Super Robot Wars Alpha Walkthrough
by Mark Neidengard,
version 1.0

   This walkthrough for Banpresto's Super Robot Wars Alpha is a summary of
   dialog sections of the game, enhanced with strategy and combat notes.
   The level of detail is one (and a half?) steps removed from being an
   actual dialog translation.  One sore point is the Romanization of names,
   many of which are difficult or impossible to map directly to English
   equivalents.  I have made what efforts I can to research "official"
   spellings, and ignored those where I thought they were brain-damaged.
   In cases where the _meaning_ was made explicit I ended up going with the
   intended spelling even when the Japanese pronounciation was bunk (the
   Angel Heiro being the main case).  The exception to this exception is
   Rebi Torah, whose first name would just sound too wrong pronounced "Rabbi".

   A useful companion for game mechanics such as birthday/attribute tables
   and double-motion level list can be found at:

   For this walkthrough, I played the Super Robot route with a female
   main character.  While I followed all paths I could, the ones I kept while
   moving on are:
     10 - South Atalia
     21 - Hong Kong City
     30 - Defeat Israfel by Force
     31 - Shoot down the projectile
     42 - Lean Horse, Jr. route
     51 - Lar Kairam route
     58 - Axis route

S1. Kotetsu no KOKUPITTO ("Cockpit of Steel")

Banpresto Presents: Super Robot Wars Alpha
December 14, New Western Calendar 186, 7:45 A.M.
In the vicinity of the solar system's tenth planet, "Zeus"
Federation Special Space Force SDF's Zeroth flagship "Exelion"

The game starts out with the Exelion facing a group of unknown assailants at
Zeus.  Only the Exelion is left out of the battleship class vessels, and
the supporting mobile suit battalion is all but destroyed.  Oota tells the
captain that he's not facing Arrowgaters or giant-type aliens, but more 
likely the same sort sort of beings that sunk the Luxion seven years ago.
The vice-captain tells Tashiro that their warfighting power is decreased too
far and that a retreat is necessary.  He responds that they can't do that
lest the aliens find out the location of the Earth.  Kazumi tells Noriko and
Jung that unless they can stop the aliens here the whole Earth sphere will
be toast.  Jung doesn't need to be told that, and Noriko is badly afraid of
the enemy.  Oota reminds them all that if they don't use their training and
fight they'll all die.

After the first round of combat, you detect the gravitational signature of
something warping out into the area.  It's a large force of Arrowgaters, 
to everyone's dismay.  Tashiro realizes that if you lose here the only other
thing that can stop them is the SDF-1.  He orders the vice-captain to raise
all reactors to critical and plans to ram the enemy if worse comes to 
worse.  Then the back-story begins.

In the past, the Earth Sphere was divided into two great powers: the Earth
Federation government and the group of Space Colonies floating in the
heavens.  The colonies were originally under the dominion of the Federation,
but as time passed and the colonies increased in number, those living in
space began to see themselves as a people apart.  In year 179 of the New
Western Calendar, the colonies most distant from earth (Side 3) named
themselves the "Jion Dukedom" and instigated a revolutionary war against the
Federation.  The pilots of the humanoid combat machines of the Jion side 
started out strong, but the conflict quickly grew into a stalemate.  However,
at the moment the Federation's final "Star #1 Operation" was initiated, a
gigantic object appeared out of nowhere in the L5 quadrant, smashing the 
greater half of both sides' forces and falling to Earth on South Atalia
Island.  Both sides, whose forces were greatly depleted, took the incident as
their cue to sign a cease-fire, ending what would later be called the One-
Year War.

After the war, an investigative team (EOTI) headed up by Dr. Vian Zoldark
examined the object fallen to South Atalia Island and concluded that it was
an ultra-largescale space battleship created by some undiscovered culture.
This discovery implied the existence of another intelligent lifeform besides
humanity, and that some sort of large-scale war was being waged somewhere
outside the solar system.  However, the leaders of the Earth Federation 
refused to accept this, and planned to increase the Federation's military
strength solely for the maintenance of their own power.  Amidst this, Vian
Zoldark foretold that sooner or later the Earth would become embroiled in the
struggle, stating that "Humanity no longer has anywhere to run ."  He then
founded an organization (the "Divine Crusaders", "DC") to manufacture
war machines to counter the alien threat, based around the Extra Over-
Technology (EOT).  At the same time, the Federation Special Space Force
(SDF) was established, based around the ultra-largescale space battleship.
However, doing so required enormous amounts of resources, resulting in
economic downturn throughout the Federation.

Most of the citizens were never informed of the existence of other intelligent
life, and various factions began to resent the pressure brought to bear by
the Federation government, especially those native to space (the "Spacenoids").
This lead to a series of anti-Federation movements springing up.  And as
though summoned by the chaos on Earth, the Jion Dukedom army which had fled
to the asteroid Axis were reborn as the "Neo-Jion Army" and began conducting
operations.  In response, the higher Federation brass established the
"Titans" Special Weapons and "Oz" Special Forces units.  They began acting
to suppress the remnants of Jion and the anti-Federation activities of the

At the same time, the "Kyouryuu Empire" and "Youma Empire" appeared on the
Earth and began assaults throughout the land, although they were smashed by
the revival of "Mazinger Z", "Getter Robo", and "Reideen".  Dr. Hell, a
collaborator of the Kyouryuu Empire, and the Youma Empire's Prince Sharman
began to accumulate military strength in preparation to reestablish their

And in the New Western Calendar year 187, the Earth was surrounded by an
atmosphere of intrigue as the plots of the various organizations swirled

Back to the story!  Kouji's just gotten out of a _very_ fatiguing day in
school.  Your character points out that finals are coming up and if he doesn't
study his ass off he's gonna fail.  Kouji points out that he had no time for
studying with all the fighting he had to do against the Kyouryuu Empire, and
asks to borrow your notes (no such luck).  Sayaka then shows up, figuring that
Kouji probably forgot about a conversation they had yesterday: namely that a
new super robot that the DC designed was coming to the lab.  Kouji's gonna go
home and get the Pailder, so he tells her to go on ahead.  It'll be Kouji's
first time in Mazinger since fighting the Kyouryuu, so he bids you farewell.
Just then, the evacuation sirens sound.  Your SO then shows up to tell you
that Mecha-Beasts have showed up!  Kouji's gonna get the Pailder and use it to
chase away the beasts while everyone evacuates, but you worry that the cockpit
fighter of Mazinger can't do much by itself.

Kouji points out there's no time to go get Mazinger Z, and plans to hold
the Mecha-Beasts off until the army arrives.  Your characters worry a bit,
and then discover that a plane crashed nearby.  Unfortunately, your SO
seemingly gets caught in the crash, and while you worry you notice something
in the plane...something that's calling you.  It's a robot you've never seen
before.  You can either jump into the robot or look for your SO.

  If you jump in, the robot teaches you to drive it directly to your brain.
  You get a combat round before Kouji shows up.  If you don't, Kouji gets
  a combat round and then angsts about how the plane fell on the school -
  and then another round to realize he's being unmanly waiting for the army
  to come back him up.  Either way, you become the pilot of the Grungast
  type II.

  Skipping the basic explanation is worth a Skill point.

  Ashura is apparently trying to kill Kouji, since that'd mean the end of
  Mazinger Z.  He's still alive and squares off against Ashura.  Ashura tells
  him that this operation is based on Mazinger's weak point: trying to kill
  not Mazinger, but its pilot.  Ashura will only try to attack Kouji during
  the battle, so if you're in the battle too you can attack without fear.
  However, once you defeat Ashura, you learn that there's another group
  attacking the Photon Power laboratory, where Mazinger Z will be useless
  without Kouji to pilot it.

Go to S2.

S2. Majinga Z Zettai Zetsumei ("Mazinger Z in Dire Peril")

At the Photon Power laboratory, the Mecha-Beasts have appeared!  Worse,
contact has been lost with the Grungast type II and it is believed lost.
Kouji's brother Shirou berates himself needlessly, and Prof. Yumi has to
remind him that Kouji's protecting the people of the city is far more
important than the safety of the lab.  Sayaka goes out in the Aphrodite A to
buy time while Kouji hurries to the scene...and Boz, who even Sayaka says
isn't really to be depended on.  Boz seems to recall popping out under similar
circumstances before, and you're reminded that Boz has the replenishment device
and Sayaka the repair device.  Brocken thinks his plans to destroy Mazinger Z
and take over the Photon Power laboratory and all its resources are on course.
...Until your two units show up on turn 2.

  Move Kouji to the Photon Power Laboratory so he can fuse with Mazinger Z.
  Luckily, the turn you make it to the lab you'll get to go again with Z.

  However, if you _don't_ combine with Mazinger Z, you'll get a Skill point.

After the battle, Shirou is still angsting over how he broke Kouji's bike the
other day.  Prof. Yumi then enquires about how you are able to pilot the
Grungast type II, and tells you and Kouji to head immediately to the Far East 
supply base.  Kouji gets pissed off that you're likely to get punished for
using the Grungast type II without permission when the army didn't lift a
finger to help, and Prof. Yumi says he'll try to put in a word with the
commander there, who is supposedly a reasonable man.  You agree to go, and
Kouji and Sayaka insist on coming along too.  Yumi then thinks to himself that
Prof. Shirakawa and Robert told him that only people with a special quality
could operate the Grungast...and that the test run today was supposed to only
use the Basic Motion Program.  Could it be that your ability to pilot it isn't
just a coincidence? (what are the chances...)  Go to S3.

S3. GETTA CHIIMU Shutsugeki Seyo! ("Getter Team, Sortie!")

You angst about why you're still alive when your SO is most likely dead,
and Kouji has to ask you to slow down since Mazinger can't fly.  Sayaka says
that her father and Prof. Morimori are working on some sort of countermeasure
against flying Mecha-Beasts.  Just then, the Grungast type II informs you that
there are enemies about.  You switch back to flight mode and fly off after
them, almost as though the Grungast is controlling you...Kouji and the
others are off in pursuit.  Meanwhile, the Getter Team is getting back together
for the first time since the Kyouryuu war.  Dr. Saotome informs you all that
he's just heard that the Photon Power laboratory was attacked by Mecha-Beasts.
The news that Mazinger chased them off is immensely cheering to the Getter
Team, although this quickly fades when they're told that among Brocken's
forces was a Mechazaurus, seemingly proof that the remains of the Kyouryuu
Empire are still around.  However, because of the increase in Getter Rays 
from space none of the members of that race should be alive.  Saotome figures
Dr. Hell has gathered all the remaining plants from the Kyouryuu Empire and
is trying to grow them.  The obvious thing to do is team up with Mazinger Z
and smite him - however, Saotome isn't worried about a small-scale problem
like that...he perceives something entirely beyond their experience
overshadowing the Earth Sphere.  He says that many things have happened since
the so-called "One Year War" was called off...the Kyouryuu and Youma Kingdom's
attacks, Dr. Hell and the Meganoid's rebellion, the terrorist acts perpetrated
by the mysterious B.F. Organization...  And he believes that all that was
nothing more than a precursor to something much, much bigger calamity.  The
One-Year War was called off by the "meteorite" that fell to the Earth; had it
continued, the world would have probably been destroyed....but why the war
would have been canceled just because of a meteorite is rather mysterious to
them all.  Hayato says that it's probably because of a third party, someone
that's an enemy to both Jion and to the Federation...and something bigger
than the Kyouryuu or Youma.  This seems a bit implausible to Musashi - Michiru
thinks the enemy might be aliens, but Ryouma reminds her this isn't some SF
novel.  Hayato thinks there may be merit to this however...given the special
forces at the Far East base and the laboratory in Tokyo which seems to be
working on anti-alien defenses.  Saotome admits that he believes in the alien
theory himself.  Although the new Getter Robo had recently passed its trials,
it's not yet ready for actual combat, which has the Getter Team sad; Saotome
needs the Getter reactor in Getter Dragon to study the increase in Getter 
Rays.  After all this blather, a Mekazaurus approaches the lab.  It turns 
out there's no time to combine and take out the Mekazauruses one at a time,
so you have to use the Getto Machines individually.

  You must take all of them out in the first round of combat.  After you
  do this, more enemies will appear and your people will automatically 
  proceed with the combining test.  More enemy reinforcements are on the way,
  so don't waste energy and use the Missile Machinegun to help you.  Once you
  beat down the three enemies (I recommend using Getter-1 for air, Getter-2
  for land, and Getter-3 for water like you're supposed to), many more enemies
  appear!  Luckily, so does the Grungast type II and the Mazinger folks.

After the battle, Gorgon bitches about his plans to get the Getter Ray data
going awry from the sidelines.  He figures if he can unlock the secret of
Getter Rays, he won't have to let Dr. Hell rule the world.  Meanwhile, in
secret, Ivan has been doing some spectating of his own and gathering data.
Saotome has heard of the Grungast type II - a super-robot codeveloped by the
Federation and the DC; it's the successor to the original Grungast made at
the Tesla Raihi lab.  It's outfitted with a special device that links with
the pilot's consciousness, although Saotome doesn't know the details.  Hayato
asks permission to accompany you to the Far East base, since he's interested
in the SRX (Super Robot Experimental) Project and believes it will have great
relevance to the incidents above.  Saotome then gives him a document to hand
to the military there.  Go to S4.

S4. JION Sairin ("The Second Coming of Jion")

The commander of the base is a bit astonished that the pilot of the 
unmanageable Grungast is a high schooler.  In the ensuing discussion between
your dudes and the commander, Kouji offers to take whatever punishment is
in store for Ari onto himself.  The commander then tells you that no punishment
is in store; rather, they want to know more about your ability to pilot the
machine, since not just anybody can do so - and they wish to collect combat
data.  In short, they want you to be the Grungast's test pilot.  You needn't
even enter the army, merely work as an affiliate of the Photon Power Lab.
You have a choice to accept right away or consider longer.

The document turns out to be the concept paper for Shin Getter Robo, a version
that surpasses even Getter G.  Just then, the forces of Jion attack, or more
properly, Neo-Jion.  Hayato explains that Jion wasn't entirely wiped out when
the One-Year War was called off, and the commander tells you that they've been
scheming for revival in Axis ever since.  Evidently the Titans are asleep at
the switch for letting them land on Earth.  They've split in four groups:
Australia, Central Europe, the South Pacific, and the Far East archipelago.
The last has a Zanzibar-class battleship and ten mobile suits - far too little
power to actually oppress the area.  Their objective must be something else.
Kouji offers to attack them, and the rest of the team follows suit.  Kouji
is all set to attack, but some new signature is approaching from underwater.
Note that your people were supposed to retreat and avoid combat...

  If you've got at least 3 Skill Points, the Black Trinary will use a special
  group attack on your character - the Jet Stream Attack.

  Kill at least one member of the Black Trinary to get a Skill Point.

  On round two, the Burdo appears - it's Ashura, who was meeting with the Jion
  to hand over a certain object.  The transfer is done by turn three, at
  which point Ma-Kube and his goons depart and leave Ashura to finish you
  off...or something.  He remarks as he departs that there aren't that many
  people this easy to manipulate, to which Ashura responds that she's the one
  doing the manipulating.  Happily, Ryouma and Musashi show up too.

After the battle, it's clear that Dr. Hell is scheming something in concert
with Neo-Jion.  It's rather fishy too that the Titans, whose job it was to
fight off the Jion, are nowhere to be seen.  Go to S5.


On the way back to base, you detect somebody being attacked by the enemy. 
You can tell this because you can sense something like animosity via the
Grungast.  Kouji says you're sounding more like an Esper every day, and
the flying formation that gets detected on radar seems to bear this out.
Kouji remarks that an army that doesn't do anything in an emergency is 
useless.  Sayaka thinks that there must be some reason the forces from the
base haven't dispatched, but not knowing what this is you go and attack anyway.
It's the Youma Empire's forces which caught a returning patrol, the Copelander
squad from Mutropolis.

  Enemy reinforcements arrive on turn 3.  More arrive on turn 4, making you
  wonder if there's any end to them.  Then, the SRX team appears on the
  scene, and Ryuusei starts arguing with the others about breaking the order
  to remain hidden: he doesn't want to see you all get pounded right in front 
  of his eyes.  Ingram finally decides that actual battle testing is a good
  opportunity - and they notice your Grungast type II.  Ingram starts 
  thinking that everything's going accoridng to plan.  You start feeling pain
  in your head, possibly from someone in the SRX team...  Meanwhile, Aya, one
  of the two patrol people who seems to be psychic herself notes that there's 
  way too much powerful psychic energy in the area.

After the battle, you meet the SRX team members, first of whom is Date Ryuusei.
He's a big fan of Mazinger and Getta.  Ingram then tells Ryuusei to knock off
the chitchat and tells you you needn't thank them for the help and not to
mention them to anyone.  You realize that your headache is due to him.  
Ingram hurries everyone off, but not before Ryuusei gets a picture of him
next to Getter and Mazinger.  Hayato theorizes (correctly) that they're from
the SRX Project, trying to make the ultimate Super Robot.  Kouji notes that
their machines seemed more like mobile suits.  People then go back to their
respective bases.  Go to S6.

S6. Aagama Gekitsui Meirei ("The Order to Shoot Down the Argama")

Back at the Far East base, Commander Oka is hearing from Jamaican that
Neo-Jion has begun full-scale oppressive war on the Earth.  Jamaican 
explains that at their current strength the Titans have a hard time stopping
this many Jionians...which he blames on the anti-Titans movement.  Oka
retorts that the Titans are nothing more than the private army of General
Jamitov and Colonel Basque, to which Jamaican replies that the Titans were 
only founded because of the regular Army's incompetence.  He also tells an
astonished Oka that the Titans are soon to assume control of the whole
Federation Army and plan to attack Jion.  Oka informs him that the heavy-
handed Titans are just going to arouse the Spacenoid's ire, to which Jamaican
states that the Spacenoids are the enemy.  And, that a detachment of them
landed near South Atalia.  Jamaican says that if the Spacenoids get their
hands on the EOT stored there, a far greater tragedy than a colony drop will
occur.  He orders Oka to attack a supposedly Jionian ship with a Federation
IFF transponder headed towards the Far East base, and refuses to tell Oka
any of the details of the Titans' operational plans.  He warns Oka that
Jamitov himself is interested in the goings-on there and that he'd better
deliver if he values his position.  Your dudes, having just gotten back,
wonder what the fuss is and are more than a little skeptical about why Jion
would send a lone ship to attack the base.  You get to decide whether you
think it's an enemy or not.  If you think it's friendly, it'll just be you
going out at first; if not, Kouji will be with you.

  Thinking it's hostile will be worth a Skill Point.

It turns out to be the Argama, which Hayato correctly identifies.  Duo 
emerges, although Bright tells him not to attack the Far East base - that
their enemy is the Titans who have been disrupting things in the colonies.
Duo replies that Yugo is really an anti-Earth Federation group, and that the
normal army isn't likely to understand their objectives.  Duo insists that
the base and the army are his enemy anyway.  If you thought they're the
enemy, you get two turns until the real enemy arrives.  If not, Duo will
attack you for trivial damage and you get confirmation that they're 
friendly...and the real enemy pops up right then and there.  That's Brocken
and some Neo-Jionians under Mashmar who tells Brocken not to order him
around.  He tells Gordon (who's feeling rather unlucky being sent here) that
he has to fight with all his heart to lead the Earth Sphere in the proper
direction and to win freedom for the Spacenoids.

  If Quatro and Mashmar cross swords, Mashmar will demand to know why Char,
  the Red Comet, has become their enemy...  Brocken attacking
  Getter Robo will also cause Ryou to demand to know what Brocken's plans are.
  He doesn't respond.  Kouji will threaten to use his head as a rugby ball,
  continuing from his previous threat to use it as a soccer ball (Brocken is
  not impressed).

Oka apologizes after the battle for suspecting the Argama; Bright isn't mad.
Oka had heard that Bright had been tapped to command the 13th Independent
Batallion's Whitebase, but due to various circumstances Bright is in with Brg.
General Brecks Forer's Yugo.  Quatro says that their objective is to free the
people of Earth from the oppression of the Federation army and the portion of
the Federation government who supports them.  Oka asks Quatro what he intends
to do after the Titans and Neo-Jion are defeated: peace seems to be the
eventual goal.  Oka is greatly relieved to hear this, and explains his past
objections to the founding of the Titans are based on the fact that the Titans
are opening great rifts between the Earth and space.  Bright says that they
came to the Far East base to solicit Oka's tacit approval of the Argama's
operations.  Quatro says they intend not to cause any inconvenience as they
attack the Titans and Neo-Jion on their own initiative.  Oka, no idiot, says
that he's only too glad to help those who are actually performing the army's
stated mission, which is to protect the peace of the Earth Sphere.  The pilots
then take some time to get acquainted, and Boz gets made fun of for not
revealing his real name - and Duo gets made fun of for his weird Gundam.  Go to

S7. RETTSU KONBAIN!  ("Let's Combine")

Bright and Oka confer further about the contact between Jion and the Titans;
added to the contact between Jion and Dr. Hell, this is turning bad fast.
The objective of this strange-bedfellows situation seems to be the same thing
that canceled the One-Year War on South Atalia island...the Alien Star Ship
(ASS) and the EOT associated with it.  All the pilots are greatly shocked to
learn of the existence of the aliens (although Sayaka gets to remind Kouji
that the term "flying saucer" isn't used anymore).  Bright and Oka explain
that what everyone thinks was the "metorite" that stopped the One-Year War
is really a giant spaceship, and that its investigation was entrusted to the
EOTI.  As the pilots realize that the calamity Saotome spoke of was an
upcoming alien invasion, Oka tells them that not only Getter but many other
robots had been prepared for the eventuality.  Basically, the approaching
alien conflict, sure to involve the Earth, means that the Earthlings don't
have time to be fighting amongst themselves.  Oka tells you that Vian's ideas
about preparing to fight the aliens largely got back-burnered because of the
large amount of money required to rebuild after the One-Year War.  Quatro
observes that Jion and the Titans are both aware of the aliens' existence,
which is probably the driving force behind their efforts to unify the Earth -
and why they want the EOT from the ASS-1.  Camille asks Quatro why he can
speak so definitively, and Duo observes that he's Jionian.  The crew realizes
that protecting South Atalia is of utmost importance, and doubts the efficacy
of the Federation army's protective squadron stationed there.  Ota explains
that that force, the SDF, has a special status independent of the rest of the
army, and is top secret.  The SDF will only act to protect the ASS and the
EOT - even actions by the B.F. Organization or Jion in other areas of the
world won't stir them.  However, Bright observes that three years ago at the
SDF's founding the army shouldn't have had the resources to spare to create
them - Oka tells you that the Divine Crusaders, with help from various 
members of the military industrial complex, created the SDF to oppose the
impending alien invasion.  The DC are apparently an organization devoted to
robot engineering just like the Tesla Raihi lab in North America, but really
is devoted to studying the EOT itself.  And to protect those secrets, they
were allowed to be a special unit.  Apparently even Jamitov, head of the
Titans, was unable to oppose the SDF's founding - and countering the SDF was
the Titan's rationale for joining forces with Neo-Jion.

After all this blah-blah, some enemies show up, whose identity Oka can't
reveal even to you - merely that this base must constantly be on guard against
them, which is why they couldn't sortie their own forces in the previous
battles.  The enemy starts heading for the Nangen Connection - time for
battle!  Except first the Combattler Team gets to wonder why they're being
kept waiting at the lab.  The prof. shows them Combattler V, which they'll
pilot to save the Earth.  It turns out that the enemy are lead by Garuda, in
search of Ultramagnetic Energy.  The Combattler Team's helmets project the
means of controlling their Battle Machines directly to their brains, and
after a few rounds of combat Nangen tells you to Combine.  However, since
you've all just met, you can't do it.  When the Argama shows up after a few
more rounds of combat, you realize that the enemy are neither Neo-Jion nor
the Titans.

  After another round or so of combat, you get another chance to combine
  Combattler V.  During the combat, various members of your team will observe
  that Garuda's ship doesn't seem to be of Earthly origin.  After you defeat
  Garuda, he bitches about how he'll never be able to explain it to his mother.

After the battle, Nangen explains that while Combattler V doesn't use EOT
itself, it does use Ultramagnetic technology.  He then asks if you'd be
willing to take the Combattler V and the crew aboard the Argama.  He explains
that he wants the pilots to get experience, and from what Oka has told him
you all are the ones most likely to be at the front lines.  Bright worries
that the Nangen Connection will be left defenseless, to which Nangen replies
that Combattler V isn't the only Ultramagnetic super robot.  Evidently, the
crew hasn't yet fully decided who the leader is, but it looks like something
will work out.  The pilots continue discussing things, including the fact
that attacking airborne enemies is best done by airborne allies.  You then
receive word from Oka to head to the floating city in Tokyo Bay.  There is
the DC Japan base, and Prof. Shirakawa Shuu wants to examine the Grungast.
It seems like you should be able to get various information there, and 
buiding up a support pipeline for your independent operation is a good move.
Go to S8.

S8. Shutsugeki!  Sono na wa JYAIANTO ROBO!  "Launch!  It's Name is Giant Robo!"

Camille encounters Duo composing some sort of log about the preceding events.
Many of your team are making ready to head out for some sightseeing, although
Camille decides to stay behind and hold the fort while working on his Gundam.
You have a choice to go with them or to head to the DC headquarters instead.

  Going with them is worth a Skill Point.

Meanwhile, in Yokohama, Tetsugyuu and Ginrei are trying to keep Yasunishi Eri
safe and get back to the Greta Garbo.  Apparently Taisou isn't supporting
them this time, but someone else is supposed to.  Eri is apparently being 
targeted by the B.F. because she was part of a team that investigated some
newly-discovered ruins in China and discovered something that was apparently
an ancient Chinese weapon.  And not just a sword or bow either, but something
entirely more fantastic...and before you find out what, Ginrei insists that
they hurry the good doctor off to somewhere safe.  And they literally run
into Sayaka and the others - causing Hyouma to remark that Chinatown even
has people (like Ginrei) in China gowns.

Just then, one of the B.F.'s robots closes in!  In it is Q-boss, who insists
that if Eri wants to continue her research she'd better do it with the B.F.
Ginrei is about to use her special power to help them escape, but Tetsugyuu
won't let her.  In a recreation of the first ep. of Giant Robo, Daisaku is
hiding with GR in a boat and has the group run for the bridge.  Q-boss is
shocked to see GR here, as are Tetsugyuu and Ginrei.  You get to fight Q-boss
with GR, and afterward Albert the Impact sees you, along with Ivan.
Apparently the kidnapping attempt was just a plot to lure out GR, and Dr.
Hell is already at work figuring out the weapon.  Albert has serious 
reservations about having someone as untrustworthy as Dr. Hell working with
them on the research, even though it was Big Fire's order.  Ivan questions
his loyalty (briefly) and Albert wonders if the operation really _is_ part of
Big Fire's plan.  In any case, Ivan has stolen the plans for the new Getter
Robo as a way to counter Dr. Hell.  Also, they're hacking into the DC base
for data on the Grungast and the Hyukebein - they figure even Shuu won't
notice.  Albert plans to continue his inpection of NERV, and tells Ivan to
take care of Robo.  Out pops Ivan in Uraenus with several other B.F. robots.

  If you stay behind, you'll get to use the Argama and more of your units in
  combat, although you'll get the Combattler V if you go along.

  Your people show up on round two.  Musashi is astonished to see Daisaku
  hanging off the side of Robo's head.  The fact that this B.F.-designed robot,
  which had gone missing, is here is very surprising.

After the battle, GR flies off towards the Far East base.  Hayato only knows
that GR had gone missing along with its designer, Dr. Kusama.  Ryou realizes
that Daisaku is most likely Kusama's son.  Bright points out that too much
has been happening lately, and you decide to start gathering data on the B.F.
Bright also informs you that Shuu wants to see you in his office when you 
arrive.  Go to S9.

S9. Kaze wo Yobu Mono ("He Who Calls Forth the Wind")

You worry about whether it's okay for you to go on piloting the Grungast.
Bright tells you about an old friend of his who once worried about the
same thing under similar circumstances.  This friend eventually found his
answer and his reason for fighting, and "you" will have to find your own
answer.  You meet Shuu, who is in charge of the DC's Japan branch and is an
"overseer" of the SRX project, who has Robert H. Oomiya with him.  Shuu
thanks you for all the data they got from the Grungast - you try to say
that it's because the machine is good, but Shuu informs you that only someone
with your psychic powers could pilot it.  You then try to deny that you've
got ESP, but when you feel a strange "something" from Shuu he tells you that
that feeling is proof of your abilities - which required him reading your
thoughts.  He tells you that he's not your enemy (at least for now), and
explains that a special device in the Grungast unleashed your latent psychic
powers - the "psychic perception amplification device", or "T-Link System."
Robert tells you to get the details of this still-experimental system from
Dr. Kobayashi and Major Ingram.  Kobayashi is at the DC base on South Atalia,
and Ingram (as you already know) is one of the SRX test pilots at the Far
East base.  You are told that neither the army nor the DC had any pilots
capable of handling the Grungast, and are requested to keep piloting it.
You could refuse, but then certain steps would be you decide
to keep using it to find your own answer.  You ask if it was predetermined
that you'd be the pilot, and Shuu says it's just coincidence.  After you
leave, Robert presses Shuu about the point, citing a report that says the
T-Link system is supposed to have a high probability of activating in
desperate circumstances.  Shuu claims that he's not so great a madman as to
_deliberately_ crash the Grungast into your school (although Kobayashi
apparently had something to do with your "selection").  Robert doesn't like
all the mysteries surrounding Shuu, or his unclear objectives.  Shuu says
his objective is the understanding of the EOT and completion of the SRX
machines.  Robert will buy that for the time being, and asks about the IPO
report of ancient weapons dug up in China.  Shuu tells him that the two
weapons had already been stolen by the time they arrived at the site - the
probability is high that they're combat robots.  Shuu states that it was the
B.F. organization, as indicated by the traces of their hacking into the
DC's computers...the plan is to either steal or destroy the machines if they
become operational.  Robert says Shuu makes it sound easy, although it might
in fact be for the Granzon that Shuu constructed...

Upon returning to the ship, you learn of a communique from Oka stating that
the Titans are gathering at Jaburo in South America - their objective may
not be monopoly of the EOT, but rather oppression of the Federation Army
upper brass.  Although somewhat unthinkable, that means a coup de etat, and
the rapid start of a war with the colonies.  Emma observes that the war is
already in progress, and is already worse than the One-Year War.  Bright is
puzzled why such a thing would be necessary due to Jamitov's pull with the
brass, but Quatro figures it's a ploy to eliminate all resistance to the
Titan's activities, and maybe even gain control of the Federation legislature
as well.  Even worse, the congregation of Titans at Jaburo means South
Atalia is undefended against Jion encroachment, except by the SDF.  The
plan is apparently to make Jion fight the SDF, whose details aren't even
known to the Federation army - and then have the Titans swoop in when both
sides are weakened.  Since everyone in Yugo will be branded traitors if the
Titans take over, you contact Brg. General Brecks to try to form a plan.
As news of the impending attack spreads, many politicians and military men
are already making deals in secret with the Titans.  He agrees with your
assessment of the Titans' aim.  Should this succeed, an internicine war with
both sides using EOT is the only possible outcome.  He tells you that Henken
has already set out for Jaburo with a detachment, and asks you to join them.

Kouji is depressed that the army is using him, and Sayaka reminds him that
Dr. Hell is working with the Jion.  Just then, you catch some strange signature
up ahead on all sensors unlike anything you've seen before.  It's a pillar
of light from the ocean, from which something is emerging...shaped like a bird.
Nobody can figure out what it is, but you are pretty sure it's not an enemy...
Meanwhile, Masaki asks Kuro and Shiro if they've found any trace of Shuu
(they haven't) and gets rather pissed at Garuda's detachment who seems to
think he's their enemy.  Kouji demands to know who Masaki is, and gets told
to stay out of the way.  Unfortunately, the Psybuster's Plana Converter got
broken in the shift to Earth, so Psyflash is unavailable and combat can
only be sustained for a short time.

  After a round of combat, Ingram shows up.  He identifies the Psybuster as
  the AGX-05, but notes that it's not like Arrowgater machines - meaning
  it's one of the Elemental God-Machines that Shuu spoke of.  Kuro notes a
  REB scan, indicating someone checking them out.  Masaki points out that
  only Ra-Gian's should have the technology - the cats think it's unlike to
  be Shuu, and Masaki agrees.  Ingram starts rhapsodizing about how the
  Psybuster is the very soul of EOT tech.  Kouji recognizes Ingram's mech
  from their last meeting.  Ingram says he's going to help you out (Duo is
  somewhat upset at hearing his name).  After the next round of combat, you
  detect an unknown flying enemy batallion on the inbounds - Arrowgaters,
  which show up on the enemy turn and apparently want data on the Psybuster.
  Garuda is upset with these, the Empire's intelligence forces, and Masaki
  thinks that the surface is having big troubles of its own.  As you trade
  words and blows with Garuda, he tells you that conquest of Earth is but a
  single step toward their ultimate goal.  If you attack with Ingram, you
  find out that he and the other Campbellians are the ones in charge of the
  Imperial Army (Garuda is astounded he knows that).

After the battle, Masaki and the cats lose consciousness, having used up too
much Plana.  Ingram asks Bright to take them aboard the Argama, which he does.
He's taken to the infirmary, where his condition is diagnosed as simple 
exhaustion and he's confirmed to be 100% Earthling.  Duo thinks maybe he's
an enemy spy (though admits to himself he's in no position to say that ^^;;;)
Investigation of the Psybuster reveals it was made with technology comparable
to EOT, and poses no apparent threat.  Kosaku then pipes up that it may not
have been made by technology, but by magic.  That sounds unscientific at 
first, but its powerplant is based on a totally different theory than that of
the Mobile Suits, and it emits energy similar to living beings.  Ingram says
that he doesn't know much about it, except that one of the machines from the
Far East base once had contact with it - leaving a signature record in the
database.  Ingram goes on to explain that what you just fought were automated
weapons deployed by the extraterrestrial intelligence, codenamed "Arrogaters".
Preliminary investigation indicates that they were the ones who sent the
ASS-1 to Earth.  He can't tell you the details of the SRX Project, but asks 
you to think of it as a plan to counter the alien invasion.  He then tells
your character that he was shown the Grungast's combat data and that you
show an unusual ability to use the T-Link system.  You realize that your fate
is deeply connected to Ingram, just as it is to Shuu.  Ingram says they'll
check out Masaki and the Psybuster tomorrow at the DC base, so he asks you to
watch over him until then and departs.  Your dudes remark that he's a
formidable and inscrutable man, a top researcher in EOT and a skilled pilot.

Then comes a transmission from Oka.  The Titans are jamming communications
from South Atalia, so its current state is unknown.  Given that your 
rendezvous with Henken is two days away, Bright solicits the crew's opinions
of what to do next - in effect, whether to take on the Titans or Neo-Jion.
Going to Jaburo would help smite the Titans but would make gathering info
on Neo-Jion harder.  Conversely, going to South Atalia would solve a lot of
the mysteries about EOT but might make you late to the rendezvous.  You can
decide here which of the two branches you can follow.

  To go to South Atalia, go to SA10.  To go to Jaburo, go to SJ10.  Note
  that the South Atalia path has the potential for two more Spirit Points
  than the Jaburo path for comparable amounts of money and gear.

Meanwhile, Garrison is meeting Banjou, who is resolved to join in the fight.
According to the latest data, although the SRX Project's Grungast and
Huckebein and the Beast Machines are on schedule, everything else is a bit late.
Garrison comments that only one machine of the R-series is finished.  Banjou
plans to head to the Far East base for a face-to-face with Oka and Ingram.
Also, Garrison tells him that contact has been lost with the Exelion out at
the tenth planet.  They figure it couldn't be the Arrowgaters, but is either
"that" enemy, or else some totally unknown third (or is it fourth?) party.

SA10. Mezame yo, Yuusha!  ("Awaken, Hero!")

In the Youma Kingdom, Belostan is bringing the Fossil Monster Bustodon back
to life.  Sharkin has his doubts about reviving a fossil monster that's been
already defeated, but Sharkin explains that now's the perfect time to finish
Akira and Reideen off now that Akira is still wounded from the last battle.
And, since Getter and Mazinger aren't currently in Japan, this would be the
best opportunity to attack, kill Akira, and obtain the Mutron.  It seems that
the defeated beast's hatred makes it several times as strong now that it's
been resurrected.  Sharkin plans to go out in the Gante to see the end with
his own eyes...

Back at the Far East base, Ingram is explaining to Oka that all the SRX 
machines who participated in the "combat exercise" are doing well.  That only
leaves the R-3 and the Tronium Engine used in the SRX combination process to
straighten out - these have stalled the R-series at the final stages.  Oka
remarks that at least the G and H series machines have been rolled out.  
Ingram notes that while both test pilots under him seem quite skilled, Ryuusei
could use a bit more actual combat experience; Oka attributes this to him
being a normal high school student until six months ago.  Ingram disagrees,
citing you as an example, although Oka remarks that the SRX project hand-picked
them.  Ingram then goes to take the AGX-05 data to the DC branch office.

Elsewhere, a rather informal Ryuusei is unwinding from all the training
and explaining the results to Aya, although Rai tells him that his headache
probably comes from rattling off the name of his weapons every time he fires
them.  Banjou pays them a visit (his reputation precedes him), and shocks
the pants off of Ryuusei the mecha otaku.  Banjou wanted to talk with 
Ingram, but of course he's not in at the moment...instead, it's the Youma
army heading for Mutropolis.  And [unsurprisingly] Reideen can't be launched
at the moment to fight them.  You have a choice to attack head on or sneak

  Sneaking up will give you a Skill Point.

At the battle front, things are looking grim for Our Heros(tm).  Reideen is
over 90% damaged and Akira hasn't even regained conscious yet [^^;;;]

  Ryuusei will show up on turn two.  Banjou will show up in the Mach Attacker
  on turn three, telling Ryuusei not to lose heart at the enemies.  On turn 3.5,
  another Gante will appear.  On round 4, a mysterious voice saying "Reideen"
  over and over will call to Akira.  It tells him that it was made long, long
  ago to fight the Gods of Destruction that follow the current enemies.
  Akira reawakens to fulfill his destiny as a hero.

After the battle, the other SRX pilots show up, berate you for disobeying
orders, and express their thanks that everyone's okay.  Akira explains that
Reideen called to him to fight against the God of Destruction coming from 
the sky.  After thanks are passed around, Rai preempts Ryuusei's attempt to
get his picture taken with Reideen and tells him that he already took it.
Banjou then invites Aya to South Atalia with him and tells her to work on
the R-3 there.  Farewells all around.  Go to SA11.

SJ10. Amuro Futatabi ("Amuro, Once Again")

You realize that it's unlikely that your encountering the Grungast was
just an accident, and that Shuu and Ingram are hiding something.  You resolve
to live long enough to figure out what's really going on around you, and some
of the other crew show up and try to cheer you up.  Emma explains that she left
the Titans a while ago because of meeting a certain person - Amuro Rei.  A
person who, even though he seemed tired of going on living, still continued to
dream.  She found out that it was Amuro only later upon talking to Quatro.  She
figures what really charmed her was the atmosphere of the Argama: an assembly
of people that crosses institutional boundaries.  And that Amuro is expected to
seek this place out too.  You can then go to either the infirmary or to the
hangar.  The former will bump you into Duo who observes that someone who sleeps
with cats isn't likely to be an alien spy.  The latter will bump you into the
Combattler team.  Kosaku has found a pair of cats passed out in the cockpit -
Hyouma remarks that Masaki is one weird dude to keep them there.  The team
analyzing the Psybuster hasn't had much luck figuring out how it works...

Given you still have time left, Bright heads toward Cheyenne.  Quatro is 
worried about being attacked by the Federation army base there, but Bright
wants to get Amuro to join you.  Bright explains that Amuro is an observer
of a Gundam development project, apparently under extremely heavy supervision
and as a virtual prisoner.  Quatro wonders whether Amuro can be of any use to
you under such circumstances, and Bright asks him to check that out himself
as you get closer.  Although a fight may well be in the offing, Bright asks
Quatro to avoid combat if at all possible.  Camille and you come along as

At the base, Amuro and Chris are discussing the NT-1.  She thinks he should
be the one to pilot it, although he says that he fought enough in the One-
Year War and that he's acclimated to his life now.  When Chris says he's as
good as a prisoner, he warns her to watch her language since this room is
being monitored too.  Chain shows up and asks him about the new model Gundam
which, like the NT-1, is only intended for Newtype use.  It's currently
being built by Anaheim Electronics at the Von Braun moon base.  Amuro remarks
that the Gundam construction projects all over are proof that the Earth is
brimming with some sort of unrest, although it's none of his business...
Incidentally, Amuro mentions that he's heard the Titans are monopolizing the
Psycommu technology developed by the Jion during the One-Year War.  He has
Chain ask October of Anaheim where they got something like a Psychoframe.
And, Chain tells Amuro he has a visitor...

It's Kobayashi Frau and Katsu, who have lots to talk to Amuro about.  Katsu
asks Amuro why he isn't working with the Kalaba where his father is.  He
further confronts Amuro with the fact that he's simply afraid to lose his
current lifestyle, which is why he's letting the army tell him what to do all
the time.  Amuro admits his current life is hell.  Katsu has figured out that
the Titans are going to take over not only the military but the Federation
government itself at this rate.  Unfortunately, at this point a certain 
set of gun-totting dudes show up and inform Amuro that he's just been placed
under arrest, although he proceeds with the NT-1 startup test under their

Outside, your team is lurking and watching the test.  Quatro's plan is to
break in and carry Amuro away.  Camille is worried about fighting the regular
army, but Quatro says they'd have to fight them anyway and that he should
concentrate on fulfilling his mission.  It seems there's a group of Titans on
the scene who plan to attack the base.  They learn that the Argama is on the
inbounds, probably after Amuro, and the order is given to shoot on sight.
Amuro thinks he can't do anything under such circumstances (the army guard

  It's a battle, and the goal is to get someone onto the base.  When you
  do, Rozamia shows up with some goons to try to get rid of you.  She thinks
  Yugo is going to drop a colony on the Earth and is fighting to prevent that
  from ever happening again (hence her "The sky is falling!" spiel).  Amuro
  then snookers his guards and they prepare to sortie the NT-1 and the mech
  being stored underground...As you attack Rozamia, she rants about how she
  won't let you drop the sky - your pilots get a very strange sensation while
  fighting her.

After the battle Bright picks Amuro and the others up.  After a bit of
pleasantaries, Amuro says he hasn't gotten his old intuition back but he's
willing to do what he can to help.  Amuro then has the scene with Quatro from
SA13, as well as a near copy of the Gundam sightseeing scene.  Frau then 
tells Bright that she's going with Katsu to Hong Kong to be with Mirai, and
Bright tells Amuro that he'll be counting on him in the coming fights.  Go
to SJ11.

SA11. GANDAMU Goudatsu ("Gundam Theft")

The cats have just woken up, and in turn wake Masaki from dreams of defeating
Shuu.  Shuu's whereabouts are now unknown, as is the condition of Feir and
Monica.  Masaki plans to wait for his chance and then escape in the Psybuster.
Masaki then has a brief conference with Bright, where he finds out that Shuu
is in Japan.  He then bails, promising to pay your group back for their
help someday.  At Quatro's advice, Bright lets the Psybuster take off -
which it does at appalling speed.  After that, you receive a AAA call from
Trinton base in Australia - a base for test pilots and their machines...and
for nuclear munitions banned by treaty.  The call is probably due to the
Neo-Jion forces attacking.  Bright figures that the SDF should be able to
hold off the Titans for a while while your group heads to Trinton - plus
General Cowen of Trinton is part of the anti-Titans movement and should aid
your cause.

At the base, the enemy mobile suits are detected coming in fast.  Since most
of the friendly mobile suits are on manouvers, there are few that can fight.
Cowen says it's just like the One-Year War and thinks that the Jion are 
after a certain object...and Shapiro agrees: the GP02A Sysalis, armed with
a Mk.82 nuclear warhead.  Its theft would not only bring nuclear danger to
the Earth, but cause trouble for the top brass who developed it in defiance
of the treaty - a political if not a military defeat.  Shapiro tells Cowen
that he trained his Beast Machine troops for real combat and offers to sortie
them, saying that their ultimate enemy is far more terrible than the Jion and
that they'd be better off dying here than at its hands.  Shinobu, rousted
out of bed by the alarm, gets into a round of badmouthing Shapiro for his
acting superior - the rest of the team manages to get him to calm down as
Keith and Kou show up.  Of course the GP-02 boots up, and of course Nina calls
for someone to stop it.  And of course Kou jumps in the GP-01 to stop him.
Masanda is a bit worried going against a nuclearly-armed opponent on their
first battle, but Sara thinks it's a great chance.

In case this isn't sounding like Gundam 0083 already, it's Gatou at the
controls of the GP-02.  Shapiro doesn't particularly care about the GP-02
itself, and thinks it'll be a good lesson for the upper brass, saying that the
army as it is now has no chance against the Arrowgaters.  Keith flips out when
he finds out that the Nightmare of Solomon is the enemy, but Kou realizes he
can't back down.  Cowen tells Kou to stand down and let the Beast Machines
handle it.

  During the battle, Kou gets berated by Gatou for not being a man.  On
  round two, the Beast Machines appear.  Once Gatou gets damaged enough, he
  orders Kou to look at the larger picture and tells him that he can't
  understand the need for Jion's guidance of mankind.  At which point the
  special forces of the "Blue Giant" show up ready to kick ass - at this
  point Gatou escapes.  Shinobu remarks rather drily that he wouldn't be
  surprised if the "Red Comet" were to show up too.  Monsha, Burning and
  Keith appear, and after a bit of an argument between Keith and Monsha the
  battle continues.  In another couple of rounds you show up.

  It is possible to get a Skill Point during the battle but I'm not sure
  how I did it.  Kill all the enemies as fast as possible I guess. ^^;;;

After the battle, the rest of your people get the bad news about the nuclear
theft.  As to why such a thing was developed, Cowen explains that while the
Titans were working on strengthening the Gundam itself with the Mk.II project,
they were working on high-capability custom Gundams.  The GP-01 was a high
manoueverability machine intended for combat either in gravity wells or in
space, and the GP-02 was intended to counter the sort of foe who ignored the
treaty and used nuclear weapons.  Quatro observes that no plans to steal such
a machine were in the works while he was at Axis, and that the theft indicates
some sort of internal leak...probably the Titans.  Shapiro then explains a
bit about how the Beast Machines are intended as anti-alien weapons, just like
the Personal Troopers of the SRX Project.  Cowen requests that you handle
the recovery of the GP-02, in return for which he can help give your group
some official military standing to assist you in your task.  Shapiro also
asks for his Beast Machines to accompany you.  Afterwards, as Nina and Mora
are preparing to set up shop in the Argama, Kou apologizes to Nina for his
inability to recover the GP-02 and for messing up the GP-01.

As the Argama is making ready to follow the GP-02 as soon as its course is 
known, a quarrel is brewing in the briefing room between Monsha and Kou.
Monsha is trying to belittle Kou's ability; Kou, for his part, isn't being
arrogant.  Then Nina shows up and says that Kou's ability is awesome.  Monsha
still won't shut up and tells Kou that a kid like him who let the GP-02 run
off, and lacks combat experience, couldn't hope to be slated as the regular
pilot of the GP-01...that it'll be either he or Burning who'll get to pilot it.
At which point Shinobu tells him to shut up since he wasn't at the battlefield
at the time.  Shinobu certainly isn't cowed by Monsha's big talk, although
Burning shows up and puts a stop to the argument.  Afterwards, the other
pilots are a bit puzzled about the fuss...and in the case of the Combattler
pilots who can't switch machines at all, a bit jealous.  Boz offers to let
them be subpilot for him (they think he should just get some cats or something
like Masaki).  Just then Shapiro shows up and abruptly demands that all pilots
who had contact with the Arrowgaters give him copies of their combat data and
delete the master files - and if they resist he'll have them arrested.  He
disses Oka and Bright and tells them that only qualified people should be
allowed access to the data.  When your people aren't inclined to follow his
orders, he tells them that the Argama has been granted military status, which
they haven't heard of yet.  You then have the choice of going with him to
get debriefed or not.  The crew wonders if all the people of the SDF are like
that too, and you council them not to leap to conclusions.  Camille tells
everyone that even Newtypes are subject to such misunderstandings, the proof
of which is the fact that many of them were forced by the military to fight,
as in Amuro Rei's case.  Sara also momentarily suspects Nina of giving the
GP-02 to Jion since Nina knew the name of the pilot.  Go to SA12.

SJ11. Shiroi MOBIRU SUUTSU ("The White Mobile Suit")

Insert the whole Masaki departure thing from SA11.  Directly afterwards,
insert the whole Titans-succeed-in-supressing-Jaburo thing from SA12, with
Amuro saying some of the lines.  Oka moves the rendezvous with Henken to the
Far East base and tells you go head to Central Europe in the meantime to
investigate a new batallion of Jion, which is apparently using mobile suits
neither of Federation or of Jion design.  Your job is to figure out if they're
working with the "third party" supporting the Jion.  Also repeat the stuff
about how the European base was wiped out by a single Gundam-like mobile
suit, although that's not among the ones you're searching for.  The suits seem
to belong to the Vespa, and they're investigating heat signatures inside a 
factory in an area they thought they already secured.  Inside are Romero and
Nyung - the factory is not a factory at all.  Suzie is with them, and
recognizes the beam rotor sound from the mecha as that that burned her hometown
down.  Marpet asks for permission to blast off to protect everyone hiding in
the base, which he's denied since his leg is injured.  But he persists, and 
leaving Usso to protect the others as he sorties in one of the V-Gundam's core
fighters.  After one round of combat Usso freaks and hops in the other core
fighter.  Katejina mounts some dumb objection about how killing each other
should be left to the adults, which the other kids echo, but Usso shows his
Burning Heart(tm) and sorties.  He manages to combine with the first other
piece of the V-Gundam, but the "boots" get wiped out by one of the enemy
units.  You have to hold on until the other "boots" are dispatched.

  This works out after one more combat round.  Cronwell is not pleased to see
  you, but Usso gets pissed and starts firing, scaring away Cronwell.   Now 
  it's time for an all-out assault!  The Argama shows up one round later, 
  and Quatro wonders why a Gundam developed on the moon is here on Earth.
  However, on the enemy turn Pipinieden shows up on the opposite corner of 
  the map.

  Defeat Meche for a Skill Point.

After the battle, the people of the Riga Militia thank you - this is a group
of anti-Federation Spacenoids.  They do a lot of work on Gundam development,
including collaboration with Anaheim.  After noting that the "V" for victory
is somewhat auspicious for both the V-Gundam and Combattler V, your group
finds out that the V is a mass-production upgrade not of the GM, but of the
Gundam itself.  The Riga people take pride that they built the V independent
from the army, but profess no knowledge of the Deathscythe - looks like
they weren't the ones who built it...  Unfortunately for them, during a secret
gravity test they ran into the Jion troops.  The Lean Horse Jr. which brought
them to Earth has since headed for Hong Kong, where the Hazan Foundation who
supports them is.  Otis then tells you that the machines being used were of
Jupiterian origin (they repeat the explanation in SA12).  Your group then
muses that a change of scenery from the Earth may cause people to think of
themselves as a breed apart naturally.  Quatro remembers that when he was in
Axis the dealings between Jion and the Jupiterians were strictly in trade for
Helium-3, but now there seems to be military cooperation too...or perhaps
it's just Giren up to his old tricks.  In any event, Katejina shows up again
and bugs you about letting her and the children get off here, babbling about
how her hometown was better of destroyed by Jion than living under the 
Federation tyrrany - and that she never asked for your help.  This rightfully
upsets the rest of your people, but Bright is ready to go along with her

Romero and Otis and Astonage get to reminisce, and the old guys plan to stay 
with you and continue testing for the sake of the V-Gundam no. 2 still on the
moon.  They give you some money too.  Thank god Usso is planning to stay on
the ship.  Usso's fellow kids try to persuade him not to do it, but he says
that by riding with the Yugo he should get some clues about what happened to
his parents, who were part of some anti-Federation movement.  He invites
Shakti, whos parents are also missing, to come with him.  It turns out that
Usso doesn't actually want to fight per se, but Odelo points out to him that
if he stays he'll probably be forced to.  Odelo slips a few BS lines about
how he doesn't want to die and how Katejina (Usso's first love??) is leaving
too.  Usso's resolve sort of wavers... Go to SJ12.

SA12. Yabou no Otoko ("The Ambitious Man")

Shinobu asks if you're the pilot of the EOT-based mech and observes that 
you're still a little kid, although you observe that you're not that much
younger than he is.  He tells you to stay back and let him worry about the
fighting, and then explains that Shapiro is a major asshole.  Unfortunately
Shapiro and Sara are around and overhear him, and Shapiro tells him that he's
strong-willed but far too immature to beat him, on all fronts.  If you 
agreed to meet with him before, he takes you and Sara to the briefing room 
to look at the data from the Arrowgater fighting.  He observes that the
mecha the Campbellians were using wasn't part of the "AGX" series, the codename
for all the confirmed Arrowgater mecha.  This new mech is more like the B.F.'s
robots or the Mecha Beasts - it came from a different culture.  This means
that the Arrowgaters, as Shapiro forecast, are actually a force composited
from different races.  He tells you that the enemy are far greater in scope
than you know, and that although they've been surveying the Earth for the
past two years they could subdue the place in an instant if they so chose.
For such reason, he has continued to advocate the deployment of weapons to
counter the aliens.  However, the SDF have ended up fighting not aliens, but
other humans.  Although the SRX project and the Beast Machines have been
started, five or six machines don't stand a chance against the enemy.  He
says that the Earthlings are currently content with understanding just a small
fraction of the aliens' technology - despite the fact that [he thinks] the
best way to counter the aliens is not with EOT, but with technology unique to
the Earth.  Thus the Beast Machines, which use no EOT and are designed to
draw out the combat potential of humans' wild instincts.  He says it's not
clear whether they can combat something like an AGX-07 or not, and when Sara
protests that that's what the SDF is for he warns you that the the SDF was
not founded to fight the aliens.  It was merely to guard vessels like the
ASS-1 and the Exelion which were intended for escape from the Earth.  In
other words, they have no intention of fighting the Arrowgaters.  Shapiro
tells you of cities situated inside the ASS-1 and the Exelion, which Sara
can't believe due to crew size limitations.  Basically, the SDF is intended
not to protect the Earth, but rather these Noa's which case, the
rest of the humanity can perish as long as the rich and powerful can escape
aboard the ships.  He says that such an escape, and the chance to pursue
unlimited evolution of mankind in space, seems like the best
think to yourself that this guy is even more dangerous than the Titans or

After all that talk, Mora is working on Sara's mech and notes that it seems
to be broken and can't be dispatched for a while.  Shinobu observes that this
is pretty convenient for a certain person, although he won't give any details.
You then get an emergency transmission from Oka.  It turns out the Titans
have succeeded in subduing Jaburo, and with only two or three vessels.  It
appears they had some help, not from Neo-Jion or from the Arrowgaters, but
possibly from an unidentified group of mobile suits who attacked the White
Base back before the Gundam crew met Kouji and the others.  Quatro thinks
they might be the Jupiterians: people who helped develop the resources of
Jupiter's energy along with the federation.  In any case, with the top brass
neutralized you all expect to be treated as traitors by the military, unless
they could somehow spread the word to the world that the Titans had joined
forces with Jion.  Brecks might be the one to do it; in any event, Oka wants
to make your group a batallion under the direct control of the Far East base.
This would, at least on paper, make you all soldiers.  Apparently, more and
more Jion units are landing and the Titans doing nothing about it, resulting
in more and more army units being lost.  With the Titans trying to grab
more and more power, at least this move will keep you from being branded as
traitors.  Oka tells you that this won't make his or Cowen's position any
worse, since they've already been marked for opposing the Titans' foundation.
As your group agrees and prepares to continue heading to South Atalia, Oka
tells you that due to the Titans the European base has already fallen silent.
Apparently the work of a single Gundam-like mecha. finally find
the Neo-Jion forces.

  Try to get rid of the GP-02 for a Skill Point.  Get rid of Cima for another.
  After the GP-02 either gets destroyed or reaches the ship, the Jion forces
  depart and a Mecha Beast from Dr. Hell shows up, which Ma-Kube had ready
  for just such an occasion...and it's got Large Regeneration!

  After you kill it, Viletta and a bunch of Arrowgaters show up.  She notes
  that Earth culture isn't advanced as her Balmar culture is, but that you
  have finely honed warcraft...and that you've got some machines that use the
  same military tech as they do.  Shapiro notes that the new vehicle is
  clearly a combat machine and thinks it's a great opportunity to understand
  with what the aliens will eventually overpower the earth.  Your people
  begin to realize that the aliens are a diverse group, and Shapiro and Sara
  sortie.  Bright demands to know what Shapiro is up to, and orders him to
  return at once.  He refuses, thinking this is a magnificent chance...a 
  chance to infiltrate and use the aliens, and become the ruler of all space!
  Looks like he hasn't learned his lesson since the original SRW series >_<
  Worse, Sara vows to go if he's going.  Your character feels some sort of 
  unrest, and Shapiro and Sara defect to the enemy side - saying that he
  exists solely to dominate the universe and that his talents are beyond your
  comprehension, etc.  Viletta thinks to herself that he seems similar to
  the crew at Jupiter and that he may prove useful.  Sara tries to go along
  too, but at the last minute her Vernier thrusters give out and she gets
  left behind.

After the battle, Quatro asks Sara if she's prepared for what's to come.  She
is.  She is to be imprisoned until you return to the Far East base and Oka
decides her fate.  Shinobu demands to know what she was thinking, to which
she retorts that he doesn't understand her feelings after all.  At Bright's
threat, Shinobu backs off.  Your crew mulls over these latest developments
and asks you whether you'd be interested in helping them write an epic about
it all.  Hayato then begins to think that there's some particular reason why 
you all are running into so much trouble.  All the incidents of the past are
all building up toward something very big and very bad, it seems.  Hayato 
has a theory that all these incidents didn't just happen, but were _caused_
by someone or something.  He doesn't know who or what, but it's pretty clear
that the fall of the ASS-1 was the trigger.  You can then decide whether
you agree with this assessment.

You then find out that the Jion detachment was unable to breach the SDF's
defenses at South Atalia.  So the EOT and the ASS-1 are still safe, although
there's still lots of other problems remaining.  You then get a Yugo
transmission from Kobayashi Hayato, who's part of the Kalaba and been going
around to the various bases hit by the Jion and Jupiterian forces and
gathering the surviving battle power.  Things are a mess because the Titans
aren't lifting a finger, but as a result the anti-Titans movement is also
growing bigger.  He wants to meet with you and let you all, especially Quatro,
meet someone.  They're on the American west coast, so you head there.  Go to

SJ12. Tatakai wa Dare no Tame Ni? ("Fighting is for Whose Sake?")

Usso plans to stay with you after all.  He entrusts Odelo with looking out
for Shakti and Karuru and says to use his house or whatever.  Katejina tells
Usso not to grow up into a scary person [wtf kind of advice is that??] and
they finally leave.  Quatro doesn't remember anyone with the name Evin in
Yugo, but that may not be conclusive since many people use aliases.  Bright
doesn't intend to make Usso fight... Unfortunately, a new Jion force shows up
heading fo Kasaleria, which is where the kids just went.  Usso hops into the
Victory and rides off to the rescue.  Wouldn't you know it's Fala trying to
find the recovery signal for Cronwell's escape pod!  It seems he's the little
brother of the queen of Jupiter, and if something happens to him they'll
never explain it to Kagachi or Scirocco - although Pipinieden figures she's
just worried about keeping her reputation as a commander clean.  As they come
to investigate Usso's house, Katejina is at it again proposing that they try
to get the Jion to take them in, saying it's preferable to living with the
Yugo.  She thinks that the Earthnoids will eventually lose to the Spacenoids
and figures now's her chance to hook up with Jion.  Odelo tells her to stuff
it just as Usso shows up.

  After the first round of combat Cronwell shows up and takes the folks in
  the house hostage.  He tells them not to make him shoot them, and tells them
  all he wants to do is return to his unit.  The Argama shows up on turn 2;
  more enemies are coming in a turn so be careful.  It's Rakan and his goons,
  fresh from repressing Northern Europe.  Fala bitches that Neo-Jion doesn't
  seem to trust the Jupiterians, and wouldn't let them participate in the raid
  on South Atalia.

After the battle, Usso learns that Katejina was taken away by the Vespan 
soldier - or rather, she went with him of his own accord, according to Shakti.
Usso and Odelo start fighting about the fact that Odelo let her go, but Marpet
stops them.  You get the opportunity to scold or placate Usso, either way 
things get settled and the rest of them end up staying on the ship as the
safest place.

Since things are going from bad to worse, Amuro and Quatro recommend returning
to the Far East base to regroup and meet with Henken.  However, Bright wants
to rendezvous with the Kalaba first and seek additional sources of support.
Go to SJ13.

SA13. Kanojo ga Mita Ryuusei ("The Shooting Star She Saw")

At Jaburo, Jamitov finds out that the Jion failed to overcome South
Atalia.  Apparently about half of the Jion forces were destroyed, while about
20% of the SDF were lost.  Jamaican is worried that something should be 
done about the remaining Jion forces lest they start doing something outside
the plan, but Jamitov isn't concerned.  Jamaican also confirms the Jion theft
of the GP-02, which is part of robbing Cowen of his influence.  Basque seems to
think that Jamitov's plan of waiting for the various sides to erode each
other's warpower is going well - at the proper time, they plan to strike and
get the EOT and ASS-1 for themselves.  However, Basque says he can't find it
within himself to trust Scirocco, given his signature in blood on the treaty
with Jamitov and his refusal to decend to Earth.  Although the Titans now
hold Jaburo, they haven't yet conquered the Far East base or Treize's forces
in Oz; Treize is marked as someone as dangerous as Scirocco.  Jamitov doesn't
think Oz will act, but Jamaican says that he's been contacting the DC and SDF
behind the scenes.  Jamitov thinks that all will be solved if they can just
breach the SDF - and tries to figure out how.

Having arrived at the meeting point, your people detect something plummeting
to Earth from space.  It's clearly not a sattelite or a meteor, but the fact
that it's entering the atmosphere without any sort of shielding would melt
any normal Mobile Suit... Duo realizes it may be a Gundam dispatched by another
colony.  And then a MS batallion appears - from OZ, the private army of the
Romfellar Conglomerate (although they're theoretically part of the army).
For some reason your group seems to be an obstacle to Oz, so it's off to 
battle.  Duo recognizes the Tallgeese, and recalls that his other mission is
to take out Oz.  Zechs tells you all to stand down or be fired upon, since
you're in Oz's way and your actions are merely spreading the flames of conflict
farther.  Zech's order comes neither from the army nor from the Romfellar,
but from Commander Treize of Oz.  He continues that you all don't realize how
dangerous a group you really are [I sense a demonstration about to happen >}]
and that you're about as bad as Neo-Jion.  Duo thinks about his mission to
watch over the Argama and sink it if it turns on the colonies.  Your dudes
protest that you're fighting for peace, and Zechs counters that his country
which advocated Absolute Pacifism got destroyed by the Federation Army.  He
also notes that the world must be unified under Oz to fight off the oncoming
alien threat.  You then can agree or not agree with him; either way your
group as a whole realizes that you can't just leave things up to Oz.  Quatro
also asks Zechs how long he intends to go on doing what he's told and wearing
his mask - mentioning that there was once a certain other person [*a-HEM!*]
who did the same.

At that point, Hiiro shows up with orders to blow up his enemies.  Your ESP
isn't convenient enough to know if he intends to attack, but Duo is pretty
sure he won't (intuition he says...)  Treize realizes that the winged Gundam
and the scythe-bearing one were sent by the colonies to take out Oz and the
Titans, as per Treize's information.

  Amidst the battle, Rilina comes out and tries to catch sight of the Mobile
  Suit that looked like a shooting star from her window.  She's unafraid of
  death.  Noin and her men show up on round three.  On round four, Amuro and
  the crew show up.  After you destroy all the enemy, Hiiro tries to kill 
  you - have Duo Persuade him.

After the battle is over, Pargan manages to convince Rilina to stop watching
the battle - so she goes over to where the Wing Gundam crashed and runs into
Hiiro.  Hiiro can't manage to kill her off and bails in the ambulance a la
Gundam Wing ep. 1.  Insert Rilina being a total space case.

Back at Oz HQ, Zechs tells Treize that he stopped the fighting at a level
the Titans and Romfellar wouldn't have any reason to suspect.  Treize
apologizes for making the Lightning Count fight a losing battle.  Including
the machine Zechs saw, there are now five Gundanium mobile suits come down to
Earth.  Gundanium - a material far more durable than Gundalium, only
manufacturable in space... Zechs notes that all such suits including the Wing
Zero, are called "Another Gundams".  According to Treize, they are the
perfect executioners for the fools in the gravity well who try to monopolize
all the authority.  Apparently they need your people to do something in the
remaining time before Operation Dibreak starts...

Amuro explains that he had been stationed at the Cheyenne Base in North
America under heavy guard, helping develop a new Gundam, but that the base
had been attacked by the Titans and the Gundam stolen.  Luckily, the Kalaba
were able to fish Amuro out, along with the NT-1 and its pilot.  Hayato
says that Camille is the second coming of Amuro, which makes him very bashful.
Amuro also says that his old intuition hasn't been recovered yet...
Amuro then goes to meet with Quatro, asking him why he returned to Earth.
Quatro asks him if he'd be satisfied with the answer that he came to laugh
at him, and tells him that the best he can say is that he hopes Amuro will be
the person everyone expects him to be.  And that Lalah's soul is floating
around the Earth.  Amuro notes that if only the treaty had been signed sooner
Lalah wouldn't have had to fight and die in the war.  Quatro says that it was
her destiny, and that simplifying things like that is the only way to fight in
space...and to live through the oncoming alien calamity.  He then asks Amuro
if he intends to hide away from his true calling and aid the Federation or
the Titans, to which Amuro responds that his resolve was just demonstrated in
the previous battle.

After that, Marpet meets a group of your dudes who have come to sight-see on
the fabled "White One" of the Federation.  You meet the V-Gundam's pilot,
Usso Evin and learn that his homeland was destroyed by the Jion and the woman
who was with him and his companions (Katejina) got taken off by the Jion.
Chris then gets to chide all the Amuro fanboys among your crew - she worked
under him on the development of the NT-1, a prototype for a Gundam that only
Newtypes can use.  The real thing is being built on the moon by Anaheim
Electronics.  Duo notes that there are really a lot of top aces from both
sides of the One-Year War gathering to the Yugo...

Shinobu then goes to see Sara in her cell, asking if she still wants to follow
Shapiro and betray the others.  She responds that all men are alike: not
satisfied with dominating a single other person, they want world domination.
He tells her not to run out on the group later, and bumps into Kouji on the
way back.  He then tells Kouji not to call him by his surname, since it
reminds him of a certain obnoxious Prof. Hazuki...

Hayato announces that he's going to go back trying to accumulate warpower and
to wrest the reins of the army away from the Titans.  He plans to try to get
some sort of symbol with which to combat the Titans through public opinion.
And that person is of the Peacecraft family of Sank Kingdom, which was
destroyed over ten years ago by the Federation Army.  He doesn't intend to 
employ Absolute Pacifism, but he thinks they should be useful to counter
at least the Jion and the Titans.  Bright for his part plans to return to
the Far East base and strengthen his forces.  Duo figures the time has come
to split up and head for South Atalia for reconnaisance, since it looks 
like the Yugo won't become the colonies' enemy any time soon.  Your character
runs into him and asks if he's really going and if he'll be back.  He says
the next time he might be the enemy - which you're sure won't happen.  Go to

SJ13. Tsubasa wo Motta GANDAMU ("The Winged Gundam")

Insert Jamitov conversation from SA13.

Amuro notices Haro looking for Usso - Usso notes that Amuro built the original
Haro.  Amuro notes that it's been customized considerably and asks if Usso
did it (it was his father).  Amuro says it's his instinct that they're with
the Riga Militia, based on certain advanced modifications to Usso's mobile
suit.  It seems that Usso's parents must have been Gundam scientists.  It
seems that Astonage is finishing modifications to let Usso and Haro fit better
in the V, and Amuro tells you that although it's not the greatest thing to
have Usso piloting at least it means more warpower for the Yugo.  You can
then ask about Gundams or about Newtypes.  If Gundams, Amuro dispells a myth
that he knew how to pilot just by sitting in the cockpit, saying he read the
manual as he sat there since his life literally depended on it.  He also
dispells certain other exaggerations in the history books, saying the reason
he survived was because his instincts and his machine were better than other
people's.  He adds that Newtypes aren't Espers or anything, but normal people.
[yeah wrong]  If you ask about Newtypes, he says you might be one since you had
such good luck your first time in the cockpit... being a Newtype means you've
got sharp senses to help survive in battle, which is nothing to be ashamed of.
And that if you go to space, Newtypes start seeing certain things more clearly.
He tells you that while you've got good senses, you'd best not try to follow
in his footsteps unless you want your soul bound by the Earth's gravity well
and by the souls of those you kill.

You hear from Kobayashi Hayato at last.  After some pleasantries he says he's
heading to Australia to recover the survivors of the Jion attack on the
Trinton base.  At least the SDF managed to fend off Neo-Jion's attack on
South Atalia.  You plan to meet up on the American west coast.  Just then,
you catch something plummeting toward you from high above.  See the parallel
passage about the Wing Gundam in SA13, including the running into the Oz
batallion lead by Zechs.  Who gives you the same old speech - basically, just
see SA13 for most of the details.

  After you get rid of Zechs and company, a bunch of Arrowgaters show up.
  Luckily the Beast Machines and some other mobile suits show up on the
  next round - give thanks to the Kalaba.  There's a misunderstanding that 
  they're the enemy right away and Sara is under suspicion of treachery due
  to the whole Shapiro thing.  Plus, Kou is still bent out of shape due to
  the theft of the GP-02 and gets yelled at some by Shinobu - he actually gets
  the clue and starts expressing Burning Heart(tm) again.  BTW, if you have
  Ari fight Viletta, you find out that the Grungast is made with tech from
  the aliens, which causes Viletta to think that "that person" carried out
  his mission successfully.  Note that Viletta will run away if more than
  like 75% of her hit points are lost.  The business with Rilina watching the
  battle is going on too.

  It appears that successfully killing Viletta is worth a Skill Point. ^_^

Rilina has the same scene as in SA13 with Hiiro.  Likewise do Treize and
Zechs have their conversation.  Burning and Shinobu then explain about the
theft of the GP-02 to Bright.  Everyone agrees that this is a serious problem,
and Hayato wants Burning and his men to join the Argama to give it a legitimate
excuse so the military won't criticize it - the recovery of the GP-02.  You 
also get a description of the history of the Beast Machines (see the SA series
for more details).  The details of Shapiro's defection come out, raising
worries of them being given Federation military secrets - also, Bright agrees
to have Sara confined aboard the Argama for the time being.  Plus, Mora tries
to cheer Nina up after all the thefts, and she manages to perk up quite a bit
when she runs into Amuro.  Keith tells Kou that Nina may get stolen by
Amuro, but Kou's already absorbed by studying the V-Gundam.

Afterwards, more of your dudes mull over the details they still don't know
about the Arrowgaters.  Shapiro's defection worries the Getter team a lot.
They note that the Arrowgaters' actions seem to be more surveillance than
actual combat, since they should be able to crush the Earth in one fell
swoop if they were serious.  Shinobu and Sara then have their SA13 
conversation at her cell.  Hayato also decides to search for the Peacecraft
scion as in SA13.  Plus Duo leaves.  Go to S14.

S14. Chichi to no Yakusoku ("A Promise With Father")

At the far east base, Go the Scholar is meeting with Oka, and he has one of
the Nine Great Emperors in tow: Taisou the Spiritual Buddhist.  Information
is scarce about the mysterious robot dug up in China due to the destruction of
facilities by the B.F., so Prof. Eri's data is all they can count on.  The
good doctor is being guarded by Ginrei and Tetsugyuu, and Daisaku is helping
with Giant Robo's maintenance.  Tetsugyuu isn't dreadfully happy about being
saved by Daisaku, but Taisou starts pounding some sense into him.  Daisaku
reminds them that their mission isn't over yet and it falls to Ginrei to shut
Tetsugyuu up.  After Ginrei and Daisaku leave, Taisou and Tetsugyuu have their
"Daisaku's only 12" conversation from Giant Robo ep. 1, asking whether they
could have done what Daisaku has to do at his age.  Taisou says that if there's
anything they can do for such a child, it would be to not let him grow up into
a rotten adult...

Go thanks Daisaku for his work rescuing the others.  Daisaku reiterates that
his father's last wish was for him to use Giant Robo to save the world from
the evil hand of the B.F.  Go has also brought a certain item from Peking 
that Ginrei asked for - he says that once it's done being outfitted, it'll be
ready to be launched in case anything happens.  When Go looks at the data from
the thing unearth in China, he's shocked at first, although realizing that
the ruin was Shiyuu-chou he realizes that it's a definite possibility.  Shiyuu
was the greatest of the war gods in Chinese legend.  Having been defeated by
the legendary Yellow Emperor, this great demon had been sealed away.
Shiyuu-chou ("Shiyuu's Grave") is where he was sealed.  It must be admitted
that they accidentally dug this thing up.  Go is still amazed that Ultra-
Mechanical Men (aka Super Robots) existed those two thousand years ago.
Nevertheless, Eri saw the dracoform and tigerform mecha with her own eyes.
Both machines seemed functional, although the more detailed investigation got
derailed by the B.F.; it seems that the B.F. is working on resurrecting them.
While held captive, she was researching their propulsion systems, which
seemingly exploit the rotation of the five elements for power - in short a
perpetual motion machine.  This probably means that they're intended as
entirely autonomous weapons, and even if the B.F. can't awaken them by itself
Dr. Hell probably can.  Dr. Hell's Mecha Beast knowhow gained from his past
exploration and reawakening of them will probably be quite useful here.  Go
begins to have doubts as to why B.F. let the likely treacherous Dr. Hell have
the machines to examine and hasn't attempted to eliminate Dr. Yasunishi.

Just then, the enemy arrive!  It's some opponent they can't detect on their
sensors: the ever kick-ass Albert the Impact!!  They can only scramble one
Jigan, and it gets blown to smithereens.  Go realizes just how much trouble
they're in - Albert decides to go and take out Daisaku and Dr. Yasunishi.  Go
plans to take her and the other Agents and evacuate the the Ginrei
Robo! [my god, they watched the G.R. omake...@_@;;]  Albert attacks and sort
of scratches the Ginrei Robo, with worse to come as Taisou intervenes.  Albert
tells him that he's here to get rid of Daisaku and Yasunishi, but since the
Argama isn't here and Taisou is, he'll have to set aside their duel until
later and work on another of his missions first.  He leaves things to Ivan,
who prepares for the death blow...except that Giant Robo launches by itself.
It's the whole Auto-Guard Circuit thing from Giant Robo ep. 1.  Ginrei says
she'll fight alongside Daisaku and has Go and Tetsugyuu take the doctor 
somewhere safe.

  During the battle, Daisaku reiterates his promise to his father to Ivan,
  that he's fighting to see whether or not happiness can be obtained without
  sacrifice.  Ivan agrees that Robo will save the world - that's why B.F.
  made it: to help unify the world.  Ivan won't tell Daisaku the reason why
  the world has to be unified, just that Daisaku has to die.  More B.F. robots
  show up on round 1.5.  The Reideen shows up on round 2.  When you blow up
  Ivan's mech, he says that at least he bought some time.

  Defeat all B.F. enemies before turn 5 for a Skill Point.

  After you defeat the D.C., Wu-Fei shows up to wreck the base and lower
  Federation warpower.  Quatre is here too, apparently on the same mission.
  Quatre is a bit worried about fighting against the Argama, and Wu-Fei figures
  that if Char is with the Argama a second or even third Titans might be
  possible.  Don't let them onto the base.  Thankfully the Argama shows up
  on the next turn.

Oka thanks you after the battle, but says that things are going from bad to
worse on the surface, with most important sites destroyed by Jion or the
Jupiterians and most of the survivors restrained by the Titans.  Quatro 
remarks that the Kalaba's efforts are just a drop in the bucket.  Bright
says it's an exact reversal of the situation seven years ago at Odessa.  To
stop the designs of the Titans and Jion, your batallion is now taken on under
the Far East Base's jurisdiction and rechristened the 13th Independent
Batallion, the Lond Bel.  At this point Daisaku, Ginrei, and the Copelander
squadron join you.  As for the Mecha Beasts, Sara is to be let continue as
a pilot - the word from their designer is that the Shapiro thing is a barrier
the whole team will have to overcome in order to combine and show the true
power of Dancougar.  Daisaku says goodbye to Taisou and Tetsugyuu, who are
taking Go and Yasunishi back to the Peking base to work on countermeasures to
the Chinese mecha.  Taisou tells Daisaku to remember that he's got strong-
hearted allies when he's in the midst of battle.  He also tells Daisaku to
protect Ginrei, and that Daisaku will know what he means eventually.  As the
crew mulls their new unit name, Shinobu worries a bit that Sara will be able
to fight when the have to face Shapiro, although he and the others resolve to
have faith in her.  Meanwhile Kou and Kouji are in the hangar, admiring the
new acquisitions: Kouji admiring Ginrei Robo and Kou admiring G.R.  Kou
figures that getting such a monsterous machine as G.R. to move would require
either a fusion reactor like the Gundams or else a fission reactor.  Daisaku
says that yes, Robo is fission-powered.  Usso plans to introduce Daisaku to
the other kids, since they're all around the same age.  Kouji asks Daisaku
if he got G.R. from his father and tells him to treasure it, since he got 
Mazinger Z from his grandfather.  Kouji and Kou both want to end the fighting
soon and let the kids lead a normal kids' life again.

You then walk in on Amuro, Camille, and Nina putting their heads together
about data for the Z Gundam.  It's a convertible machine based on data from
the Mk.II and the Type 100, and is currently en route via Henken.  It seems
they're pondering the Wing Gundam, which was even able to survive reentry
unassisted - data from it would help the Z a lot.  Meanwhile, on the American
West Coast, Hiiro is busy hacking his way to a bona fide student transfer
record.  The >70% damage to the Wing is all taken care of, and his analysis
puts the Argama's crew at a comparable threat level to Oz.  He's being ordered
to follow the Argama around and check out NERV, meaning he has to pull out of
school.  Just then Rilina shows up, chatting with Hiiro for the first time
since his entering school.  She's figured out that he's the pilot of the
winged Gundam.  He reminds her he's going to kill her, and she says if she's
the last person he'll kill she'll gladly let him.  Hiiro can't bring himself
to do it and flees.  Poor Rilina...  Go to S15.

S15. Shito, Shuurai ("Angel Attack")

Sara's out of confinement, and tells Shinobu that she'll demonstrate her 
resolve to fight as a member of the team in the next battle.  Shinobu warns
her that if she pulls anything again he really will shoot, and she responds
that both of them will probably feel better then.  Mora observes that the
two aren't being honest with each other.  Sayaka then finds Kouji and 
recommends dropping by the Photon Power lab while they're still in Japan -
and that there may be a countermeasure to flying Mecha Beasts ready.  But
before he can ask, an unknown object is detected heading for Hakone, where a
new city is being built - basically, "they" have finally appeared.  The alert
is put out that the first of the Angels is on the loose.  This is the enemy
that the Far East base has been on guard for all this time.  Oka tells you
that if worse comes to worse he'll have to have the Lond Bel help out: you
can either sortie now or wait for orders.

  Waiting for orders is worth a Skill point.

At NERV headquarters, the bridge crew is watching the Angel's advance, a trial
that according to Gendou is unavoidable for mankind.  The Angel's activity is
proof that the STMC has begun moving.  Gendou says that they're not the ones
who will choreograph the end and beginning of everything.  Regular army units
have engaged the Angel, but of course they're going to be of no use.  Gendou
orders Unit-00 to be rebooted, but Ritsuko objects that after the last little
experimental failure it's going to be hard.  Gendou says to use explosives to
clear out the Bakelite if need be and Fuyutsuki reminds Gendou that they
haven't been transferred command authority yet.  Gendou figures Oka won't use
a N2 mine inland and that the authority will surely be transferred to them.
He orders Rei to be woken up to buy time until the replacement pilot arrives.
Ritsuko is impatient waiting for Misato to bring Shinji back...  Oka is 
demanding an all-out attack to stop the Angel.  Given that the Angel is 
entering area D2, the only choice seems to be the N2 mine, but Oka won't
authorize that in a populated area.  You guys then sortie, and although Oka
doesn't know the Angel's capabilities, he tells you it's headed for Neo Tokyo2
and that you should head there.  Everyone at NERV thinks the Federation has
given up and that even EOT weapons can't stop it.  They need the self-defense
systems to make up the two minute gap between the Angel's arrival and Unit-00's
sortie.  Gendou observes that the usual people will be showing up to watch
the Angel, and NERV.

Misato is wondering why she got lost now of all times, and Shinji is finding
the phones dead.  Think EVA ep. 1.  Albert is also on the scene, determined
to find out whether the Angels are really mankind's enemy as Koumei has stated.

  Have Albert attack the Angel - he can't hurt it but it can't hit him either.
  He notices its A.T. Field and the techs at NERV are totally shocked to see
  a person fighting it.  Fuyutsuki notes that the observers got to the Angel
  first.  Gendou plans on using this to buy time, saying that only "they"
  (the Magnificent Ten) could pull off something this ludicrous.  Keep up the
  assault if only to hear Albert keep badmouthing the Angel.  After two rounds
  Unit-00 is ready to reboot.  Last time trying this lead to Unit-00 running
  amok, this time it's operational but not much help in combat.  Albert sees
  the EVA and goes back to taking notes, saying that only at times like this
  does NERV act.  Misato finally finds Shinji, and is shocked that Unit-00 is
  operational.  Your dudes show up next round, observing that the Angel almost
  seems to be alive...and searching for something.  Gendou contacts you and
  tells you you can't defeat the Angel and to go away.  All your units start
  out at 120 Morale, so you can actually get to your more powerful attacks.
  Recall that the A.T. Field will negate all attacks that do less than 4000
  points of damage...

  Misato explains to Shinji about the Angels and hurries to HQ.  Unluckily
  some Arrowgaters pop out on the next turn - they seem to be watching the
  battle.  Unfortunately, right after that Unit-00 starts going into collapse.
  It gets recovered.  You should be able to defeat the Angel before anything
  else happens...or so it seems.  Unfortunately, it heals itself...and Gendou
  tells you again to leave.

After the battle, you learn that Rei is gravely injured and Unit-00 is 
unusable.  Insert more stuff from EVA ep. 1 and Bright being puzzled over the
directive to evacuate.  Go to S16.

S16. Houkou, EVA Shogouki ("The Howl of EVA-01")

Continuing with EVA ep. 1, Misato is lost with Shinji.  Ritsuko finds them
and starts filling them in on how the Angel is apparently much like the EVAs
in its learning and other abilities.  Misato is amazed that the Federation
Army had a force capable of facing the Angel head-on.  Ritsuko tells her
that it was a mixed force of so-called super robots and machines from the
SRX Project, a project with robots that might even be able to _defeat_ the
Angels and EVAs.  Shinji then gets introduced to Unit-01, and reintroduced
to his father who says to sortie.  Insert Shinji being a wimp and Gendou not
giving a damn.  Neither does the Angel, although you have a choice to get in
or not - if not you get berated even more.  If you do, EVA will shield you
from the falling beam and all.

Your forces think they have no choice but to continue the assault.  If Shinji
is piloting, a top-priority order is invoked to get you to go away.  This
level of order can only be invoked by someone as powerful as a General...
Now it's EVA-01 on the scene.  Shinji manages to walk, and you can fight the

Get Shinji defeated and you get berserk mode....which will hose the Angel
in a single attack and freak out everyone watching.  As your people try to
come to terms with this, you realize that EVA-01 didn't system down when
it was defeated, but rather went berserk.  All your Newtypes agree.  Bright
decides to return to the Far East base since your work here is, evidently
finished.  Albert comes out of hiding and acknowledges that the EVAs are
for real.  With this newfound knowledge of NERV's objective and the Lond Bel's
combat power, he leaves.

EVA-01 gets recovered and Shinji hasn't been all that injured...physically.
Gendou then gets grilled by Seele.  Only this time, they bug him about what
to do about all the spectators, and Gendou figures that they have the same
information from the Scrolls, and that realizing they lack an Egg they'll
come calling.  Gendou plans to send the EVAs to the Lond Bel, as a way of
luring the Angels over there and keeping things at HQ on schedule.  Gendou
tells Fuyutsuki of the meeting and says he's taken appropriate precautions
about Seele - both the DC and the SDF, fighting poison with poison in 
Fuyutsuki's analysis.  He's worried that the strong poison known as Shuu and
Ingram may turn on NERV.  It turns out that a certain sample and a certain
Unit-02 and its pilot have left Germany and will be at South Atalia in about
a week.  Gendou announces the plan to send the EVAs over to them, and says
that as long as they can get the Lance of Longinus they won't have to worry
about holding down the fort...

S17. GR tai GR2 ("G.R. vs. G.R.2")

Back at the Far East base, Oka is mulling over the fact that although the
Angel was defeated, the losses were too great.  Then a transmission arrives
from Colonel Basque in Jaburo.  He tells Oka plainly that Oka's actions so far
are clearly treason toward the Titans: serious ignoring of orders, establishing
the Lond Bel without Jaburo's permission and furthermore comprising it mainly
of members of the anti-Titans group the Yugo.  Basque orders the disbanding of
the Lond Bel if Oka doesn't want to be court martialed.  Oka tells Basque that
he has no need to heed an order to disband the successfully anti-Jion Lond Bel
from the Titans who haven't been doing a single damn thing to stop them.  Oka
reminds Basque of the amount of damage Jion has caused on Earth, and Basque
says that's why the Titans have to reorganize everyone.  Oka is not impressed,
and asks if Basque intends to send a detachment of Titans to the Far East base,
into a region crawling with innumerable assorted enemies.  He further tells
Basque to tell Jamitov that no matter whether he assumes control of the army,
the Far East base won't be his pawn.  The Lond Bel get back and Oka laments
that the army wouldn't have taken such losses if they'd known more about the
EVAs.  Bright is skeptical that NERV will cooperate with them, but Oka breaks
the news about the Titans becoming more directly confrontational.  He tells you
that to fight against them you'll need the help of the DC and the SDF.  He
tells you you should head to South Atalia since the Titans have been jamming
their transmissions.

Everyone is gathered reviewing the data from the fight with the Angel.  They
realize it's like a life form, or perhaps more than that.  Akira notes that
Reideen was giving him some sort of warning about the Angel, causing Shinobu
to wonder if Reideen has its own will (Akira's heard its voice, so it
probably does...)  Your people wonder if the 12,000 year old Reideen _knows_
the Angel or the EVAs, but Amuro notes that it probably just remembered 
something much like them.  Perhaps the Angels have something like a soul 
within.  Akira recalls how Reideen told him it was made to fight the Gods of
Destruction coming from afar.  The best you can figure is that the Gods of
Destruction are probably the Arrowgaters, and that the Angel was simply 
similar to them somehow.

In the hanger, the mechanics are chatting about all the new robots.  Daisaku
recalls that G.R. weighs about 1500 tons, whereas the Combattler V weighs
a mere 550 [O_o;;].  Apparently this data from Haro comes because Haro and
Ropet have been exchanging a lot of info...maybe the Argama's belly really
will fall out under all that weight.  Usso hears from the other kids that 
some cake is ready, but Daisaku still has maintenance waiting...

Suddenly, something believed to be a B.F. robot starts heading for Tokyo,
probably after DC HQ.  Unfortunately, Daisaku thinks he's the only one who
can defeat B.F. robots and heads out ahead.  Either the B.F. is trying to
steal the EOT or get info on the SRX Project.  It turns out that it's
The Dazzling Cervantes from the Magnificent Ten - who's here to take 
something the DC have built: the Granzon!  Shuu asks what the B.F. want with
it, which Cervantes doesn't know since it's Big Fire's will.  Shuu ends up
refusing, and Cervantes says he has no choice but to take it by force with
G.R.2.  Daisaku then shows up and is shocked to see the first enemy Robo 
ever fought still alive.  Cervantes tells him to give back Robo, to which
Daisaku replies he'll defeat the B.F. and return peace to the world all by
himself.  Cervantes doubts he can do that all alone.  Shuu is hyped to
watch a deathmatch between G.R.1 and 2.

  During the battle, Cervantes asks if Daisaku has found an answer for his
  father and laments the cruelty of making Daisaku do all this.  Gorgon then
  pops out claiming to want to help, although Cervantes doesn't buy it for
  an instant.  Cervantes tells him to use his free time to resurrect the two
  machines instead, and Gorgon responds that they're almost awake.  Luckily
  a few of your people show up on the next turn.  Next round Brocken shows
  up with orders to use his flying Mecha Beasts to take out Mazinger Z.  He
  also tells Gorgon to return to base, which Gorgon refuses to do.  The
  theory is that Mazinger is screwed if he has to fight flying enemies over

  Gorgon will leave if G.R.2 is destroyed - if you defeat Gorgon you get a
  Skill Point.

Your dudes proceed to lecture Daisaku.  More accurately, Kouji yells at him
for thinking he's the only one fighting the B.F. and Daisaku runs off.
Kouji admits afterwards that he's a bit out of sorts since Brocken and
Gorgon figured out Mazinger Z's weak point...and that Daisaku reminds him of
himself from the past.  Bright then asks Shuu why the enemies came, and Shuu
responds that perhaps they were after the EOT.  Shuu then asks if you met
someone named Masaki, and learns that his whereabouts are currently unknown.
Bright then pops the question about whether the SDF would be willing to help
the Lond Bel.  Shuu then promises that he'll help not just with you and your
machine, but on all fronts.  Shuu thinks that things are really starting to
go his way...

Ginrei then finds Daisaku and procedes to help him feel better, while 
reminding him that he's not fighting alone.  Your people then eat all the
goodies that Shakti and the others were baking before the sortie.  You
find out that Ropet has a tea-maker installed internally.  You also get to
discover that Kou doesn't like carrots when it turns out that it's a
_carrot_ cake.  You then run into Daisaku and convey the fact that Kouji 
sees himself in him.  Kouji shows up with cake for the two of you and all
is forgiven.

Bright then takes a call from Oka (and wishes he'd eaten the cake _after_ it
was over).  It turns out Henken is about to arrive, so it's time for you to
go and pick up new stuff.  Kouji still wants to go back to the lab, and the
Getter Team offers to accompany them.  You go along too.

Meanwhile, back at B.F. Headquarters Hanzui says hi to Albert, as does 
Kawarazaki.  Albert says that had Daisaku not had some unexpected help, he
would have eliminated him.  There's also tidings of Cervantes and G.R.2 being
beaten by the Lond Bel.  Albert says the Lond Bel are better than the regular
Army but that they're little more than a ragtag batallion.  Hanzui can't
figure out why Big Fire has directed people as high as the Magnificent Ten to
assault the Lond Bel, or why those two machines were given to Dr. Hell.
Neither can Kawarazaki, who's also worried about Seele and Nerv becoming a
threat.  As Albert wonders if this operation is really at the will of Big
Fire, Koumei the Strategist shows up to explain.  As the three begin to 
question Koumei about why it seems he's having them deliberately give the
enemy a chance to become strong, he tells them to just watch and see.
Go to S18.

S18. Kurenai Inazuma, Sora Tobu MAJINGA ("Scarlet Lighting, Mazinger Flies")

At Dr. Hell's hideout, the good doctor is telling Ashura that the Genocider
F9 flying Mechabeast is finished (Ashura likes the name).  Hell is worried
that Yumi will soon finish a means for Mazinger Z to be able to fly, and tells
Ashura to concentrate on destroying it before that happens.  Settling the
score with the rest of the Lond Bel can readily be done later - he's already
got a plan in the works for that.  Ashura tells him that Mazinger has split
off from the Lond Bel to return to the Photon Power lab, and he orders her to
attack it with the Genocider F9 immediately.  Brocken then shows up and says
that he's got the Mekazaurus plant they stole from the the Kyouryuu Empire
working at full tilt on the ressurection of the Chinese machines.  Hell thinks
that those two machines will make the Lond Bel, the Titans, Neo-Jion, and
everyone else bow before them.

Back at the Photon Power Lab, Ryou is saying farewell to Kouji and preparing
to head back to Saotome.  Just then, you begin to feel some stirring in your
breast - but your friends convince you you're just being a worrywart.  It
turns out that Yumi is currently at Tesla Raihi - working on finishing the
thing Kouji wants most, the Jet Scrander!  It's already finished being 
built, but there was a problem in final testing, hence Yumi's trip, although
there's some further reason Yumi had to go himself rather than corresponding
via email.  He should be back and the Jet Scrander installed by tomorrow
in any event.  The old guys offer to work on the Grungast type II while fixing
up Mazinger: you can say yes or no.

  Saying yes is worth a Skill Point.

Kouji leads you to hanger 6 where the JS is being stored - both of you like
it on first sight.  Kouji thinks the JS is far better than a girlfriend,
which Sayaka isn't terribly thrilled to hear.  Boz wants to fly too but 
Kouji just tells him to attach a giant baloon or a missile or something to the
Borot.  You figure out that since the JS has its own catapault, it must dock
with Mazinger Z in autonomous flight.  And just then, _something_ howls nearby.
You hear it echoing from the neighboring hangar 7, which contains a
new kind of Photon Power engine that was sealed after an accident long ago.
You wonder if the engine is actually moving, but Sayaka is sure it was just
an earthquake.  Neither Sayaka or Kouji have ever actually _seen_ the inside
of hangar 7.  Kouji thinks to himself that while he doesn't want to doubt the
old guys, he thinks that something other than an engine is stored in there...
something bad.  Your intuition keeps bugging you, as though something's 
happened to the Getter team, or else that the thing in hangar 7 is going to
emperil you all.

Yumi gets back and says he's solved the problem.  However, even Prof. Smith
at Tesla thought it'd be difficult to investigate the power of the Photon
Power Reflex Reactor in the state it is now.  Yumi has high hopes for 
eventually mating it to a Photon Power engine, but says that the JS must take
higher priority for now.  Apparently the vibrations from hangar 7 have 
increased in frequency - Yumi says that Smith thought the mysterious circuit
in the plans for the Reflex Reactor looked like an autonomy device, in
short, that "it" might have a will of its own... Kouji and the others get
back, and it's time to test the JS.

The Pailder has been upgraded to the Jet Pailder, which is now more 
manouverable than before, and the Aphrodite A is now the Diana A.  Sayaka
returns to base, but just then the enemy attack!  Apparently timed to
coincide with the JS's development by the looks of it.  Seeing they're only
terrestrial foes, Kouji wants to go out w/o the JS, but Yumi thinks its a
trap and can't authorize launch; he thinks the JS is the true objective.
Yumi wants to rely on the lab's defensive barrier until the JS is done, but
Kouji can't bring himself to do that.

  If you agreed to have the Grungast serviced, it won't be with you just yet.
  Kouji knows this is a trap too but can't let the about to be finished JS
  get wrecked.  The Mecha Beasts won't move, so go and kill them.  More will
  appear in a way that draws you farther from the lab.  You have no choice
  but to play along.  Kill them and the flying Ghouls will appear, along with
  the Genocider..._s_!  Boz sorties to help Kouji...and self destructs!!
  There's no answer from him either...  Assuming you had the Grungast get
  reoutfitted, all its armor which had been taken off for repairs reassembles
  _by_itself_.  You then sortie, saying you can't forgive yourself for letting
  things happen like they did back when.  Diana-A sorties too.  Two turns
  later you get to dock with the Jet Scrander - Kouji promises to make 
  Ashura pay for pissing him off this much.  Luckily one round later the SRX
  team shows up.  You realize that there's more enemies to come, and near
  lab too.  Next round, you prepare for launching the JS, but a new Genocider
  shows up and blasts it...but it's made out of Ultra-Alloy Z like Mazinger
  so it's still fine.

After the battle, everyone laments Boz's death, but he's still okay.  Sort of
anti-climactic, but all to the good in any case.  Your people chat for a while
(Ryuusei wishes his R-1 had a JS) and find that Ingram's already gone off on
another mission.  It also comes out that your Grungast is part of a sister
series to the R-types...although the Huckebein series is more closely related.
You can then ask about either the SRX Project or about Ingram.  You learn
that Ingram is a pretty bossy commander but very smart and skilled at PT
control.  It seems that Ingram was once part of the Helium gathering opertion
at Jupiter, and that he's the one who suggested using ESPers for the SRX
Project.  Ryuusei then talks about the T-Link system and says that he's sort
of like an ESPer, but he can't do psychokinesis or things like that.
Apparently Ryuusei was scouted by a secret aptitude test disguised as the
"Burning PT" arcade game - he's the national champion at it.  Ryuusei concedes
that it might all be something Ingram set up (just like your case).

Kouji then asks what's really in hangar 7, and Yumi says he can no longer
conceal it from you.  In that hangar is a prototype for Mazinger Z outfitted
with a Photon Power Reflect Reactor.  Kouji's father Juuzou was part of the
same exploration team to Bardos Island that Dr. Hell was on, and caught wind
of Dr. Hell's ambitions - and thus decided to build a machine to stop them.
Unfortunately, controlling the Reflex Reactor is hard and it went berserk
during a test and killed Kouji's parents.  Yumi says that Kouji will 
probably never pilot the prototype, or rather that he must not.  He then
tells Kouji that both sides of the war powering up more and more will just
lead to more innocent people getting caught up in the struggle.

Dr. Hell is not pleased at this turn of events, but Brocken has a plan: steal
the new Getter being worked on and turn it against the Lond Bel.  He plans
to also use the two Chinese machines in case the Lond Bel show up to stop
the theft.  Go to S19.

S19. Gekitotsu!  GETTAA ROBO vs. GETTAA ROBO G
  ("Clash!  Getter Robo vs. Getter Robo G")

The Getter Team has just gotten back to the Saotome lab, where they meet
Michiru and give her a birthday present.  Ryuu tries to ask about Getter
Dragon's combatworthiness, but just then Jack King butts in.  He was 
apparently asked by his father at Tesla Raihi to guard the lab while you were
gone.  Apparently only Hayato has heard of Texas Mack before... He speaks
a rather amusingly accented Japanese, but supposedly is good in combat.  In
the hangar, you see two Getter Dragons, one for Ryou etc. and one for
experimentation on the Getter Ray phenomenon.  This means that you can get
your Dragon back, but outfitting it will take all day.  Hayato is a little
worried about all the Getters in the hangar (including what seems to be the
Proto Getter).  You're introduced to Benkei, who's been training to be a
Getter pilot so much he practically lives in the simulator.  Benkei asks 
Musashi to show him how Dai-Setsu-Zan-Oroshi works, but Musashi (who may be
feeling a few job-security issues just now) isn't willing to cough it up.  He
runs off in a huff, and Ryou goes to try to console him.  Hayato then 
confronts Saotome about why he built more Getters and says he can't be fooled
as easily as the others.  He surmises that leaving Getter Dragon behind 
wasn't to forward any research but merely to help having another one built,
and that the plans he handed to Oka were for a totally new kind of Getter.
Saotome admits that he's researching Shin Getter Robo ("shin" = "true").
Shin Getter will theoretically be able to draw upon the full unlimited power
of the Getter Rays.  However, it won't be ready for a while yet - all they've
got is a prototype for the Shin Getter powerplant, and they won't be able to
start it without a large amount of Getter Rays, enough so that just naturally
gathering those that fall from space wuold take several years...which was
why they needed the Dragon's Getter Amplifier.  Hayato is worried that the
product of all this work will prove to be a real monster, and Saotome admits
that if possible he doesn't want to use the Shin Getter in combat, since the
timing of the increase in Getter Rays makes it seem like someone almost
wants him to develop Shin Getter, as though that person is saying that without
it the oncoming calamity can't be averted.  Just then, a delivery arrives
from "DC headquarters", an unexpected one...

Musashi gets to angst about whether he isn't needed after all, which Michiru
manages to cheer him out of.  Unfortunately, he still couldn't quite tell
Michiru his feelings for her.  And then the enemy attacks!  And Getter Dragon
has just booted up and is wrecking the lab, as Megazauruses assault.  Well,
it's the experimental one, but it's still dangerous since its armor is
actually fortified vs. the original.  Unfortunately, the catapaults to launch
the G Getto Machines are wrecked.  Musashi has jumped into Getter Robo and
is going to buy time until Getter G can be launched.  Everyone is worried
about whether Musashi really _will_ eject when the time comes...

  Defeat Brocken before G is launched for a Skill Point.  Actually, if you
  attack and are damaged beyond a certain point (one Getter Beam from
  Brocken should do), Musashi self destructs as his last act to protect
  Michiru and the others, which should take out the experimental Getter.
  Everyone is greatly shocked.  You can then launch the Getto Machines, and
  Saotome tells you all not to die too.  You launch, promising to show Brocken
  the true power and fury of Getter, but he prepares to down you with long
  range guided missiles, along with the lab.

  Then ensues a _super_ kick ass sequence where the team successfully lures
  off and destroys all the missiles!  However, Brocken was planning on that
  and _lots_ of enemies show up.  Brocken tells Gorgon to buy time while he
  escapes, and while Gorgon doesn't like being ordered around he finds it
  worth it to see the Chinese machines in action.  Texas Mack emerges to
  help you too.  On the next round, the rest of your crew arrive.  Don't let
  any of the enemy touch the base, and kick their ass.

  Once you eliminate Gorgon, Brocken shows up again and promises to send you
  to Hell.  He also tells Kouji not to get conceited just because Mazinger
  can fly.  The ESPers feel some great oppressive feeling...and a rumbling
  throughout the atmosphere, even Kouji has a bad feeling.  Out come the
  Ryuu-Ou-Ki and the Ko-Ou-Ki!!  It's the Chinese machines, and they seem to
  be almost alive.  You sense that they're in pain, although most of your
  team finds the fact that they're conscious hard to believe.  Ryuusei 
  reminds them that the Grungast's T-Link system amplifies telekinetic power
  You realize that they're being controlled, and that if you shoot down the
  Ghoul they probably won't attack you.  My advice is to take down Brocken
  _fast_ (use Surveillance and check out the Chinese machines' specs if you
  don't believe me).

After Brocken is defeated, the Chinese machines become motionless and you try
to converse with them.  Suddenly, there is a great swelling in psychic
energy and Ryuusei starts being able to feel it even without using his
connectors.  You're just a little ways away from being able to connect with
their consciousness, but just then they run off.

