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"Super Robot Wars EX" Walkthrough
by Mark Neidengard
version 1.0


SRWEX is split into three chapters, one each for Masaki (easy), Ryuune 
(medium), and Shuu (hard).  You won't be able to get Shuu's section until
you clear Masaki and Ryuune's parts.  Also, you have the option of using
the Interactive Scenario System, which causes events done in one chapter to
effect effects in another chapter, causing events to transpire that otherwise
wouldn't.  This happens at the beginning of a chapter, so you can't use it
the first time you play.  This walkthrough was done with Masaki first and
ISS used for Ryuune.  Masaki picked Shiela's path, so Ryuune gets Ere.
I then used the combined data from Masaki and Ryuune for Shuu.

By the way, although Shuu's path is "hard" and Ryuune's is "medium", my 
experience is that Ryuune's path was actually far more difficult than Shuu's.

M1. RANGURAN Douran ("Rangran Revolt")

We begin with the statement of Clarke's Third Law.  After the fight
with the aliens (in SRW3), Masaki returns to his second homeland, the
subterranean Ra-Gias kingdom.  The central government in Ragran has lost its
efficacy due to a terrorist campaign half a year ago and was largely
destroyed.  At the same time, the army of the Shutedonias Federation attacked.
Masaki pursued Shuu to the Earth's surface, believing him to be manipulating
the terrorists from the shadows, but returned upon Shuu's death.  Ra-Gias is
now in the throes of a war between Shutedonias, the former Ragran army, and
the holy warriors of Kirkus.  Masaki starts roughly 30km south of the city
of Ramond, in the state of Ruzark.  Shiro (one of the High Familiars) wonders
if the Kirkus army has conquered this area yet; Masaki thinks they should
still be duking it out with Shutedonias near Troy.  Kuro thinks they need to
gather information.  Suddenly, a contact appears on the Psybuster's spirit
radar about 10 km out...they didn't catch it sooner due to the spareness of
spirits in the area.  Masaki figures it's some mountain dwellers, and plans to
go ask them for information and maybe train in the process (Kuro thinks they're
guerrillas...)  They've got 4 Elemental Machines, an impressive number for
guerrillas.  Most of them are scared of you, but they want to try to take you
down anyway for the sake of their leader Gold.  Masaki says that jumping
for prey right before their eyes without stopping to think of their own
limitations is strictly according to pattern for the mountain dwellers.  You
have a choice whether or not to say anything to them - if you decide to say
anything you deliver a threat that seems to scare them pretty thoroughly.

  Defeating Gold gives you (gasp!) one whole Repair Kit.

After the battle (if you can call it that) Masaki asks them for info.  The
boss tries to put up a front, but just have Masaki threaten them a bit and
they'll fess up.  Masaki asks about the Kirkus and Shutedonian army movements
in the last two months, and Gold offers to tell about Fier Road's army.
Masaki is surprised that the prince Fier Road is still alive, and fighting
the Shutedonians on Regg Island in the state of Saitsetto.  It turns out that
Gold was formerly the leader of one of the Shutedonian defense batallions,
but was kicked out due to having a wife of Rangran descent.  And upon hearing
that his wife took sick and died, began working out of the mountains.  He
implores Masaki to take him along for revenge on Shutedonias, which Masaki
agrees to.  Go to M2.

M2. Shoukan ("Summoning")

Since Naburo is totally under Shutedonian control, the best way to get to 
Regg Island is to head north and go through Tolman.  Suddenly they get a 
reading on the spirit radar some 80 km out, energy readings and dimensional
distortion.  Masaki wonders if it's a Gate, since they're close to Bagonia.
They also get 3 C-Class mecha from the Ruzark State Army, heading for the
Gate to perform an aerial summons.  Masaki decides to follow them.  He runs
into members of the Ruzark Defense Force, who address Masaki as Duke Randall.
Neither Masaki nor they can detect any trace of surface-worlders despite the
signal from the Gate.  Masaki learns that cases of the Gate opening 
mysteriously have been going on for some time.  It doesn't take long for the
enemy to show up: mobile suits!  Masaki is pissed that the enemy mobile
suit pilots have joined forces with Bagonia, and proceeds to try to trash
them.  Amazingly, it's Jerrid, and Kakricon, and many other pilots from the

  During the battle, Jerrid warns not to get too close less Masaki use 
  Psyflash, but the other faceful minions don't want to listen to him.  After
  the second round of combat, just as Kuro and Shiro are worrying about the
  number of bad guys, Kiry, Remy, and Shingo (Allies of Justice(tm!)) appear.
  They are the God Thunder Team, here to save your ass.  Masaki tells them
  he doesn't need their help, but in order to preserve their status as allies
  of justice they help anyway.  Masaki tells them he makes it a policy not
  to trust people who run around claiming to be allies of justice and all,
  which Remy can identify with.  They actually would have left again except
  Jerrid and his cronies decide to attack them too.  Oh, and btw their machine
  is the Goshogun.

  When Masaki and Jerrid clash, Jerrid blames you guys for all his problems
  (the downfall of the DC, getting summoned to this world).  And when you
  kill him, he promises to pay Masaki back for this some day (good luck...)
  Defeat all enemies for a Magnetic Coating, 2 Propellant Tanks, and 2 Repair

After the battle, Masaki observes that the Goshogun pilots don't seem to be
bad people and learns that they were summoned (without their consent) to this
world from the surface.  They're fighting the invaders of Rangran as a way
of paying back the people who found and took care of them, who promised to
return them to the surface once peace is restored.  Masaki tells them he
intends to look for old friends among the summoned ones and asks them to join
him.  They turn down his offer, saying there's something have to do first,
but the two groups suspect they'll see each other later.  Just after the
Goshogun departs, a surface girl comes through the gate, who is sleeping
soundly.  Masaki, she, and the soldiers return to base.  The girl, named Mio,
immediately mistakes Masaki for a kidnapper and tells him he won't get any
money out of her poor family.  Masaki tries explaining things to her, but
she's hung up on the notion of him kidnapping her.  Doors promises to take 
care of the rest - Masaki remarking that he's bad at handling people like
this and that she reminds him of Ryuune.   Go to M3.

M3. IMOOTARU no Geigeki ("Ambush at Immortal")

A group of enemy mecha has crossed the river and have finally begun the
invasion, which Masaki will help fend off.  They decide to fight at the 
Immortal Ravine, where the enemy's numerical advantage can't be fully
exploited due to the terrain.  It seems the war with Shutedonias has seriously
worn down Ruzark's warfighting ability.  Masaki also wonders how he's going
to get more firepower on his side.  It seems the enemy even has mecha-beasts;
a major abnormality... Leading the enemy is Jorg, who already received
intelligence reports about the battle, tells his men not to clash with the
Psybuster and concentrate on the batallion.

  On the second round, Mazinger Z and Aphrodite A show up.  Although it's
  not indicated in this game, Mazinger Z starts out in Jet Scrander mode, 
  enabling several attacks not available in the base mode and letting him
  fly.  Kyouji makes the apt observations that there's no horizon and the sun
  doesn't move here, and wonders what the hell is going on.  As soon as
  Masaki explains what the Shutedonians have done, Kyouji realizes they're
  the Bad Guys(tm) and gets ready to kick their ass.  Then, on round 3, the
  Elemental Lord Diablo appears...piloted by Mio!  It's a major shock to the
  army and Masaki that Mio could pilot the thing with no advance preparation,
  but Masaki quickly resolves to get to know Mio better.  The enemies will
  retreat when enough of them get killed.

After the battle, Kyouji wonders how to get back to the surface.  Masaki tells
him that there aren't many priests with the power to open the gates, but
that he remembers something and will try to do what he can.  Kyouji then
notices that Masaki can come and go freely and demands to know why.  The
Psybuster is powerful enough to open the Gates, but _only_ the Psybuster can
go through.  Go to M4.

M4. OORABATORA ("Aura Battlers")

Mio _really_ likes the Diablo and asks if she can have it.  Masaki asks her
if she's even considered the fact that it means she's got to fight, and
she goes on another Ally of Justice(tm) spiel.  Both Masaki and Kyouji tell
her she'll hate the fighting soon enough, but Sayaka points out that that's
not very convincing coming from them.  Masaki plans to head north to join
Prince Feir, but first he decides to mop up the Shutedonians who have
joined forces with Naburo.  Kyouji comes along with Masaki, and Masaki tells
Mio to come along with him too since Fiero should have some priests who can
open the Gates.  She agrees, saying she's always wanted to be an Ally of
Justice...Sayaka is a tad worried about all the loose canons.  At the battle,
you discover that the enemy have some Earthlings among them.  Jorg orders
Burn, a surface dweller he apparently rescued, to attack you.

  Amidst the battle, the Dunbine (and Bilvine) appear.  Mio remembered seeing
  them among the Aura Battlers (which at the time was running amok in
  Shinjuku).  Masaki plans to leave them alone, but they contact him first
  and tell him how they were taken care of by one of the friendly army
  officers.  When they confront Burn in battle, they aren't very happy to see

  NOTE: when Mio actually kills someone the stress of combat will cause her
  to panic and disappear from the board.  Beat them all for a Booster and a

After the battle, Masaki thanks Shuu and the others.  They return with you
to base for repairs and reoutfitting.  Doors thanks you for your hard work,
but Masaki is eager to press on.  Shou has heard that at the Soratis Shrine
is a priestess named Ibun who can open the Gate.  The familiars are very
dubious that she'll actually open the gate for you, which prompts Mio to ask
who they are.  It turns out that they're created from a part of his 
subconscious.  Even if asking Ibun doesn't work, it's not out of the way for
the rest of the group - so everyone heads out for the Soratis Shrine.  Doors
asks to accompany you, since his work here is finished and he wishes to
join with the rest of Prince Feir's subordinates.  You can have him join you
or not at your option.

Masaki then enquires why the Aura Battlers seem relatively undamaged despite
the obvious lack of heavy armor.  Shou tells him that even though the
machines themselves are fairly meager, they project an aura that shields
them.  Mio then thinks Shou's talking about a Barrier, and then wonders why
that Barrier didn't get broken by sustaining too much damage.  Noone has
a good comeback.  In any case, your group detects a battle proceeding off to
the East.  If you go to investigate it, head to M5.  Otherwise, head to M6.

M5. OORA SHIPPU  ("Aura Ship")

On the theory that there may be some Lond Bel people embroiled in the battle,
you head for the scene.  Upon arrival, you note the Goraon, piloted by Ere.
Todd is also with her.  There's some bad blood between Shou and Todd, but
he's on the side of good now in the interest of getting back to the surface
in one piece.  Dick, leader of the enemies, calls for reinforcements when
your crew shows up, foreseeing calamity if your group is allowed to escape

  In the midst of battle, Goshogun shows up again.  Kyouji's never heard of
  the Goshogun before, which Kiry writes off as the failure of their
  autobiography's sales.  Unfortunately, next round Jorg and some stooges
  show up again looking for revenge.  Defeat all enemies for a Propellant 
  Tank and a Repair Kit.

After the battle, the Goshogun crew depart again after hearing the story of
Kuro and Shiro.  Masaki notes that the battle was a bit out of their way but
was good for at least getting them some new companions.  Ere is informed that
they will be able to return to the surface at the shrine, news that doesn't
seem to please her all that much... Go to M7.

M6. Sei Shoujo ("Holy Girl")

As you near the shrine, you detect an energy reading approaching it, a
warship from the size of its signature.  It's Sheila, who apparently got
summoned to this world too.  They're here because someone named Yan Lon told
them someone who could open a path to the surface world is here.  Masaki has
some beef with Yan Lon and is _not_ happy to hear he's still alive.  Sheila
can't really pinpoint his location except that it's far to the East.  Shiro
points out that Sheila sort of resembles Queen Monica.  Here comes the
enemy...and it's not the Shutedonians!  It's the Ghost Machine Nagzart, and
the demon priest Ruozor.  Masaki is rather worried that the Psybuster as it
is now can't take this guy down.  He demands to know what Ruozor is up to,
who replies he only came here from the castle which floats in the sky in
pursuit of holy waves.  He wants Sheila as a sacrifice, which Masaki won't
permit.  In which case, the two have no choice but to fight.   At which
point Ruozor summons a bunch of ghost creatures for you to fight: demon
golems.  With no choice but to fight them, Masaki warns everyone not to waste
their energy on Ruozor himself, who isn't corporeal and can't be hurt by
the weapons you have now.

  He probably _is_ corporeal, but he's got 6400 points of armor and the
  strongest immunities in the game.  Masaki is right: don't waste your energy
  on him and concentrate on taking out the demon golems.

After the golems are defeated, Ruozor retreats, saying there is still work
waiting for him to finish.  Go to M8.

M7. Soratis Shrine

Masaki asks Mio if she's ever piloted a Mobile Suit or anything before, to
which she replies that she's just an ordinary schoolgirl.  Her parents both
died in a plane accident two years ago.  Masaki reveals that he lost both
parents in an accident too - and asks if she's got any special characteristics.
The best she can come up with is being third dan in Aikidou [btw this is
extra kick-ass a 15-year old. -MLN].  She also tells Masaki her three
sizes (without his asking).

Upon reaching the shrine, you get no response to your greeting.  Instead you
get fired upon by the unmanned guard robots.  Shou comments that the
Psybuster is powered by fierce emotions and that it seems like a perfect fit.

  In the midst of battle, Chris and Bernie show up unexpectedly.

