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                            GUIDE TO BRAVE SAGA 2
                  by Llewelyn Darkstar (llelly_kun@yahoo.com)

                            Table of Contents

Section 1   : Message From The Author

Section 2   : FAQ Description

Section 3   : Introduction to Yuusha

Section 4   : Story

Section 5   : Game Mechanics
Section 5.1 : Deployment
Section 5.2 : Battle
Section 5.21: Battle Display
Section 5.22: Controls
Section 5.23: Move
Section 5.24: Action
Section 5.25: Weapons Dialog
Section 5.26: Critical Hit
Section 5.27: Counterattack
Section 5.28: Leveling Up
Section 5.29: Upgrades
Section 5.3 : Main Menu

Section 6   : Characters
Section 6.1 : Yuusha
Section 6.2 : Humans

Section 7   : Acknowledgments

                    Section 1: Message From The Author

I decided to make this guide due to the lack of any info on Brave Saga 2 
that I could find(Not to mention it gives me an excuse to play through it 
again ^.~).

                      Section 2: FAQ Description

04-08-04 V1.0 The initial version.  Future versions may list attacks but  
             that's a lot of Yuusha to go through if I felt like doing it  
             right now. x.x

                   Section 3: Introduction to Yuusha

With Transformers popularity dwindling in Japan around the time of Victory 
and Zone, Takara looked for a way to keep going, but revitalize it and bring
in a fresh audience.  Making a deal with Sunrise, they introduced a new 
series called Yuusha ExKaiser in 1990, roughly based on the same formula as 
Transformers Victory, but focusing less on the robots.  Rather than Autobots
and Decepticons, with humans on the sidelines, the Yuusha formula puts a 
chosen human(usually in Jr High) smack dab in the middle, partnering him 
with a powerful robot who transforms into a "cool" vehicle for disguise, and
who can merge with an additional component to power up even farther.  As 
back-up, there are also usually two "teams" of additional Yuusha who can 
transform on their own or merge into a more powerful robot.  About halfway 
through the series a second robot will show up that merges with the main one
to bring him to his final form.  One of the teams usually gets an extra 
member to power it up farther as well.

ExKaiser set the stage, then each series expanded it on some way or another.
Fighbird had the main consciousness inside an android "brother" instead of 
the jet, Da Garn eventually had all the "bad guys" join the good guys side, 
J-Decker was all human-built as opposed to the possessed vehicles of the 
previous three series, Might Gaine had shared control between the 
conciousness and human pilot over the main Yuusha(and was all trains!), 
Goldran had 3 kids instead of 1 working with the Yuusha, in Dagwon the 
humans themselves became the Yuusha rather than just partnering with them, 
and finally in GGG not only did the main Yuusha's mind come from a seperate 
cyborg-ized human partner, but GGG had a much larger support team than the 
other series.

Here are the airdates:
Yuusha Exkaiser - Brave Exkaiser 
Aired 02/03/90-01/26/91
Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird - Brave Of The Sun Fighbird 
Aired 02/02/91-02/01/92
Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn - Legendary Brave Da Garn
Aired 02/08/92-01/23/93
Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine - Brave Express Might Gaine
Aired 01/30/93-01/22/94
Yuusha Keisatsu J-Decker - Brave Police J-Decker
Aired 02/05/94-01/28/95
Ougon Yuusha Goldran - Golden Brave Goldran
Aired 02/04/95-01/27/96
Yuusha Shirei Dagwon - Commander Of Braves Dagwon
Aired 02/03/96-01/25/97
Yuusha Ou Gaogaigar - King Of Braves Gaogaigar
Aired 02/01/97-01/31/98

Both Dagwon and GaoGaiGar had OVAs (with the final episode of the GGG OVA 
having been released in 03), but none of the stuff from GGG Final made it in
of course.  Other than that, all of these series were included at least in 
the form of characters.   Yuusha Seisen (Brave Crusade or Holy Brave) Baan 
Gaan is also included, continuing from the previous Brave Saga game, 
although he has yet to get his own series, and as of this writing it seems 
he never will.  With Sunrise under Bandai control and Takara working with 
Bandai's competitor Hasbro, not to mention how occupied they are with the 
resurgence in Transformers, we probably will not see any new Yuusha for a 
long while, if ever.  A real shame. :/

There were some non-Yuusha guest series that also participated, just as they
did in Brave Saga 1, including:
Taiyou no Kiba Dougram - Fang Of The Sun Dougram
Soukou Kihyou Votoms - Armored Trooper Votoms
Kikou Kai Galient - Panzer World Galient

These, however, were early Sunrise shows.

