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Game:Panzer Bandit(PSone)

Memory Card Space:1
FAQ Version:1.0
By:Raymond Zhou(GundamDX9900@hotmail.com)
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Table Of Contents

7.Boss Strategies
8.Please contribute
9.Special Thanks/About Me



The story seems to be about terrorists trying to take over the city of 
the main characters
by way of a giant whale ship.(!?)The four elite fighters, Kou(with his 
robot buddy),
Kasumi, a girl with knives as her weapons and her robotic cat(fox 
maybe?), Miu, a little girl with her robot(whom she can control), and 
Ein, a robot with a lot of weapons.



After the anime intro,  you will be brought to the title screen.Press 
Start and it will give
you four options.

A. Story Mode(which will take you to Start and Record)
B. VS Mode(obvious!)
C. Options Mode
D. Memory Card
 a. Load
 b. Save
 a. Story Mode
  1. Difficulty(Easy, Normal, Hard)(Default being Normal)
  2. Lives(0-5)(Default is 3)NOTE:You cannot get any more lives in any 
other way!
  3. Marker(shows sign where you are during Story Mode)
 b. VS Mode
  1. Time Limit(00-80)(Default is 00)
  2. Win Requirement(1-2)(Default being 1)
  3. Marker(shows sign where you are during Story Mode)
 c. ?
  1. I don't know what this is, please tell me if you know what it does
  2. Change Controls



Kou-(with his robot buddy)
Kasumi-a girl with knives as her weapons and her robotic cat(fox maybe?)
Miu-a little girl with her mech(whom she rides on)
Ein-a robot with all kinds of weapons on him



Title Screen

Start-confirm for character selection and title screen to select the 
four options.


Start-Pause Game
L1-switch between foreground and background
R1-switch between foreground and background
L2-heavy attack
Square-heavy attack
Triangle attack on both sides
X-weak attack
Up(x1)-jump(x2, while in air-jump again)
Down,Up-super jump
QCF-down to towards
DD-down down


1. Towards(x2)+Square(dashing heavy attack)X(dashing weak attack)
2. Circle-special attack

Super Moves can be performed when special meter is glowing yellow.

(Special Moves)

1. QCF+Square or X-Ki Ball(hold square or X to charge, bigger it is 
longer it reaches.
also, it will charge your special meter, but if you get hit while your 
charging it won't do

2. DD Square or X-Kick Upper(square makes you go up farther)

3. DD Square or X(midair)-Down Kick(square makes you go towards farther)

4. Circle-robot shoots a few energy balls

5. DD Circle-robot flies toward enemies like a thrusting sword

(Super Moves)

1. DD R2(Multi Energy Ball)-shoots multiple energy balls at enemies

2. DD Circle(Volt Thrust)-robot flies toward enemies like a electric 
thrusting sword(no effect if enemy is to close)


(Special Moves)

1. QCF+Square-throws two small bombs into the air(hardly in the air!) 
which rolls on the floor if it doesn't hit anything for about 2 
seconds.(explodes after a few seconds)

2. QCF+X-rolls one small bomb on the floor(explodes after a few seconds 
if it doesn't 
touch anything)

3. DD+Square-(shoots uzi, limited range, hit square repeatdly for more 
shots, works best
when you got enemies cornered)

4. DD+X-(shoots uzi(short time), limited range, hit x repeatdly for more 
shots, works best
when you got enemies cornered)

5. Circle-shoots laser beam

6. DD+Circle-shoots laser beam diagonally upwards(depending on which way 
your facing)

(Super Moves)

1. DD-R2(Multi Laser)-shoots stronger blue laser beam


Codes, Hints, Tips

1. With Kou if you keep pressing X on an enemy it'll start an automatic 

2. You can juggle an enemy successfully by hitting them in the air than 
double jump and whoop them.

3. With Kou it's more useful to use Dash+Square then Dash+X.

4. Don't do anything to block

5. The meter that looks like a speedometer is your special meter.When it 
is glowing yellow
you can perform a super move.The bar next to it is your health 
meter.Once the yellow bar is gone.The red one will appear, and once it 
is drained, you are forced to use a continue.
If you have any.

6. If you use a special or hit triangle, it will drain some of your 
special meter.

7. If you're thrown, you can recover quickly or gain control again by 
moving the D-pad
and hitting the buttons.

8. Just to note, Stage 7 has some puppets on jetpacks which throw bombs 
at you.You can
use Ein's uzi to knock it away(when the white part isn't red, It worked 
for me at least)I also
think it's possible for the bombs to hurt your enemies.(the puppets on 

9. Sometimes when you and your enemies normal attacks collide, it will 
make a small purple shockwave.(Reminds me of DBZ)I think whichever one 
uses the heavier attack takes some damage.But even if you use a weak 
attack, the shockwave will still come out.But you'll still
take a little damage.

