Elc runs up behind the monster]
Elc: The doctor is out, thief!  Try again some other time.
Monster: Don't you know anything, kid?!  You NEVER interrupt a psychotic 
diatribe!  I could educate you about that kinda stuff...
...but I'd much rather just kill you, too!

[a battle begins; after the monster has been defeated]

Monster: Damn you! [teleports away]

[Elc walks over to Lado]

Elc: Are you alright, sir?
Lado: Yes, but only because of you.  How could that man have been turned into 
a monster?  I didn't know such power existed in this world....
Elc: You're Lado, aren't you?
Lado: Yes, I am.
Elc: I need a favor, then.  A friend of mine has been shot.  Without your aid, 
Lado: I understand.  Take me to her.

[they leave; fade in to Shu's apartment]

Lado: You'll be alright now.
Elc: How is she?
Lado: somewhat weak, but she will recover quickly.  If I had arrived much 
later, however...  Who did this to her?
Elc: ...
Lado: Never mind.  Allow her plenty of rest...
...and consider my life debt paid in full.  Goodbye.

[Lado leaves and Elc walks over to Lieza]

Lieza: ...
Elc: You look much better.  He had a bad attitude, but he was an excellent 
Lieza: Did you bring him here?
Elc: Yes.
Lieza: Thank you.  Why...did you save me?
Elc: Because you needed to be saved.  My name is Elc.  I'm a Hunter, but I 
think that you already know that.  What's your name?
Lieza: I'm Lieza.  You're the nicest person I've ever met outside of my 
village.  You helped me without even knowing my name...
Elc: Why were those men after you, Lieza?
Lieza: I was taken from my village and put on the ship.  They were sending me 
to a place called the Facility.  They said the Facility had a lot of kids like 
me.  On the ship, they did a lot of tests on me.  The only thing that got me 
through that was Paundit.  He is the wolf-beast I've had since I was young.  
Then, last night, they decided to move me to another room...

[flashback; Lieza, Paundit, and two soldiers are standing in a hall on the 
airship while the lights flicker on and off]

Soldier: Not the damn lights again!  Stay here while I check it out.  Don't 
let the freak and her furball out of your sight.
Soldier 2: Yes, sir.  [the first soldier leaves]
Lieza: Excuse me...
Soldier 2: What is it, girl?

[the soldier walks over and Paundit attacks him from behind]

Soldier 2: Gyaaah!! [he dies]
Lieza: Come on, Paundit!

[Lieza and Paundit go through a door and into a different hallway]

Lieza: Hurry up!  This way! [Paundit runs up to her] Let's hide in here, okay?

[the two duck into that room; moments later Alfred runs by and then Elc enters 
the hallway]
[Lieza's flashback ends and fades back to the present]

Lieza: ...and that when I met you.
Elc: I see.
Lieza: I'm sorry I didn't tell you before.
Elc: It's alright.
Lieza: Ohhh...  All that talking made me tired.
Elc: You need to rest, anyway.  We can talk more later.
Lieza: Okay... [she closes her eyes and goes to sleep]
Shu: A "Facility" filled with gifted children...
Elc: ...Which might be related to my lost memories.
Shu: And your power to command Flame?
Elc: Yes.
Shu: When I have completed my current task...
...I will join you.
Elc: Thanks, Shu!
Shu: I suggest we follow Lieza's lead, and get some sleep.

[fade to night]

Lieza: ...
Shu: Zzzzz...
Elc: ...Stop it!  Stop it!  STOP!!

[there is a brief flashback to Elc's capture; fade to black]

???: Elc!  Elc!

[fade in; it is morning and Lieza is standing next to Elc]

Lieza: Elc! [Elc finally wakes up] Are you okay?  You were having a nightmare!
Elc: Yes...  I'm alright.  All my dreams are bad ones.  You're feeling much 
better, aren't you?
Lieza: Yes!  I'm not weak at all.
Elc: That's wonderful to hear.  Where is Shu?
Lieza: He left to finish his work.
Elc: I see.
Lieza: Elc...
Elc: Yes?
Lieza: You have missing memories?
Elc: you overheard me yesterday.  When I was a child, my father and 
grandfather were...murdered.  An army invaded our village and burned it to the 
ground.  A soldier dragged me into an airship...
...and that's where my mind goes blank.  Shu found me five years ago...
...wandering through the west Aldian Desert.
Lieza: Oh...
Elc: It's not a very interesting story, is it?  I've never enjoyed speaking 
about myself...
Lieza: It's okay, Elc.
Elc: Anyway.  I need to take on a few jobs.  I refuse to ask Shu for financial 
Lieza: Elc...may I come with you?
Elc: Are you kidding?!
Lieza: No...
Elc: Those men are looking for you, Lieza.  What happens if they find you 
Lieza: That's why I need to stay with you...for protection.
Elc: But...
Lieza: Please!
Elc: Alright.  You can come with me.  But you will do whatever I ask of you, 
whenever I ask it!
Lieza: Of course.  Thank you!  Paundit!  Come on!

[NPC dialogue]

Woman: The Cabal controls our nation...
...and the police can't do a thing about it.

Man: Let's be honest, friend...  Indigos is in-di-boonies.  Where are you from?
Elc: >Yes
         Man: Really?  I would give anything to move there.  But I digress.  
         Would you like a brief
         tour of the town?
         Elc: >Yes
                 Man: Excellent!  Alright, let's start with... [screen pans to 
                 tavern] ...the tavern, filled with liquor-loosened lips.  Be 
                 sure to catch a performance by Shante! [pan to item shop] This
                 is the Item Shop, where you can buy weapons, armor, and items.
                 [pan to jewelry store] This is the Jewelry Store.  I hear 
                 their wares are wonderful...not that I would know. [pan to 
                 Hunter's Guild] And that's the Hunter's Guild. [screen pans 
                 back to man] You'll find shops, a tavern, and a Guild in every
                 town.  Just look for the signs.  Do you want to hear that 
                 Elc: >Yes
                         Man: [repeats tour dialogue]
                         Man: Talk to me again if you need a refresher.  Take 
                 Man: Well, excuse me!
         Man: Oh, alright.  I suppose you already know your way around.  Just 
         remember, you can always ask me for help...

Man 2: Do you know about Arc?
Elc: >Yes
         Man 2: A silly question, I suppose.  Everyone knows about Arc!
         Man 2: Arc and his cohorts are a band of notorious terrorists.  At 
         least, that's what we're told...but who knows the truth?

[in tavern]

Man: I've been thinking about the incident at the Aldia Skyport.  What could 
have turned a man into such a monster?
Man 2: It's probably Arc who was responsible.
Man: Arc?
Man 2: Haven't you heard of him?  He's a wanted criminal with evil powers!

Man 2: You know the great scoundrel Arc, don't you?  He's a cold-blooded 
bastard who killed the king of his country.
Man: I've done some bad things, but nothing THAT bad!

Man 3: Have you ever heard Shante's song?  While she sings, everything is 
right in the world.
Bartender: Are you still searching for Lado?
Man 4: This is Shante's stage.  I'm staying right here until the show starts.

Woman: Everybody wants to see Shante.  I'm so bored...  Hey!  How 'bout a 
round of cards?
Elc: >Sure, sucker!
     No, thanks.
        >Sure, sucker!
         Woman: I don't like the way you said that!  Forget it!
        >No, thanks.
         Woman: Hah!  I knew you were a puss!  Run away, little girlie!

[there is no new dialogue in the item or jewelry shops]
[in the Hunter's Guild]

Hunter: Are you a Hunter?  Let me share my motto with you: Enjoy each and every
moment of your ever-shorter life.

Dispatcher: You're the novice Hunter who came in here yesterday.
Elc: I'm a Hunter, but I'm certainly not a novice!  My name is Elc.  I used to 
work in this town.
Dispatcher: Elc...  Elc, the Flame Master?!  Well, I have quite an important 
favor to ask.  I need you to eliminate a notorious group of bandits.
Elc: And what is the source of their notoriety?
Dispatcher: They use monsters to prey upon their victims.  I'm afraid there's 
no reward.  Will you do it anyway?
Elc: >Of course!
     Perhaps later.
        >Perhaps later.
         Dispatcher: I thought you were the Flame Master, not the Chicken 
        >Of course!
         Elc: Those bandits aren't gonna know what hit 'em.
         Dispatcher: I should hope so.

[after agreeing to take on the job, Elc automatically exits the guild]
[cut to Elc and Lieza at the end of an alley]

Lieza: It's a dead end.
Elc: [looks around] Hmmm.  Strange.
Lieza: [turns around] Uh-oh... [backs up] Turn around, Elc!

[Elc turns towards the alley entrance]

Elc: Who are you?

[Elc steps forward and the screen pans to the other end of the alley to reveal 
a monster]

Monster: I'm surprised to see you here!  Didn't you realize you were being set 
up?  Ah, well.  Surely you realize you're about to die. [summons more monsters]
Elc: It's a trap!

[cue the start of a battle; for every monster defeated, a new one appears, 
after this happens a few times...]
Lieza: Why do the monsters keep coming?
Elc: If you learn the answer, feel free to share!

[after another monster has been defeated and a new one appears...]

Elc: What?!  Another monster?

[at this point, the screen pans down to the alley's entrance, where a detective
in a brown trench coat has just appeared]

Detective: Move it!  MOVE IT!!

[six police officers arrive]

Detective: Be careful when apprehending the girl.  She has the ability to 
control monsters.

[the monsters engage the police in battle; pan back to Elc and Lieza]

Lieza: It's the police!  They're here to help us, Elc!
Elc: I don't think so, Lieza.  You and I are fugitives from the law, remember?
They're more likely to arrest us than to help us.  And their commander has a 
vendetta against me...

[pan back to the police battling the monsters]

Detective: Come on, men!  Get them!  NOW!!  Use deadly force if necessary!

[pan to Elc and Lieza]

Elc: This is bad.  Very, very bad...

[a door opens behind the two]

???: [from the doorway] Come this way!  Hurry!

[Elc and Lieza hurry through the door]

Detective: [off screen] Where did they go?!  FIND THEM!!

[cut to outside the tavern; Elc, Lieza, and a blue-haired woman (Shante) run 
onto the screen and stop to the left of the tavern]

Shante: Follow me!

[the three duck into the tavern, the detective and the police arrive on the 
scene shortly thereafter]

Detective: This way!  Hurry UP!!

[the detective and the police charge off to the right; cut to tavern interior]
[Shante listens at the door for a moment and then walks over to Elc and Lieza]

Shante: They're gone.
Elc: Whew...thank you.  I'm Elc and I work as a Hunter.  This is Lieza.
Shante: You're a...?  Ha, ha, ha!  You should be ashamed of yourself!
Elc: Uh...
Shante: My name is Shante, by the way.
Elc: Why did you help us?
Shante: I don't know...
...but I just couldn't ignore you.  What kind of Hunter isn't even man enough 
to protect his girlfriend?
Elc: [jumps] Lieza isn't my girlfriend!
Lieza: Well, Shante, thank you very much.
Shante: Don't mention it.  Well...Elc, right?  She's a good girl.  Don't lose 
Elc: I TOLD you, she's not...
Shante: Ha, ha, ha!  You're funny.  By the way... two are fugitives, aren't you?
Elc: And how do you know that?
Shante: A Hunter vanished from the Skyport...
...and a girl vanished from the airship.
Elc: Where did you hear about that?
Shante: From them...  I used to live as an informer.  Do you want to buy 
information?  I think I can find out who's after you.
Elc: Really?
Shante: How about 1500 G?
Elc: So you helped us for money.  Well, that's too expensive.
Shante: Too expensive for a Hunter?  I thought Hunters made that much every 
Elc: But...
Shante: You have no idea who's after you.  You're in serious trouble.  You NEED
my information.
Elc: Okay.  I'll hire you.
Shante: It's a deal!  Come here again when you have enough money to pay my fee.
Elc: Perhaps.  Be careful.  Our pursuers are very dangerous.
Shante: Ha, ha, ha!  The hapless Hunter is giving me advice?  Thanks for the 
warning, but I'll be just fine. [starts to walk away] Oh, I almost forgot to 
tell you.  I sing on this stage, so come and see me sometime.
Lieza: Sure!  Elc?
Elc: ...

[Shante leaves]

Elc: Damn!

[fade to Gallarno's office]

Thug: Da police interrupted us, but we got the target, boss.
Gallarno: Good.  Follow those brats...and no screwups!

[the thug teleports away]

Gallarno: Our little Flame Master and Monster Tamer...  Heh, heh, heh, heh, 

[cut back to Indigos, where Elc has just left the tavern]

Elc: It's getting dark.

[if you return to the Hunter's Guild at this point...]

Elc: That last job of yours almost got me KILLED.  You didn't give me enough 
information to do the job right!
Dispatcher: Hunters' jobs are never safe and surefire.  That's why you guys 
get the big bucks, right?
Elc: I don't like your attitude.
Dispatcher: Look, take the job or don't.  Your choice.  No one's twistin' your 

Dispatcher: You still seem a little upset.  Go cool off, kid.

[to advance the story, return to Shu's apartment]

Shu: I worry about the girl.
Elc: I can pay you later.  Don't worry.
Shu: No.  That is not what I mean.  There is a strange aura around her.
Lieza: I'm sorry...It's my fault.
Elc: It's not your fault at all.  The group that tried to take you... need to be protected from them.
Shu: I shall accompany both of you from now on.
Elc: Thank you, Shu.

[NPC dialogue]

Man: Do you hear those weird noises?
Man 2: I hear that Arc destroyed some things from Romalia.  I wonder what evil 
experiments the Romalians are conducting...
Man 3: You know, a villain named Arc is looting the world!

[Hunter's Guild]

Hunter: [as Shu] Hello, Shu.  How are you?

Dispatcher: What do you want?
     >Accept job
     Present job
     Former jobs
     Get bounty

[if you return to the tavern while it's still night, you can listen to Shante 
sing her song, "MusicMan" (see Miscellaneous section)]

Woman: It's rare to catch one of Shante's performances.

Man: Today's drink is better than ever.
Man 2: Of course it is!  Shante's song is the BGM!

Man 2: How beautiful!
Man: Yes, indeed.

Bartender: ...
Man 3: I don't want to talk to you now...
Man 4: ...
Man 5: Shante is living a life of tragedy.  Her tragedy gives emotion to her 
Woman 2: I envy Shante.  She's beautiful, and popular, and a great singer!

[after Shante has finished performing]

Man: When I see Shante on stage, I forget all my troubles.
Man 2: I didn't know there was anything that troubled you.
Man: Shut up!

Man 3: That's great...
Man 4: Did you enjoy Shante's song?  You feel good, don't you?  She has a kind 
of magic.

[NPCs the next day]

Man: I heard that the notorious terrorist named Arc is here in town!  If that's
not a good reason to move, I don't know WHAT is.  But, until then...would you 
like me to show you around?
Elc: >Yes
         Man: [gives tour]
         Man: Well, excuse me!

Old Woman: Did you hear the news?  Members of the Cabal have invaded our town! 
I barely have the courage to leave my house...
Girl: Did you hear what happened?  Arc was involved in another deadly affair.  
The bounty on his head will surely be raised!
Girl 2: [as Shu] Oh!  It's you!  Are you hunting for willing women?  If so, 
your hunt is over!
Woman: I hope the police manage to catch Arc soon...
...before he kills anyone else!
Boy: I heard that Arc did another bad thing.  I'll catch him when I grow up 
and become a Hunter.

[in the tavern]

Woman: Hello.  I've been seeing you here often!  Have you become a Shante 
fanatic, like me?
Man: Well, he hasn't involved us.  Who is he?  We're talking about Arc.  Come 
to think of it, I've never heard of him involving anyone.  He's quite moral 
for a criminal.
Man 2: Did you know Arc committed another atrocious crime?  I wonder if the 
police are really trying to catch him!
Bartender: Oh, it's you.  How have you been?
Man 3: Shante hasn't been performing much recently.  What happened to her?
Man 4: Arc...the missing Hunter...
...the Cabal...the monsters.  There are many unsolved mysteries in this world.
Man 5: The Cabal has been very active recently.  They've never been so blatant 
about it, either.
Woman 2: I haven't seen Shante recently.  Do you know what might have happened?

[when you have 1500 G and are ready to proceed with the story, speak to the 
bartender at the tavern]

Bartender: If you've got the money Shante asked for...
...I've got a message for you from her.  She said to come back with the cash 
after the tavern is closed.
Elc: Great, she isn't here.  Maybe we should go back to Shu's place.

[to advance the story, return to Shu's apartment]

  Later that night...

Elc: It's almost time.  Let's got to the tavern.

[Elc, Shu, and Lieza leave and go to the tavern]

Elc: Where did everyone go?
Lieza: This is too creepy...
Elc: [walks forward] Shante?  Are you here?  Hello?

[there is a noise from behind the group]

Elc: What was that?
Lieza: The door...automatically...
Shu: Stay on your guard!
Elc: Huh?!

[the three run toward the stage]

Elc: Who are you?!  Come out and face me!

[the tavern is filled with blue light and a monster (Gulnag) appears on the 

Gulnag: You're a smart one, I see.
Elc: Who are you?!
Gulnag: My name is Gulnag.  I am a New Human, with the soul of a man and the 
body of a monster.
Elc: New Human?  You're the ones who tried to capture Lieza!
Shu: Where is Shante?
Gulnag: We're... taking care of her.  She was sniffing around too much for her 
own good.  Elc...Lieza...our master really admires you.  Why don't you join our
little family?  You'll receive power beyond your wildest fantasies.
Elc: None of us would trade our humanity for power!
Shu: That deal.
Gulnag: I can't say I'm not disappointed.  We traveled here hoping you would 
join.  Very well, then.  I suppose it can't be helped.  You've left us no 
choice... [summons four monsters] ...but to eliminate you!

[battle begins; after Gulnag is defeated...]

Gulnag: How can I have lost this battle?  It's not possible...  If you want 
the girl back, go to the Square of the Goddess.  Hurry, if you know what's 
good for you!

[the monsters disappear; fade to some time later, the party is standing at the 
front of the tavern]

Lieza: We have to save Shante.
Elc: Yes, we do.  The Square of the Goddess is in Prodias.
Shu: You do realize we're walking directly into a trap.
Elc: But we don't have a choice, do we?
Shu: Not at all.  Our only choice is to overcome whatever they throw at us.

[the party leaves the tavern; cut to Gallarno's office]

Gallarno: [talking on the phone] Hrmph!  I knew that incompetent Gulnag would 
be of no use.  You did exactly as I said?  All I have to say is that you had 
better not screw this one up!  Or else! [hangs up the phone] Elc and Lieza have
grown stronger than I thought.  They are my final hope.  Now...I must prepare 
for the Prodias Plan. [walks off]

[Note: the following sequence will only take place if you chose to convert save
data from the first Arc the Lad game]
[[Romalia Secret Lab]]
[Arc, Poco, and Tosh are running across a catwalk]

Poco: Oh, I don't like this.  It's too quiet.  What if they're waiting to 
ambush us?
Arc: Ambush or not, we must stop them.  They cannot be allowed to pervert the 
minds of those in Prodias.
Tosh: I do not care if there are one or one thousand in there...
...I shall slice each and every one to ribbons.

[the three continue; fade to another room]
[[Mind Control Lab]]

Scientist: Ah!  Arc has come at last to save the day.  Unfortunately, our 
"gift" has already been installed.  In a matter of hours, the mind control 
device within it will be activated.  Then all of Prodias will join the 
experiment, whether they choose to or not.  The only business remaining here is
to dispose of you.

[the scientist transforms into a monster and then summons several more]

Poco: Ahhh!  Zombies!

