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Space Battle Ship Yamato 3 - for Sony Playstation
Part 1 Fan Disc - Tracks of Heros
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    *****       ********   ***   *   ***   ***  ***      ***       ***   ***
     ***        ***  ***   ***       ***   ***  ***      ***       ***   ***
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    	  Japanese Playstation Game FAQ
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This is my attempt to write an FAQ on the Japanese Sony Playstation game 
Space Battle Ship Yamato 3 - 
Part 1 Fan Disc / Tracks of Heros.
I do not know Japanese.
This faq is intended to help those who have imported the game, don't
know Japanese and are stuck. This faq best viewed with a fixed width font!
0.0 - Contents
1.0 - What's new (updates)
2.0 - About the Game
3.0 - Menus and Buttons
	3.1 - Options
	3.2 - Buttons on Space Map Screen
	3.3 - Yamato Menu - Crew positions and names
	3.4 - PURPLE - Miscellaneous
	3.5 - BLUE - Mechanic/Science post
	3.6 - GREEN - Navigation 
	3.7 - YELLOW - Communications and Radar
	3.7a - Yamato communications
	3.7c - Blacktiger communications
	3.8 - RED - Weapons and Tactical
4.0 - Strategies
	4.1 - Transferring Posts
5.0 - Fleet Ship Directory - Battle controls
	5.1 - Yamato
		5.1a - Movement
		5.1b - Weapons
		5.1c - Items
	5.2 - Black Tiger Fighters
		5.2a - Targeting
		5.2b - Items
		5.2c - Escape
17.0 - Yamato 1 Save Index
18.0 - Yamato 2 Save Index
19.0 - Misc.
	19.1 - When was the game released?
	19.2 - Where can I get a copy in the U.S.?
	19.3 - Is there an official website?
20.0 - FAQ Credits
1.0 - what's new (updates)
	11-03-00 This page was born.
	05-08-00 This faq is born! as the Yamato 2 FAQ and then most of it 
			was copied to begin this FAQ
2.0 - About the Game

	  This is not primarily a game, it is a Fan Disc.  The game is a "mini
	game".  There are 3 other purposes to this disc besides the game.
	When you load the game, there are no new CGI movies.  You go directly
	to the disc menu screen and are given 4 choices.
	  Choice 1 allows you to select and watch scenes from the first Yamato
	playstation game. Selecting this gives you a menu of selections.  The
	first choice will roll all the scenes in a movie format, takes more than
	an hour to watch.  Not only are the CGI movies shown, but the 3D rendered
	parts with dialog also.
	  Choice 2 allows you to view the design art and posters.  Controls are
	in enlish and easy to use.
	  Choice 3 allows you to download save files to your memory card to use
	with the first and the second Yamato games.  All the descriptions are 
	in Japanese, I will attempt to try them all and list where they go.
	  Choice 4 is the Game.
        The mini game part of this disc is an new and original story line which
 	takes place as a 
	side story during the first series, the mission to Iscandar.
	Captain Avatar is back, and the main purpose for the game section of
	this disc is to bring all the enemies and crew back from the first 	
	game and show them off in this improved gaming engine, which I think
	is much better than the first game.  So you get to fly the Black Tiger
	original fighters instead of Black Fighters, you fight Gamilon ships
	instead of Comet Empire ships.  A new alien character Jura is introduced.
	I do not believe that any new CGI movies were created for this game.
	    The menus and game play are identical to the second Yamato game, from
	which most of this FAQ was copied.  

3.0 - Menus and Buttons
3.1 - Options
	These are in English, you can turn the vibration on or off, you can 
	turn the "voice over" on or off, you can turn the animation on or off, 
	and you can choose to restore the default settings.

3.2 - Buttons on the Space Map Screen

	This is the screen that is split into hexagonal sectors.
	A yellow arrow acts as your cursor.  You can move it around the screen
	with the "d" pad.  
	"O" - Open Yamato Menu when cursor is over Yamato,
		If within the Yamato firing line (orange areas) Yamato will blast
		the sector with shock cannons, if on out of range area it does 
		nothing.  The energy bar will decrease with each blast and then
		slowly charge again.
	"triangle" - brings up mission window (describes goals I guess)
	"square" - brings up ship data, description and hit point bar.  Pressing
		left or right on the "d" pad will cycle through multiple ships 
		within that sector.
	"X" - Brings the cursor back over Yamato

3.3 - Yamato Menu - Crew positions and names
	On this menu you have a wheel of 5 colored characters.  Pressing left
	or right on the "d" pad will rotate the colors and the Crew box on the 
	right will change according to that color's crew assignments.
	I will list the names of the crew displayed on screen and will follow
	them in parenthesis by their Star Blazers name and position.