You then find out that Musashi is still alive, somehow getting blasted free
in the explosion because the separation device activated.  He's badly wounded,
but will still live.  The others think he's merely just very lucky, but
Hayato suspects for a moment that Getter itself decided to do that...  It
sort of sucks that the enemy now has data on Getter G, but your lives are more
important than that.  You have been unconscious since the battle and are
being looked after by Ryuusei in the infirmary.  Apparently the excessive
amount of linking you did tripped the T-Link system's "breaker" and caused
you to black out.  You wake up again, leaving Ryuusei with the distinct
impression that your TK is stronger than his.  You ask what happens if you
overuse the T-Link system, and he says that although he's not sure it probably
would mean either the system goes out of control, or your psyche gets 
destroyed, or both.

It's now time for everyone to head to Neo Tokyo2 to join the rest of the crew.
Ryuusei the robot otaku hopes he can come back and sightsee more of the 
Getters later, but he comes along to Neo Tokyo2 to see the new Gundams and the
fabled Evangelion.  Texas Mack comes too.  You should now have the Re-GZ
if you have 7 or more Skill Points, and the Z Gundam.  Go to S20.

S20. Kessen, Dai-2 Shin-Toukyou-Shi ("Deathmatch in Neo Tokyo2")

You receive an order from Gendou to put in an appearance at NERV.  Amuro,
Quatro, and Bright go to meet them.  Meanwhile, it seems that Shinji has
run away from home.  Ritsuko reminds Misato that their future depends on
entrusting the EVAs to Shinji and the others.  Ritsuko's figured out that
Shinji probably feels he isn't needed any more since the Angels can be
fought without his help, and informs Misato of the loan of EVAs and personell
to the Lond Bel.  Misato realizes that this is a ploy to lure the Angels away
from Neo Tokyo2.

Meanwhile, your dudes are shopping for provisions in Neo Tokyo-2.  Hyouma is a 
bit uncertain about he, a pilot, being made to do shopping, but others of
your folks comment that it's important to do something other than just non
stop fighting.  Kou wonders if it's really okay for you all, who've been
allowed inside NERV, to then be let on the loose - Ginrei points out the
Security detail watching you.  You compliment Ginrei on her female spying
skills, to which she says flattery will get you nowhere.  Ryuusei wants to
go to a toy store to buy a 1:100 scale Getto Machine boxed set.  It seems that
models have really been advancing lately, and Ryuusei's even got a Mazinger
Z with Hover Pailder.  Ginrei goes back to the Argama with Kou and Daisaku,
and the rest of you head to the store.

Meanwhile, Shinji has just figured out that he's run away from home, and
wonders why his father called for him if he apparently isn't needed to fight
the angels.  Your dudes are on the way back from a successful mission,
noting that the toy store is lucky to have survived given all the fighting
in the area.  Kouji notes that they were just barely able to take out the
Angel even with all their power combined.  Shinji figures out who you are, 
as your dudes muse that if the "big purple robot" who did so well against the
Angel would fight with them, things would be a lot easier.  Shinji realizes
that just _maybe_ your dudes can use him [shock! amazement!]  Just then,
you realize that _something_ is coming.  Luckily all your dudes decide to
hurry back to the ship.

Meanwhile, Bright, Amuro and Quatro introduce themselves to Gendou, who tells
them he's got orders for them.  Bright asks Gendou if he has the authority
to command them (he does) and Quatro notes that NERV has supreme authority
where Angels are concerned.  He tells you that he's loaning you EVA-01 and
its pilot.  Basically, Gendou is telling you to take EVA-01 and fight the
Angels, and brooks no real discussion.  Bright wonders if this is because
you're the only group who seems to stand a chance against them... Quatro
notes that Angels aren't the Lond Bel's only enemies and Gendou assures you
that you'll only be subject to his authority during Angel attack.  Amuro
asks for more information about the Angels, and is told only that they're
mankind's enemy and that if they're not all defeated mankind will perish.
And that the EVAs are weapons made to fend them off.  Amuro and Quatro note
that you're not being told anything more than you need to know, and that any
additional information might actually turn you against NERV.  Gendou observes
that such insight is only to be expected of the two greatest ace pilot 
Newtypes from the One-Year War (Quatro wonders how the heck Gendou knows his
true identity).  Gendou also says he'll send support staff for EVA-01 so you
won't have to handle it cold.  Gendou then receives a call and it's an
Angel attack.  Quatro realizes now that the Angels are clearly after
_something_ in the area...but what?  Bright offers to sortie, but Gendou has
you wait on top alert until asked for, saying that your weapons won't 
affect it and attacking carelessly will merely get you wiped out.

Back in the control room the Angel is being tracked and Ritsuko tells Misato
that Shinji came back of his own will and is ready to launch.  Shinji 
assures Misato that he's piloting of his own will and that this is all he
can do now.  Unfortunately, the whole torroidal reactor thing happens, timed
to hit Unit-01 as it launches, toasting him in one hit.  It then moves to
the Zero Area and intends to directly attack NERV HQ.

Your dudes then hear that EVA-01 got taken out by a single beam shot from
the Angel, which amazes Shinobu since the EVAs have the same strong barrier
as the Angels.  That means that the armor on all your other units will be
about as useful as paper - so how are you supposed to defeat it?  Maybe if
you could read its motions ahead of time and dodge it... Burning points to
the optimism of the kids and tells all you soldiers to stay positive.  Misato
and Ritsuko get introduced to Bright, Quatro and Amuro.  Misato wants Amuro's
autograph, and figures that the only reason outsiders like them were let in
is to tap the expertise that won the One-Year War.  They've been sending out
dummies and such, and all get destroyed by the Angel's particle beam.  The
bridge crew has figured out that any target that gets closer than a certain
range gets attacked by the beam with 100% accuracy.  The A.T. Field seems
quite solid too; Amuro asks what the A.T. Field is and notes that the EVAs
seem to have that among other things in common with the Angels.  Ritsuko 
can't tell you much about the EVAs, but she says your guess is correct, and
that your group disproved the notion that the A.T. Field is _entirely_ 
unbreachable by conventional weapons.  In short, a powerful enough attack is
required.  Bright finds out that the Angel is trying to attack NERV HQ and
wonders why, although he realizes he can't expect an answer.  It'll arrive
in less than 10 hours.  EVA-01 had its armor badly melted but luckily nothing
vital damaged; another three seconds and it would have been all over though.
EVA-01 will be repaired in another 3 hours, and seemingly EVA-00 can be
launched now, although they're worried about feedback.  Not good.

Quatro reaches the conclusion that the only hope is to attack it with a high
powered attack from outside its range, as had Misato.  The MAGI report 
2 agreement, one 1 provisional agreement - 8.7% success rate.  Gendou has
no reason to object, and tells Misato to go to it.  Ritsuko reminds her that
NERV's positron rifles don't have the juice, and Misato tells her of a certain
very high powered weapon under development at a certain place researching
the EOT-based Tronium Engine: the Hyper Tronium Buster Cannon.  However, since
the HTB cannon is still under development, she plans to use its predecessor,
the self-propelled positron cannon.  Ritsuko is worried that the SRX Project
will cooperate, and Misato tells her that Gendou is pulling the necessary

Monsha isn't optimistic that all this will work.  Bright says that the Lond
Bel's duty will be to guard the two EVAs from attack by other enemies -
the possibility that the Titans or Neo-Jion would want to attack the nearly
indefensible positron cannon is high.  Camille asks where the energy for the
cannon will come from, and NERV has apparently arrange for a large Getter
Reactor to be sent from the Saotome Lab, one that can deliver ten times the
power of Shine Spark, twice.  Kouji's also heard that a Photon Power
Reflex Reactor is being sent to NERV too, despite not being controllable
since its invention.  PLUS, something large is being brought over from the
Nangen Connection to help - useful to protect the EVAs.  Whatever it is has
Ultramagnetic coating and should withstand up to 20 seconds of the Angel's
attack.  Everyone is happy to see all this technology from throughout humanity
coming together like this.

Ingram and Gendou have their first meeting in a year.  Fuyutsuki is concerned
that the Tronium Engine will actually work - Ingram assures him that while
all Tronium tech isn't fully understood yet, the Tronium Engine has already
surpassed the experimental stages, and that work is being done to miniaturize
it and use it as a generator.  However, you only get two shots: more than
that and the Tronium Engine will explode and take out everything in a 50km
radius.  Apparently, just using the fabulously expensive Tronium Engine for
this at all will burn it out.  Ingram assures them that they have his full
support and that noone exists who can derail their "plans".

With the clock ticking down, all the pieces are in place and the self-
propelled positron canon has been converted into a positron sniper rifle.
Zero hour is 0000, codename the Yashima Operation.  Shinji is conscious again
but Ritsuko worries if he'll ever pilot again.  Rei meets Shinji and gives
him the details of the operation.  Shinji says that although he resolved to
pilot once, he lacks confidence and doesn't know if this operation will 
succeed or not.  Rei tells him that if he doesn't want to pilot, Rei will
take over in EVA-01.  Ritsuko tells him that the operation will work in
theory, but that they won't know until they try - that nothing this powerful
has ever been fired before.  Shinji agrees to do it, and gets briefed.  
Shinji wonders what happens if he misses the first shot, and Rei promises to
protect him.  As the operation starts, Rei tells Shinji that she pilots the
EVA becaue it's her bond - with everybody.  She says that she's nothing else,
that she was essentially born to pilot the EVAs, in fine that she has no 
reason for existing if she doesn't pilot them.  Lo and behold, Sharkin and
a bunch of goons show up to try to interfere.  Sharkin says he knows enemies
like the Angel and foretells that you can't hurt he's here to just
finish you off.  Apparently the Youma Kingdom's archives contain prophecies
that such beings would appear on the Earth.

  You're told that EVA-01 won't be able to do any normal attacking during
  the battle, although it still will have its A.T. Field...but you can't
  let it be attacked for fear of the positron sniper rifle getting wrecked.
  Don't let your dudes get within the radius 10 of the Angel's weapon.  After
  a round of combat, Ingram shows up to help - a man who even NERV's 
  intelligence branch can't get much info about.

  Defeat all the enemies within the four rounds before the EVAs fire for a 
  Skill Point.

After you defeat the other enemies, the EVA-01 and the Angel shoot at each
other and miss as per the TV series.  Rei protects Shinji from the Angel's
second strike, and hits with his.  He then rescues Rei and tells her not to
say that she's nothing else but an EVA pilot.  When she says she doesn't know
what to do at times like this, Shinji tells her to smile. [Aww. ^_^]

Afterwards, the damage to Neo-Tokyo2 is worse than before and the EVAs both
need some repairs, especially EVA-00.  This may postpone the deployment with
the Lond Bel for a while.  Plus with Unit-02 coming from Germany even more
money is going to get eaten up.  Misato wishes people wouldn't worry about
money, but Ritsuko says that that's unavoidable since the rest of mankind
apart from the EVA team needs money to survive too.

While the EVAs are getting fixed, Gendou has something else for the Lond Bel
to do, which he tells them to think of as an order.  It seems that EVA-02
is being sent to South Atalia by sea (Bright wonders if the SDF and NERV
have some connection).  Gendou reminds Bright that he wanted to go there
anyway, and picking up EVA-02 gives them a legitimate excuse to do so.
You'll pick up EVA-00 and EVA-01 afterwards.  After the meeting, Ingram,
who's now part of your unit, explains that this will raise the probability 
of contact with the Angels.  You then get a transmission from Brecks, who
tells you that Axis will reach the Earth Sphere in one week's time.  
Apparently Neo-Jion is getting ready to get serious, and a change in the
action of Jion units has been observed.  Apparently they've deployed a
sattelite over point L5, apparently to watch some troops sent to Earth there.
Amuro thinks that maybe they're trying to recapture the former Jion space
port of Solomon, although that's also a stronghold of anti-Titans resistance
that Jamitov seems to be trying to eradicate.  Your people realize that the
GP-02's nuclear weapon might be one of the few things that could actually take
out the troops there on Konpei Island.  Brecks asks you to send someone to
space to look for the GP-02, and for the latest unveiling from the Z and V
Projects - he wants you to pick up some of those machines in person.  Brecks
tells you that a ship from the Riga Militia is in Hong Kong now, and just to
put a few of your people onto it.

You then hear from Hazuki, who's just gotten back to the Far East Base
because of a little problem.  Oka answered a summons to Jaburo, and is 
probably being held prisoner since no word has been heard from him.  It
seems that Oka went there all alone without telling anyone.  It turns out
that Oka is the 17th Successor to the Kouga-ryuu Ninjitsu, and that he
probably just feigned answering their invitation to espy their capabilities.
Oka is probably okay, but the base is still lightly defended due to the losses
in the Angel attack.  He asks you to at least send the Mecha Beasts back to
help out.  Hazuki wants to do a final test on the Mecha Beasts, the nature
of which he'll explain once you get back.

Your team is therefore to split into three.  Usso joins those going to space
in the hopes of finding out more about his parents.  You can then decide
which path you want to follow.  To go to space, head to SS21.  To go to the
Far East base, go to SB21.  Go to pick up the EVA-02, go to SE21.

SS21. HON KON SHITI ("Hong Kong City")

You arrive in Hong Kong and find the Lean Horse Jr.  It's a large ship with
a big beam shield on it, very different from the Argama.  Camille tells Kou
that the Riga were able to build it thanks to support from Anaheim and Mao 
Industries, as well as various others.  Odelo asks why such a battleship
doesn't get attacked for being so openly in port.  Marpet says it's because
Hong Kong is a a special protection zone which, like the others on Earth,
has fighting strictly prohibited.  Also, it's a hotbed of anti-Federation 
and anti-Titans sentiment.  In particular, the Lean Horse Jr.'s dock is owned
by someone who's been helping you thusfar, hence the Victory-type Gundam you
see there.  Olifar, one of the Rigan pilots, explains it's intended for use by
a commander, with strengthened commo gear.  Olifar is a bit startled by how
young most of you are, but he definitely respects your abilities.  Burning
is chatting with Gomez, who's rather curious why so many children are coming
along; Nyung explains how they're refugees and how they can help out on the
ship even if they're non-combattants.  Nyung recalls that the White Base once
had kids on it too - maybe it's destiny for Gundams to be accompanied by
children.  Gomez tells you you'll pick up the new machines at Rapian Rose.
Just then Garrison shows up and says hello.  Nyung has heard that the 
Romfellar Conglomerate has been pressuring the Hazan Foundation lately -
Garrison agrees and says it's a bit of a faceoff between the backers of
Oz/Titans and SRX/SDF/Yugo.  Garrison also tells you that a group of Titans
have landed nearby, probably intending to attack the Lean Horse Jr.  You've got
to take off before they stop you.  

The kids are changing the baby in what looks like the briefing room, as the
captain and crew come in.  Shakti and the others apologize profusely but the
captain isn't upset.  After the briefing Nina says she wants to collate the
GP-01's combat data before attaching the Full Vernier thrusters.  Monsha
offers to help, but Nina and Kou agree to work together.  Keith notes that
Kou is doing pretty well for himself, and Monsha wonders if Kou even knows
what deference to his senpai is (Keith doubts he does).  Monsha is really in
a bad mood due to a lack of skirts to chase on the ship.  Olifar tells him
that all his subordinates are beautiful girls, but that they're also wild
mares and very difficult to work with.

Fa comes to you looking for Camille, thinking of helping adjust the combat
data for him.  You suggest trying the hangar, and when she asks you note that
your machine does all the adjustments on the fly, instantly.  You can either
search for Camille at the launch catapults or at the hangar entrance.

  At the catapults is worth a Skill point.

As you go there, Camille realizes someone is watching him.  He says he'll be
heading out for a moment and will be right back.  You try telling him you're
supposed to be on standby, but he leaves by car.  Arriving in the city, he
wonders what the abrupt sensation he feels is - something he's felt in
previous battles.  He then runs into Four, who asks for a ride to the old
city.  He gives her a lift, and while driving they see a bird flying.  When
he asks her if she likes birds, she replies that everyone likes to fly.  They
introduce themselves - Four's name comes across as a bit harsh sounding,
while "Camille" comes off soft.  Neither seem to be totally happy with the
names they've been given.  She jokingly offers to go with you for a drink, and
then says she's really looking for someone - him.  She's been assigned to
make contact with him by the Lond Bel's enemies, but can't bring herself to
strike.  Just then Burning calls and tells him to get back to the ship
immediately due to a Titan force approaching.  Apparently they aren't going
to heed the protected area status, which was why everyone had been put on
standby.  Four gets off, and Camille tells her she'd better flee.  She
responds that she's got a mission too, and says she'll probably see him again.
After he leaves, some "black machine" calls to her.

It's Bran and lackeys, who aren't happy that they can't contact Four after
she ignored their orders and went to the city.  Bran comments that these
Fortified Humans (Rosamia included) are hard to handle.  The Psycho Gundam
has just begun to boot, and Ben tells Bran that Four has been told that she'll
be given her memories back if she follows their orders.  Apparently she's
the "fourth" Fortified Human to be built in the Murasame lab.  Bran gives his
men permission to fight in the city to attack the Riga Militia's ship.  Ben
reminds him that they were told to avoid combat in the city, and Bran says
it's no longer the age where such rules can be respected.  Gomez says that
since the Titans started this fight, your people have to fight back, which
Garrison agrees with.  He also offers to handle cleanup for Gomez, who thanks
him and says that the Riga Militia and Lond Bel will always be at Garrison's
boss's service.  Gomez orders all units to avoid excessive use of force 
within the city.

  You have to hold out for 8 turns.  On turn two, Olifar's subordinates
  return to join the fray.  Junko Jenko and her fellow pilots are ready to
  kick ass (or something).  Olifar orders them to protect the Lean Horse Jr.,
  and when Monsha drools too much Burning tells him to keep his eyes on the
  battle.  If Camille left, he returns on round 3.  The Psycho Gundam pops
  up on 3.5 - everyone is shocked at its appearance and all you really can
  figure out is that it's not a military mech.  Ben reminds Four about their
  deal, and Camille thinks for a moment that it's Four riding in the Psycho.
  Rather than a mobile suit, this mobile armor is going to "summon a calamity"
  according to Camille.

  Attack Four with Camille and then Persuade her twice.  This is necessary
  for her to join you later.  Camille tells Four she mustn't pilot it, and
  she responds that this is the only way she can regain her memories, and
  that someone like Camille with a family could never understand.  As Camille
  persists, she gets a bad headache, asks if Camille (or is it the Psycho?) was
  made to torment her, and then runs off.

After the battle, there's some wishful thinking about not getting attacked
on the way to Rabian Rose.  Olifar is thanking his lucky stars that the Lond
Bel were around, and when Monsha gets cocky Junko tells him that he's not
the only one with combat experience.  Monsha doesn't back down from the 
members of the Shrike Squad, but Romero says that among all the famous people
in the Lond Bel, Monsha is most famous for chasing girls.  Whereas, the
Shrike pilots _are_ interested in Usso, who piloted the Victory on his first

Fa goes to try to console Camille, asking if he knew the pilot of the black
mobile armor; Camille doesn't want her to bug him.  Fa wonders if the reason
he left the ship was to meet her - he says it wasn't and repeats that he
doesn't want her sticking her nose in.  Go to SS22.

SB21. Kemono wo Koete, Hito wo Koete, Ideyo!  Kami no Senshi!
  ("Beyond Beast, Beyond Man, Come Forth, God's Warrior!")

Shinobu reports to Hazuki that everyone is back.  He tells you to go see 
Profs. Hamiru and Oomiya right away.  Shinobu then asks Hazuki where he's
been since the Beast Machines dispatched to Australia, but before he can
answer Igor berates Shinobu for his casual tone.  It seems Igor is here to
hold the fort in Oka's absence - and that he was a very harsh taskmaster back
while the Beast pilots were in training.  Igor is going to punish the Beast
pilots for a variety of past misdeeds, especially Sara for her past attempt
at treachery.  Your people protest that there's no reason to bring up events
from the past and that Sara's already served her punishment, but he insists
that it's precisely in times of crisis like this that soldiers must respect
the rules - so you get to spend time in the stockade.  After they're gone,
Igor tells Hazuki that he realizes he's being too strict but that he has to
right things with them or the Beast Machines will never unleash their true
power.  He emprisoned them to try to heighten their concentration and cool
their heads before battle.  Hazuki notes that their response rates with their
machines are already above normal, and that removing them from the front
lines may be dangerous.  Igor agrees, but says that they have to make them
do "that" at all costs.

In the stockade, your dudes stew over how Igor is getting cocky in Oka's
absense, and run into Gerarl, who got imprisoned for letting some civilians
into his machine to save them from an enemy attack.  Gerarl believes that he
was in the wrong, and says that Igor's strictness is surely the sign that
he's burdened by some great duty of his own.  Meanwhile, you chat with Robert,
noting that there's a lot of Personal Troopers in the hangar he summoned you
too.  He's glad that someone besides Ryuusei is interested in discussing
robots.  Two of them are the original Grungast and a modified copy of it which
is to serve as the base for the Grungast type 3.  Besides those are the
machines that Ingram used to use in the PTX Project: the Biltsubein, and the
Gespenst and Gespenst mk.II - sister machines to your Grungast in a sense.
And over in the corner, sealed, is the Huckebein - it seems another machine
of the same make once caused an accident during testing, earning it the name
"Vanishing Trooper".  The one you see here is being repaired.  The Huckebein
was the first Personal Trooper made with EOT, and is powered by a Black Hole
Engine...but in the aforementioned accident, it vanished and took out an
entire base with it.  You then run into Kirk Hamiru, who along with Rai
are two of the only three survivors of the accident.  He tells you that he has
some modifications to do and mentions that since you tripped the breaker of
the T-Link system your connectors have been damaged and may cause headaches.
He recommends getting Kobayashi Kenzou at the South Atalia DC base to fix it.
His manner is rather cold, and Robert tells you he's been very busy since 
someone named Shot Weapon went missing from the development staff.  Evidently
you can expect some "additional armaments" waiting for you at South Atalia

Meanwhile, Rai is telling Igor about a base that was wiped out by the
Arrowgaters with narry a struggle while everyone else was occupied by the
Yashima Operation.  It was a base where the mass production Gespenst mk.II
was entering use, an anti-alien Personal Trooper squad having just been 
formed.  Since no other bases were attacked, the only explanation seems to
be that the aliens knew where to strike.  Rai believes this pinpoint strike
is a message from the Arrowgaters to stop the futile attempts at resistance.
It seems a certain Shapiro had been working at that base, and the R-series
and Beast Machines seem next on the chopping block.

During all this, Shinobu is having a nightmare in the stockade about being
shot by a firing squad.  Sara tells him that if not for the Lond Bel, that's
quite possibly where their actions were leading them toward.  Gerarl confirms
to them that what they've got to do is keep themselves more collected and
they'll be okay, and Igor shows up to announce a sortie and move to the
final stage of the Beast Machine project.

Gerarl is now flying three of the four Beast Machines inside the Midea, with
Shinobu flying outside for lack of space.  Actually, it's due to there being
a booster stowed as well, the use of which Hazuki will explain once you get
to the proving grounds.  Just then, a group of Arrowgaters shows up in Koufu
City, probably after the Special Neurology Lab located there.  Your people
want to head to the scene, but Hazuki tells them to remember what Igor just
told them.  Hazuki tells you you mustn't disobey orders and that Igor will
surely send someone else there.  Gerarl can decide to head there or not.

  Heading there is worth a Skill Point.

If you head there, Gerarl says that he's human more than he's a soldier and
Hazuki remembers that there's a higher percentage chance of pulling "that"
off in real combat.  Gerarl says he'll take full responsibility for whatever

Hazuki realizes that the bad guys are in fact after the Special Neurology
Lab, which is where the T-Link system was developed by Kobayashi.  Hazuki
thinks the aliens are after the data on Psychodrivers.  Your people aren't
sure who leaked the location of the lab, but one thing is certain: the enemy
need killing.  

  After two turns, the Arrowgaters will seemingly start pulling out.  After
  another round, Sara recognizes the enemy's activities as Shapiro's plan to
  assess their abilities.  Shinobu says that whoever their enemy is they 
  have to smash them.

  After you defeat the small-fry, Sara worries that they were just there to
  deplete your resources and that the real threat is coming up.  Akira then
  senses a terrifying, black-willed enemy approaching you.  Lots of them,
  as it turns out.  It's Viletta, who says it appears the samples and data
  have all been collected thanks to Shapiro.  Shapiro tells her that the
  Beast Machines are designed to turn the ferality of humans into power and
  that if left alone to bring out their true power they'll be very dangerous.
  Viletta tells him to take your people out.  Sara tries to get him to come
  back, but Shapiro says that anyone who betrays him must die.  Your people are
  in desperation over what to do, and Hazuki tells your people he'll unlock a
  system hidden within the Beast Machines waiting for them to be ready.  He
  unlocks the THX-1138 lock [^^;;;;;;;;;;] and enters the keyword Dancougar.
  All the machines begin to go berserk and a voice calls out to surpass
  the fury of beasts and the anger of men, and reawaken god's soldier.  Which
  Shinobu does.  The other pilots are whining about how their machines won't
  stand the stress and use their bypass circuits, causing the unification to
  fail.  Gerarl orders them all to return to the ship so they can escape.

  Gerarl then orders one of his men to take Prof. Hazuki and escape, so that
  the machines have another chance at formation.  He promises Hazuki that
  he'll make it succeed, and then contacts Akira and tells him to assume that
  formation once more.  He then says that the heros in the history books are
  simply the ones that wanted to stand out - the real heros are the ones who
  support them.  He prepares to self destruct, and says that it's good that
  at least once in a life of menial, undemonstrative tasks he got a chance to
  do something like this.  This time Akira convinces the others to let
  Shinobu do as he pleases, and they combine.  Shinobu is appalled, Viletta,
  enraptured.   The subsequent round, you and Rai show up.

  When Dancouger fights Shapiro, he will try to convince Sara to give him
  the Dancouger and he'll spare at least her life.  If you attack him, he'll
  tell you that he realized that even with EOT Earth can't win, and that he'll
  prove it to you.

  Defeat Viletta for a Psychoframe.  Shapiro will depart if damaged beyond
  a certain amount; you'll need to double-damage something like Dan-Kuu-Hou
  to kill him.  He's worth an Apogee Motor.  EACH is worth a Skill Point.

After the battle, your people mull over the new ability of Dancouger and 
the death of Gerarl.  But you don't have time to mourn, since more Arrowgaters
have appeared on Miura Island.  Hazuki will return to base while you go meet
the threat, and tells you not to be reckless just because you can now combine.
Shinobu doesn't intend to be all that careful.  Go to SB22.

SE21. Senshi-tachi ("Warriors")

Your people are 30 hours away from South Atalia assuming everything goes well.
Sleggar is happy to be heading there, but Bright is worried about the 
excessive secrecy practiced by NERV.  It's not clear what NERV's connection
to the SRX Project is, but it appears that the EVAs are too different from
the other EOT machines to be of the same lineage.  Sleggar observes that when
the EVAs are mass-produced, they may well be as dangerous as the Angels.  It
seems that EVA-02 being taken to South Atalia means that it will help fight
the Arrowgaters...

Ingram tells you that the Grungast's weapons are going to be upgraded at the
DC HQ at South Atalia, and that as a preliminary the targeting software has 
to be rewritten.  Also, that tripping the T-Link breaker has damaged the
TK connectors and may cause you to get a headache while linked.  You then
ask him directly if he arranged for you ride the Grungast (see SS26 for this

Just then some strange vibration strikes the ship!  The Argama is wrapped in
a strange light, all sensors offline.  The next thing you know, you've gone
from the middle of the Pacific Ocean to some sort of forest, and one with
plants you've never seen before.  Moreover, there are absolutely no Minovsky
Particles here, so most of your sensors are useless.  At which point, Drake
and his goons come to meet you - he's impressed that Silky Mau's power was
great enough to bring a battleship the Argama's size (although it's smaller
than his Will Wips).  Shot tells him that it was probably just a result of
Silky's power interacting with the strong Aura Power of people inside.  There
seems to be some ambiguity about exactly why the Aura Road that brought you
here opened, and Drake tells Shot to research it some more.  Shot says that
it would probably be advantageous to get the ship to work with Drake before
the invasion of Rau.  Your dudes are very nervous about all the giant 
insectoid weapon-like thingies, but a transmission comes from the Will Wips
on a Federation frequency.  Drake (king of A...yes, _A_ -_-;;;) requests to
speak to whoever's in charge - Bright goes to meet along with a few of the
others and leaves Amuro in charge.

Drake and Shot introduce themselves - Shot and Ingram recognize each other.
Shot explains that the world you're in now, Biston Well, exists between the
land and sea of the the surface; however, the two aren't directly connected.
Drake says that he's trying to unify this land to quell the conflict that
has been ongoing for many years, and Shot explains that he built the Aura
Battlers to help out.  Unfortunately, mass producing these mighty weapons
takes time, and there Drake asks for your help - and promises to return you
to the surface once all is said and done.  Several of your people think that
this guy is clearly no better than the Titans and that dudes like him seem to
exist in every world.  Bright asks for time to confer in another room, and
Shot asks Ingram to come to his lab for a bit. 

Shot explains that Biston Well is a land which could be called the homeland
of souls, although he suspects Ingram doesn't care.  Shot says that this is
the only place the Aura Battlers can be created, and Ingram observes that 
from what he's seen they seem to use some very different power source from
anything on the surface.  Shot explains that they draw upon Aura Power for
unlimited energy.  Aura Power, generated by living beings, is even more 
powerful than the psychic energy that Ingram and Kobayashi were studying, and
has a very large influence on things in this world.  Shot says that after
coming here, he realized that analyzing the power hidden within humans is far
more important than trying to understand alien technology.  Ingram is sure
that that's not Shot's only objective - Shot says he wants to combine aura
tech with EOT to make an even more powerful weapon.  Ingram asks if he merely
intends to aid Drake's military take-over, and Shot says that's only a means
to the end of eventually bringing Aura Battlers to the Surface.  His plan is
to foster the confusion and mass produce the Aura Battlers until the Aura
Road can be opened by anyone - at which point, the Aura Battlers can be 
brought to the Surface and deployed against the aliens.  Ingram is not really
impressed with this, but Shot tells him to take some time to thik about it.
And to remember that you can't return to the surface without his help.  He
also asks if Ryuusei is part of the SRX Project (Ingram won't say) and says
that Aura Power becomes stronger the greater the peril one faces.  Ingram
admits that he wants more information on Aura Power, but that he must return
to the surface.

Bright asks for opinions.  Ginrei doesn't like it at all, but Quatro says 
that Drake's idea of bringing peace via force isn't entirely a lie.  However,
since the method is no different from Jion or the Titans he sees no reason
to cooperate.  Ryuusei says that it's always the bad guys in robot anime who
try to unify the world with robots and that he doesn't want to help anyone
like that.  You decide to blow this joint, but just then a rather peevish 
Cham shows up and tells you to take your surface machines and leave.  Your
people are surprised to see a "fairy", but she informs you hotly that she's
a "Mi Ferario" [whatever ^^;;].  Just then Drake apparently tries to subdue
the Argama by force without waiting for a response.  Cham is very relieved
when it becomes clear you're not Drake's allies.  Cham then goes to fetch
Nii, who unlocks the room you're in and helps you escape and then goes to
free Rimru.  Lucky for you Shou is coming to save your butt!  He tells you
all to get into the Dunbine's hand, and Ryuusei immediately starts asking
questions about how it works.  Burn resolves to punish Shou as a Knight of A,
and berates Todd the Surfacedweller when he says to watch out for the Argama.
Unfortunately, the Argama's engines are busted and she can't move.

  On turn 1.5, Nii gets to Rimru but is stopped by Drake's wife Luuza.  She
  won't let her daughter Rimru go with Nii, and Nii is forced to leave lest
  Rimru get shot - he vows to return.

  If Shou fights Todd, he tells Todd that Surfacedwellers helping the Biston
  Wellians will only make the conflict worse.  Todd says that he'll simply
  kill Shou and end his worries.  You hae to do this to recruit Todd later.

  Keen and Nii show up on round 3.  Drake will flee on 3.5.  Burn is worth a
  Magnetic Coating, as is Todd.

After the battle, you thank Nii and the others for the help.  You get the
explantion of how Drake is a Bad Man summoning lots of people from the Surface
to add to his private army.  Evidently Drake needs Surfacedwellers because 
they have greater Aura Power than the Biston Wellians - Ingram thinks to
himself that Aura Power must be close to Psychic powers and that Ryuusei and
you were probably why the Argama was summoned).  You find out that both Shou
and Marvel are from the Surface.  Nii is glad that you didn't turn out to be
like Shot, who's cooperating with Drake for his own ends.  Nii observes that
surface technology is only making the conflict within Biston Well expand, and
that they can't mix you all up in it any more.  Both Marvel and Shou intend
to stay in Biston Well until Drake is stopped - Cham is glad that a Holy 
Knight like him is staying (Holy Knights are those with especially mighty
Aura Powers, who are supposed to save the world).  Shou doesn't think he's
any sort of savior, but he does think he's got something that needs doing in
this world.  Nii is going to go seek help repairing the Argama in Rau.  Go
to SE22.

SS22. GANDAMU, Hoshi no Umi E ("Gundam, to the Sea of Stars)

Camille asks if it's your first time in space (it is) and says that although
he was born on the moon, it's still pretty overwhelming.  You feel like your
senses are becoming sharper, as do the other Newtype-esque people.  Kou
thinks that if it weren't for Gatou's theft he and Keith would probably still
be on Earth, and Camille notes that this will be their first space combat.
Camille explains that the first big difference is the sense of sight: with
no air, depth perception gets screwy.  Also, you have to watch all of space 
around you, unlike on Earth where enemies are unlikely to come from below.
Camille goes on that the best thing is to try mock combat for yourselves, but
that avoiding needless use of your Vernier thrusters is important.  Kou and
Usso are aware of how important using "AMBAC", i.e. moving your machine's
limbs and torso, is to supplementing the Verniers.  Your group then goes to
get briefed by Burning for space mock combat.

The two of them will assume command of all the machines, and Monsha and the
Shrike Squad are supposed to help the first timers, or more accurately Monsha
gets Keith and Kou while the Shrike Squad gets Usso.  Also, Burning prohibits
use of the GP-01 until you reach Rabian Rose since it's not outfitted for
space combat.  Kou then tries to modify the GP-01's thrusters for space, but
Nina tells him that that won't really mean much.  Kou persists, and Nina
wonders why Kou is so hung up on the GP-01.  Kou hopes to prove to Monsha that
he's fit to be its pilot by getting the GP-01 spaceworthy, and Monsha shows up
and yells at him that it's more important to get a feel for space than it is
to be hung up on a single machine.  Nina tells Kou not to treat her GP-01 as
a mere tool, and tells him that not even Amuro could pilot it under these
conditions.  Kou runs off in a huff.

Meanwhile, Usso has gone to the bridge to see the results of the mock combat,
and overhears Gomez and Burning talking about the leader of the Riga, Gene
Jahanam.  Usso recalls seeing that that word means "monster" or something
(it's an alias).  Apparently all the people in the inner circle of the the
Riga use that name to help fool the Titans.  Gomez says that even the man
who gave him command of this ship named Hangelg uses the Jahanam name; this
is the same name as Usso's father.  After chiding Usso for listening in,
the adults seem pessimistic that it's really his father.  Junko hopes that
it's the genuine article.  Shakti then meets Usso, who's about to tell her
the good news until he recalls that he hasn't found out anything about her 
mother yet.  She feels that her mother must be somewhere in space, and asks
him if he intends to keep fighting in mobile suits when he finds his parents.

Monsha then insists on one more mock combat with Usso since he lost to Usso
in the first round.  He also insists that Keith and you come along too.  You
can go out for training or not.

  Going out for training is worth a Skill Point.

Your group is out so far you can't see the mothership any more.  You then
sense the enemy approaching, and Haro detects combat levels of Minovsky
Particles.  It's Cima, who is worried about being attacked after escaping
from Oz until she sees there's only four of you.  She then thinks that
she could make a deal with anyone if only she could get the Grungast.  Monsha
tells Keith and Usso to go and fetch the mothership while he and you hold
the bad guys off, but they want to fight by his side or whatever.

  Your dudes show up on round three.  More enemies are inbound, and Kou is
  pissed that he can't launch.  It's the Vespa, with Cronwell in command.
  They were supposed to head back to Jupiteris, but seeing as how there is
  a treaty between Jupiteris and Neo-Jion they can't just ignore the battle.
  Cima doesn't seem terribly impressed that the Jupiterian prince and the
  "Space Wolf" Godwald are here.  The next round, the remaining members of the
  Shrike Squad show up to help you.  Then Kou insists on going out, saying
  he can't forgive himself for not fighting while the others are.  Nina tries
  to give him a disk, but he doesn't have time to install it.  Sadly, Kou
  is about to get blasted.

  Defeat Cima for another Skill Point.  Note that she'll run off if more than
  50% of her HP are lost.

After the battle, everyone tells Kou that the GP-01 is as good as lost, but he
manages to pilot it to a controlled crash landing back in the Lean Horse Jr..
Nina and Gomez manage to convince Burning not to throw the book at Kou.  
Meanwhile, Ruu Ruka has come along with with the Shrike Squad.  It seems that
she and Fa trained as pilots together.  It seems that Ruu is a member of the
Z Project, working on the ZZ, and the core fighter she brought with her is
for that ZZ.  Everyone then is called to the bridge quickly to see the Jion
formally broadcasting something.  It's Delaz, the gist of whose long-winded
speech is that the Spacenoids should be free of the Federation tyrrany.  The
proof is the existence of the nuclear-armed GP-02.  This is a major political
blow to the Federation government.  But Gomez wonders why supreme Jion 
commander Zabi Giren doesn't appear on the broadcast; either there's no
reason for him to show or else there's some reason he can't.  Your dudes
realize that you have to find the GP-02 before Jion uses it on the Federation.
You and Nina remind Kou not to think of the GP-02 as only his problem.  Go to

SB22. Tatakai no Umi e ("To the Sea of Battle")

Igor is just being informed that the group of Arrowgaters is approaching
Ooshima Island - he realizes that they've been informed as to the special
thing there too.  Your people are rushing to the scene, but it may take some
time... At Big Falcon, Mitsuyo is breaking the news to Prof. Hamaguchi that
the Arrowgaters will be showing up in less than ten minutes.  He is amazed
that they found the base despite the Ultramagnetic jamming device they use.
Yotsuya is there, and says that the only choice is to let the Combattler 
team handle things - Hamaguchi agrees but says that if worse comes to worse
they may scramble the Volt Machines too.  Mitsuyo informs her son Ken'ichi
that his team may be scrambled, and neither he nor his siblings are happy.
They demand to know why they've been forced to endure all this hard training
and isolation.  Megumi (the _18th_ successor to the Kouga-ryuu) is the only
one not perturbed, since she already knows the reason that the two 
scientists for some reason won't just spit out.  When they finally spit it
out, the reaction is mixed disbelief and some rebellion ("why do we gotta do
it?")  Mitsuyo tells you all that this base was designed as part of plan by
Yotsuya, Oka, and many others to help fend off the Arrowgaters, and that's
not all.  The quarrel that starts among the potential team members gets cut
short by the appearance of the bad guys.

Apparently the missing Gou Kentarou has been captured by the Arrowgaters,
which is how they know about the base.  Do-Zhul thinks that destroying this
base will improve their position and might even win them command of the
batallion from Oreana on Campbell.  Jungle doesn't agree, saying everything
is for his Lord Hinell, and for the liberation of his homeworkd of Boazan.
The Combattler team shows up and notes that the enemy they're facing it 
totally different from any they've seen before.

  Your people note after a round of combat that the enemy isn't moving and
  may be laying a trap.  The Voltes people discuss the Combattler team, and
  Ken'ichi asks to be allowed to sortie too.  Thinking that there's no 
  meaning unless all five of the machines sortie, he says he can't grant
  permission.  As you close to range, the bad guys try to shoot down Combattler
  V by destroying a single Battle Machine - thus follows a plot sequence you
  can't dodge, thus knocking you out of combination.  Yotsuya realizes that
  the bad guys were aiming for the Ultramagnetic Generator.  Kosaku reports
  that although the internal damage is light, they won't be able to combine
  again unless they can get an infusion of Ultramagnetic Energy from outside.
  Worse, both Hyouma's arms seem broken!  The Voltes team finally unifies its
  resolve and amidst doubts about how they've never piloted the Volt Machines
  before they launch.  They launch, shock your team and the bad guys, and
  are told how to "Volt In".

  The next round, reinforcements that Do-Zhul had prepared show up.  Hyouma
  pleads with Yotsuya to find some way to let them recombine, even if it
  means that his arms will be ruined.  Hamaguchi says to use the unfinished
  Ultramagcon to let them recombine, although it might get destroyed in the
  process.  Hold out one more round and you recombine.  One _more_ round and
  more of your people arrive.  Jungle is worth a Hybrid Armor if killed.

After the battle, "The Prophet" says that the end of the world is coming soon
and that the dead will rise from their graves to bring misfortune to all.  He
says that the sky and the land will be darkened, and that the first country
to be destroyed at the hands of the Great General of the Dark will be Japan.
He also says that the only one who can stand against the Great General is the
Fortress of Steel, Mazinger Z.

Meanwhile, both Hyouma's arms look like they're in unrecoverable shape, but
Hamaguchi prepares to operate on the double.  Hyouma greets Ken'ichi warmly
and tries to assuage his regrets over not being able to fight better.  Insert
everyone berating themselves for not being cooler and preventing Hyouma's
injury.  Rai mentions a way to fix his arms, using ultra-high tech that the
SRX Project has developed: give him cybernetic arms.  Shinobu is worried that
he'll be able to pilot after that, but it seems Rai's left hand is already
cybernetic, so no worries there.  Rai's already put through the request and
Prof. Oomiya is already heading your way to perform the operation.  Rai notes
that the techniques used won't make Hyouma any stronger than he was previously.
Your crew also notes that Megumi from the Voltes team is _Oka_ Megumi, General
Oka's daughter.  She asks if her father is doing well, but Hamaguchi cuts you
off and sends the team in for more training.  As Megumi wonders if something
happened to her father, an emergency call comes from Igor: the Argama has
disappeared!  He doesn't know anything other than it suddenly vanished from
contact - with no indications of a fight.  Akira notes that if all your
enemies learn of this, they may mount an all-out assault on Japan; the Far
East base is already on full alert.  Megumi then asks Hamaguchi for news of
her father, and is told of his probable capture in Jaburo.  Noting that he's
a ninja, both Hamguchi and Megumi are sure he's okay.

Meanwhile, Gorgon is addressing the Great General of the Dark, telling him
of the infighting among the humans and that the Lond Bel has thusfar been
repulsing the Arrowgaters' advances.  Gorgon also notes that Mazinger Z, who
Dr. Hell has struggled with so hard, is among them - the General realizes
that Lond Bel are the only ones who could foul up his plans.  Noting that
the Lond Bel are currently split up and part of them have gone missing, 
Gorgon has a plan to annihlate Japan.  First have Dr. Hell's Mecha Beasts
take out the key Japanese cities and thus spread out the remaining super
robots.  At the same time, the General's Combat Beasts will attack the
Photon Power lab and destroy Mazinger Z - accompanied by those Chinese robots.
The General grants his permission, saying that Japan is a veritable fortress
and also has much high technology concentrated there.  He plans to get his
hands on that tech, and turn the citizens into soldiers via brain operations.
The Arrowgater problem he will solve later.  He says he may well sortie
himself during this operation to see his foes' power with his own eyes.  Go to

SE22. ERE no Reiryoku ("Ere's Spiritual Powers")

It seems Biston Well is split into pro-Drake and anti-Drake forces, although
there are a few neutral nations too.  Rau is the chief of the anti-Drake
countries.  After building the Will Wips, the first country Drake destroyed
was Mi.  Rau's king Foizen is preparing to fight back, but is liable to get
beaten down.  The reason why is that until Shot introduced the Aura Machines,
the tech level of Biston Well was like that of Middle Ages Europe.  Marvel
explains that because Aura Power (which varies with emotional state) has such
incredible power in this world, the residents of it naturally grew to be
calm and even-tempered, unlike the Surfacedwellers.  Ingram realizes that 
when the Aura Battlers are brought to the surface, their full power may well
be unleashed, and that Shot knows this.  Shou and the others plan to help
protect the Argama until repairs are done and search for a way to return it
to the surface - the plan is to go to Rau and seek aide.

On the way, Marvel and Shou explain how the souls of those who died on the
surface end up here - that this may be the "Heaven" spoken of in various
legends.  Which, as Amuro observes, means that Drake is an evil bringing
Trouble to Paradise(tm).  Amuro also observes that the surface is doing even
worse than Biston Well.  You wonder if your SO has been reincarnated here -
Ingram has no time for this.  It's his view that people are simply destroyed
when they die.  You press him on this point, but all he'll say is that 
emotioal wounds will lead to death on the battlefield.  Just then, the 
batallion that attacked the Argama shows up, with Galaria with them in a 
new kind of Aura Battler.  The enemy is worried about you getting to Rau.
All you have to do is get to the upper-right edge of the map.

  Todd must fight Shou again to be recruitable later.

  Get everyone out of there in 5 turns or less for a Skill Point.

After the battle, you encounter someone in the midst of the mountains: Ere,
queen of Mi.  She's been training out here to strengthen her powers ever 
since her country was destroyed.  You feel a mysterious power within her, and
she accidentally upsets Shou as she says that the summonings of people from
the surface are merely a means to a great calamity.  She was born with a 
high level of spiritualist powers, meaning she is somewhat precognitive.
Which means that she sees ill-omened black clouds beyond Drake's military
invasion which will engulph the whole world.  Which might include the surface.
Only those with good Aura Power can save the world - she believes you are
such people.  Unfortunately, she does _not_ know how to open the Aura Road,
only that all things intrinsically attempt to return to their rightful place.
Ingram is a bit skeptical of this, and Ere notices _something_ about him...
She tells Ingram that even a troubled Aura like his will eventually reach its
rightful place.  She also tells you that she senses troubledness from you
too, but that as long as you keep your hope all will be opened to you.  Nii
offers to help escort her to the king of Rau, but she says she'll get to her
grandfather who opposed her parents' marriage under her own power.

Meanwhile, Bishot, king of the allied nation of Ku, calls up Drake with an 
invitation to the dedication of the Gaea Galing.  Drake figures that Bishot
is just using the late construction of his Aura Battleship as an excuse to
watch the invasion of Rau from the sidelines.  Luuza offers to take Rimru and
answer the invitation, but Shot is worried they'll be taken hostage.  Luuza
isn't worried, and thinks that this is actually a good chance to find how
things in the Ku Kingdom stand.  Rimru protests, but Drake tells her that the
only way to end the conflict in Biston Well is to use military force to force
a solution.  After they leave, Shot tells Drake that Na has finished a new
kind of Aura Battler and the Gran Garan.  Drake really would like the Argama
to fight against them, and observes that Todd has been missing since the last
fight.  Shot says that this is just more proof of how powerful they are, and
recommends having Burn put in charge of capturing the Argama since he will do
anything to ease his wounded pride.  He and Galaria will be put in charge,
and Shot then discusses tests on the Spriggan and Bubulee, the latter of
which he plans to put Rimru's music tutor Musie Poe into.  Although she
doesn't believe in fighting, she has very high Aura Power.  Drake voices 
concern that the Aura Battlers can beat the Argama, and Shot says that, well,
the Lond Bel _are_ basically the toughest fighting force on the Surface...
Go to SE23.

SS23. Shidou, DABBURU ZETA ("ZZ's First Steps")

Kou is still worrying about the incident as your group approaches Rabian
Rose.  Nina promises to convert the GP-01 to Full Vernier mode as soon as they
get there and tells Kou one of the things that makes an excellent pilot:
using one's aptitude to get the most out of the machine.  She says that's 
why he lived through his fight with Gatou.  She tells him that he's as 
talented as Amuro if not more [yeah right!], and to keep in mind the things
that only he can do.

The kids then wonder what kind of place Rabian Rose is: Marpet explains that
it's a gigantic dock put together by Anaheim Electronics, shaped somewhat
like a, um, rose. [^^;;;]  Usso asks why the Yugo and the Riga Militia can
use a facility owned by Anaheim: it's because Anaheim is using you all to 
test their new mobile suits.  Marpet explains that the more war spreads,
the more their products will be needed - hence their willingness to cooperate.
Shakti seems not to like the sound of that and retires to her room to rest.

As you arrive, Emily comes to greet Nina - greetings are exchanged and Nina
starts getting ready for the Full Vernier modification.  Emily asks Nina to
show Camille to her office later to discuss the ZZ.  Keith is a bit 
disappointed that Kou won't be going with him to drink at a bar, and Emily 
recommends he invite a girl along to the cafeteria, whose food is good and
includes sweets.  Too bad for him Mora is all busy with the modifications too;
he decides to take the kids instead.  Emily mentions the fact that there are
other children here, refugees from the colonies that Jion has oppressed.

Judou and Beecher are on the scene, impressed that the Lean Horse Jr. has
arrived.  It's sure to have lots of famous mecha in it, that could be sold
for a good price so that the lot of them could live somewhere better.  The
rest of his gang is here too, and they think this is their chance.  Then
Riina shows up and demands they all stop leading Judou down the path to
evil.  She says that she'd rather not go to school if it would mean her
brother's ruin.  She feels she has to stop them from stealing the mobile
suits somehow...and literally runs into you and Usso and the others.  She
tells you of her brothers' plans, which shows you just how bad things in
the colonies are.  You wonder how to stop the theft before it happens, and
Odelo offers to try to persuade Judou's gang.

Back in the hangar, Romero is working on installing an "Overhang Pack" to
improve the Victory's firepower and explaining to Camille that the next
version will be even cooler.  The mods to the Zeta are done, and Emily comes
to ask Camille something - to serve as the test pilot for the ZZ.  She tells
him she wants his opinion as a skilled pilot and Newtype, which doesn't
make him all that happy since he doesn't want to be treated like a combat
machine.  However, he's willing to accept the assignment.

Your dudes finally catch up, and Odelo swings into action.  Well, he doesn't
manage to do anything but get punched as Judou and the others break into the
dock, but Judou _does_ get stopped from stealing the Z by Camille...but he
breaks out with the ZZ's core fighter.  Judou resolves to earn lots of money
and come back for Riina as he makes off with the fighter.  Camille heads off
in pursuit as Usso goes to report to Burning.

Judou plans to hold off Camille while the others escape.  Unfortunately, some
real enemies show up, lead by Mashmar and Kyara.  Mashmar plans to smash
your people as a prolog to Gatou's glorious charge, or something.  Since
Kyara is around as an observer, Mashmar demands that his brilliant fighting
be recorded and shown to Hamarn.  For some reason Kyara is having big trouble
with her machine...and her body seems to be burning.  Judou and friends plan
to fight the people who wrecked their home, and don't heed Camille's warnings
to return to base.  Judou then takes on Mashmar one-on-one and sort of 
scratches him.  As Mashmar realizes he can't really hit Judou, Camille notices
a strange feeling - that Judou may be a Newtype.  Camille tells him to go 
back to the battleship and rejoin with the rest of the ZZ Gundam.  Judou
thinks he can probably trust Camille.  The rest of the _dumbasses_ refuse to
heed Camille's warning to pull away from the battle.

  Get Judou back fast for a Skill Point.

  A couple of your people sortie on turn 2: Usso and Kou.  When you dock the
  ZZ, Mashmar orders Gordon to go fight it to see how strong it is.  Judou
  will hose him with one hit.  Mashmar then tells everyone to concentrate on
  the ZZ.

Judou is grateful to survive the battle but wonders what the feeling of space
he had from within the cockpit is.  Judou realizes it's all over for him and
returns to Rabian Rose, rather than get attacked by the Jion.  Camille agrees
to take full responsibility for the incident in return for overlooking the
gang; Emily will decide what to do with them.  Camille takes the beating for
the unauthorized use of the ZZ, and that's the end of it.  Judou doesn't
want to see Camille beat up, but Fa warns him that what Camille did saved 
him from military punishment: at worst, death by firing squad.  Judou then
resolves to work off his debt to Camille on your ship, and tells the others
to stay here.  They say he has no reason to fight, but Judou says that 
something inside him changed while fighting the Jion...that if he doesn't
do something, they'll have to keep running forever.

You and Keith are discussing how Judou is being made the ZZ's pilot since he
could handle it the first time in the cockpit like Amuro and Camille.  Just
then you run into Shakti, who's worried that Usso's started to enjoy fighting
lately.  She's worried that he'll soon be a scary person, but you tell her
that Usso hasn't forgotten what's important: that he's fighting to protect
her and all the other kids.  That settled, they go to get all the kids and
head to the cafeteria for the famous parfait.  It seems the Shrike Squad are
here filling up on the parfait too.

Gomez is finalizing transfer of Judou with Emily, when a transmission from
Brecks comes in.  Since the new machine is acquired, he tells you to head to
Konpei Island, since the probability of the GP-02 appearing there is high.
There's also bad news: the Argama disappeared near Japan.  According to the
report, there were no indications that it was shot down.  He'll let you know
when he finds out more, and tells you to stop the nuclear attack on the
military gathering at Konpei at all costs.  Go to SS24.

SB23. MAJINGA tai Ankoku Dai-Shogun ("Mazinger Z vs. the Great General of the

At the Photon Power lab, Shirou is trying to find Kouji to give him a
birthday present.  Sayaka forgot all about that due to all the fighting and
thinks Kouji must have too.  Just then the alert sounds and Yumi tells
Kouji that Mecha Beasts have started attacking key Japanese cities -
although Tokyo itself hasn't yet come under fire.  Just then some unidentified
object is detected approaching Tokyo, and although it may be a trap Kouji
sorties.  Sayaka and Boz will guard the lab, and Kouji has to tell Shirou
to save the present for later.  It seems it's Dante, come from beneath the
bowels of the Earth to take Kouji's life on behalf of the Mikayne Empire.
Mazinger gets to fight the Battle Beasts by himself for a while.

  Kill Dante for a Skill Point.  He'll retreat if more than around 50% of his
  HP are gone.

After Dante is gone, Kouji notes that they managed to partially melt the
Jet Scrander despite it being made out of Ultra-Alloy Z.  Yumi then calls you
to say that the lab is being attacked by unknown mechanical beasts, Sayaka
and Boz have already been taken out, and something's happened to Shirou.  The
prophet then prophecizes the end of the world again, that Mazinger Z will
be made to savor the pain of death at the hands of a dragon and tiger.

Back at the lab the damage is pretty severe and Shirou needs a blood 
transfusion immediately or he'll die from injuries sustained while trying to
go and retrieve Kouji's present.  Kouji insists his blood be used despite
being tired from fighting.  Mazinger Z will take some time to fix, and if
the lab is attacked in the meantime it's the end.  Who could the enemies be?

Shirou's operation is a success, and now you just have to wait for him to
regain consciousness.  When Kouji mentions the Mikayne Empire, Yumi recalls
something that Mazinger Z's creator, Kouji's grandfather said.  That the
old Mikayne Empire, while generally believed destroyed, lived on underground
in the form of the General and his troops, waiting to reestablish their
kingdom.  Boz wants to take Mazinger and his inexpensive Borot to fight these
guys, but Yumi reminds them that Mazinger is in the shop and that they're
currently as good as helpless.

Then the bad guys start heading for the lab - the federation brigade that 
tried to stop them got wiped out.  Sayaka goes to find Kouji and encounters
him talking to a photograph about how he can't just sit still even though
Mazinger is still damaged.  He admits that he's actually afraid to go out,
but he entrusts his life to Mazinger and asks forgiveness for going out while
Shirou is still suspended between life and death.  Just then Shirou wakes up
and tries to give Kouji his present, but Kouji's off to launch.  Yumi then
tells Kouji that launching in his condition and with Mazinger incomplete 
would mean his death.  He's prepared for this and says he'd rather die along
with Mazinger.  He then meets Sayaka who gives him Shirou's present and says
not to die - it's a music box.

Well, looks like it's Gorgon, here to gloat how Kouji fell for his 
operation: the dual objectives are to destroy Japan and to destroy Mazinger
and the Photon Power lab.  Kouji says this is what he always plans, although
Gorgon reminds him that noone will come and save him today.  Kouji hasn't
given up, but out come the Ryuu-Ou-Ki and Ko-Ou-Ki.  This may the final battle
for Mazinger...

  Once Kouji is wounded beyond a certain point, Great Mazinger appears, as
  do more of your dudes.  They tell Gorgon that they wrecked all of Dr. Hell's
  machines.  It turns out it's not possible to destroy the Chinese machines,
  even by removing all their HP.  Just do around 6k points of damage to them
  and they'll flee - Yumi figures it's that the control system for them is

  Dante will give you a Chobham Armor.  Gorgon is worth a Propellant Tank S.

  After you beat down all those guys, the General himself shows up - a force
  of malice even greater than the Youma Empire dudes according to Akira.  He
  is impressed by your display of valor and has come himself to fight with
  you.  He'll run away if he sustains more than 50% damage, but killing him
  is worth a Skill Point and a Ultra-Alloy Z.

The General says he looks forward to the time when your group and his have to
settle the score as he leaves.  Kouji marvels at Tetsuya's Great Mazinger;
Tetsuya says it's a brother to Mazinger Z and that they'll meet again
sometime, and bails.  Kouji wonders who the heck made it...

Yumi is thanking you all when a certain person shows up to meet him: Kenzou
(who helped herald the Great Mazinger's appearance)!  He had supposedly been
killed in the test of the Photon Power Response Reactor, but Kenzou says that
his father Juuzo saved him with cybernetic technology.  He turns out to be
the one who developed the Great Mazinger, and pledges to work with Yumi to
protect the Earth.  He also asks that Yumi keep his existence secret from
the others for a while to avoid disturbing their fight.  Kenzou plans to
return for a while to the "Scientific Fortress Laboratory", a research
institute founded with help from the Far East Base and Prof. Vian of the DC.
It is there that the Mass-Production Mazinger project is underway to help
save humanity from its enemies.  Kenzou and his father were both well aware
that Mazingers can be used for either good or evil depending on the pilot,
although he says that there's still a means of fighting even a Mazinger in
the hands of evil at the Photon Power Lab.  He says that he'll tell his sons
the whole truth when peace is restored.

Kouji is then assailed by a Sayaka who is very glad he's still alive.  Your
people realize that although there's new foes, you've got lots of new allies
too.  The news that the Argama is missing doesn't sit well with Kouji, but
there's nothing immediately to be done.  The Voltes team plans to return to
Big Falcon for additional outfitting and more training - actually everyone is
going back to their respective bases for a bit except you, who get to mind
the store while Mazinger is being fixed.  Go to SB24.

SE23. Na no Kuni no Jouou ("The Queen of Na")

Your dudes decide to take a break.  Ryuusei is exhausted because Ingram
ordered him not to use the autopilot while in R-Wing mode.  Ryuusei admits
to not being good with airplanes or aerial combat just yet.  Ingram berates 
him for inefficient piloting and orders him to check his Balancer during the
break.  Ryuusei, with no time to rest, tells you that Ingram is a harsh
taskmaster and was supposedly the strongest PTX team leader at the Far East
base.  PTX was the anti-alien Personal Trooper project prior to the SRX 
Project.  Ryuusei is giving it his best so as not to let his captain and other
senpai beat him - he's a deeper thinker than many give him credit for.  You
think that you can't let your powers only be used for the SRX Project's ends
forever either.

Meanwhile, Shou is worrying about what Ere said...that no matter how hard he
tries, all he may be doing is just prolonging the conflict.  Marvel reminds
him that Ere also said that good power would save the world, but Shou says
that his own powers are puny.  Nii tells him that if he acts for good he
should gather more and more power.  Just then, Cham spots a big ship coming
from the Northwest - not the Will Wips.  Everyone jumps in their macines.

It's an Aura Battleship, although Amuro or you can't feel any hostility from
it.  Aboard it, Kawasse is telling Shiela that it's a mixed batallion before
them.  El and Pel are sure that it's bad people that Drake summoned, but
Shiela chides them that not all people from the surface are bad - and that
she feels an extremely strong Aura Power from among them.  A good Aura Power,
belonging to a Holy Knight.  Nii announces his origin and intentions, and
requests that the battleship do the same.  Shiela decides to talk to you all
directly.  The Biston Wellians are awed to be spoken to by the "Holy Virgin".
Nii explains things to Shiela, but then Musie and Shot and the goon squad 
show up.  Shot figures it's a good chance for a test of the Spriggan and the
Bubulee, and tells Musie to see whether her Aura Power will work on Shou or
not.  You can either guard the Gran Garan or let it escape.

  If you do the former, you'll lose a skill point unless you defeat Shot.
  The latter is worth a Skill Point.

  Before the battle starts, Todd shows up in the Dunbine and attacks Shou.
  On round two, you get the Bilvine.  Musie is worth a Biosensor, Shot is
  worth a Psychoframe.

After the battle, Shiela tells Shou of the Legend of the "Wings of Lean",
which speaks of a Savior which will appear.  She says that he may be that
savior and to please lead Biston Well toward righteousness.  Shou says he isn't
any Savior, but that he wants to clean up the mess caused by the Surface
in Biston Well.  Kawasse observes that the surface machines are even more
powerful than rumored, and Nii says that if Drake gets his hands on them
things will _really_ start sucking.  Amuro thinks its best if your people get
the heck out of Dodge as soon as possible, and Shiela thanks you for your
concern and prudence.  However, you tell Shiela that even if you hadn't been
summoned, Biston Wellians like her would still be increasing the conflict
by building such things as the Gran Garan.  Kawasse gets indignant, but 
Shiela asks your name and says that you must have experienced much sadness in
battle.  She says your doubts are quite well founded, but that they have no
choice but to fight poison with similar poison.  She intends to destroy all
Aura Battlers as soon as the battle is over.  You ask what happens if the
battle drags on, and Shiela says that the consequent increase of Aura 
Battlers would cause people like the king of the E Ferario to simply expell
them all from Biston Well...probably to the Surface.  Ryuusei realizes that
if you meet him he might send you back now, but Cham says that not even the
Mi Ferario see him that often.  Shiela agrees and says that she believes this
is a trial given to them by the souls of the deceased - that the fighting is
engendered by the link between Biston Well and the surface.  Amuro realizes
that the mutual influence makes it even _more_ imperative to return, but 
unless this king Jacoba Aon will see you...  Nii intends to press on to Rao,
but Shiela offers to see to the Argama herself, saying that now that the
Gran Garan's existence is clear Drake won't try anything stupid.  Go to SE24.

SS24. SOROMON no Akumu ("The Nightmare of Solomon")

You're having trouble finding the GP-02 due to lots of Jion decoys and wreckage
from the One-Year War; none of them seem willing to attack Konpei.  Kou
says he can't rest despite the repeated dispatches until he stops Gatou.
Judou is a bit irritated at being tricked into dispatching (he was told it 
was a test of the ZZ) but Camille reminds him that if Jion uses a nuke here
there's a high probability that the colonies will get irradiated.  He then
leaves the hangar and runs into his old gang.  The little morons want to
steal the whole damn flagship, although they claim they're simply worried
about Judou.  Your dudes begin to wonder if the whole thing wasn't just a big
piece of disinformation, but you and Usso are sure the GP-02 is around
somewhere.  You find it on the dark side of Konpei - in the opposite direction
of where you are.  Since the GP-01Fb is the fastest, Kou gets sent ahead to
try to stop Gatou - you go too.  Gatou is there with Kalius at his side,
although Gatou says that this is far enough and to retreat.  Gatou then makes
some noble speech about how he mustn't waste all the deaths of the Jion 
soldiers and how he's back to Solomon at last.  At which point he blasts
the group of battleships gathered on the map with his nuclear map weapon.
You two show up just too late, and you are beset by the souls of all those
who died in the blast.  Kou then rushes on ahead and engages Gatou in a battle
of warrior spirit!  Kou tells Gatou that while he may be satisfied, you all
from whom he stole the GP-02 can't rest until you get it back.  He says he
understands this, but tells Kou that you've just become a gear in the great
war machine and that someone like that couldn't understand the peril the
Earth faces.

  On round two, Gremy appears and compliments the nuke's destructive power.
  He tells Gatou to meet up with General Dozul who's heading this way to 
  help take over Solomon.  The vast amount of goons he has will make killing
  Gatou tough.  However the rest of your people show up on round 3; they're
  all shocked at the destruction and Nina wonders why Kou and Gatou have to
  fight each other.

  Defeating Gatou is worth a Skill Point.  Hope Kou's got Nekketsu and an
  upgraded main gun on his GP01... If you succeed, Gatou says that he's still
  won today and that he's renewed Solomon as a place of Jion glory.  Gatou
  is also worth an Anti-Beam Coating.

In any event, your people all have to flee before Dozul arrives.  You make
it, but Konpei is back to being Jion's mobile base Solomon.  Gomez tells
Burning to tell all the pilots good job and to get some rest.  Brecks
contacts you and tells you you did well, despite Nyung's protest that your
group wasn't able to stop the GP-02.  The next Jion objective is surely the
theft of the ASS-1...and they're already working on that operation now, by
stealing a colony from Side 4 and dropping it onto South Atalia!  Of course,
that might end up wrecking the ASS-1; Brecks doubts Giren Zabi came up with
this one and is worried that it might be more Jion disinformation.  He asks
you to head to Side 4 and see whether the rumor is true.  Mora has to work
to convince an angsting Kou to get out of the cockpit, telling him that 
something's wrong with Nina and not just that it's because the GP-02 she made
fired the nuke.

Judou goes back to berating the gang for sneaking aboard the ship.  He tells
them it's ultra-dangerous here and to get off at Side 4.  The rest of the
gang is shocked that Jion would use nukes and tells Beecher to quit his plan
to hand the Lean Horse Jr. over to them.  Meanwhile Kou finds Nina and hears
her say that everything's over now because of the accident caused by the
Gundam she built.  She wants to go back to Earth and take Kou with her, but
Kou says that the Lond Bel will probably have to fight the Arrowgaters and
that the plans of Gatou and his people aren't over yet.  Nina tells him not
to mention Gatou and that Kou wasn't originally part of the Lond Bel.  Kou
says that his fight won't even be over if Gatou is gone, and that he's heard
from Emily of the GP-03.  Nina tells him that if he goes in deeper he won't
be able to forget the fighting even if he wants to - that she's scared of
that happening to him.  She just wants to forget this whole mess...  Go to

SB24. VORUTESU Saishi Kaisei ("Voltes, Death and Resurrection")

At the Campbell Army hideout, Oreana is inquiring about the appearance of
another Combattler V-like robot in Japan.  Garuda is complaining about how
the Empire reneged on its promise to let this group handle the battle and
instead sent in their own rookies to get slaughtered by Voltes V.  Oreana 
says that if they don't eliminate Combattler V soon their position within the
army will be emperiled - Garuda's men are already working on figuring out how
Ultramagnetic Energy works.  Do-Zhul shows up, who Miia was unable to stop
due to his special status in the military.  He claims to have a plan that 
will enable Oreana and her son Garuda to eliminate the V's, information
extracted from a certain prisoner of his.  He says that Ultramagnetic Energy
comes from magnetons conducted by the "crown coils", which are outfitted on
machine #1 in each robot; the others are only able to combine because of this.
Though defeated last time, it was proven that disrupting this apparatus is
possible, and now Do-Zhul plans to fight Ultramagnetic Energy with more of the
same.  Apparently Oreana had been planning this too.  Garuda demands that
Do-Zhul give them the Anti-Ultramagnetic Energy generator, but Oreana tells
him to wait.  She tells Do-Zhul that she's only helping him because her mother
planet is being held hostage, and distrusts Do-Zhul just handing them such
information.  She doesn't think that he's really a legitimate army person.
His identity revealed, he requests an alliance with Oreana: his true
objective is to get rid of Hainel at the secret order of Zu Zanbajil from
the Boazan Court.  Oreana can't trust him right away, since he might just
be sent to test their loyalty to the army - he says in that case, just report
it to the army at which point he'll probably be executed.  Oreana ponders
a bit and requests that Do-Zhul prove he can defeat the V's as proof of the
alliance - and then they can talk.

Back at Big Falcon, the scientists are wondering what to do now that the
bad guys seem to know the weak point of the V's.  With Yotsuya's help, they're
working on countermeasures, including a new kind of Ultramagnetic Energy
generator.  It seems that Oomiya's operation was a success and that Hyouma
is recovering well.  Mitsuyo then discusses how the Voltes team still needs
more training and that she's going to begin another round in 30 minutes.

Hyouma tells Oomiya that his arms are doing great and that he is ready to
pilot again.  Chizuru tells Hyouma not to push it, and he wonders if she's
_only_ worried about him as the main pilot.  Yotsuya then shows up and asks
Oomiya to take a look at the Ultramagecon that they're working on.  Knowing
that the bad guys have figured out V's weak point, Hyouma wants to go and
do something, but Chizuru tells him that pushing it at this point won't 
accomplish anything and that their machines aren't yet ready.  Oomiya makes
a very helpful suggestion to the scientists, impressing Kosaku.  At this
point you can either prioritize outfitting the Battlejet or the Battlecruiser.

  Prioritizing the Battlejet is worth a Skill Point.

Back at the hideout, Jungle is wondering where Do-Zhul went.  He claims he
was testing new soliders - apparently Hainel has been waiting for him.  He
pales visibily at the thought that his plans are discovered, but manages to
pass it off as nothing.  Hainel is in a bad mood and demands to know what
Do-Zhul is doing about the V's.  Kazarine tells him that another failure will
be impermissible.  Do-Zhul mentions the Anti-UME beam, and says he has another
psychologically-based plan to deal with the Voltes team: love!  Hainel notes
that while humans are lower lifeforms that lack horns, they have enough 
culture that worries about love are conceivable in them.  The plan is to
posit Kentarou as a traitor against his wife and sons.  Actually, he's going
to use a cyborg he made that merely looks like Kentarou.

Time for Voltes team to do training.  Hiyoshi is still a bit slow, and Ippei
bitches about having a kid in the cockpit, rather insultingly at that. 
Ken'ichi and the others stick up for him, but here come the bad guys.  They
try to combine, and Do-Zhul springs his scheme.  Voltes V gets broken up, and
before they can recombine Ken'ichi's machine gets blasted.  Hamaguchi
realizes that the bad guys have anti-UME weapons.  Ken'ichi intends to fight
by himself if he has to but the rest of the team recommends retreating.
Hamaguchi has summoned help and says that the Volt Machines just have to buy
time.  But anticipating this, Do-Zhul springs phase two!  The fake father
says fighting the bad guys is useless and that he came to pick them up.  Do-
Zhul threatens to kill Kentarou if the Earthlings fight back.

  There is ongoing confusion over the fake Kentarou.  Hamaguchi's plan is to
  entrust things to the Combattler Team as soon as they're ready to launch.
  Lots of your people show up on turn 3, and immediately ask for proof that
  it's the _real_ Kentarou.  Do-Zhul gets more and more nervous and his ruse
  is found out by all your ESPers.  As Do-Zhul presents "Kentarou" for
  inspection, Akira scans and confirms that it's not a human.  It seems 
  Hamaguchi asked them to check Kentarou's authenticity before they got here -
  he was certain that the real Kentarou would never sell out his comrades.
  Out then comes Combattler.

  Offing Do-Zhul is worth a High Power Targeting Device.

After the battle, Hamaguchi tells Ken'ichi that it really does appear that
his father is being held by the aliens.  Ken'ichi and the others take new
resolve to protect the Earth and eventually save their father.  
Congratulations to everyone who helped bring about victory.  Robert says
he's glad to help out and tells Hyouma not to make Chizuru worry (he's
figured out that they're in love).  The next phase is for all the scientists
here to contact the Nangen Connection and work on powerups for both machines.

Meanwhile, Do-Zhul reports to a very unhappy Hainel that his plan failed.
Just then a transmission arrives from the Helmoze: it's Rebi, who notes that 
Hainel has failed repeatedly just like Garuda.  Hainel doesn't try to make
excuses, but Rebi tells him to take his forces and return to the Helmoze.  It
seems this is an order from the august Raodekia Judekka Gottso [^^;;;;],
supreme commander of the battleship forces.  Hainel is willing to heed, which
reassures Rebi - who thought that maybe Hainel had gone and formed an 
alliance with the Campbellians or something.  Hainel is revolted at the very
thought, and very pissed that a little girl is ordering him around.  At least
his objective seems to be the eventual freeing of his people - a noble 
enough goal.  Hainel orders Do-Zhul to take out the V's while he's gone.
Do-Zhul realizes that things will go easier with the Campbellians while he's
gone.  Go to SB25.

SE24. OORA ROODO ("Aura Road")

Burn is explaining the plan to capture the Argama to his men.  Surfacer 
Jeril is a bit upset she and Aren are being kept in the second unit despite
the importance of the mission.  Burn tells her it's becaue of his pride: he
can't go around relying on the Surfacedwellers for ever.  Jeril tells him 
that that pride is why Shou keeps kicking his ass and that he should use
Jeril and Aren who'll make him win.  Galeria doesn't take kindly to this,
although Jeril notes that Galeria is probably the one most pissed at being
put into the second squad.  After some verbal sparring, Galeria reminds Burn
that the second squad will act if necessary.

Bright is getting antsy since Amuro hasn't contacted them yet, but Quatro
says that it's probably just because this isn't the Surface and that 
transmissions probably work differently.  Quatro then has something to 
discuss in private with Bright: he's worried about Ingram.  Bright says that
he's a gifted pilot and a very skilled head researcher, but... there's many
mysteries about the SRX Project and even _more_ surrounding him himself.
Quatro had tried secretly running a background check, but all records before
two years ago are gone.  Duo had said that he had returned from Jupiter...
could he be a Jupiterian spy?!  Quatro says that that's a real possibility,
although he's never done anything unprofitable for you.  What he's worried
about is his actions aboard Drake's ship: it looks like he's quite interested 
in Aura Power.  But Ingram always prioritizes the SRX Project, as when the
Psybuster appeared...something must be going on.  Quatro says that all
that's really clear is that you can't let down your guard around him, 
especially since his true objective is unknown...however, there is something
similar about your machine, the R-series, and the Aura machines: the fact
that they draw upon human life force.  Quatro thinks Ingram has some sort of
plan hinging on using their life energy, and that hanging with the Lond Bel
is a good way to further it.  Just then, the engine repairs are done and
Bright tells Quatro he'll keep their conversation in confidence.

It's time for a change of the guards.  Daisaku and Ginrei report no changes,
but no Amuro either.  Emma notes that just waiting is rough.  Kris is a bit
pessimistic about beign able to return to the surface, but Daisaku is 
positive.  Just then, Drake's forces attack.

  Reinforcements show up on turn 2.  Burn swears revenge on Shou, and Cham
  gets some very bad feeling, much worse than the threat posed by Burn.  On
  round 3.5, the second wave show up.  Aren, Fei, and Jeril aren't impressed
  with how badly Burn sucks.  Jeril says Galeria has split off to get rid of
  Shou so Burn's defeat won't be so bad.  On round 4, something scares Cham
  badly - it's Galeria.  She goes over to Shou and feels her Aura Power
  expanding infinitely.  The rest of your psychic-esque dudes feel some
  amazing power building up over there.  All the Aura Battlers start shining.
  Galeria is bent on bloodlust, and Amuro realizes the Aura Road is opening.
  Ingram thinks that if the Aura Battlers are thus brought to the Surface,
  the conflict there will spread even farther, and maybe then "they" can be
  beaten.  Shou keeps telling Galeria to stop lest Biston Well expell them,
  but she's to crazed to listen.  Everything is then absorbed by light.

  Every "boss" you kill is worth a Skill Point.  Burn is worth an Apogee

After the battle, go to SE25.

SS25. KUROSUBOONU BANGAADO ("Crossbone Vanguard")

You reach Side 4 but find only colonies in their prescribed orbits.  Judou
thinks he saw an explosion from Frontier Side, and the Shrike Squad thinks
they saw it too.  Then comes a distress signal from that direction, and
your ship races off to the rescue.  Cecily is watching a battle in the brewing
and hears a ringing in her ears as though the earring her mother had left her
is speaking to her... Seabook is with her and notes that the two groups of
mecha are duking it out; he resolves not to get killed just cause it's
convenient for the adults.  Billgeet is wondering who the hell his opponents
are since they're not from Neo-Jion - he says at this rate, not just the 
SNRI ("Sanari") lab but the entire colony will get overwhelmed.  It's the
Crossbone Vanguard, and Dorel notes that the Federation Army is so weak that
there was no need for them to join forces with Neo-Jion.  They're looking
for someone named Vera Rona, but Zabiine takes a little time to find her...
inside the SNRI lab where sources say a new mobile suit is being developed.
This isn't good for Cecily and Seabook who happen to be hiding there.  It
seems that Cecily is "Vera" and recognizes Dorel Rona.  Cecily asks why he's
here and he says he's just carrying out his grandfather's orders.  Dorel
finds out that Seabook is a classmate of Cecily's and tells him to come along
with them for his own safety (Seabook is not thrilled).  Cecily finally 
accedes and tells Seabook not to worry - he's worried plenty about her going
away with a bunch of soldiers who attacked the colony they live in.  She
thinks to herself that if she doesn't his life will be in danger.  She leaves
and Seabook thinks it's almost like a kidnapping.  Dorel plans to pull out
as soon as things settle down, but Seabook is just getting acquainted with
the conveniently located Formula 91 Gundam...

  Watch as the Crossbone forces maul the lame Federation Troops.  Once the
  F91 emerges, Bilgeet is flabbergaasted that Seabook could pilot it without
  any advance preparation.

  Attack Dorel with Seabook for a Skill Point.  You have to do it immediately
  before he leaves with Cecily.

  Seabook will ask Zabiine if the only reason they attacked the colony was
  to get Cecily; she says of course not but won't tell you what her other
  reasons are.  She does say however that Cecily is the Queen of the Crossbone
  Vanguard.  On round 3, Zechs and Noin show up; they figure with this few
  troops they can't be planning to drop _this_ colony on South Atalia.  Zechs
  decides to see just how firm the resolve of this group and their Cosmo
  Nobility Principle is.  [For those of you who've seen the horror that is
  the F91 movie, get ready for the incomprehensible stuff to start now...] 
  On the enemy turn, Jion reinforcements arrive.  Zabiine figures they're
  here to see how good they are, and the Jion commander Iria's assesment isn't
  all that high.  Iria has heard that the Crossbone Vanguard's leader "Steel
  Mask" has been dealing with the Jupiterians under the table and isn't to
  be trusted.

  Your people show on on the next turn: right next to the Jion forces.  Zechs
  will pull out at that point.

  Defeat Iria for a Biosensor.  There's also a High Power Radar in the works

After the battle, Nyung tells Gomez of another Jion force heading towards
Frontier Side: the forceful oppression of the people is just a matter of time.
Your people figure the F91 is a keeper and ask Seabook to join up with the
Lean Horse Jr.  Seabook then tells his story to Nyung and Gomez, who figure
out that the Crossbone were out to recover their queen.  The Cosmo Nobility
Principle states that the Rona Family were chosen to rule (or something). 
Your people figure that Seabook must be "special" like Camille and Usso, and
offer him the chance to be the F91's pilot.  Seabook remembers his family 
still in the colonies, but realizes that he'd just cause them trouble if he,
having fought the Crossbone, went back to them; he takes the assignment.

Meanwhile, Judou's former gang is just figuring out that Jion intends to
take over all the colonies.  Beecher also _finally_ figures out that he was
moronic for thinking of selling your battleship to the enemy - Riina reminds
him that she said as much from the start.  You and Seabook are just walking
past discussing all the young pilot aboard when the gang's secret is out.
Seabook asks the captain to let them off at a safe colony, but of course
such a thing no longer exists.  The gang says they want to stay with Judou
and you agree, saying that he can protect them with his power.  Gomez gives
them permission, saying one or two more kids won't matter now - however he
forces them to help out with all the custodial and cooking duties.  Luckily,
you finally find Henken and prepare to take on new provisions.

Meanwhile, Bilgeet is bitching about how the normal army lacks good mobile
suits while something little better than a guerilla unit has a whole slew of
the latest and greatest (he got picked up by your forces).  Usso and 
Camille pour over the specs to the new Victory-2 Gundam (with built in
Minovsky Drive!)  You then find out that Bilgeet used to be one of Monsha's
subordinates in his old unit.  It seems that when you go back to Earth to
rejoin the other Lond Bel, the Shrike Squad will stay in space; they say a
fond farewell to Usso and tell him to treat Shakti with care. 

Henken agrees with your plan to return to earth and says that that's what
Brecks is doing now that Jion is taking over the colonies: sending his
forces to rendezvous with the Kalaba and reformulate a counter to the Titan/
Jion threat.  Henken wants you to rendezvous with the Argama (it's been
found again) when you go; it's currently taking the three EVAs to South
Atalia under NERV's orders.  You should now have the V2, as well as the
White Arc replenishment fighter.  Go to SS26.

SB25. SHAAKIN Akuma no Tatakai ("The Battle of the Demon Sharkin")

Sharkin is begging Barao for forgiveness, which is not very forthcoming until
Belostan intervenes (getting minorly zapped too).  He says that if Sharkin
will stake his life on one last attempt to eliminate Reideen all will be
well - and Barao apparently agrees.  Time for Sharkin to try to exact revenge
on Hibiki Akira!  Gorgon is skeptical that the Fossil Beasts of the Youma
Kingdom will be enough to defeat Reideen, and after introducing himself 
explains that with all of Reideen's comrades it's gotten much harder to defeat.
Sharkin finds this persuasive, especially considering that the Mikayne 
Empire hasn't had any more success at invading Japan than he has.  Gorgon
offers to lend Sharkin some extra troops, in return for some help in 
eliminating Mazinger Z.  Gorgon smirks to himself, thinking that at least
this will buy him some time.

Meanwhile, Akira is getting congratulated by the folks back at Mutropolis.
Given that the Argama is still missing, Akira is going to be holding the
fort - he says that he can't rest easy until the Argama comes back and that
he's worried about why Sharkin has been so quiet all this time.  Meanwhile,
Sarumaru is working on a way to interface with Reideen's memory device
(which has been in operation for 12,000 years...)  Everyone wants to try to
find out more about Reideen's past and about the prophecy that Reideen told
Akira.  Sarumaru wish they could get assistance from the ravishing (and smart!)
Prof. Yasunishi...  And suddenly they catch a secret broadcast from the
Youma Empire!  It's Sharkin, who tells Akira it's time for the final battle 
between them.  He requests a duel and says that if Akira refuses his men 
who are already on their way to Tokyo will turn the place into a sea of fire.
Akira goes to face the challenge, even if it is a trap, and Kamamiyadera has
Sarumaru contact Kouji and the others too.  Mari doesn't try to stop Akira,
but pleads with him to come back alive.

At the battlefield, your people notice some of the Battle Beasts and realize
that the Youma and Mikayne Empires have joined forces.  Just then Great
Mazinger shows up, saying he's been waiting for the return of the Battle
Beasts.  Tetsuya tells Akira to leave the Battle Beasts to him and 
concentrate on his duel with Sharkin.

  On round three, many more of your people show up.  Kouji wants to chat 
  with Great Mazinger's pilot, but Tetsuya tells him to worry about the
  enemy first.  On round 3.5, Wufei shows up and notes that much of the Lond
  Bel is still left despite the Argama's disappearance.  You try telling him
  that you have no reason to fight with him, and he says that the fact you're
  in league with the DC is reason enough, since the EOT-monopolizing DC will
  eventually emperil the colonies.  He demands some sort of guarantee that
  the Lond Bel/DC won't become like the Titans and Oz.  If you fight him with
  your character, he won't hear your claim that you don't seek domination, 
  and says that he'll decide whether you're in the wrong or not.

  After you defeat Sharkin's Fossil Beast, he says he'll have to fight you in
  person.  He comes back as a big heinous beastie.  Once you kill him he 
  says that even if he dies his kingdom will live on and wishes glory to Barao.
  Akira complements him and wishes they had been on the same side.  He gives
  you a Repair Kit S.  Tetsuya and Jun pull out, saying that once their 
  current mission is over they'll fight with the Lond Bel and explain 
  everything then.

  JUST at that point, the Argama and some Aura Battlers materialize out of
  nowhere.  Shou is piloting one of them, and had just been in the middle of
  a fight with Galeria... he realizes that he's come back to the surface, in
  Tokyo.  Insert lots of everyone realizing everyone else is back.  Cham
  figures that the combined Aura power of Galeria and Shou opened an Aura 
  Road to the surface.

  You can Convince her with Shou - this is important to getting her to join
  you later.  Shou keeps telling her that she can't win on her own, but she
  says if she can just finish him off her work is done.  But Shou reminds her
  that fighting where Drake won't hear of it is meaningless.

Insert debriefing about how the Argama has been to Biston Well, got mixed up
with the nefarious Drake, etc. (See SS26 for details).  Cham adds that people
with especially strong Aura Power are called Holy Knights.  Ryuusei asks
Kouji if he isn't startled seeing a fairy, and Kouji responds that with all
the other stuff he's seen it's no big deal.  Shou tells Bright that he wants
to find a way home, since if left alone Drake and his Aura Battlers will
destroy Biston Well.  Cham asks if Shou doesn't want to go home, and he says
that his parents would't believe him anyway and they're probably glad that 
he's gone.  Bright says that the Lond Bel have to return to their original
mission, but that the Biston Wellians are more than welcome to stay aboard.

Ryuusei welcomes Rai, although Rai says that he'd have preferred to stay
separate because he always gets into trouble around Ryuusei.  Insert Rai/
Ingram/Ryuusei bit about reduced Tronium Engine output and training from SS26.
Also insert you asking whether it was coincidence about her piloting and 
condolences for your SO.  You then get a directive to return to NERV HQ
at once, and an emergency message from Igor from the Far East base.  You
learn of the nuking of Konpei and the virtual takeover by Neo-Jion.  The
Titans, who probably knew of the whole incident, suffered no losses - now all
both sides have to do is invade South Atalia.  Moreover, Neo Jion has been
using the Crossbone Vanguard to oppress the colonies - and that a small
colony has been stolen.  Colony drop time...if it's not just disinformation.
It could all just be a plot of the Jupiterians too - and the balance of 
power of the three militaries revolves around South Atalia.  Anways, off to
NERV you go.  Go to SBE26.

SE25. Toukyou Joukuu ("Above Tokyo")

Your crew find themselves back on Earth, all apparently normal.  There is no
trace of Shou or the others, who Bright thought must have come too.  Ingram
thinks to himself that probably all the vehicles in the battle must have come.
You wish that you could have popped out at South Atalia instead of the Japan
Sea.  Just then you detect small unknown machines fighting above Shinjuku:
must be the Aura Battlers.  Quatro persuades you to head there forthwith.

Cham asks Shou where they've come to, with all the square stone castles all
around.  He tells her it's the Surface and that the Argama must be near.  He
then contacts Galeria, and tells her they're on the Surface and that they
mustn't fight in this residential area.  She isn't prepared to believe Shou
at all and attacks him.  Shou insists on not fighting here and says that
their combined Aura power probably triggered the Aura Road opening.

  If you want to recruit her later, Persuade her now.  He reminds her that
  defeating him where Drake won't see is meaningless.  Just then, a bunch of
  bad guys show up, scaring Cham.  Galeria thinks it's just more tricks, but
  Shou tries to tell her they're his enemies too.  More or less, it's Ashura
  and Brocken here to get their asses kicked some more.  Brocken places a 
  bet with Ashura of which of them can destroy more of the city until the Lond
  Bel shows up.  Whichever side wins (the Iron Cross Army or the Iron Mask
  Army) will be the top brigade of Hell's forces.  Ashura accepts and orders
  her Genocider F9's to attack the Aura Battlers.  Cham volunteers to help
  Shou fend off the bad guys.  Shou asks Galeria if she can't feel the evil
  Aura from those machines and if she can at least postpone their duel until
  the bad guys are defeated.  But Galeria, whining about she's from Biston
  Well, vanishes.  Just then Marvel, Nii, and Keen show up and volunteer to
  help too.

  On round 2, the Lond Bel shows up, giving Brocken a major shock.  Oddly
  enough, there's also _Mio_, spectating on the battle from right next to the
  R-1's leg.  Ryuusei wonders aloud (through the PA system evidently) who
  the cute girl down there is, and Mio says such old-fashioned flattery won't
  work on her.  He says that's not the point and to go somewhere safe: he's
  letting her into the cockpit.  She says he's better looking than she 
  thought but that such forceful invitations won't work on her.  He gets
  indignant but she's just joking and promises to run off somewhere safe.
  She then tells the audience of the game that this is just a special cameo.
  [^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;]  But she suspects she'll be seeing
  "you" again sometime, somewhere....

  Next round, the super robot crew shows up.  Insert reunion speech, Kouji
  wondering where the hell you were, and Ryuusei wondering why the hell you
  got all those new robots and combined lots of them while was gone - he 
  tells Kouji that he'd better have it all on tape!  [Kouji doesn't - Ryuusei
  is crushed].  A couple rounds later, Gorgon and his goons show up too.
  A couple rounds after _that_ Trowa and Quatre show up.  Quatre notes that
  Trowa's machine resembles the Sandrock and thinks that the Titans, Jion, Oz,
  and the Lond Bel keep getting more powerful, soon to victimize the powerless
  colonies.  Quatre asks Trowa who he is and what he wants, Trowa just goes
  and makes an entry in his log.  Quatre decides to fight alone, although he
  fears he might lose.

  Brocken is worth a Propellant Tank.  Ashura is worth a Hybrid Armor.  Trowa
  is worth a High-Power Radar.  Quatre is worth an Anti-Beam Coating. 

After the battle, Bright explains the whole Biston Well thing.  Insert your
dudes not being all that startled.  See SB24 for Shou's decision to help out
on the Surface until a way is found to return to Biston Well.  Insert 
explanation of what the super robots were doing in the meantime.  The report
of Shapiro's treachery surprises Ingram, especially the attack on the Special
Neurology Lab - and you notice his surprise.  Add more explanation of the
Mikayne Empire, and Great Mazinger (Ryuusei is stoked).  Add explanation of
the whole Combattler/Voltes thing.  Hyouma gets chided for butting in all the
time, and he says all robot teams have to have someone like that (Bright
agrees ^^;;;;;;;;;)  Add Rai/Ryuusei/Ingram conversation from SS26.

Bright then congratulates Akira on settling the score with the Youma Empire -
Akira says Sharkin is downed by that the empire is still alive and well.  See
SB24 for the NERV/Igor message you get next.  Go to SBE26.

SS26. Umi Kara no Marebito ("Oddity from the Sea")

On the Argama, Torres is telling Bright that the Lean Horse Jr. should be
arriving shortly - no interference with their landing is expected.  Your
people look forward to the new mobile suits they were supposed to have picked
up and are thankful they picked up EVA-02 okay.  Now if you can only make it
to South Atalia unmolested... Evidently the Argama has been gathering many
machines, including Voltes-V and Shou in the Dunbine(!!!)  What it boils down
to is that you need a larger ship.  Meanwhile, Kouji and Ryuusei are 
admiring EVA-02 and feeling happy to be alive for such an influx of new mecha.
Given how EVA-00 is yellow and -01 is purple, the appearance of red -02 means
according to Ryuusei that all they need is a green and a pink one to be a 
true team of heros!  Ryuusei goes on that it looks like all the EVAs made so
far seem to be in the same class.  Just then Asuka shows up and tells him 
he's wrong: EVA-02 is the first "real" production EVA unlike the prototype -00
and -01.  Asuka then makes fun of Mazinger Z and pisses Ryuusei off before
finding out that Shinji is the Third Children.  But then something attacks:
something underwater that moves _fast_.  It's an Angel, and Asuka seizes
the chance to show off her talents.  Everyone gets ready for battle, and
Cham and Shou discuss how the Angel is not a creature of the Surface.  As
your other people ponder, Asuka (who's forced Shinji to ride with her; he's
not totally thrilled) says it's her turn.

  Defeat the Angel with Asuka in three turns for a Skill Point.  You should
  be able to do it easily in two.

  More enemies show up, lead by Captain Gufga who Amuro recognizes.  Bernie
  Wiseman is among them, who resolves to shoot down at least one Gundam so
  he'll be accepted as more than just a rookie.  Your dudes show up on the
  next round to wreak even more havoc.

  Have Chris take out Bernie as a step toward recruiting him later.  He'll
  give you a Repair Kit.

  There's also a Propellant Tank.  Plus, if you fight Rafu, you fight Ral
  with Dancougar, you tell him you're paying him back for what happened at
  Trinton: he gives you a Hybrid Armor.

After the battle, Ingram is amazed that the three EVAs are really with your
group; however, he realizes that the Angel just now was not after them but
rather something else.  Akagi runs into him and thanks him for his help
during the Yashima Operation.  He says he's interested in the EVAs since
even the Arrowgaters can't make weapons that dangerous.  Ingram then meets
Kaji, who's been secretly ordered by Gendou to keep an eye on Ingram.  You
then learn that the Argama actually _went_ to Biston Well, summoned by 
someone named Drake.  He has been summoning many people from the surface to
make them Aura Battler pilots; it seems Surfacedwellers have stronger Auras.
If Drake found out how things stand on the Surface he'd probably want to
rule it too...  Ingram and the other SRX pilots discuss how their Tronium
Engines are underpowered and they have to make up for it with their own
skill - all except for Ryuusei's R-1 which uses a fusion engine just like the
Gundams.  Ingram then says that "plus parts" to power up the R-series 
machines are in final checks at DC HQ, but only for the R-2 and R-3.  Once
the R-3's T-Link checks out, a certain something will become possible - 
Ryuusei has to train all the time until they get to South Atalia, and Rai will
watch him to make sure he doesn't fall asleep or something; he says that if
Ryuusei's TK level is too low all their lives will be in danger.

You then ask Ingram if he planned for you to ride the Grungast, and he says
it happened by coincidence.  He offers you condolences about your SO, which
he says he knows about because anyone can look that sort of thing up.  You
still have some sort of headache around him, realizing that he's still hiding
something in some dark corner of his heart.  Ingram thinks to himself that you
should doubt him, you should harbor animosity toward him...which will cause
you to...something. [^^;;;;]

To haul around your whole crew, you borrow the Lean Horse Jr. from Gomez, who
heads to Hong Kong with Olifar and the others of the Shrike Squad to follow
Breck's orders to contact the othe Kalaba.  Fond farewells for Usso, and then
Cham starts playing baby sitter.  Given all the kids, Riina thinks they should
hold school sessions, which Judou doesn't really want to hear.  Asuka offers
to teach (after all, she did attend German college at age 14), and in the
process Kaji and Misato meet each other.  Refer to EVA T.V. series for how
well they get along at first (hint: not well) and Asuka finds out that Shinji's
the one who piloted Unit-01 with no prior experience.

However, something terrible has happened, and Nii calls Shou up to the 
bridge.  But you don't get to find out what until next mission.  Go to S27.

SBE26. Kurenai EVANGERION ("The Scarlet Evangelion")

Gendou is talking on the phone, saying that "that" problem has already been
taken up with the Committee, and that a certain piece of luggage is afloat on
the Indian Ocean and should reach South Atalia in two days.  He tells
whoever it is (it is Kaji) to watch over a certain sample and keep an eye on
Ingram.  Bright then comes, and Gendou transfers EVA-00 and -01 and all
necessary support personell to the Lond Bel.  Bright then goes off to 
rendezvous with EVA-02 and take her to South Atalia.  Fuyutsuki wonders if 
they'll really be able to lure the Angels away - Gendou says that's what
EVA-01 and -02 are for.

Insert introductions by the EVA "staff" and pilots.  Misato is surprised that
Bright isn't surprised to be introduced to the EVA pilots due to their
tender years.  Amuro tells her that there's lots of pilots in the Lond Bel
not yet 15.  He adds that they've got some grade-schoolers and a fairy girl
from another world.  Misato is rather dumbfounded and thinks that the Lond
Bel are even weirder than she'd imagined.  Ritsuko just thinks that it's
bizarre.  All the formalities out of the way, the Argama sets forth.

Your dudes question Shinji as to whether his unit is really a robot.  He
says he's heard it's an artificial human, but doesn't know too much.  As your
dudes argue over this revelation, Rei excuses herself.  Shinji explains that
she's unsociable toward everyone and rarely says a word - although Kouji
points out to Shinji that she spoke to him (rare!  ooh).  Hyouma asks what
the Angels are, and when Shinji has to say he doesn't know he starts worrying
whether he'll be able to get along with all these folks.  Ryou notes Shinji's
worrying and tells everyone to lay off and thanks him for his bravery during
the Yashima Operation.  Shinji thinks that it's been a long time since 
someone praised him, and smiles.

Burning then contacts you and fills you in on the goings on in space.  Kris
asks if Neo-Jion has gone after Side 6, but it seems they haven't yet (she's
from Side 6...)  Burning then says that they've acquired the ZZ, V2, and F91
and plans a rendezvous.  Given that the meeting point is off course, you can
either meet the EVA-02 first or meet the Lean Horse Jr. first.

  The former is worth a Skill Point.

Assuming you do the former, Ritsuko handles the EVA transfer while Misato 
goes to say hi to Second Children.  Your dudes are surprised that EVA-02 is
red and Ryuusei says that if it had a horn like -01 it'd look like Char's
Zak.  You observe then that if Quatro got into it, it'd be the literal Red
Comet.  This startles the others, who say you make it sound as though Quatro
is actually Char - you don't know yourself why you said it.  Actually, if
the EVA was green it would look like a regular Zak.  See SS26 for Asuka's
rebuttle and introduction (and Ryuusei getting upset).

See SS26 for the setup for this battle with the Angel.

  Kill the Angel with Asuka in under three turns for a Skill Point.  After
  it's gone or at three turns, Ral's batallion shows up.  Bernie is worried
  about being seen as a rookie - ice him with Kris so you can recruit him
  later.  On the next round the Gundam brigade shows up from the Lean Horse

  Bernie's worth a Repair Kit.  Lar is worth a Hybrid Armor - there are
  Propellant tanks in some of his subordinates in the Zamels.

After the battle Ingram is surprised that all three EVAs were sent here.  But
he also realizes that just that won't lure the Angels...there's something
else.  He then runs into Akagi, who he remembers from an EOT conference once.
He says he's interested in the EVAs since even the Arrowgaters can't make
weapons this dangerous.  Insert the whole Kaji intro scene from SS26, plus
the Lean Horse Jr. handover scene, plus the lots-of-kids/Cham-babysitting 
scene.  And finally, go to the bridge to see the terrible thing that happened!
Go to S27.

S27. MASHIN Tenkai ("Machine Deployment")

Bright shows you four sattelite photos, taken roughly the same time: it's an
Aura Battleship.  It moves without a Minovsky Craft - Ritsuko says that the
Biston Well tech is definitely something to be respected.  Among the four,
two are the Gran Galan and the Will Wips - the other two are probably the
Goraon and King Bishot's recently built Gaea Galing.  It looks like it wasn't
just Shou and the crew who were brought over via the Aura Road - Amuro
wonders if Shiela's prediction of Biston Well expelling the Aura Battlers
has come true, although it could be Jacoba or someone else entirely.  The
Will Wips is in the Bay of Mexico, the Gran Garan is at the Kermadik 
archipelago, the Goraon is on Easter Island, and the Gaea Galing is at the
Marquesas archipelago.  The latter three are located at the points of a
triangle surrounding South Atalia.  The closest is the Gaea Galing.  Just then,
word comes in that the Will Wips has started fighting the Titans - yet more
trouble for an already troubled Earth [and surely it's too much to ask for
the bad guys to take each other out].  Shou and Nii note that they can't
allow the Gaea Galing to meet up with the Will Wips, and that they need to
contact Shiela and Ere - Misato says that world war may be near.  You can
choose to keep schedule and go to South Atalia, or to head to Marquesas.

  The former is worth a Skill point.

Assuming you choose to stay on schedule, Shou asks permission to head to
Marquesas himself, and Ingram agrees and is given command of the detachment.
Meanwhile, Bishot is puzzling over the strange Aura Battler-like machines.
Luuza is with him and tells him that they must be machines from the Surface.
Bishot apologizes for mixing her and Rimru up in this mess.  At the same 
time, Masaki is wondering why the hell the enemy always attacks according to
the same pattern.  The cats berate him and tell him it's his fault that they
missed Japan and have made at least 10 circuits of the Earth.  Well, it was
20 the last time, so maybe there's hope ^^;;;  Kuro tells Masaki that even
being bad with directions has to stop somewhere.  In any case, Masaki figures
that the mysterious vessels intend to attack, although he can't figure out
where they're from.  One of the knights hails him as an Aura Battler and
demands identification - Masaki informs him that he ain't an Aura Battler.
He tells them that he doesn't have time to worry about them, but that if they
insist on picking a fight he'll take them on.  The Three Red Knights then
use a special move called "Tripler" (Masaki wonders if they meant to say
Black Trinary...), but it doesn't accomplish much.  The Knights are shocked 
and wonder if the spirits are somehow protecting the Psybuster.

  On round two Shiro worries about being overwhelmed by sheer numbers.  
  Bishot commands that the machine be captured unharmed if possible, for use
  in case he has to betray Drake.  On round three, you detect something
  approaching at high speed - it's your guys.  Ryuusei is so overcome by
  admiration for the Psybuster he can barely speak.  Masaki wonders why 
  Ingram knows his name and Shiro suggests maybe he heard from Shuu.  Masaki
  then thinks he's the enemy, and when Kuro tries to pacify him he says that
  he doesn't need help from anyone who's got dealings with Shuu.  Kuro then
  informs him that if he gets that hotheaded every time Shuu comes up, he'll
  never be able to save Ra-Gias, and that Ricardo won't be able to ascend(?)
  then.  Masaki realizes he can't repeat mistakes from his past and cools off
  a bit.  Ingram is glad Masaki listened to him, and procedes to try to
  contact the Gaea Galing.  He asks what Bishot's objective is, and says that
  if it's merely return to Biston Well that he should stand down immediately
  and prepare for discussion - and that failure to comply will cause them to
  be seen as enemies and attacked.  Bishot is a bit cowed, since he's heard 
  of the power of the Surfacedwellers who beat back Drake's forces.  However,
  Luuza the bitch tells him not to show any weakness and that if they can
  just rejoin the Will Wips taking over the Earth should be easy.  She then
  tells him that if a king doesn't have ambition, the soldiers won't follow
  him.  He then tells Ingram that unfortunately he can't accept his demands 
  and that they must fight.

  The Gaea Galing will leave if you do more than 50% of its hitpoints.
  Killing it is worth a Skill Point.  Actually killing this guy is a serious
  pain in the ass.  I recommend spending lots of money to power up the
  Bilvine's Hyper Aura Slash, and even then you may need a Critical hit...

