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Disc 2 translation guide by borgor and Inverse1983
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mhconrad at hotmail.com (Inverse1983)
08/29/12 Version 1.01

Table of Contents

Version history
Menu Translation
   Ninth Mission : Find out Eliotte's identity
   Tenth Mission : Help Eliotte's supporters reach the capital
   Eleventh Mission : Face and bring down the fake king
   Twelfth Mission : Defeat Gevel
   Thirteenth Mission : Defeat Venzel
Spells and skills list
Vacation events list
Vacation events translation
Legal information


Thanks to :
Career soft for this excellent game.
GameFAQs for hosting this file.
Allesthar for the menu translation. And also for coming up with the silly
idea of translating that game I guess.

This was written by Inverse and myself. I did the translating, while Inverse
edited it, fixing errors and arranging stuff that just "didn't translate".
Future versions will be done by the same members hopefully but due to the
sheer size of Growlanser' script, any additionnal help would be VERY MUCH
welcome. Especially on the translation aspect but any help would be
appreciated. So this is basically a message to all of you Growlanser fans
(yes the whole ten of you) : "Please, help us. There's no reward for you in
this but surely, God will love you for doing so". Juste leave a message on
the board if you want to help or mail us. Thanks.

Version history

v 1.01 (08/29/20012) : As promised(?), here are some more endings, and other
character specific events for Ruise/Wallace/Misha/Ariost/Eliotte/Tippi.
All courtesy of Lucethira of Growlanser realm (www.growlanser-realm.com).
Thanks Luce! And sorry it took me 3 years XD

v 1.00 (05/05/2009) : The script is finally complete! Well there's only
Julian's ending for now, more will follow. Also added a basic cast section
based on the game ending staff roll. The remake comes out next week!

v 0.80 (04/23/2009) : 80% of the script translated. Only 3 more weeks to go!

v 0.60 (04/09/2009) : 60% of the script translated. Exactly 5 weeks to wait
until Growlanser PSP is out! :D

v 0.50 (03/28/2009) : 50% of the script translated. One month and a half to
go until the remake is out! I hope I can finish this first.

v 0.40 (03/14/2009) : 40% of the script translated. This time with even more
typos than usual! Two months to go until the PSP version of the game now.

v 0.30 (03/10/2009) : 30% of the script translated. Yes, it's been over a
year since the last update. But hey, how can I not update this when we're
celebrating the game's 10th anniversary this year?

v 0.15 (01/14/2008) : 15% of the script translated. Will be edited later.


Since Growlanser isn't a game that have been extensively covered yet, this
translation will contain various gameplay-related hints and we'll detail the
non-obvious stuff such as how to get optionnal events, characters, etc...
Most of the time those indications will be indicated between brackets. If
there's anything in particular you want to be explained about the game that
we seem to have forgotten, do feel free to ask about it. In the end, the
purpose of this document is to make the game the most enjoyable possible
for people who don't speak japanese.

About the layout, most of the time locations will be indicated by a header
and actions that need to be taken to trigger a dialogue, will be indicated
between brackets. So things will looks like that :

======= Location name =======

(do said action to trigger the following dialogue)

Character's name : blah blah blah....

Choices during dialogues are given a number and to separate the main script
from the different dialogues you get according to how you answer questions,
we usually skip two lines before getting back to the main script, or use a
small divider looking like this --- Well I'm pretty sure this will be obvious
when reading anyway.

One final word, we left all suffixes in Japanese for now. They might
disappear later once we agreed on how to translate them. Most people playing
this game are probably familiar with them anyway, but in the case we decide
to leave them for good, we'll make a little note explaining each of them.
Same goes for "oniichan" which is how Ruise refer to Carmaine, the main
character (it means big brother in a affectionnate way).

Menu Translation

~Game Menu~

- New Game
- Load Game
- Config
- Appendix

- Config Menu Translation:

、 Sound				Stereo (Stereo / Mono)	
> Choose the BGM setting between Stereo or Mono

、 BGM				I-------------I		
> Volume for BGM. If you set Off no BGM will be heard

、 Sound Effects			I-------------I		
> Choose the volume of the sound effects

、 Voice Menu			I-------------I		
> Volume for Tippi's voice. If you set Off no voice will be heard
(note : iirc this will cut battle voices too unfortunately)

、 Voice Message			I-------------I		
> Volume for voices. If you set Off no voice will be heard

、 Message Speed			Fast (Fast / Slow)	
> Select the speed for the dialogues in game

、 Help command			On (On / Off)		
> Enable or disable pop up help

、 Range circle in battle	On (On / Off)		
> In battle, set if you want to use the range of the spell before charing it.

、 Tippy's possibilities	Normal Tippi			
> In order to change the curser's shape you need to obtain different Tippi.


======= Rolandia castle - Before the main gate ========

(Misha will stop and stay behind the group)

Tippi : ...what's wrong Misha?

Misha : ...I think I should go back after all...

Ruise : Go back...? What do you mean Misha?

Misha : Don't worry Ruise-chan. I just need some time alone to sort out my
feelings. Invite me again later!

Remove Misha's equipment?
1) Yes
2) No

Ariost : She...

Tippi : Hm?

Ariost : ...no, it's nothing.

======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========

Arcadius : Ooh, you're back. I heard what happened from Sandra. I can't
believe that the chancellor of the magical academy himself would do such a
thing to the Growsians....

Sandra : As a researcher he was highly considered but...

Ruise : He said he was a descendant of the Growsian king's family. But as
someone with no Growshu he wanted to extract it from other Growsians.

Arcadius : In any case it appears that this case is concluded.

Sandra : Indeed.

Tippi : More importantly, hurry up and get me rid of that magic jamming
thingie already! My head hurts when I'm near it!

(inventory auto-opens, select the magic jammer, (マジックジャマー))

Arcadius : Then, as per usual, go enjoy you well deserved vacations.

Official : Considering your achievements we will grant you three days of rest
this time. Well then, please select where you want to go :
1) Capital city Rosaria
2) Health ressort Rashell
3) Magic academy
4) Hot spring town Comsprings
5) My city

                             Ninth Mission
                     Find out Eliotte's identity

======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========

(after getting back from vacation)

Official : Your vacations are now over. You will be given your next mission.

Arcadius : Did you enjoy your vacations? Then, about your next mission....

Voice : That damned intruder, where did he go!?

Voice : Keep looking! He should still be in the castle!

Arcadius : What is the meaning of this!?

Wallace : They mentioned an intruder. This is no time to just stand and watch.

Tippi : We're going too your Highness!

(upon exiting the throne room)

Eliotte : W-why are you targeting me!

Masked man : Because that's our job. Nothing personal here.

Eliotte : That can't be...

Tippi : Over there...

Wallace : They went as far as attack within the castle...

Event battle 31 : Rescue Eliotte!

Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
Losing condition : Party defeated, Eliotte dies

Enemy : Masked man (Lv37)
        2 masked men (Lv33)


        Eliotte (Lv32)

(easy fight, split your team in two to send some people in front of Eliotte
and protect him while the others go around the enemies or simply stand there
and cast stuff)

(landing an attack on the first masked man - magical or physical)

Masked man : Urgh...!

(his mask will break revealing - oh surprise! - Xenos's face)

Xenos : !!

Ruise : Xenos-san....

Xenos : Tsk! They've found out...but I'm not going to pull back after
coming this far!

(if Eliotte gets attacked)

Eliotte : Uuuh...!

Tippi : Idiot! What are you standing around for!
If you don't want to die you have to fight!

Eliotte : You want me...to fight?

Tippi : You've got to protect yourself right!?

Eliotte : However...bringing harm to other people, that's...

Tippi : Whatever, do it!

(Eliotte will now fights but still as a NPC)

(Xenos defeated)

Xenos : Tch! No way we can make it with only
three people against that number...

Tippi : Hold it! Why are you doing this! You look just like a thief!

Xenos : I'm not doing this because I want to! Besides this is all
your fault! You're the ones who messed up my life!

Ruise : Our fault...? What are you talking about...?

Xenos : Hmph! Don't play dumb. ....I already know everything.

Tippi : About what!? Explain already!

Xenos : Still pretending not to know? Then I'll tell you! During the
tournament, you've poured poison in the drinks when you came to visit my room!

Tippi : ...wh...?

Xenos : Because of that I lost the tournament and at the same time my chance to
become an officer! Your promotion must make you feel good huh!? Now you're the
kingdom's hero while I'm just some....damn it!

(he escapes)

Tippi : Ah, wait!

Ruise : Xenos-san...why...?

Wallace : Are you alright?

Eliotte : Yes. Thank you for rescuing me....

Event battle 31 Clear

Tippi : Geez, you're really a popular target aren't you?

Eliotte : Hahaha...

Tippi : It's nothing to laugh about!

Rolandia soldier : The king is calling you!
Hurry up and bring that person with you.

(back in the throne room)

Arcadius : What was all this agitation about?

Ruise : Hum, actually intruders infiltrated the castle to kill him.

Arcadius : What? Is that true?

Eliotte : ...yes.

Wallace : To go as far as infiltrate the castle to try to kill him, this has
to be related to something quite important.

Ruise : ...something quite important?

Wallace : Yes. For instance, in the case the current king of the Burnstein
kingdom would be a imposter, that would mean Eliotte must be the real king.

Eliotte : No, that can't be....

Sandra : This is highly probable. That would explain why there are assassins
sent to kill him.

Arcadius : Hmmm....if only there was some proof of his identity then we could
attempt something however....

Sandra : Your Highness. I have a suggestion. I wish we would bring him to
the Ranzack kingdom.

Arcadius : To the Ranzack kingdom?

Sandra : There are rumors stating that the Burnstein court magician, Venzel,
has been staying at the Ranzack castle. If those are true I'd like to have
Eliotte meet him.

Ruise : Ah, right. If I remember well, Eliotte-kun was entrusted to his
foster parents by this court magician...

Sandra : If he meet Venzel then we will know the truth about his identity.
However there is no way someone with no official business can enter the
Ranzack castle.

Arcadius : I understand. Then I will ask you to deliver this letter.
It contains information gathered from the Gevel investigation and a warning
of the threat it represents. Deliver it to the king of Ranzack and while there
make sure to meet with the magician Venzel and ascertain the truth about that
boy's identity.

(received a letter for the king of Ranzack!)

Arcadius : I entrust him to you.

Eliotte : ...excuse me...does this mean I'm going too?

Tippi : Of course you are!

(Eliotte joined the party!)

======= Ranzack castle - main gate ========

(as you come close to them)

Gatekeeper : Halt! Unauthorized people can't proceed past this point!

(open your inventory select the letter for the king of Ranzack)

Gatekeeper : A letter...?

Wallace : We are emissaries from the Rolandia kingdom. We've been entrusted
the task to deliver this letter from king Arcadius.

(the letter is handed over)

Tippi : Besides, it's not like this is our first time coming here you know?

Gatekeeper : Indeed. Wait an instant.

(one of the gatekeeper leaves and then comes back)

Gatekeeper : You are allowed to see the king. Enter.

======= Ranzack castle - Entrance hall ========

(upon getting there)

Wallace : Well, now it would be fine if we just got lucky and
run into that Venzel guy but...

Eliotte : I really wonder if I'm the real king?

Wallace : That's precisely to learn this that we're here. 

Tippi : Hey don't tell me you're going to chicken out after coming this far?

Ranzack soldier : What are you people blabbering about? ...hm? Didn't I see
your face somewhere before?

Eliotte : Ah? M-me...?

Tippi : Ah, that kid has a really common face you know.

Ranzack soldier : Hmmm, is that so.

(a little bit further inside)

Ruise : ...whew, I got a little nervous there.

Wallace : That reminds me that the Ranzack and the Burnstein kingdoms
are at war now.

======= Ranzack castle - Throne's room ========

(approaching the king)

Ranzack king : Oh, it's you. I remember that little fairy thing of yours.

Tippi : Th-thanks....

(he reads the letter)

Ranzack king : Both of our countries have been suddenly dragged into war and
suffered from the actions of the Burnstein kingdom. But at least friendly
relations still exist between us.

(upon leaving the room)

Tippi : Well, now we've got to find that magician...huh, what the?

Voice : Could you be talking about me?

(the old man clad in white appears)

Ruise : Ah, it's you...

Man : We meet again.

Tippi : Grandpa, could it be that you're...

Man : We won't be able to talk at our leisure here. Follow me.

(Simply go through the same doors as him)

Man : This way.

Man (to a guard) : We'll be staying inside for a while.

Ranzack soldier : Y-yes sir!

(within that room with the green carpet)

Man : Good. Nobody will be able to listen in on us here.

(talk to him)

Ruise : Excuse me...you are...

Man : Right. I still haven't introduced myself. I am Venzel. The former court
magician of the Burnstein kingdom you were looking for.

Tippi : Then you're Master's teacher?

Venzel : Precisely. Sandra was an excellent pupil. Anyway, Eliotte.
What exactly have you been doing?

Eliotte : What you ask but.... what do you mean by that?

Venzel : I gave a letter to your adoptive family explaining the details
about your identity. That letter was to be delivered to the Rolandia castle.

Eliotte : That letter...was stolen after being assaulted by some unknown people.

Venzel : ...this is rather annoying to hear...

Wallace : In that case, we can cut straight to the point. Why is it that
Eliotte and King Richard look exactly alike; you should know the reason right?

Venzel : Alright then from now on let Sandra hear what I'm about to say. It's
better if we have one more witness. Since you're an homunculus, you should
be able to do that shouldn't you?

Tippi : Uh, ah y-yes! Master! Master! Right now we're talking with Venzel-san
but listen to what he has to say with us! Yes, he requested it.

Venzel : It's been a long time Sandra. I can't see you from this side but I'm
certain you're still as beautiful as ever.

Tippi : Aha, Master's embarassed!

Venzel : Well then, let's leave the introductions as that and enter the main
topic. First I'll need to know how much do you know about Gevel but....

Wallace : You want to talk about that monster?

Venzel : Yes.

Ruise : But how is this related to Eliotte-kun?

Venzel : How is it related? How can you even ask that when everything that
happened is actually because of him?

Wallace : What!?

Venzel : A long time ago, Growsians created Gevel as a tool to rule over
people. And the Growsians members that sided with the people used magic to
seal Gevel within the crystal mines.

Ruise : We know about this. That Gevel is the one that appeared in the mines
18 years ago.

Venzel : Yes. Everything started at that time. Even the current war is
something that Gevel caused in the purpose to take control over humankind.

Tippi : Why would he plot something like this? Since the Growsians that
controlled him are no more after all?

Venzel : Gevel is something that was created for the sole purpose of controlling
people. Even with the disappearance of his Growsians masters he will keep on
working for that sole purpose. He first started to think about how using magic
to work for him as it was the cause of his defeat in the past. If he couldn't
overcome magic then he would only repeat the same mistake. But since he knew he
couldn't use magic himself he had to take another approach. "If I can't use
magic myself, then I only need to have underlings who can use magic" is
basically how he viewed the issue. This is when he started to think about
controlling human society. His first move was to use his own extraordinary
reproducing abilities to create a replica of the prince Richard who was newly
born and subsituted it to the real one.

Wallace : Hold on! That substituted prince, was that...

Venzel : Exactly. Eliotte. You're the real king Richard.

Eliotte : I..I am...a king...

Tippi : Venzel-san...how comes you know so much about this?

Venzel : ...if possible I wish I wouldn't have to mention it but...the one who
proceeded to obtain the genetic information and who substituted the fake prince
over the real one was none other than myself.

Ruise : What!?

Venzel : At that time I had no other choice but to obey Gevel. Since he is
immensely powerful he could have killed me at anytime.

Wallace : Yes, a strength great enough to annihilate the whole mercenary group
I belonged to after all...

Venzel : Research to make Gevel able to use magic. Exchanging the prince to
give him the necessary political power to stir up troubles and detract
attention. Setting all the pieces of what would become his strength to rule over
mankind, I was forced to work for him for close to 20 years. Unlike his other
underlings, as a court magician, I was quite helpful to him which is probably
why I'm still alive now. And that's how I finally seized an opportunity. As
someone working under him I was in the best position to expose his scheme.
That's also why I rescued the real prince who was to be killed and had him
brought up in secret.

Eliotte : Then, this means that if I'm here now....

Ruise : It's thanks to Venzel-san....

Eliotte : Thank you very much!

Venzel : To be honest I only saved you to mess up his plan and to use you as
a trump card later though. To do so I had to save your life. You don't need to
thank me.

Eliotte : ...but not only did you save me but allowed me to receive a proper
education too.

Venzel : ...

Venzel : You are a person that will become king. If the king is uneducated
wouldn't all the citizens of the kingdom be in trouble?

Eliotte : I see...

Venzel : ...let's resume our talk. After the coronation ceremony that took
place several days ago, Gevel's puppet finally became king. So as someone who
was no longer useful, how would they deal with me was rather obvious. I came
here in the Ranzack kingdom where there is no court magician and in exchange
for teaching magic I am allowed to remain hidden within the castle.

Tippi : So that's why you disappeared suddenly.

Ruise : Ahem....earlier you said that Gevel created a replica of Eliotte-kun.
But how could he do such a thing...?

Venzel : That which is responsible for our whole body organization and features
is stored as information and can be found stored throughout our whole body.
It is present in its integrity in even a single hair.

Tippi : In a single hair!?

Venzel : Children resemble their parents because they inherit half of this
information from each parent. But if that information would be received from
one person only, then the resulting child would be exactly similar to that
person. To put it simply it's similar to twins born from a single cell. When
the embryo split completely, two beings will grow up within the body of the
mother having received the exact same information. Those are true twins.

Ariost : I understand. My field isn't biology so....

Venzel : Gevel has the ability to use his body to create replicas of himself.
He used that ability to create a child carrying the exact same information as

Tippi : In that case even though we call him fake, the one on the throne is
the exact same as the real one?

Venzel : You're half correct.

Tippi : Then what did I get half wrong?

Venzel : Do you think Gevel wouldn't want to improve those that are to be
used as his puppets? Even though Richard is only a 14 years old boy, he
possess strength superior to the other Imperial Knights and thus gained the
title of Knight Master.

Tippi : Ah, I get it.

Wallace : Things are much clearer now. Using Eliotte's replica he is now able
to make things go his way easily. Could it be he's linked to the replica in a
similar way as the telepathy between Tippi and Lady Sandra?

Venzel : Exactly. And that's how he can move his pawns without ever stepping
on the scene. Finally he also used a skilled man to create soldiers to
protect himself.

Ruise : Ah, then, those masked people they're...

Wallace : Those guys that took my arm and eyes huh...then, now that we
understood what their objective is, how are we going to deal with the fake
king and put Eliotte back on the throne? That's the reason you rescued him
for right?

Eliotte : The king Richard is the same person as me isn't he?
How could we find a proof of my identity?

Venzel : The armlet you're wearing is that proof you're looking for.

Eliotte (rasing his hand) : This?

Venzel : This armlet is made from a magic metal crafted by the three court
magicians of the Burnstein kingdom as they pray for the security of the
royal family. This is a custom of the Burnstein kingdom each time the king's
heir is born. You may ask further details from your real mother.

Ruise : His real mother, you mean the Queen?

Venzel : If you go all the way east from Garaus prison you'll find a villa
belonging to the royal family. There lives the Queen...or rather now, the
King's mother, Her Highness Angela.

Eliotte : My real mother....

Venzel : So as Richard won't learn he is a fake, her Highness Angela is
confined there. Since she's your real mother, I'm sure she'll trust
your words.

Wallace : In any case we have to first go and meet her then.

Venzel : Take this letter with you.

(received letter for the king's mother!)

Venzel : This was quite the long story. When the times comes to prove
Eliotte's true identity, I will make my way to the Burnstein castle hastily.
Until that time I will remain hidden here. And that's it Sandra. I'll entrust
them to your guidance.

Tippi : ...okay. Master said she will.

(Venzel starts to leave the room)

Ruise : Ah, please wait! There's still something I'd like to ask you.

Venzel : What is it?

Ruise : You rescued me when I was attacked by that person looking exactly the
same as oniichan right? Why did you come to my help then?

Venzel : Gevel's strength decrease when faced with the kind of his creators,
the Growsians. The Growsians murder case that took place all throughout the
Burnstein kingdom were ordered by Gevel to cover that weakness of him. By
monopolizing the remaining Growsians for his research, the chancellor Maxwell
ended up helping Gevel eliminating them. Besides creating replicas of himself
called Yung, Gevel also used the Shadow knights to exterminate each and every
Growsian within the Burnstein kingdom.

Wallace : Shadow knights!

Venzel : The Shadow knights are a group created to stand in the shadows of the
political power and take care of the dirty jobs. You could call it a
necessary evil. Although now they've been reduced to being a mere group of

Tippi : Say, how come you know so much about them?

Venzel : I am the one who came up with the idea of creating the Shadow knights
group and submitted it to the previous king. Despite creating the group,
half of them are subordinates of Gevel now. I was also the first leader of the

Wallace : So who is leading them now?

Venzel : Most probably Gamelan. Considering his knowledge in poisons, curses,
and his craftiness, it seems rather obvious. But that man is far too wicked...

Wallace : Gamelan....him....

Tippi : I can see that. Gamelan is the guy that made the Ranzack kingdom
plans a pincer attack against the Rolandia troops.

Venzel : Hear me Ruise. Among all Growsians you are the one who possess the
greatest power. In other words you're the only one able to defeat Gevel.
That's why I protected you. Nothing else.

(he leaves)

Tippi : Somehow I feel like he's just embarrassed to admit he's a nice person.

Wallace : Anyway I'm glad the riddle is solved. Now we've to got to
focus on what we can do.

Eliotte : Indeed. I swear on that life of mine that Venzel-san saved that
I will put an end to Gevel's rule!

======= Royal family villa - Entrance gate ========

(upon getting there)

Ruise : This is where Her Highness Angela lives right?

Tippi : ...hey, there is a Burnstein soldier here.

Wallace : Of course there is. Even if we're within the Burnstein kingdom,
don't you remember that the King's mother is supposed to be confined?

Eliotte : How are we going to meet her?
1) By breaking through the gate
2) By going through normally
3) We'll wait till she exit
4) I have no idea

Ruise : Hold on, oniichan!

Tippi : What the heck are you thinking!

Eliotte : This is impossible isn't it?

Ruise : What should we do at a time like this?

Wallace : Easy. Simply go straight trough the door.

Tippi : What? Normally?

Eliotte : B-but the gate is closed?

Wallace : Then how about asking to open it?

Elioote : Who is going to do that?

Wallace : You.

Ruise : ...ah. I get it!

Eliotte : Normally!?

Ruise : Is this really safe?

Wallace : ...probably yes. Since, after all, we've got Eliotte with us.

Eliotte : ....ah....

Wallace : We're counting on you.

Tippi : I see! Since we can't get through ourselves we'll wait on this side!

Tippi : ...hey stop pulling our leg!

Wallace : Someone who is confined isn't likely to leave right?

Ruise : What should we do at a time like this?

Wallace : Easy. Simply go straight trough the door.

Tippi : What? Normally?

Eliotte : B-but the gate is closed?

Wallace : Then how about asking to open it?

Elioote : Who is going to do that?

Wallace : You.

Ruise : ...ah. I get it!

Tippi : Geez, what an useless guy!

Ruise : What should we do at a time like this?

Wallace : Easy. Simply go straight trough the door.

Tippi : What? Normally?

Eliotte : B-but the gate is closed?

Wallace : Then how about asking to open it?

Elioote : Who is going to do that?

Wallace : You.

Ruise : ...ah. I get it!

(getting near to the gatekeeper)

Burnstein soldier : Halt! This area is the property of the royal family.
Commoners aren't allowed here! Leave at once!

Eliotte : Are you asking me to leave?

Burnstein soldier : Ah!? Your Highness....I beg your pardon!

Eliotte : I will choose to see this as an error brought by devotion to duty and
will consequently overlook it. More importantly I wish to see Mother. Won't you
let us through?

Burnstein soldier : Yes, immediately! However, about those fellows...

Eliotte : Our visit must remain secret, thus those disguises. I trust you will
keep this to yourself.

Burnstein soldier : Certainly!

(gate opens)

Burnstein soldier : Please, go on through.

Eliotte : Good.

(after getting further inside)

Eliotte : ....aah, this is was so nerve-wrecking....

Tippi : What are you saying, you were incredible!

Ruise : Yes, it felt like you were the real king already!

Wallace : If you're that good at this even getting back the throne
should be child's play.

Eliotte : Sigh, stop teasing me please.

Wallace : Just keep it up for a little longer.
Careful not to make any mistakes.

(talking to the lady in green within the villa)

Eliotte : Excuse me.

Angela : Ah...

Rouise : Err....you're her Highness Angela aren't you?

Angela : ....I am, but might I ask who you are?

Eliotte : ...I'm so glad to meet you. I am Eliotte. Your real son.

Angela : What? What are you talking about?

Wallace : Eliotte : Hand her the letter from Venzel.

Eliotte : Y-yes.

(gave the letter!)

Angela : This means...

Eliotte : This is a letter that was given to us by the court magician Venzel.
All the details are written in it.

Wallace : To sum it up roughly, the one sitting in the throne currently is a
fake, the real prince is standing in front of you. He was exchanged while he
was still an infant as a part of the monster's scheme. But Venzel rescued the
real child, in other words the genuine prince, and raised him up.

Angela : And this is you...?

Eliotte : It would seem so. ....I have a hard time believing it myself though.
This armlet should be a proof of it.

Angela : This is...the royal family armlet...

Tippi : Is there a way to know is this armlet is the real thing? Since the
fake king has one that looks exactly the same and all that....

Angela : During the ceremony following the birth of the prince, the 3 court
magicians engraved their signatures inside this armlet. The fake armlet
do not possess those.

Ruise : So that means, unless he takes off that armlet you won't believe him?

Eliotte : Then again, it fits the shape of my arm exactly and
I can't take it off myself.

Tippi : Then you can't even prove to the queen you're her son!?

Angela : No need to worry, there's another way to confirm his identity.
Please turn around and show me the back of your neck.

Eliotte : Ah...yes...

Angela : ...it's faint, but you can still see it...

Angela : Aah, indeed, you're really are my son...

Eliotte : Excuse me but, what's on the back of my neck?

Angela : Actually you received a small burn on the back of your neck when
you were an infant. Only I and a handful of maids working at the castle at
that time know about it.

Eliotte : ...I didn't know about it either.

Angela : It's faint but you can still it on your body. On the other hand, I
never saw that burn on the neck of the current king. It always bothered me
until today....

Ariost : So you're confined here in order for you not to find out about
the identity of the fake king....

Tippi : Anyway, now we can put an end to the war started by the current king!

Angela  : I know the truth behind the incident that started this war,
the incident involving lord Greg...

Ruise : What!?

Angela : I overheard that a suspicious man was ordered to disguise himself
as lord Greg and stab Richard on purpose. Richard was made to start wars on
purpose because of that monster, Gevel.

Wallace : I see...We're from the Rolandia kingdom but we intend to help him
claim back the throne. This is the wish of king Arcadius too. We would
greatly appreciate your assistance too.

Angela : Of course. It's quite far from here but I know of someone who could
help us. May I ask you to escort me to where he lives?

Tippi : Where is that?

Angela : Let us talk about that on the way.

(Queen Angela joined as a NPC!)

======= Royal family villa - Entrance gate ========

(upon exiting)

Burnstein soldier : Your Highness? Are you leaving?

Eliotte : I am bringing Mother to the castle. This is why I came here for.

Burnstein soldier : Y,yes, your Highness.

(upon taking a few steps on the road west of the villa)

Voice : We thank you for getting her out of that villa....

Wallace : Who's there!?

Masked knight : This woman's life is ours!

Tippi : What's the plan? Those guys are Gevel's underlings right?

Wallace : ...yes they are. Right now our priority is to protect Eliotte
and her Highness!

Event battle 32 : Protect Eliotte and his mother!

Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
Losing condition : Party defeated, Eliotte dies

Enemy : 2 Masked knights (Lv35)
        2 Lesser demons (Lv30)
        3 Yung Beta (Lv29)

        Angela (Lv20)

(after killing 2-3 monsters)
        Lesser demon (Lv30)
        Yung Beta (Lv29)

(fairly easy, the holy light spell will works wonder here as both Yung and
demons are weak to holy spells. Soulforce from Carmine works just as well as it
always do, taking out 75% of the Hp of any monsters too. Do note that Demons
and the Knights can cast Soulforce too and two castings of it will usually kill
off Ruise. They can also cast Cure but that's not really annoying. Angela is
rather weak if she gets attacked physically so take care. On the other hand
she has awesome magic resistance which is a relief.)

(beginning of battle)

Angela : ...I have never been in a battle until now. What should I do?
1) Stay here and defend yourself.
2) Follow someone
3) Go ahead and cross to the other side

Angela : I understand.

Follow who? (answers are sorted according to how your party is arranged)
a) Carmaine
b) Wallace
c) Ariost/Karen
d) Ruise
e) Eliotte

(any choice)
Angela : I understand.

Angela : I understand.

(when reinforcements appear)

Tippi : Careful! Monsters are coming from behind us!

(if Angela gets physically attacked)

Masked knight : We can't have you do as you like now. Die here.

Angela : ...

(if Eliotte gets physically attacked)

Masked knight : Hmph. They really look the same...

Masked knight : Let's kill you too while we're at it!

Eliotte : Tsk!

(all enemies defeated)

Masked knight : ...impossible...how could humans get this strong...

Event battle 32 Clear

Wallace : Are you the one who attacked me 2 years ago?

Masked knight : Maybe, maybe not....why does it matter to you...

Wallace : ...to get revenge. I'll make the one who took my arm and eyes
suffer as much as I did. That said I can't see anymore. Take a good look at
this guy's face for me!

(he removes the mask of the dying knight)

Masked knight : ...

Tippi : Whaaat!?

Ruise : ...can't be...

Masked knight : ...sati...sfied...?

(he dies the usual way)

Eliotte : He m,melted!?

Wallace : ...hey. What was his face like?

Tippi : Well...

Ruise : The same as oniichan's....

Wallace : The same as that guy we met before?

Eliotte : ...what does that mean?

Wallace : A little while ago, those guys disguised as his twin, targeted
Ruise's life. Still I don't get while they look the same as you. I understand
why they'd make one with the same face as you if they're going to pass for
your twin brother but why do they still use the same face as you even now?

Tippi : Hmmm....I don't get it either...

Ruise : Maybe they made too many disguises of oniichan before and
those now were the leftovers?

Tippi : Hahaha, that'd be funny! They got too many of that guy and now they're
desperate to get rid of them all! That's a good one Ruise-chan!

Ruise : ...I didn't go that far though...

Angela : What was that about?

Ruise : Those people are our real enemies. Those that took away your son, rule
over the Burnstein kingdom...and attempt to rule all of mankind... they're
Gevel's underlings...

Angela : ...so they really exist.

Angela : Let us go now. First to the north to reach Shultzberg and meet one
of the nobles there, the lord Douglas.

Wallace : Shultzberg huh...

Ruise : Wallace-san, you know about it?

Wallace : Yes. It's right to the north of the crystal mines. To go there from
Rolandia we'd need to get through the north frontline and then head east.

Angela : That's right. Actually we can reach it if we go north east from here
but that'll make us go through the royal capital so we can't use that way.

Eliotte : We can't afford to be seen by the king Richard or his officers.
Let's go there from the Rolandia side.

(if you still try to go north east you'll get the following)

Tippi : Tippiiii-chaaaan kick!

(get kicked)

Tippi : You never listen don't you? We just said we can't go that way!

(you can get as many kicks as you want here if you're aiming for Tippi ending)

(teleport to lake Olivier and then head east you'll reach Shultzberg soon)

(upon reaching a barrier)

Ruise : There's a check point...

Wallace : We're counting on you Eliotte.

Eliotte : Y, yes.

Burnstein soldier : Halt. No Rolandia citizens can get past here!

Eliotte : Are you saying I can't enter in my country?

Burnstein soldier : Y, your Highness! And her Highness Angela too!?
I didn't notice you were here and I've been terribly rude...

Eliotte : Since I left the country secretly I couldn't have a notice sent.

Tippi (to Ruise) : Hey, hey, he may say he doesn't like it but doesn't it
look like he's getting addicted to the role?

Ruise : Quiet!

Burnstein soldier : Then, what business do you...

Eliotte : I was thinking to let Mother meet with the lord Douglas.

Burnstein soldier : Understood...

Eliotte : Now, let us through.

(joining up with Eliotte on the other side)

Tippi : It went well!

(as soon as you take a few steps on the next screen)

Wallace : What's that sound?

Ruise : Sounds like something’s rolling on the ground...

Tippi : Rolling...hey, over there!

(a huge boulder comes rolling down their way)

Eliotte : What should we do? There's nowhere to hide here!

Ruise : It's over!

(a wall of light surrounds them and deflect the boulder)

Wallace : ...what happened?

Tippi : ...something strange happened again?

Ruise : ...th, that was so scary...

(upon reaching the next screen to the east)

Voice : What a bunch of lucky bastards!

Wallace : That voice...

(Xenos appears, go near him following only occurs if Karen's in the party)

Karen : Niisan!

Xenos : K-karen... you're still hanging with them!? Didn't I send you a letter
telling you not to get near them anymore!?

Ruise/Karen : Stop it niisan! Why are you doing this!

(following dialogues appears no matter who's in the party)

Xenos : Where's the need to explain! It's obvious I'll never let you get
away with what you've done to me!

Tippi : But we didn't do anything!

Xenos : I already told you! If you didn't poisoned me during the tournament
I would have won! I would have become a Rolandia officer! I wouldn't have so
much troubles to pay for Karen's treatment! My life got ruined on that day!
All because of you!

Ruise : Please listen Xenos-san. We didn’t use that poison you talk about!

Xenos : Don't lie! I've heard everything from lord Gamelan! He took pity on me
and paid for Karen's surgery! And accepted to take me in the Shadow knights!

Wallace : Hold it! Who did you say? Gamelan?

Xenos : ...yes. What about it!?

Wallace : You're being deceived Xenos. I know Gamelan better than anyone else.
He's certainly intelligent. But he's not someone you can trust. He's very
crafty and will resort to any means necessary to get what he wants. The poison
at the tournament was most probably used by one of his underlings and then he
convinced you to turn your anger towards us. It's probable that he's even
behind the ones who attacked Karen...

Xenos : That...can't be....you're lying...

Wallace : No. It's his cruelty and his knowledge of poisons and curses
that made him to be appointed leader of the Shadow knights. If I remember
correctly the blade that cut Karen was poisoned too right?

Xenos : That...can't...then...what I’ve been doing until now....it's all...

(screen starts shaking)

Eliotte : What is it this time?

(you see a tornado blowing far away)

Xenos : ..a tornado...in that area...?

Ruise : Each time something mysterious occurs, it's followed by some kind
of natural disaster....

Xenos : Natural disasters...

Xenos : Hey you, show me that ring!

Tippi : huh? That ring?

Xenos : ...no doubt...this is a powerstone....

Xenos : I get it. It's because of that ring's power that you could get rid
of that boulder earlier...

Wallace : What are you talking about?

Xenos : That jewel on that ring is most probably a powerstone. It looks the
same as the one my father used to have.

Ruise : What's a powerstone?

Xenos : A secret gemstone that react to the will of its owner and can
bend the laws of nature. However each time it is used, there'll be a reaction
to its effects shortly afterwards. If you used that power to save yourself
from the boulder then this tornado is probably the reaction we're talking

Tippi : I can't believe there's such an incredible gemstone...

Xenos : Where and when the reaction will occur is random. It could even
strikes the owner of the stone. It's only because of luck that you're still
alive now. You'd better not use it anymore.

Ruise/Karen : Xenos-san, where are you going!?

Xenos : I'll go see Gamelan and find out the truth...until then I won't
attack you anymore...

Karen : Niisan....

======= Shultzberg - Town's western gate ========

(upon reaching town)

Tippi : So this is Shultzberg?

Angela : Yes. This is where lord Douglas resides.

Eliotte : Then let's go look for his house.

(a few things to note here, the "Dungeon man" who will give you access to one
of the bonus dungeons resides here, near the southern gate. If you meet the
requirements for getting access to the dungeon except getting rank S at the
coliseum he will blabber about how you find out about his true identity but
are still too weak. You're not supposed to be rank S for a while so don't
worry about it. Douglas house is the one most to the east in the town, near
that woman who lusts madly after both of the Douglas siblings)

(knocking on the door)

Eliotte : Excuse me. Is lord Douglas currently at home?

Employee : You, your Highness!? I will call lord Douglas immediately.
Please step inside and wait for him.

Tippi : I guess everyone would freak out if the king himself suddenly showed
up at their home.

(in Douglas's house)

Tippi : I hope he'll be ok to help us!

Ruise : What will happen if he refuses?

Wallace : He will warn the fake king and have us arrested probably.

Eliotte : We sure don't want that to happen.

Douglas : Ooh, your Highness! There was no need for you to trouble yourself
and come all the way here. I'm yours to summon.

Eliotte : ...ah, yes...

Douglas : Is something troubling you? Could you be tired from the journey?

Angela : I'm the one who wished to see you.

Douglas : Oh. What could you want from me your Highness...

Angela : Lord Douglas. Look at him and tell me what do you think.

Dougles : Yes? Him, you mean his Highness the king?

Angela : Yes. He's my one and only son, Richard. However he's not the
Richard you know of.

Douglas : I'm afraid I do not understand. That person he's Richard but he's
not the king...?

Angela : Here is a letter from the court magician Venzel. Let us discuss this
further once you've read it.

(screen goes black as Douglas reads)

Douglas : ...this is an unbelievable situation...

Angela : However it is the truth. I had doubts because of the lack of a small
burn on his body and the change in his personality over the last years. Thus
I was confined in the villa as to not find out the truth about his identity.

Douglas : In short, the person currently sitting on the throne is a fake, born
from Gevel and looking exactly alike the real king, and serves as a puppet for
Gevel to control the whole of mankind? And Venzel, while forced to collaborate
with Gevel, managed to rescue the real Richard and kept it a secret until this
day. And the real Richard would be that person then...

Eliotte : Please call me Eliotte for now. I've been called like this for as
long as I remember and I'm not used to the name of Richard.

Wallace : If nothing is done, not only the Burnstein kingdom but the whole
world is in danger. Lord Douglas, lend us your strength.

Douglas : If Eliotte is the real king, giving him the throne back is the
normal thing to do but how to prove his identity?

Tippi : No need to worry about that! Right Eliotte?

Eliotte : Yes. Please look at this armlet. It was created when I was born and
with a magic metal created by the court magicians. Within it you can
find the engraving of the signatures of the court magicians. However, the
armlet of the fake should not possess that engraving.

Ruise : Besides Venzel-san said he would come help prove his identity when
the time comes.

Douglas : ...I understand. On the name of the house of Douglas, I solemnly
swear my loyalty to his Highness Richard, erm no, Eliotte.

Douglas : However, even though His Highness Eliotte is the true king,
convincing everyone still seems a bit...

Angela : Indeed. And the Imperial Knights are protecting the royal capital
too. If only we could match their military power...

Douglas : ...Imperial Knights...there may be a way but...

Ruise : Even if has only a small chance to succeed, tell us your idea please.

Douglas : Actually my...erm, son, has received the title of Imperial Knight.

Tippi : Might that person be...
1) The proud Lyell
2) The gentle Reeves
3) The recently knighted Julian

(1 or 2)
Douglas : Unfortunately, it's not him. My son is Julian.

Tippi : So you're his father...

Douglas : Oh, you knew. That's right, Julian is my son.

Tippi : Just as I thought.

Douglas : I will write a letter to him.

Douglas : Here is it.

Douglas : You've met him once in the tournament I believe.
You know how he looks like right?
1) I remember perfectly
2) Sort of
3) I haven't seen him recently, so I'm not sure

Douglas : I'm counting on you.

Douglas : I see. You're saying he's not one to make a strong impression.

Douglas : In any case, make sure to give him the letter.

Douglas : Don't be so meek now and make sure to give him properly.

Douglas : Even if he's on probation for now he's someone who earned the title
of Imperial knight. He should prove to be a valuable ally.

(received letter to Julian)

Douglas : I will immediately start getting soldiers to support our side in
secrecy. I'll leave it to you to contact my son. If I'm not mistaken he's
currently in the Ranzack kingdom as part of the invasion troops. Oh, right.
Take this too.

(received a travel permit from Douglas)

Douglas : With this you can move freely within the northern part of the
country, it's the area under my jurisdiction.

Wallace : This will help us a lot.

Angela : I will remain here with lord Douglas and keep an eye on the capital.
I'm entrusting Richard...or rather Eliotte to you.

(upon leaving if the requirements to get Julia so far are met)

Douglas : Wait an instant.

Douglas : Excuse me but...there's something I'd like to talk to you about.
Only the two of us.

Wallace : In that case we’ll wait for you outside.

Douglas : Sorry about that.

(go talk to Douglas)

Douglas : Well let's cut right down to the matter.
Do you know about Julian's secret?
1) Yes
2) No

Douglas : As I thought, you know about it...
It's not something easy to hide after all...

Douglas : There's no need to hide it.

Douglas : Julian grew up like this because of the education I gave him.
She must have blamed herself and tried to make it up to me... Since I only
paid attention to my son, my daughter had to go through many hardships. I
do not expect her to forgive me but at least I wanted to apologize. So I
wish for you to deliver her that letter. As you could guess I've written
my feelings for her in it.

Tippi : Sure. We'll make sure to give her.

Douglas : Thanks. I'm counting on you.

(received another letter for Julian)

(if you didn't get that small event above you will not be able to recruit
Julia or get her ending no matter what you do afterwards. If you did, all
that's left to do is to make sure you've done those coliseum battles and keep
on doing her related events. Btw now is a good time to get those coliseum
battles done. If you're lvl 32 or above you can get to the master A rank
battle without difficulties. Once you're done, teleport to Galaschirz. Pay
attention to the answers you'll give to Eliotte and Julian here as both of
them need to have a good relationship with Carmaine if you want them to
join afterwards. The upcoming choices can affect the relationship index
by quite a bit.)

======= Galaschirz - town entrance ========

(upon moving towards the guards)

Wallace : Hey, hold it.

Wallace : The Burnstein and Ranzack armies are still facing each other right
outside of Galaschirz aren't they? Rolandia agents like us wouldn't be
welcomed here.

Ruise : Hmm...I guess so.

Eliotte : If we're only dealing with the Burnstein troops I can pretend to be
the king and deal with them but...

Tippi : What should we do?
1) Force our way through
2) Let Eliotte go
3) Let Tippi go

Tippi : Stop being stupid!

Wallace : We're supposed to find a subtle way to get things done here!

Tippi : ...Ruise-chan, can I kick him?

Ruise : ...well...

Tippi : Take this!

(She kicks him)

Tippi : Can't be helped, I guess I'll go.

Ruise : Are you going to be okay Tippi?

Tippi : I'm tiny and I can fly so I'll be fine!

Tippi : Ok then wait here until I call Julian.

Ruise : But what will he do if some Ranzack soldiers spot him?

Eliotte : Are you trying to get me killed!?

Tippi : Can't be helped, I guess I'll go.

Ruise : Are you going to be okay Tippi?

Tippi : I'm tiny and I can fly so I'll be fine!

Tippi : Ok then wait here until I call Julian.

Wallace : Good idea. She's hard to spot and Julian knows her.
She's well suited to the task.

Ruise : Oniichan, that's a smart idea!

Tippi : Ok then wait here until I call Julian.

Eliotte : Still I wonder if this is really going to work?

Wallace : Are you talking about Tippi? Or about getting back the throne?

Eliotte : ...I was thinking about the throne. Even if I'm the true king, do
I really have the ability to lead the Burnstein kingdom? Please answer me
1) You're fit to be a king
2) You'll do fine
3) No need to worry
4) It'll go fine. Maybe.
5) I'm a bit worried
6) Not at all

Eliotte : Really!? What makes you think that?

Carmaine (looking sorry) : ...

Wallace : You'd better answer honestly if you're such a poor liar.

Ruise : B,but, hey! If the fake manage to do it then Eliotte can do it too!

Eliotte : ...thank you very much...

Eliotte : Do you really think so?

Wallace : What matters is to have confidence in yourself.

Eliotte : Self-confidence...

Ruise : That's right. Hang in there!

Eliotte : Yes. Thank you very much. I feel more confident about it now!

Wallace : Yes. I've seen many a ruler in my life too. Don't worry about it.

Eliotte : Really?

Wallace : Remember to be honest, and do not forget to empathize with others
when taking decisions.

Eliottte : I see.

Ruise : That's impressive. Wallace-san's words really have a different weight.

Eliotte : Alright! I'll do my best!

Eliotte : M, maybe...is it?

Ruise : B,but, hey! If the fake manage to do it then Eliotte can do it too!

Eliotte : ...I, I guess...

Eliotte : I guess you are...after all, I don't feel confident about it either.

Wallace : It's that mindset of yours that's the problem. The future of the
Burnstein kingdom lies in your hands, have you forgotten?

Eliotte : Don't put me under pressure like that please!

Eliotte : You're rather blunt...

Ruise : O,oniichan!

Wallace : Come on, at times like these you have to say "you'll do fine" even
if it's a lie.

Eliotte : ”e,even if it's a lie"...?

Wallace : Ah, crap.

Ruise : Geez, Wallace-san, you’re no better than oniichan!

Ruise : Anyway, do your best! Okay?

Eliotte : ...I, I guess...


Tippi : Thanks for waiting!

Ruise : Ah, welcome back. That was fast!

Tippi : Of course, I got there at top speed you know? Well, he said he'll come
in a little while and that we wait for him in the cave south of town.

Walalce : In a  cave huh. Well, we certainly won't grab attention there.

(exit town and hug the southern wall, you'll get through some trees and
reach a cave soon.

======= Cave south of Galaschirz ========

(after entering)

Ruise : This is the cave he was talking about?

Tippi : I guess. There's no other caves around here is there?

Walalce : Still it's surprising to find a cave here...

Ruise : ...ha, this place is a bit scary...it looks haunted...

Tippi : Ah!!

Ruise : Kyaah! What? What is it!?

Tippi : Hey you, look, at that light!

Wallace : Where does it comes from!?

Tippi : It's from the ring...

Ruise : At, it's the ring Xenos-san was talking about?

Voice : What's with all the racket?

Julian : I could hear you from outside you know?

Tippi : Ah, Julian...

Julian : Let's keep this short. What did you want to talk about?

Ruise : Well... actually it's about him...

Julian : Him?

Eliotte : Me.

Julian : You're...the king? No, wait...I'm sure I met you before...

Eliotte : I'm Eliotte. You rescued me in the past.

Julian : Ah, That's right. You were targeted by those thieves...

Eliotte : Yes. Actually I'l like you to lend me your strength once again.

Julian : What for? I don't see what you're getting at.

(now give Julian Douglas's first letter. If you try to give the second letter
or the travel permit you'll get kicked by Tippi. Another place to get free
kicks by the way)

Julian : This is from father...

Julian : What? Eliotte is the real king...?

Eliotte : You father is already gathering soldiers and making preparations on
his side to defeat the fake king.

Wallace : If you cooperate then we can attack the capital from both north and
south sides.

Ruise : If we don't do something it's not only the Burnstein kingdom but the
whole continent that will be in danger! Please help us Julian-san!

Julian : ...in such a situation I can't ignore and turn you down. However
there's something else we have consider. If we were to withdraw our troops
from the frontline, we would expose ourselves to the Ranzack army attacks and
put our citizens in danger. There's no way I can allow that. This must be
settled before I can do anything...

Wallace : In short, as long as the Ranzack kingdom do not chase after you
things will be fine right?

Julian : Yes, but how...

Tippi : Sigh, what should we do?
1) We'll crush the Ranzack troops ourselves
2) We'll hold back the Ranzack troops for you
3) We'll go negotiate with the king of the Ranzack kingdom

(1 or 2)
Wallace : Hey, hey, are you pretending you can take out the Ranzack troops?

Ruise : There's no need to be so violent, let's go talk to them!

Tippi : Yup. besides we already talked to the king there a couple times.

Julian : You'll go negotiate?

Ruise : We talked to the king of Ranzack in the past and I'm sure he'll
understand if we talk to him.

Wallace : We'll go talk with the king. You get back to your troops and
explain the situation to them.

Julian : Understood. Then I'll devote all my strength to help the king get
back on the throne.

(now is the time to give her the second letter if you have it)

Julian : This letter...

Julian : ...father...

Julian : ...sorry but could you leave us alone for a moment?

Ruise : O, ok...

Wallace : Let us know when you're done.

Tippi : Did he write something special in that letter?

Julian : ...humph. My father apologizes for disinheriting me.

Tippi : You've been disinherited?

Julian : I told you the fundamental traits of an Imperial knight are
viewed as typically masculine traits. If the fact that I lied about my
gender were to get exposed, it would stain the reputation of the Douglas
house. To protect its name, the Douglas house had no choices but to cut
its ties with me.

Tippi : But you...

Julian : No I'm the one to blame for all of this. Back then, I was only
thinking about how I could become an Imperial knight without considering
the troubles that my actions could create for the Douglas house.

How do you respond?
1) You should have thought more thoroughly about this beforehand
2) You didn't have any other choices anyway
3) You reap what you sow

Julian : Yes, when I think about it now, it's embarrassing.

Julian : That may be true.

Julian : Yes, exactly.

Julian : I hate it but I'll tell you what my father keeps saying whenever we
were together. "If only you were a man..." After hearing this countless times
I ended up cursing myself. And the more I struggled against that feeling the
more I ended up acting without thinking.

Tippi : Well that can't be helped if your father keeps saying such a mean
thing to you. Right?
1) Yes
2) No (picking this opens up another long branching below)

Tippi : That was really mean of him. Anyway why is it that women can't get
accepted in the Imperial knights? As long as they have the skills gender
shouldn't matter right?

Julian : That's not wrong however in missions where physical strength is
needed men will have an advantage over women.

Tippi : But only an advantage right? That doesn't mean it's impossible for
women. Skills and ability is what really matters in the end!

Julian : Skills huh...

Tippi : As long as you're skilled enough what's the point in being bothered
about genders?

Tippi : What!? What makes you think that!
a) Gut feeling
b) Worrying about one's own gender is pointless
c) Think about it from your father's intentions

Tippi : Geez, you're such a...!

Julian : ...hmm...

Tippi  What's wrong Julian?

Julian : I was thinking. There's has to be a reason to what you're saying even
though you call it "gut feeling". I'm trying to figure out the true reason my
father keep saying those words...

Tippi : Well that's true but...

Tippi : Why does people have to be concerned so much about gender anyway!

Julian : ...hmm...

Tippi  What's wrong Julian?

Julian : I was thinking. Why is it that my father was so concerned about gender.

Julian : My father's intentions?

Tippi : You mean what he was thinking when he said "If only you were a man"?

Julian : My father's thoughts...

Julian : ...ah...! 

Julian : Of course! Up until now I was only thinking about myself! I never
thought about how my father felt when he was tellig me this. I never noticed
how his suffering too...

Tippi : Lord Douglas's suffering?

Julian : Back when he was teaching me how to use a sword, my father loved me.
I know he truly cared for me...that's why it was painful for him. To teach
fencing to his own daughter knowing she could never become an Imperial knight.
"If only you were a man I wouldn't feel so bad for doing this..." that's what
he really meant...that why once my brother was born he transferred his
expectations on him...so that I could live my life normally as a woman.
But I was so focused on myself I never realized that....

Tippi : Julian...

Julian : Let me thank you. Now I finally realized the truth...

Tippi : The problem all boil downs to "only men can become Imperial knights"
after all...

Julian : Yes. If there wasn't any gender requirement to begin with, neither
my father or myself would have to go through this.

Tippi : Yup yup! "For men only", it's such a weird selection process...


(following occurs no matter if you picked yes or no earlier)

Julian : ...are you saying it's the selection process itself that is wrong?
1) Yes
2) No

Julian : ...I guess I got overly concerned about my own gender too.

Tippi : Your timing for jokes is totally off! (get kicked)

Julian : Thinking about it you might be right after all. This is something
that should be discussed with his Highness.

Tippi : I'm sure Eliotte will understand your position.

Julian : Still we're talking about changing one of the rules of the Imperial
knights code which is very old and protected by powerful people. I wonder if
my voice alone can make things change...
1) Have more confidence in yourself
2) With your skills you can do it
3) I'll get rid of the guys who get in the way

Julian : Self confidence...

Tippi : And this is coming from us who had to fight you so many times so we
know what we're talking about!

Julian : My skills huh...

Julian : I should have guessed you'd say that. But hearing this give me

Tippi : Of course! You've accomplished so much and worked so hard so far. If
people complained about you they'd be the wrong ones! You've got to believe
in yourself more!

Julian : It's true that I can't see any reason women couldn't join. As long as
they are skilled enough, gender shouldn't be an issue. From now on I will
strive to make the knights code change. No, not only the knights but any
institutions with wrong codes such as these. Thanks for making me realize this.
We should look for the individual's ability and not follow traditions so
blindly. When I get the chance to, I'll talk to the king about it.