                           Section 4: Story

I know some Japanese, but not a lot, and here's my best attempt at 
translation for those who don't know any.  It's not 100% accurate, but 
anywhere I gave specific dialog I'm 90-95% sure it means that or something 

Off in space, we see distant explosions, while we overhear a radio 
conversation of the battlers.  Suddenly, we get a transmission from 
Fighbird that he is inbound.  Cut to a scene of Bussou Fighbird in the 
middle of a field of debris.

Fighbird:  This is... what happened here?  ExKaiser!

A badly damaged King Exkaiser floats into Fighbird.

ExKaiser: It's you... Fighbird...

Fighbird: ExKaiser!  What enemy did this?

ExKaiser: ...I don't know.  All I saw was a huge attack, so...

Fighbird:  Huge blast?  That's...

A energy blast is fired from offscreen, knocking King ExKaiser off the 
screen, followed by King ExKaiser's scream.

Fighbird: ExKaiser!

Thunderbaron and Guardion fly in to join Fighbird.

Thunderbaron: Fighbird!

Guardion: That's....!?

Cut to scene of the new, unknown enemy, surrounded by 4 floating energy 

Baan Gaan: Fighbird!  Everyone! Run!

The orbs fire blasts off screen, towards our heroes.  Baan Gaan then 
moves between the Uchuu Kebitai and the new enemy to protect them.  
(Cue: Awakened Courage)

Fighbird: Baan Gaan!

The first blast from that enemy arrives and hits Baan Gaan.

Baan Gaan: This is my fight!  Hurry and run!

Thunderbaron: Bu-but... 

then another blast hits Baan Gaan.

Baan Gaan: Earth is in danger!  Fighbird, help Earth!

Fighbird(reluctantly): ....okay, I'll do it. (literal translation is 
"Understood.")  This is his fight, Earth is ours!

???: A Yuusha's sacrifice...

Baan Gaan: You bastard!

???: Hold on... a bastard?! That's a cheap shot, isn't it?  I am called 
Gap.  Now feel my power, Mr Yuusha~

Now we switch to our first battle scene.  Gap dodges Baan Gaan's Dragon 
Burst, but gets a critical hit on Baan Gaan.

Baan Gaan: No...

Gap: My my, that was sloppy of you, wasn't it?  Now you know how it's 
supposed to be done, Yuusha!

Baan Gaan(thinking): Shunpei..

Then we cut to Earth.  Shunpei si walking down a random street, but pauses
 as he senses something.

Shunpei: ...?  Baan?

Suddenly he's surrounded by 6 small fires.

Shunpei: What the..?

The fires turn into bird-like things, and start advancing on poor Shunpei, 
backing him against a fence.  Shunpei calls out to Baan for help, and is 
suddenly teleported out of the scene to who knows where.  At this point we 
cut back to Baan Gaan's battle in space.

Baan Gaan: ...Shunpei?

Gap: Damn...

He extends the energy orbs once more and blasts Baan Gaan, causing him to 
cry out in pain as the screen flares white.  When it clears we're with 
Fighbird and the rest of the Space Guard again.  Sensing the last attack, 
the three turn around.

Fighbird: Baan Gaan!!

Several more blasts tear through Baan Gaan.

Baan Gaan: Fighbird.... hurry... to Earth...

Finally the attacks take their toll and wee see an extremely mangled Baan
Gaan drifting through space. Now we hear a new voice in the background, 
gloating over the victory.