  Dar is worth a Repair Kit.  Nyet is worth a Propellant Tank.  Galamity is
  worth a Chobham Armor.

After the battle, the cats recommend that Masaki follow Ingram's orders; 
he agrees and says that with them this low on Plana they're not likely to be
able to escape.  He agrees to "rest a bit" on your mothership.  Bright is a
bit depressed that a fight with the Biston Wellians seems inevitable, but
Misato and Burning say that there's still a chance that they'll listen to
reason.  Masaki is being questioned by Quatro and the others, and Amuro says
that he doesn't think he's an enemy.  Misato doesn't either since he's cute,
but Maya says that probably isn't relevant.

Seabook, Camille, and Shou are pondering the Psybuster and noting that it
seems more like an Aura Battler than a mobile suit.  Shou thinks that the
"wings" on its back may work like the Aura Combatter, which gathers Aura from
the atmosphere and converts it into power as well as amplifies the pilot's
Aura.  However, the Psybuster is clearly made from some metallic substance
not from Biston Well - it must be from yet _another_ world.  Ryuusei is more
interested in the EVAs' power source anyway.  They've got a plug coming out of
the back, but surely they don't run on electricity... actually, they do as
Ritsuko pops out of nowhere and tells your people.  Meanwhile, one of your
people accidentally steps on Kuro's tail, eliciting a very unhappy response:
and they talk to your people and explain that they're Masaki's familiars.
Ryuusei is not entirely impressed by their vanilla naming scheme (Kuro&Shiro
= "Black&White").  The cats then pass on a word of thanks since Masaki isn't
the sort to do so himself.  As the cats go off in search of Masaki, your
people are left rather stunned, although Ritsuko thinks they're cute.

Masaki is telling another group of your dudes how he came from Ra-Gias in
pursuit of Shuu.  He notes that you don't seem that surprised - Quatro tells
him that your people just got back from Biston Well themselves.  Having
heard that Shuu is still at the DC base in Tokyo, Masaki prepares to storm
off again, but Ingram tells him to stay put and that independent action during
such turbulent times is extremely dangerous.  Ingram then explains that your
people are deeply connected to the organization Shuu works for, and that
you're heading for DC HQ right now.  If Masaki stays with you, he'll meet
Shuu soon enough.  Masaki says he doesn't have time for that, but Ingram 
reminds him that he said that the last time, failed to get to Japan, and
ended up here.  Ingram then explains that both he and Shuu are members of
the anti-alien SRX Project, and that for the completion of the R-Series plan
Shuu may well come in person to South Atalia.  Masaki ponders this, and then
agrees to hang with you, which will also allow him to pay you back for saving
him.  Ingram feels smug for being able to research the Psybuster before Shuu
and the others.

The Aura Battlers are then angsting over what to do about the fact that Rimru
was on the Gaea Galing.  Nii is angsting that that ship has to be shot down
now that it's allied with Drake - he promises to save Rimru if at all possible
and Shou says he'll help.  Bright then grants permission for Masaki to join
(Quatro thinks it's best he stay here given the issue with Ingram) and says
that he got through to Shiela.  The Gran Garan and the Goraon will meet you
at South Atalia.

Meanwhile, the Titans get a transmission from Scirocco the Jupiterian. 
Jamitov is pissed that a colony was apparently stolen by Neo-Jion and says
that that wasn't in the treaty (although the stealing of Solomon was).  
Scirocco says that according to his investigations the news of the colony
theft is merely conflicting information.  Jamitov is worried about the colony
getting dropped on Jaburo, but Scirocco tells him that if Giren had any such
intentions Jaburo would be long since toast.  Scirocco suggests that with
Neo-Jion solidifying things in space now would be a great time to attack
South Atalia, but Jamitov tells him of the appearance of strange unknown
forces on Earth - that a whole batallion of Titans were killed fighting them.
Scirocco offers to send a batallion of Jupiterians to Earth, although Jamaican
says that it seems like some Jupiterians have already been mixed in with the
Jion forces that landed.  Scirocco explains that the Jupiterians are not one
monolithic organization.  Given the Lond Bel's actions with the EVAs and all,
Jamitov figures there's no choice but to join forces with Oz and get rid of
both the Lond Bel and Oz in one fell swoop.

Scirocco realizes that Jamitov is beginning to catch on, but is sure that
he doesn't know about Giren's plan to use a Jupiterian mass driver to wipe
out the SDF, and that that will be the wedge driven between the Titans and Neo-
Jion.  Just then Fara gets back, saying that while she had a difficult time
on Earth it was necessary for deceiving "them".  Katejina is with her, who
apparently enlisted out of love for the Jupiterian queen.  Scirocco tells her
she's got good eyes and that the future will be built by strong women like
her.  Scirocco tells Fara to take her Vespa squad and return to Jupiter, 
which strikes her as odd since phase one of Operation Crane hasn't yet 
finished on Earth.  Scirocco says it's Fonse Kagachi's orders and that "they"
have probably appeared within the solar system.  He says to use the Crossgate
Drive so that there'll be no time loss.  Scirocco himself plans to stay on
Jupiteris and keep an eye on things.  Go to S28.

S28. EOT no Shima ("The Island of EOT")

South Atalia is finally in sight.  It looks odd, like half of it got broken
off.  Misato notes that that's where the ASS-1 fell.  Now that ship is 
situated at the center of the city - a good kilometer long, such that Daisaku
thought it was a factory.  Amuro is rather taken aback at seeing once again
the thing that ended the One-Year War.  Sleggar starts reminiscing about
how back in those days Amuro was called the "Federation's White Comet", riding
in the Original Gundam.  You sight a bunch of aircraft at the airstrip that
are seemingly the SDF's anti-alien machines - little different from the 
ancient F-14.  Hayato wonders what about such machines actually embodies EOT,
and wonders further why EVA-02 has to be stationed here.  Ingram then takes
you and the SRX team to DC Headquarters.  Bright is going to take Quatro and
Misato and head to SDF HQ, and Amuro stays behind to oversee an overhaul of
all machines.

Commodore Gloval introduces himself to Bright and the others.  While the
pleasantries are underway, Claudia reminds Gloval that the bridge is a No-
Smoking area.  Misato says that they'll be testing the S-type armaments for
EVA-02 to make sure it's capable of space combat; Gloval says that all
matters concerning the EVAs are up to her and to use whatever facilities she
needs.  Quatro's ears perk up at this and wonders if EVA-02 is being sent to
space.  Gloval explains then that they are in the bridge of the ASS-1, which
has been reborn as the SDF-1 Macross thanks to the SDF and the DC.  He 
explains that not only is it a battleship to fight the aliens, it's an
"escape pod" for the Earth according to the Earth Escape Project.  Bright is
shocked and asked why such a plan was drafted.  Gloval explains that as the 
EOT began to be researched, the true scope of the Arrowgaters became clear
and that it was judged that Earth had no chance of winning - hence an escape
route from Earth was necessary.  Bright asks if therefore SDF is not actually
about fighting aliens at all but simply escaping, but before Gloval can
answer you get word of an Angel approaching.  Gloval is loathe to send out
the anti-Arrowgater Valkyries, so Misato says that her people will sortie.
Misa tells all Valkyrie squads to wait on alert (Claudia bets that Roy will
bitch about that one...)

Since all other machines are being overhaulded, only the EVAs are available
for a while.  Asuka wants to use the opportunity to show everyone how cool
she is, but Misato says that this isn't Tokyo-2 any more.  Asuka gloats over
how Rei is on backup, and gets smug when Shinji tries to stick up for her.

  Don't let the Angel land.  Kill it with Rei for a Skill Point.  Kill it
  with _Bright_ for two.  Either way, once dead it splits into two.  The
  umbilicals of EVA-01 and -02 are cut, so there's no choice but to have 
  them get recovered.  12 of your units dispatch, and take out the Angel.
  However, it's still alive albeit immobile.  Time to regroup.

The Angel is currently 26% recovered and will begin moving again in 5 days:
the same day as the Macross's dedication ceremony.  Shinobu recommends just
kicking its ass, but several people tell him that that's what you just did
to no effect.  Asuka and Shinji start quarreling over whose fault it is
the Angel is still around, and Misato worries that if she can't come up with
some way of getting rid of it her people won't have any standing left.

Treize is chatting with Gloval about how the Lond Bel didn't get rid of the
Angel.  Gloval says that since it's more dangerous than the Arrowgaters, this
is unavoidable and that they've still got time to straighten things out.  It
seems Treize has come in person to clear up the "misunderstanding" that Oz,
like the Titans, simply wants to get its hands on the EOT.  Further, he says
that he came here on his own, without the knowledge of the Romfellar
Corporation.  Treize wonders where DC commander Vian Zoldark is - Gloval says
that ever since he went to Jupiter a month ago he's been missing...along 
with his daughter Ryuune.  Therefore, Gloval is currently in command.  Seeing
that Gloval isn't convinced yet, Treize lays forth his thoughts.  He's 
opposed to the Earth Escape Project, since turning ones eyes from battle is
the way of the defeated.  Gloval responds that the SDF must not fight 
against anyone other than the aliens if at all possible.  Treize tells him
on his way out that info he's acquired says that Neo-Jion intends to use a
mass driver on the island...however, since Giren wants the Macross, it's
not thinkable that a regular mass would be used for the attack... Go to S29.

S29. Kokoro ni Nenjiru Mienai Yaiba ("A Blade Harbored Unseen Within the 

Kenzou is telling Aya that although the R-3 is finished, she probably can't
withstand combat with the SRX at her currently level of TK - nevertheless,
he has to send her.  Aya, his daughter, agrees to go and says that by 
piloting the R-3 she hopes to ascertain her reason for living.  And, so that 
the deaths of her sister Mai and her mother won't be in vain.

Meanwhile, you and the SRX people are discussing the Angel - you observe that
it's almost like their powers are evolving.  Ryuusei wishes he could have
gone out, but Rai tells him that the result would have been the same.  In
any case, the R-1 is being modified just like the R-2.  As is the Grungast
type 2, with something called the Kei-To-Shun-Gokken.  Anyways, Ryuusei
asks Rai if he's seen Aya, who supposedly came here with Banjou - he hasn't.
It seems that she's actually the _leader_ of the SRX team and the pilot of 
the R-3.  Just then Prof. Kobayashi shows up and hails your people.  He
apologizes for the abruptness but needs to have Rai try powering up his new
R-2 Powered; and asks you and Ryuusei to come with him to DC HQ for
readjustments of the T-Link system.  Ryuusei can't imagine the bleak 
atmosphere surrounding this guy to be from the same bloodline as Aya.

During the test, Kobayashi is impressed by how strong your two dudes' abilities
have become.  He complements Ingram on the dangerous but ultimately successful
tactic of hardening those abilities with actual combat experience.  Ingram
says that, after all, he broke a bone getting Ari into that machine.  He
says that Ari and Ryuusei are proof that true Psychodrivers are about to be
born - all you have to do is wait for them to reach full bloom.  Kenzou says
that at this rate it won't be just a dream to activate the Uranus System
under their own willpower.  He says that their research is in its final
stage and that the day when humans overcome their limitations is close at
hand.  Ingram suggests hastening its arrival!  According to theory, the 
pilots' power is heightened the more threatening the situation - so all they
have to do is _create_ such a situation, just like when you first piloted the

After the test, you and Ryuusei are unwinding when you see Masaki, possibly
lost.  Masaki had been wondering if Shuu was around, but he's nowhere to be
seen.  Ryuusei remarks that for a while, Shuu had been missing - Masaki 
thinks that during that time, he was in Ra-Gias.  You try asking Masaki what
his relation to Shuu is, and he tells you it's none of your business,
although he apologizes for his bluntness - he says that when he can finally
get control over his feelings he'll tell you.  All he does tell you now is
not to trust Shuu...or Ingram.  He says that people like them always have a
hidden agenda - a fact that Shuu made him realize.  He admits to not knowing
much about Ingram, but says his instincts say he's dangerous.  Ryuusei is
pretty sure he's wrong, and Masaki says he hopes he's wrong too...

Ingram gets a transmission from Kirk Hamiru.  Apparently something bad is up
at the Far East base: _someone_ stole two new H-series machines: Red and
Second.  Ingram already suspects the culprit - a former subordinate of his
from the PTX days.  It's not known why he did it.  In any event, they've
been branded as traitors, and might show up on South Atalia.  Ingram laments
that things don't always go according to plan, but thinks that he can actually
exploit this...

How, is that he sends the SRX people on patrol, ostensibly to guard against
"various organizations" who are after the EOT.  Ingram says to think of it
as a test of their machines, and that they have discretionary permission to
fire upon any enemies they encounter.  Rai thinks that Ingram's phrasing 
makes it sounds like he _expects_ enemies to appear.  Ryuusei asks Rai how
his machine is doing, and although the Tronium Engine is still unstable the
firepower's greater.  Ryuusei got a Psychic Field just like the Grungast
type 2, plus a new T-Link Sword.  Rai thinks that, like Aya's R-3, the R-1
has now been made into a full Psychic-class mech.  Ryuusei thinks that the
sword feels like something a Super robot would have, and decides to call it
the Tenjou-Tenge-Nendou-Hasai-Ken ("Heaven-and-Earth Psychic Crusher Sword").
Ryuusei asks you about your new weapons, but you say you feel something
approaching.  Not sure if it's friend or foe, but the T-Link response is
unmistakable.  You seem to recall this feeling from before, and Rai finally
confirms - they're Huckebeins!  In particular, the Huckebein Mk.II and 
Huckebein EX.  Rai's left hand is hurting and you realize that they've got
T-Link systems too.  Irm comments that the SRX team seems splendid on first
sight, and your SO(!!!!) says that if they're connected with Ingram they
can't be just any Personal Troopers.  However, it's too late now that the
Huckebein went berserk during an experiment, and that they can't let Ingram
manipulate the SRX project for his own ends any more.  Irm asks your SO if
he's really sure about this, that once they attack there's no going back 
(he's sure).  Irm is sorry about making him go along with this, but if he
had let you participate in the SRX Project back when, his nerves would have
been fried by the excessive stimulation...that "that" man thought of him as
nothing but a sample.  He also says not to mess with the Grungast, that he'll
take care of it himself - he really just wants to avoid contact between the
two pilots.

  On round two, Rai confirms weapons lock - meaning they're hostile.  You say
  you know the pilot of the blue machine, but can't figure out why your SO,
  who's been missing, would be here in a Huckebein.  Irm tells Rai when 
  they fight that his objective is the destruction of all SRX machines.

  You have to attack your SO thrice.  The first time, he professes not to
  have ever met you before.  The second time, he reiterates this and you say
  you have to figure out some way to avoid combat.  Attack him a third time,
  plus attack him with Ryuusei and Rai, then Persuade him.  You tell him that
  you have no reason to fight him, but he says he has a reason to fight you.
  You ask him to tell you that reason, and that if it's something you can
  do you'll do it - he is amazed.  He then gets a very peculiar sensation
  like something's been thrust through his heart...and completely loses 
  control of his machine.  Irm bitches that he shouldn't have let the two
  of you come in contact, and disappears too.

  Doing this is necessary to get your SO later.

After the battle, Aya welcomes your people back.  She apologizes for not
showing up sooner and that final adjustments to the R-3 took so long.  Rai
thinks that that's because its Plus Parts got badly damaged during the
operation in China.  Seems she'll be joining you in the Lond Bel too!  Ingram
shows up and asks for a report.  Ingram is not surprised that it was
Irmgalt Kazahara, and Rai asks why he took such action.  Ryuusei recalls that
Irm was a former subordinate of Ingram's, and asks him why the SRX's and the
Grungast were sent to meet them - he claims not to know either.  Rai wonders
why you claimed to know the pilot of the other machine.  Ingram says that
he's anothe test pilot he scouted from among the civilians, and that while
it wouldn't be surprising if you and he had met before it's probably just a
mix-up on your part.  Ryuusei doesn't buy that but Rai tells him to keep his
mind on his mission.  Ingram agrees [>_<;;] and mentions that the time has
come to start practicing for the ultimate: combination of the R-series.  Rai
realizes that Irm realized some secret truth about the SRX Project and 
therefore fled the military.  Rai knows that the R-series is dangerous, but
that by itself isn't enough - he realizes there's more to be found out...

Meanwhile, you confide in Kouji that your SO is still alive.  You tell him
about meeting him while on patrol, and that he seemingly lacks memories of
when you were in high school together.  You already tried checking with
Ingram about him, but at the time Ingram had feigned ignorance.  Kouji is
damn sure that something fishy is going on and says he'll go check himself,
but you stop him and say it's enough that he's alive.  Kouji says that if
it's the person he knows, he's surely being used by Ingram for something.
You resolve to save him even if he doesn't remember you.

Shakti brings Misato, hard at work on operational plans, some tea.  Ritsuko
observes that Misato seems dead-ended.  It turns out that Ritsuko has an
idea...although one proposed by Kaji and Ingram.  Flash to briefing.  From
analyzing the data, there are two ways to beat the Angel.  The first is to
use the EVAs in synchrony to destroy the two separated cores at once.  To
do so, they'd take the remaining time and have Asuka and Shinji train to be
in perfect synchrony.  Bright is skeptical, but Amuro thinks they're better
together than they look.  Misato isn't entirely confident herself, but...
The other way is simply brute force, by machines strong on both offense and
defense.  That would mean your machine, Getter Dragon, the Bilvine and the
Psybuster.  You get to pick which to do: to attack with EVAs, go to SE30.
For brute force, go with SF30.

SE30. Shunkan, Kokoro Kasanete ("An Instant Where Hearts Are Merged")

Misato breaks the news to Shinji and Asuka that they'll be living in the same
room for five days.  Asuka doesn't like this and complains that you never
know when Shinji might try to rape her (Shinji thinks he wouldn't do that even
if she asked).  Asuka doesn't want to let the others handle it, but Misato
tells her that both EVAs have to act in concert to destroy both cores at once.
Meanwhile, the rest of your people are in an uproar over the news of Asuka
and Shinji living in the same room.  Most of the people are worried about
Asuka, but Kouji echos Misato's sentiment that Shinji doesn't have the guts
to go after Asuka anyway.  Although, he does agree to go check - Ken'ichi 
warns him not to disturb Shinji since he's preparing for an operation.  He
promises not to make direct contact, and instead outfits Usso's Haro with a
transmitter; Cham gets to go and open the door.  However, upon seeing the
matching clothing Cham spills the beans and Misato has to explain to the crew
what Shinji and Asuka are doing.  Asuka and Shinji try demonstrating the
dance they're working on....and it isn't going well.  After Kaji shows up
and surprises Misato, Asuka complains that she can't come down to Shinji's
level, and Misato has Rei demonstrate that she can do it.  Seeing that she's
upstaged, Asuka runs off crying, and Kaji tells Shinji it's his duty as a man
to go off after her.

Shinji finds her and tells her that she'd be best not thinking of it just 
being her who's fighting the Angels.  She disagrees, saying she has no
choice but to pilot and defeat the Angels, lest she be cast off as useless.
Shinji points out that the whole reason they've been entrusted with this
training is that the other people view them as important - if not, someone
else would have gone after the Angel long ago.  Upon getting back, they seem
to have finally got things synchronized, and Asuka, who wants to take a 
shower, tells Shinji to get in too.  He's a bit flabbergasted, and she asks
if he isn't interested in seeing her naked (she says that she may not look
like it, but her breasts are actually pretty big...)  Shinji replies rather
testily that he bets she's just waiting for him to say yes to get an
opportunity to deck him, and that he can at least tell when he's being made
fun of.  She says he's being pretty cheeky lately, to which he replies it's
because of living with her.  She showers first, and Shinji goes later.  After
he comes out, he finds Asuka asleep - he thinks she's just an ordinary girl
while sleeping.  In her sleep, she murmers "...Mama...why'd you have to

You won't have your umbilical cords attacked to enhance your manoeverability.
So you'll only have 3 or 4 turns, and you're supposed to defeat both of them
in the same turn.

  Defeat them both in the same turn for a Skill Point.  Do during the _first_
  turn for two.

After the battle, Asuka says that Shinji's risen a bit in her estimation.  
Meanwhile, the Macross's bridge crew are discussing how the detonation of the
Angel has altered the shoreline once again.  They're all glad that they've
got the Lond Bell on their side and didn't have to slip the schedule for the
dedication ceremony.  Just then, a very nervous Kim says that Giren Zabi has
just opened a transmission to the Macross.  Bright is a bit surprised that
he's still alive.  Giren says he doesn't have much time so he'll come right
to the point.  He requests that the SDF stand down and hand the ASS-1 over
to Neo-Jion within three hours, or else South Atalia will be attacked via
mass driver.  He says that depending on the mass of the mass he can restrict
damage to the city - Quatro wonders how the hell they got such an accurate
weapon as that.  He says further that the Earthnoids should not be the only
ones to monopolize the EOT, that the ASS-1 and the EOT belong in the hands of
the chosen, the Jion.  He says that it'd be a shame to drop a colony and
damage the ASS-1; Bright asks hotly if that's any justification for using a
mass driver.  Just then a 1 meter object is detected coming from space - it
seems it's not just a bluff.  Misato has two suggestions: either shoot down
the incoming mass, or use all three EVAs A.T. Fields to deflect the mass.
Seeing as how the ASS-1 can't move for another five hours - and the fire
control for the Macross's main guns isn't fully operational yet.  To shoot
down the mass, go to SS31.  To stop it with the EVAs, go to SE31.  Everyone
goes to red alert, including evacuating civilians just in case.

SS30. Seirei Hyoui ("Spirit Possession")
[btw the Psybuster has a Special Ability of the same name]

The cats are informing Masaki that they lack the parts necessary for repairing
the Psybuster.  Masaki realizes that something has to be done, or he'll
never be able to beat the Granzon.  Ritsuko comes on the scene offering some
milk to the cats, and Masaki gives them permission to go.  Meanwhile, Asuka
and Shinji are going through their synchro training (see SE30) but things just
aren't working out.

A few of your people have been called to a morning meeting about how to
defeat the Angel.  Masaki hasn't made it yet, since he's still having doubts
about how he, the Psybuster's chosen pilot, can't seem to make it live up to
its potential...or keep his promise.  Cham pops up, and Masaki goes to the
briefing.  It's explained why the strong attack/defense people were chosen.
And it's time for the mission.

  You find out on turn 2 that the Psybuster won't move.  Misato tries to have
  the Psybuster recovered, but Masaki says that if he pulls out now he isn't
  fit to be the Psybuster's pilot.

  Destroy both pieces within the same turn for two Skill Points.

  Once you destroy the Angel, a bunch of Arrowgaters will show up, lead by
  Viletta.  At the range they're at, the immobile Psybuster is in peril.
  She plans to get her hands on the Psybuster's Laplace Computer, and Masaki
  realizes that this is just like "that time" when he couldn't do anything
  to prevent old man Zeoroot from being killed.  Masaki pleads with the
  Psybuster to move, and then as Viletta prepares to attack starts laughing.
  He recalls how Senia and Wendy once told him that the Elemental God-Machines
  may unleash unlimited power, but only depending on the pilot.  He says
  that he hasn't really matured at all since back then, and that he has to to
  get the Psybuster to respond.  Viletta asks him if he's prepared himself,
  and Masaki says hell yeah and that he'll stand his ground even if the
  Psybuster won't move.  Just then a strange phenomenon happens, and what the
  cats call "Possession" occurs and all your weapons are back online.

After the battle, Masaki is a bit out of it after being possessed by Psyfis,
the guardian spirit of the Psybuster.  Your people are fairly incredulous,
and the cats can't even really believe that Possession would happen on the
Surface.  Masaki is unconscious, and might even have died from using too
much Plana - recharging his Plana is the only option, but Wendy isn't
around.  Masaki comes back around, and says that things feel different from
the last time he was Possessed...and that they didn't manifest the same
level of power as he did when fighting the Granzon back when.  He says that
last time it felt like Plana was being drained from him, but that this time
it felt like power was being loaned to him by the Psybuster.

Insert gratitude and threatening speech by Giren from SE30.  To stop the
mass with the EVAs go to SE31.  To stop it by shooting it down, go to SS31.

SS31. BUUBII TORAPPU ("Booby Trap")

Everyone is shocked that Jion is using a mass driver.  The plan is to use the
HTB Canon on the R-Gun, powered by Getter Robo (similar to the Yashima
Operation).  Just to be on the safe side, they're having the EVAs ready just
in case so they can at least protect the Macross.  The plan is called the
Hahaya Operation.  Gloval is a little sad that anti-alien technology is
getting used on other humans, and Claudia says it can't be helped since the
enemy were the ones that moved first.

As your people are getting ready to execute, satellites detect a mass coming
toward you...but it's not from the mass driver!  It is in fact an enemy
battleship, which the _Macross_ detects and shoots down entirely automatically.
The crew is totally shocked at this, since nothing remotely like that has
ever happened before.  Unfortunately, part of the ship is left and it's 
heading your way.  Gloval realizes that the aliens have used a booby trap on
you, just as the Germans liked to do during WWII.  Evidently, it was set up
to respond to _other_ aliens who were enemies of the Arrowgaters.  As the
Valkyrie squadrons prepare to scramble, you get to send out your dudes too.
Your people notice that it's not the Arrowgaters, and that they're overflowing
with battlelust.  Your people watch as the Valkyries emerge, and show that
they're transformable.  And then a bunch of battleship-class beams are fired
in your general direction, badly damaging the city and sinking the Prometheus.

  More enemies will show up on turn 2.5.

Once you defeat the enemies, the Gran Garan and the Goraon will show up,
causing a stir until explained away.  Unfortunately, it seems that the first
wave you just destroyed was only a decoy.  The Macross is almost ready for
takeoff, and it doesn't seem that anywhere besides South Atalia has been
attacked so far.  Ere and Shiela are worried that perhaps they shouldn't have
come, but Gloval says it's for the best that "foreign" influences are 
concentrated at South Atalia to keep the remainder of the Earth Sphere from
getting involved too.  You can either move your people to the Macross's flank
or guard it directly.

  The latter is worth a Skill Point.

As final checks are in progress, Gloval is thinking it's ironic that South
Atalia, once the greatest stronghold on Earth, is now its most dangerous
locale.  Go to SS32.

SE31. Kiseki no Kachi wa ("The Value of Miracles Is...")

It's two hours until the mass driver firing, and it's clear that you won't
be able to evacuate everyone.  To doubts that Jion really will fire such a
weapon at you, Misato comments that these are the same people who dropped a
colony seven years ago.  Just then two vessels approach your defensive
perimeter, quite a shock until you find out it's the Gran Garan and the
Goraon.  Gloval gets his speech from SS31 about limiting outside influence
to South Atalia.  Shiela and Ere think that they've been expelled from 
Biston Well for a reason, maybe to see you guys again.

Meanwhile, Shinobu is bellyaching about having to leave the operation up to
the EVAs.  Your other people aren't entirely able to assuage his doubts;
Masaki has minor doubts too and thinks that if all else fails since he can
do Spirit Possession now he can just use Cosmo Nova...

Elsewhere in Macross City, Hikaru is wondering where the heck Focker is.  A
bit like Shinji before him, Hikaru notes that the evacuation order has been
given, a war is about to erupt, and he can't find the person who summoned
him here.  Focker finds him and apologizes for being late.  He tells Hikaru
to come with him to the Macross, saying that all the civilians on this island
including him were chosen for a certain purpose.  Hikaru knows that Focker is
up to something, especially when Focker asks if he likes airplanes - by which
he means fighter aircraft.  Focker is a bit apologetic to Hikaru's father,
who he promised he'd return to the team once the One-Year War was over, but
says that once you pilot a fighter you can never go back.  Just then, the
two run into Min-mei and brother Kai-fan, who are evacuating and none too
pleased about it.  Focker then shows him the new fighters, and offers Hikaru
a chance to fly it - once the emergency is over.  Just then Focker gets called
away and tells Hikaru to stay put in the cockpit till he gets back.

Misato explains the operation to the EVA pilots, including the part where if
they fail it's za endo.  And that only God really knows what their chances
are.  Asuka says it's gonna take a miracle to pull this off, and Misato says
that miracles only have value when you cause them.  Asuka asks if blocking
the mass can even be called an "operation", and Misato admits that it can't
really...and that the pilots can refuse if they want.  They're all in.  
Misato then says that they've all got a chance to compose a will according to
the regulations.  Asuka refuses, saying she doesn't plan to die.  Rei
refuses, saying there's no need.  Shinji refuses too, and Misato promises to
take them all out for steak once all is over.  After Misato leaves, Asuka
and Shinji ponder why Misato thought kids nowadays would be happy at that 
kind of treat.  Rei says she won't be coming, since she hates meat [where have
we heard that before? ^_^]  Shinji asks Asuka why she pilots the EVA: she
says to show her talent to the world...something like proving her existence.
He says he's already asked Rei, and doesn't know why he himself pilots.
Asuka asks him if he's stupid, and he says maybe he is...

The EVAs deploy.  See SS31 for the description of the "booby trap".  
Scrambling the Valkyries is going to take some time due to the preparations
for the mass driver attack, and the Lond Bel were tied up helping with the
civilian evacuation - looks like the EVAs are on their own for a while.  And
there's so many enemies that Asuka says it really will take a miracle to get
rid of all of them.  She tells Shinji that she hopes he's not thinking of
chickening out, since there's nowhere to run.  Shinji says, and I quote:
"Nigecha dame da."  Yes, he mustn't run away [and neither can you!!]

  Even more of them will show up on turn 2.5.  On turn 3 the Valkyries will
  show up.  Cue thermal attack from SS31.  More of them oun turn 3.5.  On
  round 4, Misa demands to know why the mech Hikaru is in hasn't launched.
  Hikaru tries to tell her that the launching system was damaged and that
  he's not soldier, but Misa isn't having it.  So he launches, causing Focker
  to be quite surprised and somewhat nostalgic.  Focker explains how you've
  got Fighter, Bioroid, and Gerwalk modes available.  The rest of your dudes
  show up on turn 5 - Shinobu tells Shinji that he's impressed he stayed and
  fought instead of running away as he figured.

  Note that if you go this way Hikaru will have the VF-1J instead of the

See SS31 for what happens after the battle, including the chance for the
Skill Point.

SS32. KAUNTO DAUN ("Countdown")

Here come the bad guys, lots of little ones and a mothership.  The Valkyries
and the Lond Bel get to fend off the Forces of Evil!(tm).  Focker tells his
men not to get shown up by the Lond Bel - Hikaru is a bit doubtful of whether
you can really protect the Macross from the enemy.  Focker starts reminiscing
again because of flying alongside Hikaru, who insists that he isn't the 
person he used to be.  Misa tries to tell them to shut up, and Hikaru asks
who the old lady is.  Focker is roundly amused by this, Misa is not.

  After one round of combat, the Macross tries to take off but the Gravity
  Control System gets rather unhappy and they crash, meaning they'll have to
  use normal propulsion.  Unfortunately you don't even have 60% of your rated
  power, and can't escape the atmosphere at this rate.  More bad guys show up
  on turn 2.5.  On turn 3, Hiiro and Duo show up.  Hiiro's mission seems to
  be to find out what's going on inside the ASS-1, but he's being tight lipped
  and making Duo think he wasn't worth saving.  Actually, he does say that
  during the confusion he's slipping aboard the ASS-1, and Duo enthusiastically
  helps out with the Deathscythe's Hyper Jammer.

  During this battle, more enemies show up as you kill the existing ones.

  More thermal attacks on turn 4.  Gloval orders the untested Fold System to
  be used as a last resort to save the ship.  He plans to Fold next to the
  enemy and attack as soon as he Defolds.  Just then a _shitload_ of new
  enemies show up.  On the next round, Quatre and Trowa appear, realizing that
  if the ASS-1 gets toasted the colonies are next; guess there's no time to
  investigate it and DC HQ after all, gotta fight the bad guys!  Unfortunately,
  Wu-Fei is along too and says who cares if they get wrecked.  Trowa points
  out that since his mission is to see the inside of the ASS-1 it would sort 
  of suck if it got wrecked first.  Whereas Wu-Fei plans to attack the ASS-1!

  Shooting down the enemy flagship is worth a Skill Point.

Once the Fold happens, we get to see what the Zentraedi have to say about 
all this.  Exedor is rather unhappy to see that the vanguard have been wiped
out.  Britai is amazed that the Earthlings would dare to Fold so close to
the Earth's surface.  Exedor says that the ship appears to resemble an old
type used by the Imperial Navy.  A "high" probability that it's powered by a
Tronium Engine.  Exedor is a bit dubious that the Imperial forces which have
preceded them to the Earth have kept their hands off it, but... Britai figures
they want the Tronium Engine to help fight the Zentraedi.  Exedor then shows
Britai a certain video taken during the combat - he notes that the Earthlings
seem to have Miclone Size machines just like the Empire, although their
military tech level seems lower.  Well, "lower" except insofar as they just
wiped out the advance military units.  Exedor figures that their fundamental
combat potential is higher than the Imperial machines, and that there may be
some special properties involved in the Earth army.  This may be why the
Imperial forces have their eyes on the Earth, and Exedor says that there's an
old saying among the Zentraedi not to lay a finger on the planet where the
Miclones dwell.  Exedor says that they'd better be careful pursuing the
battleship - he senses something special about this world... plus contact
with the Miclones outside of combat is strictly forbidden.  Go to SS33.

SE32. SUPEESU FOORUDO ("Space Fold")

Min-Mei tries leaving the shelter to get the prize from her audition, despite
Kai-Fan's objections.  This battle is very similar to SS32.  Just as the
battle is starting, Min-Mei manages to get mixed up in the action... She and
Hikaru get a look at the enemy...who look like giants.

  On round two, Min-Mei regains consciousness and immediately starts worrying
  that her hair is messed up.  Focker checks up on the girl, saying that he
  doesn't really care whether Hikaru is okay.  Insert the "old woman" thing
  from SE32; Min-Mei recommends to Hikaru that he apologize in the process.

  On round 3, insert Macross faltering into the air.  More enemies on turn
  3.5.  Insert Hiiro/Duo on round 4.  Thermal attack stuff on turn 5.  
  Remaining three Gundam Wing boys on turn 6.  Like SE32, this battle features
  near-infinite enemy replenishment.

  Make sure to kill the enemy flag ship for a Skill Point.

Same Britai/Exedor conversation after the battle.  Go to SE33.

SS33. TORANSU FOOMASHION  ("Trans-formation")

The Macross Defolds, and it isn't near Earth any more... lucky for you you
managed to pull all the support vehicles with you!  Gloval freaks, realizing
most of the units out there aren't equipped for space, and orders them
recovered immediately.  Vanessa tells him that you're apparently in the
vicinity of Pluto.  Gloval says not to panic and that you should just be
able to Fold back, but then comes a report that the Fold System is wrecked.
He orders a meeting in two hours to figure out what to do next...

Amuro is thinking that he never expected to return to space like this.
Quatro asks him what's wrong, and that he expects Amuro feels a little strange
getting back to it after all this time.  Amuro merely says that it feels a
little too cold in this area of space.  Emma then reports that all the
Terrestrial machines will be converted to space mode within two hours.  Shou
reports that the Aura vehicles seem to be able to use their Aura power to
move around just fine in space.  The EVAs will work in space too, although
switching over to the S armaments will take a while.

Bright then gets back from the meeting and says that it's been decided to
return to the Earth Sphere under normal power.  All the vehicles have been
placed under SDF command.  It's gonna be a loooong trip...  Meanwhile, your
people are admiring just how huge the Macross is inside, and how it's got a
fully self-sustaining city inside as befits its role as an escape pod for
Earth.  Shinobu note that it's so big that one could get lost, when Focker
shows up with Masaki in tow, who was trying to get to Briefing Room #1 where
the others are.  Shinobu says that they're gonna have to walk him around on
a leash, and Masaki says he's not an EVA or anything.  The cats chime in that
they don't like being fastened to things either.  Just then Asuka shows up,
takes offense at referring to the EVAs as being on a leash, and insults
Masaki for getting lost at his age.  Misato is about to introduce your people
to the SDF members you're going to be working with, but Focker preempts her
and says it's nice that the two sides, full of young members, look like
they'll get along together.

Meanwhile Boz is wondering how to modify the Borot for space, and Ryuusei
points out that it's not even airtight.  Daisaku is in a fix too - he wants to
fight by Robo's side, although Sayaka says he could always just use his watch 
from inside the ship.  Guess they gotta outfit some kind of cockpit for
Daisaku.  Aya shows up and points out that people piloting non-airtight
machines could always just wear...spacesuits!

It looks like there won't be any problems with heading for Earth, although
the energy pump for the main cannon was destroyed along with the Fold System.
However, Misa suggests that they exploit the modularity of the Macross to
connect the cannon section directly to the Reflex Reactor section.  In
other words, transform.  It worked in simulation, although Gloval is still
worried about damaging something if they tried it in practice.  There's also
a certain amount of barrier energy to be had, although not enough to cover
the entire's the Pinpoint Barrier system!  Just then, you detect a
Defold ahead of you: it's the aliens.  Do what you can until the Lond Bel
reinforcements are done being outfitted for space.  Britai and Exedor are on
hand, and Britai orders the theft of the Macross in the hopes of getting a
Tronium Engine.

  More enemies keep popping up, making you worry about being able to run or
  even survive.  You eventually decide to transform - you can do so after
  either 3 or 5 turns.  5 is worth a Skill Point.

  An analysis of the enemy's motions suggests that they're trying to draw you
  away from the Macross - you think you can't take them up on it.  Also,
  since the main cannon is going to be fired, you should get your dudes out
  from in front of the Macross lest Bad Things(tm) happen to your dudes.

  That being said, if you can shoot down Britai's ship before the 
  Trans-formation, you get _3_ Skill Points!

In the final phase of the battle, the Macross transforms, suffers a failure of
its main cannon's energy system, and then is forced to used the "Armed Attack",
which consists of focusing the Pinpoint Barrier system directly in front of
one of its arms, and ramming that into the enemy.  Your pilots outside are
overawed.  Duo, inside, is merely bruised from the unexpected motion. Quatre 
and Hiiro seem to be mostly unharmed too.  Duo's gonna start by fixing his 
Deathscythe, which got trashed during sneaking aboard - Hiiro just walks off 
silently.  Quatre is going to gather information, to find out the true purpose 
for this ship's construction, plus find Trowa and Wu-Fei, who got split up 
during sneaking aboard.  Duo does the smart thing and suggests to Quatre that 
they therefore split up, gather information, and then pool it when they meet 
up again.  Go to SS34.

SE33. AAMUDO ATTAKKU ("Armed Attack")

This is basically SS3.  Insert foldout sequence, Amuro/Quatro sequence,
outfitting ships sequence.  Meanwhile, the Valkyrie pilots are wondering 
where Hikaru is, since they can't find his Valkyrie.  They split up to look
for him, and Max checks in the Lond Bel's hangar.  There he meets Ryuusei and
Rai.  Max and Rai trade stories about how each other are called "genius
pilots", Max saying "Gee, I didn't know I was a genius" (note his last name:
"Jiinus".  Meanwhile, Min-Mei and Hikaru are wandering around lost: evidently
his compass is out of whack and not getting him to the bridge very fast.
Just then, a mouse startles Min-Mei and she jumps into Hikaru's arms...she
apologizes, but he says he doesn't mind.  Unfortunately, Hikaru carries a
joke about it being the mice's house a bit too far, and Min-Mei passes out.

Now all your normal crew are looking for them.  The suggestion is made to
go recruit the Newtypes and other psychic(tm!) people to look too, and Kuro
asks if Masaki or Shiro have come back yet... everyone figures that Masaki
got lost looking for the lost people too.  Cut to modify for space/spacesuit
scene.  Insert scene about the only way to use the main gun is to Trans-form.

  See SS33 for the contents of the battle, including the chance for 1+3 Skill

After the battle insert GW boys scene.  Currently, the Macross is dead in the
water but life in the city block is quickly returning to normal.  Plus,
someone's jamming Fold transmissions so you can't contact anyone else - this
is only possible for someone with comparable technology...  You worry that
you can't count on backup out here, and then remember about the Exelion.  Too
bad contact was lost with it the other day.  The chances seem good that it's
still intact though, so the bridge crew starts making every attempt to get
through to it.

Hikaru and Min-Mei are still lost, and Hikaru compliments her on a song he
overheard her singing.  Min-Mei says that she's been doing all sorts of 
performance arts since middle school; Hikaru has only been flying planes.
She says that it's wonderful to really throw your heart into one thing.  He
asks her what she wants to be - she says a wife, and he says he's sure she'll
make a fine one.  Unfortunately, they're currently stuck and help hasn't
arrived yet.  She worries that maybe everyone thinks they're dead, and says
that if they really die they'll make good food for the mice - he tells her
not to say such things.  She wanted to wear a wedding dress at least once
before she dies - he says to do so at her wedding, and wonders if maybe that
could be with him.  She replies that if both of them are going to die anyway,
why don't the two of them just fly out into space together.  He's sure that
help will come, but she accuses him of just being afraid to die.  He admits
that his only real talent is flying, but that never the less, he ____s her.
She apologizes, and just then Duo blows up a wall and shows up, trying to
make his way to the next block.  He's just come from running into some dude
with a cat in tow (^^;;;;) and is surprised to find even more people here.
He wonders if he was intruding ("No, not at all...!") and tells them to go
back the way he came from and take that Masaki guy with them since he's so
bad with directions even Duo is worried about him.  Oh, and he tells them to
keep meeting him a secret.

So, Focker finally finds them, and accuses Hikaru of being a cockroach who
can live through anything.  Kouji marvels further at Masaki's lack of 
direction sense - he says he doesn't get lost because he wants to and Shiro
is feeling lucky to be alive.  Min-Mei is amazed to see the actual city inside
the ship, and Focker offers to show her around - Hikaru is amazed that girls
can change so rapidly like that.  Go to SE34.

SS34. Kakusareta Satsui ("Hidden Bloodlust")

It seems life is returning to normal in the city inside the Macross.  Insert
SE33 stuff about jamming.  Misato comes and tells Gloval it's time for the
meeting.  Misa describes how there are two alien powers at work: the mixed
species Arrowgaters and the giant-type alien army.  And by the examination of
the SDF, these forces have been clashing for hundreds of years.  Shiela and
Ere ask about the small fragment of memory regarding the giant-type alien
ship, and wonder if the ASS-1 was built by the Arrowgaters.  Gloval says that
this ship was clearly left on Earth as a booby trap for the giant-type
aliens, to force the Earth to become embroiled in the conflict.  Misato
wonders why the aliens simply maintained surveillance for two years instead of
overwhelming the Earth at the outset.  Gloval says that since their real
enemy were the giants, the Arrowgaters probably just wanted to keep the 
Earth's damage minimal so they could be useful in combat - and then came in
to take over when the Earth's ability to resist was at its nadir.  Misa adds
that the aliens seem very interested in the special properties of Earthlings,
including all the machines that move under super energy sources like the
Aura Battlers or the Newtype-related vehicles.  The reason they mostly toyed
with the Lond Bel instead of confronting you head on was presumably because
they didn't want to destroy something that could become a weapon for them
later.  Gloval then speculates further that they captured important people
from Earth to study, and inserted some of their agents to keep an eye on
things...he asks what Ingram thinks about this, and after a pause he says it
sounds plausible.

Meanwhile, your dudes are enjoying some R&R and marveling at the Macross's
city.  It's got everything (parks, library, etc.)  A TV station is going to
be launched, and to commemorate it a Miss Macross Contest is going to be
run.  Kakizaki says the Lond Bel have lots of beautiful women, and that some
of them should apply - Chris, who is with them, says she's not into that
sort of thing.  Your people then mull over who else might work (if Asuka and
Sara keep their mouth shut, noone'll know about their rough personalities...)
Ginrei, the Biston Well queens, and even Cham are suggested...

Ingram sends for Aya, telling her that in four hours the SRX team will
perform a combination test.  She protests that the leg section R-3 doesn't
have its Plus Parts yet, plus the R-2's Tronium Engine isn't up to spec.
Ingram responds that to a TK-powered machine the legs are a mere ornament,
and that for the test they won't need full power from the Tronium Engine.
She still isn't convinced and admits that she can't drive the T-Link system
to full with her TK.  Ingram says they have no time, and that they need the
power of the SRX system to fight the Zentraedi, err, giant-type aliens.  She
says that failure will be irreparable, and he responds that they simply have 
to not fail.  She says that while she's merely a lab rat, she can't bear to
see Ryuu and Rai get mixed up.  Ingram's orders don't change, but he tells 
her that if worse comes to worse he'll protect her.  She is surprised by
this, and says she'll do her utmost to live up to his expectations and also
not waste her sister Mai and her mother's death.  Ingram thinks after she
goes that she's just one more flawed product due to her human heart's 

Aya breaks the news to the other SRX team members.  Rai is worried that
there'll be no legs, but Ryuusei says that's no big deal in space.  Masaki
asks what it is that they're going to do, and before Ryuusei can say much
you guess that it's combination into a super robot.  Ryuusei is feeling like
his thunder is stolen a bit since there are already so many combining and/or
transforming robots in the Lond Bel, and insists that his group's 
combination will be cool too.  He's proud of the name "Variable Formation"
he came up with - Aya says it's typical for him.  This is supposed to be spoken
like the "Let's Combine" phrase for Combattler V - an indispensible part of
super robot combinations, according to Ryuusei.  As the team makes ready,
Masaki asks Aya if something good happened to her since she's happier than
usual.  Ryuusei wonders if it's something to do with the meeting with Ingram:
she gets mad, and Kuro finds that suspicious...

Time for the test!  After final checks, Ryuusei shouts out "Be Together"
just because he always wanted to (and gets massively yelled at by Rai for
stealing lines), and as he's about to do it right unidentified bad guys show
up.  There's only two of them, but Ryuusei senses a strong presence in the
white cross-shaped one, and you agree.  It's Rebi, who detects the two ESPers
right away.  Ryuusei demands to know how she knows his name - she says that the
surveillance branch of her Ze-Balmariy Empire already recorded data about them.
It's Shapiro's fault mainly.  He's here, and he's been told Ingram's identity
and true objective from the kingdom.  Ryuusei insists that they combine,
despite the danger, lest they get defeated.  Too bad the Tronium Engine
experiences some kind of problem and they have to split up again.  Aya is
however unconscious, perhaps due to the T-Link breaker falling.

  After one round, Ryuusei demands to know why Ingram isn't fighting - he
  says he'll stay by Aya's side and protect her.  On the next round, Rebi
  starts feeling a strange psychic pain, perhaps becuase Ryuusei's psych is
  overwhelming her own.  Ryuusei is trying to rouse Aya, but without
  success.  Ingram figures it's the end of the line, and pops up as a bad
  guy, saying he'll kill her painlessly.  Rebi tells Ingram that he's carried
  out his mission well.  Ryuusei demands to know why Ingram blasted her, and
  he says he merely disposed of an imperfect ESPer.  Rai figures Ingram 
  betrayed the Earth just like Shapiro, but Ingram says he's from the 
  Arrowgaters to begin with.  He was sent to study the special powers of
  Earthlings.  He then tells a disbelieving Rai that he never felt any sort of
  emotion for the SRX team beyond interest in them as samples.  He tells
  Ryuusei to hate him more, and that only then will the true Psychodriver
  powers that Ingram had been seeking become manifested.  Ryuusei is ultra
  pissed and Ingram says he'd better try to resist if he doesn't want to

  Ingram tells Ryuusei as he attacked that he only put him on the SRX team
  for his power to be of use to the Arrowgaters, just like he did for you.
  For Masaki, he asks if Masaki will chase him like he does Shuu, and Masaki
  says damn straight and that people like them, left alone, will cause 
  countless deaths.  He says that he and Shuu are merely acting in accordance
  with the cosmic flow, and that Masaki is a fool who must die for not
  understanding that.  Masaki says he's fine with being a fool but that he'll
  defeat him anyway in the name of the Psybuster.

  Jungle shows up on turn 4.5 to pick Rebi up.  He'd actually like to get
  rid of her, but that would endanger Hainel's position, so he's going to 
  play by the rules for the time being.  More of your dudes show up on turn
  5 - they had been on patrol.  Ryuusei breaks the news about Aya - nobody is
  happy to hear it.  Jungle sends forth a "Armored Beast Warrior" to fight
  with Voltes V, saying that Ten-Kuu-Ken won't work on it.  He's right.
  However, just as he's about to deal the final blow, Rebi orders everyone to
  retreat.  Jungle protests that there aren't many chances to take out Voltes
  V, and she asks him if he's planning to disobey Raodekia's orders.  He
  grudgingly agrees, but informs Voltes V that it can no longer prevail
  against his army.  Rebi thinks on the way out that Ryuusei and you might
  be formidable...if you live long enough to reawaken.  Just then, Ginrei
  detects life-signs from the wrecked R-3.

  Defeat Ingram for a Skill Point and a _Haro_!  Shapiro is worth an
  Apogee Motor.

Bright and Kaji are sad but not entirely surprised about Ingram.  This means
lots of information has been leaked to the enemy.  Info about NERV too, thinks
Kaji - does Gendou know of this?  Perhaps he did know yet kept Ingram on the
loose...just like Gendou does for Kaji.  Or maybe he made a deal for some info
from the Arrowgaters...  Anyway, it seems that while Aya's life is not in
danger, she incurred much nervous damage.  The R-Gun seems usable too after
some repairs.  Gloval then temporarily forbids use of the R-series, saying that
noone knows what sort of tricks Ingram may have planted in them.  Quatro
cautions that there may be the possibility of another accident like the
Huckebein Mk.I, but Ryuusei doesn't want to just sit around and let Ingram get
away with it.  Gloval says that Engineering will conduct a thorough check of
the machines, but until the results are in the SRX Team is grounded.  Ryuusei
tries to protest, but when Rai holds him back with his artificial hand Ryuusei
gives in.

The Combattler team puzzles over the news that there are enemies unaffected
by the Ten-Kuu-Ken.  According to Kosaku, there shouldn't be anything it
can't cut due to the way it uses Ultramagnetic energy.  Ippei suggests that
maybe the opponent was made out of some special alloy or other: Megumi
remembers that Jungle said the Armored Beast Warrior used Maxingal Alloy.
Ropet announces that no such substance exists on Earth, and that apparently
the Ultramagnetic Energy Generator can't cut it.  This presumably means that
Combattler V won't be able to affect it either.  Kosaku says that unless they
can get a UME generator more powerful than the Ultramagnecon they may not
be able to win.  This sucks, because the old guys who invented the system are
all back on Earth... Ken'ichi thinks that his father, captured by the aliens,
might know something.

Ryuusei is feeling very down - you can try to comfort him or let him be.  If
you try to comfort him, he says that maybe he sort of felt this would happen
sooner or later.  You say that you had had some vague idea that he was using
you all.  He says that he really had believed in Ingram, that he believed
there was some other explanation about you and your SO getting involved.
And Aya had believed too... You say that the only thing for it is for you
all to defeat him, so no more tragedies like this will be repeated.  Ryuusei
realizes that his problems are small compared to you, whose SO is now 
the enemy too.  You say that now, you're the only people who can stop
Ingram's ambition now.

Meanwhile, at Jupiter, Yuuzes thanks Ingram for all his hard work surveying
and analyzing the Earth Sphere.  However, before Ingram sees Raodekia, Yuuzes
asks why in the year since Ingram's going to Earth no analysis results were
sent his way.  After all, Ingram found the super natural resource that the
7th Fleet of the Ze-Balmariy Imperial Galactic Surveillance Army has been
seeking for so long: Tronium!  This is a rare metal which is lightweight and
gives rise to enormous energy.  Of couse, the source of it (the planet Tron)
was destroyed more than 100 years ago during the war with the Zentraedi.
Currently all of it that's left is within the old battleships.  He believes
that the ship fallen to Earth contained some, but Ingram claims he found no
traces of it in the Macross.  As Ingram leaves for his meeting, Yuuzes thinks
to himself that Ingram can't hide anything from him...and realizes that
there was indeed Tronium on Earth.

As Rebi announces, it's the advent of the high muckety muck grand poobah dude
Raodekia Judekka Gottso.  He calls Ingram before him, thanks him for his work
and gives him command of the 2nd Fleet.  Shapiro is peeved since Ingram now
outranks him.  Prince Hainel of the Boazan Army reports first: his army was
able to use the Maxingal Alloy to seal Voltes V's deathblow move.  He
complains that Rebi's withdrawal order prevented them from dealing the final
blow, but Yuuzes says that the decision wasn't wrong and Raodekia says that
eventually V will be a powerful force for fulfilling the Empire's ends.
Raodekia tells him that if it can't defeat the Armored Beast Soldier he can
do to it what he likes since he doesn't need weak soldiers, but if it can he
has to let it be.  Next, Viletta says that the Zentraedi main battleships are
nearing the solar system.  Shapiro is shocked that the forces in the solar
system to date were evidently just advance guards.  Raodekia observes it's
been ten years since his forces clashed with Zentraedi battleships and
predicts that it's going to be an even fiercer battle this time.  Yuuzes
says that they have to hurry the assimilation of the Earth army.  Viletta
asks what to do about the Macross, and Raodekia says to bring it to Jupiter
where his Helmoze is stationed.  He says he'll include them in his forces if
they prove potent in battle.  Go to SS35.

SE34. Tenteki to no Souguu ("Encounter with One's Natural Enemy")

The Exelion is 73.7% fixed, meaning a 56.2% chance of getting back to the
Earth Sphere.  Tashiro and the vice-captian are eating dinner, which Oota
interrupts with the report on the unidentified aliens they encountered the
other day.  They're the same kind as those that sank the Luxion 8 years ago:
the (S)pace (T)errible (M)onster (C)rowd, or Space Monsters for short.  
Tashiro thinks they might be the giant-type aliens' weapons instead, but Oota
is quite positive that their lifelikeness makes them something else.  Tashiro
is inclined to believe the words of Oota, the only survivor of the Luxion.
They agree that if the Space Monsters attack earth, the Arrowgater/giant-type
problems will seem puny by contrast.  Speaking of the giant-types, several of
their ships have Warped Out near the Absolute Line of Defense, and are 
shooting it out with the Arrowgaters.  Looks like the Arrowgaters really were
trying to get the Earth mixed up in the fight.  Basically, the prophecy of
Vian Zoldark was right on the money.  Tashiro wants to report, but the
Arrowgaters are jamming Fold transmissions so he decides to head to Mars
instead on Oota's advice.

Meanwhile, Noriko is engaging in some self-training so she won't be a burden
on her "big sister", although it's apparently not going well.  She's
determined however.  Then she spies Oota and Kazumi having an argument.
Kazumi demands to know why Noriko must be sent to real combat, when she's
incompetent and might likely die.  She says that she's forced to fight by
Noriko's side as her partner.  Oota says that he has no intention of keeping
Noriko cloistered, and Kazumi dissolves their partnership.  As Kazumi storms
off, she runs into Noriko and tells her she's doing this for Noriko's sake.
Oota tells Noriko that he chose her and Kazumi for the talent he saw in them,
that they can be the ultimate pair.  He believes in their potential, and
exhorts Noriko to believe in it too.

Noriko is feeling really down on herself when she runs into [of all people]
Isamu Dyson, who says he can't leave a woman alone who's depressed.  She
doesn't recognize him because he's a test pilot of the next-generation
main combat fighter, the YF-19.  He's on the ship for a trial of the YF-19 vs.
a competing design, but since the other design hasn't arrived yet he has no
chance to do much.  He gets her to tell him the reason for her depression,
and offers to be her partner from now on in return for introducing him to
her "big sister" sometime (not, as Noriko thinks to herself, that Kazumi is
actually related to her...)

The Exelion successfully warps toward Mars, where they hope to run into Gloval
and the Macross.  However, midway through they get attacked by _someone_.
This is astonishing, since they're in subspace Newtonian physics shouldn't
apply.  You can return fire or not.

  Not returning fire is worth a Skill Point.

Either way you still get pounded, and are forced to Warp Out near Pluto.
Much of the Top squadron is wrecked, but three machines can still sortie.
Noriko gets told by Kazumi and Jung to stay back and guard the Exelion.

  On round 2, Isamu pops out in the YF-19 and teams up with Noriko.  The
  Macross and your dudes show up on turn 3.

Tashiro tells Gloval that after leaving the astroid belt, they headed to
Zeus to guard againt alien invasion, but were assailed first by the Space
Monsters - all the fleet except the Exelion were lost.  Gloval is not
happy to hear of a third power from outside the Solar System.  Tashiro says
he needs more information about the Space Monsters, and was planning to head
to Mars...although the Exelion is currently rather hard up.  Gloval tries to
offer to accompany him, but Tashiro says that he can't let a ship with 
civilians aboard like the Macross get mixed up in such a fight and that a
purebred warship like his should be able to fend off the Arrowgaters and
giant-types.  Tashiro then voices the suspicion that the Arrowgaters, and
possibly the giant-types, have some sort of foothold _inside_ the Solar
System - he tells you to be careful.

Isamu then asks on the Macross about the other experimental plane from
Project Supernova, the YF-21.  Misa has heard of it, a plane with compact
Barrier and Fold capabilities that even the Macross hasn't been outfitted 
with yet.  It seems the YF-21 was on South Atalia for secret testing when
the Macross Folded - it may have gotten caught up.  Actually, in the worst
case Isamu may have one the contest by default.  It's not even clear if
South Atalia itself remains at all.

Oota introduces himself and the three top Top pilots as part of the Lond Bel.
Although they have an important role in defending the Exelion, Oota wants 
them to get more front-line combat experience in preparation for a "crucial
obligation" they must one day fulfill.  Noriko then has to say goodbye to
Isamu, who tells her to give it her best shot.

Focker gives Hikaru some ribbing about living with Min-Mei; Hikaru tells him
to quit spreading rumors and that Min-Mei is living with her brother Kai-Fan,
but they _are_ under the same roof.  Focker says you never know what might
happen between men and women, although given Hikaru's disposition he figures
he has nothing to worry about.  Focker then asks Hikaru to enter the military
and fly at his side like old times.  He says that it's the only way to protect
Min-Mei, and that the Macross could really use pilots, especially ones as
gifted as him.  Hikaru then asks if women change from day to day, and Focker
perceives that Hikaru is in love.

Noriko is _amazed_ to see all the fabled super robots gathered together - 
she says her otaku's blood is boiling.  Kazumi is forced to agree, although
Jung isn't impressed.  Jung _is_ impressed however by the full-blown city
inside the Macross.  Kazumi says that that's only befitting for a "colony"
ship, although Jung corrects her to "escape pod for Earth".  Just then, Masaki
and Kouji come in discussing the all-female additions to the team.  Noriko is
super happy to meet Mazinger Z's pilot and ecstatic that the fortune teller
she consulted was right about good things coming her way.  Kazumi wonders how
she knows about Mazinger Z despite being aboard the Exelion all this time. 
Masaki is impressed at how famous Kouji is - he replies that he was on TV a lot
when he was a new pilot.  Kouji also realizes that there'll be real commotion
if Noriko and Ryuusei get together...

Hikaru breaks the news that he's entering the army to Min-Mei.  He says that
he may not be able to see her much, but she tells him that he can come visit
whenever he's off duty.  He replies he'll do that if he's still alive, and
she tells him that that's what all the soldiers who come to her store say.
He thinks, I guess I'm just one more soldier then... Go to SE35.

SS35. SATAN FAITO  ("Saturn Fight")

Exedore is explaining to Britai that something strange happened during the
battle - many warriors who got close to the Macross and received some sort
of sonic transmission became unable to fight.  Britai wonders if this is
supposed to be the Miclones' special power, and Exedore says a more 
thorough investigation is in order.  Britai agrees to alter the plan taking
place on the sixth planet.  Meanwhile, the Macross hasn't been able to 
contact the Exelion.  Gloval says that that ship, built using far more
advanced EOT than the Macross, shouldn't have been sunk so easily - the fact
that they can't contact her is probably just due to jamming from the
Arrowgaters.  Who, it seems, are probably going to keep watching the humans,
unlike the giant-types who are in a hurry.  The focal point of the conflict
is surely, you guessed it, Saturn.  Reoutfitting all the Valkyries to VF-1S
mode will be finished by the time you reach Saturn: this is the threshold
of the aliens' influence and you realize that if you can get past it the
path back home should be open.

Several of the women come to see Aya in the infirmary, saying Ryuusei asked
them to do so.  Aya had wanted to be alone, and is surprised to hear how
depressed Ryuusei was that he couldn't protect her.  Sara tells Aya that
once she was in the same boat (Aya had heard about this) and that she only
found out after the fact that all Shapiro loved was himself.  She says that
her primary reason for fighting is defeating Shapiro with her own hands, and
that perhaps peace on Earth comes second.  Aya wonders if Sara is telling her
to fight Ingram - Emma tells her she's got to decide that for herself.  Rekoa
tells Aya that while everyone has their own reasons for fighting, everyone
has in common the fact that that they're fighting to protect someone.  And
that Rekoa might even leave the Lond Bel if she found something important to
her.  Sara tells her to find what's important to her - Aya is uncertain 
because thoughts of Ingram are still within, telling her that there was some
reason, that it's all some sort of mmistake.  The very fact that Ingram went
back to the Arrowgaters is what makes her uncertain as to what she should
believe in and what she should do.  Sara tells her then that she should
search, and that everything will become clear when she sees Ingram again.

The crew are discussing how Macross's internal city seems to be fully
functional.  In fact, the TV station is now operational and Lin Min-Mei was
chosen as Miss Macross.  Max says that that's all anyone talks about, and
Hyouma comments that since her cuteness is genuine it's only natural that
she'd rise so quickly to top idol.  In fact, she's _so_ popular that your
people are stuck waiting in line for tickets to her first concert.  Masaki
wonders where everyone gets the time to stand in line like that, and says
that he wouldn't do anything so lame - he asked Beecher ahead of time.  More
or less, everyone's all giddy since Min-Mei's debut concert is today.  Sayaka
wishes she'd bought a ticket, and Hikaru gives her his since the Skull Squad
has a scramble drill today.  Kakizaki wishes they'd at least been told before
they bought the tickets - apparently Focker is in a bad mood too because of
that.  The Skull pilots hand over their tickets in return for your people
buying the CD Single only sold at the concert.  Amuro claims not to have
bought a ticket and returns to the Lean Horse Jr. with a smile on his face,
but your other people suspect he bought some anyway.  Masaki also goes off to
invite Ryuusei to the concert, in an attempt to cheer him up.

Ryuusei and Rai, at that time, are hearing from Astonage that no problems 
showed up with the R-series that the SDF's technology could detect.  Thus,
they can sortie again and even fight Ingram.  However, there is some system
installed in the R-1 and R-3 whose purpose is unknown, linked to the T-Link
system.  A device installed in your machine too... Ingram probably emplaced
it himself, but it's made with Earth technology and doesn't appear dangerous.
The only choice is to ask Dr. Kobayashi about this black box.  Masaki shows
up then and invites Ryuusei and you to the concert.  Rai tells him to go to
it, although when Ryuusei tries to thank him he says he's merely sick of
seeing Ryuusei moping.  Astonage laments not getting a ticket too...

Then it's Min-Mei's concert.  She's glad to see so many people gathered for
her first concert.  Kouji is able to yell Min-Mei's name _very_ loudly due
to his being a giant robot pilot, embarassing Sayaka [^^;;;;].  Masaki is
dubious of the logic, but some of the other pilots (including Ryuusei) get 
into the act too.  Min-Mei asks everyone to forget the hard things they've
endured in the month since leaving the Earth, and have fun tonight.  Time for
her debut song, "My Boyfriend is a Pilot".  Too bad the enemy attack and
sort of spoil the effect.  Lo and behold, Kouji forced Shinji along, carrying
a bouquet for Min-Mei, but since everyone will probably have to scramble 
Kouji hastily says Shinji can have it instead [^^;;;;;]

  Destroy all enemies before reinforcements arrive for a Skill Point.

After you defeat all enemies, a new batch show up and two infiltrate the
Macross.  It appears the first wave were just a decoy.  You can either pursue
the enemies who have penetrated the Macross, or attack the reinforcements.

  The former is worth a Skill Point.  If you do, Hikaru disappears from the
  board in pursuit of the enemies within the ship.

Just then, a new ship defolds and it's time for the Macross to transform.
Go to SS36.

SE35. INGURAMU no Shin'i ("Ingram's True Intent")

Fold transmissions to Earth won't work due to Arrowgater jamming: looks like
they've penetrated the Solar System farther than everyone but Tashiro thought.
Insert briefing about the miscellaneous Arrowgaters and the giant-type aliens.
The Macross's faint combat record of the giant-types is proof of a large-
scale war between the two sides.  Gloval explains that the old-type battleship
Macross was left on the Earth as a booby trap to embroil the Earth in the
conflict.  Since the Arrowgaters want the Earthlings to help fight back the
giant-types, they chose to watch these past two years instead of taking over
the world by force... and waited for a chance to subdue the Earth with the
minimum of military force.  Evidently the aliens are also fascinated by the
various super robots powered by various kinds of super-energy that the Earth
possesses.  The Lond Bel was being spied upon (and running into the 
Arrowgaters so often) because the Lond Bel was likely to become a pivotal
battle force for the Arrowgaters at some stage.  Gloval asks Ingram what he
thinks of the possibility that the Arrowgaters have snatched some Earthlings
and secretly replaced them with investigative agents - Ingram says little
besides acknowledging that such a thing is likely.

Focker asks Hikaru how his military training is going (it's going fine) and
tells him that he's been posted to Focker's squad - which is now wholly part
of the Lond Bel.  While it sounds great to become part of this supposedly
invincible batallion, it also means getting sent to the front lines.  Just
then Min-Mei shows up and hears from Hikaru of his posting with the Lond Bel.
Focker excuses himself and tells Hikaru to show up to Lond Bel newcomer
training in four hours.  Min-Mei tells Hikaru that her uncle and aunt entered
her in the contest to become "Miss Macross" for the contest commemorating the
opening of the TV station within Macross's internal city.  Min-Mei's always
dreamed of being a singer... Hikaru isn't terribly happy, but Min-Mei tells
him he's just jealous and asks him to support her as she goes off.  Hikaru
thinks to himself that he might not live to see tomorrow, much less her...

Insert Ingram/Aya bit from SS34.  Insert breaking the news to the other SRX
folks and Masaki and you.  This battle is basically identical to SS34.

  If you attack Ingram, he'll tell you that he manipulated your SO's
  memories to get him to attack you, in order to bring out your maximum
  psychic potential - he asks you to be grateful to him that your SO didn't
  end up dead in the process.  Making your SO your enemy is also to bring
  out your maximum potential.  You demand to know why - if it's to fight
  the giant-types; he doesn't answer.

  Defeating Ingram is worth a Haro and two Skill Points.  Defeating Shapiro
  is worth an Apogee Motor.

Insert everyone figuring out what Ingram was really all about, plus 
disappointment that Ten-Kuu-Ken has been defeated.  Likewise, insert your
choice whether to comfort Ryuusei.  Insert further the scene in Raodekia's
court.  Go to SE36.

SS36. RIN MIN MEI ("Lin Min-Mei")

Three guesses which hapless anime heroine's life is in jeopardy as this
battle begins, and the first two don't count.  Here's a hint, her brother
Kai-Fan doesn't seem very happy with the job the army is doing keeping the
aliens away.  Assuming you did the heroic thing and had Hikaru charge in,
he'll be on the scene and wondering what the heck civilians are doing here.
Oops, Misa's voice comes in and tells you that the Macross is going to
transform in three turns - time to save those pesky civilians before then.

  Get to the indicated spot on the map by Turn 3.  Hikaru will try to rescue
  Min-Mei but get caught some internal louvers during the transformation.  But
  wait, it's Quatre, here to defend the defenseless!  Lay waste for a few
  rounds.  Quatre realizes that there are many enemies and that the Macross's
  defenses seem to be focused on the battle outside.  He decides to self-
  destruct and hopefully take some of the bad guys around him out, when the
  cockpit's hatch opens - is the Sandrock telling him to get off?  Just then
  the Lond Bel show up, note that it's the Gundam that attacked the Far East
  base, and realize that it has no intention of fighing against the Lond Bel.
  Well, some people realize it anyway - Shinobu is all suspicious, or maybe
  he's just upset that Min-Mei's concert got wrecked like Hyouma, who plans to
  exact his revenge ever so lovingly upon the unfortunate aliens.

After the mayhem concludes, Quatre tells everyone his name.  Amuro asks him
to stand down and accompany the rest of the group back to base - he complies.
Quatre explains to Gloval and the others that he was sent from the colonies
to destroy various ultra-tech and EOT oriented facilities...well, more
precisely to pinpoint and if necessary take out anything which threatened
the balance of peace.  His targets were the Titans, the EOT facilities in
Japan, the Far East base, and DC HQ along with the ASS-1 Macross.  Evidently
he figured out upon vising South Atalia that leaving the aliens up to their
own devices would put _all_ of humanity in danger.  Quatre then agrees to 
help you all, but not just for the sake of humanity - he wants to meet up with
the other Gundam Wing pilots whose roles and independent mission profile is
like his own.  He wants to win them over to a unified humanity standing 
against the aliens - although if possible he'd prefer it if, however unlikely,
the fight with the aliens could be avoided altogether.  Amuro adds his weight
to Quatre's request.  Misato is a bit dubious, but Gloval says that Quatre's
statement about unity is correct, and that he's not the kind of child to lie.
Misato concedes that he does seem honest and cute, but isn't quite comfortable
when Gloval asks if she has a thing for younger guys.

In any case, the plan is to hook up with the Jupiterians and repair and
resupply the Macross.  Both Quatro and Misato are opposed to this, seeing as
how they're effectively a different species and quite likely behind some of
the unrest on Earth anyway.  Gloval is aware of the risks, but says that 
humans should join hands regardless, and that the Jupiterians likely know
more about the aliens than your people from the Earth Sphere would.  Quatro
has a bad feeling about it, and Bright says that you've got to plan for the
worst just in case.

Meanwhile, Hikaru and the civilian he rescued are stuck somewhere in the dark.  
He's totally shocked when he finds out it's Min-Mei, and asks for her
autograph.  Too bad his radio got wrecked in the process of becoming sealed
in this area.  Hikaru goes to check out the premesis.  At that time, the
rest of your people are realizing the two of them are missing and mount a
search&rescue effort.  During this, Shinji gets asked why he's carrying around
a bouquet - is it for Asuka or Rei?  Haro compliments him on being a real
stud; he of course denies it.  As everyone heads off to search, Shinji meets
Asuka who asks him if it's a bouquet for her.  She teases him a bit, then
gets a bit peeved at how he's so quick to apologize for himself.  And gets
peeved more at why everyone's so hung up on Min-Mei.  Shinji says that's
probably not a good way to think, and when Asuka tells him not to lecture her
he tells her that he's thought for a while that her unyielding way of living
is going to tire her out.  This _really_ upsets her, but he tells her that
he used to be the exact same way, but that being with the Lond Bel lets him
feel like he's in his element.  She digests this, and then demands the
bouquet - she says she'll put it in water and keep it alive.

Hikaru and Min-Mei (who insists on calling Hikaru "Mister Ensign") are still
stuck.  Hikaru can't find any exit, and can't blow up the super-carbon walls.
Min-Mei then says this is sort of a good thing, since it's a break from her
overfull schedule.  Just then, the Macross leaves Saturn's orbit, causing
both of them to become weightless due to a malfunctioning gravity unit in this
block.  After a bit of the usual physical comedy while getting oriented to
Zero-G, Min-Mei decides she likes being weightless and recommends going off
to check the area again in the hopes of finding something interesting.

At the same time, Bodolzar summons Britai to answer for apparently plotting
to contact the Miclones behind his back.  Britai explains that it was 
determined that the Miclones in question were a new type (i.e. not the Empire's
troops), and he therefore proceeded with a survey.  Bodolzar orders them to
present more information, and Exedore shows the footage that the Zentraedi
people who infiltrated the Macross captured.  Like the Empire, these Miclones
have both men and women living together - and these ones created some sort
of sonic wave utterly unlike anything in the Empire, which rendered Zentraedi
soldiers incapable of battle.  _Plus_, the Macross being an old battleship is
likely a source of Tronium.  Bodolzar orders Britai to capture some samples
of the enemy Miclones.  Go to SS37.

SE36. MISU MAKUROSU ("Miss Macross")

Insert Exedore telling Britai about the weird sound crippling stuff.  Then
we find your heros discussing the Miss Macross Contest.  Shinobu is pretty
impatient that everyone is dinking around while there are enemies on all
sides.  Max points out that the citizens of the city have been through all
sorts of hell and it might be good to improve their morale.  Several of the
guys figure Asuka and Sara could win if they keep their mouths shut and don't
let others see their true colors... Masando tells Shinobu he's gonna be killed
if it gets out he said so.  Amano, Ritsuko, Emma, Rei, and so on get suggested
as possible contenders.  Ippei gets branded an otaku for suggesting Rei, but
he says people should think of it as him having superior taste [in which case,
why didn't Misato get nominated?? *ahem*]  Hikaru is a bit jealous of the 
thought of Min-Mei entering and being chosen.  In any case, since the concert
is happening when the crew isn't on call for scramble they plan to go.
Shinobu will invite Ryuusei, who's rather depressed from the little incident
back when.

Cut to The Girls cheering Aya up.  Cut to the R-series being given a clean
bill of health, modulo Ingram's black box.  Cut to the contest, which is a big
hit.  Asuka echos Shinobu's objection, and you echo Max's rejoinder.  Shinji
asks Asuka why she didn't enter - she responds with why _should_ she enter
an old-fashioned contest that only judges people based on their exterior.
Hyouma points out that she's here to watch anyway; she tells him to shut up
and that it'd be boring if she entered since she'd be a sure win anyway.
Shinji figured she'd say that, and Shinobu yells at both of them to take 
their lovers' quarrels elsewhere so he can concentrate.  Just then, Hikaru
gets paged - you can answer it or not.

  Answer it for a Skill Point.

If you answer it, Misa asks where you are (inside the city) and tells you to
go attack the aliens who are heading for the Macross.  He wonders why those
on scramble duty aren't going to it, but Misa tells him it's an emergency and
asks him if he's really a soldier.  Too bad he'll miss Min-Mei's debut...
As he heads to his plane, Min-Mei gets Kai-Fan to promise to be her manager
if she wins.

This battle is much like SS36.  Before the action starts you get to see the
Zentraedi observing the co-ed living arrangements.  Hikaru is dumbfounded
that the enemy actually managed to penetrate the ship and is glad he was
late to launch.  Misa orders him to keep the enemy from invading the concert

  On round two, two unknown Gundams appear!  It's Quatre, out to defend the
  defenseless again.  Duo is kind of along for the ride, although he realizes
  that appearing now makes their infiltration of the Macross meaningless.
  Well, it could be a good test of the modified Deathscythe...

Camille, Amuro, and you show up - Duo loses his chance to run away, and is
forced to be amiable toward his old companions.  Amuro asks Quatre to stand
down and come with them, which he does.  Hikaru is feeling a little down 
for not being able to see Min-Mei's debut when Focker comes on the scene in
very high dudgeon and informs Hikaru that Min-Mei won!  Hikaru starts feeling
more down at the thought that Min-Mei's new world of acting, singing, etc.
will take her farther and farther from him.  Misa shows up at that point and
starts taking him to task for altering the list of who was on scramble duty
without permission from the bridge - he gets upset and says he'll take 
whatever punishment he's assigned and runs off.  Misa had just wanted to thank
him for repulsing the enemies within the city...

Cut to the Quatre debriefing, with Duo included this time.  Quatre says he'd
like to fight with the Lond Bel now that he's seen what kind of group you
are, that you aren't likely to attack the colonies despite your great combat
power.  Quatre also wants to unify with the other 4 pilots of the Gundams
from the colonies - insert "we can win if we cooperate" speech, as well as
the Misato/Gloval exchange that follows.  Add plans to connect with the
Jupiterians.  Also, cut to Bodolzar's debriefing of Britai.  Go to SE37.

SS37. JUPITORIAN ("Jupiterian")

Finding Hikaru is taking a long time.  During that time, Min-Mei is explaining
how her parents threatened to cut family ties if she didn't obey them, and
she called their bluff and left home to pursue her singing career.  She's a
bit regretful and hopes they're doing okay, and Hikaru has no news of Earth
to reassure her with.  Hikaru asks her about a rumor about Min-Mei and her
costar on the TV show "On Nights When I Want to Cry".  She tells him it's
just something blown out of proportion by the media, and tells him that the
love scenes look so authentic because she's acting.  Strictly business.  But
when he's still skeptical she offers to demonstrate for him.  He hesitates
a bit, and then responds to her declaration of love in kind.  WOULDN'T YOU
KNOW IT that's just when the rest of the crew breaks down the wall and 
catches the two in the middle of a kiss.

In any case, the Macross is now within commo range of the Jupiter colonies.
Just then, a large object is detected heading in your direction: large meaning
20km across.  It then disappears from view, although the nuclear pulse 
signature it left behind makes it likely it's some kind of spacecraft.  Note
that even the Exelion is only 7km long.  Well, all you can do is not let 
down your guard.  Someone named Fonse Kagachi from Jupiter contacts you, 
he's the effective leader of the Jupiterians.  Gloval introduces himself and
requests repair and resupply - Kagachi agrees with one condition.  The
Jupiterian queen Maria wants to meet with the Macross's higher-ups.  Gloval
agrees and says he'll bring one person with him - he knows it's a trap, but
the need for supplies is pressing and it's also a chance to unravel the
mystery of the Jupiterians.  He leaves Misato and Bright in charge in case
something happens to him.

As the order to go to Level-1 battlestations circulates, Usso figures that
the Jupiterians really must be the enemy...and he notices Shakti being
troubled.  She's being feeling some strange sensation growing stronger as the
ship approaches Jupiter, a gentle, warm, familiar feeling...

Maria wants to thank you all for protecting the Earth - Kagachi recommends
complete cooperation with the Macross now that the whole of humanity is in
peril (despite their old campaign to become independent of the Federation
government).  Gloval wonders when the heck the Jupiterians annointed a queen
and doubts that they, supposedly behind the turmoil on Earth, will just
help out that easily.  Kagachi says that they have various pieces of info
about the giant-type enemies due to being the farthest away from Earth - 
Misa wonders if the giant-types have actually shown up on Jupiter...but the
colonies seem undamaged; so where did the info come from?  Kagachi will have
the info delivered later; he tells Gloval and Misa to go wait in a room he's
prepared and that he'll have Jupiterian mobile suits guard the Macross.
Bright accedes to this but gets your people ready to go just in case.

Chronokul is impressed at the SDF-1, commenting that the Earthnoids have been
progressing quite well with the EOT.  Katejina is with him - their mission
is to take over the Macross by themselves and she's not covinced they can
do it alone.  Sara is with them too, and when Chronokul says all they have to
do is take the nerve-center she replies that he should watch what he says.
Chronokul has heard that Sara is one of Scirocco's minions, but he figures her
for an observer from Kagachi.  He plans to take over the Macross and show
Scirocco a thing or two.  Just then, one of the Macross's pilots happens by:
it's Usso, who is _really_ surprised to see Katejina!  She of course had been
taken away by the Neo-Jion back when.  Chronokul is rather shocked to hear
that the Lond Bel are here - and Haro notes that Chronokul's carrying a bomb.
Masaki is on the scene too, and sees right through the little "defend the
Macross" ruse.  Chronokul has Sara contact the mobile suits to conduct a 
take-over by force.  Katejina tries to escape before Usso can get her to say
why she's helping the Jupiterians.

  On round 1.5, Tashiro (the other one) will show up and tell Chronokul to
  break through your people and follow the Macross with all possible speed.  It
  seems that Vian Zoldark is being held hostage, and Ryuune is being made to
  fight the Macross to keep him safe (she doesn't know where he's being held).
  Aya recognizes the Valcione, the second Super Machinery Humanoid that Vian
  made.  Horray for the cats, who intercept Tashiro's transmission and reveal
  that Ryuune is being coerced.  Masaki plans to contact Ryuune if at all
  possible.  Sara bails for some special mission of her own.

  Then Katejina comes over to chat with Usso.  She says that the way the
  Argama's crew did things would leave the Earth with an eternally grim 
  outlook, so she came to Jupiter to learn how they do things.  She claims
  that humanity can't progress as things are now, and tells Usso that he gets
  carried away and can't see what's going on around him.  Of course, he 
  ignores her and tells her to open her eyes.  Usso insists that there's 
  something wrong with them fighting each other, but Katejina says she 
  intends to blast him regardless.  Choose wether to shoot her or not; the
  latter is WORTH A SKILL POINT.  

  Have Masaki Persuade Ryuune.  He tells her that the Jupiterians can't just
  get rid of the commander of the Divine Crusaders so easily, and tells her
  his name.  Ryuune then announces that the Valcione (R) is damaged and that
  she's returning to base.

  Chronokul is worth a Biosensor.  Katejina is worth a Hybrid Armor.  Tashiro
  is worth an I-Field Generator!

After the battle, the Jupiterians are maintaining silence - and no word from
Gloval or Misa either.  Or rather, not until Kagachi contacts you again.
He accuses the SDF of sowing confusion upon the Earth.  He orders the Macross
to stand down entirely and divest itself of all combat personell within three
hours, else they'll mount an all-out attack.  Things aren't looking too good
for Gloval and Misa...  Such a blatant declaration of war means they're
pretty confident in their warpower... Bright has Misato assemble the Lond
Bel, saying that if Duo got out of the Jupiterians' base he should be able to
get back in.  The plan is simple: snag Gloval and Misa and split, while at
the same time ascertaining just how strong they really are.  Camille is
worried about the fact that the Vespa pilot Usso met (Katejina) ought to have
taken two years to reach Jupiter from Earth.  Not only does this mean that
the Jupiterians have Fold capability, it means that they've got a _production_
version when the Macross's is still experimental.  Looks like the Jupiterians
got the tech directly from the Arrowgaters.  Duo figures the Jupiterians got
in on the take early, and says that Hiiro and Trowa are still in the base,
investigating the connection between the Jupiterians and the Arrowgaters.
The infiltration team'd better install Boosters and all on
them for added speediness.

Shakti feels like someone is calling her, maybe her mother?  Sara pops up and
introduces herself.  She was sent by Queen Maria to take Shakti to where her
mother is...her mother, the _queen_.  Shakti feels bad about bailing on
everyone, but you know how these things go [^^;;;]  Go to SS38.

SE37. Mokusei Kara no Toubousha ("Fugitive From Jupiter")

Hikaru congratulates Min-Mei on her victory in the Miss Macross contest.  She
still can't quite believe she won, but before Hikaru can ask her on a date
he realizes she has to hurry off to singing lessons.  Poor Hikaru.  Insert
SS37 20km object scene.  Except this time, some sort of ships launched from
the object toward your ship... they're ships from the Earth by the IFF.
And by the registry, it's the DCSMH-02, DC's Super Macinery Humanoid #2, 
better known as the Valcione-R.  It's being pursued by some bad guys, and
Gloval orders the Lond Bel to launch on the theory that enemy of Ryuune's is
likely an enemy of the SDF, despite the possible repercussions with the 
Jupiterians.  Should the Jupiterian machines decide to attack you, it'll
mean giving up on resupply and simply leaving.  Ryuune is having trouble
controlling her machine, but she realizes she has to contact the Lond Bel lest
an even more dangerous group of adversaries appear.  Well, the Lond Bel show
up, and Chronokul's threat to kill Vian falls on deaf ears: Ryuune was told to
escape by herself by Vian.  Actually, she knows quite well that they can't
kill such a valuable dude so easily - Katejina is appaled by Ryuune's attitude
[like we care, beeyotch!!]  Ryuune concedes that Vian wasn't always the
greatest father, but that if anything happens to him she'll follow the bad
guys to the uttermost part of hell.  Chronokul tells her that she's now been
branded a traitor - she informs him that that's what she was from the outset!
Ryuune's transmitter is broken, and Chronokul tries to order the Lond Bel out
of the area.  You can decide to rescue the Valcione-R or to withdraw.

  Withdrawing is worth a Skill Point.

Actually, you just pretend to withdraw and see what the bad guys do next.  You
request the Valcione to be handed over as DC property at a scheduled bargaining
meeting later - Chronokul is not a cool dude at all and summons a bunch of his
good buddies, some Arrowgaters!  Among whom is Rebi (oh joy) who congratulates
Chronokul on smoking out the Lond Bel.  Rebi plans to take out Ryuune, who
is dangerous since she can neutralize Rebi's spiritual barrier (Ryuusei
wonders if he's next).  Ryuusei then offers to deal with Rebi himself while
everyone else fishes out the Valcione.

  Attack Katejina with Usso and she'll start getting sanctimonious about how
  humans aren't worthy to live on the Earth and how everything will be 
  renewed when all humans are eliminated and their brightly-shining souls are

  Attack Rebi with Ryuusei twice for two Skill Points.  She'll tell him that
  she doesn't need to tell him where Ingram his, since he's going to die here.
  Contact with Ryuusei causes her some sort of pain.  Note that she runs
  away if more than around 50% of her hit points are lost, so defeating her
  (worth one more Skill Point) is quite hard.

  Katejina is worth a Psychoframe.  Rupe is worth a Biosensor.  Dogul is
  worth a Hybrid Armor.  Chronokul is worth an I-Field Generator.

Ryuune is very surprised to see the Macross all the way out at Jupiter.  It
seems she, like her father, is an old friend of Gloval's.  She figures her
father wouldn't be dead so easily, but Gloval is concerned that his 
whereabouts are unknown and berates himself for not stopping Vian when he
went to Jupiter back when.  Ryuune caught wind of plans for a large-scale 
invasion of the Earth by the Jupiterians - time for your people to make it
home _fast_.  She'll help you out, since saving the Earth is both her and
her father's objective.

Your people discuss the latest developments, including the news that the
Jupiterians have reorganized themselves into a monarchy.  Perhaps it's the
distance from Earth and its turmoil that made the Jupiterians no longer
"Earthlings" and led them to join forces with the Arrowgaters.  Seabook
realizes that the Crossbone Vanguard, with similar aspirations of royalty,
may be connected somehow, in which case Cecily should be around somewhere.
Kou realizes that the dudes you just fought, you fought before - meaning 
the Jupiterians have to have functional Fold capability, proof that the
Arrowgaters gave the Jupiterians some EOT...and better EOT than the DC and
SDF have too.

Your people are then noting how the Valcione-R looks almost like a real girl.
Hyouma observes that with it, the Ginrei Robo, and Diana A, you've got the
Three Giant Sexy Robots.  Masaki is wondering where the pilot of a machine
like the Valcione-R is...when Ryuune appears and asks if he's complaining,
Masaki says instead that it's nice to see the pilot is as cute as her
machine.  It turns out that Vian went to Jupiter to emplace a giant radar
on the tenth planet, and Ryuune went to help.  The Jupiterians wanted to 
exploit the brain of the great genius robot designer.  Masaki complements
Ryuune on her smile and she starts getting really misty-eyed (the cats wonder 
if she's weak against flattery) and asks Masaki if she can join him for
dinner.  Looks like Ryuune's in love and Masaki doesn't know about it...
if Wendy finds out there may be trouble.

Ryuusei is brooding over how it felt like Rebi was being controlled by
something...that he thought he heard a voice calling for help, although she
quickly returned to normal.  Camille thinks that sounds just like Four.
Ryuusei asks Camille if he's stupid for wanting to save the enemy, and Camille
tells him that it's not as though their reason for fighting is just defeating
the bad guys.  Camille confides his ideas about Four being controlled by the
PsychoGundam and says not to give up hope... Go to SE38.

SS38. Teikoku no Jou'ou  ("The Imperial Queen")

You've got about 2 hours until the Jupiterians mount their all-out attack.
Misato is on the bridge ostensibly conducting procedures to disarm - this is
just to get the enemy off-guard.  As your people prepare for the infiltration,
Usso finds out that Shakti is gone.  Everyone doubts she could have left the
ship...  At that time, Tashiro is telling Kagachi about the progress of the
Earth Cleansing operation - the Angel Halo is 70% done and should be ready
for testing once enough Psychicers are gathered.  Kagachi comments that it
will either be the Savior that sets everyone's soul at ease, or else a sort
of ark that will carry humanity's genes into the future.  Tashiro points out
that it's basically a wide-range T-Link system originally designed by Vian -
Kagachi says that whether it works or not all boils down to Maria and the
other Psychicers.  Although, as Tashiro thinks to himself, Vian is no longer
on the scene...  However, they've only got about 40% of the requisite number
of Psychicers; it seems Scirocco hasn't been sending enough.  Kagachi plans
to loan Scirocco some of the Imperial Surveillance Army to help out, to 
Tashiro's displeasure.  Kagachi realizes that the Macross is just stalling
for time - like the Jupiterians themselves.  He says that as a mobile,
combat-worthy colony the Macross is too useful to destroy.  Plus, the 
Arrowgaters want it, which is odd to Tashiro since the thing is 100 years
behind the state of the art.

Gloval and Misa are discussing the Jupiterians.  While Maria seems sincere in
her wishes for peace, Kagachi isn't.  Gloval anticipates the disarmament
demand, and Misa says they really shouldn't have come.  Gloval says it's too
early to be sure of that, and by making contact a long-standing doubt of his
is laid rest.  Just then Maria shows up.  She mumbles something about how
souls drawn in by gravity, seeking peace, can't work together, which is why
Maria-ism is necessary.  In fact, she's still deluded into believing that
she and her people are acting in mankind's best interest, even to the extent
that the problems caused by the Jupiterians on Earth are "expedient".  That
being said, she sends the two of them to the spaceport to use her private
shuttle and return to the Macross.  She says that _if_ her people are indeed
headed down the wrong path, external judgement will be necessary.  And your
people are the only ones capable of such a task.  She tells you to hurry,
lest "they" appear on base.

Your dudes have made it into the outermost block safely, and expect trouble
as they move farther in.  Oddly, Usso feels Shakti's presence.  You and Aya
are able to sense Gloval's presence somewhere within this block.  There are
four points where they could be - get to them all within fifteen turns.

  The bad guys show up on turn 2.5 - as does Ryuune who was told by her father
  to escape by herself if necessary.  See SE37 for the full details.  On
  round 3 Hiiro and Trowa show up - have Duo and Quatre Persuade them.  Quatre
  tells Trowa that the enemy is too large and that only by joining forces can
  they win - he agrees.  Duo asks Hiiro if he saw "the thing" in the base,
  the thing that their Gundams alone can't take out.  Hiiro agrees to 
  cooperate at least until you return to the Earth Sphere.

  Rebi shows up on turn 8.  She says it's convenient having the same kind
  of power since it lets each other know that they're around.  See SS37 for
  the ensuing dialog.

  Katejina is worth a Psychoframe.

When you rescue Gloval and Misa, she tells you to remember that their goals
are the same as yours: the continuation of humanity.  Just then, someone
attacks from outside - you don't know who but you use the opportunity to 
escape.  It's some sort of unknown enemy that just defolded - very similar
to the giant-type aliens, but apparently different(!)  Claudia has the main
gun ready to fire 98 seconds ahead of schedule.  87 seconds for Focker and
the others to return, so Bright is informed that the Macross will be taking
off in 90 seconds.  Misato doesn't know who the new foe is either, but thanks
to them you manage to effect your escape from the Jupiterians...

Cut to scene from SS37 about Jupiterian royalty.  Quatre explains the doubts
held by some in the colonies that the Earth's EOT was being prepared to
rule the colonies - and thus the dispatch of the GW Gundams.  Meanwhile,
Masaki is feeling depressed for not being able to help Ryuune save her father.
She tells him not to worry, and that her father always told her to go forward
regardless of what happens to him.  Ryuune explains about the radar project
from SS37, and falls for Masaki as well.  Also insert Ryuusei/Camille
conversation, except this time Usso comes in at the end still looking for
Shakti.  Ryuusei doubts she could be outside the ship, but Usso explains how
he felt her presence during the battle.  Nobody is sure how she could have
gotten to where the enemy is... go to SS39.

SE38. Jinrui wo Michibiku Mono ("The One Who Guides Humankind")

Kagachi/Tashiro conversation from SS38, except this time the report is that
the Macross is fleeing from Jupiter space after the conflict with Chronokul's
forces.  Again they discuss the value of keeping the Macross intact, despite
the fact that it is now known of their alliance with the Arrowgaters and
Ryuune's departure.  Maria then comes to inquire about her little brother
Chronokul(!)'s battle with the Lond Bel.  Kagachi tells her that the Lond Bel
showed no indication of complying with Maria's ideals - she had been sure
that the Lond Bel would have been able to understand the importance of keeping
Mother Earth safe.  Kagachi spouts a line about souls entrapped by gravity
being incapable of understanding Maria-ism; Tashiro realizes that Maria is
just Kagachi's puppet.  Kagachi then orders Tashiro to go off in pursuit of
the Macross and take it over - ostensibly to get Shakti back, whose presence
Maria felt during the last engagement.

Meanwhile, Hikaru has come to watch Min-Mei filming her new movie - and
brought some of your other dudes with him.  Min-Mei is a bit surprised to see
other rubber-neckers: Focker tries to say that he and Hikaru had planned to
come alone but had gotten mobbed.  Really, he had wanted to let Hikaru and
Min-Mei have some time alone together, but on the set that probably wouldn't
have worked anyway.  Min-Mei says she's got time since she's on break, and
notes that the name of the film she's starring in is "Little White Dragon",
or "Shao Pai Lon" in Chinese.  Kouji asks if it's a kung-fu flick - it is.
Between her musical and theatrical debuts, Min-Mei seemingly hasn't had a
single day off - Hikaru is a bit sorry to hear that.  Kai-Fan then shows up
to call Min-Mei to the next scene...he seems a bit unhappy to see soldiers
around, but thanks Hikaru for saving Min-Mei anyway.  He then asks Hikaru
what's so good about the military, and tells Focker that he doesn't like the
army or fighting and that conflict brings about nothing.  Kouji can't let
that slide, and points out that had your dudes not been fighting the Macross
would have been wiped out long ago.  Kai-Fan responds that thanks to that
he got flung all the way to the tenth planet and mixed up in the fight with
the aliens.  Judou tries to protest that everyone is in the same boat and
that they're fighting to get back to Earth, but Kai-Fan excuses himself and
half-drags Min-Mei along.

Meanwhile, Duo and the others are trying (and failing) to get Usso to cheer
up.  Having his first love(?) join the enemy is bad enough, but something
seems wrong with Shakti too.  See the SS path for her warm, familiar 
feeling speech...  At that time, the Bridge Bunnies(tm) are discussing 
Min-Mei's new film, which will use CG to make up for the lack of on-location
filming.  Vanessa points out that Min-Mei seems to be going out with Hikaru,
but the others are sure that they'll break up: pilots and idols don't go
together or something.  Just then something defolds and attacks [kyaa!]
Several Mobile Suits have penetrated the city, so go attack them!

Renda informs Iku that the enemy hasn't detected them yet - he replies that
that's thanks to the Arrowgaters' teleportation tech.  Sara splits off to
attend to the princess with Iku's blessing.  The bad guys are trying to head
for a certain roadway to further their plans of taking over the Macross.
Just then, Hiiro and Trowa show up (through the very hole the Jupiterians
blew in the side of the ship!) and agree to help Quatre and the others on
the theory that they can't let the Jupiterians acquire the Macross.

  Reinforcements arrive on turn 3.  Iku is worth a Repair Kit.

After the battle, Suzie asks Shakti if it's safe to go outside again: she
wants to go change Karuru's diaper.  As soon as she's gone, Shakti feels
someone calling her.  Could this familiar feeling be her mother?  Of course
it is, as Sara points out to her as she pops out from nowhere [kyaa!].  Sara
explains further that she's a servant of Shakti's mother, Queen Maria, and
takes Shakti back to meet her.  Shakti is sorry to leave Usso and the others,
but you know how these things go.. [^^;;;]

Meanwhile, Shamy is telling Gloval that although the Macross has a spot of
pretty fierce damage, few people got hurt.  Misa passes on a report from
Bright that the two mystery Gundams are in the same situation as Quatre and
Duo, and Gloval thinks that they're mainly responsible for the Macross not
falling to the enemy.  Luckily, Trowa judges it most expedient to aid you
all for now, although Hiiro is close-mouthed as always.  He's willing to
follow orders in any case.  Meanwhile, Duo and Quatre ask where the heck Trowa
and Hiiro were - they were in the Jupiterians' base gathering info while
the Macross drew near.  They found out that the Jupiterians have a 20km-long
fortress prepared for a full-scale invasion of the Earth, to take it over
and possibly cleanse it of all humanity.  Looks like they're every bit as
dangerous as the Arrowgaters.

Usso is now bumming since Shakti has gone missing.  People are splitting up
to search for her within the ship, but Ginrei noticed that during the battle
one of the mobile suits disappeared quickly.  Could it have carried off
Shakti?!  Could this be just like Cecily's case?!?!  What are the chances.
In any case, this is more bad news for Usso...  Go to SE39.

SS39. Shumatsu e no Zensoukyoku ("Prelude to the Finale")

Aboard Britai's ship, Exedore informs Britai of a battle between Imperial
forces and some Meltrandi near Jupiter.  Britai notes that this means the
delay of Bodol's fleet too is due to the women.  Exedore says that that's
not the only reason - some unknown group of adversaries has been destroying
ships and the Commander-in-Chief is busy gathering information about them.
Britai says this is all the more reason to hurry with gathering Miclone
samples.  To Exedore's disbelief, Britai orders Kamjin's detachment to be
dispatched - "Kamjin the Ally-Killer".  Britai is aware of his past, but
figures he's the best to go against the Miclones.

Meanwhile, Hikaru is getting grilled about his relationship with Min-Mei.
Monsha in particular is peeved that Hikaru seems so out to lunch about it.
Focker asks what Min-Mei, everyone's idol, tastes like - Maya comments that
they're all filthy and leads the other Bridge Bunnies(tm) off elsewhere.
Hikaru protests that nothing happened during the week he was stuck with
Min-Mei, and gets increasingly pissed when the others won't believe him.
Focker finally believes him but questions his manhood; Hikaru hasn't heard
from Min-Mei since, to his sorrow.  Just then, he gets paged, a family member
has just ended up in the hospital.  He hurries off (the others realize they've
been duped) and finds Min-Mei despite her best efforts to disguise her
appearance.  After making sure she's okay with being with him, Hikaru
promises to take her out to have fun this evening.  She wants to go to the
observatory lounge; instead, he takes her out in his Valkyrie.  After 
cruising through space a bit, she confides to him that she's begun to hate
her life - that she sometimes wishes to go somewhere where nobody knows her
name.  Just then, Misa catches up to them - she can't believe Hikaru would
use his Valkyrie for personal pursuits.  With Misa is Kai-Fan, who orders
Min-Mei back and tells Hikaru that if word of this gets to the media her
singing career is finished.  He says that he's already taken the matter up
with the higher brass, and that he won't show any mercy toward Hikaru.
Hikaru says he's prepared for that, and is ready to go back when a giant
warp-out is detected: the Exelion, which is bigger than even the Macross.
Looks like she's been pretty badly damaged.

After the usual checks for damage, the Exelion's vice-captian reports the
presence of the Valkyries to Tashiro.  Just then, enemies warp out at 6 
o'clock.  Tashiro can't believe they found the Exelion without using radar.
The Top squad scrambles, and Oota orders them to keep any of the small
life-forms away from the ship.  Meanwhile, Hikaru remembers belatedly that
he's in a trainer and that they've got to get away from the battle fast.

  Reinforcements arrive on turn 3.  Focker momentarily berates Hikaru for
  causing more trouble, and then says this is the way for men to get the
  girls.  He's also drunk.  Your guys aren't sure what the big thingies
  attacking the Exelion are, but Focker resolves to get rid of them regardless.

  Kamjin will show up on turn 6.  He was in the mood for some mayhem, but
  he can't disobey Britai's orders.  They capture Misa and Kai-Fan and run
  off.  Hikaru, and then the rest of the Skull squad (and you) go off in
  pursuit.  Immediately after, Ere and the Reideen show up.  Ere can sense
  nothing but destructive instinct from the enemies.  As your other dudes
  deploy, the Reideen powers up (the SRX people feel enormous psychic pressure
  from it).  Reideen tells Akira to fight the beasties.

After the battle, Tashiro explains to Gloval about how they ran into the 
beasties once before - see the other path for the ensuing conversation about
the STMC.  Tashiro says he's going to continue patrolling between Jupiter
and the tenth planet since they have too little information on the STMC,
although as in the other path the Top people join your group to increase their
combat experience in preparation for their "heavy obligation"... And once
again, Noriko's otaku's blood is boiling when she sees all the mecha etc. etc.
Jung gets into an argument with Shinobu about being a girl pilot, but Noriko
hits it off with Ryuusei right away.  They arrange to show each other their
garage kit collections [O_o;;;;;]  

Gloval then asks for Bright's help to search for the Skull Squad...who have
probably been captured by the Zentraedi.  The Bridge Bunnies(tm) are all
worried, but Claudia believes that Focker will rescue Misa and come back as
though it were all nothing.  Gloval elects to halt the Macross here and
wait for word from the Lond Bel.  Go to S40.

SE39. FAASUTO KONTAKUTO ("First Contact")

See SS39 for Exedore/Britai conversation about Meltrandi and Kamjin. 
Afterwards, Misa is telling Claudia (and Focker) that Hikaru isn't suited to
being a soldier, and that men who choose the wrong job will be unhappy their
whole life.  She thinks it's in Hikaru's best interest for him to switch jobs.
If that happens, Misa will never be able to win him over, but Misa tells
Claudia that she's thrown away her feminine side long ago [yeah whatever].
Hikaru and Kou come in to turn in their patrol report, and Focker tells 
them both to sit and have a drink.  Misa excuses herself - you can either 
leave or not.  If you don't, Focker lectures Misa that she should act a bit
more feminine, regardless of her lofty military training.  He's quite drunk,
and tells Hikaru and Kou that occasionally they need to use force and not
waste their time worrying over every little detail of their girls' feelings.
Focker is going to continue, but Hikaru receives a phonecall from "a family
member" who he claims has gone to the hospital, and leaves abruptly.

He meets Min-Mei, who finally managed some vacation time and said she wanted
to see Hikaru.  She seems unhappy, and Hikaru plans to cheer her up by taking
her for a spin in a Valkyrie.  This is very similar to SS39, including Misa
and Kai-Fan butting in.  This time the Zentraedi show up first.  Kamjin
orders his men to snatch Misa and Kai-Fan first, and he stays behind to take
care of Hikaru.

  Reinforcements show up on turn 2: it's Focker and crew and he's drunk again.
  Kamjin is worth a Booster - killing him will cause all the other enemies
  to leave.  Kill him by turn 3 for 2 Skill Points.

After the battle, the Macross waits for the Lond Bel to follow Hikaru and
the others as per SS39.  Go to S40.