Tippi : Teehee. You look so much more relieved now.

Julain : Yes. It's once again thanks to you.

Julian : Well then. First we have to reclaim the throne. I'll get back to
my headquarters. I'm counting on you as well!

(she leaves and the others enter)

Tippi : I'm glad for you Julian.

Wallace : Looks like you're done talking.

Ruise : Somehow it looked like Julian-san was beaming? I wonder why?

Tippi : Who knows? I'm sure you'll learn why eventually.

Wallace : Let's get back to work too.

(now get further into the cave, it's rather small so it won't take long but
there are a couple of nice items to get in chests, mostly stat boosting items
and a scroll to get another rank in the move up skill. Soon enough you'll run
into a door that looks like those found in the growsian ruins)

(upon getting to the door)

Tippi : This doesn't look anything but man-made right?

Ruise : Yes it has to be. This means that this cave is an artificial one too.

(get past the door)

Ruise : Whoa, what is this...

Tippi : Let's look around!

(only one thing to look at, the pedestal here)

Tippi : There's a small cavity here. Is something supposed to fit there?

Ruise : But we have no idea what it could be...

Tippi : Hmm...

(yeah your characters aren't too smart so you'll have to open up the menu and
select Sheila's ring, that you got at the beginning of the game)

Tippi : Ah, it fits perfectly!

(a screen pop up)

Ruise : Some message appeared!

Wallace : What does it say?

Ariost : Powerstone : Energy remaining : 17%,
Number of uses left : 1.3 times...

Ariost : It seems it tell us about the remaining energy in the gemstone.

Tippi : Ah, another message appeared.

Ruise : "Are you going to proceed to a charge?" or so it says.
What should we do?

Refill the powerstone?
1) Yes
2) No

System : Estimating time necessary until procedure completion...

Tippi : Whaat!? We found a nice device to refill the powerstone's
strength and you're ignoring it?

(Tippi select the "yes" option by herself)

System : Estimating time necessary until procedure completion...

System : Charge time to increase the number of use up to 2 is 32 years.
Charge time to maximum capacity is 342 years.
Do not remove the powerstone while its charging.
Do you want to proceed?

Tippi : 32 years to 342 years!? No way!

Eliotte : Yes, we can still use it one more time the way it is now.
Let's forget about this device.

Wallace : Then we've got no more business here. Let's go.

(now Teleport to the Ranzack capital and head for the castle. On
the way you'll see Weber who will greet you)

======= Ranzack capital - Castle gates ========

(upon reaching it)

Weber : What is it Wallace? Do you need to see the king?

Wallace : Good timing. I've got to talk to you.

Weber : ...about what?

Wallace : Doesn't that kid's face remind you of someone?

Eliotte : Erm, well...nice to meet you.

Weber : ...the king...Richard!?

Wallace : Calm down. He looks like him but he's not Richard.

Weber : He isn't? But they look exactly the same...

Venzel : Of course they do.

Weber : Sir Venzel...

Venzel : You're still here? What have you been doing?

Ruise : Ah, no, we're here because to help Eliotte gain the
throne back we must...

Wallace : The Burnstein troops stationed in Galaschirz need to pull out
if we want to get him back on the throne. We're here to inform you of
the situation and ask you not to chase after them.

Weber : ...I don't follow.

Venzel : I will fill you in the details later. I see, things are finally
moving. Then I will talk to the king myself so the Ranzack army won't
chase after the Burnstein troops once they leave Galaschirz. Do not worry
he won't turn me down. You may resume your preparations immediately.

Eliotte : Tank you very much sir.

Venzel : No need to thank me. I do this to prevent Gevel from
controlling mankind.

(he leaves and Weber follow him)

Tippi : We're counting on your support.

======= Galaschirz - town entrance ========

(upon getting there)

Burnstein soldier : We've received word about you from general Julian.
Please proceed.

Tippi : How do they know we're the people Julian told them about?

Wallace : Isn't that obvious?

Tippi : Is it? Hey you, got an idea?
1) It's because of you
2) It's because of Eliotte
3) I don't

Ruise : Of course, it's because you're here Tippi.

Tippi : Ah, I get it. I'm a rare sight huh. I better remember that!

Wallace : ...you never noticed until now?

Tippi : Grrr!

Eliotte : Ah, right. I look like king Richard so...

Tippi : Or rather, it's him that looks like you Eliotte!

Ruise : Oniichan, are you serious?

Tippi : Well I don't know either...

Ruise : ...

Wallace : Being with Eliotte and Tippi we're easy to identify.
Don't you get it?

Tippi : Ah, I see.

(walk towards the mansion where Weber and Gamelan met earlier)

Julian : How did it go? Did the Ranzack army understand our situation?

Wallace : Yes. Even if you leave the place now, things will be fine.
And what about your side?

Julian : I'm about to explain the situation to the higher ranking officers.

Tippi : You're only about to do it?

Julian : Don't say that. Eliotte's, no, the king has to be present to make
the explanation more convincing.

(he then goes towards his troops)

Julian : I will now make an important announcement. Listen carefully.

(the troops line up in front of him, go near them)

Julian : First, let me introduce this person.

Eliotte : Ah, er, hello...

Burnstein soldier 1 : ...your Highness...?

Burnstein soldier 2 : He's usually so haughty, how strange...

Julian : Striking resemblance right? The truth is he's the true heir to
the throne!

Burnstein soldeir : What!?

Julian : The one sitting on the throne is nothing but a fake! Eliotte here
is the one and only king!

Burnstein soldier : That can't be...

Julian : My father, lord Douglas, along with her Highness Angela are already
making preparations to advance towards the capital. And I am too going to the
capital to drive away the imposter.

Eliotte : Er, actually until now I was someone who was raised without knowing
I was a king. However the current king is the pawn of a devil plotting to take
over the world. If we do nothing it's not only the Burnstein kingdom but the
whole world that will fall into the hands of Gevel. I want to stop them!
I want to save the people from such a fate! So please, lend me your strength!

Julian : Even though our opponent is an imposter if we fail to be victorious
in this battle we will be considered traitors to our country and will be
treated as such. In other words if we want to gain back the throne we must
defeat those among our countrymen that are siding with the fake king!

Julian : ...I won't force you into this. Those of you who believe my words
and wish to join us stand still here.

Burnstein soldier 1 : What should we do...

Burnstein soldier 2 : It's obvious...

Burnstein soldier : Yeah...you're right.

(all the officers remain still)

Julian : What's wrong? Those of you who do not wish to become traitors
go back to headquarters now!

(no one moves)

Julian : You guys...

Burnstein soldier 4 : We swore our loyalty to the general. If you believe that
person to be the king then we will believe so as well.

Burnstein soldier 3 : We will go wherever you go general!

Julian : ...thank you...

(you can freely move around now. Don't forget to grab the Tippi cursor to the
west of the mansion. To progress in the story speak to either Julian or Eliotte.
Speak to Ruise for some optional dialogue)

Ruise : ...say oniichan. Julian-san is incredible isn't he?
1) He's average
2) He's still a rookie
3) It's incredible how his troops trust him
4) He became a fine general

Julian : ...yes. For a general and more especially an Imperial knight this
isn't anything special.

Julian : You're harsh.

Julian : Is that so?. For a general and more especially an Imperial knight
this isn't anything special.

Julian : ...I'm glad to hear you say that.

Eliotte : Now we can finally depart.

Julian : I have something to request of you before that your Highness.

Eliotte : Er, highness you say but...

Eliotte : ...what is it?

Julian : As you can see, we do not have many troops here. But despite being
in smaller number we will have to battle the opposing troops on our way to
the headquarters. That's why I wish your Highness would remain in our group.

Eliotte : M, me?

Julian : Yes. If his Highness is present among the troops, their morale will
increase. In return I swear I will lay down my life if I must to protect you.

Eliotte : I understand. If I can be of any use then please let me do as
much as I can.

(Eliotte is no longer a party member, equipment removed)

Julian : Thank you very much.

Eliotte : Just being here is enough?

Julian : Actually I have another request...but it can wait until we
achieved victory.

Eliotte : I see. Thank you very much everyone. I will advance towards the
capital with them from now on.

(as you start leaving)

Wallace : If we report this to the king, he should let us assist them.
1) I want to help Eliotte get back the throne
2) I could care less

Julian : In that case, may I ask you to check how things are going on my
father's side? He's getting old. I wish he won't overexert himself but...

Ruise : You're worried about your dad? I can understand the feeling.

Tippi : You're suuuuch a jerk! How can you leave them be in such a situation?

(Carmaine get Tippi-kicked)

Ruise : I'm sorry, oniichan said something weird...

Ruise : We will come to help as soon as we're done reporting to the king.

Wallace : Good luck Eliotte.

Tippi : Yup, hang in there!

======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========

(upon entering)

Arcadius : How did things turn out? ...speaking of which, I do
not see Eliotte here.

Ruise : The Douglas house is offering us his assistance and
he remained with them.

Wallace : They have begun advancing towards the Burnstein capital, the
Imperial knight, Julian, from the south, and his father, lord Douglas,
from the north.

Arcadius : I see. They will finally take action to gain back the throne.
In that case our troops will link up with them and give them support.
If we are successful here we will be able to stop that war plaguing the
whole continent. I will ask of you to do your very best in order to
achieve this. For now, you're free to rest for a few days.

Official : Considering your achievements we will grant you three days of rest
this time. A messenger relayed us where general Julian will be stationed
today. If you wish to, you're allowed to spend the day with him and his
troops. Well then, please select where you want to go :
1) With Julian troops (today only)
2) Capital city Rosaria
3) Health resort Rashell
4) Magic academy
5) Hot spring town Comsprings
6) My city

                             Tenth Mission
              Help Eliotte's supporters reach the capital

======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========

(after getting back from vacation)

Official : Your vacations are now over. You will be given your next mission.

Arcadius : Well then. It's time for you to attend to your next job.

Arcadius : I'm sure you already know about it but I'll tell you anyway.
I want you to keep helping Eliotte to gain back his throne. By helping
him we will be able to stop this war and put an end to Gevel's plans.
Do everything you can to fulfill this mission.

Wallace : Yes, your Highness!

(upon leaving the room, if you had Karen in your party during the vacations)

Tippi : By the way, where is Karen-san?

Ruise : ..huh? I thought she was with us during the vacations though...

Wallace : Did she need to attend to something? At the sanatorium or maybe
something personal? Well stuff happens.

Tippi : Well she could have told us she needed to go. That's kind of rude!

(now simply teleport to Shultzberg and go through the southern gate of
the town. You'll reach Julian's father army camp right afterwards. Go near
him to proceed)

Lord Douglas : How are things on Julian's side?

Ruise : We got allowed to work together.

Angela : How is Eliotte's doing?

Ariost : He's travelling along with Julian.

Angela: I see.

Wallace : By the way why did you set up camp here? You should have been
able to proceed quite a bit furher...

Lord Douglas : Actually a large group of monsters have appeared at the river
up ahead and relentlessly attack anyone that come close so we haven't been
able to cross yet.

Tippi : A group of monsters?

Lord Douglas : Yes. But because of them the troops dispatched by the king
Richard haven't been able to get here either. Anyway, feel free to rest
here for now.

(go rest in the tent you'll wake up at night,
talk to any of your party members)

Wallace : Hey, he said that the monsters were going in a rampage right?

Ruise : Yes he did.

Tippi : Does it seem weird to you?

Wallace : Yes. The facts that there are in large groups and going berserk.

Ruise : At this rate the army won't be able to make any progress will it?
Can't we do something oniichan?

Angela : My, what are you all doing here at this hour?

Ruise : Lady Angela...

Tippi : We heard about the monsters in the river and that got us curious...
What about you lady Angela?

Angela : I was thinking about my son when I heard voices so I came to check...

Ruise : It's okay, I'm sure he's doing great!

Wallace : Please leave things here to us and get some rest lady Angela.

Angela : How dependable, thank you very much. I'll only take a short walk,
could you keep my company for a little while?

Tippi : Well...

(just follow her around for now)

Ruise : Oh, there's a river on this side too.

Angela : Let's cross to the other side.

(on the other side)

Ruise : Whoa, there's so much room here~

Tippi : Hey Ruise-chan, let's race!

Misha : Ah, let me on that too!

Ariost : Then let me take part as well.

Tippi : Ok, on your marks...go!

Angela : That girl, the one called Ruise...
1) She's my little sister
2) Is there something the matter about her? (no specific answer)

Angela : Oh, she is.

Angela : Well, she's the same age as him right?

Wallace : You mean the same as Eliotte?

Angela : No, I'm talking about Richard.

Wallace : I see...

Angela : I still can't believe it. That Richard is a fake...

Misha : Lady Angela...

Angela : He became a completely different person once he became king.
But during those 14 years he was without a doubt my own son.

Angela : And now suddenly my real son Eliotte appears and I'm travelling
with lord Douglas to defeat Richard leaving everything that was mine behind...
I sometimes feel this is all a lie and that I'll wake from this long nightmare.

Tippi : But Eliotte got that burn mark and even Venzel-san said
he was the real thing...

Wallace : Tippi, think a bit more about lady Angela's feelings. For instance
if Carmaine suddenly became our enemy, what would you do?

Tippi : Err...well...

Wallace : Would you side with us? Or follow him and fight against us?

Tippi : ..I...well...

Wallace : That's the situation lady Angela has to face now.

Tippi : I, I'm so sorry lady Angela!

Angela : It's fine, do not worry about it. Besides I'm to blame too, I
shouldn't be complaining to you who are actually standing on the battlefield.

Angela : I feel a bit refreshed. Let's go back.

Voice : I can't allow that.

Tippi : Who!?

(Gamelan appears and shadow knights surround the group)

Wallace : ...damnit, how could I be so careless!

Gamelan : To think she'd take arms against her son, what a heartless mother.

Angela : ...you...

Wallace : There's no way I could forget. That voice, it's you Gamelan...

Gamelan : My, my, if it isn't Wallace.
You've changed so much I could barely recognize you.

Wallace : As usual you enjoy making fun of others.

Gamelan : Whatever. Still I guess I must thank you for going to such a deserted
place. Now, guys you know what to do I'm sure? Hurry up and kill that woman!

Tippi : They're after lady Angela!

Ariost : Like we will let you!

Gamelan : Will you still say that after taking a look behind you?

Misha : Fire! Oniisama, this is bad!

Familiar looking masked man : ....

Wallace : We've got no choice but to break through their trap! Get ready!

Event battle 33 : Escape Gamelan's trap while protecting Angela!

Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
Losing condition : Angela or any party member gets killed

Enemy : Gamelan (Lv45)
        Masked man (Lv39)
        4 masked men (Lv34)

        Angela (Lv22)

(a few seconds are Gamelan leaves)
        2 masked men(Lv30)

(ok I'm just going to call Xenos by his name here instead of sticking with the
game's "masked man" since you already blew off his awesome cover earlier
anyway, it'll make the dialogues less confusing. This battle is a bit more
challenging as it looks like at first mostly because the fire progress rather
fast. All the Shadow knights can cast magic and if their spells go off at the
same time they can take out half of Angela's HP easily despite her good magical
defence. Their physical attack can also cause paralysis delaying you further.
Split your team into two and use your fifth member to do all the healing and
this'll go smoothly. Xenos is a couple levels above you and have high attack
and defence so use magic to wear him down, since he doesn't move. Oh and do
note the fire will instantly kills enemies if they get caught in it too.)

(if Angela gets physically attacked)

Masked man : Prepare yourself your Highness...

Angela : ...

(As Gamelan leaves)

Gamelan : I'll leave this to you.

Wallace : Are you running away Gamelan!?

Gamelan : There's no need for me to get involved against the likes of you.
Well then, have a pleasant time!

Xenos : ...tch!

(reinforcement appears)

Masked man : Sorry for taking so long!

Xenos : Alright! You guys go too!

Masked man : Yes sir!

(Carmaine attacks Xenos)

Xenos : ...don't get in my way. My only target is her Highness.

Tippi : That's exactly why we'll stop you!

Xenos : ...are you trying to get killed too...

(when the fire burns half of the area)

Tippi : Hey! If you don't hurry we'll all die here!

(Xenos defeated)

Xenos : ...I can't win when fighting for reasons like those I guess...

Tippi : ...you...?

Wallace : This place is dangerous. Let's hurry back to the camp.

Event battle 33 Clear

(back to the camp)

Tippi : Whew~! This sure was a close call.

Angela : I would hate to think of what would have happened if you weren't
there. Thank you very much.

Ruise : I'm so glad everyone's safe.

Xenos : ...

Wallace : How about taking off the mask already?

Xenos : ...

(he takes it off)

Tippi : So it's really you Xenos! Why? There's no need for you to be in the
Shadow knights anymore right!?

Xenos : It was indeed as you said. Everything was Gamelan's doing.

Wallace : I knew it. He saw your strength and decided to make you his underling
no matter what.

Xenos : ...exactly. And I walked right into his trap....

Ruise : But if you know that, then why do you obey him?

xenos : Didn't I just tell you? I walked right into "his trap"....

Tippi : What trap? Unless you tell us more we can't understand!

Xenos : ...Karen...

Ruise : Eh?

Xenos : He has Karen as his hostage...

Wallace : Damnit! How low will that guy stoop!?

Xenos : ...because of me, Karen's...

Ruise : Xenos-san, what will you do now?

Xenos : ...I'll do whatever it takes and find then rescue her!

Tippi : Find her...do you have any clue where she could be?

Xenos : ...no.

Xenos : But since I can't win against you then that's the only option
I have left!

(he runs off)

Angela : To go as far as take a family member hostage....

Wallace : I guess we'll just have to make Eliotte get the throne as fast as
possible to get rid of people like that.

Lord Douglas : What happened?

Angela : Lord Douglas...

Wallace : Some lowlives were targtting lady Angela's life but we got rid of
them. No need to worry.

Lord Douglas : ...so you protected her. Thank you. It seems we will have to
improve the security of the camp to prevent this from happening again. I'll
have more guards to stand watch. You can go rest now.

(next monring)

Tippi : Yaaawn~ nice weather today!

(as you exit the tent)

Ruise : Say oniichan... about Xenos-san...

Tippi : Yeah... We should try and look for Karen-san too...

Wallace : Just aa reminder but our mission is to assist lord Douglas and put
an end to the war as quickly as possible.

Tippi : Pft! Wallace-san, you're so cold!

Wallace : I only stated the truth. How you fulfill the mission is up to you.
I'll give you a warning though. : as soon as Gamelan realizes Xenos is acting
on his own he will kill Karen without a second thought. If you want to look
for her you'd better do it quickly.

Tippi : Nuuh... What should we do?

(quick note : this is the game's hint to tell you if you don't take care of
this before the next vacation Karen's dead and you'll never recruit Xenos
either. You'll now have to deal with the monsters infesting the river.
Talking to Douglas and the soldiers in the camp won't do anything. Get to the
river on the east and talk to the soldiers there. You can't miss it, there
are tons of monsters around it)

(talking to the soldiers guarding the bridge)

Burnstein soldier : Because of those monsters we can't proceed.

Ariost : How come so many gathered? Those numbers are definitely abnormal...

Misha : Whoooa! Why are there so many?

Burnstein soldier : If we just stand here they're not coming after us but as
soon as we start crossing the bridge they all attack at once. Not only are
they hard to defeat because they're in the river but as soon as you kill one
another shows up and it never ends.

Wallace : ....it definitely sounds like this is someone's scheme.

(Wallace! The only man with a brain in his head! Well now go back towards the
camp, the soldiers gathered around on the path have cleared up and you can
explore towards the south. You'll reach a cave soon.)

Ruise : Looks like the entrance to a cave...

Ariost : It seems that the river is flowing from within this cave.

Tippi : Everyone! Watch out!

(a bunch of monters rush out of the cave, a giant bird is also flying
atop the party)

Ruise : ...a giant eagle...

Ruise : We've seen that eagle before, I'm sure of it!

Tippi : This isn't the time for that! They're coming!

Event battle 34 : Defeat all monsters!

Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
Losing condition : Every party member gets killed

Enemy : 2 Orthros (Lv32)
        2 Manticores (Lv32)
        2 Lizard lords (Lv31)
        Giant Eagle (lv36)

(This is barely an even battle really, just a glorified random encounter XD
Just take note that the dogs are really fast and deal serious damage to
Ruise/Ariost if they're up front and the manticore can cast an aoe instant
death spell. Low chance of landing succesfully thanksfully.)

(whoever gets attacked/attack the giant bird get a quick line of dialogue)

(if Carmaine is attacked)

Tippi : Go away, you monster of a bird! You can't eat me, I'll taste horrible!

Event battle 34 Clear

(as soon as the battle ends)

Wallace : That eagle we just saw...I guess it means that guy is inside.

Ruise : But there's no wind so how can he control monsters from a distance?

Tippi : We'll just have to ask him!

Ariost : For now we'll have to settle things so those monsters stop
blocking the army!

Misha : ...but this is weird still..

(just proceed through the cave till the next story event. iirc there's only
one item to get in here)

(upon reaching the deepert part of the cave)

Monster tamer : Now, my sweet little monsters! Gather even more of
your friends!

Tippi : ...I get it. he used to river to disperse the flour all the way till
the bridge.

Monster tamer : Who's there!?

Wallace : Don't tell me you forgot about us now?

Monster tamer : Ah, it's you! Which means...my cute Rafaga is...

Monster tamer : How dare you kill my friend! I'll make you pay!

(use more flour and more monsters pop out)

Monster tamer : You guys! You'll get revenge for me! Now go!

Event battle 35 : Defeat the monster tamer

Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
Losing condition : All party members are defeated

Enemy : Monster tamer (Lv38)
        2 Orthros (Lv32
        Manticore (Lv32)
        6 aquatic monsters (Lv33)

(when half the monster are killed)
        2 Lizard lords (Lv31)

(those aquatic monsters can use Blizzard and have long range physical attacks
but they're still not much of a threat. They're weak towards the Thunder spell
too. All in all an easy, straighforward fight. Just watch out for the
lizardmen reinforcements as they'll pop behind your group where your casters
might be and they can kill Ruise quickly.)

(when half the monsters are killed)

Monster tamer : Curse you!

Monster tamer : How about this!?

(Carmaine attacks the monster tamer)

Tippi : I never thought he could use the river for his tricks!

Monster tamer : I only need to make this flour reach my target. Wind, water,
there's plenty of way to get it done!

Tippi : Then if we get rid of you the monsters will turn back to normal!

(monster tamer defeated)

Monster tamer : ...guuhh...I...forgive...me...Rafaga....I couldn't...avenge
you....we'll fly...together...again in...heaven....guwah!

Event battle 35 Clear

Ruise : That man...he really only had that eagle as friend...

Ariost : ...it seems so.

Wallace : ...let's go. We were enemies so we had to fight him.
We only did our job.

Tippi : ...war can make you feel so empty even though we won.

(as soon as you exit the cave)

Burnstein soldier : So that's where you went!

Wallace : What is it? You're out of breath.

Burnstein soldier : Since the monster disappeared our troops crossed the river
but an Imperial Knight appeared on the other shore!

Tippi : So they finally showed up!

(head back towards that bridge and speak to Douglas there to proceed)

Lord Douglas : Oh, you came back.

Wallace : How's the situation?

Lord Douglas : As soon as we noticed a change in the monsters behaviour I
gathered the troops and prepared to depart but when we reached this place,
instead of the monsters who used to block our way we found the Burnstein army
assembled on the other shore.

Burnstein soldier : Lord Douglas! General Reeves is crossing the bridge alone!

Lord Douglas : Alone?

Burnstein soldier : Ha, halt!

Oscar Reeves : Calm down. I'm here to talk. Have a representative come here.

Lord Douglas : I'm the one in command of this army.

Oscar Reeves : Lord Douglas, it's a pleasure to see you again after so long.

Lord Douglas : Save the greetings for later and make this short. Both of our
men are uneasy in this situation.

Oscar Reeves : ...then I'll get right to the point.

Oscar Reeves : We have no intention of fighting you. Rather we wish to enlist
under your command.

Lord Douglas : ...what?

Oscar Reeves : Can't you trust us?

Oscar Reeves : As an Imperial knight I am someone who is very close to the
king. However the king completely changed recently. And now I heard that
you, Lord Douglas, claim that His Highness is a fake and rebelled against
him. And if it wasn't enough, even Her Highness Angela is supporting you.

Oscar Reeves : A mother wouldn't mistake her child for another. If what you
said is true then I want to fulfill my role as an Imperial knight and fight
on your side.

Angela : :Then you will help us won't you?

Lord Douglas : Your Highness...

Oscar Reeves : It's an honor to meet you your Highness...

Oscar Reeves : Forgive my rudeness but there is something I need to ask you.

Angela : What is it?

Oscar Reeves : Is the king truly an impostor? Are you not lying to get
revenge on the one who drove you away from the court?

Angela : I see you've been worrying a lot about those matters.
But you don't need to anymore. The one sitting on the throne now is a fake
that was exhanged with the king while he was still an infant. My real child
is now travelling along with general Julian.

Oscar Reeves : Please forgive me for what I said earlier. I, Oscar Reeves,
swear on my title as a knight, that my loyalty belongs only to the true
king of this country. I humbly request that you let me assist you.

Angela : Lord Douglas. This man can be trusted.

Lord Douglas : Still, your Highness...

Angela : Do you think Imperial knights would lower themselves to act as spies?
Besides I know his sincerity very well and can assure you there's nothing to
be worried about.

Lord Douglas : Understood. I will trust him.

Oscar Reeves : Thank you very much.

(get near them)

Lord Douglas : You don't need to worry about our situation any more.

Oscar Reeves : If I'm not mistaken you're that Rolandia knight...

Tippi : Yup! We want to stop this war!

Angela : They're the ones that brought me Eliotte. During the coronation
ceremony Lord Greg didn't stab Richard. It was all an act, I was one of the
witness so I can testify. Both Burnstein and Rolandia do not need to fight
anymore. The only ones we need to fight are Richard and the one pulling the
strings behind him.

Oscar Reeves : You're right. Let us work together to quickly get our
world peaceful again.

Tippi : Say, don't you have anything to ask him? Since this is such a rare
opportunity after all?
1) Why are you helping us?
2) Do you know a man named Gamelan? (you need to pick this to save Karen)
3) Do you know the truth about Julian? (don't :x )
4) Do you know anything about Venzel?
5) I've got nothing to ask

Oscar Reeves : I pledged loyalty to the king. Not to a fake.
Doesn't that answer satisfy you?

Oscar Reeves : Gamelan?

Wallace : One of the shadow knights. Do you know him?

Oscar Reeves : I do. Although we're supposed to pretend we never
heard of them. What about him?

Ruise : Actually he took someone we know as an hostage...
We want to know where she is detained! Don't you know where Karen-san is?

Oscar Reeves : ...hostages huh.

Oscar Reeves : I'm sorry to tell you that but I don't know.

Ruise : ...I see.

Oscar Reeves : But I still can tell you something about Gamelan.
You know about the town of Comsprings right?
I've seen him go there quite often.

Tippi : ...ah, that hot springs town...

(asking about Gamelan a second time)

Oscar Reeves : You know about the town of Comsprings right?
I've seen him go there quite often. He might go simply to take baths but
in that case he'd be quite the hot springs maniac.

Oscar Reeves : Julian is the newest amongs us Imperial knights but he has a
strong sense of responsabilities and he's good at taking decisions. He's
a splendid knight. What about him?

Tippi : Actually what this guy is trying to say is...

Oscar Reeves : Sh! Don't say anything more. Look, lord Douglas is glaring at us.

Oscar Reeves : I know him but he's not at the court presently.
He's been missing for quite some time.

Tippi : What kind of person is he?

Oscar Reeves : I didn't speak with him much but he's someone harsh on himself
and others. He's also hard to approach. Oh and he's probably older than he
looks actually. His appearance is the exact same since he became a court
magician years ago. I guess he must be using some spell to slow down aging.

Oscar Reeves : Is there anything you want to ask?
a) Yes (back to previous choices)
b) No (same as picking 5)

Oscar Reeves : Then I will speak with my underlings and then consult lord
Douglas to decide our course of action. If you'll excuse me...

Ruise : Thank you very much.

(as he's leaving)

Oscr Reeves : Ah and one more thing. It'd be best if you go to Julian's side
quickly. Unlike me there's someone who will stubbornly support Richard.
Ernest...I mean general Lyell is heading towards Julian's position.

Tippi : A battle between Imperial knights huh... Seems like things are rough
on Julian's side.

(Once you asked Oscar about Gamelan you opened up a subquest to rescue Karen.
You need to go visit Comrspings now or you'll miss the chance to save her
definitely. In this translation I'll assume you do save her and won't bother
looking for lines that might change if you let her die. Now head to Comsprings
untill you reach that screen with the three houses. The NPC there comments on
how rowdy are some of the people living in the house in the middle and about a
blond woman getting carried in there. Get near the house to trigger the next

======= Comsprings ========

(going near the aforementionned house)

Tippi : I wonder who lives there?

Wallace : Hold on, someone's coming out! Let's hide!

(go in the tree's shade, two persons will leave the house, do not move)

Ruise : ...that was close.

(get near the house again and enter)

Tippi : Ah, it's not locked...

Ruise : Did the people that just left forgot to lock it?

Wallace : Which means they'll be back soon.

(once inside Misha will trip for no reason and get Tippi-kicked)

Tippi : Can't you be quiet for a second! What if someone was inside!

Misha : Ok, but don't kick me in the head! I'll become stupid if you
keep at it!

Tippi : ...it can't be worse than now anyway.

Misha : Ah, true!

Ruise : ...eerr, Misha, you shouldn't agree to that...

(keep on going until you get to the rooms with the crystals. You need to switch
them on but you can only do so if you proceed in the right order. It's easy
though. Once you're done a door in the northern part of the room will show up)

Tippi : Hmm, this is really suspicious...

(in the basement, you'll see Karen in a cell, talk to her)

Tippi : Ah! Karen-san!

(CG of Karen in her cell)

Karen : ...it's you! Why are you all here?

Tippi : We've been looking for you of course!

Ruise : We've heard from Xenos-san that you got abducted.
Let's escape now!

Wallace : There should be a key somewhere. We'll look for it.

Karen : Wait!

Tippi : What's wrong Karen-san?

Karen : ...I can't leave. Even if I did, it'd be pointless...

Ruise : What do you mean?

Karen : That man called Gamelan. He casted a curse on me.

Wallace : Gamelan...you bastard...

Karen : No matter where am I, he can hurt me or even kill me with just a
single word... That's why even if I leave this place, it won't change anything.

Ruise : Karen-san...

Karen : Becaus of me, my brother is suffering so much. Just because I'm alive...
If I get killed at least he'll be free...!

Misha : Don't say that! We will save you! I swear we will get rid of that curse!
So just wait a bit longer please!

Karen : ...ok...

(the game don't give you any hints to proceed with this quest but you only
know one person knowledgeable about curses and that's the vice chancellor,
so let's pay him a visit)

======= Magic academy ========

(talking to the vice chancellor secretary)

Secretary : Welcome. Do you have business with the vice chancellor?

Ruise : Yes.

Secretary : Then please go on through.

(entering the room)

Ruise : Please excuse us.

(talking to the vice chancellor)

Vice chancellor Bradley : Ah, it's you people. What brings you here today?

Wallace : If I remember well, you're an expert in curse-breaking right?

Bradley : What's with the sudden questionning! But that's right, I'm the
best expert on curses in the whole land, there's no curses I can't break!

Bradley : ...at least among those I know of...

Tippi : ...should we really rely on this guy....?

Ariost : Well I'll have to agree that you can't do much about something
you've never seen before.

Ruise : Then do you know about a curse that can kill people by simply
using a key word?

Bradley : A curse that can kill people with just a word!?

Tippi : What, so you don't know?

Bradley : ...don't take me lightly. I know that curse. ...but, sigh...to use
something like that....

Tippi : What's so peculiar about it?

Bradley : That curse allows the caster to instantly hurt or even kill the
target by simply uttering the key word associated to it. However, the ritual
necessary to apply the curse require to confine the target for at least 10
days. This isn't exactly the peak of efficiency to kill someone. Or if you want
your victim to speak, torture would still be the easiest to go with.

Wallace : I see. That's why he couldn't use that unless he took her hostage.

Ruise : And? Can you break that curse?

Bradely : That's not overly difficult. You just need to have the appropriate
tools to work with.

Ruise : Please tell us how.

Bradely : Even though it's not difficult this is something an amateur can't do.
Call for me when you're ready and I'll help you. For now go bring me the
following items. First a piece of the victim's body. It can be a nail or even a
single hair, anything works.

Tippi : A nail or a piece of her hair...

Bradley : Then and this is the most important part, some holy soil is needed.

Wallace : Holy soil?

Bradley : I got everything else that I need in my laboratory but holy soil
isn't something that can be stored.

Tippi : Where can we find that "holy soil" thing?

Bradley : Hmm, that's the problem. You do know how space-tme distorsions allows
Growshu to reach this world? And how that Growshu can be seen as luminous,
floating spheres? If those spheres soak into the ground for a very long period
of time then the ground there will be called "holy soil".

Ruise : Then we just need to find a place where you can see lot of Growshu
floating around to find some holy soil!

Bradley : Things are not so easy. Lately magic conduction lines have been built
all over the land. Those collect Growshu before it reach the ground.

(Head to Karen's home in Granshill and look into her stuff to get some of her
hair. And for the holy soil, head to lake Olivier. As mentionned before there
are no magic conduction lines there, so seach the ground for some holy soil.
Once you're done return to the academy and talk to Bradley)

(inside Karen's home, when examine the hair brush)

Tippi : This is Karen-san's right? Thee are sill some hair stuck inside...

Ruise : We can break Karen-san's curse with those right?

(I got the holy soil while investigating the lake in disc 1 so I don't know
which dialogue occurs when you go fetch it now -_-; )

(back in the academy)

(if you go to his secretary)

Secretary : Welcome. If you're looking for the vice chancellor he's waiting
for you in his laboraty in the basement.

(entering the laboratory)

Tippi : Sorry for intruding~

(once in his lab, select the item in your inventory while near him)

Bradley : Oh you brought me the tools I needed. I finished preparing things
on my side too. Now I just need to work on what you brought me.

Tippi : Can you do it right now?

Bradley : Hey don't be in such a rush. Those things must be done
very meticulously.

Tippi : So you can't? Lame~ 

Bradley : What I'm about to do now is a "substitution doll". I have to insert
the piece of hair of the target within so the resulting doll would carry a
part of...

Wallace : Whatever, just get to work quickly!

Bradley : This will take some time so I'll have to ask you to leave now.
It will at the very least take me one full day.

(ok nothing more we can do for Karen for now, let's get back to the main story
and go see Julian. Head to Klein village, then exit it through the southern
gate and head north. You'll spot Julian very soon, talk to him)

(talking to Julian)

Wallace : Why are you still here?

Julian : Actually the Rolandia army contacted us saying they'd send general
Bronson's unit to help but they still haven't reached us. We've been waiting
for them and stopped advancing but I wonder what is taking them so long.

Ruise : Reinforcements from Rolandia?

Julian : ...can I ask you something? Go to the Rolandia border and confirm if
reinforcements are coming and if they do are coming what are delaying them
so much.

(if you teleport to Garaus prison you'll see Bronson and his group)

Bronson : Oh, it's you guys. Actually a small bridge up ahead is broken and
we can't procede.

Tippi : Why don't you just fix it!

Bronson : Don't ask the impossible. Enemy troops are on the other side and
attack us as soon as we try to do anything about the bridge.

Wallace : So you guys are in a standstill as a result...

Bronson : As this rate we're just wasting our time...

(if you go check said bridge)

Burnstein captain : What's wrong you cowards!
Come and get us if you think you can!

Tippi : ...this guy pisses me off!

(now just keep going southwest from Klein village as if you were trying to
reach Garaus prison. You'll run into a couple of shady guys soon enough)

(as soon as you spot the two guys - dialogues are the same as if you never
talked to Bronson though)

Misha : Oh, they're already there, it's not that bad.

Ruise : But isn't it weird? They're dressed as Burnstein soldiers....

Wallace : Hey, could it mean...

Burnstein soldier A : Hahaha, that was awesome!

Burnstein soldier B : Ain't it?

Burnstein soldier A : Those Rolandia guys, they were so helpless.

Burnstein soldier B : Tell me about it! They came all the way here and now
they can't do anything!

Tippi : Looks like those guys are the ones delaying the reinforcements.

Ruise : Oniichan, what should we do?
1) Kill them
2) Sneakily try to get closer
3) Run away

Wallace : Fortunately they didn't notice us. If we proceed cautously we can
get closer to them. We can fight them then, it won't be too late.

Fortunately they didn't notice us. If we proceed cautously we can
get closer to them. We can fight them then, it won't be too late.

Tippi : What the heck!

Wallace : They didn't spot us yet. This is our best chance to defeat them.

Ruise : There are plenty of spots to hide here right?

(hide behind the rocks to the north and get closer to them.
They'll keep on talking while you do so)

(first story)

Burnstein soldier A : By the way how did it go with that girl?

Burnstein soldier B : That girl?

Burnstein soldier A : The one working in that shop, you know you fell for her.

Burnstein soldier B : Ah that one, it was no good.

Burnstein soldier A : Why?

Burnstein soldier B : Her son hates me.

Burnstein soldier A : What, so she's a mother....

(second story)

Burnstein soldier B : By the way...

Burnstein soldier A : What?

Burnstein soldier B : You heard about that Rolandia knight called Zelgadis?

Burnstein soldier A : Yeah I have! They say he's incredible, the kind of guy
that makes the impossible possible.

Burnstein soldier B : Some are saying Grengar couldn't win against him.

Burnstein soldier A : Hey! If the boss hear that he'll beat you up!

(third story, depends on affection rate towards Carmaine of various members,
the first three playable members  at this point in the story with the most
affection for Carmaine will be mentionned)

Burnstein soldier A : That Carmaine dude...

Burnstein soldier B : Hm?

Burnstein soldier A : He's always seen with a Growsian girl right?

Burnstein soldier B : From what I heard it's more like "a girl with glasses,
that always mess up" though?

Burnstein soldier A : I also heard there's some old dude with him too.

Burnstein soldier B : What a busybody...

Burnstein soldier A : I bet those stories saying he's invincible are made up.

Burnstein soldier B : Why are they saying Grengar couldn't beat him though?
If it was that idiot, Oswald, I wouldn't be surprised but....

Burnstein soldier A : Hey! I told you to quit saying that!

(if you succesfully sneak close enough)

Burnstein captain : Hey! Quit it with the stupid stories!

Burnstein soldier B : Aniki!

Burnstein captain : You moron! Didn't you notice the enemy!

Burnstein soldier A : Huh?

Burnstein captain :  We'll be in trouble if they report us.
Don't let them escape!

Burnstein soldier A : Got it!

(if you get spotted on early)

Burnstein soldier A : Hm? An enemy!

Burnstein soldier B : Aniki! The enemy's here!

Burnstein captain : Moron! I told you to call me captain!

Burnstein captain : That's the group the boss warned us about!?
Don't let them escape!

Burnstein soldier A : Got it!

Event battle 36 : Defeat the fake Burnstein troops!

Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
Losing condition : All party members are defeated, the "captain" escapes

Enemy : Elite soldier (Lv35)
        2 heavy soldiers (lv31)

(Easy, easy, you can make this even easier by letting them come to you if
you're far away and then start fighting when they have no hope of going back
to their camp in time)

(once you deal enough damage to them)

Burnstein captain : Damn! At this rate we'll be defeated...

Burnstein captain : I'm going to report to Grengar!
Keep them here no matter what in the meanwhile!

Burnstein soldier A : U, understood!

Tippi : Ah! He's going to report to his buddies! We have to hurry!

(Wallace hitting one of the enemies)

Wallace : Something is weird here...

Ruise : Weird?

Wallace : They're no Burnstein soldiers.

Ruise : Then what are they?

Tippi : Didn't we heard a familiar name coming up earlier?

Event battle 36 Clear

Ruise : ...whew.

Tippi : It's finally over.

Wallace : What are you saying. We're just about to start the real job.

Tippi : Hehehe, you're right.

(just head west for the next battle)

(as you're crossing over the bridge)

Rolandia soldier : Damn! At this rate we'll never cross...

Burnstein captain : Bwahahaha! Too bad for you buddy!

Tippi : Those guys are seriously getting on my nerves!

Wallace : Let's advance without getting spotted and defeat them.

(once you get spotted)

Burnstein soldier : Aniki! It's the enemy!

Burnstein captain : What! What are the guys on watch doing!
Argh, forget about them! Prepare for battle!

Event battle 37 : Defeat Grengar's bandit group!

Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
Losing condition : All party members are defeated

Enemy : Elite soldier (Lv35)
        3 soldiers (lv30)
        2 heavy soldiers (lv31)
        2 clerics (lv28)

(afeter a few seconds)
        Grengar (Lv38)
        2 thieves (Lv30)

(This battle really depens on how you engage the enemy : if you get spotted
and engage them front on Grengar will show up behind you and you'll be attacked
from both sides. The main group will also use all his troops against you at
this moment. You can easily avoid that by going south and hiding behind those
weird rocks. You can get right near the main enemy group without getting
spotted and engage them from here. Not only you won't have to worry about
enemy reinforcements for a while but you can also target the whole enemy group
with spells here and they won't be able to use all their strength to hit you
as the road behind the rocks is quite narrow. So this is a win-win situation
for your group really.)

(Grengar shows up)

Grengar : We meet again. As enemies this time though.

Wallace : How about telling us your goal now?

Grengar : It's really simple. I want to get what's most important in this world.

Tippi : What could that be?
1) Life
2) Time
3) Money
4) Love

Grengar : That's number 3 on my ranking.

Tippi : Then just tell us already!

Grengar : The most important thing in the world is money!

Grengar : That's number 2 on my ranking.

Tippi : Then just tell us already!

Grengar : The most important thing in the world is money!

Grengar : Oh, you sure know your stuff.

Grengar : That's the most worthless thing ever.

Tippi : Then just tell us already!

Grengar : The most important thing in the world is money!

Tippi : Money!?

Grengar : Yes, the age of strength is over, now what rules the world is trade!
Now matter how powerful you may be you can't win against money! If you have
money there's nothing you can't do! Until I earn much more money through the
weapons I sell I won't allow this war to end! That's why you guys are in my
way now! You'll die here!

(Grengar gets on the bridge)

Grengar : Ok, let's get them in a pincer attack!

Burnstein captain : Yes sir!

(once of your member engage Grengar)

Wallace : Theree is something I have to ask you. What connections did you had
with the academy chancellor?

Grengar : Oh yeah, you're the one who killed Maxwell. Well I'm half-thankful
half-pissed by what you did there.

Grengar : What do you mean?

Grengar : You don't get it? I was getting from him weapons for spell casting
and magic crystals. Although I figured it was about time to give up on this
before things go bad.

Tippi : Then the group stealing crystals from the mine to sell them on the
black market, that was...

Wallace : So for the most part you cooperated with Maxwell but then pulled
out of the deal when it was starting to get bad for you? That's why he ordered
us to get rid of your group back then, right?

Grengar : Aren't we the smart guy? Teaming up with Maxwell was the right thing
to do. Well there were a lot of those magic thingies we couldn't find use for

Ariost : Everything we developped back then...it was all used for this purpose!?

(Grengar defeated)

Grengar : Guuwaah! That can't....be...I can't...lose with....a weapon...like...

Wallace : You rely too much on your weapon.

Grengar : ...no way...money...if I had...more...money....I...

Ruise : What a sad person...

Event battle 37 Clear

Tippi : You guys will be fine now right?

Rolandia soldier : Thank you very much! We'll fix the bridge right away and
join up with the Burnstein troops. Please let their commander know!

(if you bother reporting to Bronson)

Bronson : You guys are incredible. If this war ends, it will be mostly thanks
to what you have done.

Ruise : No, not at all....

Bronson : We'll cross as soon as the bridge is fixed, please let the
Burnstein troops know.

(well time to go see Julian again then, you know where he is)

(taking to Julian in the camp)

Julian : Oh, you're back.

Eliotte : So, what about the reinforcements?

Wallace : Enemies were blocking their progress around the bridge near the
prison. We defeated them and the reinforcements troops should be able to
reach you by tomorrow.

Julian : I see. Sorry for the trouble.

Eliotte : Thanks for helping out. Please rest for the night.

(at night)

Julian : So that's where you are.

Tippi : What's wrong Julian?

Julian : I always get a little nervous before a battle so I was taking a
stroll to relax. But really, so much have happened since I met you.
When I was at a loss about which path to follow in life, being with you
made me able to find that path again. Although because of it, our reunion back
then felt ironical. And during your travels you kept becoming stronger.
If I may say so, you might even be stronger than me now.
1) Yup I am
2) Not at all

Julian : That's the spirit. I look forward to the day we'll fight again.

Julian : Acting modest? No need to in front of me. I know how strong you
really are. I won't mind no matter what you answer.

Tippi : Stop it Julian! If you keep saying things like that he'll become even
more arrogant!

Julian : Hahaha. Well have confidence in yourself then but not to the point of
getting arrogant.

Voice : ...you're so carefree Julian.

Julian : Who's there!?

Ernest Lyell : We don't see each other for a little while and you already
forgot your comrade's voice?

Julian : Ernest Lyell...

Ernest Lyell : So there's only the two of you. How convenient...

Ernest Lyell : Men! Seize the fools who would usurp the king's name!

Soldiers : Yes sir!

Tippi : This is bad! Everyone wake up!

Wallace : What's wrong?

Ruise : What's up?

Tippi : Enemies, they're here! They're after Eliotte!

Soldiers : Tsk! What a noisy bug!

Ernest Lyell : It doesn't matter. They can't stop us with those numbers.

Julian : I won't let you kill his Highness!

Ernest Lyell : Fine. I'll be your opponent. Come at me!

Erenst Lyell : You lot, find the one that dare assume king Richard's name!

Soldier : Yes sir!

Event battle 38 : Protect Eliotte!

Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
Losing condition : All party members are defeated, Richard or Julian are killed

Enemy : Ernest Lyell (Lv67)
        3 heavy soldiers (lv32)
        2 mages (Lv31)
        Archer (lv32)

(after killing a few soldiers)
        Archer (Lv32)

Allies  Julian (Lv48)

(if you do find him)
        Eliotte (lv38)

(Ernest won't attack you he will just wait in the corner so even though he's
way stronger than you, you won't have to worry about him, Julian will aim for
him but he'll have to kill quite a few sodiers to get to Ernest so in the
meantime kill the leftovers and you'll be done in no time. If you or the enemy
find Eliotte, he will start to run around on the battlefield, he's very fast
and will have no problem escaping the enemy.)

(beginning of battle)

Tippi : By the way, we didn't hear where Eliotte was sleeping....

Julian : I'm sorry but if I answer now they will hear it too.

Tippi : So we'll have to look for him ourselves then...

(aftrer killing half of Ernest's men)

Soldier : Lord Lyell!

Ernest Lyell : What is it?

Sodlier : It, it's about a traitor! The general Reeves sided with lord Douglas!
Please come back to the capital!

Eresnt Lyell : ...understood.

Ernest Lyell : I'm returning to the capital. I entrust this to you!

Soldier : Please leave it to us!

Julian : Wait! Are you running away!

Ernest Lyell : Our battle is only delayed. We will meet again.

(if you win without Eliotte being found)

Eliotte : It was so noisy for a moment, did something happen?

Tippi (pissed) : ....you were being targeted.

Eliotte : What? Where is the enemy?

Tippi : Geez, looking at you, it feels nothing happened at all...

(if you do find him, here Ariost for instance)

Ariost : Eliotte-kun, so that's where you are!

Eliotte : Hm, what is it?

Tippi : Snap out of it already! You're being targeted!

Eliotte : What!?

Ernest Lyell : ...so it's him. I see, he's the spitting image of his Highness...

Event battle 38 Clear

(checking on Eliotte after the battle)

Tippi : Are you ok?

Eliotte : Yes, I'm fine.

Julian : I'm so relieved you're safe your Highness. But what could have
happened that made Lyell leave the battle?

Tippi : Ah, didn't we tell you? That guy named Reeves, he's working with
lord Douglas now.

Julian : I see...

Julian : But if you knew I wish you'd tell me this kind of things earlier.

Tippi : Sorry~

Ruise : But now we have a really reassuring ally right? There's nothing to be
worried about anymore!

Julian : No. It's true that only Reeves's and my group combined are
a strong military power by itself but on the other side there's Richard.
His strength is incredible, he's like a monster.

Wallace : He IS a monster. That's the truth anyway, so that can't be helped.

Julian : But you certainly helped us a lot. I won't complain about your
achievements. Now let's rest. You're free to act as you wish starting tomorrow.
I will join up with the other groups and aim for the capital.

(the next morning)

Wallace : Shouldn't the vice chancellor be done with is preparations now?
We should pay him a  visit before reporting to the king.

(well you heard the man, now go! :))

======= Magic academy 7th floor ========

(talking to the vice-chancellor's secretary)

Secretary : Welcome. The vice chancellor is waiting for you inside.
Please go on through.


Ruise : Excuse us.

Bradley : Ooh, I was waiting for you.

(talking to him)

Ruise : Sir, did you complete it?

Bradley : Of course.

Bradley : Then , shall we get going?

Tippi : Huh? Going where?

Bradley : To break the curse of course!

Tippi : I know but...

Bradley : I'm saying I'm coming with you! Or are you saying you want to carry
the ritual to break the curse by yourselves?

Wallace : I guess we have no choices. Things might get dangerous so be careful.

(Bradley joined as a NPC!)

(leaving Bradley's office)

Bradley : I'll be away for a little while. Take care of things in my absence.

Secretary : Understood, please be careful.

======= Comsprings ========

(entering the house where you found Karen)

Tippi : It's still not locked?

Ruise : They sure are careless people...

(as soon as you enter)

Shadow knight 1 : W, who's there?

Tippi : Argh, there's someone inside!

Shadow knight 1 : I can't believe it, you guys are here for that girl...

Ruise : ...uhh...

Shadow knight 1 : Hey, someone go take care of the girl!

Shadow knight 2 : Alright. It breaks my heart but we'll have to kill her.
It's lord Gamelan's order after all.

Ariost : This is bad. We have to hurry!

Event battle 39 : Stop the enemies before they reach Karen!

Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies before they get to the basement
Losing condition : All party members are defeated, Bradley killed

Enemy : 3 Shadow knights (Lv38)

Allies  Bradley (Lv32)

(easy battle, Holy light is extremly effective on those guys, and you
can finish the one with they keys with a Soulforce. If you don't have those
spells one of them might slip into the room with the crystals in which case
the battle will continue once you reach him over there. It's easy to kill
them all in the first room anyway so I'll assume you did. Don't waste your mp
too much btw you'll need them for the next battle)

(beginning of battle)

Shadow knight 1 : I will keep them busy here. You go to the basement!

Shadow knight 3 : Understood!

(if you kill the guy heading for Karen first)

Shadow knight 2 : Curse you! I won't let you leave this place alive!

(all enemies killed)

Tippi : We didn't let any of them get in the basement right?

Wallace : Seems like we stopped them in time.

Event battle 39 Clear

(Just head to the basement now. Btw you got the keys of both locked cells so
don't forget to open up the one with the chest, there's a weapon for Karen
inside. As soon as you open Karen's cell the next fight will start)

(opening Karen's cell)

Karen : Ah, you're here...

Tippi : We'll get you rid of that curse immediatly, just wait a
little bit more!

(Bradley gets Tippi kicked)

Tippi : Hey, hurry up will you!

Bradley : Don't hit me! Things have to be done in a certain order you know...

Tippi : If you got the time to complain then hurry up and...

Voice : Hahahaha! So you did come!

Wallace : That voice, it's Gamelan!

Gamelan : Seems like I was right to believe you'll manage to get here to save
this girl. But there's nothing you can do to help her. Because my curse can
work on her instantly!

Karen : Please forget about me and run away!

Gamelan : Shut up! Or I'll have to hurt you just a bit...

Gamelan : ....Gibt Karen Suffer...

Karen : Kyaaah!

Gamelan : How do you like that? I only hurt her now but if I use another word
I can even kill that girl.

Tippi : I so hate this guy!

Gamelan : If you want this girl to live your only option is to die here!

Event battle 40 : Protect Karen and Bradley!

Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
Losing condition : All party members are defeated, Bradley or Karen killed

Enemy : Gamelan (Lv48)
        5 Shadow knights (lv38)
        2 magicians (Lv35)
        2 clerics(lv34)

Allies  Bradley (Lv32)
        Karen (Lv39)

(after breaking the curse)
        Xenos (Lv 39)

(For an optionnal battle this one is quite good! The only thing you'll lack
here is free room as that basement is totally cramped. Gamelan is a very good
magician, one of his fireball can deal up to 150 damage to any of your members
with average magic defence, so pay extra attention to Ruise's HP. NPC here are
quite useful : Bradley is a nice surprise here as he can buff your whole
party while Karen will heal you as usual. Xenos deals decent damage and can
take care of those magicians in no time if they're still alive when he gets
there. Make sure you deal with the clerics quickly they'll spam Healing on
anyone low on health and that spell is cheap. While Holy light will take care
of the Shadow knights very quickly, it will heal the clerics though, so pay
attention to the spell range.)