	GREEN - Navigation 
		CREW - Shima (Mark Venture, Pilot)
		     - Ohta (Eager, navigation and radar)
	BLUE - Mechanic/Science post
		CREW - Sanada (Sandor, Repairs)
	PURPLE - Miscellaneous
		CREW 	- Tokusawa (Orion, Engineering)
			- Sado (Dr. Sane, Doctor)
			- Analyzer (IQ-9, Load/Save/Options)
	YELLOW - Communications and Radar
		CREW	- Aihara (Homer, Communications and Radar)
			- Yuki (Nova, Communications and Radar)
	RED - Weapons and Tactical
		CREW	- Kodai (Derek Wildstar, Main Guns and Wave Gun)
			- Nanbu (Dash, Gunnery)
			- Katou (Conroy, Black Tiger Squadron 1 Leader)
			- Yamamoto (Hardy, Black Tiger Squadron 2 Leader)

	When you rotate to a color, press "O" to activate it, and "X" to cancel
	out of the selection.  Here are the menu functions of each station:

3.4 - PURPLE - Miscellaneous 
		 - Box 1 - Raise engine output to 120%, this is 
			necessary in order to warp.
		 - Box 2 - Allow a day to pass by.  Purpose = ?, to allow time
			for repairs?  I don't know yet...
		 - Box 3 - A drop down box appears, move the "d" pad up or down
			to highlight a character.
			Tokusawa - transfer his post from bridge to engine room
			 and back.
			Sado - transfer his post from his quarters to operating room
			 and back
			*Knox* - locked for the time being
			Analyzer - 3 options appear: the first loads a game, the 
			 second saves a game, and the third brings up the options
3.5 - BLUE - Mechanic/Science post
		- Box 1 - brings up a drop down menu
			- selection 1 - repair the Yamato.  This brings up a diagram
			of the Yamato, damage areas will flash.  Scroll down the 	
			list and a small indicator will show the area you are looking
			at and give what % it is damaged. You may repair only a five
			sections at a time, press "triangle" while over the section
			to select it for repair.
	     		- selection 2 - repair the Black Tigers.
		- Box 2 - this brings up the limited weapons and items.
			-"triangle" can select the item to replace, you then use
			the "d-pad" to enter the number you want replaced
			-you can only replace 4 items at a time.
			- the first 3 are missles from different launchers.
			- the last 2 are the raise hp/damage in battle items.
			- they can only be replaced if Sanada is at his second
		- Box 3 - transfer postitions.
3.6 - GREEN - Navigation
		- Box 1 - activates moving the ship 
				- select a direction by using the d-pad	
				- "triangle" will move the ship one sector forward
					in the direction of the arrow, your ship will
					stop in the sector with the last "dot" and 
					face the direction that the arrow is facing
				- "X" will cancel your last "triangle" input
				- "square" will accept your selection and the ship	
					will begin its movement.
		- Box 2 - This is for warping across many sectors, in a straight
				line in one movement, the ships energy must be at
				120% (see PURPLE)
		- Box 3 - Characters transfer posts

3.7 - YELLOW - Communications and Radar
 		- Box 1 - communication with Black tigers and other ships in
				your command.  The sub-menus will depend on the 
				ship you select to communicate with. Select this 
				then choose a unit using the d-pad or the L1 or 
				R1 buttons to rotate through your options.	
				See sections 3.7a thru 3.7c for detailed, ship 
				specific commands.
		- Box 2 - Brings up the large space map
		- Box 3 - Transfer crew positions

3.7a - Yamato communications 
		- When you choose box one and then select Yamato you	are given 
		  3 options (some are inactive based on the situation)
			-1 - (so far has been inactive)
			-2 - Order ship to follow - choose this 
				option, then choose a fleet ship.  The ship you choose 
				will fly to	the sector behind Yamato and begin to 
				follow Yamato, it will also join the attack on an
				enemy on the main map by firing shock cannons like 
				the Yamato.
			-3 - SOS - apparently when your ship is down to a certain % 
				damage you can sound an SOS call, what this does I 
				don't know yet.	

