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(Playstation, 1996 Masterpiece, 1997 Human)
FAQ v0.001

I. Introduction.
II. Overview.
III. To Do.
IV. Version History, Credits & Miscellany

I.   Introduction

        Yes... you set up and run a convenience store. This is one of those
bizarro Japanese sims that never made it across to North America, which is
sort of a shame because management games like this have always fascinated me.
It's very similar to Pizza Tycoon for the PC, in the way of you have to pick a
location for your store, furnish it, hire staff, and choose merchandise, down
to which shelf holds what. There's oodles of Japanese text which I can't read,
so for now this is a very basic once-over of the game with minimal in-depth
information. This will change as I attack it with a kanji dictionary and work
things out. =P

II.  Overview

        Alright, so you actually are playing! Yay! =P OK. Once you start,
you're hit with a menu which I don't know what is for. (This theme will come
up a lot.) The first option brings you to another menu where you can enter
your name; the menu items on the far left are for choosing hiragana, katakana,
selected kanji, and Western letters. The last option is to confirm it. So,
enter your name.
        The next thing that shows up is a map selector. Choose the area that
catches your eye most. This may have something to do with the difficulty of the
game, I don't know yet.
        After your map selection, you get to choose your location. You are
presented with an isometric view of the map. Allowable locations are in blue;
each location has a different 'rental price' attached to it. There are probably
other factors listed in the box but I haven't translated them yet.
        Once your location is chosen, here we get into the meaty part. Choose
your store size - small, medium or large. The only one I've been able to pick
is small, so small it is. Then you can choose what type of merchandise your
store carries. The first choice I don't know, the second is beer(!) and the
third is a red cross, which I take to be bathroom stuff. You can choose as
many as you like. Then THE MENU comes up. This is where all the important stuff
happens, at least from what I've seen so far.
        First option: place furnishings. Here you have a variety of racks,
counters and the like. There seem to be different sized cash counters (I assume
for high volume stores you need a big counter), three or four different types
of rack, a copier, what may be a fax machine, etc, etc. If you pick a rack, you
get to choose what goes on it. Candy, pop, what I assume to be ramen (noodle
cups?), toiletries, cereal... =) Once you pick a piece of furniture, you place
it where you like in the store. The L and R keys rotate it to your preferred
facing. The isometric view of the store is not that great (graphics are not
this game's strong suit), so the developers have conveniently provided an
overhead mini-map of the store that greatly aids in positioning things.
        Second option: move an item. This works exactly as if you'd just
selected it and are placing it for the first time. Very simple.
        Third option: select a pre-furnished store. Study these stores. They
have something to them that I don't; I can't get anyone to come in the stores
I make myself!
	Fourth option: trash a piece of furniture. Self-explanatory.
        Fifth and Sixth options: presents you with two very similar options
that I don't know what do yet.
	Seventh option: done.
        Once you're done, you're presented with menus to pick your hours of
operation, and then your staff (who all have indecipherable stats so far). And
then away you go.
        You get to watch people scurry in and out of your store, your staff
restock the shelves and do maintenance, and that's about it so far. You can
pause the game and inspect individual customers (how much money they have, and
other stuff I don't know). As it stands, the game isn't terribly exciting,
except for the warm feeling of building a store and making lots of money. As I
translate stuff and figure out what the hell everything is, I'm sure it will
get more involving, but this will take time.

III. To Do

        For the next version I plan to have the first few menus translated,
and firm translations on the rack merchandise and furniture. And maybe an
explanation as to what the prefab stores have going for them.

IV.  Leftovers

June 2/01: v.001
        I bought the game today (at long last!) and tinkered with it to get a
        feel for it.  Very preliminary guide groundwork laid. This is going to
        be a long-term project. =)

        Tim Pang at Momoyama (http://www.regicorp.com/index.html) for managing
to hold onto this game for two years after I first saw it at his shop before I
came back home and bought it. =P Good luck with the new store, dude.
        Sony, Human and Mastermind, for creating and distributing such a cute
and lovable game. =P

        You can get a hold of me for complaints, compliments or new
        information at either keiichido@hotmail.com or gouf@sympatico.ca.

        That's all (for now), folks.

This document is (c)2001 Dom Tetreault. If you feel the need to use this FAQ
somewhere, that's fine as long as you credit me. This is going to take a
shitload of effort and I'd really hate to think someone is riding on my work.