(as soon as you hurt any enemy)

Gamelan : Seems like you don't value that girl's live much do you?
Then I'll kill her if it's what you wish!

Gamelan : ...Gibt Karen Die!

Bradley : Now!

Gamelan : Wh, what?

Karen : ..I'm...alive?

Bradley : ...ahahaha..I did it! I did it, it worked!

Bradley : I broke your curse! I won't let you hurt this girl any longer now!

Gamelan : Damn you! Kill them all!

(Xenos appears)

Xenos : Karen!

karen : Niisan!?

Gamelan : ...damn!

Tippi : Xenos? Everything's okay now, we took care of Karen-san's curse!

Xenos : You did...?

Xenos : ...I see...alright!

Xenos : Hey Gamelan! How dare you do that to my sister!
Let me repay you for what you did in full!

Gamelan : ...damn you, you're no longer of any use to me!
You'll die here with the others!

(Xenos attack Gamelan)

Xenos : I'll swear I'll make you pay!

Gamelan : You'll be the one who ends up dead!

(Karen get caught up by Gamelan's spell)

Karen : ...uhh..

Tippi : Karen is hurt!

(all of Gamelan's troops killed or Gamelan lost most of his HP)

Gamelan : Damn you all, I'll remember this!

Wallace : Tch! You're only good at running away!

Event battle 40 Clear

Tippi : ...seems like we did it.

Karen : Thank you very much.

Ruise : Now Xenos-san don't have to work with the Shadow knights anymore.

Xenos : I'm sorry. I kept being a bother to you all this time.
And because of me Karen was put in so much danger...

Karen : No, that's not true, this is all because of me that you had to
suffer so much...

Xenos : Let's go home now. And live together like we used to do.

Karen : Niisan...

Bradley : Anyway, case's settled. I love the feeling of having done
something good.

Tippi : ...those siblings really get along huh?

Ruise : They're finally together again. Let's leave them alone for now.

(Yeah leave it to Ruise to support incest between siblings, well whatever,
this chapter is finally over time to report to Arcadius)

======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========

(upon entering)

Arcadius : You're back. I heard you did very well. Thanks to you, generals
Jurian and Bronson could merge their group and are getting close to the
Burnstein capital as we speak. You deserved your rest.

Official : Considering your achievements we will grant you three days of rest
this time. Well then, please select where you want to go :
1) Capital city Rosaria
2) Health resort Rashell
3) Magic academy
4) Hot spring town Comsprings
5) My city

                             Eleventh Mission
                     Face and bring down the fake king

======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========

(after getting back from vacation)

Official : Your vacations are now over. You will be given your next mission.

Arcadius : We finally got word saying the Burnstein capital is surrounded.
I want you to assist our troops with the attack.

Ruise : We're finally near the end of this war then.

Tippi : Alright, let's all work hard now!

(first, you can now recruit Xenos and Karen, in Grandshill and Rashell
respectively. Eliotte will make his way into the party whether you want him
or not for the whole chapter though so keep that in mind. I'd pick Karen as
the 5th member to make things easier but considering you'll settle the score
with Gamelan soon I couldn't not pick Xenos for this. Once you picked up your
last party member teleport to Schultzberg and go south, you won't be able to
reach the Burnstein capital this way as you'll run into Douglas forces but
there'll be a shop with a lot of new stuff for you on the way. There are
tons of battles ahead so you might as well pick up some new gear. The spear
for Carmaine there is actually pretty neat and probably one of the few times
spears are better than any swords available. Once you're done head for the
Burnstein capital from the south but if you got Xenos in your party don't
teleport to Klein village as he will automatically leave the party if you do,
poor guy still feel guilty I guess ^^; instead teleport to Garaus and work
your way north if he's in your party.)

(talking to Jurian)
Julian : Ooh, we've been waiting eagerly for you.

Eiotte : Right now, lord Douglas and his troops are fighting the Burnstein army
right outside the city. I'm ready to fight too, let's go!

(the game will ask who you want to remove if your party is full and if you
want to remove the leaving member equipment)

Oscar Reeves : I will escort you through the castle.

Julian : Hold on Reeves! Are you sure about this? Lyell is inside!

Oscar Reeves : This doesn't concern you Julian.

Julian : Still...!

Oscar Reeves : Well then, let's go.

Julian : Reeves!

Officer : Please let him go lord Julian. Lord Reeves, he needs to...

Officer : I've heard about the story between the two. Lord Reeves and
lord Lyell I mean...

Julian : Tell me what you know.

Officer : I'm sure you've heard of it but Lord lyell, Lord Reeves and his
Highness Richard are long time friends and their bounds ignore the difference
in social statut that exist between them. Even though the king which was so
kind before suddenly changed as if madness possessed him and turned very cruel,
as his friends they both never thought about betraying him. However considering
the situation the king's change in mental state brought the country in, they
couldn't turn a blind eye to it. So they decided to hold a duel. The one who'd
lose would have to leave without grudges and the remaining one would have to
take care of his Highness until the very end...

Julian : In other words Lyell know that Reeves is here and that they will
have to fight?

Officer : ...yes. Actually they both wanted to remain by the king's side.
So please don't stop him now...

(Oscar comes back)

Oscar Reeves : What are you doing? We need to break into the castle!

Julian : S, sorry. I needed to talk to your subordinate for a minute.

Oscar Reeves : You're always such the worrywart.

Julian : ...please look after him.

Julian : Alright, I'm joining the assault.

Tippi : ...look after him huh, how are we supposed to do that exactly...

(Just follow Oscar for now, he joins as a NPC, keep going east)

Oscar Reeves : You're here. If we go east we'll reach the Burnstein
royal capital.

(as you get near the city)

Burnstein soldier : We caught the rebel Oscar Reeves! Charge!

Event battle 41 : Break into the Burnstein royal capital!

Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
Losing condition : All party members are defeated, Eliotte or Oscar killed

Enemy : Magician (Lv35)
        2 archers (lv32)
        3 soldiers (Lv34)

(upon reaching next screen)
        Elite soldier (Lv40)
        Mage (Lv32)
        2 soldiers (lv31)

Allies  Oscar (Lv58)

(Okay so thecnhically this is two battles but each is so minor I counted them
as only one, you'll reach the second enemy group as soon as you get to the
next screen, no strategy here, just rush through, the only enemy that can deal
decent damage to your group is the first group mage, her aoe spells hit for
around 100+ damage. 1 Holy light from Ruise will take her out though)

Event battle 41 Clear

======= Burnstein royal capital ========

(upon entering the city)

Oscar Reeves : The castle is to the northwest of the city. We'll break through
the enemy and run through the castle gates at once!

Tippi : What!? We'll have to run in the middle of the enemy troops?

Event battle 42 : Break through the city defence and reach the castle!

Winning condition : All characters reach the northwest corner of the map
Losing condition : Any party member is defeated

Enemy : Elite soldier (Lv40)
        Mage (Lv32)
        5 soldiers (lv31)
        Priest (Lv30)

Allies  Oscar (Lv58)

(Alright the first real battle. Although here as soon as you kill an enemy he'll
be replaced by the exact same unit a few seconds later. Don't worry about
wasting mp to clear you a path though you'll be able to rest up your characters
once inside the castle. This battle depends largely on who's in your party and
how fast they are. Eliotte, Carmaine and Ruise should be able to reach the exit
easily, once they're there have them spam magic to clear the path for others)

(Eliotte reaches the exit)

Eliotte : ...whew.

(Oscar reaches the exit)

Oscar Reeves : As expected the defence sure is tight.

(Ruise reaches the exit)

Ruise : ...whew.

(Xenos reaches the exit)

Xenos : Geez, I finally made it.

(Wallace reaches the exit)

Wallace : Sigh, what a mess.

(Carmaine reaches the exit)

Tippi : We finally made it...

(everyone got through)

Oscar Reeves : Is everyone ready? Then let's go.

Event battle 42 Clear

======= Burnstein castle - front gate ========

(upon entering)

Tippi : Don't tell me we're going to break through here too?

Oscar Reeves : Oh if that's what you wish, shall we?

Tippi : N, no way!

Oscar Reeves : If I remember correctly there should be a way to sneak inside
the castle from here.

(look around you'll find it son enough, select yes to enter it)

======= Burnstein castle - hidden passageway ========


Eliotte : Are we within the ramparts here?

Oscar Reeves : Yes. This is a corner of the backyard.
We can enter the castle from here.

(check the place he showed you, the wall will slide open)

Oscar Reeves : ...well then, shall we enter?

======= Burnstein castle  ========

(once inside)

Oscar Reeves : If we follow that corridor going south we'll reach a hall.
Then on the second floor from that hall we can enter the audience room
where Richard is.

(But before that do check the room to the north, can't miss it only one
door isn't locked, talk to the soldier there he will refill your hp/mp)

(once you reach the hall)

Oscar Reeves : We 're there.

Ruise : So from here we...

Voice : Kukuku! I was waiting for you!

Xenos : That voice, it's Gamelan!

Gamelan : I won't let you go any further!

Xenos : Shut up! You're not going anywhere either this time!

Oscar Reeves : Hold on! We don't have time to waste here! If we don't hurry
the whole army will find out we're here!

Gamelan : If it isn't the rebel knight, his Lordship Reeves.
I believe this is the first time we meet openly.

Oscar Reeves : How about dropping the sarcasm now or shall I make you?

Gamelan : My, my, and here I thought I would show some sympathy and let you
procede to the audience room...

Oscar Reeves : What?

Gamelan : Don't you want to go? Where your friend is waiting for you?

Oscar Reeves : ...tsk!

Xenos : Go. I'm more than enough to handle that guy.

Tippi : Hold on Xenos! That's way too reckless! You should at least ask two
persons to stay with you...

Xenos : Then Carmaine, you pick up one more person, the others will get into
the audience room.

Wallace : Good idea. But don't let Eliotte get in danger. Pick either me or

Who do you want to assist you?
1) Wallace
2) Ruise

Wallace : Understood.

Ruise : Okay oniichan.

Oscar Reeves : Come on, let's go!

Eliotte : Be careful please!

Gamelan : Well then. It's show time!

(here the dialogues can be totally different if Karen's dead or you didn't
take Xenos with you. Some worthy of mention are those showing Gamelan and
Wallace could never stand each other and Gamelan saying that if the captain
wasn't watching them he would have killed Wallace long ago which make Wallace
replies that today the captain's not here so he doesn't have to hold back)

Event battle 43 : Settle the score with Gamelan!

Winning condition : All enemies defeated
Losing condition : all party members defeated

Enemy : Gamelan (Lv48)
        2 Shadow knights (Lv38)
        2 soldiers (lv35)

(I took Wallace and Xenos with me here for story purposes as there are the ones
involved with Gamelan the most. Both fight the same way though, slow, and weak
to magic but strong physically with tons of hp. They're not a really good combo
strategy wise but this fight isn't hard as long as Caramine is there to cast
Healing. Gamelan is good at magic as usual and have a strong physical attack but
few hp, and there aren't many enemies either, just gang up on the minions one
at a time and you'll be done quickly)

(at the beginning of the battle while half your team is about to enter the
audience room)

Eliotte : I'm getting a bit nervous.

Oscar Reeves : Your Highness, I have a request that I earnestly want
you to hear.

Eliotte : What is it for you to be so formal suddenly?

Oscar Reeves : If we are victorious in this battle I wish for you not to punish
Ernest Lyell. Protecting one's lord is a given duty of an Imperial knight. If
someone have to be punished it should be me that broke my oath and choose to
side with the rebellion.

Tippi : But you did that to defeat an impostor right? You didn't do anything

Oscar Reeves : I might not explain it very well but pledging your loyalty to
your superior isn't the same thing as pledging to be loyal to a person.

Eliotte : I understand, I promise I'll do so.

Oscar Reeves : Thank you very much.

Oscar Reeves : Also another thing, it's about king Richard...

Eliotte : Yes?

Oscar Reeves : He may be an impostor that usurped the title of the king but in
the past he used to be a honnest and kind person. Since a few days before the
coronation ceremony something seems to be possessing him and it changed his
character completely. If he's indeed possessed by Gevel isn't there a chance to
return him to how he used to be?

Eliotte : You mean that if Gevel is defeated he might change back to his past

Oscar Reeves : ...yes.

Eliotte : I understand. Once we arrest him I promise to keep him somewhere
safe until Gevel is killed.

Oscar Reeves : ...sorry for asking so much of you, I'm not worthy.

(Wallace attacks Gamelan)

Wallace : ...time to settle our score!

Gamelan :  ..hmph, I'll send you to the other side!

(Carmaine attacks Gamelan)

Tippi : Go! Go!

(Xenos attacks Gamelan)

Xenos : I'll repay you for everything you did to us!

(Gamelan defeated)

Gamelan : ...guh..! ...can't...be...guwah!

Xenos : Fall in hell bastard!

Wallace : ...so long....

Event battle 43 Clear

Tippi : Alright, let's go help the others!

======= Burnstein castle - audience room ========

(upon entering)

Eliotte : ...at last...

Richard : You finally made it here...

Oscar Reeves : ...your Highness...

Richard : I can't believe you would betray us. Did you Ernest?

Ernest Lyell : ...n, no...

Richard : And the peon cowering behind you is the fake that pretends to be
the king?

Eliotte : Don't insult me, you monster born from Gevel! If you say you're the
king show us some proof of it!

Richard : Shouldn't be the one doing that? If you claim to be the king shows
us that proof you speak of!

Eliotte (showing his armlet) : I have it! The thing you lack, the proof I am
the king!

Richard : Such an impudent bunch...

Richard : Ernest. I order you to kill that clown along with the rebel Oscar

Ernest Lyell : ...yes my lord.

Oscar Reeves : Your Highness...

Tippi (entering the room) : So this is where the fake is...

Oscar Reeves : I have a request. Ernest... I mean, I'll handle Lyell. Please
don't interfere.

Tippi : But...

Oscar Reeves : I beg of you. Defeat his Highness Richard during that time!

Event battle 44 : Defeat Richard!

Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
Losing condition : All party members are defeated

Enemy : Richard (Lv72)
        Ernest Lyell (lv67)
        5 elite soldiers (Lv39)

(after taking out half of Richard's hp)
        2 masked knights (lv41)

Allies  Oscar (Lv58)

(a few seconds after the masked knights entrance)
        Venzel (lv47)

(Whoo we're finally there, the first climax of the game. Despite Richard and
Ernest incredibly high levels they won't be so tough due to story reasons you'll
see why soon. Oscar is still quite a bit weaker than Ernest so make sure to heal
him during his fight or he'll die quickly. That and most of the soldiers will
swarm him anyway. So you'll just have to focus on Richard for the most part.
His most dangerous move is by far his spells. He's one of the few enemies that
can cast Soul force and if your characters are around lv 35-40 it will do
around 250-300 damage to the target. So basically if he casts it on Eliotte
when he's not at full hp he'll kill him instantly. If he casts it on Ruise
that can one shot her too. So make sure to cast Resist on those two if your
levels are low. One way to make him stop casting Soulforce is to simply have a
couple characters get past that red border you see on the ground, they'll be in
range for Fireball and he'll use that instead. It still hurts and it's an aoe
spell but at least it won't kill anyone as quickly. Richard also have good
attack and defence but they're not that dangerous due to him being weakened and
you can buff yourself to make it easier too. The enemy side will have a bit of
reinforcement but so will you and yours are way stronger anyway. When Venzel
gets here, the battle will end very quickly as he'll spam Earthquake for 150
damage to all enemies including Richard and Ernest so he'll basically crush
anything after casting it a couple times.)

(Ernest attacks Oscar)

Enresnt Lyell : Oscar...

Oscar Reeves : Ernest, were we mistaken?

Ernest Lyell : Who knows. Whether one of us were mistaken or the both of us. We
might even be both right... In the end the ones who will decide is the next

Oscar Reeves : I envy you Ernest. To be able to look at this situation
so calmly as usual...

Ernest Lyell : ...as if you knew how I felt.

(Oscar attacks Ernest)

Ernest Lyell : You lost your touch.

Oscar Reeves : I could say the same.

(if you attack Ernest)

Ernest Lyell : Shut up! Don't interfere with our duel!

(if Ernest defeats Oscar)

Oscar Reeves : Kuh!

Tippi : Ah, Reeves-san!?

Ernest Lyell : What's wrong Oscar!? If that's all you got I can't entrust
the king to you!

Oscar Reeves : ...forgive me.

Ernest Lyell : Blame your own lack of strength...

(if your party members attack Ernest once Oscar is defeated you'll get extra
lines For the sake of your vacations you shouldn't let Oscar fall though :p)

(Wallace or Carmaine attacks Ernest)

Ernest Lyell : Oh you're quite good...

Ernest Lyell : I thought so since the first time we met but you have talent.
It's such a waste for you to die here. How about working for the king?

(if it's Carmaine)
Tippi : There's no way we can do that!

(if it's Wallace)
Wallace : Sorry but the only person I pledged my loyalty to is my captain.

Ernest Lyell : That's too bad. Then you will meet your end here!

(when Ruise crosses that "red line")

Ruise : It's over, please stop fighting uselessly!

Richard : ...guh!

Richard : What's with this surge of power...!? I see, you're that Growsian...
You're the reason I have this headache now...!?

Ruise : So it's true that beings born from Gevel can't use their power in
front of a Growsian...

Richard : If...if I kill you...the pain will go away... ...I'll kill you!

(Eliotte attacks Richard)

Eliotte : This is the end of you and your plans, prepare yourself!

Richard : I won't let the likes of you interfere with our great ambition!

(Carmaine attacks Richard)

Richard : ...that face...I see now... The one interfering with our plans for
all that time was you!

Richard : You noticed did you? Or are you really that dense? ..well it doesn't
really matter. Either way, errors need to be corrected!

(Richard attacks one of your party member)

Richard : I am the man who gained the title of Imperial knight master! Don't
delude yourself thinking I'm the same as those other cowardly kings!

(after the attack)

Richard : ...something feels wrong!? My body, it's...
Now off all the times...strength, I don't feel any strength in my body...or
rather... my strength is being sucked out of my body!?

(after attacking Richard a couple of times)

Richard : ...what is it that I'm feeling...what am I doing...

Richard : ...Ernest...Oscar...

Ernest Lyell&Oscar Reeves : Your Highness!

Richard : ...right...I remember...I fight to rule over the world! To make
people bend to my will!

(a few more attacks on Richard later)

Richard : ...uhh..my head...

(bgm change - some masked knights enter)

Masked knight : Seems like this is taking a long time.

Tippi : Those guys...!

Wallace : That fake king and Gevel are indeed connected then.

Richard : Oh, it's you.... I don't know why but my strength is leaving me...
Help me out!

Masked knights : That's why we're here.

(once the masked knights engage you)

Masked knight : We will remove any hindrance interfering with our plans.

(if Carmaine receive the blow)
Tippi : Go ahead and try!

(if it's Wallace)
Wallace : I'll be the one removing you!

(or Xenos)
Xenos : ..eh, you don't say!

(Venzel enters - do note the ominous bgm unlike his previous appearances)

Venzel : ...looks like I made it in time.

Eliotte : Lord Venzel!

Richard : Oh...that's a face I haven't seen in a long time. What made you
come back Venzel?

Venzel : ...do not worry I'll leave again as soon as I'm done. That is to say,
once you're defeated and Gevel's ambition put to an end.

Richard : ...I see. You'll oppose him to the very end won't you? Then I will
kill you here!

(Oscar finally defeats Ernest)

Ernest Lyell : ..w, what!? I can't believe you'd hold on so well...

Ernest Lyell : But this isn't over yet....a long as I'm still breating this
won't be over!

Oscar Reeves : Stop it Ernest! I don't want to kill you! The king and you...
I don't want to live on after killing my friends!

Ernest Lyell : ...you're so naive Oscar...

Ernest Lyell : ...then win! Win and fulfill that promise we made!

Oscar Reeves : Ernest...

Ernest Lyell : You're the only one that can bring the king back.
I'm counting on you....

Oscar Reeves : Understood...

(Oscar attacks Richard)

Richard : ....uhh...

Oscar Reeves : ...your Highness...

Richard : ..so here you come Oscar. Afte Ernest you intend to kill me next?

OScar Reeves : ...your Highness...no, Richard, my friend! Stop this now!

Richard : What's this? What do I have to stop?

Oscar Reeves : You weren't like this before....please remember...
The times we spent together studying at the military academy!

Richard : ...military...academy...?

Richard : ...I remember...we just only met...I was hiding my idendity
at the time...uhh...my head...

Oscar Reeves : Your Highness!?

Richard : I get angry just looking at you! I'll kill you right now!

(Richard defeated)

Richard : ...gu...wah...! ...it shouldn't...go...like...this...

Ernest Lyell : Your Highness!

Oscar Reeeves : I'm so sorry your Highness...

Masked knight : How dare you! You'll pay for this with your life!

Event battle 44 Clear

Tippi : It's finally over.

Ruise : ...it sure was long...

Wallace : ...indeed. I hadn't a fight like this in ages.

(when you get near Richard)

Venzel : ...it's about time I guess...

(Venzel remove Richard's armlet)

Venzel : Look. My signature isn't in this armlet. Of course the other two court
magicians's aren't either. This is the proof he is a fake.

Ernest Lyell : I could care less about that. I only wanted to protect my friend.

Oscar Reeves : Ernest...

Richard : ...uh...

Ernest Lyell : Ah, did you regain consciousness?

Richard : ...Oscar...? What...did I...

Richard : Somehow, I feel I just woke up from a long dream...

Oscar Reeves : Your Highness...did you come back to your senses?

Richard : ...how nostalgic. I feel like I'm back to the times when we just
entered the military academy, when the three of us just met...

Ernest Lyell : Don't move your Highness, you're injured...

Richard : Gevel sealed my mind and then up until now I...

Oscar Reeves : Your Highness...

Richard : I'm blessed to have such good retainers...no, such good friends...
You are too, aren't you Eliotte? I can leave this country in your hands
without worries then...cough, cough!

Eliotte : It can't be, you're...?

Richard : It's my body, I know about it....

Richard : Since I started to hear that voice screaming in my head, my mind was
splitted into two. The part created by Gevel...and the human part...
I'm not even sure which is my true self. Gevel's control is so strong I felt
like my sense of self was disappearing...

Eliotte : Considering the situation I still have no choice but to put you in

Richard : ...that can't be helped. Even though I was controlled what I've done
cannot be overlooked.

Eliotte : Soldiers! Take him to the jail!

Eliotte : ...escort him couteously.

Julian : Everyone!

Angela : It's finally over... I heard everything Venzel. Thanks to you
Gevel's plot was thwarted.

Venzel : They are the ones that did all the work actually. I didn't even need
to step on the stage.

Eliotte : That's not true. If we're here today it's all thanks to you.

Venzel : In that case I might as well do my job as I'm supposed to for once.

Venzel : This is the armlet Richard was wearing. According to the protocol it
should have engraved inside the signature of all three court magicians. When
the prince was born the three of us took part in the creation of this armlet.

Angela : Indeed, nothing is engraved inside.

Venzel : Then there's no need to remove Eliotte's armlet.

Venzel : The impostor was driven away. You're are now king Richard.

Eliotte : Err...I was called Eliotte for all that time, calling me Richard
now is a bit... If you do not mind, could you keep on calling me Eliotte?

Julian : As you wish your Highness...

Oscar Reeves : I will do as you say king Eliotte.

Tippi : Besides it'd be a pain if two people had the same names!
Long live king Eliotte!

Wallace : Congratulations king Eliotte.

Eliotte : P, please stop that. Remain the way you used to be please.
I wish to remain "just Eliotte" when I'm with you.

Ernest Lyell : Your Highness. I, Ernest Lyell, did not trust your Highness
and keep on rebelling until the very end. I'm prepared to relinquish my title
as an Imperial knight and face my punishment.

Julian : Lyell!?

Ernest Lyell : It's fine Julian. No matter who'd have won, the other side
was prepared for that to happen. My side lost so I'm the one to receive
punishment. That's all there is to it.

Oscar Reeves : ...kh...

Ernest Lyell : Your Highness, I await your judgment.

Eliotte : No, I won't punish you, nor the other soldiers.

Ernest Lyell : Your Highness!?

Eliotte : I know what kind of person you are and I do not wish to lose another
talented person such as you.

Ernest Lyell : Still discipline must be upheld. By all means, give me a
sentence to serve.

Venzel : He has a point. Also you must set an exemple for the citizens,
not to mention that man won't settle for anything else.

Eliotte : ...mother...

Angela :  I won't say anything. Decide yourself as the king would.

Eliotte : ...understood. I will give you a heavy sentence.

Ernest Lyell : Yes my lord.

Eliotte : Ernest Lyell, until the threat of Gevel disappears protect the
citizens of this country with all your strength. I won't allow you to
resign. Protect the lives of our citizens and become a model that will
inspire the soldiers of all the kingdom.

Oscar Reeves : ...haha, this certainly is a heavy sentence.

Ernest Lyell : I, Ernest Lyell, humbly vows to carry out the sentence
your Highness issued. I will become an inspiration for the soldiers and
protect the citizens of this country.

Angela : That was magnificient Eliotte.

Ruise : ...whew, I wondered how that would end at some point.

Venzel : Well then, time to take my leave.

Eliotte : Eh? I know you left the castle because of Gevel but shouldn't it
be alright for you to come back now?

Venzel : ...that may be so but I want to quickly complete my current research

Venzel : Speaking of which...Ruise.

Ruise : Huh? Y, yes?

Venzel : I'd wish to enlist your help concerning my current research work.

Ruise : If you don't mind having me, I'm willing to help you whenever you need.

Venzel : Thank you. Then I will visit you in a few days. I'd like to see
Sandra again after all this time too.

Ruise : Understood. We'll be waiting for you.

Tippi : Bye bye!

Wallace : Well then, isn't it time for us to leave too? This country has seen
a lot of changes and it will be very busy without a doubt.

Xenos : Yes, you're right.

Eliotte : Thank you for all you did for me.

Wallace : Don't mention it.

Tippi : Shall I report this to master then?

Remove Eliotte's equipment?
1) Yes
2) No

Eliotte : If you ever need my help, come and call for me any time.

Eliotte : By the way, Julian-san, you had something to ask me I think...

Julian : Y, yes. Actually it's something I have been hiding all along.
Revealing this might cause me to lose my title as an Imperial knight. It could
even damage the reputation of the Douglas house...

Eliotte : Please tell us.

Julian : ...my name isn't Julian Douglas.

Eliotte : What?

Julian : I am indeed born in the Douglas house but...my real name is Julia
Douglas. I am not the son of the Douglas family but the daughter...

Ernest Lyell : So you finally said it.

Julian : Eh?

Oscar Reeves : Did you think we wouldn't notice?

Julian : ...then...

Oscar Reeves : Since you were so desperate to hide the fact you were a woman
we all acted as if we didn't notice. Well it was Ernest's order though...

Ernest Lyell : H, hey, Oscar!

Oscar Reeves : What, I only said the truth.

Julian : ...you do enjoy teasing people...

Julian : But if you all knew why did no one lodge a complaint? In the first
place only men can receive the title of Imperial knight...

Oscar Reeves : Did you think we were such petty men?

Julian : ...forgive me.

Eliotte : I understand the matter. In the first place a rule stating only
men can attain that function is wrong. I will revise it. As long as one prove
worthy of that title, gender will not be considered to receive the title
of Imperial knight.

Julian : T, thank you very much your Highness!

Tippi : I'm so glad. I was really wondering how all this would end.

Julian : Sorry to kept you worried.

Julian : If you ever need my help, do not hesitate to call for me.
I want to repay the debt I own you.

Tippi : Thank you!

Angela : It seems like we have settled matters for now. I would like to make
a proposal now. We will held an inauguration banquet for Eliotte tomorrow.
I would like for all of you to attend it. I know you're all very busy but
please come if you can.

Wallace : Well then, shall we get going now?

======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========

(upon getting there)

Wallace : We have just arrived to report.

Arcadius : Oh, you're back.

Ruise : The fake king was indeed an underling of Gevel.

Tippi : But Eliotte is the king now so no need to worry.

Arcadius : I see, good work. All that is left is to find out Gevel's hideout
and give him the final blow. But you can rest for now.

Official : Considering your achievements we will grant you three days of rest
this time. Also written invitations to the banquet following the coronation
ceremony of the Burnstein king were sent to you from her Highness Angela.
We added it to your destination list.
Well then, please select where you want to go :
1) Eliotte coronation ceremony banquet (only today)
2) Capital city Rosaria
3) Health resort Rashell
4) Magic academy
5) Hot spring town Comsprings
6) My city

                             Twelfth Mission
                               Defeat Gevel

======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========

(after getting back from vacation)

Official : Your vacations are now over. You will be given your next mission.

Arcadius : Did you enjoy your vacations?

Arcadius : Now for your next mission, I want you to find and destroy Gevel.
Make sure he can never comes back. Good luck.

Tippi : Yoooosh! Let's do it!

Ruise : That's bad manners Tippi.

(as you try to leave the room)

Arcadius : Oh I need to tell you something else. You have a guest.

Ruise : A guest?

Arcadius : I heard he is in Sandra research laboratory.

Tippi : Ah! That must be him!

Arcadius : Go see him quickly.

(Well you have access to lots of characters now and there'll be character
specific events ahead, I will only cover Julian's for now and I will also
head for her ending in this playthrough. Others may come in future versions
of the guide. Back to the game, do not go see your dear guest yet. First make
sure to go everywhere you might want to go. Also Eliotte and Julian are
recruitable now, they're waiting for you in the Burnstein castle. The weapons
shop there have very good stuff the first sword in the list allows its wielder
to cast Holylight. Carmaine may not be able to learn the spell naturally
depending on your build so it can be a pretty good sword as Holy light will be
very useful in this chapter. There are stuff for everyone in your party in this
shop too. While you're in town get the sound test from Johny living in one of
the house there. If you go to the house most to the east you'll run into Ralph
adoptive family. Lots of townspeople seems to know him too, looks like he was
living peacefully till he suddenly heard "voices in his head". Funny how is
life was similar to Carmaine until the Growsians assassinations :/ Once you're
done with your business head to Sandra's laboratory. Plot twist time!)

======= Rolandia castle - Sandra's laboratory ========

(once you get near Sandra)

Tippi : Master!

Sandra : Ah, good timing.

Ruise : Mother, who's the guest?

Venzel : Me.

Tippi : Yay! It's you grampa!

Ruise : Welcome.

Venzel : I came to ask for your assistance as we discussed before.

Ruise : Yes sir. What should I do?

Sandra : Master Venzel is studying way to store Growshu within crystals
extracted from the mine.

Ruise : Err, I heard that basically Growshu from crystals was only
remaining traces of unused Growshu left after spell casting though...

Venzel : Hoho, so you know that much already.  ...I see. I guess you heard
that from Maxwell?

Tippi : Errr...who's that Maxwell guy already?
1) The former academy chancellor
2) The academy vice-chancellor
3) I can't remember

Tippi : Ah, right! I remember now!

Tippi : Ah? Is that so?

Ruise : That's wrong oniichan. He was the former academy chancellor.
The vice-chancellor is called Bradley.

Tippi : You better remember it now!

Wallace : You're no better than him aren't you?

Tippi : So useless!

Wallace : You're no better than him aren't you?

Ruise : Maxwell was the former academy chancellor oniichan.

Venzel : As I thought. Then we can make this short.

Venzel : As you said Growshu contained within magic crystals can be compared
to traces of remaining, already used Growhu. But even if we call it "used
Growshu" we don't know how its composition is different from pure Growshu.
That's why I would like to compare it to your own Growshu.

Tippi : I see. The only Growsian left is Ruise so you can't ask someone else...

Ruise : If I can be of any use then please let me help you.

Venzel : Come here then.

Venzel : This will be over as soon as the detector picks up your Growshu flow.
Put this on your head and imagine yourself casting a spell. You do not need
to actually use magic.

Ruise : Yes sir.

Venzel : Let's start.

(as soon as the experiment stops Ruise collapses)

Tippi : Ruise-chan!

Venzel (finally opening his eyes) : ....huhuhuhahahaha!

Venzel : I finally obtained it! Pure Growshu!

Sandra : Master!?

Venzel : Full solar eclipses Growsians indeed are amazing. To think that
I could fill up this container to the brim so easily. But thanks to that I
have enough Growshu to gain back my original strength.

Wallace : Bastard! What did you steal from her!?

Venzel : It's too late for you to notice now. Ruise's Growshu is mine.
I have no more use for you!

(he teleports away)

Tippi : Ruise-chan!

Sandra : Ruise! Hang on, Ruise!

Wallace : Let's bring her home!

======= Rosaria - Sandra's home ========

Tippi : I hope Ruise is okay...

Sandra : I can't believe Master would do something like that...

Wallace : Isn't that what the damn chancellor was trying to do!?

Julian : Did he help us to make us lower our guard with that goal in
mind from the start?

Wallace : That wouldn't make sense.

Tippi : Why? Didn't he just steal Ruise's powers?

Wallace : Think about it. When Gevel reappeared Ruise wasn't born yet. Then
Eliotte was born and he carried out the exchange with the fake prince and
thereafter rescued Eliotte. And finally a little while after all this, Ruise
is born. He couldn't have known about her yet when he saved Eliotte.

Sandra : That's correct. Besides if his goal was to steal Growshu he could
have done so before, when other Growsians were still alive. His plans might
have changed and getting Ruise's Growshu became a step towards his goal...

Tippi : Then what's his goal?

Sandra : We don't know....

Sandra : Ruise!

Tippi : Are you ok?

Ruise : Hmmm... What's wrong with me? ...my head feels heavy somehow...

Wallace : Shouldn't you be sleeping?

Ruise : ...why was I sleeping?

Tippi : You don't remember?

Ruise : Huh? Did something happen?

Wallace : Venzel stole your Growshu just earlier.

Ruise : Ven...zel? Who's that?

Wallace : Hey, did you really forget?

Tippi : Which reminds me we don't know what became of Ayleen-san...

Wallace : Right. If we go to the magic academy we might learn something
about her condition.

Tippi : Then let's depart quickly!

Sandra : I'll try to investigate things on my side as much as I can. If
you learn something please come back immediatly.

======= Magic academy - campus entrance ========

(upon getting there)

Tippi : I wonder if Ayleen-san is ok now?

Wallace : We won't know unless we ask.

Ruise : ...what's this place? What are we here for?

Tippi : That's the magic academy! You're attending there Ruise-chan!
Don't tell me you forgot about Misha and Ariost-san too?

Ruise : Hm? ...I don't know those persons.

(dialogues change a bit if you have either Misha/Ariost or both in your
team at that point. She still say she doesn't know them and think they're
friends of Carmaine or something)

Wallace : Is it a side effect from having her Growshu stolen?
....we better hurry.

(as soon as you get near the main building entrance)

Student : W, who are you people!?

Masked knight : What you're working on here could become harmful to us so...
We're here to destroy this place.

Student : We won't let you do that!

Wallace : Hey, those voices, it's...

Tippi : This is bad! Those masked men plan to destroy the academy!

Wallace : The students don't stand a chance against them! We have to take
care of this!

Tippi : Alright, let's do this!

Ruise : ...uh..?

Tippi : Stop daydreaming! We have to fight!

Event battle 47 : Protect the academy!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : Ruise defeated, enemies get within the building

Enemy : 2 masked knights (Lv44)
        2 masked knights (Lv42)

Allies  3 magic academy students (Lv27)
        2 magic academy students (Lv26)

(They're a bit tougher than usual since Ruise is weakened but you outnumber
them and got the students to buff and heal and cast stuff on them so an easy
battle overall. One thunder followed by a fireball spell can kill
off Ruise at full health though unless she have some sort of magic defense
boosting spell or equipment on her so watch out for that)

(one of your party members engage them - here if it's Carmaine)

Masked knight : You, you are...!?

Tippi : We won't let you do as you please any further!

(after taking the blow)

Masked knight : ..hm? Something is different...

(once a second party member engage them)

Julian : You'll pay for throwing my country in turmoil!

Masked knght : As I thought. That girl's Growshu weakened.

Tippi : Crap! They noticed the change about Ruise-chan!

(Wallace's line upon engaging)

Wallace : I'll never forgive you guys!


Xenos : Die!

(if you kill two knights - or after long enough)

Masked knight: No need to waste our strength fighting those guys.
We just have to enter this place and kill everyone inside!

Tippi : Careful! They're trying to get inside the academy!

(all enemies defeated)

Masked knight : ...even weakened...she's still a Growsian...guh...

Tippi : Where is Gevel? Answer!

Masked knight : ...you think I'll tell you? But I got something instead that
will interest you. I'm sure you know by looking at Richard but...
Lord Gevel can create a replica of a person from his biological data.
That's how he created all of us.  ...and one among us was taken in the
family of a high ranking person from the Rolandia court... He's the one
who bears the same face as us!

(he removes his mask)

Masked knight : Hahahaha!

Eliotte : That can't be true...

Wallace : What happened!? Explain!

Ruise : Oniichan...he melted...

Wallace : ...what!?

Tppi : Err..to get straight to the point, the guy we just killed have the
exact same face as Carmaine. Just like the ones we encountered earlier too.

Wallace : Hey, that'd mean...

Event battle 47 Clear

Xenos :  ....you were created the same way as Richard?

Wallace : Either that or he's the original just like Eliotte. Geez, things
just got even more confusing now...

Tippi : A, anyway! First we got to get Ruise-chan healed? Right?

Ruise : Get me healed? ...I don't feel sick though?

======= Magic academy - 7th floor ========

(talking to Bradely's secretary)

Secretary : Welcome. If you're looking for the vice-chancellor he is
currently in his laboratory in the basement.

(entering Bradley's lab)

Tippi : Excuse the intrusion~

(talking to Bradley)

Bradley : Oh, it's you. What are you here for?

Tippi : We came to ask how Ayleen-san's doing.

Bradley : You're talking about that growsian girl right? Actually we're still
not done investigating the data left behind by the chancellor but it seems he
only focused on ways to exctract Growshu. We haven't found anything about
restoring it.

Wallace : ...damnit!

Bradley : But instead we still found some interesting documents. According to
those the strength Growsians have at birth is something incomplete. If a
Growsian manage to activate his full potential, that strength would be
increased at least twofold.

Tippi : And how can you do that?

Bradley : This wasn't explained. Or rather I should say it's only detailed in
folklore writings. I'm not sure how useful it would be to cure her though...

Wallace : ...folklore huh. You might as well believe in fairy tales
at this rate.

Bradley : That's not true. It if was completely unfounded it wouldn't have
been handed down through folklore. If it was recorded in people's memory it
means there have been at least one occurence of it in the past. I'll read
you aloud the parts that seemed most relevant to me.

Bradley : "Growshu is a strength that all humans are supposed to possess."

Bradley : "The requirement for true Growshu to appear lies behind the
phenomenon that give birth to Growsians."

Bradley : "Growsians receive the blessings of space-time distorsions."

Bradley : ...that's about it. Want me to read it again?
1) Yes
2) No

Bradley : I think that those sentences hide the answer we're looking for but...
Seems like it will take some time until we figure it out.

Wallace : And that's one thing we don't have!

Bradley : W, what's got into you!!

Ruise : Ruise got her Growsu stolen actually...

Bradley : What!?

Wallace : That's why we don't have time to spare!

Bradley : She does seem fine though...

Tippi : That's probably because Ruise-chan is a full solar exclipse Growsian.

Bradley : ...I see. I will do everything I can. But unfortunately there's
still too much we don't know. If you learn something please let me know as
soon as you can too.

Wallace : Sure. Coun't on us, we're not going to remain idle.
We got a lot to...

Tippi : Ah! Hold on for a sec!

Tippi : What is it Master!?

Tippi : ...

Tippi : Whaaat!? Ok, understood! We'll be right back!

Wallace : What happened?

Tippi : Those masked guys are attacking the royal capital!

Wallace : Damn them, they're launching simultaneous attacks!

Wallace : Sorry but we got to retun immediatly. We're counting on you to

Bradley : Understood. I will do everything I can. You take care too.

(even though Ruise won't sermon you about the academy rules and not casting
big spells within the building, if you try to teleport now Tippi will remind
you of it :3 Go outside and teleport to Rosaria. Btw this is the last time you
can teleport for a little while so make sure you got the stuff/characters you
want with you now)

======= Royal capital Rosaria ========

(upon getting near the waterfall place)

Rolandia soldier : Guwah!

(one of the soldiers dies Sandra casts healing on the other)

Rolandia soldier : Lady Sandra! The reinforcements are here!

Sandra : Give prority to civilians rescue!

Rolandia soldier : Yes ma'am!

Rolandia soldier : First platoon, go and hold off the enemy!
Second platoon, help the citizens evacuate!

Roladnai soldier : Yes sir!

Sandra : We have to stop them here no matter what! Don't let them make any more

Rolandia soldier : Understood!

Tippi : Looks like they're still holding them off.

Wallace : Alright, let's back them up!

Event battle 48 : Protect the capital!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : Ruise or Sandra defeated, too many civilians die

Enemy : 2 masked knights (Lv43)
        Masked knight (Lv42)

Allies  Sandra (Lv41)
        4 Rolandia soldiers (Lv23)

(While it's a very easy battle to win it's also very easy to mess up and lose
some of your allies/NPC here. The soldier atop the stairs will be killed in two
blows so spam healing on him and send someone fast to handle the masked knight
attacking him. The knight in the middle of the stairs to the right will ignore
the soldiers and will go straight for the civilians. He can kill any in one
blow so stop him asap. Eliotte is pretty useful here with his amazing
running speed.)

(one of your party members reach halfway atop the stairs)

Tippi : Master!

Sandra : You made it in time!

Wallace : We'll fight with you!

(one of your party members attacks a knight)

Masked knight : Hahaha, our info was right, that girl's Growshu definitely
weakened. Let me repay you for what you did to our brothers!

Event battle 48 Clear

(go talk to Sandra once you're done)

Sandra : Somehow we managed to save the citizens...

Tippi : Geez! To think they would attack as far a place as the royal capital!

Eliotte : Also it looks like they know Ruise-san's Growshu weakened...

Sandra : Let's leave the situation to the soldiers now and return home.
I want to hear your report.

(she joins as a NPC for like...5 seconds? Just get home to procede)

======= Royal capital Rosaria - Sandra's house ========

(once you get in the living room)

Sandra : Then let me hear your...

Ruise : I'm sooo tired! I'm going to sleep!

Sandra : ...looks like she still hasn't recovered.

Tippi : We didn't make the trip to the academy for nothing though, but well
we only made that much progress either.

Wallace : The vice-chncellor is helping us by looking for a solution but we
have yet to find it. But he did gave us 3 clues. Hm, let's see now...
"Growsians receive the blessings of space-time distorsions."
"Growshu is a strength that all humans are supposed to possess."
And the last one's, "The requirement for true Growshu to appear..."
What was it again?
1) Something to do with space-time distorsions
2) Something related to what cause Growsians to be born
3) I didn't understand a word he said

Sandra : Isn't that what the first clue was about?

Tippi : Huhuhu... you can thank me for listening for I remember it!

Tippi : "The requirement for true Growshu to appear lies behind the
phenomenon that give birth to Growsians." That's the correct answer!

Wallace : Well done Tippi.

Tippi : ...I don't remember anything else though...

Wallace : Right, that's it!

Tippi : ...crap! It's the only time I actually remember something and
I couldn't even say it! Curse you!

Sandra : That won't help us making any progress.

Tippi : Huhuhu... you can thank me for listening for I remember it!

Tippi : "The requirement for true Growshu to appear lies behind the
phenomenon that give birth to Growsians." That's the correct answer!

Wallace : Well done Tippi.

Tippi : ...I don't remember anything else though...


Sandra : "The requirement for true Growshu to appear lies behind the
phenomenon that give birth to Growsians." ...that sentence must have a
hidden meaning.

Tippi : Right? I remembered that sentence but...what could it means Master?

Sandra : "True Growshu" would mean that the Growshu we currently know didn't
display all of its powers yet.

Wallace : Indeed, the vice-chancellor said something like that too. About how
the strength of a Growsian would be at least doubled if that "true power" was

Sandra : I see. So the problem would lie in "the phenomenon that give birth to
Growsians." then. What do you think it refers too?
1) Communication between people
2) The stars' blessings
3) Solar and lunar eclipses
4) No idea

Sandra : This isn't mentionned anwhere.

Sandra : This isn't mentionned anwhere.

Sandra : Exactly.

Sandra : You shouldn't give up before even trying to think about it.

Sandra : Growsians can only be born during solar or lunar eclipses.
That's an absolutely necessary requirement. However this isn't of
any help to Ruise at the moment. The question is how to get her to
return to her former state...

Tippi : Yup. Ruise-chan even forgot about the magic academy, Ariost-san
and Misha.

Wallace : That's been bugging me for a while now but why did she lose her
memories when she lost her Growshu? It was the same for that Ayleen girl

Sandra : It's most probably a side effect of having her Growshu forcibly
extracted. Using Growshu means to open a channel to our former world within
yourself. This is something Growsians knows uncousciously but during the
exctraction that memory is forcibly activated. Because of this, other
memories are being broken I think.

Tippi : Then...

Sandra : It could mean that not only she forgot what she learnt until now but
also that she won't be able to memorize new knowledge or information.

Tippi : No way...that can't be...

Wallace : This is more serious than I thought.

Sandra : ...as of now there's little we can do. Let's rest for the night at

(Next event will depends on friendship levels. The girl with the highest level
will visit Carmaine, except Ruise of course. If there no girls in the party
then it will be a guy, for now I will only cover Julia's version)

(at night)

Julian : My lord, do you have a moment?
1) Yes
2) No (no event)

Julian : I'm sorry for disturbing you. Please excuse me.

Julian : I empathise with your feelings. But please try to lift your spirits.
I know you are a strong person. But no matter how strong you are, you are
putting too much of a strain on your body at this rate.

Julian : I realise you are concerned for your sister but please remember that
a lot of people are depending on you. We still have to deal with the threat of
Gevel. As harsh as I may sound please get a hold of yourself.

Julian : ...I apologize deeply for stepping out of line as I did. But you
seems so afflicted now that even looking at you is painful. I couldn't bear
the thought of something happening to you because of this...
1) Tell her you alright
2) Apologize for making her worry

Julian : My lord, I believe in you...

Julian : It seems you're alright I guess.

Julian : I'll be leaving now. Goodbye.

(back in the living room the next mroning)

Tippi : Good morning everyone!

Wallace : ...yo, you're awake.

Sandra : Everyone is here now.

Sandra : I've been looking through various books about Growsian but I couldn't
find more about what you told me.

Eliotte : Errr...what should we do now?

Wallace : We'll have to think about it.

Ruise : Mom, oniichan, good morning...

Ruise : ...ah, welcome.

Wallace : What's with you, you're so formal now.

Ruise : ...who are you mister? A guest of my mom?

Wallace : ...hm?

Tippi : Hey, don't tell me you forgot about Wallace-san!

Ruise : ...hey, what's that little thing...?

Tippi : Eeeh!? You forgot about me too?

Ruise : It's so funny~! It's like a bug!

Tippi : B, bug? Do something about this you! Argh, I'm so pissed!

Tippi : Tippi-chan kick!

Carmaine : %x&!?

Ruise : Aah! The bug is attacking oniichan!

Tippi : But...

Sandra : Ruise. Try using the magic arrow spell.

Ruise : Magic arrow? If I use that here, I'll break something though?

Sandra : Nevermind that, just do it.

Ruise : Yes mom.

(she tries to cast and fails)

Ruise : ...it's not working. I can't do it mom!

Sandra : I thought so...

Ruise : And here I thought I finally learned it too... *cries*

Tippi : Master, what does that mean?

Sandra : Casting spells is somethigng that must be learned too. Now that she
lost her memories it means she also lost the usage of magic. To think she
would forget even beginner's spells though...at this rate she will...

Wallace : If she lost that much in one night, we have to do something today
or else... How about taking her to the sanatorium?

Tippi : But...

Wallace : Do we have any other choices?

Sandra : Indeed. Until we find a way to get her Growshu back we'll leave under
their care.

Ruise : *still whining*

Sandra : Ruise. Please accompany your brother.

Ruise : We're going somewhere? Ok!

(Ruise joins as a NPC)

Sandra : I'll be gathering as much information as I can in the meanwhile,
please take care of her.

(no Ruise, no teleport! time to start walking ; ; head for Ariost's home first)

(upon reaching the place where your first met Julian)

Julian : It's here...

Julian : How nostalgic. This is where we first met. Do you remember?

Ruise : ...

Tippi : I guess not.

======= Derris village ========

(upon entering)

Wallace : By the way, this is where we met right? You brought me those glasses.

Eliotte : We met in this village too when you rescued me back then.

Tippi : Does that ring a bell Ruise-chan?

Ruise : ...

Tippi : I should have guessed huh...

(if you visit the place to the north where you fought with shadow knights over
Sandra's research book)

Wallace : This is where we got back lady Sandra's research book.

Tippi : Right! Julian came to help too and he really saved us!

Julian : I think you would have been fine even without my help though.

Ruise : ...

Tippi : That didn't work either...

(when you reach the place in the cavern where your group should have died)

Tippi : Ah, it's here! The first time we crossed this place, the ceiling
suddenly collapsed...

Wallace : I thought we were goners for sure.

Tippi : But then that ring of yours started to shine and the rocks above us
suddenly exploded. Talk about a mysterious phenomenon!

Ruise : ...

Tippi : This didn't work either....

======= Bronyeu village ========

(upon entering)

Tippi : This is the village where Ariost-san was born and raised!

Ruise : ...

Tippi : What's wrong Ruise-chan?

Ruise : I'm tired! I don't want to walk anymore!

Tippi : What are you saying...

Wallace : No point in forcing her if she doesn't want to walk anymore.
It's a bit early but let's stop here for today.

Tippi : Sigh... Then let's ask if we can stay in Ariost-san's house.

(the inn is closed for a few days so you'll have to stop by Ariost's anyway.
I guess the following dialogues will be totally different if you had Ariost
in your party but I'm assuming you don't here)

(knocking on his door)

Ariost : Hi there. What brought you here?

Wallace : Sorry but would let us stay over?

Ariost : No problem if you're okay with spending the night here.
Well, come in.

(inside - after taking a few steps in)

Ruise : I'll go to bed now! Come with me bug!

Tippi : I'm not a bug I told you! And you can sleep by yourself!

Ruise : No way! You come with me!

(she catches Tippi and run off with her, you can hear Tippi screaming for help)

Ariost : How about telling me what's the meaning of this now?

Wallace : Actually Ruise got her Growshu stolen by Venzel.

Ariost : When you say stolen, you mean the same kind of thing the academy
chancellor used to do?

Wallace : Exactly.

Ariost : And what do you intend to do now?

Wallace : For the time being we'll entrust her to the sanatorium. We'll look
for a way to cure her afterwards.

Ariost : I see.

Ariost : I guess you're all tired. Please rest for the night.

(at night)

Voice : ....wake up....wake up....

(the screen lights up and you see Carmaine waking up)

Voice : ...good...you had your mission too....to kill every Growsian...

(Carmaine goes upstairs and gets close to Ruise)

Voice : Now that her power weakened there's nothing that can block our
connection. Now! Carry out your mission!

Carmaine (with his evil look you haven't seen in a while) : ....

Voice : Carry out your mission...

Tippi : Hmmm...

Tippi : Hm? What are you doing?

Voice : What are you doing... Now, go...

Tippi : Hey! You have a weird look in your eyes!

(Carmaine draws his sword)

Tippi : Whoa! Stop that!

Tippi : Ruise-chan, wake up! Ruise-chan!

Carmaine : ...

Tippi : Damnit! Tippi-chan kick!

(Carmaine deflects the kick XD )

Tippi : Ouch!

Tippi : *goes into panic mode*

(Wallace barges in and hold Carmaine off)

Tippi : Wallace-san!?

Wallace : I woke up thinking something like that was possible!
Take Ruise away now!

Tippi : Ok!

Tippi : Ruise-chan, wake up already!

Ruise : ...hmmm...what...?

Tippi : Hurry up! You'll get killed!

Ruise : Eh?

Ruise : ...o, oniichan...?

Voice : ....kill...kill...kill...kill..kill!

Carmaine : ...!!

Wallace : Guh...what strength...at this rate...I'll be...

Ruise : Oniichan...don't hurt oniichan!

(Ruise starts to emit some weird halo)

Voice : That girl..she still had.....guwaaah!

Wallace : ...what was that?

Tippi : Rusie-chan, she used all her remaining Growshu...

Tippi : You, you just...
1) I don't remember anything
2) I started hearing a voice in my head
3) I was trying to kill Ruise

Tippi : "Can't remember"? Geez, you...!

