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World Soccer Jikkyo
Winning Eleven 4
FAQ by Kyle Boon
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Version 1.0
First Created on 1/11/99
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OK, here's what everyone's been waiting for...... the first Winning 
Eleven 4 FAQ!!!!!! If you know something that I don't, or think that 
something is not right about something I've written, feel free the email 
me @ rinoa85@hotmail.com or rinoa@ffnet.zzn.com.

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Some Need To Knows
More Advanced Need To Knows
How To Play
Basic Skills
More Stuff


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Winning Eleven 4 is the latest soccer game from Konami. Although certain 
things like the graphics are not as good as expected, it is still a 
extremely good game with great gameplay. Winning Eleven 4 has improved 
from Winning Eleven 3. The makers actually made the game harder, even at 
easy level to add more of a challenge. New features have been added to 
make the game more interesting, and new moves to excute.

Some Need To Knows

Ok, there are some need to knows in Winning Eleven 4. Firstly, the power 

Power guage

The Power Guage, is a guage to show you how powerful your shot on goal 
or how powerful your cross is. Here's a rough diagram of the Power Guage 
that is shown at the bottom of the game screen.

 Power Guage
|     |                          |
| 10  |      Blah Blah Blah      |  <--- Player's Name
Player's Number

Then the Player's Number.

Player's Number

The Player's Number is of course, the player's number. If I'm not wrong, 
all the numbers and players names are the same as in real life.

Player's Name

The Player's Name is...... yes you've guessed it, the player's name of 
course. And yes, if I'm not wrong, all the numbers and players names are 
the same as in real life. 

More Advanced Need To Knows

There are also More Advanced Need To Knows. When you get to the match, 
you can set the strategy, formation etc etc. The menu is in English, so 
there's no need to worry about finding the wrong thing.


You can set the Strategy in the menu, choosing either Professional or 
Normal. After that, if you are using Profession, you can choose what 
tactics you want to use as quick strategies. Remember that you can only 
choose 4.

Player Change

You can change players before the match or substitute them during the 
match by going here.


You can change your teams formation by going here. There are many 
formations to choose from, so choose one which you can cope with or you 
think suites you. 

How To Play

To play Winning Eleven 4, is really simple. All you have to do, is to  
know the controls, have a little skill and you're off. Here are the 

X: Pass, Normal Tackle
Circle: Long ball, Cross, Sliding Tackle
Square: Shoot, Clear The Ball
Triangle: Through ball
L1: Change player
L2: Use with X, Circle, Square and Triangle for quick set of strategies( 
using professional mode ) 
R1: Run
R2: Use with Square and Circle for quick set of how offensive or 
defensive you want to be( using professional mode )
D-pad: Move player
( Analog Controller recommended )

Basic Skills

Now for some basic skills training. As far as I know, there are quite 
afew skills that you can do. Also, Winning Eleven 4 is something like 
Virtual Striker 2. 

Skill No.1 : Sharp Turns 

By quickly moving the D-pad in any other direction than the direction 
you're standing or running more like, you can make a sharp turn to 
dribble past your opponent or turn around to stop them from tackling 
you. For example, you are running towards the east, and your opponent is 
heading to you from the west( see diagram 1 below ). By making a sharp 
turn to the south, you can avoid your opponent( see diagram 2 further 
down ).

Diagram 1

Out Line
     O <--- you                   O   <--- opponent        
     |                            |                        
  -------   ---->      <----   -------                      
     |                            |
    / \                          / \
   |   |                        |   |
Diagram 2   

Out Line

     O <--- you             O    <--- opponent
     |                      |
  -------         <---   -------
     |                      |
    / \                    / \
   |   |                  |   | 

                O <--- you
               / \
              |   |

This is just a very rough idea of what it's supposed to look like. So 
don't blame me if you don't understand. If I have a HTML version, it 
would be better.

Skill No.2 : Fake

To fake somebody, you need to have accurate timing, and press R1 just 
when the ball is about to reach you to intentionally loose the ball. Try 
doing this in your opponent's penalty box, it can be useful if you have 
a player to pass to the dummy player and another player behind to take 
the ball. Pass the ball and do the fake and the ball lands in front of 
your unmarked player. Just make sure the keeper doesn't get the ball 

Skill No.3 : Cheap Goal

I've tried this skill on the computer, but it doesn't work as well as it 
works on another human player. This is just like virtual striker 2, all 
you have to do is to be outside the penalty box not too far out, and 
press your shoot button to charge your power guage until half a bar, and 
release. It's a fifty-fifty chance on the computer, and i think about a 
seventy percent chance against a human player. 

Skill No.4 : Stop & Run

This skill is also something like the skill in virtual striker 2.  Run 
at the opponent, and stop near him. When he tries to to tackle you, 
press the run button to go pass him. I can't assure you that this skill 
is very good as you still can get tackled. Timming is also crucial when 
using this skill.

Skill No.5 : Legs Circling Around The Ball

I find that this is a really useless skill and I think that it's purely 
for show or to use when you versus a lousy opponent etc etc. To do this 
skill, rapidly press L1 and your player will start circling his legs 
around the ball. Nice to look at, but useless. Never and I repeat NEVER 
use this skill if have diffculty getting the ball back.

So far, that's all I know. If anybody knows anything else, please feel 
free to mail it to me and tell me about it. I'll give you credit for it.

More Stuff

Ok, here's some other stuff I know or is stated somewhere that you can 

Scissors Kick

Do a scissors kick, cross a low ball into the penalty box and press the 
kick button when you control your player in the penalty box and he will 
automatically do a scissors kick. Another way to do a scissors kick is 
to get a rebound from the keeper or player and press kick. 


There are afew types of headers that you can do. A passing or short 
header, a clearing or long header, and lastly, shooting or powerful 
header. To do a passing or short header, press X when the ball is in the 
air. To do a clearing ot long header, press circle when the ball is in 
the air. And lastly, to do a shooting or powerful header to score a 
goal, press square. Also, if a ball is crossed in low, your player may 
do a diving header instead of a scissors kick.


I don't know whether the following works or not, but what the heck. 
Anyway, thanks to Gamesages and Jack Stealer for this stuff.

To Unlock World And European Classic AllStar

Go to the Master League, choose any team, set the difficulty to Normal 
and 10 minutes of play. Now play and make sure that you stay on top of 
the league table after the 14th match( it doesn't matter whether you 
lose or draw any games ) just make sure you finish the league at the top 
of the league table. After the credits, the memory card will autosave 
the game on the memory card screen to confirm that the classic allstar 
is available at the exhibiton mode.

To Unlock Secret World And European AllStar

Go to the International Cup, set the difficulty level to Normal and 10 
minutes of play. Keep playing until you win the cup. After winning the 
cup and the credits are shown, the memory card will autosave the game on 
the memory card screen to confirm that two new teams have been unlocked. 
Check it out at the exhibition mode.

To Konami for making such a great game.

To GameFAQs and CJayC for accepting my FAQs.
To GameSages and Jack Stealer for the secret teams.

To Leisha and Jeanine, miss u gals alot.

To PYMB, work hard to achieve a Gold medal for the outdoor competition 
next year.

To PYSS students and especially my class 202 '99.

And finally, to myself for having the determination to write this FAQ.