After the battle, Ibun tells Masaki that he's a little late in getting there.
She's using a type of magical defense that made her body look transparent,
causing Masaki to think she's a ghost.  Actually, she _is_ a ghost and won't
maintain corporeality even five minutes more.  She was killed by Ruozor,
who was trying to hack REB and had to be stopped.  She doesn't know what he
was up to, but has something very important to tell everyone: those who want
to return to the surface should go meet Prince Fier, since she no longer has
the power.  He's heading to the capital, Langran, to free it and Queen Monica.
As she fades from sight, she tells you the world is about to be destroyed and
implores you to save everyone.  Masaki is really upset, but presses forward

M8. Soratis Shrine

This is the same battle as M7, but without the stone golems in mid-battle.

Masaki finally manages to find Ibun, although he's too impolite to get her
to listen to him.  The others fare better though and are able to convey
wanting to be sent back to the surface.  She ponders who could have mustered
enough power to bring everyone here, and for what purpose.  Perhaps it's
Katekis, or Feir..and probably not Telius.  Masaki is still mad about the
guards, but she tells him to complain to "REB", who despite "his" unpleasant
disposition has been helping support Ibun's research.  REB turns out to be
the shrine's main computer.  It's been hacked by someone, presumably the
Shutedonians, and has been corrupted.  If repairs could be performed a return
to the surface would be possible, but all the demon golems have prevented
anyone from getting close to the computer core.  Masaki and the others
agree to try to do something about them.  If your team can eliminate the
demon golems inside five turns, she thinks she can seal away the problem.
Go to M9.

M9. DEMON HAKKU  ("Demon Hack")

Ibun tells you that the core of the computer is shielded, so fire at will.
Masaki was planning to do that anyway (joy).  Beat all the demon golems down
in five turns and Ibun will suppress Gatezelk who has been infesting the
computer.  Gatezelk turns out to be a low-level demon who has been living
inside of REB.  But now that the Gate system is restored, Kyouji and Sayaka
don't want to go home just yet, preferring to stay and help Masaki with all
the cool stuff.  The Aura Battlers decide to stay too, figuring that Drake
and Bishot were probably summoned too and worried about what Drake would do
if left unchecked.  In fact, _everyone_ is staying here.  Go to M10.

M10. KOORARU KYANION ("Coral Canyon")

Ibun recommends that your group head for the capital, since Prince Fier is
heading that direction, and since Queen Monica is in danger from the
aggressors, that something is after her.  Saving the queen seems a simple
enough task for Masaki, so off you all go to the capital city of Langran.
On the way, you run into the Goddess and Tyutti, one of the other four
Elemental God-Machines.  Tyutti is really upset with Masaki for going away
without warning - she refers to him as her brother, which Masaki can't stand.
Along with Tyutti is Presia, who is much happier to see Masaki and _also_
calls him her brother.  The two teams are planning to rendezvous at Coral
Canyon, where Masaki fills them in on the details.  However, a bunch of
Shutedonians attack, which Presia senses even before Masaki does.  Among them
are the ZZ Gundam and the F-91, who are apparently working for the 
Shutedonians because Lina is being held hostage.  The two of them decide to
pretend to fight while explaining things to the others.  Shou thinks he can
save the hostages, so Masaki and the others retreat for the moment.

After a non-battle, preparations are made to rescue Lina.

M11. KOORARU KYANION, Futatabi ("Coral Canyon, Again")

Shou asks to how to recognize Lina.  Masaki shows him a picture from aboard
the Ral Kairam.  Shou borrows the picture to help convince Lina of his
identity and heads off - but not before Tyutti gives him a "minor" magic
item: sleeping gas, with three charges.  Now, the rest of the group just has
to buy time.  Masaki and Kyouji have a hard time _not_ wanting to fight, and
they end up deciding to mix it up with the enemy just enough to make it look

  After three turns of battle, Shou reappears with Lina.  At which point,
  Judou and Seabook join you.  Rishel, the enemy commander, is very surprised
  by this, but responds by sending out reinforcements.  Beat Rishel for a

After the battle, Shou tells you that there were many Mobile Suits and Aura
Battlers inside the mobile fortress where Lina was being held captive: a
Kabul and a Gira Douga, as well as the Replicarn and the Rhineck.  After some
praise for Shou (and Charm), the group prepares to head straight for the
capital, with the threat of the Shutedonians looming.  Tyutti tells the group
that the guard is light at Langran, since Fier is trying to foment the final
battle on the plains of Nagurt.  Masaki decides on an assault from thinly-
guarded Mt. Ginas.  Go to M12.

M12. Outo Sen'nyuu  ("Infiltrating the Capital")

Unidentified machines approach rapidly as you approach the capital.  To your
horror, you discover the Granzon: Shuu is still alive!  ...And apparently
without his memory.  Masaki declares him to be SOL and readies for battle,
but Shuu can't even remember Masaki's knack for the profane.  However, Shuu
is apparently in a hurry and your group can't keep him around long enough to
find out what's going on.  However, some Shutedonians show up to play with
you instead.  Their leader, Zanboss, tells his subordinate Gibon to take some
of his men and follow Shuu, while the rest stay and fight you. 

  In the midst of battle, Kernagurl appears amidst the strains of Ride of the
  Valkyries(!!!).  Kuttner tells him that they have no choice but to do what
  they were told in the hopes of returning to the Surface.  Kernagurl replies
  that his pride has been wounded, but before he can say any more Bundorl 
  tells him to shut up.  Both your team and Zanboss's men think they're the
  enemy.  When Bundorl sees the Psybuster, he really starts drooling, and
  decides to capture the Psybuster at all costs.  However, next round the 
  Goshogun appears!  Apparently there's bad blood between them and Kernagurl,
  although Bundorl thinks it's the red thread of fate.  Defeat Zanboss for a
  Chobham Armor.

  When you have the Goshogun fight Kernagurl, Kernagurl tells your people that
  his schemes in this world are none of their business.  Defeat Bundorl and
  the rest for an Apogee Motor.  Shingo tells you that his team is chasing 
  the Docougar, and that it'll surely be back again - he asks if his team
  can hang with you for the time being.

Sneaking in has just gotten harder, but a transmission arrives from Feir Road,
relayed by Freike and Geri (wolf familiars!).  This sends Tyutti into a frenzy
of emergency make-up preparations before taking the call.  It turns out that
he has been successful in crushing the Shutedonians at the Nagurd Plain, and
wants your help assaulting the capital.  Tyutti vows to bring Masaki and hurry
to his side.  Go to M13.

M13. Taigi no Moto ni ("In the Name of Justice")

Judou asks Masaki to tell the group a bit more about prince Fier Road, a
sentiment Seabook echos.  Masaki replies that they'll probably understand
when they meet him, but he's definitely a good guy.  Serious, and the rightful
heir to the throne.  Tyutti adds her enthusiastic endorsement, as Masaki
points out that it's General Kirkus' leadership that is dividing, instead of
unifying, the land.  Apparently the current war weakened Langran's stabilizing
influence, allowing Shutedonias to flourish.  Apparently the president of
the Shutedonias Federation, Zorau Shield, is a major hawk, and the ruling
military cadre "Trinity" is with him.  They must be stopped before war engulphs
all of Ra-Gias.  Just then, an emergency transmission from Fier directs you
to attack the enemy at the south of Banan City.

  The enemy are commanded by Rodney, who isn't dreadfully happy to see you and
  rather impressed that you had both the foresight and the strength of troops
  to attack him here.  Richie breaks the bad news that the Psybuster and the
  Goddess are among your troops, and Rodney responds by having "a certain"
  mecha readied with class-one armaments, which he plans to pilot himself.
  After one round, Kou and Gato show up, Kou being his usual uncool self.  
  Sadly, four more enemies appear the next enemy turn.

  On turn 4.5, Rodney appears in the Zamjeed, one of the Elemental God-
  Machines!  Richie tells him that they have only managed to put 75 guardian
  spirits into the machine, to which Rodney replies that anything over 70 is
  more than enough, and that only an Elemental God-Machine can counter another.
  Masaki and Tyutti wonder how the enemy could have gotten their hands on it,
  to which Freiki replies that Zamjeed was probably placed under a Geas and
  forced to fight.  The process of being forced to act counter to its own will
  is very painful for the robot, and Mio comments that the Zamjeed is crying.
  Tyutti is amazed that Mio can read what's in the Zamjeed's heart...Masaki
  believes that Mio is the Zamjeed's chosen one.  There's some past history
  between Masaki and Tyutti, but before we get to hear about it Mio reminds
  everyone that the enemy are still coming their way...  Beat all enemies for
  a Minovsky Craft.

After the battle, the Zamjeed is too badly damaged to be repaired immediately
but should be repairable by Feir.  Tyutti then contacts Feir and finds out
that the operation was a seeming success.  Feir extends his gratitude to
everyone who helped in the battle, and proposes meeting up at Mt. Gajetta to
finish retaking the capital.  Masaki remarks that Gajetta is a place with
too many memories as the two groups meet.  Feir thanks everyone again and
begins a council of war, which Tyutti forces Masaki to attend.  Everyone from
the surface dines separately, causing Mio to observe that the food doesn't
taste much different from the surface.  Kyouji realizes that even though the
writing is different, everyone can understand each other: Tyutti tells you
that you were magicked during the summoning to take care of that problem.

The plan is for your group to form a separate batallion and go around and
attack the enemy flank in the West.  Since your group is an irregularity, the
attack will draw the enemy's attention toward you (and away from the main
force).  Go to M14.

M14. Toraware no Oujo ("Imprisoned Queen")

Kyouji asks Mio how the Zamjeed is doing; there's something wrong with the
feedback circuit for the right hand.  Tyutti discovers that the Shutedonians
tried to make all sorts of modifications and screwed things up.  Unfortunately
she can't fix it; it'll have to be left for the time being.  Mio vows to
return the Zamjeed to the way it was no matter what.  When you get to the
battlefield you run into Zanboss, who is trying to capture your team regardless
of your attempted diversion.  Rodney is with him, and warns him that your
group is quite tough.  Zanboss had sent most of the troops off to fight with

  Once you do enough damage to Zanboss, he says he has no choice but to use
  his trump card.  He gives you a chance to surrender, which Kyouji and the
  others obviously don't take him up on it.  He then says that failure to
  surrender will result in a certain person getting hurt - Queen Monica.  He
  is going to give you five turns, but upon receiving some sort of communique
  demands you withdraw immediately.  Abruptly, a new mecha appears on the
  scene - piloted by Queen Monica, or rather, by Senia, who managed to break
  out of the simplistic computerized prison they had kept her in.  Beat all
  of them for a Magnetic Coating and a Repair Kit.

After the battle, Shou and the others request an explanation, although 
Masaki has to go and fetch Senia before he can begin.  She was gawking at the
mecha from the Surface.  After a bit of persuasion, Masaki pries her away
from the hangar and back to the others.  It turns out she's Queen Monica's
twin sister, Feir Road's younger sister.  She says she doesn't have any
claim to the throne and asks everyone to address her without honorifics, which
strikes Sayaka as odd.  Evidently she failed a test of her magical power and
got disqualified, a test that all the royalty must take.  She was acting as
Monica's body double because Christof (Shuu's other name...) kidnapped her.
Masaki realizes that that was what Shuu had been on the way to do, and gets
predictably upset.  Oddly, even though Shuu supposedly has amnesia he seemed
perfectly normal when he abducted Monica.  Masaki suspects he'll run into
him again.  Tyutti says Monica should be okay in Shuu's hands for the time
being and recommends focusing your attention on taking back the capital.  Go
to M15.

M15. Outo e no Kikaku ("Return to the Capital")

Mio wants to know if Masaki and Tyutti came from the surface.  She has Masaki
pegged as a Japanese, but she mistakes the Finnish Tyutti for German.  Tyutti
tells her that not just them, but all the pilots of the Elemental God-Machines
and most of the pilots of the Original Elemental Machines were from the
surface.  According to Senia, the Original Elemental Machines number twelve,
and were constructed around the same time as the Elemental God Machines.
They were originally built in response to a prophecy of the end of the world;
until that point such powerful weapons had never existed within Ra-Gias.  Mio
is amazed that such weapons were built because of something so vague - which
gets Senia confused.  It seems that in Ra-Gias prophecies are derived from
Laplace Transform theory, not like the spiritualism-based ones on the surface.
Needless to say Senia is shocked.  Tyutti explains that such prophecies on
the surface are worded vaguely so that the prophets can make excuses when
(as they usually do) they turn out to be false.  The Langran prophecies are
_very_ accurate, but are still just predictions and can be changed by human
effort.  Senia tells Mio that the reason pilots from the surface were chosen
is that their Plana (chi) is fiercer than all Ra-Gians except for the royalty.
Since this is related to the violence of their emotions, Mio wonders how
Tyutti got involved.  The explanation is that their emotional depths are 
buried deep with.  Presia asks if she can have the Diablo after Mio gets the
Zamjeed, since Maddock let her ride in it a bunch before: Masaki's objections
get overridden since Presia is Zeorood's daughter.

Near the objective, the Spirit Radar becomes unoperative.  Freki blames this
on too many summonings from the fairy realm and disses Shiro for not 
comprehending that.  Insert aloof-sounding wolves and pissed-off cats, which
apparently happens all the time.  The destination is marked by a column of
smoke: General Orluto and his men are being badly bested by the Shutedonians.
Guess who stages a heroic entrance.  Orluto is told to retreat and regroup
the army, leaving your people to mop up.