Cue Opening Sequence! - Cross Over

After this prologue, we observe the owner of that new voice from the 
previous scene.  It belongs to Goodes, and we see him talking about his 
plans to himself.  Next we cut to the scene of an accident, where a car 
front-ended a guardrail, with the driver lying next to it, while farther 
down lies a motorcycle and someone else.  As the rider, named Shizuma, 
awakens and climbs to his feet, calling for his mother, he is attacked by 
Gap and Goodes, the former of which knocks him out.  After he collapses, 
the outlines of 5 other monsters appears behind Goodes to join Gap, and Gap 
summons some demon blade and takes some portion of Shizuma's power/spirit 
and grants it to each of the 6 monsters, causing each one disappear as he 
finishes it's own part in his incantation.  As he finishes, Shizuma 
suddenly turns into some sort of small jewel, surprising Goodes.  After 
Goodes leaves, his mother, apparently the figure lying near the car, 
awakes.  She walks over, recognizing it as something of Shizuma's.  She 
talks to it, about how she regrets she hadn't told him some things 
earlier, then lifts it up, asking for his life back as it starts glowing. 
 Finally something appears in the light, but then the entire thing 
disappears, leaving her crying his name.

Cue episode title.

At this point it cuts to a view of 3G Island, and we get a shortened and 
slightly modified version of GaoGaiGar's 1st episode.   After EI-02 is 
beaten, GGG is attacked by more of the fire critters similar to those that
attacked Shunpei, and GGG gets help from a new Yuusha, with another 
rocking merge sequence, called SaberVarion.  The game continues in this 
vein, intermingling incidents from the GaoGaiGar TV series with the game's
original story.  I think that's enough on the story though.. the rest is 
fairly easy to figure out as you go along, and I don't want to spoil 
anything.  One warning though... if you play all the way through, be 
prepared to be spoiled a bit on GGG, as the incidents go all the way to 
the end, and if you continue your game after the credits roll, you see the 
very last scene from GGG TV as well.

                     Section 5: Game Mechanics

                      Section 5.1: Deployment
Right before the battle, if you have any empty slots in your lineup you 
get to chose the Yuusha you wish to send into battle.  The list is 
organized 3 ways, and you can swap between them using the L/R buttons: by 
level, by initiative, and by series.  On the last one you can between 
series using left and right, otherwise you scroll with down-up.  As you 
scroll through, it shows where the selected Yuusha would fall on the 
initiative bar on the right, which determines how fast and often they can 
act.  When you select a member of a gattai or a gattai itself and confirm 
it, it automatically removes the gattai or the component Yuusha, 
respectively.  You can use the cancel button though to backtrack through 
your selections if you made a mistake.
Once the choices are locked in and your team is confirmed, you can choose 
which Yuusha to deploy in which landing square, including any "required" 
Yuusha.  The only exception to this is "rescue" missions which lock in one
or more Yuusha's deployment zones.  Once deployment is finished, the battle 
proper starts.

                           Section 5.2: Battle

Battles are turn-based, after a fashion.  The initiative bar rises until it 
hits a Yuusha or enemy, then that unit gets to take a move and an action.  
Once that is completed, he is added to the initiative bar again at a point 
farther down depending on how fast he is.  Some fast Yuusha (such as 
Shadowmaru from J-Decker) for example, may get to take 2 turns to a given 
enemy's one.

                      Section 5.21: Battle display 

This is fairly simple to understand.  The unit's name is 
on top.  HP is hit points, and EP determines how much you can use certain 
moves, as certain attacks deplete it, and it is only recharged at the 
beginning of a battle or by certain actions.  GP is Guts Power.  As you 
take damage and make attacks the yellow bars will fill up, and once all 
are full it becomes a flame with the word GUTS on it.  At these times they 
have gathered their courage to make special moves, often the "final" moves 
from their shows which do relatively large amounts of damage.  Other moves 
they might have available are HP or EP recharge, a temporary stat 
increase, or perhaps performing a Gattai to a more powerful version.  
Performing a gattai during battle recharges all EP and HP.

                        Section 5.22: Controls 

This also is fairly simple.  L1/R1 rotates the map for different 
views.  The L2/R2 buttons cycle through all the targets on the map so 
you can check an enemy's or friendly's status.  Select and Cancel buttons 
remain the same.

                          Section 5.23: Move

You select the square you want to move to within the Yuusha's move range, 
and the Yuusha moves to that square.  Airborne Yuusha have an advantage 
here as they get to ignore height considerations.  Otherwise, a Yuusha 
can only move up one or two height levels at any one time, preventing them 
from say climbing a 6 or 7 height tower.  If you want to stay in the same 
place, hit the cancel button.