[more monsters appear]

Tosh: Ha!  This threat will not stand.  The weak always join together in their 
lust for power.
Arc: Wait...these are not ordinary zombies...
Scientist: Ah!  So our little hero is perceptive, too!  You're correct!  Each 
and every one of these is a noble failure.  In sacrificing their humanity...
their souls, they have given us knowledge.
Arc: What?!
Scientist: Yes, the knowledge that will fuel Andel's glorious plan to success.
Arc: Did you say Andel?!
Scientist: Yes, Andel is the smartest of the 4 great Generals!  You remember 
him, don't you?
Tosh: I knew he was from Romalia, but...a great General?
Arc: It can't be...
Scientist: Ah, but it is.  But, you cannot hope to comprehend the brilliance of
his plan.  Fortunately, since you'll soon be dead, you don't have to try.

[cue battle; when it is over...]

Tosh: Damn.  There's nothing here.
Poco: I came up empty, too.
Tosh: What is troubling you, Arc?
Arc: This machine.  It seems to be some kind of receiver.
???: [off screen] Ha...ha...ha...

[screen pans down to reveal the scientist is not quite dead yet]

Scientist: All...human beings...and the world...
...will have to...kneel down...before us...
Arc: He's...still alive!
Scientist: It's...too late...  The Plan...has...already...started...
Arc: Die, already!
Scientist: I...told you...that you...can never understand...Andel...  Stupid should realize...your helplessness...  Heh, heh, heh, heh...
Gwahhh...Guhhhh... [dies]
Tosh: He was taunting us.
Poco: Yeah, he said that the Plan had begun.
Arc: That correlates with what he said before the battle.
Poco: Wait!  What's this...

[Poco walks over to some machinery]

Poco: looks like a doll or something...
Tosh: Really?

[Tosh walks over to Poco and Poco gets squished between Tosh and the machinery]

Poco: Ouch!
Tosh: The figure appears to be that of a woman.
Arc: Wait!  That's not a doll! [walks over to the other two] It has to be the 
statue of the Goddess in Prodias!
Poco: Wait!  Isn't there a Ceremony to unveil it officially?  Oh, I don't like 
Tosh: I would bet that they intend to unfold their terrible plan there.
Arc: Then we have no choice.  We have to stop them by whatever means necessary.
We need to get to Prodias, and fast.  Let's go!! [leaves]
Poco: Wait for me!

[Poco and Tosh also leave; fade to Indigos, where Elc has just emerged from 
the tavern]
[to advance the story, leave Indigos and head to Prodias]
[if you stop by the Ceremony Pavilion first...]

Guard: If you don't have a ticket, you can't attend the Ceremony.
Elc:  Understandable... [exits]


Lieza: Wow!  This town in huge!
Elc: Of course.  This is the capital of Aldia.

[Elc walks up to a nearby building; Shu and Lieza follow]

Elc: And my apartment.

[the three enter the building]

Lieza: This room?
Elc: Yes.
Lieza: May I come in?
Elc: Yes.

[the three enter the apartment]

Lieza: This is nice.  Small, but nice.
Elc: I have a small airship hidden nearby as well.  The airship used to be 
Lieza: Where is it kept?
Elc: The hill to the west of Prodias.
Shu: So what should we do now?
Lieza: We'd better try to rescue Shante.
Elc: Right.  The statue is in the new event square.  When I left, the square 
was still under construction.  It's just to the south of town.  If it's not 
done now, it soon will be.
Shu: We should probably gather information around town.

[if you completed the "Barns' Lost Dog" job, at this point the dog will run 
onto the screen]

Elc: Oops!  I totally forgot about the pooch.
Lieza: What are we going to do with it?
Elc: He can stay here for now.  It's safe and warm.  Besides, my landlady is a 
gem.  I'm sure she'll watch it.
Lieza: Sounds like a plan.

[the dog barks]

Lieza: Elc, we should name the dog.  How about "Marl"?
Elc: >Yes
         Lieza: Well, how about "Standy"?
         Elc: >Yes
                 Lieza: Well, how about "Bess"?
                 Elc: >Yes
                         Lieza: [repeats name choices]
                         Lieza: Bess, be good.
                 Lieza: Standy, be good.
         Lieza: Marl, be good.

[the dog barks again]
[NPC dialogue]
[in Elc's apartment building]

Man: I want to draw a picture of her smile.  But she's no really cooperating...

Girl: ...
Elc: She's in a bad mood.  Should I make her laugh?
         Elc: Tickle, tickle, tickle!
         Girl: Nice try, but I'm not really in the mood.
	 [nothing happens]
[if you examine the bookshelf...]

Elc: "Sketch Basics"...  "Nalsaf Collection"...these are boring.
Lieza: "Sketch Basics"?  "Nalsaf Collection"?  A picture of's cute.
Shu: "Sketch Basics"?  "Nalsaf Collection"?

[if you enter the apartment on the far right...]

Elc: (Hm.  Nobody here.)


Old Woman: Have you come to town for the Ceremony?
Old Woman: [as Elc] You'd better find another job.  Hunting is too dangerous, 
you know.
Girl: This is Prodias, capital of Aldia.
Man: Did you see the statue of the Goddess?  Romalia gave that thing to Prodias
as a gift.
Man: [as Elc] Hello, Elc.  Long time no see!
Old Man: Romalia gave the statue of the Goddess to Prodias as a gift.

Old Man 2: The statue of the Goddess was a gift from Romalia.
Man 2: That's a good sign, isn't it?
Old Man 2: Yeah, I guess it is.  But I still don't trust those Romalian 

Old Man 2: I wish I could think of a good reason to refuse that statue!
Old Man 2: I don't feel like going to the Ceremony.

Man 2: I think this unveiling Ceremony is shaping up nicely.  I'm glad I 
decided to attend it!
Old Man 2: Decided?  Who's running your store, then?
Man 2: I have my wife taking care of it.
Old Man 2: Again?!!  You treat that woman worse than a dog!  I won't be 
surprised if she leaves you high and dry someday.

Man 2: I should probably go back to the store and skip the Ceremony.  I'm sure  
that my wife is mad enough at me as it is...
Old Woman 2: Did you know Gallarno brought the statue of the Goddess to Aldia?
What?  You don't know Gallarno?  He's the most powerful man in this town.
Old Man 3: When a man obtains power, the corruption begins.  If only men could 
obtain the power to be content.
Old Man 3: People are fussing over the statue of the Goddess and the Ceremony.
It's because Romalia frightens them.
Man 3: Romalia is great!  Aldia is great!  And Gallarno is great!!

Man 3: *belch!*
Elc: That's disgusting!

Boy: I hope my Dad didn't leave yet.  I told him to take me with him.
Boy: Are you going to be at the statue Ceremony?
Woman: My husband's still out.  He's probably at the Ceremony...the lazy pig.
Woman: I'm stuck with the store and our child all day...
...while my husband is out carousing!  That rat!
Man 4: Everybody is excited about the Ceremony.  Idiots.  Do they really 
believe Romalia sends us items out of kindness?  The big clue should be that 
the Ceremony is being held by Gallarno.  Crook.
Man 4: Romalia, Gallarno, and the statue of the Goddess.  I believe they're 
connected, somehow.
Man 5: I often hear about a criminal named Arc.  They say he's a bad, bad man.
Man 5: [as Elc] The Ceremony starts soon.  I'm about to close the shop and go 
see it.

Man 6: Hey, Elc!  Did you come back for the Ceremony?  Lynx has a spare ticket.
Lieza: Lynx?
Elc: He owns the Skyport I told you about earlier.
Man 6: It's just outside of the west.
Elc: Right.  Skyport.

Man 6: Lynx should be at the Skyport to the west.

[Hunters' Guild]

Hunter: This is the Prodias Hunters' Guild.  Undertake deadly jobs, earn great 

Hunter: This is the Prodias Hunters' Guild.  Undertake deadly jobs, earn great 
Elc: Yep.  I know the Guild motto well.
Hunter: Ah!  Elc!  Long time, no see!  Back so soon?  I guess you're prowling 
around here lookin' for more jobs, eh?
Elc: Kinda.
Hunter: Well, take it easy, buddy.  I hear someone wants you dead...bad.
Elc: Really?  Thanks for the heads-up.
Hunter: No one's put a contract out on you yet, but I hear it may happen.  
You watch yourself, okay?
Elc: Gotcha.

Hunter 2: Fight fair?  Those are the words of amatures.  Attack the enemy from 
behind or at least from the side.  You'll rarely take a counterattack if you 
do so.

Hunter 2: Fight fair?  Those are the words of amatures.  Attack the enemy from 
behind or at least from the side.  You'll rarely take a counterattack if you 
do so.
Elc: Why would you tell me such a basic thing?  You're not talking to some 
greenhorn, you know!
Hunter 2: Ah, Elc!  Force of habit.  I'm saying it all day long, it seems!
Elc: Eh, you're excused.  THIS time.

Hunter 3: Heh, just a tip.  Read all the wanted posters!  If you kill a wanted 
monster, there's no bounty unless you signed off on the poster.

Elc: Cooger!!
Hunter 3: Elc...!!  It's good to see you, ya dog?  How's tricks?
Elc: Same ol', same ol'.  You know how this business is.
Hunter 3: Boy, do I ever.  I hope you're gettin' enough jobs to keep you busy.
Elc: No problem there.  I'm overworked, in fact.
Hunter 3: I wish I could say the same.  People seem to shy away from me.  Do 
you think it's the cape?  Maybe I should try something else?
Elc: Nah.  Without the cape, you just wouldn't be Cooger!

Hunter 4: A number of outlaws on the wanted boards have great items.  Of 
course, they must have stolen them..., I say "steal 'em back"!

Elc: Hey, Grantz!  How have ya been?
Hunter 4: Hmm?  Oh, Elc!  It's been a while.  When did you get back?
Elc: Just now.
Hunter 4: I've been a little worried.  I heard that you're in trouble!
Elc: Nah.  No big deal.  Don't sweat it.
Hunter 4: If you say so...

Hunter 5: Arc the Lad 2 -- Basic Course 2
     >Control Basics
     Battle Basics
        >Control Basics
         >Control: Battle 1
         Control: Battle 2
         Control: Battle 3
                >Control: Battle 1
                 Hunter 5: When the battle begins, press [L1] + [R1], and move 
                 the cursor to look around the map.  You'll have an advantage 
                 if you check the enemies and battlefield, and have a battle 
                >Control: Battle 2
                 Hunter 5: When you turn comes, if you press (/\), the turn 
                 will be over at once.  You'd better set up the confirming 
                 message until you get used to the controls.  Press ([]) to 
                 open the window, and select Options.  Turn "Confirm Message" 
                >Control: Battle 3
                 Hunter 5: After pressing (O) and opening the window...
        can see the Special Abilities of a character.  Use 
                 Up/Down [+] to choose an Ability, and Left/Right [+] to 
                 choose the Level. (X) confirms.
        >Battle Basics
         >Battle: Attack Tips
         Battle: Weapon Tips
                >Battle: Attack Tips
                 Hunter 5: Direction is important.  The damage taken or 
                 counterattack probability will differ, depending on direction.
                 In front of the enemy, you give less damage, and you're easy 
                 to counterattack.  But if you stand behind the enemy, you give
                 more damage and rarely take counterattacks.  That's a big 
                 difference, huh?
                >Battle: Weapon Tips
                 Hunter 5: Before you start the battle, check the weapon you've
                 equipped.  The Range and Offense Ability is different for each
                 weapon.  For example, Spear has less Offense Ability than 
                 Sword, but a 2-square Range.  Therefore, enemies can be
                 attacked, but cannot counterattack due to distance.

Dispatcher: I'm sorry, no new jobs until after the Ceremony.  Everyone who's 
anyone is there, and things are kinda slow.

Dispatcher: Ah!  It's the Flame Master, back for more, I see?  Unfortunately, 
we're fresh out of jobs.  Everyone's laying low until after the Ceremony.
Elc: I'll check back later, then


Woman: [as Shu] Welcome!  Enjoy yourself?

Woman: [as Elc] Hey, Elc.  Isn't it a little early for you to hit the bottle?
Elc: What?  Oh!  I didn't come in to drink.  Just to check out the scene.

Woman: [as Lieza] Step up to the bar and order a drink!  It's a ladies 2 for 
1 week!
Lieza: Well, I...I

Woman 2: Ha, ha...whooo!  I'm a little tipsy...

Woman 2: Ha, ha...whooo!  I'm a little tipsy...
Elc: Probably best to lay off the hooch, Miena.
Woman 2: Is my breath that strong?
Elc: Stronger.
Woman 2: Oh, Elc.  You never do sugarcoat the truth, do you?
Elc: Nope.

Old Man: What are you doing here in Prodias?  I bet you came to see that damned
statue Ceremony.  All the tourists are here to see it.  It's a damned shame, 
I tell ya!

Old Man: Don't tell this old man that YOU came to see the statue, too, Elc!
Elc: Well, uh, I did.  What's wrong with that?
Old Man: That cursed thing'll be nothing but trouble, mark my words!  Between 
Romalia, Gallarno, and the Cabal, something's up, and it smells rotten.

Man: I came from the countryside to see the statue...Prodias is huge!  I could 
get used to living in a place like this!
Boy: Hey!  Can't you see I'm playing a game here?  You don't get this good at 
Jackbot by being interrupted all day!
Man 2: Why can't I get no service in this place?!  Barkeep!

Man 3: Wooo--what?!  Who the hell are you?
Elc/Shu: (Man, he's totally sauced!)

Man 3: Wooo--what?!  Who the hell are you?
Lieza: (Whew!  He's drunk!)

Man 4: The statue of the Goddess has been give to us by Romalia!  Let's drink 
a toast to...  Aldia's prosperity!
Man 5: *Hic!*  It's a good thing people can drink during the day.
Man 6: I like to drink alone.  Alone?  You know, as myself?
That's your cue to get lost!
Man 6: [as Elc] Mm...Elc?
Bartender: May I help you?

Elc: Hey there, kiddo!
Bartender: [jumps] When did you make it back into town?  Bah, never mind the 
questions.  Just relax here!

Girl: I just love this music.

Girl: Hey!  It's you, Elc!
Elc: Yep.  Still hooked on classics, eh?
Girl: Yeah.  My mother dug the jazzy stuff, and it kinda grew on me.

[to advance the story, head to Hien Port to talk to Lynx]
[at Hien Port]
[Elc and Lieza are walking up to the fence]

Elc: Hey, Lynx.  It's me.  Open the gate! [pause] Lynx?

[Elc walks to the left along the fence and makes a few jumps]

Elc: The hatch is open...  He has to be in there!  LYNX! [pause] I guess 
there's no choice but to jump the fence.
???: [off screen] Sounds like a crazy idea you'd come up with!
Elc: Huh?

[screen pans up; Lynx walks around from behind the Hien]

Elc: Lynx!  Why didn't you answer before?
Lynx: I am.  Now.  You're just too impatient!  Besides, you've been a stranger 
anyway.  Where ya been?
Elc: Sorry about that.  Busy.  Anyway.  Enough about me.  I'll tell you more 
later.  Open the gate, please.
Lynx: Anything you say, my impatient compadre.  Say!?  Who's the cute girl 
you've got in tow?
Elc: Oh.  This is Lieza.
Lieza: Hello.
Lynx: Watch out for this one, miss.  He only wants one thing.
Elc: Will you knock it off, Lynx?  Just open the gate!
Lynx: And with that statement, Elc perfectly illustrates my point!  You be 
careful, Lieza.

[Lynx walks over to the gate]

Lynx: Okay, let's get this open.  7...that's it. [Lynx is zapped by the fence] 
Lieza: Oh, dear!  Are you all right?
Lynx: I...uh...I forgot I changed the...uh, password.  Let's tempt fate and 
try that again... 5...THAT should be it.

[Elc walks over as Lynx opens the gate]

Elc: How's the Hien?
Lynx: Top shape.  Never better.  I streamlined the bow a bit.  It should be 
roughly 10% faster than before.

[Elc and Lieza walk closer to the Hien]

Elc: Huh.  It doesn't look any different.
Lynx: The engine isn't tuned yet, so it can't be overloaded.  But flight at 
normal speed is not a problem.  I planned to fix it up for high speed travel 
during the Ceremony.  Might as well.  Nothing else is happening in town until 
after the event.  You don't have to be scared, girl.  This baby's solid.  It's 
not going to break if you touch it.
Lieza:, well...perhaps I'll just rejoin Elc.

[speak with Lynx again to advance the story]

Lynx: Say, are you planning to go to the Ceremony?  It's the hottest ticket in 
Elc: Then why aren't you going?
Lynx: Like I said, I've got to fix your baby here.  'Sides, carved hunks of 
rock don't interest me.
Elc: Fair enough.
Lynx: But if you want to go, I've got a ticket.  You might as well get some 
use out of it. [Ticket received!]

Elc: I was wondering if you were okay after the fence shocked you.
Lynx: Yeah, I'm fine.  A little longer and I might not have been, though.  
Electrifying that fence really made this area more secure.
Elc:'ve GOT to remember the combination to the fence, Lynx!
Lynx: Details, details...

Lynx: Have fun at the Ceremony I'll be here working on the engine.  When you 
get back, I should have it in top shape!

[at the Ceremony]

Gallarno: Hello, everyone and thank you for coming.  This beautiful statue of 
the Goddess... a magnificent gift to our nation...
...from Romalia, as a symbol of our alliance.  Now, we all know that our 
future... intertwined with the future of Romalia.  Our country is...?
???: [off screen] Excuse me.  Out of the way, please.

[Elc, Shu, and Lieza push through the crowd and onto the screen]

Gallarno: ( good of you to make it.)  Ahem...Our country is 
fortunate to be the recipient of such a great honor.  Behold the beautiful 
statue of the Goddess!

[screen pans up to the top of the statue, where the light in the statue's hands
begins pulsating with a strange blue light]

Girl: What's going on?  This''s...
???: My power has been drained from my body!
???: I'm fading...
Shu: Elc!  Watch out!
Elc: ...
Shu: Elc...
Gallarno: Hmmm?
Guard: Look!  Over there!
Guard 2: It's an airship!
Guard 3: What?
Guard 2: Oh, no!  It's going to crash into the statue!

[cut to the cockpit of the Silver Noah]

Chongara: It's the Goddess statue, eh?  Such a big pretty thing.  Shame give 
big bomb necklace, no?
Arc: Yes, well, it appears that the Ceremony has begun.  All right, Gogen...go!
Gogen: Ah, well...yes.  Hee, hee!  Time to start the fireworks.

[Gogen casts Thunder Storm on the statue, destroying it; below, people are 
running around in a panic as chunks of the statue fall down]

Woman: Help!
Man: The statue of the Goddess is crumbling!
Man 2: Arc!
Man: Arc did it!!
Lieza: Elc, we need to go...NOW!  Elc...what's the matter?
Elc: That airship...  I've seen it before. village was raided by...

{FMV of the Silver Noah over Elc's village}

Lieza: Hey, Elc!  What's the matter with you?
Elc: I have no doubt.  My village was destroyed by that airship.  And now I'll 
destroy IT! [runs off]
Lieza: Elc!

[Lieza and Shu follow Elc]

Gallarno: Damn that ship!  I was so CLOSE this time! [teleports out]

[cut to the Silver Noah]

Arc: We're done.  Let's go.
Chongara: Make a big boom and run.  It's good, eh?
Chopin: We're heading out, then.

[fade to the map, where Elc heads for Hien Port]

Lynx: Whew.  I think I need to take a rest.  Hmmm?

[Elc runs up to Lynx]

Elc: Lynx, I need the airship!
Lynx: But...I haven't finished adjusting the engine!
Elc: I don't care!!

[Elc zaps Lynx, and Elc and Shu run onto the Hien; Lieza stops next to Lynx]

Lieza: You poor man. [boards the Hien]
Lynx: Elc, you can't push it too hard!  You'll destroy the engine!

[the Hien takes off; cut to the cockpit...]