10. Throughout the game there  will be boxes.In them can be red or blue 
crystals or heart
capsules.The red crystal grants you invulnerability for a limited 
time,(glowing red)the blue
one automatically fills your special meter(glowing yellow, I think if 
you use it up and your still
glowing it will refill)(If your special meter is already glowing and you 
stumble upon this item,
and if you use it, your past meter will still be filled.)The heart 
capsule gives you small health back.(Note:this is the only way to regain 
health.)If you don't pick these items up soon, they'll
be gone.


Characters(So far I only use Koh and Ein)

Kou(Pros)-His Ki Ball is useful for knocking enemies away(better when 
fully charged)
He's a mix of speed and strength.He's your average hero with the normal 
His Multi Energy Ball is pretty tough to dodge because it's so fast.
His Kick Upper is a good Anti-air move and it can be useful when you 
have a lot of
enemies cornered, and you can do the Down Kick for pizzaz.

Kou(Cons)-Although his pros outweigh his cons he still isn't Mr. 
He can get pretty beat up because he doesn't have to much endurance.His
Volt Thrust has no effect if the enemy is to close, thus draining his 
special meter
for know reason.Also it takes a while to charge up his Ki Ball.If you 
get attacked while
charging, not only will the Ki Ball be gone, but you're open to 
(On bosses his Ki Ball doesn't always knock them away even if it hurts 

Ein(Pros)-This robot is pretty tough.His bomb attacks are great for 
knocking the enemies 
away, and they can juggle the enemy if timed properly.His uzi is 
especially useful when
you use it against cornered enemies and even better when you repeatdly 
press square for
more shots.His laser beam can also shoot diagonally upwards and he has 
high defense.I
only had to use about 2 continues for medium difficulty.None of his 
special attacks
(with the exception of his laser beam attack)drain any of his special 
the uzi fills up his special meter to almost full when using the extra 

Ein(Cons)-He hardly has any cons but I'll list them anyway.He is pretty 
slow and lacks
anti-air attacks(with the exception of his laser beam attack upwards, 
but you can't
use it unless you have some of your special meter around, but you could 
be using it for 
something else.)Plus his bombs can be dodged pretty easily and his uzi 
has short range
making it useless if the enemies are way over on the other side.Plus he 
seems pretty susceptible to the bombs in stage 7.Be careful when using 
bombs because bosses
can counter sidestep a bomb explosion and hurt you.


Boss Strategies

Stage 1(Boss)-This mech can be pretty annoying and can even make you use 
a life even
in easy difficulty.I wouldn't recommend using a dashing strike against 
him because he'll 
normally use his machine cannons(which can hurt really bad)or launch 
missiles in your face.Kou can hardly charge a Ki ball and launch it at 
this guy without being stopped by
missiles.Be careful about throwing him in midair because sometimes he'll 
grab you and throw you down, or he'll shoot missiles downward or use his 
machine cannons downward.
What you should do is move away from him while he's in the air and go 
behind him and 
hit him in the air or whack him before he turns around, that's when you 
can do whatever you want on him.He's pretty susceptible to air attacks 
because he has no anti-air moves.
So you can use Kou's Down Kick on him.

Stage 2(Boss)(Sephiroth/Cloud wannabe!?)-This guy looks like Sephiroth 
fused with Cloud or something.He's even got Cloud's huge sword!Good 
thing about this guy is that
he doesn't have any of Cloud's or Sephiroth's moves(phew!:)This guy may 
look tough but he is beatable.First off he'll probably start off with a 
dashing slash which he uses most of the time.When he does do this, wait 
until the slash ends then immediately do a dashing 
strike.(Dash+Square)(Definitely not Dash+X!!!For Kou)When he uses his 
Super Move where
he launches energy balls(like Kou!)stay still so if you get hurt your 
chances of getting
cut by him will be low.Be careful about throwing him because normally 
when he's in the air he doesn't just jump for fun, he'll do a downward 
slash which if you get caught in it
trying to throw/hit him, it'll send you flying down and away.(DBZ 
style!cool!)He also 
has a slash upward(I think in midair)Be careful if you get hurt and you 
damaged him quite a bit, he'll probably use a super(mainly a super 
version of his slash downward)With Kou, 
you can just switch between foreground and background when you knock him 
away once 
then charge a Ki Ball and let him have it when he gets close.

Stage 3(Boss)-This seems to be the only boss that is a girl.(If you 
watch the anime intro, you could see her tits!)She's actually one of the 
toughest bosses.If you just attack her with
a regular attack(square/X)she'll normally counter with a hit from her 
fan.(paper that is)
Try to get out of the way when she jumps over you because she might do a 
spin and her
paper fan will make the ground under you explode.(which can send you 
flying)Also try to only do a dashing strike when recovers from the 
ground, because if she spins her fan it will
shoot a mini tornado out which will send you across the screen.She also 
has this attack which a energy ball comes out, only that it follows you 
across the screen and when in alignment with you it will call a 
lightning bolt(thin) from the sky and shock you.Although it will 
dissispitate as it moves.There is no definite way to beat her but 
throwing is a good tactic.