                          Section 5.24: Action

You can switch between these with up/down, and it wraps around, so you can 
keep going one direction or another.  The default actions is attack, 
allowing you to choose which move you do.  You will end up facing the 
direction you attack in, so be careful, because while you can respond to 
normal attacks to your front and sides, back shots are "free" as it were.  
If a combination attack is available, it's displayed in blue. The 2nd 
option "up" is to wait, which at least allows you to change your facing.  
The third option is some sort of options dialog which I never messed with.  
If you have a GUTS move available, the GUTS dialog will be listed after this
if you continue to scroll up.

                      Section 5.25: Weapons Dialog 

The dialog here is simple.  First number is attack power, second is EP cost,
which is permanently spent for this battle each time you use it, and I'm 
not sure what the last number is... increased/decreased chance of hitting 
perhaps?  Any area you can attack is hilighted with red squares.  Take note
that a few Yuusha also have area-effect weapons, such as Fighbird's Flame 
Cannon, which hits anything in it's line of fire, or Great Goldran's MAP 
type attack, which damages that square and everything for a certain number 
of squares around.  These attacks WILL damage friendly as well as enemy 
units, and some enemies have them too.

                       Section 5.26: Critical Hit 

If a full character image pops up and says something during the attack, this
is what's happening.  It's an automatic hit, and does some extra damage.

                      Section 5.27: Counterattack 

When you are attacked, assuming it's not from your rear arc, you have 
several responses you can make.  The top option allows you to use a GUTS 
move in response, provided you have full GUTS already.  the bottom option is
for a shield move like GaoGaiGar's Protect Shade, assuming you have one. 
The left option is for increased chance of dodging, while right is for 
basically digging in your feet and taking it, reducing the damage.  Or you 
can select the center option and literally counterattack.

                       Section 5.28: Leveling up

You gain XP with every successful hit, and once you hit a certain threshold 
you level.  The amount you get depends on how the enemy's level compares to
yours.  Also the level of a gattai is increased alongside the level 
of it's main component or components.

                        Section 5.29: Upgrades

When you kill an enemy, you gain CP depending on it's difficulty. This CP 
can then later be spent at the main menu to increase the range and 
effectiveness of the attacks you can make.

                 Section 5.3: Main Menu (Laboratory Command)

You get to use this between episodes, and sometimes during really long 
episodes.  This is where you get to make any outside-of-combat changes, such 
as upgrades.

Option 1 - This seems to be short scenes on the VARS ship's bridge.  Not 
           sure what purpose they serve, if any.
Option 2 - Data Room.  This allows you to see what characters you have, and 
           what their current stats are.
Option 3 - Custom Weapon.  This is where you get to upgrade your Yuusha's 
           weapons.  The CP you have to spend is in the upper right.  
           Weapons get more expensive with each upgrade, to a max of level
           5 on each attack.  Upgrading some weapons can unlock others, and
           if a weapon carries over from form to form, then the level of    
           that attack carries over as well. The base price and increases     
           can also vary from weapon to weapon.  The important numbers are  
           the first field, 3rd field, and seventh field, going from left   
           to right and top to bottom.  The first is the attack power, the 
           third is the EP cost, adn the 7th is the range bracket it works 
           at.  The 4th field is area effect, and the 8th denotes if it's a 
           combination attack.
Option 4 - Maintenance Room.  This room allows you to adjust the stats 
           manually on a few Yuusha... specifically Baan Gaan and         
Option 5 - This is the simulator. It allows you to train your Yuusha to      
           even higher levels, and gain CP by fighting against computer-
           generated opponents.
Option 6 - Main Computer Room.  This is where you save and load.
Option 7 - Library.  This is where you see Game Completion, and view FMVs   
           of merges you've unlocked, look at character profiles, listen to 
           music, all that good stuff.  It's fairly obvious what is what if 
           you play around with it a little.  The last option exits, and 
           it's the only way to get back to the main menu.
Option 8 - Another options menu that I didn't mess with, and have no clue 
           what it does.
Option 9 - This returns you to the world map to choose your next mission.  
           Left and right cycles you through the various continents you've 
           unlocked, and once you select it zooms you in to allow you to 
           pick your next mission point, if there is one on that continent. 
           You can zoom back out with cancel.