3.7c	- Black tigers communications
		- choose the yellow crew section, and the left most box, then select
		  a Black Tiger unit, there will be 3 levels of commands available. 
			-FIRST - selection is for Black Tiger patrol orders.
				-1 - patrol to the right of Yamato's current 
				-2 - patrol to the left of Yamato's current
				-3 - patrol directly ahead of Yamato's current
				-4 - patrol directly opposite of Yamato's 
						current heading
				-5 - patrol a sector you choose, which will
						be marked by a "P"
				- I know a limited amount of Japanese words
					so I can give you some hints in 
					whether your commands are accepted or
					not.  If you hear "Yo ki" as the first
					response from Katou or Yamamoto, you
					know they are going to do it.
					If you hear "Chota matee" from Katou, 
					that means "wait a minute" roughly, and
					he cannot carry out the command for some
					reason.  Yamamoto will say "Oi"
			- SECOND selection is only active when Aihara is at his
				second station.(some are inactive based on the situation)
				- 1 - go directly to a sector you choose and
						stay there
				- 2 - ?
				- 3 - attack an enemy ship in a sector you 
				- 4 - ?
				- 5 - ?
			- THIRD selection is return squadron to ship
3.8 - RED - Weapons and Tactical
		- Box 1 - Select weapon system for sector map firing
			This is a tough menu to interpret, the only difference I can
			see between the choices are the sectors of their range.
			The firing on enemies seems to be the same shock cannon 
			animation.  Based on the ranges and choices I conclude that
			the choices are based on the shock cannon turrets.  Perhaps
			the 3 large/long range turrets are more damaging and use more
			energy than the 2 small ones.  And perhaps you are give the 
			option of choice based on what damage each turret has taken
			from battle, so if one is in bad shape you should choose 
			another.  These are just guesses on my part, I am not certain.
			So here follows my educated guess on the sub menu choices:
			Sub options -
				-1 - Front gun turret - firing range ahead 3 sector arc
				-2 - 2nd gun turret - firing range ahead 3 sector arc
				-3 - Rear gun turret - firing range behind 3 sector arc 
				-4 - Small front gun turret - firing range ahead 2 
					sector arc
				-5 - Small rear gun turret - firing range behind 2 
					sector arc
				-6 - blitz fire, this can only be used when the ship	
					is at 100% energy. When chosen the Yamato blasts
					at any targets in it's range until the energy bar
					is depleted.  It seems to be a good blitz attack
					but the enemy isn't damage enough in my opinion and
					it leaves your energy bar dry.
		- Box 2 - Wave Motion Gun	
			This fires the Yamato Wave Cannon in a straight line in any
			of 6 directions for 5 sectors.  Any enemies in those sectors
			will be completely destroyed.  You only have 3 Wave Cannon
			uses per mission (or sector map, I'm not sure) marked by 
			dots in boxes in front of the Yamato HP bar.
		- Box 3 - Transfer positions and launch Black Tigers
			- Kodai has 2 options (1- switch post, 2- launch in fighter)  
				When you pick launch in fighter you have 2 more options 
				(1- launch alone in the Cosmo Zero, Kodai's personal 
				fighter, or 2- launch with BlackSquadron 3 in a 
				regular fighter)
			- Nanbu can only switch stations
			- Katou - Launch Black Tiger unit 1 (the engine plates are 
				orange on the main map)
			- Yamamoto - Launch Black Tiger unit 2 (the engine plates
				are yellow on the main map)
4.0 - Strategies

4.1 - Transferring Posts
		From the Yamato menu, the right most option allows you to move most
	crew members to alternate positions.  When an enemy ship enters the same
	sector as the Yamato you are sometimes asked if you want to move crew
		A crew members "basic position" seems to be the safest place for
	the crew member.  When you move the crew members to alternate positions
	the crew member seems to take a more active roll and also begins to have
	his or her hit point bar depleted.  When move the crew to their alternate 
	positions for a battle and non battle, that position becomes better.
	For example:
	Navigation - Yamato moves much faster.
	Gunnery - Yamato fires more frequently, and does more damage.
	Engine room - Yamato's energy recharges faster.		
	Some crew members have new options available when they move to
	alternate positions.  
	Aihara for one, has greater control over the Cosmo
	tigers and fleet ships.
		Each character looses hitpoints while at the secondary post.
	Crew members will regain lost hit points over time when moved back to 
	the "basic position".  If a crew members hit points goes to zero, the 
	crew member is moved back to the "basic position" and his special commands
	cannot be used, and he cannot be transfered until his points have been
	fully regenerated.