  Amazingly, during round two the Boz Robo shows up, with Boz and Jun inside.
  Sadly, they haven't found Tetsuya and Duke, but since the Shutedonians 
  thought the Boz Robot looked like junk Boz and Jun didn't get detained.
  Sadly, a certain troika of bad guys shows up next round: Kuttner, Kernagurl,
  and Bundorl.  Kernagurl isn't very gracious about offering their help, and
  the leader of the Shutedonians lets him know it.  Defeat all enemies for a
  Magnetic Coating, a Propellant Tank, a Repair Kit and a Repair Kit S

After the battle, Shingo and the Goshogun pilots leave to follow Bundorl.
Masaki doesn't try to stop them, much to Remy's sorrow.  A message then 
arrives from Fier Road: he's very impressed that you're done already.  All
that remains for the retaking of the capital is reuniting with the Kirkus
Army.  Judou is disappointed he didn't see more action, to which Shou replies
that it's better not to disrupt the balance of this world too much before
returning to the Surface.  Chief of Staff Novus explains the current
situation.  The Shutedonian dominion currently extends over the southeast
portion of the continent.  On the map, Green is your armies, Blue is the
Kirkus armies, and Red is Shutedonias.  On the surface, it looks like you
and the Kirkus army surround the Shutedonians, but conversely your army could
be seen as being surrounded by Shutedonias and Bagonia, and Kirkus by 
Shutedonias' expeditionary force and the actual country.  If your current
string of victories can be extended, victory should be assured; however the
threat of the enemy can't be written off just yet.  The Shutedonians still
have an advantage in sheer numbers, making a direct deciding offensive
infeasible.  This means that uniting with Kirkus offers the best chance for
success.  A com channel is opened to Kirkus, and Feir implores Kirkus directly
for help.  Kirkus is concerned about Feir's lack of assistance half a year
ago and criticizes Feir.  Apparently he's willing to forge a treaty, but
wants some assurances for his nation for after the Shutedonians are repulsed.
Feir is worried that Kirkus is asking for independence, but all he (seemingly)
asks for is for Langran to return to peacetime conditions.  His demand is
that Langran be ruled by Telius, which Feir is _not_ pleased about.  Novus
points out that both Feir and Monica are before Telius in line for the throne, 
to which Kirkus replies that there's no telling when Feir might try something
funny.  Feir accepts the condition, provided the transfer of authority 
happens after the Shutedonians are all evicted.  Kirkus agrees and invites
Feir to the impending coronation...

Novus is unhappy, saying that Telius is obviously being set up as a puppet
for Kirkus.  Feir replies that the king is merely for show and that getting
rid of the Shutedonians comes first.  He claims not to need the position of
King to keep Kirkus in line.  And if the Kirkus army gets out of hand, he
vows to fight them to keep Ra-Gias peaceful.  Masaki then relays the news
that the next battle will be in three days at the Redona Basin, where your
team will act in concert with Kirkus troops and attack on the left flank.
Go to M16.

M16. KAAKUSU no Yabou ("Kirkus's Desire")

Senia is accompanying your group, claiming you have a lack of skilled pilots.
Your group manages to sneak up to the enemy flank, surprising Zales and his
men.  With the enemy in disarray, your group attempts a swift rout.

  Tetsuya and Maria show up in Great Mazinger on round two.  Tetsuya got
  wounded running from the Shutedonians and Maria is piloting...and Hikaru is
  with them.  It turns out the two Spacers got trashed and had to be 
  cannibalized for parts to keep Great running.  On round 3.5, Yazan and Rakan
  show up - Yazan wants to kick your guys' ass, but Rakan insists on helping
  you out (to save his own ass).  The two are NPC's in Kirkus's service.
  Defeat Zales for a Repair Kit.

After the battle, Kirkus shows up, promising to return Yazan and Rakan to the
surface as thanks for fighting for him.  Masaki angrily confronts him for
advancing Telius's claim to the throne and causing chaos - Kirkus responds
that Feir is a far more chaotic influence than Telius.  He doubts he'll be
able to get you to understand, and disappears again (until the coronation,
in theory).  Feir was successful in beating back the enemy too, and reports
that all the Shutedonians have now been forced back across the Nuet Sea, 
leaving the rest up to the Kirkus Army's skills.  Go to M17.

M17. Itsuwari no Taikanshiki ("Phony Coronation")

Tyutti goes to get Masaki (waking him in the process) and convey orders from
Feir concerning the impending coronation.  Masaki is worried that acknowledging
Telius will put the power-hungry Kirkus into a position he can't be dislodged
from, despite Feir's plan to retain some kind of veto power.  Tyutti agrees
but points out that just saying that won't help matters - all they can do
is help ensure Feir's safety during the coronation.  Mio runs into the two
of them and Masaki tells her that they're going to Valentine Province to
protect Feir.  Mio requests various kinds of souvenirs.  The two of them 
make it to Valentine without being attacked by legions of assassins (somewhat
to Masaki's surprise).  Of course, just as Masaki is pointing this out, the
bad guys arrive (on cue).  It is Godol and two minions, who request politely on 
Kirkus' behalf that Feir not attend the coronation just at present, but for
him to do so later.  Masaki is understandably pissed at this change of plans,
but Feir decides to comply.  He explains that Kirkus's men's change of attitude
is fishy, and that they need to examine the next coronation very carefully.
There is no battle.  Go to M18.

M18. TERIUSU no Shuppon ("Telius' Flight")

Your group returns early (with no souvenir for Mio).  The coronation's
time was moved forward and is now being broadcast to all Ra-Gias.  Cut to 
the broadcast, where High Priest Zabod's benediction is in progress.  Feir is
shocked by the broadcast, and notices that that Telius is apparently a fake.
Apparently Telius is Feir's half brother, born to a woman named Natalia who
the world think is of nobility.  She's _actually_ dispossessed royalty, which
until the broadcast only Feir and Telius knew about.  It seems she's of the
Norlancer family, a supposedly cursed bloodline behind which lies a secret
which Telius once told Feir about.  Telius was apparently a very docile person
who only ever snapped once, while defending his mother from allegations of
impropriety.  The problem is that during the broadcast, the mother's name was
given with "Zoram", not with "Grania" as befits royalty.  And since the
real Telius would have never spoken of his mother that way...the one in sight
must be a double.  However, Feir can't confront Kirkus directly since he has
no proof, and the only people who know of the matter are him and the real
Telius.  Nobos and Feir decide to have Senia seek out Telius's real 
whereabouts, suspecting that a showdown with Kirkus may be in the offing...

Senia starts hacking, and due to an incomplete file deletion (doh!) finds out
that the real Telius has escaped from Kirkus's place.  He's somewhere in
Bluksen Province, pursued in secret by Kirkus's men.  Masaki and the others
hurry off to rescue him, fearing that now that Telius's double is in action
that the real article is no longer needed.  Major Ratel Across, leading the
division of Kirkus's men, tells Telius to stop lest they have to take special
measures and that their orders don't care whether he's alive or dead.  Telius
won't listen, so Ratel has Leslie use Shadow Binders, preventing him from
escaping.  Ratel chats with Tyutti a bit, telling her she can't hand Telius
over even if it means killing him.  Telius then manages to break the Shadow
Binders, which shouldn't been humanly possible even for royalty.  Shuu shows
up out of nowhere, tells Telius that he would like him to ply his great
powers for him of his own volition, and Telius decides to comply, all before
Masaki can get a word in edgewise.  Shuu then whisks Telius away, leaving
everyone in the dust.  Ratel resigns herself to going back and reporting
failure, at which point Leslie reminds her that the news that a fake Telius
being at the coronation would hurt Kirkus's credibility worldwide.  Just
then, Ahamed appears and concurs...until Masaki points out to him that Kirkus
is a usurper.  Ahamed counters that powerful people rising to their rightful
standing is only natural, and that he already knows how bad wars can be
(having grown up in Palestine).  Once wars start, the best thing to do is
simply end them as quickly as possible, which means allying oneself with
whoever is the most powerful.  Ahamed then says that all evil is comparable
before Allah, and that even if Kirkus isn't an entirely good person, Feir 
surely isn't either.  Ahamed intends to kill your people here and now, but
Ratel tries to intervene and claim all blame for losing Telius.  Ahamed tells
her that even if she does so and is put to death, it won't change the reality
of Kirkus getting discredited and the war waxing hot again.  Leslie manages
to persuade Ratel and Lioness to fight alongside Ahamed against you.

  On round 2.5, Ashura and two goons shows up, finally hoping to make good
  her grudge against you.  Defeat all enemies for a Magnetic Coating, a
  Booster, a Chobham Armor, and an Anti-Beam Coating.

After the battle, Tyutti observes that you've lost your means of exposing
Kirkus's deception.  It seems unlikely that Shuu plans to do anything bad
to him, but Masaki realizes that Shuu now has three people with claims to
thrones on his side...being that Shuu was originally a prince himself.  Feir
tells you to not take it too hard over a transmission, but is interrupted by
the news that the Kirkus Army is attacking.  Looks like you get to 
counterattack him...  Go to M19.

M19.  Outo no Kessen ("The Final Battle at the Capital")

Your team expresses drooling incomprehension of what's going on around them.
Maria expresses some doubt about the proper way to designate right to a throne,
based on being a Queen from the planet Freed.  However, that was when she was
very little, and it apparently didn't sink in very well.  Meanwhile, Kirkus
is ordering his men to hurry up, lest the Psybuster and Goddess get back and
ruin their plans.  Too bad it's already too late.  Beat Kirkus for a Long
Range Radar.

When you beat Kirkus (who has an escape pod), Tyutti prevents Masaki from
running off after him by saying that almost noone will follow him now that
he's lost his official standing.  All over the world Kirkus's armies are being
smashed, and the Shutedonians are still quiet - peace breaks out.  Maybe.
Feir is ailing badly, and Novos puts his foot down and forces him to rest.
Just then news of guerrillas thought to be of Shutedonian origin on a campaign
of destruction in the province of Troya arrives.  Feir leaves suppressing
them to you.  Kyouji wants to go home now, but Senia tells him to be patient
a little longer until all the priests return to the capital.  So, for the
time being, it's off to do guerilla hunting.  Go to M20.

M20. Inbou no Kage ("Shadows of Intrigue")

There is some question of just how powerful the guerrillas are if it takes 
_your_ team to stop them.  It appears they're receiving secret arms shipments
from Shutedonias and running circles around the local military.  Masaki
figures Shutedonias will keep causing trouble, at least until Langran's 
internal affairs get sorted out.  The spot of the upheaval sits atop of a
motherload of Orichalconium, a very strong, hard, light material used for
such things as the armaments of the Elemental God-Machines.  However, it's
very rare and hard to work, so not much is made from it.  And about this
time, the enemy pop up.

After round two, your party begins to suspect a trap.  When you kill all the
enemies, Mio discovers a cave: the entrance into the mine.  Of course she
advocates charging in. ^_^;;;  Go to M21.

M21. Chitei no Shitou ("Deathmatch at the Center of the Earth")
Your group prepares to enter the mine.  Bernie is afraid of the dark.  Film 
at eleven.  The cave is very large, in order to afford the work machines
passage.  Just then, Freki tells Tyutti that all the spirits have vanished
since entering the cave... As everyone starts to worry, Shiro reminds them of
the rumor that under this mountain slumbers the God of Destruction, Sarva
Volkrus.  According to Masaki, it won't come back as long as the kekkai is
in place...at which point Ruozor shows up and congratulates the party on 
realizing exactly how much trouble they're in.  He's trying to resurrect
Volkrus in line with his vocation as Demon Priest, and his position as Volkrus'
avatar.  Which means he can easily call upon Volkrus' power.  His ultimate
goal is to use that power to spread chaos throughout the world.  You then
find out that he's joined forces with the Shutedonians, and instructs them
to get in your way.  And their leader is Jorg, who has a bone to pick with
you since his last defeat at your hands.  He thinks he's hot shit and plans to
let your country get destroyed so that it can never invade Shutedonias again.

  On turn 3.5, three more bad guys show up.  Defeat Jorg for a Chobham Armor.

Ruozor is ahead of you in the mine somewhere, possibly at some sort of
shrine.  Mio observes that the whole evil god reawakening bit is like some
kind of fantasy story, and wonders where the heros are.  Masaki tells her
that if she wants a hero she's got to become one herself...with no guarantee
of a happy ending.  Shiro, who goes to reconnoiter, finds the shrine up ahead.
Go to M22.

M22. Jashin no Fukkatsu ("Ressurection of the Evil God")

Mio asks what precisely Volkrus is, and whether it's actually God.  Tyutti
responds that while it isn't actually _God_, it has so much power that it
might as well be.  Apparently it's currently a ghost (Mio hates this)
restrained by a kekkai spread all over Ra-Gias.  And if that kekkai should be
broken...  Time to rush headlong into peril!  You run into Ruozor, who tells
you that he's essentially ressurected Volkrus (or at least part of him).  And
although he can't do much more than destroy things, he intends to do his best
to destroy you.  So saying, he disappears again, leaving your party to
wonder where he went.  And, he drops the hint that there are avatars of
Volkrus sleeping all over the world.  And then Volkrus appears.

  Battle is joined, and the parts of Volkrus is fairly tough.  On round two,
  Rodney shows up, along with Eris.  After some discussion, Rodney and Eris
  decide to help you fight Volkrus.  Beware, since their beam weapons may
  actually make things worse...

After the battle, Tyutti uses the Goddess to seal away Volkrus again.  Rodney
takes his leave, telling Masaki that the next time they meet they'll be
enemies.  Senia finds a piece of Volkrus that she tries to take back for
research, which Masaki rigorously forbids.  Just to be safe, Tyutti recommends
napalming the whole area.  Unfortunately, your team is relatively powerless to
impede Ruozor until he makes his next move.  Go to M23.