Shu: What's the matter, Elc?
Lieza: Elc!!
Elc: That airship destroyed my village...
...but it will never destroy anything else.  I'll have my revenge today.  And 
if that criminal Arc is inside the ship, so much the better.  We're almost 
within range.  Shu, prepare to attack.
Shu: Are you sure, Elc?
Elc: Yes.  I'm positive that ship is the one.  Let's go!

{FMV of the Silver Noah being chased by the Hien}
[in the Silver Noah...]

Chopin: !?  Chongara, something's chasing us.
Chongara: It must be biig crazy bird, eh?
Chopin: No.  It's a small airship.

[Arc and Gogen enter the ship's cockpit]

Arc: What's going on up here?
Chongara: Crazy tiny airship is coming to get us.  Maybe crazy people with 
death wish inside it, eh?  Chongara doesn't want to find out.
Arc: I think we're about to whether we want to or not.  Chopin, full speed.  
Lose them.
Chopin: Check.  Hold on.  It might be a bumpy ride...

{FMV of the Silver Noah as it puts on more speed and pulls away from the Hien}
[in the Hien, red lights are flashing and alarms are sounding]

Shu: Elc!  The ship is breaking apart!  Slow down!
Elc: NO!!

[there is a series of explosions]

Lieza: Gyaaah!

[there are more explosions and the screen fades to black]
{FMV of the Hien as it begins smoking and starts to fall out of the screen}
[cut to Yagos Isle and Vilmer's lab]

Vilmer: Oh, dear!  And earthquake?
???: [off screen] Doctor!!  Doctor!!

[a man comes running down the stairs]

Man: [continually jumping] Doctor!?!  Doctor!  Guess what?!
Vilmer: What in heaven's name is it?  You're not making any sense!
Man: Doctor!!  Big mass iron fall from sky!!  Big, BIG iron thing.  Humans 
Vilmer: Well, it sounds like an airship.  Are the humans inside alive?
Man: [stops jumping] D'oh!  Cramp, cramp!
Vilmer: Oh, for pity's sake!  If you weren't jumping so much, you wouldn't be 
cramping!  Just take me to the crash site!
Man: Yes!  Come fast, Doctor!

[the two leave; fade to flashback of Elc as a child, with another child 
(Ginie), sitting in a room by a slide and sandbox]

Ginie: Elc,
Elc: What?
Ginie: You like Mariel, don't you?
Elc: [stands up] Nuh uh!  That's not true!
Ginie: Elc, you try to hide your feelings, but I can see.  You should tell her 
how you feel...
Elc: [turns away] No way!
Ginie: If you won't, I will!  Hey, Mariel!
Elc: Ginie, don't!  Please...

[screen pans to Mariel]

Mariel: ? [she runs over to the other two] Hi!  You want to play?
Elc: Um, not exactly.  Mariel, you know...
Mariel: Why are you acting so weird?  What's wrong?
Ginie: Elc called you over to...
Elc: Quiet, Ginie!  Uh, it was nothing, Mariel.  Never mind.  Ginie just wanted
to play a joke and call you. [hits Ginie]
Ginie: Ouch!  Elc!
Mariel: You two are funny.  Ha, ha, ha...

[fade out to Vilmer's house; Elc is in bed and Lieza is standing next to him]

Lieza: You're awake.  Good.
Elc: Unghh...where am I?
Lieza: The house of the person who saved us.
Elc: We were saved?  I dreamt...
...about the place I was taken after my village was destroyed. [gets out of 
Lieza: Did you remember where it is?
Elc: No.  I just get bits and pieces in dreams...and nightmares...

[screen pans to door, where Vilmer enters; he walks over to Elc and Lieza]

Vilmer: Hrmph.  So you are alive, after all.  I guess you're cursed with a bit 
more time among the living, then.
Elc: You saved us?
Vilmer: Bah!  Don't look at me like that.  I just dragged your hide here.  That
girl has been keeping watch over you night and day.  So slather her with your 
gratitude.  I've got no time for it. [goes downstairs]
Elc: You kept watch over me?  Thank you, Lieza.  Say...  Where is Shu?
Lieza: I don't know, Elc.  When I woke up, he was gone.
Elc: What?  Well, we have to find him.

[the two go downstairs]

Elc: We're missing a companion...Shu's gone!
Vilmer: The only shoes I know are on my feet.
Elc: I'm serious!  You must have seen him!  He was on the airship with us when 
it crashed.
Vilmer: Look, kid.  I came to this island to be alone.  You crashed my party.  
I helped you out in a pinch.
Elc: But we're missing our friend!
Vilmer: And that's not my affair.  I helped the people I found.  I've got 
important research to do here...
Elc: Research?  About what?
Vilmer: As I was going to say before I was interrupted...  I've got important 
research to do here that is none of your affair.  Now that you're up and around
again, it's time for your to go.
Elc: But the airship is...
Vilmer: ...YOUR problem.  I've done as much as I intend to do.  Good day!

[NPC dialogue]

Vilmer: I"m busy.  Go away.
Lia: Oh, you're all better now!  Can you play with me now?  There's nothing fun
to do here...but Gramps won't leave.
Lia: If you can't make time to play with me now, can we play later?
Boy: Lia cute.  All like Lia much.  You like Lia?  She is cute to you?
Girl: Lia is like sister.  Big sister make fun for me.  Sister is nice.  She 
make happiness in me.
Woman: Doctor Vilmer good man.  He come and life become good.  Me happy.
Woman 2: This Doctor made.  Water come.  Useful, useful.  
Woman 2: Cook easy.  Thanks, Doctor.
Boy 2: Path in Forest.  Doctor there.  And...Lia there.
Boy 2: You came meet Lia?
Woman 3: You eat food my place?  Or you see my cute dog?  What!  You have dog 
too?  People like dog, good people.  Me happy, so you have this.  [Received 
Doggy Treat from villager!  Treat Stash: 5.]
Woman 3: Customer rare.  Service, service.
Man: Here, Yudo Village.  Customer, not many.  Nothing here.  But food good.  
Man 2: You wear many clothes.  Cold?
Girl 2: Grass carpet look good.  Me become merchant someday.
Man 3: Yagos Isle, good place.  Everyday warm.  Feel good.

Woman 4: [as Elc] You a bit handsome.  Me like you maybe.  You drink tea with 
Elc: thanks.

Woman 4: [as Lieza] You a bit cuter than me.  Me sad a bit.
Merchant: Hello, hello.  Come on, come on.  You new customer.  You buy?

[in first house]

Man: Me most rich this village.  So this hut have bath room.  You want see 
bath room?
Elc: >Uh...sure.
     Not really...
         Man: Come!  Look!  Is good!  See...bath room there!
        >Not really...
         Man: You not want.  No need.  Go away.
         Man: Me rich, no need you.  Go away.

[to advance the story, return to Vilmer's basement and enter the room to the 
[pan across the room to show the Hien, then to Vilmer, who walks up to, 
inspects, and then enters it; Elc and Lieza enter shortly thereafter]

Elc: Is that the Hien?
Lieza: It looks better than it did before it crashed!
Elc: So...

[pan up to the Hien, where Vilmer exits it]

Vilmer: What are you doing here?!  How dare you enter without permission! 
[runs over to Elc and Lieza]
Elc: What...?
Vilmer: Don't jump to conclusions...
Lieza: You're nothing but a scrap-sniffing THIEF!
Vilmer: You have no authority to make such judgements, girl!  You can't 
possibly fathom my motivations for...
???: [off screen] Doctor!!  Doctor!!

[a man runs into the room]

Man: Lia, go Ruins, but no come back.
Vilmer: She went to the Ruins!!  I told her over and over not to go there!
Man: [to Elc and Lieza] Ruins many monsters! [runs around a bit] Worry, worry, 
very worry.
Vilmer: Lia...
Lieza: We should go there!
Elc: We don't really have a choice, do we?


Vilmer: If Lia was...  There are a lot of monsters in the Ruins...damn!  What 
to do?
Girl: Me worry sister, so me sad.
Boy: Me worry Lia because monster in Ruins.
Woman: Doctor good man.  So, Doctor want Lia save.  But monster strong.  Me 
not win.
Woman 2: Lia go home, me make good food.  So me want Lia go home.
Woman 2: Please Lia go home soon.

Boy 2: Path in Forest, Doctor there.  Lia too.  But Lia never go home?
Elc: She'll be fine.

Boy 2: Lia never see me more again?
Elc: Don't worry, she'll be okay.

Boy 2: Lia never see me more again?
Lieza: She'll be okay.

Man: Yudo Village good place.  But scary near Ruins.  Monsters in Ruins.  Many,
Man 2: Me scared monster.  Me weak.  Me don't like this.
Girl 2: Me worry Lia, but shop not close.  Shop, busy, busy.
Woman 3: Lia sweet like fruit.  Me love Lia like daughter.  Me hope she safe.
Man 3: Yagos Isle good.  But monsters in Ruins...problem.
Woman 4: Lia much cute.  More cuteness than me.  Lia me worry much.

[at the Ruins entrance]

Man: Me hear monster, me scared.  Here Sealed Ruins.  Ancient heritage sleep, 
but dangerous.  Before go, save game.  "Save good!", old people say.  But no 
people know save.  What you ask?
     Dungeon Basics 1
     Dungeon Basics 2
        >Dungeon Basics 1
         Man: Ruin monster many.  But monster not go stairs.  You not want 
         fight, go stairs good.
        >Dungeon Basics 2
         Man: Ruins no save people say.  Deep you go, difficult come back.  
         Monster revive maybe.  Take easy is good.
         Man: Okay.  Good luck

Man 2: Lia in here.  But monster many here.  You careful.

[upon entering the Ruins...]

Lieza: This is creepy.  I don't like it.
Elc: Yeah, I've got a bad feeling about it, too.
Lieza: ...

[screen pans up to show monsters and then back]

Elc: Let's find Lia and get out of here!

[when you reach the third floor...]

Elc: Do you really think a child could make it this far into the dungeon?
Lieza: We haven't seen her yet, so she must have, unless she...
Elc: Don't think that thought.  We'll find her.
???: [off screen] Aaaahhh!!
Elc: Huh?!
Lieza: That was...
Elc: Lia!!

[the two run forward]

Lieza: There she is!

[screen pans up to reveal Lia, surrounded by mummies on three sides with a wall
behind her]

Elc: This is not good!
Lia: Go away!  Get back!  Ahhhh!

[the mummies move toward Lia]

Lia: No!!

[the eyes of a strange thing in the wall behind Lia beginning to glow]

Elc: What?!

[the thing sends out a beam of light that destroys all of the mummies]

Elc: What just happened?
Lieza: Lia?

[the two run to Lia]

Lieza: Oh, sweetie, are you all right?
Lia: *Sob!*
Lieza: Are you hurt?
Lia: No...but...but...I was scared!
Elc: What is this thing in the wall that vaporized those monsters?
Lia: *Sob!* The robot...Grampa found...  He...he saved me.
Elc: He saved you?  It moves?
Lia: Yes, he SAVED me!!
Elc: But, it looks broken...
Lieza: Let's stop debating the issue here.  We need to go before more monsters 
Elc: Right.  We found the girl.  Mission accomplished.  Let's go.

[the three automatically return to Yudo Village]

Lia: Grampa!
Vilmer: Oh, Lia!!

[they run to each other and hug]

Vilmer: I'm so relieved you're all right.

[Vilmer ends the hug and moves over to Elc and Lieza]

Vilmer: I misjudged you.  I'm sorry to have been so...well, nasty.
Elc: We really didn't do much.
Vilmer: What do you mean?  You saved my dear Lia!
Lia: Grampa, the robot you made destroyed the monsters trying to get me!
Vilmer: What?!  Do you mean to say the robot...moved?  That's an impossibility.
The servo drive has been long dead...  Still...perhaps there is a chance...  
Elc, I have a proposition for you.  I'll repair your airship.
Elc: And I will...what?
Vilmer: You shall return to the Ruins and retrieve the robot for me.  I'm much 
too old and slow to do it myself.  I'd given up on it, but if what Lia says it 
...there may be some life in that thing yet.
Elc: You've got yourself a deal.
Lia: Oh, Elc!  I know you can do it.  Good luck!
Elc: Thanks.
Lieza: I can't believe we're going to get the airship fixed!
Elc: Yep.  We need to find that robot, but before we leave, we have to find 


Vilmer: Please find the robot soon.
Lia: I want to see Mr. Robot again.
Woman: Lia okay.  Good, good.
Man: Doctor glad.  Good, good.
Woman 2: Lia go home.  Me relieved too.  So, to Lia service, service!
Woman 2: Good job.  Thank you, thank you!
Boy: Lia fine.  Doctor fine too.
Girl: Sister fine.  Me happy.
Boy 2: Love Lia, everyone and me happy.

[if you choose to rest for the night, Elc will have another flashback]
[in it, two thugs are escorting Elc into the room seen in the previous 

Thug: Hey, you gonna be livin' here now.
Thug 2: You don' hafta worry 'bout nuttin'.
Thug: Nuttin' until tha study's done, dat is.

[the thugs leave; Elc walks forward and then Mariel runs up to him]

Elc: ...

[Ginie runs onto the screen as well]

Ginie: Oh, a new kid!
Mariel: Ginie, don't be so silly!  Introduce yourself!  Like!  
Hi.  What's your name?
Elc: ...Elc.
Mariel: Elc, I like that name.  I'm Mariel.  This is Ginie.  Nice to meet you.
Elc: Where am I?  why am I  here...?  Ahhh, my head...
Mariel: Are you alright?
Ginie: I bet he's reacting to the control medicine.
Elc: Control?
Mariel: Elc, everyone who comes here has to take the medicine.  It makes your 
head feel funny for a while.  Then it's hard to remember.  You'll feel better 
soon.  Don't worry.

[end flashback; cut to morning]

Lieza: It's morning, Elc.

[choosing to rest again will cause Elc to have yet another flashback]
[as it begins Elc is running across the screen]

Elc: Ginie!  Do you know where Eva is?
Ginie: Um the black suits just took Eva.
Elc: I wonder where...

[Mariel joins the other two]

Mariel: Hey, what are you guys talking about?
Elc: Oh, Mariel.  Eva is gone.  I was just wondering where she went.
Ginie: Elc, ...if they come for Mariel.  We have to protect her.
Elc: Yeah.  There's no way I want her to go away, too.
Mariel: Ha, ha, ha.  Don't worry.  I'm not going anywhere!  But, I am a little 

[end flashback; cut to morning]

Lieza: It's morning, Elc.
Elc: ...
Lieza: You had another of those terrible dreams, didn't you?
Elc: Yes, I hate them, but maybe they're trying to tell me something.  We 
better find that robot so Vilmer can fix the airship.

[as the two leave the village...]

Merchant: You wait.  Me teach good thing.  Come, come.

[Elc and Lieza walk over to the merchant]

Merchant: You, save Lia.  Doctor good man.  Lia good girl.  So, save Lia, you 
good too.  Good you, so me teach good thing. [stands] Well, listen. [pulls out 
a spear] You use Spear? [sits] Spear people glad.  Sword people glad too. [gets
out a sword] You know Sword great weapon?  Sword greater attack ability than 
Spear.  But next to Ax. [swings sword a few times] Ax hard process, but Sword 
easy become strong.  So, Sword very very very good weapon. [sword swing] And 
Sword can have many ability.  Useful.  You have strong Sword, you easy battle.
You have ability, you easy battle. [sword swing] You want Sword?  You use 
Spear, but now you use Sword, OK? [sword swings] Man Sword, cool.  Find
Sword.  Find strong Sword. [sword swing] So, you use Sword?  My shop have Sword
too. [sword swing] Girl use good.  Whip, same power Sword.  High 
attack ability.  You should use. [sits down] Okay, end.  Now, what you buy?

[when you return to the third floor of the ruins...]

Elc: should we dig it out?
Lieza: Elc, it's too hard.  There's no way...
Elc: If it was buried, it can be exhumed.  We have to try!

[Elc walks up to the robot and there is a small explosion]

Elc: Aaahhhh!!  This stuff is harder than rock!  How did it get IN there?!!
Robot: Whirrrrrr... [eyes glow] Visual sensors damaged.  Who has come?
Elc: [backs away] We are...friends.  The doctor sent us.
Lieza: It's talking...
Elc: Shhh!  Are you able to get out of this...stuff!
Robot: I am Diekbeck.  I am the leader of the 7 Machine Gods.
Elc: Okay.  Good to know.  Question is, can you get out of this stuff by 
Diekbeck: My mission is accomplished.  I am in standby mode.
Elc: Great.  Mission accomplished.  I can relate.  But, that wasn't the 
question.  How can we get you out of there?  Can you do it yourself?  We have 
to get you to the doctor, or he won't repair my ship!
Lieza: Yes, we are here to help you, but you must tell us how.
Diekbeck: Help...?
Lieza: Yes.  You mustn't want to remain in this state forever...
Diekbeck: I do not need assistance...but...
Elc: But?
Diekbeck: To gain release, a Power Unit is required.  It is on a deeper level 
of this place.  I must equip it.
Elc: So, if I get you this Power Unit thing, you can get out yourself?
Diekbeck: Power [deactivates]
Elc: Hey!  Wake up!  Hmmm.  Damned thing died again.
Lieza: The Power Unit is the only way, Elc.  We have to try.
Elc: Right.  Let's go.

[on reaching the fourth floor...]

Lieza: What is this?
Elc: It's the "Guardian's Force".
Lieza: Guardian's Force?
Elc: Yes.  It is a fountain of crystals that channel power from air and earth. 
Regardless of how tired you are, touching this recovers vitality completely.  
(Face the fountain and press (X) to feel the benefit.)

[on reaching the eighth floor...]

Elc: ?!
Seal Guardian: The Seal
Seal Guardian 2: Seal
Seal Guardian: must not
Seal Guardian 2: not
Seal Guardian: be broken.
Seal Guardian 2: broken.
Elc: But Diekbeck sent us to get the Power Unit here.
Seal Guardian: Diekbeck?!
Seal Guardian 2: What plans have you
Seal Guardian: have you
Seal Guardian 2: for that fearsome man of metal?!
Seal Guardian: Confess your intent!
Seal Guardian 2: The man of metal must not re-awaken.
Seal Guardian: It cannot.
Seal Guardian 2: The seal must remain intact.
Seal Guardian: We have been charged with protecting the slumber of Diekbeck.
Seal Guardian 2: We cannot allow passage.
Elc: But...Diekbeck spoke to us!  He was awake!
Seal Guardian 2: Liar!
Lieza: No he's not!  I was there as well!  He had just enough power to speak to
us.  He asked us to retrieve the Power Unit down here.
Seal Guardian: Only one of the 20 was spoken of?
Seal Guardian 2: The 20 sacred units.
Elc: 20 parts?  There are 20 Power Units?
Seal Guardian: Silence!  You know too much already.
Seal Guardian 2: We will not let you leave with this knowledge.
Seal Guardian: To protect the order of Grolgalde...
Seal Guardian 2: must surrender your lives!

[the four statues in the room are brought to life]

Elc: Bring it on!

[battle begins; after it is over, Elc and Lieza are standing by the back wall]

Elc: Is that...
Lieza: Yes, I think that must be the Power Unit.  Or at least -A- Power Unit, 
if there are indeed 20.
Elc: [walks forward] It seems to be stuck in the same muck as Diekbeck.  How do
you propose we get it out?

[a blue glow fills the screen]

Elc: Oh!
Lieza: Ah!
Elc: I don't believe this!
Lieza: The Power Unit is coming out of that stuff on its OWN!

[the glow begins shifting colors, the screen goes white momentarily, then the 
Power Unit falls out of the wall]

[[Received the Power Unit!]]

Lieza: What just happened?
Elc: I dunno, but we got what we came for.
Lieza: If this works, we can get the ship back from the doctor!
Elc: Right.  Let's get this back to Diekbeck and see if it works.