Wallace : Stop it Tippi! Blaming him now won't accomplish anything. But
now we know that those masked guys words were true.

Tippi : A voice? What voice!? Don't tell me it was...

Wallace : What those masked guys told us was true then.

Tippi : Stop! Don't say anything more! ...you mustn't...

Wallace : ...even if it's painful it's the truth Tippi.


Tippi : ...yes....

Wallace : But now, they'll know that Ruise's Growshu disappeared completely.
...I'm nnt putting the blame on you. I know you're the one who have it the
hardest here. Anyway, let's hurry and bring Ruise to the sanatorium. And
then find a way for her to get back her Growshu as son as posible.

(the next morning - go upstairs)

Ruise : ...

Ariost : Ruise-kun...

Tippi : You know, Ruise-chan got weird...

Ruise : ...

Tippi : Ruise-chan! Look, your big brother is here!

Ruise : ...

(talking to her)

Ruise : ...

Tippi : Seems she even forgot about you now...

Ruise: ...

Tippi : And she isn't speaking anymore either....

Wallace : Let's go, we don't have time to waste.

======= Health ressort Rashell - Sanatorium ========

(upon entering - assuming Karen's not in the party)

Karen : Ah, I was waiting for you!

(bring Ruise to the nurse)

Nurse : We received word from the casstle and made preparations to acomodate
her. Ruise-san, this way please.

Ruise (clinging to Carmaine) : ...

Nurse : My, what's wrong?

Tippi : It's okay, Ruise-chan!

Tippi : ...I guess you'll have to go with her.

Carmaine : ...

Wallace : Go ahead. I'll take care of explaining the details to the others.

Nurse : Well then, this way please.

(the three of them goes into a room)

Nurse : Now Ruise-san. Get on the bed.

Ruise : ...

Tippi : Come on Ruise-chan!

(more clinging to Carmaine)

Tippi : Hey you say something to her too!
1) Encourage her to sleep
2) Tell her everyhing's ok calmly
3) Scold her and force her to comply

Ruise : ...

Nurse : Good kid.

Ruise : ....

Tippi : Don't you worry about anything! Your big brother will remain here.

Tippi : IDIOT! What's the point in making her afraid!

Nurse : She's already fell asleep.

Tippi : Well we travelled all the way from the royal capital. It's only
natural she's tired.

Nurse : We'll watch over her from here on, you may return to the lobby now.

Tippi : Yup, we got to go and find a way to heal her.

(return see your group in the nurse's office)

Wallace : You're back. How's Ruise?

Tippi : She must have been tired, she fell asleep immediatly.

Wallace : I see.

Karen : How are you going to find a way to cure her?

Wallace : That's a good question... There's the vice-chancellor who's
investigating the data left by the former chancellor in the academy and lady
Sandra is investigating on her own at the castle too.

Tippi : Now, what's left to investigate for us in the end...

(return in the lobby for a pleasant encounter now)

Gevel : ...here...she's here...?

Tippi : Ah...that's...!?

Wallace : ...yes. We finally get to meet again after 19 years!

Gevel : Where's that girl? If you don't tell me now....

(the doctor ran away)

Gevel : Hmph. This way!

Tippi : Ruise-chan! He's heading her way!

Wallace : There's no way we'll let him!

Event battle 49 : Protect Ruise!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : Gevel get in Ruise's room

Enemy : Gevel (Lv71)

Allies Karen (whatever level she is currently and only if not in the party)
       Belgar (Lv51)

(Despite Gevel's level this is really easy. It's more of a story event than an
actual battle really. Just chase Gevel while hitting him. Giving Wallace's a
long ranged weapon is recommended here. I brought Xenos for story purpose but
having him in this battle isn't so smart as you have to run after your target.
Oh and if you check Belgar's title it says former mercenary captain right at
the start of the battle before the game reveals you his name or identity XD)

(first person to attack Gevel here Julian)

Julian : ...what a monstrosity...I'll erase you from this world!

Gevel : Bothersome scums. Out of my way!

(Wallace attacks Gevel)

Wallace : All the resentment that piled up over those years...
I'll give you a taste of it!

(Carmaine attacks Gevel)

Tippi : Don't you lose to something like that!

Gevel : You would oppose your creator? You miserable failure!

(Xenos attacks Gevel)

Xenos : Things won't go as you want any longer now!

(Eliotte attacks Gevel)

Eliott : I swear on the name of the Burnstein country! I'll make you pay for
oppressing my people!

(Karen attacks Gevel)

Karen : I won't let you harm her!

(once Gevel is close enough to Ruise's room)

Old man : It's so noisy outside today...

Tippi : Ah, don't leave your room!

Old man : Whoa!? This is...

Old man : Uwwwwoooooh!

Gevel : ...that can't be, you are...

Old man : ....hahahaha, it's been a long while.

Gevel : So it is you after all....

Old man : I now remember everything...

Wallace : That voice, I can't believe it...the captain?

Belgar : Oh, it's Wallace! What are you doing! Focus on killing that monster!

Wallace : It's really you captain Belgar...

Xenos : ...Belgar...my old man...!?

Belgar : Xenos?

Karen : That person is my father...?

Belgar : Is that Karen?

Wallace : I'm so glad to see you safe!

Belgar : I made you worry huh... but we'll talk after killing that thing!

Gevel : As if you can! You barely escaped death last time!

(Belgar attacks Gevel)

Belgar : How long has it been since I fought you...

Gevel : So you're still alive. I must say I'm impressed.

Belgar : You killed my men. I will have you atone for your crimes with
your life!

(after the blow)

Gevel : To think that's the strength of a man who never touched a sword for
nearly 20 years. As expected of the one I chose as the basis to create my
private army.

Belgar : ...what!?

Tippi : Huh?

Gevel : Despite being human you could fight evenly with me. I wanted to
make use of that strength of yours. So I put your body to good use!
I am now using your kindred as my pawns to throw the world in chaos!

Belgar : You damn piece of...!

(if Gevel get close enough to Ruise's room)

Gevel : That stench....

Gevel : It's here.

Tippi : Hurry up!

(a coutdown will then start if it reaches zero, Gevel will roast Ruise XD)

(after landing enough hits on Gevel)

Gevel : Curses, they're even more of a nuisance than I thought. In that case...

Belgar : I won't let you run!

Belgar : Guwah!

Gevel : ...guuuh...!

Tippi : ...he ran away...

Event battle 49 Clear

Karen : Father, hang in there!

Xenos : Don't kick the bucket for a scratch like that!

Beglar : Forgive me Xenos, I caused you so much troubles...

Xenos : I can guess what must have happened, so hold on now!

Wallace : ...captain...

Belgar : I don't get to see you for a short while and you already aged so much.

Wallace : Of course I did. It's been close to 20 years now.

Belgar : Haha, that's true. How is the group?

Wallace : Weber is taking care of them. They're now working for the Ranzack
regular army and they're doing fairly well.

Beglar : I see...

Karen : Father, do not speak too much. We can speak all we want once your
wounds heal ok?

Belgar : You've become so beautiful...just like her...
I'm sorry Karen, I left before we could even speak to each other...

Karen : Let me treat you now Father. Please come with me...

Tippi : Whew... Well at least Rusie-chan is safe so everything's ok for now.

Wallace : But I'm sure are surprised. I would have never imagined the
captain was here... If my eyes could still see normally I might have
recognized him straigth away but... And you, you're made from the captain's...

Xenos : H, hey!

Wallace : Ah, forgive me. I didn't think about how you must feel.
1) Don't worry about it
2) It's the truth so that can't be helped
3) ....

Wallace : I'm really sorry.

Wallace : I'm really sorry.

Wallace : Forgive me.

Tippi : Hey, let's go see how Ruise-chan is doing, ok?

Wallace : We'll wait in the lobby...

Carmaine : ...

(you're supposed to talk to your party members now to trigger the next event)

(talking to Ruise)

Tippi : ...I'm so glad Ruise-chan is safe.

Tippi : ...I know you don't need to remind me. As long as we haven't found a
way to get her Growshu back she won't be really saved.

(talking to Karen)

Karen : Father's treatment is under way. But still...I can't believe you're
the same person as him...

Carmaine : ...

Karen : ...I was really surprised. I mean that patient who's been here for so
long was actually my father... My father left home when I was around 2 or 3
years old and never come back. That's what my mother told me. Then she died
when I was 10 years old and my brother is the one who took care of me
afterwards. Of course when he told me he wanted to work as a mercenary I was
really against the idea. Since, you know, our father who was a mercenary went
missing. If father didn't forget even his own name when he lost his memory then
I would have recognized him earlier. I was too small when he left home to
remember his face...

(talking to Xenos)

Xenos : I never could imagine you were the same person as my old man.
...that's a really weird feeling.

Carmaine : ...

Xenos : He left our home when I was 7 and our mother gave it her all to raise
me and Karen. It must have been too tough for her as she collapsed and passed
away when I was 15. I decided to become a mercenrary then and I drifted from
battlefields to battlefields looking for my old man. I heard he was a
mercenary too from my mother. I swore I would find him and when that happen
I will....beat the crap out of him. Because if he didn't left us my mother
wouldn't have died! And Karen wouldn't have to suffer so much either! I
hated him back then... And now I finally get to him but... ...damn it!

(talking to Julian)

Julian : ah...no, it's nothing. You should stay with your sister
instead of worrying about me.

(talking to Wallace)

Wallace : ...the captain...I still can't believe it....
Anyway I'm glad to know he's alive and well. I've completed one of my goals
now. All that's left is to kill Gevel!

(Two featherians enter the sanatorium)

Queen Stella : ....is it here?

Featherioan : Yes.

Tippi : Ah, look, over there...

Featherian : Ah, here they are.

Tippi : Err...wat do you want..?

Stella : Where is the girl?

Tippi : Huh?

Stella : Where is that Growsian girl?

Wallace : If you mean Ruise, she's sleeping in one of the rooms inside.

Stella : Is her Growshu safe? I heard from one of my subordinates that her
Growshu have disappeared.

Wallace : Unfortunately your're right. Venzel stole her Growshu and she is now
in a vegetative state.

Stella : ...as I thought.

Tippi : Why does it matter to you!

Stella : Growsians are absolutely necessary to kill Gevel, that's why...

Wallace : Yes and that's the reason we're all looking for a way to
cure her now.

Tippi : Hey, can't you do something with your technology?

Stella : We cannot. Growsians are born through a natural phenomenon.
If we had the technology to restore her to her original state it would mean
we'd be able to create artificial Growsians. More importantly we have now
to face the fact that we cannot stop Gevel presently.

Wallace : Why are you so concerned with Gevel? Wasn't he something the
Growsians created long ago?

Stella : He is indeed the Growsians who built that Gevel. But originally
Gevels are our creation.

Tippi : Whaaat!?

Stella : Allow me to explain.

Stella : Long, long ago, when we were still living on the ground we fought
against the Growsians who were then the rulers of the world. As we were
inferior to the Growsians in terms of physical strength we created a
biological weapon to fight them for us. That's how Gevel came to be.
However that Gevel was soon captured and the Growsians rebuilt him as
their own weapon.

Xenos : That's why he's weak to Growsians.

Stella : As the war went on we eventually were even stolen the
floating devices we built.

Wallace : Then what did the Featherians do? They lost their only weapon right?

Stella : In the end we resigned ourselves and left the ground to seclude
ourselves and live away from humans. We eventually forgot about humans and
their greed but at the same time we forgot about our own mistake of
creating Gevel.

Wallace : But all in all the ones to blame are the Growsians who ruled the
ground right? They got too greedy and that was their downfall. But why
are you telling us all of this?

Stella : Didn't I just tell you? We were the ones who created Gevel originally.
We bear our part of responsability in the current situation. Even though
that situation was brought by Growsians and you humans who are the descendants
of those Growsians. You will have to face the consequences of your actions but
it's our duty to at least let you know the truth.

Tippi : Well it wouldn't kill you to be a little more helpful than that!

Stella : We cannot. You humans must settle the situation you brought on
yourselves by yourselves.

Tippi : Pffft!

Wallace : Then do you know a person named Venzel?

Stella : Venzel?

Wallace : Have you heard of him?

Stella : ...We do know of that name but nothing else. If we ever learn more
we'll let you know. Well then, we bid you farewell.

Wallace : They sure are a selfish bunch.

(time to return to check on Ruise, prepare for a lame plot twist)

Tippi : Ruise-chan... she's not going to wake up huh...could it be that she'll
be like this foerver...

Tippi : ...sorry.
1) Tell her you're thankful for worrying about Ruise
2) Gently tell her it's going to be ok
3) Poke her as a punishment
4) Pat her on the head silently
5) Don't say a word

Tippi : Hehehe... Ruise-chan, we'll definitely cure you ok?

Tippi : You're actually kind after all...

Tippi : If I was bigger I could at least nurse her but I can't do anything, 
this is so frustrating...

Tippi : Kyah! Don't poke me! ...but really, I'm sorry.

Tippi : ..ah...

Tippi : If I was human then you'd be comforting me now I guess...

Tippi : Ah, forget that!

Tippi : Ruise-chan! We'll cure you no matter what ok!

Ruise-chan! We'll cure you no matter what ok!


Tippi : You know, the times I spent with Ruise-chan were really fun. Like
when I'm travelling with you. Originally I'm a homonculus created to watch
over the two of you. That was my purpose as a living being. ...and that made
me really happy. So I swear we'll save her no matter what. Even if I must
give my life away for that I'm ready to do it at anytime. ...but even if I
want to, I have no idea how to make that happen...

Carmaine : ...

Tippi : ...hey, could it be...you're crying?

Tippi : ...it's ok. Crying is ok now. I'll never repeat it to anyone,
we'll keep this a secret...

Carmaine : ...

(CG of Carmaine's tear hitting Ruise's pendant)

Ruise : ...

Ruise : ...ahaha...I did it...

Tippi : Huh!?

Ruise : ...oniichan...he's crying...I won our bet....

Tippi : Ruise-chan!? Are you ok Ruise-chan?

Ruise : ...my body still feels a bit dull but overall I feel much better.

Tippi : I'm so happy...Ruise-chan, I'm so happy!

(another CG, Ruise is in Carmaine's arms this time)

Ruise : ...ah...oniichan...

Ruise : I'm sorry oniichan, Tippi. I made you all worry I guess.

Tippi : You bet we were! We were so, so, so, so worried!

Ruise : ...thanks.

Tippi : ...but really, I'm so glad. Hey, how long are you going to stay
like that! Let's go deliver the good news to the others!

Ruise : Yes.

Ruise : ...ah.

Tippi : What's wrong?

Ruise : The pendant...it broke...

Tippi : Ah, true. What happened?

Ruie : That must be because my wish was granted. So that pendant's life
has ended.

Tippi : That's one hell of a pendant!

Ruise : Or it might because of Oniichan's tears!

Tippi : Hahaha!

(Pendants are srsbsns indeed. Well that was the lame moment of the game
Hopefully you're still playing it now so go back to your party and proceed
with the story)

(back in the lobby)

Karen : Ruise-chan!?

Xenos : H, hey...

Julian : Ruise...!

Ruise : ...everyone...

Wallace : Hey is that really Ruise? Don't tell me you guys are playing tricks
on me because I can't see?

Ruise : I'm sorry Wallace-san, but it's ok, I'm fine now.

Wallace : Ruise! I can't believe it! You're cured! Damn, we better celebrate

Tippi : Isn't it amazing? That's what you call a miracle right?

Xenos : Is it thanks to the powerstone?

Ruise : No, it's thanks to the promise pendant.

Wallace : Promise pendant? That thing that grant your wish if you fulfill
a requirement?

Julian : ...ah, I see, that's what happened then...

Tippi : Yup! You wouldn't believe it, that guy he...
1) Stop Tippi
2) Let her talk

Tippi : ...Hmhmmmhmmm...

Tippi : ...hey you! Are you tring to choke me to death!?

Ruise : But you asked for it Tippi....

Tippi : That guy cried like a little girl. And then Ruise-chan's wish
was granted.


Wallace : Well in any case all's well that ends well.

Ruise : Err...I'd like to go to the magic academy now. Could you come with me?

Tippi : Huh? Why?

Ruise : If the promise pendant really has the power to give you your Growshu
back then they should investigate it to find a cure for Ayleen-san and the

Karen : Could Ayleen-san be cured?

Ruise : I don't know but there is a possibility. So I'd like for the academy
to investigate that pendant.

Wallace : I see.

(now that you finally got your transportation device back in the group, you
can finally teleport again. Head to the academy. Btw you can't recruit Karen
for now since she wants to watch over her dad)

======= Magic academy - in front of the main building ========

(get near that student and teacher)

Student : I just got back sir.

Teacher : Good job. How did it go?

Student : It's as you guessed sir. The Growshu emission increased greatly.

Teacher : ...I see.... I wish it was just me imagining things but...

Ruise : ...excuse me, could you tell us what happened?

Teacher : Oh, Ruise-kun.

Ruise : Did something bad happen?

Teacher ...yes. Actually the distortion dectector recorded an anomaly.

Tippi : What's that distortion dectector?

Ruise : You remember how we were told long ago that this world is one of two
worlds that are overlapping each other? That dectector is a device that keep
track of the distortions that exist between both worlds.

Tippi : Ah! I remember, it's that thing on the roof!

Teacher : I don't think that increase in the number of distorsions is
something natural. I just hope nothing bad will come out of this...
Anyway, let's keep on monitoring things discreetly for now, and not attract
attntion over this yet.

Ruise : Good luck!

======= Magic academy - 7th floor ========

(talking to the secretary)

Ruise : Excuse me, is the vice-principal here?

Secretary : Yes, please go on through.


Ruise : Excuse our intrusion.

(talking to Bradlzy)

Bradley : Oh, it's you people.

Tippi : Guess what? Ruise-chan is fine now!

Bradley : What!? How did you cure her? I did everything I could but I still
couldn't find a way!

Ruise : Actually we came to ask you a favor about that.

Bradley : What do you mean?

Ruise : I'd like you to examine this.

(Ruise gives him the promise pendant)

Bradley : This is...a promise pendant?

Ruise : When my Growshu was stolen I was taken to the sanatorium in Rashell.
But then that pendant broke and my Growshu was returned to me.

Bradley : Hmmm...I don't think that pendant is reponsible for it though but...
As I don't have have better leads, I will examine it. But at least now
we solved one of the riddles.

Tippi : Hm? What do you mean?

Bradley : A few days ago, the space-time distortions dectector recorded a large
distortion north of here. This is must behind the reason why Ruise-kun got her
Growshu back.

Ruise : Did something like that really happen?

Bradley : When a large distortion occur in the space-time continuum Growshu
will appear. So it's not surprising that such a thing occured when Ruise-kun
recovered. In other words we can establish a link between the two phenomenons.
Now to find what was the role of that pendant in all this...

Ruise : Then could it means it's possible to create a distortion using those

Bradley : This might be the case but we will have to confirm it.
Anyway thank you for reporting your findings.

(as you're leaving)

Bradley : Speaking of which, did you find anything about what I told you

Tippi : Hm?

Bradley : I'm talking about true Growshu! Was it really a legend? Or does it

Ruise : ...I think it's real. I can't explain it very well but I feel as if
my senses sharpened.

Bradley : Hmmm... If you find out more, do let me know.

Ruise : Yes sir. Please look into the pendant.

(as you leave the main building)

Ruise : ...ah, I can feel it...

Tippi : What is it Ruise-chan?

Ruise : This is Gevel's aura...

Ruise : It's coming from the east... ah! We have to hurry and go to
the Burnstein capital!

Julian : Did something happen to the royal capital?

Ruise : Those masked men are attacking the city!

Julian : Even the Imperial knights might not have the upper hand against that
bunch and if Gevel join the assault...

Wallace : We'd better hurry!

(well it's back to Burnstein now, at least the game don't let you get bored)

======= Burnstein royal capital ========

(as soon as you get to the main square)

Burnstein soldeirs : Guwaaah!

Masked knight : Fools! Did you think you could match us?

Oscar Reeves : That's Gevel's soldiers for you. The city guards are no match
for them...

Ernest Lyell : We don't have a choice but to face them ourselves.

Oscar Reeves : I know.

Burnstein soldier : But both of you have been fighting without any rest since

Ernest Lyell : If we pulled out they would breach through the city defences

Burnstein soldier : I'm ashamed that we are of so little use...please
forgive us.

Oscar Reeves : Those are no ordinary opponents. It can't be helped.
That said I'm really starting to be exhausted. How come they don't seem to
be tired at all?

Ernest Lyell : Who knows. Humans who have received Gevel's powers might have
an increased capacity for recovering.

Oscar Reeves : I don't want to sounds like I'm complaining but we'll be at
a disvantage soon if this keeps up.

Ernest Lyell : ...Hmph. I'll back you up if anything happen.

Masked knight : Heh, isn't friendship a beautiful thing? But I wonder how
much longer you'll have the luxury to worry about others?

Ernest Lyell : Try me.

Masked knight : I will!

(your group arrives)

Julian : Lyell, Reeves! Are you alright!?

Oscar Reeves : Julian?

Eliotte : Are you both ok!?

Ernest Lyell : Your Highness!?

Oscar Reeves : Stop, those masked men strength is...

Ruise : Don't worry please. We'll definitely win!

Masked knight : ...it's that girl!?

Event battle 50 : Back up the Burnstein troops!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : This battle is impossible to lose

Enemy : 2 masked knights (Lv47)
        2 masked knights (Lv45)

Allies Ernest Lyell (Lv67)
       Oscar Reeves (Lv58)
       2 Burnstein soldiers (Lv31)

(Whee, you can have all three Imperial knights with you in this battle.
Needless to say this makes the battle a joke, it's not even possible to lose
as Ernest and Oscar will kill all enemies by themselves if you do nothing.
Just focus on having no casualties to get all 3 vacation days later on)

(as soon as the battle start)

Masked knight : ...uuuhhh...this...is...

Ruise : I cut off the dark aura that was manipulating you.

Masked knight : Stay away! ...guwaah...

(Ruise emits her weird aura thingie)

Tippi : It feels so weird suddenly...

Ruise : This is the true power of the Growsians. To protect people from evil

Tippi : You mean it's that "true Growshu" thing?

Masked knight : Wh, what's that... I feel like all my strength left my body...

(Ernest attacks a knight)

Ernest Lyell : Hm? What's the meaning of this?

Oscar Reeves : What's wrong?

Ernest Lyell : They seem much weaker than earlier.
At this rate we'll wipe them out in no time.

Oscar Reeves : ...I see. Let me check that out.

(Oscar attacks a knight)

Oscar Reeves : It's true, they're quite weak now. Is that because of
that Growsian girl's power?

(all enemies defeated)

Tippi : Looks like ther aren't any more of them.

Oscar Reeves : Incredible... We fought them for two days and still couldn't win
but look at how quickly it was settled...

Erenst Lyell : So that's the strength of Growsians....

Event battle 50 Clear

Tippi : By the way how come your Growshu is now stronger?

Ruise : I think that's because I'm a complete solar eclipse Growsian.

Tippi : And? I don't get it...

Ruise : You know how the sun totally disappear during a complete solar eclipse
and then comes back? My Growshu too disappeared and then come back.
Don't you think it's similar?

Tippi : So the trick behind activating the true potential of that strength is
to lose it once?

Ruise : That may be so.

Wallace : But we didn't know if it would come back at all did we? We
still are pretty much clueless as how it really works actually.

Ruise : I guess I got lucky.

Ernest Lyell : As shameless as it may be I need to ask for your help.

Wallace : Why so much formalities now?

Ernest Lyell : We discovered what seems to be Gevel's den northeast of the
capital but currently we lack the military power to attack it.

Oscar Reeves : But that battle proved that with this girl's strength it is
possible to defeat Gevel. I'm ashamed to ask too but I'd like to ask you
to defeat Gevel.
1) Yes
2) No (you need to pick this if you want to get Tippi's ending)

Oscar Reeves : Thank you.

Tippi : At a time like this, you, really...!

(Carmaine get kicked)

Tippi : He said he changed his mind! And that he would do it even if you
didn't ask! Right?

Julian : No worries we will.

Ruise : Sure!

Eliotte : Leave it to us.

Ernest Lyell : Your Highness!?

Eliotte : Don't worry. We got Ruise-san with us.

Julian : I will be here too. You do not need to worry about his Majesty.

Wallace : Well now that's settled, leave it to us!

Ernest Lyell : I'm counting on you. The peace of this country...no of the
whole continent lies on your shoulders.

Oscar Reeves : We're counting on you. You will find them in a forest north east
of here, in a marsh land.

(well well at last time for a real battle, you'll have to cross the longest
dungeon you've seen so far though so rest up first. The place is rather
cramped at times too so long ranged weapons can come in handy. Head for the
eastern gate of the town and keep going, you can't get lost there are tons of
masked knights and Yung in the way.)

(if you sneak past masked knights on the way, they can say a few words, usually
they feel afflicted by Ruise's presence, anyway, nothing important here)

(once in the marsh land)

Tippi : So it's here huh?

Ruise : I can feel Gevel's aura from behind that crack in the rock...

Wallace : Finally.

(enter and you'll encounter more Yungs and a knight)

Wallace : Those shadows!?

Tippi : So it really is here!

Ruise : ...it's not working. Gevel's aura is too strong here, I can't
disperse it completely...

Julian : ...then breaking in through force is the only option!

(another small battle before you can enter)

======= Fleishberg ========

(once inside)

Wallace : What? A dead end?

Tippi : Hmmm...is there some device to open the way somewhere?

Tippi : Uwaaah! What's that!? It's looking at me!

(fight against a "guardian" - it's dead after one hit, the "hatch" will open)

(procede through the first floor, there is some good equipment lying around so
do explore. Once on the second basement go straight ahead for a battle)

Tippi : The enemy's here! Fight hard!

Event battle 51 : Defeat the guardian!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : All party members defeated

Enemy : Guardian 1 (Lv46)
        3 skeleton knights (Lv38)
        3 lesser demons (lv38)

(This is more of a forced random encounter than a real battle really. The
guardian's attack wil hit the whole field though and is slighty annoying)

Event battle 51 Clear

Tippi : Keys?

Mouth on the wall 1 : ...key...not...many...enough...

Mouth on the wall 2 : ...room...many...there...is....

Mouth on the wall 3 : ...key...open...way....

Mouth on the wall 4 : ...room...device...simple...

Tippi : Hmm? What was that all about?

(you'll get 4 keys after the fight, they need to be inserted in those floor
tiles near where you entered that basement to proceed. Pick the right path to
save a key but check left afterwards for another good weapon)

(after proceding a little further, another forced encounter)

Event battle 52 : Defeat all enemies!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : All party members defeated

Enemy : 4 Yung beta (Lv38)
        3 skeleton knights (Lv38)
        3 lesser demons (lv38)

(Lots of enemies here and the pathing is quite annoying, feel free to use some
mp for a couple of Holy lights spells as those do wonder on everything in this

Event battle 52 Clear

(keep going and on the next room you can use a key to get through without
fighting anything. Feel free to do so if you want to save mp.)

(in the fourth room you'll have to fight. You can send Tippi around to look
where the enmies are located and then send your team members on the switches
accordingly. Once all 5 switches are stepped upon the path will open and the
battle will start)

Tippi : Eh? The paths aren't connected!

Ruise : Those switches in front looks suspicious though. I think if we step on
them we'll be able to proceed...

Tippi : By the way there are 5 of them. Anyway let's step on them for now.

Wallace : We'll have Carmaine decide who's going where. We'll have to
think about fighting the enemy on the other side so give instructions
to each one of us.

Tippi : Then I'll go take a look at things for you!
Which side do you want to see?
1) Right side
2) Left side
3) Don't bother

(choices will then vary according to where you send Tippi, once ready send each
of your party member on their switches, Tippi will indicate which each time so
you can't make any mistake)

Tippi : We did it! Now we can cross!

Event battle 53 : Defeat all enemies (again)!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : All party members defeated

Enemy : 4 Yung beta (lv38)
        3 skeleton knights (Lv38)
        3 lesser demons (lv38)

(You're used to those guys by now, keep an eye on your mp)

Event battle 53 Clear

(another eye in the wall afterwards, take the left hatch to procede, take the
right one to get to the upper floor and eventually exit the dungeon afterwards
if you're low on mp. Once on the third basement go straigth to fight yet another
guardian. It's the only enemy in the room so the fight will be over before it
can do anything. The path will open afterwards. Those purple patches on the
ground will damage you if you walk over them btw. The same pattern or room will 
be repeated 3 times until you reach a save point and a hatch. The hatch take
you to this floor's beginning. Keep going for another forced encounter)

Tippi : Everyone, get ready!

Wallace : We don't have much room. Keep it in mind when fighting!

Event battle 54 : Defeat all enemies (again and again)!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : All party members defeated

Enemy : 2 Yung beta (Lv39)
        2 Yung alpha (Lv39)
        2 lesser demons (lv40)

(Enemies will keep coming from the north, clear the room then push them back)

Event battle 54 Clear

(head north again, you'll run into more switches)

Tippi : The way is blocked again!?

Ruise : But those marks on the floor are suspicious right? There are 3 here
and one on the other side...

Wallace : Are those the kind where that need to be activated all at the same
time? We ran into the same device earlier.

Ruise : So 3 of us must remain here while the other go activate that other one.

Wallace : We will have to plit up. Carmaine will decide how, we're counting
on you.

Event battle 55 : Get to the switch without moving your party members!

Winning condition : Step on all switches
Losing condition : All party members defeated

Enemy : 2 Yung beta (Lv39)
        2 Yung alpha (Lv39)

(Enemies will keep coming again but more aggressively this time, send your two
free characters on the switch. Julian, Carmaine are both well suited as they're
fast with good defence. If you have long ranged weapons, caracters stuck on the
switches can still attack if enemies get in their range. Once you step on the
large switch, have your remaining members cross over and then kill everything)

Event battle 55 Clear

(once you've crossed, heal your party, the final battle is coming)

(once in the room to the north)

Wallace : Finally...

Tippi : Yes.

Wallace : Even if we do kill him there's no guarantee will come out of this
place alive you know?

Eliotte : To be honest I'm scared. But I won't run away.

Xenos : It's not my style to let other handle the dirty work. And this is
something I've decided to do, so no matter what the result is I have no regret.

Julian : I wield my sword here for all those who can't fight.

Ruise : As the last Growsian, I must defeat Gevel!

Tippi : Alright! Let's go!

(cross the room and you're arrived)

Gevel : ...you're finally here...

Wallace : This is the end of the road for you.

Gevel : ...this whole place is made from my flesh. In other words, there's no
way for you to escape.

Ruise : This goes for you too. The simple fact that I'm near you must make you
suffer right?

Gevel : Annoying brat....but you'll soon realize...how powerless you all are!

Eliotte : As the king I will protect my citizens!

Julian : I'll make you regret coming back into this world.

Tippi : Let's go!

Event battle 56 : Kill Gevel!

Winning condition : Defeat Gevel
Losing condition : All party members defeated

Enemy : Gevel (Lv73)
        3 Yung beta (Lv40)
        3 Yung alpha (Lv40)

(The Yung will keep coming back if you kill them so focus on Gevel. Of course
you can take them all out in no time with a couple of Holy light spells.
Gevel's first form is fairly easy but in the second one he has a high attack
aoe so take care. It can deal 250 damage to all characters standing in front
of him no matter how far away, that's enough to one shot Ruise. He gets much
stronger physically too but magic remain very effective against him)

(after killing one Yung)

Gevel : Futile, futile, futile!

Tippi : He revived!?

Gevel : Do not forget this whole place is my body!

Wallace : It will never end at this rate...

Julian : Then let's focus our attacks on Gevel's main body!

(Carmaine attacks Gevel)

Gevel : You seem strangely resolute to kill me.

Tippi : What are you saying?

Gevel : There's someone here whose life is tied with mine.
Can you guess who it is?

Wallace : I, it can't be...

Gevel : Did you never think about it? All my soldiers must receive part of my
power through my aura to remain alive. If you kill me their life supply will be

Tippi : That must be a lie! He's bluffing!

Gevel : Really? Wasn't he too under my control? Didn't he hear my voice along
with those of the other soldiers? Can't you see it is the proof our spirits are

Ruise : Then oniichan's dreams, those were...

Gevel : That's not all. If I die, I cannot tell what will become of this maze.
You have no guarantee to leave this place alive! Go ahead and kill me now if
you dare!
1) Do not hesitate
2) This is for the sake of all so there's no other choice
3) There's no other way
4) I don't want to die
5) Stay silent

Wallace : ...if he made up his mind, there's no point in us holding back.

Ruise : Oniichan...

Tippi : Right! We share our existences too! Whether you live or die we'll
be with you!

Julian : Instead of thinking about ourselves now we've chosen the good of
the greater number....

Wallace : It's true that we might not escape this place alive. But that
doesn't change a damn thing! There's no way we can let you live!

Tippi : Right! If it's for the sake of others we can make any sacrifices!

Eliotte : Nobody wants to die. But we have things we need to protect even
at the cost of our lives!

Wallace : And that's how it is. Since there are no other way, why hesitate?

Tippi : Of course! Who would want to?

Ruise : We came this far and you still don't know why? We want to save
the lives of everyone else!

Wallace : That's a question no one can answer. But the simple fact we're here
now should let you know. That we've chosen to kill you and save this world!

Tippi : Right! Even if we die here we'll take you down with us!


Gevel : What utterly disgusting beings!
I'll kill you if you want to die so much!

(after getting Gevel's to half HP)

Gevel : Damn those persistent bugs!

Tippi : What will he do this time!?

(Gevel suddenly gets much bigger)

Gevel : Curse those Growsians! This remind me of last time!

Ruise : Last time?

Gevel : The time when I was sealed within that crystal! Five growsians casted
away their lives and turned themselves into a giant crystal to seal me!
The growsian halo emitted by that crystal tortured me while I couldn't even
move! I was made to suffer an eternity alone trapped in that crystal! I will
never allow that to happen again!

(Gevel defeated)

Gevel : Impossible...impossible...beaten by the likes of you...

Event battle 56 Clear

Tippi : It's over....

Wallace : Finally after all those years...but yes it's finally over now.

(going back is rather easy, just hop into the hatch)

(once outside)

Tippi : Hmm, such nice weather! We really did win right?

Wallace : Yes we did. Thanks to Ruise's strength.

Ruise : Not at all. It's because everyone kept on fighting until the very end.
Right oniichan?
1) It's thanks to everyone
2) Agree with Ruise
3) It's thanks to you Ruise
4) It's all thanks to me
5) I'm too tired to answer

Tippi : Ah I love that kind of feeling!

Tippi : Ah I love that kind of feeling!

Ruise : N, not at all oniichan!

Tippi : Don't be embarassed! If it wasn't for Ruise and her Growshu
I don't know what would have happened...

Tippi : Tippi-chan kick!

Carmaine : %x&!?

Ruise : Geez, you'll never learn, do you...

Tippi : Keeping silent again, you're so cold...
Is something worrying you?

Ruise : Tippi!

Tippi : ...ah...

Tippi : Ahaha! Forget what I just said!


Wallace : Well now the world's at peace at least. What now?

Tippi : Well...ah!

Julian : Lyell?

Eliotte : General Lyell!

Ernest Lyell : Are you unhurt your Highness?

Eliotte : I'm fine. Now our people will be able to live at peace.

Ernest Lyell : So we're too late...

Ernest Lyell : I thought bringing as much help as we could would be best but
by the time we got here you were done it seems.

Tippi : If only you could have come a little bit earlier!

Ernest Lyell : Forgive me. We had our hands full cleaning up the remaining
enemies that attacked the capital. In any case what do you intend to do now?

Eliotte : I can't keep ignoring my duties much longer so I will come back to
the castle.

Julian : I have to return to my duty as a knight too.
I will head back to the castle.

(remove Julian/Eliotte's equipment?)
1) Yes
2) No

Ernest Lyell : Then I will return as well. I'm thanksful for what you did.
Until we next meet, knight of Rolandia!

Tippi : Shall we go back too?

Ruise : Mother must be worried!

Wallace : Alright, let's go home!

======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========

Arcadius : Oh, you're back! So you finally defeated Gevel!

Tippi : That was incredible! We were in a place that was like being in
his body or something and...

Sandra : Tippi. Watch how you speak in front of the king.

Arcadius : It's fine. They're eager to tell about their accomplishments.

Laetitia : I'm sure if must have been quite a adventure. Please
tell me all about it later.

Ruise : Yes, it'll be a pleasure.

Arcadius : I'm sure you must be tired now. You won't have to think about
missions for a while, just enjoy yourself for now.

Sandra : Yes, your Highness.

Sandra : That said we can't let you go just yet.
You still have an important duty to fulfill.

Tippi : Eeeh!? Let us rest alreay...

Sandra : Don't worry. You'll be able to relax during this duty.

Ruise : Then...

Sandra : We need to record the story of how you defeated Gevel and leave
documents describing the whole tale to future generations. I want you to
come to my laboratory too, I have lots of questions to ask you. I'm sure
that isn't too harsh of a duty now right?

Tippi : ...whew.

Arcadius : In that case let the princess attend too. I'll ask her not to
bother you while you record those events.

Laetitia : I can behave myself, Father....

(the screen switch to a weird CG of a book with Tippi face's drawn near it)

Tippi : And thus we stayed in Master's laboratory, telling her all the details
about our missions. Along Master there was the princess and lots of important
people so at first it made me nervous. But as we talked the time went by very
quickly. It's been ten days we started talking and we still haven't covered
everything. Today the king called for us so we stopped for now.
I wonder what could that be about?

======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========

Wallace : What would you need us for?

Arcadius : This will only be a momentary break in recording the events
regarding Gevel. Actually the Burnstein kingdom is holding a celebration
ceremony for the death of Gevel and also wish for it to be a friendship
party for all three countries. Of course you were invited as the main guests.
Sandra and the princess will be attending too and I wish for you to escort
them and travel together to the Burnstein capital.

Tippi : Yay! A party! A party! A party!

Ruise : ...Tippi...

Wallace : We humbly accept your Highness.

Arcadius : Then wait at the eastern gate. Sandra and the princess will join
you there.

(as soon as you exit the throne room Carmaine collapses)

Ruise : Ah, oniichan!

Tippi : Hey, what happened to you!
1) I only tripped over something
2) Nothing
3) I was feeling a bit dizzy
4) I don't know

Tippi : You tripped!? Are you gettign sloppy because of all the vacations
we had? We need to put you back to work!

Tippi : Come on, pull yourself together! We're going to that party!

Ruise : Is it my imagination or are you only worried about getting to the
party Tippi?

Tippi : Eh? Aha...ahaha....

Tippi : Anyway, we're going!

Tippi : Geez, you better not pull something weird like this at the party!

Ruise : You're more worried about the party than oniichan Tippi?

Tippi : Of course I am! Come on, hurry up and let's go now!

Tippi : You feel dizzy?

Ruise : Shouldn't you rest if you're not feeling well? Don't worry I can
escort Mother and the princess by myself.

Tippi : Eeeh!? No way! I mean he's knight yeah? And that's the mission he was
given right?

Ruise : But...

Tippi : And if he stays at home I won't get to go to the party! No way I'm
staying home to nurse him when I could be at the party!

Wallace : Hey Tippi...

Tippi : I said we go so we go!

Tippi : You lazybones! You're just getting sloppy with all those vacations
aren't you? Come on, move! Don't tell me that going to a party is too much
effort for you?

======= Rosaria - Eastern gate ========

(get near the gate)

Tippi : We have to wait here right?

Ruise : Yes that's what I heard too.

Wallace : But that party comes just at the right time.
I was getting bored with staying cooped for so long.

Laetita : Sorry to keep you waiting.

Sandra : Now, let us go.

Rolandia soldier : Take care!

Ruise : Then allow me...

(Ruise teleports everyone)

======= Burnstein castle - Main gate ========

Ruise : There we go~

Sandra : It's the first time I experience a teleport but what an amazing spell.

Ruise : Teeheehee~

Julian : Is it because you can teleport that you shows up at the last minute?

Tippi : Ah, Julian! 'been a while!

Julian : Princess Laetitia, lady Sandra, we've been awaiting you.

Laetitia : Thank you very much for your gracious invitation.

Julian : Allow me to escort you to the party grounds.

Burnstein soldier : This way please.

Laetitia : Thank you.

Julian : Come in too. Everyone's waiting for you.

Tippi : Who's "everyone"?

Julian : Haha. You'll see by yourself.


Tippi : Uwaaa~

Ruise : There's so many people...

Weber : Wallace!

Walalce : That voice, is that Weber?

Weber : Yes. I was invited as a representative of the Ranzack kingdom.
But boy was I surprised. So you're the one that killed Gevel!

Wallace : Yeah among others. But more importantly, I found the captain!

Weber : What? Alright, come over here and tell me everything.

(Wallace and Weber leaves)

Eliotte : Hi everyone! I'm glad to see you all look well.

Ruise : I'm glad to see you are doing well too your Majesty.

Eliotte : Ah, don't be so formal with me! Now, come in and enjoy yourselves.
I'll introduce you.

(Ruise and Eliotte leaves)

Julian : Shall we join in too? It'd be a waste not to try some of that food.

Tippi : Indeed! Let's go!

(as soon as you take a few steps)

Oscar Reeves : Honored guests, please forgive this interruption.

Oscar Reeves : Now that the threat of Gevel has been erased from ours and the
lives of all our fellow citizens, we wish to celebrate that joyous occasion
with this modest banquet. Now, allow his Majesty Eliotte, king of the Burnstein
kingdom a few words of greetings.

Eliotte : Dear attendees, it is my pleasure to welcome you here today.
Until only a few days ago we were all stil living under the threat of Gevel.
Through craft he took control of my country and dragged us along with the
Rolandia and Ranzack kingdoms into a dreadful war. Among us today stand the
one who exposed Gevel's schemes by himself and risked his very life to put
an end to the threat. Dear attendees, let us express our gratitude and give
him a well deserved round of applause!

(everyone applauds Carmaine)

Tippi : This is a bit embarassing...

Eliotte : Let us protect together the peace we gained though his efforts!

(more cheering)

Tippi : Whooaa.... Eliotte sure got used to his job now...

Tippi : Come on, let's enjoy the party too!

(you can talk to any of the attendees, after rougly 9 times an event will
occur bringing it to an end so focus on the characters you like best. Also
the one with the highest affection for Carmaine will have different dialogues
here. In the current walkthrough there's only Julian's version)

(talking to Ruise)

Ruise : Ah, oniichan <3

Tippi : Wow Ruise-chan, you sure look happy.

Ruise : Teehee...

Ruise : I'm so glad to be your sister Oniichan! Now I'm the sister of the
hero that stopped the war! I'm so proud of you!
1) Yeah you'd better thank me
2) It's also thanks to you Ruise

Ruise : Yes!

Ruise : But I only worked hard because Oniichan was with me so....

Tippi : ...sigh, well just for today I won't kick you for this.

Ruise : Let's enjoy yourselves today!

(talking to Ruise a second time)

Ruise : Oniichan, are you enjoying the meals? Don't be picky with the
food today ok?

Tippi : ...if you let her be she'd stuff herself and turn fat!

(talking to Wallace)

Wallace : ...you're really someone. You saved the world while you're
still that young!

Tippi : Wallace-san, you exagerating! Didn't you help out a lot too?

Wallace : But the ones to take all the decisions was you.
All I did was watching over you.

(talking to Wallace a second time)

Wallace : Thanks, I'm really indebted to you.

(talking to Misha)

Tippi : Misha! If you open your mouth that wide, your jaw will drop
out you know?

Misha : Waa! Oniisama! Tippi-chan!

Misha : ...you saw....

Tippi : No need to be embarassed now. You're way past that point anyway.

Misha : But, but! What would I do if oniisama hated me now....

Tippi : Pft, don't worry about that! If he hated you for stuff like that
that'd mean he didn't love you to start with!

Misha : I, is that so... I feel a bit more relaxed now.

Misha : Since I'm with oniisama I finally started to build some
self-confidence... And I made a lot of memories too...
Well, I'm still shocked by what I learned about myself but...
Now, I'm more concerned about oniisama than myself. Who would have thought
he was created by Gevel....

Misha : Ah, I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have said that! I'm really no good huh...

Tippi : Anyway, relax and enjoy yourself for now, ok?

(talking to Misha a second time)

Misha : Are you having fun too oniisama?
There's so much food and everything is delicious!

Tippi : ...for her to obsess over food instead of you, that's something...

(talking to Ariost)

Tippi : Hi there Ariost-san~!

Ariost : Hello, you sure are lively today little one. Could you be drunk?

Tippi : No way! I don't drink alcohol! But I'm so happy, I'm really excited now!

Ariost : Ahaha, I can see that.

(talking to Ariost a second time)

Ariost : I'll keep counting on you, let's make the human world a better place.

(talking to Xenos)

Xenos : I fought against Rolandia as a Shadow knight and they still invited me?
Wasn't that group a stain the Burnstein kingdom wanted to forget about?
Doesn't it seem strange to you too?

Tippi : You're just thinking too much about it.

Xenos : ...maybe, I guess

(talking to Xenos a second time)

Xenos : Well, no matter what I did, food is food! I won't let it go to waste!

(talking to Eliotte)

Eliotte : Ah, hello!

Tippi : I'm really amazed you did so much for us!

Eliotte : Ah, this is nothing... I wanted everyone to know to who we own the
fact we're all living in peace now. Besides, you all did so much for me.

Tippi : You didn't change a bit now that you're the king. I thought you would
become a bit more arrogant.

Eliotte : People don't change so quickly. Even Richard is back to his old self
now that he isn't controlled by Gevel anymore.

Tippi : True.

Eliotte : But did I change a little bit? Since I met you I think I grew
stronger both in body and mind. I'm really thankful. And also, I really look
up to you!

Tippi : Ehh, aren't you overdoing a bit?

Eliotte : Not at all, I really admire you Carmaine!

Tippi : ..ah...haha...

(talking to Julian)

Julian : Ah, hum... are you busy right now? Do you mind if we go upstairs
like we did at the last party?
1) Let's go
2) I'm busy

Julian : Then please go and wait for me there. I have to prepare something
before going.

Julian : I see. If you change your mind do tell me.

(go wait for her at the balcony)

Julian : My lord...

Tippi : Ah, Julian! You changed into a dress!

Julian : I can only wear those clothes during events like these so....
please forgive me.
1) It suits you
2) It doesn't suit you
3) I don't care

Julian : I'm honored to receive your praise my lord.

(2 or 3)
Tippi (pissed) : ...

Tippi : This is such a rare occasion, hold her hand at least!

Julian : My lord, would you like to dance with me?

Tippi : Eh, you're quite good at this...

Julian : They're all too rare, those blissful times when I can have
you all to myself...

Julian : If the guest of honor is away for too long it will create troubles.
Let's go back now. I will return once I'm changed. Thank you very much for
sharing that instant with me.

(talking to Ernest)

Ernest Lyell : We're indebted to you. Allow me to express my gratitude.

Tippi : But wasn't it painful for you?

Ernest Lyell : ...it was. But do not worry about me. As long as Richard return
to his old self, I couldn't ask for anything more.

(talking to Ernest again)

Ernest Lyell : Do not worry about Richard.

(talking to Oscar)

Oscar Reeves : No matter how many times we thank you it would never be enough.

Tippi : But because of us your friend is in jail now...

Oscar Reeves : As long as he's alive, it's all that matters. We swore that
one of us would have to betray while the other would have to protect the king
until the very end. That's what we decided with Ernest and we held on to our

(talking to Oscar again)

Ocar Reeves : I'm really grateful for what you did. Let's enjoy ourselves now.

(talking to Sandra)

Sandra : You really accomplished something great. But do not let it get to
your head.

Tippi : Err...what do you mean?

Sandra : It means that no matter what you must remain humble.

Tippi : O, ok!

(talking to Sandra again)

Sandra : Be careful and don't get carried away.

(talking to Laetitia)

Laetitia : It's all thanks to you that we're able to enjoy friendly events with
the Burnstein kingdom again.

(talking to Weber)

Weber : Oh, you're the one Wallace told me about...

Weber : To think that someone as young as you defeated Gevel...I'm amazed.
In any case, you saved us. Thank you.

(talking to Angela)

Angela : We're really indebted to you.

(talking to Bradley)

Bradley : Oh, it's you. Actually in a few days I will formally become the
academy chancellor.

Tippi : Congratulations!

Tippi : By the way, how is Ayleen-san?

Bradley : That's what I should be asking you. How did Ruise-kun regained her

Tippi : Wasn't it thanks to the promise pendant?

Bradley : Is it really all it took....

Tippi : And also it was thanks to people faith in miracles!

Bradley : ...miracles huh...

(talking to Bradley again)

Bradley : Your answer wasn't convincing at all.

(after talking to people 9 times)

Voice : Kukukuku...hahahahaha! Foolish humans...!

Tippi : What? A voice? Where does it come from?

Voice : Can you hear me peons!

Tippi : Someone's really talking! But where is he!?

Ruise : This is directly transmitted within our heads...
That aura...it's Growshu!? ...is this a Growsian's doing!?

Ariost : Incredible... I never knew such a technology existed...

Xenos : This isn't the time to praise him!

Voice : Finally... I finally recovered my full strength! I do not need to
disguise myself as a human anymore! Prepare yourselves fools!

Sandra : ...that voice...it's Master's...?

Eliotte : ...Venzel...

Venzel : I am Venzel, king of the Growsians, ruler of mankind.

Wallace : Ruler of mankind!?

Venzel : You may have defeated Gevel but do not delude yourselves. Its strength
was nothing compared to mine. Besides, it was an old generation model!

Tippi : Then it's the one that Featherian was talking about?

Venzel : As of today you are now all under my rule! First I will let you
witness my power and start with blowing up the Ranzack royal castle!

Weber : Wh, what!?

Wallace : Wait Weber!

Weber : Don't stop me Wallace!

Wallace : Even if you rush there, how much time do you think it will take
you to reach the Ranzack capital?

Weber : ...damn. But I can't sit here and do nothing!

Tippi : Come with us!

Ruise : If I teleport us, we can get there immediatly!

Wallace : Alright, come with us Weber.

Weber : Thanks, I own you one...

(select two more party members)

(asking Julian)

Julian : Would you let me accompany you?
1) Yes
2) No

Julian : Thank you. I'll fight with you as long as I still live.

Julian : ...I see. I wish we could fight together, that's too bad....

(asking Xenos)

Xenos : Take me with you! I'll send that guy to his grave!
1) Yes
2) No

Xenos : Alright!

Xenos : Tch! I'll sit out this time....

(once you got 5 people)

Wallace : Seems like we're ready.

Tippi : Ruise-chan!

Ruise : Yes! I'll teleport us!

(they take off)

Sandra : ...I'm counting on you.

======= Ranzack capital - City gate ========

Ruise : ...whew.

Weber : Majesty! I'll be right by your side!

(he runs off)

Wallace : Alright! Let's go quickly too!

(as you cross the city)

Ruise : Kyaah!

Wallace : What was hat sound!

Tippi : An earthquake?

Ruise : ...I felt a surge of magical power....

Wallace : Tch! Looks like we'd better hurry up!

(as you get near the castle entrance)

Xenos : H, hey! That can't be real...

Julian : I can't believe it....

Eliotte : ...the castle...disappeared...

Weber : ...

Wallace : Weber...

Weber : His Highness was in the castle...
Lots of my men were in too....

Weber : He said he would teach us magic in exchange for keeping him hidden...
And that's how he repay us....

Weber : You'll pay for this! Venzel!

Wallace : Hey, Weber!

Tippi : And there he goes....

Ruise : ....but how did he do that? Even if I released all of my Growshu
it could never do that much damage...

Wallace : We came here right after hearing his warning and we traveled almost
instantly so that didn't leave him much time either...

Ruise : Could it be the magical power I felt earlier? But to do so much with
only one spell is....

Tippi : Hey you can't be serious! How are we going to fight someone
that can do that!?

(a Featharian pops on the screen)

Featherian : So you're indeed here...

Tippi : Ah, you're...

Featherian : The Queen wants to talk to you. Come as soon as possible.
Also, is the human named Ariost here?

Tippi : He's not with us at the moment.

Featherian : Then bring him along. I delivered my message,
I'll be on my way now...

Tippi : What could that be about?

Wallace : Anyway we should go and hear her story.

Tippi : Let's go fetch Ariost-san before that okay?

Ruise : I wonder if he's still in the Burnstein castle?

(if you had Ariost in the party Ruise teleports you directly to Featherland.
If you don't, go get him, he's still at the party.)

(back in the Burnstein castle)

Ariost : Hm? You guys...

Sandra : You just came back? How is the situation in the Ranzack kingdom?

Tippi : It's terrible! Venzel blew up the castle in one go!

Ariost : In one go? That's impossible!?

Ruise : More importantly, a Featherian asked us to go see their queen, she
has something to tell us it seems...

Tippi : Yup, and he said you had to go too Ariost-san!
So we came here to take you along!

Ariost : ...could it be something happened to mother?