M23. Feir no Yami  ("The Darkness of Feir")

Masaki is glad that Feir can finally assume the throne.  Kyouji then wonders
what happened to Amuro and Ryou, who presumably got summoned to this world
too.  Upon arrival in the city, Judou and Lina go and buy some souvenirs,
skipping out on the debriefing.  Your group then contacts Feir, who has been
resting and preparing for his work to make the government a more just one.
He won't be able to hold governmental office due to being a military man, but
he does have some pull and has secured rooms at the court for your people
to rest after all the fighting.  Masaki tries to find his room, gets lost in
the process, and then is told by Presia that some cells from Volkrus survived
and are about to cause havoc.  It turns out that they had been stuck to the
Psybuster, meaning it can't really be used in this fight...  It turns out
that Volkrus is dividing and ganging up on the good guys.  The time to stop
it is now.                                 

  On round two Feir shows up, saying it's a king's duty to keep the people
  from peril.  His machine is a bit like a Gundam, an influence that Senia
  admits to when she helped build it.

After the battle, your party realizes that Volkrus's power is growing, and
must be stopped (some deduction).  Feir is very very impressed with his mech
Drakseal's power.  He then gives an address (which Masaki doesn't want to
listen to for fear of getting a headache).  In it, he calls for a jihad
against Shutedonias, an inexplicable widening of the war that Masaki wants
to go and confirm directly.  However, the guards won't let him near, and
tell him that Feir has already been crowned in a simple ceremony.  Go to M24.

M24. Ketsubetsu ("Parting")

Nobos tells you that as the first stage of Feir's plan to invade Shutedonias
he wants you to head to Troia.  Masaki demands to know what happened to the
plans to send the people from the surface home, but Tyutti persuades him to
do as asked for now since she's got a plan.  Everyone, including Senia, is
puzzled as to why Feir would suddenly start seeking unnecessary conflict.
Tyutti attempts to open a direct channel to Feir, and asks him whether he
truly wishes for this conflict.  Feir replies that he's realized that the
only way to prevent any more conflict throughout Ra-Gias is to unify it.
Masaki attempts to argue that only second-rate politicians believe that force
is the answer to everything, and Feir's mind is unchanged, resolved to do
what he believes is right despite what people will think of him later.  Masaki
then tells Feir that he won't participate in the war, invoking the special
directive that all pilots of the Elemental God-Machines obey: they have no
obligation to participate in any conflict not directly connected to the
continued survival of Ra-Gias.  Feir then cancels the orders for you, and
allows anyone who wants to to accompany him - he won't force anyone.  As your
party wonders what could have done this to Feir (Senia worrying it was the
Drakseal's fault), a group of bad guys attempts to sneak up on you.

After the battle, Masaki and the group realize that Feir's army has become
your enemy, even if Feir didn't necessarily give the order himself.  He 
apologizes to Kyouji and Shou for getting them mixed up in things, which they
reply is okay with them; Masaki promises to return them to the surface when
things are over no matter what.  Senia then refuses Masaki's request to 
return to the palace and insists on seeing the fight through.  Everyone is
in on the fight.

After the intermission, your people wonder where to attack Feir.  Since he's
likely to be at the vanguard of any major battle, all they have to do is
find the bulk of Feir's forces and thereby avoid unnecessary casualties.
Senia finds out that Feir's group seems to be heading back along the course
that Kirkus staged its amphibious assault along, and Masaki wants to cut
ahead of Feir's forces and settle things.  However, Shou worries that that
information could have been planted to lure the group into a trap.  If you
head there regardless, go to M25.  If you go to check things out first just
to make sure, go to M26.

M25. Kessen ("Final Battle")

Everyone is _fairly_ sure that Feir wouldn't use a trap like that.  They head
there and rendezvous with the Goshogun.  Its pilots like the idea of stepping
forward to stop the ambitions of an overambitious king.  In any event, Feir
and his goons arrive, Feir figuring out that you had Senia's help.  Feir
tells everyone else to retreat, but they won't do it out of respect for him
and blatant disregard for their own lives.  Thus ensues a battle to decide
the fate of Ra-Gias.

  Once you start fighting Feir, he tells you that he's responsible for all the
  summonings of people from the surface.  Apparently, this many people weren't
  supposed to have been summoned, but the summoning program went out of 
  control.  He did it to save Ra-Gias from peril, and although he hadn't
  originally intended to force unification, but his plans changed when he
  found out that he was dying.  The medications used to sustain his body, the
  strain of fortifying his magic, all for the sake of holding the throne to
  implement his ideals, was too great.  He tells you that's he's a soldier
  deep down, and settling things with force is the only option he has.  And,
  that showing anything less than your full potential to him would be

After the battle, Feir tells Senia and Monica that he won't ask for their
understanding, but he will ask for their forgiveness.  Senia implores him to
eject, to which he replies that he forced his men to remove the ejection
mechanism.  Nobos then shows up (a tad late) and tells you that the army no
longer intends to fight.  It appears that the strife is over...at least for
the time being.  Before coming here, Feir arranged things so that a new
government would be installed by open election in the event of his death (at
which point they would also sign a treat with the Shutedonians).  Masaki is
greatly stricken by the news that Feir was apparently prepared to die when
he went into the fight, and tells Nobos that Feir mustn't have been the sort
for whom death was the final goal for fighting.

It then turns out that Feir and Kirkus had co-written a departure program.
Nobos tells you that Feir and Kirkus at least had wishes for a brighter future
for Ra-Gias in common.  At which point, Ryuune shows up with several other
surface people in tow.  It appears she was on Kirkus's side during the whole
thing!  Masaki then thanks everyone for their help and gives them a device
with which to communicate with him should they need his help later.  He plans
to stay and make sure no further trouble happens in Ra-Gias.  Ryuune and the
others head to the surface too, saying that when Masaki comes to the surface
next she's gonna take him on a date.  However, Mio stays behind saying that
she's got to take responsibility as the Zamjeed's pilot.  Masaki is going to
train her a while more, and eventually she'll need her own familiars.


M26. Yabou, Uzumaku  ("Whirlpool of Ambition")

Masaki tries to go check things out by himself, but Shou insists on coming
along, and Judou and Gatou come along too.  Mio asks him for a souvenir
again, saying that repetition is the basis for all humor.  A conversation
then ensues wherein it is revealed that the Aura Battlers can shield even
a nuclear explosion with their aura, and that the Ra-Gians have ways of
protecting themselves against nuclear blasts too.  All of Ra-Gias is covered
by magic that prevents nuclear fission.  Just then, a group of enemies 
appears, some of whom have Shutedonian callsigns.  The group is led by Drake,
who Shou accuses of all sorts of evil plots back on the surface.  Your group
charges into battle.

  At the beginning of turn two, Rimru Lufte defects from the enemy side and
  begs for Shou to take her with him.  On round 5, reinforcements arrive.  If
  you have Rimru fight Drake, you find out that he's her father, and that
  he's severed all family ties with Rimru.  Defeat Drake for an Apogee Motor.

After the battle, your team hurries to the rendezvous point.  Shou tells the
other Aura Battlers that Drake isn't a threat for the moment, since he
doesn't have any more strings left to pull in this world.  Go to M27.

M27.  Kessen, DYURAKUSHIIRU ("Drakseal, the Final Battle")

Tyutti contacts the others, with no more time to lose.  Shou is worried about
the turn of events, but Masaki just writes it off to bad luck.  Unfortunately,
it turns out it is a trap, laid by Nobos after they found traces of the
hacking.  Now you've got to wait until the others arrive.

  They arrive on turn two, somewhat to Masaki's disappointment.  Rimru and
  Nii have a little reunion, and battle resumes.

  Once you beat all the enemies, Nobos goes away to regather his magical
  strength.  Everyone then wonders what became of Feir, who should have been
  fighting at the front.  At which point, you suddenly get to play the exact
  same battle as in M25!  Feir is very surprised to see what's been going on
  here; it seems Nobos had tried to spare Feir from having to fight you.

See M25 for a description of the ending.

R1. Chitei Sekai ("Subterranean World")

We begin with a Dostoevsky quote that God and the Devil are fighting a war,
whose battleground is the human heart.  After the 3rd Super Robot War, Ryuune
parted from the Lond Bel, her revenge against the Divine Crusaders at an end.
As she completed preparations on the Moon to return to Mars, she suffered
some kind of abnormality, feeling as though she were being sucked into the
Earth.  She lost consciousness, reawakening to unfamiliar surroundings with
some unidentified machines heading toward her at high speed.  She is greeted
by Yan Lon, who tells her to calm down and explains to her where she is.
Ryuune isn't buying it and wonders if she's in China - Yan Lon tells her to
look around and see for herself.  It turns out that Yan Lon is the pilot of
the Granveil, one of the four Elemental God-Machines just like the Psybuster.
Just then some bad guys show up - Yan Lon tells her to fight if she doesn't
want to die.  Well, he actually offers her a chance to run off, but that's
something that Ryuune Zoldark won't ever do.

After the battle, Yan Lon observes that the enemy were small fry.  Ryuune
wants to know why they were after him, and he replies that they were just
doing it because a war is going on.  Langran, having lost its governmental
control due to terrorism, is being attacked by bad guys from Shutedonias.
Which, roughly, is why General Kirkus is opposing them.  Yan Lon tells her
that the Kirkus Army is about the only thing that could be called a unified
government for Langran, although he differs somewhat with some of Kirkus's
views.  Ryuune then learns that the number of people with enough power to
send her back are very limited: Ibun the High Priest, Katekis the Silver 
Mage, and Prince Feir.  Yan Lon things others have probably gathered with
Kirkus.  Ryuune figures she can leave whenever she wants, and decides to stay
and help on the theory that if she and the remnants of DC you just fought
were brought here, other people she knows were probably summoned too.  Yan
Lon's mission as a mercenary is to sow dischord among the enemy, so he's
headed north to attack the Shutedonians' relay base.  Go to R2.

R2. Saikai  ("Reunion")

As they approach the base, Yan Lon's familiar Ran Shao announces that enemies
are inbound.  Ryuune is _very_ startled to find out that Yan Lon has a 
Fuuseijuu (which looks like a talking blue panther) as his familiar.  Ran Shao
explains that a Fuuseijuu ("wind beast") is a creature from an ancient Chinese
legend - Ran Shao was created in a Fuuseijuu's likeness.  In any case, the
enemy have surrounded you, a lot of them.  The enemy are lead by Erisu, who
plans to make a good test out of fighting the Granveil.

  On round 1.5, Getter G shows up, on the run from the Shutedonians and
  eager to help out in the battle.  Ryuune doesn't think she needs the help
  but the bad guys don't appear about to give the Getter Team a chance to
  sightsee.  When Yan Lon faces Erisu, he's easily able to provoke her.  When
  you defeat her, she says she's got enough data for her Gira Dora and

After the battle, Ryuune fills in the Getter Team on how Yan Lon appears to
be an acquaintance of Masaki.  The Getter members then recount how, just
before they were summoned, they heard the news that military personell were
disappearing one after the other.  Seeing as how everyone was apparently 
taken underground, it looks like you've got to try to regroup.  In order to
do so, your people decide to help Yan Lon.  Go to R3.

R3. DANKU no Koubou ("Battle at Dank")

Ran Shao informs you that he's intercepted what appears to be information
about comrades of the surface dwellers from an enemy transmission.  The
transmission mentions the "Z" and the "nu" who are being chased in the
direction of Dank City.  Yan Lon doesn't want to barge right in there, since
it's directly among the enemy.  The rest of the group intends to go in anyway.
Ryuune can't believe Yan Lon's lack of interest in saving your friends,
although Ryou points out that it's not terribly good of you to go off on your
own despite your promise to help him.  Amuro, Camille, and Fa are being
pursued by Jeril and her lackeys.

  Getter G and the Valcione show up on turn 2.  Jeril still thinks she has
  the numerical advantage.  Yan Lon shows up on turn 4, with Gennegy in his
  Elemental Machine Jaorm.  Yan Lon tells a rather irate Ryuune that he
  hadn't been opposed to saving your friends, only to rushing in recklessly.
  Ryuune admits she's wrong and battle continues.  Defeat all enemies for
  2 Repair Kits and a Propellant Tank.

After the battle, Amuro tells Ryuune that the enemy were after him because 
they had originally showed up in Shutedonias.  The Shutedonians requested 
their help and were prepared to pay handsomely, but Amuro&co. smelled a rat
and turned them down...and got attacked.  Ryuune then fills them in on the
details, and they decide to help out.  Yan Lon tells them that his "orders"
are fairly loose and he's still pondering her next move.  He agrees to let
the others in on the brainstorming.  Go to R4.

R4. Sorezore no Seigi ("Various Justice")

You are shown a map, with red indicating territory controlled by Shutedonias.
However...that's just an outline made by connecting the dots, and inside
are lots of people unhappy with the invasion.  By severing the lines between 
the dots, the circumstances can be drastically altered.  The blue is the
uninvaded Langran, and the gold is uninvaded Kirkus.  Yan Lon thinks that the
Kirkus-controlled region ought to be larger, and mentions that hard data is
difficult to come by at present.  To support the unfolding Kirkus campaign,
your group is to stage a sneak attack against the enemy base at Kuwait City.
The base there is part of the enemy supply lines, and an attack there will
force the enemy to divert their attention that way.  Fa notes that that 
means the enemy resistance will be that much fiercer.  All you have to do
is attack for 8 turns.  As the Gundam crew reminisces about how long it's
been since they've seen action, Ryuune wonders if Bright and his battleship
are anywhere around.  Since only military pilots and their machines have been
summoned, it's likely that Bright won't be here since he was given a desk job
soon after the 3rd Super Robot War.  You get to the battlefield and run into
Rodney, who is astounded you decided to attack him with so few of you.  And
he's got Duke with him. 