[after returning to Diekbeck...]

Elc: Okay, we've got the Power Unit.  Where do we put it?
Lieza: There doesn't appear to be any obvious place...
Elc: Huh?!

[the Power Unit moves to Diekbeck on it's own]

Lieza: Oh, dear!  It's automatically...

[Diekbeck glows and then begins moving again]

Diekbeck: I am operational once more.  The world must be in peril.  I must 
journey with the one who walks with the Guardians.

[there are a few explosions from around Diekbeck]

Elc: Get back!  It's self-destructing!
Lieza: No...I think it's breaking out!

[there are more explosions, then Diekbeck manages to free himself and falls to 
the floor]

Elc: Whoa...
Diekbeck: Boy...I...will...with...

[Diekbeck manages a few steps before collapsing]

Lieza: It just...stopped.
Elc: I bet its power circuits are messed up.
Lieza: What should we do, Elc?
Elc: He'll have to be carried to the doctor's lab.  Hrmph!  Quite a Machine 
God YOU are, robot...
Lieza: Great!  I'll meet you at the entrance, Elc. [leaves]
Elc: Damn...!  I meant WE should carry him, not ME.  Maybe I can just...push 
it. [pushes for a bit] I can't believe she left me like that.  This guy better 
be strong enough to withstand some scratches... [resumes pushing]

[fade to Vilmer's Lab]

Vilmer: Hrmmm, huh...I see.
Elc: I hope you appreciate how hard it was to get this rusty bucket here.  
Vilmer, you better keep your promise.
Vilmer: Yes, yes.  I promised to repair the airship, and so I shall.'s nearly done right now.
Lieza: Really?
Vilmer: Now why would I say that if it weren't true?  It will be repaired by 
tomorrow, no sooner.  I would recommend you get some rest.  It's been quite an 
adventure, I'm sure.

Vilmer: Oh, this machine is of much higher quality than I expected.
Elc: Vilmer, don't forget about the airship!  Tomorrow, you promised!
Vilmer: Yes, yes, I promised to finish the airship and so I shall.  Now, get 
some rest and leave me be!  I have work to do!

Lia: Thank you for bringing back Mr. Robot!

[to advance the story, go upstairs and rest for the night]
[flashback; Elc and Mariel have just exited a room]

Elc: I can't believe what we just saw!
Mariel: Elc, I'm afraid!  I don't want to turn out like that!  If they can 
control our special powers, they can control us.
Elc: And change us into monsters like the rest!  Mariel, we can't just let that
happen.  We have to escape.  If we can get help for the others!
Mariel: Oh, Elc...
Elc: Shhh!  Somebody's coming.  Mariel, run!!

[the two run off screen and a scientist enters]

Scientist: ?  ! [runs into the room Elc and Mariel had left]

[end flashback; cut back to Vilmer's house, where Elc has just awakened]
[Elc gets up, looks at Lieza, and then leaves]

Lieza: Elc...

[fade out to the Yagos Coast; the screen pans across the beach, momentarily 
stopping at Elc, who is sitting on a large boulder, then proceeding to Lieza]

Lieza: ... [walks over to Elc] Elc?  What are you doing out here?  I heard you 
get up, and came to find you.  What's the matter?  Can't you sleep?
Elc: ...

[Lieza climbs up the boulder from the back]

Lieza: Can I sit with you?

[Elc scoots over to make room and Lieza sits down next to him]

Lieza: The breeze tonight is so lovely. [pause] Elc... you want to hear about my village?
Elc: Sure.
Lieza: My village is called Holn.  It's a peaceful place, surrounded by 
mountains.  People nearby don't like to come there.  They're afraid of us.  You
see, the women in my village have a special ability.  We can communicate with 
birds and animals.  A few of us are even able to speak with monsters.  I am one
of the women with this ability.  I can use this power to control monsters and
make them my companions.  I was taught that I shouldn't use my power in front 
of people.  For, if they knew what I could do, they would become afraid like 
the others.  And...that fear might turn into hate.
Elc: Why are you telling me this?
Lieza: I don't know.  I think it's because...
...I believe I can trust you, Elc.  You saved me, even after you knew I could 
speak to beasts.
Elc: ...
Elc: The airship that attack Prodias is the same one that attacked my village.
I was so blinded by my rage that I may have killed by best friend.  I keep 
wondering what would have happened if I had just waited.
Lieza: Oh, couldn't have known...
Elc: But that's exactly it!  I NEVER know, and somehow those I love end up 
being hurt.  Mariel is another...
Lieza: Mariel?  Did you remember more?
Elc: Yes.  I had another nightmare, and more memories came back. [pause] I 
remember being taken to a big, white building.  There were...children there 
with special powers.  Mariel and I were two of those children.  We didn't 
understand the purpose of that place at first.  We simply knew it as our home. 
Then I noticed that, every day, there were fewer children around us.  And so 
Mariel and I watched, and waited, and eventually, escaped.

[flashback; during Elc's narration, the screen pans from Elc and Mariel, hiding
at the entrance of a lab room, up to a device several scientists use to turn 
a child into a monster, and then back]

Elc: [narration] We sneaked into one of the rooms from the forbidden corridor. 
And witnessed the horrible truth...
...our friends were being turned into monsters.  Terrified, we ran from that 
place and began our escape.

[end flashback]

Elc: It didn't take them long to realize we'd escaped.  They tracked us into 
the forest around the compound.

[flashback to Elc and Mariel's escape attempt in the forest]

Elc: Mariel!  Get up!  Come on!
Mariel: I...can't.
Elc: Yes, you can!
???: [off screen] They're just children.  They couldn't have gone far!  Find 
Mariel: Please, Elc.  Go without me.
Elc: No...
Mariel: We'll both be caught if you don't leave me behind.  Leave now, and 
return with help!
Elc: Mariel...I...
Mariel: Hurry up!  I'll attract their attention.
???: That way!  Hurry!

[Mariel begins running back the way she and Elc came]

Elc: Mariel!!
Mariel: Elc...I'll be waiting for you... [runs off screen]
Elc: Mariel, no!
???: Over there!  Did you see that?  She ran into the bushes!  Catch that 
little runt!
Elc: Mariel...I will return...I promise. [runs]

[end flashback]

Elc: ...
Lieza: Oh, Elc...  She'll be okay!  I'm sure that she's still waiting for you. 
And I just have a sense that Shu is alive, as well.  How can you falter now?  
It's not the Elc I've come to know.
Elc: Lieza...'re right. [hops off the boulder] I can't give up.  If there's a chance 
Shu and Mariel are alive, I have to help them.
Lieza: And I'll be only too happy to help!
Elc: Well, we've got a couple big tasks ahead.  We'd better get some more rest.
Lieza: I completely agree.

[Elc begins walking away]

Lieza: Mariel is a very lucky girl.  I'm a little envious...
Elc: What?
Lieza: Oh...nothing.  Never mind.
Elc: What?
Lieza: The sun will be up soon.  Let's get whatever sleep we can.
Elc: Right.

[they walk off; cut to Vilmer's house, now in total disarray]

Elc: Oh, no!  What happened?
Lieza: I don't know, but we have to find Vilmer and Lia!  They might be in 

[to advance, head downstairs, which is also a complete mess]

Elc: Oh, no!  Now I'm really getting worried.  Where are they?
Lia: [off screen] Don't be mean to my Grampa!  Kyaaa!
Elc: They're in the lab!

[the two run into the lab, where Vilmer and Lia have been surrounded by several
men in dark suits]

Thug: We've been lookin' for yoose, Doc.
Vilmer: I know.  And I refuse to go back.  You can't make me!  Get out of here 
this instant!
Thug 2: Oh, Doc.  Yoose will come back.  Othawise...we may hafta take 
more...drastic measures.
Vilmer: No!  No!  You mustn't involve Lia!

[the thugs advance on the doctor, and then Elc, Lieza, and Paundit enter]

Elc: What do you think you're doing?!!

[the thugs turn towards Elc's group]

Lieza: AH!  You're...!
Thug: Hey!  It's the brat from the Skyport!  Good we can ice him, then take 
the Doc and the girl!

[the thugs turn into monsters and a battle begins; after it is over...]
[Lieza walks over to Vilmer and Lia]

Lieza: Are you...all right?
Vilmer: Yes.  We're okay.
Elc: What was that all about?  Why were those thugs after you?
Vilmer: Well...
Elc: Come on.  I have to know so I can help.
Vilmer: They're from the Chimera Research Lab.
Elc: Chimera Research Lab?
Vilmer: Yes.  I was one of the lead scientists...

[flashback; during Vilmer's narration, the screen depicts a series of different
scenes, at first, they all have to do with various types of Chimeras, but then 
they shift to showing the playroom featured in several of Elc's flashbacks]

Vilmer: [narration] The Chimera Research Lab...
...was established to study monsters and learn how to create them.  The lab is 
Romalia's most prized scientific facility.  The monsters which are produced at 
the lab...
...are used for a variety of tasks.  Some are used to aid Romalia in conflicts 
with other nations...
...while others are used for more peaceful purposes, such as trade.  The lab's 
creations have infiltrated the world...
...and all of them are controlled by Romalia.  Now that the lab has achieved 
its original goals...
...they have embarked on a more ambitious task.  The lab's new focus is to 
create stronger, smarter monsters... combining the genetic material of monsters and humans.  As the program 
progressed and grew, ...they found humans who possessed special abilities.  
Most of them were just children, ripped from their homes.  They began a 
program to study the children.  They desired a way to harvest the children's 
power.  The facility code named "White House" is their lab.  Each child had a 
target job, such as soldier or spy.  The children's abilities were cultivated 
and powers raised.  Then, at just the right time, they were melded into 
monsters.  As I progressed up the ladder in rank, ...I cam to know the full 
truth of what was taking place at the lab.  They had put into action a series 
of unspeakably horrible programs.  I decided I could no longer play a part.  So
I planned my escape, along with my granddaughter, Lia.

[end flashback]

Elc: It seems like such a long time ago...
Lieza: So, my village was destroyed by...
Vilmer: And you're also a victim of the Chimera Lab...
Elc: Please tell me where to find White House!  I made a promise, I have to 
save her!
Vilmer: I'm afraid I don't know exactly where it is.  I do know it's somewhere 
in Aldia, and is managed by Gallarno, one of Romalia's four Generals.
Elc: And where is Gallarno?
Vilmer: He's in Aldia, attempting to control the country with the Cabal.
Elc: Hmmm...the Cabal.  Well, it's a start. [walks over to the Hien] Is my ship
operational yet?
Vilmer: Not quite.  I'm afraid those Cabal goons interrupted my work.  However,
I will finish it in short order, and it will be something special.  It will be 
much more powerful than it once was - a Vilmer special, if you will.  I promise
to have it done tomorrow.
Lieza: I'll take the doctor at his word.  I think we need to rest.
Vilmer: Your ladyfriend is right, you know.  You'd better rest up while you 
Elc: I will thanks.

[Elc and Lieza walk away; fade to black]

???: Elc...Lieza...wake up...

[fade in to Vilmer's house; Elc and Lieza are in the beds and Lia is standing 

Elc: It's morning already?
Lia:  Morning?  It's afternoon, silly!
Lieza: Wow!  It feels as if I just went to sleep.
Elc: I know what you mean.  We really needed the rest.

[Elc gets out of bed and dashes toward the door, but then turns back]

Elc: So, how's the airship?  Is it ready?
Lieza: Good morning, Lia.
Lia: Good morning, Lieza.
Elc: Enough small talk.  Lia!  Did you hear me?
Lia: Good morning, Elc.  Yes, I heard you.  Grampa said the ship is in the 
small Skyport outside the village.
Elc: Outside the village?  Great.  Let's go, Lieza.

[at the Makeshift Skyport]

Elc: Wow.  Impressive.  The Doc does good work.
Lieza: Now we can finally get back to Indigos.
Elc: Alright.  Let's get moving.

[the two approach the Hien]

Elc: ?!  Oh!
Lieza: What, Elc?  Oh, Doctor!

[Vilmer runs onto the screen]

Vilmer: Ha, ha, ha!  I knew I'd catch you!
Elc: What's wrong?

[Lia runs onto the screen]

Lia: Ha, ha!  We caught them together, Gramps!
Lieza: Lia.
Lia: Grampa!  Why'd you leave to say goodbye without me?
Vilmer: I'm sorry, Lia.  I didn't know you'd be able to keep up.  They were in 
a hurry to leave, you know!
Lia: Well, I did it!  Ha, ha!
Vilmer: Yes, well, um...Elc, about the robot you brought to me...
Elc: Did you fix it?
Vilmer: Well, no, not yet.  It seems to be a battle robot.  I'll fix it...and 
once it's done, you may have it.  But you'll have to come back for it later, 
when it's done.
Elc: That's great, but...why?
Vilmer: I decided that I must do everything I can to stop Romalia.  Repairing 
this battle robot is my way of helping the cause.
Elc: Great.  We'll come back after we save Mariel.
Vilmer: Be careful, Elc.  Gallarno is the most sadistic of the four Generals.  
If he's not stopped, we're all in a world of trouble, and soon.  He's no 
stooge, so I'm sure that he's waiting for you with all manner of vicious traps.
It won't be easy, but I believe you can win.
Elc: We will.  Don't worry.
Vilmer: Um...
Elc: I've got to get this thing ready to go.  Bye! [enters the Hien]  Rotor...
check.  Propulsion system...check...  It's different, but I guess it'll do.
Lia: This is so sad!  You're leaving!  
Lieza: I'm sorry I didn't have time to play with you.
Lia: It's okay.  We can do it if you come back.
Elc: Hey, Lieza!  Come on!  We've got to go!
Lieza: Wait!  Okay, Lia.  See you soon.
Lia: Yeah!  Come and see me soon!
Lieza: [enters the Hien] I'm ready now, Elc.
Elc: Thanks for everything, Vilmer.  We'll see you soon!

[Vilmer and Lia back away as the Hien lifts off]

Vilmer: Good luck, kids!

[fade to world map; head to East Aldia to advance the story]
[cut to Gallarno's office]

Gallarno: So, you failed to stop Vilmer?
Thug: Y...yes, sir.  Elc and Lieza distracted us.
Gallarno: You imbecile!! [punches the thug] You were afraid of those little 
Thug: I...I have no excuse.
Gallarno: That's enough.  Get out of here!  The sight of you makes me sick!

[the thug retreats]

Gallarno: There's no doubt remaining.  Elc must be stopped. [picks up the
phone]  It's me.  Send...send the Slasher.  I won't accept another failure.
[hangs up] Heh, heh, heh...  Elc will come for me now.  And it shall be his 
final misstep.  Heh, heh, heh, heh, HEH!!

[fade out; to advance, return to Indigos]
[at Shu's apartment]

Lieza: It feels just like the old days, doesn't it?
Elc: ...
Lieza: Shu is fine.  I feel it in my heart.
Elc: And what of Shante?
Lieza: I'm sure she's okay, too.  We need to rest.  All these strange events
have worn me out!
Elc: I know what you mean...

[fade to night; a figure enters the apartment and first walks over to Elc and 
then Lieza, when Elc suddenly turns the lights on]

Elc: Who are you?

[screen pans up to Shante, and then back to Elc]

Elc: Shante!
Shante: Elc, you scared me!
Elc: I just about bashed you!
Lieza: Is Shante okay?
Elc: Seems to be...though the sneaking around thing is dangerous.
Shante: I have to be careful now.  The Cabal are after me.  I've been in hiding
since they caught onto my game.  They're after you, too, you know.
Elc: Yeah, I know.  But what I don't know is this...why did you come back?
Shante: Why?  Because...well...  I knew I had to get in touch with you.  
Anyway...  How did you know about the Cabal?
Elc: Someone told me about Gallarno...
...the leader of the Cabal.
Shante: I see. [pause] I have to work today.  Come see me at the tavern 
tomorrow morning. [walks over to Elc] I'll talk to you then.
Elc: Alright.

[Shante leaves]

Elc: ...?

[fade to morning]

Lieza: Elc!  Elc!
Elc: Hmmm...?
Lieza: Shante is waiting for you at the tavern!  Elc!  Get UP!  Much better.
Now let's go!
Elc: Alright, alright...

[in the Hunter's Guild]

Detective: Don't be ridiculous!  I have heard the rumors about the Slasher.  
What is going on?
Dispatcher: We're working on that right now.
Detective: Then, why haven't we been involved?  What is it that you Hunters
fail to cooperate with the Indigos police.
Elc: Hey there.  Simmer down.  It's not good fro your health to blow your
Detective: Huh?  Elc! [walks over to Elc] You are part of the problem with
this...this GUILD!  I bet you're looking for the Slasher, too!
Elc: Slasher?  Who's that?
Detective: Don't play dumb with me.  I know all about you Hunters.  The
Slasher.  You know, the serial killer stalking the innocent people of this 
Elc: Hmmm.  First I've heard of it.
Lieza: That's terrible...
Detective: Look, we're on to your game.  We're not going to let you catch this
one.  I think my man Lizetti will be the one that nabs him.
Elc: Great.  Go for it.
Detective: You'll see!  Just wait! [he leaves]
Elc: Quite a bag of wind, isn't he?


Woman: No one comes out at night since the arrival of the Slasher.  If you're
wise, you won't come out at night, either!
Man: Our town is caught in the icy grip of fear.  Someone has to stop the 
Old Woman: Did you hear the news?  A serial killer is terrorizing our town!  
Our world becomes more horrible by the minute...
Girl: Neither the Cabal nor the police can stop the Slasher.  I wonder what the
Hunters are doing...
Man 2: I heard that the Slasher is a friend of Arc.
Boy: I'm not scared of the Slasher!

[Hunter's Guild]

Hunter: Isn't Shu with you?
Hunter: You look like you could use some help.  And, I happen to have some tips
you might find helpful.
   >Know the Enemy
   Attribute Basics 1
   Attribute Basics 2
   Abnormal Status
        >Know the Enemy
         Hunter: When you want to know about an enemy, you must attack him.  
         After you attack a monster, you can see the status of the monster at 
         any time.  When you move the cursor on the enemy, its HP, MP, Level, 
         and Attribute are displayed.  And, using the Status command in the 
         window, you can see the enemy's equipment.
        >Attribute Basics 1
         Hunter: Without regard to human or monster, every character has an 
         attribute.  There are 7 attributes: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Dark, 
         Light, and None.  Earth and Wind, Fire and Water, and Light and Dark 
         are opposites.  For example, a Fire-attribute monster is weak...
         ...against Water-attribute characters, weapons, and Abilities.
         Conversely, you must be careful of the attribute opposite to yours.
        >Attribute Basics 2
         Hunter: Attributes also affect the Equip command.  You cannot equip an
         item with an attribute opposite to yours.  And you cannot 
         simultaneously equip two items with opposite attributes.
        >Abnormal Status
          >Status Basics
          Serious Abnormal Status
          2 or More Abnormal Statuses
                >Status Basics
                 Hunter: You may suffer abnormal statuses during a battle.  If 
                 you ignore these statuses, you will lose the battle.  If a 
                 character receives an abnormal status, an icon is displayed
                 over the character.  For example... [demonstrates] Most
                 abnormal statuses wear off after a short while...
                 ...but you should heal them with items or abilities before
                 they get worse.
                >Serious Abnormal Status
                 Hunter: First of all, "Poison". [demonstrates] The character 
                 loses HP in every turn, and suffers reduced Attack and Defense
                 Abilities.  To recover, use an Antidote Nut.  Next is "Sleep".
                 [demonstrates] Characters cannot take any action while 
                 sleeping.  When he takes damage, he wakes up.  To recover, use
                 a Mint.  Next, "Paralyze". [demonstrates] The character 
                 becomes numb and cannot take any action.  Unlike Sleep, taking
                 damage does not end this status.  To recover, use Rue's 
                 Medicine.  Next, "Confusion".  [demonstrates] The player
                 cannot control the character.  If an enemy gets into this 
                 status, it takes meaningless actions.  To recover, use Green
                 Memory Grass.  Next, "Stone". [demonstrates] The character
                 becomes a statue, and Defense Ability is reduced.  To recover,
                 use a Nettle.  Next, "Darkness". [demonstrates] It becomes
                 difficult for the character to damage the enemy.  To recover, 
                 use an Eye Drop.  Next, "Silence". [demonstrates] Character
                 cannot talk, and cannot use spells.  To recover, use a Hard
                >2 or More Abnormal Statuses
                 Hunter: Sometimes you have 2 or more abnormal statuses.  For 
                 example, if you're suffering from Poison... [demonstrates]
                 ...and you're then affected by Sleep... 
        now have Poison AND Sleep.  Each icon is displayed one
                 after another.  For example... [demonstrates] Moreover, if you
                 take Darkness... [demonstrates] ...3 icons are displayed.  If
                 you're under the effects of multiple abnormal statuses...
                 ...use Refresh to cure them all, instead of individual items.