Ariost : I understand. I'll come along.

Tippi : Well Master, we'll be on our way!

======= Featherland ========

(as you get near the entrance of the town)

Featherian : The Queen is waiting for you.

(talking to her)

Stella : Here you are.

Ruise : Excuse us...but what do you want to tell us?

Stella : A few days ago you asked me if I heard of Venzel.
I looked up into our records and found some suprising facts.

Wallace : Please tell us what you found.

Stella : You do know that Growsians used to rule manking long ago. Venzel is
a Growsian from that era who survived until now. What's more he was the last
king of that civilization.

Tippi : Whaaat!?

Ruise : Venzel is a Growsian king!? And he kept on living for that long....

Stella : We'll talk about how he extended his life span later.
For now, you do know that all the Growsians of that time suddenly disappeared?

Ariost : Yes. However with the little records we have left, we don't know
the cause...

Stella : According to our records they were exterminated. It was someone's
doing, not natural deaths or diseases. Even if there was a few survivors,
since mankind violently revolted against the Growsians they would have no
other choices but to hide their identity to survive. And that's how their
rule ended.

Wallace : Considering how powerful they are, how come someone could kill
them so quickly!?

Stella : It was hard for us to believe those records too. But now we finally
learned the identity of the one responsible behind that extermination.
....it was Venzel. If it weren't for him, no one could have overthrown
the Growsians.

Tippi : Hold on a second! You're saying that the Growsian king killed his
fellow Growsians?

Stella : During the last years of the Growsian era, in other words during
Venzel's reign, the Growsians were researching how to obtain eternal life and
absolute power. For that purpose they proceeded to fuse their own bodies
with those of creatures whose life span was very long.

Ariost : ...don't tell me...they fused with Gevel-like creatures?

Stella : They did. And from that experiment it's quite posible they attained
a new, dangerous power. The power to control space-time distorsions...

Tippi : What do you mean?

Stella : Do you know why only Growsians can wield superior magic?

Ruise : It's because they can use Growshu from our previous world right?

Stella : Exactly. It means that Growsians can, on a very small scale, control
space-time distorsions. And it's said that Growsians born from a full solar
eclipse can do so better than all other Growsians.

Wallace : I see.

Stella : We, Featherians, and you, humans, do not hail from this world.
On the other hand Gevel is a native creature of this world. Which means that
a fusion between a human and Gevel is a fusion between both worlds.
Not to mention that Venzel is a full solar eclipse Growsian too.
His control over that power is even greater because of that.
But it's obvious the fusion experiment wasn't a complete success.

Ariost : You deducted this from the Growsians extermination right?
Did he lost control of himself after the experiment and went on a rampage?

Stella : It would appear so. But there's also something else. The fact that
this girl's Growshu was necessary for him.

Wallace : But now that he got his hands on it, it can be considered a success?
If it wasn't there's no way he could destroy the Ranzack castle in a single

Stella : That much magic power... Indeed it's impossible for someone to
possess it unless they can control space-time distorsions.

Ariost : I have a question. How are this world and our former world
superposed exactly? If we know this, we could find a way to defeat Venzel.

Stella : It seems you humans really have no accurate records left.
A disaster struck the sun of our former world. It was then that combining the
Featherians techonology and the humans magical power, our ancestors built a
space-time control device.

Ariost : A space-time control device? And they used it to superpose the
two worlds?

Ruise : And where is that device now?

Stella : Unfortunately we do not know this. But we can say for sure that
it is currently in Venzel's hands.

Wallace : Tch!

Stella : The space-time control device has the shape of a gigantic tower.
It is equipped with floating devices to ensure its transportation.
But the Growsians stole them long ago.

Wallace : So the only way to get it back is to defeat Venzel huh?
So, is there any realistic way we have to defeat him?

Stella : We haven't thought of any. However Gina, your mother, appears to
have thought of one.

Ariost : Mother did?

Stella : We called you here so that you would learn it from her.
She is confined into the meditation room. You may go and visit her now.

Ariost : Yes!

(he runs off)

Ruise : Ariost-san looks so happy.

Tippi : Well, that's kind of a given.

Wallace : But what's that plan to defeat Venzel? After all he has
the power to control space-time right?

Stella : Venzel is an ancient Growsian king. Which means he possess the
greatest magical strength of all who lived at that time. Furthermore he can
now control space-time itself...

(screen fades as Carmaine collapses and you'll see some familiar events)

Gevel : There's someone here whose life is tied with mine.
Can you guess who it is?

Richard : ...that face...I see now... The one interfering with our plans for
all that time was you!

Gevel : You would oppose your creator? You miserable failure!

Masked knight : I'm sure you know by looking at Richard but...
Lord Gevel can create a replica of a person from his biological data.
That's how he created all of us.

Gevel : All my soldiers must receive part of my power through my
aura to remain alive. If you kill me their life supply will be cut!

Gevel : His life supply will be cut! Will be cut! Will be cut!

Ruise : ...oniichan! Oniichan! Oniichan!

(Carmaine open his eyes again)

Ruise : Oniichan...

Wallace : Did you regain consciousness?

Ruise : ...yes.

Wallace : You sure gave us a scare...

Tippi : ..I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...
I forced you to go to the party when you were tired and now you...
*sob* I'm really sorry!
1) My blood pressure just got low after standing up doing nothing for so long
2) It's not you fault Tippi
3) I was just joking

Tippi : Low blood pressure? Are you sure you're not sick?

Tippi : ...uuh, still...

Tippi : Huh? You faked this?

Tippi : *inhales*

Tippi : Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot!

Tippi : I was really worried! I thought this was my fault!


Wallace : Don't push yourself too hard.

Ruise : Oniichan...could it be...

Tippi : Huh?

Ruise : ...because Gevel died, you....

Wallace : If you don't want to tell us we won't force you to speak but...
Be sure to let us know if you feel bad before it's too late.

Wallace : ...anyway, let's follow Ariost for now.

(Gina is located in that building most to the northwest, talk to the guard to
have him open the gate for you)

======= Featherland - Meditation room ========

(talking to Gina)

Ariost : Ah, you guys...

Gina : Are they the ones you told me about?

Ariost : Yes mother.

Gina : Thank you for taking care of my son.

Ruise : Ah, we didn't really...

Tippi : Yup, it's more like we're the ones who should be thanking him instead.

Ariost : More importantly mother. Since we're all here I wish you would tell us
about your idea of how to defeat Venzel.

Gina : Right. My work is to investigate our records, put them in order and
also renew those that are getting too old. That was the reason I was sent
to the surface numerous times in the past and that's how I eventually learned
about a certain item. It's a gemstone that has the power to bend the natural
laws of this world and create countless miracles. It's called a power stone.

Ruise : Power stone you said?

Xenos : That thing my father had? Look, it's the ring you're wearing now.

Tippi : Hey, show us your hand for a second!

Tippi : Are you talking about this?

Gina : That's it! I looked for it for so long and yet couldn't find anything,
where did you find it?
1) A ghost gave it to me
2) Someone gave it to me

Wallace : A ghost?

Wallace : Who was that?

Tippi : Err.. it was the ghost of a woman...

Ruise : Whaat!? So you did meet a ghost?

Tippi : What, you didn't believe me back then?

Gina : That's certainly strange. Let's get back on topic and talk about
that stone's properties. Originally the power stone was created as power
source for the space-time control device, it was what allowed the device to
move. It's made of a large quantity of highly concentrated Growshu.

Wallace : Growshu again....

Gina : We, Featherians created the space-time control device but despites that
we couldn't find a way to absorb the strong energy outburst that occured
as a counter-reaction after creating space-time distortions with it.
That's where humans helped us, using their abilities to absorb the energy
from the counter-reaction. That ability of them was originating from
the strength of their spirit. Their strong will that make them face impossible
odds, never giving up, is the strenth which creates miracles. Crystallizing
those thoughts, they created the power stone. Making the impossible possible,
the power stone is the embodiment of that thought.

Ruise : ..incredible.. And such an incredible stone is on your ring oniichan...

Gina : Now that we know you're the one holdingg the power stone it means that
Venzel do not have the key needed to make the space-time control device move.
It means that there is still hope.

Tippi : But, you know, we used the power stone many times already?

Gina : Then we will only need to recharge it using the distorsions powers.
We can use the space-time control device for that purpose so it won't
be a problem. Just like you used it before, use it again but this time
against Venzel.

Tippi : But each time we use the power stone something strange always happen
right afterwards. It's kind of scary really.

Ruise : Yes... But why does those happen?

Gina : That's because of how the law of cause and effect works.

Ariost : Mother, please tell us more about that "cause and effect" law.

Gina : As the name implies it states the relation between a cause and its
effect. Imagine yourself throwing a rock for instance. In itself a rock cannot
fly or float, someone has to give it energy by throwing it to make it happen.
Similarly, things that cannot occur normally need a certain amount of energy
to be made possible. In the case of the rock, the cause "someone threw a rock"
made the effect "the rock is flying" possible.

Tippi : But it doesn't fly for long anyway? It will fall right away.

Gina : That's correct. To make it fly a long time, that much more enrgy is
required. As soon as that energy runs out, the stone returns to its original
state and falls right away. And thus the law of cause and effect is respected.

Ruise : So what happens when the power stone create a miracle?

Gina : To create something that would be normally impossible incur a cost.
Let's use magic as an exemple easy to understand. When you use magic, what
is consumed?

Tippi : Does it use something at all?

Ruise : Err....spiritual power?

Gina : Yes. In order to cast magic, you must first use spiritual power.
But in the case of the power stone, the cause occurs after the effect.
And it seems its nature cannot be known before it occurs either. And
in top of that using the power stone powers is difficult in itself.

Tippi : True. Each time we used it it was always unconsciously to
protect ourselves.

Gina : That's obvious. If we were to explain it with magical terms
the power stone is in itself both a "catalyst" and an "incantation".

Wallace : So from what I understood we need the power stone to defeat Venzel.
But since we don't know how to use it and we don't know either what will occur
as a side effect afterwards we can't use it by fear it would eventually
take us out at the same time?

Gina : Yes. However what would you say if I told you there is a device that
allows you to use the power stone the way you need it?

Ariost : Then we could use its power against Venzel?

Gina : Theoretically yes.

Wallace : Where can we find that device?

Gina : To protect it from being misused it's hidden in a cave on the outskirts
of town. If you ask the queen she will grant you permission to enter it.

Ruise : But Gina-san, don't you mind if we take with us such an
important device?

Gina : I...have faith in humans. Since I met him...

Tippi : You're talking about Ariost-san's father?

Gina : Yes. While on the surface I eventually got wounded and wasn't able to
fly. He kindly offered to treat me. At first I despised humans. But during the
time I stayed with him, waiting for my wounds to heal, I slowly changed my
mind. He took under his care orphans that used to live from petty thefts in
town and raised them as his own children....

(flashback with Ariost's parents)

Gina : Why do you keep doing useless things?

Man : What exactly is useless?

Gina : One should get rid of thieves. There's no point in letting them live.

Man : Is that so? The reason those kids lived from stealing is because of
our own society. If they didn't grew up in such an environment they wouldn't
have become thieves.

Gina : Then it's your human society that produce thieves which is worthless!

Man : Exactly. However if we do nothing there'll be more and more of those
kids. That's why I take it upon myself to save at least a few of them.

Kids : Hey old man!

Man : Come on, I'm not that old I told you. I could be your big brother.

Kids : ...look at this!

Kids : Our vegetables! They become so big!

Man : Ho....

Man : They didn't get spoiled by bugs and they're just the right color too.
Good job, they look delicious.

Kids : Hehe...

Kids : We'll use them for the soup!

Kids : We'll give you some too sis!

Gina : ...

Man : Those are the kids I brought with me. No one forced them to and yet
they took it upon themselves to start cultivating and look at the results
now. As long as you give them a proper environment to grow up in, people
won't turn bad. They'll find a work by themselves and live their lives
helping those around them.

Gina : ...

Man : Those who would give up before even trying are fools. From the instant
we are born in this world we must always face forward no matter the hardships
in front of us.

Gina : ...who told you that?

Man : That's what the man who created this village used to say. He was like
a father to all of us. This won't change how society works but it will change
how people live at least. Can you still say what I do is useless now?

Gina : ...

(end of flashback)

Gina : And afterwards I ended up remaining with him, to watch over his actions.
And that's how I understood. Humans possess somethign Featherians lack.
The strong will to face any hardships. We eventually fell in love and that's
how you were born Ariost.

(more flashbacks)

Ariost's dad : ...hahaha.

Gina : What is it?

Ariost's dad : Ah, it's nothing... I just remebered when you first came here.
And what you used to say back then...

Gina : Geez, come on, forget about that already!

Gina : But...just like how I understood you I wish for the other Featherians
to understand humans as well...

Featherian A : We found you Gina!

Featherian B : Bastard! What did you do to her!?

Gina : Wait! He didn't do anything! I'm staying here of my own will!

Ariost's dad : Gina!?

Featherian A : Come on, we're leaving Gina!

Gina : No! I won't go back!

Featherian B : What you did was against our laws! We will take you back!

Gina : Darling!

Ariost's father : Gina!

(end of flashback)

Gina : And that's how I was brought back here. It's true that humans got their
bad sides. But the same can be said of us Featherians. I fell in love with a
human. So I'm sure other Featherians can come to understand them one day.

Ariost : ...yes mother!

(it's now back to the queen to get the permission)

(talking to her)

Stella : It seems you heard what Gina had to say.

Ruise : Yes. And we need the control device for the power stone.

Stella : Ah, that device...

Stella : Since there are no other way we will hand it to you. However that
cave is a monster nest too.

Tippi : A monster nest?

Stella : It was made this way to prevent the device from being stolen.
But the mechanism that prevent those same monsters from stepping outside
also make it impossible to use magic within that cave.

Wallace : How is that possible?

Stella : There is absolutely no Growshu inside. But to reach the control
device, magic is needed however.

Ariost : We will have to bring a magic conduction line within then.
With it we'll be able to use magic inside. There's a magic conducton line
engineer at the academy. Let's go ask him to come with us first.

Tippi : And then we can use magic inside right?

Stella : I will grant you permission to enter the cave. Once you are done
with your preparation you may procede directly inside.

======= Magic academy - Sixth floor ========

(well the guy you need is in the office next to the guy who made you
that invisiblity potion. Go talk to him)

Ariost : Excuse me.

Engineer :  Oh, if it isn't Ariost. What brings you here?

Tippi : We need you help grampa!

Engineer : You need me? Come on, don't be joking now.
There are no places left that haven't been equipped with magic conduction
lines anymore now.

Ruise : Actually there is a cave with absolutely no Growshu inside and it's
not possible to use magic there. But we need to be able to use magic to
travel inside.

Tippi : If you help us we can defeat Venzel grampa!

Engineer : Venzel?

Wallace : The name of the one trying to enslave the world.
Because of him the Ranzack castle is no more.

Engineer : And you need my help to defeat him?

Ruise : Yes, please lend us your help!

Engineer : ...kukukuh...hahahaha!

Engineer : I see, I see! I am needed! I am needed to save the world!

Tippi : G, grampa...?

Engineer : I've been working with magic conduction lines for 40 years now!
I thought nobody needed my skills anymore and now I hear you telling
me there's still such a fantastic way for me to stand in the spotlight again!
Alright! Take me with you! You'll see the best conduction lines you've ever
seen in your life!

Ruise : Thank you very much!

(the crazy old man joins as a npc, time to go to the cave. Btw you can now get
the final Tippi icon in the Burnsein castle basement. What's more you now have
access to the hole-in-the-wall Featherian shop. When you're back with Stella,
go north a bit you should see a Featherian talking to what looks like a bush.
Check it to find the shop. Everything there cost a fortune but you'll find
amazing equipement for all you characters. Be sure to check it. Once you're
done get to the cave, it's southeast of the town)

======= Featherland - Artificial cave entrance ========

(talking to the guard)

Featherian : I received word to let you in, be careful.

Tippi : It's here? We'll find the power stone control device inside right?

Ruise : They key to defeat Venzel...

Engineer : So it's in there?

Ruise : Yes. We're counting on you!

Engineer : Leave it to me!

Ariost : Oh, it's so small...

Engineer : I have a lot of free time now that I'm retired. I've been busy
working on several impovements. It can't gather much Growshu but this will be
more than enough for all of us.

(a bridge going to the cave appears)

Wallace : Let's go.

Engineer : I tell you this now, but I can't fight.

Tippi : No worries! We will protect you!

Engineer : I'm counting on you.


Tippi : Looks like there are colored panels on the floors?

Ruise : What could they be?

Wallace : By the way, don't we need to put up a conduction line here?

Engineer : I put one at the entrance so there's no need.
I'll make another one when we exit this room. I have only three left after all.

(if you try to step on tiles)

Wallace : Hey, hurry up already!

Tippi : But we can't!

Engineer : Those are...gravity walls?

Wallace : Gravity?

Engineer : The strength that make things fall on the ground.
I guess Featherians found a away to manipulate gravity.

Ariost : That's probably how they made such a huge island float in the air.

Engineer : If you increase gravity you can completely bind the movements of
everything within the field of effect. There should be a device somewhere
to control those gravity panels.

(work you way through the room it's easy, once at the end)

Engineer : I'll make a relay here.

Engineer : ...there we go.

(in the second room)

Tippi : Ah! Monsters!

Ruise : Say, those monsters...they look a lot like...

Ariost : If I remember correctly the first Gevel was created as a weapon by
the Featherians. Then could those be prototypes?

Engineer : I'll let you deal with those monsters. I'll do my job while
you keep them busy!

Event battle 57 : Kill the monsters while protecting the engineer!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : All party members defeated or engineer killed

Enemy : 3 Gevs (Lv45)

(Those Gevel-like monster got insane defence and the regenerate skill so you
won't do much to them with your weapons. Wait till the engineer create the
line relay and then cast a couple of spells to kill them. Everything works
although Holy light is still probably the best choice. Do note that their
attacks can inflict poison/paralysis/petrification)

(as you get near the monsters)

Tippi : Hmm? Why aren't they moving? Well it makes it easier for us anyway.

(if someone attacks them here Wallace)

Wallace : My attack had no effect?

(when the engineer is done)

Engineer : Relay line set! You can now use magic here!

Tippi : Let's try!

(after casting a spell on them)

Tippi : It works! We can defeat those easily with magic!

Event battle 57 Clear

Tippi : Whew! I wondered how this was going to turn out at first!

Ruise : Magic is their weak point so we'll be fine!

(check the small pot-like thing on the ground)

Tippi : What's that?

Wallace : That smell.. it's similar to what the monster-tamer shadow knight
was using.

Ruise : Could we use this to attract monsters?

(Who are you going to give it to?)
1) Yourself
2) Ruise
3) Wallace
4) Julian (or whoever is the 4th party member)
5) Ariost (since you probably have him in the party anyway)

Tippi : You're going to cary it? I don't really want monsters chasing
after me though...

Ruise : M,me!??

Tippi : We're counting on you Ruise-chan!

Wallace : You're giving this to me? I don't really mind.

Tippi : We're counting on you Wallace-san!

Julian : Leave it to me.

Tippi : We're counting on you Julian!

Ariost : Alright, I don't mind.

Tippi : We're counting on you Ariost-san!

(pick someone with a good defence and decent movement. Julian is
probably the best choice here)

(once in the third room)

Tippi : This looks like a hall of sorts...

Engineer : In a room of that size putting a relay line in the midle
of it should be enough.

Wallace : But there re lots of monsters here. This will be dangerous.

Engineer : But if I don't do it you guys won't be able to use magic remember?
Cover me!

Ruise : There are some colored tiles here too...

Engineer : Which means there should be a gravity tile control device somewhere.

Tippi : Hmm...

Tippi : Ah, it's there!

Engineer : This is the last duty of my 40 years of working with magic
conduction lines! Let's go young ones!

Event battle 58 : Kill the monsters while protecting the engineer! (part 2)

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : All party members defeated or engineer killed

Enemy : 9 Gevs (Lv45)

(The key to this fight lies in how you move your character. The one carying
the flour you got earlier will drag all the monsters towards him/her. Send
someone else to the gravity tiles control panel and another one to cover the
engineer who otherwise could get killed in no time by the monster. He can only
withstand one hit so beware. Or just have a high defence character stand
still and defend and spam healing items on him/her but that's lame :p )

(whoever has the flour here Julian)

Julian : It seems the monsters are all coming after me...

Wallace : So they're indeed attracted to that flour's smell.

Ruise : Then can we drag them away using that flour?

Wallace : That's one way to deal with them.

(the engineer reach the middle of the room)

Engineer : Well then, time to get to work.

Engineer : Hm? It's not working?

Ariost : What's wrong?

Engineer : It appears we can't transmit magical energy here.

Tippi : Eeeh!? Then what are we going to do!

Engineer : I have a bit of tuning to do. Hold on for a minute!

Wallace : We're counting on you!

(after a few seconds)

Engineer : So this goes there, then I have to change the direction this part
is facing, and...

(afew more seconds)

Engineer : Oh, I finally got a response, just a little more and...


Engineer : And now this should work. Switch on!

Engineer : How's that! I did it! Now, hurry up and kill those monsters!

Tippi : Thank you grampa!

Engineer : Well then, I'll be going back now. I'll have a Featherian
escort me to the ground.

(all monsters defeated)

Tippi : Thank you grampa!

Engineer : I'll remember this day all my life now, that's for sure!

Event battle 58 Clear

Tippi : Seems like the place is clear now.

Wallace : Alright, let's enter that last room.

(once inside the last room, you'll see the device, get it)

Tippi : So this is the power stone control device?

Ruise : Looks like it.

Wallace : With this we can stop Venzel dead in his tracks!

Ruise : We should go and see Gina-san to ask how it works.

(back into the meditation room - talk to Gina)

Ariost : We're back mother.

Tippi : How do we use that control device?

Gina : You have the power stone right? Then it's not difficult.
The most important part is to have everyone around you strongly wishing for
the same thing, then the one holding the power stone should direct it towards
its target and press the control device switch.

Tippi : So it doesn't work if people aren't thinking about the same thing?

Gina : What triggers the power stone to activate is people thoughts, their
will. If everyone wish strongly for the same thing then the power stone
will make it happen.

Ruise : I see, I understand now. Each time we used the power stone so far was
when we were about to die. We were all thinking that we wanted to be saved so
that's why the power stone reacted.

Wallace : Everyone must have the same thing in mind then.

Gina : However, even if you use the control device, when the power stone will
activate there'll still be a strong counter reaction occuring in the shape of
a natural disaster somewhere. Do not forget this.

(once outside)

Ariost : ...don't forget about the counter reaction huh...

Wallace : Not knowing what it will be is a bit worrying.

Tippi : Should we tell Master about this?

Tippi : Master, can you hear me? It's Tippi. Yup, Actually we found a way to
defeat Venzel but that will create some sort of backlash. And I was
wondering if there was something we could do about this but...

Tippi : Understood! You want us to come report?

Ruise : What did mother said?

Tippi : She said we should come back to the castle and talk with
everyone about it.

(sigh, the game was so serious for all that time and now it's throwing
some much bs at you, it's kind of sad :p  Well back to report and finally
get some vacations. Those are the last ones too)

======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========

(upon entering)

Arcadius : Oh, I heard about Venzel. Things do look pretty grim.
To think that when we finally got rid of Gevel another frightening
enemy would appear...

Tippi : But we heard a lot about him from the Featherian queen! Right?
1) Venzel is a fusion between Gevel and a Growsian
2) Leave it to Tippi to explain
3) Leave it to Ruise to explain

Arcadius : What did you say? A fusion with Gevel?

Ariost/Wallace : Gevel's incredible life span, a Growsian's magical
strength and also the power to control space-time distorsions.
Those are all the powers Venzel possess.

Tippi : What? I have to do it?

Tippi : ...Ruise-chan, you do it!

Ruise : ...geez, you guys are helpless.

Ruise : Err..actually Venzel is a fusion between Gevel and a Growsian.
And it seems he has the power to control space-time distorsions too.

Ruise : ...geez, you're helpless.

Ruise : Err..actually Venzel is a fusion between Gevel and a Growsian.
And it seems he has the power to control space-time distorsions too.


Arcadius : The power to control space-time distorsions...
How could we ever hope to defeat such a person!?

Tippi : By using the power stone control device we borrowed
from the Featherians!

Sandra : The power stone? You have it?

Ruise : Yes. In fact oniichan had it for a while now.
If we use it we have a chance to defeat Venzel.

Sandra : I see... So the backlash Tippi was talking about it was the one
caused by using the power stone?

Wallace : That's why we would like your opinion about whether we should
use it freely or not.

Arcadius : A natural disaster occurs after each use... But if we don't
use it we have no chance of defeating him.... And if we let him be he will
eventually put the whole continent under his rule...

Sandra : Your Majesty. We await your decision.

Arcadius : ...hmm...

Arcadius : Let me think about it for a while. In three, no in two days
I will take a decision. Feel free to rest during that time.

Official : Well then, we will grant you two days of vacation.

Official : Considering your achievements we will grant you two days of rest
this time. Well then, please select where you want to go :
1) Capital city Rosaria
2) Health resort Rashell
3) Magic academy
4) Hot spring town Comsprings
5) My city

                            Thirteenth Mission
                              Defeat Venzel

======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========

(after getting back from vacation)

Official : Your vacations are now over. You will be given your next mission.

Arcadius : ...forgive me for taking so long to take my decision.

Wallace : And what did you decide your Majesty?

Arcadius : It's a decision that brings me much worries but I will allow you
to use the powerstone despites the consequences. We won't bend to Venzel's rule!
I will assume responsabilities for every disasters the power stone may create.
I already sent word to the other countries about my decision. Now I want you
to find and defeat Venzel!

Sandra : We're counting on you. There's no one else but you who can do this.

(so where to go now? The only clue we have about Venzel is that he was in the
Ranzack capital not that long ago so go there and ask for his whereabouts from
the citizens. Btw you can now explore Fleischberg again, the layout changed
and there are a few items to grab there. It's a bonus dungeon, feel free to
skip it for now, you can go there anytime. It doesn't take very long though
but then again you'll get crappy items there asides from the skill scroll)

======= Ranzack capital ========

(talking to the worried citizen)

Citizen : You guys, can you use magic?

Ruise : Um, yes...

Citizen : Then do you mind if I ask something? Who would win between a magician
and a warrior if they both fight using only physical strength?

Ruise : Errr... oniichan can use magic and he's a strong fighter too so I don't
think there's really a rule saying which is stronger but...

Wallace : If you're talking about physical strength, a warrior who trained his
body will obviously win.

Tippi : And? What did you ask that for?

Citizen : Well there's a guy that really looked like he was a magician. He
fought with the town's soldiers earlier. And well, you'd think for a old
magician like him he wouldn't be that tough right? But the bastard was
amazingly strong and killed the soldiers in seconds.

Wallace : Where is he now?

Citizen : General Weber chased after him and it seems like they went into
the forest to the north west...

Wallace : Weber did? There's no mistake, that magician is Venzel!

Tippi : Let's hurry!

(ok even if you head north west you won't encounter anyone until you reach
fort Raijin and talk to the soldier there)

======= Fort Raijin ========

(talking to the guard at the gate)

Soldier : Currently, general Bronson deployed to intercept an enemy.

Wallace : He deployed?

Soldier : The enemy is a magician, he's in the plains east of here at
the moment! The fort is off limits to anyone for the time being.

(head east and prepare for a battle) 

Bronson : Damn...he's so strong!

Weber : And we were so close to have him bit the dust, how come....

Venzel : Hmph, what a tenacious bunch. Then have a taste of this!

(he teleports some Yung in)

Venzel : Hurry up and die already.

Weber : The one to die will be you! I'll make you pay for deceiving us!

Venzel : "Deceiving us" you say? I didn't. Our deal was for me to teach you
people magic in exchange for remaining hidden. That deal was fulfilled.

Weber : Except you killed all of those you teached in the end...

Venzel : Kukuku! How about bringing this to an end now? This talk will get
us nowhere. All I hear is some weaklings complaining.
Allow me to put you out of your misery now.

Wallace : Hold on!

Wallace : You'll be the one dying here Venzel!

Weber : ...Wallace...

Tippi : How dare you put our Ruise-chan in that much pain!

Venzel : Let me thank you, Sandra's daugther. Without your Growshu I wouldn't
have been able to regain my former strength.

Wallace : Save your thanks. You're about to lose that strength together with
your life right now.

Venzel : Don't get full of yourself because you managed to defeat Gevel.
His strength is nothing compared to mine. You won't even be able to scratch me.

Weber : We'll see about that!

(He rush to him and lands a blow)

Weber : I felt that one land!

Venzel : Hmph, not too bad for a human. Then again...

(weird magic effects occurs and Weber gets blown off while Venzel regenerates)

Weber : What!?

Bronson : His wounds...they closed at an incredible speed!?

Venzel : ...kukukukuh! Didn't I tell you already? Mere humans can't kill me!

(more Yung are teleported in)

Venzel : There's nothing more to say. Die here and now!

Event battle 59 : Defeat Venzel while protecting Bronson and Weber!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : All party members defeated or Bronson or Weber killed

Enemy : Venzel (Lv57)
        3 Yung alpha (Lv35)
        3 Yung beta (Lv31)

Allies  Bronson (Lv36)
        Weber (Lv38)
        2 Rolandia soldiers (Lv30)
        2 Ranzack soldiers (lv29)

(Well another battle easy to win in itself but annoying to win with no
casualties. Grow resist will help you tremendously if you have it, as it will
prevent Venzel from killing the soldiers in one spell. Grow cure/healing is
another spell that will be very useful so you might want to bring Karen for
this battle. Holy light can dispatch the Yung but you might not be in range so
earthquake is another handy spell here to save time and get rid of the Yung
quickly. Once they're out of the picture the fight is easy enough, just keep
an eye on the soldiers HP)

(after landing any kind of damage on Venzel)

Venzel : Useless...

(he will regenerate fully)

Tippi : Aaah, that didn't work at all!

(if you get near him here Carmaine)

Venzel : Did you come all the way here to get yourself killed?

Tippi : You'l be the one to kick the bucket!

(after staying near Venzel for a while)

Wallace : What are you doing! Use it!

Tippi : That's right! This is our best chance to use it now!

(use either the power stone (Sheila's ring) or the control device (probably the
last item in the inventory) you got recently to end the battle, still that makes
you wonder why we bothered getting the device for this fight?)

(when using the power stone or the control device)

Tippi : Everyone! Focus your thoughts on defeating him! This is the last time
we can use the power stone! There won't be another chance!

Bronson : I don't know what that means but I believe in you!

Wallace : Count on us! We will definitely kill that guy!

Ruise : We will protect this world!

Weber : My country....how dare you....!

Tippi : Now!

Tippi : ...did it work?

Venzel : What was that? Did you really think you could defeat me with that?

Ruise : ...it...failed?

Venzel : ....kukukukuh... I really don't know what's going on in your heads,
you simpletons!

Tippi : It didn't do anything?

Venzel : Stop the childish struggling and die already!

(after hitting him once you used the power stone)

Venzel : Haven't you understood yet? No matter how many times you attack me,
you won't even be able scratch me!

Venzel : A mere wound like this...

Venzel : Hm? What in the world...

Ruise : His wounds...didn't heal?

Venzel : Why? Why can't I increase my regeneration speed? I can't heal my body!

Tippi : So it did work!

Wallace : It wasn't a wasted effort!

Venzel : Damn you! Even if my healing powers are impaired I won't lose to
mere humans!

(Venzel defeated)

Venzel : It can't be...

Event battle 59 Clear

Venzel : It can't be...

Tippi : This is the end for you!

Venzel : Nuuh...

Ruise : What's...that sound?

Ruise : Kyaah!

Weber : A, an eartquake!

Venzel : ...hmph, here's my chance...

(he teleports away)

Tippi : Ah! He ran away!

Wallace : If only that eartquake didn't delay us... was it the counter effect
from the power stone?

Ruise : But, I can't believe it! He was able to focus enough to cast Teleport
during a battle....

Weber : And here we nearly had him at our mercy too...

Tippi : Aaaargh! This is so frustrating!

Bronson : Still that means he's not invincible anymore. I'm sure we'll get
another chance to defeat him now.

Wallace : You're rigth. We should deliver the news to each country.

Weber : Yes... I will let the Ranzack soldiers know.

Wallace : I'm counting on you Weber.

Weber : Yeah.

Bronson : I will return to the fort and inform the soldiers.

Ruise : Tippi, give a report to mother please.

Tippi : Okay!

Tippi : Ah, Master? You know...

Wallace : What should we do now?
1) Report to the king
2) Report the news to other countries
3) I'll let you guys decide

Tippi : Tippi-chan kick!

Tippi : I'm already giving a report right now!
And you'd better not be complaing about it!

Tippi : Ah, Master? No, that was nothing.
I was just minding my own business here....

Ruise : Aww, come on, oniichan!

Wallace : Jokes asides, we'd better report this to everyone else.
Weber will take care of the Ranzack people so we should focus on other places.

Ruise : We didn't defeat him but at least we stole his regeneration powers.
I'm sure we will have another chance to defeat him now.

Tippi : Sorry for the wait! I finished giving my report!
Well I got delayed by a certain someone in the middle of it but...

Carmaine : ...

Wallace : Then, let's go.

Wallace : Indeed.
Weber will take care of the Ranzack people so we should focus on other places.

Ruise : We didn't defeat him but at least we stole his regeneration powers.
I'm sure we will have another chance to defeat him now.

Tippi : Sorry for the wait! I finished giving my report!

Wallace : Then, let's go.

Wallace : Are you even thinking about the situation?
What's the point in acting like a chicken now that we came this far!

Ruise : Hmm, shouldn't we deliver the news to other countries?

Wallace : Yes, we should.
Weber will take care of the Ranzack people so we should focus on other places.

Ruise : We didn't defeat him but at least we stole his regeneration powers.
I'm sure we will have another chance to defeat him now.

Tippi : Sorry for the wait! I finished giving my report!

Wallace : Then, let's go.

(you have to visit the Burnsein castle and the magic academy now.
Those events can be done in either order)

======= Burnstein castle ========

(upon entering if Eliotte is in the party)

Oscar Reeves : Welcome back your Highness.

Eliotte : I bring important news. Please gather the Imperial knights.

Oscar Reeves : Certainly.

(if he isn't you'll get something like that)

Oscar Reeves : Hello everyone.

Wallace : We came to talk about Venzel. Is Elio...I mean is the king here?

Oscar Reeves : He is in the audience room. This way please.

Julian : It would be best if all Imperial knights are present too.
Where is Lyell?

Oscar Reeves : I understand. I will call him.

(in the audience room)

Eliotte : Hello everyone! What did you come for?

Wallace : We'll wait until everyone is here before we start talking.

(all three Imperial knights gather)

Eliotte : Everyone is here now.

Tippi : Then let's get started.

Wallace : We learned that Venzel is actually fused with a Gevel-like creature.
He's also a Growsian so he has strong magic powers. In top of that he can
even control space-time distorsions.

Oscar Reeves : Gevel's strength, Growsian powers and the ability to control
space-time combined? I can't even imagine how strong he must be...

Ruise : Since we know we had no chance of winning we used the power stone.

Ernest Lyell : What's a power stone?

Tippi : Err...something about cause and effect and uhh, yeah what is it really?
1) The embodiment of people's will
2) A mysterious gemstone
3) Something that can create supernatural phenomenons (no specific answer)

Tippi : Well that's also true but...

Ruise : Err.. if you use the power stone you can bend natural laws and create
supernatural phenomenons otherwise impossible.

Tippi : Ok, let's ignore that guy. Ruise-chan, please explain!

Ruise : Err.. if you use the power stone you can bend natural laws and create
supernatural phenomenons otherwise impossible.


Ernest Lyell : It can create supernatural phenomenons?

Wallace : We intended to use it to defeat Venzel but it didn't work that well.

Oscar Reeves : When you say it didn't work well it means it did something
at least?

Tippi : Yes! You know Venzel has incredible healing powers! As soon as you cut
him his wounds heal right away! But thanks to the power stone those disappeared!

Ruise : In other words, he isn't invincible anymore. If we can hurt him enough
we should have been able to defeat him but...

Oscar Reeves : But?

Ruise : He disappeared by using Teleport...

Ariost : Most probably, his ability to control time-space hasn't disappeared.
That's why he can vanish in an instant like that.

Julian : The situation isn't that bad in the end. At least now we have a
chance of defeating him.

Eliotte : No matter how many times he run away we'll definitely defeat him
sooner or later!

Wallace : Well, that's how things are for now. We came to let you know.

Tippi : Well then, let's go to the magic academy and deliver the news now ok?

Eliotte : That place may be targetted as well I guess...

Oscar Reeves : Thank you. We can now hope to defeat him.

(as soon as you leave the room)

Burnstein soldier : Emergency! Monsters have appeared in town!

Ruise : Oh no!

(a countdown will start, if you don't reach the town before it ends it's
game over)

(once in town)

Citizen : Kyaah!

Burnstein soldier : Focus on ensuring the citizens safety!

Venzel : Kukukuh! Destroy everything! Kill them all!
I will carve fear deep inside the humans hearts!

Tippi : We won't let you!

Wallace : You won't escape this time!

Event battle 60 : Protect the guards and the citizens!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : All party members defeated or too many npcs killed

Enemy : Venzel (Lv57)
        3 Yung alpha (Lv42)
        2 Skeleton knights (Lv41)

Allies  3 Burnstein soldiers (lv34)

(Don't worry about Venzel as he'll leave right away unless you don't move.
Have a character spam healing and another take care of far away enemies with
Eartquake or Soul force and this will be done in no time)

(a few seconds after the start of the battle)

Venzel : Kill! Kill them all! Now that the Ranzack is taken care of, I will
destroy this country army!

Wallace : Destroy their army?

Venzel : I'll let you handle those. Kill as many as you want!

(after killing all enemies)

Tippi : That was the last one right?

Event battle 60 Clear

Ruise : He ran away again...

Wallace : I'm concerned about what he said though?

Tippi : What do you think he meant?
1) He's trying to exterminate mankind
2) He's trying to rule over mankind
3) I have no idea

Wallace : Exterminate? You're wrong. If he was he wouldn't need to focus on
killing soldiers. What's he tring to do is to get rid of any oppositon.
Then he will be able to rule over humans through fear.

Wallace : Looks like it. Render people powerless then control them
through fear.

Wallace : You don't get it?

Wallace : Once he gets rid of any opposition he will be able to rule over
humans through fear of him.


Ruise : People will think they're powerless in front of him...

Tippi : Argh, that pisses me off!

(time to go to the academy now!)

======= Magic acedemy - in front of the main building ========

(as you get near the students)

Female student : Hey hey, did you hear? Our teacher said that he recorded
really abnormal values about space-time distorsions lately.

Male student : Whoa, isn't that really bad news? I mean, in the worst case
it could mean the dimensions rift would make the worlds split or something

Female student : Yeah, he says he's worried too...

Male student : I want to ask him more about this. Where is he now?

Female student : On the roof, still measuring distorsions.

(follow them for some optionnal bit of story)

(on the roof, talk to the teacher)

Tippi : Hi there!

Ruise : Hello.

Teacher : Oh, it's you Ruise-kun.

Ruise : Is everything alright with the measures given by the
distorsions detector?

Teacher : Not really. Unless I'm mistaken the current results tell us that
our world will return to its former state in not too long.

Tippi : Its former state?

Teacher : We escaped to this world because our previous world became unfit
to live in anymore. If we do return to our previous world, it means we'll
be back into a barren land.

Tippi : What! That'd be really bad now!

Teacher : To be honest, we knew it would eventually return to its former state,
we were only attempting to preserve that artificial state we are in currently.
We just weren't expecting that time to come so soon.

Wallace : Then does that means that there's nothing we can do but wait until
the worlds ends or what?

Tippi : There's no way to stop that?

Teacher : No, and that's why we are so troubled over it. I'd really like
to think the "distorsions detector" is simply broken and this isn't happening

Ruise : It's not broken...?

Teacher : ...it's not. At the current pace the two dimensions are separating,
mankind will meet its end within two years at best...

Wallace : ...and right when we're already have enough troubles dealing with
Venzel too...how are we going to get through that?

(well isn't that good news? time to go report about Venzel to Bradley now)

======= Magic acedemy - 7th floor ========

(talking to the secretary)

Secretary : Hello everyone. I'm glad to see you.

Tippi : Isn't it the chancellor's office on that side?

Secretary : That's right. Now that the vice-chancellor formally became
the chancellor of the academy he moved to this office.

Secretary : Please go in. The chancellor is waiting for you.


Ruise : Excuse us.

(talking to Bradley)

Bradley : Welcome. I guess you came to report your findings since the banquet?

Wallace : Good guess.

Ruise : We learned that Venzel is actually a fused being of a Growsian and

Bradley : A fused being?

Ruise : Yes. In top of his strength as a Growsian, Venzel was able to obtain
Gevel's strength and the power to control space-time too as a result.

Bradley : ...Gevel's strength and the power to control space-time...
...do we have any chance to defeat him?

Tippi : After talking with the Featherians we found a way!

Bradley : ...is that so...

Ruise : we obtained a device to control the power stone and thought about using
it to defeat Venzel but... All it could do was seal his regeneration powers...

Bradley : I see...

Ruise : Even without those healing powers he can teleport away instantly to
flee when he needs to. And his magic powers are still great enough to blow off
the whole Ranzack castle in one attack. We must remain very careful and...

Student : Chancellor! Emergency!! Monsters are coming this way!

Bradley : What!?

Wallace : If they managed to slip in during the short time we were talking
it means it's him...

Student : Right now, students gathered to fight them!

Tippi : What! That's way too reckless!

Bradley : Forgive me, but can I ask you to take care of this?
Save the students!

(countdown again, hurry up to the courtyard or it's game over)

(in the courtyard if you're on time)

Male student : My spells! They're not doing anything!

Female student : Don't give up! If we don't stop them our school is done for!

Male student : Y, yeah...

Venzel : Pursuing knowledge isn't a bad thing in itself.
But from the point of a view of a ruler it can be troublesome.
Which is why I decided to exterminate all those involved with this academy!

Tippi : Like we will let you do that!

Venzel : ...you would-be heroes are getting on my nerves!

Ariost : Would-be heroes? This is the place we work in.
Obviously we can't sit and let it be destroyed!

Venzel : And they even have the nerve to talk back...

Ariost : Sigh...

Event battle 61 : Protect the students!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : All party members defeated or too many npcs killed

Enemy : Venzel (Lv57)
        4 Yung alpha (Lv34)
        2 Lesser demons (Lv42)
        Skeleton knight (Lv41)

Allies  3 Males students (lv26)
        3 Female students (Lv24)

(Don't worry about Venzel as he'll leave right away again. Well you stil need
to get close to him if you don't he'll cast on the students which is bad.
You can stop enemies dead in their trackes before they can do anything with
spell spamming. Holy light is the best choice, as demons will
resist other magic damage. Overall an easy battle)

(a few seconds after the start of the battle)

Venzel : Kill! Kill them all! But do not destroy the facility.

Ariost : What?

Venzel : I don't have time to waste with you.

Tippi : Are you running away again!?

Venzel : Farewell!

(he teleports away)

Ruise : ...he teleported again...

Event battle 61 Clear

Tippi : ...whew... It's over...

Wallace : So he does target this place as well...

Ariost : What he said bothers me though.
"Kill the people but do not destroy the facility".

Ruise : Hmm, maybe he's interested in the research conducted here...

Tippi : When he attacked the Burnstein capital, he targeted the soldiers but
didn't harm the citizens right? So why would he want to kill the students here?

Wallace : Since this place is full of magicians, it does have military
strength in a way.

Ruise : So he only targets anything that hold military power? As a ruler he
wants to keep those who could become his workforce alive I guess...

Tippi : Grrr! That way of thinking really makes me mad!

Wallace : Well, what to do now....

(well for once you don't have much clues about what to do. Since you're done
reporting to everyone you might want to check up on your own country, as you
get near the castle you'll be prompted to an event)

======= Rosaria - Castle gate ========

(as you get close enough)

Woman : my son...give me back my son!

Gate guard : There isn't much point in saying that to me...

Tippi : What's going on?

Ruise : Excuse me, what happened?

Woman : Listen to this! Those stupid castle's knights! Because they made
Venzel angry my son got killed!

Ruise : Your son?

Gate guard : He was one of the city guards. A few days ago Venzel attacked
the city with a pack of monsters and he died during the battle...

Woman : If those stupid knights didn't try to act so tough, my son wouldn't

Tippi : The knights she keeps refering to, could it be...

Gate guard : Don't let that upset you please. I know you have your hands full
dealing with the current situation...

(enter the castle and go to the throne room)

Arcadius : Oh, you're back. I heard the situation from your report.
How was the situation in the Burnstein kingdom and at the magic academy?
1) Both were attacked
2) We should send troops to help protect the academy
3) There were no casualties so no need to worry
4) Is everything alright here?

Arcadius : So they are indeed targeted as well...

Wallace : However civilians weren't attacked. It seems he's trying to weaken
our military power instead.

Arcadius : I see. At least we can be thanksful there were no casualties among
the citizens.

Arcadius  Send troops? Was that place targeted as well?

Ruise : The Burnstein got their army and there's also the Imperial knights
there. But there aren't any soldiers to protect the academy!

Arcadius : Hmmm... And here I thought that at least civilians weren't targeted.

Wallace : Students of the academy can all use magic. He probably consider the
academy as a force able to oppose him.

Arcadius : I understand. I will send troops to protect the magic academy.

Tippi : How can you say there's no need to worry in such a situation!?

Arcadius : Well, it's true that only soldiers have been targeted so far but...

Arcadius : We also have been attacked numerous times. Even though we didn't
suffer from any civilians casualties so far the citizens are very tense.


Arcadius : Well then, what do you intend to do now?

Wallace : Now that we deprived Venzel of his regenerative abilities he keep
escaping through teleporting so...

Wallace : If only we could finda way to prevent him from teleporting...

Ruise : Yes. Compared to how we had to struggle to seal his healing powers,
preventing him from teleporting should be easier...

Wallace : The problem is how are we going to do that?

Arcadius : We do not have much time to find a way either. Lately citizens
have grown more and more upset. Among them there are some blaming you for
the recent events.

Ruise : ...that can't be...

Arcadius : Of course, I'm well aware that's not the case...

Carmaine : ...

Tippi : Hey, are you alright? You look terrible.
1) I'm fine
2) It's over for me
3) I don't have the strength to answer

Tippi : Really? but you look like you can't even stand...

Tippi : Hey, hang on!

Tippi : Hey, are you listening?

Tippi : Ah!


(Carmaine collapses)

Wallace : H, hey!

Ruise : Oniichan!

(screen fades and you're carried back home)

Tippi : ...are you sure Master?

Sandra : Unfortunately, we can't do anything.

Ruise : No way! You're an incredible magician, aren't you?
There must be something you can do!

Sandra : Ruise...

Ruise : Can't we do something using my Growshu?

Sandra : Ruise...

Ruise : Could it be... Is it because he saved me?
Is it because my Growshu came back?

Ruise : Then I'd rather stay how I was!

Sandra : Ruise!

Ruise : *cries*

Wallace : Are we really powerless to help?

Sandra : Now that Gevel is dead, there's no way for him to say alive.
It's a miracle he lived on afterwards that long already.

Wallace : So if we can figure out why he lived on afterwards we can find
clues on how to keep him alive?

Sandra : Unfortunately we pretty much already know the reason why.
Because Ruise was near him, his spiritual link with Gevel was nearly
completely obtructed so he grew used to receive a weakened "life supply".
Compared to others who received it in full he was weaker and that's how
he could survive for so long I think.

Wallace : So there's nothing we can do...  Damn it!!

Tippi : ...I can't accept that too...

Tippi : When I was born and  learned from Master that my reason for living
was to observe him I thought "what a pain" at first but... After travelling
together I really started to like him. And now that I really feel grateful
for being alive and having that purpose in life...this can't be happening...

Sandra : What was that child's fate in the end...?

Sandra : The darkness that will destroy this world...
Or the light that will save it...
That was what the fortune-teller told me about his destiny long ago...

Sandra : That's why... I want to believe that child will not die like this.

Wallace : "The darkness that will destroy the world" huh...
What have we been struggling to do for so long now....
We fought so hard to defeat Gevel and protect everyone.
We also were this close to defeat Venzel and now we feel like this was all
a mistake in the first place...  
...we won't be able to save him even though he did his best to save so many...

Sandra : Let's go downstairs. He needs to rest even if it's only for a
short while...

(Carmaine wakes up)

Ruise : Oniichan...are you feeling ok? You don't look very good.
1) That's because the lighting here is bad
2) It hurts a bit
3) I'm fine now

Ruise : Don't lie to me! You look bad because you're in pain right!?

Ruise : I guess it does... Please don't overdo it...

Ruise : Really? If it hurts then please tell me right away.

Ruise : So it's really because we killed Gevel that you feel bad now right?
If I knew if would come down to this I wish we wouldn't have killed him...

Tippi : But Ruise-chan... If we didn't he could have took control over

Ruise : So what! It's better than making oniichan suffers so much!
If it's for your sake oniichan there's nothing I can't bear!
But I can't watch it when I see you suffering like that...
I would do anything to save you! I can't just keep watching!
I hate myself for being this powerless...
1) Don't worry, I won't die
2) I'm happy simply with you being by my side
3) I wasn't expecting anything from you to start with anyway

Ruise : I believe you. So you'd better really not die!

Ruise : *sob*  Thank you oniichan. But I guess if I'm the one cheered up
in such a situation, I'm really no good. Oniichan, please don't die...

Ruise : *break into tears and leaves*

Tippi : What the heck are you saying?

(screen shifts to the Burnstein castle prison)

Richard : Uu...uuuh... Save me...someone... I can't...any longer...

Richard : Ernest... Oscar... Save me.... I feel my life disappearing...
I don't want to die yet.....

Richard : ...Ernest...someone....anyone.....

(back to Carmaine, head downstairs)

Ruise : Ah, oniichan!

Tippi : Hey! You sure you shouldn't be sleeping?

Wallace : Hey, tell us the truth already. How are you really feeling?
If you can't fight then you'll just get in the way during battles.
I'm sure you know this too.

Wallace : So far we fought according to your directions but if you're no
longer able to fight then sorry but you're out of the group.

Wallace : Now, answer me!

(weird noises from outside)

Ruise : ...what!?

Rolandia soldier : Ermegency! Monsters are attacking again!

Wallace : Now of all times! Hey, take us there!

Ruise : I'm coming too!

Xenos : ...that damn Venzel bastard!

Julian : I'll make you pay Venzel!

Sandra : ...I won't say anything. How you live your life is up to you.

(geez, silly countdown again. You just need to exit your house this time)

(once outside)

Ruise : Oniichan!

Wallace : ...I knew you would come... So, what should we do?

Event battle 62 : Protect the citizens!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : All party members defeated or too many npcs killed

Enemy : 6 Lesser demons (Lv42)

(later on)
        4 Lesser demons (Lv42)

Allies  Rolandia soldier (lv34)
        Rolandia archer (Lv31)

(Only demons! They're very slow but have annoying magic. Then again they're
all close together so they're the perfect target for Holy light which will
kill them in one go. Send a character with good defence south of the archer
and soldier so when the reinforcements appear he/she can eat the damage instead
of the npcs. As usual as soon as you get near Vezel or damage him he will flee)

(after killing 3-4 demons)

Venzel : Kukukuh! How much longer are going to uselessly keep fighting back?

Wallace : Venzel!?

Venzel : Just submit to me already.

Tippi : Who in their right mind would listen to you!?

Venzel : ...looks like you need some punishment. Hrm!

(more demons are teleported in)

Venzel : Well then. How much longer will you be able to protect the civilians?

Citizen : Ci,civilians? He means us!?

Ruise : No...that's too cruel...

Venzel : Now, let the show begin!

(a few seconds later)

Venzel : I would really love to see how this will unfold but I don't have time
to spare unfortunately. If you'll excuse me...

(he teleports away)

Event battle 62 Clear

Tippi : Are there any citizens injured?

Ruise : None. We protected them all.

Tippi : I'm so glad.

Wallace : What worries me is you. Are you really ok?
1) Yes
2) No

Wallace : I see. If you have that much resolve then I won't try to stop you
any longer.

Ruise : Oniichan...

Wallace : I guess not... But try to do what you can.
We'll take care of everything that's left.

Tippi : We should avoid wasting time as much as possible. Let's get back to
business right away!

Ruise : Still Oniichan, you shouldn't overdo it.
How about we take you to the sanatorium for a quick check up?

(well as Ruise said it's off to Rashell now, next event trigger near the
sanatorium entrance)

======= Health resort Rashell ========

(near the sanatorium)

Belgar : ...s, so strong...
So that's how strong Venzel was...

Venzel : I felt a faint aura and came to check it out and what do I find?
A disheveled old man.

Belgar : A faint...aura..?

Karen : Is it coming from him...?