S40. BIGGU ESUKEEPU ("Big Escape")

[Note: by this point, regardless of path you should now have an 
"Andromeda-Yaki" in your inventory.  It shows up earlier on the SE path but
should exist from either.  And no, I don't know if this is skill-based or
what. ^^;;]

Your people are on Britai's ship, uncertain of their fate.  Hikaru
apologizes for getting Min-Mei into this mess, but she says it's okay.  Focker
observes that they don't look like they're planning to kill you, but Kai-Fan
with his usual optimism says there's no guarantee of that.  He's actually
even more optimistic about your small fleet being able to defeat the great
big super-giant honkingly large Zentraedi ships... Focker says that doing so
is the job of the SDF and the Lond Bel, and when Kai-Fan calls him an idiot
he replies that he'd rather be an idiot than someone who falls by the hand of
the enemy without doing a single thing.  Misa meanwhile is wondering why the
Zentraedi don't mount an all-out offensive on the Earth if they've got so
much warpower.  Could it be that they, like the Arrowgaters, are seeking
something on Earth?  Max says that all you've got to do is get your
Valkyries back and you'll be able to escape - and he has a transponder so he
knows where they are.  Just then the giant Britai and Exedore show up, with
their translator system online.  Britai asks why male and female Miclones
live together on Earth as in the Empire - your people are clearly puzzled as
to the point of the question.  Britai presses the inquiry: why is there not
strife between men and women?  Exedore asks why you all are Miclonized - are
you the spawn of the Empire?  Misa finally says that unlike Britai and co.,
Earthlings are that size since birth.  This puzzles Exedore, who wonders if
Misa is referring to "production".  Focker concedes that birth is something
accomplished by the labor of men and women - which evidently does not compute.
Focker then tells Britai that it's far preferable to hold women close than
to fight with them, and demonstrates on Min-Mei.  Exedore and Britai are 
completely shocked.  Focker says that's not all they do - they even kiss and
stuff!  When Focker hesitates to demonstrate, Britai gets irate and picks up
Min-Mei to demand a demonstration.  Decide who wants to demonstrate on
Min-Mei: Kai-Fan, or Hikaru.  Assuming you chose Hikaru, Min-Mei demures only
a moment and then says it's okay if it's with him.  Britai is at a loss for
words, and Hikaru and Min-Mei are kept in separate rooms.

Your people are more puzzled than ever what the big deal is.  It seems clear
that the Zentraedi and the Meltrandi females are at war with each other for
some reason.  Kakizaki points out that the Zentraedi are at war with the
Arrowgaters, and you surmise that the Meltrandi probably have their own
military and engage in a three-way conflict.  Just then, some kind of attack
strikes the ship - everyone's unhurt, and although you aren't sure who's
responsible everyone heads for their ships.  It is in fact the Meltrandi, and
Britai is upset that they were allowed to invade his ship; too much attention
was spent on the Imperial forces it seems.  Exedore notes that all they
have to do is return the two Miclones who haven't run off yet to the 
Commander-in-Chief.  Your people get to their machines, which are okay, and
prepare to fight their way out.  Kakizaki in particular isn't all that happy
getting stuck with Kai-Fan.  Focker tries to tell the others to go ahead while
he searches for the other two, but nobody wants to split up - everyone will
go outside and then search from there. 

  One of the soldiers in the west portion of the screen has a Min-Mei Doll.

  On round 2.5, Miria shows up and starts taking out some of the soldiers.
  Max is really looking forward to fighting her... On round 3, you learn that
  the ship is planning to fold - you've now got five turns to get out.

  Defeating Miria is worth a Megabooster.  If you do it with Max, it's worth
  a Skill Point too.

After getting everyone out of the ship, Hikaru appears.  He was able to
escape with Min-Mei due to the shock of the Meltrandi attack, but he got 
split up from her during the ensuing dash to the Valkyrie.  He is about to 
head back deeper inside when the ship Folds.

Meanwhile, the bridge crew are wondering where Focker and the crew are -
patrols haven't found them yet.  Just then, a transmission from them arrives:
they're okay.  Your people then digest the news that the Zentraedi are 
fighting their own females as well as the Arrowgaters.  From an analysis of
Misa's report, the odds look good that they may be some sort of engineered
bioweapon - perhaps engineered to fight the Arrowgaters, or the Space Monsters.
Misato and Ritsuko are ordered to continue their attempts at analysis.

Focker is then breaking the news that Min-Mei has fallen into the Zentraedi's
hands.  He says that since they're interested in Earth, Min-Mei's life is
probably not in danger.  Kouji wonders what "interested" means and wonders if
they want to hear her singing.  He and Hyouma vow to find Min-Mei the next
time they run into Britai's ship.  Focker tells them to check in on Hikaru
too later, since he's greatly depressed.

Misa gets to Hikaru first.  He asks her if she's come about punishment for
unauthorized use of the Valkyrie - she tells him that she's not, since at
Focker's word no inquiry into that will be pursued.  Hikaru wonders if
Min-Mei is okay, to which Misa says that the Zentraedi seemed scared of you
all and that until the reason for that become clear Min-Mei will probably
be kept alive.  Misa then apologizes for not considering Hikaru's feelings
and always putting her job first - he's very surprised to hear her say such
a thing.  He asks if she's come to cheer him up (she half-denies it) and he
says not to worry, that he'll rescue Min-Mei with his own hands.  Misa gets
called to the bridge, and Hikaru thanks her, which impresses her too.

On the bridge, it seems that you've caught an SOS coming from the Sera Base
on Mars owned by a certain Space Development company.  The base was 
supposedly mothballed after a Meganoid uprising last year, and its members
supposedly wiped out on the way home.  Note that this is a _big_ base, and
all its equipment and provisions were left as-is when it was abandoned.  Time
to head for Mars!  Misa is a bit downcast, thinking that Mars is where ensign
Raibar was.  Go to S41.

S41. BAIBAI MARUSU  ("Bye-bye Mars")

Exedore informs Britai that the Miclone ship has arrived at the fourth planet.
Kamjin had been sent to the Sera Base to send a false SOS to the Macross,
which appears to have worked like a charm.  The plan is to capture the whole
Macross alive with a tractor beam - and Exedor has some doubts that Kamjin
will go along with the plan quietly.  Britai tells him that steps have already
been taken.  Meanwhile, the Macross has come into the vicinity of the base.
Gloval asks Misa if the SOS is still ongoing (she's a bit distracted; the
SOS is still on) and decides to send some people ahead to scout, just to be
on the safe side.  They launch a "Cat's Eye" surveillance vehicle.  Gloval
really wants to conduct repairs, especially to the main rocket, but Ere has a
bad feeling.  Just then you hear that the Cat's Eye has caught sight of some
unidentified dudes.  The radar response was too brief to discriminate what
they were exactly, but they seem to be 100m-long fighters.  It's the
Zentraedi.  The base itself seems to be untouched, so the Destroids are being
sent to gather supplies and the Valkyries are being sent to guard them.  The
Lond Bel will stand guard around the base.  As Bright explains the situation,
Ryou tells Bright that the Getter Reactor has been acting strange lately: to
conduct repairs, Bright has them sitting this one out.  Asuka then observes
that Mars isn't a very cheerful place - Kouji agrees and says it looks like
the site of some kind of Final Battle.  Everyone feels as though some kind
of strong enemy was hanging around.  Duo says that they're making it sound
like they've fought here before - Hayato says that the whole planet has been
sealed since the Meganoid Rebellion.  Meganoids are cyborgs designed for
work in space; it was Mars where they were being tested, and it was Mars 
where they went berserk.  Hayato says that the one who solved the problem was
Hazan Banjou and his invincible steel man Daitarn-3.  Banjou was an 
acquaintance of Ryuune's dad and a sponsor of the DC and SRX Project.  Noriko
is way jealous of Ryuune for having the chance to actually ride in Daitarn-3
(Asuka figures Noriko for another Ryuusei).  Anyway, Banjou is really rich
from ore found on Mars and would be a great help both financially and 

As the reprovisioning begins, Misa says she wants to go to the surface to see
if it's actually survivors who are sending the SOS.  You can let her go or

  Not is worth a Skill Point.

Assuming you choose "not", Gloval apologizes for not letting a crucial
staffer go into danger, she in turn apologizes for her request, and thinks
to herself that there's no way Raibar would still be alive.  As your people
begin patrol, Misa is still not herself.  Meanwhile, one of the Zentraedi
pilots can no longer control himself and reveals the ambush before the 
tractor beam can be activated.  Kamjin blows the guy away for doing so.

  The Zentraedi will commence attack on turn 1.5 now that they've been
  discovered.  More Zentraedi will show up on round 3 - it seems Kamjin has
  been used as a decoy.  Misato recommends blowing up the underground nuclear
  reactor to cut the tractor beam - Misa is internally horrified at the
  thought of the base Raibar was in being blown up.  Just then, a coded 
  transmission arrives, saying the base is scheduled to blow up in 5 turns.
  This is a battle with infinite aliens, some of whom will appear on the
  East and North sides of the base, so beware.

  Defeat Kamjin for a Chobham Armor and a Skill Point.  There is another
  Minmei Doll among some of the other aliens.

  Banjou will show up in Daitarn-3 as time is running out to help you.  It
  appears it's he who set the bases' reactor to overload.  Gloval is shocked
  to see him here, but talk will have to wait.  Your dudes are marveling at
  Daitarn-3, and Banjou says that while his introduction was late as always,
  he'll have to get that much more medieval on the asses of the bad guys.

After the battle, Misa apologizes for making Claudia worry and says she was
reminded of her first love.  Banjou and Gloval are both surprised to see
each other.  Banjou says that the Earth has been pretty chaotic since the
Macross's departure.  The Neo-Jion/Titans alliance fell apart and the two
sides are fighting... currently, in space there's the Neo-Jion/Arrowgater
battle, and on Earth there's the Titans/Biston Well battle.  At least it 
appears that the Zentraedi haven't attacked the Earth yet; after the Macross
went, neither they nor the Arrowgaters have showed themselves in the Earth
sphere much.  Banjou had been checking to see if the Arrowgaters were mucking
around on Mars instead when he met you, and says to go ahead and use the 
resources left in the Mars base.

Meanwhile, it looks like the 120m-long Daitarn-3 simply won't _fit_ in the
hangar!  Astonage figures the only choice is to strap it to the belly of the
Lean Horse Jr., but Noriko says that the Daitarn-3 always comes flying to its
owner when called, so shouldn't it not matter where it's stored? [^^;;;]
Ryuusei is greatly impressed by Noriko's knowledge, but she says it's the
basics of the basics (Astonage isn't sure what basics those are, but...)
Noriko goes on that with Super Robots, bigger is better - and she wishes she
could ride in something that big one day.  Astonage says to give it a rest
or else even the Macross won't fit the results, and Ryuune says that while
size isn't everything her father liked the Daitarn-3 too.  Ryuune confides to
Ryuusei that since his father was a super-robot otaku, she was trained since
a very early age in how to pilot them.  Ryuusei thinks that makes Vian a 
great dad - Ryuune doesn't thinks so, but admits that she is appreciating it
right about now.  Banjou shows up, wonders what the status of the _truly_
giant robot being developed aboard the Exelion is, and congratulates Ryuune
on being freed from the Jupiterians (too bad Vian is still missing).  Banjou
recalls that the over 200m-long machine is called the Gunbuster...a machine
that could even outmatch the Zentraedi or the Space Monsters.  Your people
are awed.

Flash to briefing.  Banjou has three huge rockets which will be used to send
the three mother ships off on separate missions.  The common goal is to
unify humanity against the storm of adversaries facing it.  The Lean Horse
will go to Axis to negotiate with Neo Jion.  The Gran Garan will go to the
Moon and enlist the help of the Yugo and the Riga Militia to get the colonies
in line.  And the Goraon will return to the Far East base and enlist the
help of DC and the IPO to get the Titans and Biston Well armies in line.
To go to Axis, take SA42.  To go to the Moon, choose SM42.  To go to the
Far East Base, choose SF42.

SA42. AKUSHIZU Kara no Shisha ("Emmisary from Axis")

Raodekia is having a pow-wow about your people launching at his ship the
Helmoze.  He realizes from the report that your people have finally become
aware of their own situation and started taking appropriate steps.  Viletta
reports that the Zentraedi and the Meltrandi appear to be fighting each
other.  Plus, the Meltrandi en route to Uranus from Jupiter are under attack
from the Zentraedi and the Imperial forces - looks like the Solar System is
becoming the battlefield.  Plus, she reports that the Macross crossed swords
with some unidentified life forms (Yuuzes wishes she'd kept her mouth shut).
It's clear that the life forms aren't of the Earth - they've been beaten
back for the time being anyway.  Raodekia asks Yuuzes if he knows anything
about the life-forms, and upon hearing he doesn't orders Yuuzes to start
investigating immediately.  He then orders his fleet to begin full-scale
war on the giants - Yuuzes wonders why Raodekia is hastening to fight them:
could the last battle with them be at fault?  He thinks that rather than
fighting the giants, the top priority should be developing Psychodrivers and
acquiring the Tronium - else there will be no way to oppose the "Gods of
Destruction".  Ingram ponders a moment, and then mentions that he's heard the
Zentraedi are a bunch of uncultured barbarians, and that he's seen data 
claiming that a "culture shock" attack should work on them quite well.  Yuuzes
tells him that was during the previous war: that culture is that of the
ultimate authorities on the homeworld of Balmar, the "Spirit Empire" and its
twelve tribes.  The Spirit Empire's long dominance has actually caused the
Empire's culture to regress: although foreign culture has been imported, the
Balmar culture itself is only bent on fighting like the giants.  Shapiro
wonders if, therefore, the Earth's culture could deliver the requisite culture
shock - Raodekia says that the Macross will demonstrate that one way or the
other.  Which, as Yuuzes confirms, is the reason why the Empire hasn't really
attacked the Macross.  Raodekia orders Viletta to take Rebi and Shapiro and
go to the Zentraedi and Meltrandi outside the solar system and make them
fight each other more.  Ingram is sent with Hainel to Earth to undertake 
unification of the Earth's armed forces.  Raodekia says human resources are
necessary, but that that excludes non-combattants and those who resist.  Anyone
who foments rebellion against the oncoming Imperial domination must be
eliminated.  Plus, vigilance must be kept over the Jupiterians, the Boazans,
and the Campbellians: Scirocco, Kagachi, Oreana, and Hainel aren't _fully_
loyal.  Ingram thinks to himself that these folks are pretty clever, turning
the ire of the dominated ones against the giants.  After Raodekia retreats,
Yuuzes asks about the machine weapon Ingram made by fusing Earth and Imperial
technology.  He cautions Ingram that Ingram isn't capable enough to understand
the Crossgate Paradigm System.  Ingram won't admit to having emplaced this
unto the Astranagun - Yuuzes decides to let the matter slide but reminds
Ingram that _he_ is the one who saved Ingram from drifting in space and gave
him his new knowledge.  After Yuuzes leaves, Shapiro asks Ingram if he isn't
a Balmarian after all (apparently, not).  Gotta watch out for this Ingram
person even more closely it seems.

Meanwhile, Yuuzes asks Rebi why here Kalkeria Pulse is down since the last
battle.  She mentions that contact with you and Ryuusei seemingly tried to
bring forth something from inside her.  Yuuzes tells her not to worry, that
she was born with a special power that makes her the savior of the Ze-Balmariy
Empire.  Given that all her powers are already unleashed, she is invincible...
but since you and Ryuusei are about to fully unleash your powers too, Yuuzes
tells her to kill the two of you off and thereby eliminate the source of her
headaches...and for the sake of Raodekia.

Ingram breaks the news to Hainel that he's to head back to Earth.  Hainel 
points out that Raodekia is spewing out rather capricious orders, and Kazarine
says that such orders are rude to Hainel, commander of the Earth Invasion
Army, even if Raodekia theoretically running the overall show.  However,
Hainel tells her not to say such things, and that as the child of a traitor
he has no real choice but to obey.  He agrees to head to Earth, especially
to check on Do-Zhul who's still there.  Ingram then says he's going to act
separately - Hainel is a bit surprised because he thought Ingram was his
commander, but he says that Ingram's actions are none of his business anyway.
Kazarine wonders if it's wise letting Ingram on the loose, and Hainel says
that if Ingram's actions cause problems for the Imperial army, it's that much
more convenient for his Boazan.  He tells Jungle to take their ship to Earth
while he goes to chat with Gou Kentarou.

...Who is lamenting to his sons that the Boazan have started making weapons
with the Maxingal alloy.  He realizes he has to somehow get the plans for
the new Ultramagnetic Generator, the Ultramagnetic Weighting Cannon, to
Dr. Hamaguchi.  Hainel comes and tells him that they're heading for Earth
where he can see Voltes and Combattler defeated for good.  Kentarou asks
why Hainel fights - it's to free his oppressed mother planet and to save the
lives of Boazan's subjects, a matter which a mere Earthling has no right to
even mention.  Kentarou says that Hainel is being used as nothing more than
a decoy for the Boazan emperor, Zu Zanbajil - who treats Hainel's posting
beneath Raodekia as nothing more than a way to have the heat taken off his
own back.  Hainel yells at Kentarou to mind his station, and that the emperor
of Boazan is a great person who gave him command despite being a traitor's
son.  Hainel says that he doesn't know his father's face, but that he doesn't
want to since his father is responsible for his mother's death and for all
sorts of hardship for Hainel himself.  Hainel then gets pissed that Kentarou
pities him, and reminds Kentarou that he's only alive because he's a good
scientist.  Hainel leaves, and Kentarou pleads internally that Hainel not
fight Ken'ichi and the others.  But hey, he may get his chance to hand over
the plans.

Meanwhile, the Lean Horse Jr. has caught sight of the Yugo's ship Lar Kairam.
Henken welcomes you back and tells you that Solomon and A Baoa Qu have fallen
to the Neo Jion, and that the Federation's regular army is essentially wiped
out.  However, in the process Yugo got stronger, which is why you get the
Lar Kairam and a bunch of new mecha.  Of course, you also get a dirty job
coming up, after which Bright says he'll go to Neo Jion to try to negotiate
a cease-fire.  Henken is very pessimistic that the Zabis will listen, but
Quatro says things have gotten so bad there's no choice but to ally with
them - if humanity doesn't cast off its ego all that awaits is DOOM!!  Anyway,
Henken wants the Lean Horse Jr. to stay on the Moon, where some Jupiterians
have descended in preparation for invasion.

Judou and Ruu discuss how cool (and rich) the Yugo are to have given you all
this neato stuff.  You remind them that all the new toys are just further
proof of how you all are stuck on the front lines.  You then remember that
a new version of your machine was being developed too, although you don't
know whether you'll get to pilot it.  Katsu and Amuro have a reunion: Katsu's
mother wasn't too happy about Katsu becoming a pilot.  Amuro has Camille 
introduce Katsu to the others.  Amuro is worried that Katsu will do something
reckless on the battlefield, but it's a little late to worry now.  Anyways,
you've got the nu-Gundam now, although it'll take about ten days to set up.
Amuro runs into Chain again, who is glad Amuro came up to space again.  Amuro
says it's more like he was hoisted there by others, but all's well that ends
well.  There was a little promise going between Amuro and Chain from back
at the Cheyenne base: you can say you remember or forget it.  It's the
promise to go on a date upon meeting in space.  If you say you remember, 
Amuro tells her that he'll make good as soon as the fighting is over (she's
very happy).  Chain also tells you that Anaheim is working on an armaments
improvement for the nu-Gundam, which should be sent along to the Lar Kairam
as soon as it's done.

  By the way, you _MUST_ say you remember if you want to get the HWS upgrade
  for the nu-Gundam later.

Fa checks on Rekoa, whose fever has relented.  Rekoa says that she's tired out
from all the fighting.  Before she joined Yugo she was a guerilla fighter for
environmental protection - her only memories are of battlefields from her
youth.  Whenever she thinks about what she should be doing and all she gets
tired.  Fa tells her to rest until you all reach Axis - Rekoa says she will
but warns Fa not to become a woman like her.  As Fa leaves, Rekoa comments
that her room is one that isn't waiting for anyone to return to it.

Torres catches sight of a huge spaceship shadowing your course: it's the
Jupiterians.  The ship was originally for transporting Helium3: the fact that
they aren't attacking you yet means they're probably headed for Axis too.
Focker says it's weird they're not using warp to get there: are they planning
to attack?  Kagachi and Scirocco are planning to take down the Arrowgaters 
from inside, so they probably want cooperation.

Quatro thinks the nu-Gundam is a good machine: it was worth leaking info about
the Psychoframe to Anaheim apparently.  Amuro is working well with the
Psychoframe in the nu-Gundam; Quatro thinks that a white Gundam does suit
Amuro after all.  Camille tells Katsu to guard the Lar Kairam, but he wants
to come to the front lines and doesn't want to heed Camille's warning.
Meanwhile, Scirocco is impressed at how fast the Lond Bel are moving, but
realizes that now the secret about the Jupiterians and Arrowgaters is out 
their only chance is allying themselves to the Neo-Jion.  As the Jupiterians
prepare to attack, Rekoa thinks she heard something, as does Scirocco.

  Rupe is worth a Propellant Tank S.  Broch is worth a Chobham Armor.  Sara
  is worth a Biosensor.

  On round two a battleship is detected in the area: reinforcements in two
  more turns.  It's the Neo-Jion, in particular the Gwadon.  Quatro wonders
  if "she" is aboard the ship.  She is in fact Hamarn Karn, here on behalf
  of Giren Zabi.  She tells you all that you're interfering on Axis airspace
  and that if you don't intend to fight Axis to stand down.  She wants to
  conduct negotiations aboard her ship between the three sides.  Scirocco is
  willing to comply - Bright realizes their objective really was to contact
  Neo-Jion.  Quatro points out that your objective is to bargain with Neo-Jion,
  and that you can't afford to lose any warpower here.  You have a choice to
  accept or deny Hamarn's offer.

    Accept it as a step toward recruiting Hamarn.  Turn it down and you can
    fight Scirocco - defeat him for a Skill Point.

  You accept, although Quatro wonders what Hamarn is scheming.  Judou 
  notices something is up with Hamarn, that she's not like Scirocco.

Quatro says he'll go negotiate with Hamarn - he tells Bright to stay with
Amuro aboard the Lar Kairam in case something goes wrong.  He takes Camille,
Judou, Akira, and Emma with him to help see through interfering psi.  Rekoa
wants to come along too to do something to help - plus she's an infiltration
specialist.  Quatro tells Amuro to take care of things if something happen to
him, although Amuro asks him to remember that noone can replace him, or at
the very least that Amuro isn't the politician Quatro is.

Ryuusei has a _really_ bad feeling about the three-sided negotiations.  You
do too.  Beecher and his gang of thugs overhear this, and _of_course_ decide
to do the boneheaded thing and sneak aboard the Neo-Jion ship out of concern
for Judou.  Riina wants to come too, but Beecher tells her to stay with Iino
and El abourd the Lar Kairam.

Hamarn has the other entourages waiting in separate rooms.  It's just her,
her subordinate Gremy, Scirocco, and Quatro.  She states the belief that both
sides wish to enlist Neo-Jion's aid and asks if that's mistaken.  Scirocco
says that at the very least he was going to.  Quatro agrees, saying that he
believes forging an accord with Neo-Jion is necessary to oppose the aliens.
Scirocco admits that the Jupiterians are currently in league with the 
Arrowgaters, but states that their ultimate objective is removing all the
aliens from the solar system.  Hamarn is prepared to join forces, but demands
that both sides disarm, disclose, and hand over all their weaponry to Neo-Jion.
Quatro is quite shocked and asks if she means for them to all fall under
Neo-Jion's jurisdiction.  She say of course, and says that Neo-Jion must be
the people to lead the opposition to the aliens.  Scirocco thinks this is
foolish and that Neo-Jion is ultimately just one more group of dudes whose
souls have been caught in the Earth's gravity well.  Quatro asks if Hamarn
expects his people to accept the Zabis assuming control of the Earth Sphere,
she asks in turn if Char intends to fight the aliens alone.  Scirocco says
he can't accept the proposal, and when Hamarn asks what he's doing he replies
that he came to recommend to Neo-Jion surrendering to the Jupiterians.  He
says that his people are about to begin the genocidal Earth Cleansing
operation against Earth humanity - and that if Neo-Jion doesn't surrender
they'll be on the hit list too.  Gremy recommends mentally to Hamarn that she
eliminate Scirocco right here and now; she responds that that would give the
Jupiterians an excuse and that they should wait a while longer.  Scirocco says
that in light of his and the Arrowgaters' power there should be only one
answer.  Hamarn says that Scirocco's proposal is interesting but that he 
seems to have forgotten where he is.  Just then Scirocco uses EOT to teleport
away - Hamarn is pissed.  Scirocco tells Hamarn to regret the despair she's
called down upon herself in the time to come.  Gremy commands all ships not
to let Scirocco escape.

It seems Scirocco teleported to where your dudes are, due to the limited 
range of the teleporter.  Camille recognizes Scirocco, and Emma tells Camille
to move so she can blast him.  But Rekoa goes and gets in the way instead.
Rekoa thinks to herself that Scirocco called her, and he tells her that these
days need strong women like her and to come with him.  Rekoa then turns her
gun on your people, and Sara shows up to lead Scirocco away.  Rekoa doesn't
heed Camille's warning of Scirocco's danger, and goes with him on the theory
that she has a "self" that she doesn't want others abridging.  Basically,
the Jupiterians get away - Hamarn says that she'll see them on the 
battlefield sooner or later.  She then tells Char that she wants him to go
with her to front of the others, who hadn't known Quatro was _the_
Char Aznable.  Quatro tells Hamarn that he already tendered his answer, unless
she wants to make him tell Giren Zabi in person.  She informs him that Giren
is at A Baoa Qu and Dozul is at Solomon: only her and Mineba are at Solomon.
Quatro wonders if she means to have him tell his true feelings in front of
Mineba - she tells Char that as he should know well, her plans aren't for
Earth Sphere domination by the Zabis.  Judou tries to object and gets 
complimented for showing some potential like Camille.  She says that the
Newtypes should agree with her - Judou feels a strange feeling like she's not
the enemy even though she is... but he resists her attempt to control him and
calls her his enemy anyway.  Hamarn has Gremy lock you all up and head her ship
for Axis.  She tells Gremy to leave the Lar Kairam be, since they won't lift a
finger while Char and the others are here.  Gremy wonders if he should report
the contact between Hamarn and the Red Comet which cast off Jion to Giren.
Go to SA43.

SM42. JUPITAA GOSUTO  ("Jupiter Ghost")

Insert the whole Helmoze conversation, including the bit with Rebi.  Include
Ingram/Hainel conversation and Hainel/Kentarou conversation.  Kawasse then
informs Shiela that you've gotten to the Moon.  The Riga Militia's guidance
beam is steering you safe and sound to the Neo Technetium base.  Shiela's
advisors are advising her to get some rest, but she says she's got to get
the people on the Moon and the colonists onto your side as fast as possible.
Your people are glad to be back to the Moon, although they wonder why the
base that was destroyed in the Huckebein incident is now apparently intact.
Nina explains that after the incident two years ago Anaheim took the site
over and rebuilt it rapidly into a development and testing center for mobile least on the surface.  It's really the base for the Riga Militia.
Milly comes and greets you all after explaining what technetium is.  She
recalls that Kou is supposed to be the test pilot for the GP-03, but Nina
seems distracted by something.  She then says she has something to tell Usso,
and wonders if Marpet could come along too.  She leads you to Mueller, Usso's
mother.  She explains that she had no choice but to carry the plans for the
Victory Gundam to the Moon in person, and won't ask Usso to forgive her...but
he says that the Gundam has helped him a great deal.  Marpet decides to leave
and handle the provisioning for the Gran Garan by himself, telling Usso to
enjoy being with his mother while he can.

Usso starts telling his mother how scared he was the first time in the 
Victory Gundam - he hates being in situations where he doesn't know what he's
doing.  His mother tells him that by doing so he will come to understand how
adults do things.  He retorts that he doesn't have to do anything to know he
doesn't like how Neo-Jion and the Jupiterians do things.  His mother presses
questions about how the V and V2 work, and when he asks why tells him that
those machines are there to protect the Earth.  Usso says that it's just
coincidence he's lived this long, but his mother says that that's one _big_
coincidence and that talent must have something to do with it.  Usso wonders
if she and his father made him study just so he could end up like this - she
tells him that they didn't force him, and that he's not their child alone.
Apparently the night before she gave him birth some fluffy thing appeared in
a dream and said that she would be given a Newtype [say what? Mokona? the
Easter frigging bunny?].  Even Usso's father the realist believed the dream.
Mueller says that while the fighting must be really tough, she believes that
people's abilities are something very lofty.  Usso says that's all well and
good, but he couldn't protect Shakti, who's missing and probably with the
Jupiterians now...

Seabook spies something that looks like heavy armor for a Mobile Suit, but
sized small for something like a V or the F-91.  He and Sayaka run into Otis,
who says that those "assault parts" are for the V2.  You can equip them
after the next battle with the "Outfit Unit" command!  However, the effect
isn't all positive, so you should only use them as necessary.

Meanwhile, Professor G has fed Duo some info about unmanned weapons to 
conquer the colonies, codenamed "Bugs".  He tells the other GW people that
he's been ordered to investigate these things as probably part of the 
Jupiterian Earth Cleansing plan.  Noone knows what kind of weapon they are,
but if the Jupiterians are using them they're _some_ kind of bad news.  Duo
isn't going to totally abandon the Lond Bel, but he _is_ good at the sort of
mission he's been sent on.  Trowa goes to help Duo with his investigation
while Hiiro goes to check on Oz, his original target.  He's worried that Oz
hasn't been doing much lately.  Quatre goes to check Jupiterius.  After the
other three have left, Hiiro is going to his machine to launch when Shiela
shows up (and almost gets mistaken for Rilina).  She doesn't intend to stop
him, but asks him to promise after his mission is over to come back to you
all.  He says he can't promise, but he'll remember her words.

Milly introduces Kou to the GP-03, or rather to part of it, the Stamen.  He
notices a tail binder, and she tells him that that allows the Stamen to link
to the Armed Base "Orchis", becoming effectively a Mobile Armor.  Kou notes
that this system with the Stamen as the core seems fundamentally different
from the Re-GZ's Back Weapon system; Milly says that in a sense it's 
diametrically opposite to the way the V2 is set up.  All in all, the whole
GP-03 system is codenamed the Dendrobium.  Milly asks Kou to get ready to
start testing the Stamen.

Meanwhile, Nyung is telling Burning about a rumor circulating in the city
on the moon of a "Jupiter Ghost", probably something from the Jupiterians.
Evidently an unkown battleship and Mobile Suits have shown up around Neo
Katalhena, but they weren't captured on radar and no trace was found upon
inspection.  Boz is convinced it's ghosts in the shape of a battleship,
and Masaki is reminded of the armored undead Ruozor can summon in Ra-Gias.
Anyway, the rumors say that the Jupiterians are scheming for the cleansing
of humanity from the Earth: this seems to parallel the Earth Cleansing plan.
Ryuune notes that the lack of radar contact and all suggests EOT.  Time for
your people to go check it out.  Your people aren't sure whether this is
worth it, but you use the T-Link system and find the enemy!  It's Chronokul,
who is really pissed to run into the Lond Bel before the operation starts.
He and his goons wonder how you found him despite the D-Stealth system they
were using.  Anyway, they'll have to endure your attacks until preparations
for blast-off are complete.

  When Katejina and Usso cross swords she'll tell him that he's not cute at
  all, she's got a grudge for him bearing such suffering at an early age.
  Killing her is worth a Biosensor [and a lot of satisfaction].

  Taking out Chronokul will give you a Skill Point and an Anti-Beam Coating.
  He says he can't allow the Earth Cleansing plan to fall behind and has all
  ships retreat to regroup.

Well, the bad guys seem to be gone for the time being, but Burning cautions
Monsha that they're probably just going to pull their next stunt.  Just then
Nyung contacts you and says there's an emergency: contact is being lost with
one colony after another in Side 4, which is where Seabook and Bilgeet are
from.  Although unconfirmed, this seems to be the work of the Crossbone
Vanguard.  The Riga Militia's forces dispatched to the scene have also gone
out of contact too.  Time to head to the scene.  Go to SM43.

SF42. Chichi yo Chikyuu wa Chikai ("Father, the Earth is Nigh")

Same Helmoze stuff as in SA42, plus Hainel's chat with Kentarou.  Except
this time Kentarou wonders if this is the time to use the small explosive
charge he's got hidden in his tooth.  Anyways, your people are glad to be
back on Earth after their month aboard the Macross.  Bel wonders if Biston
Well is on the blue planet you all are about to land on, Ere says it's okay
to think so.  Cham tells Bel that Biston Well can't be seen from here - it
can only be seen once the Aura Road opens up, as Marvel notes.  Banjou notes
that this group may have the toughest mission of all.  Garrison contacts you
and after the requisite greetings says that various groups have started
attacking the Far East in earnest.  This makes sense since various super-
science and EOT facilities are located there.  Luckily, Garrison is at the
Far East base (which is still intact) with Igor.  Igor says that with the
help of the Kalaba etc. they've held off the enemy so far, but unless you
all head there right away it's just a matter of time till things fold.

The V pilots are mulling over the need for a new Ultramagnetic generator.
Both teams agree that Kentarou was probably captured by the bad guys.  Just
then, you detect a single saucer from the Boazan forces heading your way.
Time to scramble and intercept it.  It's Kentarou, who is in a hurry to give
the plans to somebody before he's followed.  Just then he sees his children
in the V's and thanks God for the meeting.  Needless to say your dudes are
astounded, although they're also wary of a decoy like the time before.  
Kentarou figures this out quickly and says they don't have to believe him,
but that they should take the plans he'll transmit them and show them to
Hamaguchi.  Just then Hainel shows up and uses a tractor beam to get Kentarou
back.  He tells your people that he wouldn't do something so unfair as to use
a decoy, and your people angst over not believing Kentarou at first.

  Don't bother attacking Daimon and Saimon, you can't hurt them.  Both Jungle
  and Hainel are worth a Skill Point.  Hainel is also worhth an I-Field
  Generator.  Get rid of Hainel, and Garuda and his forces will appear.  They
  want to get rid of Hainel, but figure that now is not the time: they'll
  have other chances.

  Do-Zhul is worth a Minovsky Craft.  Garuda is worth a High Power Targeting

Your people are very sorry they couldn't rescue Kentarou, but very glad they
got the plans for the Ultramagnetic Weighting Cannon.  Daisaku tries to get
them to cheer up, but they tell him he wouldn't understand their feelings.
Asuka wonders why everyone in the Lond Bel seems to have a father complex.
Ken'ichi gets pissed at this, but Ippei gets in his way.  _He_ has had enough
of Ken'ichi and the others acting like spoiled brats and is quite ready to
throw down with them.  He asks Ken'ichi if he's heard what happened to 
Daisaku's father, that Daisaku's father was killed right before Daisaku's
eyes during the flight from the B.F. and entrusted with saving the world with
Giant Robo.  Ippei informs the others that compared to Daisaku they're doing
great...heck, there's lots of people like Masaki and Ryuusei who don't have
a father at all.  Come to think of it, neither does Ippei.

Meanwhile Hyouma asks Kosaku if the Ultramagnetic Whatchamacallit Cannon
will really let them win in battle.  Kosaku's looked at the plans and says
that the new gadget will indeed up the ultramagnetic output quite a bit, so
much that there's extra energy that could cause the Weighting Cannon to
explode if something isn't done about it.  Hayato says it's the same deal
as with the Ultramagecon, and that there's nothing for it but to entrust the
thing to Hamaguchi and Yotsuya.

Ken'ichi then goes to apologize to Daisaku - Daisaku says not to worry about
it and that he wants to help rescue Ken'ichi's father.  He tells Ken'ichi
that there will surely be a chance and to cheer up.  Unfortunately, something
terrible is afoot on the bridge.  Ere's just heard from Shiela that the
Jupiterians have just commenced indiscriminate attacks on the colonies.
They're using some sort of machines which only kill humans.  Ryou wonders why
they'd do that if the Arrowgaters wanted Earth's warpower to supplement their
own - Kaji says that that's exactly why they'd want to take out all
noncombattants to prevent the threat of revolt.  Basically, it's the sign of
full-scale invasion by the Arrowgaters now that the Zentraedi or Meltrandi
have appeared within the Solar System.  Ritsuko wonders if this was triggered
by the Arrowgaters finding out about the appearance of the STMC...  Ryouma
wants to go to the colonies aid, but Ere and Misato persuade him that if
the Arrowgaters really are making their move, things need to be taken care
of on Earth too.  Go to SF43.

SA43. PURU to AKUSHIZU to  ("Puru and Axis and...")

You haven't heard back from Quatro yet - the departure of the Jupiterians 
makes it look like Scirocco's negotiations didn't go through.  Before Bright
can answer Amuro's question about whether he things Quatro succeeded, the
Gwadon starts moving, heading for Axis.  Bright says it's most likely the
case that the negotiations failed, and that there was probably no hope of a
cease-fire with the Jion anyway.  Amuro supposes that Quatro would never have
cooperated with the Yugo if Jion were the sort to listen to reason.  Just
then El bursts in (despite level 1 battlestation status) and tells Bright
to follow the ship since Beecher, Mondo, and Riina are aboard it out of 
concern for Judou.  Bright is really pissed that they'd do something that
stupid, but Amuro says you've got to follow the ship anyway.  So you do, at
level 1 alert.

Judou is upset at your treatment, as though you were hostages.  Akira tells 
him that that's exactly what you are.  Emma and Camille are putting their
heads together over Rekoa - all that's clear is that she went with Scirocco
of her own volition.  Gremy shows up and tells everyone to come with him
quietly, and they won't get hurt.  Judou fakes an illness and tricks Gremy 
so that he can escape, promising to call help.  Then, Hamarn introduces you
to the rightful heir of the Zabi House, Queen Mineba Zabi.  Your people are
surprised to see a mere child; Quatro thinks that this child, raised in the
asteroid belt since the One-Year War, has finally returned to Earth.  Mineba
remembers Char, that he used to play with her...which was when she was only
two!  She thanks Hamarn for watching over her for so long, and that it's
finally time for Axis to escape the domination of the old Zabis and begin
to move.  Hamarn tells you not to misunderstand: their objective is the
salvation of all souls ensnared by the Earth's gravity, and that Giren isn't
the man for the job.  Mineba says that the Zabi House must be reborn through
new blood.  Quatro asks Hamarn if she intends to take over Neo-Jion - she
tells him to be careful how he chooses his words, and that she's not going to
take it over so much as return it to sane governance.  Mineba asks Char to
lend her his power, that the true prosperity of the Spacenoids depends on
the revival of Jion.  Char is extremely upset that Hamarn raised Mineba in
this fashion; he asks her what's the point of raising someone with such
a biased soul.  Hamarn replies that Mineba is the person who must stand at
the pinnacle of the Spacenoids as the epitome of the new Zabi House, and
wether Char isn't the one who's got things mixed up.  Both Emma and Camille
point out to Char that the reason you all came here was to negotiate a cease
fire, and demand to know where his usual calm went.  Hamarn demands that
everyone cease this rudeness in Mineba's presence and tells the guards to
return everyone to the prison.  She then tells Mineba not to worry, that
Char will return to them.  Mineba asks what happens if he doesn't...

Judou has meanwhile escaped, but doesn't know how he'll rescue the others.
Just then, he runs into Puru, who hails Judou and asks if he isn't looking
for her.  He doesn't recognize her and tries to hurry off, but she hangs on
tight and demands to come with him.  He asks if she's from the Shangri-La
colony, but she says she's born and raised in Axis: this is her first time
seeing the Earth this close.  Judou _really_ wants to hurry and rescue your
dudes, but Puru asks him to kiss her.  He asks if this isn't a bit sudden,
and she tells him he's funny.  Just then Gremy spots them - Judou is peeved
that Puru attracted attention to him, but Puru offers to lead him to the
space dock so he can get outside.  Judou promises to play with her later, so
she leads him.

At that time, Bright is planning the infiltration of Axis and rescue of the
hostages.  Noriko wonders if Quatro and the others are okay - Yamadera informs
her that they're going to rescue them precisely because they're not okay.  The
division of labor is decided, and it's time to execute.  Bright tells everyone
here that their job is to distract the enemy.  Gremy is peeved that he's
lost sight of both Judou and Puru - he asks Iria how the Newtype squad's 
search is going.  There doesn't seem to be adequate cause to send them against
your people, but Gremy is worried about the report he heard from his spies
that Hamarn expressed a desire to overthrow the Zabi House in front of Char.
With this treachery against Giren now in the open, the Newtype Squad has to
be completed as soon as possible.  Well, he orders Iria and the others to
slay your foolish people.

  On round two, your dudes show up and try to sneak into Axis.  However, Iria
  notices them.  Gremy realizes your intent, but thinks this may be his chance
  and dispatches D Squad to take them over.  Iria wonders why only D Squad is
  being dispatched, and wonders if Gremy _wants_ your people to succeed.
  Gremy intends to exploit the Lar Kairam while everyone's spread thin, get
  his hands on the Nanai Newtype lab, and get rid of Hamarn.

  On round 3, Puru and Judou pop out into space.  Judou wonders who the heck
  Puru is that she can pilot her Quberay, and wonders further if the red Zak
  he's in is Char's.  Amuro is sure surprised by it, and tells Judou to go
  back to the Lar Kairam and let him handle things.  Clearly, Puru isn't
  obeying, so Gremy will use Psycommu to control her externally.  Amuro tells
  Judou to get away from her, but that he won't do - Amuro then tells him that
  his voice should be able to help her break free.  Persuade Puru with Judou
  and she'll come back to you.

  Gremy is worth an Apogee Motor.  As your dudes get close to Axis, Rakan will
  pop up with goons.  He wonders what Gremy was doing leaving Axis undefended,
  and says he'll defend the place himself.

  Iria is worth a Propellant Tank, as is Kyara.  Rakan is worth a Hybrid 
  Armor.  Defeat all enemies for a Skill Point.  The operation is over once
  you've gotten the infiltration squad onto Axis.  Gremy realizes he can't
  take over the Lar Kairam any more, so he has his people retreat into Axis
  too.  Judou says Puru mustn't go to Axis anymore, and says to come with him:
  she says she'll go anywhere he goes.

Go to SA44.

SM43. Uchuu ni Saku Youka  ("Bewitching Flower that Blooms in Space")

At Cosmo Babylonia, Zabine announces to the Commander-in-Chief Carozzo that
he's brought Cecily.  Carozzo tells Cecily that she should remember his
voice and she asks him to take off his mask.  He replies that he's a pathetic
man whose wife was taken by "that" Shio.  Thus, he is sworn to enact old
man Mitzer's ideals: he began a fight against his weak self then.  Cecily 
recognizes this manner of speech and stubbornnes as none other than her
father.  He tells her to forgive him his pledge to keep the mask on until
the Cosmo Babylonia is completed.  Cosmo Babylonia is that dream that the
Rona House has held for a thousand years, a dream to make mankind live 
forever.  By means of a system erected not by the Federation or Neo-Jion
governments but by the Rona House, the chosen humans will live in an ideal
society.  Cecily wonders if this system is different from the Cosmo Nobility
Principle that the Crossbone Vanguard has thusfar so ignobly advanced with
force.  Karozzo tells Cecily to go to her grandfather, who is calling her.

Karozzo then asks Dorel to report how things were in his absence.  Things
will take a little longer for their Mobile Suit batallions to come together
to the extent initally planned.  The joint operation with Neo-Jion has stopped
at the minimum required amount of warpower - Karozzo says that their 
cooperation will no longer be necessary.  Zabine points out that it's 
currently rather long odds for their forces to beat Neo-Jion; Karozzo says
not to worry and that that warpower is already on hand.  Zabine wonders if
the Steel Mask is referring to his Top Secret "Raflesia Project", or perhaps
the things code-named "Bugs".  Or maybe the mysterious squadron that attacked
the Frontier-Side colonies...perhaps the rumors that Steel Mask has dealings
with the Jupiterians aren't entirely false.  Karozzo orders the commencement
of the operation to take over Frontier IV.

Meanwhile, Jire is happy to report that the first use of the Bugs managed to
"cleanse" 3 million people from Frontier I in only three days.  Karozzo 
orders the Bugs to be sent to the Moon and the Earth as soon as the takeover
of Frontier IV is over.  Carozzo notes that this is easily more than enough 
power to carry out the requisite part of the Earth Cleansing, 
all they have to do is wait for Raflesia to reach full flower.

Just then, Kawasse detects the Crossbone Vanguard.  Seabook is told they're
heading for Frontier IV - Shiela orders everyone to launch and prevent the
attack on the colony.  There's the possibility that you all won't make it
in time from your current position.  You can either send Seabook and other
combat-heavy machines on ahead first, or have everyone go together.

  Sending Seabook ahead is worth a Skill Point.

Zabine is asking Cecily how her Begina-Gina is.  Cecily says it's easier
than some of the other machines - Zabine wonders if she's a true Newtype.
She asks not to be labeled like that.  Your people make it in time, but Dorel
orders his people to prioritize taking over the colony.  You can't just rush
in after them lest you be ambushed.  Seabook and Cecily sense each other,
and you sense some overwhelming evil that's about to appear.

  Have Seabook Persuade Cecily.  Seabook asks her if she really intended to
  return to the Rona House, and she says no but that that was the only way
  to save him back when.  Her piloting the Mobile Suit is because she thought
  she had no other choice - Seabook tells her she can still make it and to
  come with him.  Zabine gets upset when Cecily defects and says this is
  all because the old man was so caught up with Cecily.  If Zabine attacks
  Cecily, she says she learned how many people get sacrificed when the ones
  leading humanity go mad.  Zabine will tell Seabook if the two fight that
  he's clearly a force for calamity that is leading the Rona House astray.

  Zabine is worth a Psychoframe.

  On turn 2.5, a mobile armor appears that resembles a red flower: it's the
  Raflesia, the evil thing that everyone felt.  Wu-Fei shows up on turn 3 in
  a Gundam "similar to the ones Duo was driving."  He perceives that the
  Raflesia is controlling the Bugs and won't have any more of it.

  When Seabook and Carozzo cross swords, Carozzo wonders if Seabook is a 
  Newtype with the way he moves.  Seabook says he can't let Carozzo live, and
  Carozzo says he's put on his mask because he doesn't let individuality 
  and passion interfere and thereby strengthened his ego.  Besides, if 
  Seabook was ordered to kill 9/10ths of humanity he'd end up like this too!
  Seabook isn't having this kind of excuse.  Taking out the Raflesia is worth
  a Minovsky Craft.

It seems that the Raflesia's destruction has caused the other dudes invading
the colony to does Wu-Fei.  Go figure.  Bilgeet doesn't like
Cecily joining you, but she says that the attacks on the colonies were her
grandfather's idea and you say that Cecily surely just got caught up in
events.  Between the Newtypes and the Crossbone Vanguard Bilgeet is ready to
bail, but Burning tells him to shut up.  Shiela says that clearly Cecily has
been through a lot, and although she was with the enemy she's welcome to stay
on this ship, which isn't part of the Federation army.

Cecily is still very stricken by remorse, but Seabook says it's okay to stay
here.  Shiela then tells Burning that negotiations with Neo-Jion failed; he's
not really surprised.  Plus, the Riga Militia has delivered the disturbing
news that some group of mobile suits has appeared and started causing trouble
on Side 7.  Apparently, the group contains a Gundam...could it be Hiiro and
the others?  You think it's weird that the colonies are being attacked if 
it's Hiiro...Kouji agrees, since Hiiro and the others were trying to defend
the colonies.  Time to collect more info on this Gundam...and head to Luna2.
That's where Oz is based - despite them being the enemy and unlikely to just
help you, Shiela says that you'll need help to fend off Neo-Jion and the
Jupiterians.  Plus, Gloval had said that Treize had once before been helpful
toward your dudes.  Oz probably won't help you, but it's worth at least
asking, and the mystery Gundam will be along the way.  Go to SM44.

SB43. Seishi Shita Yami no Naka de ("Within the Halted Darkness")

Beauty abruptly hugs Banjou when you all get back to the Far East base.
She tells Reika that their little promise to hold back is off, but Banjou 
tells her to hold off at least _some_ in front of Queen Ere - who tells him not
to worry.  After the pleasantaries are concluded, you learn things suck on
Earth given the Titans and the Biston Well forces, the latter of whom seem to
have fixated on the Far East and are sending forces this way.  Ere figures 
that Drake heard about this place from Shot and planned his attack as a
result.  The V's are being sent back for modifications so they'll be out
for a while.  The EVAs need to go back to NERV for inspection and new
weapons: the Goraon will carry them.

You break the news about Ingram to Robert.  Between him, Shot, and Shapiro,
members of the SRX Team seem to be causing all sorts of problems: ironic that
those who worked on machines to save people should become the enemy.  You ask
where Irm and your SO are despite knowing that your SO doesn't
remember you.  You say you don't care about yourself, and only want to free
someone else who was being used like you were.  Robert doesn't know where 
they are; he figures they're following Ingram on their own.  He can guess
where they'll show up next though: the IPO Peking Base, where a new SRX
Machine is undergoing final checks.  The test is being run there since the
Far East base is a likely target for the bad guys...and Shuu himself is
there.  You thank Robert for the info, and he tells you to remember that
whatever else happens, he'll never betray you or Ryuusei.

Gendou says hi to Banjou, who it seems is an old acquaintance of his.  He
notes from Misato's report that the EVAs were capable of fighting on equal
terms with the least with the ones you encountered.  Misato wonders
why he asked: were the EVAs made specifically to be able to fight the STMC?
He tells Misato that he's already secured permission from the Council for the
armaments upgrades she requested, and tells her to begin the outfitting as
soon as the tests on the EVAs are completed.  Banjou asks how the Human
Complementation Project is going, but Gendou says there's no need to tell
him.  Gendou further warns Banjou that even he, Banjou Kenzou's son, had
better keep from poking his nose into NERV's affairs.  Banjou says it's
been some time since he's heard that name - Gendou replies that it seems
Banjou has exhibited all the capabilities that Dr. Banjou had planned for in
his artificial evolution laboratory.  Misato wonder what the heck is up with
both of them.

Kaji then hands over the object he's been carrying with him all this time,
frozen in Bakelite but still alive: the object necessary for the Human
Complementation Project.  The first human: Adam.  Gendou notes that Ingram
has gone back to the other side: Kaji says that if the Arrowgaters start
moving it'll mean that they have a source of information comparable to the
Dead Sea Scrolls.  Gendou is derisive: all the trump cards are in his hands,
and like the Council the Arrowgaters can't do a thing.  Kaji asks about the
possibility that the Arrowgaters have their own Complimentation Project
going.  Gendou says that if it can be proven that some fundamental link
exists between the Arrowgaters and the things of Earth, it'll mean that the
answer NERV arrived at will be correct, not the Council's.  Gendou says that
the harbingers of the end, the STMC, have already appeared: all that remains
is for humans to determine by their own hands what sort of resolution will

Asuka is about to leave Daisaku and go to school with "First" and Shinji.
Of course, the little "excursion" to the tenth planet messed up the paperwork
something fierce.  Shou says to leave everything to him and go off to school
already - she was planning to do that anyway.  Daisaku asks Shinji why he
hasn't seen his father yet - Shinji says he doesn't want to.  He doesn't
know what he'd talk about...and perhaps he hates his father.

EVAs 3 and 4 have just been cleared for real combat, almost as though timed
to Misato's return.  It seems that Marduk has found the pilots.  Misato asks
for more info to be gathered.  Ritsuko tells Gendou how Rei's soul's data
has been copied for use in the EVAs, although they're nothing more than a
digital fake.  She reminds him that the Dummy Plug is merely a machine that
imitates a pilots' thoughts.  Gendou says that's fine as long as it works
and to input the data into EVA-01 and EVA-02 despite the one or two problems
remaining.  Maya admits to not liking the Dummy Plug very much - Ritsuko
doesn't either but says it's necessary for humanity to survive.  Maya says
she respects Ritsuko and intends to perform her job, but she's not satisfied.
Ritsuko tells her that compulsive fastidiousness makes it hard to live among
others, and that Maya will understand when she finally feels dirty.

Just then, a blackout strikes NERV HQ.  Backup power won't work, and commands
to connect emergency power to the Magi and Central Dogma aren't entirely
working.  Ritsuko, who was doing a test with the EVAs, says it wasn't her
fault.  It's very odd that the mains and the backups both down at once: 
Gendou says it's not so much that the breakers tripped as that they were
_made_ to trip.  It'll take at least 8 hours until things are back to
normal, and wouldn't it suck if an Angel were to attack just now...  Fuyutsuki
says that the geofront was designed as a colony that could survive independent
of the outside world - it's simply not conceivable that it could be deprived
of all power like this.  Someone did it to figure out how the circuitry works
by reckoning from the path taken to restore service, probably the Council 
or B.F.  Ritsuko has run some dummy programs on the Magi to make it harder
to penetrate there.  Fuyutsuki can't believe that the first blow against NERV
is wrought not by the Angels but by other humans - Gendou says that humans
are their own worst enemy.  Maya notes that despite the ceased A/C and the
hot, stale air Gendou and Fuyutsuki are still at their posts: Fuyutsuki 
points out that they've got an unfair advantage (see the TV series).

Abe spots one unknown object heading your way.  Of course, it's an Angel.
Cham thinks it's weird cause it's got so many eyes.  Garrison observes that
NERV seems to be suffering a blackout, which is why they're not responding
yet.  While you don't know what's up with NERV, you strike to prevent damage
to the city.  The three pilots then act out the corresponding scene from
EVA with Asuka becoming the "leader".

  On round two, while crawling through the ventilation ducts, Shinji asks
  why the Angels are called that, and wonders why you all are fighting them.
  Asuka calls him an idiot and says it's only natural to fight big, nasty
  beasties who pop out from nowhere and attack.

  On round 3, you realize that the Angel is trying to melt its way into the
  geofront with acid: it'll make it within four turns.  Worse, here come a
  group of Aura Battlers, probably Drake's.  As the NERV people realize
  they're under assault, Gendou goes to the cages to help get ready for
  launch - he believes the pilots will arrive.

  On round 3.5 or whenever the Angel is defeated, Shou recognizes Todd.  Todd
  says that Shou's got the devil's own luck and he expected Shou to be dead
  long ago.  Burn tells Marvel and Shou that he's going to pay them back for
  what they did to him in Biston Well.  You can't let the battle expand 
  any further!  If Shou fights Todd he tells Todd that all Todd's powered up
  is his hatred.  Burn blames Shou for the loss of his knighthood and says
  that the only way to let Drake readmit him as captain of the Knights is to
  come back with Shou's head - when you trash him he can't believe he lost.

  Great Mazinger will show up on turn 4, saying that as usual things seem
  rather unrestful in this town.  He was evidently ordered to save your 
  dudes' butt, not that they should need his help anyway.  Asuka then starts
  picking on Rei for being the model student who Gendou favors, telling Rei
  not to get conceited because she's being treated special.  Rei says she's
  not getting conceited, or being treated specially.

  Todd is worth a Propellant Tank S, as is Burn.

  Defeat the Angel before the EVAs launch for 2 Skill Points.

After the battle, the power comes back on: one less thing to worry about.
Meanwhile, Kaji's made his way into Central Dogma, the core of NERV HQ, and
to its heart, Terminal Dogma.  After all, had this chance not occured getting
in would have been completely impossible.  Misato shows up and with gun to
his head asks if this is his real job or just part-time.  Misato knows that
Kaji is both a member of NERV's intelligence branch and of the Federation
Army's EOTI division.  He asks if he's here on Gendou's orders, and she says
it's her own volition...and that if he continues his part-time job any
further he'll die.  He says that Gendou's still using him, so he'll pull
through - but that he's sorry he kept things from her.  She thanks him drily
for all the help with suggestions for operational plans, and he tells her
that Ritsuko and Gendou are keeping things from her too.  ...And opens the
door to reveal...a big thingie on a cross.  Kaji says that this is Adam, that
which triggered the Second Impact, and the beginning of everything.  Misato
wonders why the First Angel is here, and notes that NERV isn't as soft as
even she thought.

Gendou tells Banjou that he's sending the EVAs out with the Lond Bel again.
Banjou thought that they were indispensible for the Human Complementation
Project, but Gendou tells him he doesn't need to know why they're being sent
anyway.  Banjou notes that everything is moving according to Gendou's own
private schedule, and after a moment Gendou tells him that if he finds out
too much Banjou will just hasten his own death.  Banjou says that he won't
die so easily, at least until he figures out NERV's true objective.

Asuka finds Kaji, but he's in a hurry with something.  It seems he's got the
synchro data of the EVA pilots...and a photo of Fourth Children.  Asuka is
astounded at his identity.  Meanwhile, an alarm sounds and Misato heads to the
control room, evading Ritsuko's question about where she was.  Ritsuko tells
her that NERV's #2 base in Nevada just disappeared.  EVA-04 and all the
research facilities within 89 kilometers have been lost, along with several
thousand people.  Aoba says that from the time schedule this must have been
an accident in the testing of the S2 Engine, which was rather unlikely to
work in the first place.  But the odd thing is that it didn't explode, it
_vanished_, probably taking everything with it into the Sea of Dirac.  So much
for the S2 Engine: Misato blames it on people using things they don't 
understand and Ritsuko reminds her that that goes for the EVAs too.  EVA-03
is being sent to NERV HQ - seems the Federation Army doesn't want to lose its
base too.  Misato finds it a bit irksome that NERV HQ is being forced to do
all the heavy lifting; Ritsuko says in light of the tragedy it's not too
surprising.  Misato asks if they're going to boot EVA-03 with the Dummy Plug:
Ritsuko says it's still too dangerous and that they'll use Fourth Children.
Evidently, Ritsuko got the data before the official announcment, and says
that she and Misato are going to be taking a break from the Goraon for the
test.  And that she's not particularly hiding anything from Misato.  Misato
is startled to see who it is, and Ritsuko says that the candidates _are_
being concentrated in "that" school after all.  Misato says that while
Asuka won't matter and Rei is an exception, breaking the news to Shinji will
be tough.  He's the one who knows best how bad things come from associating
with the EVAs.

Shinji is telling Kensuke that he's working with the Lond Bel and that he
won't be able to see him for a while.  Kensuke is a little jealous, and Hikaru
tells Shinji to take care.  Hikaru doesn't know where Touji got to, since 
he's been away from school for a long time and therefore unable to eat the
box lunch she's made for him.  Rei meets Touji, and says she knows about him.
He says it's rare for others to be worried about him - and that the person
she should worry about is Shinji.  Go to SB44.

SA44. RIINA no Chi  ("Riina's Blood")

Judou is pissed to find out that Riina went to Axis - El says that she snuck
onto the Gwadon when they weren't looking.  Judou is about to storm off and
go back to Axis for Riina, but Ru tells him that going alone is too dangerous
and to leave it to Amuro and the others.  He runs into Puru, but tells her
that he's just gotten busy and he'll play with her later.  Everyone asks Puru
to let Judou go since Riina is the most important person in Judou's life, his
younger sister.  Puru notes that Judou isn't her "older brother" exclusively
and says that's sort of no fun.  Time for her to help Judou.

Meanwhile, Hamarn has summoned Char alone to ask him what he really thinks
of the decayed Federation, having now seen it from the inside.  She says
it's clear the Federation is not in the right and asks if Char wouldn't like
to help refound Jion with her.  He concedes that the Federation government
as it stands now has no right to control the Earth Sphere.  However, the
question at hand is not how to govern people, but how to make it through
alive.  Hamarn says that all people need do is fight the aliens under Jion's
flag.  He replies that that's just a repetition of what happened seven years
ago under the Zabi House - she wonders if that holds true even if Jion were
to be purged of the Zabis.  Char wonders how she can say that since _she's_
the one who brought Mineba into things.  Just then Mashmar comes in and
tells Hamarn that several Lond Bel mecha have invaded.  Hamarn begins to get
an inkling of Gremy's scheme and decides to go forth herself.  Mashmar is
very surprised at this, but Hamarn reminds him that they're the strongest
batallion in the Federation Army and not to be beaten easily.

After she and Mashmar leave, Nanai Migel comes to see Char from the Newtype
laboratory.  He tells her that he's now Quatro Bajina (and not Char) and
wonders if she's here to try to persuade him too - she says she's here to help
him escape.  She tells him that Jion is about to be pulled in half by the
struggle between the Zabis and Hamarn.  She was ordered by Giren when he went
to A Baoa Kur to watch over Hamarn, since he knew of her schemes.  However,
she believes that the rightful ruler of Jion is neither Giren nor Hamarn...
In any case, she's prepared a new-model Mobile Suit for Quatro and wants him
to flee Hamarn's clutches; she's already freed the others.  She says she's
praying that one day the true guiding light of Jion will return... Quatro
says he only wants to see where humanity is going with his own eyes.

Camille and the others have made it to the city within Axis - it's safe to
conclude that not all of Neo-Jion are acting in concert since you all were
able to escape.  Beecher and the others spot Camille's crew, only to get
yelled at for pulling such a dangerous stunt.  Just then you catch wind of
the Lond Bel attacking Axis.  Your dudes have indeed made it inside - Amuro
tells them to hurry through the fortress portion and into the city.  Hamarn
recognizes Amuro, who in turn recognizes Hamarn.  Hamarn tells everyone to
destroy the invaders and protect Mineba.  Steiner asks Bernie if he heard
that, and says not to try too hard since dying here will be meaningless.
Bernie wonders how long the war will last since there are rumors of an alien

  Judou shows up on round 2 and asks if Riina's been found yet.  Amuro tells
  him to calm down and that he won't find Riina like that, and Hamarn says
  that Judou has disappointed him by being this much of a child.  He mock-
  apologizes for being so much of a kid that he can't be rational when his
  sister is in an enemy base.  Hamarn tries to tell him that it's the 
  Federation government that's put him through all this, but Judou says that
  that doesn't make her side right.  She asks rhetorically what the stupid
  humans have been doing all the years she sat quietly watching space in the
  asteroid belt: sullied the Earth, that's what!  Thinking of nothing but 
  fleeing the alien threat!  Judou ponders this, and Hamarn says that she's
  getting through to his heart after all, and Judou vows not to become hers.
  She concurs, saying that while he's a Newtype he's too unaccustomed to 
  riding the flow.  He doesn't care about the Newtype business, all he wants
  is to save Riina.  Hamarn is pissed at him for getting her hopes up at
  first and betraying them at the end...she says he's just like Char!

  Convince Bernie with Chris.  She'll tell him to stop wasting his life and
  to consider whether Jion is in the right.  He says there's no time to think
  about stuff like that on the battlefield, and she informs him that it's
  because Jion's people are like that that the war will never end.  She says
  that if this meaningless fighting continues the Earth will be invaded by

  Once one of your units gets into the city area, Quatro will appear in the
  Sazabi.  He says that he's prepared to be apart from Hamarn as long as
  she refuses to reconsider her ideas.  She says that the negotiations are
  deadlocked, but that he won't be able to save humanity with how he does
  things.  He believes that the Lond Bel now has the power to break open that
  problem - she demands to know what a single batallion can do.  Camille 
  recognizes Quatro instantly, and Iria recognizes them.  She grabs Riina and
  holds her hostage to tell Char to get out of the Sotherby.  Your people are
  appaled at the unfairness and Judou demands to know if this is how Hamarn
  does things.  Focker decides to agree to the demand to disarm, and Hamarn
  says that you all will never save humanity that way.  Focker says obviously
  the Jion side will end up sacrificing all of humanity.  Just then Puru shows
  up and says she won't forgive those who torment Judou...and blows Iria
  clean away.  Unfortunately taking Riina with it, it seems....Akira begs
  Reideen to manifest, and Hamarn begins to feel something ugly causing her
  skin to prickle.  Judou goes berserk, and Hamarn is quite amazed that he
  could inspire such pressure onto her.  He's dangerous..._too_ dangerous!
  Just then, Mashmar spots something heading this way quickly: the Reideen.
  Akira tells Amuro he'll carry the others: time to escape Axis _now_.  
  Judou doesn't want to listen to that, but Amuro says it's not clear that 
  Riina's dead yet and that you all can't afford to lose him now.

  You can Convince Hamarn with Quatro, and should if you want to recruit her
  later.  You tell her that trying to dominate others is just like the Zabis.
  She says that even if the Federation manages to get rid of the aliens, their
  weak government mustn't be allowed to rule.  He tells her not to jump to
  conclusions and informs her that people will eventually be renewed and that
  for the time being survival should be the top priority.  She says that his
  soft outlook will change nothing.  If you attack her with your character,
  Hamarn recognizes you as a Pressure to exceed Judou - and asks why someone
  so powerful is part of the Federation.  You say you're part of neither
  the Federation nor Jion, but are trying to figure out a way for the human
  race to survive.  She tells you not to lecture her with the same stuff
  Char is spewing out, but you point out that revolutionizing humanity will
  be meaningless if humanity is all dead.

  Nii is worth a Repair Kit.  Lance is worth a Propellant Tank.  Mashmar is
  worth an Anti-Beam Coating.  Hamarn is worth a _Haro_; note that she will
  leave (and damage her attacker on the way out) if she takes more than a
  certain amount (50% ?) of her damage.  NOTE that actually taking her out
  will cost you FIVE Skill Points (plus an opportunity cost of 1 or 2 more)!!

  On the other hand, if you get everyone outside in 17 turns or less, you 
  get 2 Skill Points.  Get everyone outside by turn 18 for 1 Skill Point.

After the battle, Judou has locked himself away in his room and won't answer.
El tries to blame Puru for interfering, but you tell her to shut up.  You
can either meet Judou or not.  Assuming you choose to talk to him, Puru comes
with you too.  You two go into his room and Puru apologizes for the accident.
Judou tells you to leave, that he doesn't want to see anyone right now.  He
tells you that _you_ may have overcome a lot of hardship, but he's not that
strong.  He says that Riina's happiness is more important to him than peace
for mankind.  You inform him that Riina won't come back just by him being
depressed, plus Riina would get depressed looking at him the way he is now.
Puru says she'll try to fill Riina's role and begs him to cheer up.  You
tell Judou that he has to decide what to do next, but to remember that the
longer the fighting continues the more people will get to savor misfortune
like Riina's.  Judou wonders what he can do for her.

Camille asks you how Judou is - you say the shock is great and he may leave
the ship.  Ryuusei says it's no real wonder, but Rai reminds everyone that
the Mobile Suit had an ejector pod.  If you see Iria again on the battlefield,
it'll be proof that Riina is alive.  Just then, Judou shows up, says he's
sorry for making everyone worry, and when Bright offers to let him off the
ship says he's going to keep on fighting.  He's been thinking of what he
could do to make Riina happy, and has realized that he mustn't let anyone
else end up like him.  He says he wants to help bring things to a close 
sooner, and that he's fighting for his own sake so he doesn't want any thanks.
He's convinced that Riina is still alive, and plans to save her.

Just then, a large mass appears before the ship.  Your psychic dudes know it's
like no enemy you've faced yet - Ryuusei wonders if it's Rebi.  Warships have
launched from Axis, probably following you.  Go to SA45.

SM44. ZERO to Yobareta GANDAMU ("The Gundam Called Zero")

On Luna2, Lady is telling Treize that due to the Lond Bel the Jupiterians'
Earth Cleansing operation has fallen behind schedule - and also due to the
Lond Bel the Frontier IV takeover got cancelled and the Raflesia got sunk.
The Bugs' whereabouts have been unknown since they took out the Winner House's
mining sattelite.  And with the appearance of the Bugs came a certain Gundam,
with capabilities similar to the Wing Gundam, but better.  It's already 
attacked several colonies, and Treize wonders if it's "that" machine that
was developed several years ago.  He orders Lady to investigate.  Also, the
Romfellar Conglomerate has been pressing Oz for the test results from the
Mobile Doll System - Treize wonders if the Romfellar are adamant on forcing
them to use such an inelegant weapon.  He says that he'll make sure they
stop at just being tested and that there's no need to use them in actual
combat.  Lady informs him that the Gran Garan is headed toward Luna2 - he
ponders how he should greet the batallion that's maturing into the strongest
combat force in the Earth Sphere.  Just then Hiiro and Trowa break in and
demand to know if Treize is Treize (he is - he's never met them directly
before).  He commends them on making it through Luna2's guards and into his
office, but Trowa says it feels more like he let them in deliberately.  Hiiro
asks what Treize wants, and Treize says they presumably have a lot they want
him to hear, such as the Gundam that's attacking the colonies.

Meanwhile, Duo has snuck in and finds that Oz has more warpower stockpiled
than he thought.  Just then, he spies a Leo with tubes and cables running to
its cockpit - and whatever it is shakes him badly.  Just then, Hilde finds
him...he's disappointed that he was spotted by a girl, but she says gender
doesn't matter and that she's fighting for peace on the colonies.  Duo says
he is too, and wonders why the two are enemies if both have that objective.
She wonders if he's pleading for his life, and although he repeats he's not
her enemy she says she's pledged her life to Oz.  He asks who her enemy is:
the organizations at the center of all the battles on the colonies?  He points
out that after the Titans, Jupiterians, and Neo-Jion got active everyone on
the colonies stopped smiling and says he's fighting to bring those smiles
back.  Yet now he finds the colonists deliberately casting away their smiles -
he wonders when the colonies went insane.  He then tells her that she can't
cut it as his enemy, but finds some similarity between himself, who's taking
on the whole world, and Helde.  She says not to make fun of her, and he
says that both of them are funny in the head.  He tells her that many colonists
are going to start dying, and that they should each go on living as hard as
they can by the path they believe in.  He tells her to leave Oz, because
things won't be this nice on the next battlefield he meets her on.

Your people are nearing Luna2 - and they think Hiiro and the others are
probably there.  Ryuune wonders how they know, and Kouji says it's because
their objective is taking out Oz and the Titans; he figures they've snuck in
and planted bombs or something.  Shiela asks to open communications to Luna2,
but just then you catch sight of a bunch of Mobile Suits from Luna2 heading
your way.  Seabook wonders if negotiations are hopeless, but Shiela says 
she'll negotiate anyway and that all combat is prohibited until she gives the
order.  She announces who she is and that she has no intention to fight and
requests that the soldiers be withdrawn.  Treize asks first to hear the
reason why she's here - she says she wants his help in stopping the Earth
Cleansing operation.  He regrets he can't accept, because preventing the
Jupiterian invasion (or the alien invasion) under the Earth Sphere's confused
state is impossible.  Shiela knows that, which is precisely why she's making
the request.  Treize acknowledges the Lond Bel's combat power, but says that
what the Earth Sphere needs is not military power but someone to lead the
people.  Even if the Lond Bel risk their lives in battle, the people at large
will just view it from the standpoint of a disinterested third person: each
and every person must realize they have nowhere to run and rise up on their
own.  Therefore, it's impossible to preempt the coming threat.  Shiela asks
if it is not all your duty to become the sword and shield of the many.  
Treize says he presumes the Lond Bel plan to achieve world domination or at
least world unity with their growing power - Shiela says all they want to
do is save all the people at once.  Treize responds that that's just like 
the bystanders, and that the only way to unify the people is by force.  
Treize says that Oz is cooperating with the Jupiterians (your people are not
happy to hear that) since they have the greatest power on the "Earth" side -
with that fighting the Arrowgaters and giant-type aliens should be possible.
He's aware that the Jupiterians are in league with the Arrowgaters, and 
that's all the more reason, plus the fact that Scirocco seems to be thinking
along the same lines as him.  Treize says that conflict can't be expunged from
the world, and therefore all that's necessary is for the strong to lead
the world - he says that people even enjoy being dominated by the strong.
And he says that he's got some people of yours who agree with him: Hiiro and
Trowa.  You can either fight Oz or surrender to it - Shiela says that she
can't assist the Jupiterians who would indiscriminately attack the colonies
and the Earth.  He says that's the correct decision for her, since by fighting
people justify their own existence.  Shiela says to try to avoid hitting
Hiiro and Trowa if possible.

  On round 2.5, you sense an aura laden with sadness and hatred.  It's the
  Wing Gundam!...except that it looks different.  Treize thinks that it
  really is the Wing Zero, the Gundam the Wing and Tallgeese are patterned
  after.  Quatre is piloting it and tells Oz he'll destroy all their 
  weapons.  Quatre is off his little rocker and determined to destroy all
  the weapons that have distorted space; he says that his family's mining
  sattelite was destroyed by the Bugs.  He wonders what his parents, peace
  loving folk who worked for a brighter tomorrow for the colonies, had done
  wrong.  He says that there's no need for things which are in conflict, so
  he'll obliterate all of them.  He tells you all to not appear before him
  again or he'll kill you too.  Hiiro asks if that's all he's got to say,
  and says that he fights for what he believes in, and will kill Quatre, who
  says he'll kill him back.  You say that you'll Persuade Quatre since you
  perceive he's got something like your T-Link system controlling him.

  Persuade him and he'll tell you to go away.  You tell him he's not the only
  one with a painful past, but that you won't let yourself be buried in
  sadness like him: you'll overcome anything.  He says he's not strong like
  you, but you tell him to quit being such a spoiled baby and that he's a
  member of the Lond Bel too.  He snaps out of it and realizes that he had
  gotten into the Gundam to exact revenge...

  Persuading him is worth a Skill Point.

  At that point, Kawasse tells Shiela that you're at a disadvantage to fight
  against Oz any more than this [say what??  those panzies got their asses
  kicked in _how_ few rounds????]  So everyone including Quatre gets the 
  order to retreat.

Treize, upon hearing that the Gran Garan has withdrawn, says he believes
Shiela understood his message.  He says it's just as well that the Wing Zero
is gone, since it's not something Oz or the Romfellar should possess.  It'll
pass to its rightful owner sooner or later.  Hiiro is back, but Trowa has
either gone missing, or his machine took a hit and he's drifting in space.
As Treize had ordered, Lady has arranged for his Gundam to make its way to
the Lond Bel.  Treize calls Hiiro and shows him the way he can go on living:
the Epyon which he developed.  Treize says this machine will shows its pilot
the form of the enemies it fights, as well as its own future.  Treize believes
it's right for humans to go on fighting, or at least that he has to find his
own answers through combat.  But he has no time - this machine can bestow
blessing on the victor and the defeated.  He tells Hiiro to show him his 
fight, and his future.  Treize further tells Hiiro of an Absolute Pacifist
state, the Sank Kingdom, that was wiped out 13 years ago and survives in the
form of the anti-Earth Federation group Kalaba.  Treize wants Hiiro to bring
the queen Rilina to him in return for Hiiro getting the Gundam.  Treize
figures that they'll have to get serious if Oz had hold of their symbol.
Hiiro understands that Rilina is to be made scapegoat, but accepts the mission
anyway.  Treize warns him not to be the victor in this Gundam, that he wants
Hiiro to come back as the defeated.

Meanwhile Quatre is brooding that he's done something that can't be undone
and committed an unpardonable sin.  Shiela tells him that while it may not
be much comfort, there's no help in crying over spilt milk.  What's important
is what to do now, and your dudes are prepared to welcome Quatre back.  Quatre
says that the Wing Zero shouldn't have been reawakened in this age, and
explains that the Zero System it contains was designed to be a man-machine
interface greater in power than even the Psycommu.  It keeps track of the
state of battle and prioritizes winning above all else: in short, it inputs
the "future" situation directly into the pilot's brain.  Unfortunately, it 
won't stop for the pilot's limitations - but go on destroying everything
classified as an enemy.  You note that the T-Link system and Zero System are
very similar.  Quatre implores you to seal away the Zero, that it mustn't be
used in this age.  Go to SM45.

SB44. Akai Kami no Onna ("The Red-Haired Woman")

Drake learns from Shot that the Goraon is back on Earth: it made contact
with Todd's group which was sent on reconnaisance to Japan.  Drake had thought
it had left the stage along with the Macross long ago, but Shot says that
one mustn't underestimate the power of the Macross and the SDF - looks like
plans to take over Europe and the Far East should be hurried.  Drake says
all he needs the super technology from the East for is opening the Aura Road,
and then he'll be the ruler of two worlds.  Shot says that even in the worst
case scenario, if the aliens do attack they can always retreat to Biston Well.
Drake tells Shot to remember that he intends to take over the aliens too in
the end.  Shot thinks to himself that that's far easier said than done and
that he, a participant in the SRX Project, knows the magnitude and terror of
the Arrowgaters better than anyone...but maybe it'll be possible to waltz in
after the aliens and humans have fought each other and rule both.  Bishot's
Gaea Galing is fighting the Titans in Europe and seems to be winning.  Drake
figures that Bishot, the ruler of a kingdom, is probably starting to get
delusions of grandeur, unless Luuza is successfully controlling him.  Shot
thinks to himself that Drake evidently hasn't heard the rumors that Luuza is
in league with Bishot and planning mutiny.  Drake tells Shot to take over
the Far East base while Bishot has the Titans tied up.

Banjou informs Igor that the EVAs will be sent once again with the Lond Bel -
he doesn't know why, but they're crucial warpower, even if they occasionally
do something totally nutsoid.  Tetsuya will be hanging with the Lond Bell too,
since "that" project that Kouji's father is working on has been advancing.
Also, he notes that the Lond Bel are split up and probably a bit short on
warpower - Jun reminds him to watch his language but Igor says it's okay since
Tetsuya has been protecting the Far East base in your absence.  Just then
Hazuki receives a transmission from Big Falcon and the Nangen Connection:
the Ultramagnetic Weighting Cannon is a success, and the V's are done being
outfitted.  Plus, Prof. Saotome called to say that "that" machine is almost 
ready and to have the Getter Team head to the lab - Shin Getter Robo is nigh.
Banjou wonders how the heck Saotome intends to control it if it's as powerful
as in the plans.  Just then Shou shows up and says that Ere has had a 
premonition: a great malice is overshadowing the base.  Aura Battlers and a 
red-haired woman are threatening you with a great, dangerous power.  This
may refer to Drake's army and Jeril Kuchibi.  Ere says the Aura power is far
too strong, but Marvel is sure none of the Surfacedwellers Drake has could
be as strong as that - Shou reminds her that all sorts of weird things happen
on the surface.  You then catch sight of them on radar.

You get discomfited as the T-Link System responds to the enemy Aura - you're
not sure you can endure battle like this.  It's Shot, and Ere accuses him of
polluting Biston Well with machines.  Shot says that the work he did while
still on the surface was very helpful in building the Aura Battlers.  Robert
wonders if they are like the R-series in terms of bringing out people's hidden
powers; they are.  Robert asks why Shot doesn't use them for the sake of
the Earth (typical of him) and Shot says that he's not so stupid as to fight
enemies he has no hope of defeating.  Plus, it's not as though Biston Well
is a separate planet...  He orders some of his goons to attack you and others
to take over the base; Jeril says she'll take on Shou and he tells her not
to be careless.

  On round two, Galaria (presumed dead) shows up.  Shot tells her to attack
  the base, but she doesn't feel like it.  She tells Shot that he's forgotten
  the goal of unifying Biston Well and is merely spreading chaos on the
  Surface for fun.  On round three, you sense something coming - you can't
  tell whether it's friend or foe, but you're better off assuming the latter.

  That person is Yazan and some Titans, here with Jamitov's final warning.
  Refusing to hand over the base will mean the entire Federation is your
  enemy, and you may even get nuked.  The fact that you've gotten this
  ultimatum means that the Titans have their back to the wall too.  You can
  either hand over the base, or not.

  Handing it over, though foolish sounding, is worth a Skill Point.  If you
  do this, Igor says that he can't let the Titans use nuclear force that would
  involve numerous civilians.  Shinobu counters that once they've got the
  base there's no telling what they'd do, but Igor says this is an order and
  if he disobeys his posting to the base will be void.  Banjou sees what
  Igor's strategy is and tells Igor that he can't heed the order.  Igor then
  releases them from Far East command, and Banjou tells everyone that you've
  just gotten license to do whatever you want (not that you were ever really
  obligated to follow orders anyway).  Yazan sees the writing on the wall and
  tells everyone to withdraw if they don't want to be caught up in the 
  nuclear strike.  He says that Jamitov just might do it for all he knows.

  Alan shows up on turn 4.  He knows who Shinobu is, and says that he'll fight
  on your behalf so you don't lose the Far East base.

  When you defeat Jeril, she'll come back in giant form - her Aura power has
  made her machine get all gigantic.  She vows to take out Shou, who says
  last rights for her.  Jeril is worth a Biosensor.  Shot is worth a 
  Psychoframe.  Muji is worth a Booster.

Your dudes are amazed at the hyperization of the Aura Battlers; you say it's
a force of raw, overwhelming evil such as you've not felt before.  You say
you're amazed that such power could be controlled, and that it almost tripped
the T-Link system's breaker.  Shou isn't really sure what happened either,
but says that Jeril couldn't control her own Aura power - the other Aura
Battlers realize that self-destruction awaits them too if they can't control
their Auras.  Hatred and fury cause that Aura power to become abnormally
amplified, and Cham asks if that can happen to Shou too.  He says he's no
exception, and reassures her that he'll prove he can retain control.  You
realize that you too can end up like her if you misuse your power.  Just then
the V's show up and apologize for keeping everyone waiting...and notice that
the battle's already over.  Asuka tells them they're late, despite flying 
here at full speed.  But thankfully the V's can now cut the Maxingal-coated
bad guys.  Alan tells Shinobu that the Beast Machine, or rather the whole
Lond Bel, will be destroyed unless "that person" reconsiders.  Shinobu asks
who "that person" is, and tells Alan to wait up.  Alan asks what Shinobu will
do if he doesn't wait, and tells him he'd better learn that technique alone
won't let him pilot his machine.  So departs the Black Knight of Calaba, 
whose voice Banjou sort of recognizes...

Hazuki asks Igor if the black knight was in fact his son - Igor replies that
he has no son.  Saya then contacts Igor on an emergency channel: a mysterious
explosion has taken place at the Photon Power lab.  He's still investigating,
but abnormally heavy Getter Index is detected from the area.  This was
probably triggered during the bootup test of the new Getter.  The Goraon
squad gets sent to investigate as the base maintains its alert.

Meanwhile, Fuyutsuki at NERV HQ has just heard of the explosion.  Aoba 
confirms that the Getter Index is over 400 times normal in the area.  
Fuyutsuki says this is bad, since the blast is near where EVA-03 was sent for
testing: there is a high probability that the Getter rays will adversely 
affect EVA-03.  Getter rays cause life to evolve, which means...  Gendou
says that the final stage of evolution is self-destruction: death itself.
Gendou says this is good for his crew, although bad for the Council.  Go to

SA45. Shikkoku no Tenshi Kitarite ("The Jet-Black Angel Cometh")

Hamarn has just learned from Mashmar that Gremy's squadron launched without
permission at Reuruler, accompanied by Nanai Migel and the Newtype squadron.
They didn't respond to calls from Axis.  Hamarn wonders if Gremy thinks she
hasn't expected this, and Mashmar asks if he really was sent by "that man"
from A Baoa Qu to keep an eye on her.  She says yes and that that's precisely
why she showed her true intentions in front of "him" and Mineba.  With that
in the open, Giren's pet Gremy had no choice but to act that way.  She
explains that while Mineba is currently the center of Neo-Jion's morale, she
may one day become an impediment to Giren's control.  After taking over the
Earth Sphere, Giren probably plans to make Mineba and maybe even Dozul
disappear.  When Mashmar is skeptical, Hamarn reminds him that Giren is the
man who assasinated King Degin seven years ago.  She says that as the various
factions reach toward their various goals, the internicine war within the
Neo-Jion is only going to get fiercer - especially since the lingering 
influence of her father Maharaja Karn is in Giren's way.  She says this is
the perfect time to show their intent, and that it's time to launch their
Mobile Suits too.  Just then she senses something, but claims it's nothing.
Hamarn felt it too, a pressure that's not Amuro or Char, or Scirocco...nor
the birth of a new Newtype.  Time to be even more cautious...

Your dudes note the apparent falling out between thieves.  The Lar Kairam
needs to bail (i.e. get to the South edge of the board).  Focker tells 
everyone all they have to do is escort and not do anything reckless; Hikaru
says that's not very convincing coming from him.  Gremy says to attack the
Lond Bel while attempting to conserve their warpower - he explains that
the Delaz fleet has failed in its "Stardust" operation and is nearly 
wiped out.  Therefore all of his people must regroup at A Baoa Qu.  Rakan
says he thought Gremy was conserving power to smite Hamarn, he says of course
for that purpose too.  Gremy says he won't forgive Hamarn for turning on
Giren, and that that's the mission he was given too.  Nanai says that it
seems that the rumor that Gremy has Zabi blood in him isn't just a rumor.
Meanwhile Rezun is sure that "conserving" warpower will never beat the Lond
Bel.  Gyunei thinks if he can take out the batallion with Char and Amuro in
it he can rule Neo-Jion [what a moron].

  On round two you detect a gravity signature - Ryuusei says he's felt this
  pressure before.  Amuro feels it too, a feeling neither good nor bad, but
  tells you and Ryuusei to worry about guarding the Lar Kairam.  Hamarn and
  her dudes show up on round 2.5.  She asks why Gremy launched and he tells 
  her of the Delaz Fleet's fate.  She then asks why he didn't consult her,
  and he sees if he can pit her against the Lond Bel.  Just then, something
  warps out...a presence the SRX Team recognizes: Ingram!  He says that the
  chains of fate must be stronger than he thought seeing as how he's run
  into you again.  Ryuusei tells him not to move, but he says that neither
  can you defeat him as you are now, nor is there any reason for him to fight
  you.  Ryuusei says he's got a reason to fight him, and Ingram says he
  recalls teaching him to assess conditions on the battlefield correctly.
  Ryuusei won't listen and attacks anyway, and gets his ass kicked.  Ingram
  says that the machine seems to be up to its specs, but that there are some
  problems regulating the power - and that he nearly lost a sample as a
  result.  Ingram tells Ryuusei that he just felt the power of the Astranagun,
  the ultimate humanoid weapon he built.  Ingram then tells Hamarn that he
  came on behalf of the Arrowgaters to negotiate, but she cuts him off and
  demands to know why she should believe him.  He agrees and says that as a
  test of the Astranagun he'll take on whoever she likes.  She figures that
  just like Scirocco she can't trust him, but that she can use him.  She
  tells him to fight whoever comes after her, and Gremy, figuring his time is
  near, tells his men to fight her as a traitor.

  If you attack Ingram, he says his goal is to unlock all the secrets of
  humanity's hidden human powers and make them his.  You doubt that's enough
  justify all of this, and he tells you to defeat him if you want to know the
  truth - and if you want to escape your destiny.  You yell at him for 
  concocting that destiny for you.  If you fight him with Amuro he'll tell
  him that he hooked up with the Lond Bel to collect data from your machines.

  Gyunei is worth a Psychoframe.  Gremy is worth a Minovsky Craft.

  Get the Lar Kairam out within six turns for 2 Skill Points.

After the battle, you can't detect any sign of pursuit - it's believed that
Ingram's machine entered Axis.  Quatro is upset that he messed up the
negotiations, but Focker says anyone else would have achieved the same result
and Amuro says not to assume all the blame himself.  The Far East Base
contacts you and Igor says that negotiations fell through with the Titans
and Biston Well army too.  Your other people stopped the Jupiterians and
Delaz Fleet's colony drop plan(!).  So space should be good for a while but
Earth nastier: the Titans, Drake, and the Arrowgaters are stepping up the
assault.  Plus, the B.F. and Dr. Hell haven't been seen for a while...time
to reconvene all your warpower at the Far East Base.  You are then asked to
contact Robert.  Cut to the conversation with Robert from SB43.  He wants
you to come to Peking to get the new machine made just for you.

Ingram is telling Hamarn to hand over all research materials about the 
Newtypes and Fortified Humans, in return for information about the Arrowgaters
and Jupiterians.  She says it sounds like a good deal and asked if it isn't
unadvantageous for him - he says there's no _personal_ demerit for him, and
that she and others who have opposed Giren have no reason to refuse.  She
says that someone like him who's betrayed both the Lond Bel and the 
Arrowgaters is quite capable of joining Giren's side.  Ingram responds that
Giren's role ended 7 years ago and that he's no longer necessary.  By "role",
he means that the war Giren caused back then caused humanity to progress
quite nicely as weapons for "his people".  He says that if Giren tries to 
swim against the tide, he'll simply have to take Giren out with his Astranagun.
Hamarn considers that that black machine is what gives him confidence to
oppose anyone he pleases, and that it's not a good idea just now to make 
Ingram her enemy.  Go to S46.

SM45. Kyoushuu, Soushi Genkai-ten ("Assault, The Final Safeguard")

Kawasse tells Shiela that a Gundam seems to be being delivered to you.
Quatre is surprised to see his Sandrock, which he thought he had hidden in
some space junk.  Kouji wonders if it's been rigged somehow, but Kou says
that other than the fact that the self-destruct device is gone it has no
other abnormalities.  Quatre is not sure what to make of this, and just then
Keith comes to tell you that the Delaz Fleet has stolen a small colony!
Looks like they snuck in while you were distracted.  So _that's_ what they
were up to all this time...and they even used dis-disinformation about the
colony theft [clever!] and used the nuclear attack on Konpei as camouflage.
So this is the true nature of Operation Stardust, and the target is likely
either Jaburo or Dakarl.  The colony is now halfway between the Moon and
the Earth, guarded by the Delaz Fleet, and will impact in 14 hours.  
Actually, you have only 9 hours after which it can't be stopped, so you've
got to hurry.  Ryuune says there must be some final step necessary to get
it to fall where it should, and if you can use that you should be able to
keep it from falling.  Kouji wants to just blow it up, but Ryuune says that
unless you could totally obliterate it it would just fragment and fall to
Earth.  So basically, you've got to wreck Delaz's fleet and stop the colony

Kou looks for Nina, who wasn't in the hangar.  She's moping about how
Gatou will be participating in the operation, and wonders if there's no way
to stop Kou from fighting with him.  Burning then outlines plans for the
operation and puts Kou in charge of changing the colony's course once Delaz's
bunch are taken care of.  Keith is worried that this will work, and Kouji
says your group specializes in wrecking things fast...although Masaki says
that that could be taken to mean you can't do anything _but_ use force.  You
guys have done this before, although everyone's got a bad feeling.

Duo has come to stop the colony drop, but look at all the guards.  Wu-Fei 
thinks that many guards mean nothing to his reborn Nataku.  Duo says it's
coincidence they met each other again and that Wu-Fei hasn't gotten any more
likable since their last meeting.  Delaz asks Gatou if those are the Gundams
sent to Earth by the colonies (they are) and opens a channel to them.  He
tells them they should be on the same side trying to free the Spacenoids from
the Earthnoids, and that he has to demonstrate the Sword of Damocles that
hangs over the Earth.  Duo says that while this sounds good he's just acting
like the Jupiterians, and Duo says that mass murder can't be just.  Delaz
reminds them that they've sacrificed people too, and Duo says that that's why
he pilots, and Wu-Fei agrees: to achieve the greatest results with the least
casualties.  Delaz says that they can't do anything with that few mecha, and
Duo informs him that Jion changed nothing with the One-Year War.  Delaz
responds that that's why this operation has to succeed, and Duo tells him 
he has no right to judge and sacrifice other Spacenoids, or the Earthnoids.
Time for a contest of strength to see who's right; Wu-Fei says they're 
unnecessary existences and that they're suitable opponents for Nataku.

  Your dudes show up on turn 2.  You've got to get Kou onto the colony within
  6 turns.  Reinforcements are on the way so be careful.  Cima comes on
  turn 3, and attacks Delaz!  She says her next volley will be aimed for
  the bridge, and says that she will indeed drop the colony, but on the Far
  East Base, since she's made a deal with the Jupiterians.  She plans to
  get rid of that which the Jupiterians fear, and bid adieu to the Jion that
  can't see her brilliance.  Delaz thinks it's all his fault for guiding
  someone who lacks their own will.  Delaz then tell Gatou to go forth, to 
  stand atop his corpse and achieve their goals.  "Sieg Jion!" 

  Kalius is worth a Chobham Armor.  Kelly is worth a Hybrid Armor.

  Finish the battle by killing everyone but Gatou for a Skill Point.  Kou
  will go into the colony and Gatou will pursue, and is followed by Nina.
  Gatou prepares to perform his final duty so that those coming after him
  will have a shot at life.  Nina tells him he's already done enough and to
  stop all this; he says that the operation is a success and that the colony
  will fall.  Gatou says that the Delaz Fleet put everything into this, and
  even the mighty Lond Bel can't stop it.  She asks him why he appeared before
  her again after disappearing suddenly that day long ago.  He wanted her
  to forget about all the time he spent on the Moon waiting for things to
  become ready - she tried, or rather had forgotten about it.  Gatou has
  devoted all to the resurrection of Jion and says that maybe she's the true
  target of Operation Stardust.  Just then, Kou shoots him.  Nina tells Kou
  there's no more reason for them to fight, but he tells her to move and that
  she should know what Gatou just did.  She says that she had had no choice but
  to watch their duel until one fell, and that she prayed that this would
  never happen.  He demands to know if her feelings for him were all a lie -
  she can't answer.  Gatou then says that their duel shouldn't end like this,
  and that he can't be finished here either.  Everyone has to escape, lest
  they get trapped by the colony's fall.

  The colony can no longer be stopped, and is falling for North America.
  Just then the cats detect an abnormality on the Spirit Radar and 
  gravitational sensors.  You detect something and tell everyone to flee.

At A Baoa Qu, Giren learns from Sharia that the colony had made it onto
course, but that someone attacked it and destroyed it completely.  And
_not_ the Lond Bel.  Giren thinks it must be the Arrowgaters using some
heretofore unknown EOT weapon.  Sharia then says that Delaz died in battle
and that Gatou lead the stragglers back to base.  Giren thinks that the
Operation Stardust wasn't his only plan for Jion, and that he won't waste
Delaz's death.

The results of analyzing the colony's destruction are in: a micro-singularity
did it.  Kouji requires Usso to dumb down the science.  Nobody knows who
did it, but they're glad the colony is gone...except Masaki who's sure that
was the Granzon's Black Hole Cluster weapon.  He wonders what Shuu thinks
he's doing.  Plus, the attack was launched from the surface - Seabook wonders
why Masaki is so upset.  Haro says that it was fired from Peking - so Masaki
hurries off with the cats.

Nina sort of apologizes to Kou, but he says not to say anymore.  He has no
right to pry into her past and no desire to do so either.  He asks in return 
that one day she tell him the whole truth.  Duo finds out that Quatro was
in the mysterious Gundam and notes where Trowa and Hiiro went; Duo wonders
what will happen now.  Quatre says it's all his fault but Wu-Fei says he's
acting like a girl as usual.  Duo tries to protest but Quatre says it's all
because his heart was weak and Wu-Fei says that all the worrying in the world 
won't bring Trowa back to him....that they've still got many enemies and no 
time to be crying.  Quatre agrees eventually.

Ryuune asks Shiela where Masaki went - he just launched the Psybuster.
Kouji calls this reckless, and Sayaka says he's calling the kettle black.
Masaki actually bothered to get Shiela's permission first(!).  Your dudes
are mainly worried about him getting lost on the way to Peking - he even gets
lost inside the Gran Garan it seems.  Igor then contacts you, thanks you
for calming down space, and says that the surface will get worse.  He tells
you of the muster at the Far East Base and you head there with all speed.
Cut to SA45 conversation between you and Robert.  Go to S46.

SB45. Kami ka, Akuma ka  ("God, or Demon")

Kaji tells Shinji of EVA-04's disappearance during the test of the S2 Engine.
EVA-03 has been taken to Matsushiro for testing after the Getter blast, and
Misato and Ritsuko are there too.  Before Kaji can tell Shinji who the pilot
of EVA-03 is, Abe informs everyone that you've reached the Asama mountain 
range, where the labs are.  The Getter Index is still 400 times normal, high
enough that even your people are likely to be affected.  There's no
response from the Saotome lab, and Ere feels an intense power concentrated
in the's dangerous here [um, yeah ^^;;;]

Meanwhile, EVA-03 appears to be usable in actual combat, although Misato's
"that's great" lacks enthusiasm.  Ritsuko reminds her that EVA-03 will be
posted to the Lond Bel afterwards, but Misato says that with four EVAs and
all the super robots, the Lond Bel could destroy the world if it chose.  She
hasn't broken the news to Shinji yet - she plans to do it after the test.
Phase one of the test works out, and you pass the absolute border line into
phase two.  Unfortunately, things start sucking at that point - and the test
can't be halted.  It's an Angel.  NERV HQ tracks an explosion at Matsushiro
and an unknown moving object in its wake.  It's got pattern Orange, but isn't
confirmable as an Angel.  Gendou orders the signal sent to halt its motion 
and an override eject of the entry plug - these aren't acknowledged.  The
pilot has respiration and a heartbeat, but not much else.  Gendou orders it
reclassified as the thirteenth Angel.  It's headed towards the Saotome lab.
Gendou contacts the Goraon and assumes command, telling them to cancel their
investigation into the Getter blast and to sortie just the EVAs against the

Ere tells Shinji and the others of the approaching Angel from Matsushiro.
You haven't been able to get through to confirm how Misato and the others are.
Asuka tells Shinji that just worrying won't solve anything, and Shinji is 
worried about facing the Angel by themselves - but that's Gendou's direct
order.  Daisaku wants to know why defeating the Angel is more important than
trying to save Ryou and the others, and even Banjou is pretty pessimistic
considering the state of the lab.  Why _is_ the Angel heading for the lab
anyway?  Jack can't stand doing nothing and is about to check out the lab
himself when the Angel appears.  It's the EVA-03, possessed by an Angel.
Shinji realizes that another kid his age must be piloting it, but before 
Asuka can tell him who the Angel takes her out.

  Gendou will ask Shinji on round two why he doesn't fight at full force -
  Shinji says he's got to save the pilot.  You can choose to either do as
  Gendou says, or not.  NOT is worth two Skill Points, but attacking will
  let you get Touji on your team later.  If you attack, you say you'll save
  the pilot no matter what and figure you have to weaken the Angel to get the
  Entry Plug out.

  Either way, if you get taken out Gendou will order things switched over to
  the Dummy System.  You tell Shinji to stop the EVA, saying that a system
  that must not be used is in operation.  Gendou, as in the anime, doesn't
  heed Shinji's cries to stop.  Everyone is aghast, and Daisaku says he
  can't accept this as "unhappiness to overcome the times" (a line from the
  anime).  He's going to launch, but Banjou is going to launch instead and
  stop EVA-01.  Just then, something rises out of the wreckage of the Saotome
  Lab: Shin Getter Robo.  EVA-01 halts, and the Getter Pilots are a bit
  shaken up after their flight.  Well, you absorbed energy from the Getter
  Reactors of all those Proto-Getters so it's little surprise...  Saotome is
  still alive and thanking his lucky stars that he only set the Shin Getter
  Reactor to 1/10th of full power.  Shin Getter tells Ryou that "EVA-03" is
  an Angel, and also tells him to use Stoner Sunshine to burn away the evil
  from within the Angel, and thereby give it new life.

Your dudes are astounded that you could take out the Angel in one hit, and
Hayato wonders what would happen if you used full power.  Shinji is worried,
but Ryou tells him that Shin Getter saved the pilot.

It seems that the Getter Index has fallen back to normal, all absorbed by
Shin Getter.  Saotome explains how starting Shin Getter required immense
numbers of Getter rays, hence the cascading of all the Getter Reactors.
Saotome had thought that Shin Getter would absorb all that energy, but
evidently it didn't, hence the explosion.  Saotome is sort of amazed that he
came out okay too despite the high Getter Index.  Banjou wants to know what
sort of thing Shin Getter is that it has such power...a god?  A demon?
Saotome says that he's sure of something - the purpose of his life was to
complete Shin Getter.  As he told Hayato before, the abnormal Getter 
phenomenon occured at the same time he decided to build Shin
could be a coincidence, but he doesn't think so.  He feels like somebody was
telling him to build, that without Shin Getter the aliens and space monsters
couldn't be defeated.  Hayato adds up all the instances where Getter has
saved life, and wonders if it's got its own will...what is it trying to have
yo do?

Kaji finally tells Shinji who EVA-03's pilot was (Touji).  Shinji can't 
believe that his father made him attack, but Kaji says that that was
unavoidable under the circumstances...had Shin Getter not shown up Shinji
would have been defeated.  The other pilots try to get Shinji to get over his
father-antipathy complex, which involves Rei slapping Shinji and Shinji 
running off.  It seems Touji will live, but he's been sent to NERV's central
hospital for observation.  Luckily, Misato and the others at Matsushiro just
got off "wounded" rather than dead.

Ere then learns that the Jupiterians' indiscriminate attacks and the colony
drop have been stopped, but that the negotiations with Neo-Jion have also
failed.  Igor tells her of the space-better-Earth-worse thing and of the
muster at the Far East Base.  There is a message from Robert for you to pick
up the new Grungast, and also to send Ginrei and Daisaku back to the IPO
Peking base for a bit.  Go to S46.

S46. Ryuu to Tora ("Dragon and Tiger")

At the IPO's Peking Base, Chuujou asks Shuu how the final checks on the
Grungast Type Three are going - he says that the Tronium Engine isn't 
delivering its rated power and at this rate its power will be beneath that
of the Strike and Type Two versions.  Evidently Ingram was the only one who
really knew how to get the Tronium Engines to perform - Go asks about using
an Antimatter Drive or Black Hole Engine like the Granzon, but Murasame pops
up and says that's too dangerous.  Chuujou wonders when Murasame got back
(just recently), and Murasame says that the EOT-based Black Hole Engine 
would be better off not used since it's technology passed along by the
Arrrowgaters.  Go sees this as a flash of insight into the Huckebein Mk.I
incident that destroyed the Technetium base: it wasn't an accident but 
something deliberate.  Murasame is sure there was a flaw in the design - a
flaw that Ingram didn't tell the Earthlings about.  Chuujou wonders why he
would have done such a thing - to preserve the Arrowgaters' technical
superiority?  If the humans had found the fault, they would have gained much
knowledge and new technology; even if they didn't and caused the accident, 
they would still harbor fear toward the Arrowgaters.  And the accident did
happen, and as a result much EOT was researched - making humans more and more
into warpower for the Arrowgaters.  In short, you've been used by the 
Arrowgaters and Shuu, who's been quiet all this time, thinks that that 
can't be forgiven.  Murasame asks Shuu if he hadn't realized early on about
the defect and what Ingram's true identity was - he says Shuu's absence at
the Huckebein Mk.I's test is proof.  And that furthermore, the Granzon doesn't
use a Black Hole Engine, but an Anti-Matter Engine.  Shuu says it's just
coincidence and that he's going back to the Far East Base.  He explains that
Robert is coming to take his place, and that certain annoying problems would
happen if he remained here.