5.0 - Fleet Ship Directory - Battle Controls

5.1 - Yamato 
		When an enemy ship enters the same
	sector as the Yamato you are sometimes asked if you want to move crew
	around. "Yes" will allow you to move the crew.  After you finish "yes" 
	will allow you to join the battle.  From experimentation, it seems that 
	if you move the characters to their alternate positions for a battle the
	Yamato moves faster, fires more frequently, and does more damage in
	battle. I cannot garrantee that this is what happens, but from 
	observation it seems to be the case.
		There are 2 gauges in the lower right hand corner, hit points 
	and energy.  Energy determines the rate of fire of your weapons, and 
	is slowly recharged in battle.  Hit points show you ships amount of 
	damage your ship has taken, it can only be recharged outside of battle
	or by items.

5.1a - Movement
		"triangle" will bring up the movement map, you can move the ship
	any direction using the "d-pad" and up or down using the "R1" and "R2"
	buttons.  If you move the cursor to an enemy target a triangle will 
	apear over the enemy and spin, this means you will follow the enemy 
	until it is destoyed (you can still use the "R" buttons to station 
	your ship above or below the enemy while chasing them.

5.1b - Weapons
		"O" will bring up the weapons display.  You can cycle through
	the weapons using the "d-pad" and select upto 4 weapons to automaticaly
	fire in battle.  The weapon selected will be identified by a flashing
	"x" in a white circle.  The box to the lower left will display 1. the 
	available amo for the weapon, 2. the % damage the weapon has taken, and
	3. something else ?
		-1 - Main Gun Turret 1 - forward and up range
		-2 - Main Gun Turret 2 - forward and up range
		-3 - Main Gun Turret 3 - rear and up range
		-4 - Front Small Gun Turret - forward and up range 
		-5 - Rear Small Gun Turret - rear and up range 
		-6 - Anti aircraft/Missle guns - rapid fire close range guns
			for destroying incoming fighters and missles
		-7 - Homing Torpedos - fire from front - range forward (amo = 20)
		-8 - Homing Torpedos - fire from rear - range rear (amo = 20)
		-9 - Homing Smoke Stack Missles - fire up - range up (amo = 20)
		-10 - Homing Keel Missles - fire down - range down (amo = 20)
5.1c - Items	
	"square" will bring up items, in the begining there are only 2.
		-1 - Raise HP 50%, this is like a health item, it restores damage
			done to the ship
		-2 - Raise Energy 50%, this will refuel your energy gauge
	These items are limited in number, but can be recharged by Sanada 
		 (outside of battle) by using Box 2 of the BLUE - Maintainence 
		main menu selection.
5.2 - Black Tigers
		These are the fighter planes you launch from the Yamato, they fly 
	in sets of 5 fighters.  The fighters are controlled by the 
	Yellow/Communications menu selection from the main Yamato menu.
	When the fighters enter battle there are new options to control the craft.

5.2a - Targeting
		Pressing "trinagle" will bring up the map screen, it displays 
	positions of fighters and the enemy.  Press "O" to bring up the list of 
	fighters, use the "triangle" to select one or more ships, then press "O" 
	to choose a target for the ships you selected.  You can do this to focus 
	your fighters on a single enemy or to split them up.  You can change your
	choices anytime during the battle.  This is the only way to control the 
	fighters, they will automaticly make passes at the enemy targeted.  You 
	can only watch from the perspective of fighter one.  Should fighter one
	be destroyed battle will end and the squadron will be back at Yamato until
	it can be repaired.