Venzel : He has to thanks using that thing called power stone for it.

Belgar : Power stone!?

Venzel : Bah, at least I got to meet an old aquaintance at least.

Belgar : ...kh!

(your group appears)

Xenos : Old man!?

Wallace : Captain!?

Belgar : Take care everyone! Don't take him lightly!

Venzel : ...so you showed up...
But what a weakened state you're in... Now this will be an easy win!

Venzel : Hmmm!

Wallace : That bastard...what is planning to do!?

Venzel : I can't use those repeatedly so I don't bother usually but it's not
like you'll be able to dodge now... Die!

Carmaine : !!
(you'll get the choice to cover Karen/any girl present in the current party)
1) Cover Ruise (she's always the top choice)
2) Cover Julian
3) Cover Karen (always last if not in party)

(Venzel fires his Venzel-laser :p )

Wallace : Are you all ok!?

Ruise : Oniichan...you got hit while protecting me...

Julian : Why was it you that had to cover me...

Karen : No... for my sake you...

Venzel : Kukukukuh! As I expected!

(Carmaine tries to get up)

Venzel : Peristent bastard! He's still alive!

Wallace : Stay there! Le us handle the fighting! Just issue orders we'll take
care of the rest!

Belgar : Wallace! is it true he used the power stone!?

Wallace : I, it's true.

Belgar : ...good! Hold off Venzel while I get near him!

Wallace : Huh? Y, yes sir!

Event battle 63 : Protect Belgar and Carmaine!

Winning condition : Defeat Venzel
Losing condition : All party members defeated or Belgar/Carmaine/Karen killed

Enemy : Venzel (Lv58)

(later on)

        3 giants (lv45)

Allies  Belgar (lv51)
        Carmaine (whatever your Carmaine is)
        Karen (whatever you Karen is)

(Well the only fight without Carmaine in the game! He'll join in soon enough
though. First pay attention to the fact that the girl you covered still lost
half her hp. Next is Venzel, he's quite a bit stronger than in the previous
fights. He's much easier to damage using magic this time around than physical
attacks. Same for the giants he calls in. Finally Belgar is as slow as
Wallace/Xenos so try to clear the way for him or he'll take forever. All in
all an easy fight as usual)

(after landing a couple hits on Venzel)

Venzel : Damn you! Take this!

(three giants teleport in)

(Belgar gets near Carmaine)

Belgar : Hold on just a bit longer!

(Belgar reaches Carmaine)

Beglar : He's in a terribly weakened state...

Tippi : Since we killed Gevel, his life supply is cut so...

Belgar : As I thought... Hey, I need to ask you something.

Tippi : What is it grampa?

Belgar : Where is the power stone?

Tippi : Tht ring? It's still on his finger...

Belgar : ...here is it. With this, even if it's only temporary we can increase
his life span for a little longer. By using the power stone.

Tippi : That won't work! The power stone hasn't any charges left we heard...

Belgar : Just leave it to me. I even traveled through time using the power
stone. There's nobody that could know how to use it better than me. Even if
there's only scraps of power left in it, I'll show you I can use those.

Tippi : But...

Belgar : If we let him be he'll die. It may be only by a few days but this
is the only way we have to extend his life span!

Tippi : ...ok.

Belgar : I will now infuse him with Gevel's halo through the power stone.

Tippi : What!?

Venzel : I won't let you!

Belgar : The energy from the Gevel cells that lies dormant within my body...
I'll hand it to you!

Carmaine : ...

Belgar : You and me are the same being....this will work! Believe in yourself!

Xenos : Old man?

Karen : Father?

Wallace : Captain?

Belgar : Now! You cannot die just yet!

(weird magic effects and Carmaine stands up)

Carmaine : ...!

Tippi : It worked!

Belgar : It might be only for a few days but you should be able to use you
full strength during that time. Now, go and defeat him!

(Carmaine is playable again)

(Carmaine attacks Venzel)

Venzel : You're only a walking corpse!

(Venzel defeated)

Venzel : Guwah!

Event battle 63 Clear

Venzel : That accursed power stone again...!

Venzel : Damn! I'll blow you all away with a dimensional rift!

Tippi : Ah!

Belgar : Tsk!

(Venzel fires his Venzel laser MkII)

Wallace : C, captain!

Venzel : Curse you Belgar! But at least this is the end of him now.

Venzel : ...lastly, let me tell you something interesting. If nothing is done
this world will soon be destroyed. The only one that can prevent this is me.
If you want to save this world you'll have to bend to me! ...fuhahahaha!

(he telepors away)

Ruise : He escaped again...

Xenos : ...old man!?

Karen : Hold on father!

Xenos : Get a grip old man!

Belgar : ...I think I overdid it a little....

Ruise : Belgar-san...

Belgar : There is something I need to tell you before I die...

Belgar : ...when I was born, the world was still ruled by the Growsians.
I and the other humas were all used as slaves. We decided to revolt and I
became the leader of the rebel army. But I eventually got captured and he
used my body to conduct his experiments.

Wallace : So he used you for his Gevel-human fusion experiments?

Belgar : Yes. It's thanks to the result he got with me that he managed to fuse
himself with Gevel.

Tippi : But how come you stayed alive for so long?

Belgar : I didn't live that long. I traveled through time. Once the experiments
were over I was to be disposed off and killed but I managed to escape and stole
the power stone in the process. And before I noticed it I ended up in this era.
It's probably thanks to the power stone... *cough*

Karen : Father...

Belgar : Karen... I never did anything for you that allow me to be called your
father... Even though I swore to your mother I would become a real father to

Karen : What!?

Belgar : Your mother was the wife of my best friend. After Sheila died, I had
troubles raising Xenos by myself. And so we remarried and started to live
with our children from our first marriage together...

Xenos : Then Karen...isn't my real sister....

Belgar : I'm sorry for not telling you until now...

Karen : Niisan... he isn't my real niisan... I just...can't accept that all
of a sudden...

Belgar : I'm reaching my limits now... I'm counting on you now...
Promise me you'll defeat him...

Belgar : Sheila.... you came to greet me...

(young Belgar and Sheila take off while his body melts) 

Wallace : Captain...

Xenos :...old man!

Karen : ...father...

Tippi : ...we got to win...no matter what!

Ruise : ...yes.

Tippi :  ..ah, Master?

Tippi : Huh, a messenger from Eliotte? Ok, understood....

Ruise : What happened?

Tippi : A messenger from the Burnstein kingdom came and Eliotte want to see
us immediatly he said!

Ruise : Did something bad happen?

Wallace : Anyway, let's head for the Burnstein kingdom now.

(off to see Eliotte now! Btw if you had him in your party he just say he's
going back to his castle and want you to come over to talk and hear what did
the Imperial knights find out so you can't skip this)

======= Burnstein castle - audience room ========

(upon getting near Eliotte)

Wallace : Let's hear what you have to say.

Eliotte : Yes. First let's go over what we know for sure and then think about
our next move to bring down Venzel.

Ruise : Um, first we used the power stone to take away Venzel
regenerative powers.

Tippi : Then we were thinking about what to do to stop him from teleporting...

Voice : Hear me, foolish people!

Oscar Reeves : That voice...it's him!?

Voice : Listen carefully to my words peons!

Voice : Until now I have only harmed soldiers and magic wielders.
I did so in preparation for my upcoming reign. However due to the stupid
behaviour of a small group I have changed my mind.
I will now kill people indiscriminately.

Julian : What!?

Voice : If you do not wish that to happen then bend to my will immediatly!
However, as I'm sure you need to think over our decision thoroughly I will
graciously grant you a few days and wait for your answer.
First, hand over the power stone! If you reject my demand I will have
a whole village disappear!

Wallace : Bastard, is he holding villagers somewhere hostages?

Voice : Now! Come to the Bronieu village and bring the power stone with you!
If you don't hurry, let me warn you I might change my mind again. Hahahahaha!

Ariost : He took the people of my villages...as hostages?

Tippi : Hey, what should we do!

Wallace : That's a tough decision indeed...
1) Hand over the power stone
2) Don't hand it over
3) Let others decide

Tippi : Well, I know there's no energy left in it but...

Eliotte : Let's say we give it to him. It will at least take him dozens of
years to refill it right?

Ruise : If you look at it that way, I guess it's ok but...

Wallace : I think we shouldn't hand it over.
He's not someone to hold onto his word.

Tippi : Ariost-san, what do you think?

Ariost : I'm worried about the villagers too. But to give up our
only way of defeating Venzel in exchange doesn't seem like a good idea.
In such a situation, I'm sure the Featherians would decide not
to give it over without a second thought too.

Tippi : So you don't care about the people from Bronieu village?

Ariost : I'm worried about the villagers too. But to give up our
only way of defeating Venzel in exchange do not seem a good idea.
In such a situation, I'm sure the Featherians would decide not
to give it over without a second thought too.

Tippi : Hey! Are you escaping your responsabilities!?

Eliotte : It's true it's a tough decision to make but...

Wallace : Well to sum it up, this decision is only about whether
we can trust Venzel or not.

Ruise : I think if we save the villagers that way then we don't have a choice...

Julian : It may sound cold but I don't think we should hand it over.
As we have no guarantee he won't harm the villagers once he obtains the stone,
I'm against it.

Walllace : I agree. I think we shouldn't give it either.


Eliotte : What are you two thinking?

Ernest Lyell : Do not give him the stone.

Oscar Reeves : I don't trust Venzel either.

Wallace : So, what's your decision Eliotte?

Eliotte : I understand. We will not give him the power stone.
Instead we need to come up with a way to...

Burnstein soldier : Your Highness! Emergency!

Eliotte : What is it?

Burnstein soldier : The citizens...they've crowded around the castle and are
rioting! They want us to obey Venzel's orders!

Julian : What!? Reeves!?

Oscar Reeves : Coming!

(get near the gate where the crowd is)

Male citizen : Hurry up and do what he says already!

Female citizen : He said he would kill us next!

Julian : Don't you understand that this is a trap!

Male citizen : It might be okay for people who can fight to try and strike
back but what can we do?

Female citizen : That's right! Are you telling us we should just sit there
and wait to be killed?

Oscar Reeves : Calm down everyone!

Tippi : His words really stirred up a frenzy...

Oscar Reeves : What should we do? We won't be able to calm them down that way.

Wallace : That's really the worst development we could have hoped for...

Ruise : How can we make them understand?

Eliotte : All of you, listen to me! We will now give the power stone to Venzel!
Please settle down!

Male citizen : Really?

Eliotte : I do not lie! Your safety is our most important concern!
So please calm down now!

Female citizen : I, I guess it's alright then...

(they all leave)

Eliotte : I'm sorry, I took this decision selfishly...

Wallace : That can't be helped. Our enemy is Venzel not the citizens.
Or rather, we got the duty to protect them.

Tippi : Yup! So don't wory about what you said!

Eliotte : ...thank you very much.

Wallace : Then let's go and hand him over the stone quickly.

Ernest Lyell : ...would you allow me to take care of that?

Eliotte : Eh?

Ernest Lyell : That's the order you gave me before. To protect the citizens.
Please allow me this opportunity to restore my honor. Besides, Venzel won't
be as cautious if I'm the one to go alone instead of you people.
Allow me to handle this.

Eliotte : ...I understand.

Ernest Lyell : The power stone.

(no choice but to give him anyway)

Ruise : Then I will escort you near the village. We can get there instantly
if I teleport us.

Ernest Lyell : I'm grateful.

(Ruise teleport Ernest and two soldiers to Bronieu)

Ruise : We've arrived.

Ernest Lyell : Thank you. Please leave this place immediatly now.
We don't know what he would do if he sees you here.

Ruise : Y, yes... Please take care!

(She teleports away)

Ernest Lyell : Alright. Let's go.

Venzel : So, you came...

Ernest Lyell : We brought what you asked for.
I will ask you to let the villagers go in exchange.

Venzel : No negotiations before I'm sure you fulfilled your side of the bargain.
Show me the power stone.

Ernest Lyell : Here it is.

Venzel : It looks like the real thing. Fine.

Ernest Lyell : You two. Escort the villagers outside.

Burnstein soldier : Yes sir!

(they take the villagers and leave, Ernest throw the stone on the ground)

Ernest Lyell : I trust you have no complaints?

Venzel : What an annoying stone... But now I can get rid of it at least...

(he destroys the stone)

Ernest Lyell : ....

Venzel : Kukukukuh! Now my only weakness disappeared!
What a glorious feeling! No need to hold back any more!
Time to wipe out this village!

Ernest Lyell : What!? Bastard, you never intended to hold on to your word!

Venzel : To begin with, how could you peons think you had the right to
negotiate with me or force me to make a promise? Learn your place!

Ernest Lyell : Damn you!

Venzel : Now! Have a taste of my power as you disappear along with this place!

(back then in the Burnstein castle, your party hear the "negotiations" since
Venzel is kind enough to let everyone knows)

Venzel : Now, no need to hold back any more! Time to wipe out this village!

Ernest Lyell : What!? Bastard, you never intended to hold on to your word!

Venzel : To begin with, how could you peons think you had the right to
negotiate with me or force me to make a promise? Learn your place!

Ernest Lyell : Damn you!

Venzel : Now! Have a taste of my power as you disappear along with this place!

(loud explosion ensues)

Eliotte : Uwaah!

Wallace : Goddamn, it really was a trap after all!

Oscar Reeves : Ernest....

Eliotte : ...if only I didn't say I would hand it over....

Wallace : Save the repenting for later! We need to find a way to defeat him now!

(well well, what to do now? Let's check on Ernest and the village first)

======= Bronieu village - ruins ========

(talk to the villagers)

Brown haired guy : Oh, it's you guys! Take a look at this place!
Not a pretty sight huh?

Ruise : Um, aren't you angry at us?

BHG : Angry at you? Why would I?

Ruise : Well, if we haven't given him the power stone...

BHG : That couldn't be helped. Besides I'm sure most people would have wanted
you to give the stone in fear of getting killed instead. You didn't do
anything bad. The only one to blame here is that Venzel guy.

Grey haired guy with thick accent : The fields are all ruined. Guess we gotta
create some new ones from scratch now. Then again there was nothing to start
with here before. We all created this village by ourselves. We can be glad
there wasn't any casualties, that way we can all work to rebuild the place
together. That way it'll be back to usual in no time.

Guy near Ariost's dad grave : I wonder if the Imperial knight that came to
help us is ok? I heard his wounds were pretty bad so the Burnstein soldiers
took him away but we haven't seen them since...?

(go see Ariost's dad grave)

Tippi : Look like that place wasn't damaged at least.

Gina : What...happened here?

Ariost : ...mother...

Tippi : It's Venzel! It took the villagers hostages and asked to give him
the power stone. We gave it to him and then he destroyed the village.

Gina : You gave him the stone? Is it in Venzel's hands right now?

Wallace : No. He broke it on the spot.

Gina : ...oh no...

Ruise : Ah, we shouldn't have given it after all?

Gina : I can't believe the power stone is broken....
Even if we defeat Venzel now, we have no way to save this world anymore...

Wallace : ...tell us more.

Gina : I told you how the power stone was necessary in order to operate
the space-time control device right? Without it, the device won't move.
In other words we won't be able to use it to preserve the world's state.
It's a slow process but currently the two worlds have begun to move and
are returning to their former positions. Only the space-time control device
can stop that process. Otherwise...

Ruise : Otherwise?

Gina : The only other option is to rely on Venzel, who can control space-time.

Tippi : Then it means we will have to do what he say?
Are we going to have to give in to him?

Gina : It's regrettable but unless we create another power stone that's the
only choice. Unfortunately to create another stone we need a very high number
of Growsians, at least as many as a whole country's population.
Considering the current situation this is impossible to do. So, to sum it up,
currently only Venzel can stop the two worlds from separating.

Wallace : So if we defeat him the world will be destroyed...

Tippi : Then I guess the number of people that will want to side with Venzel
will increase even further....

Ruise : ...yes. You can't blame them really.

Wallace : So everything we've done until now was for nothing!?
Screw that!

Gina : ...if we give up now I'm sure he would laugh at us. I will head back
now to think and try to find a solution.
(quick note : "he" here is Ariost's dad btw, not Venzel :p)

Ariost : ...mother...

Gina : Ariost. You're his son. You must never give up too.

Tippi : The only Growsian left is Ruise-chan though....

Wallace : And we need enough of them to fill up a country huh...

Ruise : There's no way my strength alone will be enough...

Ruise : It would be so much easier if everyone could use Growshu.

Wallace : We need to learn more about what makes a Growsian strength.
We must check on Ayleen's treatment too and see what did the academy find too.

Ruise : Speaking of which, the chancellor was examining my pendant right?

(Yes he was but it's Bradley we're talking about so he probably didn't find
anything :p  Still you need to go check on him to procede)

======= Magic academy - 7th floor ========

(talking to his secretary)

Secretary : Welcome. If you're here to see the chancellor, he's in his office.
Please go on through.


Ruise : Excuse us.

(talking to Bradley)

Bradley : Oh, it's you again.

Ruise : Err, we came to ask about Ayleen-san...

Bradley : Unfortunately we didn't find a treatment for her condition yet.
Also, about that pendant of yours, it didn't help in restoring her Growshu in
the slightest way.

Tippi : But! How did it cure Ruise-chan then?
I saw it happening with my own eyes!

Bradley : Yes, I'd like to hear about that too. Could you tell me how it
happened in more details?

Tippi : Well there was only me and him in that room with Ruise-chan.
And the wish Ruise-chan made when buying the pendant was to trigger when
that guy would cry...

Bradley : You were crying?

Tippi : I wonder, are this guy's tears what made her gain back her Growshu?

Bradley : No, there's no way that could be it. The fluid that tears are made
off is constantly present in one's eyes. It's only when it overflows that
tears start to drop. If his tears were holding that kind of power then
Ruise-kun would have been cured earlier than she was.

Wallace : Then what the heck gave Ruise her Growshu back?

Bradley : ...actually rather than the "tears" what interest me was his
"emotionnal state" when he was crying. Or more accurately his "mental state".

Ruise : "Mental state"?

Bradley : You know how important is it for spell-casting too right?
In other words I'm wondering if either him or Tippi-kun didn't trigger
unconsciously an unkown ability that cured you.

Tippi : I don't recall being in a particular state of mind at
that time you know?

Bradley : Hmm, which means it might be coming from him.

Tippi : Pft, from that guy!?

Bradley : In any case, there's no harm in checking out this idea.
Let's give it a try right now!

======= Magic academy - basement ========

Secretary : We're done preparing. Let's begin the experiment now.

Ruise : Isn't it the fomer chancellor's laboratory?

Secretary : It is. Sir Maxwell was the best Growshu expert in the academy.
For that reason there are lots of useful tools for us to use here.
And all in all this is simply more convenient to use that room.
Well then, lord Carmaine, this way please.

(enter the room and get near Ayleen)

Bradley : Well, preparations are complete now.

Tippi : Why are we the only ones to do this? Won't the other get worried?

Bradley : I want to recreate as closely as possible the situation you were
in when Ruise-kun was cured. Well, instead of Ruise-kun the girl in front of
you is Ayleen but I'd like for you to try and be in the same mental state as
you were when it was Ruise-kun lying there. Try and convince yourself the
person here isn't Ayleen but your little sister, Ruise-kun. Come on, do it!

Tippi : Remember how you felt back then! When you were so sad over Ruise-chan
state that you started crying!

Carmaine : ...

(you need to mash the O button here)

Bradley : Hm? This is....

Tippi : You can do it! I believe in you!

Bradley : Distorsions? But...

Carmaine : ...!

Bradley : ...it ended. Still those distorsions just now...

(Carmaine collapses)

Tippi : Hey, hold on! What's wrong!? Hey!!

Bradley : ...I see now. So he's a human's copy created by Gevel...
That's why he could create such strong space-time distorsions.
He's a being that belong to both worlds just like Venzel.
Still, there's a problem...

Tippi : Ah, looks like he regained consciousness!

Ruise : Oniichan!

Ruise : Oniichan you're amazing!
It was indeeed thanks to you!
1) Amazing I am (no specific answer)
2) Not at all (no specific answer either, what an useful choice)

Ruise : It's you oniichan! It's you who cured me back then!
Thanks to you Ayleen-san is cured too!

Tippi : Ah, Ayleen-san!

Ayleen : How are you feeling?

Tippi : Looks like he's fine!

Ayleen : Thank you very much. Thanks to you I'm finally back to my usual self.
I'm so thanksful really...

Ruise : And you know what Oniichan? There's one more surprise! Right sir?

Bradley : Exactly! I became a Growsian simply by standing near you during
the whole process!

Ruise : Isn't it incredible! If they just stand near you Oniichan , people can
become Growsians! And then we can create a new power stone!

Bradley : A new power stone you say?

Tippi : Yup! if we can gather plenty of Growsians, we can make a power stone!
And then we can get rid of Venzel and save the world!

Bradley : ...I don't know how many Growsians you need to create that stone but
I think it'd be best if you don't use his powers again.

Ruise : Eh?

Bradley : I understand he has the power to create space-time distorsions
since I observed him earlier but it's not so simple. Whenever you create
space-time distorsions it means that as a result the force that binds
the two worlds together weakens.

Tippi : And if it does the two worlds will separate right?

Bradley : Indeed. To turn a lot of people into Growsians you will have to
create that many more distorsions. By the time you're done both worlds would
have completely separated already. But as you know if we return to our former
world, we won't be able to live there.

Ruise : That's the reason we need the power stone in the first place though.
With it we can operate the space-time control device and prevent the two worlds
from separating.

Bradley : Such a device actually exist!? ...but, no, it's still no good.

Tippi : Huh? Why?

Bradley : There is two reasons. First is his endurance. Considering how
much the experiment weakened him, he couldn't withstand this more than one or
two additional times. The other reason is that as I said before it's highly
probably the two worlds would have separated before you have turned enough
people into Growsians to create the stone.

Tippi : ...sigh. And here I thought we finally got a good idea...

Bradley : True, this is such a dilemma.

Ruise : Anyway, let's go back to the group for now.

(exit the room to find Wallace and co.)

Wallace : Yo. Well aren't you something.

Karen : Thank you so much for saving Ayleen-san!

Ariost : Who could have guessed you had the power to turn normal people
into Growsians?

Ruise : But after talking with the chancellor we learned we can't use that
power again.

Wallace : What?

Tippi : If we use his power to create space-time distorsions the whole
world would eventually be in a pinch. Also he can only use it one or two more
times the chancellor said.

Wallace : ...I see...

Ruise : I wish we could find another way to do this...

(A lot happened in this event for once. First the silly "pendant that grants
wish" rumor was debunked then Bradley got a power up! How dreadful, they totally
should have made him the final boss in GLII, what were they thinking when they
came up with a mask really? Anyway what to do now...since you're a step closer
from creating the power stone you might as well report to Gina in Featherland.
Speaking of which the shop there got much better stuff now check it out. A note
about the new greatsword available there; don't be put off by the weak attack
power displayed when you try to equip it, its power grows as the maximum hp of
its wielder increase. If you equip it along with an accessory that boosts HP
it's quite powerful. As usual everything there costs a fortune though)

======= Featherland - meditation room's entrance ========

(talk to Gina)

Ariost : Mother.

Gina : What is it?

Ruise : Actually we just found out that Oniichan has the ability to turn
normal people into Growsians but...

Gina : Really?

Tippi : It sure is! Heck he even turned that academy chacellor into a Growsian!

Ruise : But if he used that power, the space-time distorsions created are
really large and Oniichan can't withstand using it more than one or two
more times.

Gina : So he puts that much strain on the body....
I understand now why Venzel rarely use that power.
But he possess a life force similar to Gevel so his body can restore
itself given enough time unlike you.

Tippi : But that guy once had Gevel's strength too right?

Wallace : But now that Gevel is dead his strength is no different than
a normal person's. And the space-time distorsions grow larger each time
he use that power anyway.

Ruise : Isn't there a way to create the stone by only using his power once?

Gina : ....well there is one but....

Ariost : Please tell us mother. As long as there is a way we can't give up.
Father would have said the same right?

Gina : ...you're right. I will tell you, you can always decide what to do
after you heard what I'm about to tell you anyways.

Gina : You know how Venzel seems to be able to speak to anyone directly within
their heads? That's one of the functions of the space-time control device.

Ruise : A function of the space-time control device?

Gina : To be more precise that function can be used within the power stone
refinery located inside the device. It's there because in order to create the
power stone you need to unite the thoughts of a lot of people. That's why
a device allowing to communicate through telepathy was built in.
I think if we use that there is a way to turn a lot of people into Growsians
at the same time.

Wallace : I see. You intend to turn the number of people needed to create the
stone into Growsians that way.

Ruise : Then we just need to have them create the stone before the two worlds

Tippi : So there is a way to do it after all! We can save everyone using
your power!

Gina : However, in order to send enough power to all those people we will
need to use that much of his own strength though. I'm not sure he will live
through it.

Wallace : ...so it comes down to this again....

Tippi : Even if it's for the sake of everyone, having to
sacrifice him is still wrong...
1) I don't see how it's wrong
2) I don't mind so you shouldn't either
3) I don't have long anyway so I could care less
4) I don't want to die

Tippi : What are you saying! Even if you don't mind, we do!

Ruise : But...I don't want that! I could never sacrifice you Oniichan!

Wallace : Hey. You should treasure yourself a bit more.
That's not pleasant to hear for those who care about you.

Tippi : I can guess...

Gina : If only we could find someone with the same ability as him,
his body would only have to bear half the burden....

Ruise : Someone with the same ability as Oniichan!? ...ah!
There is one who was made the same way as he was!

Wallace : Hey, if you're thinking about those maked guys they're already all
dead since ages now.

Ruise : Wallace-san did you forget? There is another one!

Wallace : Hm? Carmaine. Do you know who is she talking about?
1) Venzel himself
2) Someone in Gevel's dungeon
3) Someone in the Burnstein kingdom
4) No idea

Tippi : There's no way he would help us, stupid!

Tippi : We said those masked guys are dead already!

Tippi : Ah, I see! I get it now!

Tippi : You're still as useless as ever when it comes to this...

Ruise : He's a copy of Eliotte.
He should be in the Burnstein castle's jail now.

Wallace : I get it! It's Richard!

Tippi : Yup! He was created by Gevel too! So he should have the same ability!

Gina : If the two of them use that device we should be able to turn a lot of
people into Growsians. And then we can create a new power stone.

Ruise : I'm so glad we didn't give up!

Wallace : Now we can kick Venzel's butt without having to think twice about it!

Tippi : We solved the dilemma!

Gina : However the distorsion needed to turn all those people into Growsians
will undoubtly be a large one. So you will have to create the power stone
quickly after that or the two worlds will separate and it will be over.

Wallace : I understand. But now we know what to do at last.
We won't let Venzel have his way anymore!

(Poor Richard, I'm sure everyone forgot about him rotting in his cell
already. Go pay him a visit to trigger the next story event)

======= Burnstein castle ========

(upon entering)

Tippi : He's in the underground prison right?

(go there, get near the soldier's corpse)

Eliotte : What is this!?

Ruise : He's not inside...

(attempt to leave the castle to get the next event)

Oscar Reeves : ...

Oscar Reeves : Ah, don't mind me. I was looking for Ernest but can't find him

Eliotte : You can't find him?

Oscar Reeves : Yes, your Highness. No one saw him either it seems.

Tippi : By the way, where is Richard now? Wasn't he supposed to be in the
underground prison?

Oscar Reeves : What?

Wallace : He wasn't there. All we found is the corpse of someone who was
probably a soldier guarding his cell.

Oscar Reeves : What did you say?

Tippi : And here we need Richard's help to defeat Venzel!

Oscar Reeves : ...what in the world could have happened...

(he rushes to the prison and you're on your own again. Well as usual when you
don't know where to go it means it's time to head home^^ )

======= Royal capital Rosaria  ========

(go near the town center to trigger the next event)

Rolandia sodlier 1 : T, they're too strong...!

Rolandia soldier 2 : Imperial knights are really something else...

Sandra : Stand your ground!

Rolandia soldier 1 : Lady Sandra!

Sandra : If we lose here, we're done for! Let's fight will all our strength!

Richard : Hahaha. Courageous, aren't they? Right, Ernest?

Ernest Lyell : ...yes.

Richard : They speak as if they're seriously hoping to win this battle.
Then let's turn that hope into despair!

(your group arrives)

Tippi : Hold on, those two, they're...!?

Eliotte : That can't be...it's Richard and....

Julian : Lyell!?

Wallace : What?

Richard : Hm? I see some familiar faces over there.

Julian : What are you doing here!?

Richard : Can't you tell? I'm exterminating those annoying Rolandia people!

Ruise : Why? Why are you doing this?

Richard : Because they oppose lord Venzel!

Wallace : Venzel you say!?

Richard : Now come! I will kill you as well!

Event battle 64 : Protect Sandra and the citizens!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : All party members defeated, Sandra or too many npcs killed

Enemy : Richard (Lv73)
        Ernest Lyell (Lv69)
        2 giants (lv44)

Allies  Sandra (lv41)
        2 Rolandia soldiers (Lv34)
        2 Rolandia soldiers (Lv32)

(Finally we get to see Richard again! Unfortunately this is once again a
battle where you completely outnumber enemies. Heck there's only four of them.
If Richard cast magic on the civilians he will toast them in one spell though
so beware. If he gets a critical hit or a succesive attack he will also kill a
soldier at full health in one blow so try and draw his attention to your group.
Otherwise this is an easy battle as usual)

(Julian engages Ernest, you'll get the same answer if any other party member
engages him btw only the line they say will be different)

Julian : Didn't you pledge loyalty to Eliotte!

Ernest Lyell : The only person I serve is his Highness Richard. If he chooses
to obey Venzel then I will do the same That's all there is to it.

(a few seconds after the fight starts)

Tippi : Why are you obeying Venzel!

Richard : You know why already! Now that Gevel is dead, I was slowly dying in
that cell. He's the one who saved me!

Wallace : He only saved you to use you as a tool! Can't you see that!?

Richard : Of course I realize that. But my body need to receive life energy
in order to continue living. So I have no choice but to obey him if I want to
live. In the first place you lowlives that are blessed with a body that can
function by iteself has no rights to criticize me!

Eliotte : But Venzel is trying to rule over all of mankind!

Richard : So what? After all people need a ruler in order for society to
function. Don't you think so too?
1) Yes
2) No

Ruise : Oniichan!?

Tippi : What the heck are you saying!

Ruise : Anyway, we won't give up!

Richard : If you can't even understand that you truly are a fool...

Tippi : You're only being deceived by Venzel!
We won't give up no matter what!


Richard : "Won't give up"... Those are easy words to speak.
But when faced with his unbelievable strength how do you intend to oppose him?
Even if by some miracle you did defeat him, we'll only be shortly following
him into the afterlife. In its current state our worlds will soon separate
due to the growth in the dimensional distorsions. In other words, the only path
left for us to follow is to bend to his rule.

Wallace : There is another way to control the space-time distorsions!

Richard : Are you talking about the space-time contol device? But how do you
intend to operate it without the power stone?

Wallace : If you help us we can create another stone! So cooperate with us!

Richard : Cooperate with you? Are you telling me to betray Venzel and die?
....hahahahaha! How interesting! If you want my help so badly then go ahead
and make me yield to you! If you do then I'll entrust my life to you!

(Ernest defeated first)

Ernest Lyell : Guh!

Richard : Are you alright?

Ernest Lyell : I'm fine. I can still fight.

Richard : Don't push yourself too hard Ernest.

Ernest Lyell : B, but...

Richard : Lord Venzel! Please have Ernest withdraw!

(Ernest is teleported away)

Richard : Good. Now, come and face me!

(Julian engages Richard)

Julian : After being used by Gevel now you're being used by Venzel!
Are you satisfied being just someone's servant!? If you only wished
for it, you could lead the humans to victory!

Richard : And what would happen afterwards? Once Venzel is dead my body
will rot. You're only asking me to die!

(or if it's Carmaine - if another character is the first to engage him it will
prompts one of those two answers)

Tippi : Don't you lose to him! We need his help no matter what!

Richard : Hmph! Go ahead and try!

(after a while longer or if Wallace engages Richard)

Wallace : How pitiful.

Richard : I am pitiful!?

Wallace : If you're a man, stands up and live your life with your own strength!
Don't bow to the likes of Venzel!

(Richard defeated)

Richard : Ugh..!

Tippi : Now, keep your promise!

Richard : ...What are you talking about?

Tippi : Don't play dumb!

Richard : Lord Venzel!

(he gets teleported too)

Event battle 64 Clear

Wallace : That damn Venzel, he can even teleport people from far away.
He's such a pain to deal with.

Ruise : ...what are we going to do? We need him to help Oniichan...

Tippi : What to do indeed... Even if we defeat Venzel now the world is doomed.

Wallace : ...we got no choice but to keep trying anyway.

Eliotte : That's right, if we give up now then it'll really be over!

Tippi : But shouldn't we try and come with a plan in case we really can't
convince Richard?

Ruise : Yes, it's never a waste to have a plan B just in case.
Besides it seems that Ariost's mother is willing to help us.

Wallace : We're not the only ones struggling. I'm sure if everyone is the
world supports us then we'll definitely find a way to save us all.

Tippi : That's the spirit! Let's all do our best!

Ruise : Mother, are you alright?

Sandra : Yes, thanks to you we avoided the worst.

Rolandia soldier : If only we were stronger we wouldn't have to rely on you
all the time like this...
1) There's nothing to be embarassed about
2) That's our job
3) We're glad for your help all the same

(all three choices give the same answer again, I guess the scenario writer
is getting tired)

Tippi : Yup! We need all the help we can get from everyone right now!

Wallace : Indeed.

Sandra : Leave the situation here to us.
Please focus on defeating Venzel as soon as possible.

(what to do now? Well there are several story events scattered everywhere
you're free to do them in any order. First let's go complain about Richard
to Gina)

======= Featherland  ========

(in front of the meditation room)

Gina : My, what happened?

Ruise : Actually it's about Richard. We thought he would help us but he's a
servant of Venzel now....

Tippi : Now we're kind of in a pinch...

Gina : Yes this is troubling to hear...

Wallace : I'd like to ask just in case. If we can't get Richard to
help us can we turn enough people into Growsians with only his strength?

Gina : ...I won't say it's impossible. Humans have the power to make the
impossible possible. It's precisely in times like these that this strength
is stronger than ever and miracles occur. That's why humans could create
an item such as the power stone.

Ruise : So there's is a possiblity...

Gina : Theorically yes. But there is another difficulty. That is, until the
power stone is created you musn't kill Venzel.

Tippi : Eh? Why can't we defeat him first? Isn't that control device where
Venzel is?

Wallace : Listen. Since he has the power to control space-time that means he
can split our two worlds apart if he wishes to.

Ruise : Richard said it too. That if Venzel dies he would take us all down
with him.

Tippi : Then we have to survive his attacks while creating the power stone?

Gina : In top of that Venzel can teleport to move freely anywhere.
As long as he has that ability we can't do any careless moves.

Ruise : Thank you very much. We will think about our strategy more deeply.

Gina : There is certainly a chance to succeed.
As long as we do not give up and keep believing.

(well that wansn't very useful but anyways next! Go to Grandshirz, if you
head to the colosseum you'll run into someone blocking you way, talk to him)

======= Granshirz  ========

(talking to that old man)

Mayor : You...

Tippi : Hm?

Mayor : I am the mayor of this town. I need to talk with you. Come this way.

Wallace : Sigh...okay but make it quick.

Mayor : The only one I need to talk to is that young one.
I have no business with you lot.

Ruise : O, only oniichan...

Mayor : I'll wait for you in front of the colosseum. Come alone.

Tippi : What's with that!

Wallace : Looks like they're afraid of us going as a group.
We'll wait here. Come back as soon as you're done.

(go there)

Mayor : So you did come alone. It's time for us to tell you what
we really think of you today.

Male citizen : Because of you we're all in danger!

Female citizen : I can't stand living in fear of being killed anyday any longer!

Tippi : H, hey, hold on...

Colosseum competitor : If only you minded your own business we wouldn't be in
such a mess!

Tippi : But then you'll be submitting to Venzel!

Competitor : So what? It's just like having another king.
It wouldn't change a thing for us!
1) Tell them why Venzel is dangerous
2) Tell them why it would be different
3) Stay silent

Mayor : Dangerous?

Tippi : He is! In his eyes, humans are no different than cattle!

Mayor : Different?

Tippi : He is! In his eyes, humans are no different than cattle!

Mayor : See? There is nothing you can say to object!

Tippi : Grrr! Why are you staying silent when they talk rubbish about you!

Tippi : Don't tell me you're giving up on them?
a) I am
b) Am not

Mayor : Don't make fools of us!

Tippi : Of course we do! How can you believe nothing will change
if we let Gevel rule over us!

Mayor : Are you saying it will be any different?

Tippi : Of course! In his eyes, humans are no different than cattle!

Tippi : If you don't say anything then I won't stay silent!
How can you believe nothing will change if we let Gevel rule over us!

Mayor : Are you saying it will be any different?

Tippi : Of course! In his eyes, humans are no different than cattle!


Mayor : ...grr... Still anything is better than having the citizens killed...

Tippi : We told you that way of thinking is way too naive!

Kid : ...grampa...

Mayor : Kids shouldn't butt in adults conversation!

Kid : No, I mean..look...

(some Yung pops in)

Female citizen : Kyaaah!

Tippi : T, this is bad!

Competitor 1 : W, we're done for...

Tippi : What are you saying? What are the weapons you're holding for!?

Competitor 2 : But how can we fight those...

Tippi : Just listen to his orders! If you don't want to die you got to fight!

Competitor 3 : ...understood!

Tippi : Now, time to show us your strategic skills!
If we can rescue all the citizens I'm sure they will see you in a
different way!

Mayor : What should I do?
1) Stay here
2) Go inside the colosseum

Mayor : Understood.

Kid : Ok.

Citizens : What should we do?
1) Stay here
2) Go inside the colosseum

Citizens : U, understood.

Citizens : Please make sure to protect us!

Competitor 1 : What should I do?
1) Take care of monsters to the north
2) Take care of monsters to the southwest
3) Take care of monsters to the southeast

Competitor : Those?
1) Yes
2) No (go back to previous choice)

Competitor 1 : Understood!

(same deal with the two other competitors)

(once done)

Tippi : Ok! Then let's go!

Event battle 65 : Protect the citizens during their escape!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : All party members defeated or any npc killed

Enemy : 4 Yung alpha (Lv37)
        4 Yung beta (Lv35)

Allies  Rolandia soldier (lv34)
        Rolandia archer (Lv31)

(Easy easy. Just have the helpers clear the path to the north while you take
care of the south. One Holy light can kill the monters in one shot so you can
even clear all the enemies by yourself before the helpers or your party can
do anything. If you don't have holy light stick with other aoe spells)

(heavy soldier lookalike strike)

Competitor 3 : I'll shred you to pieces!

(Ranzack soldier lookalike strikes)

Competitor 1 : Damnit! Eat this!

(Burnstein soldier lookalike strikes)

Competitor 2 : I'll do it! I'm going to do it!

(after killing 3 or more enemies)

Ruise : I heard a lot of noise coming this way...

Tippi : Ruise-chan!

Wallace : Hm? What's going on!?

Tippi : Enemies! We're under attack!

Wallace : Got it! We'll be right there!

(all enemies defeated)

Wallace : There's no more of them.

Tippi : Geez, we really can never let our guard down for a second!

Event battle 65 Clear

Ruise : Are you ok everyone?

Citizen : We badmouthed you so much and yet you came to our rescue?

Tippi : Of course we did! There's no way we could have forsaken you!

Kid : Say, oniichan. Do we really have no choices but to wait until we get
killed? What should we do?
1) Don't worry about a thing
2) Just focus on what you're the best at
3) Yeah there's nothing for you to do

Kid : But...that's really frustrating!

Kid : If only I was an adult as strong as you I would fight too!

Kid : What I can do best?

Kid : really? I'm completely useless?

Ruise : You can help too even without fighting. If you help make this world a
better place with all your might then it's good enough. Just never give up, ok?

Kid : Ok! I can't fight but I'll do what I can to help you fight without
having to worry about us!

Tippi : That'll do. We'll take care of the bad guys!

Kid : ...but you're just a tiny fairy, how can you fight?

Tippi : T, that brat....

Ruise : B, but hey look! Even if she's just a tiny fairy she's doing her
best too!

Kid : I see! I'll do my best too!

Competitor 1 : We'll be doing what we can too.

Competitor 3 : Yeah. Today's fight gave me confidence!

Wallace : ...come on, we've got to work hard too!

(whee silly dialogues again! Oh well, onto the next event, this time it's in
Valmie. Enter the place and you'll run into a panicked villager)

======= Mining town Valmie  ========

(upon entering)

Villager : Hey! You'd better head back now!

Wallace : Something's wrong?

Villager : You bet something's wrong! Two people we've never seen before came
in town with a bunch of monsters and took over the mines!
There's nothing but monsters that way!

Tippi : What!

Villager : Everyone fled already! I was about to as well!
You'd better run away too!

(head for the mines you'll have to clear up the way btw. Go upstairs, not
towards the old part of the mines you visited before)

(near the mines)

Eliotte : Those two people he talked about are here right?

Wallace : We'll just have to go and see.

(once you reach the two people)

Man : ...so there still people to stand against us.

Woman : ...if only they would just submit to lord Venzel quietly....

Eliotte : That can't be...!?
Father, mother!?

Eliotte's mother : Eliotte!?

Eliotte's father : ...why are you here...

Eliotte : I can't believe you would do something like this...
Stop it already please!

Eliotte's father : ...we are lord Venzel's servants.

Eliotte : That can't be true...father! Mother!

Eliotte's father : Stop calling me mother.
We're done playing this role long ago.

Eliotte's father : If we raised you during those 14 years it's because that
was the mission we were given. Now that the mission is over there's no need
to prented to be a family any longer.

Eliotte : ...

Eliotte's mother : We will crush lord Venzel's enemies with all our might!

Event battle 66 : Defeat Eliotte's parents!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : All party members defeated

Enemy : Eliotte's faher (Lv47)
        Eliotte's mother (Lv46)
        2 lesser demons (Lv42)
        Manticore (Lv36)

(All the enmies here are pathetically weak. This fight will be over in seconds)

(Eliotte or anyone else attack the parents)

Eliotte : Stop this already! I don't want to fight you!

Eliotte's mother : If you don't want to fight then just stand still.
I'll send you to the other world!

Eliotte : ...that can't be real...

(Eliotte's mom defeated)

Eliotte's mother : Uwaaah!

Eliotte's father : Hold on, don't die!

Eliotte's mother : ...I'm sorry...I can't...

Eliotte's father : Curse you! How dare you do that to her!

Eliotte : ...mother...

(all enemies defeated)

Tippi : It's over....

Eliotte : Father, mother, hold on!

Eliotte's father : You've grown a lot in the short while I haven't see you...

Eliotte : Father...

Eliotte's mother : I'm so glad we got to see you one last time...

Eliotte : ...mother...

Eliotte's father : Don't cry. I don't remember raising such a weak child.

Eliotte : But...

Eliotte's mother : We didn't have a choice... We're bound to lord Venzel by a
spell. If we go against him we'd die automatically...

Eliotte's father : Even if we didn't fight you we would have died.
You didn't do anything bad...

Eliotte : ...but, that's just too cruel!

Eliotte's father : That's how Venzel do things.

Eliotte's mother : ...but now at least it's over.
We won't have to suffer anymore.

Eliotte's father : Stop Venzel Eliotte. You... with the great friends you have
I'm sure you can do it!

Eliotte's mother : Yes. You're the son we're so proud of after all...

Eliotte's father : ...I'm counting on you. Take care of the people and this
world we're living in...

Eliotte's mother : ...we'll be watching over you...

Eliotte : ...okay...

Eliotte's father : ...

Eliotte's mother : ...

Eliotte : ...father...? ...mother...?  *sob*

Ruise : Eliotte-kun...

Eliotte : ...I won't cry...I wouldn't want to let my father down....

Event battle 66 Clear

Wallace : ...he'll pay for this. Venzel, I'll make you pay for this!

(two more story events now, the next one is in Rosaria near the eastern gate)

======= Royal capital Rosaria  ========

(talk to the soldier manning the booth)

Rolandia captain : Would you look at that! They're all willing to enroll!

(talking to the people waiting in line, a couple of them will say how they are
pumped up and want to help you etc... it seems a bit silly but this is an
event you need to check in order to progress. Once you're done here time
to check the last of those story events for now, it's in Bursntein castle)

======= Burnstein castle  ========

(go towards the audience room)

Wallace : Hm? I feel pressure ahead...

Ruise : Ah, look!

Oscar Reeves : Why? Why are you doing this!?

Ernest Lyell : Forgive me Oscar. But now that it came to this I want to
remain to Richard's side. Please understand.

Oscar Reeves : No, I won't understand! And let me tell you this while we're
at it! Last time we didn't know that Richard was controlled by Gevel but this
time it's different! Now that we know he helps Venzel's attempt to enslave
the world we have to stop him! There's no way you can be right to support him!

Ernest Lyell : I thought that you of all people would understand me at least...
That's unfortunate but I will have to obey the second order then...

Oscar Reeves : Ernest?

Ernest Lyell : In the event I fail to convince you...you're are to be killed... 

Oscar Reeves : Ernest...

Ernest Lyell : ...farewell.

Julian : Stop, you two!

Ernest Lyell : ...what a troublesome bunch.
1) Tell him to cooperate with you
2) Tell him he's wrong
3) Do nothing

Ernest Lyell : Cooperate?

Tippi : Yes. You should know now isn't the time to fight between us!

Ernest Lyell : ...hmph...

Wallace : From your attitude, I guess you do realize that you are wrong as well.

Tippi : This isn't the time to fight among us! Please cooperate!

Ernest Lyell : Cooperate?


Ruise : If we do nothing this world will be destroyed. Even if Venzel is the
only one that can stops this, if Richard helps us we can save the world even
after defeating Venzel!

Ernest Lyell : You said something similar last time we met too.

Tippi : Richard and him are both beings created by Gevel. With their powers
we can turn everyone into Growsians and create another power stone.

Ruise : With the power stone we can use the space-time control device to stop
the two worlds from splitting. There's no need to obey Venzel!

Ernest Lyell : ...and? Can you save Richard once Venzel is dead?

Tippi : ...well...errr...

Ernest Lyell : ...then we're done talking.

(he runs away)

Oscar Reeves : Ernest!

Oscar Reeves : ...why...

Eliotte : It seems he still puts Richard above all else even now...

Oscar Reeves : I apologize deeply your Highness. I will...

Eliotte : It's not your fault.

Tippi : Not cooperating is one thing but what do they have to fight us!

Wallace : I wish we could convince them somehow but...

Eliotte : Yes. By the way Reeves. How is the situation in town?

Oscar Reeves : The citizens appear to have settled down. We didn't see any
signs of revolt of despair. It seems your achievements have given them courage.

Ruise : ...what we did wasn't for nothing then...

Tippi : Yup!

(Time to head back to report to the king. This will be your last break before
the end of the game and you'll get the option to select which character you
want to pair Carmaine with)

======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========

(upon entering)

Arcadius : Oh, you came back right in time. Tonight a festival will be held to
celebrate the national foundation day tonight.

Tippi : A festival? At a time like this?

Arcadius : I also thought about cancelling this year's festival. But the
citizens strongly wished for the festival to be held no matter what. I guess
it's all thanks to you if they are so determined.

Sandra : A display of firworks will be held here in Rosaria. The towns residents
are organizing it.

Tippi : Fireworks!? I've never seen any yet! I want to go!

Wallace : But we haven't found a way to defeat Venzel yet!

Arcadius : Regarding that, the same can be said of us despite investigating
all the materials we could find. But you've faced lots of hardships already so
why not take this opportunity to relax tonight and start the following day
in high spirits?

Wallace : Still...

Arcadius : I understand why you feel unsettled. We still haven't found where
his hideout is either. But do rest for the night. Consider this a mission.

Wallace : Thank you for your consideration your Highness.

======= Royal capital Rosaria ========

(so we finally reached the time to select the character you want to end with!
You need to have him/her in your party before the event to be able to select
them so keep a save file before reaching that point. Then go talk to and head
back to the castle gate's guard to go watch the fireworks from the roof of
Sandra's lab. As long as they like Carmaine enough they will accept save for
Tippi who need special requirements as stated before.)

Tippi : Ok, free time for everyone till the fireworks!

Wallace : Agreed. We're all dismissed until the evening.

(everyone splits)

Tippi : Fireworks~ I'm so looking forward to this evening!
Oh, I have a good idea!

Tippi : ...Master? About the fireworks tonight, I'd like to watch them
from the laboratory's roof if possible... ...Hm? It's ok? Thanks Master!

Tippi : Well it's settled! We got first-class seats for tonight's fireworks!

(go find the character you want to bring along)

Ruise fireworks event

Ruise: Oh, oniichan. What's up?

Invite Ruise?
1) Yes
2) No

Ruise: Are you inviting me somewhere? I'd be glad to go!

Tippi: Well then Ruise, let's go!

Ruise: See you later, oniichan.

Ruise: We're going to watch from the top of mother's tower? Is it all right?

Tippi: Leave it to me! I got permission from Master!

Ruise: It looks like we're a little early.
Let's wait here for a little while.

Ruise: Oniichan... oniichan, wake up.

Ruise: You finally woke up, oniichan.
It's almost time.

Ruise: Wow, it's so pretty....
It's been a long time since we've seen fireworks.

Tippi: Have fireworks always been this pretty?

Ruise: Now that you mention it, I wonder how many years has it been since 
I saw fireworks with oniichan...

Ruise: When we were small, we would climb to the rooftop and watch them.

Ruise: Do you remember, oniichan?
When I was small, I fell from the roof and there was a big commotion.

What will you answer?
1) I remember
2) I've forgotten

1) (no specific answer)

2) Ruise: You don't remember?


Ruise: Because of that you got a good scolding from mother, didn't you.

Tippi: And then what happened after that?

Ruise: Oh, it became forbidden to climb to the roof.

Tippi: Well that can't be helped for you.

Tippi: I want to try going closer!

Ruise: If you don't be careful, it's dangerous!

Ruise: Aw, she went off...

Ruise: How pretty...

Ruise: ... Say, oniichan. ... I...

Voice : Listen to my words peons!

Ruise: Venzel!?

Voice : You sure are conceited to hold such a noisy festival in your
current state. No matter how much you struggle you are powerless against me!
I can move to any place in but an instant after all. ...I will teach you
lowlives your place and destroy the magic academy, the place where you
gathered what little knowledge you possess!
It will happen.... let's say, tomorrow at noon. Spend your last night
shivering with fear like the scum you are!

Tippi : This is bad! He plans to destroy the magic academy!

Ruise: What should we do, oniichan...

Tippi : Ah...Master?
Did you hear? Eh...not until tomorrow morning? Ah, yes we can look for him
at night. Ok, I'll let everyone know!

Tippi : Master said we are all summoned by the king tomorrow morning.
So we should rest for the night.

Ruise: Well, oniichan, let's go home.

Misha fireworks

Misha: Ah, oniisama, what's up?

Invite Misha?
1) Yes
2) No

1) Misha: Really? I'm so happy!

2) Misha: Huh?

Tippi: Well then, let's go!

Misha: Are we going to watch from the top of Lady Sandra's tower?

Tippi: Yep, I already got permission from Master.

Misha: It's still early for the fireworks, isn't it?
Then let's wait here for a little, oniisama.

Misha: Wake up, oniisama...

Misha: You slept so soundly, oniisama.
It's going to begin very soon, you know.

Misha: Waah... so pretty...

Tippi: So this is what fireworks are like... so pretty...

Misha: .......

Tippi: What's the matter, Misha?

Misha: ...If you ask me such a thing, I'm in trouble...

Tippi: Ohhh..?

Misha: ....Then surely.... ehehehe...

Tippi: ... Come agaaain....

Misha: Huhuhuhu... Oniisama...ah...
Um, huh?

Tippi: You, child, are...

Voice : Listen to my words peons!

Misha: Eh, eh? Venzel!?

Voice : You sure are conceited to hold such a noisy festival in your
current state. No matter how much you struggle you are powerless against me!
I can move to any place in but an instant after all. ...I will teach you
lowlives your place and destroy the magic academy, the place where you
gathered what little knowledge you possess!
It will happen.... let's say, tomorrow at noon. Spend your last night
shivering with fear like the scum you are!

Tippi : This is bad! He plans to destroy the magic academy!

Misha: Oniisama, what will we do!?

Tippi : Ah...Master?
Did you hear? Eh...not until tomorrow morning? Ah, yes we can look for him
at night. Ok, I'll let everyone know!

Tippi : Master said we are all summoned by the king tomorrow morning.
So we should rest for the night.

Misha: Well then, let's go back, oniisama!

Julian fireworks event

Julian : Do you have business with me?
1) Invite Julian
2) Don't

Julian : Is it really ok for me to go with you?

Julian : Well then, later...