Woman: Hello there.  I'm much busier than I used to be.
Man: I wonder if Shante is okay.  I haven't seen her lately...

Man 2: Gulp, gulp, gulp...Ahhh!  The world is evil, but alcohol is good!  In
fact, booze is my best friend!
Man: How about me, the man who always drinks with you?!

Bartender: Long time no see.  How have you been?
Elc: Very busy.  But I'd like to know about the Cabal.
Bartender: The Cabal?!  Why do you want to get involved with them?

Bartender: It's stupid to ask me about that.  Don't be concerned with the Cabal!
Woman 2: This bar has become much less popular.  I wonder if I should drink 
somewhere else!

[Prodias NPCs]

Old Woman: Oh, Elc.  It's good to know that you're fine.  Even though they said
no one was seriously hurt, I worried about you.
Old Woman: [as Lieza] So many people came to town for the Ceremony!  It's a 
shame, really.  I heard the Ceremony was ruined by that bandit Arc!
Man: I dream of the day I can be a Hunter!  I want to have a life of danger and
Man: [as Elc] I saw the Hien flying over when the statue was destroyed.  You
didn't have anything to do with it, did you Elc?
Old Woman 2: I heard that Arc destroyed the statue of the Goddess.  Now we know
he's in the area, people are afraid to even go out!
Old Woman 2: You'd better be more careful if you go near Gallarno.
Old Man: The statue was blown to bits!  By crakee!  Those Romalians are gonna
be pissed!
Man 2: I went to see the Ceremony.  It was a mess almost from the time it
started!  I tripped in all the commotion and fell.  Then, the Goddess fell down
in front of me!  I would have died if I hadn't fallen.
Man 2: If I hadn't fallen at the Ceremony, I would have been killed!
Old Man 2: Is Arc going to fight against Romalia?  Justice for Arc, justice for
Romalia...they aren't the same, you know.
Man 3: Did you attend the Ceremony?  It's good to see that you're alright.
Man 3: [as Elc] I heard that the Ceremony was exciting.  I wish I could have
been there to see the commotion!
Man 4: Uhhh...I don't like being sober.
Boy: Dad said that the statue of the Goddess almost fell on him!
Woman: I really don't know what my husband's thinking.  He does as he pleases
and leaves me to watch our store.
Man 5: Did you hear that Arc destroyed the statue of the Goddess?  I don't 
understand what drives that man.
Man 6: I wouldn't be surprised if someone from Romalia destroyed the statue.
And even though they broke it themselves, they'll blame us.
Man 6: There's so much disinformation floating around.  I don't know who to
believe anymore.
Man 7: Welcome.  What would you like?

[in tavern]

Old Man: What are ya doin' hanging around Prodias?  Now that that blasted
statue has been...blasted, there's nothin' ta see!

Old Man: [as Elc] Oh, you're old enough to drink already?
Elc: Old enough if you are, old man.

Man: I really like the hustle and bustle of Prodias.  In fact, it's the reason
I moved here from the country.
Man 2: Even though the statue was destroyed, we're still allied with Romalia!
Let's drink a toast to...
...shaky alliances!

[to advance the story, return to the tavern in Indigos]
[Shante is sitting at a table near the stage; the screen pans down to the door
where Elc and Lieza enter and they walk over to Shante]

Lieza: It's been a long time, Shante!  And it's good to see you alive!
Shante: It's good to BE alive.
Elc: You should remain in hiding, Shante.
Shante: I can't.  I have something to do.
Elc: What might that be?
Shante: I have a little brother.  He's the only family I have left.  He means
more to me than my own life.
Elc: And what happened to him?
Shante: He got into trouble...
Elc: What kind of trouble?
Shante: He took a risky job for me, and...
...I have to take care of him.  I can't believe that I'm talking about my
family...  Anyway, tell me the story you were telling last night.  Why do you
know the name of the Cabal's boss?
Elc: I recently go into some trouble of my own.  I learned that the people
pursing Lieza are my enemies.  So, now we have the Cabal in common.  Shante,
tell me where to find Gallarno.
Shante: Gallarno...
Elc: You're an informant, Shante.  Inform me.
Shante: I don't think you want to kn...
Elc: I do.  I MUST know.
Shante: ...Geez.  I should have known it would be no use trying to change a
Hunter's mind.  Alright.  I'll do it.  But I need some time, Elc.  come back

Shante: I need a bit more time.

[to advance, return to Shu's apartment]
[shot of Shu's building as it slowly becomes night; several silhouetted figures,
one of whom should be quite familiar, approach the building]

???: Both of you, inside!
??? 2: Haay, I'm not takin' orders from no lady!  I don' care if it is for your
???: And that's none of your business, brute!
??? 2: Oh!  Dat hurts!  Ha, ha, ha!  Get in there, boys.  This'll be a piece of

[fade to Shu's apartment, where Elc and Lieza are both sleeping]

Elc: ...!? [gets up] Lieza!  Wake up!

[Lieza sits up, the lights turn on, and four Cabal thugs enter]

Thug: Heh.  Looks like the stooges are up.  Good.  Now they can meet our good

[the Slasher jumps in through the window and turns it's arm into a blade; it
then starts to approach Lieza]

Slasher: Grr!  Grr! Grr!  You will bleed!
Thug: Take 'em out!

[the thugs turn into monsters]

Elc: Watch out for the blade, Lieza!

[a battle begins; after most of the Slasher's HP have been depleted...]

Slasher: Damn you!! [teleports to the window] This isn't over yet! [jumps out
the window]

[cut to Elc and Lieza looking out of the window]

Elc: So that's the Slasher!  I bet he's one of the monsters they made in the
Chimera Lab!
Lieza: Oh, Elc!  I'm getting frightened again...

[cut to Gallarno's office]

Gallarno: [on the phone] What?  You failed?!  The Slasher wasn't strong enough?
Alright...that's enough.  Shut your trap!  I want Elc...  Did you hear me?!  I
Said bring Elc to me!  Do you understand, idiot?! [hangs up] I'm surprised
they've grown so appears I underestimated them.  Now I'll have to
finish them myself.  I'll let them know how foolish it was to make me angry!

[fade to Shu's apartment]

Lieza: Elc!  Elc!
Elc: What an awful night...
Lieza: Shante is waiting for you.
Elc: Alright...

[to proceed, head back to the tavern and speak with Shante]
[Elc and Lieza enter the tavern and walk over to Shante, who is at the same
table as before]

Lieza: Hello, Shante.
Shante: The Slasher appeared here yesterday, didn't he?
Elc: Huh?!  How do you know about that?
Shante: It's...not a big deal...  I deal in information, remember?  Anyway,
about Gallarno.
Elc: Yes.  Where is he?
Shante: I found his headquarters...but...
Elc: But?
Shante: Do you always interrupt?  It's quite rude.
Elc: Not always, but sometimes.  Go on...
Shante: it's at the edge of town.  I'll take you there, but you need to make
sure you have all the battle stuff you need.
Elc: Right.  I'll stock up.
Shante: Good.  I'll wait for you here.

[when you are done making preparations, return and speak to Shante again]

Shante: Are you ready to leave?
         Shante: Hey, I'm ready to go when you are.  Do whatever preparing you
         need to do and get back here!
Shante: Let's go.  The command center is at the edge of town.

[fade to tavern exterior; the party is walking past when they are stopped by
the detective]

Detective: Going to face down the Cabal, eh?
Elc: That's not really your business, is it?
Detective: You can't win this fight.  It's suicide.  They're too strong...too
powerful.  Even as police, we're powerless.  They have connections everywhere.
Elc: I don't care.  They have to be stopped.  And I'll tell you something
else.  The Slasher is somehow connected to the Cabal.
Detective: What?! [pause] Look, Elc.  I'm not gonna kiss your butt on this one.
But if you manage to finish this case, you'll have my utmost admiration.
Shante: Awww...that's sweet.  Can we GO now?
Elc: Uh, yeah...yeah.
Shante: Right this way...

[Elc, Lieza, and Shante exit Indigos]
[at Gallarno's house, the entrance is guarded by two thugs; Elc, Lieza, and
Shante are hiding behind a parked car]

Lieza: Guards.  What should we do?
Shante: Leave it to me.

[Shante walks over to the thugs and speaks with them; the two then enter the
house and Elc and Lieza walk over to Shante]

Elc: What did you say to them?  Whatever it was, it worked.
Shante: We don't have time to chat.  Hurry!  This way...

[the three enter the house]

Shante: Gallarno's room is just ahead.

[they walk through a pair of large doors into another room and stop at another
pair of large doors]

Shante: I'm pretty certain Gallarno's room is behind this door.
???: But you'll never find out, will you?
Shante: Who's there?

[several monsters appear behind the the party and a battle begins; when it is

Shante: Elc, I'm sorry.  I didn't know that was going to happen.
Elc: Hey, don't sweat it.  You got us this far, and that's amazing!  C'mon.
Into the lion's den.

[Shante tries--and fails--to open the door]

Shante: Damn!  It's locked!
Lieza: Oh, no.  What do we do now?
Shante: There has to be a key around here somewhere...or another way in.  What
about that room to the right, over there?
Elc: Sounds like as good a plan as any.  Let's check it out.

Shante: Go and look for the key.  It should be in a room off that corridor to
the right.

[after entering the right room, Elc and Lieza search until Lieza finds the key]

Lieza: Elc! [runs over to Elc] Look at this!  It has to be the key!
Elc: Great work.  Time to head back to Shante.

[the two head to the door, but before they can leave...]

???: Ha, ha, ha!  It's not nice to take things that don't belong to you!
Elc: Who's there?!  Show yourselves!

[the door locks and a battle begins]
[upon returning to the room where Shante was...]

Elc: Hey...
...where is Shante? [Elc unlocks the door]

[to proceed, go through the doors to the next room]

???: Ahh!  Elc.  It's so good of you to join us.

[pan up to reveal the Slasher and four Cabal thugs]

Slasher: I was disappointed that our last encounter didn't go as I had planned.
Elc: I don't know what you're talking about.
Slasher: I can't imagine that you've forgotten me already.
Elc: Should I know you?
Slasher: I used to be a friend of yours, but people have now come to call me
The Slasher.
Elc: Friend?
Elc: ...
Elc: Wait...that...that voice...

[flashback; Elc runs up to Ginie, who is sitting reading a book]

Elc: Ginie!!  You said something to Mariel again, didn't you?!
Ginie: Hee hee hee.
Elc: Why are you laughing? [hits Ginie]
Ginie: Ow!  I was just playing!
Elc: Well, mind your own business!

[end flashback; fade to present]

Elc: Ginie?'re the Slasher?
Slasher: Yes, Elc.  I'm glad you haven't forgotten what I used to be.  You
don't know how much I've looked forward to seeing you again.  Taste but a small
fraction of the power you gave up when you ran away!
Elc: Wait!  Ginie!  I don't want to fight you.
Slasher: Then it will be easier than I'd hoped to finish you.

[the thugs turn into monsters]

Slasher: I'll make this as painless as possible...for old times' sake.

[battle begins; when the Slasher has been defeated...]

Slasher: No!!  It's not...I can't lose...  Gwaaahhh!!  My HURTS!!

[fade out, then in; Elc kneels down and takes Ginie in his arms]

Elc: Ginie...Ginie!!  Hold on, Ginie!
Ginie: E...Elc...  We waited...for you to save us.  But...after you
left, they...accelerated the pace of...conversion.
she...won't be made into...a monster like me...  Ahhh...
Elc: Ginie?
Ginie: Elc...I... [dies]
Elc: Ginie!?  Noooooo!!
???: And so, at death's threshold, two friends part ways.  How melodramatic.

[a secret passage opens and Gallarno and two thugs enter]

Gallarno: I should have never allowed you to escape that day.
Elc: Gallarno.
Gallarno: Mmmm.  Very good.  So you do know me.  Your friend Shante was right.
You are a smart one.
Elc: Shante?

[two more thugs and Shante enter through the secret passage]

Gallarno: Yes, we couldn't have cornered you without her.  She's quite a prize.
Lieza: Shante...why?
Gallarno: Ha, ha, ha!  It was nothing so simple as that!  Shante didn't seek to
betray you.  I had to "persuade" her to befriend you.
Shante: Elc...Lieza...I...I'm so sorry.  You have to believe that I had no
Elc: No choice?  NO CHOICE?  Because of you, Ginie is now DEAD!

[Elc rushes at Shante, but Lieza holds him back]

Lieza: Elc!  Stop it!
Shante: Elc, you have to believe I...
Lieza: Elc!

[Elc backs down]

Elc: You're right.  She's not worth the effort.

[screen pans down to the door, which is blown open by several explosions, and
followed by Shu's entrance]

Shu: Elc! [runs up to Elc and the others]
Elc: Shu?!
Shu: Shante is being controlled by them.
Lieza: Shu, you're alive!
Shu: Yes, I took advantage of my unfortunate "death" to research the Cabal.
Elc, Shante's brother was taken hostage by the Cabal.
Elc: ?!
Shu: I've discovered that Shante's brother and Lieza were both at White House.
Shante: [runs over to Shu] My brother?!  Where is he?  What have they done to
Shu: He...
Gallarno: Wahhh, ha, ha, ha, HA! What perfect timing!  I have some rather
disturbing news to deliver in that regard.  Unfortunately, Shante, your brother
is longer with us.
Shante: What do you mean?
Gallarno: Your brother was converted...
...and met his end because of a Hunter at the Aldia Skyport.
Elc: can't be!
Gallarno: Ah!  But it is, Elc.  You killed him.  It's quite a streak you're on.
First Shante's brother, and now Ginie.  I'm not certain it's a healthy thing
to be your friend.

[there is a brief flashback of Alfred's death on the airship]

Shante: No!! [collapses]
Elc: You're a madman!  I can't believe that you're even human!
Gallarno: Oooh, such cutting words from the friend-killer.  But, in fact,
they're quite true.  For you see...I am not human.

[Gallarno and the thugs transform into monsters]

Gallarno: In fact, the only humans in this room are with you.  And soon, you
shall perish as well.
Elc: You assume too much!
Gallarno: It's time to conduct a little experiment.
Elc: I don't want any part of your pathetic plans!
Gallarno: Nevertheless, you have no choice.  The experiment is to see if
pathetic humans can outslash five superior C-class monsters!

[the battle begins; after Gallarno has been defeated...]

Elc: Gallarno, it's over.

[the party advances and Gallarno and the thugs retreat]

Elc: Tell me where White House is located.
Gallarno: I don't know.
Shu: You're lying, Gallarno!!  I know you're pulling the strings at Chimera
Gallarno: Hu, hu, hu...ha, ha, ha, ha!!
Elc: What's so funny?
Gallarno: I think it's hilarious that you still believe I'm Gallarno.
Lieza: Huh?
"Gallarno": You should know that it's impossible for ANYONE to catch Gallarno!
So long!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! [teleports out]
Shante: No...
Elc: Oh, Shante...

[the screen pans down to the door where the detective and six cops enter]

Detective: Arrest everyone you find!  Go!!  Search everywhere!  I don't want
anyone or anything getting out of this place!
Cop: Yes, sir!
Cop 2: Yes, sir!
Detective: GO!!

[the cops fan out; screen pans up as two cops escort the thugs out and the
detective walks over to Elc]

Detective: Elc, I can't believe you stopped the Slasher!  It was great!  What's
wrong, Elc?

[Elc bumps the detective to the side as he, Shu, and Lieza walk over to Shante]

Elc: Shante...  I didn't kill your brother at the Skyport.  I...I almost did,
but then he...
...It doesn't matter...Gallarno's men finished him before I could second guess
myself.  But, the fact remains that I put him in the position for the Cabal to
finish him.  I...I just didn't know.  I couldn't have!
Elc: ...
Elc: You must hate me.  You must want to kill me.  I'll gladly allow you to do
so.  But could you wait until I save my friend?

[the detective puts on his hat and walks away]

Shante: Elc...I can't blame you for what happened.  I...I killed him when I
betrayed him.
Lieza: Shante...
Shante: You have no reason to forgive me.  Traitors are never forgiven...  But,
I dearly need to avenge my brother.  Please, Elc.  Let me fight with you.

[cut to the Silver Noah's exterior, hidden amongst some trees; Poco, Chongara,
and three of Chongara's Guardian Forces are working on making repairs]

Poco: Mofly, move a bit to the right.  Yes, there.
Chongara: Hey, Kelack!  Do not make the goofing!
Kelack: [jumps] Kikeeee!
Chongara: Don't say Kikeee.  No Kikeee, right?  Well, well. [jumps] Hemo-ji,
what you do?  Show Chongara cunning!  Show skill!
Hemo-ji: Hemoooo!
Chongara: Ouch!!  What you did, stupid head?!  Heh!  It's a Power Fruit!  Luck
for Chongara, eh?  Chongara will save!

[the screen pans down and Iga walks on to the screen]

Iga: It's time for the strategy meeting.
Chongara: Chongara coming!  Chongara hopes plan is biig, eh?
Poco: I'll be right down.

[Poco and Chongara climb down from the scaffolding; fade to the Silver Noah's
interior, where the three walk to the meeting room]

Chongara: Chongara gets big ants in pants.  Want to move.  Heh, heh, heh.  We
not do anything but hide after statue go boom.
Iga: We cannot act against Romalia until we understand their plan fully.
Chongara: Chongara not like to wait...

[the three enter the room]

Chongara: Sorry I keep you wait here!
Tosh: This isn't the first time, merchant!
Chongara: [runs up to Tosh] Chongara not like this side of you.
Gogen: Yes, yes.  Enough of that nonsense you two.  It's time to come to order.
Arc: All right, listen closely.  As you all know, Romalia has initiated a
monster research program.
Tosh: At the Chimera Research Lab, correct?
Arc: Right.
Poco: That hideous place is just one big, scary monster factory.
Gogen: And their program has accelerated.  They are now kidnapping children to
fortify the monsters' inherent abilities...creating super-monsters!
Poco: Ooohh...I don't like the sound of THAT...
Arc: Their plan has been global domination from the start...
...but the campaign has entered a sinister new phase with this program's
acceleration.  We've learned that Andel is behind this new plan.  We must do
what we can to stop it.
Iga: However, I must point out that...
...if we don't know exactly what their master plan is, we cannot counter it.
Arc: Partially correct.  We cannot make an assault on their master plan.  We can
only work to disband the parts we're aware of.  I shall take the task of
researching Andel's plan myself, at least for now.  While I'm investigating
that, I'd like you to destroy the Research Lab.
Tosh: Sounds invigorating.
Iga: It has been a long while since we've undertaken such an assignment.  I
look forward to it.
Arc: We haven't much time.  Each of you must take responsibility for a Lab.
Poco: Uh, we're splitting up?  I...I don't like working alone...
Chopin: Don't worry.  I'll make sure your backs are covered.
Arc: Okay, then.  We know what we have to do.  Let's get to work.