5.2b - Items
		In the upper right hand corner of the screen there is a box showing
	items that you have.  In the begining of the game you will only have one,
	rockets, of which you have unlimited supply as displayed directly under
	the picture of the item.  As you obtain more items you can select them by
	using the "L1" and "R1" buttons to cycle through them.
		The "square" button activates the item.
	Rockets - when activated, this item brings up crosshairs which you aim
		as enemies come into range bring the crosshairs over them and
		use the "O" button to fire them.  You can fire upto 3 at a time
		in rapid succession before they need to recharge.

5.2c - Escape
		Should battle be too tough you can escape, press "X" and select the
	sector you wish to withdraw too.  "E" will apear in any sectors occupied
	by enemy forces.	
17.0 - Yamato 1 Save Game Index

18.0 - Yamato 2 Save Game Index 
		I would imagine the Bandai would put save files on this disc
		that, to each point in the game, have every upgrade and extra.
		There are 2 endings.  I haven't gotten there yet, but I would
		also imagine one is based on the 2nd Yamato Movie ending, and
		one based on the 2nd Yamato TV series ending.  As you get further
		in the list, saves are either ending one or TV ending as indicated
		by "TV" at the end of their description.
		These save files can be found saved, via dex drive, for download
		at http://www.geocities.com/tokyo/harbor/3904/geoyamato.html
	1 - Day 1/Save Count 1/Disc 1
		Begin escape from Earth, through battle 
		satellites, 20 min time limit starts
	2 - Day 1/Save Count 2/Disc 1
		Second leg of escape through satellites
		no time limit, 
		- Upgrades : missles upto 30 each type
	3 - Day 2/Save Count 3/Disc 1
		Katou/Conroy and Hardy/Yamamot Join the crew, more battle 
	4 - Day 3/Save Count 4/Disc 1
		Neptune area, warp lecture given, Comet Empire fighters
	5 - Day 6/Save Count 6/Disc 1
		Leaving the Solar System, heading towards Haydes star system, 
		passing Procyon.
		Message from Trelana/Theresa.
		- Joined by EDF Cruiser to control also.
		- Upgrades : Cosmo Zero, and Cosmo Tiger 3rd squadron available
			for Wildstar/Kodai to transfer to.
			Roister/Arakome activated, Knox activated(can't do anything
			on ship)
	6 - Day 15/Save Count 7/Disc 1
		Warp to Polux
		Wave Motion blasting satellite section, strategy is needed in 
		this section.
		- EDF ship still following
		- Upgrades : missles upto 40 each type
				 battle energy boost and repair upto 20 each
				 new item 30 Hyper Missles for Cosmo Tigers
	7 - Day 19/Save Count 10/Disc 1 
		Comet Empire carriers and bombers attack,
		Star in upper left, believe to be Castor
		- EDF ship still following
		- Upgrades : missles upto 50 each type
	8 - Day 26/Save Count 12/Disc 1
		Warp error, ship comes out in a space current area.
		- EDF ship still following.
		- Upgrades : missles upto 50 each type
	9 -  - Day 37/Save Count 14/Disc 1
		System with Star on lower right, space currents and asteroids
			present. Carriers appear and fire missles.
		- EDF ship is now gone
		- Upgrades : Hyper missles upto 45
				 5 new "Beacon" added for Cosmo Tigers
				 Seemless fighter available for Wildstar/Kodai to
	10 - Day 45/Save Count 18/Disc 1
		Comet Empire officer introduced.  Warping from Castor/Polux to
		twin star system with flaming fireball space currents 
		- Upgrades : "Beacon" upto 10
				 5 new "Boosters" added for Cosmo Tigers
				 5 new "Blue Star Chaf" added for Yamato
				 1 new Asteroid Ring added for Yamato
	11 - Day 53/Save Count 27/Disc 1
		Sector of the Space Subs, and section where crew is all
		knocked out, and IQ-9 has to fend off the enemy until
		they revive
		- Upgrades : 5 new "3 barbed screen flash missles" for fighters
	12 - Day 61/Save Count 41/Disc 2