(in front of the lab)

Julian : We're going to watch the fireworks from the roof of the laboratory?

Tippi : Yup! We got permission from Master already.

(on the roof)

Julian : We still got time until it starts. Let's wait here for now.

(Carmaines takes a nap)

Julian : My lord...please wake up...

Julian : Did you sleep well? You were sleeping so soudly that I didn't want to
wake you up but the celebration is about to start now...

Julian : ...so beautiful...
It's the first time I see such a beautiful fireworks display...

Tippi : Yup, it's so pretty... It makes me want to watch from even closer.

Julian : I've seen fireworks in my home country too but it's the first time
I'm so happy to be watching some.....
1) Really?
2) You're more beautiful than those though

Julian : ...yes.

Julian : ..ah no...I'm not...

Julian : It's an honor for me to be watching them with you my lord.
1) Embrace her gently (no specific answer)
2) Lean against her (same as 1)

Julian : Ah.... Can we stay like this for a little longer?
I like to feel your warmth...

Voice : Listen to my words peons!

Julian : Venzel!?

Voice : You sure are conceited to hold such a noisy festival in your
current state. No matter how much you struggle you are powerless against me!
I can move to any place in but an instant after all. ...I will teach you
lowlives your place and destroy the magic academy, the place where you
gathered what little knowledge you possess!
It will happen.... let's say, tomorrow at noon. Spend your last night
shivering with fear like the scum you are!

Tippi : This is bad! He plans to destroy the magic academy!

Julian : Curse you Venzel!

Tippi : Ah...Master?
Did you hear? Eh...not until tomorrow morning? Ah, yes we can look for him
at night. Ok, I'll let everyone know!

Tippi : Master said we are all summoned by the king tomorrow morning.
So we should rest for the night.

Julian : Damn him, he certainly knows how to ruin the mood.
Well that can't be helped now, let's go back home for today.

Wallace fireworks event

Wallace: What's up?

Invite Wallace?
1) Yes
2) No

Wallace: Fireworks, huh...
Fine, I'll go with you.

Wallace: Hm? Is this Lady Sandra's tower?

Tippi: Yep, I already got permission from Master.

Wallace: Looks like the sun hasn't set yet.

Tippi: Then, let's wait here 'til it gets dark.

Wallace: Hey, wake up now. It's time.

Wallace: Did you sleep well?
It's almost time so I woke you up.

Tippi: Hey, you should thank Wallace. If he wasn't here I would have kicked you.

Wallace: As I thought, I can only see light going on and off.

Wallace: But the deep sound echoing in my belly feels good.
This strong sound is like the liveliness of the populace reviving.

Wallace: Ha, now I'm inspired.
After this all that's left is to kill Venzel!

Wallace: Count on me at that time. By my sword, I'll kill that bastard!

Voice : Do you hear me, foolish humans!

Wallace: Damn, that bastard!

Voice : You sure are conceited to hold such a noisy festival in your
current state. No matter how much you struggle you are powerless against me!
I can move to any place in but an instant after all. ...I will teach you
lowlives your place and destroy the magic academy, the place where you
gathered what little knowledge you possess!
It will happen.... let's say, tomorrow at noon. Spend your last night
shivering with fear like the scum you are!

Tippi : This is bad! He plans to destroy the magic academy!

Wallace: Tch! That bastard, he's really pushing it this time!

Tippi : Ah...Master?
Did you hear? Eh...not until tomorrow morning? Ah, yes we can look for him
at night. Ok, I'll let everyone know!

Tippi : Master said we are all summoned by the king tomorrow morning.
So we should rest for the night.

Wallace: It can't be helped. Let's withdraw for today.

Ariost fireworks event

Ariost: What is it?
You have something to ask me?

Invite Ariost?
1) Yes
2) No

Ariost: I see. It wouldn't be a bad idea to see the fireworks with you.

Ariost: Oh? Are we going to watch from Lady Sandra's tower?

Tippi: Yup.
We got permission from Master.

Ariost: Looks like there is still time.
Let's wait here a while.

Tippi: Okay, let's do that.

Ariost: It's about time to wake up.
The fireworks are going to start.

Ariost: You're up, huh.
The fireworks will begin soon.

Tippi: Ehehe.
I can't waaait~

Ariost: The fireworks are beautiful.
When I look at them, it feels like everyone's vigor has returned.

How will you answer?
1) Incline your head to one side in doubt
2) Nod in agreement

Ariost: Hahahah.
You're unexpectedly skeptical.

2) (no specific answer)


Ariost: At any rate, in order to not kill that vitality which has gotten
this strong, we have to win against Venzel.

Ariost: No matter what difficulty we face, we must win.

Ariost: Up to now we've done so, surmounting over many hardships.

Ariost: If we continue to challenge without giving up, we can surely do it.
Therefore let's do our best.

Voice : Listen to my words peons!

Ariost: Again!?

Voice : You sure are conceited to hold such a noisy festival in your
current state. No matter how much you struggle you are powerless against me!
I can move to any place in but an instant after all. ...I will teach you
lowlives your place and destroy the magic academy, the place where you
gathered what little knowledge you possess!
It will happen.... let's say, tomorrow at noon. Spend your last night
shivering with fear like the scum you are!

Tippi : This is bad! He plans to destroy the magic academy!

Ariost: Destroy the magic academy?!

Tippi : Ah...Master?
Did you hear? Eh...not until tomorrow morning? Ah, yes we can look for him
at night. Ok, I'll let everyone know!

Tippi : Master said we are all summoned by the king tomorrow morning.
So we should rest for the night.

Ariost: It can't be helped.
We'll have to leave it for today.

Eliotte fireworks event

Eliotte: What's the matter?

Invite Eliotte?
1) Yes
2) No

Eliotte: That would be nice. Let us go!

Eliotte: Oh? Are we going to watch from the top of Lady Sandra's tower?

Tippi: Yup. I got permission so everything's fine.

Eliotte: This place will have a great view.
But it looks like we're still early.

Tippi: Well then, let's wait here a little while.

Eliotte: Please awaken.
It's almost time.

Eliotte: Have you awoken? The fireworks will begin soon.

Eliotte: Ahh... The fireworks are beautiful...
With this I feel that everyone's spirit has returned, and they'll feel
happy before they notice it.
After this all that is left is to destroy Venzel.
We can.. no, if it's you, it can be done.
Up to now no matter what hardships there were, we overcame them!

Voice : Do you hear me, foolish humans!

Eliotte: Venzel!?

Voice : You sure are conceited to hold such a noisy festival in your
current state. No matter how much you struggle you are powerless against me!
I can move to any place in but an instant after all. ...I will teach you
lowlives your place and destroy the magic academy, the place where you
gathered what little knowledge you possess!
It will happen.... let's say, tomorrow at noon. Spend your last night
shivering with fear like the scum you are!

Tippi : This is bad! He's going to destroy the magic academy!

Eliotte: How could he!

Tippi : Ah...Master?
Did you hear? Eh...not until tomorrow morning? Ah, yes we can look for him
at night. Ok, I'll let everyone know!

Tippi : Master said we are all summoned by the king tomorrow morning.
So we should rest for the night.

Eliotte: It can't be helped. The fireworks are over.

Tippi fireworks event

Tippi: Huh? You're going alone? You're a lonely guy, aren't you.
Isn't there someone you'd like to go with?

(talk to gatekeeper again)

Tippi: I guess it can't be helped, huh?
I will go with you!

Tippi: Ohh, I am go excited!
Well, let's wait here a little until it's time.

Tippi: Hey you! Wake up!

Tippi: The fireworks are going to start any time now!

Tippi: Waah.. it's so pretty..!
This is the first time in my life I've even seen fireworks!

Tppi : It feels sort of unfair when I think about how you must have
seen such pretty sights lots more than I have.

Tippi: But, I'm glad to be able to see such beautiful fireworks before the end.

How will you answer?
1) Ask again
2) The end?

1) Tippi: Eh? What did I say?

2) Tippi: Eheheh...

Tippi: My role was to observe you. If Venzel is destroyed,
I'd be retired from that job...

Tippi: Truthfully I want to be with you longer but I can't say that for long...
I'm a homunculus, you see. So, I don't have long to live...
It looks like Misha can live long, but for me...

What will you answer?
1) There's no other way?
2) That is sad

1) Tippi: Impossible.
If there's anything, I could probably live a few years, but...

2) (no specific anser)


Tippi: Ah, let's not talk about such sad things. I don't like to think about it.
Besides, this is a special day! No tears allowed!
It's not that I'm going to die immediately, you know.

Tippi: But, I... really...

Voice : Do you hear me, foolish humans!

Tippi: Again!?

Voice : You sure are conceited to hold such a noisy festival in your
current state. No matter how much you struggle you are powerless against me!
I can move to any place in but an instant after all. ...I will teach you
lowlives your place and destroy the magic academy, the place where you
gathered what little knowledge you possess!
It will happen.... let's say, tomorrow at noon. Spend your last night
shivering with fear like the scum you are!

Tippi : What will we do!?

Tippi : Ah...Master?
Did you hear? Eh...not until tomorrow morning? Ah, yes we can look for him
at night. Ok, I'll let everyone know!

Tippi : Master said we are all summoned by the king tomorrow morning.
So we should rest for the night.
Well, let's go home.

======= Rolandia castle - throne room ========

(the following morning)

Arcadius : So you're all here. I'm sure you hear Venzel's voice last night too.
He gave us a notice because he wants our fear to get the best of us while we
wait for him to strike. However! Thanks to you, our citizens have conquered
their fears. A lot of them have gathered in front of the castle gates to
show us their support. We have the duty to answer their expectations and
defeat Venzel once and for all! Only you are capable of this!
We are all counting on you.

(as you exit the room)

Citizen 1 : Go kick his ass!

Citizen 2 : We're counting on you!

Citizen 3 : Don't worry about the town, we'll protect it.
Focus on defeating him!

Tippi : Now that we rallied so many people we can't afford to mess up...

Ruise : Yes!

Tippi : Alright! Let's go!

(weird halo fills the screen)

Ruise : ???

Tippi : What's wrong Ruise-chan?

Ruise : I thought I felt an enormous power just now but...

Ruise : ...did I imagine things?

Wallace : Don't tell me it's Venzel again?

Ruise : No, it doesn't look like him...it didn't feel like an evil strength...

Tippi : Then we don't have to worry about it.

Ruise : ...yes...

======= Magic academy - in front of the main building ========

(as soon as you get there)

Ruise : ...looks like the place is still alright...

Tippi : Ah, everyone's there!

Weber : When I heard his voice, I rushed here as soon as I could.

Oscar Reeves : The same goes for me.

Wallace : Still he's late, isn't he supposed to travel instantly with teleport?

Oscar Reeves : Could he try to make us gather here to get rid of us along with
the building?

Voice : Bastards, just what did you do this time?
Did you really keep the power stone!?

Oscar Reeves : What is he talking about?

Voice : But don't get full of yourselves because you were able to seal my
ability to teleport! I have a Growsian weapon in my hands!

Weber : He lost the ability to teleport!?
Hey what did you do this time Wallace?

Wallace : No, we didn't do anything...

Ruise : And what does he mean by "Growsian weapon"...?

Oscar Reeves : Hm? What's that over there?

(you see a tower floating in the sky)

Wallace : Hey what are you looking at! Describe it to me!

Ariost : It looks like...Growsian ruins floating in the sky....

Wallace : Ruins?

Ariost : The bottom half looks like a Featherian building but the upper half
looks like a Growsian tower...

Wallace : Is that the weapon he talked about?

Ariost : Probably. It doesn't move very fast but...this is really unbelievable.
I only thought it existed in legends....
This is a floating castle from the Growsian era...

Oscar Reeves : But how are we going to attack it?
We have no means to reach that high.

Tippi : Can't we use Ariost-san's invention to get there?

Ariost : It's not impossible...but not realistic either....

Tippi : Eeh? Why? We could use it like we did before and then have Ruise-chan
teleports all of us there! Right Ruise-chan?

Ruise : Hmm...I don't think it's possible.

Tippi : Why!?

Ruise : Because that thing is moving. In order to teleport I must know the
exact surroundings of the place I want to move to, it doesn't work otherwise...

Tippi : Then could you teleport us somewhere we know it's going to?

Ariost : We would only be transported in the middle of the sky and then
fall to our deaths.

Tippi : Grrr! What should we do then!?

Stella : So, that's where you are.

Ruise : Ah, the Featherian's queen...

Ariost : And mother too...

Gina : You look like you're having troubles Ariost.

Ariost : Yes. To be honnest, we have no means to attack Venzel's castle or do
anything to stop it.

Gina : That figures. Humans cannot stop that castle. But do not despair.

Tippi : Huh?

Gina : What makes this castle floats is a technology that we, Featherians,
developped in the past. The island we're living on currently use the same
technology too. To keep working the devices that make those float must
continuously receive a certain energy from this world. If we cut that energy
supply that castle will fall.

Ariost : Hold on mother! If you do that, then....

Stella : Our own Featherland will fall to the ground too.

Gina : But we have no other choices.

Ariost : Mother....

Stella : Long ago we too used to live on the ground. But because we couldn't
understand humans, we left the ground to live on Featherland. But ever since
you visited us that day, we had the chance to observe you, humans that we
previously ignored for so long. And we came to understand the better sides
of mankind.

Ruise : Then, you mean...

Gina : That willingness to face forward no matter what, the very reason I fell
in love with a human.

Stella : It seems we hastily labeled you as people we could never coexist with.
But Gina and you, both have opened our eyes. There is indeed a lot we should
learn from humans. And you have proven it to us. The proof of it is that
you even sealed Venzel's ability to teleport.

Tippi : Huh? We didn't do anything though?

Gina : No. Humans did seal Venzel's ability to teleport. All of your thoughts
unified and a miracle occured... Just like how the power stone work...

Ruise : So it's that strength I felt back then....

Stella : Until now our tribe was simply accepting fate and never tried to
do anything against it. But now we will lend you our strength! And work
together to achieve a peaceful world!

(CG of Featherland)

Featherian : Everyone, find shelter on the surface quickly! The suspension
system will be stopped soon. I repeat : find shelter on the surface quickly!

(Featherland falls and blows up, the tower starts to crash too)

Oscar Reeves : It worked! The castle is falling!

Stella : You are the only ones that can stop Venzel.
It's all up to you now.

Gina : We're counting on you.

Ariost : The Featherians even gave up on their own island to give us this
opportunity. There's no way we will let it go to waste.

Wallace : Yeah, this will be the last battle! Let's do it!

Tippi : Alright! Let's go everyone!

(none here has anything interesting to say save for Oscar whol tells you the
tower fell west of fort Raijin. Head there and you'll find it soon.)

======= Space-time control tower - outside ========

(upon getting there)

Wallace : So this is it. Venzel's in that thing...

Tippi : We're finally reaching the final battle.

(whoever you took to the fireworks will walk up to Carmaine, if you took no
one and didn't get the Tippi requirements cleared it will be Karen btw)

(talking to him/her)

Ruise confession event

Ruise: Hey, oniichan... I want to talk with you.

Ruise: Will you come over there for a little bit?
1) Yes
2) No

1) Tippi: Where are you going, Ruise?

Ruise: Oh, Tippi. I have a request.

Tippi: Hm? What?

Ruise: I'm sorry, but I want us to be alone right now.

Tippi: Huhh!?

Ruise: Please, Tippi.

Tippi: Oh, okay.

Ruise: Let's go, oniichan.

Ruise: Well, oniichan. I want you to listen to me quietly.
When I found out you weren't my real brother, I was sad and I cried a lot.
Well there is a continuation to that story.
While I was crying, I realized something.
Although I cried in sadness, somewhere in my heart felt relief.
At first I didn't even understand it. And then I thought I must really be
a cold girl, and I ended up crying even more.
But then, after I understood why I felt relieved, the tears stopped.

Ruise: I love you, oniichan.
Not as a little sister, but as a girl, I love you.
If we were real siblings, we couldn't be in love,
but since you're not my real brother, we can even get married.
After the tears stopped, my dream was to become your wife.
I thought if I could marry you, we could live together all the time, but..
your body is...!
I'm a Growsian.
I have stronger magic power than other people.
But even still, I can't save your life!
I can't even save the person I love!
This "power"... it's not even useful!

Please... live... oniichan...
If it's for you, I would do anything.

1) Vow that you will live
2) Stay silent and embrace her

1) Ruise: It's a promise. A definite promise.
I can't even think of a world without you.
The center of my world is always having you with me.

(CG of embrace and CG of Ruise face)

2) ...Ah...

(CG of embrace)

Ruise: I can hear your heartbeat.
Throb, throb, it's a reassuring beat...
I will find a way to save you at all costs.
Until then promise me that you will live.

(CG of Ruise face)


Ruise: If time stopped like this, it would be fine.
If it did, we could be together, always, the whole time, forever...

Carmaine: ....

Ruise: It would be all right!
Oniichan is someone who can change fate!
That's what I believe.

Ruise: I really want to stay like this and be held by you longer,
but if we become late, everyone will worry.
Besides, if you are saved, then I can have you hold me any time.
Hehehe... <3

Ruise: But, I'll only remember this much.
If it's for your sake, I can endure anything.
I won't be scared of anything. I will do anything.

Ruise: Well, let's return, oniichan!
Everyone is waiting!

Julian confession event

Julian : My lord, could I ask for a bit of your time?
There's something I want to talk to you alone.
1) Yes 
2) No (will get you the "alone ending" - needs confirmation)

Carmaine : ...

Tippi : Go, I'll wait here.

Julian : My lord.... Are you feeling alright?
a) Somehow
b) I'm fine

Julian : Don't overexert yourself please.

Julian : Please don't work yourself too hard


Julian : Even if your condition is stable now there's no telling when you
might collapse again. If we were to lose you now it would be a devastating
blow to all of us.
a) Is that the only reason you're asking?
b) Ask her about her real feelings

Julian : Is there any other reason?

Julian : My real feelings?


Julian : I'm only thinking about the best coure of action to take in our
current situation. There's no other meaning to my question.
a) Leave it as that
b) Hug her (CG of the two of them)

Julian : Then let us return to the others my lord.

Julian : !?
My lord!?

Julian : Please stop joking.
c) Why are you repressing your feelings? (no specific answer)
d) Don't be too hard on yourself too (same as above)

Julian : I'm a really weak person. If I did let my real feelings show I would
make you embarassed of myself.
 That's why I have to bear it for now or...
Even now my heart beats so fast I feel like my chest could explode.
Even if I try to calm myself down my body won't listen...as if it wasn't

Carmaine : ...

Julian : Because I love you.... That's why I don't let my true feelings show...
I was afraid you would you dislike seeing me like this in return...
If someone like me that can't even act as a woman started to talk to you about
love, I knew it would have been a burden for you. That's why I vowed to be
your sword instead. That way I could always remain by your side...
c) Say nothing and keep holding her (no specific answer)
d) Tell her your feelings too

Julian : My lord...
I...I'm truly happy....

Julian : I have a favor to ask. Please don't go somwehere I can't reach!
Please promise you won't die! If it means saving you then I'm ready to lay
down my life if I must! So please... please don't leave me alone...

Julian : In the end I did display a shameful behaviour...
My lord... no mattter what please stay alive...

Julian : Well...we should go back now. They're all waiting for us.

Julian : ...

Eliotte confession event

Eliotte: I am sorry, but may I have a moment of your time?
I have something I want to tell you.
1) Yes
2) No

Eliotte: Will you wait here, please, Tippi?
I want to speak with just the two of us.

Tippi: That's fine with me, but, what about you?

Eliotte: What would you like to do?

Go alone with Eliotte?
1) Yes
2) No

2) Eliotte: Oh... I see...
I suppose this isn't the time for that.
I am sorry. I was being selfish.

1) Eliotte: In that case, shall we speak over there?

Eliotte: When I think about it, although a lot of time has passed
since I met you, we've never spoken alone before.
From when I first met you I thought you were an amazing person,
and each time I saw you that thought grew stronger and stronger.
And then, my longing to confront you also grew stronger.

What will you answer?
1) I'm not that great.
2) Is that so?

1) Eliotte: You don't have to be so modest.

2) Eliotte: You have never realized how inspiring you are?
Heheh, that's just like you.


Eliotte: You have a lot of things that I do not.
Bravery, confidence, ability to get things done...
Looking at you, I want to achieve the qualities you have.

Eliotte: I don't think I can accomplish them all, but nevertheless,
I have gradually become stronger myself.
But, when I advance one step, you advance two or three steps ahead...
It's just repeating the same thing over, isn't it?
But I am determined to exceed you someday.
Until that time, please guide me.
Like an older brother, kindly...

Eliotte: Ah, we should be returning to the others now.
Shall we return?

(back to the tower, as you get near the entrance)

Tippi : Time to raid the place! We're going to bring Venzel down!

Xenos : Hold on! Don't forget he was the first Shadow knight master!
We might all fall in a trap if we all enter at the same time.
We should have two groups enter the place and a third one remain here for
support. So basically split in three groups, how does that sound?

Ariost : I see.

Wallace : I agree. Chosse two persons to go in with you.

(talk to two persons)

Julian : Will you choose me?
1) Yes
2) No

Julian : I will put my life on the line for the world's sake!

Eliotte : Please allow me to go with you!
1) Yes
2) No

Eliotte : Thank you very much! I swear we will win!

Xenos : I bet you need my strength right?
1) Yes
2) No

Xenos : Haha, you sure know how to pick people!

Ariost : Can I come along?
1) Yes
2) No

Ariost : I'll give everything I have.

(talk to Oscar when ready, first choice to creae the party again or second to
enter the tower. Right when you enter it be sure to check on your right,
there's 125000 elm lying on the ground, perfect if you need money to get that
rank S battle done in the colosseum. Now for the tower, the featherian built
part is easy enough, there's only one way through. Keep going until you reach
the part looking like Growsian ruins)

======= Space-time control tower - A block ========

(upon entering)

Ruise : The structure is different from here...

Tippi : It looks like like those Growsian buildings from here.

(your goal is to reach D block which is quite easy as you only need to go right
each time. When you have to pick an elevator choose the one most to the right
too. There are items you can get if you decide to explore the others areas of
the tower, although nothing mind-blowing)

======= Space-time control tower - D block ========

(after entering the room after the save point)

Voice : I've been waiting for you.

Wallace : That voice...

Eliotte : Richard...

Richard : How dare you step into lord Venzel's castle...

Tippi : Listen to us! If you join us we can save this world!
Please help us!

Richard : Save this world? Don't make me laugh.
If we join lord Venzel the world will be saved all the same.

Ruise : But then we only will be his pawns! The world doesn't belong to him!

Richard : ...be quiet! Talking to you is just creeps me out!
Any more attempt at negotiations is pointless. You will all die here!

Event battle 67 : Final battle against Richard&Ernest!

Winning condition : Convince Ernest and Richard to help you
Losing condition : All party members defeated, Ernest or Richard killed

Enemy : Richard (Lv75)
        Ernest Lyell (Lv72)
        2 archdemons (Lv53)
        2 giants (Lv50)
        2 mythril golems (lv51)

(Well you're used to fighting Richard and Ernest by now and the monsters aren't
a big threat anyway as you can toast them with only a couple spells. Just be
sure to let Richard attack Ernest a few times before defeating him)

(getting near Ernest)

Eliotte : Listen to us Lyell!

Ernest Lyell : ...your Highness...

Ruise : Do you really thing people will attain hapiness under Venzel's rule?
Even if he can prevent the two worlds from splitting do you think that alone
is enough?

Julian : Didn't you swear to build a better world with Richard and Reaves?
Did you really forget about that promise the three of you made?

Ernest Lyell : ...I...

(once Ernest hits half hp)

1) Tell him he isn't really helping Richard that way
2) Tell him if he values his friends he would stand against them if need be
3) Tell him he is a coward

(1 or 2)
Ernest Lyell : ...I...

Tippi : That's right! If you're really his friend you mustn't just spoil him!

Ernest Lyell : What!? You're calling me a coward?

Tippi : But it's the truth! If you really think he's mistaken
then you should have the guts to tell him!


Ernest Lyell : ...kh...

Ruise : If he helps oniichan we can create a world where everyone could be
happy. I beg you! Please help us!

Ernest Lyell : ...is there really a way to escape Venzel's grasp?

Wallace : There is one only if Richard decides to cooperate.

Ernest Lyell : ...I understand. I will try to convince him too!

Eliotte : Lyell...

Julian : So you finally understand!

Tippi : Thank you Lyell-san!

Richard : So you're betraying me Lyell...! Only death awaits traitors!

(Lyell joins as a NPC)

(right afterwards)

Ernest Lyell : I will go talk with lord Richard. Assist me in the meanwhile!

Tippi : Assist you? How are we going to do that...

Ernest Lyell : Attack him moderately. And create an opportunity for me to
convince him. As he is right now, he won't listen to my words.

Wallace : Can you really watch us attack him and stay still?

Ernest Lyell : To be honest it really pains me to do this...
But for the sake of making him regain his senses I will bear this pain.

Ernest Lyell : ...hmph. I guess I know how Oscar must have felt now...
Anyway, I'm counting on you!

(Richard attacks Ernest)

Richard : You lousy traitor!

Ernest Lyell : Lord Richard...

(after landing a couple of hits on Richard after he attacked Ernest)

Ernest Lyell : Lord Richard! Please listen to what they have to say!

Richard : What's this, are you begging for you life?

Ernest Lyell : I only want you to return to your old self.

Richard : My old self? How stupid! You know that I don't have long to live
anymore don't you? There's no other choices for me but to obey lord Venzel.

Tippi : You're the stupid one! You sound like you're the only one who's in
troubles! You're not the only one who will die soon! I will too!

Ruise : What!?

Tippi : The life span of an homonculus is proportionnal to its body size.
If I were as big as Misha I would have a life span similar to a human but in
my case I will only live two years at best...

Ruise : That can't be...

Tippi : But even then! Every living being in this world will die one day in
the end! The only difference between them is how long we live. Isn't what
we did during our lives that's the most important? And how useful we made
ourselves to others? Isn't it what truly matters!?

Richard : Shut up...shut up! SHUT UP!

(Richard defeated)

Richard : ...g, guh...

Ernest Lyell : Lord Richard, please remember! How kind you used to be before!

Richard : ...kind...!?

Ernest Lyell : Yes! Please remember the dream we shareed the three of us along
with Oscar! What we vowed to do!

Richard : A vow...?

Ernest Lyell : To create a better world for everyone! That's what we decided!

Richard : ...yes...I remember, we did, the three of us...
That evening, the sun was painting the whole town in shades of red...
We were thinking how we would like those peaceful times to last forever...

Richard : ...uuuh...shut up! I'm...lord Venzel's faithful servant....

Richard : But I remember...the three of us...

Ernest Lyell : Lord Richard!

Richard : Save me Ernest! The voice...I heard a voice, it's ordering me...
Please stop me!

Ruise : It seems his past memories are stronger than Venzel's brainwashing.

Eliotte : That's the power of friendship for you.

Richard : ...I...I...

Ernest Lyell : Please hang on lord Richard!

Richard : ....what I wish for...the hapiness of my people....

Event battle 67 Clear

Ernest Lyell : Lord Richard!

Ernest Lyell : Please hang on lord Richard!

Richard : ...I...I...

Voice : So even you would betray me!

Tippi : That voice!?

Wallace : Venzel!

Voice : Did you forget you own me your life?

Richard : Shut up! I won't bend to you!

Voice : Brave words indeed.
But I'm not so generous as to let traitors live.

(weird magic effects and Richard collapses and melts)

Ernest Lyell : Lord Richard!

Voice : Kukuku...hahahaha!

Ernest Lyell : Lord Richard...

Ruise : ...no...

Tippi : What are we going to do!? Now that Richard is gone we...

Wallace : ...Carmaine will have to do it by himself.

Tippi : But if he's alone he will...

Julian : It may sounds cold but if he doesn't, we will have to submit to Venzel.

(talking to Ernest)

Ernest Lyell : ...sorry but leave me alone for now...

(keep going and take the elevator)

Tippi : Looks like there's no enemy here...

Ruise : It seems this room is used by the Growsians to keep records...
Say, let's go take a look! We could maybe find something like Venzel's
weakness if we're lucky!

Wallace : Alright.

(examining the data bank)

Ruise : I think we can find records here.

Data bank : No data. Please activate a memory bank.

(look around you'll find a device you can start up then come back)

Data bank : The following data can be accessed.
1) Space-time fusion program
2) Space-time control tower hijaking plan
3) The Gevel program
4) Space-time interference theory
5) Enhanced human program (you only need to select this to proceed)

Data bank : "Space-time fusion program"
This program was created in cooperation with the Featherians in order to
escape our original world struck by a disaster. Combining the Featherians
technology and the humans magical powers, the space-time control device was
completed. In its experimental stage the device could fuse dimensions but was
unable to absorb the resulting distorsions that occured, making the process
extremly unstable. Cristallizing magical power into a power stone, that issue
was adressed.

Data bank : "Space-time control tower hijaking plan"
In order to establish our position as rulers of this world, we, Growsians
had to size control of the space-time control tower. The steps of this plan
are the following : 
1 - Hijacking the space-time control tower
Since the Featherians do not hold strong magical powers, we managed to
overpower them and take control of the bottom levels of the tower where the
floating devices are located.
2 - Reverse engineering of the biological weapons
Stealing the biological weapons made by the Fetherians, the Gevels, we turned
them into our own weapons. We remodeled them so they become unable to use
their powers when faced with an individual holding Growshu. Thus we managed
to prevent them from rebelling against our orders.
3 - Improvement of the float engine layers
We are now in the process to add a control device to the float engines to
improve what will become our castle. Since we cannot fly like the Featherians
we need to make those layers fit to travel by humans. A workforce of a thousand
people will be prepared for that purpose.

Data bank : "The Gevel program"
While the Gevels are biological weapons created by the Featherians, they were
built based on a native creature of this world, the Gevs. Gevs are creature
evvolved enough to possess a language and are also blessed with incredibly
longevity and toughness. By using those Gevel weapons, our goal to rule over
the world can easily become reality.

Data bank : "Space-time interference theory"
We predict that if we fuse elements from two different dimensions into the same
being, that being will obtain the power to control space-time by itself to an
extent. If we manage to create such beings then the space-time control tower
itself wil no longer be needed. As experiments to breed such a being have all
failed until now we cannot ascertain that theory yet. Still we are confident
that such an ability can be passed down to the being's offsrping through their
genetic information.

Data bank : "Enhanced human program"
We believe that a being betowed with the entropy from both dimensions into its
body could control the movements of both worlds through its ability to
manipulate space-time distorsions. When reverse engineering the Gevels we had
the goal of adding their powers to an human.

Tippi : This is it!

Data bank : "Experiment record - 1"
Using a man seized from the rebel army we carried out a fusion experiment.
The experiment proceeded smoothly. The resulting individual obtained fighting
abilities far superior to most humans and while incomplete we detected he
had the power to control space-time to a little extent. The name of that
man is Belgar K.

Wallace : Belgar you said?

Ruise : It's what is written...

Tippi : There's still something afterwards! Keep reading!

Data bank : "Experiment record - 2"
Based on the previous experiment, we proved that our theory was correct.
We decided to dispose of Belgar.

Data bank : "Experiment record - 3"
Belgar managed to escape just before his execution. He appears to have stolen
the power stone in the process.

Data bank : "Experiment record - 4"
Lord Venzel subjected himself to the fusion experiment.
At first, it seems his Growsian powers were reduced as a result.

Data bank : "Experiment record - 5"
Lord Venzel's body appears to show rejection syndromes.
Gevel's fighting abilities....strength....and....

Data bank : ...data error....

Ruise : It stops here?

Wallace : Looks like the Growsians died at that point.

Tippi : But we found something great! Belgar-san had that power to control
space-time too!

Wallace : And?
1) It means I have that power too.
2) It means his son may have that power too.
3) I didn't understand a word of this so I'll stay quiet

Tippi : Of course you have, captain obvious!

Ruise : What Tippi means is that his son may have that power too.

Tippi : Yes, exactly!

Tippi : Hey, are you stupid?

Ruise : What Tippi means is that his son may have that power too.

Wallace : Then that son it's...

Tippi : Yup! Xenos!

Wallace : So even though Richard isn't there anymore, we can still go on with
the plan if we use Xenos.

Ruise : It means that oniichan won't have to push himself too badly!

Wallace : Our hope hasn't been crushed yet! Come on, let's go!

(as soon as you try to leave, the wall explodes and a battle start)

Event battle 68 : Make your way into the power stone refinery!

Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
Losing condition : All party members defeated

Enemy : 2 archdemons (Lv55)
        2 Gevs (Lv53)
        2 mythril golems (lv54)

(Another buffed up random encounter basically. Just keep in mind Gevs are
insanely tough against physical attacks. They're also very fast, don't let
them get near your casters)

Event battle 68 Clear

(in the next room)

Tippi : What's this?

Ruise : Hmmm. It looks like the device we found in the ruins in the lost woods.
Oniichan, should we try to use it?
1) Yes
2) No

Device : Total control client.
...system green. Voice navigation mode. ...ok.

Tippi : Something appeared!

Device : "Space-time control tower"
Surveillance mode : output 15%
Currently in operation.

Device : "Space-time distorsions ratio"
Currently at 8%
Ratio is in tolerance's level.

Device : "Warning"
Surveillance mode is only operating until distorsions reach the 10% value.
Above that value, the emergency mode needs to be activated!

Ruise : Seems like it's still working for now.

Device : The door to the power stone refinement room is currently locked.
Do you want to unlock it?

Tippi : If we want to procede it seems we need to remove the lock.
1) Yes
2) No

(pick 1 and proceed)

(in the next room)

Tippi : Ah!

Misha : Oniisama! Ruise-chan!

Ariost : We finally met up with you.

Xenos : Yo! Good to see you all alive!

Karen : Are you all alright?

Oscar Reaves : ...what about lord Richard?

Wallace : Forgive us, Venzel killed him...

OScar Reaves : ...no.....

Oscar Reaves : But doesn't that mean we can't create the power stone now?

Tippi : Yeah about that, listen to this. Even though Richard isn't here
any more we still have a way to create the power stone!

Wallace : Actually we learned that the captain was used in the same fusion
experiment as Venzel. So in short, the captain had the power to control
space-time distorsions too!

Karen : Father had that power too?

Xenos : My old man!?

Tippi : And we learned that his son could have the same power!

Xenos : So you mean...me?

Wallace : Since you're his son you should have that ability too.

Xenos : So I can do that too...

Ruise : If you help oniichan we can turn everyone into Growsians!

Xenos : ...got it. I'll tag along.

Tippi : We're counting on you Xenos!

Wallace : So that's settled. It's finally time to put the plan into action.
But I don't think going in with everyone is a good idea. We at least need
some members to keep us a way of retreat.

Tippi : Then select the members that will come with you inside!

Wallace : This will be the last battle. I'd like to have at least 6 people
instead of 5 like we usually have. Xenos must come with us. I'll let you decide
if you want him as a member or to act on his own...
1) Put Xenos in the party
2) Have him follow as a NPC

Xenos : Ok, let's do it that way.

Tippi : Then who else is going to come?

(pick whoever)
Julian : You should select the members extremly carefully.
1) Invite Julian
2) Don't

(when you're done)

Xenos : Time to go!

Wallace : I'm sure Venzel will try to interfere.
But we must be succesful no matter what!

Misha : It would be so much easier if we could kill him first and then
create the power stone.

Ruise : Yes. But if he decides to split the two worlds before we start to
create the power stone, we won't make it in time....

Ariost : In any case when we will be creating the power stone we will create
a large scale space-time distorsion as a result. As soon as it's created we
will have to fix the distorsions or everyone will be in danger.

Wallace : Then we'll get going. Everyone else, secure a path of retreat!

Oscar Reaves : Leave that to us!

Misha : Good luck!

Ariost : I have faith in you all.

Karen : Niisan, be careful.

======= Space-time control tower - power stone refinery ========

(upon entering)

Xenos : So it's here. We need to create it here right?

Tippi : I wonder how?

Ruise : Hmmm....
I think that device over there is what we use to talk to everyone...
and that other device over there gather the Growshu and create the power stone.

Xenos : So I and him just have to use our power on that device over there?

Wallace : Yes.

Voice : Kukuku.... And do you think it will go that well?

Tippi : Venzel....

Venzel : ...I guess I underestimated you. I would have never thought
you'd come this far.
1) This is the end of you!
2) We will save this world!

Venzel : The end of me? Idiots. You're the ones who will die here.

Venzel : People loves to quarrel. And that doesn't change no matter
who rules over them. As soon as the ruler dies, conflict appears and
expand into wars. However I am eternal. I am a king that will never die!
Can't you see how beneficial could that be?

Venzel : I admit you did well to come this far.
But that's about as far as you will get.

Xenos : Like hell it will!

Venzel : What a meaningless struggle.

Ruise : It's not meaningless!

Venzel : Then try and do it!

Event battle 69 : Create the power stone and defeat Venzel!

Winning condition : Defeat Venzel once the stone is created
Losing condition : All party members defeated, Carmaine, Xenos or Venzel killed
before the stone is completed or if Venzel steal the power stone.

Enemy : Venzel (lv70)

(Only one enemy! Venzel's spells will hurt quite a bit though so resist is a
good way to save mp instead of healing the damages. Just have Carmaine and Xenos
hop into the circle on the left while another character with good defence go
north near the device where the power stone will be created. Venzel will head
there to steal it so you need someone who can withstand his attacks)

(Carmaine reaches the device first)

Tippi : Xenos! Hurry up!

Xenos : I'll be right there!

(Julian reaches the device to the north)

Julian : "Activation switch". You want me to puch this right?
(this will allow the stone to be created once Xenos and Carmaine are ready)

(Xenos reaches the device too)

Tippi : Ok, now use your power you two and send it to everyone in the world!

Xenos : Understood. Whether I have that power or not...

Xenos : Guess I'll just have to try and see!

Tippi : Can you hear me!? We're fighting Venzel now, but we need your help too!

Tippi : We will send you power that will turn all of you into Growsians so
please focus your thoughts! Think deeply about how you want us to defeat Venzel!

Xenos : *insert grunts here*

Venzel : Damn you!

Ruise : Looks like it started!
A bit longer and we should be able to create the power stone!

Wallace : We will hold Venzel back in the meanwhile!

(you'll hear the toughts of everyone else at this point)

Bradley : Focus your magical powers everyone!

Female student : We will fight too!

Child : I'll work hard too! Do you best oniichan!

Competitor : If you need our strength then we will give it all to you!

Sandra : Now everyone! Unite your thoughts!
Send your strength to those that are fighting Venzel!

Rolandia soldiers : Yes Ma'm!

Refining device : Large amount of Growshu detected.
The power stone refining will now start.

Venzel : Damn... They initiated the refining device. I can't destroy it
now or the whole place would blow up....
Which means... I'll just have to steal the power stone!

Wallace : Like we will let you!

(attacking Venzel afterwards)

Venzel : Damn you, out of my way!

(later on)

Ruise : Ah, it's the power stone! It's still small but it started to appear!

Tippi : Hang in there you two!

Xenos : *more grunting*

Xenos : That's more tiring than I thought....!

(later again)

Refining device : Refining process now reached the 50% mark.
Continuing process.

Ruise : Faster!

Xenos : ...what, there's still half more to go...?


Xenos : Still not done...? I'm about to reach my limit here....

Refining device : Power stone refining completed.

Tippi : We did it!

Venzel : Damn you! Now, hand it over!

(Venzel defeated)

Venzel : Guwah!

Tippi : Did we do it!?

Venzel : I...I cannot die....

Venzel : I became the perfect being...I cannot....

(he falls off)

Xenos : With this, we're rid of him at last.

Event battle 69 Clear

Alarm : Warning. Space-time distorsions have exceeded the 20% mark.
The present mode cannot regulate the current amount. Immediatly use the power
stone to activate the system fully. Past 35% both dimensions will start to
split. I repeat. Space-time distorsions have exceeded the 20% mark.
The present mode cannot regulate the current amount. Immediatly use the power
stone to activate the system fully. Past 35% both dimensions will start to

Wallace : It started!

Xenos : We need to hurry and use the power stone!

Tippi : But where is the control device!?

Ruise : It wasn't on our way here right?

Xenos : Which means it's up ahead!

Alarm : Distorsions have now reached the 22% mark.

Wallace : Tch!

Wallace : Go with the others and secure us a route to leave this place!

Xenos : Got it! This is our last job! You better not screw up!

Wallace : Alright, let's hurry!

(you now need to go in the room far to the north before countdown reach 0)

======= Space-time control tower - control room ========

Tippi : It's here!

Wallace : We made it in time...

Venzel : ...I can't die yet...I can't...die....

Wallace : ...Gevel...no, is that Venzel!?

Eliotte : That shape, it's so....

Julian : How ugly... I guess this reflects the shape of his heart...

Venzel : Ugly right...? In order to draw more power from the Gevel parts of
my body I lost the ability to control space-time.... In top of that I will
only live one day at best in this shape...

Tippi : Then just stay quiet and don't interfere! We need to return the
space-time distorsions to their normal state!

Venzel : ...return to normal...? I won't let you be the only ones to stay alive!
You and the whole world will be destroyed along with me!

Wallace : Damnit! Just when we don't have time to spare!

Alarm : Space-time distorsions have now reached the critical level.
Please use the power stone and activate the emergency control mode.

Event battle 70 : Defeat Venzel and save the world!

Winning condition : Defeat Venzel before the timer reach zero
Losing condition : All party members defeated, timer hits zero

Enemy : Venzel (Lv75)
        4 Gevel eyes (Lv70)
        6 Gevel claws (lv60)

(Well for once you really are outnumbered. In top of the that the place is
cramped so you can't move around easily and Venzel can target anyone in your
party. I hope your characters are not too tired as this is one of the hardest
battles in the game. All Gevel parts can physically attacks anyone in the room
they usually picks the one they will deal most damage to. So it might be a
good choice to keep a character with high HP with a low defence, so he can
withstand lots of hits and while you spam healing on him. Or just make Ruise
defend at first so Venzel won't focus on her. Venzel himself attacks slowly but
his attacks will target a large area in frotn of him and deal magical non
elemental damage. They're also extremly powerful dealing around 200 damage to
anyone. Each Gevel part aborb a different element too so avoid elemental
spells. If you can keep Ruise alive and casting, Meteor is fantastic here.
The battle ends as soon as Venzel is killed)

(all of your characters will say something when engaging Venzel)

Wallace : You've lost! Drop dead already!

Eliotte : Ours and this whole world fate rest on this! We won't fail!

Julian : Go to hell!

Tipi : Don't get in our way!

(after killing one part)

Venzel : I won't die alone....  I will bring all of you down with me!

(after the countdown hits 7)

Alarm : Distorsions have now reached the 25% mark.

(after the countdown hits 5)

Alarm : Distorsions have now reached the 28% mark.

(Venzel defeated)

Venzel : Why...why... My body, its....uwaaaah!!

Event battle 70 Clear

Tippi : He's...really dead this time right?

Ruise : ...Yes. Looks like it...

Wallace : We still have something to do.

Tippi : Yup!

Alarm : Distorsions have now reached the 33% mark. Distorsions have reached
the critical limit. Please use the power stone and activate the emergency
control mode immediatly.

(use the power stone in the device in front of you)

Alarm : Power stone installed. Entering emergency mode now.
Initializing the space-time control system.

Alarm : Converting entropy. Processing power stone.
System output : maximum.

Alarm : Reducing distorsions. Current rate : 30%
Distorsions now under the tolerance level.

Tippi : It worked!

Ruise : Yes! We did it!

Wallace : ...yeah. We did good.

Alarm : Distorsions have been reduced to 0.6%.
Ejection of the power stone. The system will now enter surveillance mode.

(you got the power stone back)

Tippi : Come on, let's go back now! Everyone's waiting for us!

Ruise : Yes!

(Ruise teleports everyone right into the throne room in Rolandia)

Wallace : We just finished our mission your Highness.
Venzel is dead and the splitting of the two dimensions has been averted.

Arcadius : Great job. You are the saviors of our world!
Let me thank you on behalf of everyone living in this world.

Stella : We learned a lot from you. The will to always face forwards, courage.
And more importantly you gave us the opportunity to live together
with humans again. Allow us to thank you too. We are truly grateful.

Arcadius : First allow me to me present you with a reward.

Tippi : A reward? What, what is it?

Arcadius : I talked with everyone here and we decided this together.

Stella : But first, the power stone please.

(handed the power stone)

Stella : Now that Gevel is dead you do not have long to live left.
Let us change that first.

Arcadius : We can't allow the hero that saved the world to die!
Even if we have to face a backlash from the power stone for that to happen!

Stella : Now, everyone! Let us pray for his sake! To lift the abominable
curse that plague him!

(weird magic effects again)

Ruise : How do you feel oniichan?

Tippi : He looks like a lot better! I guess he's ok now! Congratulations!

(now you'll get the character you paired with Carmaine ending)

Ruise Ending

(Granshill in front of accessory shop)

Ruise: Oniichan! Hurry up!
It was here, right? When Julian bought that pendant for me.

Ruise: Since then, so many things happened,
and somehow it feels like a very long time ago.
Although, it was only a few months ago...

Ruise: If I say the truth, I'm grateful for the commotion
several months ago here...

Ruise: Because of that, I was able to have a chance of confessing to you...

Ruise: Until then, I didn't want to destroy my relationship with you
so I couldn't say anything.

Ruise: If I have ruined that relationship up to now,
I thought it would be better to have it stay like it was before...

Ruise: But thanks to Misha giving me the opportunity, I could cast off my shell.

Ruise: Hehe, did you know?
I had one more request for the promise pendant.

Ruise: To become lovers with.. oniichan.... That wish... came true, didn't it?

Ruise: I don't need anything too great.
If I'm just with you, the whole way, that would be fine...

Ruise: It's a small wish, but, to me that would be the greatest happiness...

Ruise: Therefore...
If you die before me, I won't accept it....
1) Trust me
2) I'll promise you

Ruise: Really?

Ruise: Then, here is evidence of the promise.


Ruise: Well then, oniichan let's go!
For today's holiday, I'm going to be with you for the whole day!

Julian Ending

Julian : I was waiting for you my lord.

Julian : Since we have no missions we haven't been able to met lately.
Are you feeling alright?
1) I'm fine
2) Sorry for making you worry

Julian : I'm so glad...

Julian : I guess you're fine now...

Julian : Once Gevel was dead and you started to grow weaker, I was so sad
I could cry. When I thought about losing you, I couldn't stop my tears somehow.
Until I met you I never had such feelings.

Julian : Until now, I would have never even understood about that feeling of
wanting to dress up myself like this either. But after falling in love with you
I started to yearn for your attention, for your praise, and now I ended up using
those kind of clothes again. Not for my sake but for the sake of the one I love.
And I like the person I have become now, the fact that I was able to change...

Julian : So? Do I look like a girl now? I'm thanskful for being born a woman
now. Thanks to that I'm able to love you...

(they embrace each other)

Julian : !

Julian : ...my lord...

Julian : Even if it's the person I love, embracing each other in front of
others is embarassing... But even that shame doesn't feel bad...

Julian : How about going to a restaurant for lunch? I've found one that will
suit your tastes. Or would you rather go to the hot springs to relax first?
I will come with you and wash your back.

Ariost ending

One Month Later -- Rosaria

Tippi: It's already been one month since we fought Venzel.
Time sure passes quickly.

Tippi: Now it seems like the events of that time weren't real.

Tippi: Until just a few months ago, we had war with Burnstein,
and fought Gevel and Venzel. It all seems like a dream.

Tippi: But, it wasn't a dream. We brought the war to an end,
and destroyed Gevel and Venzel.

Tippi: With this, such a thing like war won't arise for a while, right?
1) Yes
2) No

1) Tippi: Really, we've had enough of those, all right.

(Aileen and Nick walk up)

Aileen. It's been a while.

Tippi: Oh? Aileen, what's up?

Aileen: Well, today we came to meet you.
The truth is we are going to be married.

Tippi: Oh! Congratulations to you two!

Nick: That is thanks to you.
If it weren't for you, Aileen could not have returned to normal.

Aileen: Therefore, along with giving you thanks,
first of all we thought we'd come to give a report.

Tippi: Aileen, good luck to you.

Aileen: Ah, of course.

Nick: I won't let her down.

Aileen: Well then, we'll take our leave now.
We have to meet his parents.

Tippi: Blessings to you two!

Tippi: Well then, we should get to the castle and receive the next mission.
Let's go quickly!

Eliotte ending

(Eliotte runs behind Carmaine and covers his eyes)

Eliotte: Guess who!

Eliotte: It's me. Were you surprised?
Because you don't come to see me often, it's a little revenge.
I know your job is important but, can't you come visit a little more?

What will you answer?
1) I'm sorry
2) After this I will visit you more.

1) Eliotte: Ahaha, I was joking.
You are busy so I don't mean to ask anything unreasonable of you.

2) Eliotte: Oh, really!?
I thought you would refuse me, but I thought I would ask once.


Eliotte: At any rate, the castle is formal and uncomfortable.
It's my position, so it can't be helped.
I always have to act as the figure of a king that everyone thinks of.
Therefore I occasionally slip out of the castle and take a breather.
When I talk with you it's the best way to feel better
But, you don't have to make time for me.
Even though I became king, only you're the one who doesn't treat me differently.
So just now, I acted like a child.
Speaking of which, the other day I became fifteen years old.

What will you answer?
1) Happy birthday
2) Speaking of which you've grown a little taller, haven't you?

1) Eliotte: Thank you very much. Having you say that makes me the most happy.

2) Eliotte: Yes, it's just a little bit, but I grew taller.
Perhaps eventually I'll grow taller than you?


Eliotte: Speaking with you is always a pleasure.

Eliotte: Oh, I remember.
Over there I found the best place where no one could disturb us.
It's a little over from the castle. Let's go there and chat leisurely!

(weird Tippi book CG again - this is Julian's ending version)

Tippi : It's been months since we defeated Venzel now.
Everyone calmed down now and is living peacefully as they used to.
Now that relations between the three counties are better than ever,
people are not worried about war any more and are really lively.
Everyone that fighted with us seems to be doing fine too.

Tippi: Ruise-chan is now working for the castle as Master's apprentice.
It seems that Ruise-chan Growshu is still greater than everyone else so
Master has lot of expectations for her.

Tippi : Wallace-san is now working for the Rolandia army as a general.
Since there isn't any war I wondered why he would work with the army.
But it seems his work is to watch over the country borders.

Tippi : Eliotte seems really appreciated by the nobles and his citizens
who expect lots from him. And to think he looks so unreliable, it's kind of
weird really.

Tippi : Misha is taking it easy as usual. I wonder how long she plans to
stay a student at the magic academy... Oh and it seems that she will
marry Ariost-san next month! Best wishes to you two!

Tippi : Ariost-san made another weird device. This time it's something that
can travel underwater for long periods of time. Oh and now that humans and
Featherians start to get along, he's been living with his mother.

Tippi : Julian is doing her best as the first female Imperial knight.
I'm sure she will make people think higher of women now. Also it seems
she's been taking great care of her looks lately too.
I guess love do change people huh...

Tippi : Xenos is entering the next tournament.
Good luck and aim for the title of champion!

Karen : Karen-san opened a small hospital. Her goal is to take care of people
too poor to afford to pay for their health expenses.

Tippi : And with that, I'm done with today's entry in my diary.
I'm sooo happy to have been able to travel with everyone.
I'm really grateful to Master for creating me.
Homonculus life spans are short but I want to keep on travelling with
Carmaine until the very end.

-- FIN --


Tippi : Megumi Toyoguchi

Ruise : Rika Komatsu

Wallace : Tessyo Genda

Ariost : Shinichiro Miki

Julian : Chiharu Tezuka

Karen : Ruri Asano

Eliotte : Kyoko Tsuruno

Misha : Machiko Toyoshima

Xenos : Koichi Tochika

Sandra : Shizumi Niki

Lyell : Ryotaro Okiayu

Reaves : Yuji Ueda

Ralph : Kenji Nojima

Leatitia : Yukiko Mannaka

Arcadius : Yasunori Masutani

Bronson : Moriya Endo

Weber : Naoki Imamura

Ayleen : Airi Yoshida

Belgar : Tetsu Inada

Maxwell : Masaya Takatsuka

Maxwell's secretary : Tomoko Fujino

Bradley : Tamotsu Nishiwaki

Bradley's secretary : Hisayoshi Suganuma

Angela : Chieko Atarashi

Lord Douglas : Yasuhiko Tokuyama

Stella : Mako Morishita

Ranzack's king : Naoki Kinoshita

The bard : Munehiro Tokita

Eliotte's father : Jin Domon

Sheila : Hayaho Tsunoda

Gevel : Tsuyoshi Takishita

Gamelan : Tomohisa Aso

Grengar : Kazuya Nakai

Oswald : Kazunari Tanaka

Venzel : Hisao Egawa

Spells and skills list

Here's a list of all spells and skills you can learn in the game. We included
the japanese names for each of them so you'll be able to know what
spell/skill you're learning by matching up this list with the statut screen
of the characters. Do note that lots of them won't be available at first but
will appear later once you reach a higher levels and that some characters
never have access to some of them (unless you use a specific scoll that is).