Masaki has actually found the base, but Shuu seems to be already gone.  Masaki
says that can't be and that this is where the Black Hole Cluster was fired
from.  Kuro wonders if Shuu knew Masaki was coming and fled, but Masaki says
Shuu isn't that kind of guy.  He simply _can't_ figure out what Shuu is
scheming for.  Meanwhile, Go presents Ginrei her new mecha, with uprated
combat potential.  Ginrei thinks to herself that the design and naming haven't
improved any, and Daisaku wonders if Robo is going to get powered up too.
Go says there aren't any plans to do so, and Daisaku complains that he won't
be able to defeat the Lond Bel's enemies as things stand now.  Tetsugyuu
asks why Daisaku is so upset and wonders if he's still mistaking Robo's power
for his own.  He repeats his comment that Daisaku is just a brat without
Robo, and Daisaku tells him that _that_ is why he wants Robo to get powered
up.  Chuujou then tells Daisaku that by orders of HQ Robo is being sealed
away, and that there's no reason to explain why.  Daisaku protests that it's
always been best to have Robo with you up until now, and wonders if it's
because Robo was built by the B.F.  Taisou then shows up and tells Daisaku
that the chief judged it was too dangerous to let Daisaku keep fighting.  He
says that the world is headed more and more towards its destruction, and
that the Lond Bel and IPO have to stop it.  _Which_ is why he wants Daisaku
to be in the reserve, in case something happens to the Lond Bel and IPO.
Daisaku still wants to fight alongside everyone, since that was the mission
he was entrusted with by his father.  Chuujou repeats the order to seal
Robo away and says that anyone who doesn't follow orders will be kicked out
of the Experts.

Daisaku gazes at Robo and wonders why his father built it with the B.F.  He
asks his father for answers, but his "father" is silent as always.  Ginrei
shows up and reminds Daisaku that Robo is the pivot of the IPO's power...but
Daisaku still feels like he's all alone.  She explains that Tetsugyuu's
comment was just made out of jealousy, and that Daisaku is a great Expert.

Robert explains to you that the Grungast Type 3 is made with the knowhow from
the R-series, and that it's a two-part machine with strengthened weapons..
but that it's not usable in combat yet due to the Tronium Engine being
incomplete.  Robert asks you to be patient a little longer and that he's
getting help from Prof Yasunishi Eri, who managed to figure out those Dragon
and Tiger machines for the B.F., and _those_ were powered by perpetual motion
machines.  You then ask who the other pilot is supposed to be, and then Eri
shows up and introduces herself.  She says she's continuing her research
here to combat the great threat presented by Dr. Hell's control over the
Ryuu-Ou-Ki and Ko-Ou-Ki.  She refers to your previous contact with them and
says that it's been determined they have something like souls and that it
wasn't possible for Dr. Hell and the B.F. to actually awaken them.  Thus,
they're overriding them from the outside... The fact that you were able to
TK link with them says that you've got what it takes to control them properly.
Robert says this is quite possible, and says that his research uncovered 
evidence of super-weapons used for city defense: those super robots.  You
regard this as the stuff of ancient history, and he agrees - for people two
thousand years to pull that off makes the Elemental God-Machines, EOT, and
Aura Battlers look like small pototatos.  But given that these machines _do_
exist, there's no choice but to believe.  Plus, it looks like the Reideen
was made a good _12,000_ years ago, so....  Eri explains that there's a 
high probability that the Ryuu-Ou-Ki and Ko-Ou-Ki were originally designed
to protect cities and thus to protect people; in short, that they may actually
be bona-fide Super Robots.  It seems that this "soul" like thing may be an
autonomous circuit that lets them determine for themselves what is "good".
And because the B.F. and Dr. Hell are "evil", they couldn't awaken them.
Of course, there's no proof yet, which is why they want you to T-Link to them.
In short, they want you to Persuade them, so that they can become even more
powerful forces for your side than the Grungast Type Three.  You're not sure
about this since you couldn't even Persuade your SO, but recalling the
"noise" that may be the machines' pain you agree to try.

Just then, something attacks the base.  Daisaku realizes he can't use Robo,
and Go tells him he's sorry but that the B.F.'s objective is too...  But
he gets interrupted as the Fabulous Fitzcarraldo appears, one of the 
Magnificent Ten.  Fitzcarraldo says that the defenses on a base like this
can't stop the Magnificent Ten, and offers to break the seals on Robo...
although Robo itself will be cut in half.  Just then Murasame intervenes...

Ashura is here to grab Eri and Robert, but can't just overlook the SRX Team's
machines either.  By which she means Irm and your SO.  Irm tells your
SO to not worry about him and to hurry and make contact with you.  Irm
says that you and your SO were probably raised to be warpower for the
Arrowgaters, and now that Ingram's defected your SO mustn't fall into
enemy hands.  Plus, the SRX Team's machines are now the only way to defeat
him.  Your SO worries how he can face you after what he's done... Irm
says that your abilities would have remained buried except for Ingram, and to
give him the blame for not stopping Ingram.  Well, at this rate maybe the
whole SRX thing can become a means of saving the Earth after all.  He says
that men and women aren't logical, and that if he feels sorry toward you to
use that as power today...although he can't say much since he wasn't able to
help Rin.  He yells out impressively to go forth and fight for tomorrow!
Just then your dudes show up, but your SO won't directly answer you.
Chuujou and Taisou realize what the bad guys are up to and has Taisou and
Tetsugyuu guard the two professors.  Just then, it seems that one of the
Magnificent Ten did something to the Grungast Type Three.  Murasame tells
Daisaku to run as Fitzcarraldo savages Murasame some.  Fitzcarraldo says that
he's here to destroy the Grungast Type Three, since it's not necessary for
reawakening Ryuu-Ou-Ki and Ko-Ou-Ki.  Fitzcarraldo looks like he's doing a good
job of wrecking everything by himself, but the Dazzling Cervantes and GR-2
are here too!  It looks like their real objective is taking GR back to the
B.F.  Daisaku tells Chuujou that he'll fight and that he can't obey orders
that will sacrifice others, that if that's what being an Expert means he
doesn't want to be one.

  On round 1.5, Irm tells your SO to hurry up and head for base, but
  your SO doesnt' want to abandon him - and he's heard that the T-Link
  System has the power to draw the enemies to itself.  He says it's his turn
  to protect Irm.  On round 2.5, the Chinese mecha are back, as is Brocken.
  Your SO intends to draw everyone to him, and wishes he could have said
  at least one word of apology to you.  You and Masaki figure this out and you
  vow to protect him this time.  But Brocken sicks Ko-Ou-Ki on your SO anyway,
  and gloats about how all your dudes suck.  You freak out and begin to
  attack - Robert yells at you to stop lest you activate the Grungast Type
  Two's Uranus System, which neither the mech or your body could withstand.
  Your mech isn't working as it should, and Ryuu-Ou-Ki comes to attack you.
  Your machine won't move, and you plead with it that you can't be finished
  here.  The Chinese machines won't attack, and your machine switches over
  to the Uranus System....what are you linked with?  You hear your SO's
  voice asking if you are the one who touched its soul with such enormous
  psych.  Is Ryuu-Ou-Ki talking to you, nope, you're just T-Linked to them.  It
  explains how it was reawakened by the attack it just did, and that its duty
  is to protect humanity.  It informs you that your incredible psyche gives you
  the right to command it but says that to truly awaken its Five-Fold Powers,
  you need someone else too...and that someone is your SO!  It asks you to
  chant, and the two Chinese machines combine in a very spectacular fashion.

  Brocken and Ashura are dumbfounded, but Fitzcarraldo says everything is 
  going as Koumei said.  Eri and Robert are impressed, and you tell them
  it's name is Ryuu-Ko-Ou, and your SO demonstrates its other form,
  Ko-Ryuu-Ou [damn Chinese naming schemes ^^;;;]  You'll talk later with
  your SO, so for now wreck the bad guys.

  Cervantes will try to tell Daisaku that the B.F. needs Robo to protect the
  Earth from the aliens and that until he returns Robo Earth has no tomorrow.
  Daisaku will say that that's not what his father intended, else he'd never
  have run from the B.F.  He also says that the B.F. won't be the ones to
  save the Earth, that he and the Lond Bel will do it (Cervantes says he's
  being conceited).  When you defeat him, Fitzcarraldo says it's pathetic for
  a member of the Magnificent Ten to lose like that, but since their goal of
  awakening the Ryuu-Ko-Ou was met, they'll pull out.  Brocken and Ashura
  say they have a plan going and that even without the Chinese machines 
  they'll still get rid of you.
  Ashura is worth an Ultra-Alloy Z.  GR-2 is worth an Ultra-Alloy nu-Z.
  Brocken is worth a Propellant Tank S.

After the battle, Irm tells your SO to fight with you in the Ryuu-Ko-Ou.
Although he may not be in a position to say it, he tells your SO to not
worry about the past.  He then apologizes to you for not stopping Ingram
faster - he says he'll settle the score with Ingram and asks you to take care
of your SO.

Robert then tells Chuujou that the Chinese machines seem to be linked to your
and your SO's consciousness - in short, only you two can use them.  Go's
injuries are light thanks to Murasame.  At Robert's suggestion, parts from
the Grungast Type Three will be worked into the Chinese mecha for even more
mayhem!  The plan is to take the T-Link system from the Grungast Type Three's
cockpit and use it to firm up the link between you and the machines...and 
isn't it lucky that the Type Three was a two-part combiner too!  Chuujou is
worried that the personalities of the mecha will react poorly to the 
modifications, but Robert says that those personalities have been quiescent
ever since the least you know that they intend to fight 
by your side.

You tell your SO you don't intend to criticize, but you just want to know
one thing: you can ask about the SRX Project or about nothing at all.  Either
option you choose, your SO will tell you that he doesn't know much about
the Psychodriver powers you have, but he's heard that if they're fully
unleashed the user will stop being a person.  And the T-Link system is built
not only to draw out TK, but those Psychodriver abilities as well.  Also, it
has the ability to draw enemies in - it amplifies your psych and broadcasts it
into the area to enable you to locate enemies and such.  But simultaneously
that subconsciously draws the enemies in - in other words, the stronger you
are, the closer the enemies will come.  Perhaps this is done to put you in
danger of your life and thus force your Psychodriver powers to the fore.  Your
SO doesn't remember anything before entering the SRX Project, and realizes
that even what memories he does have may be a fabrication...but you tell him
to stop saying things like that.  What's important is not what's past, but
what you'll do from here on.  Whatever Ingram was planning, you want to use
your power so that everyone else can live.  So you ask him to fight alongside
you in Ryuu-Ko-Ou, and reassure him that that's the whole reason you met...or
at least that's what she'd like to believe.  He thanks you as you leave.

Daisaku apologizes to Chuujou for not realizing that the B.F. were trying to
get Robo back.  That was why Robo was to be sealed...and Daisaku says he's
not qualified to be an Expert since he disobeyed orders and launched Robo
anyway.  Tetsugyuu likes how Daisaku said that, and Chuujou pronounces his
punishment: he's expelled from the Experts.  Ginrei and Taisou think this is
too harsh, saying that had Daisaku not fought GR-2 the Peking Base might have
been destroyed.  Chuujou says that he still disobeyed and therefore should
be punished, and Taisou says to punish him and Tetsugyuu too for letting the
Magnificent Ten in in the first place...Tetsugyuu doesn't want to be lumped
in, and Taisou asks him then if he could have stopped GR-2 by himself.
Daisaku says it's okay and that he's the one who disobeyed.  Chuujou then
tells Daisaku that he's to transfer to the Lond Bel, with Robo, and asks if
he understands.  He tells Daisaku that the fate of the world will not be
determined by the IPO or by B.F., but by the Lond Bel - or so he believes.
He tells Daisaku to fight alongside the Lond Bel and prove that Dr. Kusama's
actions were not in the wrong.  He tells Tetsugyuu that he'll explain to
Ryou-Zan-Paku (the IPO HQ) and orders Gin-Rei to go to the Lond Bel too,
along with Masaki, as soon as the outfitting of Ryuu-Ko-Ou is finished.
Tetsugyuu is a bit gruff, but tells Daisaku to call him and Taisou whenever
he needs help, since if he dies nobody can move Robo any more.  Go to S47.

S47. Otoko no Tatakai ("A Man's Fight")

Shinji is refusing to eject the entry plug and rejecting pleas that the
Dummy Plug was necessary.  As Hyuuga continues trying, Shinji says not to
upset him any further and with the 185 seconds of power remaining he could
still destroy half of HQ.  Aoba realizes that Shinji just might do it, and
Maya says that if it were not for Gendou's decision everyone might be dead
now.  Shinji insists that Gendou was trying to kill Touji with Shinji's own
hands.  He demands to know from Gendou why Touji was chosen for EVA-03 and why
Gendou had Shinji attack it.  Gendou orders the LCL pressure raised to the max
and says that he has no time to humor a childish tantrum.  So much for Shinji's
little rant [punk!].

Asuka thinks that Shinji may not recover from this one - she had thought
that he had been making some progress with the nuturing of hot-blooded dudes
like Kouji and Hyouma, but...  Rei asks if Asuka is worried about him and
she demands to know why she should be.  Rei just looks at her, and she 
concedes that she is a bit concerned, since he's a companion who she's 
fought beside all this time.  But she says not to misunderstand, and says
it's rare to see Rei worrying about someone else.  She figures Shinji is 
probably dreaming now, and asks if Rei doesn't dream.

Shinji is dreaming...of trains.  Shinji tells a Rei that he did what he did
because he couldn't forgive the father who betrayed him, that his father
doesn't understand his feelings.  Has Shinji tried to understand his father's
feelings?  He concedes that that may have been Gendou's only choice, but he
demands to know what all that had to happen to Touji.  He says that his
father made no attempt to save Touji and simply tried to eliminate him as
an Angel from the start - he figures his father regards him and Touji as mere
objects.  He says that his father has no idea how he's felt fighting all this why should he understand his father's feelings!  Shinji says that
he'll go the place where it's okay for him to be: the Lond Bel.

Gendou tells Shinji that his disobedience of orders and so on are criminal
acts and asks if he has anything to say for himself.  He says he wants to
leave and Gendou says fine, get out.  Gendou asks him if he's running again,
but Shinji says he doesn't plan on that, that he at least understands that
he and all humanity have nowhere to run to anymore.  Thus, he's returning to
the Lond Bel even if he can't take the EVA with him.  Gendou asks if he
really thinks he can do that, and Shinji says he won't be the him that he
was forever.  He says he has no plans to fight where the father who was 
going to watch Touji get killed is.  Gendou makes a phone call and says that
Shinji is through - EVA-01 is to be configured with Rei as its pilot in
basic mode with the Dummy Plug as backup.  Banjou shows up and asks if
Shinji's removal was part of Gendou's plan (Gendou's surprised he got in).
He asks Gendou why the EVAs were posted to the Macross; was it a space 
combat test?  Yes - the EVAs are designed for all sorts of combat, including
space.  As Gendou notes, that's not what Banjou really wants to ask - he
really wants to know whether the EVAs were made to fight the STMC, and 
whether the Human Complementation Project is intend to help withstand the
coming STMC assault.  The STMC are expected to show up in increasing numbers,
and mindlessly attack sentient life...and if they really got active even
the Zentraedi and Arrowgaters couldn't stop them.  Did Gendou know about the
STMC and the threat they pose from the outset, and build the EVAs to counter
not just the Angels but them?  Gendou says there's no reason to answer.
Insert the caution to Banjou from the SB path.  Gendou tells Banjou to leave
now, and that out of respect for Banjou Kenzou he'll overlook this little
illegal intrusion.

Misato tells Shinji that she, Asuka, and Rei are staying at NERV.  She tells
Shinji that he can't return to the Lond Bel, because he knows NERV's secrets.
He asks one final question: why was Touji picked as the pilot for EVA-03?
All the candidates for Fourth Children were Shinji's classmates...everything
was arranged beforehand, just like the situation with "you".  She tells 
Shinji that what's been done can't be apologized for with words - but she
says that she's put her dreams, wishes, and objectives onto Shinji.  She
tells Shinji to remember that all the people of NERV had no choice but to
entrust him with their futures.  He says that's pretty selfish, but she
says she'll leave all the passcodes open for him - he says quite certainly 
that he won't be back.  She notes that he's gotten much more forward since
going to the Lond Bel.  Just then, an Angel attacks to ruin Shinji's little
escape.  It's already broken through all defenses and is now attacking
Neo-Tokyo2 directly.  One shot breaks right through 18 of the special 
defensive armors.  Misato shows up and says that launching the EVAs to the
surface won't make it and that you've got to launch EVA-02 within the 
Geofront to attack it there.  Gendou orders Rei launched in EVA-01 with the
Dummy Plug to back her up.  Rei realizes that this can't go on, and EVA-01
won't start.  Gendou realizes that she intends to reject him and orders the
Dummy Plug used.  Rei is then launced in EVA-00, saying that if she dies
there's always replacements.  Once more the Angel attacks - once _more_ and
all the armor will be gone.

Asuka says she doesn't need Shinji to handle business, and the Angel attacks
her without mercy - Misato quickly has all the nerve connections cut.
EVA-01 won't accept the Dummy Plug, and Asuka has to be retrieved.  In
short, EVA-01 won't accept the Dummy, that is, Rei.

  On round 3, Shinji realizes everyone is going to die, and Banjou realizes
  that the Lond Bel won't make it in time.  Shinji sees Banjou, who asks
  what he's doing here and tells him to run.  Banjou knows why Shinji stopped
  being a pilot, and knows further that Shinji wanted to return to them.
  He likes that, and says that Shinji's done well until now.  Banjou can't
  just sit around and watch this, and plans to summon Daitarn like always,
  and yells his line about destroying evil.  Fuyutsuki wonders if the evil
  he speaks of is the Angel, or NERV.  Shinji wonders if he doesn't have to
  do anything himself...

  The following round, a massive gravity wave is detected within the Geofront.
  This acts as a sort of barrier: someone is emerging from hyperspace:
  Ingram.  Banjou says hi and says that he hadn't wanted to believe Ingram
  was an Arrowgater until he saw it with his own eyes, but the machine 
  Ingram is in leaves no doubt.  His Astranagun is based on knowhow from the
  Valcion series, the SRX Machines, and the Elemental God Machines, plus the
  Arrowgaters' technology.  Ingram admits that that was one of his reasons for
  connecting with the DC and SRX.  He says he's here to know the truth, that
  it's said that if the Angels contact the Adam said to be slumbering here
  humanity will perish, and that the only thing which can stop this are the
  EVAs which have the same kind of power.  He's here to see if this is true,
  and has no plans to fight you.  Things now _really_ suck, and Gendou 
  excuses himself a bit.

  The _next_ round, Shinji shows up and says to let him pilot EVA-01.  Gendou
  asks why he's here, and he says he's EVA's pilot.  Shinji then pops out in
  what Ingram calls the "abominable" EVA-01.

  It is possible to get the S2 Engine in this battle, but I'm not sure how.
  Having the Angel kill Shinji is one way I suspect.

After the battle Ingram says that, just as Gendou schemed, a counter-force
has appeared...which means Gendou has done a good job of deceiving the 
council.  However, NERV's objective is now clear to Ingram...humans only
enemies are other humans.  God doesn't determine our fate.

The Seele obelisks are conferring about whether it was a mistake putting
Gendou in charge of NERV.  Kail wonder what Gendou is thinking, and someone
else notes that he's about to find out EVA-01's true identity, and that of
the Arrowgaters.  Yet another abominable existence.  To make sure that the
plan is carried out, they've got to tweak something...

Asuka is really upset that she couldn't do anything and that she lost to
Shinji.  Banjou walks in (Asuka thought it was Kaji) and wonders if she's
feeling powerless or like a loser.  He informs her that had she not fought,
Shinji wouldn't have gotten into EVA-01.  She asks if that means she's 
Shinji's stepping stool - and he says no, Shinji got in to save her, Rei,
and everyone else.  It's an unalterable truth that Shinji was only able to
fight because everyone else was there.

Gendou is going to be sending Shinji to the Lond Bel; Banjou asks if this is
to distract the Council and he doesn't answer.  Banjou asks if that's the
only answer he can expect from Gendou (it is) and Banjou prepares to leave.
But Gendou stops him, and thanks him for buying them time.  Banjou says he
just did what was natural, and thinks it's very rare to be thanked by 
Gendou.  Go to S48.

S48. Dare ga Tame ni Kagami wa Odoru ("For Whom the Mirror Dances")

The Lond Bel is basically all assembled - summary time!  Shiela says the 
colony drop was averted, but that the Jupiterians are likely to get aid from
Oz.  Bright asks about the mysterious explosion that took out the colony -
Shuu says that of course Masaki knew who did it, since that person is Shuu
himself.  Banjou thinks that the rumors of the Granzon being an ultimate
anti-alien weapon appear true.  Bright's group found out about the Neo-Jion
rift between the Zabis and Hamarn, but failed to negotiate a cease-fire.
Bright concedes that Quatro was "responsible", but said that the result would
have been the same had he done it himself.  Also, Ingram appeared to Bright,
as he did at NERV HQ.  Focker had thought he was supposed to strike the Lond
Bel, but it looks like he's up to some design of his own - especially in
light of his contact with Hamarn.  The Titans and Biston Well dudes will
continue fighting, but it looks like both sides are trying to take over the
Far East.  And let's not forget about the Zentraedi and Meltrandi - as Vian
had predicted, Mankind has nowhere to run.  At this rate, humankind or even
the Earth itself will be toast.  Shuu points out that there is a way out -
surrendering to the Arrowgaters...although it will probably mean that
everyone except for combattants will be slaughtered.  Since noone is willing
for that to happen, the only choice is for the Earthlings to fight all the
aliens by themselves.  But for that to work, someone has to take over all
the other rival organizations and unify things.  Shiela thinks that Shuu is
talking like Treize, and Shuu recommends that the SDF and Lond Bel concentrate
their power and seize world domination through force and fear.  He says that
this is the destiny of those who have the power.  Amuro and Banjou point out
that this is just like the Titans and Neo-Jion and that a government founded
on fear can't beat a fearful situation; Shuu agrees but says that humanity,
which constantly struggles with itself, can't manage a peaceful solution.
He also points out that there can be no peace treaty with the Zentraedi or
the STMC.  You have four options: 1) abandon the Earth and flee the solar
system, 2) have the Lond Bel and SDF stage a reign of terror and unify the
Earth against the aliens, 3) surrender to the Arrowgaters, or 4) do nothing
and await destruction.  Shuu thinks to himself that the fifth option is
NERV's Human Complementation Project.  Shiela says you all can't choose any
of them, and acknowledges that this may not be wise.  She thinks it's your
destiny to become the sword of all the powerless ones, and fight off the
invaders.  World domination is, after all, not what the SDF or Lond Bel have
been fighting for.  Shuu figured you'd say that, and says that you'll need
two people to convey your will to the people.  One is Rilina Peacecraft (yes,
_that_ Rilina Peacecraft from Sank Kingdom), and the other is the son of
Jion Daikun, Kasbar Rem Daikun: _also_ known as Char Aznable.  Shuu thinks
you may be able to unite the world if you can use their power properly.
Shuu then leaves for DC headquarters, saying problems would ensue if he stayed
here.  Ere asks if he would lend you all his strong powers, but Shuu says 
he has to repair South Atalia as quickly as possible...and that he's the
only one who can order himself.  He figures he'll see you again later.

Kirk and Robert tell the SRX team that the Plus Parts for the R-3 are finally
in: you can finally combine!  The Plus Parts were at South Atalia, but they
were saved from damage by being underground.  Aya's father is okay too, and
is at South Atalia.  Kirk says there are two problems left: one, that Aya
can't drive the main T-Link system to full drive...but now that Ingram's
gone this cause of repeated failures can't hold you up.  Kirk says that 
Ingram's machine is made with data from all your humanoid mecha and probably
surpasses them all.  Ryuusei and the others are determined to combine and
defeat Ingram.  The other problem is the R-2's Tronium Engine, which without
Ingram is hard to work on.  Tronium is apparently a rare metal that the
aliens used to use for propulsion - ether dating puts the Macross at 100 years
old.  Kirk tells Ryuusei that it's likely something stopped the source of
Tronium, which is why it's not in use now.  The small amount of remaining
Tronium was used in the R-2, the R-Gun, the Huckebein Mk.III, the Grungast
Mk.III, and the Sniper Rifle used in the Yashima only one
container is left.  Everyone would like to know why Ingram didn't give such
a precious thing to the Arrowgaters.  Robert can't guarantee that the 
Tronium Engine will be stable at full power, and if it overheats the resulting
blast will be several times that of a nuclear weapon.  Thing will work at
80%, but Robert lets it slip that that will only let them do "normal" combat.
In order to link with the HTB cannon in the R-Gun, you need full clout.
Ryuusei says to hurry ahead at 80% then.

Kirk scolds Robert for nearly letting slip the true purpose of the R-series.
A Tronium Engine, the Uranus System, and Psychodrivers: all of them dangerous.
Robert wonders if they're really doing the right thing - Kirk says if they
don't finish their work Ingram will steal everything and mankind will 
definitely be wiped out.  Kirk tells him he has to go on lying to Ryuusei and
Rai until the end.

A coded Fold transmission comes in from the Exelion: the Gunbuster is
finished!  Oota orders the Top team to come and get it directly.  The
Exelion seems to be out at Saturn.  To get there, you can use the three
sublight boosters at the base: just like when Noriko examined the Luxion.
Orbital launch is prone to enemy attack, but launch from the surface is
even harder.  Hazuki advises having very fast, very powerful fighters 
protect the boosters for their launch.  At the briefing, Focker explains why
extremely fast machines are necessary.  In short, you have to use the Getto
Machines, Battle Machines, etc. only.  Tetsuya says the rumors he's heard
of Lond Bel's reckless operations seem true.  Focker offers to have him
leave, but Tetsuya says he's been trained since childhood for this kind of
operation and is glad to do it, though he doesn't know about the others.
Time for a test of the Shin Getto Machines it seems.  You should be okay with
only fighters, since that's all the enemy should have either.  

The three "Moby Dick" units stand ready, five turns before launch.  The timing
will come from the protective units. so all they have to do is hang on.  
Shinobu notes that you have more "fighter"-type vehicles in the Lond Bel than
he realized.  Just then, lots of Arrowgaters attack.  The Top people want to
help out, but your dudes instruct them to leave the defense to them and to
be sure to bring back the Gunbuster.

  Defeat all enemies within 4 turns for a Skill Point.

After this easy battle, you wish the Top people well and return to base.  Go 
to S49.

S49. Shinro ni Koumyou, Tairo ni Zetsubou ("Ahead, Glory; Behind, Despair")

Oota tells Tashiro that the final check on the Gunbuster's Folding Reactor
and the pilot training will take a bit longer.  It's been three days since
Noriko and the others arrived, and in all honesty Tashiro would like to
return to Earth without using the Gunbuster.  It's been decided that Noriko
and Kazumi would pilot it.  Tashiro asks why Jung wasn't included, and Oota
says it was patterned after those two from the start.  Just then, the YF-21
defolds near you, impressing the bridge crew.  Oota is training Noriko in
combat tactics, and she's not fast enough for him.  He tells her that in
3 minutes enemies could make it from Mars to the Moon.  He tells her that
only she can protect herself, but that sacrificing others for that purpose
is inexcusable.  She has to work that much harder if she both wants to
protect herself and her companions.  Jung is a bit upset that Oota had planned
to not use her from the outset.

Guld then introduces himself as the YF-21's test pilot.  He explains to
Tashiro how the General Galaxy company and the parts of the DC base that 
were undergroud were undamaged when the Macross Folded away from South Atalia.
He says that his people contacted the Macross and tested the Fold booster 
to get here.  Guld is then introduced to Isamu - the two are very surprised
to see each other.  The vice-captain tells Isamu that Guld's machine uses
the latest in EOT and that he can't slack off; Guld says it'll be a waste of
time anyway, that it's a waste of a capable machine giving it to an incapable
pilot.  Isamu is not pleased.  The vice-captian tells Tashiro that it seems
the two pilots know each other, although they're not on the best of terms...

Kazumi then asks Oota how long he intends to keep Noriko being a pilot - he
says until the end.  Kazumi says that the Gunbuster was built to her, and
that Noriko doesn't cut it, although he tells her to stop being conceited.
He informs her that the Gunbuster requires the two of them, and that if
she's got enough free time to worry about Noriko she should spend it polishing
herself.  She tells him that he's the one being conceited and asks him why
he's so sure people can do what he thinks they can.  She says that she's
more than enough by herself to be a tool of his personal revenge, and not
to involve Noriko.  She's going to leave, and he asks if that's all she's got
to say.  She claims that Noriko won't be able to live through the fight
humans are preparing for, with everything at stake.  How could someone who
can't even protect herself protect others?  She says that spilled water
won't return to the cup, but he tells her that spilt water can always be
scooped up again.

Time for a comparison flight of the YF-19 and -21, and a little play involving
the Gunbuster.  Since there's no enemies in the area, you proceed with
the YF-19/21 trial.  Several drones will be fired for mock combat to test
the abilities of the two planes.  Guld has to shoot down at least 80% of the
drones - he says he'll shoot down 100%.  The drones are Arrowgater Bugs,
captured and reoutfitted.  Guld says he'll show Isamu what difference in
ability looks like, and shoots down the drones before they can fire.  Isamu
says he's doing well for someone who showed up late.  Guld responds that he
won't give Isamu Myung or the project...Isamu says to do whatever, but that
he won't relinquish the project.  They get into a shouting match that gets
cut short by Oota, and Isamu says it's okay to have more drones than during
Guld's turn.  Oota says to avoid excessive confidence, but Isamu says it's
okay as long he brings home the results.  Oota obliges, and Isamu says there's
nothing Guld can do that he can't.

  You should be able to take out all the enemies - you can use your map weapon
  to help.

Oota will note with some admiration that Isamu isn't just all talk, and now
it's time for target practice.  Isamu takes out the first target, telling Guld
he's too slow, and Guld says he's switching to collecting combat data.  Oota
orders the test to continue, but Isamu says he can't hear well because of

  Fight Guld and he'll tell you you're worthless.  You can't protect anything,
  you can't surpass anything.  He asks why Isamu left he and Myung after the
  incident 7 years ago - Isamu says it's none of his business.  You can try
  to blow Guld out of the sky: if you _do_ it's worth a Skill Point and a good
  deal of personal satisfaction.

  Whether you succeed or not, lots of bad guys Defold, led by Miria.  She has
  her people try to surround the Macross and hopes that the Miclones who
  defeated her are inside.  Your dudes can't believe how accurate and close
  they have come.  Isamu will be glad to hear that the enemy are all women,
  since Guld wasn't enough of a challenge.

  When Isamu crosses swords with Miria, she'll note that he's good but not 
  like the "other", and he'll observe that she's quite good too.  On the
  next round, only Jung will be able to launch.  The vice-captain worries
  that you'll lose just because of attrition, and Noriko cries out to Jung.
  Jung says that these kind of enemies are nothing, and this may be her last
  blaze of glory since she wasn't chosen to pilot the Gunbuster.  Isamu tells
  the Exelion to prepare to warp out while the two of them are holding the
  enemy off, since at this rate the Exelion will just be sunk.  He tells
  Tashiro to just jettison an AVF-style Fold Booster before leaving and all
  will be well.  Tashiro objects, but Isamu says he'll surely bring Jung back
  and to get going.  Noriko says there's no guarantee that Jung and Isamu
  will come back alive, but Tashiro notes you can't afford to lose the ship
  now.  Noriko asks if he's telling her to abandon her comrades and run, and
  says that if they can't save Jung and Isamu here they'll never be able to
  save humanity.  Jung says that Tashiro is right, and in exchange Noriko
  _better_ make the Gunbuster turn out well.  Isamu tells the "genius" pilot
  Jung to not forget if they get sunk it's all over, and she reminds him
  he isn't the only genius.

  You find out on the next round that you've got to accelerate for at least
  0.12 parsecs for emergency warp.  You've got to get to the "northwest" edge
  of the board to accomplish this.  On the next round, the vice-captain tells
  Tashiro that the ship is foundering badly and most weapon systems are
  offline [wtf?!?!  The damn thing looks perfectly fine to me...]  Coach
  asks Noriko if she's okay just sitting by and watching her companions get
  killed.  He tells her anyone can sit back and cry, but there should be 
  something only she can do: if she doesn't understand that she's not qualified
  as a pilot!  Noriko ponders whether she'd cry if noone came back and she
  was all alone, and if she's going to die.  She can't let all the people
  who've died until now die in vain, and runs off.  Oota gives Kazumi
  something and tells her to run after Noriko: the bootup key for Gunbuster.
  He says she needs it and to get going!  The next half round, reinforcements

  The next turn, the Exelion gets damaged by....nothing at all!  But it seems
  to be pretty bad anyway.  Tashiro orders full power and that you're going
  to break out of here.  Just then, out comes the Gunbuster (despite not
  being finished) and Noriko says she'll just ram the enemy if all else fails.
  She's to concentrate on the main bad guys.  Noriko and Kazumi seem to be back
  on good terms, and it's time to hose ass.

  Get the Exelion to the edge of the map quickly for two Skill Points.
  Miria is worth a High Powered Radar.

After the battle, the vice-captain tells Tashiro that the Vanishing Motor 
is acting up after that combat and warp - keeping going any more is extremely
dangerous.  Tashiro had wanted to get to the Icarus base in the asteroid belt,
but he decides to halt and make repairs here.  Isamu then complements Noriko
on how she's grown up with the Lond Bel and thanks her for saving his life.
Isamu is quite impressed at the Gunbuster, and wonders if they had the cash
to build it why they didn't mass-produce the YF-19.  Kazumi informs him that
one giant Gunbuster is better-suited to fighting off the STMC.  In which,
case, he says they should mass produce the Gunbuster - Jung says that plan
is already underway.  Noriko tries to apologize about the Gunbuster piloting
business, but Jung says not to mention it, offers her thanks for saving her
life, and says she's piloting a new machine too: the mass-production
Gunbuster "Sizzler Black".  It's got less firepower but more manoueverability,
which suits her better anyway.  Isamu notes that with the Gunbuster being
mass produced, the AVF may not be necessary after all...

The vice-captain announces a message from the Anti-Space-Monster Research
Laboratory: it's been determined that the STMC have come all the way from
the galactic center.  Worse, after contact with intelligent life they've
started laying their eggs in young stars, swelling their numbers.  Tashiro
wonders if that's why so many stars have become red giants this year.  Oota
says that it seems they're out to get intelligent life where it lives, which
includes the Earth.  Tashiro and the vice-captain disagree and think that
they're merely after young stars to raise their young - and Oota persists.
Maybe humanity is a sort of bacteria within the galaxy, and they're the
lymphocytes [yucko].  The vice-captain says that the report summarizes that
the activities of intelligent life mean nothing to the galaxy, as though you
were garbage.  Tashiro says that if this is true, _all_ intelligent life in
the galaxy is in danger...meaning Vian's prediction of "nowhere to run" for
humanity has come true.  You don't have _time_ to fight the Arrowgaters and
giant-types, and Tashiro wants to get the information to Earth as soon as
possible.  Oota recommends sending the Top members, plus the AVF members,
back to Earth since they can warp/fold and since the Lond Bel will understand
the situation.  Looks like it's finally time for the SDF to fulfill its
mission...but will humanity be able to ride this one out?  Go to S50.

S50. VARIABURU FOOMESHON ("Variable Formation")

Kouji is learning that the B.F. attacked the Science Fortress Laboratory.
The lab itself is fine, but some top-secret plans and data were stolen...
for the Mass-Production Great Mazinger.  Kouji wants to know why such a 
project would be in the works, and Tetsuya tells him it's to fight off the
alien invasion.  Kouji can't believe this: Mazingers can be gods or demons
depending on who pilots them.  Tetsuya says that the director of the lab
(and here he nearly lets it slip it's Kouji's father) is well aware of this,
but says that the mass production is necessary anyway for humanity to live.
Kouji complains that B.F. now has those plans, and Tetsuya says it's bothering
him why a group like the B.F. would leave behind _evidence_ of the theft.
It should have been easy to make it so that nobody could tell what they stole.
It's quite likely that they're deliberately telling you all that they stole
the plans, but why?  Kouji wonders if this is somehow connected to the 
prototype Mazinger which slumbers sealed in hangar seven at the Photon Power
lab.  Just then, Duo and Quatre run in in a big rush to tell you that a 
Gundam was in a transport ship...the Wing Zero!!  Now Kouji is in a tizzy,
and explains hastily to Tetsuya what the Wing Zero is.  Mind you, the Zero
should have been sealed who was riding it?

Miliard Peacecraft introduces himself to Bright.  Camille feels like he's met
this guy before, and Quatro and Cecily recall that the Peacecrafts were the
royalty of Sank Kingdom which the Federation Military wiped out of North
Europe 13 years ago...the country which preached Absolute Pacifism.  Miliard
recognizes Cecily, and says that the Peacecrafts and Ronas had dealings back
when.  Kai recalls that if Cecily is Vera Rona, she should be the queen of
the Crossbone Vanguard - she says that Seabook helped her get out.  He says
that between her, Seila, Shiela, and Ere, Bright's built up quite an
assortment of royalty.  Kai knows Miliard through the Kalaba - he's been
searching for Peacecrafts on orders from Hayato for some time.  He found
Rilina quickly with Garrison's help, in the hopes that she'd become the 
Kalaba's symbol.  The condition was that at the same time the Kalaba would
begin agitating for Absolute Pacifism.  Quatro observes that a military 
outfit like the Kalaba seems unsuited to this...but now that the Titans have
control they're just a resistance movement anyway.  Kai says that Hayato needs
Rilina to become bona fide in the eyes of the people, and recommends that
Quatro, who seems accustomed to the comforts of being a pilot, could learn
something from her.  Bright gets Kai back onto the subject: how he couldn't
find Miliard.  Interestingly enough, Miliard himself showed up to the Kalaba
in the Zero.  Shiela asks why he's piloting that Wing Zero, and he asks her
indulgence not to answer.  He says that he's revealed his true name because
he's dealing with the Lond Bel, and Kai says he's helping the Kalaba gather
warpower.  Cecily asks if Rilina knows of this, and Miliard says his hands
are already stained with blood and thus he can't meet her.  All he can do 
now is to help her in secret....which is why Kai brought him here.  The 
Kalaba are currently assembling an anti-Titans brigade at their main base in
the Sank Kingdom...but the Titans and the Romfellar Conglomerate know of this
and are putting pressure on.  Kai has info that the Titans are planning an
all out attack soon...which is why they haven't tried to attack the Far East
base recently.  Miliard wants the Lond Bel to help fend off the Titans.

At that point, Igor reveals some ultra-top-secret info sent by Chief Oka, 
who is currently emprisoned by the Titans.  Kai is impressed that that ninja
could send info while in prison.  The info is that Jamitov intends to declare
a state of emergency vs. the alien attack and seize all control at a
conference in Dakarl.  If this conference goes on, Jamitov's power will 
become that much more absolute, which would give the Titans authority over
the whole Earth Sphere.  Miliard thinks that Treize wasn't able to keep
the Romfellar at bay, and Shiela says that upon reflection this all is good
for you.  With the leader of the Titans appearing at the conference, all you
have to do is make the Titans' activities patent for all the world leaders
to see, especially the alliances with Neo-Jion and the Jupiterians.  Camille
says it'll be dangerous going into the heart of enemy territory, but Shiela
reminds him you all have lived through fighting much greater enemies.  You
all can surely breach the Titans' defenses.  With respect to how to let the
people know once you've breached the defenses, she received good advice from
Shuu.  She tells Quatro that she doesn't know his past, but that in the 
present you need his power.  Quatro tries to protest that he's Quatro, but
Camille says to just spit it out and admit he's Char.  He asks for some time 
to think.

Usso is telling Judou about the Assault Parts he got for the V2 on the moon.
It seems Karuru isn't feeling happy these days, since her surrogate mother
Shakti is gone.  Evidently, having the cats and Haro look after him has
helped though, as are Cham, Puru, and Riina.  Err, excpet that Riina isn't
here any more [doh!].  Just then, Quatro comes in - Cham asks him if he knows
any good lullabies.  He asks what's going on, and Karuru smiles when she
sees Quatro.  Evidently, Quatro had some experience looking after Mineba when
she was little too...  Usso has been quiet a while, and asks Quatro whether
the war will end if everyone tries hard enough.  Will you all be able to 
save Shakti and Riina and have the kids lead a normal life?  Amuro tells 
Quatro that he's the only one who can answer these questions - Quatro asks
Amuro if he's saying to play the fool.  Amuro says that the stage has just come
to him - the scenario hasn't been changed or anything.  Amuro wonders if
people can change, and says that at the very least that's what he learned
since meeting Quatro.  Just then, Cham feels some kind of chill, and Judou
and the others sense it as Pressure.  Puru tells Judou that many, many of
your enemies are coming.  As in, right now: lots of Aura Battlers, including
a mothership class vessel.  It's probably the Will Wips, out to take over
the Far East Base.  Ryuusei wants to launch the R-series, but Robert says
they're grounded until the combination test works out.  Ryuusei is impatient,
but Robert says you can't afford to fail at combination since there won't
be a next time.

It really is Drake.  Shiela pleads with him to stop this fight, saying the
struggle is meaningless.  The Surface is in danger of being destroyed, and
if that happens Biston Well will be gone too.  Drake will, by taking over the
Far East, get his hands on the EOT, open the Aura Road, rule both worlds,
and with the strength thus gained fight the aliens.  He asks if that's not
the only way to save both worlds.  Looks like there'll be nothing for it but
to kick his ass.  Beware the Black Knight, and Todd who's here to settle the
score with Shou.  The sky is heavy and everybody has a _baaaad_ feeling about
all this.

  On round two, Shot tells Drake that Bishot is coming - Drake doesn't recall
  asking for reinforcements.  Bishot may be up to treachery, or may be afraid
  of Drake gettig the EOT, or something.  Bishot shows up on the next half
  turn.  Drake orders him to attack the base, although Bishot had been
  hoping to conserve firepower.  Luuza points out to him that if Drake gets
  his hands on the EOT, they too will be at a massive disadvantage...but 
  Bishot can't let Drake know of his relationto Luuza yet, and agrees to
  help.  Luuza then says that Rimru is missing and Bishot says he'll have his
  guards look for her.  Luuza worries that if Rimru returns to Drake her and
  Bishot's scheme will become known.  Rimru actually wants to get in touch 
  with Nii and the Lond Bel.  Amuro still feels the Pressure - guess it wasn't
  the enemy reinforcements.

  On the next round, the Astranagun warps out near the base.  Ingram says
  hi to Shot and tells him that the Arrowgaters are interested in the Aura
  Battlers and in Biston Well.  Thus, he has no wish to attack them...but if
  they get in his way they should consider their lives forfeit.  Shot councils
  Drake to let Ingram do as he pleases.  Ryuusei realizes that you can't
  leave Ingram be and he and the others emerge.  Ingram thanks them for helping
  him finish the Astranagun.  Aya asks him if he's really an Arrowgater and
  why he didn't give the Arrowgaters the Tronium.  Ryuusei goes and attacks
  Ingram directly, and gets his ass kicked.  Ingram tells him he's powerless
  and that he'll never defeat the aliens or the STMC this way.  The other SRX
  people plead with him to stand again, and Ingram agrees, telling him to
  remember why he joined the SRX Project.  With Ryuusei not cutting the 
  mustard yet, Ingram says he'll have no choice but to take out everyone with
  the Astranagun.  Ryuusei swore to his dead father that he'd become a man
  who could protect his friends.  Just then, something says that for the
  safety of the pilot and machine, it's switching from the T-Link system to
  the Uranus System...just as Ingram expected.  The Aura Battlers wonder if
  he's going to Hyperize, but that's not it.  Now's your chance to combine:
  everything must be entrusted to Ryuusei.  Behold, the Super Robot X-Type!
  Rai doesn't know why, but the Tronium Engine is now stable - you can fight
  at full clout.  Aya says that she'll help Ryuusei and Rai fight Ingram
  if he's going to turn against the Earth.

  IF you can kill Ingram you get 3 Skill Points.  Good fucking luck.

  BTW, after Rimru appears you can Persuade her with Nii and she'll join you.
  Muji is worth a Hybrid Armor.  Drake is worth a Psychoframe and a Skill
  Point.  Shot is worth a Propellant Tank S.  Bishot is worth a Repair Kit S.
  Todd is worth an Apogee Motor.  The Black Knight is worth a Biosensor.

  The subsequent round, the YF-19 and -21 show up.  Isamu says that your
  dudes are all safe now that he's here, and after arguing with Guld nearly
  manages to get Focker mad at him with his assesment of his own skills.
  Just then the Gunbuster show up...and even your super robot pilots are
  dumbfounded at how gigantic it is.

Ryuusei is a bit peeved that it seems like the SRX's combination is due to
Ingram, and thinks that it's almost as though that was what Ingram wanted.
What is he thinking?  Ryuusei isn't terribly happy about the whole business,
especially since Aya basically used up her powers for the time
being and is unconscious.  Sara says she'll go check on her later, and
Shinobu makes a smart comment about how people betrayed by men seem to be
getting along well.  She slaps him and tells him hotly that even an 
insensitive guy like him can't just say anything he wants; he says that by 
her reaction she seems to be completely over Shapiro.  Rai and Robert come
to find him and tell him of a big problem that's come up, something almost
as bad as never being able to combine again.  Basically, the strength of the
Psychic Field and the Tronium Engine are too much for the SRX's armor.
Ryuusei recalls that the armor is made of Zol Orichalconium or some such 
EOT metal - it is, but even so it can't take the strain.  Ryuusei says they
can just change the armor after using it, but Robert tells him that 
Orichalconium can't be found on Earth.  It seems that you've got roughly
ten uses out of the armor you've got left, and after that combination and
combat will be impossible.  Worse, the strong psychic field required for 
combat is a big drain on Aya.  Ryuusei is told that if you limit combination
to ten times total, each time should last an entire combat.  So, you've got
about ten uses, give or take, depending on how studly Ryuusei is.

The Top people break the news about the STMC to Igor and the others.  Nobody
is happy to hear about this, and Miliard says that things outside the Earth
Sphere are getting sorse than any of you imagined...he thinks that the
stakes are much higher than just world unification for him and Treize.  Your
people realize that people who haven't actually fought the STMC will not
believe how dangerous they are.  At least you're probably not the only
species being attacked.  Shiela points out that there's no time for struggling
among yourselves and that unity is the only way to win through...since no
sort of negotiations will matter to the STMC at all.  Nobody knows for sure
when they'll attack - it could be tomorrow or a year hence.

Bright breaks the news to everyone, and thinks you all understand how humanity
has nowhere to run and that the internicine struggle must be ended.  Time to
split up into three teams again to let the rest of the world know.  The Gran
Garan will cooperate with the Kalaba and defend the Sank Kingdom, and guard
Rilina on her way to Dakarl.  The members will be Shou, Marvel, Keen, Duo,
Quatre, Trowa, Wufei, Masaki, Ryuune, Seabook, Cecily, Bilgeet, Banjou and
the Beast Machine group.  Ryuune wonders if Masaki will get lost on the way
back from China, and Shou reminds her that you and Daisaku are with him...
she's still worried.  The next time will be lead by the Lar Kairam, and will
take over the Dakarl Federation Conference and set the stage for Rilina to
deliver her speech about the Titans' activities.  Its members will be Amuro,
Sleggar, Quatro, Camille, Fa, Emma, Apoly, Robert, Burning, Monsha, Uraki,
Keith, Judou, Ru, Beecher, Mondo, El, Ino, Usso, Marpet, Kris, the Skull
Squadron, Isamu, Guld, and the SRX Team.  Last, the Goraon will guard the
Far East Base.  Its members will be the Mazinger Team, the Getter team, the
V teams, the EVA Team, the former IPO team, the Reideen dudes, and the Top
squad.  "You" can be posted to any of them you want.  To go to Sank, go to
SS51.  To go to Dakarl, go to SD51.  To stay at the Far East Base, go to SB51.

Igor asks Shiela if she meets a man named Alan at the Sank Kingdom to tell
him "Don't Die".  This is, of course, Igor's son.

SD51. DAKAARU no Hi ("Dakarl Day")

Jamitov asks how the Dakarl delegates are going - Jamaican say over half of
them are expected to do what the Titans ask.  All that's left is to declare 
a state of emergency at the meeting tomorrow, and Jamitov will be the President
of the Federation.  After that he can squash the Far East base and the SDF
and attack Jion and the aliens.  Jamaican figures even Igor and Gloval can't
ignore orders from the Federation government - Jamitov agrees and says
that as long as things are guided by civilian control they can't go against
the government's dictates.  Jamitov figures on winning the political high
ground even if he can't take the military one.  Basque is worried that 
Scirocco's help is not to be trusted now that they know the Jupiterians are
in league with the Arrowgaters, but Jamitov isn't worried because he's got
Seele's financial backing and Romfellar's Mobile Suits.  Jamaican points out
that Seele's true nature is unknown and Jamitov tells him to investigate.
Jerid ushers in Delmeier from the Romfellar, hasn't seen Jamitov since the
special Conference on EOT.  Jamitov thanks Delmeier for the new Mobile Suits,
and he responds that it's their offering to the Titans who are going to
renew the Federation Council and Army.  Delmeier explains that the Mobile
Doll System is a totally new kind of device which excludes the pilot from
the Mobile Suit and can operate the machine totally autonomously.  In short,
the ultimate unmanned weapon, whose abilities to manouever itself and attack
far outstrip those of a human.  Jamaican likes the sound of not having to
rely on trained pilots anymore, but Jerrid highly doubts these dolls will
work against the Lond Bel.  Delmeier says they've already outfitted the 
Federation's flagship "Gundam" with the system and have achieved mass 
production.  Jamitov figures that all the Titans' problems will vanish with
one blow with the system - Delmeier figures that in particular "dissidents"
should be cleaned up quickly.  For a start, he recommends Treize - who
betrayed the Romfellar and bowed to the Jupiterians - and the Peacecraft
brother/sister with their Absolute Pacifism.  Jamaican has info about the Lond
Bel who are guarding Rilina and says that they and the Kalaba are probably
planning to try to unify the world under Rilina...Jamitov orders the start
of the operation to eliminate Sank Kingdom and the Lond Bel.  Jamaican then
orders Jerrid to take the Mobile Dolls and PsychoGundam and prevent the
Lond Bel from stopping the meeting in Dakarl.  Delmeier thinks things are
going well for eliminating his competition and monopolizing the EOT...

Mauer talks to Jerrid about his receiving charge of the Dakarl guards.  Jerrid
tells her that he'll show her he can defeat the Lond Bel and rise in the
Titans' ranks.  He says he doesn't intend to end up as just a soldier and for
that purpose he'll defeat Camille and the Lond Bel.  She reminds him that
she's always behind him.  He says he's counting on her.

So, your goal is to occupy the hall where the Council is to be held, after
which Rilina will come from Sank and convince everybody.  Her speech will be
broadcast by the Kalaba all over the world, and to help with that is 
Beltorchika.  Sleggar notes this is almost like a coup d'etat, but of course
that's what the Titans are planning too.  "You" are sure taking your time
getting your new machine all set up.  Judou warns Ryuusei against taking
pictures of the new machine carelessly, but he says his photojournalism
skills are not to be underestimated.

Beltorchika goes up to Amuro and starts talking about the fragrance of
Helen-Helen for no good reason.  She says that she'd heard Amuro was a 
Newtype, but he seems like a normal dude - he replies that he's sorry to
disappoint her.  She says she's relieved, since she had expected a more
warlike demeanor from the great Amuro Rei.  She's worried what's going to
happen if your people turn out to be a bunch of merry murderers hiding under
the banner of legitimacy like the Titans and all the others - good for her
that you don't seem to be heading that way.  Mind you, she doesn't feel that
way about Quatro...something about him scares her.  She figures he's the 
sort of person who can't go on living in a post-war world, and that she feels
no "peaceful intelligence" within him.  Amuro is (pretty) sure Quatro isn't
that kind of person.  Just then Chain shows up and tells Amuro to hurry for
a test of his mecha....and the first stirrings of jealousy for Beltorchika
flare! [oh joy -_-]  Beltorchika asks if Chain is Amuro's SO (she isn't)
and says that there's still room for her to worm her way in then.

Camille goes up to Quatro, who tells him to keep it short since everyone is
about to sortie.  Camille asks if he's mustered the resolve to resume the
name of Char Aznable, and tells him he's a person who should stand front
and center on the stage of history.  Judou agrees, and says that Quatro can
even make Hamarn pause.  Usso adds that it would be unfair for Quatro, who
has the power to stop the fighting, to do nothing.  You can answer as Char
or as Quatro.

  Doing the former is worth a Skill Point.

Assuming you do this, Quatro says that humans have a heart which feels shame,
but that it seems events won't let him do that.  He says that he may not be
able to live up to their expectations, but that he intends to fulfill his
alloted role.  Just then Amuro runs over and tells you that the enemies have
made the first move and are heading this way.  Camille senses Four approaching
too.  Lilah says it's now time for Jerrid to show her he's a mature man -
Jerrid says he'll use the way she taught him to fight to defeat you all today.
Mauer wonders if the Fortified Human, Four, will be of any use.  Four's got
a headache and says that the Z-Gundam is her enemy.  Camille explains who
Four is and that she's being controlled, and Amuro says that he'll leave 
dealing with the PsychoGundam to Camille.  But if Camille can't free her from

  On round 1.5, Beltorchika will say that "it's begun" and that she's got to
  get ready too.  You show up on round 2, amazing the rest of your dudes
  (Ryuusei especially).

  Camille has to attack Four and she'll temporarily remember him and ask him
  to save her from her machine.  She regresses however and Amuro tells
  Camille that he has to destroy the PsychoGundam to save her.  After you
  take out the PsychoGundam, Amuro tells Camille that the escape pod is
  okay and that Four will recover in time...he thinks to himself that the
  tragedy between himself and Char must never be repeated.  The Kalaba will
  pick Four up, so concentrate on the battle.

  The next round, your psychic dudes feel a familar pressure and hear the
  sound of a bell.  It's beam attacks from far above, and Treize appears.
  Jamitov wonders if this is the real Treize, and Treize responds that he's
  not so rude as to appear by transmission at such an important event.  
  Treize says that he's here to convey an important fact: Oz has possession
  of Rilina (did your people not make it??).  Jamitov informs Treize that she
  won't have any power over the Titans in the hands of a rogue faction like
  them, and Treize says this is nothing more than a statement of the fact
  that certain people must assume their rightful place on the stage of
  history (Quatro wonders if this pertains to him).  Treize says to Char that
  today not only does Char play the fool, but Treize does too.  He asks Char
  if it's clear now that history needs people like them, and Rekoa implores
  Char to throw away his false mask if he understands even a little why she's
  here.  Jamaican tries to break up this little scene, but Fara stops him
  with the threat of the Zanneck Cannon whose power you just saw.  She tells
  him that messing with her will cause the guillotine's blade to fall.
  Treize orders Jamitov off the stage, but he of course refuses.  This odd
  delegation then retreats, and Bright learns that it's true that they've got
  Rilina.  Bright wonders if this means that all your people are doing is a
  coup d'etat and whether you have no choice but to withdraw...and Quatro
  says he'll go forth.  Time for your dudes to escort the Red Comet to the
  meeting hall!

  Jerrid is worth a Booster, as is Mauer.  Yazan is worth a Propellant Tank.
  The mothership is worth a Repair Kit S.

After the battle, Char goes to the hall, where Beltorchika helps him into a
suit that Amuro had ordered prepared for him...time for the broadcast.
Jamitov is furious that the Lond Bel could get away with this and orders all
the troops called back, but Basque says that it's not guaranteed they've lost
yet.  Jamitov points out that you've got proof of the 30 Punch incident and
that staying here any longer is dangerous.

Char addresses the crowd, apologizing for intruding.  He introduces himself
as Quatro, formerly known as Char.  He addresses the gathering as the rightful
scion of Jion - not as Char of Jion, but as the son of Jion's founder.  He
announces the patent treachery of Neo-Jion attempting to rule the Earth 
Sphere and declares the attempts by the Titans to gain control of the
Federation Government.  Both of these groups are attempting to rule by power,
and he says that the Earth Sphere is currently in such straits as to not
permit those carried away by ego to run amok.  Indeed, this is no time for
struggle amongst humans.  He says that the 13th Batallion he's posted to is
fighting along with the SDF to repulse the aliens.  And while it's generally
known that that's what the SDF is for, the SDF is really devoted to protecting
the "lifeboats" of the Earth for the continuance of the human race.  He asks
the crowd to listen calmly, and declares that this truth also implies 
precisely how great a threat the aliens pose to humanity, just as the founder
of the DC once warned.  Now that humanity has lost its places to run, what
is needed is not a lifeboat but a sword.  He says that, with the SDF's fleet
as your fulcrum, you have been fighting back those aliens.  But while fighting
between humans continues, breaking through the alien menace is not possible.
All of the Earthlings power must be concentrated to fight the Jupiterians,
and the aliens who back them.  He asks all those viewing the broadcast, and
all the leaders of the people, to reflect on what they can do to secure a
future for the Earth.  He then shows all the proof he knows of of the actions
of Neo-Jion and the Titans and asks everyone to consider again what they
can do as residents of the Earth Sphere.  Finally, he expresses his deepest
gratitude to everyone viewing the broadcast, and swears that the SDF and
the Lond Bel will become the sword which will cleave open a path to humanity's

As the applause rings out, Seila thinks of her brother Kasbar, and realizes
that he's resolved to carry out their father's wishes.  Hamarn saw the
broadcast too, and saying she needs to think asks Iria to withdraw.  She
realizes that Char has no intention of returning to her and wonders why not,
considering that he should have seen the miserableness of the Federation and
the Earthnoids over the three years since he left Axis.  Does saving the
Earthnoids from the aliens actually have meaning...?  Meanwhile, Giren
wonders why Char is meaninglessly inciting the Earthnoids.  He concludes that
Char cannot defy his blood, and states that Jion Daikun's ideals won't
save humanity from the aliens.  Gremy says that Char should have been buried,
but Giren says he still has his uses.  He figures Jamitov will now turn on
the Federation...all Jion has to do is capture the Macross and they won't
have to worry about the Jupiterians.  Gremy asks for the glorious job of
capturing the Macross, promising to enact human domination via the blood of
the Zabis.  Giren agrees and clears him to use Nanai's Newtype squadron.
Giren figures he's just got to bide his time and build up his forces at A
Baoa Qu and finish the Megiddo Flame in the Briar Patch.

Bright is saying that while things didn't go according to plan, it was after
all a success...thanks to Quatro.  Who, being very tired, is resting in his
quarters.  It's troubling that Rilina is in Oz's hands, but Amuro thinks
that as a result the Titans' pawns ended up siding with the Lond Bel.  Is it
overanalyzing to think that Oz is now _backing_ you?  Now that the Titans
are out of luck, the Federation Army and the Kalaba can probably handle them.
The Lar Kairam will head to space to meet the Macross and start hacking the
Neo-Jionians, since this is a great chance for them.  Plus, the battlefield
with the Jupiterians will be space so it's good to get there now.  Beltorchika
then leaves to go back to Hayato and the Kalaba, saying an especial goodbye
to Amuro.  Focker gives Amuro a bit of good-natured ribbing about having two
girlfriends and says that that's how a man should be.

Meanwhile, your pilots are having trouble digesting the fact that the 
Ryuu-Ko-Ou was made 2000 years ago.  Of course, the Reideen is 12000 years
old, but...  Isamu observes that instead of making new robots all the time,
maybe everyone would be better off excavating ruins for old ones.  You
agree, pointing out that Dr. Hell's robots are from the ruins in Bardos.
Your SO comes in then to talk about the Grungast Type Three parts used in
the Ryuu-Ko-Ou, and it seems he knows Aya.  Ryuusei figures out that he's
the other pilot who was with Irm and demands to know if he's here to take
out the SRX...your SO says he/she no longer has that intention, since the
SRX is now the only machine that can take out Ingram.  You explain that
your SO was, like you, manipulated by Ingram and Aya figures it was to
draw out your powers.  Ryuusei says hi to your SO, and says that he isn't
going to try to criticize him since there's no time for that sort of stuff
now...and that the more combat power to defeat Ingram, the better.

Four wakes up to see Camille.  He explains where she is and that she's free
from the PsychoGundam, although her headache may last a while.  He tells her
that when this ship goes to space, her consciousness will expand to infinity
and she should get her memories back.  She says it's okay about her memories
of the past, and asks to fight by Camille's side.  He says she doesn't have
to, but she wants to prevent anyone else from going through what she did.
And, to be with Camille.  He thanks her and says he'll talk to Bright about
it, but tells her to get well first.

Amuro thanks Quatro for his great work rallying the world...Quatro says
that now he's lost his freedom.  Amuro recalls Treize's words about a few
people being necessary for this great work.  The two bond a bit more.  Go to

SS51. GARASU no Oukoku  ("Glass Kingdom")

Rilina welcomes Shiela and the others to the Sank Kingdom.  Rilina 
complements Shiela on being a queen from another world, and Shiela 
complements Rilina on being a queen despite her tender years.  Rilina says
that she's only here because of everybody else's efforts.  Banjou and Rilina
recall how this place was wiped out 13 years ago for declaring independence
and proclaiming Absolute Pacifism.  Rilina has only recently learned that 
this place is her homeland.  Dorthy points out that the Kalaba have made her
their symbol of dissent, and introduces herself as the granddaughter of
Delmeier, from the enemy Romfellar Conglomerate.  Dorthy's seen Banjou before
at at a party and has often heard of him from her father (natural considering
the business competition), and Rilina explains how Dorthy is her companion
and friend from school.  Dorthy explains that Rilina is fighting to take out
the Titans and Oz and bring Absolute Pacifism to the world - and then points
out that Absolute Pacifism is meaningless since humanity loves fighting.  And
what can Absolute Pacifism, which can't fight, do in a world of fighting?
Rilina realizes that in this age, bringing about true peace is tough, and in
fact is even now plotting acts of war.  However... Hayato and Noin are 
handling the combat end of things: Noin says that Sank Kingdom's arms were
assembled under the Kalaba and that Rilina has no part in the responsibility.
The Titans are currently reading the assault, since they're the ones most
afraid of the spread of Absolute Pacifism - and since Romfellar will profit
from the conflict.  Of course Rilina would like to find a way to stop all
this without fighting - overcoming the current state of the world and 
carrying out her father's wishes for absolute peace.  She believes it's her
duty to give a speech at Dakarl if it will help lead the world in a better
direction.  Shiela says that your people will escort Rilina to Dakarl, but
Dorothy says that this will be extremely dangerous: Romfellar doesn't just
want to wipe out Sank, but to capture the person who is becoming the symbol
of the new Earth Sphere.  Banjou doesn't like Dorothy's words: he thinks they
could be part of a plan to dissuade Rilina from going.  Dorothy says that
she's merely a person working to support Rilina...although she _is_ the
granddaughter of Banjou's enemy: Banjou and the others should do as they
please.  Banjou asks her why she doesn't flee despite knowing of the attack:
Dorothy says that she wants to see what Rilina can do: how can her Absolute
Pacifism stand against war power admist the world that's now illuminated by
the fires of battle.  She knows that this puts her in danger, and that's
precisely why she's doing it: she says she's a fool who loves war.  And that
she admires Rilina, who is the heroine of the age.

Banjou and Noin are both worried about Dorothy, but since she's apparently
not doing anything hostile yet...  Banjou asks Reika to take Beauty and guard
Rilina.  Banjou mumbles something about wearing a tux due to the rank of the
person he was meeting.  Banjou and Hayato are still worried that Dorothy is
a spy, and doubly so since Rilina likes hanging out with her, and Banjou 
thinks that the person behind her may be not the Romfellar, but Treize himself.

You introduce your new machine to the crew.  Shinobu and Ryuune agree that
Hazuki would have a cow if he saw the Ryuu-Ko-Ou, due to the fact that Beast-
Machine-like mecha existed 2000 years ago.  Just then your SO comes in and
you have to offer the uncomfortable explanation of what he/she has been
doing all this time.  After telling people to not worry about the past and
focus on the future, you tell Ryuune that Masaki has headed off to South 
Atalia in pursuit of Shuu.  Shinobu is a bit worried why Masaki is chasing
Shuu that much, but Masaki hasn't told Ryuune.

Meanwhile Duo is pessimistic that Absolute Pacifism can unify the world.  
Well, it's better than the Cosmo Nobility Principle at least.  Duo thinks that
it it's still pretty divorced from reality, but maybe that's just cause of
where he grew up.  Cecily tells Duo that organizations vary considerably
based on whether or not they have a principle that guides the people.  Duo
points out that if Absolute Pacifism had been more than just an ideal Sank
Kingdom wouldn't have been destroyed and the Gundams wouldn't be necessary
now.  Wu-Fei is quite positive that Evil can't be defeated without fighing
and says that might makes right these days.  Wu-Fei is, as always, a stubborn
bastard.  Quatre worries what it'll take to soften up your enemies and asks
Duo if he plans on doing any more independent ops (he doesn't).  Duo is about
to badmouth Absolute Pacifism some more when Rilina shows up and asks if they
know where Hiiro is, since she's met him many times.  Duo can't figure out
why Hiiro hasn't killed her off by now, and Rilina says she wants to meet
the person who changed her life once more, not as Rilina Dorian but as
Rilina Peacecraft.  Your dudes mention that the last time they met him he
was fighting for Oz at Luna2, and Duo says he never has any clue what Hiiro
is thinking so he has no idea why he was on the enemy side.

Zechs tells Noin that he mustn't meet Rilina, and that he's all stained with
blood.  Alan's info says that the main force of the Titans is on its way to
Dakarl, so it's only a matter of time until they strike here.  Zechs is
uncharacteristically worried that the battle will be okay, mainly because of
his Wing Zero and its hard-to-control Zero System.

Your dudes are on standby, and Shinobu isn't happy having to wait around for
the enemy to make the first move.  Sara complains that Shinobu is always like
this, and just then Alan shows up.  He thinks that Hayato was foolish to
put them on guard (Shinobu is not pleased) and informs them that defense is
harder than offense.  They should think of more than half of their warpower
as void in such cases.  Alan then introduces himself as the Kalaba's Black
Knight - Shinobu says he doesn't care if he's the Red Baron, he won't tolerate
him making fun of the Beast Machines.  Alan says he's not making fun but
sincerely cautioning them, and the rest of the team thinks that this guy must
be like Igor if he can make Shinobu this upset.  Shinobu is about to take
Alan on, but just then the Titans show up.  They're going to try to get into
your base.  The AI's inside the Mobile Dolls are set to take out anything in
the way, and the Titans know that if they fail here Jamitov's plans are toast.
Rilina intervenes and says she wants to talk, not fight.  Bran says that the
Titans were organized to wipe out the remnants of Jion that the Zabis 
reorganized once under the very principle of Absolute Pacifism - and they 
won't stand for it from her either.  Bran realizes that the Mobile Dolls were
built so that moral appeals like Rilina won't work on them.  Time to see if
Rilina's ideals can prevail.

  Beware....more enemies will show up on turn 3.5, all powered by the
  Mobile Doll System.  The next half turn Masaki will show up (he was late
  to South Atalia) and help.  You then feel a great Pressure.  Two turns
  later, the Epyon shows up, with Hiiro in it.  He gives the Kalaba one
  chance to surrender - your dudes don't buy it.  He then says that all people
  who fight are his enemies and asks the Epyon to show him his targets.  Too
  bad that the Epyon has the Zero System in it - Milliard figures out quickly
  that Treize gave the Gundam to Hiiro.  Milliard asks Hiiro if he's an enemy,
  and Hiiro replies that he should ask the Zero.  Time to settle this mano a
  mano.  If Milliard/Zechs attacks Hiiro, Hiiro will tell him it was a mistake
  for him to ride that machine.  Hiiro then yells at the Epyon that it's 
  going too slow and tells it to surpass Milliard's reactions - Milliard does

  Ben is worth a Hybrid Armor, as is Bran.  Defeat all enemies before the
  Epyon shws up for a Skill Point.  Hiiro is worth a Psychoframe.

  When you get rid of him Quatre tells Duo that the Gundanium alloy should
  have kept him alive, and Duo says that Hiiro is a pretty die-hard guy anyway.

  Just then, "the bells" start sounding in your psychic characters' ears: it's
the Tallgeese and it's one and only owner, Treize.  And at time, there is a
blast and someone launches the Medea without permission: Dorthy [are we
surprised?  Of course we aren't.]  Dorthy compliments Banjou on being every
bit the person the rumors made him out to be, and is impressed that he thought
to have Rilina guarded.  Too bad Reina and Beauty weren't up to the job.
Rilina is out cold from some drug but otherwise okay.  Dorothy is taking her to 
Treize, who explains to Milliard that the times are moving and the stage is
changing - and that Rilina is the one destined to be the heroine.  Milliard
asks if this is why Treize has showed up and bowed to the Jupiterians, and
gave him the Wing Zero.  Treize says that he believes that humans are a life
form that should continue fighting, that soldiers with no doubts in their
mind are the paragon of beauty.  Banjou hotly disputes the fact that the
Mobile Dolls, which have no doubts, are such a beautiful form.  Treize 
says that that too is a correct decision, but that all battles must have a
victor and a loser: and that he'd rather be a proud loser than a winner of
a meaningless fight.  He believes Milliard and the Kalaba should understand
what he means, and Dorothy warns Banjou to stay back for his partners' sake.
Banjou ponders and then tells her to do as she pleases, that those two are
prepared to lay down their lives for him at any time.  Dorothy is shocked 
and asks if he intends to see them murdered, and he says that he'd rather
kill them by his hand than let them be killed by hers.  They agree.  Treize
tells Dorothy that she loses, but that he's got too much riding on Rilina to
let her slip through his fingers - he asks you to let his people escape and
commences high-altitude bombardment of the area.  Instead appears Fara, who
tells you that if you move the guillotine's blade will fall upon you.  She
fires some sort of beam weapon out of maniacal glee and retreats.

Banjou then berates himself for not guarding Rilina himself and mixing up
the two girls in things.  But it seems the two were okay after all, left
behind amid some rubble in the chaos and found by Garrison.  Too bad Rilina
is still gone.  Banjou is forced to admit that Treize, although the enemy,
is one heck of a guy.  Hayato and Shiela ponder the fact that both your
group and Oz want to use Rilina as their symbol - and that you should have
expected the attack on Rilina sooner.  Is the whole Dakarl plan now back to
square one?  Well, there's still Quatro.  Anyway, time to stiffen your guard
here in preparation for the next attack.

Duo is sad that it was Hiiro in the Epyon, and Quatre thinks that even 
Hiiro's strong heart could't beat the Zero System (he recalls all it's
fearsome powers).  Quatre says that only someone with an extremely firm,
strong mind could control it, else they become part of the machine.  Duo
comments that anyone who could use that would be superhuman.  You think that
the external override and drawing out of the pilot's special powers is very
similar between the Zero and T-Link sytems.  Basically, Hiiro is hurt pretty
badly and asleep.  Or, not really asleep, since he wakes up and asks what
happened to him (Duo fills him in).  Hiiro asks what happened to Rilina and
upon learning that Treize took her away realizes that Treize is his true
enemy.  Hiiro says that he's not qualified to pilot the Epyon, and that he
couldn't become the "loser" Treize spoke of.  Milliard tells him that it was
a mistake to pilot the Epyon, and Hiiro says that at this rate you all
can't beat Treize.  He asks Duo how things are going (the Titans et. al. are
really out for your ass) and says he'll fight them too.  Duo asks which side
Hiiro is on, and Hiiro replies that his enemies and you all's enemies have
now become the same.  Hiiro then apologizes, which Duo realizes is an 
extremely rare thing...maybe Rilina's influence?  Maybe Absolute Pacifism
is still just a pipe dream, but Duo's ready to try believing in it.  Go to

SB51. ASHURA Danshaku, Chiru  ("Baron Ashura Falls")

Gorgon breaks the news to the Great General of the Dark that Char broadcast 
something and caused the Titans to lose their standing in the Federation
government (see SD51 for the gory details).  Looks like one of the world 
powers is toast [and there was much rejoicing].  While the aliens have sent
troops to Earth, the Campbellians and Boazan Armies seem to be quiescent.
Plus, the Biston Well armies just got beaten down by the Lond Bel and are 
currently regrouping.  The General figures this is good for him and asks how
plans to take over Neo-Tokyo2 are going: although the Chinese machines were
lost the Dragonzaurus, Gilgilgan, and Pikudron forces are undergoing final
checks now.  Of course, "that" machine has the first unit finished and is
undergoing mass production too.  The General can just imagine your expressions
of horror.

Dr. Hell hears from his lackeys that all the aforementioned Mecha-Beasts are
ready to go and that the mass-production machines are ready to be rolled out.
Dr. Hell praises Brocken for his hard work and is about to start the Neo-Tokyo2
take over project when Ashura interrupts and implores him to let her command.
He tells her that she's blown most of her operations and that he can't let
her command something as important as this one.  Ashura then casts a spell to
grant herself a flash of brilliance, a brilliance that will warm the cold in
Dr. Hell's eyes when looking at her and overcome the fires that she sees 
directed toward Brocken.  Ashura is very tired, but vows not to die without
defeating the Lond Bel first.

Ashura departs the secret base, having stolen the Dragonzaurus and Pikudrons.
They wonder if she's gone mad, and Brocken figures that she's realized that
her position is in danger and fled.  He asks that the job of taking out the
traitor be left to him, but Dr. Hell tells him to wait and that getting his
hand bitten by his pet dog would only make him a laughingstock to Duke Gorgon.
He tells Brocken that they could kill her at any time, and that they can
afford to wait and see what she plans to do first.

Seele ponders Char's broadcast and the subsequent fall of the Titans.  It 
seems that Romfellar intends to flee the Titans like a rat from a sinking
ship.  A voice recommends chopping off the Titans' head and reorganizing them
in secret.

Ere then learns from Igor that Rilina has been abducted.  Moreover, Sank
Kingdom got attacked by the Jupiterians and is currently incommunicado.  Both
figure that with Shiela's troops there things should be okay.  At least
Bright's people are doing okay.  Just then, you hear that the EVA team is
back.  Your dudes were pretty worried about Shinji, but he says things are
basically okay and thanks them.  Noriko then finds Kouji worrying that the
Mazinger needs overhauling soon.  It's not that there's anything _wrong_ with
it, but he's feeling [correctly] that his machine just isn't measuring up
anymore.  Noriko congratulates Kouji on actually using his head and not just
rushing headlong into battle.  Just then Asuka comes over asks if everyone
is discussing what to do about the now-obsolete Mazinger Z.  Kouji asks if
she's trying to pick a fight - she says that plainly Mazinger-Z is old and
will just be in the way in battles to come.  Ippei reminds her that she got
her butt whipped pretty soundly by an Angel or two, and Noriko tells everyone
that arguing isn't good.  Kouji tells Asuka that he feels pride in Mazinger
which his grandpa left to him - and that if someone made fun of her EVA she'd
feel upset too.  She says she was just teasing and not to take it seriously,
and storms off.  Kouji is still down, and figures that he really does need 
an overhaul, and says that he should probably needs to return to the Photon
Power Lab.

Maya is reporting Asuka's synchro data...down 12.8.  Just barely above the
level needed to boot up.  This is sucky considering EVA-02 just got fixed.
Misato tries to excuse it as Asuka being on her period, but Ritsuko says 
physical things don't affect the synchro data and that the problem runs
deeper: Asuka's pride is wounded.  Not surprising considering how she lost -
but what's worse is that she probably feels she lost to Shinji.  At this
rate, she'll need to be replaced.  Kazumi then welcomes back Asuka and asks
how Shinji is.  She retorts that she doesn't keep track of Baka-Shinji(tm).
Kazumi asks what's wrong, and Jung figures that her pride got hurt in that
last little fiasco.  Bulls-eye.  Jung notes that Asuka too has been called a
genius, and that if so she should demonstrate the ability to recuperate from
a loss that "minor".  Jung says that her type takes time to recover, but left
to their own devices forever they just get underfoot.  Asuka gets pissed by
that, but Jung tells her to prove her wrong by skill.  Asuka storms off
again, but at least as Jung notes she hasn't lost her pride yet.

Akira is talking of having the Reideen checked out to see if the prophecy
pertains to the STMC.  The plan is to connect with the Reideen's memory
apparatus and search for any possible clues about the STMC.  Ryou asks how
they plan to do that given that Akira only hears the Reideen's voice 
occasionally, and Hayato asks if they plan to T-Link to it.  This sounds like
a good idea, and is going to be done soon.  Just then, the enemy attack 

It's Ashura, who has nowhere to return to and challenges the Lond Bel and
Far East Base personell to a death match.  Kouji figures you can just beat
her down like before, but Ere cautions that she feels something irregular in
Ashura's aura.  Plus, it's odd that she's going for a deathmatch with only
that few machines - maybe it's a trap.  Of _course_ it's a trap.  The 
Goraon will stay put to guard the base.  Asuka if deployed will experience
a drop in synchro and be unable to pilot.  She doesn't want to be a burden
and doesn't want others' sympathy, but Kouji tells her it's times like this
when she should shut up and lean on friends for support.  She isn't
convinced, but Ryou informs her that getting support from companions isn't a
shameful thing at all.

  Reinforcements will arrive on turn 2.5  And on 3.5.  And 4.5.  Gorgon is
  impressed that Ashura really is prepared to die, and says that he can't
  leave such a person alone: he sends some help too and prays for her success.

  You show up on turn 5 along with Giant Robo and Ginrei Robo type 2.  After 
  a brief introduction the ass-whuping resumes.  When you defeat Ashura,
  Gorgon is very sad - Ashura tells him to tell Dr. Hell that she fought
  valiantly to the last.  She's worth a Ultra-Alloy Z.

Ashura was a valiant opponent, but managed to wreck the base extensively:
ultimately, she succeeded in her objective it seems.  At Dr. Hell's hideout,
news of Ashura's death shocks him considerably.  Gorgon conveys news of her
victory and noble death.  Dr. Hell says he must have misunderstood Ashura, but
Brocken is upset, saying that if one dies one's accomplishments become
meaningless.  Dr. Hell orders Brocken to follow on the wings of Ashura's
accomplishment and proceed to phase two of the Neo-Tokyo2 takeover plan. 
Gorgon says he wants to help to out of respect for Ashura - Hell tells him as
a start to flatten the Photon Power Laboratory so they can use it as Ashura's

Fixing the Far East Base will take over a week, during which time sortying
will be impossible.  The Goraon squad is now the base's only defense.  The
Goraon squad is now on 24 hour standby.  Ere explains to Ginrei that the
Lond Bel's firepower is split due to the worsening conditions everywhere.

Asuka is staring at EVA-02, and Rei tells her it won't move if she doesn't
open her heart.  Asuka asks if Rei is saying Asuka's heart is closed (she is)
and Rei tells her that the EVAs have hearts of their own.  Asuka wonders if
the world is coming to an end since Rei struck up a conversation of her own
accord.  Asuka then demands to know if Rei is that happy because of her
problems, and says that even if they can't fight the invincible Shinji and
the Super Robot squad will take them out.  She figures she doesn't have to
do anything, and notes drily that not only Shinji and Kouji but even the
mechanical doll-like Rei is sympathizing with her.  Rei says that she's not
a doll, but Asuka tells her she moves the way everyone else tells her and
asks if she'd be willing to die if Gendou ordered it.  Yes.

Kouji and Noriko and the others are marveling over the Ryuu-Ko-Ou.  Noriko
notes that the fact it was dug up in those Chinese ruins makes it very
similar to the Reideen.  She wonders if they dug up anything else, like a
space battleship with magnificent wings or a bearded such luck
this time [bummer!].  Kouji then runs into your SO and you have to explain
about the whole manipulation by Ingram thing.

Murasame then comes to speak to Misato.  Misato has heard of Murasame
Kenji the Immortal, and he says it's a credit to NERV's intelligence branch.
He has gotten hold of some troubling info that he wanted to run by the
operations head.  He asks if she's heard of New Juunichi Heavy Enterprises,
the special construction company.  Masando has heard of them due to his father
being in the same field - they built a super robot called the GMFA-1 several
years ago.  In fact, they're also the ones doing the mass-production 
Mazingers.  Something fishy is going on there lately, although not caused by
the Romfellar.  They've been getting a bunch of money in return for shipping
Ultra-Alloy Z somewhere lately.  This stuff is made from from Japanium ore
only available in [where else] Japan.  This is the same stuff Great Mazinger's
armor is made out of and is being sent to goodness knows where.  Put this
together with the Great Mazinger plans that were stolen, and...

Kouji tells Tetsuya that he really wants to get Mazinger overhauled before
Dr. Hell mounts a full-scale attack.  The full Mazinger team wants to go with
him for safety, but he tells them it's not good to deplete the warpower at
the base so much and that he'll be okay by himself.  Sayaka says she's okay
when asked, but she feels some sense of foreboding...

Hayato meets the other Getter pilots and tells them that the Getter Reactor
activated without anyone inside.  It's currently at idle, and Hayato thinks
it may be a warning from the infinitely powerful Getter.  It's probably
telling them all to get in, but why?  Probably more stuff from Dr. Hell on 
it's way... Go to SB52.

SD52. BAIBUREESHON  ("Vibration")

Gremy calls Nanai in to report on the status of the Newtype squad.  The
latest findings have lead to several new pilots, including Quess Air, joining
in for actual battle.  It seems Quess went to India for religious training
in order to become a Newtype, although her real name is Quess Paraya, daughter
of the Federation Army vice chief of staff.  How ironic that a daughter of
the decadent Federation brass would be turning on the Earth.  Quess managed
to pilot a Mobile Suit with only three of four tries, and her synching with
the Psycommu works perfectly - in short, she's the real thing.  Plus, Nanai
intends to use "that thing" during this battle and assures that it's been
made better since the last time.  "That thing" turns out to be the second
clone of Puru, with enhanced combat abilities.  Puru2 asks where she is and
is told that the Jion are in the middle of an important operation.  She is
told that the battle isn't going badly, and that Jion has the upper hand -
she asks why, in that case, was she reawakened.  Gremy tells her that there's
such a thing a "chance" in battle, and that not taking advantage of one's 
chances even when one has the upper hand can lead to reversal of fortunes.
She tells him to spare her the song and dance and that he should just spit it
out if he wants to get his battles won - she'll help.  He explains how the
next operation hinges on stealing the Macross and expects great things from

The Macross's crew is a bit startled that it's not the Arrowgaters or
Jupiterians, but Neo-Jion that's out for them.  Gloval sees their plan, and
orders the Macross to hold on level-1 alert.  Misa complains that the enemy
have already dispatched Mobile Suits, but Gloval tells the Bridge Bunnies(tm)
that he wants to try for a peace treaty and orders a commo channel opened.
Vanessa reminds him that peace negotiations with Neo-Jion have already 
deadlocked - Gloval says he understands but that the SDF's enemies should if
at all possible be only the aliens, not other humans.  He wants to avoid
combat if at all possible, and says that trying again at negotiations will
at least buy more time until the Lond Bel show up.

Gloval tells Gremy that he has no intention of fighting Earthlings and asks
him to understand what position everyone is in: cooperation is necessary to
fend off the aliens and space monsters.  Gremy isn't impressed and says he
knows why the Macross was built (as an escape pod).  He figures that Gloval
and the others will simply abandon the Earth if all else fails, but Gloval
informs him that there's nowhere left to run.  Gremy then informs Gloval that
he'll use the Macross as an ark to keep the Zabi bloodline alive down the
road.  Looks like humans just aren't capable of abandoning their egos...

Just then the Lond Bel show up.  Nanai spots the Sazabi and figures Char
is on the scene.  She then makes as to flee, pissing off Gremy, and tells him
that she has no reason to obey a fake Jion.  She announces her intention to
act independently until the person with the true right to lead Jion returns.
Gremy asks if she thinks she can get away with this, and Nanai thinks that
this is all she can do for Char.  Amuro thinks that Char's broadcast seems to
have had an effect on Jion.  Gremy then orders Puru2 to attack - she hesitates
for a moment because there's someone who makes her feel "uncomfortable".
Scenting trouble, Gremy orders Gyunei and Quess to attack instead - Gyunei
says he was going to do so anyway to get rid of Amuro and Char.  Quess is
amazed that both of them are there, and Gyunei heaps lots of verbal abuse on
Char for his "treachery"....Quess recalls that there was nothing treacherous
about the Dakarl broadcast.  Puru then tells Judou that "she" is among the

  On round two you catch a sensor trace of a Jion warship coming into the
  area.  It'll be here in one turn (or so) so watch out.

  This is Ma-Kube and his goons, who here are here to guard Gremy and his
  Newtype batallion, who hasn't been living up to its reputation.  Gremy
  thought he was in sole charge of the operation, but Ma-Kube tells him to
  remember carefully that one rambunctious Newtype isn't going to determine
  the course of the war.  It turns out that the Black Trinary are with him.

  You should send Puru to Convince Puru2 (this is necessary to recruit her
  later).  Puru2 will demand to know if she is the person causing her to feel
  uncomfortable, and Puru will reply that of course people feel uncomfortable
  when the are looking at themselves.  But that no matter how uncomfortable
  or hateful, one can't kill onesself or make onesself stop.  Puru then
  informs Puru2 that she's her and vice versa, and that Puru2 was made with
  only Puru's most fearsome parts.  Puru then implores Puru2 to stop the
  fighting, and that the two of them should be together, but Puru2 won't
  listen.  Send Judou in to Persuade her too - he gets a sensation much like
  when he first met Puru.  He tells her that she's being controlled by Gremy
  and that she shouldn't fight her own sister.  Puru2 wonders why Puru's
  and Judou's words resonate so in her head.  Judou implores her to come over
  to your side, and Puru2 feels like her head is about to split in half.  She
  will disappear from the battle at this point.

  You should also send Char to convince Quess.  Quatro will think she feels
  just like Nanai, and Quess will say that she recognizes Char because of
  her training in India.  Char figures that this sensation may really be
  coming from a Newtype.  Quess tells Char that she saw his broadcast and
  that it really struck a chord - and that she's interested in him.  He will
  invite her to come with him then, which she does with pleasure.

  Rakan is worth a Hybrid Armor.  Rezon is worth a Propellant Tank S.  Gyunei
  is worth a Psychoframe.  Ma-Kube is worth a High Power Radar.  Gremy will
  whine that humanity can't survive without Jion's guidance when he dies,
  and then cough up a Psychoframe.

Gloval and Bright thank each other for being around, and note that the Dakarl
broadcast seems to have had some effect on the Neo-Jion forces.  Looks like
you've no choice but to beat down the Zabi house before Neo-Jion will come
around to your point of view.  It seem that with the Jupiterians dormant, 
this may sadly be the best chance to settle the score.  Plus, Jion's reason
for attacking is the Macross, so now is as good a time as ever to lay the
smack down.  Which means it's time to break past Solomon and attack A Baoa
Qu, where Giren is.

The Skull pilots are now back on the Macross, and Hikaru is feeling a bit 
lonely for Min-Mei (though he won't admit it).  Just then Min-Mei's song 
comes on, and Max observes that it's odd that Min-Mei's song keeps on even
if she herself is missing.  Kakizaki starts reminiscing about the captivity,
and Max warns him (too late) to knock it off.  Judou and Fa are then
discussing Puru, whose headache seems to have died down.  Puru realizes that
Puru2 is, just like her, created to fight.  Judou says sharply not to say
another word, that Puru isn't a tool of war but his companion.  Judou is
convinced that Puru2 will come around too, but Ruu is worried that she'll be
forced to attack you just like Four has been turned against Camille.  Ruu
warns Judou not to be thoughtlessly sympathetic of someone dangerous like
Puru2, but he fires back that that kind of thinking is likely to end up with
Riina and many like her dead.  Judou is resolved to try to save Puru2 just
like Camille tried with Four.  Puru then says sadly that she guesses she 
really can't be a substitute for Riina, and that there's no way for her to 
enter Judou's heart.  Judou tells her that Riina is Riina and Puru is Puru,
and that there's no need for anybody to substitute for anybody else.  He
tells her that she's basically as important to him as Riina is, and that 
he'll save her sister for's too sad for sisters to have to hurt
each other.  Judou promises Puru he'll save Puru2, and Puru thinks to her
sister that Judou is so warm...and to please come to be with her and him.
Go to SD53.

SS52. Oukoku Hokai  ("The Collapse of a Kingdom")

Insert Seele conversation from SB51.  Then, Sara has brought Treize and 
Rilina to Scirocco at Jupiteris.  Rilina offers a polite greeting, and 
Scirocco tells her she has good eyes that bespeak the strong will of one
suitable to lead the people.  He further tells her that she's been brought
here to further the Jupiterians' objective - namely, causing a war to 
economically prostrate the gravity-bound-soul-bearing Earthlings and thereby
take them out.  Rilina asks if he aims to exterminate the Earthlings - he
says not now that the Angel Halo has been completed with the Arrowgaters'
input.  The "Angel Halo" is a "signpost to guide humanity towards a better
destination" according to Scirocco, and it's supposedly capable of bringing
about the Absolute Pacifism that Rilina advocates.  Rilina doesn't like the
idea of Absolute Pacifism bestowed by the Jupiterians through war.  Scirocco
tells her that after this present war, the question of who will rule the world
will arise - and that a genius will be necessary to lead the Earth Sphere.
Rilina asks if he thinks that this genius is him, and Scirocco responds that
he feels merely that the times would be the same even without him.  This is
presumably also why Treize and Oz are cooperating with him.  Rilina asks who
will then rule the world after the war - the Arrowgaters with whom Treize and
Scirocco are cooperating?  Scirocco says that the Jupiterians are just using
the Arrowgaters as the highest-probability way to allow Earth-humanity to 
live on.  He then says that after the war, he belives a single lady will rule
the world - Rilina.  He wants her to become the next queen of the Jupiterians
and of the Earth Sphere.  She asks if he thinks such arrogance can be
tolerated, and informs him that her Absolute Pacifism is not intended to rule
over anyone.  Scirocco tells her this is not arrogance but merely natural
order...and that once the Angel Halo is activated nobody will be left to
dispute this...even the Lond Bel.

Shinobu asks Alan just who he actually is.  He observes that Alan's machine
seems to be patterned after the Beast Machine design style...  Alan says his
origins are unimportant and that he'll only say he was a former Federation
Army soldier.  Alan tells Shinobu that he left the army because he judged the 
Federation's current methods unequal to the task of defeating the Arrowgaters.
Shinobu thinks this is much like Shapiro, and Alan says that your opponents
are invaders from space - even a perfect defense wouldn't equal victory.  He
wants the Earth to venture to space and strike the enemy's place of orgin.
This is the fundamental difference between his philosophy and "that person".
Shinobu asks if Alan is talking about Igor (no response) and asks if he's so
confident why doesn't he take up the matter with him directly.  Alan says
that he _has_ been talking with Igor, since long before the Arrowgaters
invaded...invaders (including the Jupiterians) aiming for this blue planet and
everyone living on it.  He told Igor that strategy against such a threat must
not be based on intuition but rather on scientific analysis of data.  Shinobu
asks what's wrong with relying on intuition, and Alan says that the results
are plain: the Federation Army lost its cohesion and caved in not to the
aliens but to the Titans and Neo-Jion.  Even the Far East base, which was doing
something material to combat the Arrowgaters, managed to breed apostates
like Ingram and Shapiro.  Alan says that at this rate no matter how well the
SRX Project succeeds it'll be meaningless - this is why he cut ties with the
Federation Army and joined the Kalaba.  He tells Shinobu to remember this:
Shinobu and his people's self-righteous tactics won't work in the coming
battle.  Shinobu asks what's wrong with acting independently - believing in
himself is how he and his have kept winning until now.  Alan tells him not to
believe that such antiquated sentimentalism will work on the Arrowgaters or
on the Jupiterians.  The Lond Bel are no longer capable of saving the day by
themselves - the SDF, Kalaba, Yugo, and Riga Militia will all have to pull
together.  And he warns Shinobu against thinking that the Lond Bel alone can
change the tide of battle.  Shinobu tells Alan in return not to underestimate
the Lond Bel, the one batallion that _does_ have the power to alter the tide
of the war.

Shou notes that the damage to the city seems pretty fresh.  Quatre recounts
the tale of the attack by the Vespa batallion that he heard from Usso.  There
are lots of refugees from that, but thanks to the Dakarl broadcast the Titans
are persona non grata and the Arrowgaters seem to have pulled back a bit.  If
you can just take out Drake and Bishot the fighting on the Earth's surface
itself should be down to nearly zilch - although as Masando points out that'll
make the fighting in space all the nastier.  It would be _nice_ too if the
Zentraedi and Space Monsters didn't have to be fought too close to the Earth.
Just then Quatre spots someone named Catherine, who is musing to herself that
the war is going on here too and that nobody has anywhere to run to anymore.
She is with Trowa - Quatre is really glad Trowa's alive.  Unfortunately,
Trowa has amnesia and doesn't recognize Quatre.  Catherine asks what Quatre
wants with her younger brother - he says he's a friend of Trowa's and asked
what happened to him.  Catherine says that Trowa's memories of his past are
gone, because they're painful.  Quatre says that it's his fault and that Trowa
got sacrificed to make right the wrongs he committed.  He knows it's not
something that can be made right by apologizing, but he does so anyway.
Catherine tells him if he really feels that way, he should leave Trowa be
since he's currently happy with her and her people.  Quatre resolves to take
your other dudes and leave Trowa alone.  Catherine realizes that your dudes
know Trowa's past [like DUH!] and figures that, in the final analysis, the
fact that Trowa was found laying beside a Mobile Suit that had fallen from
the sky indicates that he's a warrior [like _*DUUUUUHHHH*_!].  Trowa wonders
who Quatre was and thinks that he gets a very familiar feeling from him.

And then the horns kick in, and the alarms start to squeak [so I like 2NU, so
sue me].  It's a group of enemies coming in from above the satellite defensive
perimeter.  They're Jupiterians, and they're headed your way - probably trying
to take out you who are mustering the Earth for war.  They're even faster than
the Romfellar it seems!  Looks like one of their Bike warships is in the mix -
they're evidently ignoring the Macross.  Sara recalls that they tried to take
over this place before and seem to be engaging in some blitzkrieg tactics.
Duo figures it's a simple matter of your dudes not being as powerful as the
Lar Kairam or Goraon forces [no duh!] and Masaki is forced to agree.  Just
then Hiiro shows up despite injuries that should have kept him in bed.  He
says that fighting through is his form of resistance and that he'll prove he
can fight his way through anything, or anyone on the Earth's surface,
including Rilina.  He tells everyone to stay out of his way, but Duo decks him
and tells him to take care of himself better - if he dies Rilina can't be
gotten back.

Chronokul tells his troops that this is a prelude to the Earth Cleansing
operation - the point is to smash this place before enough power is gathered
to fight back, and prove that resistance is futile.  Pipipnieden asks Iku how
his Motorade is working, and Iku says he's pumped.  He tells his men to show
the gravity-bound-soul-bearing Earthlings what the souls of the Bike's crew
can do.  Renda says she'll do her part for making this place the paradise of
Iku's dreams.  Just then your dudes show up to prove that while resistance
may be futile, capacitance and inductance work just great!  [I'm an EE, so
sue me.]  They have no intention of letting the enemy get away with cleansing
the earth, and Wu-Fei points out that anybody who would use a giant roller to
indiscriminately flatten everything can't have justice on their side.

  A few rounds in, your dudes notice that the Bike isn't moving, which is
  odd if they're going to try to smash the base.  You plan to go guard the
  base and then hear the sound of a bell.  You get an inspiration and tell
  Hayato to immediately order an evacuation - they're going to stage an
  orbital strike.  Alan demands to know where proof is to back up this
  intuition - if you abandon the base your plans will get quite messed up.
  You have a choice - choose abandonment for a Skill Point.  If you do the
  latter Hayato tells you to leave Sank Kingdom by breaking through the
  enemy and that you'll meet up again later - this will buy Hayato and the
  others time.  Plus, if you're among the enemy you won't get hit by the
  attack.  Duo still doesn't like this since it sound like a lose-lose
  situation, but Banjou asks whether he'd like to break through to the way
  out or just wait to be shot.  Masaki asks what's wrong with Duo when he
  doesn't issue a snappy comeback, and Duo says that it pisses him off to
  hear Masaki say that in a Hiiro-like voice [their seiyuu are in fact one
  and the same].  You have to get your dudes to the "southeast" side of the
  map, and to Quatre's relief Hayato says he'll help as many evacuees escape
  as possible.  Quatre thinks that Trowa saved his heart, so this is his
  turn to protect Trowa...that's probably why his Gundam was made.  Trowa
  then hears something calling him.

  Gozu is worth a Repair Kit, as is Renda and Iku.  Pipinieden is worth a
  Booster.  Chronokul is worth an Apogee Motor.

  Defeat all enemies for 2 Skill Points.

Once the battle is over, Kawasse tells Shiela that the evacuation is basically
complete.  Just then the bell rings again, ad the base gets _really_ hosed
by orbital bombardment.  Looks like Sank Kingdom isn't in terribly good
shape, and Duo is truly pissed that it seems you've lost.  At least the Kalaba
and the evacuees were saved...thanks to you.  You try to act modest, but 
Hayato tells there's no reason to feel ashamed and that you remind him of
Amuro in the old days.  Unfortunately, Sank Kingdom still got wrecked a
second time.  The Jupiterians' plan may have been foiled, but the Kalaba is
going to have severe operational limits now that they've lost the base.  
Hayato is thinking that his decision as a leader may have been in error, but
Garrison tells him that while bases can be rebuilt, human loss isn't so
easily repaired.  Both he and Banjou are quite sure Hayato made the right
choice - Banjou pledges even more support from the Hazan Conglomerate than
before.  Still, the problem remains that both Rilina and Sank Kingdom are
gone - so how can the Kalaba's ideals be displayed to the world?  Just then
Marvel rushes in with some news from Dakarl: the takeover of the meeting was
successful and Quatro's broadcast has hamstrung the Titans!  Now things are
finally starting to go your way - all you have to do is take out the Biston
Well forces now.

Noin then finds out that Zechs has gone missing, along with the Epyon, after
the last battle.  Noin is a bit upset at being left behind again, and Alan
announces that he'll be hanging with the Gran Garan for a while.  She wonders
what sort of shifting of winds this is, since Alan had had so many doubts
about how the Lond Bel does things - he says that he's become interested in
seeing for himself just how far the Lond Bel's methods will get them.  Given
that, Noin decides to do so too.

Meanwhile, Trowa is running off somewhere despite Catherine's frantic cries.
He says he's returning to the battlefield.  She wonders if he's got his
memory back and he says that he lives and dies nowhere but the battlefield.
She asks how he intends to fight when he's still not completely healed, and
he says that there's no problem and that if worse comes to worse he'll just
self-destruct.  She then slaps him and asks him what he thinks his life is.
She tells him not to make her laugh with notions like self-destructing and
demands to know if he's ever thought about the people who are left behind...
who would have nothing but to live their life crying.  She has Trowa promise
that after the fighting is over he'll return to her.

The plan is for the Gran Garan to rendezvous with the Goraon while the Kalaba
stay and rebuild their forces.  Hayato expects more sympathizers despite the
loss of Rilina, and Shiela intends to do everything in her power to help
get Rilina back.  Go to SS53.

SB52. Majin Teikoku  ("The Demon Empire")

Kouji asks Yumi how long the overhaul of Mazinger will take - even with
Prof. Sewashi's help it'll probably take three full days.  Yumi tells him that
there's more damage to the superstructure than Kouji knows; the thing has to
be taken completely apart and the damaged parts all swapped out.  Kouji says
that you don't have that much time, but Yumi tells him he's also putting in
a new kind of Photon Power Engine - one which is like 20 times as powerful.
Just then something similar to an earthquake happens...and not for the first
time to hear Yumi talk.  Indeed, the seventh time: and the origin is hangar
seven.  Kouji asks if the prototype Mazinger that's supposedly entombed there
is moving - Yumi says that couldn't be.  Yumi is sure that the thing in the
hangar is firmly sealed, since it hasn't moved once in ten years.  Kouji
points out that it's moving now, and asks again what's really in there.  Just
then Dr. Morimori comes in with a favor to ask of Kouji - he wants him to 
help with the final test of a new machine: the Brain Condor!  Or so it seemed
at first, but this is a machine that the scientists all built together...just
then the alarms start going off.

Looks like Mecha-Beasts and Battle-Beasts are showing up all over Japan
according to an emergency report from the Far East Base.  The Goraon people
are split up fighting them, but Yumi notes this pattern is much like before
and there's a very high probability that you'll be attacked here.  Just then
one unidentified moving object approaches the lab - the Great Mazinger.
You haven't been _told_ that Tetsuya was heading your way, but Yumi decides
to stand down the alert anyway and go greet him.

Well, it _looks_ like the Great Mazinger anyway.  No answer from "Tetsuya"
however.  And then you track several other targets - and what sucks is that
they're _all_ Great Mazingers.  There's nine of them, one to take each of your
lives or something.  Brocken then shows up in the Ghoul and tells Yumi he's
here to see the end of the Photon Power Laboratory.  He says that he got the
plans for the mass production Great Mazinger from the B.F.  Gorgon then tells
Yumi how he got the Ultra-Alloy nu-Z by guaranteeing the mass production
factory its safety.  Looks like Juuzou's prophecy has come true.  Brocken 
says that wrecking the lab with nine Greats would be easy, but that wouldn't
pacify Ashura - he orders Kyouji to be sent out before him and says if he
comes out the lives of the other lab workers will be saved.  Kouji then says
he's right there and asks if Brocken will promise the lives of the others in
the lab (he says he will).  The others don't want Kouji to go out, but he
says he'll buy time and that he can't allow the Mazinger that his grandfather
developed fall into the wrong hands.  Shirou is all broken up, and it looks
like there's no choice...until a Photon Power response begins in hangar 
seven...the "Emperor" is moving.  This shouldn't be possible without its
Pailder, and Kouji finally puts two and two together.  The Photon Power is
rising more and more, soon to explode: could it be that it _knows_ that the
Greats have fallen into the hands of evil?  God only knows what happens if
the Emperor explodes and Yumi wants to stop it, but Kouji wants to sortie in
it, saying that the Emperor or rather his grandfather is calling.  Yumi
yells that it doesn't have a Pailder and isn't a Mazinger, but a demon, the
demon that went berserk and caught Kouji's parents in the 
uncontrollable, terrifying demon that Juuzou sealed away.  Plus, it modified
itself and evolved over ten years - it's an _ultimate_ demon that noone can
control.  [Sounds like just what the doctor ordered to me!]  Kouji says that
even if it's a demon it's something his grandfather made and that it should
become a Mazinger if a human heart is within it.