[the group breaks up into smaller groups to discuss things]

Poco: Um, Arc?  Where are you going to go first?
Arc: To White House.  I'm certain Andel is calling the shots from there.
Tosh: It's time to go.

[fade to the Silver Noah's exterior]

???: [off screen] Hey, you guys.
Mofly: (...)
Kelack: Kiiy?
Hemo-ji: Hemo?
Chongara: We're gonna go.  Get on.
Kelack: Ukkyy?
Mofly: ...

[Mofly and Kelack board the Silver Noah]

Chongara: If you don't leave, I'm gonna leave you.
Hemo-ji: Hemo!  Hemo!

[the two board the Silver Noah, which then takes off; cut to Indigos]

   Elc returns from Gallarno's House...

[cut to tavern interior; the party is standing around a table]

Elc: We will get Gallarno.  I promise.
Shu: There's only one place he could have gone.
Lieza: White House?
Shu: Exactly.  It's his favorite haunt.
Elc: When I was there, it was loaded with innocent children.  It has to be
worse by now.  We have to save them at any cost!
Shante: Shu, do you know where White House is?
Shu: Not exactly, no...
...but I've heard that it's in the Salba Desert of West Aldia.
Lieza: So all we have to do a sprawling desert.
Shu: Should be no problem, right.
Elc: I dunno about that.  But we'd best get started...


Woman: The Cabal has left our town!  I'm so relieved!
Man: Gallarno was driven out of town...
...thanks to the actions of a brave Hunter.
Old Woman: I haven't seen any members of the Cabal lately.  I'm sure they're up
to something awful.
Girl: The Slasher was exterminated by a Hunter.  I'd like to meet that Hunter
and thank him!
Boy: I know a Hunter who defeated the Cabal.  I would have had a career in the
Cabal.  Now I'm sad!
Man 2: Do you think Arc killed Gallarno?
Old Man: The Cabal is gone, but this town still isn't safe.
Old Woman 2: Shante doesn't work at the tavern anymore  Perhaps they'd hire a
rusty, but spirited, torch singer.
Woman 2: [as Shante] I know your life is hard.

[in tavern]

Man: I wonder if Shante is okay.  I haven't seen her lately...

Man: [as Shante] Shante!!  How have you been?
Shante: Very...busy.
Man: Would you sing again?
Shante: I'd love to, but not right now.  Someday, perhaps.

Man 2: You're looking for the guy who was at that table?  Because Shante
doesn't show up anymore, neither does he.

Man 2: [as Shante] Shante!  It's you!  When you stopped performing...
...the customer at that table stopped coming.
Shante: I'm sorry about that, but I've got some...issues.

Bartender: Hey, guys!  I thought you went to the desert.

Shante: Ed!
Bartender: How have you been, Shante?
Shante: I've been alright.

[Note: At this point you have the option of returning to Yagos Isle and picking
up Diekbeck.  This script will be written with him in the party from here on,
though some scenes will be different if you choose not to get him.]

[Yudo Village NPCs]

Woman: Me become cure.
Woman: You think?
Man: Oh, oh.  Welcome, welcome.
Man: Enjoy.  Have a fun.
Girl: Village people not use shop.  So, shop people sad.
Girl: Please buy.
Man 2: You wear many clothes.  Night, hard sleep maybe.
Man 3: Here, Yudo Village.  You long time no see.  As ever, food is good.
Woman 2: My dog again many babies.  Me busy more.
Woman 2: Shake, sit, jump.  Teach a lot.  Then, circus, circus!  What!  You
have dog too?  People like dog, people good.  Me glad, so you have this.
[Received a Doggy Treat!  Treat Stash: 3.]
Boy: This village many cute girl.  Lia best... only like Lia.
Boy: Me think only Lia a lot.
Woman 3: Cook fun.  Thanks, Doctor.
Woman 3: Hum hum hum hum, fun cooking.
Woman 4: If you go straight, you'll find Doctor's House.  Doctor seems to be
busy today.
Woman 4: If you go straight back, you'll go out this village.  You have to go
around the big rock though.

[in Vilmer's basement lab]

Vilmer: Oh, there you are.  Good news.  I've fixed the robot.
Vilmer: Have a peek in the lab to see the robot in action!
Lia: Yaaay!  Mr. Robot is talking again!

[in the other room...]

Elc: Oh!

[Elc and Lieza walk over to Diekbeck]

Elc: This is the machine we got from the ruins?  The one the doctor is calling
a robot?
Lieza: [walks forward] Ha, ha!  It's cute!

[Diekbeck walks toward Lieza and spins around a bit]

Lieza: Gyaaah!
Diekbeck: You laughed at me!
Elc: S...sorry.  Don't be mad.  She just thought you were cute.
Diekbeck: Understand.  Apology processed.  Doctor has programmed me to
accompany you.

[Diekbeck joins the party; back in the first room]

Vilmer: Here.  You're going to need these. [Power Unit 00 received!  Power 
Unit 01 received!  Power Unit 02 received!  Power Unit 03 received!  Power
Unit 04 received!] These are Power Units that can strengthen Diek.  Diekbeck
is a Machine, so he cannot gain strength from battles.  Instead, you must equip
him with Power Units.  These will make him much stronger.  The Units I gave
you have five attributes: None, Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind.  You should
change the attribute, depending on the situation.  Diek can equip a maximum of
two units at a time.  However, he cannot equip opposite attributes at the same
time, such as Water and Fire.

Vilmer: Quite a marvel, eh?
         Vilmer: You see?  Leave these things to me and I can work wonders!
         Vilmer: Perhaps you're disappointed that it looks different than in
         the Ruins?  Well, you see, part of the casing had been corroded, and
         the core program was corrupt.  I repaired it, but it looks a little
         different now.

Lia: Please bring Mr. Robot to see me sometime.
Lia: [as Diekbeck] Please play with me again, Mr. Robot.

[if you examine the machine next to Vilmer...]

Vilmer: This machine divides the experience Diek collects into other party

[to advance the story, take the Hien to West Aldia, where the airship lands
and the party disembarks]

Elc: The entrance to White House is somewhere in this desert.
Shu: There are a lot of monsters around here.  Are you ready to leave?
Elc: We don't have much choice.  Let's get moving.  Hey!  You'd better stay
here, Diek.
Diekbeck: [from inside the Hien] If you leave me, you will regret it.

[Diekbeck leaves the Hien and the party walks off the screen to the south]
[Salba Desert]

Shu: If we follow this desert east, we should find a passage north.
Lieza: Will there be monsters that way?
Shu: Unfortunately, we can't avoid them completely.  We'll have to fight our
way through them.  But, it shouldn't be too much trouble.  ...And speaking of comes our first batch now!

[cue battle; on the next screen east, the party is walking along when a bolt of
lightning suddenly strikes]

Elc: Huh?

[another bolt strikes]

Elc: What?

[the screen pans behind the party to three monsters]

Monster: If you value your life, give me all your money!
Elc: I'm not scared by common thieves.
Monster: You're quite defiant for one just struck by lightning!

[pan to the other side of the party where another monster has appeared]

Monster 2: Remember, I get half of your share! [summons two more monsters]
Shante: That's not showing off, is it?
Monster: A smart mouth is not such a good idea in your situation.
Monster 2: Heh, heh, heh.  I'll take the girl with longer hair.
Elc: You sicko!
Monster 2: It's not what you think.  I merely have a preference for untainted
Elc: That's it.  You're finished!

[another battle begins; on the final screen of the area...]

Shu: There!

[the screen pans up to show the area exit]

Shu: We can reach the forest through here.

[at the entrance to the Lost Forest, there is a path leading into the woods and
a small house]

Shante: Whew!  We're finally through that awful desert!
Diekbeck: Yes, but the forest still remains to be conquered.
Shu: Alas, we have much ground yet to cover.
Lieza: Then, I believe it would be wise if we rested here a while.
Elc: Good idea.

[once the party has entered the Lost Forest]

Lieza: This is...the Lost Forest.
Shu: Local folklore says that if you enter, you never return.
Elc: [walks forward a bit] This place...I...
Lieza: Have you been here before, Elc?
Elc: Yes...I...I think I have.
Shu: This Forest is more confusing than the Desert we just went through.  The
visibility is poor, and the Forest itself is like a maze.  If we get lost,
we'll never find our way out.
Shante: We have to get through it to find the lab, though.
Shu: We don't really have a choice except to try.
Lieza: Elc...
Elc: All I could do was run away...  But this time, it's gonna be different.
I'm ready to fight!  For myself, and for Ginie!  I'm not going to let Mariel
end up like the others, either!
Diekbeck: Save!!
Elc: What did he say?

[deep in the Forest, the party encounters a monster that does not fight]

Monster: I am the guardian of the Forest.  What do you want to do?
   >Go to White House
   Find the Forest Exit
        >Go to White House
         Monster: I cannot permit that!

         [the party is teleported back to the beginning of the Forest]

        >Find the Forest Exit
         Monster: You shall find the exit by traveling Left, Up, Right, and Up.
         Be careful of the monsters...

[when the party exits the Forest, the scene cuts to White House's security
room, where the party is being monitored by Gallarno and four scientists]

Scientist: The targets have successfully cleared the forest.  We estimate that
they will arrive within five minutes.

[Andel enters the room]

Gallarno: Such a feeble-minded Hunter...
Andel: Are you still toying with these idiots?
Gallarno: You haven't an inkling of the magnitude of my ambition, Andel.  The
enhanced monsters you've grown so fond of are MY handiwork.
Andel: And yet...your grand ambition seems to have failed to account for one
thing.  Tell me, Gallarno, why is that?  I shall pay rapt attention to your
Gallarno: Do not mock me, Minister.  Remember, it is only by means of my
enhanced monster-guards your towers yet stand.
Andel: Hmmm, well, yes.  I suppose I do owe your monsters debt of gratitude.
Because once those towers are complete and the Martyr Plan is enacted...
...I shall gain sovereignty over the world!  At that time, The Dark One shall
be revived, and a new order will be established.  An order that does not rely
on undead and freakish children, I might add.  I find it somewhat ironic that
your childish plan would be foiled by...
...CHILDREN!  It's almost too delicious to bear.  Ahhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Gallarno: Oh, really?  I seem to recall that you were outwitted by Arc not so
long ago.
Andel: Hah!  I can finish that brat at whatever moment I choose.  For you see,
I hold a trump card.
Gallarno: Ha!  You're an amateur.  Shut your mouth and watch.  I'll show you
how to play a trump card!  Prepare...Sample M.
Scientist: Yes, sir!

[cut to the front of White House, where the party is scoping the place out; Elc
and Shu are behind a tree with the others farther back]

Elc: Three guards...
Shu: What do you think, Elc?
Elc: We should be able to take them easily, but... could attract unnecessary attention.
Shu: I don't know what choice we have.  It's the only entrance I see.
Elc: [looks around a bit] Psst!  Shu!  This way!

[the two exit the screen; fade to the western side of White House, where there
is a manhole in the ground]

Shante: What's this?
Elc: It's the duct I used as a child.  It's not the easiest way in...
...but it'll get us into the building with the least attention.
Shu: So, these lead to the basement?
Shante: They must.

[Elc removes the grating from the manhole]

Elc: Yep.  To the basement.  I'll lead the way.

[the party climbs down into the sewers]
[before the start of the first battle in White House...]

Elc: Damn!
Shu: We can't let them escape and tell the others!

[in another part of the sewers...]

Monster: I don't know if you came here intentionally...or it's simply a
grevious error.  But regardless, it will be your final error in judgement.

[the battle begins]
[when the party exits the sewers...]

Lieza: It looks like we're moving into the main part of the building.
Elc: Yeah.  This is the outer part of the lab.  I think there are stairs
somewhere on this floor.
Shu: Well, what are we waiting for?  Let's find them.

[eventually, the party enters a dark room]

Elc: !? [walks forward and sees a large machine] What in the HELL is that
Machine: Invaders detected.  Initialize elimination program.

[the door to the room is closed]

Machine: No escape.  Invaders detected.  Elimination program initialized.
Elc: This doesn't look good, but we have no choice.  Let's show this steel
bitch how they do things uptown!

[the party fights the boss; after the fight is over a staircase appears and
allows the party access to the room beyond]
[in the room are several scientists and another person strapped into a

Scientist: Sir, Sample M is ready.
Scientist 2: Very well.  We should leave.
Scientist: Who's that!?

[Elc and company run into the room]

Elc: Mariel!!
Scientist 2: Who the hell are you?
Elc: We're here to save Mariel!
Scientist 2: Then you're nothing but a pack of fools!  Behold!

[the scientists turn into monsters and a battle begins; after...]
[Elc helps Mariel out of the machine]

Elc: Mariel, are you alright?
Mariel: W...who are you? [walks forward] E...Elc?
Elc: Yes, Mariel.  I've finally come for you!
Mariel: I knew that you wouldn't forget.  Even when they were strapping me into
that horrible machine...
...I refused to believe that you wouldn't come to save me.
Elc: Oh, Mariel...
Shante: Elc, I know this is emotional, but we have to get out of here.
Elc: Mariel, she's right.  It's dangerous, we have to go.  Show us the way to
the others.
Mariel: Yes, yes.  Of course. [walks toward the door] Follow me.

[the party follows Mariel to the playroom door]

Mariel: The others are in here.

[the group enters the playroom]

Mariel: Listen up, everyone!
Elc: We've dome to get you out of here!

[the party members each move to one of the children]

Lieza: Elc...  There's something wrong with them.
Shante: They don't seem to even know we're here.
Shu: What's going  on here?
Elc: Mariel?  Do you know...

[there is some noise, and the group looks around]

Elc: What's that?

[pan down as the playroom door closes]

???: [off screen] That would be game, set, AND match.
Elc: Gallarno!

[the screen pans up to a large glass window, through which Gallarno and Andel
can be seen]

Gallarno: I'm pleased you remembered my voice.  Welcome, back, Elc.  I'm happy
to note that your powers have grown substantially.  I shudder to think of the
powerful monster I can create with you.  It's been your destiny all along.
It's time you stopped denying it.
Elc: You're mad, Gallarno!  I have no intention of helping your warped plan!
Shu.  Lieza.  Shante.  Take Mariel and the children.  I have a job to do here.
Lieza: Oh, Elc!  No!  Don't try to do this alone!
Elc: There's no time to debate this.  Go!  Shu, see that they get out okay.
Shu: Done.
Gallarno: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Elc: Why do you laugh?
Gallarno: Do you really think that I would let the children escape?  You lived
here.  You now know the purpose of this Laboratory.  The fate of these children
was written the day they arrived here.  You cannot hope to change that now.
Begin the exercise.
Thug: Yes, sir.
Elc: Exercise?  What's he talking about?
Gallarno: All will be crystal clear in short order.  Look!

[and with that, the children in the playroom form into two groups and then
turn into monsters and a battle begins; afterwards...]

Elc: You sick bastard!  How can you sleep at night?  You're a monster!
Gallarno: Mmmm.  No.  I am much more.  A "Monster Master", if you will.  You
have the one thing I must posses next, Elc.  The power of a Flame Master.
Your Flame Power surpasses even the Water Power Mariel possesses.  I must have
Elc: What?!

[a trap door opens beneath Elc and Mariel and the two fall through it]

Lieza: Elc!

[cut to Andel and Gallarno in the security room]

Scientist: Sir...  Elc and Mariel have been deposited in the room.
Gallarno: Wah, hah, hah, hah!  At last, Elc is mine!  Switch on the
surveillance to the main monitors.  I want to see this.
Scientist 2: Yes, sir. [turns on the monitors]
Gallarno: Heh, heh, heh.  You are indeed strong, Elc... but you're not
invincible.  Soon, you shall discover your fatal weakness.  Is the girl ready?
Scientist 2: Yes, sir.
Gallarno: Don't so this too fast.  I want you to allow Elc to recover first.
Scientist 2: What?!  Why?
Gallarno: I want complete data.
Scientist 2: But...
Gallarno: Are you disobeying my orders?!
Scientist 2: ...No, sir.  Mariel's energy is being transferred to Elc.  Level
D...C...A.  Elc's abilities have been raised to their maximum.
Gallarno: Excellent.  Begin!
Scientist 2: Start the control check of Sample M.
Scientist 3: Mind Control System verified.
Scientist: Start the recording of the battle data.
Scientist 4: Set the target to Elc.
Scientist 2: Sample M is now activated.
Gallarno: What do you think, Andel?  Isn't it beautiful?  Two people who love
each other, soon to be locked in a fight to the death.  What could possibly be
better than that?  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

[fade to the hidden room where Elc and Mariel are trapped]

Elc: What are you talking about?
Mariel: You never wanted to com back here.  You promised to come back, but you
never intended to.
Elc: No!  I was...
Mariel: All this time I've waited...
...and now I can finally take my revenge!  Elc, are you going to kill me like
you did Ginie?  Of course, I can't let that happen.  I'll have to finish you
Elc: [runs to Mariel] Stop it, Mariel!  What's wrong with you?
Mariel: Wrong?  There's nothing wrong.  For the first time in a very long time,
everything is RIGHT!  So let's get this over with.  I promise to kill you
Elc: Mariel!!

[the screen goes dark and Elc hears a voice in his head]

Mariel: Elc, kill me...I'm not the girl you knew...I can't control...this...
Elc...please...kill me...
Elc: Damn...DAMN!!

[the screen brightens and the battle begins; afterwards...]

Mariel: I can't -- I won't kill Elc...  Help!  Elc, help me!
Elc: Mariel!  Are you alright?

[cut back to the security room]

Gallarno: What?!  Has she regained her senses?
Scientist 4: Her blocked memories have been reawakened, sir.  She is acting on
her own...suppressing the mind control.
Gallarno: Dammit!  We're so close!  There's no choice!  Destroy the mind of
Sample M!
Scientist 2: Sir!  If we do that, we will lose control of--
Gallarno: Do it!
Scientist: But Sample M is sure to perish--
Gallarno: I don't care!  We have many other samples!  I said DO IT!
Scientist 4: Yes...yes, sir.
Scientist 3: Set mind control to maximum!
Scientist 4: Set target to Elc.
Scientist 2: Sample M is no longer under our control!
Scientist: Experiment termination initiated.

[cut to Elc and Mariel]

Mariel: must die!  Must...kill...!!
Elc: Mariel...Mariel..are you in there?  You have to remember!!

[the battle begins again; when it is over...]

Mariel: [crouching on the floor] No! [stands and clutches her head] I...I
won' what they're trying to...

[cut to the security room; explosions are going off everywhere]

Scientist: Sample M's control data has been destroyed.
Scientist 2: The sync controller doesn't work!
Scientist 4: We've lost control of Sample M's mind!
Gallarno: Switch to the emergency circuit!
Scientist 4: No, sir!  The machine can't take any more!
Scientist 2: Wahhh!
Scientist 3: Ahhh!
Scientist: Ohhh!
Scientist 4: Gyahhh!
Gallarno: Damn!  How can their force of will be THIS strong?!

[cut to the hidden room; Elc is holding Mariel in his arms]

Mariel: Elc...
Elc: Don't speak.  Be still.
Mariel: I want to be free, too...
Elc: You're alright.  You will be free soon.
Mariel: Elc...

[the screen begins flashing red and alarms go off]

Elc: What?!
???: [off screen] Invader!  Invader!  Airship on radar.  Probable identity:
Silver Noah.  Invader: Arc.
Elc: Arc?!  Arc is coming here?

{FMV: The Silver Noah flies over the forest and begins dropping bombs on
White House}
[cut to the security room, which is still suffering form explosions]

Gallarno: There is no choice...
...we must begin a full evacuation.