                           Section 6: Characters

These come in two categories: the Yuusha themselves, and their human friends
and partners.

                          Section 6.1: Yuusha

Note: The arrows denote gattais(merges).  If you use a merge it locks out 
the subcomponents for use in that battle and vice versa.

Brave ExKaiser:
     -> King Exkaiser 
     -> Dragon Kaiser 
     -> Great Exkaiser
Ultra Raker
God Max

Brave of the Sun Fighbird:
     -> Bussou Fighbird
     -> Great Fighbird
Jet Gattai Granbird 
     -> Great Fighbird
     -> Super Guardion
Guard Wing
     -> Super Guardion
Thunder Baron 

Brave of Legend Da Garn:
Da Garn
     -> Da Garn X 
     -> Great Da Garn GX
Ga Orn 
     -> Great Da Garn GX
Pegasus Saber 
Land Bison 

Brave Express Might Gaine:
     -> Might Gaine 
Might Kaiser  
     -> Great Might Gaine
Guard Diver 
Battle Bomber

Brave Police J-Decker:
     -> J-Decker 
     -> Fire J-Decker
     -> Duke Fire
     -> Fire J-Decker
     -> Super Build Tiger
Power Joe 
     -> Super Build Tiger
     -> Super Build Tiger
Drill Boy 
     -> Super Build Tiger
Gold Brave Goldran:
     -> Goldran
     -> Sky Goldran
     -> Great Goldran
Leon Kaiser
God Silverion
Captain Shark
Usarin Mk.II
Dran's kids (o.O)

Brave Command Dagwon:
Dag Fire   
     -> Fire Dagwon 
     -> Power Dagwon
     -> Super Fire Dagwon
Dag Turbo 
     -> Super Liner Dagwon
Dag Armor 
     -> Super Liner Dagwon
Dag Wing 
     -> Super Liner Dagwon
Dag Drill 
     -> Super Liner Dagwon  
Dag Shadow
     -> Shadow Dagwon
Dag Thunder 
     -> Thunder Dagwon 
Uchuu Kenshi Lian

King of Braves GaoGaiGar:
     -> GaoGaiGar
     -> ChoRyuJin
     -> ChoRyuJin
     -> GekiRyuJin
     -> GekiRyuJin
     -> Big Volfogg
Mic Sounders the 13th
King J-Der (Not available for normal use)

Brave Crusade Baan Gaan:
     -> Baan Gaan
     -> Great Baan Gaan 
     -> Mach Sperion
          -> Great Baan Gaan (You can still use Sperion though, just not 
                 Mach Sperion)
     -> SaberVarion
     -> Victorion
     -> Galaxion
Himitsu's mecha (NPC only - not available for normal use)

Armored Trooper Votoms:
Scope Dog
Scope Dog Red Shoulder Custom
Brutish Dog
Berserga DT

Fang of the Sun Dougram:
Crab Gunner

Panzer World Galient:
     -> Upgraded Galient (not sure of name)
Promaxis Panzer(95% sure, but couldn't find resources to confirm)

                          Section 6.2: Humans

Brave Exkaiser:
Kouta - Partner of the Kaiser team

Brave of the Sun Fighbird:
Katori Yuutarou - android containing Fighbird/Granbird's core conciousness
Amano Kenta - the partner of Fighbird's Space Guard
Amano Hiroshi - Kenta's grandfather
Amano Haruka - Kenta's sister

Brave of Legend Da Garn:
Takasugi Seiji - the partner of Da Garn's team
Takasugi Tai-sa - Seiji's father
Sakurakoji Hotaru - a mystic, friend of Seiji
Yancha - friend of Seiji, partner of Sevenchanger
Kousaka Tsukushi - close friend of Seiji

Brave Express Might Gaine:
Senpuuji Maito - the partner of Might Gaine and pilot of Might 
Raibaru Joe - rival of Senpuuji Maito, pilots Kouryu and Hiryu
Yoshinaga Sally - Maito's girlfriend
Hamada - a friend of Maito, and engineer involved in designing the Yuusha

Brave Police J-Decker:
Tomonaga Yuuta - the "Boss", and partner of the Brave Police
Saejima Jyuuzou - police chief, and Yuuta's superior
There's also a tech from this series whose name I couldn't find, who was
      responsible for the development of the Brave Police.