		Haydes Star Cluster - Telezart Star System
		- Upgrades : 5 new "Yellow Flash" added for Yamato
	13 - Day 74/Save Count 47/Disc 2
		Deslock Returns, looks like the same Telezart system
		- Upgrades : 5 new "Wave Energy Multipliers" for Yamato
				 "3 Barb Missles" upto 20
	14 - Day 89/Save Count 51/Disc 2
		Heading home from Telezart. Warp into a sector with an 
		EDF Cruiser under attack, you must rescue them.
		- Upgrades : 5 new "Green Flash" for Yamato
				 "Yellow Flash" upto 20 
	15 - Day 82/Save Count 49/Disc 
		Same as 14 - alternate TV ending		
	16 - Day 90/Save Count 53/Disc 2
		Knox heads to Planet Bromis/Planet 11 to say goodbye
		to his fallen soldiers.  Then must make it back to 
		Yamato avoiding an enemy attack.
		- EDF Cruiser following
	17 - Day 82/Save Count 50/Disc 2
		Same as 16 - alternate TV ending
	18 - Day 91/Save Count 54/Disc 2
		Yuki/Nova picks up something on radar. You then
		enter an asteroid sector with a countdown clock 
		counting down 24 minutes
		- EDF Cruiser is now gone
	19 - Day 83/Save Count 51/Disc 2
		Same as 18 - alternate TV ending
	20 - Day 91/Save Count 55/Disc 2
		Andromeda and the fleet are at Saturn.
		Yamato and an EDF Battleship enter an asteroid sector
		- EDF Battleship follows
		- Upgrades - Black Cosmo Zero can now be piloted by
	21 - Day 84/Save Count 52/Disc 2
		Same as 20 - alternate TV ending
	22 - Day 92/Save Count 58/Disc 2
		Yamato and EDF Battleship pursued by Comet Empire fleet
		EDF fleet waiting in lower left sector
		- EDF Battleship follows
	23 - Day 84/Save Count 53/Disc 2
		Same as 22 - alternate TV ending
	24 - Day 92/Save Count 62/Disc 2
		Yamato is Damaged! Alone in a sector with one planet, enemy ships.
		- EDF Battleship gone
		- Upgrades : Missles upto 60
	25 - Day 85/Save Count 54/Disc 2
		Same as 24 - alternate TV ending
	26 - Day 99/Save Count 67/Disc 3
		Crew analyses "Neutrino Vortex" and "Core of White Comet"
		and attacks.  Same sector as a giant White Comet.
		- Upgrades : Hyper missle upto 65
	27 - Day 90/Save Count 56/Disc 3
		Same as 26 - alternate TV ending
	28 - Day 100/Save Count 69/Disc 3
		Zordar continues to attack in his ship.
		Battle screen is entered directly with one ship.
		- Upgrades - "Green Flash" upto 10 
	29 - Day 91/Save Count 58/Disc 3
		Zordar fights on. Invidia in General Gorse escape. 
		Deslock's ship returns!	
	30 - Day 6/Save Count 5/Disc 1
		Away party to ruined base
	31 - Day 26/Save Count 11/Disc 1
		Away party to base, 5 minute time limit
	32 - Day 89/Save Count 50/Disc 2
		Away party to Telezart, tank battle
	33 - Day 82/Save Count 48/Disc 2
		Same as 32 - alternate TV ending
	34 - Day 98/Save Count 64/Disc 2
		Away party to board Deslock's ship
	35 - Day 90/Save Count 55/Disc 2
		Same as 34 - alternate TV ending
	36 - Day 100/Save Count 68/Disc 3
		Away party to enter Comet Empire
	37 - Day 91/Save Count 57/Disc 3
		Same as 36 - alternate TV ending
19.0 - Misc.
19.1 - When was the game released?
		September 28, 2000.
19.2 - Where can I get a copy in the U.S.?
		I got my game at http://www.buyrite1.com.  
		I bought it for $40 on October 27th, and I had it by Nov. 1st.
19.3 - Is there an official website?
		No one actually asked this question, but here is the site 
	      with info on the game (in Japanese) http://yamato.channel.or.jp
		and http://yamato.channel.or.jp/ps/fandisk.html
20.0 - Credits

	Thanks to "Tony J. Case, Super Genius"(tonyc@isomedia.com) for his
		wonderful gratuitous information on the game's Japanese website,
		keeping me up to date with the release date, and finding a place
		to pre-order the game.  Thank you Super Genius, you are truly
		a genius!!!
I'll try to get more info to you asap!
Nick Flor, nisk72@cs.com

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