Insert cool AMV after which Kouji says that what you've got now is the
Demon Emperor, or "Majin-Kaizer".  It's more than 20 times as powerful as
Mazinger-Z, and all systems are now green.  Looks like the Kaizer Pailder
and Kouji averted an explosion...or maybe it's just the way Juuzou programmed
the damn thing.  Brocken isn't worried since it looks like Mazinger has
finally reverted to its rightful form as a servant of evil.  Kouji says that
the Mazinkaizer has the same mission as the Z, and that he'll kick all
their asses.

  Reinforcements show up on 3.5: it's Dr. Hell.  He says that all the other
  fighting was just a decoy and that this is the real core of his plans to
  take over the Far East.  He then sends forth the Halibyune V6 and the
  Jetfire P1, the latter of which is a Mecha-Beast made in the likeness of
  Ashura.  If it defeats him Ashura should be able to rest in peace, or
  something.  You can either attack them directly or stall for time.
  The former will help you recruit Irm, the latter is worth a Skill Point.

  Just as things are looking bad [actually, they're looking awesome but no
  sense telling the writers that] something appears from the sky.  Looks like
  it's Shin Getter Robo.  Shin GR had responded to Mazinkaizer, and started
  moving suddenly.  Well, nifty as that may be, Shin GR then powers up and
  seems to want to fight alongside Mazinkaizer: time to show the bad guys 
  what the combined power of gods and demons can do.

  Next turn, the Goraon shows up.  After explaining what's up with Mazinkaizer,
  Asuka sorties - her Synchro has healed to higher than before.  Asuka tells
  Kouji she's alright and that she can't stand to be in his debt.  By this
  point, there shouldn't be many people left...

  Gorgon is worth a Hybrid Armor.  Brocken is worth a Repair Kit S.  Dr. 
  Hell is worth a Ultra-Alloy nu-Z.

As Dr. Hell gets shot down, he tells you to remember that his people have the
mass-production Great Mazingers, and that the operation to take over the Far
East isn't over yet.  At least it seems that the Kaizer and its Pailder
are doing okay - Yumi figures finally your dudes can control it.  Well, not
entirely, since it's still not understood how it generates its own power or
appearance.  Kouji then apologizes to Shirou for making him worry but says
that it's now clear that their grandfather was a great man.  Surely the
Mazingkaizer was made for a time like this.  Kouji refuses to accept Kouji's
praise for his efforts, saying it's all due to the Mazinkaizer or rather to
his grandfather.  Certainly he never felt the terror of Mazinger like this
before.  Yumi then asks Kouji what he intends to do now, since one slip up
in using it could cause untold problems - maybe it should be sealed away
again?  However, he tells Kouji that he is qualified to decide how Mazinkaizer
should be dealt with - you can either take it or the strengthened Mazinger.
If you choose the former, you say that the Kaizer is necessary for a death
match like what humanity is facing now, but that after the war he intends to
seal it again and go back to Mazinger Z.  Yumi then promises that they'll
fully service Mazinger-Z in preparation for that time.  It's then time to
return to the others, so Kouji says goodbye to Shirou and promises to return
alive to Yumi.

Dr. Hell and the others are pondering their latest ass-whooping.  Gorgon says
the Lond Bel can't be underestimated, and Dr. Hell asks if he means that they
can't be beaten.  That's exactly what he's saying, seeing as how the Lond
Bel are backed by the SDF, the Yugo, and various other organizations.  Dr.
Hell won't let that pass - isn't the Lond Bel's strength due to a lack of
action on the part of the Mikayne Empire?  Gorgon merely sniffs and says that
his people were merely overly hasty about the prospect of ruling the surface.
He's going back to talk to the General about when the next chance to strike
is.  Dr. Hell asks angrily if he's running away, and Gorgon tells him to say
whatever he wants, and leaves.  Dr. Hell himself won't give up until he's
taken out Kyouji and the Lond Bel....or until he gets his butt hosed, which
is more likely.

A transmission then arrives from Ma-Kube, the first since that deal way back
when.  Dr. Hell is in a bad mood, but has Ma-Kube put through anyway...  Go
to SB53.

SD53. SOROMON Kouryakusen  ("The War to Occupy Solomon")

Bright is recalling how, seven years ago, an occupation attempt against
Solomon was supposed to work by having the third fleet attack from the debris
airspace in Side 4 while Teian-Mu's fleet attacked from Side 6 and the
anti-fortress Solar System weapon was used.  Right before the plan could be
activated, the Macross defolded at D5, grazed Solomon, and destroyed the
Jion forces on the Moon as well as the Teian-Mu fleet as it fell to Earth.
Bright say that he and Amuro were on the White Base and fought against a Jion
Mobile Armor called the "conical hat".  Quatro recalls how at that time
Lalah Sun was killed protecting him from Amuro.  Anyways, this operation will
be a replay of that one, with far fewer troops due to the depredations of
Neo-Jion and the Jupiterians.  No hope of reinforcements beyond the Riga
Militia and Yugo.  At least you've got the Macross's main gun in place of
the Solar System.  Your backup is waiting at Side 4 and Side 6 - no clue
what Giren or Hamarn are up to.  Looks like the Yugo will be both the main
force and the decoy.  Bright is worried that using an old plan will be
obvious to the enemy, and Burning has some ideas.  Mainly using the Macross
the bad guys want so badly as a decoy, and having the Yugo and Lar Kairam
stage a fast-attack, or else using the L-K and the Yugo as decoys and 
attacking with the Macross from Side 3.  Using the Macross as a decoy will
split up the enemy, but will split you up too and prolong the battle.  The
fast-attack strategy will be nice against Solomon, but will expose the
Macross to extensive fire.  You can adopt either strategy.

  Exposing the Macross is worth a Skill Point.

Amuro is having a nightmare about Lalah, natural perhaps given that this is
Solomon airspace.  He had wanted to avoid this place where Lalah's soul is...
Chain then calls up and tells him it's time for the briefing.  He responds
rather sharply that he'll be right there, startling her.  Amuro then runs into
Quatro, who after a moment says this isn't time to be shackled to the past.
Amuro is silent, and Quatro tells him that hiding inside one's shell surely
won't make Lalah happy - which is how he felt when making the Dakarl
broadcast.  Isn't it now Amuro's turn to overcome his own past deeds?  Amuro
says he's glad to hear that from Char, and Char says it's his place to speak
the truth.

Giren is telling Dozul that the probability is highest that the SDF will
stage a fast attack, but not to worry.  Dozul tells Giren that all the
warpower saved up at A Baoa Qu, plus the Delaz Fleet, can still make it to
him.  Giren says that preparations are already being made, and reminds Dozul
that he's already got the Big Zam and the Alpha Azeal squads which should
be more than adequate.  Dozul tells his brother battles are decided by numbers
and implores him to tilt the odds in their favor before things reverse 
completely.  Giren reassures him that he's already doing things, and that
reinforcements are on the way.  He then says that there's danger that this
conversation will be intercepted, and tells Dozul to just do what's written
in the orders.  Dozul demands to know if Solomon is being used as A Baoa Qu's
lightning rod, and Giren says with the Federation space forces wiped out and
the Titans deposed there's no reason to fear the SDF.  Dozul asks if Giren
is saying it's okay if he destroys the Macross instead of capturing it, and
Giren says sure if he can manage it.  Giren tells him if he can hold up 
here the Neo-Jion will have won.  As they hang up, Dozul wonders what the
heck his brother is scheming - Ral figures something else is in the works
under the surface.  Hamon reports information that the remainder of the Delaz
Fleet has been once again sent to the colonies, but Dozul wonders if such
operations are even meaningful if it means giving up the recently-recovered
Solomon.  Hamon figures they can make it if reinforcements from Axis come,
but Dozul knows of Hamarn's treachery - he'll be the laughingstock of the
whole country if he has to rely on her help.  Hamon ponders how Hamarn has
her hands on Dozul's beloved Mineba, and that Dozul has no plans to mix her
up in this war.  Dozul asks if the Macross has been found yet (it hasn't) 
and recalls hearing that the main gun is as powerful as the Solar System -
unless the Jion can sink it they can't claim true victory.  Ral wants to
go take it out, and Hamon figures it can be destroyed from the inside if
someone can infiltrate - although Dozul points out that that will expose the
infiltrators to concentrated fire from the other Jion forces.  Well, how
else are you going to sink a 1-km long battleship?  Plus, the soldiers always
enjoy the guerilla tactics.  Dozul apologizes for giving Ral all the shitty
assignments for the last seven years, but Ral is looking forward to settling
the score with Amuro Rei.

The bad guys spot the Macross, and now there's no choice but to break
through.  Amuro wonders now that he's come back here if he'll meet Lalah
again.  And Quatro realizes it's his first time back here since losing Lalah.
He can't ask Garma or Lalah to forgive him, but he knows he has things to
do anyway.  Dozul is glad he was worried about the Macross and orders 
everyone to focus on it.  Gloval reminds everyone that the point of this
operation is to get the Macross onto Solomon.

  Take out all twelve Rik Dom II's within three turns for a Skill Point.
  Conscon is worth a Repair Kit S, as is Ral.

  If Amuro confronts the Black Trinary, he'll ask them how long they intend
  to carry on this meaningless fight - they say the 1 Year War won't be over
  until they defeat him.  They are worth a Repair Kit apiece.

  If you attack Dozul, he'll accuse you of using EOT weaponry and say that
  the fate of the world can't be left up to you.  You say that his stiff-
  necked ideals will lead the world to ruin.  If Char attacks Dozul, he'll
  yell at Char for his treachery, and Char will yell back that the Zabis are
  a thing of the past and that Dozul should cast off his personal emotions.
  If you kill Dozul, the Big Zam will appear with Dozul in it.  He orders a
  general evacuation.

Once you get the Macross onto Solomon, the Armed Attack is used to break in.
Dozul says he can't put up with this as a soldier, and says it's a shame 
he couldn't see Mineba's face - he hopes she'll grow up to be a strong child.
Unfortunately, you have to fight on.

  When you defeat Dozul again, he tells you that he can't be defeated by a
  single EOT-based machine, and that he'll always live on.  You wonder if
  the feeling you get from him is that of a ghost...  He's worth an I-Field

Giren learns from Gremy that Solomon fell and that Dozul's life or death
is as of yet unascertained.  Giren figures he fought well with his forces, and
says that he bought them more than enough time.  It's now time to enter the
final stage of the operations - Giren tells Gremy he'll grant him a glorious
opportunity.  Giren orders him to take the Newtype Squad and guard A Baoa Qu.
After Gremy leaves, Giren thinks to himself that the Macross will surely head
here next.  He figures if he uses the Delaz Fleet and the Solar Ray, even the
Macross will be nothing to worry about.  He regrets having to lose the 
Macross, but thinks that the Solar Ray's power should give the Jupiterians,
Oz, and the Arrowgaters pause...after which he has to merely go and pick up
the EOT from the Earth.

Meanwhile, Gloval meets Henken and Gomez at Konpei.  Henken wants to use
Solomon as the base for the Yugo and Riga Militia, which is fine by Gloval.
With the Federation Army in tatters, someone else would just occupy Solomon
if they don't.  It seems that Anaheim and Mao Industries have been fully
cooperating with the Yugo and Riga in light of the worsening situation, so
supply lines are still intact - and they're sending the best stuff to the
Macross first.

Your dudes found the GP-02 within Solomon, which they were apparently still
planning to use.  Monsha wants to scrap it for all the trouble it's caused,
and Nina thinks that now Kou's mission is truly over.  But of course Kou's
duel with Gatou isn't over yet - he asks Nina if she would return on the
ferry to the Moon for him.  Monsha demands to know what Kou's talking about,
but Judou hauls him off by the arm.  Kou tells Nina that the fighting is
going to get even fiercer, and that he doesn't want her in the middle of it.
She says that she has to see this battle through with her own eyes, and
requests that he let her be by his side.  Usso then runs into Junko and the
others, who tell him he's gotten more grown up.  He informs them about
Shakti and that he'll save her no matter what.  You're also given a present
from Usso's mother: "Buster Parts" for the V2 which give you better long
range firepower.  This makes the thing into the awkward-sounding V2 Assault
Buster Gundam, but it should be good for hosing ass and saving Shakti anyway.

Amuro wonders to Lalah if he's really doing the right thing, entrusting 
himself to the fighting in space.  Just then Chain finds him and asks what's
wrong, since he seemed out of sorts before the sortie too.  He tells her
it's nothing and apologizes for making her worry.  He says he's sure that
even if the fighting gets fiercer the Fin Funnels will win through.  He's
confident in the nu-Gundam since she built it according to his plans.

At this point, if you said Amuro remembered his promise to Chain _way_ back
when and your Skill level is at least 45, Chain will deliver some special
parts for the nu-Gundam from Anaheim's employee October: the "Heavy Weapon
System".  Amuro thinks that with the nu-Gundam going Full Armor the battle
will get a bit easier from now on.  Actually, the HWS upgrade rocks monster
booty: You Want This!

The chairman of Mao Industries has called you, your SO, and Ryuusei in.
Nobody knows why you're called - maybe to get chewed out for overusing your
machines.  Rin is chatting with Aya about Ingram's defection when you get in.
She introdces Rin as the President of Mao Industries and a former member of
the PTX team...Irm's former partner as your SO will know.  You're here
because he has something to ask you directly - he's heard you've had contact
with the supposedly missing Irm several times.  He asks why Irm left the
army.  Your SO says Irm took him and left to avoid having him used by
Ingram as a guinea pig.  Rin asks if Irm knew Ingram's true identity then:
your SO says yes, ever since his posting to the Lond Bel.  Your SO
admits to working with Irm to destroy all the machines Ingram developed.
Rin thinks that he too had some idea of who Ingram really was and wonders
why Irm never consulted him...perhaps something to do with "that time".
He tells Aya nothing's wrong when she asks, thanks you all for telling him
the story, and pledges his company's full support to you.

The Mineba, hanging out with Riina, suddenly hears her father's voice.  
Hamarn then shows up, with considerably powered-up clothing, and admits when
Mineba asks that Dozul's whereabouts and condition are unknown after the
Macross's takeover of Solomon.  Mineba thinks it must be a lie that her
father is dead, and Hamarn can't deny it...  Hamarn then leaves Mineba in
Riina's care and leaves.  After Riina gets Mineba to sleep, Hamarn complements
her on her good work but says that from the shock Mineba's instability will
probably last a while longer, and asks Riina to keep looking after her.  Riina
then says that while she's grateful for what Hamarn has done in letting her
play with Mineba, she'll speak as Mineba's playmate and say that this war
which is making Mineba sad should be ended as soon as possible.  When Hamarn
asks why, Riina says that as long as war continues between people there will
be no end of sorrow - which her brother said too.  Realizing who her brother
is, Hamarn asks her: does she think that if Axis doesn't participate in the
war it would be over faster?  Riina can't answer, and Hamarn tells her that
even if the alien threat is repulsed humans will just start fighting again.
This is because peace begets war, and war begets peace.  Hamarn says that
to break that cycle, a truly excellent ruler is necessary - and it would be
good if that person were a Newtype.  Mashmar then comes in to report an
emergency.  A large mass has appeared suddenly outside the Moon's orbit,
something roughly 20km long (colony-sized).  It's probably best to assume
it's from either the Arrowgaters or Jupiterians: Hamarn orders level-2 alert
and investigation of the object.  Hamarn wonders if they're finally getting
serious...  Go to SD54.

SS53. KUROSU FAITO  ("Cross Fight")

At DC HQ, Shuu is being given the report that the city is about 60% rebuilt,
but that due to manpower the underground facilities aren't doing so hot.
Shuu tells the underling that Tesla and DC's Japan base will be sending some
reinforcements, so please carry on.  After the guy leaves, Shuu tells his
familiar Chika that she can come out now.  Chika is in very high dudgeon for
being prohibited from making a sound for a whole hour.  Shuu says this
couldn't be helped, since birds on the Surface aren't supposed to understand
human speech.  Chika points out that even if she's a bird, she's still Shuu's
familiar.  In any case, word has come from Sephine that, as Shuu suspected,
there is an interloper in Ra-Gias who came without using one of the Gates.
Whatever this thing is, it's _extremely_ subtle and Ra-Gias's Council for
Upper Learning hasn't noticed yet - it was done using some kind of quasi-
spatial distortion gate combined with a special magical barrier...or something.
Sephine doesn't actually know the details, and Chika thinks it was something
totally foreign to Ra-Gias.  Shuu comments that using something like the
Kaballah System well can avoid any effect on the Spirit World - just like the
Granzon.  Does this mean that there's someone among the Arrowgaters with the
power to open the Gates?  Chika wonders if such a person would be thinking of
invading Ra-Gias, and Shuu says that among the Arrowgaters there are only two
people who even know it exists, and those two's plans should lead elsewhere.
Chika knows that one of them is Ingram, but the other is...who?  Shuu says that
that person should be showing up any time now since he's got the most rational
of plans for unifying the Earth.  Chika complains that Shuu always weasels
out of things like this and asks what's wrong with telling her.  Instead of
responding, Shuu tells her to come along so he can settle the score with the
_other_ set of invaders from another world - since his objective is to 
destroy all those thrown together who could open the gates.  Chika asks if
this is to eliminate all unneeded influences on Volkrus...Shuu thinks that he
has to hurry, though he doesn't know why.

Shiela then conveys Igor's words to Alan: "Don't die."  Alan figures that his
father is just getting old and sentimental, but Shiela recommends Alan go 
to be with Igor for a bit.  Alan thanks her for her concern, but says that he
and Igor have different ways of thinking and will probably never see each 
other again in this life.  Shiela remarks that he's actually quite like his
father in that.  Just then, you get a Federation transport ship's SOS - it's
Bishot causing trouble again.  Shiela is surprised that Bishot is out this
far, but Garrison points out that with the Titans gone you're the only people
opposing them.  Kawasse figures that they're trying to prevent you from
meeting back up with the Goraon, and Shiela decides to go answer the SOS.
Alan is concerned about this Federation "transport" - there aren't any active
Federation batallions around here.  In fact, there's something weird about
it's IFF signal...  Duo is being sent on ahead, _without_ his Gundam, to see
what's what...and that goes for the others too.  Noin is the one breaking the
news to the GW boys - the ship called for them by name.  All except for Trowa
that is, who may have been left out since the last mecha he was seen piloting
wasn't the Heavy Arms.  Noin says that the person sending the signal is Dr.
J, a name that Hiiro knows well from the Wing and Wing Zero's development.
Hiiro doesn't know why he's here, but he's prepared to go see him.  He asks
Shou to take them in the Bilvine, since it's small, manoeverable, and should
easily spot the transport.  Shou says he doesn't mind, and Wu-Fei says he's
willing to go see what the inventor of the Wing Zero wants with him.  Quatre
says he'll go then too, and Duo looks like he's getting dragged along too.

There's the Federation transports, and they're surrounded by Aura Battlers.
Dr. J then contacts Hiiro and the others and mentions where he is.  Shou's
got to get the GW boys over to the ship in question (Cham warns them not to
fall off) and Galamity and his goons are ready to try to kick your ass.
Actually, all they want to do is hang on until the Gaea Galing shows up...

  Which it will on turn 3.5.  Rimru will say she can't forgive her mother
  no matter what, and Bishot orders all your dudes killed as a sign to Drake.
  Luuza warns him that depleting his warpower her is bad, but he reminds her
  that Drake has almost figured out their relationship and that he's got to
  prove himself here.  She tells him that that's exactly what Drake wants, but
  he replies that if he can win here it'll catch Drake flatfooted.  Luuza
  thinks that Bishot is so afraid of Drake that he'd risk his own life - 
  guess Bishot isn't cut out to be king after all either.

  Defeating Bishot is worth a Propellant Tank and a Skill Point - beware he'll
  run if too badly damaged.  Each of the supply ships that's still alive is
  also worth a Skill Point.  Either way, Luuza will say she's got a plan and
  that Bishot doesn't have to sacrifice himself for Drake here.

Once you get Shou next to Dr. J's plane, everyone hops off and thanks him for
the lift.  Dr. J begins with some pleasantaries, but Hiiro tells him to save
it for later and asks directly why he called them out.  He's got something
for them!  Quatre finds his Sandrock Custom, and Duo finds his Deathscythe
too..and the Altron.  Hiiro found a slightly odd-looking Wing Zero, and
demands an explanation.  Dr. J says these are the "mother" models for the
current round of GW mecha that were developed over ten years ago - well before
the One-Year War.  He explains how these are forbidden machines originally
intended for use in Operation Meteor, although none of that matters now.
Quatre asks if Trowa has another Heavy Arms waiting for him - Dr. J says that
all five of the machines were found in a certain place and spruced up with
data from the GW pilots.  He figures the GW boys will be able to put them to
good use in the fight from now on and tells them to show all the fools in the
world the true meaning of the Gundams.  Duo can't believe they were made
ten years ago, and Wu-Fei babbles about how the soul of Nataku has truly 
transferred to his new machine.

Matilda Asian then tells you she's here on Igor's orders with some resupply
for you.  Banjou asks where the Gundams were discovered, but Matilda says she
was just a courier and doesn't know - and probably neither does Igor.  All
she knows is that the orders came through channels belonging to the former
Federation Army special brigade Oz (shock!).  Plus, there's someone who
wants to meet you: Rin Mao!  Rin is an old acquaintance of Banjou, and he
breaks the news of Ingram's defection to her.  Banjou then introduces you
and your SO to Rin; see SD53 for this conversation.

Masando is then talking with with Masaki and the others about how beautiful
Matilda is - he figures having an older women like her as a SO would be
the greatest.  Shinobu asks him what happened to his liking for Lola, and
Masando says those are two different things.  Masaki ponders this "older 
woman" thing, and Shiro asks if he's thinking of Wendy.  He angrily says no,
and Kuro says that his anger gives his thoughts away so easily.  Bilgeet
then asks Masaki if he had an older SO as well (Masaki denies it) and
says to make sure Ryuune doesn't hear.  It's too late.  Ryuune looks sad as
she asks Masaki if he had an older SO, and Masando thinks this is 
unexpected.  Masaki keeps trying to deny it, but Ryuune is in "I won't forgive
you mode" since he's _her_ SO.  Masaki gets even more pissed and asks when
he ever became her SO.  Masando says setting that aside, Matilda is still
a real babe.  Shinobu brings up Lola again, but Masando says it's none of
his business.  Matilda then shows up and observes that your dudes seem to have
a lot of time on their hands - she wishes Masando good luck on his search for
love, and Masando tries to get his picture taken with her.  She agrees, if it
can be _now_.

Seabook then shows up (or something) and is asking Masando for copies.  Cecily
doesn't entirely approve, but he says she should get her picture taken too.
Shou tries to weasel out to service the Bilvine, and Ryuune has Banjou stand
in the back because he's so tall.  Masaki tells Hiiro to at least smile when
his picture is being taken; the GW boys aren't terribly enthusiastic about
this.  Quatre worries about delaying Matilda, but she says that back when
she had her picture taken with Amuro and the others so she doesn't mind.

After the photo and the provisioning, Shiela hears from Kawasse that the 
Gaea Galing seems headed for the Indian Ocean - the Will Wips is probably
there too.  Shiela decides to go off in pursuit to prevent the two groups
from meeting up.  Time to settle the score with both Drake and Bishot.  Go to

SB53. Chikyuu wo Kaketa Ikki-uchi ("Duel over the Earth")

Kouji hooks up with everyone in Mutropolis.  Ari explains that the gathering
is to use the T-Link system to examine the Reideen.  Ginrei and the others
add that since the Reideen's inner workings aren't well understood, the plan
is to T-Link directly to the memory apparatus - since Akira has psychic powers
he, like you and Ryuusei, should theoretically be able to T-Link.  Kouji
notes that the Exelion is gathering information about the STMC, and that 
there's no need to put Akira to trouble, but Ginrei says that if the Reideen
really _does_ have info on them it will prove of great meaning to you all:
proof that people actually lived through the STMC menace before.  You 
probably won't find out _how_ they did it, but...  Ken'ichi welcomes Kouji
back and says that Captain Abe is coming to lead a surveillance detail.  Ere
and he are worried about the lack of activity from enemies apart from the
Mikayne Empire and Dr. Hell.

It's time for the test.  Higashiyama tells Ely that this is the first time
they've ever tried this and the danger could be immense - she says that
she'll shut down the T-Link system at the first sign of danger.  Misato is
dubious that this will avail anything, but Ely says that if her theory is
correct the Reideen will have data 12,000 years _or_more_ old in its memory.
Given all the legends various world cultures have about menaces from the
heavens, it seems a high probability.

A voice welcomes Akira, "the hero".  The voice tells Akira that the Destroyer
in the prophecy is a ferocious visiting force from beyond the land where
stars are born.  Its objective is the obliteration of all intelligences aware
of the universe.  Intelligent beings are cosmic truth, and when the karmic
balance of truth and falsehood is altered, "they" appear to return the cosmos
to a state of purity.  Akira is flabbergasted by this and asks if that means
they're trying to obliterate humanity from the universe.  The voice tells
Akira that it has waited, that the Reideen is the hope it erected.  It
announces that it's power, the power of Ramur, will now be unleashed for 
Akira's sake and the sake of those he is to protect.  "God Voice": Akira
should raise his voice and cry the name of Ramur within his breast.  It tells
Akira that the God Voice is a double-eged sword, but that it will be a means
to cleave open everyone's destiny.  The voice then recedes without answering
any more questions.

Akira's Psychic Pulse then becomes irregular and the boundaries of his Ego
begin to blur - a very bad thing.  The T-Link is then cut, and Akira is only
able to regain consciousness with effort.  Ely apoligizes for such a 
dangerous experiment, but Akira says it's okay and that he now knows clearly
what the STMC are after: purging intelligent life from the universe.  You
all have nowhere to run anymore: this is an indelible truth.  But your doom
is not yet sealed: the proof is the new power Reideen granted to Akira.  He
feels that it's the duty Reideen entrusted to him to help ensure everyone's

Well, it's time to head off towards various places for that reconnaisance.
Masando is worried that enemies always show up at times like this, and Kouji
says they only show up because he mentions them.  Jun tells everyone that
the mission this time is recon and that it's best to run if an enemy appears.
And then an enemy really does!  It's Hainel, who has come on Do-Zhul's advice
that the Lond Bel would be here.  Do-Zhul mumbles something about how his
sources are perfect, but he's really sweating because he had planned to lead
Hainel astray and get rid of him before anyone could get in the way.  He
points out that all there are now of the Lond Bel are some fighter craft, and
that this is the perfect time to strike.  Hainel is going out himself to 
challenge Voltes V to a fair fight.  He says he's a member of the proud Boazan
royalty and that exploiting an opponent's weakness is beneath him - he orders
Do-Zhul to watch the battle from the Skullurk.  Do-Zhul thinks Hainel is a
moron for not being able to cast off his pride at a time like this - but this
may after all be a chance to wipe both Hainel and the Lond Bel out...

Hainel then splits off from the pack of enemies and addresses Ken'ichi 
directly.  He says that they both are fighting for the sake of their 
homeworlds, and that now is the time to settle things: and challenges Ken'ichi
to single combat.  The other V people think it's a trap, but Ken'ichi can't
turn it down.  Both agree that outside interference is disallowed.

  When Ken'ichi attacks Hainel, he tells him that there's no time for 
  quarelling and says he should know about the Space Monsters since he's an
  Arrowgater.  Hainel says he doesn't care and that if he doesn't take 
  Ken'ichi out he can't open the way to his homeworld's future under the
  Imperial domination.  Yes, he's fighting to be free from the Empire.  You
  take him out and he says he'll never forget this humiliation.  You get a
  Megabooster too.  He will admit defeat, at which point Do-Zhul will open
  fire on him.  Hainel demands to know if he's betraying him, and Do-Zhul 
  will say he never swore allegiance to Hainel.  Hainel realizes that this
  Campbellian was hanging with him just to take his life - and the person
  who gave Do-Zhul the orders was the Boazan emperor Zu Zanbajil.  Hainel
  demands to know why the emperor would want him dead, and Do-Zhul says it's
  because he's nothing but a nuisance.  Time to extract vengeance for all the
  resentment Hainel has earned as a traitor's child.  Your dudes are shocked
  at this turn of events, and _more_ bad guys emerge to cause you pain.
  Luckily the missing dudes of yours show up.

  Akira will show up on 4, as will Mari who insists on not letting him fight
  alone.  The rest of your dudes show up too, greatly to Do-Zhul's annoyance.
  On 4.5, Oreana will show up - _not_ to support Do-Zhul, but merely to
  rendezvous with the Angel Halo at Yuuzes's invitation.  Do-Zhul wants to
  accompany them, but Garuda asks if he thinks that he can see Yuuzes now
  that he knows the Cambpellians true intentions.  Oreana tells him if he
  wants to live he had better both defeat the Lond Bel and swear eternal
  allegiance.  Garuda wants to settle the score with Combattler V first and
  then go to Helmoze, but Oreana tells him this isn't the time and wonders
  if the emotion-control device she's using on Garuda requires some
  maintenance.  She allows him to stay on condition that he really does take
  out Combattler.

  If you have Getter attack Do-Zhul, Ryou tells him he's all out of friends.
  He shoots back that he's the highest scholar of the Boazan Empire and that
  Ryou has no right to even speak to him.  Stoner Sunshine should shut his
  mouth pretty fast.

  Garuda is worth a Psychoframe.  Do-Zhul is worth an Anti-Beam Coating.

After the battle, Jungle will show up, frantically looking for Hainel.  They
find his tracer beacon, and it looks like he's still (barely) alive.  Jungle
says he'll regret not seeing Do-Zhul's scheme for the rest of his life.
Hainel is really about to die unless they breach your lines and get him back
to base, and Jungle says he's more than ready to lay down his life protecting
him.  You can either let them pass or press the fight - doing the former is
worth _three_ Skill Points.  Assuming you do this, Ken'ichi will ask everyone
to back off.  They protest loudly, considering Hainel's position and the fact
that he's got Ken'ichi's father held captive.  Ken'ichi responds that friend
or foe doesn't apply to the wounded, and that you may even need the Boazan to
help you defeat the Space Monsters.  He continues that he can't forgive the
Boazan for using his father and causing innocent people to suffer, but that
if the fighting keeps on going the only result will be mutual destruction.
Thus, before that happens he'll start by throwing away his hatred.  Hainel
asks if Ken'ichi is sympathizing with him, and Ken'ichi yells back that 
Hainel can't let his own planet get wiped out by the Space Monsters either -
neither of them has any time to spare on this meaningless fight.  Hainel
says that he'll pay Ken'ichi back for this sooner or later, and leaves.

The news is circulating that the Boazan and Campbell forces are only fighting
because their homeworlds are under the Imperial domination, although Ken'ichi
has no concrete proof.  This means that the Arrowgaters are not entirely
monolithic, and may be a means toward achieving peace.  This will be tough
given that the Arrowgaters' objective is using you to fight the Zentraedi...
Igor then tells you that he's heard from Bright that Solomon has been 
successfully taken.  Unfortunately, the Jion aren't hamstrung yet due to the
Solar Ray they're preparing: a weapon that turns an entire colony into a
laser.  It's supposedly so powerful that the Positron Sniper Rifle used in
the Yashima Operation doesn't begin to compare - Misato has to admire the
Jion for having such a weapon.  Plus, some unknown object believed to be of
Jupiterian orgin has appeared outside the Moon's orbit - whatever it is, it's
20km long and may be a huge mobile fortress.  Maybe this is the object that
was detected when the Macross was at Jupiter, meaning it's either Jupiterian
or Arrowgater in orgin.  Misato realizes that none of them are thinking about 
how to overcome the Space Monsters.  The recommendation is to join the 
Exelion, the Macross, and all the Lond Bel into one ultimate force.  It
seems that in the end only power can counter power.  You need to go to 
Okinawa to get up to space and then rendezvous at Konpei.  And you have to

Rin hears of Ingram's defection from Robert.  Insert conversation with Rin
and you from SD53.  Go to SB54.

SD54. Onna-tachi no Senba  ("Women's Battlefield")

The Macross is getting a look at the object outside the Moon's orbit: a giant
flying saucer.  It's roughly 20km across, just like a space colony, and was
not built on Earth.  This may be the object you glimpsed briefly while at
Jupiter, suggesting Jupiterian or Arrowgater origin.  This may be their trump
card, but right now you have to work on A Baoa Qu.  The Bridge Bunnies(tm)
are worried about just leaving the thing be, but Gloval notes that it seems 
to be headed for Axis, given that the Jupiterians are deadlocked in their
negotiations just as much as you are.  The plan is to strike the Neo-Jion 
forces while the flying saucer is having it out with Hamarn...of course, that
may be just what the Jupiterians want.  Anyway, the Exelion will soon be back
to Earth: now's your only chance to settle things with Neo-Jion.

Meanwhile, Cima is asking Scirocco if the giant thingie near the Moon is his
trump card - it is in fact: the Angel Halo.  Scirocco reflects that Yuuzes
would never send it directly to him, meaning that Rebi Torah must be in
command, or else Queen Maria's protector Tashiro Kagachi.  Just then, Sara
and Rekoa arrive.  Rekoa tells Scirocco that while Treize is currently 
obeying the Jupiterians, his true intentions are unknown and he can't be 
taken lightly.  He asks her why she came of her own volition to him, and tells
her her soul wanted peace.  He tells her further that none of the men of the
Lond Bel had the naievete to recognize how her heart was wounded [say what?],
and thus she had no choice but to play the strong woman type.  However, 
having become tired she wanted a place where she could be healed.  Scirocco
then starts putting the moves on her, telling her this is the warmth she
wanted.  And that if she ever thinks what he's doing is fake, she should stab
him through the heart and he won't resist.  Cima is thinking to herself that
_this_ is how mack daddy Scirocco does things, and Rekoa asks if this is
how Scirocco got Cima on his side too.  Cima gets pissed and says she's
here of her own will, since sending Giren to hell will make business better
for her.  Scirocco then gives Rekoa the Palas Athena for her personal use,
and asks whether any orders to join up with the Angel Halo have come down.
Sara hastily says they have, and Scirocco tells her to ignore them because of
the info from Cima that the remnants of the Delaz Fleet are readying the 
Solar Ray.  Cima explains that this is a laser built with an entire colony,
and is Giren's trump card - hidden unused in Side 5 since the canceling of
the One-Year War.  Scirocco figures that Giren plans to sink the Macross with
it at A Baoa Qu, but says this isn't a good time to have it shot down and
orders Rekoa and the others to Side 5.  Cima asks vehemently if he's telling
her to attack the Solar Ray, but Scirocco only wants her people to lead the
Macross into the debris area of Side 5 so that they'll find out about the Solar
Ray and thus mop it and the Delaz Fleet up.  He tells her that she should
know that the Macross's next objective besides the Solar Ray will be the
Angel Heiro - Cima responds that she won't do any more than play tourguide.
Scirocco says that's fine, although it would be nice if a few of the Lond 
Bel's more dangerous pilots got hosed somewhere along the line.

The Macross is now 20:12 out of A Baoa Kur when the Jupiterian Mobile Suits
show up at 10 o'clock.  Gloval is shocked since this is Neo-Jion space, and
Vanessa says that although they're on a different course they're keeping a
constant distance.  Your people can't decide what they're up to, and you
can either pursue them or ignore them and continue to A Baoa Qu.

  The former is worth a Skill Point.

Assuming you did that, your dudes follow Cima, just as she wants.  She thinks
she'll escort you all the way to the next world, and Sara realizes that 
Scirocco is having her and Rekoa watch and see if Cima is useful as a pawn of
his.  Should she betray Scirocco...Rekoa and Sara will wipe her out.  Well,
Cima figures they're a decade too young to babysit her.  Meanwhile your dudes
discuss Cima's defection from Jion.

  On round 3, your dudes hear the sound of a bell, just like at Dakarl.
  Amuro warns everyone to be on the look out for the Mobile Suit with the
  ultra-long range weapons.  They show up on 3.5, requiring some introductions
  with Cima.  Rupe asks what Cima's doing here since she should have been
  ordered to meet the Angel Halo, and Cima tells her to get lost unless she
  wants to get shot with a Colony Laser.  Rupe is stunned, and Cima tells her
  to go and tell Jupiterian HQ.  Fara asks if Cima's just saying that in order
  to keep all the lovely boys to herself - saying that she's come to make 
  them hear the guillotine's bell and that she won't let anyone get in her
  way.  Cima figures her for a Fortified Human, and Fara orders her Mobile
  Suits to attack.

  On Round 4, you sense the approach of Rebi who shows up on round 4.5.  Cima
  is worried, and Guld and Isamu argue over Guld's overconfidence of wanting
  to attack them.  Rebi thinks that Raodekia and Yuuzes are worried about
  the SRX becoming another Ingram&Astranagun combo - thus she must take them
  out before Ryuusei awakens completely.  That will also get rid of her ever
  growing headache.  Katejina is on the scene too, congratulating herself on
  forecasting Usso showing up in the same area as Rebi was heading to.  She
  figures little Usso will come crying if he finds out about Shakti and the
  Angel Halo...thus she'll put him out of his misery.  Ryuusei meanwhile
  intends to try to save Rebi, and there's great growing psychic pressure.
  Dai recognizes the alpha wave pattern - it was used when he was made into
  Ingram's guinea pig.  He tells Ryuusei that Rebi may be an Earthling.

  When you get into a fight with Fara, she'll tell you that because you messed
  up the operation she was on she was set adrift in space, and the terror she
  encountered there opened up her consciousness to infinity.  And that her 
  bell tells her all about your motions.  She is worth a Psychoframe.

  If you have Usso get into combat with Katejina, he'll ask why she doesn't
  understand and if she intends to kill everyone on Earth.  She does, and
  plans to start with him.  She is worth an Apogee Motor.

  You should have Ryuusei get into combat with Rebi.  She'll say she wants
  to defeat him, but responds he has no intention of fighting her and says
  he figures someone is forcing her to pilot her machine.  He begs her to tell
  him who's responsible for doing this to her: Ingram or Rao-whatshisface?
  She manages to respond through her headache that she'll kill him for 
  Raodekia's sake and thereby get rid of her pain, or so said Yuuzes.  Rebi
  tries to fire, and Aya tells Ryuusei that anymore T-Linking will be 
  dangerous.  Too bad she snaps out of it.  If you then attack her, she'll
  tell you to go away since she has no business with you, but you reply that
  you can't let her get rid of Ryuusei.  If you can defeat her, she'll start
  to remember again.  Defeating her is worth a Skill Point and a Megabooster.

  Cima is worth a Repair Kit S.

After the battle, you find out that Treize sent your dudes a coded 
transmission.  In it he cautions you about the Solar Ray hidden within the
Side 5 debris area.  Quatro explains what this weapon is: a laser cannon 6.4
kilometers long designed by Giren Zabi to oppose the Federation's Star #1
operation during the One-Year War.  You all realize that had you gone straight
to A Baoa Qu you'd have been shot with the Solar Ray - why would Treize tell
you this?  Moreover, why would the Jupiterians have also tried to tell you
by leading you here?  No time to worry about that now - the question is how
to get rid of the Solar Ray.  Quatro says that the Delaz Fleet is probably
guarding it: getting past them and to the Ray will be tough.  Focker says
there's no time for debate and no other choice but to break through via
brute force.  Quatro points out that _this_ time is different from the others
and that if the Solar Ray fires on you it's all over, but Focker is confident
and asks for command of this operation.  Gloval agrees and asks to hear the
plan, but first Focker has a favor to ask of Quatro....

Ryuusei then questions your SO as to why he thinks Rebi is from Earth.
Your SO is reluctant to say, and Ryuusei yells at him to spit it out.
Aya and Camille reprimand Ryuusei, and your SO hesitantly says it was just
his intuition.  Ryuusei apologizes, and ponders the name "Yuuzes" as the one
responsible for controlling Rebi.  He thinks he's heard that name somewhere
before and wonders if he can save Rebi from him.  You and your SO then
take a walk; you comment that your SO's been acting strangely ever since
seeing Rebi.  He asks why you're being so nice to him/her despite all the
grief you've endured becuase of him.  You can either say because he's a
cherished companion or because you can't just leave him alone.

  The former is worth a Skill Point.

Assuming you say this, he says that he understands how everyone feels that
way, but that you're different.  You don't exist in his memories, and he
even became your enemy.  He's glad you're worried about him, but frustrated
that he has no idea who he was.  You tell him to stop it, but he's worried
that Ingram might have planted some sort of trap within him.  You say again
to stop it, but he says he's scared that this time at Ingram's hands he really
will become your enemy.  You yell that you won't let that happen, and he
says that he's fine with just being your partner because he doesn't deserve
any more of your feelings than that [*whimper*].  Go to SD55.

SS54. Ippoujin no Kikoku ("Foreigners' Return Home")

At Sumatra, Drake is receiving the bad news from the Black Knight that Bishot
is getting pounded by the Gran Garan's forces in the Indian Ocean.  Drake
figures Bishot is up to something by seemingly making a show of meeting the
Will Wips - the Black Knight wonders if he's trying to get the Will Wips
attacked by the Gran Garan.  Drake figures Bishot isn't that subtle and that
he really does want the Will Wips' assistance.  Drake intends to let the
two sides fight each other and then swoop in when they're both depleted.
He says that it's enough for there to be one king of the Surface and Biston
Well, and that there's no profit in prolonging the conflict any.  The Black
Knight figures the war won't be over until he defeats Shou.  Drake then asks
if it's true that Luuza is aboard the Gaea Galing - the Black Knight admits
it is.  Drake realizes that Todd didn't tell him anything and that all the
knights have probably heard the rumor - looks like he's the fool who's the
last to know.  He figures she's beind this whole battle and plans to cut her
into little bloody pieces and feed her to Chaos.  Drake then poses a request
for the Black Knight: he doesn't trust Ingram and tells the Black Knight to
watch him and, if he does anything suspicious, kill him.  The Black Knight
protests that Ingram is working with Shot on a machine to open the Aura Road,
but Drake says that something can be worked out with this EOT stuff and that
any calamity Ingram might bring about is a far graver concern.

Ingram has received from Shot the data on Aura Power and the Aura Battlers,
in return for a promise to open the Aura Road for Shot.  He warns Shot that
returning to Biston Well under the circumstances will result in the same
thing (i.e. getting flattened by the aliens) because it's a reflection of
the Surface.  Muzie asks Shot if this is true - Shot tells Ingram there's
something he realized from working on the SRX Project: that humans can't
beat the Arrowgaters or Zentraedi.  Ingram says that isn't so: humans have
far more latent capability than the other races - various military technology,
flourishing fighting spirit, brutality hidden within.  Earthlings are in and
of themselves superlative weapons: _that_ is why the Imperial army kept 
watching them for so long.  Shot tells Ingram that rather than just waiting
for certain destruction he chooses to prolong his life a bit more in Biston
Well.  After all, it should be no problem for him to take over a Biston Well
with Drake and Bishot gone.  Besides, there's a small but real chance that
the Lond Bel and SDF may yet beat back all the aliens - Ingram surely forecast
this turn of events as the reason for building the ultimate wide-range 
destructive weapon called the SRX.  Shot points out that the chances of it
being a guaranteed one-shot-one-kill Personal Trooper as designed are next to
zero.  Shot then asks if Ingram intends to open the Aura Road with the
Kaballah System, or use the Black Hole Engine to perform dimensional shift -
neither.  In fact, the Astranagun is outfitted with a device that can breach
the barrier.  Ingram notes that the vice-commander of the Empire's
Reconnaisance Army calls it the Crossgate Paradigm System, and thinks that if
he uses it "that man" should surely appear.

Alan says that you've almost caught up to the Gaea Galing, and tells all 
pilots to wait until dispatched to their various missions.  You're not looking
happy and explain it's because it seemed Ingram made contact with the enemy
during the last engagement at the Far East Base.  You may have to fight the
Astranagun.  Masaki points out that nothing will get done just by worrying
over that - you simply have to try with all your might to kick his ass if and
when he sticks it out.  You feel as though he's scheming after something else,
but Masaki says that, like Shuu, it's impossible to figure out what dudes
like him are thinking.  Best to devote yourself fully to the fight against
Biston Well for the time being.

Nii asks Rimru if she's ready for the final death match against her father.
She says yes and that her father changed since he got his Aura Battlers -
she's well aware that under the circumstances her only hope is to take down
both her parents.  That's why she's come this far.  Shou vows that this
time he really will bring the fighting with Drake and the others to an end.
Keen and Shou tell each other to be sure to live through this.  Marvel and
Shou then muse that the fight that began with their being summoned is about
to be over.  Shou wonders if he's ever worried about Marvel - that Marvel and
Cham are always worrying about him but that his own head is always only full
of the operation at hand.  Marvel tells him he's giving it his best in his
own way, but he denies doing so and says that he's only been able to fight
because of the Dunbine and Billvine.  He says he's nothing more than a key
to unlock their power - that he's unworthy to be called a Holy Knight.  
Marvel says that that goes for her too if it goes for him, and Shou wonders
if there's any possible way of beating back all the dangers confronting the
Earth.  She then asks him if he loves her.  He says he "likes" her, but she
tells him he wants him to tell her he "loves" her.  Just then the alarms 
ring and she runs off toward her machine.  He tells her to wait and not to
do anything foolish, but she vows to protect the Earth and humanity.  He
vows to too, and thus the battle begins.

You've caught up to the Gaea Galing.  The Will Wips isn't showing up, and
Luuza wonders if her plan has been discovered.  Bishot is seriously afraid
his dudes will lose, and Luuza has to remind him that if _he_ loses morale
so will the troops.  She recommends waiting for the Will Wips and then just
fleeing.  Drake's dudes show up on 2.5, as does the Astranagun.  Bishot 
announces his plans to depart the battle due to the damage to his ship, but
Drake says that won't do and that Drake's own men will fire upon him if he
leaves the battlefield.  Bishot attempts to tell him (now) that Luuza is
with him, but Drake already knows this and tells Luuza that she's now PNG with
him.  He informs them that if they want their lives they'd better fight with
all their might, and that the won't get any help from him.  The Black Knight
has been looking forward to this, and Ingram feels "that man" approaching
the area...

That man is Shuu, who shows up in the D.C.'s Armored Module Granzon the 
next turn.  Masaki demands to know what the hell he's doing here, and Shuu
wonders in turn what a lone wolf like Masaki is doing running with the flock.
Masaki asks what Shuu is after - Shuu tells Masaki that he doubts Masaki 
would understand even he told him.  Masaki tells him not to move, but Shuu
says with some (mock) regret that he doesn't have time to only pay attention
to him.  He came here with an warning to all present: to halt this fight
immediately.  Masaki tells him he has no right to ask for that - Shuu tells
him he never changes and asks why he hasn't yet figured out that it's that
kind of short-circuited thinking that brought calamity to Langran.  This
_really_ pisses Masaki off, but Banjou asks Shuu to explain what's going on.
He explains that the Jupiterian/Arrowgater plans are now entering their
final phase: the gigantic fortress "Angel Halo" has appeared outside the
Moon's orbit.  The Angel Halo is a giant Psycommu system powered by 30,000
Psychicers.  Yes, this is what Ryuune's father was trying to build: an
ultra-powerful psych broadcasting (T-Link) device.  You realize right away
what the Arrowgaters plan to do with it, which Shuu complements you on.  They
plan to fire a psychic wave at the Earth, thereby enslaving the will of the
entire populace and incorporating it into their own war machine.  Duo
realizes that the data he got on Jupiter about a big battlestation refers to
this.  Cecily and Seabook comment this is an even suckier thing to do than
Neo-Jion or the Crossbone Vanguard.  Shuu says this is mostly unavoidable,
considering how humans, unlike the other planets' inhabitants, are overflowing
with fighting spirit and thus fight each other time and again, uncaring of 
the damage they do their own planet.  Masaki demands to know what Shuu is
trying to say - Shuu explains that the Arrowgaters are trying to use the 
Angel Halo to collectively rule all the people like him who can't understand
reason.  Unless the Angel Halo is destroyed _pronto_, humanity will be
eternally ruled by the Arrowgaters.  There isn't much more ruling a rulership
than that.  Thus, Shuu requests everyone stop the fight and head to the
Angel Halo, saying that it's no exaggeration that humanity's future hinges
on whether or not you all can do that.  And the same goes for the Biston
Wellians.  Shiela announces her intent at a cease-fire, saying she wants to
avoid unnecessary fighting by all means and act in the way that has the
best chance of bringing everyone out alive.  Shuu is glad to see that she's
every bit what he took her to be.  Drake says that clearly the Aura Battlers
have too strongly connected your two worlds.  He understands the situation,
but says he simply has to act on his personal feelings and settle the score.
Shuu is a bit disappointed at this, and Shiela asks him if he doesn't notice
any meaning in all of them appearing on the Surface.  She figures that some
force sent them all here to help solve the current problem.  This gets Drake
thinking that Jacoba Aon, or perhaps some other force is at work.

Drake says that if she's that committed, she must have all her forces submit
to his generals, at which point he'll talk peace.  You can take him up on
this or not.

  Doing so is worth 3 Skill Points.

If you do so, your dudes are quite shocked but Shiela tells them that things
have come to the final exigency.  Both sides must abandon their hatred if
everyone is to be saved.  Drake then asks for all your armaments to be cast
away, which Shiela refuses because you must all go and fight the Angel Halo.
Drake then announces an impasse, and Shuu figures he has no choice but to
lend a hand directly.  Drake asks what Shuu means: he means that Drake has
just proven himself inimical to the world.  Those with the most overpowering
fighting spirit are the most useful and the easiest to control for the 
Arrowgaters - which is nothing other than disadvantageous to Shuu.  He says
that he'll have Drake and the others return to their original world.  Ingram
thinks that both he and Shuu had the same idea: return the Drake army to 
Biston Well without letting it be destroyed.  Chika tells him that the best
place to open a Gate is a ways off from here, meaning there's no choice but
to get help from Ingram.  Shuu asks Ingram if he'll help, saying it'll be
a good chance for Ingram to gauge the Granzon's power.  Ingram agrees, causing
Drake to protest.  Ingram informs him hotly that his turn is over, and
orders him back to the world he must return to.  Drake orders all his men to
attack and disrupt this, but all the Aura Battlers suddenly freeze.  In fact,
their very _bodies_ can't move.  The Kaballah System is now online, with
incantations Alpha through Eta active.  Shuu chants an spell, and Shiro
informs Masaki that an incredibly heavy flow of energy is going from the
Granzon into the Spirit World.  Masaki wonders if he's performing Possession,
and Ingram realizes that Shuu is using a Devil-class entity's powers instead
of the spirits.  Your dudes realize that the Granzon's control of gravity is
just like the Astranagun's.  Shuu bids farewell to the foreigners, figuring
they'll meet again sometime.  ALL the enemy units vanish, without any sign
of the Aura Road being opened.  Shuu says that the dimensional transposition
is finished and thanks Ingram for his help - if they're _lucky_ they'll be
back in Biston Well.  Masaki wonders what the hell that means and points
out that the Astranagun is still here.  Shuu tells him that if the Granzon
and the Astranagun were to fight for real, "this universe" could not help but
be obliterated.  He and Ingram merely didn't make such a foolish decision
as that.  Ingram bids Shuu, and your SO, farewell.  Masaki tells Shuu to
wait, but Shuu reminds Masaki that Masaki doesn't have time for that now.
Masaki still can't let this slide, and Shuu tells him that if he keeps this
up he'll eventually meet the same fate as Drake and the others.  Shuu tells
you all that you've got your work cut out for you taking out the Angel Halo,
and that if you leave things be there'll be no fixing things later.  And
there's always that Colony Laser that Neo-Jion has...

Shiela thanks everyone for helping bring the battle against the Aura Machines
to a close.  Stability is about to return to Earth...except for the Angel
Halo, and the Colony Laser, and eventually all those pesky aliens.  Time to
go meet up with the rest of the Lond Bel at Konpei by blasting off from the
Federation base at Jandi.  Shuu and Marvel are pondering that your other
Biston Wellians are still stuck here, and Cham says she kinda understands
why: there's something they've got to do on the Surface still.  Looks like
Marvel and Shou can't just throw in the towel now.

Garrison then breaks the news to Banjou that the Granzon is considerably
different from what's in the DC plans.  Best to assume it's got all kinds of
unknown stuff it can do.  Banjou explains to you that the Granzon is a
humanoid mobile weapon system developed independently by the DC to fight the
aliens.  The project in question yielded three machines: Vian Zoldark's
Super Machinery Humanoid Valcion, the Valcione (now modified to be the R),
and the Armored Module Granzon.  The latter was announced to have some
differences from the Valcion family, but from the past battle it seems to be
_completely_ different.  I.e. Shuu built it however he damn well pleased.
Banjou figures that Shuu's connection with Masaki implies it has some tech
from Ra-Gias mixed in with the EOT, making it truly formidable.  Banjou 
points out that both the SRX and your machine are made with the same know-how,
as proved by the fact that the Granzon's callsign is "R-0".  Banjou is pretty
sure Shuu didn't make the Granzon just to fight off the aliens...  Go to SS55.

SB54. Omoide wo Mirai e ("Taking Memories to the Future")

You're almost to Okinawa, with twelve hours left until launch.  Noriko
requests some free time until the launch, saying that her Alma Mater is there
and that she'd like to visit before you leave.  Misato recalls that Noriko
and Amano are from the Space High School in Okinawa, and Noriko admits that
due to joining the Exelion's crew four months after matriculation she hasn't
graduated yet.  And she'd like to go get her diploma.  Misato ponders how
she could graduate in only four months, and realizes that the Exelion's near-
lightspeed travel has subjected Noriko to Rip van Winkel syndrome (rather,
the Japanese equivalent: Urashima Tarou).  Ere agrees and tells Abe to give
free time to all those without something pressing to do.  Noriko thanks Ere,
and Abe tells Ere to rest until the launch while he handles preparations.
As Ere relenets, Misato recalls just how blue the ocean is in Okinawa...

She then breaks the news to the EVA kids that they all are going to head to
the ocean.  Asuka congratulates herself on her foresight in bringing a
swimsuit.  Ere is coming too, and Sayaka figures she'll join you.  Ginrei
decides this chance won't come too often, and Mary says this'll be her first
time seeing the Japanese ocean.  Jun figures it might be nice if just the
girls got to make some fun memories at the ocean, and Asuka offers to make
an exception and let Shinji come if he wants to.  Shinji tries to turn down
the offer, but Asuka calls him an idiot and tells him that he may never get
another chance to see her in a swimsuit.  Shinji says he's not interested in
seeing that and says she'd obviously just bitch at him for staring at her.
Misato is glad that Shinji's finally showing some spunk, and leads the girls-
only expedition off to the sea!  Well, Juuzou and the others aren't too
pleased at this turn of events, and even Boz berates Shinji for letting this
chance to see all the women in swimsuits slide.

You comment to your SO that the blue of the sky and sea at Okinawa just
aren't like anywhere else.  Since you grew up on the Moon, seeing a place 
like this is great.  Your SO is rather withdrawn, and you wonder if it
was maybe a bad idea bringing them here.  Your SO will say that's not
the problem - insert conversation from SD54 minus the Skill Point chance.

Noriko is at her graduation ceremony, thinking that it's coming all too 
quickly and that she has but four months of memories from this place.  Her
journeys on the Exelion have made five years pass here on Earth.  Her
classmates and even her best friend Kimiko are all gone.  Noriko is at least
rather glad to get her diploma at 17, but Kazumi reminds her that in Earth
Years she's 22.  Noriko remarks that it wouldn't be at all surprising then
if she were already married, employed, and with children.  Wouldn't you 
know it that she then runs into Kimiko, who has all those things.  Kimiko's
child is already three.  As Noriko is attempting to remain cheerful in her
reminiscing, Kimiko remarks that she saw Char Aznable's broadcast on TV and
asks if it's true that humanity has nowhere left to run.  Kimiko says that
the rumors say that a military group called the SDF have already made an
escape pod for the Earth, and that the people to ride it have already been
decided.  She then says that it doesn't matter about her but implores Noriko
to use her connections to get her child Takami onto this escape ship.  As
Noriko unhappily ponders this request, an emergency call comes in.  Noriko
tells Kimiko to grab Takami and evacuate, and that she'll contact Kimiko later.

Asuka is meanwhile having fun at the beach, as are the others.  Ginrei 
compliments Ere on the style of her swimsuit, although Ere tells Ginrei she's
no match for Ginrei in that department.  Misato is thinking that she's the
only one wearing a swimsuit unsuited to her age and thinks she should have
invited Ritsuko along too.  The emergency call reaches them too: it's Gorgon
and his merry men, who aren't supposed to be still on the Earth.  Gorgon blames
his forced departure on your dudes, but says that his pride won't him leave
without firing a shot.  While Ere and the others scramble to return to base,
Noriko jumps in the Buster Machine that Kazumi brought and realizes she has
to fight to defend Kimiko.  Thank god Super Robots tend to have male pilots,
(ergo not at the beach) since you'll need them to fight off Gorgon.  Since the
evacuation isn't over yet, you've got to kick their ass before they reach
land (well, not really).

  Gorgon is worth an Ultra-Alloy Z.

  After you take out Gorgon, he tells you of a card he has up his sleeve from
  a man named Ingram: a lifeform adapted for the taking over of planets: the
  Gilgilgan.  It appears to be a creature the Arrowgaters created out of a
  captured Space Monster, and Gorgon warns you that it's got a Neutron Bomb
  inside.  Your dudes realize that if it goes off all the humans in the area
  will be toast.  It'll go off within three turns, so you'd better hurry and
  stop it, despite your energy expenditures in the previous engagement.  Just
  then Ere and you all appear to help avert calamity.

  When you defeat the Gilgilgan, it will come back much to your dudes' dismay.
  You give some rousing speech about being entrusted by all the people with
  defeating the bad guys.  You then resolve that if you're a Psychodriver,
  you're going to use that power now.  Everybody's machines' power then
  increases in sync with yours.  The Gilgilgan is worth an Ultra-Alloy nu-Z.

Well, you defeated it - and the neutron bomb didn't go off.  As Ere is
congratulating you all, you start to lose consciousness and Ere orders all
machines to be recovered.  After everyone has left, Ingram pops up and says
that Ari has finally displayed a glimmer of her Psychodriver powers.  He
figures it was worth loaning out one of the planetary suppression weapons.
Now all that's left is to Shift Drake and Bishot's armies back to their own

Your SO informs the rest of the crew that you're asleep from using too
much power, but that your life isn't in danger.  Kouji figures you all had
a really close call, and the group figures that if this is your "Psychodriver"
power as Ingram said, then Ryuusei should have this ability too.  Asuka 
starts feeling unneeded again, but Kouji says there's no way you and Ryuusei
can be made to collapse every time like that.  Besides, as Ryou and Kouji
are thinking, what if Ingram were to get his hands on that power - the
results would be truly irreversible.  Jung then tells Noriko that she had
a visitor: Kimiko.  Jung didn't let her in at the time due to the level two
alert, and there was no time for her to stay around it seems.  Jung has a
message though:  "I'm sorry for what I said.  Please take our memories into
the future."  Noriko tells Jung that Kimiko is a dear, dear friend from five
years ago in high school...  Go to SB55.

SD55. Kakenukeru Arashi ("The Onrushing Storm")

Focker explains his three-layer plan to take out the Solar Ray.  First, one
group will take the lead and destroy a corner of the enemy's defenses.  The
second wave will throw the enemy's defenses into confusion, and the third 
wave will break through to the Solar Ray.  Simple - perhaps too simple 
according to Hikaru, but Isamu says that that's best at times like this.
Focker says that the Delaz Fleet will be after the Macross, whose main gun
can take out the Solar Ray - meaning you can use the Macross as camouflage.
Emma asks what happens if the ray is fired faster than expected, and Focker
says at that point it's all up to fate.  In other words, you can't let them
shoot it first - and Hikaru isn't impressed.  Focker says not to worry and
that he's already arranged for some time to be bought.  Immediately after the
commencement of the operation, Quatro will order the Delaz Fleet to cast down
its arms - Emma and Camille both object that Zabi hardliners like the Delaz
will presumably do anything _but_ listen to Quatro.  Quatro is aware of this,
but points out that it's also the truth that humans must stop living in the
past if they plan to live through the present danger.  Though unlikely, if
this ploy works the outlook will get brighter - Quatro says in any case he
himself has to start by giving up the past and not playing the fool.  Focker
says that however the enemy reacts, the deliberations will buy you time.
Unless of course they get pissed off and just fire at you in spite, but that's
back to the leaving things up to fate bit.  Burning points out that the
Jupiterians know of the Solar Ray too, and that Giren may well just save the
Solar Ray to take care of the Angel Halo.  Plus, Gatou will want to settle
the score with you all himself.  Hikaru's got a bad feeling about this...

Nina asks Kou if he plans to go on the mission - he is since his fated rival
Gatou will be on hand.  Nina asks Kou to stop fighting Gatou since she can't
bear to see both of them fighting.  Kou tells Nina that if the Delaz fleet
doesn't agree to Quatro's demands, he'll have to take Gatou out.  Nina yells
that Kou is just trying to battle Gatou for his own reasons, and that even if 
there is some meaning in their struggle all there is between them is private
hatred.  Kou tells her he intends to discard his past too, but that if Gatou
doesn't comply too he won't just stand quietly by to be taken down.  Nina
apologizes for laying something so heavy on Kou before launch, and runs off.
Mora runs into Kou then (who maintains nothing is wrong) and reminds him
there's more important things besides just fighting he's got to do.  Namely,
coming back alive - she tells Kou that she will really let him have it if he
makes Nina cry.  Kou wonders how long this fight will continue - until he
captures Gatou?

Gatou's forces note the Macross's appearance, and Kery wonders how they
found out about it.  Gatou figures Cima spilled the beans, but says it won't
matter at this point.  He figures he can take out the Macross _and_ the aliens
with the Solar Ray - Kery isn't so sure.  He says that the past seven years
have gone by fast, with old companions "leaving" and new companions joining.
Kery figures that all their dreams are about to take shape beneath the Jion
banner, but Gatou says that won't happen until the Lond Bel are toast and the
Solar Ray is delivered to Giren to defeat the aliens.  Dozul died while 
dreaming of that day, and with him gone Gatou figures his dudes are the only
ones left who can be the sword to protect Jion's ideals.  Time for Gatou to
try to settle the score.

Quatro begins his appeal, although he warns not to expect too much.  He
addresses the Delaz Fleet (Gatou recognizes the Red Comet) and tells them 
they should all know who all of their mutual enemy is and why internicine
fighting is profitless.  He requests that if they understand his appeal, both
sides disarm and discuss together.  Gatou asks if Char understands how all
those waiting seven years for the revival of Jion felt upon seeing the Dakarl
Broadcast - Quatro says he thinks he knows quite well.  Gatou says that in
that case he should understand how Gatou and his people are trying to take
the future of humanity under their own principles.  Char fires back that the
time has now come for all humanity to unite for a common objective, but
Gatou says he can't go back on his pledge to all his comrades and pull out
now.  Plus, the Federation certainly can't lead humanity either - even if
everyone did live through all this the same history would just repeat itself.
Gatou entrusts the firing of the Solar Ray to Kalius and tells him to wait
for Gatou's signal.  Well, the Solar Ray will fire in ten turns so you'd
best hurry...

  Gatou is worth an Anti-Beam Coating.

Gatou will be very pissed when your dudes get to the Solar Ray, and Karius
will tell him that the firing program is rewriting itself.  At this rate, 
the inside of the colony will overheat... Gatou realizes that Giren intended
them to be expendable from the start.  Focker, quick on the uptake, orders
everyone to evacuate lest they get caught in the blast.

Luckily, your side had no losses - but many of the Neo-Jion machines couldn't
get away in time.  Focker is amazed that the Solar Ray itself was a booby
trap, and Quatro tells Bright that he saw no indication that the Delaz Fleet
knew about this.  Another emotionless operation by Giren - which Quatro would
really like to believe was only done out of fear of the Solar Ray falling into
the Lond Bel's hands.  Does this mean that Neo-Jion has lost its trump card?
Just then the Jupiterians begin a political broadcast to the whole Earth
Sphere - with Rilina on it!

She announces that as of today she's the head of the Jupiterians, although
this isn't for the Jupiterians' sake.  This is the first step towards 
abolishing war and arriving at a peaceful era - for everyone's sake.  She
asks everyone to throw down their arms and cease resistance, on the theory
that the future the Earthlings want to build is surely the same as that the
Jupiterians want to build.  She says that the time has come to be unified 
under one will to confront the impending peril - and declares a new 
Federation, or rather a new country founded by the Jupiterians where all
international strife is ended.  Miliard then gets on the mic and starts
babbling about equal rights for the colonies and eradicating the map of war
between the colonies and the Earth.  Rilina tells all the forces in the Earth
Sphere to disarm, lest she...lest she...  And here Rilina wishes for Hiiro
to kill her.

Looks like the Jupiterians are out for blood this time, with the Arrowgaters
backing them.  Quatro thinks that they're stalling for time, since a combined
military action would be faster.  He figures bringing out Rilina and all is
just camouflage for the giant ring-shaped thingie.  You then get an 
emergency transmission from Henken at Konpei.  During the fight against the
Delaz Fleet, something like a colony laser was delivered to A Baoa Qu!  It
looks like the former Titans military base colony Grips 2 got stolen and
modified into a laser on the sly.  Now that they've got _another_ Solar Ray
it's not good to just charge in to A Baoa Qu, so back to Konpei you go to
regroup and replan.

Gremy conveys this info to Giren, who is saying "oh so close" since they
almost were able to shoot the Grips 2 at the Macross.  Giren figures Axis 
will slow the Jupiterians mobile fortress down due to the deadlock in
negotiations between Hamarn and Scirocco - and says that he's been planning
to cut off Axis from the start.  If all else fails, he can just detonate
Axis's nuclear pulse engine.  Something else is bugging Gremy: Ma-Kube's
batallion ran into someone above the sattelite orbits who was leaving the
Earth.  Giren figures this is Dr. Hell - he doesn't matter if it means more
warpower for him but orders Gremy to look into it anyway.  After Gremy leaves,
Giren ponders something that's probably just his imagination.  No way "that
woman" could be behind Ma-Kube, right?  [like DUH!]  Go to S56.

SS55. Oujou RIRINA  ("Rilina the Queen")

Kawasse tells Shiela that your folks have made it out of the atmosphere.
Since you're now on enemy ground the whole ship is to be kept on Level 3
alert.  You get a picture of the Angel Halo onscreen, which indeed does look
like a gigantic anulus 20km across - roughly 20 times the size of the 
Macross.  Banjou points out that it's also got some 30,000 ESPers inside -
which does not improve your odds any.  Just then Cecily runs in and tells
everyone about the broadcast from SD55.  Simply put, things suck.  Quatre is
sure that Rilina is being forced against her will, but Shinobu asks if
Miliard figured your people were at a disadvantage and jumped ship.  Hiiro
mumbles about how this was Miliard's choice from the future that Epyon 
showed him.  And from the future that Hiiro saw in his Wing Zero, he
chooses...defeating the Jupiterians and the Arrowgaters.  Anyways, the same
conclusion as in SD55 is reached - namely that this is surely some kind of
stall tactic.

[this only happens if you've met the qualifications...]
Masaki and Shou start taking about training for some extra certain-death
move for the coming battles.  Masaki came to Shou since the Aura Battlers are
similar and also have swords.  Cham asks what the new technique will be
called, and before he can answer the cats express deep distrust of Masaki's
naming sense.  He tells them to shut up and that he's far better off than
those dudes with the "Heaven-and-Earth-Whateveritscalled" attack.  Kuro
figures Masaki and Ryuusei are on the same level and Shiro is sure it'll
be called a "Hyper Plana Slash" (which it evidently was).  Cham then takes
things into her own hands - based on the "Dis Cutter" and the fact that the
spirits of the wind are protecting the Psybuster, she recommends something
which bespeaks an incredibly swift attack.  They all ponder "Dis Cutter
Continuous Attack" or "Dis Cutter Wind Dance", and Masaki hits upon "Dis
Cutter Rump-Shaking Longsword".  Shiro is still not impressed but Masaki
tells him to shut up and starts practicing.  [Well, "Dis Cutter Ranbu no

You are worried about the Angel Halo, the gigantic T-Link system and
exceptionally powerful psychic weapon.  Against the 30,000 Psychicers, you
have only a rag-tag rebel fleet, ESPers and Newtypes.  Your SO
then shows up and has the conversation from SD54.

You all then find out about a space battle occuring at 12 o'clock: the 
Arrowgaters are harassing the Exelion.  Time to go save its ass!  Tashiro is
thinking that Earth must be worse off than he figured.  The vice-captain
says that now comeuppance is at hand for postponing repairs in order to
rendezvous faster with the Lond Bel.  Tashiro won't stand for being sunk on
his home turf.  Oreana figures that if she can sink the SDF-1 the 
Campbellians' position will improve.  Garuda is sent to the attack, vowing to
collect heads, get to the Angel Halo, and not be beaten by those puny 
Jupiterians.  Miia then warns of your dudes' approach: go out there and
kick his ass.  It's clear that the Campbellians are planning to reach the
Angel Halo...

  More bad guys show up on 3.5: it's Yazan and some Titans.  It turns out
  that Rilina's broadcast rallied the remnants of the Titans and Neo-Jion to
  the Jupiterians' cause.  Duo wonders why Rilina is on the Jupiterians' side,
  and Hiiro resolves once more to kill Rilina.  Yazan orders his dudes to
  only attack the Lond Bel on Scirocco's orders.

  Oreana is worth an Anti-Beam Coating.  Garuda is worth a High-Power
  Targeting System.  Yazan is worth a Booster.  Gaudy is worth a Repair Kit

Tashiro thanks you for the help and laments how Rilina has fallen to the
Jupiterians.  Shiela blames it all on your lack of power, but Tashiro says
that the Jupiterians' victory isn't yet assured.  Time to hurry off and
rendezvous with the rest of your dudes.  Go to S56.

SB55. Chichi no Mune no Naka de Nake!  ("Cry Within Your Father's Breast")

Kentarou, at the Boazan Army's Scarlook, takes note of restlessness around him
which bespeaks a largescale operation.  Hainel appears and Kentarou asks 
where the ship is heading - to Mars to rendezvous with Helmoze and Raodekia's
forces.  Kentarou tells Hainel to stop aiding the Imperial forces if he wants
to free his planet, and reminds him that Zu Zanbajil views Hainel as nothing
more than a nuisance.  Hainel remarks that Kentarou's fearless way of 
addressing him is very similar to someone: Kentarou's son Ken'ichi.  Hainel
tells Kentarou that he duelled Ken'ichi, but tells him to relax and that
certain interference cancelled their duel.  He tells Ken'ichi that he feels
bound by fate to Ken'ichi and that he'll settle their duel for sure sooner or
later.  Since preparations for warp are underway, Hainel offers Ken'ichi one
last piece of sympathy in letting him view the mother planet he'll never
see again.  Kentarou reflects on how ironic Ken'ichi and Hainel's fight is,
even though that irony is lost on they themselves.

Abe informs Ere that the Goraon is now in orbit and will head to Konpei.  All
hands are put on level three alert as Misato frets over the giant Jupiterian
object beyond the Moon.  Maya is pretty sure it's not just a mobile fortress
from its appearance.  Ere can't feel any indication that it's a weapon, and
senses a great peace like a cradle from it.

Ippei says that the previous duel was a victory for the entire team, although
Hyouma notes that if Chizuru had had it together he wouldn't have lost.
She apologizes, and Ken'ichi asks why she looks so pale.  She claims it's
nothing.  Ryou then asks what the two V teams are doing together: training 
for high-speed combat to help fight off the Mobile Suits you all will be 
facing from now on.  Hyouma explains that since Mobile Suits are roughly 
half the size of the V's, it's that much harder to target them.  Thus, nifty
little drones are being used - Ippei points out that they've got it far better
than the Gunbuster, which is four times larger yet.  Noriko then pops up (doh!)
and requests of Ryou that he teach her how to use the tomahawk.  She wants
to make her Gunbuster every inch the super robot Getter is.

Noriko tries to use her tomahawk ("Gunbuster Tomahawk Boomerang") but Ryou
tells her she's not doing enough kiai.  Yelling moves is crucial to piloting
a super robot.  She says "Yes Coach, I mean Captain" and he tells her not to
say "Yes", but rather "Roger" or "Acknowledged!" [this is straight out of 
the TV ads for SRW, even with the same seiyuu].  The other Getter pilots
compliment Ryou on his teaching style, Benpei recalling Musashi training him
in the Dai-Setsu-Zan-Oroshi.  Hayato recommends that he teach Noriko some
baseball then, and he ponders teaching her about Home Runs...  Noriko then
manages to get the Buster Tomahawk Boomerang right and asks to be taught how
to do the Buster Home Run.  Ryou points out that she doesn't have a bat, but
she says that the Gunbuster does in fact have a bat inside its arm.  As
Benpei teaches her how to swing, Ryou wonders why the heck the Gunbuster 
comes equipped with a _bat_ in the first place.  Just then, the enemy strike.
It's the Boazan forces, attempting to leave the Earth.  This is your last
chance to save Ken'ichi's father.  Ken'ichi doesn't want to do this if it
burdens the Lond Bel, but everyone yells at him to go for it and that it's
no trouble to them at all.  What you'll have to do then is get the Voltes
into contact with the Scarlook.  Hainel is ready to settle the score, and
ignores Kentarou's plea to join the Earth side.  Kentarou has no choice but
to watch Hainel and the others fight right before his eyes.

  Jungle is worth an Apogee Motor.

  When you get the Voltes V next to Hainel's ship, he will fire an unblockable
  shot at you in the interest of settling your duel.  Hainel will ask why
  Ken'ichi won't fight back, and realizes that both he and his father retain
  the pride that the Imperial Army and Zanbajil have lost.  Hainel then leaves
  to rendezvous with the rest of the army, saying that before he does he'll
  thank you for eliminating the traitor Do-Zhul.  He returns Kentarou in a
  flying saucer, saying his debt to Ken'ichi is now void and that the next
  time they meet he really _will_ settle the score.  Suffice it to say that
  Kentarou is really happy to be back.

As the Voltes team congratulates its own on Kentarou's return, the other
pilots have mixed reactions: Hyouma doesn't remember his father but is happy
to see the reunion, as is Daisaku; Shinji wishes his father would greet him
like this some day.  At Ginrei's suggestion, everyone but Kentarou's children
withdraw.  Ken'ichi tells his father that he's got great companions and that
it's only thanks to them that he's been able to fight this far.  Before
their mother gets contacted, Kentarou tells Ken'ichi that he has to tell 
everyone something extremely important.

He first thanks everyone for helping his kids and apologizes for the work he
did at the behest of the enemy.  Ere says that's okay, but he continues
that he wasn't born on the Earth.  He says that his real name is Ra-Goal,
formerly the rightful heir of Boazan.  He explains that in Boazan those with
horns strictly dominate those without, and despite his royal blood he was
born without the horns.  His mother put fake horns on him when he was little,
but on his coronation day the truth got leaked...all due to Zu Zanbajil who
didn't want him on the throne.  After he got kicked out, he learned of the
freedom and equality so dear to the humans, and began a movement to liberate
Boazan.  Unfortunately, during the struggle the Ze-Balmariy Empire (aka the
Arrowgaters) invaded and took over in an instant.  His skills as a scientist
led to standing within the Ze-Balmariy, and he used his position to further
the cause of the resistance...but Zanbajil ended up prevailing and he
barely escaped Boazan with his life.  And he ended up on the third planet from
Sol.  He then met the mother of his children and assumed the name Kentarou.
And assisted Igor and the others prepare for the eventual Ze-Balmariy 
invasion.  This was why the Far East base was especially quick to combat the
aliens.  His "disappearance" was in fact his return to Boazan to help finish
the Ultramagnetic energy plans.  Too bad Zanbajil caught him again and sent
him to Hainel.  He asks forgiveness for keeping this truth hidden for so
long, and Ken'ichi says that wherever he was born he's still his father.
Of course, nobody else cares to criticize him either.  Ere tells him to get
some rest and that they'll talk more about the Empire later.

Kentarou then calls Ken'ichi aside to tell only him something he left out of
his previous statement.  He had a wife while he was still in good graces in
Boazan...and by her he had a son.  And yes, that son is Hainel.  It is
understandably hard for Ken'ichi to believe that Hainel is his half-brother.
Hainel was separated from Kentarou at an early age, so he doesn't know that
he is Kentarou's son.  Kentarou tells Ken'ichi that Hainel's true objective
is to free Boazan from the Ze-Balmariy, but at this rate he and Ken'ichi will
merely end up meeting as adversaries across a battlefield.  Ken'ichi asks
what his father is telling him to do, but Kentarou says that Ken'ichi is
already a grown man - and that as a warrior fighting to protect the Earth
as well as a link between Boazan and the Earth, he wants him to consider 
what to do from now on.

Abe the informs Ere of the broadcast from SD55.  The crew reaches the same
conclusions too.  Ere orders the Goraon at flank speed to Konpei to
rendezvous with the others.  The real fight starts here.  Go to S56.
S56. JION no Genshou  ("Jion's Mirage")

At B.F. HQ, Fitzcarraldo is conferring with Kawarazaki and Hanzui about
Koumei's latest operation.  Nobody can figure out what he's up to, but he's
been apparently assisting the Lond Bel, including sacrificing Cervantes,
plus letting Dr. Hell use B.F. robot construction facilities.  He asks if
the G.R. Project can continue under such circumstances - Kawarazaki agrees
and blames not getting G.R. back on Fitzcarraldo's blunder.  Moreover,
Albert the Impact is missing, and the rest of the Magnificent Ten have been
prohibited from acting by order of Big Fire.  The B.F. are as good as
catatonic at this rate.  Hanzui says that Koumei is Big Fire's direct
mouthpiece, and his will is that of Big Fire - or so they all have to believe
for now.  Koumei appears and says that that is correct - the G.R. project
has been the B.F.'s long-cherished prayer, and Big Fire's will.  Kawarazaki
isn't entirely buying this - he tells Koumei that his actions aren't profiting
the B.F.  Furthermore, with the Magnificent Ten on ice Seele is starting to
get bolder.  Koumei admits that they _have_ been recruiting the Titans and
constructing more Evangelions.  Plus, the Jupiterian/Arrowgater forces are
ready to deploy a giant mental weapon against the Earth - Fitzcarraldo demands
to know why Koumei isn't doing anything about the EVAs (B.F.'s most dangerous
enemy), not to mention the Angel Halo.  Koumei tells them that they're taking
things too quickly, and that as he said before everything is going according
to his plan.  Hanzui demands proof, and Koumei says that all things need
is tossing a stone into the waters of the appropriate moment.  All Koumei
is doing is watching over the ripples spreading across those waters - and
that things require a bit more time to ripen.  Hanzui asks if this is why
the Magnificent Ten have been grounded (no response), and points out that
Albert's actions were surely outside Koumei's plan.  Koumei then concedes to
show them one of the things that the ripples have produced: because of his
stone a certain person has exited the stage of history.  Who this is will
become clear shortly...

Ginrei and Isamu start discussing the massive confluence of all of your
units - which greatly overshadows the Federation fleet general muster.  Isamu
invites Ginrei to come with him to somewhere where they can watch the stars
together, but she points out that the Lond Bel's pilots have a briefing in
30 minutes.  She takes off, asking him to invite her again later.  After she
leaves, Shinji tells Isamu to give up because Ginrei's guard is so tight,
and tries to get Daisaku to back him up (Daisaku is clueless).  Isamu briefly
laments looking uncool in front of the kids and asks if they want to go have
tea.  Shinji points out that Isamu is talking to other guys, but Isamu
responds that there are times when it's good for the guys to go out for tea
too.  Daisaku asks if "those" times would be the times when one has just 
been dumped by a woman [maybe not _entirely_ clueless!]

Bright learns of the Granzon sending the Biston Well forces back.  Maybe 
Shiela and Ere's people ended up stranded on the Surface, but at least peace
has been restored.  Kentarou is introduced to all the captains and 
announces his Boazan blood.  He then tells them about the "Arrowgaters", who
are properly known as the Ze-Balmariy Empire.  They're a huge civilization
from the Perseus arm of the galaxy, centered around Balmar, whose entire
extent isn't clear to him.  Kentarou tells Bright that Helmoze and that 
Seventh Fleet are merely the tip of an incredibly huge iceberg.  Tashiro
isn't surprised, and Misato realizes that at the very minimum this means 
there are six other forces of comparable strength somewhere.  Kentarou says
that from his independent analysis the Ze-Balmariy Empire has over 20,000
years of history, over which it has enlarged by absorbing various other
cultures throughout the galaxy - hence the war against the Zentraedi.  Both
Boazan and Campbell are, like the Earth, victims of typical invasion from the 
Empire.  Kentarou describes the pattern: a planet is found, surveyed for
some years to determine the useful cultural and technological elements, and
only then is the invasion warpower summoned: this was what Ingram was doing.
The reason the Empire wants to absorb instead of kill people like the
Earthlings is the war against the Zentraedi/Meltrandi forces.  Who, via some
genetic engineering, are a warlike race utterly lacking in culture - meaning
they are totally devoid of constructive activity.  Their only purpose for
living is annihilation of enemy life forms.  It is believed that their 
enemy was determined at the point of the giants' creation, but due to some
kind of mishap they now regard all other intelligent life as their enemies.
This makes them much like the Space Monsters, and Kentarou believes the 
giants were originally intended to fight those very Space Monsters...  Anyway,
the fight between the giants and the Empire has spread throughout the 
galaxy and ensnared places like Boazan and the Earth.

In the last hundred years of the thousand year war the Empire has begun to
lose, which is where Raodekia's fleet comes in.  The Macross is a 100-year
old Imperial battleship, and Gloval wonders why it should be so important
to the Empire in its ancient state.  Indeed: why should the EOT in general
be so important to the Empire?  Kentarou speculates it's because of the
super-resource Ingram found in the Macross: the Tronium.  Looks like Shuu 
was right about how rare it is: Kentarou says that procuring the stuff should
be part of Raodekia's objective.  Basically, the Earth was screwed the
moment any Tronium ended up there, although that's not the Earth's only
value.  Earthlings have Newtypes, ESPers, and lots of other juicy dudes like
that among them.  Getting all those folks to help the Empire is presumably
why they helped sponsor the Angel Halo - that giant Psycommu that will rule
all humans' minds.  This gadget was judged necessary to bring cultural unity
to a planet that's always been disunified - Misato is forced to admit that
that is a pretty fast way to do so...  Basically, you'd better destroy the
Angel Halo fast if you don't want the Earth to become a bunch of zombie 
weapons for The Man.  Mind you, it'd be better to simply declare a cease-fire
with the Empire and concentrate on fighting off the giants, but God only
knows if the Empire will go for that.  The presence of the Angel Halo 
suggests strongly that they aren't in the mood to negotiate...

Focker announced your next objective: A Baoa Qu.  Your pilots immediately
object, saying that the Angel Halo will act in the meantime and leave you
defenseless.  Shinobu asks how non-Newtype dudes are supposed to fight it,
and Duo says that the Newtypes might be worst off in fact.  Burning yells
at them all to shut up, and Misato says it won't do to be shot by the colony
laser from behind while dealing with the Angel Halo.  The Yugo and Riga
Militia will try to supress the Angel Halo while you go after A Baoa Qu...
Hikaru is worried about splitting up after going to the trouble of gathering,
but Focker says it's inevitable.  Misato explains that for this operation
the Macross and Gran Garan will simultaneously attack two points: A Baoa Qu
and the colony laser.  The plan is to take over both.  Judou is opposed to
this: he's sure that hanging onto the laser will just mean more war.  Usso
agrees: he wants to destroy it to prevent any more evil uses in the future.
Usso is sure that the V2 Assault Buster Gundam could take even the colony
laser down.  Burning understands what the two of them are saying, but says
you're out of time and that you've got to use whatever you can.  Ryou tells
Judou that the meaning of weapons depends on their wielder: your group's
arsenal would be even _more_ dangerous than the colony laser if misused.
Judou can comprehend this, though he says that he's still personally opposed.
Burning says that's fine by him, since if you _can't_ capture the laser you'll
have to wreck it anyway.  The operation starts in two hours, and in honor
of seven years ago is now called Star #2.

Before launch, Amuro has something he wants to tell Quatro.  The Zabi House
will directly be the enemy in this mission: Amuro tells Quatro not to do
anything rash since he's no longer just a pilot.  Quatro says he's well
aware of his position, but that everything will begin once this battle is
over.  Amuro says that that's why all of your dudes are there, and not to
forget that.  Quatro agrees, saying he can't live in the past forever either.

Gremy tells Giren that, as expected, the SDF are headed his way.  Gremy 
says that energy is currently being loaded into the laser and it should be
in time to stop the SDF.  Ma-Kube's forces, strengthened by Dr. Hell's people,
are en route as backup, but there's one more ship than there should be with
an indecipherable IFF code.  Probably a machine of Dr. Hell's...  Gremy is
ordered to guard the laser with his Newtype force, and to put Queen Mansa in
the PsychoGundam Mk.II he got from the Titans.  Giren tells Gremy that their
next opponent after the SDF is the Angel Halo and the aliens.  They can't
afford to lose warpower or time here.  Gremy pledges to win for Jion and
for the Zabi House.

Giren addresses his forces, telling them they have toppled the Titans and
Federation forces.  The Arrowgaters and Jupiterians are the only real threat
left - the SDF and Lond Bel are nothing!  He disses them for not being able
to unite the Earth and declares that they won't leave A Baoa Qu alive.
Humanity has chosen Neo-Jion to lead, and by making it through this current
peril will live forever!  Jion has to rise again to put an end to internal
conflict and help humanity survive.  Sieg Jion, and junk.

As the endless dialog drones on, you learn that the laser will fire faster
than expected: in four turns.  Either take it over, or trash it.  Gremy
will tell Puru2 that her PsychoGundam will lead her to the enemy she needs
to defeat.  Judou in turn will promise Puru that he'll save Puru2.

  Gyunei is worth a Propellant Tank.  Rakan is worth a Hybrid Armor.

  If Amuro fights Gremy, Gremy will tell Amuro that there's no profit in
  fighting to protect the weak.  Amuro fires back that there's no way to
  save just the strong either - that's just egotism.  Gremy is worth a 
  Psychoframe.  Shalia is worth a Biosensor.

  On round 2.5 Dr. Hell shows up with Great Mazingers and Getter Dragons
  to settle the score.  Looks like the B.F. gave Dr. Hell the plans for
  Getter - a perfect enemy to take out Ryou and the crew.  Except Duo points
  out that they're no better than the Mobile Dolls - Ryou tells Dr. Hell
  that super robots only kick ass when they combine forces with the pilot.
  Dr. Hell says he's not aiding the aliens but that he can't pass up a 
  chance to get even with you.  Your dudes diss each other some more, and
  Dr. Hell says he's not worried about getting taken out by the colony laser
  since it's unconnected with his grudge.  Giren wonders what Ma-Kube is

  Have Judou Persuade Puru2.  She doesn't want to listen to soemone who's
  causing her unhappiness, but he asks her if she'd rather be Gremy's doll.

  Get one of your units to the colony laser within four turns for a Skill
  Point.  When you arrive there, a strange energy reading will come from
  inside it, and a very strange thing will emerge from within.  You can't
  tell what it is, but it's absorbed the energy from the laser.  Looks like
  this glowing beastie is Dr. Hell's countermeasure: the Pikadrone!  It
  grows as it absorbs energy.

  Once you kill enough of the enemy, Giren himself will pop out with his
  merry men.  He tells Char that Jion's ideals can't save humanity from the
  alien menace: no time is left to do anything but forcefully guide people
  to their rightful form.  Char says he's not that arrogant and merely wants
  to make a way for Newtypes to be born as Newtypes.  Giren blasts Char for
  his parentage, and Char says his parents don't matter - what matters is
  that he as Quatro will dispell the illusion of Jion here and now!  When
  Char attacks Giren, Giren says it's impossible for a single Newtype to
  turn the tide of battle, and Quatro tells him he should have learned
  otherwise 7 years ago.  Giren says Newtypes make great weapons, especially
  during times like these - but that he'll get rid of all the fools on Earth
  before all humanity evolves into Newtypes.  The last seven years are
  testament to humanity approaching its limits.  Quatro says people should
  just go with the Flow, which is why he'll take out Giren.

  Rezun is worth a Repair Kit.  Dr. Hell is worth an Ultra-Alloy nu-Z.  
  Brocken is worth an Ultra-Alloy Z.

  Giren is worth a Megabooster.  Killing him will cause Kishiria to pop out
  and berate Giren for a) killing her father Dekin 7 years ago, b) trying the 
  same on her, and c) being a lame dude in the face of the Lond Bel.  Ma-Kube
  recons that Giren has died in battle and tells Kishiria that she's in
  command now.  She opens a channel to you.  Quatro is very surprised to hear
  she's still alive.  She requests a cease-fire based on the Antarctic Treaty.
  She says that the one who sowed conflict was Giren, and that she is well
  aware of the state of the world.  Brocken knows that Giren and she were
  siblings, and wonders if she can be trusted.  Her conditions are to have
  those she indicates come to her ship to sign the treaty, in return for which
  she'll immediately halt all operations of war and depart from this airspace.
  Of course, everyone on her side who doesn't obey will be branded as traitors,
  and your people are welcome to fire upon them.  You can accept or turn
  this down.  You can accept the treaty and earn _FIVE_SKILL_POINTS_, or
  be a dumbass and turn it down.  Assuming you do the former, the bridge
  bunnies protest making a treaty with those Jionian dudes.  Gloval reminds
  them that as they speak the Angel Halo is preparing to fire.  At this 
  point, all avoidable battles should be avoided.  Misa agrees, and Gloval
  comments that fighting isn't everything for you all.  Your pilots then
  demand to know what you've been fighting for all this time, and what about
  all your fallen comrades?  After all, Jion are the ones who invaded first.
  Gloval says that while he understands this, you all can't afford to be
  late stopping the Angel Halo and allow even more people to be sacrificed.
  You agree and say that the enemies you _should_ be fighting are elsewhere.
  Gloval asks everyone to understand, and Shiela notes anew that it's a
  mistake to spread conflict frivolously.  She selects Char, who Gloval says
  he wants to entrust the negotiations to.  Char is certain this is his
  rightful role.

  ALTERNATELY, if you don't kill Giren that fast, they'll still
  pop out and get questioned by Giren where they were all this time.  She
  was on Earth.  Giren explains how her father was sunk for going too far
  ahead of the pack.  Kishiria is suspicious, but Giren assures her he wouldn't
  hang her father out to dry.  She isn't buying that.  Kishiria is worth a

If you took the treaty, Kishiria will note that Char is the spitting image of
his father.  She says she hadn't noticed, since the difference between Kasbar
Daikun and Char Aznable is so large.  Quatro says that although he knew this
time would come someday, he's still nervous.  So is she - she had to laugh
when she found out who he really is.  This would be because she was the one
who played with Quatro when he was, oh, four years old.  To think that that
four year old boy was _that_ Char and _that_ Quatro was too cute for her to
get angry with.  She asks to hear his true feeling before signing the treaty:
what Char (not Kasbar) is after now that the Zabi House is out of the picture.
He says he's been drifting for seven years, or as Kishiria would put it
drifting without a sense of accomplishment ever since his revenge.  But he
figured it out, and started laughing at himself.  Kishiria has heard that
her father was in the same boat.  Quatro says that if there is paradigm
shift and the age of Newtypes arrives, as his father said, he wants to see it
with his own eyes.  For that purpose, events mustn't be led in the wrong
direction - that's his true reason for leaving Neo-Jion and joining the Yugo
and Lond Bel.  She tells him that he's not the only one who's changed in
these past seven years, but that she has no intention of casting away her
own will.  Quatro is alarmed, but she tells him to relax and that she knows
what time it is now.  She is sorry that she doesn't have enough fleet 
strength left to take over Axis where Hamarn is - at the very least her 
people can conspire against the Arrowgaters/Jupiterians and not be _your_
enemy.  Quatro expresses his gratitude, and Kishiria asks one final thing:
does he have any ambition to become the commander of Neo-Jion and stand up
for the liberation of the Spacenoids?  He says that if humanity can win
through the current danger and forge for itself a new age, people like him
should become unnecessary.  He tells him in that case he may go, and if
humanity has a future he'll see her again.

After the battle, Bright is feeling a bit lonely now that his enemy of 
seven years is gone.  But the real fight against the Arrowgaters and 
Jupiterians begins now.  A survey of the inside of A Baoa Qu reports no
abnormalities, and lots of useful goodies.  You hear that in 30 minutes the
SDF will start heading for the Angel Halo.  You head off in that direction
too.  If you rescued Puru2 by blowing up the PsychoGundam and all, Ritsuko
will tell you that her life has been saved.  It seems she's been filled full
of lots of enhancing drugs, and neutralizing them was quite tough.  Shou
wonders what they thought humans are, and Ritsuko says "guinea pigs".  So
saying, she leaves your dudes to ponder the fact that there seems to be more
shadows to her than before.  Puru2 wakes up and is told she's been saved.
She wonders what to do now that she's all alone, and Puru tells her she can
stay here with Judou and everybody.  She wonders for what she's been fighting
until now, and Judou tells her to concentrate on the future instead of the
past.  She utters a tenative thank you.

Scirocco's ship nears the Angel Halo, with no sign of the Campbell or Boazan
forces.  He thinks they maybe met with Helmoze already due to the 
unfavorable appearance of the Zentraedi.  Yazan doesn't like what he can
see of the Angel Halo, feeling an indefinable power from it and _greatly_
disliking winning the battle by controlling people's hearts.  Scirocco tells
him that strength alone doesn't win battles and that Yazan only came this
far to the Jupiterians because he felt that such was necessary.  He tells
Yazan that feeling that way has let him achieve his potential.  Yazan tells
Scirocco he's a funny guy, and Sara marvels at how readily Scirocco befriended
him.  Scirocco tells Sara to send Rilina and he to the Angel Halo.  She
wants to come along too, but he tells her to stay and avoid Kagachi and
Tashiro's treachery.

Kagachi berates Scirocco for being late - he offers the excuse that he was
buying time for the Halo's activation.  Kagachi wasn't totally impressed by
Scirocco's broadcast, and Yuuzes inquires if Rilina is the Earth's new symbol.
Scirocco is visibly surprised that Yuuzes is here - Yuuzes tells him he
doesn't trust Scirocco enough to give him full control over the Angel Halo.
Yuuzes introduces himself to Rilina, who can tell he's top Imperial brass.
Yuuzes comments that she has an unusually pure mind for a human: quite good
to substitute for the mental stabilization of Maria and Shakti.  Scirocco
asks what happen to the Boazan and Campbell forces and is told it's none of
his business.  The Angel Halo is powering up now, so all that's left is to
fire it and see what it does to the targets.  Which are currently set as
the residents of Side 3.  Kagachi tells Rilina that she's about to witness
something mankind has never accomplished: total unification.  In fact, her
Absolute Pacifism will become reality once the Angel Halo is online.  She
protests, but Yuuzes tells her that if the Empire wanted all the humans dead
it would be trivial...but they want to use the humans as superb weapons 
instead.  Rilina says the SDF and the Lond Bel won't permit that, but Yuuzes
says that they're merely the best weapons among the humans: having won
through all the battles the Empire has arranged.  How many people have the
aliens sacrificed for these trials?  Well, Yuuzes doesn't intend to lose
any more - and even your psychic dudes are nothing compared to his 30,000
Psychicers.  No place for anyone to run...  Go to S57.

S57. Tenshi no Wa no Ue de  ("Above the Angel's Halo")

Well, you can finally see what this "Angel Halo" thing is supposed to look 
like.  Fara is smirking about how she can hear the flapping of your people's
wings drawing near.  Tashiro tells her not to get carried away, but she's
very happy that your people took out the Neo-Jion for them.  Tashiro says
he's heard about the Newtypes already, and that there's an unidentified
power greater than the Angel Halo he feels from within the Lond Bel.  Fara
claims that _she's_ more powerful than it is, and that she'll fix it so
that Tashiro can rule the Jupiterians.  He's not satisfied with that, saying
he needs to have something done about Yuuzes too.  She says not to worry
him, since he seems to busy in other areas to have it out with them.  She
tells Tashiro that there may be a hint to what he's doing in his travel to
Earth.  Tashiro wonders why he'd do that if he was here to keep an eye on
them, and Kagachi orders the Angel Halo to be tested: in fifteen minutes
it will fire on Side 3.  Scirocco figures he'll see how useful this ring of
Kagachi's will be.  Maria tells her people that this is still a test, and to
gently let their prayers waft to the four winds.  She tells all her chosen
Psychicers to spread their prayers abroad to all the poor people: after 
personal feelings are cast away all that will remain is tranquility and a
peace like unto sleep.  Which, is what is going to befall Side 3 - at least
unless the Lond Bel lays the smack down first.

Way over at A Baoa Qu, all your psychic dudes sense the psych of a person,
except vastly too great.  It is large, peaceful, and seemingly devoid of
animosity.  The Angel Halo is clearly the only thing capable of projecting
such a thing - but what's puzzling is how it seems to be trying to put
everyone to sleep.  Amuro points out that if the goal is to rule everyone,
doing it with peacefulness would be less likely to be resisted than doing it
with a more violent emotion.  In fact, this level of peacefulness is quite
creepy, especially coming from the enemy - how do you fight someone projecting
this sort of thing?  Plus, who's in charge of it all?  Usso begins to get
an idea...

A transmission from the Lean Horse Jr. reaches the Exelion: it's the Riga
Militia's leader Gene Jahanam.  He says that something very strange is
happening on Side 3 - various municipal functions have plummeted and no sign
is evident of trying to fix them.  It's the Angel Halo, and attacking it
now would be quite dangerous.  All the ships plan to rendezvous and work on
plans...  Indeed, the roughly 200 million residents of Side 3 have 
experienced some sort of sleeping phenomenon and "regression" due to the
Angel Halo, meaning they've been mentally returned to childhood.  This is
beyond what anyone could have believed.  Gloval comments that putting all
those people to sleep and letting them just wait there to die is in a certain
sense far crueler than a colony drop.  This is however inline with the 
ultimate doctrines of Maria-ism...likely the Jupiterians are behind all this.
Ere has reached the same conclusion about the terror of this gentle weapon
as Amuro&co.  What sucks worst of all is that you're not dealing with Sleeping
Beauty syndrome here - the sleepers are _permanently_ like that.  And if the
Angel Halo were to go to Earth... the very cells of all creatures of there
could be forced to regress, producing rapid aging and death everywhere:
giving Jupiterians absolute control over the life or death of everything
in the biosphere.  HOWEVER, it's known that the Arrowgaters want to absorb
the Earth Sphere's inhabitants into their own army, making the little
demonstration you just saw very irregular.  Well, if it can cause regression,
it should _certainly_ be possible for the Angel Halo to dominate everyone's
will.  Your people wonder some more how to fight this menace, and Shiela
points out that Shuu seemed to know a lot about it the last time he met you
all.  Gloval recalls that the Angel Halo was built based on plans DC's
founder Vian Zoldark drafted, and his former right hand Shuu just might have
an idea...  Tashiro asks to contact him on the double, but Shuu pops up
right then and says that won't be necessary.  He's just arrived in the Granzon
in the wake of the Side 3 catastrophe, at the behest of the inventor of the
T-Link System (Prof. Kobayashi) to tell you how to shoot down the Angel
Halo.  "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth", and a psychic weapon for
a psychic weapon: the plan is for _you_ to fire a psychic weapon and
neutralize the Halo.  The captains are understandably skeptical in light of
what just occured, but Shuu says the issue isn't one of numbers, but of net
power.  And lucky for you all, _you_ and Ryuusei have the requisite amount
of power.  Shuu says that by turning off the limiters on your T-Link Systems,
your true power can manifest and oppose the Angel Halo.  The chances of
success are unknown, and Shuu has a plan to help heighten them, but...  The
Riga's leader is opposed to entrusting the fate of the Earth to only two
people, but Tashiro says that if you can't fight the Angel Halo it'll amount
to the same thing anyway.  Tashiro tells Shuu to begin preparations right
away, while Hangelg (Gene's real name) is to work on plans for infiltrating
the Angel Halo.  With all the aliens and such, the Earth has neither time
nor anywhere to order to win through to the future under your own
will, you can't afford to lose here.

Karuru is crying a _lot_, and attempts to placate her aren't going all that
well.  As the kids quarrel over how to placate her, Wolen tells Usso that
Karuru started crying ever since coming into this area of space...ALMOST as
though she's AFRAID OF SOMETHING [-_-;;;].  Katre then breaks the news of
Side 3's demise to Monsha, who starts bitching at Ryuusei to do something
with those psychic powers of his.  Ryuusei angsts about how he can't do
anything and Monsha says he was just joking.  Suddenly, Karuru stops crying,
and stands up for the first time, saying "Shakti".  Usso realizes quickly
that Karuru senses Shakti's presence on the Angel Halo.  Rai then comes
to fetch Ryuusei, who wonders how Shuu got here so fast.

Ryuusei plainly doesn't think just he and you can oppose the 30,000 
Psychicers, but Shuu tells him Akira, Aya, and your SO will be helping
too.  Well, you're up to five now and no closer to seeing how you can stop
it.  Shuu explains that the Angel Halo is fundamentally a T-Link Radar based
on the plans that Kobayashi and Vian made: in short, a giant T-Link System.
The plan is to use _your_ T-Link Systems to counter this, but Ryuusei is
still worried about the difference in the number of people.  Shuu says that
this is up to you two, but that if you can unleash your full power as
Psychodrivers it will be quite possible to oppose all those Psychicers.  Shuu
asks what it'll be, since if you're not confident other plans can always be
tried - and there's no reason to stress since the chances of success are
low anyway.  Akira thinks that Shuu is talking as though the success or
failure of this operation don't matter.  You can either accept or decline.

  Accepting is worth 2 Skill Points.

Assuming you accept, you say that this was why you were chosen for the SRX
Project in the first place.  You aren't really confident, but are willing to
put it on the line for everyone's sake.  Ryuusei is in too out of not 
wanting to be dominated by the Jupiterians.  The other three are in too.