  After the first round of battle, Duke recognizes you and opens a channel to
  you.  A debate ensues during which the Shutedonians claim they never would
  have invaded Langran if the Elemental God-Machines hadn't been made.  Rodney
  cuts the debate short, saying that it's enough that he's fighting for his
  country and his family.

  The more enemies you kill, the more enemies Rodney will send your way.
  At round 8, Yan Ron calls a retreat, saying that continuing the battle any
  more would result in a war of attrition that your side can't hope to win.
  Rodney quickly realizes that you were a decoy and tries to notify 
  headquarters not to send any more help his way.

After the battle, you get through to Kirkus, who commends your work.  Thanks
to you the take-over of Troya was a great success.  Although, he still 
hasn't found out the whereabouts of Queen Monica.  Ryuune remarks that Kirkus
seems somewhat out of it, to which Ran Shao remarks that before the fighting
broke out Kirkus was known to be a tad absentminded.  Go to R5.

R5. Houshi no Tani ("The Valley of Spores")

With some time left until their next mission, your team decides to go on
a bit of R&R.  At Ryuune's insistence, Yan Lon tells you about the Valley of
Spores.  And not just any spores either, they range from several centimeters
to several _meters_ long.  Since he doesn't share the rest of the team's
enthusiasm for this wonderful(??) vacation spot, he'll meet you in four 
turns.  Ryuune finds the whole place romantic, rather to Hayato's surprise.
Meanwhile, it seems Yan Lon has arranged for a meeting with Sephine, who is
working for the enemy.  He asks her if Feir is really dead, which Sephine
tells him rather curtly to ask Kirkus about directly.  She turns coy upon
hearing that Kirkus won't tell him, and when he offers to cancel the debt she
owes him, reveals that Feir is still alive.  At that point, some kind of
outsider comes nearby, causing Sephine to cut the conversation short for fear
of being seen together with Yan Lon...who mightily implores Sephine to tell
him where Feir actually is.  He's up north somewhere.

At around this point, a bunch of Shutedonians appear, chasing after a surface
vehicle.  It's Sheila and her attendant bunch of fairies, who keep bugging
her to return fire.  She refuses, saying that they're not in Bistonwell any
more, and keeps trying to contact the others.  Luckily for her, Yan Lon and
Ran Shao sense a very holy plana emanating from her ship, and therefore
decide to save her bacon.  This greatly upsets Rishel and "her" other
Shutedonians, who promptly retreat.  The two remaining groups establish a
commo link, and although Yan Lon is surprised that Sheila and her entourage
aren't from the surface, he pledges to help them.  He tells them he can
easily return them to Bistonwell, despite Ran Shao's reminder that he'll
never see them again (it appears Yan is a bit infatuated with Sheila).  He
tells them of the Soratis Shrine far to the west, where they can connect with
Ibun and get sent back (see the Masaki Chapter).  They depart, with words of

Meanwhile, the guys on your team have been getting bored listening to the
girls swapping stories (all except for Amuro, who is too cool for boredom).
It turns out that Ra-Gias's sun doesn't move, it simply fades out when it's
night.  Fa attempts to wake Camille up (and gets called Four for her troubles,
greatly to her annoyance) when Amuro points out that a group of hostiles is
on the inbounds.  It's none other than the Shutedonians, who evidently don't
know when to quit - but at least they let you finish your break before 
attacking, unlike during the 3rd Super Robot War.

  Yan Lon will show up on turn two, saying that it's only right for the hero
  to appear on stage late.  Ryuune does not agree with this assessment.  
  Then on turn three, an unknown battleship appears, with Jeril, Fei, and Aren
  in hot pursuit.  At the controls is Ere, who announces herself as a Queen
  and asks to cooperate with you in return for a detailed explanation of
  what's going on.  Fa, who had asked to do the talking, doesn't know how to
  address royalty.  Yan Lon, of course, does.

  Unfortunate, the enemy commander Elise has summoned reinforcements, who 
  show up on turn 3.5: Rishel and her goons.  This makes the battle _rather_
  harder...  Defeat all enemies for a Booster, a Magnetic Coating, a Propellant
  Tank, a Chobham Armor, and a Repair Kit.

After the battle, Ere introduces herself again as the queen of Rau, which 
nobody has ever heard of.  She explains, and everyone gets ready to head to
Troya to reunite with Kirkus and plan the next move.  Go to R6.

R6. SAPURAIZUDO ATTAKU ("Surprised Attack")

Your people are introduced to Kirkus (Ryuune makes no attempt at formality),
but before you can discuss much the Shutedonians attack.  Among them is
Galaria, who finds Ra-Gias suitable as the place for her death (O_o).  She's
from Bistonwell, and Ere recognizes her aura...

  On round two, Kuttner, Kernagul, and Bundorl show up and decide to scrap
  with your people.  Kuttner doesn't like fighting directly, whereas Kernagul
  is a bloodthirsty dude.  Bundorl disdains this, preferring to fight via
  information.  Morevoer, he finds the Valcione, shaped as it is after the
  figure of woman, to be counter to his aesthetics of beauty.  Luckily, the
  Goshogun pilots show up on round 3 to help you fight them off.  It helps
  that the Valcione's proportioned exactly like Remy...sort of.

  Send Ere to Persuade Galaria and she'll join you.  Defeat all enemies for
  a Propellant Tank S, a Reloader, and a Repair Kit S.

After the battle, the enemy appears to be in full retreat.  Kirkus thinks this
is your chance to strike back.  Go to R7.

R7. Hangeki ("Counterattack")

Yan Lon asks Kirkus why he kept the fact that prince Feir is still alive from
him.  Realizing further deception would be useless, Kirkus admits that Feir
is not only alive but also apparently fighting the Shutedonians.  Why then,
Yan Lon asks, not unite with him?  Kirkus is worried that Feir is behind the
rash of summonings from the surface.  When pressed for details, he says that
first of all, Feir is one of the only people who has that kind of power.
Secondly, he has the private information that Feir once failed his kingdom's
magic test, although he worked himself to the bone and passed the retest.
Since that time, Feir has a complex about power (political or military) and
pursues it unceasingly.  Although it can't be proven, _if_ Feir brought the
people and weapons from the surface for his own ends, it's a terrible act that
could only end up in Ra-Gias being plunged into chaos.  He is worried about
the consequences of lending strength to Feir, who has been known to use any
means necessary to achieve his ends.  ...And, he has his own ambition, to see
just how far his power extends during chaos like the present.  Yan Lon agrees
to do things Kirkus's way for the time being, but warns him that as a pilot 
of one of the Elemental God-Machines, if Kirkus's actions begin to lead the
world into chaos themselves...  You then catch up to the fleeing Shutedonians.

  It looks like Kuttner, Kernagul, and Bundorl are leading the enemy again.
  Bundorl expects reinforcements soon, so he plans to buy some time for his
  men.  The reinforcements arrive on round 3.5, and include Cayla and
  Hathaway, who are quite surprised to see you.  Cayla says she'll join you
  if invited.  Send Amuro to Persuade Cayla and she'll join you.  More bad
  guys show up on turn 4.5.

Once you win the battle, Bundorl retreats, leading the Goshogun people to
observe that at least he's good at running away.  Amuro then asks Hathaway
why even _he_ ended up here, to which he replies that Cayla was teaching him
to be a pilot and he just ended up here.  Cayla informs him that he just has
bad luck.  After that, the Goshogon team depart in pursuit of the Docougar.
Kirkus goes back to base too, telling you to wait here.  Go to R8.

R8. VORUKURUSU no Kage ("Shadows of Volkrus")

Told that she's got free time, Ryuune is suffering from a bout of cabin
fever.  Yan Lon tells her to just relax.  Meanwhile, Amuro and the others have
been on patrol, and they call in to report a strange shrine some 80 klicks to
the north they're going to investigate.  Yan Lon is a bit puzzled, and asks
Ran Shao to check for shrines in that area.  The only one in the area was 
destroyed 1500 years ago...one devoted to the God of Destruction, Volkrus.
Ryuune thinks she's heard that name before, and Yan Lon gets very nervous and
has everyone else head there too.  Ryuune tries asking Ryou if he's ever
heard the word before - he's no help.  Upon seeing the recently restored 
shrine, Yan Lon wonders if Shuu or Ruozor are at work.  Ryuune finally 
remembers - Shuu used Volkrus's name when he converted the Granzon into the
Neo-Granzon.  Shuu had said that the Granzon's essence was of Shiva, aka
Volkrus.  After all, she had been in league up until the very end (where
Shuu got iced).  Yan Lon is astounded that anyone could defeat Shuu - of 
course it was Masaki and the Amuro gang teamed up.  He is impressed that
Masaki successfully changed the future and averted the resurrection of the
evil god.  After a gender-gap problem with Ryuune's pronunciation of the
word for "to enter", you learn that the shrine is so huge inside in order to
accommodate the pseudo-god Volkrus's physical form...which is that of the
race of giants that dwelt in Ra-Gias until about 7,000 years ago when they
perished in some kind of cataclysm.  Apparently a terrible, lasting hatred of
all living things lingered: that is Volkrus.  Parenthetically, some fossils
of the giants have been found on the surface too (such as one reported in
the 1882 American Journal of Science).

At which point, Ruozor puts his two cents in.  He politely asks you to get
out of his shrine, which you impolitely refuse to do.  He then dispatches
hordes of demon golems to fight you.  Attacking his machine Nagtsart won't
work, since he'd just recover instantly.

  On turn two, Amuro and Camille show up...with Four!  Who was going to be
  sacrificed if not for our heros.  Anyway, Ryuune explains the situation and
  they set to work.  Beat down enough of the demon golems and Ruozor, 
  complaining of lack of power concentration, withdraws and leaves behind
  the Gilgilgan.  BEWARE of the Gilgilgan's second life...

After some explanation as to what was going on for those who came late, you
find out that the Dobenwolf is unharmed (Ruozor was researching it).  You
also get confirmation that Four really was going to be sacrificed to Volkrus.
Evidently, the sacrifice's fear is the key which reacts with Volkrus (itself
a mass of dark emotions) and allows him to become enfleshed.  Go to R9.

R9. TERIUSU Ouji ("Prince Telius")

In a flash transmission from Kirkus, you learn that Prince Telius is still
alive, and currently being held in protective custody in Zaia City by his
forces.  However, the Shutedonians have caught wind of it and are on their
way.  He wants you to protect the prince.  Prince Telius is the third in
line for the Langran throne, although with Monica and Feir's whereabouts 
unknown he's number one.  Ryuune wonders if the prince will propose to her
upon being saved like in some fantasy story, and Yan Lon informs her that
Langran is a constitutional monarchy and the king has little real power...
and that the isn't the Middle Ages.  Ryuune then wonders what the point is
of saving this guy at all, and is told that despite his lack of power the
king has charisma and is more or less the raison-d'etre of the citizenry.
That, and the fact that the magical powers of the royalty are important for
maintaining peace in the realm.  En route to the battle, Ryuune remembers
Kyouji calling Duke a prince, which means Maria is a queen.  Ryou doesn't think
she looks the part.

Your people get to the rendezvous point, only to encounter a very upset Telius
who doesn't want to be prince at all (he tells them to give that honor to
Feir or Christof).  Yan Lon lectures Telius on how he has an obligation to
use his power and fulfill his duty as one of the royalty.  Telius looks like
he's going to do it, but then the Shutedonians show up and Yan Lon has
the prince's escorts take him to safety while you obstruct the bad guys.

  Grandizer shows up on turn 3 (surprise, surprise).  Ryuune demands to know
  what happened to his "no good or evil in disputes between countries" schtick.
  He tells her that the circumstances have changed, and that the Shutedonians
  have captured and plan to execute Ema, Beltorchika, and Chain.  Yan Lon
  agrees to help out, after this battle is over.

  Beware that as the battle wears on, another group of bad guys will turn up.
  Defeat them all for an Apogee Motor, a Repair Kit, a Magnetic Coating, a
  Propellant Tank, and Chobham Armor.

It appears the prince has gotten away safely.  Kirkus's intent to install 
Telius as king seems definite.  Yan Lon isn't sure he can trust Kirkus on this
one any more, and wants to discuss the matter with him.  It appears that a 
movement within Shutedonias has begun to dispose of all those summoned from
the surface.  Duke escaped with Rodney's help, but many others including 
the trio mentioned above were among those to be summarily executed.  Duke
knows where they're being held, but since it's heavily guarded a plan will be
necessary.  Ryuune's ready to run to the rescue, but Yan Lon refuses to help,
saying he's got to think strategically and that he's willing to stand by and
let the other surface dwellers be assassinated.  However, since Ryuune is
determined to go anyway he loans her Ran Shao and tells her he and Gennegy
will join her once their own business is concluded.  Ryuune is still miffed
and says that if Yan Lon's organization requires entanglements that prevent
him from doing what's right, the organization itself should be blown away.
With that in mind, Yan Lon and Gennegy depart.  Go to R10.