[the scientists leave]

Gallarno: So, Andel.  It looks like you've invited trouble to my Lab.
Andel: ...That brat is a constant thorn in my side!
Gallarno: But I thought you could finish him whenever you wished?  The lad does
seem to be quite resourceful...
...but the length of time it's taking you to finish him is becoming
Andel: Only slightly less than your failure with Elc, eh?
Gallarno: Ah, but you speak too hastily.  I'm afraid it's time for the tragic
end to our quaint love story.  [pause]  Yes, Mariel...draw your lover closer...

[cut back to the hidden room]

Mariel: [sits up in surprise] No!!  Elc!  Run!!
Elc: What?!

[a series of explosions emanates from Mariel's body; cut to the playroom, which
has begun to shake]

Shu: What have you done with Elc and Mariel?!  Gallarno!!  Show yourself, pig!

[the screen pans up to the window]

Gallarno: Ha, ha, ha...don't trouble yourself about your little friends.
???: [off screen] !!!
Gallarno: However you won't have long to shed tears at their demise.  This lab
will soon be a pile of rubble, sealing your fate as well!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

[Andel and Gallarno leave, and alarms begin sounding]

Shu: What have they done!??
Shante: The ground is beginning to shake again! [looks around] This building
won't take much more...
Lieza: I won't believe Elc is gone!
Shante: Gaaa!

[Arc enters the playroom]

Arc: Identify yourselves!
Shu: Are you...Arc?  He IS!
Arc: There is no time for discussion!  You have to evacuate immediately!  This
building will collapse in seconds!
Lieza: I won't leave.  My friend Elc is still in here somewhere.
Arc: Elc?  Was he captured by Gallarno or Andel?
Lieza: He...
...he tried to save the children imprisoned here, and...
Arc: Enough said.  Stand back.

[the party clears the area and Arc uses his powers to create a hole in the

Arc: Into the floor, everyone!

[the four hop into the hole; cut to the hidden room where Elc is lying on
the floor]

Lieza: Elc...

[Lieza, Shu, and Shante rush over to Elc]

Lieza: Elc!!
Shante: No... I don't believe...
Lieza: ...he's dead...
Shu: No, he's still alive.  But...

[suddenly, the building begins shaking again and debris begins to fall]

Shante: The building is collapsing!!

[the Silver Noah then lowers itself into the building so that it's door is
accessible to the party in the hidden room]

Chopin: Arc, hurry up!  We've got to GO!
Arc: Get on.  Hurry up!!

[Shu picks up Elc and he, Lieza, and Shante board the Silver Noah]

Arc: Chopin, I have one more thing to attend to.  Go ahead.
Chopin: Be safe, Arc.

[the Silver Noah lifts off]
[in the Silver Noah's meeting room]

Shu: ...
Shante: Who are those guys?
Elc: ...
Lieza: (Elc isn't moving...he might be critically injured.

Lieza: Elc...  If you die, I...

[Chongara enters the room]

Chongara: I don't think they'll follow us.  Don't let the worries in your head.
Chongara thinks Kukuru fix up friend, eh?
Lieza: Kukuru?
Chongara: Yes, Kukuru!  She have big healing power, and Chongara call her
friend!  Chongara and Kukuru go back long time.  Much deep friends!
Shu: Where are we headed?
Chongara: Seirya.
Shu: Isn't that the country that has a bounty on your head for killing the
Chongara: Oh!  Oh!  Those bad words!  Chongara not kill anyone.  Much bad man
called Andel make it LOOK like we get King dead.  We not do!
Shu: Andel?
Chongara: Bad man with shiny head.  He with Gallarno in lab, eh?
Shu: I believe I know who you're talking about, but who is he?
Chongara: He Minister of Seirya.  Big traitor.  Bad man.  Arc find his plan to
take over biiig world with Romalia!  Gallarno and Andel work together on biiig
plan.  It not so good, eh?
Shu: NO, it's not.  If Arc has indeed gone after Andel, we must seek out
Gallarno.  He must be stopped.  Do you have any idea where he's headed?
Chongara: Um...  Chongara guess Romalia.  Main Chimera Lab there.  Bad place.
Shu: Then you must take us there.
Shante: Please.  We can stop him, but you have to get us TO him.
Chongara: Okay, okay!  You make biiig hurt in Chongara's head.  Chongara show
you way...
...after Kukuru fix this poor man.

Shu: If I have anything to say about it, Gallarno is as good as dead!
Shante: I believe Elc will be fine.
Chongara: Kukuru heal Chongara when bad plant make sickness big.  We get man to
Kukuru, she fix him up good, eh?
Chongara: Don't make head hurt with worries.  It all okay soon!

[to proceed, head up to the cockpit and speak with Chopin]

Chopin: We're going to visit Kukuru in Seirya.  Kukuru has special healing
powers.  I believe she will help your companion.

[Note: the following sequence will only occur if you chose to convert save data
from the first Arc the Lad game]
[cut back to the White House playroom, where Arc stands amidst the rubble]

Arc: I think I can still catch Andel.  That traitor's not getting away this

[head through the door]

Arc: Andel, your not excused!

[continue following the short corridor until the end; there, Andel is walking
up a ramp to an airship when Arc catches up with him]

Arc: Andel!  You won't get away again!
Andel: There you are, my brave boy.
Arc: What are you plotting?
Andel: Something you are powerless to stop.

[there is shaking, explosions, and the ramp to the airship breaks leaving Arc
on building end and Andel in the airship doorway]

Andel: This time, fortune is with me.  Goodbye, brave boy.  Ha, ha, ha, ha,
ha, ha!!

[the airship takes off]
{FMV: White House is destroyed by several large explosions and the Romalia
airship, the Guist, takes off and flies away}
[in the Guist's cockpit]

Andel: It was a mistake to allow Arc and Elc to meet.
Gallarno: Yes, and thanks to your failure to stop Arc earlier, we've lost an
entire lab!  It doesn't reflect well on you, Minister.
Andel: Regardless, your tone is sounding surprisingly defeatist.  I don't care
for it.  Remember, we still have an incredible advantage of which they are
unaware.  And, at this point, it will be best to take the illusion-maker to
Romalia.  But...
Gallarno: Say no more.  The Towers will be safe.  We're now mass-producing
guard monsters to protect them.

[a soldier enters]

Soldier: Minister!  We have coordinates on an airship that may be Elc's.
Andel: Excellent.  I'm sure we can put it to good use.  Place it in the
battleship dock.

[the soldier leaves]

Andel: Increase speed.  We must return to Seirya at once.


IV. Hunter's Guild Job Scripts

 1. Indigos Sewer Research
        Description: The town sewer system has been clogged for a number of 
        days.  However, repair personnel won't go down and fix it because it's 
        overrun with monsters.  The client wishes the Hunter to fix the sewer.

[upon entering the sewers, Elc walks over to the waterway and sees that it is 

Elc: Hmmm.  No water...this is definitely the right place.  Um?

[Elc walks onto the bridge]

Elc: It looks like that pile of trash is blocking the sewer.  I better get a 
closer look.

[Elc walks closer]

Elc: I don't believe it!  That pile of slimes is blocking the whole town's 

[screen pans to show the slimes; they disperse, the sewage flow is restored, 
and a battle begins]
[after the slimes have been wiped out...]

Elc: Looks like the sewer is flowing normally now that the slimes are gone.  
I guess all we have to do now is go collect the bounty.

 2. Ghost House Ruin Town
        Description: In Ruin Town, there is a house where a child was killed 
        long ago.  The house is rumored to be haunted by a ghost that scares 
        kids who play nearby.  Client requests the ghost or ghosts be 

[upon entering Ruin Town]

Elc: Is that the Haunted House?

[screen pans to the house and then back to Elc]

Elc: Let's go inside.

[after entering...]

Elc: It's as creepy as everyone said.

[a fire monster appears briefly on the screen to the right]

Elc: Huh??

[the fire monster appears again, for a bit longer]

Elc: Auugh!!

[when Elc tries to go upstairs...]

???: GO - HOME - OR - DIE - HERE!
Elc: [brief look around] Ha!  Hunters never quit, especially when they're told!
Let's go upstairs!

[after going upstairs, Elc finds a boy and a skeleton in a corner]

Boy: Oh, no!  You found me!
Elc: Are you the one causing all the trouble?
Boy: I'm sorry.  It's just so funny when people are scared!
Elc: Whatever you say. [walks a short distance away] Where did you find that 
Boy: You mean this?  This was... [walks to a box by the window] It was inside 
that box over there.  But it was just a heap of bones when I found it.  I put 
them together and gave it a sword.
Elc: That means...

[a fire monster appears behind them]

Monster: You have desecrated the dead!

[the skeleton slides over and fuses with the fire monster]

Monster: Now you will pay for your misdeed!

[the skeleton summons four fire monsters]

Elc: Over my dead body!

[the battle begins; when it is over...]

Monster: Uhhh...dead...again?! [it disappears]
Elc: Are you alright?

[the boy starts glowing and floats a short distance from the floor]

Boy: Thank you.
Elc: Huh?!
Boy: That monster was controlled by evil.  He didn't even know what he was 
...or if he was dead or not...
...nor even who he killed...  Thank you for saving his spirit.  ...Now...I 
can...leave, too...

[the boy is enveloped in a pillar of light and then disappears]

Elc: Okay, that was officially weird.
Lieza: ...
Shu: I've seen a lot of weird, and that ranks.
Elc: Let's get out of here.
Lieza: No argument here.  Let's go.

 3. Indigos Jewelry Robber
        Description: Thieves who command monsters have been robbing jewelry 
        shops lately.  Client requests a Hunter to guard the jewelry shop 

[NPCs in jewelry store]

Man: You're weird.  Are you a Hunter?  Then those rumors about this store being
robbed are true!
Man 2: Is it true that this store has been targeted by criminals?  Why has this
world become so awful?

Jeweler: You're a Hunter from the Guild, aren't you?  Well, I have a job for 
you tonight!  Are you ready for it?
Elc: >Of course!
     Let me think.
        >Let me think.
         Jeweler: What's your problem?  Hurry up!
        >Of course!
         Jeweler: I'm counting on you.

[fade to night; suddenly, a hole is made in the back wall of the shop and a 
monster (Docson) enters]

Docson: Heh!  At last these gems will be mine! [he moves aside] March!

[four golems enter the store and spread out to different jewelry cases]

Docson: Smash!

[screen pans to the golems who begin smashing the cases, then pan back to 

Docson: Collect the jewels!  Hurry!
???: [off screen] Why are you in a hurry?  Expecting me?
Docson: Damn!  A Hunter!

[screen pans down to Elc and Shu]

Elc: Yep.  It's a Hunter.  With some friends.
Shu: If you drop the jewels and just back out of here, we may forget we saw 

[pan back to Docson]

Docson: Never!  Golems...SMASH!!

[pan to Elc and Shu]

Elc: Well now, those sound like fightin' words, eh Shu?
Shu: I would have to agree.  Unfortunate for them.

[battle begins]

Docson: Run once jewels obtained!  I'll crush whoever stands in our way!

[when Docson has been defeated]

Docson: precious...jewels...

[after the battle is over, the screen fades out; fade in to the front of the 
store, where the detective from earlier enters]

Detective: Hah!  Robbers!  We've got you now!

[Detective and two cops walk forward until they reach Shu and Lieza]

Detective: !...?
Shu: I'm afraid you're a little late.  We already stopped the robbery.
Detective: Shu.  Are you trying to show me up?  Make me look stupid?
Shu: No sir.  You're the law here.  We were just hired to stop this robbery by 
the owners here.
Elc: [off screen] And we did exactly that.  Stopped the scum cold. [he walks 
up to the others]
Detective: E...Elc!  What are you doing back here?
Elc: A little of this and a little of that.  I'll be around a while.  I'm sure 
we'll cross again.

[Shu walks over to one of the policemen]

Shu: Well, officer, I'll leave this place to you then.  Elc, Lieza, let's go.

[the three leave]

Detective: Great, as if we don't have enough trouble with the Cabal and 
monsters!  Now we've got that troublemaker Elc back in town...
Cop: What should we do now?  The thieves are gone...
Detective: I don't know!  Grab a broom and clean up this mess!

 4. Barns' Lost Dog
        Description: Mr. Barns has lost his dog.  He wishes a Hunter to help 
        him retrieve it.  He'll meet you in front of the bar in daylight to 
        give more detailed information.

[to begin, walk up to the man standing next to the tavern sign and speak with 

Barns: Are you the Hunter?  Good!  I want you to find my dog.  He looks like 
this...  [[dog*]]  I know my dog has to be around here somewhere.  I'm just 
sick that I lost him in the first place.  When you find him, bring him back as 
soon as you can, okay?

Boy: It sounds like a barking dog...  Never mind.

[to proceed, have Elc stand on the sewer entrance and press (X)]

Elc: (I heard strange sounds coming from this man hole!)
     >Open it
     Don't open it

[Elc opens the manhole cover and enters the sewer]

Elc: [looks around] Ha!  There's Barns' dog!

[screen pans to dog; Elc begins walking toward it]

???: Not one step closer!

[screen pans to the dog, now with a ghoul near him]

Ghoul: That is my lunch, and I'm not sharing!
Elc: Well, sorry to disappoint, but it's my job to return the pooch.  I'm not 
leaving here without it.  Guess you're going hungry.
Ghoul: You're right.  You're not leaving here.

[several zombies appear]

Ghoul: The mutt's our appetizer, and you're the main course!

[battle begins; after the monsters have been wiped out...]

Elc: Cute pup.
Lieza: Aww...look!  He yawned!
Elc: It was some fight to get him.  Better be SOME reward.
Lieza: Let's get him out of here.  Come on, poochie...

[the dog sits up and goes to Lieza]
[after exiting the sewers, there will be a boy standing in Mr. Barns' place]

Boy: You're the Hunter, aren't you?  I have a message from Mr. Barns.  "I 
waited as long as I could, however, business has forced me to travel abroad.  
In the event you find my dog, please take care of it until I return."  Do you 
want me to read it again?
Elc: >Yes
         Boy: [repeats letter]
Boy: Mr. Barns also left these for you. [Received 4 Doggy Treats.] I have to 
go now.  Bye! [he leaves]
Elc: Great.  Do a job, get a fleabag to take care of.  But he's the customer.  
I suppose I'd better watch his pet.

* in the game, this was replaced with the actual graphic of the dog you're 
looking for

 5. Weird Sewer Sounds
        Description: A ghostly song has been heard coming from below Indigos.
        Client requests source of sound be found and exterminated.

[upon entering the Indigos sewers...]

???: [off screen] SE-RO-IM-EL-SA-LEM...
Elc: Huh?! [walks onto the bridge] I bet this is the weird sound the
townspeople were talking about...

[to continue, move down and past the skeletons until you reach a certain point]

???: Stop!  Don't move!

[screen pans over to a standing skeleton and another monster (Piers Beronica)]

Piers Beronica: Who are you?  Why have you come?  Wait!  Don't tell me!  I
already know your intent!  You have come to rob me of my precious experiments!
Elc: Uh, no.  I've come to shut you up.  You're freaking out the townsfolk.
Piers Beronica: You don't know who you're dealing with!
Elc: Frankly, I don't care.  I've got a job to do, and today, you're it.
Piers Beronica: You should learn to listen without interrupting!  For I am a
great necromancer whom everyone will soon fear!
Elc: Uh, yeah, right.
Piers Beronica: Your impudence is beginning to annoy me!
Elc: Well then, let's just have a battle and get this over with.
Piers Beronica: Ha, ha, ha.  As you wish!  Let me summon some of the undead to
assist in your demise!

[the three collapsed skeletons in the sewers are brought to life]

Elc: Alright.  He's definitely serious.
Piers Beronica: Kill them!

[the battle begins; after Piers has been defeated...]

Piers Beronica: I...I give up.  Please don't hurt me!

[fade out; fade in to same scene]

Elc: Why were you singing the strange songs here in the sewers?
Piers Beronica: I don't sing!  I recite spells.
Elc: It doesn't matter.  You are frightening the townspeople.  They want me to
stop you.  So quit the chanting and the necromancy and I'll let you walk out
of here.
Piers Beronica: Fair enough. [transforms into a different type of monster] I
promise to never again dabble in reanimating the dead.  But, um, is it alright
if I keep my doll?
Elc: Uh...fine.  Just don't use it to cause trouble.
Piers Beronica: No problem.  Goodbye. [leaves]
Elc: (That was certainly bizarre.  Well, at least the job is complete.  Lieza's
already gone, so I'm out of here, too.)

 6. Doll Collector in Ruins
        Description: In the ruins near town, a doll collector has been seen
        inviting children into his house.  Client wishes to have Hunter
        make certain children are safe.

[after reaching the second floor of the building in Ruin Town...]

Piers Beronica: Oh, no!  What are YOU doing here?  If you've come to steal my
dolls, you'll be bitterly disappointed!
Elc: I don't want your stupid dolls!
Piers Beronica: Then leave!  I don't have the time for you!
Elc: Oh...yeah...right.  Got to get back to dolly playtime, eh?
Piers Beronica: So now you mock me?  Perhaps you'd like a demonstration of my
Elc: I don't have time for this you middle-aged deviant.
Piers Beronica: Well, you'd better make time!  Because I've got a party ready
just for YOU! [summons four fire monsters] I am the Doll Master!  My magic
flames control the dolls!  Ha, ha, ha!

[the fire monsters converge on Piers, surrounding him]

Piers Beronica: Hey!  You haven't won yet!
Elc: Watch this!

[a battle begins; after the fire monsters have been defeated...]

Piers Beronica: Mmmm, that was close.
Elc: You're a disturbing man.  With a disturbing fetish...hey, you!
Piers Beronica: You again?!
Elc: You're the Great Necromancer from the sewer, aren't you?
Piers Beronica: I haven't reanimated the dead since we last met, just like I
Elc: Yes, but didn't I also tell you not to cause any more trouble?
Piers Beronica: Me?  Causing trouble?
Elc: Don't play innocent with me.  You're luring children in here.
Piers Beronica: Is that wrong?
Elc: Parents are getting a little...nervous.
Piers Beronica: Why?
Elc: Because you're an untrustworthy freak.
Piers Beronica: [walks over to a doll statue] Maybe I should give this up and
become a monk.
Elc: Isn't that a little drastic?
Piers Beronica: I'll become a monk, and someday...
Elc: You don't have to make a radical change.  Just stop being a freak.

[Piers walks away]

Elc: Hrmph.  He's gone...
Lieza: I must admit I do feel a bit sorry for him.
Elc: Awww...he'll get over it.  Freaks always do.  Well, mission accomplished.
Let's get out of here.

 7. Dangerous Types in Ruins
        Description: Unsavory types have been seen hanging around the ruins
        nearby.  Some of them are said to be wanted for murder.  Client
        requests that these criminals be rounded up and sent away.

[upon entering Ruin Town...]

Lieza: Elc!  Over there!

[screen pans over to a large group of monsters and back]

Lieza: Those must be the ones we're looking for.
Elc: Let's go.

[the two walk forward]

Monk: ...And that is why our actions are permitted by the gods...oh?  You two!
Are you new believers?
Elc: >Yes*
     Not at all, freak!
Monk: May I take the girl and sacrifice her to the gods?
Elc: >Of course.*
     No way!
Lieza: Elc!
Elc: Heh!  Just kidding!  I only wanted to find out what they'd think.  And,
they're certainly not thinking clearly.  We learned something, you see?  If
you leave town and disband, I will allow you to live.  I don't think your gods
are interested in saving you today.
Monk: You are sent by the unbelievers to stop us, aren't you!  We shall not 
allow any intervention!  You are doomed! [hops off his crate] Get them!

[a battle begins; afterwards...]

Monk: I...I give up.

[fade out, and then back]

Elc: Now then, who are you, really?
Monk: A very sorry man.  I once preached the gospel of the gods...
...but no one listened and no one cared.
Elc: And now you thrive on the dark underside of society?
Monk: I know.  It's shameful, and I am sorry.