Stage 4(Boss)-Whatever this thing is it's pretty stupid.This thing can 
shoot some projectiles
at you like a dark matter ball which can "knock a heart capsule out of 
you"(literally!)and you
can't take it back.It also has homing energy balls(this is getting 
annoying!)This guy can also do 
a rolling spin into the air(with a weird laughing)which if you get 
caught without countering, can hurt you pretty bad.You might not have 
enough time to charge Kou's Ki Ball.But you can use the Volt Thrust when 
he's almost close.Ein can use his bombs when he's rolling toward you, or 
use his uzi which might knock him out of the attack.If you can't seem to 
hit him, use Ein's Laser
Shot when he immediately falls back down.

Stage 5(1st Fight* Boss)-This weird robot(reminds me of Big O for some 
reason)is actually
pretty easy in this first run-in with him.He also has machine cannons 
and bombs.His Exploding
Bash(when he charges his elbow into you causes an exploding hit)is 
potentially dangerous.Be
careful because he likes to use his Machine Cannons when you're near, 
and after that probably
dash toward you with his Exploding Bash.The best startegy I've used is 
to jump behind him when throws his first bomb, then do whatever you want 
after that.

Stage 5(2nd Fight*Boss)-This time he's harder, with more health, and 2 
laser attacks similar
to Ein's.Don't have Kou charge because he might get hit by the laser.He 
pretty much uses the same tactics he used in the previous fight just 
with new moves.This is the first time I've seen him use a super(I 
whomped him to fast in the 1st fight for him to be able to use it)which 
launches in arsenal at you.Just use the same stuff as before and you'll 
do just fine, that is if you watch out for
his upward laser.

Stage 6(Boss)-Now this guy reminds me more of Big O then the other 
robot.This guy can headbutt you so jump when he does that.He also can 
stretch his arms around so watch it.He also pounds the ground which 
makes smoke clouds, so if you're within the radius you'll get knocked 
away.He also hovers above the ground a few feet and sometimes punches 
Sometimes he'll stretch his arms outward into the air and a electric 
field will spread and surround him for a while.

Stage 7(1st Fight* Boss)-This mad scientist seems pretty long and 
stretchy.His weird spider walker has an attack like that monkey's from 
Stage 4, except he hovers up with the spider legs
spinning around.His super is a laser beam.(like Ein's)Out of the 
spider's mouth are multiple bombs and mini-me's(Austin Powers is 
hilarious!!)If a mini-me touches you, it'll most likely attach to you 
and blow up.Just watch out for his spinning attack in midair because 
it's a good 
combo.After you beat him prepare for his second form......

Stage 7(2nd Fight* Boss)-This time the Dr. Stretch is in a tank type 
thing.He has a bigger laser
and his super is a multi hit laser beam.His only special attacks are 
those flails that he flails(LOL)
around.All I did was keep jumping up and and hitting him.

Stage 8(Multiple Boss Fights*)-You just fight the bosses from Stage 1-4, 
Stage 5(2nd version*), and Stage 7(2nd version*), Stage 6, and Kou's 
counterpart.Most of the previous enemies you fought before have 
downgraded health, but they all seem to be smarter.(Note*:Up to the 
fight with Kou's counterpart, you'll sustain all the damage from the 

Stage 8(Final Boss* Kou's Counterpart)-This guy acts just like Kou.He 
even has the same attacks!(I'm not sure about the Down Kick though.)All 
you have to do is pummel him before he can do anything.Just be careful 
of his robo buddy which can transform into a sickle and thrust toward 
you.His Kick Upper can be dodged if you stay a few feet away from 
him.Only thing I find annoying is his amount of health.After you beat 
him, he escapes
and you leave off with the good Dr. via airplane.


Please Contribute

1. Please tell me anything you know that's not in here(I don't mean 
and I'll put your name in the Special Thanks.

2. I heard there is a way to play as the bosses in story mode.If you 
know please tell me.

3. Tell me if you know any other moves for Kou or Ein.


Special Thanks/About Me

1. My Mom-for letting me have a PSone.

2. My Dad-for paying for my next console.

3. Gamefaqs(www.gamefaqs.com)-for most of my walkthrough info I need.

4. IGN(www.ign.com)-my source for video clips

5. Gamespot(www.gamespot.com)-for my game reviews

6. Banpresto-for making this game and the greatest strategy games!(Super 
Robot Wars forever!!!!!!!!!)