During the briefing, Amuro says that the first thing likely to happen is a
psychic attack, during which the enemy won't seriously attack via conventional
means.  This would be to avoid their pilots getting hit too, although they
probably have some sort of unmanned system ready for the occasion too.  As
Shuu begins to explain the actual countermeasures for the Halo, Masaki
wonders when the hell he showed up.  The T-Link equipped machines will go
with the Goraon to the front lines, to benefit from Ere's spiritual powers
and the Goraon's quasi-Aura Power generator.  And there Ryuusei and you will
neutralize the psychic weapon...again, the chances of this working are
unknown.  Should things fail, you probably won't regress but probably will
be the enemy's marionettes.  If you succeed, the rest of the crew will 
break into and destroy the Angel Halo.  All that's necessary is to wreck the
Key Room, where the 30,000 Psychicers are controlled from.  There is where
the best Psychicer should be: Queen Maria.  Usso wonders what to do if
Shakti is there too.  Shinobu asks if it wouldn't be less trouble to just
blow up the whole Angel Halo, but Amuro says he wants to avoid sacrificing
the Psychicers if at all possible.  Shinobu points out that those Psychicers
have already taken out 200 million people, and Burning says that of course
if worse comes to worse permission is granted to wreck the whole thing.
Amuro says he understands Shinobu's point, but that he wants to avoid any
_further_ sacrifices if at all the fact that it's _positively_
easier to take out a small part of the Angel Halo than to take out the whole
thing.  You'll only have a limited time of neutrality, so you'd better 
hurry.  Shinobu says that you're counting on fate even more than usual
this time, and counting on Ryuusei and you alone just doesn't sit well with

Usso meets Hangelg (his father).  Hangelg praises Usso for his deeds, and
tells Usso that he is capable of taking out the Angel Halo's core.  Usso
asks if that's all his father wants to talk about after being apart for so
long.  Both his mother and father are totally different from when they all
lived in Kasaleria.  Hangelg says that your situation is still your situation
and that he's the commander of the Riga before he's Usso's father.  Usso
yells back that Shakti might be in the core but his father doesn't care.
Hangelg then hears the tale of Shakti's abduction from Usso, and Usso says
that whatever his father may say he'll rescue Shakti.  That's presumably
what his father and mother raised him for.

Masaki runs into Shuu and tells him to wait the fuck up, and gets reprimanded
by Shuu for his usual vulgarity.  Masaki asks why Shuu is helping the Lond
Bel now and back with the Drake Army teleportation thing.  What the fuck is
he scheming?  Shuu asks if asking this question is why Masaki has come all
this way after him, and Masaki responds "damn straight!"  He blames the
destruction of Langran's capital city on Shuu, but Shuu has told him before
that that wasn't his fault.  He asks Masaki if truth is more important than
fact to him, and Masaki recalls that back then Shuu said he had something to
accomplish on the Surface.  Was he referring to what he's doing now?  Shuu
reminds Masaki that he has no intention of fighting him now, and that he 
doesn't like the idea of spreading Ra-Gias's conflicts to the Surface.  He
offers to fight Masaki after this war is over if he still insists on fighting.
However, Shuu tells him that the Psybuster's power should be used to save
humanity.  Masaki can't believe he'd say that, and asks if Shuu expects him
to believe that saving humanity is why Shuu is helping the Lond Bel now.
Masaki doesn't buy that, saying it shouldn't matter to Shuu what happens to
the Earth or to Ra-Gias.  Shuu agrees that that nothing particular would
happen to one world if the other were to be destroyed, but that he can't
let the people pulling the strings behind the Angel Halo slide.  This 
surprises Masaki, and Shuu cautions that the Lond Bel's true enemy will
require both the Psybuster and the Granzon to defeat.  That enemy being
Yuuzes Gottso - he tells Masaki to be very careful when he meets him.

Tashiro is very disappointed to see only one Lond Bel ship and thinks he's
been underestimated.  Fara is sure the others are close, and Kagachi
recognizes the Granzon...he's very surprised that Shuu would take action
himself.  Ryuusei apologizes to Rai for getting him mixed up in this, but
Rai says he's been prepared for such thing since he met Ryuusei.  The SRX
combines, and all is in readiness.  You think to yourself that if you fail
now all your efforts to date will be for naught.  "Do, or not do, there is
no try."  Shuu tells everyone to calm their spirits as the most effective
way to fight the psychic weapon.  Rai realizes that a neutral heart is most
effective in every situation.  Kagachi wonders if Shuu has a counterplan for
the Angel Halo, but orders it fired anyway.  Maria tells the strong ones on
the battlefield to forget that field, and cease the struggle amidst all-
encompassing peace.  She says that what's most important for people to
live is to do peaceful deed after peaceful deed.  She tells the deeply
sinful ones that false hearts won't work on her.  Akira worries that this is
too strong, but Ryuusei says he'll be damned rather than listen to her: 
_she_ is the deeply sinful one.  Does she know what's happened to all those
on Side 3?  Rai cautions Ryuusei to maintain calm, since if he reacts too
strongly he'll be swept away.  The psychic wave is getting stronger but
hasn't affected the ship yet, looks like _some_ neutralization is occurring.
Time to begin the attack.  The enemy is quite shocked, and Scirocco figures
things were mostly hopeless anyway - although it might just be that your
side is stronger.  You now have to hurry to take out the Key Room.  Usso
wants to save Shakti before the Key Room is wrecked, and Hiiro wants to
find Rilina and Zechs aboard the Angel Halo.  Tashiro is pissed to see the
White Winged Gundams still floowing him around, and Katejina vows to take
out Usso.

  On round 1.5, it's discovered that the T-Link System is doing more than it
  needs to to neutralize the psychic wave - Shuu thinks this is unavoidable
  given what it was originally built for.  He tells Chika that they may have
  to use "it"; Chika warns him that that is their trump card and that it
  might cause the Psybuster to go into true Possession if they're not
  careful.  Shuu says he'll only use less than half power.  You then hear
  the sound of bells and your dudes warn each other not to be led astray.
  Kagachi gets impatient and adds Shakti to the mix, and Usso declares that
  he's going to save her no matter what.  Amuro says there's no time, but
  Judou says that he'll help out in order to minimize victims even more.
  Everyone starts to agree, and Focker says that if you can't save two 
  women you're all not worthy of the Lond Bel's reputation.  Amuro relents,
  and your goal is now to infiltrate the center of the Angel Halo and save
  the two queens.  Shakti sees the white-winged Gundam Usso is in coming for
  her, and allows herself to be led to the Key Room to pray.  Kagachi tells
  her that her and her mother's prayers will be expanded there, and all
  enemies will lose their animosity.

  Kagachi claims that this will unify humanity against the STMC and that that
  is what the SDF want too.  Shakti has heard from Rilina that her mothers'
  prayers were fired at Side 3 - Kagachi tells her that all the people there
  are at peace and there's no problem.  Shakti doesn't entirely buy this, 
  but Kagachi tells her an old man like him doesn't need power, merely 
  peace.  She's heard enough of that rhetoric, and agrees to pray with her
  mother...  Kagachi then tells her of the wall your dudes are projected and
  tells Shakti to focus the psychic wave on them, which will end the battle
  sooner.  Shakti asks the Psychicers to lend her strength, to banish 
  hatred from this battlefield and stop needless killing.  Shakti too begins
  spouting stuff about there being no need to be within the fear and hatred
  of battle as the psychic wave intensifies.  Kagachi thinks he's succeeded
  in making a new humanity, and says that all the old humans can just die
  facing the STMC.  The Angel Halo shall be the ark that carries the new
  humanity into the future.  The Jupiterians now begin their attack in

  On round 2.0 Maria babbles more about needing to show those who would 
  resist them the true terror of the battlefield and thus make them properly
  fearful.  She tells her troops to make your dudes afraid and therefore
  remove their fighting instincts.  This starts working on Aya, who starts
  asking her father why she has to pilot the R-3 - to get revenge for Mai's
  death?  Your SO then starts talking to himself about how Ingram told
  him he would have to die in order to fully awaken your Psychodriver powers.
  Your people's psych is beginning to invert, raising the danger of 
  mental pollution.  Maria keeps up the assault, telling her people to 
  bathe yours in sorrow and loathing, to plunge those with strong hearts into
  the depths.  If people won't forget the instincts from the primeval days,
  let them sink into a life of washing blood with blood, since beasts know
  no good or evil.  She commands them to drown your people with emotion.
  Ryuusei asks all the T-Link connectors to be connected to him.  Rai 
  worries about what that will do to him, but Ryuusei says that at this 
  rate Aya and your SO will lose - he thinks he can go on.  Rai does it,
  and Ryuusei tells you and Akira to take care of the rest.  Ryuusei then
  loses superficial consciousness, though he's still fighting subconsciously.

  On round 2.5, Shakti will repeat her chant of "calm down".  Akira is about
  at his limit, and you tell Shakti to listen to you.  What she's saying
  isn't wrong, but it isn't a prayer that should be uttered now.  Shakti
  continues telling her "chosen" to quell all the fighting in the area:
  if everyone wishes their will can become a power to stop conflict.  You
  ask what kind of prayers for peace destroy all the people of Side 3.
  Shakti finally recognizes you, and you tell her that the Jupiterians are
  trying to take out every human other than themselves - how could such
  people possibly craft a future for the Earth Sphere.  You tell Maria and
  Shakti that they're just being used and to open their eyes.  The purer
  their prayers are, the more terrifying the Angel Halo becomes: do they
  really want a future with no individuality?  Just then, the enemy's psych
  begins to be reversed: looks like you alone are turning back the force
  of those 30,000 Psychicers!  Maria admits that she had become conceited in
  believing that her prayers could reach the people via the Angel Halo.  But
  this only partially worked and produced such dreadful results - and she's
  become too much of an adult and thus invited this calamity.  All these
  prayers for peace are just fake and this plan is just evil intentioned.
  Kagachi demands to know why the plan he sold his very soul to the 
  Jupiterians for is evil-intentioned.  Maria tells all the Psychicers to
  stop and go with the Flow for a while.  The psychic wave is now gone, and
  Shuu is impressed you could pull this off without activating the Uranus
  System.  You may in fact be a true Psychodriver after all.  Ryuusei comes
  back online as do your other dudes.  Tashiro figures that this is the
  best old men could come up with, but he has another use for the Angel Halo.
  Time for an all out conflict. 

  Killing one of the battleships will cause additional enemies to appear
  near the Halo.

  Iku is worth a Propellant Tank.  Fara is worth a High Powered Radar. 
  Tashiro is worth an I-Field Generator.  Chronokul is worth an Apogee Motor.
  If he fights Usso, he'll say that he won't let a kid like Usso interfere
  with his plans [yeah wrong].

  If Rupe fights Usso, she'll tell him that she loves boys who are trying
  their hardest - that such purified boys are a dream of hers.  He tells
  her that that's just delusion, that he can't become her dream - he's
  nobody's tool.  If she wants kids, she should give birth to them herself!

  If Katejina fights Usso, she says she'll wipe out all children who think
  they're wielding the truth.  He fires back that he doesn't have enough
  free time to worry about her and she figures that he wants to save Shakti.
  She can't stand kids with such stolid beliefs.  He asks her if she
  understands what she's doing: helping the Jupiterians slaughter the
  colonists.  She tells him he wouldn't understand the cool 3133t ashes-to-
  ashes-dust-to-dust operation she's part of, or Maria's great and noble heart.
  Usso informs her that she and her people are merely manipulating Maria and
  Shakti, and she asks what's wrong with exterminating foolish humans for
  the sake of the Earth Sphere's future.  Usso then says he could never love
  someone who says such things.  She tells him to try to kill her then, which
  he calls patently unfair.  He then pleads with her to just disappear.

  Getting either Hiiro or Usso to the Angel Halo is worth a Skill Point.

  Supposedly beating the Jupiterians is worth 2 Skill Points.

If you get Usso to the center of the Angel Halo, he says he can feel Shakti
right across the wall.  Abe will pass along the info that Usso (or Hiiro) is
inside, and Ere tells everyone to guard their escape route.  Usso asks
Hiiro if this is really the right route to get to Shakti, and Hiiro remarks
that he got his hands on the plans back at Jupiter.  He has Usso use his
Haro to calculate the diffs from the plans and figure out where Rilina is
being held.  Just then the Angel Halo starts moving, and your dudes run
into Kagachi.  He asks how children could get in here, and Usso states that
it's precisely because they're children that they could.  This comes as news
to Kagachi, and Usso accuses Kagachi of having Shakti in the middle of the
Angel Halo because she too is a child.  Hiiro tells him if he gets closer
he'll shoot *kablam*.  Usso says that living beings can surpass their parents,
since parents are things which give birth and then die.  Usso yells that
Kagachi's plan was doomed from the outset because it lost sight of this
fundamental truth.  Kagachi shoots back that it is the ever-expanding 
human race which has trampled this truth, and that such humanity deserves to
disappear.  Hiiro says that it's not Kagachi's place to determine that, and
Usso isn't having at all the idea that all humanity would be wiped out due
to one old man's swelled head.  Kagachi says that everyone is awaiting 
death anyway at this rate - if his people can give you trouble there's no
way you can beat the three groups of aliens.  Usso vows to find a new way to
do so, plus take Rilina and Shakti away from here, and Kagachi says that such
self-righteousness is what has lead mankind astray.  Usso replies that even
if his people can't do it, the next world will.  As Usso and Hiiro 
run off, Kagachi notes that he couldn't turn off the power to the capsules
the Psychicers are in - the Angel Halo is not yet dead.

Just then, a great explosion rings out: the Crossgate Drive is active.  It
looks like Yuuzes rigged the thing to activate automatically.  Hiiro then
runs into Treize, who tells your people that Shakti and Rilina aren't here
any more because they have a role they must yet fill.  Treize notes that Usso
was probably planning on just carrying the core of the Angel Halo, Maria and
Shakti, away - but that would prove quite deleterious to all 30,000 Psychicers
who are in a coma-like state.  The Angel Halo has merely gone dormant...and
it's headed toward the Earth at this very moment.  In a short amount of 
time the psychic weapon will fire again, and if nobody is there to guide it,
the whole gigantic Psycommu will go berserk.  Does this mean your dudes had
it wrong?  Treize tells you that Shakti and Maria are staying in the Key
Room to stop the rampage, and that if you care about them you should leave
now.  The Jupiterians are still active, and behind them the Arrowgaters:
events are now such that just destroying the Angel Halo won't end it.  Plus,
this battle will surely cause Hamarn to move once she learns of what happened
to the Jupiterians.  Hiiro asks Treize what Rilina's role is - Treize replies
that the stage upon which Rilina must stand is still being built, and that
she must remain queen of the Jupiterians for the time being.  In short, a
final discrimination is necessary.  There is a gunshot, and Treize tells
your dudes to withdraw - your battle is already about to enter a new phase.
With the Angel Halo about to use Crossgate Drive, if you don't leave _now_
you'll pretty soon be stranded all alone among the enemy.  Treize explains
what Crossgate Drive is, and Usso wants to know why he's telling you.  Hiiro
tells him to come on, and that now is not the time to settle the score.
Treize tells Hiiro he's made the right choice and looks forward to their
next battle.

Looks like the Angel Halo has defolded above the Earth - though it's 
motionless now the fall to Earth is just a matter of time.  Your dudes are
hurrying toward the scene, but nobody thought it would Fold again when it
was so close to the Earth already.  At least the neutralization operation
prevented the psychic weapon from being fired...for now.  Tashiro contacts
Gloval and tells him that the remains of Neo-Jion are rallying at Axis.
Hamarn used the time while you were fighting A Baoa Qu and the Angel Halo to
muster her own forces.  Looks like you're trapped between the Angel Halo and
Axis.  Time for your dudes to meet up and quickly figure out what to do.

Misato is explaining where the Halo is, and points out that while its
ultimate objective was to fall to Earth all along, the timing is very odd.
It ought to have Folded as soon as you started attacking it...and according
to Usso the Jupiterians didn't expect it either.  So the Arrowgaters are
clearly behind it.  Of course the Angel Halo doesn't work right now, so what
profit is there in sending it to Earth...unless it has another capability
you don't know about.  Tashiro says there's no time for philosophy: time to
split into two and attack your two enemies.  The Macross and Gran Garan will
follow the Angel Halo and stop its descent to Earth.  The Exelion and Ral
Kairam will head to Axis and attack Hamarn's forces.  She then announces
the unit composition: you can go with either team.  To go to Axis, go to SA58.
To go after the Angel Halo, go to SH58.

SA58. Kami no Kuni e no Yuuwaku ("Lure to the Country of God")

At Helmoze, Raodekia is learning that Kagachi's plan failed and the psychic
wave was defeated by your ESPers.  Raodekia wonders if this means that the
Psychodrivers Rebi and Yuuzes reported about have awakened, and Scirocco
tells him that the Angel Halo has now shifted to above the Earth's satellite
orbits.  Kagachi is now trying to regroup - and Raodekia asks him what he
and Yuuzes were doing at the time.  Scirocco explains that he left the battle
in order to counter Hamarn's Axis forces, and that Yuuzes seemingly headed
alone to the Earth without participating at all.  Raodekia figures Yuuzes has
some reason of his own, and the Angel Halo's fall is all part of his plan.
Scirocco is a bit startled that Yuuzes would have planned something like
this - wasn't it the Ze-Balmariy Empire's will to unify the humans with it?
He muses with some irritation that something weird has been happening lately,
since the main forces aren't acting despite the Earth's increasing unification:
sending the Helmoze would have been much more effective than the Angel Halo
anyway.  Scirocco asks Raodekia how the battle with the Zentraedi is going -
the fleet is going to muster at Jupiter and commence total war.  Raodekia
tells Scirocco to meet up with Yuuzes and follow his orders: Rebi, Viletta,
and Shapiro are to be sent as reinforcements for him.  He tells Scirocco that
the day of reckoning with the Zentraedi and Meltrandi is near - all the
Earth's warpower must be fused to his.  Well, it's Yuuzes who will do that
unifying, but...  Raodekia then gives the orders to dispatch to Viletta, 
along with a special order for her alone to take out Ingram who is rebelling
against him.  She should be most suited for the task since she acts by 
Ingram's side - she realizes that Raodekia is suspicious with her 
relationship with Ingram.  He gives her the Antinora and tells her to shoot
him down with it.

Rebi meanwhile is inside her memories.  It's dark and cold there - she 
recalls Yuuzes telling her back when that she may call herself Rebi Torah,
explaining that in her mother planet's language it means "priest" [actually,
closer to "teacher"] and "Divine Law".  Plus, those words have roughly the same
meaning on Yuuzes's home planet Balmar.  He then gives her the Judekka, a
mobile weapon built from special metallic cells called Zfield Crystals, which
are autonomous and self-aware.  He tells her she was chosen to pilot it, since
a special quality is required to pilot it - and that the Judekka would destroy
the mind of anyone without it.  In fact, many people have already been
sacrificed trying to find a pilot - which is why Yuuzes called Rebi forth from
eternal hell.  Actually, she was just in cold sleep - and he tells her to get
in and be the Savior of the Empire.  She wonders if those sacrificed before her
linger inside the Judekka as ghosts, cursing her.  Well, it's all for the sake
of Yuuzes and Raodekia, and saving the Empire from the Zentraedi and Meltrandi.
Just then, she starts hearing a song - a song she thinks she's heard before...

Well, the Angel Halo and Jupiterian forces have started the descent to
Earth, headed for the Sea of Japan.  The Macross taskforce is after it
already; the vice-captain wonders if it is trying to take over all the EOT
institutions in the area.  Oota and Tashiro doubt it since it was the 
Arrowgaters who gave the Earth the EOT in the first place.  But what are
they trying to do with the Angel Halo now that it's offline?  Well, best to
let the Macross worry about it and press on to Axis, which is currently
seemingly dormant.  More likely they're waiting for you to come to them...

Rebi meets Scirocco, who tells her Yuuzes is on the Earth perhaps to act
alongside the Angel Halo.  Shapiro sees some sort of chance in Yuuzes's
absence.  Scirocco tells Rebi of the Lond Bel's bifurcation, and Rebi notes
that Ryuusei and you seem to have to headed toward Axis.  She's here to 
kill you two, so she announces her intent to head toward Axis and tells
Scirocco to await Yuuzes here.  Shapiro then jumps in and asks to be 
entrusted with your dudes' disposal, and he has a plan aimed at your weak
points.  Rebi ponders a bit and leaves it up to him.  Viletta then announces
her intent to accompany Shapiro - he's not happy but doesn't voice an
objection.  He figures that it might make Yuuzes careless...

Shinobu is telling Masaki that Shuu hasn't been seen since the Angel Halo
battle.  The Granzon is gone too.  Kuro hopes that Masaki isn't planning to
go off alone again after coming this far - he responds that Shuu is probably
up to something evil while you all are fighting, in which case he'll...
You then tell Masaki that while you don't know what happened between him
and Shuu, you figure you can trust him now.  After all, it was his info and
advice that let you stop the Angel Halo.  Shinobu doesn't trust him and
figures he could betray you at any time, since Shapiro was like that.  Just
then Keith shows up with a summons from Burning.

It seems you caught a SOS from 11 o'clock five minutes ago.  You don't know
where it was fired from, and Burning wants your dudes to survey and find
out.  He announces your team composition and says that Aya will be in
command - and warns you it might be a trap.  Your dudes reach the area where
the SOS came from but don't see any likely points of origin.  Looks like it
really was a trap, and even though there are no enemy machines in sight the
Arrowgaters could always just warp in.  Ryuune pesters Masaki a bit and
asks if there's any meaning in the team composition this time around.  As in,
you and your SO are here, Shinobu and Sara are here, and she and Masaki
are here...  Masaki tells her Burning would never pick pilots for a reason
like that.  Ryuusei agrees, saying that if so he and Aya would never have
been put together.  Well, here come the enemy anyway: it's an AGX-12 "Knight",
an Arrowgater machine.  Sara has an inkling what this trap might be, and 
Masaki points out that you have no idea what this one machine might be up
to.  Don't let down your guard!

  Enemies show up on 1.5 - Shinobu says that your dudes are more than enough
  for the weaklings you see, but you tell him there may be more enemies
  hidden somewhere.  You feel a strange pressure, and Sara realizes it's
  "him" and tells your dudes reinforcements are surely on the way.  Shinobu
  doesn't care, but Shapiro speaks directly to Sara and tells her that
  people are coming to take her to the Country of God.  Aya realizes on 
  2.0 that he definitely felt a faint wave, and your SO is sure that 
  whoever it is isn't Ingram...  Sara gets Shapiro's summons again and is now
  sure who's in charge.  Shinobu asks what's wrong, and she yells out for
  Shapiro to just come out and let her ask him something.  Looks like like
  her brain waves are all messed up and she can't control her machine.  It's
  not the Angel Halo, but rather a 35kHz tone out of the range of human
  hearing range.  But if it can convey info directly into a human brain...
  Well, now you have to protect Sara...

  Shapiro and additional dudes come out on 2.5.  He tells Sara it's her 
  last chance to come to the Country of God.  He can only choose to either
  betray him or the Beast Machine squad.  Shinobu is pissed to see Shapiro,
  but Sara says she wants to talk and asks where this country he speaks of
  is at.  Sara tells Shinobu that she's surrounded by demons, but Shapiro
  figures that the sound she's hearing is making her hallucinate.  Sara
  then disappears and you don't have time to chase her - your only choice is
  to take out Shapiro.  Shapiro taunts Shinobu some more.

  When Masaki attacks Viletta she'll comment that he's not in True Possession
  yet.  She tells Masaki to be careful, since Yuuzes is after his machine -
  which Shuu has said too.  This is worth a Skill Point.  Theoretically if
  you can attack Viletta with you and Ryuusei you can get a Skill Point each

  On 3.5, Ryuune, Aya, and your SO will come under the assault too.
  Having captured them, Shapiro will depart.  Suffice it to say Shinobu is

Well, this is a fine fucking mess, and the news gets passed around among 
your other people.  Figures that Shapiro would want to kidnap your dudes and
then plot an attack against the rest of you.  Could this mean that your
dudes have become your enemies?  You figure that your SO and Aya, both
of whom are ESPers, are quite valuable to the Arrowgaters.  Are you going to
have to fight your SO again?

Scirocco and Yuuzes congratulate Shapiro on his fine work (he's surprised
to see Yuuzes back so soon).  Yuuzes intends to use the captives as some sort
of samples - although Shapiro says he intends to use them in the next
operation...  Yuuzes tells him that high frequency sound won't let him 
entirely control them; he announces he's taking over Shapiro's operation.
Shapiro protests and gets told that presumably he knows how little Yuuzes
trusts him or Scirocco.  Yuuzes then asks Scirocco if the module he brought
is done being connected (it is), and it's time for Yuuzes to deal with his
samples...  Shapiro thinks that sooner or later he really _will_ take this
guy out.  Go to SA59.

SH58. Shousha to Haisha ni Koufuku wo ("Blessings Upon Victor and Loser")

Insert Raodekia conversation from SA58, along with orders being given to
Viletta.  Also insert Rebi/Yuuzes sequence.  Cut then to the Macross, where
Misa informs Gloval that the Angel Halo has begun its descent to Earth, along
with the remains of the Jupiterians - were you too late?  Looks like it's
headed for the North Hemisphere in the Pacific Ocean, near the Izu island
chain.  No sign of it firing its psychic weapon, but it's headed for very
near Japan - was this its objective all along?  Anyway, time to follow it.
It splashes down near the Hachijou archipelago, and the forces dispatched from
the Far East Base to stop it are over 70% gone.  Igor has the order sent to
them to pull out.  Hazuki points out that the wave caused by the Angel
Halo's landing is going to really wipe out stuff along the Pacific coast,
which includes the Far East base.  Unfortunately, the base simply doesn't
have the warpower to strike the Jupiterian remnant forces.  Hazuki says it
has to be left up to the Macross, and Igor reluctantly gives the general order
to abandon the base.  Igor is quite pissed he couldn't hold down the fort in
Oka's absence.

Reports of the tidal wave and the Far East Base's losses reaches NERV HQ.
Fuyutsuki echoes the conclusion that the coast is toast, and Gendou says that
if the Second Impact had happened 15 years ago, people wouldn't have gotten
off this lightly.  Gendou and Fuyutsuki both realize that the Angel Halo was
sent near Japan by will of the Arrowgaters; Gendou says that NERV is 
basically defenseless against anything other than a physical attack. 
Fuyutsuki wonders if this means that the Arrowgaters too are searching for
Heaven's Door.  Gendou isn't sure, but says that he expected them to contact
NERV before Seele - and has everyone wait at Level 1 alert.  He has Misato
informed that, as soon as her current operation is finished, she's to bring
the EVAs back to HQ.

Misato announces the Angel Halo's sinking and the above-water deployment of
Jupiterian forces.  It is believed that the possibility of the psychic weapon
being fired is low because of the last battle, but that the probability of
the Jupiterians attacking the Far East is high.  Usso asks about the Angel
Halo, and Misato says that all that's known is that it seems to be offline.
This means that the objective of the mission is not destruction of the Angel
Halo, but rather destruction of the Jupiterian forces.  In short, instead
of wrecking the Halo, you wreck the ones intending to use it.  Plus, as 
Focker said, even Shin Getter 3 wouldn't be able to toss around a 20km long
fortress [^_^].  Misato explains that there aren't many Jupiterians left
after the last battle, but there's a good chance Oz will show up to back
them up.  To deal with this, your forces will be divided into an advance and
rear guard.  Kouji is worried about fighting in water where beams won't
work, but Duo tells him to be greatful he can at least fly.  There should be
some islands too, but for safety's sake the advance guard is to be made out
of only flying units.  After dismissal, Focker calls out to Usso and Hiiro
and tells them they're already in the advance unit, since they'd just set
out on their own otherwise anyway.  He tells them that after this battle
units _will_ be sent to check out the Halo, so not to do anything rash this
time.  If they don't concentrate on the mission, even saveable people will
become unsaveable.

Misato has kept the EVAs from this operation, saying they're not suited to
it - and Asuka is pissed.  Misato is worried about the order to inform the
pilots of the return to NERV HQ before the battle, and also concerned about
Asuka's synchro rate.  Asuka goes "fine!" and storms off, ending up sadly
in front of EVA-02.  Shinji shows up and gets asked if he's here to laugh
at her (he's not).  Asuka can't figure out why this is happening to her,
despite her "perfect" performance.  Shinji recommends she try not being so
proud, and she says that _he's_ got it great by being able to take out Angels
alone, and with his great synchro rate.  Shinji doesn't think of himself
as special, which is why he's recommending she try to loosten up.  She asks
if he's trying to lecture her - he says he's not but asks if her way of
living is tiring.  She tells him he has no right to say that kind of thing
to her, and warns him that she hates being saved by others, especially by
people like him.  He says that he used to be like that, so he understands
how she feels - she says she's not him and demands he leave her alone 
because she hates him.

Lady Une reports to Treize that the Angel Halo is still offline, and that
the Key Room is still sealed.  It isn't clear whether that's by Shakti or
Maria's will, or due to a mechanical fault.  Kagachi has fled, and Treize
notes that it's next to impossible for the Angel Halo to surface now that
it's sunken.  Lady has already prepared the Motorade for their escape.
Rilina notes that the score is already settled, and asks if he can't stop the
fighting now.  She says that there's now no reason to fight, and that if
she has any power as leader of the Jupiterians...  Dorothy tells her that
Absolute Pacifism, which can't do anything, won't work now: all it'll do is
make her prey for animals which do fight.  For this reason, a final fight is
necessary: to show everyone the cruelty of it all.  Treize tells Lady that
they must go and meet the Lond Bel and the five pure warriors.  Dorothy wants
to come too so she can burn this "final" battle into her eyes.  He tells
her to come and to bring Rilina and Miliard to their ship as soon as
preparations are complete.

Rilina asks if the reason Treize lent her to the Jupiterians was for her to
make the broadcast and unify the Earthlings against the Jupiterian threat.
He did, and Miliard, realizing how Treize turned all of Oz traitor for this
purpose, left the Lond Bel to help.  She asks why members of the Peacecraft
line would deny Absolute Pacifism - he replies that even if it could remove
fighting from the Earth Sphere it would offer no protection from third
parties.  Rilina says that this would merely lead to a meaningless spread
of the fighting.  Miliard says that their father's form of Absolute Pacifism
prohibited becoming one who would give rise to fighting regardless of the
reason.  In short, to have the courage to touch all without using weaponry,
and this fight is a right of passage to foster that courage.  Rilina asks if
for that yet more blood must be spilled, and he replies that Absolute 
Pacifism won't work at all on humanity's ultimate enemy: the very incarnation
of destruction, the STMC.  This is why humans must now take up arms and
unify...however, the fighting _between_ humans ends here: Hiiro and the 
others will make that possible.  Miliard tells Rilina that she's grown up
strong, but that she doesn't need that strength any more and asks her to
stay gentle.  She asks if the hands embracing her are the hands of her
gentle brother Miliard, or the blood-stained hands of Zechs.  He tells her
that she will found the Absolute Pacifism their father spoke off after the
STMC are gone, and that he'll be the foundation for that.

Your advance forces emerge and are told to be careful of reinforcements.
Usso is wondering what is happening with Shakti beneath the sea.  Tashiro
orders his men to defeat yours at all costs.

  If Chronokul finds Usso, the two get into a shouting match over the change
  in Katejina.  Usso will ask Chronokul why he hasn't figured out that his
  weakness is what lead her astray.  He fires back that Usso would know
  nothing of his struggles, and Katejina starts gloating about how the two
  males are fighting over her.  She exhorts both of them to fight, and says
  that whoever wins she will love body and soul.  Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha.  And junk.
  What a bitch.  When you take out Chronokul, he starts whining for his
  sister Maria to save him.  He's worth a High Power Radar.  Katejina will
  then get pissed about what you've done to her nest and all power up.

  Katejina is worth a Haro!  Tashiro is worth a Repair Kit S.

  On round 1.5, a Bike-class is spotted surfacing.  It's Treize and the Oz
  forces, so more of your dudes are sortied.   When they do, Kagachi is
  wondering whether the Angel Halo was defective mechanically or whether it's
  somethig Yuuzes planned.  He asks Maria if this operation was doomed from
  the outset like Usso had said.  Maria doesn't answer, and Kagachi asks if
  this is how she repays him for taking her from being a humble fortune
  teller to all this - was she conspiring with her daughter on this?  Usso
  figures out that Kagachi made it this far, but that Shakti isn't on his ship.
  Kagachi orders Treize to hurry and take out the Lond Bel.  Treize replies
  that Kagachi's role is over, and that after this battle Oz will disarm.
  He explains that the Earth Sphere can truly unify by defeating the 
  Jupiterians (Rilina is shocked).  Furthermore, people will rally in order
  to fight all the alien "third parties", and learn the meaning of grasping
  victory and peace with their own hands.  Treize then spouts some philosophy
  amounting to wanting to be a proud loser than a dirty victor, and Kagachi
  voices doubts about how someone to clean the Earth could spontaneously
  arise from its soiled populace.  Treize reflects that there are indeed the
  Newtypes as a new sort of humanity - but until humans are truly ready to
  depart the Earth the Jupiterians will be nothing but a threat.  Treize 
  announces that the future will not be made by old men like Kagachi, and
  frees Rilina from being the leader of the Jupiterians as of today.  And
  apologizes for keeping her in the birdcage of Jupiteris.  He then pops out
  in the Tallgeese and shoots Kagachi down himself.  He then tells your
  people it's been an honor to act on the historical stage alongside such
  cool dudes as yourselves.  He will, by his own hand, bless the victors and
  the losers.

  If Duo fights Miliard, Miliard will tell him he's necessary in the coming
  age as the epitome of Gundam pilots who seek freedom.  He tells Duo to
  surpass him and give humanity a future.  He can throw away his weapons as
  Rilina says after that.

  If you fight Treize, you realize right away that telling him that any
  further fighting is meaningless won't work.  He says that his final work
  still remains.  Is this to become your enemy?  He tells you that you all
  have kept winning through countless battles, and are about to become the
  last, best fighting force on Earth.  The last person left holding the
  sword has the destiny of cleaving open the future fall upon their shoulders.
  However, there should be only _one_ person holding that sword, lest the
  embers of battle ignite again in the world to come.  He says that the
  Titans, Neo-Jion, Crossbone Vanguard, and Oz all must pass from the stage
  as glorious losers.  He encourages you to finish it here and proceed to
  your rightful battlefield.

  Dorothy is worth a Biosensor.  Miliard is worth a Repair Kit S.  When you
  defeat Treize, he says it's an honor to have fought you all and entrusts
  the future of humanity to you.  He's worth a Megabooster.

Usso then says that the battle is over and implores Shakti to come forth.
Lady then emerges and announces the intent of the Jupiterians to retreat
peacefully.  One of the solders questions this, but Lady hurries everyone 
onto the ship.  She compliments Treize on his splendid end.

All Jupiterian survivors have now disarmed.  And Rilina has been rescued from
the final enemy ship.  Although Scirocco's forces are still left, this
essentially means the end of the Jupiterian threat.  Now all you have to
do is check out the Angel Halo, which Misa is ordered to see to.

Rilina meets Hiiro, and says that even if she was forced the sin of her
becoming leader of the Jupiterians is unforgivable.  She asks Hiiro to kill
her.  He says that the reason he's fought all this time was to kill Rilina
Peacecraft and to save Rilina Dorian.  He tells her this is because Rilina
Dorian will be needed after this war is over.  She tells him he's a strange
person, although he says not as much as her.  She says he's wrong, and 
says that he gave her the power and hope to go on living, and probably did
so for others.  He repeats he's not as strange as her, and she says that she
plans to return to Sank and prepare to enact her father's ideals.  Hiiro
comments that there still seems to be some use for people who can do nothing
but fight - he'll head for the final battlefield that Treize indicated.
Rilina tells him she'll be in Sank looking forward to their next meeting.

Misato then breaks the news of the recall notice to Gloval - the Macross
can't move due to the survey it's doing but he gives her people permission to
go back regardless.  He tells her not to worry about leaving the group, and
to be careful on her way.  Go to SH59.

SA59. KUROSU TAAGETTO ("Cross Target")

Yuuzes announces that he's finished controlling the consciousness of his
captives.  All he has to do is attach the Kalkeria Pulse device and they'll
be his puppets.  This rather startles Rebi, although she denies anything is
wrong.  She recalls having seen this kind of light before - could she too
be a victim of this system?  Surely not - she was born on Balmar!  No 
chance of those she trusts controlling here surely!  Although, she _has_
seen Aya somewhere before...  Yuuzes tells Rebi that she's going to take
part in the next operation: to get a sample Psychodriver and the Psybuster
with its Laplace Computer.  Yuuzes tells her this should be feasible if she
uses the four captives.  She asks what is to become of Ryuusei and the lost
resource of the Tronium in his machine - Yuuzes replies that you seem to be
awakening faster.  With you and the Psybuster in hand the Tronium will be
unnecessary.  Yuuzes then tells her to kill Ryuusei with her own hands,
she says she will because he disturbs her mind.  Yuuzes thinks that whoever
lives through that battle will become his other Psychodriver sample...and
that even if Rebi is caught by Ryuusei all will still be well.

Shapiro then seeks Scirocco, although not out of frustration for being taken
out of the loop.  Shapiro points out that the control of the 7th Arrowgater
Fleet hangs with Raodekia and Yuuzes - and Raodekia is all consumed with
the Zentraedi fighting at Jupiter.  And Yuuzes is preoccupied with getting
hold of Psychodriver samples.  From his viewpoint, Raodekia is Yuuzes' puppet:
Yuuzes seems to hold the real power over the fleet.  Scirocco is forced to
agree, and Shapiro says that if Yuuzes can be taken out control over the
whole fleet could be had.  Shapiro asks Scirocco to lend him a hand, doubting
that Scirocco is content to be the aliens' lackey forever.  Wouldn't it
suck to end up like Hainel and Garuda indefinitely?  Shapiro says that now is
the only chance, but Scirocco responds that he's not interested.  He says
that the Arrowgaters are needed to fight the Zentraedi and STMC, plus Yuuzes
still hasn't shown all his cards yet.  Meaning the Angel Halo, which was
launched so suddenly after all the preparations at Jupiter.  It would be
best to assume Yuuzes has some other means of controlling human wills, and
until he figures out what this is it's best not to move carelessly.  Scirocco
tells Shapiro he'll keep what they've been talking about deep within, and
Shapiro figures he's one foxy dude...

Viletta then reports in to Ingram, saying that Yuuzes plans to use Rebi to
catch you.  Ingram reaches the same conclusion as Yuuzes that your awakening
is faster than Ryuusei's.  He comments that Yuuzes' plan to use Psychodrivers
to take out the giants and the STMC must mean that the Crossgate Paradigm
System hasn't been completed yet.  Viletta counters that that's just a matter
of time - especially if Yuuzes get's the Psybuster's Laplace Computer...
Viletta understands her mission from Ingram - stop the completion of the
Crossgate Paradigm System at all costs.  He tells her to wait for a chance
and then contact the SRX Team and the Lond Bel.

Meanwhile, Tashiro gets the report that the score has been settled with the
Jupiterians who went to the surface.  The Angel Halo is currently offline
and sunken near the Hachijou archipelago.  Unfortunately, there was no trace
of the 30,000 Psychicers inside - what there _were_ were 30,000 _brains_.
Presumably it was easiest for the Arrowgaters to control them that way.
This sucky news confirms once again that the Arrowgaters only care about the
humans as weapons.  This _isn't_ looking good for those who were captured
just recently...

Quatro is then telling Shinobu that you can't afford to delay the campaign
against Axis to rescue Sara and the others.  Does this mean you should
abandon them all?  Alan says that it's a problem of priorities - if you
don't attack Hamarn now, there's every chance that she _and_ the Arrowgaters
will attack you next.  Plus, Quatro points out that you have no idea where
Sara and the others are.  Masaki comments that he had figured the Lond Bel
for a more humanistic crew than this, and Alan tells him that he's gone too
far.  Unfortunately, the absence of these pilots _also_ means that several
of your more useful machines can't be used in battle - Quatro responds that
you all can't afford to lose Masaki and Shinobu too.  Shinobu has had
enough of this and storms out, and Masaki says he won't have any part of
this either.  Kazumi says that, although she understands the situation,
she's still disappointed in Quatro.  Alan counters that wars are won on
information, and without any information about the enemy there can be no
certain victory.  And you don't have enough information about the Arrowgaters
yet.  Kazumi asks if it isn't the Lond Bel's job to overcome that kind of
handicap, and Alan says that he had expected a more levelheaded judgement
from her.  Must be Noriko's influence.  He tells her that the upcoming
fight won't be like before and that you all can't afford to lose - she says
that _that_ may be why you should recover your comrades now so that you can
all fight together later.

Shinobu and Masaki are both plotting to disobey orders - Shinobu tells
Masaki that he never followed unconvincing orders even before being stationed
with the Lond Bel.  Ryuusei then shows up, and Masaki tells him not to try
to stop them.  Ryuusei is disappointed in them and asks why they didn't
talk to him too.  He wants to save whoever can be saved, rather than 
regret not trying later.  Ryuusei wonders if he can possibly save Aya and
Rebi at this rate.  He plans to use the T-Link System to find Aya's and
Dai's psych.  Shinobu goes "oh, I see", and Ryuusei asks how the heck _else_
he intended to search, especially with Masaki the God of Getting Lost at
his side.  Ryuusei notes that it would be easier to find them if you helped
out, but Masaki says they can't involve you since you're part of that
all-important warpower stuff.  Ryuusei agrees and says that even if something
befalls them, things will be okay as long as you're around.  Ryou then
shows up, with Masando in tow.  AND Rai.  They saw right through the plan 
these three geniuses cooked up - Ryou asks Shinobu if he thinks Ryou and
the others would just let them save the captives alone.  Time to hurry lest
Burning find them and cause trouble.

BUT, in the hangar they run into Noriko.  She's heard from Kazumi that they
all are heading to rescue the captives, and she wants to go too.  Ryuusei
says the launch of the Gunbuster would get them found out instantly, but
Noriko says the Gunbuster would be really useful against the Arrowgaters.
Oh, and the other person needed to launch the Gunubster is here too ready 
to help out.  [By now this farce is getting _old_.]  And it gets older when
_you_ show up too.  You can either stop them or not.

  Stopping them is worth a Skill Point.

If you do so, you say that it's too dangerous to save the captives now.
Shinobu asks if you don't care about them, and you say that this is clearly
an enemy trap, that the Arrowgaters are waiting for you all to launch.
You say that it's best to save the captives after you actually get some
info about the Arrowgaters.  Shinobu never expected to hear this from you,
and says that if you sit on your asses it'll become too late.  You think
that it's probably already too late, and Ryou tells Shinobu to hold up since
you have a point.  Rai will tell you to stay on the Exelion, and Masaki says
that he'll surely save your SO and the others, so be ready in case 
anything happens to them.

Of course, the bridge crew finds out when the Gunbuster launches, and the
other unpermitted launches too.  Burning isn't happy, and Monsha asks if he
should bring all of them back.  You offer to stop them, but Monsha figures
you just want to go with them to save your SO.  Banjou notes that this
is a movement pattern the Arrowgaters have never shown before.  Given that,
the more people sent after Shinobu and the others the better.  Burning 
concedes that he has a point.

Ryuusei has led the group to the area where Aya is - he can feel her calling
him.  This is odd, and Masaki realizes that they're being controlled by the
Arrowgaters.  In fact the Arrowgaters are here, and they've got some new
machines.  Ryuusei can feel Aya's psych from one of them.  Kazumi tells your
people to hurry and Persuade the captives while she holds off the Bugs.
Masaki doesn't think this will work, but Kazumi says that's the only thing to
try at present.  Assuming you're not present Ryuusei will say that he'll
try to do something about your SO.  Plus, there's more enemies lurking
somewhere, so Kazumi warns not to waste energy.

  When Ryuusei tries to Persuade Aya, she'll tell him to stay away.  Beings
  like him are dangerous, and that if any more of his powers are unleashed
  more people like her and her sister will become sacrificed.  She'll then
  return to sanity momentarily, and then say that her heart and mind are
  starting to become not her.  She apologizes for causing trouble all the
  time, and tells him to run before Yuuzes gets him.  Ryuusei says he's not
  the kind of man to abandon her and that he'll save her whenever she needs
  it.  He then uses his T-Link Knuckle to save her.  Aya seems to be okay,
  and Ryuusei tells her not to forget what he just said.

  When Masaki tries to Persuade Ryuune, she'll talk about capturing the
  Psybuster and its Laplace Computer.  Masaki says it's not like her to be
  controlled by the Arrowgaters.  She demands to know what about her he
  knows, and says that he always ignores her feelings.  He may not feel
  anything for her, but she...she...  Masaki says he's sorry, that he's been
  a person who always thinks more of himself than of anyone around him.
  Because of that, he's lost his master, his friends, and even his second
  homeland...and through all that he hadn't understood anything.  So he's 
  had enough - and whatever she thinks of him, he'll save her!  He orders
  the cats to find out where the cockpit block is (they already have), and
  blasts Ryuune's cockpit loose.  She's unconscious, but mentally free.

  When Shinobu Persuades Sara, she says that she's resolved to live without
  depending on anyone else's power.  This surprises Shinobu, who had thought
  she was being controlled by Shapiro.  She asks if Shinobu can shoot her
  and figures he plans to kill her just like "him".  She's sick of being
  betrayed and hung out to dry, so she'll go on living alone.  He fires back
  not to lump him in with Shapiro, and that you all, no, _he_ will never
  abandon her no matter what.  He tells her to throw away her memories of
  Shapiro, that she's not that weak a woman.  He then wrecks the device
  controlling her mind.  She berates him happily for nearly killing her,
  and says a tenative "thank you".  She's really glad that he's there, since
  he makes her forget about _____.

  When there's only your SO left, Ryuusei senses a very powerful psych
  approaching: Rebi or Ingram.  Actually, it's lots of bad guys, led by Yuuzes.
  Who is gloating that his plan went so well.  He introduces himself and
  takes responsibility for controlling the captives.  Ryou wonders why
  someone as high as a vice-commander would be here: it's to get two things
  for his ultimate project.  Masaki figures out fast what these are, and
  Yuuzes says he needs them to live through the great calamity overshadowing
  all you sentient lifeforms.  Maybe it's some comfort that the Arrowgaters
  are worried about the STMC too...  Yuuzes says that they'll appear very
  soon within the Earth Sphere and that there's no longer any time or
  options left.  He then puts up a strong kekkai around the Psybuster, and
  the other machines, so that they can't move.  He'll say it's a shame you're
  not there (if you're not), but that he can still achieve his goal with the
  Laplace Computer alone.

  Just then, Shuu shows up with his Granzon and neutralizes Yuuzes's kekkai.
  Masaki asks what the fuck Shuu is up to, and gets chastized by Chika for
  being rude to the one who saved his ass.  Masaki can't figure out why Shuu
  would save him, and Shuu tells Yuuzes that he's heard of him from Ingram.
  Yuuzes in turn recognizes the man who saw through the trap embedded in the
  Black Hole Engine he sent.  Shuu thanks him for that, since he was able to
  make his own machine work properly, and Rai realizes that the Huckebein #1
  accident was no such thing.  Shuu then explains that sending the Black Hole
  Engine was a gambit to measure Earth's technology level, and give the
  Earthlings an impetus to improve it.  Understanding the Black Hole engine
  would prove Earth worthy to fight among the Arrowgaters - Ryou realizes that
  not understanding it would mean that _all_ the Earth's warpower was useless.
  But there had to be some provision for keeping the Earthlings from 
  making the EOT their own and ruling the world with it: that's why it was
  rigged to go berserk when activated.  Of course, the defect was hidden in
  one of the black boxes, and should have gone undetected, but Shuu found it.
  After all, the Black Hole Engine wasn't the best tech that the Arrowgaters
  have, since giving that to people the Arrowgaters intended to rule would
  be dumb.  But figuring out a black box that simple was trivial for Shuu,
  and sadly got him marked by the Arrowgaters.  Ryuusei demands to know why
  he didn't stop the accident if he knew so much since it cost Rai his left
  hand.  Shuu repeats that the Arrowgaters intended to give impetus to the
  Earth with the accident.  Had he stopped the accident, they would have
  judged Earth's tech level to be quite high and went all out to take over
  the world at the outset.  Thus, he let the defect slide and the blast
  occur and caused the Arrowgaters to watch instead of invade early.  And
  thanks to _that_, your dudes managed to make preparations to resist the
  invasion.  Namely, the DC and SDF.  Although, there seem to be other reasons
  as well why the Arrowgaters didn't invade immediately.

  Ryuusei says that Shuu's actions still caused an entire Federation base to
  be lost, and Shuu says that some sort of sacrifice is unavoidable, and
  that he and Ingram personally saw to it that that base was at minimum staff
  at the time: just Rai and Dr. Hamiru.  Shuu tells Rai that he survived
  because of a ultra-gravity kekkai he put around the cockpit block.  Masaki
  is really pissed at Shuu using other people like this, but Rai tells Masaki
  to lay off.  Thanks to Shuu's speech, he now knows clearly what he has to
  do: that Ingram and Shuu aren't the culprits, but rather Yuuzes.  If Yuuzes
  is left alone, more people will become like Rai.  Shuu agrees, and says that
  Yuuzes is going to have to pay for using humans in general and him in
  particular.  Yuuzes asks if Shuu is going to take him out, and Shuu replies
  that leaving him alive would be meaningless.  Yuuzes concedes that the
  Granzon's true power could take him out, but at that time this entire
  universe would be destroyed.  Shuu says not to worry, and that that is
  why "they" are here.

  Your dudes finally show up, saying that the Gunbuster really blew the 
  plan to sneak out.  Banjou identifies himself as the dude who's caused
  Yuuzes lots of trouble by hacking the Meganoid Project files and following
  him all over.  Yuuzes knows about Banjou's father's plan to turn all 
  humans into Meganoids and says that he'll do so instead, but Banjou asks if
  it'll be like the 30,000 Psychicers from the Angel Halo.  Banjou won't stand 
  for it, and Yuuzes figures he'll have other chances to get a Psychodriver
  and the Laplace Computer later.  He's going to see with his own eyes how
  your dudes have grown up (and what Shuu's machine can do).  Rebi is going
  to cut the thread that connects her to him right now.  He says he knows
  she's being controlled by the Judekka, just like Aya was.  She doesn't want
  to believe this, but he says that she's really crying for help in the
  bottom of her heart.  He found that out in previous battles, and will free
  her now.  Well, he doesn't have it yet, and Yuuzes orders Rebi to kill
  Ryuusei to quell her headache.  Camille tells Ryuusei that he either has
  to wreck her machine or get her out of the cockpit to save her.  You
  have to go save your SO too.

  When you Persuade your SO, you get told that Yuuzes needs your power, and
  that his mission is to take you to him.  Your Psychodriver powers are 
  necessary to fend off the other alien threats.  You say that's just like
  Ingram, but he says to come with him and that Yuuzes can well bring forth
  your hidden powers and save the Earth.  You tell him that Yuuzes thinks
  nothing of using people as objects and that he obviously won't save the
  world.  Although violent, your only hope is to wreck your SO's machine.
  He'll be okay but unconscious. 

  If you can take out Rebi (recommend having Ryuusei deal the final blow)
  Rebi will be safely rescued.  If you fight Yuuzes, he'll tell you to come
  with him if you care about the future of the Earth.  He can bring forth
  your true power and use it to stave off the coming menace.  You fire back
  that as long as he and Ingram are around the Earth has no future.  If 
  Yuuzes fights Masaki, he'll ask for the Laplace Computer in exchange for
  Masaki's life.

  If you can take out Yuuzes, he'll comment that there's no mistake you all
  are Earth's strongest fighting force.  He vows to use that power for his
  own ends.  This is also worth a Skill Point.

After the battle, Oota prepares to issue your dudes their punishment for
your various serious crimes.  Your people are preparing for the worst, but
Oota says that their actions also led to the recovery of Aya and the others,
and also led to the capture of an enemy commander.  Plus, there's still the
next operation to consider, and both Alan and Quatro recommended that your
punishment be lightened.  Thus, everyone is sentenced to a week of cleaning
the laser lenses after the Axis invasion is over.

Tashiro, the vice-captain, and Ryuusei are looking over Rebi.  Shuu announces
that investigation shows her to be indentical to Earthlings, and that she
was being controlled by the Judekka.  Tashiro notes that she's like a
Fortified Human, and Shuu judges from the jacks on her flight suit that she
was using a system very like the T-Link (Ryuusei realizes this is why she
and he and you were linked).  Shuu figures that her original memories and
personality were probably wiped out in order to make her into a living core
for the Arrowgaters' weapons.  Thus, she's another victim.  Ryuusei wonders
if his T-Linking was able to restore her consciousness: Shuu says it's 
exactly that, which is why she couldn't defeat him.  But ultimately Rebi
couldn't escape the Judekka's clutches: linking with the Judekka is what
sustained the personality she had been given.  She's now effectively lost
half of herself, and probably will remember nothing of who she was while
with the Arrowgaters.  Whether she can now return to her original self or
not is up to God.  Tashiro asks if that means it's not possible to get info
about the Arrowgaters from her, and Shuu says that on the contrary it's
quite unlikely she'll ever regain consciousness even.  Tashiro notes that
even though she was on the enemy side, it's also true that she's a victim of
the Arrowgaters: he orders Emma to continue caring for her.

Ryuusei then asks Emma if he's done something he shouldn't have.  Emma tells
him that if he hadn't acted, either her nervous system would have collapsed
or he himself would be dead now.  She tells him that whatever the ultimate
result it's an undeniable fact that he saved her.

Bright is now learning that all the machines stolen during the capture have
been recovered too.  It's amazing that the Arrowgaters didn't just run off
with them, and Astonage says that there's no abnormalities he can detect.
It's very hard to believe that the Arrowgaters would just give them back, and
even if they were abandoned during the capture the timing is too convenient.
No booby traps are evident either....who could have done this?  Go to SA60.

SH59. Semete, Ningen Rashiku  ("At Least, Like a Human")

Ken'ichi has just realized how much the Angel Halo's tidal wave damaged the
coast, and communications with all the costal bases like the Nangen 
Connection is anything but certain.  Your dudes can't get through, but Ippei
is pretty sure Big Falcon and the Nangen Connection wouldn't get taken out
by a mere tidal wave.  Kosaku says that you're not seeing any normal type of
interference: something else is behind this.  Maybe the Angel Halo, although
it's still offline.  Chizuru has heard that the investigation team still
can't get inside, meaning that Shakti hasn't been found yet and Usso is
still bumming.  The V pilots decide to head to Big Falcon since it's closest
and see what's going on.

When they get there, they find Igor, who thanks them for their help during
the war against the Angel Halo.  He explains that the command authority 
has been temporarily transferred here after the tidal wave forced the Far
East Base to be abandoned.  You find out that all the important scientists
are okay and damage to the research facilities is light.  Ken'ichi tells
Hamaguchi that his father is still aboard the Macross helping investigate
the Angel Halo - unfortunately, his mother is off helping fix up the Nangen
Connection.  Hamaguchi apologizes for not being able to keep Ken'ichi's
mother here, and Ken'ichi replies that it's very like her.  Hamaguchi then
explains that something very like brainwaves or psychic waves is the cause
of the communications interference, and it's centered near the crash site.
The source is still unknown, and Hyouma wonders if it's the psychic weapon
at work again.  Kosaku doesn't think that's possible since the Angel Halo is
offline, but Hazuki says it's possible that either the Halo has rebooted or
that the Arrowgaters have activated some other plan.  If so, why is the
scope limited to the few islands near the site?  Hamaguchi figures that 
Mutronius and the Photon Power Lab had better be contacted on the double to
send someone in there...and maybe even NERV.

Meanwhile, in Neo-Tokyo2, Misato is reporting in to Gendou and Fuyutsuki.
Fuyutsuki orders Ritsuko to immediately perform a synchro test on EVA-02,
figuring on making a final check on Asuka's usefulness as Second Children.
Gendou then tells Misato that EVA-01 is as of now grounded, and absolutely
forbidden from sortie.  Gendou tells here he doesn't need to explain why 
when she asks, and Ritsuko figures this is because of the previous "awakening"
and "unleashing" that EVA-01 went through; she can't figure out why _now_
is the time to seal it away though.

Meanwhile, Shinji is back at school for the first time in quite a while.
Shinji is wondering if Touji is okay, and then runs into Kensuke.  He's been
really worried since Shinji and the others haven't been to school for so
long.  Touji then shows up and greets Shinji, and thanks him for saving his
life.  Shinji says that thanks should go to Ryouma and the members of the
Getter Team, and that he couldn't do anything.  Touji heard from Kaji of
Shinji's disobedience of orders to save him, and insists that Shinji deserves

Meanwhile, Asuka's Synchro rate has slid another 8 points.  Ritsuko tells
her not to think about extraneous things, which Asuka insists she's not
doing.  Maya comments that Asuka's synchro rate just keeps falling and 
falling, despite the momentary recovery.  Ritsuko comments that there's no
time for this, and that there seems to be no choice but to swap out cores
for EVA-02.  Misato then learns that EVAs up through -13 are to begin 
construction in July.  Hyuuga tells him he has confidence in his sources,
and Misato wonders why _now_ of all times would be the time to start mass-
production.  Hyuuga wonders if it's due to the loss of one unit, the sealing
of another, and the necessary reoutfit of a third.  Misato isn't sure, since
NERV had been getting parts from EVA's -05 and -06 under construction in
Germany until now.  Lots of money is at work all over the place, and Misato
senses inpatience from the Council.  Does this mean a forecasted increase
in Angels, or perhaps for the sake of transferring units -00 to -02 to the
Lond Bel instead of just posting them there?  Misato says that if _that_ were
the case, EVA-01 wouldn't be sealed now...the mass production EVA plans must
be for some other purpose.  Hyuuga says when Misato asks that he hasn't
seen Kaji around lately...

Shinji tries to find Rei at her room in NERV HQ, but she's not there -
small wonder he thinks since even he doesn't use his room there much.  He
finds the room's messiness to be pretty depressing, and starts cleaning
up.  Rei walks in, and Shinji manages a hasty explanation of why he was drop off all the printouts that piled up for her from school.
Shinji is about to beat a hasty retreat when Rei offers him some tea.  As
she goes to prepare it, Shinji wonders what sort of change of fortunes this
is.  Shinji finds the sight of Rei cooking somehow odd, and she asks him how
brown she should make the tea, since it's her first time making any.  She
manages to spill a bit on herself, but notes that it's only a minor burn.
Shinji tells her to cool it under water right away.  Shinji tells her that
her hands are somehow like a mother's - that maybe she's more suited to
be a housewife than he would have thought.  She asks what he's talking about,
and he apologizes and goes to make the tea.  Rei then thanks him, which is
pretty startling for both of them it seems.  Ayanami thinks to herself that
she's never even said thanks to "him", and Shinji asks Rei what she's always
talking about with his father.  She asks him why he asked, and if he wants
to speak with his father.  After some hesitation, he admits he does and says
that he hasn't even seen his father since returning to NERV HQ.  Shinji
isn't sure that talking would change anything, but he doesn't want to leave
things as they are now.  He says that it's hard going on as EVA's pilot
with nothing more than hatred for his father.  Rei tells him he should just
say so: just say what he really feels to his father.  Until he can do so
nothing will change...and Rei compliments him on being good at making tea.

Meanwhile, Asuka is facing EVA-02.  She tells it it's her doll, and that
all it has to do is be quiet and do what she tells it.  She asks why a
weapon has to have a heart, and says that it's only in the way.  She tells
it to not disobey her, and then asks herself why on Earth she's talking to
her EVA anyway.  Just then, the alarms go it an Angel?

A gravitational signature is detected within the geofront: someone is warping
in.  The pattern can't be parsed and it's pretty clear it's something other
than an Angel.  At least it's not the Astranagun: the pattern is subtly 
different from that.  Fuyutsuki and Gendou realize that "it" has finally
come.  It's a heretofore unencountered Arrowgater machine, and only one.
Misato wonders if it's here after the EVAs, or something else...  Gendou
orders her to sortie the EVAs, but she protests that that's what it may be
after.  Gendou doesn't care, and says that the enemy must be kept out of
Central Dogma at all costs.  Misato then wonders if they know that EVA-01 is
sealed, and orders Rei sent out with Asuka as her backup.  Asuka can't believe
she's being used as backup, and sorties herself.  Ritsuko is shocked, but
Misato tells her to allow it.  Ritsuko realizes that if Asuka fails here,
she's finished - the "last chance" as Maya notes.  Ritsuko says that she's
got a replacement pilot already in mind.  Hyuuga asks what about EVA-01, and
Misato reminds him that it's been sealed by Gendou's orders.  Asuka knows
her situation too, and tells herself that she can't screw this up.  The
target is dormant, and evidently waiting for your dudes to make the first
move.  Asuka is about to strike, when the target does _something_.  It's 
not a physical weapon, but a spiritual one: a strong psychic wave targeted
on Asuka from the outside.  It's similar to that of the Angel Halo, but
since that's offline where could it be coming from?  In fact, from the very
spot the Angel Halo is sunken: the target is taking the energy from the 
Angel Halo and focusing it on Asuka.  Ritsuko realizes that Asuka, who lacks
any kind of psychic powers, couldn't possibly hope to endure this.

The mental pollution is spreading fast - very dangerous.  Asuka yells out
not to come inside her, not to peep into her heart.  Her EEG is at the 
limit and all the neural connections are scrambled: this is it.  Misato tells
Asuka to come back, but Asuka refuses, saying she'd rather die here than
retreat.  Even the LCL's mental protection isn't working any more, and Ritsuko
orders preserving Asuka's life to take top priority.  She wonders if this
probing into Asuka's mind is to learn the secrets of the EVAs.  Shinji says
he'll launch EVA-01, but Fuyutsuki won't permit this, knowing that the
enemy is after the EVA pilots' minds: Gendou says that EVA-01 must be
preserved now at all costs.  Shinji says that all he has to do is not lose,
but Gendou replies there's no guarantee of that.  You can either launch
right away or ask for clearance.

If you do the latter, Rei launches and makes physical contact with the target.
Rei's A.T. Field is being neutralized by the target, which is _really_
shocking to everyone.  And then unknown metallic cells begin to be injected
into Rei.  Rei asks if it's trying to pretend to be her, and says that only
_she_ is her.  And then asks if it is tears she's crying.  Rei's A.T. Field
then inverts, and Misato realizes that Rei's going to self-destruct.  Even
Gendou cries out for her, and Maya notes that EVA-00's core can't stand any
more.  Misato tells Rei to leave her machine and run, but Rei says that if
she leaves the A.T. Field will be destroyed.  Her machine then detonates,
but the target is still fine.  That's also quite shocking, and the spiritual
pollution of EVA-02 increases.  Misato orders EVA-02 overridden and recovered,
but the recovery route was too badly damaged in the blast.

Asuka mumbles about not being a child, and not needing dolls.  She's not
her mother's doll, she can think and live for herself...!  She can live just
fine without her father or please Mama, don't stop being my
Mama!  Asuka doesn't want to be reminded of this, doesn't want this dug up
after she finally managed to bury it.  She doesn't need this sort of hateful
thing any more...please...and nobody's coming to save her.  Maya notes that
if this goes on any further Asuka's life can't be maintained, and Misato
can't believe she can't do anything...  Just then, a hole gets blown through
defensive armors 1-18, opening a hole in the roof.  Just then the psychic
wave becomes neutralized and the mental pollution ceases.  It's the Lond
Bel, who apologize for the little hole they made in the roof.  It seems
that the Angel Halo is back online, and you realized that NERV HQ was in
jeopardy.  Ere will give her the full details later, and your dudes are

You feel a strong, evil presence from the target, like or even worse than
Ingram.  This is surely the person who did this to the 30,000 Psychicers.
Thus, you've got to kick his ass.  It's of course Yuuzes, who notes that
humans have great battle technology in every area _except_ mental defense.
Even the A.T. Field offers no defense for a weak-hearted pilot.  He had been
expecting more and is quite disappointed.  Kouji demands to know what he
did to Asuka, and Yuuzes says that at least he knows what the EVAs really
are now.  He introdues himself and his high rank, startling your people. 
Gendou addresses him, and Yuuzes replies that the humans are barbarians with
lots of neato guns, but that there's one thing they have over the Arrowgaters:
the Human Complimentation Project.  Misato is aghast that the aliens know
of this plan, and figures out that the aliens must have some comparable plan
of their own in the works.  Yuuzes says that the geofront resembles parallel
facilities in the Empire and is likely the true Black Moon.  Ritsuko realizes
that they know of the Room of Gauf, and Yuuzes says that Central Dogma and
the Lance of Longinus must be here.  Gendou notes that the theory that the
Arrowgaters had a copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls is correct, and Fuyutsuki
notes this is especially wild considering that Yuuzes is an alien.  Gendou
orders EVA-02 to be recovered and the Lond Bel be allowed to attack.  Yuuzes
says that while he's already gotten what he wanted, this will be a good
chance to test out the power of some Samples.  He gives you two turns within
which to defeat him.

  This should't be a problem if you've been spending your money right on
  the Ryuu-Ko-Ou's weaponry and have allies with the Encourage spell.
  Kicking Yuuzes's ass is worth 2 Skill Points.  If you succeed, he'll
  commend you but say that it'll take more than that to actually kill him.
  He leaves, saying he's counting on your maturing further...

Seele is discussing how Yuuzes' contact with NERV HQ now makes it clear that
the Arrowgaters have the same info as the humans.  One of them says that
the aliens are powerless since the Black Moon only exists on Earth.  Then
concerning the B.F., it seems that even Seele's enemy Big Fire hasn't
awoken despite the existence of the STMC being clear.  A voice says that
it's best to believe that Big Fire is already destroyed: now there's only
one Angel left from the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Kihl comments that the promised
time is close and there's been many things sacrificed to get here.  The
loss of EVA-00 makes Seele not want to keep Gendou around, and they figure
they need a sacrifice against him: someone who knows the truth.

Misato meets Shinji, who is finding himself unable to cry.  Asuka has been
hospitalized, never having regained consciousness.  Elsewhere, Fuyutsuki
comments that Ayanami Rei was born of his despair, and was the epitome of
Gendou's unfulfilled hopes.  Guess it's impossible to forget certain things.

Misato then learns that Shakti and Maria weren't in the Angel Halo's Key
Room.  Insert explanation about the Psychichers from SA59, which your dudes
are understandably reluctant to give.  Misato notes that Shuu never mentioned
anything about this, and Ginrei says that even he probably had no idea -
and that goes for Shakti and Maria too.  Misato asks angrily what the 
Arrowgaters think people are, and Ryou says that they absolutely won't get
away with this.  Clearly all they're interested in is using humans as
tools, and Kouji notes that he've never met an enemy _this_ bastardly before.
He's quite resolved to kick their ass inside out, and Usso is completely
outraged that they used the Psychicers in such an inhuman way.  At this
rate, things aren't looking good for Maria or Shakti...

Misato then gets a call from NERV, and hurries over.  It's...Rei!  Who seems
okay except for a bandage over one eye and around one arm.  Where have we
seen this before?  Shinji thanks her for saving him, and she asks why. 
Shinji explains, and Rei says she doesn't remember, probably because she's
the "third".  Gendou then announces in his office that First Children is the
same as always, and orders EVA-00 to be rebuilt fast.  It's fine to just keep
watch on the other Children.  Fuyutsuki notes that Kihl and the others will
get annoying if they find out she's alive, but Gendou says that he's already
dangled something else in front of the old men.  That something is apparently

...Who is told by Kihl that they don't want to put her through any more
hardship.  Ritsuko says that she's not feeling any particular shame, and he
commends her strength of spirit, saying he understands why Gendou wants her
by his side.  However, a voice points out that it was Gendou who tossed her
to them to deflect questions about First Children.  It surprises her to be
Rei's replacement...  Afterwards, a voice asks if it's really good letting
her go back.  Another voice says that they can use her a bit, yea, for the
sake of the future of the world.  Eight EVAs are almost ready, and only four
more remain.  Wiping out Neo-Tokyo2 will be good for the furtherance of the
Plan.  Kihl orders the construction of the remaining EVA Series hastened,
since the Promised Day is nigh.  Go to SH60.

SA60. Senshi, Futatabi ("Warriors, Once More")

Torres informs Bright that Hamarn has sent her fleet and Mobile Suits out,
but they haven't attacked you yet.  This is odd, since they should have had
plenty of time during your fight against the Arrowgaters.  Judou figures 
Hamarn is sitting very still and watching to see what he and the rest of
your people will do.  Judou says he doesn't want to see any more blood spilled
in vain, and he says he'll settle things by duelling Hamarn directly since
that should stop the rest of the battle.  He tells everyone else to just
wait and prepare for fighting the Zentraedi.  El hurries off after him, and
Beecher after her.  Ru makes sure none of the others try to follow them since
this is a problem for the three of them to solve themselves.  Sleggar asks
Bright if he's going to let Judou go alone, and Bright replies of course not
and that he can't let Judou be burdened with all that alone.  Amuro agrees,
saying that the adults can't just kick back and let the children do all the
fighting.  Bright tells Quatro to remember that he hasn't yet given up all
hope of peace with Hamarn.  But, as Banjou points out, if she doesn't side
with you here there'll be no choice but to take out Neo-Jion...they're 
rushing too quickly towards a human revolution, just like Don Zausar once
did.  In short, if left alone Neo-Jion will end up just like the Meganoids
of Mars: the Fortified Human research will at this rate produce far greater
tragedies than Puru and Puru2.  Just like Banjou.  Bright then orders all
pilots to prepare for launch.

Masaki is meanwhile looking for Shuu: Kamiyadera notes his perplexity but
can't offer any clues to his whereabouts.  Katsu says that Shuu just left
the Exelion in his Granzon a little while ago - Masaki is forced to lament
Shuu's disappearance once again.

El catches up with Judou and insists on coming along too into battle.  Judou
doesn't want her too, saying that Hamarn's fearsome troops are going to be
doing everything they can to survive.  She still wants to help to make up
for Niina, but Judou says that the reason he's fighting is as a single 
Earthling trying to prevent conflict from spreading any further.  Judou
says again for her to wait, and Beecher grabs her to keep her back.  Judou
thanks him and the two exchange their "Shangri-La Soul" phrase.  El can't
believe Beecher let Judou go alone, but Beecher says that while he's of
course not happy about it, Judou's right.  He says that Judou's connection
with Hamarn is obvious, and that if there's anything he or they can do it's
to hold the fort and wait for Judou's return.  At least this seems to
convince her.

Judou then runs into the Puru sisters, who want to come along too.  He
tells them that while he's happy to hear of their intentions, he doesn't
want them along.  He says that they no longer have anything to do with Neo-
Jion, and that there's no reason for them to return to an Axis that contains
nothing but bad memories.  He asks what the point of his saving them would
be if something were to happen to them now.  Puru still blames herself for
Riina's accident, and asks again to be allowed to assist Judou.  He says
that this isn't the last battle, and that their strength will be necessary
down the road.

[if you meet the criteria:]
Astonage informs Judou that the ZZ checks out perfectly and that he can
launch any time.  Astonage notes that trying to stop Judou would be useless
anyway, so he's attached some supplementary goodies from Emily on Rabian
Rose.  Ever since the RX-78 Gundams have had Full Armor versions, and now
the ZZ has both armor and weapons upgrades attached.  He tells Judou that
he doesn't want any thanks, and reminds him to come back from this one alive.

Meanwhile at Axis, Mineba is feeling very ill and asks Hamarn to stay with
her.  Hamarn wonders if Mineba is sensing the SDF coming closer, or perhaps
the threat that's tailing them.  Hamarn says that she'll lay down her life
if necessary to stop the SDF and the Lond Bel and asks Mineba to leave this
place.  Hamarn tells her that the fighting will continue regardless of what
happens now and that there mustn't be a repitition of what happened to the
Titans.  She asks Mineba to escape both such that the Zabi House's bloodline
and the future of the Spacenoids won't end here.  Hamarn agrees to do as
Hamarn says, and asks if Char will be coming here.  She says he will be, but
that Mineba should forget about him as someone who's entirely forgotten about

Kyara spots your dudes coming in, and Hamarn prepares to launch in her
Quberay.  Kyara says that her people alone can stop the Lond Bel and that
there's no need for Hamarn herself to sortie - Hamarn tells her not to
underestimate your people and that there's someone she has to setlle a score
with coming.  Hamarn orders Kyara to stay inside Axis and only come out
if things go sour.  She also orders Bernie to stay in Axis with Hardy: that
if she loses to the Lond Bel he should surrender Axis.  This shocks both
Bernie and Mashmar, and Hamarn tells Riina that if Axis is surrendered she
can go back to Judou.  Bernie is put in charge of Riina, and Riina says that
the score between Hamarn and Judou is already settled and begs her not to
fight him anymore.  Hamarn won't heed this, and with a final word of thanks
for looking over Mineba sets out with Mashmar.

Hamarn addresses the glorious Neo-Jion soldiers and informs them that those
who once forced Jion into the darkness are shirking their duties at fending
off the threat facing mankind.  Time to show those fools who should rule the
Earth Sphere.  All fight with her, for the sake of Neo-Jion and for the
future of all Spacenoids in the Earth Sphere.  Mashmar adds in that fate
has surely granted Hamarn victory, that now is the time to dish out just
desserts on your dudes.  Judou then shows up, marvels at the number of bad
guys, and reminds himself that defeating Hamarn is all he has to do.  Hamarn
is impressed that Judou would come by himself and tells him that if he
makes it to her she'll be glad to fight him.  Iria points out that the ZZ
isn't the only enemy, and Hamarn warns everybody to look out for the rest
of your people.

  If Judou fights Mashmar, he'll ask Mashmar if he can't grasp the situation
  that everyone, not just the Jion, are in.  He's worth a Repair Kit S.

  Your dudes show up on turn 3, telling Judou that Hamarn's not someone
  he can defeat alone and that he's not the only one with a score to settle
  with her.  He agrees but says that he wants to be the one to finish her
  off.  If you kill enough of the bad guys, Kyara's group will launch and
  try to mix you guys up.  Kyara is worth a Propellant Tank S.

  If Judou fights Iria, he recognizes her from before and realizes that Riina
  may still be alive - she tells him to ascertain that after he's defeated
  her.  She's worth a Biosensor.

  Killing all enemies besides Hamarn is worth a Skill Point.

  Beat all the enemies, and Hamarn will show up and say that her defeat is
  not yet certain.  Have Quatro go and Persuade her: he'll demand to know
  why she doesn't see that continuing this fight will eliminate the future
  for Spacenoids.  She asks if he's telling her to join forces with the corrupt
  Federation and fight the Aliens, and says she heard enough of that during
  the Dakarl broadcast.  He tells her that all he wants is to not see humanity
  led down the wrong path.  She then asks what he intends to do in a world
  where the Zabi House is defeated and the Titans are swept away.  He says
  that even without his actions the humanity will change toward the awakening
  of the Newtypes: he intends to wait for that time.  He tells her that she
  should understand the strength and possibilities of this young age, and
  that that mustn't be lost.  Humanity can't be finished!  She tells him to
  join her then, but he says that'll just make history repeat itself and
  she fires back that people who can't fit the convenience of the world must
  be eliminated. 

  Attack her next with Camille, and he'll berate her about making people
  unhappy and she'll belittle him.  But then something strange will pass
  between them, and Camille will think he recognizes a voice that he 
  eventually pegs as his mother.  He feels like he's met Hamarn somewhere
  long before.  Hamarn thinks she's hearing Char or Scirocco, and wonders
  what the heck is going on.  Camille asks why his mother doesn't recognize
  him, and Hamarn wonders if she's dreaming.  As the vision dissipates,
  Camille says that their seeing the same thing is proof that people can
  understand each other.  However, she gets pissed that he was inside her
  and tells him that, like Char, she won't forgive him.

  When you attack her with Judou, he'll tell her her footing is all gone,
  but she belittles what a boy has to say to her.  She tells him to come
  with him all seductively, but he replies that her very existence pisses him
  off and tells her to go by herself.  She then says that she's the one who
  will achieve her own future.  Just then, Judou feels some kind of power
  surge as everyone's power enters his Gundam.  Hamarn realizes that people's
  feelings are taking physical form, and Judou tells her that she's seeing
  the sentiments of all those who died meaninglessly in battle.  Hamarn says
  that humans are alone as long as they live, and that they'll consume the
  Earth before the Newtypes can awaken.  He tells her she should learn
  exactly how far her hatred extends.  Attacking her with Judou is worth a
  Skill Point, and killing her (preferably with Judou) will cause him to
  tell her to vomit out all the blood that gives rise to her hatred.  She
  says she lacks any such thing, but he tells her to not just think with her
  head.  She then laughs and admits defeat.  He demands to know why she
  didn't use her Funnels and her talents more, and tells her that if she
  tried harder she could even save the Earth.  She marvels that someone who's
  gone all the way to the Asteroid Belt has returned - and tries to say that
  it's proof of someone whose soul has become ensnared by the Earth's gravity
  and can no longer fly.  And that applies to everyone, including you all and
  the Jupiterians.  Judou says that even so, fighting here means nothing and
  that her strength will be necessary in the battle ahead.  She replies that
  it's thanks to people like him, children, that she couldn't purge all the
  fools from the Earth.  She tells Judou to stay back, but thinks to herself
  that it was good she came back and met such a strong child.  She self-
  destructs, giving you a Haro.  Amuro laments that there was no choice but
  to fight, and Steiner from Axis contacts you all and announces Axis's

Within Axis, Quatro learns from Kigunan that Mineba was made to escape before
the fight, and that her whereabouts are currently unknown.  Kigunan hopes
that the rendezvous with Nanai goes well, and has the Yugo look out for her
too just to be safe.  Kigunan then tells Quatro that Bernie wants to talk to
Judou, and Quatro has him brought here to meet with Judou, along with some
guards.  This done, and Bernie sees to it that Riina gets back together
with Judou.  Bernie tells your people of Hamarn's instructions, and Riina
hears the unfortunate news of Hamarn's demise.  Assuming you've followed
protocol to recruit Bernie, he will then ask to join you now, saying that
he was told by one of your female pilots that there was no time for fellow
Earthlings to fight amongst themselves.  He says he wants to fight to save
humanity, and he and Chris recognize each other.  Quatro allows him in, 
saying that every little bit of warpower will help now and that all of you
must cast off the past to win through to the future.

Bright and Tashiro then discuss how the Earth is _finally_ quelled and that
the only enemies left are the various aliens.  Time to head for Konpei to
meet with the Macross and start hosing some alien butt.  Meanwhile, Bodolzar
is explaining how the Miclones with their distinctive civilization are the
"Protoculture".  Bodolzar knows little about this other than that it consists
of "creative activity beyond fighting".  He notes that their creators 
instructed them nothing concerning culture, but instilled in them the 
programming to "not come in contact with culture".  This is why he had 
forbidden all contact outside of battle even regarding the Empire.  Exedore
asks if that terrifying sound their captive Lin Min-Mei makes is also 
"culture", and Boldozar says that that's what's called "singing".  He explains
that his posting aboard his invincible mobile fortress and subsequent 
contact with the Empire have enabled him to understand just a little of this
culture stuff.  He notes further that songs appear to have the power to draw
men and women together, thus robbing people of their animosity.  Bodolzar
then shows them a mere shard of culture from very long ago: a mysterious
plaque.  Bodolzar says that Min-Mei, since she's of the Protoculture, may
understand what it is - if all goes well it may gain them an unbeatable
advantage over the women.  Who, at the moment, are in all out war with both
the Zentraedi and the Empire in this area...and with a high probability that
they intend to invade the Earth in search of information about "culture".
Can't let them find out about it!  Time to hurry with figuring out what the
"Shard of Culture" is, and then head to Earth for them!  Go to S61.

SH60. Saigo no Shisha ("The Final Angel/Emissary")

At NERV HQ, Fifth Children is about to arrive - timing that's all too
convenient for Misato's liking given Asuka's collapse only a short time
before.  It's Nagisa Kaworu, whose past identity like Rei's is a complete
blank and whose birthday falls directly on the Second Impact.  Misato is
sure that the Council is up to something by sending him here, and Marduk has
decided not to report Kaworu's existence to the public.  Hyuuga asks about
synchro testing Kaworu, and Misato wonders where Ritsuko has gone to.  
Actually, both she and Kaji are missing - a very bad sign.

Shinji is wondering what Rei meant when she said she was the "third" - does
this mean that there's lots of Reis stashed somewhere?  And what would that
mean about the second one?  And what would Shinji do even if he knew the
answer?  Just then he hears someone singing a song he thinks he's heard
before.  Sure enough it's Kaworu, who starts his schtick from the anime 
about how songs are the pinnacle of the Lilims' culture.  Shinji asks how
he knows his name, and Kaworu tells him that everybody knows it and that he
should know his own position a bit better.  Introductions take place.

Kaworu then gets Synchro tested, and Fuyutsuki is quite shocked by what he
sees.  Hyuuga says that all the calculations are correct and Maya adds that
the Magi can't detect any error in the data.  Looks like Kaworu is synching
great with EVA-02 despite them not even changing the core.  Maya is still
having trouble believing what she's seeing, but Misato says that people must
first accept the truth and then hunt down the explanation.  Kaworu then runs
into Rei.  He tells her that she's like him: that she's been given a body
like unto the Lilims in order to live on this planet.  Rei asks who he is, 
and he says he's a Messenger, sent from long, long ago by the residents of
the Black Moon across time and space to be here now.  He's the final Angel/
Emissary for this fake world everyone's living in...

Fuyutsuki tells Gendou of Rei and Kaworu's meeting - he says that the Magi
are chugging away at full speed on the data from Fifth, and that he's
probably...  Shinji then runs into Kaworu with the whole "were you waiting
for me?" bit.  Shinji says that he was thinking of heading over to the Lond
Bel - Kaworu knows of them, and asks if the Lond Bel is the place where
Shinji's heart leads him.  Shinji supposes it might be, and Kaworu tells him
that having a home to go home to is a good thing.  Shinji offers to take
Kaworu along and introduce him to the Lond Bel, and Kaworu asks Shinji to
hang on until he's done changing.  Kaworu notes that Shinji avoids deep
contact with others in order to avoid mutual pain, and points out that that
leads invariably to loneliness.  Kaworu says that humans can never eternally
banish loneliness because they're individuals, but that they can temporarily
forget about it and thus go on living.  He says that even those born on
different planets under different cultures will fight each other to ease their
loneliness.  Of course, hearts usually feel pain, and Kaworu says that 
they're like glass, especially Shinji's.  He then starts speaking to Shinji
of love, and says that he might have been born specifically to meet Shinji.

Time for more "Sound Only" action.  The Council is bitching that NERV,
constructed to carry out the Council's scenario, has now become a private
organ that must be reined in.  Kihl says it's time to return NERV and the
EVA Series to their original forms.  He says he's going to take back NERV
from Gendou...  Gendou for his part is musing to EVA-01 that there's not much
time left until the time of reception.  He says that the Council intend to
finish everything by their own hands before the STMC arrive - but the fate
of humans is not to be determined by the old men or the aliens, or even the
STMC.  He says that the final Angel will appear soon, and if it can be
taken out his wish will come true...Yui.

Daisaku meets Shinji and enthusiastically asks if it's true that Rei is okay.
One rather anemic "yes" later, Shinji reports that Asuka is in a coma but
should at least live.  Quatre tries to blame himself for this but Shinji
won't let him, and then introduces Kaworu to the others.  Kaworu comments
that Quatre and Daisaku have kind eyes and kind hearts and that they're
surely good friends to Shinji.  He can see why Shinji likes coming home to
here, and gives Shinji something: a plate inscribed with some kind of letters.
Kaworu says that it's a relic from the past: "Do you remember...when eye 
meets eye..."  He says that it's the very embodiment of the pinnacle of
Lilim culture, now written on this plate.  Kaworu asks Shinji to take it as
a memento of their meeting...

Ere then learns that your other dudes have taken over Axis: your only enemies
are (theoretically) all those obnoxious aliens [Lum's the word! *doh*]  Lots
of sacrifices have happened but at least the Earth is finally unified.  Time
to head to Konpei to work up a master plan to kick alien tail.  Your dudes
and she contemplate how the main event is about to begin.  Just then, Benpei
runs in and tells Ryou to hurry to the hangar.  Hayato is there already,
and tells him to look at Shin Getter....which is _glowing_.  Hayato doesn't
know why, but Shin Getter is absorbing all the Getter Rays shining on it
from outside.  This is just like when it first activated, and like before
Mazinkaiser appeared.  You figure out that it's warning you of something:
Tetsuya asks how you could know that, but Hayato says that he felt the same
thing you did.  The Getter team recalls hearing that Getter rays may be a
sentient form of energy, and Ryou notes that this happened too when it came
time to stop the EVA-03 rampage.  Does this mean an Angel is coming?  Well,
it means _something_ is coming in any case.

Then, Shin Getter starts moving on its own, and Mazinkaiser too.  Kouji is
in his Pailder trying to stop the rampage.  Worse, the Ryuu-Ko-Ou is moving
on its own too!  You feel something very strange, and as Shinji and Kaworu
show up you feel that someone is watching you.  Kaworu wonders if you've
found him out and is impressed that there is someone who has inherited the
power of the ancient residents of the Black Moon.  You have in fact found
Kaworu out, and Kaworu leads Shinji away back to NERV HQ.  Oh, and _surprise_
all the machines settle down.  Who the heck was that kid??

Rei is meanwhile wondering why she's here, why she was born again.  For what,
for whom?  Why does Fifth Children feel like her?  Kaworu then starts 
lecturing Seele that people can't create something from nothing - that unless
they cling to something they can't do anything.  Since they're not God.  BUT,
as a voice says there are men trying to get power equal to God's.  Yea, men
trying once again to open Pandora's Box.  Kaworu identifies them as Yuuzes
and Ingram.  Plus, there are those trying to close the box before the hope
inside appears: namely Shuu.  A voice says that those people mustn't be
allowed to taint all of your hope, but Kaworu scoffs that _that_ is what
the Lilims would call hope.  A voice responds that hope has more forms than
there are people, since hope only exists within the heart.  But Seele intends
to make that hope concrete, which revolves around Lilith, the ancestor of the
humanity which are the false inheritors of the Black Moon.  Oh, plus Adam
who is the ancestor of the rightful inheritors from the lost White Moon.  The
soul salvaged from there lives only within Kaworu, but its body is one with
Shinji's father Gendou.  Thus has Seele entrusted Kaworu with their hopes.
Kaworu is aware of this...and it's all up to the Lilims.

Hyuuga hands over the data on Kaworu to Misato, purloined without permission
of course.  She apologizes for having him do all the dirty work: Maya couldn't
make this data public because it's theoretically impossible.  Looks like
the mystery just got deeper: Kaworu can control his synchro rate with the 
EVAs by himself, and under his own volition.  Hyuuga also passes along the 
info about what happened aboard the Goraon, including that you felt that
Shin Getter was warning you.  This _really_ worries Misato...

Kaworu then goes over to EVA-02, calling it the avatar of Adam and the 
servitor of Lilith.  Time for the excrement to _really_ hit the air
conditioning.  EVA-02 boots, and of course Asuka is still unconscious in 
the hospital.  In fact, EVA-02 is unmanned, and doesn't even have an entry
plug inside.  Just then a Pattern Blue A.T. Field appears in Central Dogma:
it's an Angel.  More specifically, it's Kaworu leading EVA-02 down Central
Dogma.  Fuyutsuki orders all the emergency barriers around Central Dogma
activated to buy even a small amount of time.  Fuyutsuki can't believe that
Seele would send someone directly, and Gendou says that the old men want to
accelerate things with your hands.  Gendou orders EVA-01 scrambled and
authorizes all means possible to prevent entry into Terminal Dogma.

Shinji doesn't want to believe that Kaworu is an Angel, but Misato tells him
to suck it up and accept it.  Shinji processes this as Kaworu betraying his
feelings, just like his father has.  Misato has Hyuuga on standby ready to
self-destruct the whole place if the signal from EVA-01 vanishes...better
than having a Third Impact at least.  She apologizes for putting him through
this, and he says it's okay if he's with her.  Just then the strongest A.T.
Field ever fires up, cutting off all monitoring of events.  EVA-01 and -02
are now totally out of contact behind this kekkai.  Is this _another_ Angel?
Well, you can't tell...and then it vanishes.  Just then, something new is
detected in Central Dogma: Shin Getter Robo!  The target reaches Terminal
Dogma, and the final safeties are released: Heavens' Door is being opened!!

Kaworu confronts "Adam", the "mother being" of them all.  Looks like all born
of Adam have to return to him, until people are destroyed.  Kaworu then
figures out that what's actually there is Lilith - he's now figured out what
the Lilims are up to.  Kaworu can't understand the humans who would go so
far as to use the EVA Series, abominable even to themselves, in order to
keep on living.  Kaworu says that the EVAs are built like him, all originally
from Adam, which is why he can control them if they lack a soul.  Because
EVA-02's soul has closed itself up.  Shinji apologizes to Asuka and commences
attack.  Shinji is surprised at Kaworu's A.T. Field, or as Kaworu points out
a "psychic" field: the light of the heart, of a holy place which none can
profane.  Kaworu says that the Lilims already know that the A.T. Field is 
a wall around the heart which everyone possesses.  This isn't making sense to
poor Shinji, but Kaworu says that this is why people can enter here.  Shin
Getter, Mazinkaizer, and Ryuu-Ko-Ou are now here.  Hayato asks if it's the
final Angel being faced, and Kaworu mentions the power that makes life
evolve as well as the power of light which purifies all.  And the power that
Adam granted to Lilith.  You, who have succeeded in acquiring these things
have the right to lay hand on the future - but it's not over yet.  He tells
you to come and kill him, lest you all be destroyed.  Ryou doesn't think
he's lying, and Getter seems to be echoing Kaworu's words.  Kouji says
there's no time to debate and that they're all here to get rid of Kaworu.
You apologize to Shinji but say that you only have one option left: defeating
Kaworu.  Kaworu realizes that history is repeating itself, and that the Lilims
can't get free of their history of death and destruction.  BUT, the beginning
and the end are in the same place: destined destruction is also the bliss of
rebirth.  All humans have to do is hang on to the hope within their hearts,
and move under their own will lest nothing change.  Too bad so many people
haven't been able to do that....

  If you're studly, you should be able to take Kaworu out in one motion with
  the Ko-Ryuu-Ou.  You defeating Kaworu is worth a Skill Point.  When you
  do so, Kaworu will tell you that EVA-02 wanted to be stopped by you all.
  Otherwise, he might have been able to go on living with her.  You demand
  to know what he is, and Kaworu replies that he might have been waiting for
  you.  Despite being a Lilim, you have power close to his, a power that
  your predecessors were unable to obtain.  You ask if he's talking about
  your Psychodriver powers - it's the first time he's heard that name and
  says that it goes by many other names, including "Augustus" and "Zfield".
  You ask what this power actually is and are told that you'll find out 
  sooner or later, though you might not live long enough.  He then tells you
  again to kill him, lest you yourself be killed as his last words - it's
  the destiny of all living things to kill or be killed, and he tells you
  you're a being which shouldn't be killed...  He tells you that you need
  your future, and that he's sure you'll do just fine.  You reply that the
  future is something that can't be bestowed or bequeathed, and that you'll
  show that you can grasp the future with your own hands.

_Now_ Shinji is depressed.  He tells Misato that Kaworu said he liked him,
the first time he'd ever heard that from somebody else.  He says that Kaworu
should have been the one to live on, that Kaworu was a far better person than
he.  Misato says that that's wrong, that the ones to live on should be those
with the will to do so.  Kaworu desired death, abandoned his will to live,
and pursued only a facade of hope.  She says it's not Shinji's fault, and
Shinji calls her cold.  She tells him that that's the only way one can go
on living, through what's coming ahead.

Gendou is telling Fuyutsuki that he's sending only EVA-01 with the Lond Bel.
The Lance of Longinus is still in Terminal Dogma, so having EVA-01 with
the your people is a wise move.  Fuyutsuki asks if this isn't a dangerous
time to let -01 out of his grasp: Gendou replies that with the time of
reunion drawing near, sending EVA-01 with the Lond Bel will win points with
the Council and buy time.  In response to Fuyutsuki's worries about being
shortstaffed here, Gendou orders the reoutfitting of EVA-00 and EVA-02 to
be hurried - the hands of time must be halted at all costs.  Well, the EVA
is loaded in and all the Aura Battlers head off to the rendezvous.

Insert Zentraedi scene from SA60.  Go to S61.

S61. Unmei no Ya ("Arrow of Fate")

The captains are discussing how much ass you all kicked on Earth and in
space.  Ere is moderately saddened when she hears about how Rebi (who you
captured) is only 13 or 14, and Tashiro breaks the news about how Rebi 
seems to have lost her memories.  Thank god that, except for a few stray
Jupiterians and the B.F., your only remaining enemies are the aliens.  They
then discuss how the final Angel was in the form of a boy, which is all the
info that NERV would let out.  With EVA-00 and -02 out of action, it's easy
to see why Misato and Ritsuko, and Shinji and EVA-01, were sent here.  Both
teams compare notes about Yuuzes, and his interest in Psychodrivers and the
Laplace Computer to further his own version of the Human Complimentation
Project...or whatever he's up to.

Your pilots discuss how you only got EVA-01 back, and how Shinji's been
seriously bumming all this time.  Seabook is told how the final Angel joined
NERV and even became a pilot - Hayato observes that the Angels constantly
evolved with the seeming purpose of contacting the EVAs and infiltrating
NERV HQ.  After all, their appearance and their powers kept changing, and 
their intellect went from basically none to capable of talking with Shinji
and the others.  Maybe this means that part of the Angels' objective was
contact with humans.  PLUS, it looks in retrospect that NERV had info about
the Angels - well before they appeared: various proof is given including
the way the EVAs and Neo-Tokyo2 are built.  Was the whole thing a setup?  
Well, Kouji doesn't believe that _he_ was set up to fight the Angels.  
Seabook asks what NERV will do now that the Angels are all gone - Tetsuya
observes that their cooperation with the Lond Bel may have just been to
solicit help in fending off the Angels.  Your dudes can't say if this means
that NERV is now about to really kick into gear or not, but you fear that they
may one day become a major foe...

Focker and some others are welcoming Riina back.  Focker realizes that Usso
is forcing himself to be happy despite Shakti still being gone.  Riina in
fact realizes this, and tells him not to give up.  Hikaru isn't looking
happy, which of course is because of Min-Mei's situation.  Hikaru is thinking
to himself that while rescue is possible for Riina and Shakti who were 
caught by other humans, the prospects for Min-Mei (if by some miracle she's
still alive now) are going to disappear once all-out war starts.  Misa runs
into Hikaru, who isn't very conversational.  She tells Hikaru that his
accuracy has been falling and asks what's the matter, that it's not like
him.  He tells her to leave him alone, and when she says she can't due to the
upcoming war he demands to know what she could possibly know about him.  He's
doing his damndest to carry out his missions, but there's no guarantee at
all that Min-Mei will come back alive.  He then apologizes for his outburst,
and tells her to feel free to remove him from the Skull Squad if she thinks
he's of no use.

With all the team leaders assembled, Tashiro commences the uber-briefing.
He introduces Kentarou, as well as Shuu and Viletta.  Several of your
people feel like they've met her before...  Tashiro then says that an hour
ago you got come info from the Icarus Base in the asteroid belt: the
Zentraedi and Arrowgaters are duking it out full force near Jupiter.  It's
only a matter of time till things spread to Earth, so you're taking special
alert status, lines of defense being Mars, the Moon, and finally the Earth's
sattelite sphere.  The SDF, with the Riga Milita and the Yugo, will strike
the aliens.  Hyouma points out that the aliens can just warp past the
defensive lines, but Viletta says that the cool high-powered gravity sensors
Mao and the DC developed can warn you if this happens - much like a
seismograph.  Shuu answers Kouji and says that if the enemy do come in all
their overwhelming numbers, the only hope will be a mass brawl with all the
strength you have left; this isn't what most people could properly call a
"battle".  Kentarou says that the data indicates that all three alien powers
attach much importance to the Earth, and that even at worst they are unlikely
to destroy the Earth Sphere entirely.  The proof is that they haven't 
wiped out the Earth yet, which they easily could have.  Viletta notes that
the Arrowgaters haven't sent their full military might against the Earth and
that there is no doubt that they don't intend total annihilation of the 
Earth.  Shinobu says that it's going to be a hell of a fight if they breach
your defenses and recommends striking their center now.  Amuro says that's
unlikely to work in the long run since there's still the STMC to worry about.
Looks like the fate of mankind is resting on your shoulders alone - so don't
blow it!

Hiiro calls Duo over and asks if he remembers Viletta from somewhere before.
Duo has, and so had Masaki - and Quatre.  Wu-Fei recalls that Badim was the
name of a famous crime syndicate from the past (130 years in the past), 
and Quatre finds records indicating they were totally wiped out by the
special Federation batallion Gaiasabers back when.  Her name is probably
false, as are other things about her.  Masaki walks in with a funny look on
his face, but quickly passes it off - he recalls an enemy pilot from South
Atalia who sounded like her.  Could she be an..._Arrowgater_?!  Duo notes
that she feels like Ingram and that she may be a spy.  Masaki is even more
worried about Shuu, wondering what he's up to this time...

Garrison has gathered info on Viletta for Banjou - she's positively from
Mao.  She was part of DC's precursor the EOTI, and upon entering Mao was
a special member of the Huckebein development team.  Her history is to say 
the least fishy.  Banjou says he'll ask Rin about her and tells Beauty and
Reika to keep an eye on Viletta.

Focker then calls the Skull Squad members together, saying he's got to return 
to South Atalia for a bit.  The reason is a _seekrit_ that he can't reveal, 
and Focker names Max to act as squad leader till he gets back.  Isamu demands
to know why he wasn't chosen for his exceptional skillz; Focker says he's
slightly lacking in levelheadedness.  Actually, Guld would have gotten the
job except the YF-21 is better at standalone work than leading a squad.
Thus, Max with the best total balance got the nod.  Guld says he has no
objections if Isamu isn't in charge...causing Isamu to get pissed and giving
him the opportunity to remind Isamu why he didn't get the job.  The squad
gets dismissed, and Focker has something to say to Hikaru alone.  Focker
actually wanted Hikaru to take his place, but....  Hikaru asks if Focker
thinks he'll barely make it back alive from battle, much be able to lead.
Focker concedes he is, and Hikaru says he knows himself that he has to master
his feelings for Min-Mei.  Focker says that it's not clear that Min-Mei is
dead, and in return for not making him leader has prepared an S-type Valkyrie
for Hikaru to use.

Shuu then runs into Masaki, and observes that Masaki seems not to like him
helping the Lond Bel.  Damn straight Masaki doesn't, but under the 
circumstances Masaki sees little choice but to enlist even his help to 
fend off all the aliens.  Shuu commends his clear thinking, and Masaki 
asks him why Yuuzes was trying to get a hold of the Laplace Computer.  Shuu
asks Masaki if he knows what the Laplace Computer actually is - Masaki heard
from Wendy and Senia that it can at least partially predict events in the
future.  Shuu is impressed to hear this from Masaki, and Rai asks if this is
the same Laplace as that mathemetician from the 1700's.  It is indeed:
Pierre Laplace, also an astronomer and the man who predicted the existence 
of black holes.  Rai recalls that Laplace was also famous regarding prediction
of future events; Masaki asks if he was an ESPer.  Shuu says no, and 
comments that truly predicting the future would require being either a prophet
or God himself - it's considered impossible for anyone else.  However,
Laplace realized that if one used "probability" and uncovered initial
conditions, predictive accuracy could be improved.  And the Laplace Demon
Computer isthe device built for minimizing the imprecision as much as possible.
Masaki asks if that means the Psybuster can tell the future, and Shuu says that
like Masaki's Spirit Possession the Psybuster's prognostication isn't 
operating at its full potential.  The effectiveness depends on the magic of
the pilot...  Masaki asks Shuu if he's saying he's immature, and Shuu
concedes that that's about the size of it.  Rai and Masaki wonder what Yuuzes
wants with the Laplace Computer, and Shuu only says that if a powerful
person got their hands on it they could manipulate the karmic balance for
their own ends.  In short, he could not only forecast cause and effect, he
could directly and indirectly control them.  Such a being is godlike, and
Masaki asks if that's what Yuuzes is trying to be.  Shuu says that people
can't become gods, but that there's no choice for you all but to find out
Yuuzes' true objective for yourselves.

It looks like Viletta has brought with her the R-Gun Powered, fixed up by
Mao.   Ryuusei could have sworn he's seen Viletta before, and she recognizes
him.  She says that the SRX will need the R-Gun in the fighting ahead;
Ryuusei explains to Kou that the R-Gun Powered becomes the SRX's HTB (Hyper
Tronium Buster) Cannon.  Well, Ryuusei calls it the "Heaven-and-Earth One-
Shot-One-Kill Cannon"; Kou is not impressed and Daisaku asks if it
_had_ to have "Heaven-and-Earth" attached to it (it did).  Viletta says 
that she'll be the pilot for the R-Gun Powered, noting that she was a test
pilot and doesn't think she'll be in the way.  Ryuusei asks if he can trust
her (given the Ingram example and all), and she says that he can disconnect
her limiter from the SRX if he ever feels in doubt.  This will destroy
her along with the R-Gun.  Ryuusei says he's sorry for doubting her.

Just then some Meltrandi warp in, quite far from where you are.  You can
either send in the Lond Bel or the Skull Squad.  You probably want to do the
latter for reasons clear below.  Kouji realizes that Shinji can't be
mustered for battle, and hurries off with Camille.  Quatre sympathizes with
Shinji's plight, and tells of how he's fighting now to atone for the wrong
he did while in the Wing Zero.  Daisaku says that he won't be able to 
answer his father's question if mankind gets wiped out...but Shinji doesn't
want to pilot any more due to painful things like the Kaworu incident.
Quatre points out that even Usso is fighting despite his problems, lest he
regret it later.  Quatre has chosen to go forward, and tells Shinji he
should carefully consider the right course of action.  But Shinji is...
worthless anymore, or so he says...

If you dispatched the Skull Squad first, Hikaru will remind everyone not
to be careless just because the enemy are women.  They can be even stronger
than the Zentraedi.  Kakizaki is making fun of Hikaru for such cowardly
words when he gets blown away by Miria abruply.  Miria is dubious about
the "protoculture".  Your dudes recognize her, and Max says to leave her to
him because he's fought her before.

  Attack Miria with Max for a Skill Point.  Defeat her and she'll join you
  if you've fulfilled the other requirements in the next scenario.

  Your dudes show up on turn 3, warning that more bad guys are on the way.
  Once you kill all the current enemies, more Meltrandi show up - and Hikaru
  senses Min-Mei's presence.  Shinji is shocked to hear Min-Mei singing the
  song Kaworu was singing.  The Meltrandi feel their combat powers weakening
  and leave.  Just then Bodolzar and his dudes show up.  Bodolzar is pleased
  to see that having "singers" on hand works, and plans to get more of them
  as soon as possible to take out the Meltrandi.  Bodolzar then requests a
  peace treaty...

Your dudes aren't sure about this peace business, but they believe they
couldn't have won against all the ships the Zentraedi had [yeah right!  I
didn't even get to fire a shot!  stupid bastards...]  You find out that the
_leader_ of the Zentraedi is on hand, which explains all the ships: enough
to fill a good 700km of space [okay, so maybe that would have been tough,
but that's what free weapons are for!!]  Your dudes are hoping that the 
peace talks go through and that your chances of living through all this
go up, but you say that having the leader of the Zentraedi around just means
that the Meltandi and Arrowgaters will fight that much more fiercely.