R10. Horyo Kyuushutsu ("Prisoner Rescue")

Ryou asks Ryuune to stop playing with Ran Shao and help plan the operation -
she says she's not good with complicated stuff and leaves it to him.  From
Duke's information it looks like the thinnest guard where the prisoners are
held is to the north.  Amuro thinks it's not likely to be a trap since the
enemy isn't that focused on your group.  En route, Duke wonders what happened
to Kyouji and Judou - they surely got summoned to Ra-Gias too.  No sign of
Masaki either (I wonder why ^_-).  Time to launch the sneak attack!  You
catch the enemy (commanded by Elis) completely off-guard.  Eris and Rishel
are, once again, leading the opposition.

  The second wave of bad guys emerges on round 2.  On round 2.5, Eris ignores
  Rishel's caution and heads out to battle.  On round 3, the captives realize
  there's fighting and start figuring out how to escape.  A while into the
  battle, Beltorchika is selected by Rishel to be a hostage.  She breaks free
  and leads Rishel on a short chase, at the end of which the others sneak up
  from behind and dispatch "her".  Having saved Ema, they plan to steal a
  Gundam mk.II and flee.  At which point Eris realizes there's no more point
  to protecting this place, and leaves herself.

After the battle, Amuro and Camille are wandering the prison and run into
the Puru sisters (they heard Puru's whining).  Puru comes with a Quberay mk.II,
and you also get a Dreisen, a Kabul, and a Hanbraby.


R13. RUOZOORU, Anyaku  ("Ruozor's Subterfuge")

Evidently the Shutedonians had been happy at first when the Puru sisters
displayed their piloting abilities, but then a "scary old guy" came and threw
them in the brig.  Ran Shao then discovers that Yan Lon is mixed up in some
kind of trouble, and everyone heads off to Manifarc city to help him out.
This is the area where the main body of Kirkus's army is stationed.  As they
get close, they find out that Yan Lon's okay after all.  He thanks you all for
coming to his "rescue" (Ryuune is amazed), and then tells you of some trouble
regarding Telius.  Feir has resurfaced and is ahead in order of succession to
the throne - and Kirkus's men are trying to make Telius king by force.
Meaning unification of Langran is next to impossible.  Ryuune comments that
this is just like the made-in-Japan period dramas she used to be a fan of.
Fa observes that Ryuune seems to be an otaku, which Ryuune admits to and says
her father was too.  (He modeled the Valcion on all those robot anime he used
to watch...)  In any event, Yan Lon says that he can't condone the use of
force here and that he's decided to oppose Kirkus's army.  He reminds Ryuune
that as a pilot of an Elemental God-Machine, he's not obligated to follow
_anybody's_ orders - in return, he has to discard everything in order to fight
when the world's survival is threatened.  He admits to being torn between
joining forces with Feir or with Kirkus, both of whom are ambitious men.  He
can't choose the best, so he has to go with whoever is better.  Ryuune
recommends Kirkus, since he's been taking his lumps on the front line while
Feir has apparently been hiding in the shadows.  Yan Lon agrees to this
rationale for now.

You then go to investigate a strange ether signature to the south.  It turns
out to be Ruozor, who is lending a hand to the Shutedonians.  In fact, using
his "Shadow Motion" spell, he can hide lots of things at once - lots of

  After a couple turns, Ruozor decides to go home.  One fewer enemy for you
  to fight at least.  Defeat all enemies for a Repair Kit.

Everyone wonders if something can be done about Ruozor and what he's really
up to.  Well, you know he's trying to revive Volkrus, but not how he's going
about it.  Without knowing the process he's following, your people will always
be a step behind.  It seems you have little choice but to wait for his next
move...  Go to R14.

R14. KAAKASU no Me ("Kirkus's Eyes")

Ryuune and Yan Lon have a little exchange where Yan Lon admits to preferring
Feir to Kirkus.  However, he does so for a personal reason he doesn't want
to involve others for.  He does explain, however, that Feir is a good person
who occasionally seems to have darkness mixed in with the light in his eyes.
Your team then arrives at Kirkus's current headquarters.  Kirkus contacts you
and says he wants another chance to talk openly with you - and sets up a 
meeting that you go to.  Instead of the general himself, someone named
Zashford greets you - he's Kirkus's son.  He tells you that Kirkus is having
a teleconference with Feir and will be a little late.  Ryuune then begins
chatting with Zash, who gets very solicitous toward her once he finds out
he's a year older than her.  Kirkus then shows up and puts the kibosh on
Zash's attempt to score, and tells you that he's forged an alliance with
Feir on the condition of installing Telius as king.  Even Kirkus knows this
is unreasonably, but he says he's unable to throw away his dream of unifying
Langran, and all of Ra-Gias with his own hand.  He figures this is the fastest
path to restoring Langran, regardless of the feelings of the citizenry...and
after the restoration, he'll use that power to reunite Ra-Gias as the best
possible hope for a lasting peace.  He wants Yan Lon's help, but Ryuune
intervenes.  She points out that Kirkus's plans really amount to world 
domination, and points out that his eyes are just like those of her father.
Her father said much the same things, over-relied on power and in the end was
defeated by an even greater power [see SRW2 -M.N.]  She informs him that
he's only intoxicated with the power he's acquired so far.  Yan Lon is
amazed she has that much insight, and she responds with a very bad pun on the
old saying that "The clever hawk hides its talons."

Kirkus replies that while he understands what she's saying, he has no intent
to change his methods.  He's sure that even if he's vilified now, he'll be
vindicated by history.  Ryuune points out that the history books contain far
more people who tried and failed to be heros than those who actually succeeded.
Yan Lon says he's got to oppose Kirkus's actions as a pilot of an Elemental
God-Machine, but the face off gets postponed due to Kirkus's intent to
help fend off the Shutedonians.  Yan Lon extracts a promise from Kirkus that
he return Ryuune and the others to the surface whatever else happens.  Kirkus
has set up a teleport point that the surface dwellers can use to leave at any
time.  Your people depart, and Kirkus commands Vash to take care of his mother
and sister in the event that something happens to Kirkus.  When Vash beseeches
his father for an explanation, Kirkus orders him jailed for failure to obey
orders. Back at the ranch, Ryuune insists that since everyone's come with Yan Lon
this far, they don't want to back out now.  THERE IS NO COMBAT.  Go to R15.

R15. SEBU Shinden wo Mamore!  ("Protect Seb Shrine!")

As your people are trying to decide what to do, a transmission comes in from
the "Good Thunder Team", who are apparently the Goshogun pilots.  They're 
asking for your help to protect Seb Shrine, which is where the return point
to the surface is.  It seems the Docougar people are leading a batallion of
Shutedonians towards there.  Your groups join and strike the Shutedonians
before their battle party is fully formed.  Everyone is puzzled why the
Docougar people would attack the shrine, since they'd get stranded too.

Meanwhile, the Docougar people are arguing about whether supplies or
information win wars, and wondering why it's taking the Shutedonians so long
to form up.  Bundorl points out that even if the shrine gets destroyed, it'll
only take about a year to rebuild, during which time the mecha from the
surface will continue spreading dischord over the world and the Docougar team
can control it all from the shadows.  You've got to take all of them out in
ten turns lest reinforcements arrive.

  A little into the battle, Zash comes to fight by your side.  He escaped from
  his father's place and wants to help those important to him (meaning Ryuune,
  evidently).  BEWARE: reinforcements arrive on round 6.5, right amongst the
  enemy's  starting position in the North.  Defeat all the enemies for a
  Repair Kit, a Repair Kit S, and a Propellant Tank.

Zash gets to stay with your group, although it means fighting against his
father.  Moreover, it means protecting Ryuune, who promises to go on a date
with Zash once the battle is over - provided he doesn't weasel out of the
date.  Zash is deliriously happy over this, although Ryuune comments in
passing that he's not as cool as Masaki, her lover (or boyfriend, or 
acquaintance, or whatever he is to her; Fa isn't able to figure it out).  Go
to R16.

R16. SHUTEDONIASU, Tsuigeki ("Pursuit of the Shutedonians")

You get the information that the combined forces of Feir and Kirkus are
staging a large assault against the Shutedonians at Redona Gorge.  Yan Lon
is worried that a confrontation between Feir and Kirkus will follow, but 
Ran Shao tells him that Feir seems to have accepted Telius' claim to the 
throne.  Yan Lon figures this is good for at least temporary peace in Langran
and decides to strike the Shutedonians to keep them on the defensive.  While
Ryuune ponders the fact that her role here will soon end, Zash shows up in
search of the promised date.  Ryuune wants to go to the Valley of Spores
again.  Thereupon, Amuro detects that the Shutedonians are trying to cross
the sea - you go off in pursuit.

  On round 2.5, Galamity and his wingmen show up to assist the bad guys.
  They're the three Red Knights of the Ku Kingdom, rumored to be very strong.
  Then, on round 3 you learn that Feir's army has been attacked by Kirkus's.
  Yan Lon resolves to end this battle as quickly as possible and return.
  Defeat all enemies for a Propellant Tank, a Propellant Tank S, a Repair
  Kit, and a Repair Kit S.

After the battle, your people try to figure out why Kirkus would have attacked
Feir.  Nothing springs to mind...  Go to R17.

R17. Haigun no Shou  ("General of the Defeated Army")

A small batallion is detected approaching you, which turns out to be from
Kirkus's army.  The fact that it's a small group makes it appear that Kirkus
has already lost the battle.  He has in fact, and he severs family ties with
Zash, telling him he's on his own now.  He then admits he lost to Feir, blaming
it all on the Psybuster.  Ryuune is surprised to hear that Masaki was on
Feir's side, as is Yan Lon.  He (finally) figured out that having the people
from the surface, and the Elemental God-Machines, as his enemies really sucks.
Yan Lon councils making peace with Feir, but Kirkus says he's come to far to
turn back, at which point Ruozor pops out and tells him to shut up.  Ruozor
says he'll handle things here and tells Kirkus to go to a certain place, which
he does reluctantly.  Ruozor then announces that he's resurrected parts of
Volkrus, which he plans to test on you.  They aren't complete, but they're
good enough to get in your way...

After the battle, Zash is appalled that his father joined forces with Ruozor.
Yan Lon recommends chasing Kirkus as fast as possible in order to put a stop
to whatever he's mixed up in.  Go to R18.

R18. Chou-Masou-Ki EURIIDO ("Ewleed, the Hyper-Elemental Machine")

You follow Kirkus to Troia.  Ryuune is troubled over all the unanswered 
questions about Ruozor, and Masaki and Feir, and all.  Duke tells Ryuune that
the most "just" thing to do would be to end this war as quickly as possible
for the sake of the common people.  You then run into a bunch of Kirkus's 
troops who don't want to let you pass.

  After you defeat all the troops, out comes the Ewleed, the Hyper-Elemental
  Machine with Kirkus at its controls.  What's worse, Valcion was apparently
  summoned from the surface too...and there's two of them.  Kirkus is determined
  to make Ra-Gias into a unified world of peace, no matter what.  When you
  have Yan Lon attack Kirkus, Kirkus refuses to hear of stopping now and says
  that as things stand now, he can't feel justified towards all the soldiers
  who risked their lives for him.  Yan Lon asks him if he feels more loyalty
  to the dead than to the living, and Kirkus simply won't accept that point
  of view.  When Ryuune attacks Kirkus and is all bravado, he tells her that
  she'll never get married that way (Zash says he's there, drawing a "What?!"
  from Kirkus).  If Zash gets defeated by Kirkus, his ejection system fails,
  causing him to tell Ryuune that he doesn't think he'll be able to keep the

When you defeat Kirkus, he mumbles about the fate of the world being too 
much for him to bear...and that he doesn't think he'll be seeing Zash in
Heaven.  Your party then laments Zash's death (oh so tragic).  Flash forward
to when all preparations for departure are done at the Seb Shrine.  Noone is
entirely sure what the point of the whole battle was, what with the Feir 
business and all the trouble on your end.  Yan Lon notes that at least it
should be peaceful for a while now...  Ryuune is still surprised that Masaki
and the others were fighting on Feir's side, and wonders if she would have
been able to fight alongside him had she known.  She asks Yan Lon to bury
Zash in the Valley of Spores...she doesn't intend to forget him, but she can't
go on living in her memories.  At the last minute, Ryuune decides to stay here
(where Masaki is, etc.)  Yan Lon isn't able to persuade her to leave, so she


S1. Shuu, Mezameru ("Shuu Reawakens")

We open with a quote from J.P. Sartre that "The more one is free, the 
more one is cursed."  Shuu's will had become part of the darkness.  He
struggled fiercely against the giant thing that was trying to absorb his
consciousness.  Then, a speck of light appeared, which he goes toward.

You awake, reborn, to be facing Ruozor, who tells you to stay in bed and
wait for your strength to return.  You are very disoriented, unsure of your
whereabouts.  Ruozor tells you that his resurrection powers are good but not
perfect, which accounts for your memory lapses.  With a little time, you
regain your strength, which causes Ruozor to tell you the time has come to
implement "the plan".  Since you don't remember what this plan is, Ruozor
explains.  It's the plan to activate all the parts of Volkrus slumbering
throughout Ra-Gias.  If this succeeds, Ra-Gias will be plunged into chaos and
ruin, and summoning the real Volkrus will become simple.  Ruozor is going to
start by going to the Soratis Shrine and getting rid of Ibun as the first
step towards the plan.  He wants you go go abduct Queen Monica, since the
sacrifice of a member of the royal bloodline is indispensable to the 
resurrection.  He then tells you to get the rest of the details from your
familiar, Chika - a process which should make your memory whole again.  Chika
doesn't want to hear that you've forgotten about her, especially after you
left her behind when you last went to the surface...and she wants back the
thousand credits she loaned you (Ruozor is not amused).  You then go to pick
up the Granzon, and learn that Monica is currently in Langran's capital city
surrounded by the Shutedonians.  Chika recommends sneaking in and abducting
her - apparently Monica has had a thing for Shuu since way back when, since
she's a sucker for a pretty face.  At that point, Shuu notices something
heading your way - he tells Chika that since they have very few allies, just
about anything that approaches them is likely to be hostile.