Offensive spells :

Fireball (ファイアーボール)    MP : 6   Fire damage to an area
Blizzard (ブリザード)        MP : 6   Ice damage to an area
Tornado (トルネード)         MP : 6   Wind damage to an area
Thunder (サンダー)          MP : 5   Electric damage to an area
Earthquake (アースクエイク)   MP : 22   Earth damage to the whole field
Holy Light (ホーリーライト)   MP : 12  Holy damage to a cross shaped area
MP Drain (MPドレイン)      MP : 1    Absorbs some MP from an ennemy
Death (デス)               MP : 16   Instant death to an ennemy
Magic Arrow (マジックアロー)  MP : 3    Non-elemental damage to an enemy
Soul Force (ソウルフォース)   MP : 20   Non-elemental damage to an enemy
Meteor (メテオ)             MP : 25   Non-elemental damage to an area


Statut altering spells :

Sleep (スリープ)             MP : 6   Put enemies in an area to sleep
Silence (サイレンス)          MP : 5   Silence an enemy
Slow (スロー)                MP : 10 Slow down movement of enemies in an area
Bind (バインド)              MP : 8   Paralyse enemies in an area
Rust (ルスト)                MP : 6   Enemy ATK down by 30%
Weakness (ウィークネス)        MP : 6   Enemy DEF down by 30%
Fear (フィア)                MP : 6   Enemy MGC DEF down by 30%
Attack (アタック)             MP : 5   Ally ATK up by 30%
Grow Attack (グローアタック)   MP : 18   All allies ATK up by 30%
Protect (プロテクト)          MP : 5   Ally DEF up by 30%  
Grow Protect (グロープロテクト) MP : 18  All allies DEF up by 30%
Resist (レジスト)            MP : 6   Ally MGC DEF up by 30%  
Grow Resist (グローレジスト)   MP : 22  All allies MGC DEF up by 30%  
Invisibility (インビジリティ)   MP : 20  Make caster immune to physical attacks
Magic Shell (マジックシェル)   MP : 25   Make an ally immune to magical attacks
Quick (クイック)              MP : 9   Speed up movement of an ally


Healing spells :

Cure (キュア)                 MP : 3    Restore around 50 HP of an ally
Healing (ヒーリング)            MP : 8    Restore all HP of an ally
Grow Cure (グローキュア)        MP : 14   Restore 50 HP to all allies
Grow Healing (グローヒーリング)  MP : 45   Restore all HP to all allies
Fine (ファイン)                MP : 3    Cure any status ailments
Raise (レイズ)                MP : 20   Bring back a dead ally to life


Other spells :

Teleport (テレポート) MP : 4 Teleport out of a dungeon/to any place you've been



毒攻撃 (1-3) : chance of inflicting poison statut while attacking
猛毒攻撃 (1-3) : chance of inflicting deadly poison statut while attacking
マヒ攻撃 (1-3) : chance of inflicting paralysed statut while attacking
石化攻撃 (1-3) : chance of inflicting petrified statut while attacking
ソウルクラッシュ : reduce target's MP by 10% with each attack
腕つぶし : chance of reducing enemy ATK by 30% while attacking
全周囲攻撃 (1-3) : chance of attacking all enemies in range during an attack
連続攻撃 (1-3) : chance of giving a second blow during an attack
盗む (1-3) : chance of stealing an enemy while attacking
硬直延長 : increases additional ATW the enemy receives when attacked
解毒能力 : can't be poisonned
マヒ無効化 : can't be paralysed
石化無効化 : can't be petrified
デス無効化 : can't be instantaneously killed
魔力吸収 : chance of recovering one's own MP when being attacked by magic
分身 : chance of evading physical attacks
クリティカル	(1-3) : improve critical attacks rate
カウンター (1-3) : improve counter attacks rate
スペルターニング : chance of reflecting spells
硬直短縮 : reduce the increase of charge time when being attacked by 25%
詠唱時間短縮 : reduce the charge time of spells by 25%
道具実行時間短縮 : reduce the charge time of item usage by 25%
リジェネレート : regenerate 5% of one's own HP regularly
MP回復 : regenerate 2% of one's own MP regularly
俊足 (1-3) : movement speed up by 10-30%
HPアップ (1-3) : max HP up by 10-30% 
MPアップ (1-3) : max MP up by 10-30%
魔力アップ (1-3) : magical power up by 10-30%


Will get filled in later to not spoil the story

Vacation events list

The following will list all vacation events available per character and how
to get them. Translation of said vacation events will be covered in a future
section. Vacation events take place consecutively, meaning to get event #3
of a character you need to have gotten events #1&2 before. Most of them are
available until the end of the game though ideally, you'll need to do them
soon enough to complete the string of events before the final vacation. Also
this obviously don't hold true for optionnal characters since past a certain
point they become impossible to recruit if you haven't met the proper
requirements. Optionnal characters are : Karen, Xenos, Julian and Eliotte.
WARNING : As of now, this section contains errors.

======= Ruise ========

Event : 1
Location : Rosaria
Available : Anytime

Talk to her, she's standing in the north east district of the town, then
talk to her again during evening she'll be at home.

Event : 2
Location : Rosaria
Available : Third vacation and later

Talk to her, she's at home, then talk to her again during evening she'll
be standing in the north east district of the town.

Event : 3
Location : Rosaria
Available : Fifth vacation and later

Talk to her in front of the inn and agree to play "Catch ball" with her.

Event : 4
Location : Rosaria
Available : During the first day of the seventh vacation

Buy a brooch in a shop near your home and give it to her as a birthday present.

Event : 5
Location : Rosaria
Available : Anytime from the ninth vacation to the twelfth one

Talk to her, she's standing in the north east district of the town.

Event : 6
Location : Rosaria
Available : Eleventh vacation and later

Talk to her, she'll be near the inn then talk to her in the north-east
district of the town.

======= Wallace ========

Events : 1 to 12
Location : Comsprings
Time : before evening
Available : once per vacation period and each time before evening

Talk to him, he's taking a bath in the hot springs. He will be telling you
about his past. You can visit him once in each vacation you have.

======= Misha ========

Event : 1
Location : Magic academy 4th floor
Available : Anytime

Talk to her

Event : 2
Location : Magic academy 1st floor
Available : Third vacation and later

Talk to her

Event : 3
Location : Magic academy 2nd floor
Available : Fifth vacation and later

Talk to her

Event : 4
Location : Magic academy rooftop
Available : Eigth vacation and later

Talk to her

Event : 5
Location : Magic academy near Ariost's lab
Available : Tenth vacation and later

Watch her fantasizing about her future with Carmaine

Event : 6
Location : Magic academy campus
Available : Eleventh vacation and later

Talk to her

======= Karen ========

Event : 1
Location : Health resort Rashell
Available : Anytime

Talk to her

Event : 2
Location : Health resort Rashell
Available : Third vacation and later

Talk to her

Event : 3
Location : Health resort Rashell
Available : Fifth vacation and later

Talk to her

Event : 4
Location : Health resort Rashell
Available : Seventh vacation and later

Talk to her

Event : 5
Location : Health resort Rashell
Available : Tenth vacation and later

Talk to her

Event : 6
Location : Health resort Rashell
Available : Twelfth vacation

Talk to her and talk to her again later in the flower garden

======= Xenos ========

Event : 1
Location : Rosaria
Available : Second vacation

Talk to him, he's near the eastern gate.
You need to have done Ruise first event during the first vacation though.

Event : 2
Location : Health resort Rashell
Available : Twelfth vacation

Talk to him then go talk to Ruise and come back to see him again.

======= Eliotte ========

Event : 1
Location : Rosaria
Available : Fourth vacation

Talk to him in the southern part of the town

Event : 2
Location : Rosaria
Available : Sixth vacation

In the south part of the town drive away the dog that's after him

Event : 3
Location : Your town
Available : Anytime after he joined your party

Take him to the theater

Note : Eliotte has events outside of vacation period where you can
talk to him and answer some of his questions. They take place in
Rolandia castle and are mentionned in the translation. I'll add them
here once I get around to translate them.

======= Julian ========

Event : 1
Location : Comsprings
Available : Third or fourth vacation

Talk to him near the inn, then follow him east and talk to her again.
Choose not to tell anyone about his secret.

Event : 2
Location : Comsprings
Available : Fourth of fifth vacation

Talk to her near the inn.

Event : 3
Location : Burnstein castle
Available : After getting back the throne

Talk to her, if your rank at the coliseum is "Master rank Class A" or above
you'll be prompted to a fight at one point. Win it.

Julian has more events but like Eliotte they don't take place during vacations.
They'll be added here once we will reach them in the translation.

Vacation events translation

This section will contains translation for the above mentionned events.
There'll be refered as "non-generic events". On the other hand "generic
events" should be avoided as they're just a waste of vacation time. Each
vacation day is made up of three periods of time : morning, afternoon and
evening. Generic events take one, non-generic will usually take two but
sometimes three; a whole day. Also you cannot go to the same place twice
during your vacations even if you get three days. So plan accordingly.
Lastly, you can easily know whether you just got a non-generic event or not as
the BGM will change during those. Except for Wallace and Ariost events though.

                             Eight Vacation

======= Magic academy ========

(upon getting there)

Wallace : Carmaine. We're counting on you.

Karen : I wish I could help her too but...

Ariost : ...Misha-kun...where could she be?

Ruise : I hope she's alright...

Tippi : Let's look for her too.

(a little further, you'll overhear female students talking)

Student 1 : She wasn't human after all....

Student 2 : Hey do you think the chancellor was spying over everyone
in the academy with it?

Student 1 : I wonder why is she still here as a student...

Student 2 : Give you the creeps right? She's making a weird face too....

(they spot Carmaine)

Student 1 : Aah!

Student 2 : Crap, let's scram!

Tippi : Tsk, those kids...

(talking to Ariost in his lab - if he wasn't in your party)

Ariost : ....Carmaine-kun. Whatever I say, my words don't seem to
reach Misha-kun. Not being able to help the girl I love, I'm so pathetic....

Tippi : Huh?

Ariost : I said I love her. But I couldn't do anything for her...
besides the one she loves is you...Carmaine-kun. So you should be able to
cheer her up right?
1) Nod
2) Leave it to Ariost
3) Tell him you can't do it

Ariost : I'm counting on you.

Ariost : What?

Tippi : Yup. After all you love her right? You've got to do it then!

Ariost : I see...you're right, I have to persevere. Thank you Carmaine-kun.

Ariost : So even you think it's useless...

Ariost : ......

Ariost : ...Carmaine-kun, I've made up my mind.
I'll go to her and prove you I can cheer her up.

(he leaves)

Tippi : Ariost-san....

(once you enter the academy, you'll meet Ruise)

(if you didn't sent Ariost to help Misha you'll get this)

Ruise : Oniichan! Please do something to help Misha...
1) Nod
2) Comfort Ruise
3) Say you can't do anything

(1 or 2)
Ruise : I want to see her to try to cheer her up but she ran away as
soon as she saw me...Misha loves you oniichan so unless you go nothing
will make her feel better. So please, help her...save Misha!

(she run outside)

Tippi : Ah, Ruise-chan!

Ruise : I want to see her to try to cheer her up but she ran away as
soon as she saw me...Misha loves you oniichan so unless you go nothing
will make her feel better....or so I thought. But I guess as her best
friend I have to do something myself.

(she run towards the inside of the academy)

Tippi : Ruise-chan....

(if Ariost said he will take care of Misha you'll get the following)

Ruise : Oniichan!

Ruise : Ariost-san just ran through. He said to leave Misha to his care.
Do you think he'll be able to help her?
1) Yes
2) No (I guess you must hate Ariost to pick this)

Ruise : Hearing that from you puts me at ease.
You're right Ariost-san will surely make her cheer up.

Ruise : Then please Oniichan. Help Misha get better...

(she run outside)

Tippi : Ah, Ruise-chan!

(if Ariost was in your party, he talk to you before the elevator see above
for the translation)

(now then Misha is on the roof. Once you get there three possible outcomes :
- Ruise went to cheer her up, she succeeded and the day ends like that
- Ariost went to cheer her up, she succeeded and the day ends like that
Misha is alone and you'll have to cheer her up yourself,
read the following dialogue)

Misha : Oniisama...just what exactly I am now...everything I did ended up
half finished, fake....my memories too are fake....

Tippi : Misha....

Misha : What's wrong with me!? Why did this have to happen to me!?
Did I do something to deserve this!? I....I...

(CG of Misha in Carmaine's arms crying)

Misha : Maybe it's true that from the outside I look just like a human...
But in the end I'm just something that was created right!?
I'm only a homunculus after all right!? Knowing this, is there anyway
people would be fine with it!?
1) Still you can enjoy life like anyone else right?
2) Have more confidence in yourself

Misha : Huh...enjoy life like anyone else? But everything I remember
is just fake...
a) Our memories together are real
b) Don't worry about those past memories
c) What's important isn't the past but right now

Misha : Real memories...

Misha : Yes, that's true...the memories all the times we've been together,
they're real.

Misha : It's impossible not to mind! Since, this is all I have!

Tippi : That may be so but...the things you're experiencing right now,
they're the real thing right? There's no need to be so concerned about
those fake memories since from now on you'll be able to make tons of funs
memories won't you?

Misha : Make fun memories...

Misha : Yes, that's true...the memories all the times we've been together,
they're real.

Tippi : Of course! Isn't it because you're alive that you can enjoy being
with everyone like this? That's why I'm really grateful to my master for
creating me! 

Misha : It's impossible not minding about the past.

Tippi : That may be so but...the things you're experiencing right now,
they're the real thing right? So from now on, you'll be able to make tons
of funs memories won't you?

Misha : Make fun memories...

Misha : Yes, that's true...the memories all the times we've been together,
they're real.

Tippi : Of course! isn't it because you're alive that you can enjoy being
with everyone like this? That's why I'm really grateful to my master for
creating me! 

Misha : Confidence in myself...?

Tippi : Right! You have to trust yourself more! If you don't then it's
obvious you can't do anyting!

Misha : Confidence in myself...

Misha : You're right...if you don't have any confidence in yourself you
can do anything I guess.


Misha : Oniisama, thank you! From now, I'll start from scratch and do
my best again!

Tippi : Hehe. Seems like she finally cheered up. If even you are gloomy
everyone will be in a poor mood too so hang in there!

Misha : Ha...haha...sorry for making you all worried. I swear I won’t get
so depressed anymore! So please keep on taking care of me!

Tippi : All right, case settled!

Misha : I'll go see Ruise-chan now. I've been avoiding her all this time...

Tippi : Yup, you go.

Misha : Sure!

======= Comsprings ========

(Wallace seventh non-generic event)

Wallace : ...Carmaine, huh...
how many times have we been together in here already...

Wallace : Let's talk about my previous comrades.
Do you remember about the story the guy who bought jewels?
That guy was the rash type, who would always jump into things
and get hurt despite how much we tried to stop him. But one day
that guy happened to save a mother and her daughter lives. That
mother and daughter were actually tired of living and were
thinking about ending their lives.

Wallace : ...in such a situation what would you have done?
1) Slap them
2) Sermon them
3) I dunno

Wallace : Hahaha, you're quite someone if you'd do that at your age.
Anyway that guy slapped them too.

Wallace : Hmm, right, that seems like the normal thing to do isn't it?
But that only works when you can communicate normally with the other
person. That's why that guy slapped them until they calmed down.

Wallace : I guess so...at that time the guy slapped them until they
calmed down.

Wallace : People who have resigned themselves to die don't think
about anything else anymore. They don't listen to people around them,
they don't even see them anymore. In such a situation there
is no other way. Ah yes, Mydee and Sara, that's their names. They
stopped thinking about dying and are making a living now somewhere quietly.

Wallace : Well, I'll be leaving now.

(Ruise eight generic event)

Ruise : Since Misha is really good at knitting I thought I'd learn with her
too. But it's harder than I thought and I haven't made much progress
actually. So I look up to her a little you know. Well, see you later.

======= Health resort Rashell ========

(Wallace eight generic event)

Wallace : When I was a kid I learned how to wield a sword from my elder
brother. He was the strongest in our whole village you know. Then he became
a soldier and was assigned to a remote area near the border. He died in a
skirmish with the neighboring country. Well those kinds of things do happen
after all.

(Ariost fourth generic event)

Ariost : New technologies should only be pursued for the benefice of people.
Despite that many are those that hold an interest for researching dangerous
technologies. The prospect of holding great strength will always be
fascinating I guess. That's why we have to be firm and resist that temptation.

                             Ninth Vacation

======= Klein village ========

(This day works a bit differently from the usual vacation day. It's still
divided in three time periods though. In the morning you have to either talk
to Eliotte in the village's chief house or Julian in the inn to proceed to
the afternoon. Then talk to two of your party emmbers to reach evening.
Talk to either Eliotte or Julian to end the day. This is a good opportunity
to raise those two characters friendship level which is one of the
requirements if you want them to join your party later on so don't miss
that day.)

(Talking to Julian in the morning)

Julian : Oh, Carmaine, so you're here.

Tippi : Hey, Julian. How are things?

Julian : Good, the troops' morale is even better than I thought.
I'm glad to have such good soldiers.
1) Looks like it
2) They're like this because you're a good leader yourself
3) I envy you

Julian : We may be called rebels for now but as long as the troops act as
soldiers we still are an army. This certainly is a change from
the days I was wandering the country.

Julian : Hearing you say that is embarassing.
Even though I wish it'd be true.

Julian : I could say the same. Travelling with compagnions who do not look
at you as their hierarchical superior but as a friend is nice.

Tippi : Hey we still have our missions to carry. We're not travelling
because we enjoy the fresh air or something.

Julian : Don't get mad. I miss the times I spent with you.


Julian's soldier : General, I brought you the King.

Julian : Then let's begin the strategy meeting.
Carmaine, Tippi, sorry but I'll talk with you later.

Tippi : Ok, see you later!

(or if you chose to talk to Eliotte instead)

Eliotte : Ah, Carmaine-san.
You came all the way here.

Tippi : The final battle is drawing close at last.

Eliotte : Yes. To tell you the truth I feel uneasy.
Not only because of the battle but about what will happen afterwards.
1) Cheer him up
2) Scold him
3) Look worried

Eliotte : Thank you very much.
I may still be uneasy but I believe I can do it somehow.

Eliotte : You're right, it'd be rude to the people fighting for me
if I look so anxious. I have to give it my all!

Eliotte : I can't make people worry because of me all the time.
I swear I'll do it somehow.

Tippi : Hang in there.

Eliotte : Yes!

Julian's soldier : Your Highness, it's time for the strategy meeting.
I apologize for the trouble but could I ask you to come to the inn?

Eliotte : I understand. I'll go there right now.

Eliotte : I'm sorry to leave after you came all the way here.
Let's talk again this evening.

(now go talk to two of your party members)

(talking to Wallace)

Wallace : Did you see that?
The troops are in high spirits.
And to think they're going to rebel against their whole country.
Julian's leadership is truly impressive. Do you think you could do as well?
1) I could
2) I couldn't
3) I couldn't do it so well

Wallace : Really? That's some confidence you have there.
Well you're a knight too so one day you might have to lead troops.
Make sure you learn from Julian so that you'll be prepared if the time comes.

Tippi : Yeah, you'd better work hard.

Wallace : Hahaha, you don't have any experience in leading troops so I guess
you couldn't. But do remember that you're still our leader.

Tippi : Yeah, you'd better work hard.

Wallace : You're modest. Well it's true that you probably couldn't lead a
large group without experience. But you're a knight too so one day you
might have to lead troops. Learn from Julian as much as you can. You have the
potential to become a general as good as he is.

Tippi : Don't praise him too much Wallace-san, or he'll get full of himself
you know?

(talking to Ruise)

Ruise : Ah, oniichan. War...will start soon right?
The future of Eliotte-kun's country will depend on our actions too...
1) Just leave it to me
2) Don't worry
3) Take it easy

Ruise : Y,yes! I'll leave everything to you oniichan!

Ruise : Thank you oniichan. I'll do my best.

Ruise : What are you saying. I'll do my best to help you!

Tippi : Julian and Wallace-san are with us too so it'll be fine.

Ruise : Yes, that's true.

(talking to Ariost) 

Ariost : War huh...
As usual there'll be fighting.
1) We will make it end soon
2) Nod silently
3) It'd be best if you didn't fight

Ariost : You sound confident.
But I have the feeling that you can actually do it.

Ariost : Let's make it end as quickly as we can.

Ariost : I'm not saying I don't want to fight.
But I don't like the idea of having constant bloodshed in the human world.

Tippi : Let's all work hard.

Ariost : Yes.

(talking to Karen)

Karen : I never thought I'll be standing on a battelfield someday.
1) No need to overexert yourself
2) Don't worry too much about it
3) I'll protect you

Karen : That's something I decided to do. There'll be people who need
to be saved so....

Karen : Yes, thank you for your concern.

Karen : I feel so relieved after hearing you say so.

Tippi : Julian and Wallace-san are with us too so it'll be fine.

Karen : Yes. I'll do my best too.

(talking to Misha)

Misha : Oniisama...
We're going to take part in the war aren't we?
We'll have to fight many people right?
1) Tell her to relax
2) Tell her not to worry
3) Tell her not to overdo it

Misha : Yes, if you're near me then I'm not worried at all.
I'll follow you anywhere oniisama!

Misha : Thank you oniisama.
I'll do my best.

Misha : Ah, how considerate oniisama.
But don't worry I'll follow you anywhere!

Tippi : Just don't drag us down ok?

Misha : Meanie!

(Now time to talk to either Julian or Eliotte again. It doesn't matter which
you talked with in the morning you can go to either of them. You can only talk
to one of them though. Also if you're trying to earn points with them pick the
options that lead to talking outside and then make sure not to cut the talk
short. You won't get any otherwise.)

(talking to Eliotte)

Eliotte : Ah, Carmaine-san. The strategy meeting just ended.
(If you talked to him in the morning he will just say
"Sorry for earlier" instead)

Tippi : Strategy meeting huh? Aren't we the important person now?

Eliotte : Not at all, I didn't understand any of it. I just stood there.
1) Simply attending is great already.
2) That's not your fault, you can't help it.
3) You're doing well enough for now.

Eliotte : I'm glad to hear you say that.

Eliotte : True, I've never been taught the art of war.

Eliotte : Well then, I need to prepare for tomorrow so
I'll be going to sleep now. Good night.

Tippi : Good night Eliotte.

Eliotte : Thank you. Still I think I must learn a lot from now on.

(if you picked 1 or 3)

Eliotte : Do you mind going outside to talk for a little?
1) Yes
2) No

Eliotte : Let's go.

Eliotte : ....I see.

Eliotte : Well then, I need to prepare for tomorrow so
I'll be going to sleep now. Good night.

Tippi : Good night Eliotte.

(talking to Eliotte outside at night)

Eliotte : If you hadn't saved me, I don't know what I would have been doing...
1) Indeed
2) I'm expecting a lot from you from now on

Tippi : Hold on, that's no way to talk to people!

Eliotte : No, it's fine. That's the reason I decided to become someone
much more reliable now; to show my gratitude for all your help.

Eliotte : Thank you very much. I think that what is about to happen will be
very important for all of us too. I still can't do much so I'm sure there'll
be times when I'll have to rely on someone again. I hope you'll be the one
to help me then.
a) Sure thing
b) You don't need my help anymore

Eliotte : Thanks. Hearing that will let me sleep at ease tonight.

Eliottte : Don't say that.... I'm not that strong of a person yet.
Don't leave me please.

Eliotte : Well then, I need to prepare for tomorrow so
I'll be going to sleep now. Good night.

Tippi : Good night Eliotte.

Tippi : It got really late now but we still got to go back. Let's get going.

(or if you pick Julian instead - same as Eliotte depending if he's the one
you talked to earlier, the first line will be different)

Julian : Sorry for this morning.

Tippi : You held a meeting huh? You're quite something Julian.

Julian : Haha.. I'm certainly in a position with a lot of responsiblities now.
1) That's because you're a highly skilled person
2) That's because your father was an Imperial Knight too
3) That's because you've worked so hard until now

Julian : I'm glad to be aknowledged by you.

Julian : You may be right... It might be in the blood.

Julian : I'll go sleep now, we have an early start tomorrow.
Later Carmaine.

Tippi : Good night Julian.

Julian : Hard work....I couldn't be happier if that's how you look at me.

Julian : Until we met, the only thing on my mind was to become better
with the sword. But now I have subordinates, a lord to serve, and friends
supporting me. I've realized that only getting stronger isn't what I was
truly yearning for.

(if you picked 1 or 3 *cough* you'd better pick 3 *cough*)

Julian : Do you mind going outside for a talk?

1) Yes
2) No

Julian : The night's breeze feels really good.

Julian : I see.

Julian : I'll go sleep now, we have an early start tomorrow.
Later Carmaine.

Tippi : Good night Julian.

(talking to Julian outside at night)

Julian : ...the upcoming battles will probably be very hard.

Tippi : What, you think the tides are against us?

Julian : Lyell and Richard certainly are strong. But on our side we got you
Carmaine, and Wallace and Ruise are with you too.

Tippi : Then no need to be worried right?

Julian : This is a war against my own countrymen remember?

Tippi : Ah, sorry...

Julian : It wasn't for very long but I enjoyed working with Lyell. As fellow
Imperial Knights we will have to fight against each other now.

Tippi : I see...

Julian : And I'm sure all of my soldiers must feel the same way as I do too.
1) Cheer him on
2) Stay silent
3) Comfort him

Julian : Right. We've got to end this war as soon as possible...

Julian : We've got to end this war as soon as possible...

Julian : Stop that Carmaine. I've readied myself for battle already.
We've got to end this war as soon as possible...

Julian : Well then, I'll go sleep now, we have an early start tomorrow.
Later Carmaine, Tippi.

Tippi : Good night Julian.

Tippi : It got really late now but we still got to go back. Let's get going.

======= Rosaria ========

(Ruise fifth non-generic event)

(some female NPC is walking around)

Ruise : How nice... I 'd like to wear a dress like this too.

Tippi : I should have guessed but this is the kind of things you're into right?

Ruise : Any girl would like to wear one of those. Aah~ I want one so badly....
1) Stay silent
2) I'll buy you one
3) It's too early for you to wear this

Ruise : Ah...I'm not saying I want you to buy me one ok?
I know they cost way too much.

Ruise : Really!? but those are incredibly expensive you know?
Even though you're an officer you won't get that kind of money easily...
But I'm glad you said that anyway. I appreciate your feelings oniichan.

Ruise : ...I guess so. I'm still too small to fit in anyway...

Ruise : I'll save up little by little and I'll buy one myself.
By the time I got enough money I'll be an adult and that dress would
fit me better I guess.

Tippi : Yup, I'm sure it will!

Ruise : Thank you Tippi. See you later then.

======= Comsprings ========

(Wallace eigth non-generic event)

Wallace : ...yo, so you're here.

Wallace : Having comrades sure is nice....
1) Ask if he's talking about his past comrades
2) Ask if he's talking about his present comrades
3) Stay silent (no specific response to this)

Wallace : Yes, I'll never forget about my mercenary friends. But those I
call comrades now are you guys.

Wallace : Yes.

Wallace : Of course my mercenary friends are important to me. But those I
call comrades now are you guys.

Wallace : I've been travelling  the world for nearly 20 years. And while being
alone isn't such a bad thing it can't compare to the feelings of being
surrounded by friends.

Wallace : ...make sure to treasure the time you spend with your friends too.

Wallace : Well, I'll be leaving now.

(Wallace ninth generic event)

Wallace : Swords, spears and bow...

Wallace : If you were to pick only one, swords would be the best choice.
They allow you to keep your balance easily and are useful in any situation.
No matter which weapon you plan to use, learn the way of the sword first.
That way you'll be able to use a special weapon like mine much more easily.

(Ariost fifth generic event)

Ariost : Lately I've been working most of the time on developping magical
devices but I've been thinking a lot about other things too.
Like about working on artifical life forms born from magic or incantations.
Of course I intend to stick to things of pratical use.
I'm living off my research work after all.

(Ruise ninth generic event)

Ruise : Hi oniichan.

Ruise : My goal in life is to become someone like Mom. I don't mean just being
a court magician but as a woman too.

(Ruise fourth generic event)

Karen : I don't have the same experience as the other nurses so if
I don't work very hard I'm not being of much use to them.

(Misha eigth generic event)

Misha : Hollyhocks mean "great wish" in the flower laguage.
My wish would be...

Misha : Kyah, I can't say it <3

                             Tenth Vacation

======= Magic academy ========

(Misha fifth non-generic event - you need to have checked up
on her in the previous vacation to get this)

Misha : *humming to herself*

(CG of Misha's fantasy)

Misha : Teehee~I wonder how Oniisama will react when I'll give him this.
Will he praise me? Or be so surprised that he'll be at a loss for words?
Or maybe, just maybe, he'll be so happy that he'll go "I've reconsidered
you Misha. I love you, marry me."! I'm sure I'd be a good wife! I can
already picture it : me waiting longingly for his return with our
daugther at my side! Oh by the way, would he rather have a son or a daughter?
He's a tough person so I guess he'd rather have a son? I don't mind either
way! I'll do my best!

(she finally spots you and runs away)

Tippi (sweatdrop) : ....

(if you go check on her, same thing she'll run away)

Tippi : I guess she'll keeping acting like we didn't find out till the end...

======= Health ressort Rashell ========

(Karen fifth non-generic event)

Karen : Ah!

Karen : I...I'm so thankful for all the help you gave us! I'm sorry,
I should have been the one coming over to say thanks...
1) I didn't want to ruin your reunion (no specific answer)
2) We can meet anytime anyway (no specific answer)
3) My next mission starts soon so I didn't have much time

Karen : ...I see. So you were in the middle of a mission...
...I'm sorry I'm always giving you troubles.


Karen : My brother wanted to thank you too. He said that
thanks to you he's free from the Shadow knights.

Tippi : Isn't that great news Karen-san!

Karen : ...yes...

Karen : ...um, can you promise me you won't laugh if I tell you
what's on my mind?

Karen : Actually I, I love my brother...

Tippi : What!? But hey, aren't you supposed to be siblings?

Karen : Yes, I know. I had to hide my feeelings for so long, I felt
like I was suffocating...but ever since I met you, without realizing it I
started to yearn for you. At first I thought it was because I could see my
brother when looking at you. But I was wrong. When I saw you coming to save me, 
that basement which was so dark suddenly felt filled with light, I wasn't
worried anymore at all. Because you were here for my sake, anything else
didn't matter anymore. I could have died without regretting anything.
That's how I felt at the time. You didn't just save my life but you also
healed my heart.

Tippi : Karen-san...

======= Comsprings ========

(Wallace ninth non-generic event)

Wallace : ...hey Carmaine. ...do you happen to have doubts at times
during battles?
1) All the time
2) Sometimes
3) Never

Wallace : Having doubts isn't a bad thing but as a leader you can't keep
this mindset.

Wallace : Someone who can feel doubts will learn more from battles that
someone who doesn't feel anything. As a leader that's a good thing.

Wallace : Sorry, I guess that was annoying question.

Wallace : In our group there was a guy who always rushed into battles without
feeling anything. But one day when he saw some villagers that got dragged
into our fight die, his attitude changed and he couldn't fight like he used to
do. Those kind of guys, at times like these they either break down or get into
a rage. He eventually recovered though. ...well that's an old story anyway.

Wallace : Well, I'll be leaving now.

(Ruise tenth generic event)

Ruise : Say oniichan, Mother can be really scary at times right?
She doesn't even raise her hand or yell but she still looks so scary.
Do you think people at the castle are scared of her too sometimes?

Ruise : I'm going for a walk now, later.

(Misha ninth generic event)

Misha : I'm just like red poppies...ah, it means "girly" in the flower language.

(Ariost eigtht generic event)

Ariost : The magic academy is full of researchers. There's quite a lot of
interesting people really. Talking with them about all kind of things is
one of the reason I like being in the academmy.

(Wallace tenth generic event)

Wallace : I'm used to my mechanical arm now but it's hard to adjust the amount
of strength I want with it. I couldn't do delicate actions with it, I had to
train myself with things like handling eggs.

                             Eleventh Vacation

(the banquet event is only available for the first day so be sure
to go there. If you don't you'll never be able to recuit Julia)

======= Burnstein royal capital ========

(as soon as you get there)

Tippi : Alright, we're there. Let's go to the castle.

(Julian arrives to greet you)

Julian : Oh, you're here. There's still some time till the party starts so
feel free to look around until then.

Tippi : Ok, we'll split up then? Let's meet again at the castle.

Julian : I have a small favor to ask you... Actually during today's banquet
I will be formally introduced as a female Imperial knight to all the
attendees... It might be because I've been dressing up as a man for so long
but dressing as a woman now suddenly feels so unfamilliar. I said I didn't
mind attending in those clothes but His Highness insisted, saying that I
should wear a dress. So...do you mind helping me out? Lady Angela gave me
some clothes saying I could ask a tailor to adjust them for me but I'd like
to hear your opinion whether they fit me or not before going to the party.
1) Accept her request (no specific answer)
2) Say you won't be much help

Julian : I don't mind. I'm sure you'll be helpful.

Julian : By the way, I heard there was a skillful tailor in town but
would you happen to know where he is?
1) I do
2) I don't, let's look for him together.

Julian : Then lead the way.

Julian : I thought you'd know for some reason but...fine, it doesn't matter.
Let's look for him.

(npcs in town will conveniently tell you about how the innkeeper's dad is a
tailor go see him)

(Talking to the innkeeper's)

Clerck : Welcome.

Tippi : Is there a tailor living here?

Clerck : Oh, you msut be talking about dad. He's right there.

(talking to the old man)

Tailor : Do you have business with me?

Julian : Actually I'd like to ask you to adjust that dress for me.

Tailor : Leave it to me. And in which manner do you want it to be adjusted?

Julian : What do you think would be good?
1) Make it something discreet
2) Make it shows a lot of skin
3) Make it very flashy
(fyi the resulting dress will be the same no matter what you pick)

Tailor : Alright, leave it to me.

Tailor : Now that's a difficult order...no matter how skilled I man I can't
make that many changes to the original design you know?

Tailor : Alright, based on the original design it shouldn't be too hard to do.

Tailor : I'll have it ready in....well about two days.

Julian : That won't do. It's for an event held tonight.

Tailor : Tonight!? Even if I only adjust the size it will be hard to make it
in time.

Julian : We will have to settle for that. Then please take care of it.

(once she comes back)

Julian : Sorry to keep you waiting.

(once outside)

Julian : So, how does it look?

(CG of Julia in her sexy dress)

1) It looks good on you
2) It would look even better if you smiled

Julian : It does? If you say so then that must be true.

Julian : H, how's that...?

Tippi : You're so cute~!

Julian : .....

Julian : It may because it's the first time I wear something like this but....
somehow those clothes make me feel insecure. Do most girls really wear those
kind of clothes I wonder...

Tippi : Hey, isn't the banquet about to start soon?

Julian : You're right. We should get going now.

(if you get near a npc they'll take notice of her, here a male npc)

Tippi : What's wrong?

Julian : ...do I look weird maybe?

Tippi : Nope, you're just as usual.

Julian : Still I have the feeling people stare at me...

Tippi : Hm? You don't get why? Then shall I eavesdrop for you?

Man : Who's that? I have never seen such a beauty in town before.

Julian : Wh...I'm a....beauty!? N, no way... I never thought so
myself before...I'm so embarassed I wish I could disappear right now...

(you'll get the same reaction by all npc in town men or women. Some actually
get pissed at Carmaine saying he's just showing off XD Go to the castle and
get near Eliotte once you're done parading)

Eliotte : Everyone has arrived, le's begin the party.

(start of the banquet)

Oscar Reeves : Honored guests, your attention please. His Majesty Eliotte
will be giving a speech.

Eliotte : Thanks to your efforts I was able to gain back the throne today.
While I may not be used to bearing a king's duty yet, with your advices
I believe I can lead this country in a fair way. I look forward to keep
working with all of you from here on.

Eliotte : There's something else I would like to let you know today.
This is Julia Douglas. She's a woman possessing outstanding qualities
worthy of admiration by everyone. I now appoint her as the first female
Imperial Knight!

Eliotte : I know that there are some who bounded by traditions do not approve
the fact that women could hold the title of Imperial knight. But please
remember the Imperial knights duty. They are the guardians of this country's
honor and the most elite knight's order. The only criteria we should take
into consideration for admitting someone into the Imperial knights should
be that person skills and qualities. Gender and lineage shouldn't matter.
Henceforth I will award the title of Imperial knight to anyone possessing
the necessary requirements without regard to their gender nor lineage.

Eliotte : She has served her duty as an Imperial knight under the name
of Julian Douglas until now. To avoid confusion she will keep on using that
name for the time being. I look forward to hearing about your achievements 
Julian. May they be always as great as those you already acomplished.

Julian : Yes your Majesty!

Eliotte : We prepared that modest banquet for all of you here today.
Please enjoy ourselves.

(not much to do now asides from proceding with Julian's event. Your party
members have next to no lines here, the only thing worthy of mention is
the Ernest&Oscar duo. Oscar is presenting some wine from Schultzberg to Ernest
who flats out turn down the offer and ask why he's trying to get him drunk.
Now we know why Oscar carries alcohol so often in fan art <3 )

(talking to Julian)

Tippi : ...huhuhuhu <3

Julian : Wh, what?

Tippi : Well, you know how they say "Fine fethers make fine birds"? Then I
look at you and....

Julian : Ok let's ignore the flying bug, how about taking a walk outside?
...it's a bit hot in here.

(talking to her while walking outside - you need to be master rank B or
above at the coliseum to get asked to a duel, just to be on the safe side get
rank A before this event)

Julian : Sometimes I feel like we've known each other for ages but when you
think about it, it all started not so long ago...could it be because we often
met in battles?

Tippi : Yup, I have that feeling too. I guess this is because so much happened
in a short time.

Julian : Haha, that's quite true. I do have many memories from our times

Julian : By the way you have improved a lot since we fought in he tournament.
Do you think you could claim the title of champion now? The battle for the
title will be held in a few days. How about challenging me?
1) Accept (this is the last step to get her as a playable character)
2) Decline

Julian : Good. I'll go watch your battles from tomorrow on. Don't embarass
yourself in front of me now ok?

Julian : I see... I was looking forward to watching how you have improved but
fine. That's too bad.

(she will then trip go to her and Carmaine will take her in his arms. Do note
that you can ignore her and she will walk outside by herself but that'll change
the following scene)

Julian : S, stop that, this is embarassing!

(follow her outside - assuming you weren't a jerk)

Julian : Sigh...because of what you did I didn't even get to cool down.
Still you're really a one kind of a man. I'm sure the woman you'll love will
be happy with you... I never considered men as the opposite gender until
now but being with you fixed that I guess...

Julian : If it's with you then maybe I...

(a masked knight pop out of nowhere putting an end to her confession ; ;)

Julian : Bastard! Now of all the times...!

Masked knight : Tsk! I'm found out! And here I tried to remain hidden until I
got to the king...!

Masked knight : Well that doesn't matter now. I'll kill you along with that
failed product over there!

Event battle 45 : Protect Julian from the masked knight!

Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
Losing condition : Any party members/allies get killed

Enemy : Masked knight (Lv41)

Allies  Julian (Lv48)

(a bit later)
        Ruise (insert Ruise current level here)

(Straightforward fight, block the masked knight way to prevent him from
reaching Julian, once you get him down to half HP he will try to run away and
Ruise will show up to help, finish him)

(once you get him to half Hp)

Masked knight : Guh...!

Julian : Keep it up! Finish him!

Masked knight : No point in staying too long now that the surprise attack

(if you somehow fell to half HP yourself, pretty hard to do)

Julian : Don't lose! You're not that kind of weakling are you!?

(Ruise shows up)

Ruise : O, Oniichan!?
1) Fight with me!
2) Stay out of this!

(1 or 2)
Ruise : Ok oniichan!

(Masked knight defeated)

Masked knight : Guwaaah...

Event battle 45 Clear

Julian : Whew, that could have turned bad...
1) Ask if she's unhurt
2) Ask why the masked knight was here

Julian : Yes thanks to you.

Julian : I guess he was waiting for the banquet to end to launch his attack...

Julian : Hahaha, I can't believe that you would come to my rescue. I felt I was
dreaming for a second...

Tippi : What's wrong with rescuing you Julian?

Julian : Nothing... I'm just happy that's all...

Wallace : Are you alright!?

Julian : Yes, thanks to him.

Oscar Reeves : That guy's target must have been his Majesty.

Ernest Lyell : You got us rid of one but there's no telling when more will
come. We'll strengthen the castle's security for now.

Eliotte : I apologize. I dragged you into something dangerous again.
Let's put an end to today's banquet. I'll make it up to you next time.

(several days later - Grandshill coliseum)

Guard : It's the finals at last! Are you ready?

Announcer : Today is the main event!! Here comes the challenger!

Announcer : And here comes the current champion who boasts a perfect
victory record!

Tippi : Geh! It's Julian!?

Julian : I wanted to face you like this once more. To settle something that's
been on my mind for so long now. Come on, let's go!

Announcer : Will the champion keep his title? Or will we see a new champion
arise from this battle? Now! The decisive fight begins!

Event battle 46 : Battle for the title of coliseum's champion!

Winning condition : Defeat Julian
Losing condition : Carmaine is defeated

Enemy : Julian (Lv48)

(Straightforward fight again, Julian will buff herself and come straight at
you. No strategy needed here either. Just note that losing won't gives you a
game over you'll proceed with the game but Julian won't be playable that's all.
I won't cover the dialogues that take place if you lose)

(Carmaine attacks Julian)

Julian : Show me what you got!

(Julian attacks Carmaine)

Tippi : You'd better not go down with this!

(Julian gets to 2/3HP)

Julian : It's not over yet!

(Julian gets to 1/3HP)

Julian : Kuh..., as expected of the man I acknowledged.

(Carmaine gets to half HP)

Tippi : This is nothing! Go!

(Carmaine gets to 25%HP)

Tippi : Snap out of it already!

(Julian defeated)

Announcer : A new champion is born!

Event battle 46 Clear

Julian : Congratulations, you're the new champion now. And thank you. I now
got the answer I was looking for. Do you mind coming to my room once this
is over?

(once in her room)

Julian : You're here.

Julian : ...up until now I dedicated myself to the sword. I wielded it for
the sake of my people and that made me happy. But recently...that feeling
started to disappear. I started to think that I wanted to wield my sword only
for the sake of one special person. If I could bring him joy then nothing else
would matter to me anymore. That's what I felt.

Julian : ...humph. I guess seeing the way Lyell pledged his loyalty to Richard
impressed me. If I'm going to use the sword to make a living then using it to
make the most people happy would be the right choice. That's whay my reason
told me. However my heart was seeking a different answer. But if I am to pledge
my loyalty to someone I wish it would be to someone stronger than me. That's
why I kept taking up challenges to try and see if those feelings of mine would
find an answer. I know you cannot judge someone's inner qualities from only
fighting but I can't admit someone weaker than me as the person I want to
dedicate myself to. And because of this, I now stand here, after losing
to you...

(She kneels in front of Carmaine)

Julian : My lord. Would you allow me to call you that?

Julian : Until now I was a servant of this country. This wouldn't change my
situation. But the person I wish to serve is you, the only man I aknowledged.
I want to pledge my loyalty to you. My lord. Can I call you like that from
now on?
1) Yes
2) No

Julian : I thank you for granting me that honor.

Julian : I, Julia Douglas, hereby pledge my loyalty to you, my lord.
I swear to become the sword that will protect you.

Julian : ...forgive me. I forgot to say something.

Julian : As an Imperial knight I wield my sword for the king. As it will cause
problems, I cannot call you my lord in front of others. Please forgive me if
I only call you that way when we are away from other's eyes.

Julian : Now allow me to withdraw myself, I will return to my duty as an
Imperial knight. Thank you for granting my request. I look forward to
being with you in the future.

Julian : ...I see. Sorry for the unreasonable request...

======= Rosaria ========

(Ruise sixth and final non-generic event)

(upon getting near the inn, she'll run up to you)

Ruise : Oniichan!

Ruise : Hehehe, ...oniichan.

Tippi (sweatdrop) : ...what's with the lovestruck attitude?

Ruise : I decided today is the day where I get spoiled by oniichan.
Right oniichan, you don't mind, do you?
1) No way
2) Okay
3) Stay silent (same as 1)

Ruise : ...no? I guess I'm not a kid anymore but...

Tippi : It's ok Ruise-chan! I'll make him spoil you!

Tippi (to Carmaine) : And you better not have any complaints!

Ruise : Hehehe, oniichan

Ruise : Yay! I love you oniichan!

Ruise : Say oniichan. Do you remember when Mom told us we weren't real
siblings? It was a huge shock to me. I felt like I just lost a whole part
of me... It was so sad and painful, I cried a lot back then...

Ruise : How did you felt at the time oniichan?
1) I was sad
2) It was a complicated feeling
3) Nothing special

Ruise : So you felt the same way as me oniichan.

Tippi : ...complicated?

Tippi : You really are cold.

Tippi : But you guys are just like real siblings anyway right?

Ruise : Just like real ones...?

Tippi : Yup, I mean you get along so well.

Ruise : Ah, I see.

Ruise : Tippi, oniichan, see you later.

Tippi : Didn't she looked a lot less cheerful just now?

(follow and go talk to her upstairs, you'll get a CG of her sitting)

Ruise : ...siblings that get along well huh...

Ruise : How long will I be ok with just that? I...

Tippi : Let's leave her alone for now.

======= Magic academy ========

(Misha fifth non-generic event - third and last part)

Misha : Oniisama~!!

Misha : Actually there's someting I'd like to give you!
1) What could that be?
2) I don't want anything though
3) I'm looking forward to it (no specific answer)

Misha : Well you see...

Tippi : Geez, don't say that and accept her gift already!

Tippi : And? What did you want to give him?

Misha : Ta-da~! Here you go! I made that sweater for you with all my heart!
Teehee, isn't it really well done? I'm pretty proud of the result!

(Carmaine takes it)

Tippi : .......

Tippi : Hey Misha, mind if I tell you something?

Misha : Yes?

Tippi : Winter is nowhere near soon.

Misha : ....ah.

Misha : Well oniisama, I'll make one for myself and we'll wear them together
when it's winter! Kyaah~ I did it, this is so embarassing!

5karen generic event)

Karen : I used to be really bad with blood before. It made me so afraid to see
people bleeding. But not anymore. After all it means the person is still alive.

(Wallace generic event)

Wallace : I can't use magic so until now I never understood its value but now
that I got this artificial arm and eyes I can actually experience how useful
it can be. There's nothing like experiencing things by yourself to understand
them after all.

(Xenos generic event)

Xenos : Yo Carmaine. Looking back at it, when we first met it was when
Gamelan's goons attacked us already. It feels kinda weird now thinking back
about it now.

(Ariost generic event)

Ariost : It's said that magic use spiritual strength. But current theories
state otherwise. We believe that it's the same system that operates your body
movements that make you able to use magic.

(no Wallace events this time, I can't get it unless I replay half of disc 2
so meh. I'll add it at a later time)

                             Twelfth Vacation

(those are your last vacation and the only ones where you can bring
Julian with you btw. Make sure to see all the events you still miss at
this point if you still need to unlock a CG or something. Oh and you
only have two days this time no matter what you do. Don't be bothered by
Arcadius hinting you could have gotten three days, he's only trolling you)

======= Health resort Rachell ========

(Karen fifth non-generic event)

(as you get near the sanatorium)

Tippi : Ah...

Tippi : Hey, what should we do?
Karen-san seems to be brooding over something...

(talking to her)

Karen : I...I...why did I fall in love with you...

Tippi : Karen-san...

Karen : At first I was seeing my brother through you...but when I finally
started seeing you for who you are...why...why do you have to be the same
person as my father? Did I really fall in love with you or do I feel that
way only because you remind me of my father? Tell me!

Karen : No matter how many times I try to convince myself and how much
I remember the times we spent together...I...I feel like I should even
forget about those feelings completely...but, no matter what...I can't
forget you! What should I do!?

(she runs off, follow her to the flower garden to the west)

Karen : ...forgive me for what I said earlier...I just couldn't keep it
to myself and forced those thoughts on you...I didn't think about how you
had to deal with that situation yourself....

Karen : Carmaine-san... You and my father are two completely different
persons after all... Even if you look the same as him when he was young
or even if the same blood flows in your veins, the one who saved me was
you, not my father... I finally realized that.

Karen : ...I come in this flower garden from times to times. You can
find some medicinal plants growing in the middle of the flowers sometimes.
And I like to let my thoughts wander wehn I'm here...thoughts about everyone,
about my brother...and, about you.

Karen : I'm really sorry about what happened today. Please do come again.

======= Comprings ========

(Wallace twelfth non-generic event)

Wallace : ...Carmaine huh.
We talked a lot together in here.
I guess I needed someone to talk with after spending nearly 20 years
travelling alone. I didn't feel lonely back then but now I appreciate
the fact that I have someone to talk with. For two men to speak together
like we did, it means we truly are friends.

Wallace : ...I'll be leaving now.

(once outside)

Tippi : You talked with Wallace-san again today? Let me hear his story
afterwards again okay?

(get near Wallace)

Wallace : That was a nice bath. Speaking of which, you sure love baths too,
don't you?

(a girl exit the men's bath and approach Wallace)

Girl : Excuse me.

Tippi : Hm? You need something?

Girl : I'd like to talk with him.

Tippi : With Wallace-san?

Girl : Yes.

Wallace : Who are you? I don't remember your voice.

Girl : Ah, forgive me. My name is Sarah.

Tippi : Sarah? I feel I heard that name somewhere before...
Hey you, does it sounds familiar?
1) Nah
2) I heard of her in one of Wallace's story
3) It's Wallace's wife

Tippi : What are you acting arrogant for!
I'm sure you can barely remember your own name!

Wallace : You're no better than him though...

Tippi : Uh... but it doesn't matter for me anyway!

Tippi : Ah, right. I remember now.

Wallace : Hey I'm single you know?

Tippi : Right! What kind of nonsense are you spouting in front of that
lonely old man!

Wallace : ...did you say something Tippi?

Tippi : Ah...ahahaha...

Wallace : Well, never mind.


Sarah : Do you remember saving a mother and her child 17 years ago?
They were attempting to kill themselves.

Wallace : 17 years ago... ah, I see now...

Sarah : Since my mother spoke of you so often for so long I recognized you
right away. If I could live together with my mother for so long, I own it
all to you. If you weren't there to save us back then,
I wouldn't be alive now...

Tippi : Hmm? But in the story I heard it wasn't Wallace-san that saved you

Sarah : Is that so? But from what I heard from my mother, he looks exactly
like him... That person left without telling his name so maybe I'm mistaken

Tippi : ...could it be... Wallace-san saved you but pretended it was someone
else that did it when he told us that story...?

Wallace : ....

Tippi : Huhuhu, I was right on the mark <3

Wallace : ....

Tippi : Wallace-san...
You had some interesting sides to you when you were young.. Teeheehee<3

Wallace : You're the last person I wanted to learn about that....

Tippi : Why? It's not like it makes you look bad in any way. But then again...
leaving without giving you name? Aren't you the cool guy?

Wallace : I was embarrassed, that's why I didn't give my name.
I wasn't trying to look cool or anything....
1) No need to be embarrassed
2) That look on your face doesn't suit you
3) That's so like you

Tippi : Yup, don't be embarrassed now <3

Wallace : ...

Wallace : ...is it wrong for me to be embarrassed at times?

Tippi : Not at all! ...I think it makes you cute actually <3

Wallace : Cute....me?

Tippi : True. Not trying to gain any benefits from your good deed...
That's very much like you Wallace-san.

Wallace : I'm glad you look at it that way.


Tippi : Say Sarah. Is your mother doing fine?

Sarah : No... she died to an illness last year.

Tippi : Ah...my bad... I shouldn't have asked...

Sarah : No, I don't mind. My mother was grateful to Wallace-san until
her very last moments. I'm grateful too. We weren't rich but we lived
happily together for all that time.

Wallace : I see...

Sarah : Ah, sorry to keep you with my story. I'll be taking my leave now.

Tippi : So they always remembered you. Isn't that nice Wallace-san?

Wallace : I guess so...

======= MyCity ========

(Eliotte last non-generic event - bring him to the opera house)

(once inside)

Eliotte : Carmaine-san, is it okay for me to play violin here?

Allow him?
1) Yes
2) No

Eliotte : Thank you very much. Then allow me to play one tune
for you. This is Lafkanth's "solo tranquilo, fourth movement".

(after he's done)

Eliotte : I apologize if it wasn't to you liking. I enjoyed
playing the violin after so long.

Tippi : Don't apologize, it was brilliant!

Eliotte : Thank you very much.

Eliotte : Is that so... What a shame.

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