Kou asks Burning if it's okay for your dudes to conduct peace talks without
the consent of the Federation, and Duo says that the current Federation 
higher ups surely lack the guts to even speak to the giants.  Brecks has
informed you all that you've got full authority to go ahead with this - Judou
asks what the top brass are doing then, and Alan says they're probably making
plans to flee.  Too bad there's nowhere left to run (we're hearing that a
lot lately).  Banjou points out that the all-important lifeboat is in fact
at the front lines...and Judou has to be clued in that that's what the Macross
is for.  Your dudes reiterate that the more the army investigated the ASS-1,
the more they realized they stood no chance against the aliens, and thus
planned that much harder to flee.  Of course, at the same time Vian lead the
EOTI with his "nowhere to run" theory and founded the DC.  And got the
ball rolling on all the robot development facilities all over the world.
All of whose machines, btw, which were intended to fight tha aliens are now
gathered at the Lond Bel.  It's fate.

Gloval then opens the news conference, stating that peace has been arranged 
with the 425's Bodor Zentraedi Fleet.  From information gained from them,
you've learned of the existence of a great interplanetary society called the
Protoculture which existed long long ago, galaxy far far away and junk.
In fact, the humans, both giant types, and the Ze-Balmariy Empire are all
most likely descended from them.  Shocking!  Your dudes mull this over,
Kazumi noting that this is not entirely odd considering all of you are
basically humanoid...  Gloval says that the Zentraedi were created by the
Protoculture's vast genetic engineering prowess, and that their technology
can also return Zentraedi to human size.  They are a warrior race with 
no knowledge of culture, which have been at war with their females the
Meltrandi for 500,000 years.  The Macross which fell to Earth and woke up
the Earth to this vast cross-cultural conflict may indeed have been an arrow
of fate.  Gloval then introduces a Miclonized Zentraedi who serve as
emmisaries.  Britai and Exedore are discussing those emmisaries, and Britai
is quite impressed.  He says he wants to be Miclonized too, and when
Exedore exlaims something in shock he says he was just joking.  A concept
he learned from Min-Mei...

Looks like Min-Mei is back...your dudes scramble to tell Hikaru that she's
alive, but Hikaru can't be found.  Min-Mei once again sings the song that
routed the Meltrandi - the song that Kaworu sang.  Which in fact comes from
an ancient memory plate just like the one Shinji got from Kaworu.  Too
bad the one she has has no lyrics - Shinji pales as he realizes that the 
plate he has has the lyrics.  Well, in the interim Myung Fan Lone will come up
with new lyrics (Isamu is shocked) - Myung says hi.  Min-Mei wants to spread
the song all over space and bring peace to all with it, and make a world
without fighting.  The vice captain says that this progress toward peace
came only at the cost of many sacrifices, and probably hardship for Min-Mei
too.  So it's time for a tearful reunion: with Hikaru!  BTW, Guld recognizes
Myung too.

Now, if you went to the trouble to get Rebi, she recognizes the song.  Just
then the SRX squad enters.  Too bad she doesn't remember much of her
time with the Arrowgaters.  Shapiro isn't too pleased that she's not good
for any info after all she attacked you, but says that at least she's better
than what Shapiro pulled.  Viletta realizes that Rebi's returned to her
previous self, but that she may well suffer mental collapse apart from the
Kalkeria Pulse transmitter...and that it's only Ryuusei's power that staved
that off so far.  She realizes that the humans have a leg up on Psychodriver
power, just like Ingram said.  You observe that Rebi is just like your
SO...  Ryuusei asks your SO why he said he thought Rebi was an Earthling
back when.  Your SO reluctantly says that the telekinesis alpha waves 
back then were like the sample pattern used while he was training under
Ingram.  In short, Rebi was a SRX Test Pilot...but then there should be some
data about her remaining.  Your SO suggests Rebi might have been at the
Special Neurology unit, which starts sounding very plausible to your dudes.
Aya wonders if Rebi could be Mai...but thinks that the ages are wrong.  Time
to get some confirmation...and Ere says that Rebi should stay with you all
for the time being.  If her identity got out, she'd really be in for it.

Focker gets back and lightly berates Kakizaki for getting shot down.  Max
says that it wasn't Kakizaki's fault, and that they were up against the red
Meltrandi mech.  However, Max is a "genius" for having shot her down
[assuming you did so].  Anyway, Kakizaki is now without a machine, and Focker
tells him to use what he brought back from South Atalia: the Destroid Monster
and Armored Valkyrie, both specially made for the final battle against the
aliens.  The Destroid is too heavily armored to be manoeverable enough for
the regular SDF, but it's got serious firepower and already has Vernier
thrusters for use in space.  The Armored Valkyrie is a J-type with more
firepower and a solution to the Valkyrie's perrenial armor deficiency...
something different than the Super Pack.

Assuming you shot down Miria, she's really pissed about losing to a Miclone.
She wants to meet the machine and the pilot who did it to her, which is why
she's Miclonized herself and snuck aboard.  Ryuusei is then bumming with
Noriko and Max in tow.  Max challenges him to a game of Burning PT to cheer
him up, which goes to show how stocked the Macross's arcade is.  Max explains
that Burning PT is a popular fighting robot game on Earth, and that Ryuusei
is a tournament champion at it...well, it was also a set up to get him into
the military.  Anyway, time for a one-round duel.  Meanwhile Juuzou is getting
his ass kicked by Miria at Burning Trooper, as are your other dudes.  Benpei
figures there's no choice but to haul in Ryuusei - who conveniently shows
up with Max and Noriko!  Max thinks immediately that Miria is his type, and
the two begin to battle.  Max beats her - she's upset, he's enraptured.
Miria notices Max from his fighting style, Max notices her measurements.
Ryuusei and the others are simply in awe of Max's skillz.  Max wins, and
asks for Miria's name and number.  She tells him the former and says she
lacks the latter.  He asks her to meet him at 9p.m. tomorrow at the Forest
of Happiness Park, which she curtly agrees to and leaves.  Noriko notes
that that seemed more like a duel challenge than a date invitation, and Max
thinks that Miria is a beautiful name.  Go to S62.

S62. Ai, Oboete Imasu Ka?  ["Do You Remember Love?"]

Raodekia is quite upset to hear that Bodol's fleet has made peace with
the Earth.  He realizes that they're doing it in the hopes of beating
the Meltrandi, and that this means that human culture is quite potent
against them.  Yuuzes says that this culture is surely one of the special
features of the Earth, and thinks to himself that at the very least the
Earth has ruins from the Protoculture, namely the geofront and the "Black
Moon" aka the Promised Land written of in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  For this
reason he can't let the giants destroy the Earth...  Raodekia notes that the
Earth is now part of the fight against the Meltrandi, and says that the
Earth must not be allowed to be destroyed in the process.  The Meltrandi
are currently heading toward the Earth in response to the treaty, so it's
best for the Arrowgaters not to get caught in the middle - much better to
wait after the fight and the fall upon the victor.  However, Raodekia is
worried that the giants will wipe out the Earth like they did Tron - Yuuzes
says there's no fear of that and Raodekia takes him at his word.  Raodekia
then announces that his fleet will muster and wait for the right time to
invade the earth, and Yuuzes realizes that the giants won't attack the Earth
if the Earthlings really are descended directly from the Protoculture.
After all, it's proof of the giants' programming against attacking the
Protoculture's descendant that they haven't wiped out the Earth already.
Yuuzes is quite sure everything's going according to his plan.

Myung and Kai-Fan can't figure out what lyrics go best, and feel that they're
running out of time until the Meltrandi arrive.  Kai-Fan then asks Myung about
her past as a singer; Myung says she doesn't sing any more.  She goes outside
for some air and runs into Guld, surprising her greatly.  He figures she
would come here of all places on the Macross since it's like "that place"
in their memories.  Repeat scene from Macross Plus with Sharon Apple replaced
by Min-Mei [talk about moving up in the world!]  She tells Guld that she
stopped singing long ago, whereas Guld says that he's living his dream of
flying.  Myung says that she's betting it all on helping Min-Mei sing well.
Guld then tells her to forget about "back then", that he'll make her forget.
Just then Isamu heads to the park with Chris, saying he'd never seen the place
before due to lack of free time.  [By the way, both Chris from 0080 and Lucy
from Macross Plus are voiced by Hayashibara Megumi...]  Isamu sees Myung,
and says he's a bit surprised to see the high school idol shacked up with
Guld.  Guld doesn't like this, and Isamu asks him if he's playing the knight
in front of Myung again.  Myung interrupts their quarrel, and Guld tells
Isamu flat out that he'll let Isamu have neither the project nor Myung.
Myung says that both are better off just forgetting about her, and that she's
no longer the her that they used to know.  She runs off, and Guld repeats
that he won't hand her over.  Isamu tells him to do whatever he pleases, but
that he won't cede him the AVF trials.  Guld re-RE-iterates that he won't
let a traitor like him have either of them...

Your dudes ponder that the lyrics to the song aren't done yet - Cham figures
that if they're not you'll be at a disadvantage against the Meltrandi.
Heck, the Zentraedi might even turn against you.  Kouji thinks it sucks that
the lyrics to this alien song weren't left along with the music....this
gets Quatre and Daisaku thinking of that little present Kaworu left Shinji.

Meanwhile, the Macross is prohibited from returning to Earth.  This is both
to help with the fight against the aliens, and to avoid trouble with the
general populace who have now heard of the Earth evacuation plan.  Igor will
do everything he can to get rid of the order, but until then...

Shinji then hears from Misato that he and EVA-01 have been recalled to 
NERV - a shuttle has been sent for him.  Misato realizes that Shinji has
regressed to his old ways...  Quatre and Daisaku find him and hear of his
recall.  Shinji says that he's doing no good here anyway since he doesn't
intend to pilot EVA-01, and when Quatre asks if he's running away he says
yes and that he wants to be left alone.  He adds that he's not strong like
them, and that he can't do anything more.  And he asks them to hand over
the memory plate Kaworu gave him to Misa since he doesn't need it anymore.
He leaves, and Daisaku shouts after him that he'll be waiting for Shinji to
come back.

Shinji then runs into Kouji and Ryou.  They say that they won't try to stop
him, but Kouji says he hadn't figured Shinji for this much of a copout.
You ask if he absolutely has to go, and he replies that it's Misato's order
and that there's nothing he can do.  Kouji is pissed and tries to deck Shinji,
but you tell him that wouldn't solve anything.  You tell Shinji to remember
that he too is a member of the Lond Bel, and that he should feel proud of
that.  Ryou tells him to call if anything happens: your dudes will run to
the rescue.

Quatre then finds Misa and hands over the plate, explaining about it and
about Kaworu.  Misa realizes quickly what a find this is and asks if she can
borrow the plate.  Quatre lets her, saying that that may be why Kaworu gave
it to Shinji in the first place.  Focker then congratulates Max on the 
babe he picked up during the game.  Max says that he and she intend to
marry, and stalwartly staves off the incredulity of the others.  And, well,
reveals that Miria was formerly a Meltrandi pilot.  Your dudes totally wig
over that, but Max goes on about love overcoming all the obstacles.  Focker
says he wants to meet this girl, since she's driven Max to be _this_ fact, Max has brought her here already.  She introduces herself
and states plainly that she came here to settle the score with Max.  Focker
ponders the prospect of marriage between these longstanding enemies, and
figures something awesome could come out of this.

Kai-Fan meanwhile is prohibiting Min-Mei from seeing Hikaru, saying there
is a crucial time for her and that there's still that scandal from before.
He tells her that if anything happens again her singing career is over.
Plus, that song of hers is crucial to the upcoming battle.  He asks her if
she's forgotten what she went through because of him.  She ponders, and then
fires back that the lyrics aren't done yet, hence having the song stop the
fight won't happen.  How could you all stop the fight that the giants
started?  She figures that if she's going to die anyway she'd rather be
with Hikaru, and runs off.  Just then Myung comes in and says that with
Misa's help the lyrics are now done.  Kai-Fan is suitably astonished that
the song has lyrics, and there's little time to explain.  No time actually
since the alarm goes off.

Looks like it's the Meltrandi, about as many of them as there are Zentraedi.
Your ships have to hold off the enemy until Min-Mei's song is done.
Tashiro tells his men to spread out at Side 1 and to prevent the battle from
engulfing the Earth and the colonies at all costs.  And to buy time
until Min-Mei's song is done.  Your dudes digest this, recalling that this
isn't the final battle.  Amuro reminds you all that there will be 
reinforcements coming, just like the last battle.  Banjou points out that if
your song doesn't work the Zentraedi will attack you too since that's all
they're after.  No time to worry whether you can survive both giant races
being your enemy...  Hikaru is off on a little errand, so the rest of your
dudes are off defending mankind.  Max then comes to Focker with a request for
Miria to fight by your side; she says she intends to do as a good wife should
and help her husband.  Think of this as their wedding ceremony...  The
news of Min-Mei's disappearance doesn't sit well with Bodolzar...  Focker 
tells you to hold off the enemy for 10 turns, after which point Min-Mei's 
song attack will begin.

  Defeat all Meltrandi units in this first half for two Skill Points, one
  of which is for the main enemy unit.

  The main Meltrandi ships will show up next.  Laplamiz tells her troops to
  wipe out your Protoculture forces before you can use the anti-Meltrandi
  weapon Bodolzor presumably has in store.

  Once you take them all out, Focker reminds you that the Meltrandi army is
  still around; you pull back to replan.

Your dudes pull back okay, and you find out that all that did was damage like
1% of the enemy forces.  Gloval realizes this is like a pebble into a 
stream, and that while your people bought time you absolutely need Min-Mei's
song.  Min-Mei hasn't been found yet, and Gloval orders all ships
scrambled in order to prevent what looks like an impending attack by _both_
sets of giants.  Hikaru then learns that Min-Mei is "missing", and says he'll
go look for her too.  Misa entrusts him with the finished song, telling him
he's the only one who can persuade her to sing it.  The fighting starts
before he can find her...  And your other ships are nearly wrecked.  Plus
the Lond Bel is being forced back by the other forces.  Gloval tells the
crew to concentrate the Pinpoint Barrier, and that they're going into the
warzone to pick up the Lond Bel.  He can't abandon them and realizes that
the Earth Sphere can't be saved without them.  Time to bite the bullet and
trust fate to the heavens.  Misa internally tells Hikaru to hurry and find
Min-Mei, lest everyone be destroyed.

Hikaru finds Min-Mei, telling her he's come for her and that he wants her to
sing the song.  She demands to know why she should sing a song that "that
guy" brought...and that even if she sings it there's no chance of winning.
She then repeats that she wants to be with him if they're all going to die
anyway.  He tells her that it's not just the two of their problem: it's
about all those aboard the Macross and indeed throughout the Earth Sphere.
She says that doesn't matter and asks why the two of them are alone within
the wide world.  She asks him to run away with her to somewhere far away.
He tells her not to ask for the impossible, and says that since this is
probably their last meeting he'll be frank: he loves her, from the time he
first met her.  He says that even when the going was rough her singing always
helped him win through.  It was because she was here that he's made it this
far.  He therefore asks her to sing once more, since Focker and everyone
are fighting as hard as they possibly can.  Maybe there's no tomorrow, maybe
it's already too late, but she can still sing!  She then apologizes, saying
that she's been acting foolishly and that she's got to sing here or else
could never face anyone ever again.  She'll sing!

[And _now_ battle 62 begins for real....]

Bodolzar says that since the song won't work, there's nothing for it but to
wipe out the Protoculture.  Looks like peace didn't last for long.  Bodolzar
explains that the Protoculture is still a threat and that Min-Mei's song
mustn't fall into Imperial hands.  Just then Min-Mei pops out with Hikaru
and begins to sing.  Britai finds the song strange, as if he's heard it long
before.  Exedore observes that song is speaking to something from the creators
of their DNA - and Britai notes in amazement that their culture is being
reawakened.  Britai announces that his ships will support the Macross now.
Exedore says that your culture mustn't be lost.  Britai tells everyone hearing
Min-Mei's song that they all have but one enemy: Bodolzar must be defeated
and their culture must be regained!  Kamjin then decides he likes the song
and that he'll participate too...his subordinate protests but Kamjin says
that he's already known for killing those on his side.

  There is at least one Min-Mei Doll to be had in this battle.

  Take out Bodolzor and he'll vanish with the cry of "Oh!  Protoculture!"

Once Bodolzor is taken out, the battle is over.  Exedore and Britai are
conferring about the roughly 1000 fleets that the Zentraedi and Meltrandi
have which are now their enemy, plus the Arrowgaters and the STMC.  Britai
says that given a single song can do so much, there's no choice now but to
put their faith in culture.  Min-Mei and Misa have some kind of staring
match.  Vanessa asks what the song was, and Misa says it was just a pop tune.
A pop tune from tens of thousands of years ago from some alien city.  Just
an obvious love song... [Mark sez: FEAR J-POP!]  Go to S63.

S63. Owari no Hajimari ("The Beginning of the End")

Tashiro asks about damage from the last battle: the colonies were saved by
keeping the battle away from them, but everything from L3 to L5 is now a
giant mass of debris.  These have been caught in Earth's gravity: to prevent
them from falling to Earth the Yugo and Riga Militia are busy taking them
out with nukes specially positioned on Luna2.  However, the fallout and 
small debris means that radar is basically useless for anything within the
Moon's orbit - finding the Arrowgaters if they approach with normal
propulsion will be tough.  However, concerning that, Exedore has a request:
that his group be dispatched for reconnaisance.  Exedore notes that despite
the peace treaty there might be certain problems if his people stay around.
Britai adds that despite the cultural infusion his people are still such
that they must continue to fight to survive: if they keep sitting on their
butts some kind of revolt is likely.  Ere is still dubious, but Britai says
they can't afford to lose the culture they just got, and points out that
his forces are more used to fighting the Arrowgaters than you are.  In
return, Exedore will accompany your people; his knowledge of combat should
surely come in handy.  Ere thanks him deeply, but Exedore says it's no
problem and that he's interested in the Protoculture anyway.

Exedore explains that the squabbling over the Macross isn't just due to the
Tronium-based weapons it uses: there's also the Zfield Crystals.  A 
crystalline life form made of metallic cells with self-determination and
self-awareness.  Kentarou recalls that Zfield is the name of of the God,
indeed the Creator, that the Ze-Balmariy revere.  Exedore explains that
those crystals are outfitted in the Empire's Megilot units (you know them
as the AGX-01 Bug), and that those units determine their enemies capabilities
and convey the information to the Zfield Crystals at their core.  The core of
the Helmoze fleet too.  These crystals take the information gained and
cause their own capabilities and shape to change.  And if the evolution
continues to its final form, the resulting form is truly "Zfield".  A 
doomsday weapon far surpassing either of the conflicting cultures.  Exedore
explains that a Zfield defeated a Zentraedi fleet ten Cycles ago, right 
when that fleet was on the brink of taking out Raodekia's forces.  Yes, by
itself.  Recall however that these crystals are just the core: taking them 
out will result in the defeat of the fleet too.  Banjou wonders what form
they're going to assume now that they've done all this investigation - 
Exedore says that the latest form was that big mobile fortress you faced.
With additional input, it'll probably be like Shin Getter or something like
that.  Quatro makes the unpleasant observation that the harder you fight
the Arrowgaters, the larger your disadvantage grows.  These guys could be
harder to eradicate than the STMC, and Exedore observes that despite being
Miclones like you the Empire is about to degenerate into a warrior race just
like the Zentraedi.  Gloval points out on the other hand that if you can
make peace with them it'll be that much easier to take out the STMC.  Your
dudes have their doubts, but Gloval points out that it was also thought
impossible to make peace with the Zentraedi.  Certainly, it _seems_ like
a good idea, something that Amuro and the others would like to believe in.
Banjou thinks that NERV and Seele probably don't see it that way - that they
have another plan for living through the destruction.  Or maybe they even have
a different definition of "living through": only a matter of time till

The people at NERV HQ are all holding at level 1 alert.  Maya can't figure
out why, given that Kaoru was the final Angel.  Hyuuga wonders who is even
left as NERV's enemy, and Maya wonders what'll become of the EVAs...and
where Ritsuko has gotten to.  NERV itself will probably be dissolved and
Aoba doesn't know what'll become of the bridge crew.  He's heard a rumor that
the Titans were subordinate to Seele...  Hyuuga thinks they and the EVAs
will get posted to the Lond Bel.  Looks like there's little to do but wait
until the Human Complimentation Project starts...

Misato knows what the Project is for: to combine all deaded-ended humanity
into a complete single entity by artificial evolution.  Sure sounds like a
good defense against the STMC, but it's also clear that everyone will no
longer be the people they once were.  And to do so, the Council plans to use
the EVAs instead of Adam and Nerv: just like Kaji predicted.  She doesn't
know where Kaji is, but given what he had to go through to get her this
information, he's probably...

Kihl announced the promised time has come: time to use the only avatar of
Lilith, EVA-01, to do their dirty work before the STMC attack.  Gendou
says that's outside of Seele's scenario, and a voice tells him that delaying
things by sending EVA-01 to the Lond Bel won't work.  Fuyutsuki says that
humans only exist to give birth to the EVAs, and Gendou says that the EVA
series should be used for helping humanity proceed towards a new age.  A
voice replies that it's no so urgent to ride on the life-raft the EVAs provide
that people have to cast off their human form.  Time to wreck humanity so
it can be reborn!  Since the end and the beginning are at the same place.
Time to kill _everything_ so that all can be one; except Gendou points out
that death gives birth to nothing.  Well, Kihl says he'll grant death to 
them all.  Fuyutsuki says that the human existence lies in trying to go on
living: after all, that was the wish that caused "her" to remain within the
EVA of her own will.

Misato has no figured out what the Second Impact really was, and notes that
the Complementation Project was already active in ancient antiquity.
Protoculture, Nagisa Kaworu, that song, the Zentraedi army, the Arrowgater
Army, and the Space Monsters: thanks to Kaji she's finally started 
figuring it all out.  Just then the alarm goes off - has her hacking been
discovered?  Nope, just the beginning of the end.  NERV's net connections
are being cut from outside and the Magi are being hacked by 5 other Magi-
type machines in Germany and America.  Seele is finally going all out and
you're at a disadvantage.  You can't isolate the databases, and control of
the Magi would mean control of HQ...

Hyuuga tells Misato that an A801 order has been issued, transferring 
control of NERV to the Federation.  It's the last warning, and the Magi aren't
doing all that hot.  Maya then cuts in saying that Ritsuko is helping
protect the Magi.  Thank goodness she made it, but Misato is sure that
your troubles won't be over with just a computer assault.  In fact, their
goal is physical take over of HQ, since NERV has the EVAs, Adam, and Lilith:
looks like the old men are getting impatient.  The outside interference is
halted for 62 hours at least...  Seele realizes that they can't get through
NERV's #666 protection, and Kihl "regretfully" orders direct assault on 

Um, that's all there was: go to S64.

S64. Air

Your forces at Konpei find out that contact has been lost with NERV HQ.
There's no fighting spotted at Neo-Tokyo2 yet, so Duo wonders if it's just
an accident.  Shou recalls the previous blackout, but thinks something's
wrong this time.  There's no Angel attacking, and Amuro wonders what's behind
the timing.  Banjou tells Torres to do whatever he can to watch NERV, and
recommends taking up an emergency defensive posture.  Amuro asks if this is
something to do with the Human Complementation Project, and Banjou says that
even he hasn't been able to figure out what the Project is.  Amuro then
orders the Lond Bel to hold at level 1 alert, and says he'll talk to Bright.
He hopes nothing's happened to Misato and the others...

Your pilots wonder why they're being put on standby for the emergency at
NERV, and Ryou says it's to help stave off whoever is trying to take it over.
Ginrei thinks it's probably Seele, the string-pullers behind NERV whose
true nature even the IPO haven't been able to find out.  In short, they're
the IPO's other enemy besides the B.F.  It's not clear why Seele would hang
NERV out to dry, but she thinks it's either because it's unnecessary with
the Angels all gone, or else has some value to Seele for their ultimate
Human Complimentation Project.

Bright then tells your people that the Federation has issued an order
prohibiting you from dispatching.  The government hasn't said why, but
included a warning that they'll attack Konpei with an N2 mine if you 
disobey the order.  Yup, as powerful as a nuke but no danger of irradiating
the environment.  This seems far too much for your people who have protected
the Federation this long.  This surely has to do with NERV's communications
blackout, and Banjou asks which channels the order came from.  It was
decided at Dakarl - and probably came from the same route as the order 
keeping the Macross away.  Amuro says that there should still be too much
disorder among the Council for them to dispatch such an order, but Bright
says that the part about the N2 mine seems true from observation of a 
launcher appearing in orbit.  Ginrei and Banjou both think it's Seele, and
Banjou explains that Seele's great influence was behind the rebuilding and
governmental reorganization after the One-Year War.  Your pilots are
vehement that they don't have to listen to orders from Seele, and that an
N2 mine is hardly anything to worry about - but Banjou says not to
underestimate Seele.  The N2 mines probably aren't pointed only here: they
could be fired at the moon, South Atalia, or just about anywhere in order
to stop you.  Bright orders your people not to do anything on their own

The Titans are attacking NERV HQ: looks like NERV's final enemies are fellow
humans.  Gendou orders level 1 alert, and although Maya says that the
opponents are human Hyuuga tells her that the enemy doesn't feel that way.
Misato realizes that the invaders are after the EVAs and pilots, and orders
Shinji and Asuka put into their machines.  EVA-02 is to be put into the
lake: it'll still be found but is better than the cages.  Rei is missing, and
Misato orders her found fast lest she be killed.  EVA-01 can't be launched
since Shinji's still in F46.  Looks like Seele paid to reorganize the Titans
and use the skillz that beat down the colonies against you.  Gendou thinks
for a minute, and tells "Fuyutsuki-sensei" to handle the rest.  Fuyutsuki
accepts, telling him to say hi to Yui for her.  As the damage continues
to mount, Hyuuga observes that the Angels were far better than this, and
Misato orders all personell to retreat to Dogma and avoid combat with the
professional invaders at all costs, or if that fails to surrender.  Well,
considering the grudge the Titans have against you all surrender probably
won't work...  Misato knows of the order keeping the Lond Bel away and says
that you all have to handle this yourselves.  As Misato leaves, Aoba and
Hyuuga muse that NERV really isn't outfitted to handle anything more than
minor terrorism, and that if the Titans were serious HQ would be gone in
an instant, especially if they use Mobile Suits like their mass-production
Gundam Mk.II's.  Yeah, the cut in defense budget for NERV was probably to
help the Titans...  The invaders then break into the control room, and Maya
finds herself unable to shoot back at other humans.  Aoba yells at her
that it's either kill or be killed...

Misato then pulls her heroic rescue of Shinji ("Nothing personal." *kablam*)
and drags Shinji off to EVA-01.  Shinji mumbles about Asuka saving him, and
Misato yells at him that being stuck in the middle without doing anything
and hiding behind a girl is the worst possible thing.  Shinji doesn't want
to do anything and wants to die.  Misato gets super pissed and tells him that
since he's still alive, he should live life to the fullest and _then_ die.
Fuyutuski orders Central Dogma to be protected at all costs, and Aoba
observes that the enemy hasn't totally blown the command center away because
the Original Magi are here.  Of course, if they use biochemical weapons...
or an N2 mine...  Well, they just used it.  Maya screams out demanding to
know why they want the EVAs so badly...

Misato knows they want to use the EVAs to cause the Third Impact, that the
Second Impact was planned by humans.  However, the damage was minimized by
compressing Adam to an egg.  Misato says that humans, like Adam, were born
of Lilith, and are the 18th Angel.  The other Angels were fellow beings
that had cast off the form of humanity, of the Protoculture.  Sad creatures
which had to fight against each other.  Misato tells Shinji that the only
hope left is wiping out the EVA Series.  Gendou then finds Rei, and says
that the promised time has come.

Kaklicorn is leading his Mobile Suits in now that superheated steam is no
problem on the surface.  They find EVA-02 in the lake and proceed to try to
destroy it.  He orders his people to hurry and mop up HQ too, and that this
is the battle which will determine the Titans' future.  Jerrid thinks that
they've all sunk pretty low to let themselves be used by Seele, but that
he's got a lot to pay NERV back for.  Asuka is realizing that she's still
alive as the mines fall on her.  She says over and over that she doesn't
want to die, and a mysterious voice tells her to live, that she mustn't die
yet, that "she" won't let her die yet.  Asuka then reawakens, discovering
that _this_ is where her mother is.  Time for all hell to break loose.
She realizes what the A.T. Field means: it's her mother protecting her.
Well, the bad guys are going to try to take her out, and Asuka says that
even without an umbilical cable she'll kick all their asses.

Kick all their asses and Kihl will bitch about how nasty the EVAs are.  Time
to fight poison with poison: cue "Tamashi no Refrain".  He says all they
have to do is lure out EVA-01.  Your dudes then find out that after the N2
attack the Titans are attacking NERV.  Bright mumbles about how you can't
do anything with the order prohibiting your attack, but Focker won't have
any of that.  Plus, Shin Getter, Mazinkaiser, and even Reideen are restless.
You observe that _something_ you've never seen before is going to appear,
something neither Arrowgater or STMC.  Kouji says it's time for his crew
to go, and that they won't be stopped by any N2 mine.  Besides, his machine
will go on its own even if he doesn't.  Ryou agrees, saying that Shin Getter
is telling you all of enemies that must be defeated at NERV.  You agree to
T-Link into the Federation net and work on the N2 attack problem.  Banjou
then asks Shuu to use his Granzon to help ward off N2 attack since it can
attack 64kilotargets at once.  Banjou is worried about Arrowgater attack
now, and says he wants to stop the Project before it actives and does God
Knows What.  Shuu says that they already know, which is why they won't
attack.  The question is how much people can change the history that was
foretold in the Dead Sea Scrolls: in short, how you accept it.

Looks like all 9 S2 engine-outfitted EVA Series are here - Fuyutsuki realizes
that Seele intends to cause "it" here.  Misato tells Asuka to wipe them all
out without fail and that she'll send Shinji shortly.  She then get shot
and leads Shinji to the elevator, telling him that EVA-01 seems functional.
She tells Shinji that he's alone from here out, that he has to decide things
on his own without anybody's help.  Shinji says that he's no good, that he
doesn't have the right to pilot EVA and hurt others.  He says it was just
misunderstanding that he had no choice but to pilot: there's no value in
him piloting without knowing anything.  There's nothing he can do for others!
He couldn't save Asuka, killed Kaworu [actually, _I_ killed Kaworu, in one
hit, but that's a separate issue].  He says he can only hurt others, and
that he's better off doing nothing at all.  Misato says she won't sympathize
with him, and tells him to just die if anything else will hurt him, and
that crying now won't solve anything.  She tells him that he hates himself,
which is why he can hurt others because it's easier that way.  She tells him
that whatever happens, it's valuable because he decided it himself.  Shinji
yells at her for being an outsider who wouldn't understand him, and she yells
back so what if she's an outsider.  She'll never forgive him her whole life
if he doesn't do _something_ now.  She says that she's not certain herself,
she's made mistake after mistake and regretted it every time, but she still
feels that she's making _some_ progress.  She implores him to pilot EVA
once more and make peace with it all.  To find out what he's come here for,
what he's here for.  And to be sure to come back when it's all settled.  He
agrees, and Misato gives him an "adult's kiss", telling him that she'll
continue when he returns.  After Shinji goes, Misato says to herself that
if this was going to happen she should have changed the carpet like Asuka
wanted, right Pen-Pen?  She asks Kaji if she did the right thing...

Asuka realizes that Misato's order is easier said than done, and that with
the Lond Bel not coming she's got to do this herself...  Actually, it's
pretty easy as long as you don't run out of energy...  Unfortunately the
bad guys have the copies of the Lance of Longinus...  This really sucks
because now Asuka is out of the fight and the defeated EVA Series are coming
back online.  Asuka goes nuts, saying she'll kill them all.  Just then,
out comes Shinji saying he won't run any more, that he's going to find out
why he's here.  Kihl says that it's time to make everyone equal in death
etc. etc.  The EVA Series unleash their S2 Engines, trying to start the
Third Impact.  Unfortuantely for him, your dudes show up at that point.
Ryou tells Shinji you all are here to save him, and Hikaru says that your
machines all lead you here.  Fuyutsuki realizes with gratitude that Getter
wouldn't permit abnormal evolution, that Mazinger wouldn't permit the light
to vanish from people's hearts, and that Reideen wouldn't permit humans to
flee from the battle with the STMC.  And your machine is the final hope
entrusted you from of old.  Kouji says he doesn't know what the white eel-
like thingies are up to, but he won't stand by and watch his friends get
hosed.  He tells Asuka all is well now, but she replies that these aren't
like things he's fought before.  Just then the Lar Kairam shows up, with
Hyouma saying your dudes can't get all the glory.  What about the N2 attack?
Shuu inserted a virus into the network, protecting against it, and even
Seele won't be able to stop it.  Banjou isn't about to tolerate some plan
to homogenize him: get out there and wipe out the EVA Series!

The EVA Series is now wiped out, and the Anti-A.T. Field is gone; all the
Titan survivors have pulled out too.  Fuyutsuki notes that the Complementation
has been headed off, and wonders if the Arrowgaters and B.F. didn't act
because they forecast this too.  Now, only Seele is left, and a power equal
to their may already be at work to stop them: after all, that's why Gendou
left Shuu and Ingram around as poison to fight their poison.  Fuyutsuki
orders everything up to Central Dogma sealed and filled full of Bakelite.
He orders the abaondonment of NERV HQ, saying that with the A801 NERV is as
good as dissolved and that there's no reason for them to remain here.  All
surviving NERV staff are hereby reassigned to the SDF.  Fuyutsuki thinks
of Gendou and asks rhetorically if this is what he wanted.

Misato has been saved and wakes up with Amuro and Shinji by her bedside.
Amuro tells her that the Lond Bel saved her, and that Shinji made quite an
admirable showing for himself too.  Shinji figures he kept his promise with
Misato, and Misato says that he now has a man's face.  Asuka's not too badly
hurt either, but Gendou, Rei, and Ritsuko's whereabouts are unknown even to
Fuyutsuki.  Amuro tells her of the abandonment of NERV HQ and the personell
transfer, and of the posting of all the important people and EVAs to the 
Lond Bel.  After all, the fight for mankind's survival isn't over yet...
Shinji realizes now that that's why he pilots his EVA.  Shinji then asks her
about her words back then - Misato thinks it's about the kiss and starts 
babbling excuses about age difference and such...but that wasn't what Shinji
was thinking.  He asks her what hs father wanted to do: she doesn't know
either, but what she can say is that you all have to proceed down a different
path to the future from the Project.  You're still alive because you pulled
that off, and Shinji agrees, figuring that that's why his father sent him to
the SDF.  Or at least, that's what he'd like to believe...

Asuka calls Shinji over, finally admitting that she wants to thank him. 
Shinji says he never thought he'd hear "thank you" from her, and as Asuka
gets huffy again Kouji observes that they're back to normal.  Judou points
out that their arguments are proof of how well they get along, and Jung
says that it seems Asuka's succeeded in blowing off steam.  Kouji says that
things are back to their boisterous best, and Asuka reminds him that she
can hear him.  Hyuuga then tells Fuyutsuki that all preparations are complete,
and Fuyutsuki orders him to the Lar Kairam.  Shuu is present and asks 
Fuyutsuki if he intends to stay - he says he obviously will and that there's
various memories for him here.  He thanks Shuu for helping arrange the staff
transfer, and expresses surprise that Shuu would take action himself.  Shuu
says that he figures he's been a little too cloistered, and says that the
changes made to the Dead Sea Scroll schedule are why different possibilities
presented themselves.  Fuyutsuki says that even if Complementation worked,
opening the Room of Gauf would very likely have caused more incomplete
Angels, "people", to come swarming out again.  Yes, just as was the result
of the Protoculture's Complementation Project 500,000 years ago.  It's a
case of history repeating itself, history that foretells the same peril now
as existed back then.  However, as Shuu points out people exist to overturn
schedules and prophecies.  Shuu says he'll watch over how far people's
possibilities can take them a while longer, which is presumably what Fuyutsuki
and Gendou are doing too.  Fuyutsuki replies that the future of humanity
now rests with Shuu and Shinji since the Project is over with...but when
even that future is denied he may meet Shuu again.  Shuu says he prays that
that never happens, and Fuyutsuki agrees.  Go to S65.

S65. GIA OBU DESUTINII  ("Wheels of Destiny")

Back at the Helmoze, Yuuzes announces his return.  Raodekia asks if Rebi has
died - Yuuzes says she has and notes that she was an imperfect Psychodriver
and that it couldn't be helped.  Raodekia says that they can always make more
like her, and Yuuzes says he's heard something troubling: communication has
been lost to the Teatala's 4th Fleet.  Yuuzes says it wasn't the giants,
but rather the STMC since the galactic center was where the 4th Fleet was
stationed.  Raodekia notes that the STMC have finally gotten serious and
asks if there's any influnce on Balmar yet.  Yuuzes says that the Zfield
Crystals show no abnomalies, so it should still be safe.  Raodekia feels sure
that Balmar would never permit invasion by the giants or by other cultures,
so there's nothing to worry about.  Yuuzes thinks that it would help his 
plans if the STMC wiped out all the dudes in his way on Balmar, but he says
that the STMC was made instead to wipe out the Protoculture, whose sphere
500,000 years ago was comparable to the Balmariy.  Of course, Yuuzes thinks
that only he who managed to read the apocrypha and the Spirit Emperor know
of this.  Raodekia asks Yuuzes if he's worried about the empire and his
fleet being destroyed by the STMC, and says that despite the loss of the
Psychodriver sample the STMC are still no match for his Zfield Crystals.
After all, the Zfield has now learned from the Lond Bel who took out Bodolzar.
Yuuzes thinks that Raodekia is underestimating the STMC, although he notes
that the soliders _have_ been modified to be more war-loving.  Yuuzes says
that the time is now to assimilate the humans; time for the final operation
to begin.  And Yuuzes figures it's time for him to bring his operation to
fruition too.

Hainel and Garuda are brought before Raodekia.  He tells them that they'll
be sent ahead to attack the SDF, and Hainel asks if he means for them to
defeat your dudes.  Raodekia says all they have to do is remove your will
to fight him, not defeat you.  Garuda plainly thinks leaving your many-times
underestimated dudes alive is a bad idea, but Raodekia says he wants you
all in his fleet.  Hainel is forced to admit that your dudes are studly:
making your dudes _surrender_ instead of going down in flames will be really
tough.  Garuda isn't happy about being made to do this, and Hainel realizes
that his men are just being used to buy time until the Zfield activates.
Raodekia notes that they seem unhappy...and says that he'll grant their
mother worlds autonomy if they win.  Garuda tells Hainel that he won't be
beaten by the Boazan, and Hainel replies that that's his line and that he'll
surely force the Lond Bel to give in.  Raodekia then selects Oreana and Lee
Kazarin to stay behind, which Hainel points out is akin to taking hostages.
Raodekia says that's exactly what they are since he doesn't trust either of
them.  He tells them to go, with the fate of their mother worlds in the
balance...and subject the Earthlings to the same fate.

Shapiro then breaks into Yuuzes's laboratory in search of his secrets.  He
sees lots of capsules with people inside, including Scirocco.  LOTS of him.
Plus lots of copies of Garuda and other important people including he himself.
Yuuzes then catches him, having figured he'd break in sooner or later.
Yuuzes admits that these are all sample clones he made.  Clones of superlative
warriors from planets Yuuzes has faced and conquered: the secret behind
his fleet's strength.  This is why the Megilot's were gathering data, and
it wasn't just warriors being copied via the Zfield Crystals.  Yuuzes proclaims
that Shapiro will now need to be dealt with given that he knows Yuuzes'
secret, and Shapiro says that taking him out will make the fleet as good as
his.  Shapiro found "that" man within one of the capsules too, meaning that
Yuuzes planned this whole thing.  Not just Hainel and Garuda, but "that"
man and everyone else were dancing in the palm of Yuuzes' hand.  Yuuzes
starts laughing and says that Shapiro's ambition has cost him his life...

Oreana discusses Garuda's dispatch to the front lines.  Garuda isn't happy
that his mother has to stay behind, but says that if he succeeds he will win
freedom for his homeworld and everyone there...  He excuses himself, and Miia
says she'll go to fight by Garuda's side using a Demon.  Oreana agrees, and
tells her a secret plan to take down the Lond Bel.  Hainnel then breaks the
news to Kazarine, and asks for her forgiveness for this operation which will
bring glory to Boazan.  He figures that for this the final battle against
the Lond Bel and Voltes V he'll need the God of Boazan: Jungle is instructed
to ready "it".  Kazarine pleads with Hainel to stop, but he insists that the
thing was sent by Zanbajil for his own use (she figures Zanbajil just sent
it so Hainel would get iced).  Hainel has bought into an old legend about
the Go-Doll, which will burn with fire and save his country from peril...or
something.  He's prepared to endure the fire, but Kazarine runs up and tells
him she just wants him to be hers, and not to fight for the Empire any
more.  She says that the Empire sees them all as just mere weapons, and that
at this rate that's what he'll die as.  She implores him at length to run
off with her, but he won't listen - she implores him some more, but he
insists he's nobility and must therefore fight for his motherworld...

Due to that order prohibiting the Macross from returning to Earth, the
civilians within the city are going to be stuck along for the combat.  Quatro
predicts this news will be a great shock and even cause rioting.  Shiela
says it's too cruel to mix up the civilians in the fighting, and Quatro
thinks that dropping them all off at Axis won't be a good substitute.  Even
Banjou's influence couldn't overcome the fear that the Earth will become the
final battleground.  Meaning that the Earth's top brass doesn't care about
the Moon or the colonies: Quatro says that the Titans' founding makes it
quite clear that the Earth sees the colonists as nothing more than just
that: colonists...and even now sees them as somebody else's problem.  Tashiro
says they don't realize that the Earth itself will be undefended if the SDF
is forced away, and Bright says that just to be safe he's stationed the
non-military V Teams and Getter Team in the Far East area.  But it'll only
be a matter of time until they're forced out too.  Misato is now feeling like
she understands why Vian despaired of the Federation when he founded the 
DC back when.  Looks like the Federation is no help - the question now is
what Rin and the folks on the Moon will do.  Rin himself shows up,
and Misato is pleasantly surprised to see the other EVA bridge crew on
hand.  She tells them they're lucky to be stationed on the first ship and
not the third, which seems to always get blasted and go down in flames.
Maya asks what she's talking about, and Rin comes to tell you all that the
Von Braun base will accept the citizens from the Macross.  Bright asks if
Von Braun can fit that many people, and Rin says there's a giant shelter
put there by Vian's forethought.  As it turns out, the Mao and the Hazan 
helped build it: a giant cold-sleep facility.  Bright wonders if this was
all done in anticipation of losing this fight...  Anyway, the Moon's 
civil council decided of their own accord to help out, and Gloval thanks
Rin profusely.  Rin says he'd rather pilot a P.T. and help that way, and
Gloval says that's okay and starts shoveling dudes over as fast as possible.

Rin then learns that there's still no word from Ingram or Irm.  Banjou 
asks Viletta if she knows where Ingram is, and she asks back why he's asking
her.  Banjou says he thought there might be a chance that she, as a 
participant in the H project, would still be in touch...  Viletta says that
she's merely acting on his orders, namely to help you and in particular
the SRX Team.  She tells you she doesn't care if you don't believe her, and
Ere asks what on Earth Ingram is trying to accomplish.  You comment that
you believe he's trying to take down Yuuzes, although Rin points out that
Ingram was an Arrowgater agent.  You note that if he really _was_ being
controlled by Yuuzes like Rebi was, he'd have sent you and your SO to
Yuuzes long ago...and would have killed Aya back then too.  Does this mean
that all the SRX people were put into their machines just to take out Yuuzes?
Ere comments that when she first met Ingram she felt something like 
confusion in his Aura: this may be him fighting against Yuuzes' control.
Aya says that she wants to believe in Ingram once more, that all this was
just to defeat Yuuzes.  Banjou says that in the base-case analysis it was
a big plan to reawaken your powers (although it cost your SO his memory;
you figure that's just what Yuuzes would do).  Banjou says that Ingram hasn't
used his mighty Astranagun to attack you when he could have, and in fact it
was due to him that Drake and them got their hash settled.  He says that if
the theory of using you to take on Yuuzes is true, it means that Yuuzes is
_that_ mighty a foe... both Ingram and Yuuzes are interested in Psychodriver
power.  You, who have this power, may hold the key to the coming battle...

At the Nangen Connection, all the Combattler machines check out okay.  Yotsuya
says that nonetheless the machines are pretty beat up, and Hyouma blames
this on having more hand-to-hand weapons than Voltes.  Plus, all the super
kill moves are all of the "crash into the enemy really hard" type.  Yotsuya
says he's not criticizing Hyouma, and Nangen congratulates him on getting even
more performance out of Combattler than forecast.  Now, all that's left to
do is to attach the Warp Drive(!!) so that you can combat the remaining
aliens faster.  Chizuru is looking a litte queasy but says it's nothing.
Yotsuya comments that with the Warp Drive, the Combattler could come back
fast to Earth, alone if it had to, and Hyouma says he's not one to run away
alone from a fight.  Nangen then takes Hyouma aside and tells him that,
although Chizuru won't admit it, she suffers from heart valve problems.  If
she doesn't have an operation now her life will be in danger.  Hyouma asks
why this has been kept from him, and Nangen says that of course if she
were hospitalized Combattler wouldn't be able to fight: Chizuru hid her
illness for fear of getting in the way of the others.  Hyouma asks Nangen to
hospitalize her right away, and Nangen says that he's tried, but Chizuru 
said that she'll hold off until the battle is over.  Nangen tells Hyouma that
Chizuru has staked her life on this battle and asks him to understand her
feelings.  Hyouma asks back if he's prepared to see his daughter die, and
Nangen says he was prepared ever since Chizuru was selected as a pilot.
He continues that Hyouma and the others have the whole fate of mankind on
their shoulders, that if they lose there is no tomorrow.  Hyouma vows to
protect everyone, including Chizuru.

Back at Big Falcon, Megumi meets back up with Oka!  Oka apologizes for making
everyone worry, and Igor apologizes in turn for not being able to protect
the Far East Base.  Hamaguchi tells Oka that the Federation has demanded
that Big Falcon and the other super robot bases be handed over to them, on
top of the orders keeping the SDF and Macross away from the Earth.  Hamaguchi
explains that this is to remove a target for the Arrowgaters, and Megumi
points out that this is meaningless anyway.  Oka realizes how blind the
Federation leaders are, and that they care for nothing other than the Earth's
safety.  Igor says that with the Romfellar leaning on the Federation the
orders are hard to reverse, and Oka wonders why humans are _still_ fighting
each other at this late date.  Rilina's efforts to turn the tide of 
public opinion have so far amounted to little.  Well, at the very minimum
the Far East must still be protected if possible.

Mitsuyo has finished outfitting Voltes with the Warp Drive, and Kentarou says
he intends to go back to the Macross with Ken'ichi and the others.  Ken'ichi
says he should stay with his mother since he's finally made it back to Earth.
Both Kentarou and Mitsuyo say that there'll be plenty of time for living
together after the battle.  Oka then meets Kentarou and the two start
reminiscing, both telling Megumi and Ken'ichi that it's their turn now to
build a new age.  Ken'ichi vows in turn to create peace in space with his
own hands.

At this point, if you haven't heard already Kentarou breaks the news to
Ken'ichi about Hainel.  Ken'ichi realizes there's no reason to fight Hainel.

Meanwhile at Oz HQ Sally tells Lady Une that the break up of Oz is almost
done.  Sally says that the remaining Mobile Suits are being dismantled, and
asks if that's really for the best given the fight isn't over yet.  Lady
replies that they now have to think about what happens after the war: that
even if the SDF ultimately wins in space the same problematic cycle will
repeat on Earth.  Before that happens, Oz has to return to its original form,
which is also Treize's wish.  However, creation of the secret Preventer
organization to maintain peace will take some time, so for the time being
Oz has to do whatever it can to support the SDF.  Sally notes that if the 
SDF lose it's all over, and Lady says that she believes that they'll win
since Hiiro Yui is among the Lond Bel.

At Von Braun, it'll still take 26 more hours until all the civilians are 
safely evacuated.  Just to be safe, the Lond Bel are on patrol along with
everyone else.  No problems so far, and the new Fold engine's installation
is on schedule.  Unfortunately that schedule is 6 months along, and it
may be too late then.  Just then, some totally new kind of warp brings 
something close to you!  It wipes out all the Valkyries and Destroids in
an instant: some kind of long-range weapon you've never seen before.  Guess
the Arrowgaters are really serious now and Gloval orders the Macross onto
emergency status, saying he's got to protect the civilians at all costs.
He puts the transfer of civilians on hold and recalls the Lond Bel.

Hainel is impressed at how flimsy the SDF are.  Jungle tells him that the
Lond Bel aren't here, and Hainel says that while that's fortuitous it's also
meaningless without Voltes on hand.  He decides to wait until the Lond Bel
arrive: and isn't worried about the Garuda stealing a march on him since he
should be thinking along the same lines.  Garuda, upon hearing that Hainel
is waiting, decides to do the same and settle the score with the Macross
after the fight is over.  Miia is dubious, but denies that it's nervousness
from her first fight.  She's actually feeling sympathy for Garuda for not
knowing about himself, and resolved to protect him even at the cost of her
own life.  The Macross is meanwhile crippled, with the Lond Bel due in three
turns.  Just then, Irm will show up and say that the Macross can't be
lost now.  Rin wonders what the heck he's doing here, which is what Irm
says about Rin.  They don't like each other or something, but no time to
talk now.  _Furthermore_, Musashi has _finally_ gotten out of the hospital
and shows up in Getter 1.  He was going to meet up with Ryou and the others
and asks where they got to.  Anyways, just keep enemies from entering the
base.  Irm realizes he can't lose in front of Rin, and Musashi say that
the modified Getter should still be good against the Arrowgaters.  Time to
show what two people back from the Dead can do.

  On turn two, the V's show up.  The note that the Lond Bel aren't around
  yet.  Hyouma says that there's no time, and that it's time for fast-attack
  to settle things.  Ippei is telling him not to be too hasty lest you get
  taken out, and Chizuru wonders if Hyouma knows about her condition.

  If Ken'ichi fights Jungle he'll offer to join forces with Boazan and say
  there's no reason to fight.  Jungle asks how the heck he could coexist 
  with those without horns, and Ken'ichi says his father has no horns and
  that that doesn't matter.  Jungle refuses to accept that he's "human" like
  the Earthlings.  Hainel does much the same.  When you defeat Jungle, he
  figures that you may after all be able to take out Yuuzes and the Empire -
  he'll wait for the hateful Yuuzes in hell.

  Your dudes show up on Turn 3.  Musashi tells his teammates that he's fine
  now, and your SO is glad to see Irm.  Meanwhile, Chizuru starts having
  heart palpitations...

  When you take out Hainel, he'll be replaced by Go-Doll.  The Go-Doll tells
  him that it will defeat the Boazan's enemies in exchange for the pilot's
  own life.  Kick his ass again and Ken'ichi tells him that the fight is
  already over.  He says no, that the fight will continue until every last
  one of the proud Boazan nobility are dead.  Ken'ichi tells him that the
  horned and the hornless are all the same...and in fact he and Ken'ichi have
  the same father.  This sounds preposterous but Kentarou confirms it.
  Hainel asks for some proof and Kentarou tells him he should have a
  shortsword as a memento from his mother: he should find a heart engraven
  on it that was made as a symbol of peace between Kentarou and his wife.
  Hainel will completely flip, and Kentarou tells him that Zanbajil tried
  to rob him of his birthright since he's Kentarou's son.  Unfortunantely,
  it seems to be too late for him even as he finally calls Kentarou his

  Take out Miia with Combattler and she'll tell Garuda that even though she
  is a Halfroid, she still loved him.  He yells for her not to die, but too
  late...  Garuda hastens to try to repair her, and suddenly lots of Garudas
  show up.  Garuda #11 says that there are problems with the emotion control
  circuits of #10 due to defects: looks like Oreana's work at Yuuzes's behest
  was imperfect.  Thus, #11 is proceeding with destruction.  Garuda realizes
  he's just a robot his mother made for Yuuzes and freaks out some.  He 
  tells Miia to laugh since he's the same as her, and had he realized sooner
  he could have accepted her feelings.  But it's all too late now.  He tells
  Miia that she's the only one who truly loved him, despite his being a fool
  used by the Empire for its own ends.  Garuda #11 tries using manual override
  to control Garuda, and then has his mind taken over.  Hyouma then starts
  going nuts since he realizes that Garuda isn't fighting under his own will.
  Amuro tells him that there's no help for it now, but that those who would
  use the fighters' emotions can't be forgiven.  Ippei tells Hyouma that
  there's no choice but to let Garuda sleep by their own hands.  Once you
  get rid of him again, Garuda will say that he has no complaints about
  having the Lond Bel as his adversaries, and tells his rival Hyouma to never
  let another person like him be born.  He tells Hyouma to take out Yuuzes,
  and to beware of the Zfield.  He then says he'll never let Miia go again.

The civilians finish reloading.  Gloval apologizes for the great damage to
the shelter, but Rin says that it was merely a case of bad timing on the
enemy's part.  Time to find somewhere else to send all civilians, and some
of those civilians when the found out the evacuation was canceled have
started a revolt.  Misato says this isn't surprising since they're the ones
who know best how grim the prospects for the battle are.  Gloval says he'll
go quell them himself, but Misa says that's very dangerous given the rioting.
He says that it's his duty as captain, and feels he should tell them of the
order to stay away from the Earth.

He goes to do so, informing the crowd that the Macross can't go back to the
Earth or the Colonies by order of the Federation government and military.
And given the damage from the previous fight there's nowhere that will take
them.  As they know, mankind is facing its ultimate challenge, and the 
Macross and Exelion are the only ships that can fight it.  He asks for their
cooperation until the Earth will take them back.  He's sure that the day will
come, and says that he doesn't know how to apologize to the average citizens
who will become caught up in the coming battle.  It looks like they aren't
going to listen, but Min-Mei steps on the scene and appeals to the crowd
based on being one of the people who have made the Macross their home.  She
notes that due to the captain and everyone else giving it their all
everyone has made it this far and that the same will surely apply ahead.
Min-Mei points out that the battle vs. Bodolzar was equally grim, but that
everyone helped the Macross win through: she thinks that it's due to all the
people that your people can win.  She says that all she can do is sing, but
she doesn't intend to leave her homeland of the Macross.  This works.

Chizuru finds Hyouma, who asks her how her illness is.  She says it's fine
for the time being.  He tells her not to push herself, and asks to be left
alone.  Ken'ichi then laments the loss of Hainel to Kentarou, who says that
all the blame should fall on his own shoulders.  Kentarou regrets not telling
Hainel the truth in the interest of returning from captivity to Earth, and
Ken'ichi says that he might have been killed were the truth made clear then.
Kentarou blames it all on inadequate courage on his part, but Hyouma comes
in and says that's not it.  Hyouma places the blame on the Lond Bel for not
taking out the Arrowgaters and figuring out Yuuzes' plot sooner.  Hyouma is
in a hurry to take out Yuuzes lest the STMC show up or more people like Garuda
get screwed.  Ken'ichi agrees and tells his father that there's no time left
to worry about these things.  Consensus is reached.

Your SO meets Irm again.  He's been on Earth trying to figure out what
Ingram is up to.  Irm hasn't had any success since Ingram vanished after
the battle on Sumatra - he came here figuring Shuu knows something.  Ryuune
pops up and says that Shuu is gone.  She asks if he's okay by being here
after leaving the military; he figures that the army is too busy to kick
him out again.  Ryuune knows Irm from all the mock combats she's had with
him: she won 4 to 3 against him.  Irm writes this off to the difference
between a Super Machinery Humanoid and an old P.T....  Masaki asks if he's
met Irm before, sometime when he was much younger.  Irm says it's probably
just his imagination, although he's seen Masaki before when he observed 
Masaki's first appearance in the Psybuster.  Irm plans to depart since
Shuu's not here, to avoid running into some unpleasantries with some of the
other people here.  Your SO will protest and want to fight by his side,
but he tells your SO that he's fine without him.  Besides, your SO's
enemy is Yuuzes and not Ingram now.  You agree, saying that Yuuzes must surely
get his ass kicked in lest others suffer like Garuda and Hainel did.  Irm
figures that Yuuzes and Ingram will surely contact you because of your 
awakening Psychodriver Powers - that'll be his chance to strike.  Ryuune asks
what he's thinking about.  He says he's regretting splitting up with a squad
that has so many beautiful girls in it, but Ryuune says he just doesn't
want to see Rin.  He's forced to half-admit this, and takes off.  [this 
assumes you didn't recruit him, of course...]

At Konpei, your people uncover a garbled Fold transmission from the Icarus
Base.  Something about there being so many enemies that they cover the
sky.  Seven parts enemy, three parts blackness...  If your Skill is 45 or
higher go to S66.

S66. Zetsubou no Utage wa Ima Kara Hajimaru
    ("The Banquet of Despair Begins Now")

Things have just started to suck.  You can't tell how many of them there are
but there are more than 100 million: 80 Astronomical Units wide!!  This is
approximately as wide as the orbit of the tenth planet.  How the funk are
you supposed to fight that?  In fact, even if you had the Zentraedi and 
Arrowgaters on your side, can you possibly win?  Exedore thinks that it
might work, if only there was a way to get both of them to fight for a 
common goal.  The problem is that no matter how many of them you take out,
more STMC will just be sent: their goal is annihilating all intelligent life
from the galaxy.  If they all concentrate on the Earth it's the end: and
they are probably that smart judging from their past combat data.  Just like
the Angels: Misato can definitely see why the Protoculture tried for
Complementation.  Rather than run from enemies on that scale, they planned
to evolve into the same sort of being by ceasing being an intelligent life
form.  The STMC are on course for the Earth, and it looks like the same fate
awaits the humans as met the Protoculture.  Misato is ordered to work on 
countermeasures, and this conversation is kept within the captain-class
personell only.

Actually, Misato doubts there's anything that could be called an "operation"
that could be undertaken on an A.U. scale...she wishes Ritsuko and Kaji were
around.  Judou and Puru run into and ask her what's wrong - she feels that
telling them would be too cruel...that the adults must do something.  Judou
offers to hear what's wrong, but Misato says she's okay and goes elsewhere.
Judou and Puru realize she's different from usual.

Meanwhile for no good reason Kazumi is berating Oota for being too selfish
again.  She tells him he never cares about her and he responds that if so
she should stop coming around him.  She demands to know if he's saying that
it doesn't matter what happens between them as long as humanity is saved, and
tells him to stop supressing and killing his emotions - that that's just
cowardice and self-deception.  Noriko runs into Kazumi, who's been slapped
and runs out crying.  Oota then coughs up "just a little blood" - Noriko
is about to hurry to call medical help but Oota says if she tells Kazumi he'll
kill her.  He reminds her that mankind is facing its greatest threat, but she
tries to get him medical help and gets told to shut up and listen.  He tells
her that the enemy is bigger than ever before, that the commanders are having
an emergency planning meeting right now.  Humans only barely have a chance 
for survival: you've got to get rid of the enemy now.  Noriko is sad that
the Earth has kicked you out and wonders what she's been fighting for all
this time.  He reminds her that all of your mission is defending the Earth,
and tells her that she's the only one who can do it with the Gunbuster.  He
tells her to win, through the undending fight with the Arrowgaters, so that
she can save the Earth and her friends.  He tells her that Kazumi and she
are just flames, but that together they're a blaze that makes Gunbuster
invincible [kanji pun!].  He's sure that they, his chosen, can win.  He tells
her that he planned to give his life 7 years ago so that her father the captain
of the Luxion could live - but the opposite happened.  He apologizes for being
the one to come back and says he should have died long before Noriko ever met
him.  All he's been living for is to pass along the future given him by
Noriko's father to her, along with the Gunbuster.  It's now almost all over,
and he asks her to not tell Kazumi about his condition since she's not the kind
of child who could fight if she knew.  He implores her to protect Kazumi.

Focker announces the plan to wait at alert until the plan comes down from
the Planning Section.  Shinobu wants to just go and attack, but of course
there's the danger that you'll be outflanked and have the Earth be attacked.
Splitting your forces isn't good either.  Your dudes don't like having to
just sit and soak it up, especially for the Earth which has kicked you out.
Ryou then points out that you're not fighting for thanks and that it's 
enough you can protect the Earth no matter what they think of you.  Asuka
wants to know it it's worth protecting those who would use others as their
shield, and Hayato tells her to enter the Neo-Jion after the fighting is
over.  She realizes he's telling her not to ponder stuff like that until
after the battle.  Bright then gives everyone an hour within which to contact
their loved ones.  As a final thing, he reiterates how dangerous the enemy
are and asks the pilots to entrust him with their lives.  The pilots say
that they're always risking their lives anyway and that if they've come this
far there's surely a way to win through more.

Shirou tell Kouji he won't say goodbye; Kouji tells him he isn't going to
die and tells him not to get depressed no matter what.  Yumi apologizes to
Sayaka for sending to the final battle, and Kouji vows to protect her.
Even Boz says that this isn't the final goodbye.  Kouji asks Tetsuya and
Jun if they have any family to call - both of them have lost their parents.
Tetsuya says that their father figure, the head of the lab they work at, would
just yell at them if they called at a time like this, and promises to
introduce Kouji to this person after the battle is over...

Duo asks Usso if he wants to contact his parents - Usso says he could see
them at any time anyway, and Shakti is still missing.  Daisaku says his
IPO friends are busy all over the world, and that he's always got his father's
present of Giant Robo with him.  Duo says that the GW boys, excepting Quatre,
have no family, any more...but Usso says that he saw Hiiro going to make a
call, and Duo realizes that Hiiro does indeed have someone to call: Rilina.
Hiiro vows to defeat Yuuzes who was trying to use her, followed by the STMC.
Then the fighting will be over, and if she's still alive peace will occur.
He says this is the only thing he can do for her, and she says he makes it
sound like he's going to his death.  He tells her not to worry, that life
is cheap: especially his.  He tells her to allow him to go, and to believe
in him.  She does.  Hiiro says goodbye and then runs into Duo, who tells him
not to push himself too hard lest he get into trouble with the Zero System.
Hiiro for once agrees with Duo.

You had the last transmission, to your parents on the Moon.  Aya asks 
Ryuusei about contacting his mother, but Ryuusei has already tried and she
was in no condition to talk.  Although, compared to how both of Masaki's
parents died he figures he's still better off - Aya explains to you that
Ryuusei's mother is gravely ill and is being treated at a special hospital.
Arranging for that treatment was one of Ryuusei's reasons for joining the
SRX Team.  Noriko then muses about having to protect Kazumi, and realizes
that Kazumi's tears when she stormed away from Oota mean that she probably
realized his conditionn.  Was she the only one who _didn't_ know?

Viletta hears from Ingram that Raodekia has mobilized his 7th Fleet.  The
objective is to assimilate the chosen skilled warriors of the SDF and Lond
Bel before the STMC wipes them out.  Of course, Yuuzes plans to use the
Crossgate Paradigm System against the STMC: the best way at present to fight
that many foes at once.  Viletta observes that that would make him into a
superbeing, and Ingram says it's not much different from the Complementation
process.  Yuuuzes has almost got enough "ingredients" gathered, but he'll
eventually need both of them too.  Thus, this next battle will be a doozie.
Viletta thinks that the Zfield may even be sent, at which point even the 
Lond Bel would be screwed.  She asks Ingram where he is, and says that with
the Astranagun he should be able to defeat Yuuzes.  Ingram replies that he's
already taken steps toward that goal, but that it's not his role to take
Yuuzes out - since it's unknown whether he could hold his ego together in a 
direct confrontation.  That's why, starting with Ryuusei, he gathered all
those samples.

Shou wants to let Karuru off the Lar Kairam, but Puru is reluctant.  Shinji
tells her that the upcoming fight will be fiercer than before, and that 
babies shouldn't be on the battlefield.  Shou says he'll ask Rin about taking
care of Karuru...who is currently being cared for by Rebi.  Rebi is able to
communicate with Karuru and all is going well - Rebi hears that someone Karuru
wants to see will be coming soon.  Could this mean...?!  Ryuusei then walks
in, looking unwell, and suddenly your psychic people sense some _great_
Pressure approaching.  Rebi says it's the same person that stole her

It's a gravitational wave signifying warp in on a scale not seen before.
A huge 30-km warship appears above Konpei and begins disgorging Arrowgaters...
You recognize this pattern: there seem strangely few enemies...  Usso wonders
if Shakti is among the Jupiterians...  Raodekia introduces himself and says
he's here to make you all his subordinates.  He offers you two choices:
become his subordinates and walk along side him, or else defeat him and make
the entire Empire their enemies.  Is he asking your dudes to become like the
Campbellians and Boazan?  Yes, Yuuzes says, which is why the Earth has been
subjected to all these trials.  And the SDF and Lond Bel are the ones who
were picked.  Raodekia says that he's forced innumerable people like you to
bow before him - Amuro is worried that defeating Raodekia might just mean 
the Zfield showing up.  Yuuzes then says that starting two years ago the
humans were judged a threat to the galaxy.  High cultural level, pollution
of your own planet, massive internicne strife preventing unification, plus
lots of special dangerous energy sources you can use but not control: humans
are great as warriors but terrible as sentient life forms.  If left alone,
Yuuzes thinks you would end up like the Zentraedi and add to the strife in
the galaxy.  Shinobu informs him that the Empire is already like the 
Zentraedi, but Yuuzes replies that the Empire has succeeded in regulating
all its constituent cultures, as your people who fought at the front lines
know well.  Amuro and Quatro both point out that the Empire has just been 
making great forces collide without stepping up to the plate themselves.
Yuuzes says that at this rate the Earth will self destruct, and that humans
need rulers to control their great combat powers.  Masaki asks if he's telling
humans to live as mere weapons for the Empire: he is, and says that's the
only reason for humans to exist at all.  Ken'ichi points out that Yuuzes too
is of the same stock, and Ryuusei asks why you all should fight for them.
Yuuzes implies that you'll be protected from total annihilation at the hands
of the STMC, who are vaster even than the Zentraedi.  He also points out that
besides the Empire and the Zentraedi, there's the Meltrandi, the Zovorg,
and other powers to worry about too...

Raodekia tells you to choose, and that it'll be your last free act.  Focker
says that you all don't need that kind of freedom and that your choice is
obvious, as well as the form of your answer.  Banjou then gives his usual
spiel about people who rule by fear can't defeat fear, and that the 
Arrowgaters are headed for a never-ending abyss thereof in Hell.  He then
gives his famous catchphrase, and Yuuzes figures this is for the best.
Raodekia calls you a fool and says that the banquet of despair begins here.
He tells Scirocco to fight his fellow Earthlings and that he'll make him a
General and give him dominion over the Earth.  Yuuzes and Raodekia then
pull back to watch.  However, Scirocco says that those who can't control 
their own power are unnecessary in the Earth Sphere.  Scirocco argues with
Camille that an absolute ruler is necessary to guide the people.  He asks
Camille why he thinks Raodekia gave him a fleet, and Camille knows that's
the easiest way to leave only the superlative humans alive.  Scirocco says
that big enemies must be taken down from within, and that this minimizes
the sacrifices compared to most of history.  Scirocco informs Camille that
history and all those present here are working at the behest of one man, but
won't tell him who it is and gives the order to attack.

  If you recruited Hamarn, she'll show up on round 2.  She says that while
  Axis has been surrendered, she hasn't given up on her dreams of unifying
  humanity under her ideals.  Scirocco tells her to join his side since
  he's the only one who can bring it about: but she isn't having any of 
  that.  What's the point of freedom without self-determination?   So she
  intends to kick their ass here and now.  Judou asks if that means she's
  joining you: she tells him not to misunderstand, but tells Char that she
  does understand that preserving the Earth Sphere is top priority now.

  Kill enough enemies and Shapiro will appear inside one of several Dancougars.
  He tells Sara to die and completely disappear from before him, but she
  fires back that his usual God complex belies the fact that he's now a
  demon.  That's fine with him and he says he'll lead you to hell.  When you
  take him out, he starts babbling that he's a god, the ruler of space.  And
  then he says he can see the space he's to rule and tells it to take him to
  where God is.  Sara yells out about how dumb Shapiro is.

  There are also some copied Getters and Mazingers when you kill more bad
  guys.  Your people aren't depressed though because super robots are only
  super due to the burning spirit of the pilots.  Kill a few _more_ and
  two Gilgilgans appear.  You'd best destroy them lest they harm the Exelion.

  Take out Scirocco and a bunch of old enemies will appear, including the
  Raflesia and presumably Carozzo.  Carozzo tells you that if you're going
  to surrender you'd better do it now, and you basically tell them to jump
  in the lake and that this is _their_ chance to flee.  Carozzo tells you
  Yuuzes is trying to draw our your abilities to their fullest and Scirocco
  tells you to come with him and rule the world - you won't be able to beat
  the STMC on your own.  You tell him your power is there to save, not rule
  the world.  Scirocco figures you'd say that and says there's no choice but
  to take out out.  Carozzo wants to capture you instead and use to you
  mass produce new awesome Fortified Humans.  You tell him that the battle
  isn't over yet, at least until you defeat them, and Scirocco agrees: your
  only option is to defeat them.  But if you do that, you'll be feared 
  throughout the Earth Sphere, be discriminated against and kicked out, and
  ultimately plot revenge just like the Jupiterians.  You tell him he's 
  wrong but he responds that that's the destiny of those who have power.  You
  respond that you won't accept such a destiny...  If you fight Scirocco,
  you vow to fight him even if the world won't accept you later.  Take out
  Scirocco and he'll say that he won't die alone....the whole world will be
  destroyed, just as that man foretold.

When the battle is over, Hamarn vows to rebuild Neo-Jion and once again go
for domination.  But she tells your people not to worry - she won't move
until the Arrowgaters are defeated.  Since after all the fate of the world
should be determined by Earthlings.  She takes off again.

Well, looks like you've _finally_ put paid to the Jupiterians, but the
Arrowgaters have gone back into hiding.  Misato had figured they planned on
dealing the final blow after the Jupiterian combat... all your dudes are
told to hold on level 2 alert.  Misato then calls all the main staff for an
anti-STMC strategy meeting.  Go to S67.

S67. Kono Hoshi no Ashita no Tame Ni
("For The Sake of This Planet's Tomorrow")

It turns out the Exelion's Impulse Reactor was damaged in the preceding
battle, meaning you can't warp.  That's messed up your plans, and it's
not clear if the new warp drive being outfitted onto the Macross will work
or not.  Focker is worried why the main Arrowgater forces didn't appear
after the last battle - Emma wonders if they're trying to conserve their
forces.  But in that case only the Jupiterians would have been sent from
the start: and that should have been their greatest opportunity to take
over the Earth.  Focker wonders if they're fighting the STMC at the tenth
planet....but then their response would have been faster.  They didn't just
turn tail and run, and Duo notes that Yuuzes' speech makes it fairly certain
he plans on showing up soon (Masaki recalls that he still wants that Laplace
Computer).  Focker ponders a bit more, and hypothesizes that it's not that
they _didn't_ appear before you, but that they _couldn't_ appear before you
for some reason.  For example, someone interfering with their warping out,
and maybe fighting them from within subspace (if that's even possible).
Could the STMC have done it the way they attacked the Exelion back then?  But
if so the Earth's already toast.  Masaki thinks it may be Shuu or Ingram's
doing - Emma isn't sure one machine could tilt the balance like that, but
Hiiro says it's conceivable given what they did to Drake's army.  Masaki
never expected Hiiro to agree with him, and Hiiro says he's merely 
hypothesizing based on information at his disposal.  Ryuune goes on to
speculate that Ingram and Shuu may have been biding their time, waiting for
the Arrowgater fleet to show up at the Earth Sphere.  Duo asks for what
purpose, since neither of them seem eager for a direct confrontation, and
Hiiro says that perhaps the time to settle the score had arrived for them.
Does this mean that you all have just being used?  Masaki is sure that there
was power playing going on between the three of them, and Hikaru reminds you
all that the STMC are the bigger problem.  Time to wait for the operational

Too bad none of them have any more than a 0.1% chance of working in simulation.
Gloval wishes that the Exelion mass production plan had worked out, and the
Vice Captain says that even then the chances of victory would be the same.
Which also goes for the Macross #2 "Megaroad" and the Eltrium.  Exedore and
everyone else aren't too optimistic about all this, and Oota bursts in with
a suggestion.  First, get everyone off the Exelion and send it into the 
center of the STMC and open the Kingston valve.  That would of course wipe
out the ship, and he continues with the idea of causing the Impulse Reactor
that serves as warp drive to go out of control.  This will cause an 
artificial black hole 2:40 later, consuming the tenth planet and half of the
enemy.  Gloval tells him not to be unreasonable, that the loss of the 
Exelion would mean loss of the ability to fight the Arrowgaters, plus a
gravitational wave that would ravage both the colonies and even the Earth's
surface.  Indeed, as Exedore points out, the Earth's very axis would be
tilted.  Oota points out that the enemy are numerous, and asks what other
operation the non-warp-capable Exelion and Macross are good for.  Nothing,
that's what!  Exedore announces that this plan has a bit over 1% chance of
working, not thrilling odds but the best thusfar.  Oota wants to send the
Buster Machines along to guard the Exelion, saying that this is what they
were made for and that he's given Noriko and Kazumi various special training.
Gloval is worried about running into the Arrowgaters, but Oota asserts that
sublight travel shouldn't run into any problems.  Tashiro is ready to
accept the plan, and when Gloval objects he tells him that there's no other
alternative.  But losing the Exelion not something you've got time
to worry about.

Misato explains the plan and apologizes to the Top pilots for sending them 
into the midst of the enemy.  She says she wanted more people guarding
the Exelion, but Noriko says that's okay since there's still lots of 
Arrowgaters to fight, and says that once things succeed they'll be right
back.  Actually, not right back: Kazumi reminds her that half a year will
pass on Earth.  Misato says the plan will start in 24 hours and informs them
that the other crew doesn't know about the operation details.  Since of
course many of them would insist on coming along.  Noriko says that it's a 
bit lonely being apart from everyone, but vows to take out the STMC and
entrusts guarding the Earth to Misato and the others.

All systems are go and the Exelion is ready for launch.  Noriko observes
that her time alone with Kazumi is about to begin - she tells Misato to
let everyone else know that she'll definitely meet up with everyone again in
half a year.  Misato agrees, and with the clock ticking Jung tells Noriko
that she won't say goodbye, but rather "see you again soon".  They then
blast off, possibly never to be seen again.

They're on course, and Noriko asks if Kazumi knows about Oota's illness.
She knows, and Noriko says she's sure if he takes it easy for half a year in
the hospital he'll be as good as new.  Plus, Kazumi makes a good couple with
him and stuff...  Kazumi says back that Noriko doesn't know what she's
saying: that Oota is sick from space radiation and that he may not even last
half a year...  Just then, many enemy show up.  Many as in 250 million.

  As you kill more and more enemies, Noriko realizes a week has already
  passed back on Earth.  Noriko tells her that you have to break through
  the center of the enemy.  And then Kazumi realizes it's been two weeks,
  and that Oota may be dead...and now three weeks.  Kazumi doesn't want to go
  on...she can't move any farther, thinking that Oota will die and that even
  if they return to Earth he'll be gone.  She hasn't even told him that she
  likes him, or loves him, or that she wants him to hold her.  That that time,
  she wanted him to hold her close and kiss her, and tell her that he loved
  her.  She can't take it, but Noriko tells her to get it together.  She 
  asks Kazumi what about Oota these six months, that if it's really him he
  surely wants to be with her too, surely he wanted to hold her too.  Yet
  he abandoned himself and bet everything in those six months on the two
  of them and Gunbuster.  And not just Oota: Kimiko, Jung, and everyone in
  the Lond Bel.  If they don't win now, what have they lived all this time
  for?  Kazumi finally gets the clue and they combine.  More enemy show up,
  and Kazumi is resolved to go on fighting as the only way to be with the
  folks back home.  Noriko yells out that Gunbuster is no ordinary robot,
  and that it's got Oota's heart in it.

  The next half round, more enemies appear and Kazumi tries to hurry toward
  them.  But Tashiro says that won't be necessary: he's aboard the 
  Exelion.  Tashiro says he's there to make sure that the Kingston valve 
  gets opened with his own hand.  Noriko points out that that means he'll
  go down with the ship, and Tashiro says that's his destiny as captain.
  He says not to worry, and says it's his wish to save humanity with his
  sacrifice.  He tells them to clear the course ahead, and that he'll take
  care of all enemies that come near.  Actually, the Vice Captain and
  Hyuuga are there too, plus Aoba and Maya.  Hyuuga tells Tashiro that he
  would have needed the help anyway, and that their lives were as good as
  gone anyway when the EVA Series attacke NERV HQ.  Plus, they're here as
  members of the Lond Bel fighting for mankind's future.  Hyuuga indicates
  the best point to break through, which is firmly guarded by the STMC as
  though they've seen through your plans.

  On the subsequent round, Shuu shows up, glad he made it in time.  He
  explains that he can warp around easily with his black hole engine, and
  says that the Granzon was made for situations like this.  Tashiro says
  that even the Granzon can't withstand all this, but Shuu says he can't
  just stand by and _watch_ the battle for Mankind's future.  Plus, as Shuu
  thinks, the Arrowgaters are sure to show up here now that they've avoided
  his trap.  The Macross also shows up: looks like they got the Fold system
  working in the past month.  Your dudes tell her that they know how little
  of a chance there is for success, but they won't run away from this kind
  of fight.  Time to protect all the people, just like the Reideen was 
  entrusted to you from the old Mutron dudes.  Time to kick mass butt.

  Once you get the Exelion to the indicated spot, you change maps.  You've
  got to get to the indicated point, and once again there's lots of bad
  guys there.  Shinji and Asuka discuss the final defensive line the
  enemy have set up, and Shinji recalls his father's words about humans not
  being able to win against the STMC which are practically a force of 
  nature.  Shinji says his father realized from the start that humanity is
  doomed.  But Daisaku is sure that Gendou didn't not care if humanity got
  destroyed - he doesn't know the details but he does know that Shinji
  wouldn't have been chosen as an EVA pilot if Gendou was just going to sit
  and wait for the end.  Shinji doesn't know what his father was thinking,
  but he's here because... Reality is within a dream, and the truth is
  within one's heart: so say Kaworu and Rei.  Ryouma says you're here for
  one reason alone: to kick ass and lay hands on your future.  Shinji notes
  that you have no chance of winning, but Akira says that Reideen's continued
  existence is proof that there is a way to win.  Etc. etc.  BUT, before
  you can get started Yuuzes appears at your destination.  Shuu observes
  that he's finally made it back into realspace, and asks if Yuuzes is the
  only one who made it back.  Yuuzes goes into a spiel about following
  gravity waves back even without the Crossgate Paradigm System, and Shuu
  says he knew it all along: he's here to wipe Yuuzes off the face of the
  universe.  But Yuuzes tells him that he was surely shorthanded, which is
  why he brought the Lond Bel, except that that's his victory since they
  contain all the people he needs for his System.  Shuu explains a bit about
  the trap he laid for the Helmoze, along with Ingram.  Your dudes digest
  this, and Ryuusei asks why Shuu didn't do this from the outset.  Shuu says
  there's certain conditions necessary to open a Crossgate, and that the
  timing was just right.  He asks Yuuzes if he planned to seal all the
  STMC away in the other dimension: he did, and compliments Shuu on his
  insight.  Well, sadly Yuuzes has to get rid of all your talented dudes so
  his plan will work.  Yuuzes is actually trying to provoke you, since strong
  psych will open the gate.

  Once you take out Yuuzes, he starts laughing and offers you all thanks
  for helping bring his plans close to fruition.  You wonder what he's 
  talking about: did you really defeat him?  It feels like he's vanished, and
  all this is strangely anti-climactic...  Shuu realizes that Yuuzes used
  _himself_ to open the Gate.  Well, send in the Exelion anyway.  When you
  make it, Tashiro starts talking about how God hasn't abandoned you all
  entirely.  Tashiro then orders everyone but himself and the Vice-Captain
  off the ship, saying that this operation can't afford to fail.  He orders
  everyone outside the Schwartzchild Radius, giving them five turns to get
  of the area.  The gravity wave will actually fire in 10 turns or so, but
  you need to get to Minimum Safe Distance before then.  Your dudes start
  getting frantic that Tashiro won't evacuate himself, but he replies that
  it's the youngsters who will build the new age, and that he _will_ carry
  out his final duty to see that the Earth survives.  Daisaku and Judou just
  don't want to see this happen, but Focker yells at them to not waste 
  Tashiro's feelings and you concur, saying that while you _do_ care about
  their deaths there's something harder awaiting you all than dying here.
  Namely the gravitational wave that will ravage the Earth Sphere.  You've
  got to shoulder that heavy cross yourselves.  Judou concedes that even he
  knows that.  So let the evacuation begin.

  Once your dudes are gone, the final safeties are released: 2:40 till
  the black hole forms.  The Vice-Captain tells Tashiro that he's glad to
  lay down his life to save humanity.  And that he's sure the rest of your
  dudes will do something about the damage from this operation.  It's up to
  the youngsters now.  Aboard the Macross, all machines have been recovered
  and it's time to go.  The Top people then come in, saying to punish them
  for not being at their stations later but that they want to see the end
  of the Exelion.  The Exelion is still intact, and ready to explode.
  Kazumi then sees Oota, and finally calls him by his first name.  He tells
  her well done, but that things aren't over yet...  As your dudes get ready
  to warp out, there's a malfunction in the fold system...  Your people end
  up somewhere in subspace.  Shuu is somewhat impressed that your people
  became Crossgates and ended up in hyperspace: this must mean that Yuuzes
  would stop at nothing for the completion of his System.  In fact, here
  come Raodekia and his cronies.  Raodekia says that his people are about
  to escape from this space, using the Crossgate that Yuuzes opened with
  your people.  However, before he leaves he feels he has to wipe you all
  out.  Amuro guesses that telling him further fighting is meaningless 
  won't work, and Raodekia agrees.  He says he can't allow your power to
  upset the balance of the galaxy, but your dudes point out that that order
  is just a fabrication of his and that you have no need to be a part of it.
  He asks if you then intend to supplant the Empire and forge a new order.
  That that's the destiny of those with true power, given some kind of
  universal "law of the jungle".  Your dudes aren't buying it, but he says
  you've proved it yourself by managing unification only through use of
  force: namely taking out the only peaceful solution ofthe Angel Halo.
  Your dudes don't consider ego unification a solution, but he says that a
  strong central will is necessary to keep any amount of power in cohesion.
  He tells you to look at all the enemies you've defeated so far, and Banjou
  concedes that they all had a guiding will behind them: but check it out,
  they all got taken out by one of Raodekia's so-called "disorganized" mobs.
  WHICH is supposed to be why you all are so dangerous, and that there's
  noone outside the Empire who can control you.  Kouji then tells him to just
  try making you all obey by force.  Raodekia calls you fools and says that
  not using your power to maintain order goes against the law of the universe.
  Shuu asks if he means that you all have no grounds for existence (he does),
  and Raodekia continues that your removal is the will of the universe.
  Shinobu demands to know where this universal will stuff is and tells 
  Raodekia to stop spewing groundless crap at you.  Raodekia counters by
  asking why the STMC have attacked Earth and not Balmar: this is supposed to
  be proof that you all should be destroyed, just like the Protoculture 
  500,000 years ago.  He tells you that if you plan to defy the universe, you
  must prove your right to exist here.  Your dudes were planning to kick
  his ass anyway, and Isamu point out that you can take all the time you want
  _after_ the fight to figure out if you're right or wrong.

  Take out all the dudes, and Raodekia will say you all are in luck: you're
  about to see what a God looks like.  Amuro realizes "it" is going to be
  sent out: the one machine that wiped out an entire Zentraedi fleet by
  itself.  Based on data from the Megilots gathered from all your dudes too.
  It's the Zfield!  The incarnation of pure power, it looks a bit like Getter,
  and the Psybuster and Granzon, etc. etc.  Raodekia tells you nobody who's
  seen this thing has lived to tell about it and that it's the end of the
  line for you all.  However, if you can defeat it, his fleet will be toast.
  Kouji points out that a copy can't beat an original, but Raodekia orders
  the Zfield to visit divine punishment on you all.  Mind you, he starts
  doing lots of full healing as you attack...  But you should be able to kick
  his ass anyway if you're cool enough [^_^ ^_^]  Raodekia gets very shocked
  when you beat his ass, wondering if universal justice isn't on his side
  after all.  Why has God chosen the humans and not him?

Your dudes wait for regeneration, but it looks like you finally did it.  No
enemies detected anywhere...and it looks like it's time to leave... but the
Judekka finally shows up with Yuuzes in it.  He thanks you for taking out
Raodekia and the Zfield for him.  Actually, there's more where Raodekia
came from, and more Zfields too!  Your dudes realize what Yuuzes has been up
to, collecting data from lots of skilled fighters, and cloning them.  The
real Raodekia died ten years ago fighting the Zentraedi.  Yuuzes gloats more
about his hybrid human genetic engineering, and says that life is just raw
material.  He continues that Balmar's culture has its limits, which is why
he's been continuing his work in the hopes of maintaining order in the galaxy.
Does this mean you really are a blot on that order...?  But Yuuzes says
the galaxy doesn't need the Empire's order, but rather chaos and the right
person to bring that about.  His goal is getting his hands on human power:
for this purpose he helped you and tested you in various ways, and input the
order into Ingram's brain to find people with Psychodriver powers - and
programmed him to unleash that power.  And now you and Ryuusei stand before
him: despite some irregularities his plan went perfectly.  Moreover, he forced
Shuu to act in Ra-Gias in order to force Masaki to the surface and did the
same in Biston Well.  He's the one who sent Shot there, although Shot himself
didn't know it.  And yes, he's the one who sent the Argama to Biston Well too.
Plus, via Ingram he's the one who tought Gendou to read the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Looks like he planned it all by using just enough power at the right points:
the results were all made by humans under their "own" will.  Now that he's
got you all, he'll destroy the order of the Ze-Balmariy with his Crossgate
Paradigm System.  Yuuzes says that unless he destroys his homeworld his
people have no future: those who claim they have divine rights from the
galaxy must all be abolished.  Shuu says Yuuzes has finally shown his true
colors, and Yuuzes says that Shuu is the most gifted of those he's used...
although Shuu seems to have realized his plans and used him in reverse.  Shuu
says that he won't forgive those who use him, and that he demands Yuuzes'
life in return.  Yuuzes points out that sealing him away in subspace won't
help there, but Shuu says that it _will_ keep the influence of the fight 
from reaching outside: this is Shuu's chosen final battleground.  Yuuzes 
wants you all to fight him, but that your psych must get to a higher level
yet.  And to get it there, he brings out...Ingram!  Shuu observes that
Ingram seems not to have escaped Yuuzes' curse, and Yuuzes says that Ingram 
was made into his faithful servant after failing to defeat him.  Raodekia,
Rebi, they're all his puppets and your real enemy is him.  Ryuusei says he's
going to try to Persuade Ingram: he wants to try to believe in him once more.
Aya manages to persuade Rai that there's still a chance Ingram's will is

  Send Ryuusei to Persuade Ingram.  He tells Ingram to return to sanity, and
  that his real enemy is Yuuzes.  Ryuusei begins to see within Ingram's 
  memories... if you fulfilled the conditions, Ingram makes his way back to
  the real world.  He says that all your actions aren't meaningless: they
  have real results.  Ingram then tells Ryuusei long time no see...and
  recalls that Ryuusei has no memory of "that time".  He accepts that his
  role is to defeat Yuuzes.

  If Yuuzes attacks Ingram, Ingram will tell him that he has to cut the
  chains of yin and yan by himself.  BEWARE, Yuuzes has the same infinite
  regen powers that the Zfield did.  If Masaki fights him, they two trade
  words over the Laplace Computer: Yuuzes says that Masaki isn't yet 
  complete.  Masaki says maybe so, but he'll never hand over the Elemental
  God-Machine of Wind to him.  Yuuzes says that he's soon to become a god,
  but Masaki says that you all, who are alive, are far greater than any god.
  When Ryuusei attacks him, Yuuzes wonders if this double-edged sword can
  defeat him.  Ryuusei says that that's what the SRX is for, and that's why
  he's here.  Yuuzes notes that the SRX does have the Uranus system that 
  causes psych to overload, and tells him to go ahead and try it.  Ryuusei's
  power then begins to be forced to come out of him.  Ryuusei can barely
  contain his power, and your other dudes start offering moral support, and
  using their own psych to neutralize Ryuusei's.  Everyone's psych begins
  converging on Ryuusei, and Ryuusei begs the SRX to listen to him, that it's
  a super robot made to save the Earth.  Ryuusei gets control back and vows
  to take Yuuzes out.

  When you take Yuuzes out, he notes that one can't escape the wheel of karma.
  But even if he's taken out, everything is going according to his plans.
  And, by defeating him, you all have been flagged as dangerous by the
  Empire.  And Raodekia's fleet is only a small part of something much, much
  vaster...  He'll watch from the horizon of the karmic wheel as you all
  destroy the order of tha galaxy.  Wa-ha-ha-ha-ha.  BTW, taking him out
  will take out the Zfields too.

Your dudes end up back in real space [neato FMV!].  At Big Falcon, Robert
announces that the operation was a success: 99.89 percent of the enemy are
wiped out.  The gravitational wave will reach Earth in six months.  However,
no sign of the SDF or the Arrowgaters can be seen yet.  Oka says that it's
thanks to the SDF and Lond Bel that the world was saved, but the price was
heavy.  The gravitational wave will all but destroy the space colonies,
and should wreak havoc on the Earth's surface too.  Maria shows up, saying
that's what those who have survived will have to live with.  Murasame is
with her, and it turned out that Treize arranged for her to escape in secret
after the Angel Halo crashed.  And the IPO found her escape capsule, and have
been keeping watch over her and her daughter Shakti ever since.  Maria 
observes that it would have served her right to die since she failed to stop
Kagachi and Scirocco's ambitions, but Treize granted her this chance to 
atone for her sins.  Basque Ohm then begins a broadcast.

He's babbling on about how the Lond Bel were doing nothing but increasing
their own power through combat with the aliens and such, and permitted vast
damages through the fight against the Jupiterians.  To prevent stuff like
this from happening again and to oppose the damages thus caused, the Titans
rise again!

...And history repeats itself.  Igor says it's ironic that they're the only
remaining military force, and Murasame says that the Romfellar is helping
finance their comeback.  But as long as the DC is around they won't be given
free reign, and Robert observes that you still have many allies on Earth
and elsewhere.  Shakti is sure that Usso and the others will be back...and
her mother is ready to believe too.  Murasame thinks of Ginrei, that is
Farmehrle, and thinks that he's always apart from her, but that he too
believes that your people will return.  Saotome then learns that Ryou and the
others managed to wipe out the STMC...but Ryou and the others are...out
of contact, according to the Far East Base, as Yumi passes along to Shirou.
Yumi says that he still believes in the others, that they'll surely return.
Shirou believes too.  As does Rilina, who is obeying Hiiro's instruction to
believe in him.  She notes that she's still got a role to fulfill.  She and
Lady Une have to make good on the future that they received from Treize and
had protected by the Lond Bel, and fight the Titans and Romfellar by
founding the Protectors.  Rilina realizes that in this day and age such 
things are necessary before Absolute Pacifism can ever be realized.  She 
wants to return to being Rilina Dorian and carry on her surrogate father's
work as her own way of helping move towards peace.

Tetsugyuu doesn't believe that your dudes are dead either, although Go is
quite fixated on that artificial black hole.  Tetsugyuu says that even if a
planet or two get destroyed the Lond Bel would surely pull through.  Taisou
points out that Ginrei and Daisaku are fine Experts and that they won't
die so easily.  Chuujou agrees, repeating his oft-stated dictum that a fight
really begins after one has set forth all of one's power: those two know this
well.  The Lond Bel would never give up, no matter what - so everyone waits
for them to come back.

In fact, your dudes are now back in realspace within the Jupiter Sphere.
All the enemy are wiped out, no sign of them anywhere, and all the Lond Bel
are safe.  Gloval orders the word spread that all the operations have
finished.  Good work, and thank you all.  Gloval thinks to Tashiro that the
Earth has won its future, along with unavoidable penance.   He accepts the
responsibility for carrying forward, and lights his pipe.  Shamy is about
to protest, but Vanessa permits him for now.  Time to Fold back to Earth!

Judou and the Puru sisters meet Riina and the others, who're very glad to see
them.  Judou is planning on parting from the Lond Bel to help out with the
damage to the colonies from the gravity wave, in specific a project the
Hazan Conglomerate has in the works to prevent the damage.  Puru will come
along with him, and Beecher can't bring himself to ask about selling off the
ZZ.  Ruu decides to come along too since she'd be doing that sort of stuff
anyway in the Yugo.  He tells her that it won't be easy work, but she insists
that she'll have more fun that way.  Riina gives Judou her permission to do so,
although it means she may not make it into school.

Seabook is planning to go back to Frontier Side to see his parents and his
sister Liz.  Cecily asks if she can come along, and while he doesn't know if
she can return to her former life he'd be more than happy to have her with
him.  More of your super dudes then meet Kentarou who congratulates them on
a job well done.  The price of victory was high (two whole planets it seems)
and the Earth won't come out unscathed, but Kentarou plans to use all his
knowledge to help plan a way to avoid the damage.  Surely with all the EOT
and the DC helping something can be arranged, and Kentarou says that now
that the fighting is over the ball is back in the scientists' court.  Well,
the fight isn't totally over since the Reideen told Akira there's more
Space Monsters to the Empire probably won't leave you alone.
Maybe your fight has just started?  But whatever comes your way, it's your
dudes' role to oppose it, to protect the Earth.  Everyone vows to do their
best, including Chizuru who gets reminded about "the thing" she's gotta do by
Hyouma.  Ippei wonders what this is, and Chizuru says it's a secret just for
the two of them.  Ippei then asks when they got that close, and the two hotly
deny it.  Kentarou figures that with youngsters like these around, you may
yet be able to shoulder that heavy cross thing...

Ryouma and the others vow to seal away Shin Getter Robo, saying its power
is too vast for you all.  And as Hayato says great power invites catastrophe.
Plus, Shin Getter's full power hasn't even been unleashed yet: it'd be at
least an order of magnitude more studly if it had.   Thus, there's a good
chance that others like Yuuzes who are interested in it would show up: and
they can't be allowed to get their hands on it.  Thus Ryuu will seal it
before he becomes powerdrunk and ends up like Yuuzes.  But, they'll still
pilot regular Getters to go on protecting the future they won for themselves.

Min-Mei is glad that Hikaru is back and was scared she'd lose him.  But she
says that now they can be together a lot, but he says it won't be that easy.
She asks why not and says that the fighting is over.  He asks her if she
would give up being a singer for him and tells her that she can't do that.
Plus all her fans probably wouldn't let her.  He tells her that she's got to
keep cheering up the people of the Earth Sphere with her songs, and he's
got to go on protecting her and the others in his Valkyrie.  But the two
_can_ see each other whenever they want.  She asks for another Valkyrie ride,
but Hikaru says that he won't get off so easy if he pulls that again.  She
was joking, and both vow to give it their all.

Kouji invites Usso and the others to his place since he's only living with
his brother now.  Usso thanks him for the offer but says he'd like to go
back to his homeland.  Kouji and Sayaka worry about the kids being okay on
their own, but Usso says it's okay and that he's still got to search for
Shakti.  Usso apologizes for turning down the offer, and Kouji tells him to
call if he's ever in trouble.

Isamu is told that he'll be included in the Skull Squad, which is being sent
to the Lond Bel as part of an SDF reorganization.  However, Isamu says he's
still got something left to do: settle the score with the YF-21 over the 
AVF project.  Focker says that it's a shame, but Isamu tells him to call if
he needs him, and that he and his cute little baby will come hauling ass
over.  Focker tells him not to be reckless in the trials, but Isamu replies
that without his recklessness there's nothing left.

Camille is staying in the Lond Bel, saying he realizes now what he has to do.
It'll be lonely without Judou and the others, though some of the noise will
disappear too.  Astonage asks if he shouldn't return with Fa, and Camille
says that someone has to stay behind to protect those who are leaving, and
that the Titans, Neo-Jion, etc. are still around.  Camille wants to protect
everyone from such people.

The Biston Well queens are going back home to defend their lands from the
troubles there too.  Shuu accepts responsibility for their being on the
surface, and offers to open the Aura Road for them with his Granzon.  They
are a bit lonely at having to part from the Lond Bel, but Shiela tells
Marvel and Shou to stay on the Surface and work towards peace there.  Shou
apologizes but says he can't heed that order, since the Surface conflict
has led to the fighting in Biston Well.  He's got to take responsibility for
that as a Surfacedweller, and says that his strong companions will handle the
surface.  Marvel is coming back too.

Misato tells Asuka that with NERV disbanded the remaining staff are part of
the SDF now.  And all those part of the E Project are likely to have it
rough due to all the problems NERV caused in the name of defeating the Angels.
Plus, the SDF has decreed that the remaining EVAs are to be disposed of,
probably by launching them towards the sun.  The idea being to hopefully
leave no trace....although Misato has found out that the EVAs can live 
forever along with the human heart within.  All records of the Children will
be erased too, so their duty is effectively over.  Misato says she'll try
to do something to prevent Asuka and Shinji from totally getting the cold
shoulder, but says that Rei and Gendou won't be coming back.  Shinji believes
that his father and Rei are sealed within Central Dogma, to prevent anyone
from ever again using what is within.  Maybe the truth is different, but
that's what he'd like to believe.  Misato tells them they're now free, and
that she probably won't see them again if they return to the Earth Sphere...
but she was very glad she met them.  She tells Shinji he's now a man, and to
decide his way of life for himself.  She then tells Asuka to get along well
with Shinji, which Asuka thinks is almost like... but Misato tells her to
say no more and that she wants them to all part smiling.  Misato leaves, and
Asuka is about to follow her when Shinji stops her and tells her not to make
Misato's feelings in vain.

Noriko is going with Jung back to Icarus in the Asteroid belt, to fight the
remaining Space Monsters.  She says the future that Tashiro bought you all
mustn't be lost.  Jung says that the SDF is building a new base out there,
and that the order will probably be given for the total annihilation of the
STMC at some point.  Kazumi says she'll come too, but Jung reminds her that
she's already got a different future waiting for her.  Noriko tells her to
go to Earth and be with Oota, but Kazumi protests that that means she and
Noriko will be apart in time.  They may never see each other again, but 
Noriko says that that's enough for just the two of them.  Jung asks for the
key to Buster Machine #2, saying that Kazumi managed to get everything Jung
wanted, so she at least wants the key, in return for which she and Noriko
will protect Kazumi and Oota's future.  Noriko can't make the wedding, but
she'll be praying for Kazumi's happiness from afar - and tells Kazumi to say
hi to Kimiko for her.  Once again, they don't say good bye, but "see you

Ingram has gone missing...and Ryuu figures he's probably dead.  Viletta tells
you that there's no time to be sad: the Empire has realized Raodekia's death
and the Earth is still in danger.  Plus, the SRX Project isn't over yet.
Time to work on the _real_ SRX, not the facade that you guys had thusfar.
And given that a single Ze-Balmariy fleet caused the Earth such trouble, 
imagine what would happen if they came en masse?  Time for the SRX Team to
be reborn, and carry on what Ingram started.  You all are the ones Ingram
chose to fight the Ze-Balmariy!

Masaki meets Shuu, who asks Masaki to postpone their duel until his work is
finished.  Masaki says he doesn't plan to forgive Shuu, but says it's an
undeniable fact that victory in this battle was thanks to him.  Plus, he's
about the only one who can do anything about that incoming gravity wave.
Masaki says that the duel is off, but that if Shuu ever does anything funny
again he'll have to act.  Shuu compliments him on his clear thinking and
says he'll remember Masaki's words.  Ryuune is sure that Shuu will become
her and Masaki's enemy one day.  She can't trust his undefined power...
Masaki says he'll stay on the Surface for a while to keep his eyes on Shuu,
planning to hang with Ryuusei's group as the best vantage point.  Ryuune 
wants to come too, saying that there's little she can do back at DC with her
father still missing.  Masaki permits her to come along, and Shiro realizes
that Ryuune will want to come back to Langran too...  Kuro wonders what
Shuu is up to, and Masaki says he's sure Shuu will show his true colors soon.
And only the Psybuster can stop him then.

The Lond Bel get back to the Earth Sphere, over half your members gone.  Time
for Amuro and Quatro and the others to shoulder the burden.  Banjou tells
you that all those returning to Earth are gathered, and Bright apologizes for
the order that's still keeping the SDF and Lond Bel from returning to the
planet itself.  Banjou is sure this all isn't the final farewell for all
your dudes.  Bright and the others will stay on Konpei and wait for the
Federation government to decide their fate - he honestly doesn't know what
will happen.  The reorganized Titans mean you might even be disbanded, but
both Bright and Banjou intend to try to stop that.  They'll meet again.

Emma tells Ginrei to care for Daisaku.  Chris tells Kouji to study well back
at school - Sayaka thanks Chris for her delicious cakes.  The Dancougar
team tells Kou goodbye and to get along well with Nina, and Keith to do so
with Mora.  Keith in turn tells Shinobu to not fight with Sara too much.
Quatre says goodbye to Daisaku and Shinji.  Duo tells Usso to look out for
Karuru.  It seems Hiiro, Trowa, and Wu-Fei have already left due to their
typical unsociability.  Time for the final goodbye, and Monsha tells Sara
and the others not to disobey too many orders.  But wait, what about you
and your SO??

You're thanking the Chinese machines for helping you win the battle.  But
your SO comes in and says that the Federation has determined them to be Class A
super dangerous machines that must be dismantled.  Rin wasn't able to avert
this.  Your SO resolves to stay here, saying he can't be with you after
all.  Basically, he can't bear to see the machines dismantled, and says
that eventually he'll be called onto the carpet for stealing the Huckebein
Mk.II.  And he doesn't want to cause you trouble.  He tells you that he
had wanted to get back his old memories of being with you... and tells you
to at least smile before you part.  As for what you'll do from now on...

You decided to return to your family, not wanting to burden them any further.
You're resolved to learn many new things to prepare for a return to the Lond
Bel to confront the next threat to face the Earth.

              T     H     E                   E     N    D