You run into a battalion of Shutedonians, commanded by Colonel Zales Choir, who
is determined to put an end to your string of evil deeds once and for all.
This is a supremely easy battle.

After the battle, Chika comments on just how annoying it's going to be to
run into dudes like that all the way to Langran.  She also tells you that her
heart stopped when she heard you had died, since because she's made from part
of your will, if you die, she dies too.  Shuu interrupts to tell her that a
transmission has arrived (this is the second time Chika didn't notice).  It's
from Sephine, who congratulates you on your safe return.  Unfortunately,
Shuu doesn't immediately remember her, nor does he remember the "sweet night"
you and she spent together.  Chika tries to shut her up, only to have Sephine
remind her about how she asked for money back that she never loaned.  In
any case, she reintroduces herself as Sephine Volkrus, Shuu's devoted 
servant (heart)!  She then announces that she'll be traveling with you, to
Chika's temporary horror, and points out that sneaking into the capital is
going to be tough, but at least a little easier with her around.  Go to S2.

S2. Sengoku Mashin, GO-SHOGAN
("The God-Machine of the Warrior Country, Goshogun")

Chika is really not happy having Sephine along: she scares her.  Shuu asks
her to check for abnormalities on the spirit radar (there are none) since he's
been feeling some kind of presence.  The enemy is in fact there, and IFF says
it's from Shutedonias.  Sephine wants to handle it herself, but Shuu insists
on participating too for the sake of rehabilitation.   He's very surprised to
see Mobile Suits among the enemy.  Chika belatedly explains how someone's
immense power has been summoning people and their vehicles from the surface.
Which, as Sephine points out, has made the Shutedonians and the Kirkus Army
harder to handle.  Shuu finds the prospect that some of the Lond Bel were
summoned too vastly amusing, since he sort of remembers fighting both with and
against the Lond Bel...but he doesn't remember who its members are.  The
Shutedonians are totally baffled by the Granzon, having no idea what it's 
about to do to them.

  Sephine has noticed that the bad guys don't recognize you.  After you let
  them have it a little, the begin to realize just how much of a disadvantage
  they're at.  Their commander still wants to get his hands on your power...

After the battle, Shuu praises the enemy's courage but tells them that without
the clout to back it up all they're doing is wasting their own lives.  The
man realizes that you're Christoph the Apostate, but at that point his machine
explodes.  Just then, a large energy source begins to manifest in response to
an Automatic Summon Program...it's the Goshogun!  And it's in pretty bad
shape with its right hand and left leg immobile, and its pilots having no
clue where they are.  Shuu notes that they're in trouble, explaining to them
that they're in Ra-Gias and offering to help fix their machine.  Of course,
it's all a bit difficult for them to swallow; however, given the immobile sun
and everything they seem persuaded.  Shuu then tells them about the Shutedonian
invasion and that Langran seems lacking in power to repulse it.  He asks them
to assist the Langran military in return for the repairs.  He tells them he'll
return them to the surface after the war is over, although if they really
don't want to participate he'll send them back now.  The Goshogun pilots 
decide to take Shuu up on it, since they claim to be allies of justice and all.
Shuu gives them a holographic memo with the full details, and tells them 
that he's outfitted their machine with a device that lets them do dimensional
travel once per day, letting them move around freely.  The Goshogun team is
deeply impressed and asks Shuu his name so they can thank him properly...he
responds that he's noone whose name is important enough for them to know 
(Remy is amazed to hear someone actually _use_ this old, cliched line).  Go to


Sephine wants to know what Shuu has planned, and Shuu finally lets Chika
speak (he didn't want the conversation to get muddled earlier and was worried
that Chika would let something important slip).  Chika acts hurt by this.
Shuu then explains that by having them decrease the Shutedonians' power even
by a little, the balance will shift and prolong the conflict.  She wants to
know if that was all - Shuu says it is, and reminds her that conflict is
necessary for Volkrus' resurrection.  Sephine says she'll follow Shuu, no
matter what path he chooses to tread.  Now, to choose where to go next...
you can either head to the Nuet Sea and turn towards Baltea, or take a bit
of a detour.  To do the former, go to S4.  To do the latter go to S3.

S3. BAGONIA no Youhei ("The Bagonian Mercenaries")

You decide to look around Bagonia and see what you can find.  You run into
Bagonian self-defense forces and decide to have it out with them.  Among the
enemy are Jerrid, Kakricon, and Lila.  Jerrid wants to attack you head on,
but Lila tells him to be more careful than that.  Lila proposes joining
forces with you, if you'll go for it.  You notice that those three seem to
know you, and that it should be possible to Persuade them.

  Send Shuu to persuade Lila, and she and the other two will join you.

After the battle, Jerrid warns you that the Bagonian defenses are very tight
from here on out.  Shuu figures he might as well turn around, since pointless
fighting is just a waste of resources.  You then head for the Nuet Sea.  Go
to S4.

S4. NUETTO Kai  ("Nuet Sea")

As it happens, the course you're following is the same as that taken by Kirkus'
oceanic crossing operation.  Sephine and Chika refresh Shuu's memory about
who Kirkus is (Shuu's never met him, on top of his amnesia).  Right then, you
set off an anti-air missile booby trap containing marker beacons, bringing
you to the attention of the Shutedonians.  The enemy are led by Dick, who
recognizes the danger posed by the Granzon and hastily summons reinforcements.

  On round three, a group of Kirkus's troops led by Ratel show up and decide,
  perhaps unwisely, to fight both the Shutedonians and you at once, since
  the Granzon is so dangerous.

  A round or so later, the Shutedonian reinforcements show up, including 
  Quatro, who agreed to help out right away when he heard that the Granzon
  was involved.  Shuu is able to remember the pilot of that golden mecha.
  Send Shuu to Persuade him; he tells Quatro that his objective is total
  freedom (or something like that), and on the theory that Quatro has no real
  obligation to help the Shutedonian invasion he joins you.

After the battle, Quatro tells you that, while he intends to accompany you,
if something happens like the previous incident, he'll have to...  Shuu
stops him and tells him about his amnesia, and realizes that he'll never get
Quatro to trust him.  Go to S5.


Sephine tells you that at this pace you'll reach Baltea today.  Chika wonders
what to do next, since Baltea is under Kirkus' control.  Shuu says that the
Shutedonians are already fairly powerful, and that there's no reason to help
them any further.  However, on your present course, you'll head right into
the heart of Kirkus' forces.  If you want to keep going straight, go to S5.
To head a bit more to the west, go to S6.

S5. RYUUNE ZOORUDAAKU ("Ryuune Zoldark")

Right while you're talking, you run into a group of Kirkus's forces.  Lo and
behold, it's the Lond Bel contingent, led by Ryuune.  She has no plans to
let you off the hook now that you've found her.  You explain to her that you
have no idea what she's upset over, which seems to pacify her a bit...  Amuro
sees Quatro (aka Char) and wonders what on earth he's doing there too, to
which Quatro replies that he doubts he could convince Amuro in any case.  Shuu
then tells the Lond Bel squad that he has no intention of mixing it up with
them today, and that he just came over to say hi...and wonders if they'll
insist on forcing the issue.  Ryuune says she'll pass, saying that Shuu seems
to have lost the darkness that covered him once.

You depart without combat occurring, and Chika asks you if you really don't
remember Ryuune still.  You can at least remember her name, as well as the
name of her machine and her relation to Vian Zoldark.  Go to S7.

S6. Fukushuu no Kishi ("The Knight of Revenge")

You head toward the Powder province, and Chika starts trying to play tour
guide.  Sephine shuts her up, and when Shuu notices something coming your
way tells Chika that the radar is as good as useless with her minding it.
Chika retorts that it's simply that Shuu's gotten more powerful.  Among the
enemy is a strange robot that's not recorded in the surface database and
isn't an Elemental Machine.  It's emitting powerful waves of dark plana,
probably out of a thirst for revenge.  It turns out to be Burn, who's 
angsting over why he can't beat Shou.  Rishel, who's in charge of the enemy,
tells him to keep his mind on the fight.

  On round two, Shuu remarks that it could be useful to utilize that pilot's
  desire for revenge.  Burn, being a vengeful dude, defects right away.
  Rishel wonders why they simply can't trust these people from the surface.

After the battle, Burn demands to know how Shuu can help him obtain more
power.  Shuu tells him that what he needs to do is get his hands on a more
powerful Aura Machine, and Burn wonders how Shuu plans to do that.  As an
interim solution, Shuu has Sephine make some improvements to Burn's machine
(some _major_ improvements).  Go to S7.

S7. MONIKA, Sono Ai  ("The Love of Monica")

Once you reach your destination, Shuu announces that he's sneaking in alone
to decrease the chances of being spotted.  Sephine tells Chika in no 
uncertain terms to keep Queen Monica from falling for Shuu and getting her
hands on him.  Chika responds that her master has so little interest in women
she wonders sometimes if he isn't gay.  Sephine laments that Shuu's never
taken her up on her overtures.  There's a lot of enemies when you arrive,
but Shuu plans to use "Hidden Motion" to avoid their notice.  The plan is to
sneak up to the shrine where Monica is and then slip inside.

  If you use Accelerate, you can get to the shrine in one action.  Once 
  there, Shuu says he's going to lead Monica out.  She's got quite a few 
  guards protecting her, so Shuu sends Chika to do her thing since "Hidden
  Motion" won't work inside the shrine.  He warns Chika not to make too big
  a fuss lest other guards arrive.  Chika starts by badmouthing the guards
  disguised as birdcalls, which greatly upsets one of the guards and leads
  him on a wild goose chase.  Shuu is glad it worked but privately appalled at
  how vulgar Chika was.  Shuu then runs into Senia, surprised at how she's
  gotten beautiful in his absence.  Senia is happy at this praise even if it's
  insincere, and cheerfully tells Shuu not to say that to Monica lest she fall
  for it for real.  Shuu then gets her to reveal Monica's whereabouts, 
  seemingly offering to cheer Monica up.  Senia warns Shuu though that she
  won't forgive him if he makes Monica any sadder.  Monica is somewhat 
  delirious with grief for Shuu's absence when he first finds her, then so
  happy to see him that she lets her grammar slip (^^;;;)

  After you've recovered Monica, you have to get to the left side of the map
  (or else destroy all the enemies).  Zanboss and his goons show up in an effort
  to make your escape more difficult.  You should be able to reach the west
  edge of the board in two moves.  Once there, you disappear using "Neo-Drive."
  Zanboss tries to follow you.

During the escape, Chika insists that Monica not get too close to Shuu, and
asks why her formerly stiff demeanor changed.  Monica figures it's because of
her love for Shuu.  Go to S8.

S8. Souguu, SAIBASUTAA ("Chance Encounter with the Psybuster")

You're approaching your rendezvous with the rest of your team, and it doesn't
look like you're being followed.  Suddenly, Shuu senses a strangely familiar
plana source up ahead, which Monica senses too.  Since Chika didn't see it,
she begins to feel like she really isn't any use manning the radar.  As you
get closer, you realize it's the Psybuster!  Masaki and the Lond Belians with
him are _very_ surprised to see you.  Shuu is truly puzzled that everywhere
he goes everyone seems to hate and fear him, although he is almost able to
remember Masaki from his vulgar speech pattern.  Then, mentioning you have no
time to waste here, you press on ahead.  Chika then reminds you who Masaki
is.  Neither Chika or Monica can picture Masaki fighting along side you in
the Lond Bel.  Go to S9.

S9. NORUSU Dasshu ("Capturing the Norse")

It's time to meet up with Sephine and the others, which really sets Monica
on edge.  Realizing that Sephine is at Shuu's side on the battle field, she
steels herself for battle too.  She asks Shuu to let her fight too, and tells
him that her Norse is just a little ways to the north.  Shuu agrees, saying
that the resupply could do people good.  En route, Chika spots enemies on the
inbound, for once noticing them before Shuu does.  These appear to be just
a token guard force, with the main body of the enemy's strength heading for

  You pulverize the first few bad guys with ease.  Then Jorg and a couple
  lackeys appear.  Monica can sense that Jorg's mobile fortress has the Norse
  inside it.  Chika also says that it'll have lots of money inside, which
  Shuu plans to take too.  More bad guys show up on the subsequent round.
  To get the Norse, you need to destroy the mobile fortress before it can run
  to the west side of the board - this is nearly impossible.

If you can't get the Norse, Shuu apologizes to Monica, who in turn apologizes
to Shuu for her selfish request.  Go to S10.

S10. Yami no Sasayaki ("Whispers of the Darkness")

Sephine contacts you to check on getting Monica, who's right there.  She lets
it slip that Monica is to be sacrificed to Volkrus, by means of her fear and
despair.  However, Monica responds to Sephine's gloating by saying that if
Shuu wishes it, she'll happily become the sacrifice.  Sephine, caught up in
the competitive spirit, offers to be sacrificed too for Shuu's sake.  Chika
reminds Sephine that the sacrifice has to be a virgin, to which she replies
that at least she's a virgin at heart (@_@;;;)  However, Shuu reassures Monica
that he no intention of sacrificing her.  He has a problem with the whole
concept of sacrificing anyone - what's necessary is merely a huge force of
fear and despair.  He feels no need to spill the blood of the royal line to
pull that off.  He still intends to resurrect Volkrus, but he says he needs
Prince Telius's cooperation.  Sephine has heard that Yan Lon has brought
Telius back to Kirkus's custody.