[he spins around and turns into the necromancer from the "Weird Sewer Sounds"

Piers Beronica: I won't be troubling you any longer.  Goodbye. [teleports out]
Elc: Hmmm...another weird job.
Lieza: Let's go, Elc.
Elc: Alright.

[Lieza leaves]

Elc: (I'll never believe in the gods again.  If there were truly gods...they
should have...they WOULD have...saved my village...)
Lieza: Elc...what's the matter?
Elc: Aw, nothing.  Let's get out of here.

* Your choice of reply does not appear to have any affect on the dialogue

 8. Search for Missing Child
        Description: Client has requested a Hunter to find a missing child.  
        The client, who is an aged immigrant from Aldia, is waiting to meet you
        at the bar in Prodias.

[at the bar, speak to the old man near the entrance next to the phone booth]

Old Man: You're the Hunter from the Guild, right?  My grandson is missing.  I'd
like you to find him.  He looks like this.  [[child*]]  I don't think he could
have gone far.  But then again, I dozed off for a while there...  I was told
you're the best, so I'm looking forward to seeing him soon!

[the child that you're looking for is in Elc's apartment building]

Boy: Hey!
   Are you returning this child?

[fade to tavern]

Old Man: What?!  You found him!  This is great!  I knew hiring a Hunter to do
the job was the right choice!

Old Man: I'm sorry to be such a nincompoop!
Boy: Thank you!

* In the game, this is replaced by a graphic of the child you're looking for

 9. Indigos Whiskey Delivery
        Description: Client requests Indigos Whiskey be delivered to the bar
        in Prodias.  Talk to the barkeep in Prodias for details on the job
        before retrieving the liquor.

[enter the bar in Prodias and speak to the bartender]

Elc: Hey there, barkeep!
Bartender: Oh!  Hi, Elc.  What's going on?
Elc: The Guild says you have a job for me.
Bartender: I do indeed.  I need you to receive a shipment from the tavern in
Indigos.  The owner of the tavern already has the goods crated up and ready to
go.  Easy money, eh?  Good luck!

[return to Indigos and speak with the bartender there]

Bartender: Are you the Hunter?  The tavern owner in Prodias told me to expect
you.  Here's the goods.  That's a very expensive package.  Be careful, okay?

[when you leave the tavern, a group of monsters will appear and surround Elc]

Monster: We'll take that little delivery off your hands, missy.

[a battle begins; when it is over, Elc automatically proceeds to the bar in 

Bartender: Hey, thanks for delivering this stuff!  You can pick up your reward
at the Guild.  Hey, how about a drink.  On the house!

10. 3 AM Piano at the Bar
        Description: Patrons have heard someone playing the piano in the bar
        late at night.  Barkeep wishes to have Hunter investigate.  Speak with
        him to obtain more details.

Bartender: Are you from the Guild?  I heard a rumor that people near the
...are hearing piano music in the dead of night.  I'd like you to check it out
for me.  Are you ready?
         Bartender: Let me know when you ARE ready.
         [the screen fades to the tavern at night; Elc enters]

Elc: (I'm sure that I heard the piano.) [walks forward and stops behind a
plant] (Someone's in front of the piano!)

[pan up to the stage and the figure seated at the piano; Elc walks up to the

Elc: Who are you?
Boy: [jumps off the bench] Waaaah!  I'm sorry!
Elc: (It's a little kid!)  What are you doing here in the middle of the night?!
Boy: I'm practicing the piano...
...because I want to join the band.

[at this point, a monster walks on screen]

Elc: Hmmm?
Monster: Graah!  What are you doing here?
Elc: Investigating.  But it looks like you're robbing the joint.
Monster: But, you're not getting out of here alive to tell anyone, punk!

[battle begins; afterwards...]

Elc: That was an exceptionally stupid band of thieves.
Boy: I'm sorry.
Shante: So, you want to join the band, do you?  I'll let the barkeeper know
about you.
Boy: Really?  Oh!  Thank you!!

Boy: Remember, you promised to tell the barkeeper about me!

[to complete the mission, exit the bar]

Elc: [in doorway] Hmmm?  It's daybreak already...

11. Monsters in Vacant House
        Description: Monsters have taken over a vacant house.  Residents nearby
        are frightened, and our client has requested a Hunter to quickly
        exterminate the monsters.

[after entering Gallarno's former residence]

Elc: This is a big house...and I bet it's crawling with goons.  I suddenly
don't think this job pays enough...
???: [off screen] Are you calling us cheap?  That's quite an affront!

[pan down a short distance behind Elc to a fat man and a woman]

Elc: Um, what?
Man: You're the Hunter from the Guild, right?
Elc: Well...uh, yeah.
Man: Well, I'm your current employer.
Woman: The one you just implied was cheap.  I do believe that was the
implication of the lad's comment.
Elc: I really didn't...
Man: Oh, tut tut!  No need to stammer out an apology.  I am somewhat of a cheap
bastard.  Even my friends say so.
Elc:'re not mad?
Man: Heavens no!  The name is Dex - Habersham Dex.
Elc: Well, Mr. Dex, why did you request a Hunter?
Dex: Ha, ha, ha.  Why spend my money to stop creepy sounds bothering
townspeople, eh?  I shouldn't care less about what those simpletons think.
But, well, the wife here has been nagging me to be more sensitive.  And I
figured, "What the hell?"  I've got a mountain of cash.  I suppose I can employ
a bit of philanthropy and make this little problem go away.
Elc: Well, I certainly admire your change of heart.
Mrs. Dex: Hrmph!  Change of heart...Pfft!
Elc: Huh?!
Mrs. Dex: He's not doing this out of the kindness of his heart.
Elc: But, I thought...
Dex: Pipe down.  You're going to spoil it all!
Elc: Spoil?
Dex: Erm...I suppose there's nothing to do but confess the truth now.  My wife
is right.  I'm not doing this for the townsfolk.  I bought this place at an
unbelievably cheap price intending to resell it for a tidy profit.  But, I
didn't know this damned place was haunted.  So, I have to get it cleaned out
before the buyer comes to look at it.
Elc: I'm beginning to understand.
Dex: There isn't much time, Hunter.  This place has to be clean of monsters,
and soon.
Elc: Right.  I'm on it.

Dex: This house is crawling with creepy beasts.  I want them GONE!  If you
manage to achieve that, by all means, let me know.

Mrs. Dex: I really must apologize for my husband lying like that.  He just
can't help himself sometimes.  Speaking of help...  Would you like to rest for
a bit?
         [screen fades out and then back; party is healed]

         Mrs. Dex: I hope you feel better now.  Good luck.

         Mrs. Dex: Well, don't forget I offered!  I'll be here if you change
         your mind.

[when the party engages the first set of monsters...]

Elc: Monsters!


Elc: We did it!

[before subsequent battles...]

Elc: Here we go...

[after all monsters have been defeated...]

Elc: I think that was the last of the monsters.

[upon returning to the foyer...]

Dex: Ah, Hunter!  You've mopped up the monsters in record time!  I can't tell
you how happy this has made me!  Now I can sell this place and command a
hefty premium on my purchase price!  You shall be well-compensated for your
efforts, Hunter.
Mrs. Dex: I don't believe it.
Dex: No, I'm serious.
Mrs. Dex: Yes.  A seriously cheap bastard running on at the mouth.
Dex: That was uncalled for.
Mrs. Dex: I'm sorry, pookie.  I got carried away.
Dex: Yes...yes, you did.  But let's not forget that we have a buyer coming
soon.  We have to prepare for his arrival.  So then, thank you again, Hunter.
Mrs. Dex: I shan't hesitate to call on you again if necessary!
Dex: Take care of yourselves!

12. Protect House from Burglary
        Description: A wealthy client has received a threat from criminals in
        the area that his house will be robbed.  Client requests protection
        from the criminals.

[in the foyer of Dex's house]

Elc: This house again.  I don't know why anyone would buy such a cursed
house...  Oh well, not my problem.  I just do the jobs.

[Elc walks forward and encounters two guards]

Guard: Halt!
Guard 2: Identify yourself!
Elc: Huh?  Oh!  I'm the Hunter that was summoned from the Guild.
Guard: Hunter?
Guard 2: Excuse us.
Guard: The Master is waiting for you in the Dining Hall.  He's quite impatient.
You'd best hurry.
Elc: Right.

[Elc automatically enters the Dining Hall]

???: [off screen] Ah!  You must be from the Guild!

[the screen pans up to show Mr. and Mrs. Dex]

Dex: Come in!  Come in!

[Elc walks up to the pair]

Mrs. Dex: Oh,
Dex: Oh.  It's you again.  Let's see what you can do to help me this time.  I
hear robbers are targeting my property, so I called for a Hunter.  As you may
know... [cut to a shot of one of the rooms in the house] My home has a main
corridor on each side, with 2 small rooms off each. [shot of a second room] As
a precaution, I divided most of my valuables into 4 parts and put some in each
room. [shot of the third room] Each chest in each room is tremendously
valuable. [shot of the last room] It would be a tragedy to lose even one to a
thief.  You must protect all of them. [screen cuts back to the Dining Hall] The
robbery is supposed to take place this evening.  And, that's why I've summoned

[the lights in the room begin flickering on and off]

Dex: What is going on?

[pan down to the door]

Guard: We are under attack, sir.
Guard 2: Monsters are overrunning the mansion!

[cut to the foyer]

Guard: What!
Guard 2: You!
Woman: Oh, this is so annoying!  Nighty night!

[the woman takes out a wand, waves it, and the guards are hit with a sleep

Guard: Gh! [collapses]
Guard 2: Oofh!? [collapses]
Woman: That's better.

[at this point, a pair of monsters enter, and hop over the guards]

Monster: Ms. Rouge!
Monster 2: Ms.!
Ms. Rouge: What are you doing talking when you should be ransacking?!  Do you
know where the treasure is?
Monster: Yah!  We found it.
Monster 2: We did, we did!
Monster: There are four treasure boxes...
Monster 2: four different rooms, Ms. Rouge.
Ms. Rouge: And they'll be ours, soon enough.  Go get them.
Monster: I thought you might wanna.
Monster 2: Yeah!  Let's go, guys!

[more monsters enter the house and Ms. Rouge teleports away; cut back to the
Dining Hall]

Dex: I suppose the time has come sooner than we expected.  Go to it.
Elc: Right.

Dex: What are you doing speaking to me when we're being attacked?!
Mrs. Dex: Hurry!  The thieves are already in the house!
Guard: We can guard this room.  You'd better find the thieves.
Guard 2: I'm counting on you!  Don't mess this one up!

[after you defeat all the monsters in the first three rooms...]

Ms. Rouge: These guys are good!  We're not done yet... [teleports]

[after clearing the fourth room...]

Ms. Rouge: These guys are good!  I think it's time to go.  Let's get out of
here! [teleports

[cut to the foyer]

Ms. Rouge: Hrmph.  Time to go.

[the two monsters from earlier enter]

Monster: Ms. Rouge! [runs over to her] Don't leave me here...please.
Ms. Rouge: You're still here?
Monster: You'll take us with you, right?
Monster 2: Please?
Ms. Rouge: You two are pathetic.  No treasure and no dead henchmen.  This is
not going as I had hoped.  It's no wonder we failed.  The thing that frustrates
me is that I can smell the treasure here.
Monster: I think you're right, Ms. Rouge.
Monster 2: Yeah!  Yeah...
Ms. Rouge: Well then...  We can't leave all that booty here, unattended, can
we?  It shall be mine...I swear it.  But for now, we had best regroup and from
a new plan.  Ready to go?
Monster: Yes!
Monster 2: Ooh!  Ooh!  Yes!

[the two monsters walk forward, Ms. Rouge waves her wand, and the trio
teleports out; cut to the Dining Hall]

Dex: Hmmm.  I see...  I had no idea the ringleader would be a woman.  And one
that commands monsters, to boot!  What a smashing job you've done here.  Those
parasites didn't get an ounce of my valuables!  And, I owe it all to you!  You
were far better than I imagined you'd be.  I can finally sleep without
worrying.  You deserve every bit of your bounty!
Mrs. Dex: We'll recommend you to our friends!

13. Robber's Revenge
        Description: Rumors are circulating that thieves are once again
        targeting our wealthy client.  Therefore, head to client's house and
        guard it from robbery.

[in the foyer of Dex's house...]

Elc: That's strange... [walks forward] The guards are missing...
???: [off screen] Gh!!  Gh!!  Gya!  Kuh!!
Elc: Something's up in the back of the house!

[Elc enters the next room and sees the guards lying on the floor]

Elc: W...what happened here?

[the screen pans up to the Dining Hall door, where Ms. Rouge teleports in]

Ms. Rouge: Our little soiree got out of hand.  But you came just in time to see
us off!

[Ms. Rouge's two monster sidekicks run on screen]

Monster: Ms. Rouge!  Ms. Rouge!
Monster 2: Boss!  Boss!
Monster: We couldn't find any treasure!
Monster 2: It wasn't where it was supposed to be!
Monster: What're we gonna do now, Ms. Rouge?
Monster 2: Yeah, what?
Ms. Rouge: Shut up, both of you!  We have no choice but to retreat for the time
being.  But...
...not before we take care of this meddling Hunter and his pesky friends!
Monster: Good plan, boss!
Monster 2: Yeah, good!
Ms. Rouge: Come forth, creatures of the night!

[several more monsters appear and a battle begins; when all the monsters have
been defeated...]

Ms. Rouge: All of them...defeated?  What an embarrassing showing.  I assure won't be like this next time, Hunter!  Farewell. [she waves her wand,
and teleports away; cut to the Dining Hall]

Dex: Hah...  You really showed those thieves, didn't you?  When they attacked
before you arrived, I feared I might perish.
Mrs. Dex: It was quite frightening...I can't bear to think of it!
Dex: Well, it's over now, my sweet.  We've been saved by the Hunter.  As a
matter of fact, I think this is the fastest job he's done!  I'm sure he's
looking for a big, fat reward.  And, of course, he'll get it.  But, I'm fairly
certain this will be his last job for us.  Ever since I bought this house and
failed to sell it for a quick profit,'s been one disaster after another
here.  I believe this wretched place is cursed, and it's time for us to leave.
Mrs. Dex: If we don't see you again, I want to wish you well.
Dex: Yes, yes!  Be certain to take care!

14. Find Missing Son
        Description: The woman who runs the Comedy Club next to the Ramul Guild
        wants a Hunter to find her son who left a few months ago, but never

15. Catch Mischievous Boy
        Description: Our client wants a Hunter to catch and return her
        mischievous son.  He usually gets into trouble around Ramul Town, so
        start there.

16. Stop the Terrible Gas Leak!
        Description: A gas leak has been discovered near the Romalian wall, in
        The Heap.  Client wants a Hunter to go in to find and stop the source
        of the leak.  The client is waiting in the East Heap area.

17. Guard the Recyclers
        Description: Client wishes an escort for Recyclers Association members
        when they pick up scrap iron due to the danger of monster attack.

18. Monsters' Food!?

19. Catch the Scrap Thief
        Description: The Recyclers have suffered break-ins recently.  Our
        client wants a Hunter to guard the warehouse and catch the thief.

20. Slay the Nocturnal Monsters
        Description: Monsters have been terrifying residents in town at night.
        Wait until evening, then slay the monsters.  Be careful!  This job
        begins as soon as you take it!

21. Play Cupid
        Description: A local client wishes to confess his love for a girl, but
        is too shy.  He requests a Hunter to send a message for him, and is
        waiting at the Inn in Paysus.

22. Exterminate Weapons Thief
        Description: The Prodias Smith is rumored to be a break-in target.
        Client requests Hunter protection.  Meet the owner at the shop counter
        to begin job.

23. Slay the Monster
        Description: We received a cryptic message from a long-time client.
        They asked that a Hunter slay a monster, but said that full details
        would be supplied in Apartment 2.

24. Indigos Escort

25. Indigos Jewelry Robbers II

26. Catch the Slasher
        Description: A slasher has attacked numerous people on Aldia Bridge
        recently.  Our client has requested a Hunter to stop him.

27. Find Ancient Treasure!

28. Find Ancient Treasure II

29. Vengeance Assistance

30. Find the Old Man

31. Monster in the Arena
        Description: Misro Arena is overrun with monsters, and villagers are
        afraid to go there, now.  Exterminate the monsters are secure the

32. Arena Monster Revolt
        Description: The monsters used in the battles at the Niedel Arena have
        revolted.  Stop the rebellion before it endangers the villagers nearby.

33. Find a New Home
        Description: We have an elderly client looking for a new house.  Meet
        the client in the Paysus Restaurant.

34. Stop the Desert Thieves

35. Stop the Desert Thieves II

36. Yuk Yuk Comedy Club Guard

37. Get Food to Holn Village

38. Clear the Tracks!
        Description: Client has requested a Hunter to clear the mine tracks of
        rocks on Mt. Banza.  Client is waiting in the mountain.

39. Collect Minerals
        Description: Client requests that a Hunter retrieve minerals he
        excavated, but dropped.  Client is waiting at Mt. Banza.

40. Deliver Meat to Gourmet

41. Monsters on the Tracks!

42. Deliver the Herb

43. Get Monster Egg

44. Monster Kids!

45. Archaeological Guard
        Description: Our client is researching ancient ruins by examining runes
        on ancient stones.  He wishes protection while doing so.  Client is
        waiting in bar.

46. Rescue Coal Miners
        Description: A cave-in has occurred at Grassel Coal Mine.  Save the
        miners before they run out of oxygen.

47. Monsters in Amaidar
        Description: The monster population at Mt. Amaidar has grown again
        recently.  The monks have grown fearful and have requested a Hunter to
        wipe them out.

48. Find the Missing Burro
        Description: A local has lost her donkey.  Meet with her near the bar
        for details, then retrieve the animal.

49. Boor at the Bar
        Description: A boorish bandito is bothering patrons of the bar.  Our
        client wishes to have him ousted.

50. Theft at Senor Generale's

51. 5 Feathers of Amigue Roc

52. Find the Ring

53. Desert Rapture

54. Lost Girl
        Description: Our client has lost her mother.  Find the lost girl's
        mother and reunite her with her daughter.

55. Mysterious Job Interview

56. Dangerous Medicine
        Description: A Leviathan lives amongst the serpents in the southeast
        cave.  Its horn is valuable for medicine.  Client wishes to have the
        horn retrieved.

57. Return the Sea Dragon's Egg

58. Deliver the Charm
        Description: Our client is a mother of a member of the Resistance.  She
        wishes her son to receive a special charm safely.  She's waiting in the



1. "MusicMan" Lyrics

Lyrics taken from the Arc the Lad Sound Track Complete (VRCH 4002-4003)
Song lyrics written and performed by Cara Jones, music composed by 
Masahiro Andoh

 	And with the twinkling of the lights,
	and the movement of his hands
	It's an orchestral delight!
	He is my musicman

	He can play the strings of my heart
	like I'm his violin
	Every day, because practice makes perfect
	He is my musicman

	Come what may we'll never part
	From beginning to end
	I will gladly play his second fiddle
	Cos he's my musicman

	I've been to Paris and heard all the players
	The cream of the crop,
	but no one compares
	To what I have got
	--we blend in perfect harmony
	Here at home, just him and me, all alone

	Come what may we'll never part
	He is my musicman

	I've been to Paris and heard all the players
	The cream of the crop,
	but no one compares
	To what I have got
	--we blend in perfect harmony
	Here at home, just him and me, all alone

	Come what may we'll never part
	From beginning to end
	I will gladly play his second fiddle
	Cos he's my musicman

	Come what may we'll never part
	He is my musicman

	And with that twinkle in his eye
	He makes magic with his hands
	It's an orchestral delight!
	He is my musicman

End Document