Bomb Defusing Guide by CHoffman

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/08/99 | Printable Version

Mini-guide to diffusing the bomb in Act 2
by Chris Hoffman (
Ver. 1.0

    Since the bomb area in act 2 is one of the few areas in the game
you can't just point-and-click your way through, and no-one else has
written anything on the game, I figured I might as well be the one to do
it.  This should work for both the Playstation and Saturn version.

    First, clip two wires on the left hand side of the screen.  Then,
the center of the bomb opens.  There will be a grey square in the center
of a small "maze."  Use the pliers, and drag it out and around to the
niche on the bottom right.  Don't touch the walls while dragging or it
will detonate, and don't release the pliers, either, until you get to the
niche.  Now you have to remove the screws.  The trick is to remove the
screw when the red light is blinking off.  You can turn it while the
light is red, but you can't remove it while it is red or it will explode.
The light blinks off in a pattern: long, long, long, short.  Make sure
you only attempt to remove the screw during a long blink or you will
probably die.  The order of the screws is also important: first yellow,
then blue, red, and green.  The core should now open up.  You'll have to
cut the wires in the correct order using the pliers.  Starting from the
bottom left corner and going clockwise, I'll number the 9 wires A, B
(left side); C, D, E, F, G (top); H, J (right).  Cut the wires in this
order: C, D, A, G, and finally J, the red wire.  Hurray!  It's over!

    Feel free to contact me for questions or corrections.  Blah blah blah
don't plagiarize it and stuff blah blah.  Blah blah Policenauts is a
trademark of Konami but the US division doesn't give a whit about it so I
don't care.