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Getter Robot - The Big Battle
Document Addon for FAQ/Guide written by Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)
Written by Winston Avalon (nemesisv@mailandnews.com)

OK, this may not be my first PSX FAQ, but this is the first time I added
a disclaimer. This document can be use freely and posted on any website or
channel upon informing me provided it is not alter without my permission.

I will even approve the use in a magazine or other form of media as long as
I am inform about the use.

Why a Addon?
I use FAQ like many other people and I believe that when we spot mistakes
or thing not found in the FAQ, it should also be our part to point it out
so that other players will benefit from it. As least, I see that to be the
least require of a FAQ user.

About this Addon
This addon does not contain the whole FAQ and it meant to be a footnote to
the original Getter Robot FAQ written by Zhou Tai An. If you want to use this
addon, please read the original FAQ first. It can be found in




In Chapter 6 mentioned in the FAQ, you are given a choice to stay and defend
your base (option 1) or stay and defend the current base (option 2). I
believe the author choose 2 and that lead on the chapter 7. I tried the other
option and it bought me to 1 extra fight with moderate difficulty. You may
want to try this out to get more experience points.


In the last chapter, the author mentoned something about the time travel of
the bugs. As my japanese is not really good, I may have misinterpreted the
story, but according to my understanding, the story should be :

The getter team will defeat the alien in the future, even though they conquer
almost all of the universe. In order for that not to happen, the alien came
from the future to now and try to destroy the Getter Team before they even
got a chance to become powerful.

Tips for last fight
As you may notice that when each bug you kill, they will resurrect 1 bug
from the wormhole... But I tried somethign crazy and found out that not
matter how many bug you kill, they ONLY ressurect ONE each turn. Therefore
instead of waiting for the reinforcement, you can reduce the enemy count.

Try not to kill 1 bug, but >1 in one attack. You may want to use the other
members to weaken them first (do kill them), then make use of a multiple
attack to take them out in 1 shot and only 1 wil get resurrected.

The resurrection will resurrect a wasp enemy which is more powerful then
the ant, so make sure you really reduce the number of enemy or you might
as well have the ant around. Hey, it's better to have 1 wasp then 2 ants

The reinforcement will come in Round 15. By then the resurrection will
no longer work, so hang in there until Round 15.

The last worm has a very powerful range. Use Getter G1 and Shin Getter 1,
Getter Emperor to attack from the long range. The poitn is that the worm
cannot move, but we can, just move away and heal and we will prevail.

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