Sephine rejoins you, and anxiously checks to see if Monica did anything "funny"
to you.  As she and Monica start to squabble over you, you interrupt and
find out that Teluis is in Kusaka City in the Valentine province.  Sephine
recommends kidnapping Telius, but you say that he has to come with you of his
own free will.  To that end, you want to meet and chat with him.  Sephine
recommends causing a commotion while Telius is doing is special Elemental
Machine practice, and the Shuu can use "Hidden Motion" to sneak up to him.
Monica begs to help Shuu, who asks Sephine to loan her a mech.  Sephine is
going to try to get Shuu to spend a night with her in exchange, but when Shuu
threatens to take Monica along with him in his machine she relents.  Chika
is getting really stressed by the tense atmosphere.  Right before battle,
Shuu gives Sephine kind words of caution, making her very very happy.

  Sephine and the others have to cause a commotion for seven turns.  Before
  the battle, Sephine starts musing on how hot the other guys in the party
  are too.  Switch to Mira and her attendants wondering how an enemy attack
  could be happening to them.  They leave Telius alone to wonder why he's
  doing any of this when all that'll happen is him being installed as a puppet.
  He thinks he's of no use to anybody, an assertion that Shuu pops out of
  thin air to refute.  Telius tries to say that he strove to break out of his
  current position, but he's just not as talented or smart as Shuu or Feir.
  Shuu tells him that he just hasn't realized his own talents yet.  While he
  won't ask Telius to become an apostate and believe in Volkrus, Shuu does
  want to borrow his power, power which Telius is convinced he doesn't have.
  Shuu tells him that the path will surely open for him...all he has to do is
  take the first step, under his own will.

  Things then switch back to Sephine and the others.  Hold out for seven turns,
  or kick all their butts in less (quite doable).

After the battle, Shuu returns, praises everyone, and tells them to pull out.
Monica stops him for a second and Quatro finds that one of the Southerbys
looks usable, and Jerrid gets a Dobenwolf.  Anyways, nobody is really
surprised that Telius didn't join Shuu right away.  Shuu's confident that
he'll come around though.  Go to S11.

S11. TERIUSU no Ketsui ("Telius' Resolve")

Monica is rather skeptical that Telius will ever amount to anything, since
he's always been picked on by Senia and been a crybaby.  Shuu blames it mostly
on Telius' environment.  Then Chika pipes up and quotes a Chinese proverb
about mentioning the Tsao-Tsao and it appearing (Sephine wonders if it's
Yan Lon's influence).  You all head off toward Blucksen after him.  Upon
reaching the scene, Shuu senses Masaki's plana again.  Shuu doesn't want to
cross swords with the Psybuster, so he tells everyone else to wait while he
goes on ahead.  Sephine is about to insist, but Shuu stares at her and she
backs down, remarking that his gaze pierces her all the way through to her
Astral body.

  Tyutti and Ratel are arguing over Telius when you arrive, who breaks the
  Shadow Binders and reawakens his powers.  You tell him that he has nothing
  to fear with all that power, and take him under your wing.  You then bail
  at high speed, leaving Masaki to wonder if you've taken up kidnapping as a
  hobby or something.

Telius is very surprised to see Monica hanging out with Shuu.  Monica retorts
that it's none of his business and tells him to get some balls while he's at
it.  And _then_ yells at him for still calling Shuu "Christof".  Telius 
reminds her that her grammar is still messed up when she's upset.  Shuu tells
everyone that Telius is useful because of his magic, which Telius doesn't
buy at first.  However, he'll need a little training first.  Go to S12.

S12. Tokkun  ("Special Training")

Sephine gets word that the Shutedonians have been routed by the combined
forces of Kirkus and Feir and are pulling out.  Shuu says that, while the
Shutedonians were more fragile than expected, there's no need to get excited
or change plans.  He also forecasts that the uproar will continue, since
Kirkus and Feir are likely to split up shortly and Masaki is unlikely to
obey Feir forever.  This surprises Monica, because Masaki's strong sense of
justice would be unlikely to turn him against Feir once he's already joined
to him.  Shuu responds that Masaki and Feir have different ideas of justice,
and that Feir is ill.  Shuu tells Monica that he remembers about Feir's
illness, and that Feir is probably feeling short on time and liable to act
given half a chance.  Shuu would like to take care of things on this end
before that happens.  You then haul Telius off for training, Chika saying
he needs to be at least "level 25" (Shuu wonders what she's talking about).

Keep going to S12 until you reach level 25.  When you're done, Telius finally
wonders what Shuu wants him to do - of course, resurrect Volkrus.  He's a
bit scared, a bit excited, and still generally wishy-washy about the prospect.
And Shuu tells him not to let the surface dwellers in on it.  Go to S13.

S13. JIHAADO ("Jihad")

You receive a transmission from Ruozor, wherein he asks if you've gotten
Queen Monica safely.  You then learn that Ruozor's had a bit of trouble on
his end and failed to kill Ibun, although he did succeed in destroying the
seal at the Soratis Shrine - meaning only two of the five Great Seals are left.
One at Tieba and one at Troia.  You decide to take on Tieba and head to Troia
when all is said and done.  You neglect to mention the bit about not 
sacrificing Monica, which Chika has some reservations about.  You tell her
not to worry and not to let anything slip from here on out.  At your 
destination, Sephine observes that Kirkus and Feir have had a falling out just
like Shuu forecast.  Shuu is a little surprised that Feir's side was able to
best Kirkus' side so soundly at their first engagement.  It's apparently 
due to Yan Lon and Ryuune switching sides - people that Shuu would prefer not
to tangle with if possible.  Chika then detects a very powerful battleship in
Tieba which is not emitting any IFF.  It appears to be remnants of Kirkus's
army, including Ratel, Leslie, and Mira...and Ahamed, who advocates defeating
enemies whoever they be.

  You have a choice whether or not to needlessly fight the enemy.  If you tell
  them you want to avoid combat, Ratel agrees readily but Leslie calls her a
  coward and takes over command of the troops.  Ratel and Mira tell him to go
  for it and try to prove his concept of "justice" by dying needlessly.
  Unfortunately, Leslie has cast a spell on the other soldiers, only the two
  of them can escape.  Ahamed's duty is already over, but he plans to stick
  around and test his might against the Granzon anyway.  If you say you 
  want to go for it, Ratel reluctantly agrees to stay and fight.

  After the battle progresses for a while, Leslie summons some Demon Golems.
  He's very proud of himself, but your team ridicules him for glorying in 
  such a simple feat.  Shuu comments that black magic is getting stronger with
  the breaking of the seals, which is what makes Leslie think he himself has
  gotten stronger.  Kill him and prove otherwise.  Kill Ahamed to get a
  Biosensor (an actual power-up item!)

After the battle, you have some trouble locating the seal.  Interestingly,
Telius locates it first, saying that he hears a voice calling him or something.
Go to S14.

S14. Fuuin ("The Seal")

Shuu gives Telius and Monica a little memory gadget that will let anyone with
magical powers utter the incantation to break the seal just by putting it on
their forehead (Telius is impressed).  Shuu tells him that it wasn't developed
at the Academy, but is technology from the surface (Monica is even more
impressed - and her grammar is still as faulty as ever).  You then go to the
underground cavern where the incantations need to be uttered.  Telius is 
pretty nervous, but Monica says she has nothing to fear while she's by Shuu's
side.  Shuu has the two recite passages from their newfound memories, which
do indeed break Volkrus's seal - but unfortunately they also summon some
pieces of Volkrus as well!  Shuu announces that they need to fight these 
avatars in order not to die here, since they don't actually have any kind of
consciousness and are therefore not really "Volkrus" himself.  Sephine is
very reluctant to attack Volkrus, but finally decides that she's Shuu's
subordinate before she's Volkrus' devotee.  Shuu tells her that she's not his
subordinate, but his friend.

After the battle, Shuu remarks that even if it was a little sloppy, the seal
has now been broken.  He then asks Sephine to keep the error from Ruozor,
since knowing Ruozor's disposition it would surely result in getting lectured.
He tells Chika the same, adding even more to her stress level temporarily.
Go to S15.

S15. Jashin Kaihou ("The Evil God, Freed")

Sephine reports some oddity in Feir's actions.  She hasn't found out anything
in depth, but she knows he's once again gathering his forces.  Shuu thinks
more war is in the offing.  Your group meets up with Ruozor, and Shuu reports
that the seal was successfully broken.  Ruozor tells him that to his immense
shame he wasn't able to break the Troia seal due to interference from the
Psybuster.  When Sephine asks why the seal is still intact despite the fact
that the Psybuster has already left, Ruozor responds that his method for
breaking it was incomplete, and that Masaki's people took out Volkrus'
avatars.  Now the inside of the shrine is running amok with demon golems that
even he can no longer control.  Abruptly, many of those demon golems emerge
to do battle.

  On round two, Sephine asks Ruozor why he isn't using his "Invulnerable Mode".
  He tells her not to call it that and informs her that since it uses lots of
  magic he can't manage it for the time being.

After battle, Telius observes that the demon golems kind of suck and chalks it
up to his training.  It seems like you can effect an entrance to the shrine.
As Shuu goes inside with Sephine and Telius to take a peek, Ruozor grills
Chika about why Monica is riding an Elemental Machine and asks if anything
else funny has been going on.  Chika appears ready to reveal Shuu's secret,
and then yells a particularly meaningless phrase into Ruozor's ear.  Shuu
reappears at that point and saves Chika from getting lectured on the proper
demeanor for a familiar.  Go to S16.

S16. Hangyaku ("Treachery")

Ruozor asks if everyone is ready.  Telius holds things up by going to the
bathroom, as do Monica and Sephine (Ruozor gets pissed).  Once inside the
shrine, Ruozor directs Monica onto a central platform, insisting that she
get out of her Elemental Machine.  Next, Shuu goes before Monica and recites
a passage about how only death and ruin are equal and how the proper order
of things is that form arise from, and return to, void.  Next, Shuu must put
Monica to the sword - she asks him to make it not hurt.  Sephine comments
that she likes doing things that hurt too, and that even though a certain
thing hurts the first time it gets better upon repeated...Ruozor very irately
cuts her off and insists that Shuu proceed.  Shuu tells Monica that the
sacrifice requires the despair and grief of one who has been betrayed, the
stronger the better - the total despair that comes from having everything
one believes in laid waste.  Monica replies that she doesn't care and that
her life is Shuu's.  Ruozor is getting impatient, and suddenly some sort of
energy strikes him.  Shuu then asks _him_ how he likes feeling betrayed, and
informs him that since he believes so strongly _he_ can be the sacrifice.
And tells him to smile more.  Ruozor is totally shocked and wonders why Shuu
is no longer beholden to Volkrus - Shuu tells him that because the resurrection
spell was imperfect his memory of fealty to Volkrus is gone.  However, he
_does_ intend to bring Volkrus back, just by using Ruozor's life.  It seems
that Volkrus was trying to manipulate Shuu's life, Shuu who loves freedom and
fears noone.  Shuu didn't take too kindly to being beholden to Volkrus and
having his freedom stolen...so he plans to resurrect, and then _extinguish_
Volkrus.  Ruozor, or what's left of him, is truly upset, but Shuu tells him
that his death is going to be even more painful yet as the key to bring
Volkrus back to life.  Telius then intones the final spell that completes the

Shuu then tells Sephine to retreat, since she is also bound by contract to
Volkrus (which was why she hesitated to fight Volkrus' avatars back then).
Sephine replies that she'll stay and fight regardless and that her fealty
ends here.  Shuu warns her that if she should waver in her fight...and she
requests that he kill her himself.  Congratulations, it's Volkrus, and he
starts trying to take over Sephine...who asks Shuu to kill her with her last

  When you kill Sephine, she thanks you with her dying words for such an
  incredible climax and tells you she has no regrets.  Monica pleads with her
  not to die, saying she'll steal Shuu, but it's already too late.

You kill Volkrus, at which point Shuu tells him that no, he's not a god, just
the ghosts of a people long since destroyed.  And even if he was a good, 
Shuu won't suffer anyone to place him under their yoke.  Monica then laments
Sephine's passing (listing all her faults in the process).  Chika is then
greatly moved at just how cool Shuu is, for being able to actually kill 
Volkrus.  And now, the time has come to return the people to the surface.

Telius observes that both Feir and Kirkus are dead, and wonders what happens
to Langran now.  He then decides not to try to become king, saying that it's
far more interesting to see what Shuu's going to do now (Shuu tells him to
brace himself).  The Goshogun finally arrives (late), and its crew muses
about how people who claim to fight for justice suddenly become the invaders.
Shuu figures out that she's talking about Feir and asks if he had a peaceful
death - and whether Masaki is doing well.  They reply that Masaki is doing
just fine (perhaps _too_ fine), and Shuu sets about sending all of them back
home.  On the way out, Quatro asks Shuu what he's going to do from here out
and whether he'll be coming back to the surface.  Shuu will eventually, and
says that he'll probably travel a similar path to that Quatro will follow.
Quatro says he hopes the next time they meet you won't be enemies.  Jerrid
tells you that he's not a nice guy like Char and that if you ever confront
him he'll show you no mercy (gee, how scary).  As Burn heads off, Shuu asks
if he intends to settle the score with Shou.  He is, as the only way to save
face for him as a knight.  Shuu is sure that he'll see everyone else again.