Gold Brave Goldran:
Takuya - the partner of Goldran
Kazuki - the partner of God Silverion
Dai - the partner of Advenger
Walter - the partner of Captain Shark
Sirius - Walter's brother
Chanlala the pilot of the Usarin Mk II, has a crush on Walter

Brave Command Dagwon:
Daitouji En - Leader of the Dagwons, becomes Fire En
Hirose Kai - strict disciplinarian, becomes Turbo Kai
Hashiba Ryu - the token "ninja", becomes Shadow Ryu
Sawamura Shin - athlete, but mostly womanizer, becomes Armor Shin
Kazamatsuri Yoku - the "scientist", becomes Wing Yoku
Kuroiwa Geki tough guy, becomes Drill Geki
Utsumi Rai - becomes Thunder Rai
Luna - a galaxy officer, and a friend of the Dagwon team

King of Braves GaoGaiGar:
Cyborg Gai - Fusions with Galeon to become GaiGar
Amami Mamoru - mysterious child delivered by the White Lion, can cure 
Hana-chan - a classmate and friend of Mamoru
Taiga Kohtarou- leader of 3G, the organization formed to support GaoGaiGar
Hyuuma Geki - operations planner for 3G
Utsuki Mikoto - computer operator for 3G, in love with Gai
Swan White - special investigations operator, in charge of gathering and
       passing on info
Shishio Leo - Gai's father, and head scientist of 3G
Ushiyama Kazuo - maintenance engineer for 3G, in charge of repairs and such
Entouji Kosuke - designer and programmer for 3G's computer systems
Shishio Lyger - Leo's older brother, scientist head of American side of 3G
Stallion White - Swan's brother, Lyger's assistant, and model for Mic's AI
Soldat J - Former Zondarian and core of King J-Der after performing Fusion

Brave Crusade Baan Gaan:
Serizawa Shunpei - partner of Baan
Sakashita Hiro - partner of Sperion, Shunpei's friend
Serizawa Minami - Shunpei's older sister and leader of VARS
Aoba Nanako - friend to both boys
Hiromi - computer operator for VARS
Masaru - VARS systems engineer, though he is only seen perhaps 3 or 4 times
Satoru - VARS mechanics Engineer
RonRon - a tech and ship pilot on loan from VARS USA
Himitsu Tantei - pilots the weird green robot that attacks with a giant ping
      pong paddle and ball

Armored Trooper Votoms:
Chirico Cuvie - the main character of Votoms.  Is an expert AT pilot, maybe
      better than any normal human should be?
Phantom Lady (aka Proto-1) - a mysterious soldier, created by the "Perfect 
      Soldier"(PS) program, whose heart belongs to Chirico
Upsilon - the second PS to be created, has a hate-on for Chirico for
      stealing the Phantom Lady's loyalties

Fang of the Sun Dougram:
Cleen Kasheem - The main character of Dougram, pilots the Dougram and leads
      a small rebellion group called Fang of the Sun against the Earth
      Federation, fighting for their homeplanet Detroia 
Various members of Fang of the Sun

Panzer World Galient:
Geordy(aka Jojo) -  pilot of Galient, who fights in a rebellion group
      against the Empire, and wants to rescue his mother who is frozen in
      what seems to be ice.  Han Solo anyone?
Marder - the Empire's Prime Minister... seems to have his own agenda
Hay Schaldat - a loyal warrior of Marder

                       Section 7: Acknowledgements

Thanks to various Yuusha websites for educating me, such as 
and many others I may have run across.

Thanks to Ryuusei and his Brave Saga 1 FAQ which gave me the background on 
the characters only from Brave Saga 1 that I hadn't picked up on, like 
Himitsu... I had NO idea what he had to do with anything before, or what 
Hiromi had to do with VARS that they let her join up, or who the heck the
buck-tooth guy was when he showed up later on, since I didn't own and hadn't
played through BS1.

Call-out to N-Bomb for getting me hooked on Yuusha in the first place thanks
to his fansubbing of GaoGaiGar, not to mention getting me my copy of Brave 
Saga 2.

And a call-out to Brave Fans everywhere!  We may not have a new series, but
we can keep the fire burning!  Yuusha-tachi, hasha!